Joseph R. Chambers, D.D. #fundie lionking.org

The entire script of "The Lion King" is a carefully orchestrated picture of a pagan society with animals as the actors. Everything from the king and his heir down to the witchdoctor is acted out in the panorama of idolatry and pagan bondages. The struggle between good and bad IS a classic occultic picture of black and white magic. Even the relationship of the king and his evil brother draws attention to the pagan suggestion that Jesusand Satan were brothers.

Joseph R. Chambers #fundie lionking.org

This new "Disney" phenomenon is another slick production of "raw idolatry" dressed up in the garb of entertainment for children. Apparently, they (Disney) believe it's okay to producc cntertainment for children that glorifies a baboon shaman and his witchdoctor methods and to promote thc worship of a sungod.

Joseph R. Chambers, D.D. #fundie lionking.org

[Joseph Chambers discusses the opening sequence of "The Lion King" where newborn cub Simba is shown off to the animals by Rafiki the baboon at the top of Pride Rock]

It's impossible to call this event anything but idolatrous. God's people are commanded "to worship the Lord thy God and Him only." They are even commanded to make no images to their God and not to use His namc in jest or in vain. To allow our children to glory in or be entertained by such a pagan ceremony is an abomination.