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One of the most common criticisms leveled at The Philosophy of Rape is that rape is TNB (Typical Nigger Behavior) and that human men should not reduce themselves to the level of niggers by raping.  This is a fundamental misunderstanding of the nature of The Philosophy of Rape.  At The Philosophy of Rape, we rape for a cause.  We rape to punish harlots, feminazis, and other female vermin who need to be corrected.  Niggers rape because they are primitive animals who cannot control their baser urges.  We can control our urges quite well, which is why we rape with considerable finesse and eke out specific targets to be raped, taking great care to ensure that we won’t get caught.  Niggers take no care to not get caught; their savage, undeveloped primate brains cannot understand anything deeper than “MUH DICK MUHFUGGA BIX NOOD”.  The common nigger monkey could never wrap their head around The Philosophy of Rape and the purpose that the Philosophy serves in society.  We are not a movement about just randomly raping anything that moves, with no consideration for who we rape.  We are a movement that aims to correct specific targets: in particular, harlots, feminazis, and females who do not know their place.

Niggers rape anything that moves, and niggers tend to rape targets like old ladies and virgins.  We, on the other hand, target specific females for rape.  We do not rape females who know their place and fulfill their roles as the property of men.  We do not target little old ladies knitting at home or virgins praying at church – those are the sort of women that niggers tend to target.  No, we, on the other hand, rape with a specific intent, and that intent is to the benefit of society.  We rape harlots.  We rape feminazis.  We rape whores who do not know their place.  Our holy army of rape warriors participates in corrective rape rather than primal rape. We are bold, righteous warriors dishing out punishment on filthy sluts, and taking society back from the scourges of harlotry and feminazism.

The Philosophers of Rape #sexist philosophyofrape.wordpress.com

Q: At what age should a harlot start to be corrected? Is a harlot ever too young to rape?

A: As soon as she’s old enough to be a harlot, you should start correcting her. 9 – 15 is usually the ideal age to start correcting harlots, but no harlot is too young to correct. These days, harlots are getting younger and younger. So, if you see a 6-year-old dressed like a harlot, feel free to rape her. Remember: all harlots are equally deserving of rape.

Philosophers of Rape #fundie philosophyofrape.wordpress.com

Remember folks this is dead serious. We absolutely believe there are women who in no way, shape, or form deserve to be raped. But those women will not be in danger of ever being the victim of our methods because we don’t target virgins at church, 40 year married grandma’s knitting at home, or even regular non-slut non-feminist decent human beings going to the grocery store.

We target harlots. Decrepid filth, dressed like hookers and reaking like vodka. Downtown after bar time. In certain alley ways on the way back to the dorms, etc. We also specifically target Feminists, the most vile, putrid, hateful, evil of the bunch. The kind who get conferences to talk about mens suicide rates shut down. The type of hussies who have lobbied effectively to remove due process from proceedings against men on college campuses. We want to teach men that although it may be easier than ever for an innocent man to be convicted of rape when a consensual partner has buyers remorse, it’s also easier than ever for a guilty man to get away Scott free – so long as it’s done the way we advocate: actual rape-rape, as in dark-alley, ski mask, stranger rape.

Carry on men. And carry these words in your heart; “Rape boldly, rape bravely, but when you do rape, RAPE SAFELY!”