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RE: Please Stop - I Can Only Get So Erect!



This must be a joke…

Liberals have lost their minds more than you even know. It's making them literally insane, not just about coronachan.

There's a message board I've been active on. I never had an issue with anybody there. All I did was mention that taxation is theft and the liberals on the board made themselves know by losing their shit. Holy fuckin' shit they've lost their fucking marbles.

I don't even have words. I don't care about what they say to me, but seeing how many people are just completely neurotic and insane these days is scary. I still can't figure out how it happened.

I was sitting at an intersection holding a sign that read " If covid is a threat why is the border wide open?". A young woman literally stopped her car, shot me the middle finger, and screamed FUCK YOU! several times. I could pick her up by the neck with one arm and the crazy little bitch wanted to fight me? I just replied "back atcha baby!".

Why is it always the women. I swear to God they are completely nuts. Want to be equal? Yep Don't buy a valentine? Nope, and I will rock your world with screaming and crying. Repeal the 19th.

Related conversation with a buddy the other day....

If even minor transgressions against the Woke Cult results in those kinds of reactions then why even bother with minor transgressions. Might as well start dropping J-bombs and other MOABs. The blowback is the same.

Because Cluster B personality disordered people make it their duty to drag everyone down to their level of misery. Instead of focussing on their own life achievements, or their grit to do things in general - they have to shortcut their way to special privileges, power, or prestige and drag down others in the process. It's why I don't willingly associate with such clowns - they are a waste of time and space.