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Pokédex of EVIL: Mr. Mime
The Pokédex of EVIL is a breakdown of various Pokémon, explaining why each and every one of them is a TOOL of SATAN!

Today's entry: Mr. Mime (and Mime Jr.)

Well, SATAN-INTENDO has really done it this time! I stopped updating this blog years ago, thinking I had made my case, but it turns out I was overlooking something far more SINISTER going on. Pokémon is making an attempt (and succeeding!) at brainwashing America's children with the HOMOSEXUAL AGENDA, and this SATANIC MIME is PROOF!

Don't understand? I'll explain.

Mr. Mime is a Pokémon who has been around since the SATANIC BRAINWASHING CULT known as Pokémon began. His human appearance indicates that he is intended to be a role model for children. Children can identify with Mr. Mime, and that's exactly what OBUMMER WANTS THEM TO DO!

Up until this point, Mr. Mime has appeared somewhat benign. He has horns, but he didn't have any other readily apparent faults. Perhaps he was included as a red herring? A Pokémon who existed to throw us TRUTH-SEEKERS off the scent? No, it is far worse than that. Mr. Mime was a SLEEPER AGENT for the HEDONISTIC LIFESTYLE of the HOMOSEXUALS, and he's teaching YOUR CHILDREN to do the same!

It recently came to my attention that, despite numerous protests and letters which I sent to Nintendo IN THE NAME OF CHRIST, they refuse to cease their sinful actions and stop all production of Pokémon games. In these new games, Pokémon X and Y, a new Pokémon “element” was added. Fairy-type. Start to understand the bigger picture now? The SOCIALISTS working for Nintendo have begun calling homosexuals an element, a FUNDAMENTAL BUILDING BLOCK of the world, like fire, water and ghosts are!

At this point, it was also revealed that Mr. Mime himself was a Fairy-type (code for HOMOSEXUAL) also. He is teaching children to not only ACCEPT homosexuals, but also to MIMIC them, as one of Mr. Mime's abilities allows him to mimic others around him. And what's more, in order for a Mime Jr. to achieve the more powerful form of Mr. Mime, he must LEARN THE MOVE CALLED MIMIC! He learns how to become gay by copying the WAYS OF THE WORLD instead of the PATH OF GOD! Mark my words, it will not be long before America's children all become homosexuals. I just hope they find a priest before they find a roving band of HOMOSEXUAL THUGS.

Mr. Mime learns a move called CONFUSION, in which he tries to turn others away from GOD and force them to have HOMOSEXUAL THOUGHTS. He also learns moves like TRICK and ROLE PLAY. I think you can guess what those moves are intended to teach children who have been BRAINWASHED into the POKÉMON CULT.

Even worse is another Pokémon who was recently revealed to be a Fairy-type is Gardevoir. This Pokémon has a feminine hairstyle and wears a dress, even if it is male! This type of perversion and trickery is of SATAN HIMSELF. I can't tell you how many times I have found an image of a Gardevoir with a penis while doing research for this article. It is DISGUSTING!

Stay away from Pokémon, ESPECIALLY FAIRY-TYPES, if you value your eternal soul!

God bless you all!