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[From "VIDEO: Hermann Göring – WW1 Fighter Ace"]

Hermann Göring - WW1 Fighter Ace

Göring will forever be known as one of the most Loyal and Esteemed members of the National Socialist Party, only second to Adolf Hitler

He is one of my favorite leaders of the Third Reich, and he always executed his leadership as a way of serving by example, with a high sense of morality even above and beyond many other Party Leaders. Excellent Execution with Finesse, and Serious Ruthlessness

A Larger than Life type persona, along with his weight he threw around like Bismarck had

Göring is also one of the most despised and envied of the Nazi Party leadership, besides Hitler and Goebbels

Göring also was the key element in identifying Jews and ridding them from Germany and every aspect of German Life and Culture. A very meticulous task

Such an honorable Man, that even our enemies cannot even hold back from praising the Noble character of this great Man

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[From "Jewish Girl Born without a Vagina / Western Men Worship and Yearn For her"]

[Living Without A Vagina | BORN DIFFERENT]

One of my largest pet peeves[…]is the disgusting love that Western people, especially Americans, have for people who are born with deformities that are NOT natural, whether it’s a mental or physical handicap

I have explained that the major decline in primal and moral perception of others is evident in how people feel hope, inspiration and happiness from seeing people who are obviously deformed and worthless, and who otherwise should have not been permitted in the gene pool
As the Jews are a genetically altered creation that comes from a “dark force”, they are notorious for having many mental, neurological and physical defects since they are a race of “defects” to begin with

Watch the video and then read the ridiculous comments of Men who need to give their “two cents” to prove just how much “MORE” of a Woman she is compared to a Woman who does have a vagina that a Man can have sex with and reliable reproduction with
The very bizarre notion of Western People, is that they do not view leaving people who are “deformed” alive as a form of barbarism, but yet they would view giving someone mentally or physically deformed the option for euthanasia because of the fact they cannot exist normally or live a normal life, this is viewed instead as the “barbaric option”

Nevertheless, it’s all mind programming, but this mind programming comes from Christians who have long indoctrinated their adherents with having “love for all” and this delusional belief that “all life has value”

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[From "Why I would still not take the Vaccine, even if COVID were a real threat"]

No Logical, No Sincere, No Educated or Wise person would come anywhere near close to this vaccine, even if we were in fact in some sort of real pandemic

For one, growing up, I was educated to understand about FDA Regulations and Drug / Vaccination Testing, and had also conducted my own research in the field, having a background in Biology and other varied Sciences
Even people who claim they got “COVID” – in which they are really just getting Influenza – would NEVER be permitted or encouraged to get the vaccine, since throughout history, if someone was previously exposed to a virus of some kind, if they survived (and most do), they would have established antibodies for it
You can now see how the world leaders and mouthpieces like the Jesuit Criminal Dr. Fauci repeatedly change the goal posts, and they have long thrown out the whole concept of “Herd Immunity” now, and that efforts have also been made to redefine documented definition of Herd Immunity as only being achievable via the inoculations
Every New Vaccination someone takes, further exposes the body to additional health risks, while at the same time compromising the immune system to some extent
Anyone who has a background in Virology knows that Viral infections are NOT deadly, not anywhere near the level as Bacterial Infections
The even worse part if you DO get vaccinated is that your entire life is now imperiled, and it will be even worse to be imperiled and considered “unvaccinated” if you do not keep your Booster Shots up to date according to the controllers of this medical experiment, so therefore you have an even WORSE position than someone who is full Unvaccinated and of Pure Blood
The VACCINATED do not deserve our sympathy. DO NOT HAVE SYMPATHY FOR THEM

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[From "Most People lack Spiritual Wisdom to understand the difference of Benevolent vs Malevolent Totalitarianism"]

For better or worse, the Third Reich and its leaders always take the blame for the ultimate evil and as example of a vicious Totalitarian State

As far as most modern people are concerned[…]our measures have been too “extreme” and Psychopathic

But how can you take such statements seriously from two Nations which allied themselves with Bolshevism and even desperate enough to throw out all decency as well in allying with and hiring the Italian Mafia?

As Prussians, we recognize that such a deadly force and ideology as Bolshevism was, can only be met with on the terms of something and an ideology not only as equally fanatical but even exceeding the Ambitions of this dangerous enemy
The Jews of course, through clever mind influence of others, convinced people of this falsehood

And the people who do not have hearts (majority of humanity) just cannot understand this. They cannot understand anything about the Nazis other than to deem them as crazy psychopaths who were hypnotized

People without hearts are worthless trash, unworthy of life
The National Socialist efforts were needed, and if one be very truthful, we can say that they needed to be even harsher!

Only a moron could think that they should have been nicer or less aggressive, even as far as the Russian invasion
The majority of people have no proper judgment for assessing the true quality of a given leadership, and this in itself proves exactly why even the idea of a Democracy is a flawed one and always leads to Ultimate Tyranny
If German People want to be free, we need a Reich. The Reich helps to organize people based on the needs of German People, whether it is to open new types if labor or cooperation, or even to mobilize to go to war

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[From "Prussian Policies Towards Women"]

Prussia shall make no policy, law or procedure which views or treats “Women” in any way as a disadvantaged sex
Policies geared towards Women must ensure that Women receive balanced treatment in terms of how they are relegated to their duties and responsibilities as a Woman, in Service to her Father, Husband and the Vaterland
Women under the Reich are raised and educated in everyday life to appreciate, love, cherish and respect Men, and they come to learn that her own internal happiness comes from her eagerness to Please and Satisfy the Needs and Desires of the Man whom she will one day devote her life to
The German Race[…]is a higher race, intellectually and spiritually, where one can enjoy relations with the opposite sex on a greater realm than only primal or materialistic values
Women[…]are forbidden to heed the advice from her friends as “superior” to any advice or trust/faith she puts in her significance other or Husband
Women cannot use their bodies, beauty or charm and manipulations to get their way through life[…]Such Women who attempt such behavior will be sought out for punishment
Activities like “flirting just because one can” or “flirting to test the market” or “flirting just for fun” needs to be behavior (from both genders) that is considered intolerable and shameful
The State does not take a personal interest in the treatment or discipline a Man may use towards his spouse
Rhesus Negative blood type is automatic grounds for Abortion[…](even if it against the will of the Mother or Father)[…]If someone has Rh- Blood, this means that they are Jewish
Distinct Labor Positions for Women will be made available
It has been scientifically proven that once a Woman has given herself unto a Man, she will never be able to properly pair-bond with a New Man

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[From "A Note about so-called “Neo-Nazis” in Ukraine"]

The Neo-Nazi Movement is entirely Jewish and Anti-German/Anti-Aryan in every respect[…]Neo-Nazism has absolutely nothing to do with the Original National Socialist Movement (NSDAP) or even more importantly, nothing to do with Prussian Values whatsoever

The so-called “Nazis” who are using the Roman Salute, Nazi Insignia/Runes and other effects in Ukraine are hired by Washington, and it has long been the strategy of the Bolsheviks to carry out many of their crimes under the guise of being “Nazis”

The National Socialists killed Criminals and Partisans

In the cases where it is reported that Nazis had ever targeted Innocent people, either they were not Innocent[…]or they were killed by Red Army Officers who dressed up in Nazi uniforms
The same strategy has become a thing with the Right-Wing Parties in Ukraine from the Maidan Revolution, Right-Wing Parties like “Right Sector” and “Svoboda” have associated themselves with National Socialism, illegitimately, and we have no affiliation or interest with them
Even during the era of the Third Reich, Ukraine and that figure “Stepan Bandera” was no true loyal comrade or anything of ours. It was a joke. Slavs have a history of loving to use religions and political ideologies as a vehicle to further their gains and to steal land territory and kill off their own brother
We make it no secret that we subscribe to National Socialist Beliefs, although we are a Prussian Order
“Communist Nazis” is designed to make people associate Nazism with Communism

It further illustrates exactly why we despise the Right Wing as much as we do the Left Wing
George Lincoln Rockwell was a Crypto-Jew himself, just as is typical with all Neo-Nazi Movements and Parties
The Ku Klux Klan was also founded by Jews[…]a Jewish/Celtic creation because the Celts are also Jews

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[From "It’s only the beginning of the war Between Men and Women"]

[Husband runs over, kills wife at Maryland bank, police say]

As I’ve said, 2022 is shaping up to be the year of what’s to come. That is no understatement, especially when it comes to the unfolding Gender War

Small Incidents like these will continue to grow and grow until things escalate to even new stages

A read through the comments will show you level of disgust from all the people who are so quick to blame the victim but yet are busy crying and giving sympathy and prayers to the villain

When Justice becomes served, it is most the most Divine and Heavenly thing to witness

It’s hilarious how people think to themselves how the person is a “Murderer!” and “People Have Lost Their Minds!” when thinking that this Man was some sort of a Madman or Evil person!

Once again, Christian Morality at its finest!

From the PSA viewpoint, we view these conditions as something positive and optimistic, because it shows that Nature is prevailing in ways, and we view it as a process called “cleaning house”

We encourage to see even more of it. Because it is the medicine needed for healing a sick civilization
The amount of Americans who side with the aggressor, demonstrates exactly why the American Population needs to be decimated and does not deserve sympathy or respect
Look at all the Christians in the “prayers” they leave for the dead cunt and her family

This is exactly how evil Christians are
The absurdity of levels of things going on here in America, is that even if the White Men are too foolish enough to start violent agendas against Women, then the Black Communities will do it first
The amount of Men who also defend the Woman’s case is precisely why the very last few Decent Men who exist in America, must ruthlessly defend our cause

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[From "Do not Fear the Chaos and Destruction to come"]

It is important as always to understand and never misplace the oncoming Chaos and Destruction
The biggest tragedy and obstacle we face above and beyond every challenge and other tragedies, is the one of Blood Purity

The lack of Blood Purity, or even at second best, positive admixtures are even more more desirable than the junk races we have that absolutely overwhelm the populations of every country
The combination of such reduced levels of Racial Purity among all Europeans, most importantly for Germans, is such that on average, less than 20% of populations have a notable population of Good Racial Blood
It is all part of the plan, specifically in accordance with the Kalergi Plan
Without good Racial Blood, a people has nothing. No amount of material possessions, nor skills, nor talent or any virtue can rescue them
Hitler had spoken publicly to the German people about the very fact that their own Racial Blood is the most prized possession and gift that a people have for themselves
In 1945 immediately, after World War 2, the world has entered some sort of a stupor or “trance”, if you will
Because of this choice that Mankind has made, we have no choice as Germans to be hateful and spiteful towards the majority of Humans
A German should never feel compelled to show kindness or compassion to Barbarians, because they are are essentially both inferior but also empty inside
The requirements for securing our future is one of where we need a gigantic war and one where many people need to be eliminated
Too many people populate this planet which serve nothing but consume resources and are not part of creating a Divine Existence, and at the same time they prohibit the best elements of our Race and some Europeans from their need of expression and reproduction, above all, livingspace

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[From "The European World will never be Protected and Insured until all Anglo-Saxons and Celts are eliminated"]

In every Nation where they are, they present a grave danger, not just within the British Isles, but whether they be in America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and elsewhere

Many Dutch are also trash and half Jewish, which would also need to be eliminated

While as Germans we have many regional enemies, and we have others who exist confined to certain borders, the key element to eliminate are the Anglo-Saxons and Celts, as they present a danger to the entire world
These people cannot even be left alone among themselves, because they present a very grave danger, and one in which the majority of the world at present may not realize how dangerous the Judeo-Anglo-Celtic Race are
Even as much as we have our dislike towards other Barbarian Nations, none comes to the levels of hatred we possess towards the people of the British Isles

A day will arrive that people will take witness to the crimes of the English and Celtic Nations, including America, and will despise them with all of their might
No amount of ruthlessness can be considered too much or ever spared when it comes to these people, and I would encourage not only Germans, but any Nation who has to deal with them if we were to have a New War with them to absolutely have their way to destroy them, taking their Women into captivity, Enslaving the Men and Women with the most utter and ruthless treatment, denying them of any rights and decency
We are burdened by the fact that too many people want to have a good-willed approach to the English and Celtic people, and many that admire them but do not recognize how cleverly these people conceal their crimes and atrocities throughout history, in which they have stolen and secured victories for themselves, which they were not entitled too

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[From "Violence is an Art-Form, Not a Negative thing"]

Violence, properly-executed and its right time and place are some of the most beautiful things that can be found left in this world

Is there nothing more beautiful than seeking out revenge on your enemies!?

Is there nothing more beautiful and sacred than seeing them suffer and being humiliated in front of everyone and making their transition out of this world to be the most painful and horrifying one?

Violence is an art-form which ought to be respected, not shunned, it is only cowards who shun it, for it has its place under the Sun and must be brought out from time to time when and where needed

The time we are in now calls for Extreme Violence and hurting people really badly who deserve to be hurt. Your ever-waking thought every day should be about Inflicting Violence on the Trash of Mankind around us, and dishing out revenge even to your personal enemies

People who are afraid of violence or try to shun such thoughts, will not be part of any revolution or cleaning house

Violence DOES solve problems

No Fun Allowed Award

Dystopia justifies the means!

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[From "The Flabbiness of Christianity"]

Perhaps the most appalling trait of Christianity is the fact that when anyone who belongs to it speaks of their beliefs, they always exhibit the most effeminate and cowardly approach in their beliefs
The Christian speaks with a forked tongue, because he/she knows inwardly that they are a hypocrite and do not actually follow their Creed, but more importantly they pretend to follow the Creed on the basis of this delusion of “redemption”
When Christians talk about Love and Kindness, the most disgusting feelings emerge from the diseased essence of their words
Out of the 3 Mainstream Abrahamic Religions, the Christians are the ones who believe in “fighting with love” along with “loving their enemies” and that “love conquers all”

Ideas which we consider abominable and disgraceful
Christianity has been a pedestal for Women[…]as a coping agency for their guilt and bad judgment or choices in life
The only feeling we can have towards Christians every time they utter words about Love, Kindness, Peace and Tolerance is the feeling to hurl in their face
We want a Germany someday where Sarcasm and Entertainment is almost non-existent, and where all situations happen between the people[…]develop as natural and cleanly and orderly as possible, rather than living in a perpetual mode of suspicion and vouching for people through social circles
If it comes to the need to criminalize such behavior in the future with fines, sterilization or severely punishing people for this behavior in the future, I am indeed a fan of these measures
While the Scandinavian countries are not part of the Greater German Reich, the people of these countries need to have a hard and heavy hand come down on them and be in total obedience to the Reich, even with what autonomy we permit them

They need to be given the Prussian Sting

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[From "A Brave German Man who took Matters into his own hands against COVID Tyranny"]


We need more Men like this in Germany, and a storm of fury which would render all these Officials running like Cockroaches. It just takes a avalanche of fury

The clerk deserved to die. Let it be a resounding message, that there are consequences for just following orders

The German Officials who are getting worried should be very worried. They are soon ripe for the plucking once the Americans are no longer backing them. Hell awaits them

Pure Fury and Hell

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It is alarming and aggravating to see how many Westerners, wherever they live, from the UK, to America, to Norway, Germany, everywhere abound, how many of them are staunch supporters of Democracy!

They speak of Democracy in tongues and theories! Democracy is like a God to them!
This phrase, “We are losing our democracy” or “This is not what a Democracy is supposed to be.” or “We are not seeing our Democracy function the way it was meant to be”
Democracy has NEVER been a preferred form of government, and it has NEVER been a type of government that serves the people or their interests

It is MOB RULE, period

Democracy also has ALWAYS been a Transitional form of government, and if you disagree with my claims of Democracy, you should study what the Ancient Greek Philosophers had to see on the subject, such as works by Aristotle and Plato

In addition, Enlightenment figures like Voltaire had much to say on the subject
The very nature of Democracy makes it impossible for it to be a “static” form of government, and the only destiny for a Democracy is Dictatorship

Wherever Democracy thrives, it is like a Body [The Nation] in an Acidic and Inflammatory State, which is what is the perfect breeding ground for all sorts of diseases to grow
When you live in a Democracy, it is a breeding ground for degeneracy and everything that is ugly and undesirable, but yet the population is brainwashed into embracing it all

Every person in Every Nation who speaks highly or in favor of Democracy is guilty of committing treason against His/Her Nation, whether or not they understand how they are mistaken in their views, whether or not they are a government agent working in the cause to promote its existence

They belong lined up against the wall and without a trial

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[From "6 Feet Apart versus 6 Feet Under"]

What Tribe do you think knows and utilizes all the magical properties of the Number “6”?

No less, the tribe that still claims 6 Million of them were killed, and also have a 6-Pointed Star
“Distancing” is actually a part of a CIA Torture program

Every Human Being resonates with an Electro-Magnetic current, which also houses the “Aura”
For better or worse, we are all affected by the Energetic Interactions with people we come into close proximity too. Social Isolation[…]plus the fact that you are not recharging this Energetic Field becomes prominent when purposely trying to keep 6 Feet apart from people, especially for long durations of time
The consequences for distancing include Vast shortening of one’s life expectancy along with severe cognitive decline, depression, low energy and other psychological problems
The Distancing measures are designed, hand-in-hand with the virus fear and trauma induced mind programming effects, to prevent people from rioting or being more likely to revolt
So in essence, many people have been staying “6 Feet Apart” instead of ending “6 Feet Under” not as a result of some invisible boogeyman, but of these possible encounters which would have otherwise erupted
Even in best case scenarios, the “6 Feet Apart” thing has become a behavior and habit which will now remain permanently etched into the mind of nearly everyone on earth except for cave-dwellers
Remember what I have said about people who belong to the COVID Cult? They are USELESS, WORTHLESS and DANGEROUS
One should not have any compassion or empathy for them, even if they are family or friends

It’s time to dispose of them
This serves the perfect measure of the Normalization process the Hebrews are trying to achieve in their measure of Implementing World Government and Population Reduction

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[From "Canadians must accept nothing less than the Capture and Assassination of Mr. Trudeau"]

You cannot make a truce or deals with this thugs. No agreements, No negotiations, No Talks, no backing down whatsoever. No Fair Trials

This Man is a Communist Thug and a piece of Criminal Trash, and in alliance with China
It is not criminal to call for the death of criminals

You must ALWAYS operate in mind, with the spirit invocation of Thomas Jefferson in his statement of “When Tyranny Becomes Law, Rebellion Becomes Duty”
The only Laws that Matter in this world are Natural Laws, Racial Laws

This is not the first time in Human History when people fighting on the right side of something have been labelled terrorists
There is much at stake right now, and also a redefinition of what it means to be “Canadian” will have to at some point emerge. Canada has a very long history of not so good things, after all, this is why this situation has now come to surface
Organized groups of Hitmen and a Plan of how to capture Mr. Trudeau must be carried out
The harder you ignore all orders from this paper tiger, the more he will become wrestled out of his position of power
We, at the Prussian Society of America, are ordering that this Man needs to be captured and assassinated! By any means necessary!

The Civil War is under way. This Civil war will be not only between your government and the forces they attempt to bring down on you, but against a large bulk of your own population
It’s time to start appreciating and respecting the Nazi brutality we had once imposed on this world enemy
Do not let the American Disinformation Agents, who are NUMEROUS trying to convince you to stay peaceful
The overwhelming majority of these disinformation agents from America, are of Celtic Ancestry
These “Celts” also happen to be EXTREMELY religious

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Just the other day, I had learned some new very insightful information on people wearing masks by some Woman who works in the Medical Industry about the effects of Mask Wearing on the Brain / Body
even while Brain Cells will begin to deteriorate and die, that the exposure to up to about 20% of reduction in Oxygen intake levels will even cause the Brain to adjust to build tolerance in breathing in lower levels of oxygen over extended periods of time
This now puts things in an ENTIRELY new perspective, explaining everything you need to know about this addiction to masking, when you sit back to understand the consequences as far as why people are so eager to continue wearing their masks and find no desire to let up or revolt against the practice
There are now well over 2 Billion Masks discarded into World Oceans since the start of the COVID Cult, not to mention all the other Hospital Equipment, all of it which is highly contaminated with Estrogenic properties
[Some rambling on environment and how Germany is not "the most Forward-Thinking Nation in the world [...] since 1945"]
Today, in my vicinity I had to stop at the Local Supermarket, and even just outdoors, everyone is wearing their Masks again just like back in April/May 2020
God Forbid, if I were living somewhere in Europe right now, even if there was a Law or Mandate, I would still not be wearing masks, even if it meant my death over it. I am beyond tired of this nonsense
If you can’t even be bothered to carry out the most minimal of resistance methods in this fight, like even to go about Slamming the Doors behind you in people’s face trying to Enter a store with their masks on at public establishments, or to tell some nasty cunt who is wearing her mask how ugly she is and how her face looks like a guy’s crotch, you are absolutely pathetic and worthless in this fight!
There is No “Happy New Year” at this point, and it would be foolish and disingenuous for me to say it, even out of cordiality or tradition

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[From "Every Father who has ever sent his daughter off to College / Encouraged Her, has Committed a Crime"]

Every Father who has prodded and promoted the notion of his Daughter becoming “Educated” and “Independent” and to promote their “Careers” has done great harm, and committed an eternal crime against his Racial People

It may be today that such things are not seen or understood to be the crime for what they are, but the tomorrow is on the Horizon for when they will be regarded as criminals and sorry excuses for Fathers

No Real Man who has born Healthy, Primal, Full of Wisdom and Esoteric Spirit would ever dream of sending his daughters off to University, but instead would take the time and effort in securing to make sure she is with the proper Husband

The Baby Boomer generation is the most guilty of this crime, and the fact they will never confess is that they promote their daughters to go to school out of lack of responsibility to have them make good life decisions or to educate them in seeking a valuable partner for life
All of course, are part of the Communist Party Platform of establishing their system in place

Honorable Men loathe the idea of a Career-oriented/College-educated Female

Such females have absolutely no value
Career-oriented and College-educated Women only serve the interests of Financial Capitalists. As such, these Women are property and cattle, of these Financial Hyenas
All Women who attend Universities are far much more likely to also engage in and promote subversive activities such as miscegenation, International Missionary Work for Barbarian Nations, and promotion of the LGBTQ activities
It is for this very reason that Prussia asserts itself as a Power to regulate control over the bodies of its citizens, and that it instructs its Men to seize their rightful position as having complete ownership over Women, Mind, Body and Spirit

Only Men are to be Sovereigns

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[From "Men Must Guard Themselves Around Modern Women II/PRUSSIAN vs. ISLAMIC LAW"]

The Modern Woman[…]is a liability, a dangerous threat and an ever-increasing problem that is becoming like a plague and vermin among us, irreconcilable even at the behest of the survival of our species
I see so many Men who allow their wives to control every aspect of their lives[…]whether a Man is “permitted” to stock up on charcoal or whatever commodity
Women who throw away the possessions of Men are part of the “Cluster C Type Personality Disorders”, but it is also a trait of Passive-Aggressive Behavior in these cunts
When the Woman gets to throw an item way, it makes her feel happier and elevated because she has been able to undermine something a Man may have sentiment
Modern Women are also trashing our civilizations and permitting Barbarians in our lands
Our Prussian decree, whereby we forbid the rights of Women to own Property and Bank Accounts, only personal possessions
Most Educated Men of History recognize that the downfall of the West in which Men’s Sovereignty became threatened occurred when Women received the right to vote, and it also by no coincidence that this right suddenly appeared in Germany out of nowhere in 1918
Muslim Men do not have things as good as they may claim even about their Women
Islamic Countries require their Men to be involved in a regulated form of “salary sharing” in which the Man must forego a certain percentage of his salary to the Woman, in addition to other demands, such as giving regular percentages of wealth to the homeless
The Prussian State does demand that Men be proper providers for the Wives, but we do not make laws or regulations on how he is to appropriate his salary. We leave such decisions up to the Man, and that he should use his best judgment for what allowance or stipend he may give to his lady

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There are numerous agents all around us who have been trying to deprogram you and everyone else from fighting back. Suggesting things like “Non-Violent Action” in every form
While it may seem like government agents would be more likely to encourage you to commit violence, the contrary is actually true when it comes to large-scale schemes which have civilization-changing implications
Part of the problem with the general populations, is that they do not understand or see the world from the viewpoint of the Intelligence Agencies, because either they are always thinking the government agents will always use more aggressive tactics to trap them
In terms of civil wars and disobedience, they have much larger implications, and the controllers of this world have needed much time and patience to get their ducks in a row and use all kinds of means of programming people to not fight back
Intelligence Agencies throughout the world, know YOU better than you know yourself
Most people even if aware of things that the controllers do not want them to know, they are still Programmed Automatons without souls, therefore they are not mobilized for action or putting up a fight, because money and their reputation among others is at stake
These Agents who promote Non-Violence often resort to using “Religious Dogma” or putting a “Religious Twist” onto things, especially the Christian religion
It is also no coincidence that for example, Dr. Anthony Fauci is a Jesuit Agent
Most people are so detached from reality that they do not understand why a Civil War is Necessary even before all of this Racial Obsession coming from Non-Caucasians, and the COVID Agenda began
A Civil War has been INEVITIBLE for many Decades between Men and Women

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[From "Even Kaiser Wilhelm II would disapprove of a Democracy in Germany."]

So why do Germans today still believe in Democracy?

Every German who supports Democracy is committing Treason against Germany.

[Quotes from Kaiser Wilhelm II stating that "I regard every Social Democrat as an enemy of the Empire and Fatherland" and "Shoot down, behead and eliminate the Socialists first, if need be, by a blood-bath, then war abroad. But not before, and not à tempo."]

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[From "The Inferior Spirit Of Barbarian Nations/THE FUHRER FOR THE 21ST CENTURY"]

The German is as much of a stranger to the Barbarian, as the Barbarian is strange to the German

The Barbarian is terrified of the notions of German Ambitions only in part out of jealousy, but perhaps more aggressively out of fear

Barbarian Nations, however, inwardly know we are right, they are at least that intelligent, for even the French in a spiteful manner know we are superior to them, and they also know that better element among the French are the result of Teutonic Blood
Not only does the Barbarian fear the German, but the Barbarian also fears the self-assuredness of the German and to the level of extremism we are willing to carry out our will, and even self-sacrifice and devotion to the sake of our Volkish and National interests
The Barbarian also knows inwardly[…]that even if a better member of the Barbarian Species might have better instincts, better motivations and better morals, they still know all too well that these traits are not commonplace among the large gamut and classes of their people and culture
Why it is ever the greatest task that we cannot have useless “Weeds” among our Racial Volk
Americans are not a Race, but are a hodge-podge of racial junk that Healthy Nations did not want to tolerate, and only benefited by superficial migrations of better European people who later came over
We were never meant to be a Democracy, and any German who espouses the idea of Pro-Democratic views for our Nation deserves to be carried away and placed in a Concentration Camp where they rightfully belong
Under the Reich, there is no Rule of Law. There is no Civil Law
The Reich Leader, or even the Head of any State should have an Absolute Ruler, even if he be an Absolute Monarch (Emperor) or Equivalent[…]The leader must be the law

Prussian Society of America #conspiracy #racist #wingnut #psycho prussianamericansociety.wordpress.com

[From "Germany is Nearly Finished, Almost Likely in a few months if Germans do nothing."]

For those of you in Germany, you better smarten up real fast and get with the program. The machinations moving forwards right now in Germany are all but to ensure that there will be no chance of its survival or any reversal for all time, if people do not initialize Civil Wars and Unrest in the country

It may be by early Next year that the Eternal Fate is sealed for the country, as the time window is really mostly over
I am calling on the German people who still have brain cells working, all Members of the Bundeswehr, of the Working Public, all Members of society, Male or Female, Young and Old alike
Only Germany – a German Revival and Renaissance, with full Restoration of our Reich can rescue Europe and only GERMANY is an equipped people who have the knowledge to fight against the Communist threat

Do not look up to America’s Leadership or Russia’s Leadership of where or who to turn to, or who deserves the right to hold the torch

The Torch belongs to GERMANY and GERMANY ONLY and you must be willing to accept this fate
Germany has not had a legitimate regime in power since the National Socialists fell
This regime in power is now bringing Afghani refugees into your land, who will not only despise you but will even further the abuse of the Welfare State and push their own replacement measures upon that which remains of Germany
If you are a German who believes in Democracy, a German who is against our Reich[…]if you are a German who believes that anyone can “Become German” you are most DEFINITELY Anti-German and guilty of Treason to the highest order! A legitimate regime would have absolutely every right and authority to strip you of German citizenship and identity, even up to your surname and do whatever they please to punish you and torment you

Prussian Society of America #wingnut prussianamericansociety.wordpress.com

[From "Nazi Tattoos including Swastikas will not give Brownie Points towards the German Reich"]

We find it, quite frankly, amusing how many Neo-Nazis believe that tattooing themselves even with a Swastika or other sacred symbols in defense of the German Cause or that for Europeans in general, would in our view be deemed acceptable or permissible, at least as a sign of loyalty the cause

Oh, quite to the contrary!

No matter how much the tattoo supports the allegiance to the German Reich, we continue the legacy of the major Punishment of those who mark their bodies

Under Prussia and later under the Third Reich, tattoos maintained a very consistent attitude as something belonging to the criminal underworld. Even a tattoo of the Fuhrer or a Swastika would land you in the concentration camp

Under the Third Reich, Body, Mind and Soul are properly of the State and of the Fuhrer
The only exemptions of Tattoos are relegated to the SS blood group marks for identifying Blood types under the arms, or a tradition in which sailors or Navymen marked their arms with an anchor to indicate if they’ve been lost at sea

The appropriate punishment for the marked individuals are the concentration camps and slave labor

It is despicable that today, Germany, Italy and America are the most tattooed countries in the world
Even worse are the women who tattoos themselves

Let it be known that any Man or Woman who tattoos themselves is immediately unqualified from being considered of Blood Purity

Prussian Society of America #fundie #racist #sexist prussianamericansociety.wordpress.com

Q: Are you a Christian Order or Religious Organization?

A: We are NOT Christian and our Entire Society is also Not Christian. We are a Pagan Fraternal Order and do not believe in organized forms of Worship, such as the Abrahamic Faiths do. In our view, Christianity is an aberration of Spirit. A foreign influence that has encapsulated Europeans in general, but our focus on its destruction lay more on the effects it has brought people of Germany and Baltic Nations. We encourage our Volk to return to their Pagan roots in accordance with Nature’s Demand, away from Manmade Belief systems which have unnatural philosophies and with fake morals and fake hearts which teach philosophies which can only be innate in an individual, but never learned. Return to our Pagan Spirituality is the natural course of Evolution and Renaissance of our Volk.

Q: Does the PSA Promote Odin [WOTAN] or other Norse Religions?

A: Our Society does not Promote Odin Worship, Asatru, or any of these Norse Religions.

Norse Belief systems are at odds with our Practices and Beliefs, because they promote Equality with Women, and sometimes, the Women having a higher status over the Man.

Q: Are you Atheists?

A: No, we are not Atheists, as we do believe in God. However the God-Force and Concept of God in general that we believe in is completely different than Abrahamic Religions, as well as the Buddhists and any Manmade Religion.

Q: Can Atheists join your Organization?

A: Atheists are not welcome into our Society. We view Atheists to also be a religious cult in and of itself, and that they have a worldly agenda of their own, especially in their aim to promote World Communism. Our Society does not promote religious dogma to our Members.

Prussian Society of America #conspiracy #crackpot #fundie #racist #sexist prussianamericansociety.wordpress.com

Q: Are you Freemasons or do you have Freemasons among your Membership?

A: No, and Absolutely Not! Freemasons are not only expressly prohibited from Membership and any Involvement with our Society, but they remain as our most grave world enemies and rivals, but also they are the enemy of Mankind. Even a former Freemason will never be tolerated among our ranks. Anyone who is found to join Freemasonry or any Christian or any other unauthorized society which is against the interest of our Society, will be considered as having committed “treason” and is subject to punishment.

Q: Are Women Welcome to be a Supporter or Member of your Organization?

A: Yes they are. The only conditions you have is that as a Woman in our organization, you will not be permitted to be in occupancy in ranks of Leadership or Political Decisions, or anything pertaining to Militaristic Affairs.

Q: Do you believe in Evolution of Humanity?

A: We do not believe in the Evolutionary Theories, they are all false and are easily debunked.

Q: Prussians were always fervently religious, what causes you to break with the Prussian Tradition of Protestant/Lutheran creed?

A: We recognize all forms of Christianity to be antithetical to our Real Heritage and the proper development of our people. Abrahamic religions belong to the Hebrews. If you are not of Hebrew Origins, believing in their religious paths makes you spiritually a Hebrew. Modern Germans must decide whether they are a Hebrew or a German, and to follow their native religion. Today, the people who are descendants of Prussians are not aware of the Prussian Spirit and how it makes us different from other Germans and world’s people, so they are not aware of the significance.

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[From "Even if 99% of Germans were against us, we would not abandon our Mission"]

The Prussian Mission in this world is something that can never be abandoned from our Hearts

It may be today that Germany has little interest in the restoration of it, but this does not dim our desire and ambitions, simply we would then write off 99% as being Anti-German, Null and Void as if it were a Cancer that must be cut out, to be repopulated with Germans deserving the name and glory of what it means to be German

Every German alive today who curses the idea of restoring the Reich and yet embraces Democracy has committed unforgivable sins towards his German brothers and sisters, and must pay the price for these sins

Every German who swears off the National Socialist Party leaders has desecrated the most honorable and Noble leadership to grace the Holy Lands of Germany

We are not here to be Popular or Popularly accepted, nor to gain trust from others or for them to see that we are in the right. To lower ourselves to this level will put us in the inferior position which we must Dominate[…]
The vengeance to be unleashed on the Western World is to carry out the Mission[…]
The innumerable war crimes that have been cast upon Germany and other nameless European peoples who today live as a minority in squalor and suffer for their survival at the best of the racial trash that leeches off them, must be paid for in blood, monies and land[…]
We are Passionate Professional Haters

We believe that unity through Hatred is the most powerful force on Earth, and only the most Bold and Bravest of our kind will feel the fever the way we do and in unison with us

There must be more and more Hatred, it must become encompassing, there must be more hatred of the Vaccinated!

Every Vaccinated person should be treated as a “disease” and a “danger” to our healthy population and should be regarded as a liability to the State!

So let there be more Hatred!

Prussian Society of America #sexist #racist #conspiracy #psycho prussianamericansociety.wordpress.com

[From "Rebuilding the West OR WHAT’S LEFT OF IT Means Women cannot hold Victim Titles or be Perceived Victims"]

Shaming and Enslaving any Man who attempts to promote Victim Culture in Women will have to enacted as Law, even to execute and entirely remove from the Gene Pool, any such Men which demonstrate trying to Equalize or Elevate Women over the status of Man
Women will always seek to claim in some form or another that they are a Victim of “something”[…]for many Centuries, Men chose to ignore Women’s claims, and did not allow Women to vote
There is always the notion of Women who claim that they were oppressed or mistreated for many centuries by Men

The only true countries this may be the case would qualify for is in African Countries, or maybe India or China

In said countries[…]they still practice genital mutilation of females or even heat pressing of the “breasts”[…]Main reasons for this has to do with savage characteristics of jealousy and control
Countries which recruit Females into their Military (with exception of Hospitality/Care positions) also are performing a very barbaric practice
In India, you have cases of 5 year old girls who are forced into slave labor to dig out sewers or human refuse[…]Indians are a mixed race to begin and are highly corrupt and degenerate[…]they will forever have a Caste system[…]unless they were 100% without the Negro blood that they possess
The Jews, English and the Irish and Scottish are the ones specifically pushing for Feminism
The Prussian State only recognizes Rape as being an unwanted attempt by a Barbarian to enforce himself on a German Woman (or equivalent for other Nations)
Women should not even enjoy the privilege of Holding Cash or Currency
I tend to like the treatment that the Russian Cossacks use on Feminist Women in Russia, but putting that on steroids

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[From "Old War Heroes teach a French Woman a Lesson in WWII History"]

Should this video ever be taken offline, as other links to it have in past years, please contact us personally so we can e-mail you the video file

[i]World War II justified by former German soldiers[/i]

If only more Modern Men, particularly our German Men could feel and exhibit the virility that is even still existent in these Brave Old Men, who still possess the wisdom that used to be unchallenged and unparelled in Germany, including all manners of German thought
Men with virility and masculinity in them do not “speak in code”, that is an effeminate traits. These Men would not even have the time of day for it. Calling people “Red-pilled” or a “Chad”, such ridiculous language!
I have an overdue Entry on that topic alone which, I hope to get around to this fall, relating to the Dangers of becoming consumed with “Success”. The obsession with chasing success leads to bad morals in a given population, and this is of course most notable with the Americans

We only can insist that Germans all around the world rediscover their roots and reconnect with this German Spirit that our Ancestors had never had a debate nor second thought over

Listen to and Watch these Men, compared to what we have today in Germany…

A time when Women were also much more dainty and were not Men in the bodies of a female
This video serves as a great example, in ways that need not to be said, in just how much has been lost for Germany and Europe, and how apathetic the majority have been at resurrecting the past
In the next few years, the last remnants of the Greatest Germans will have disappeared, and all the stories of what they witnessed will also long be forgotten

Prussian Society of America #racist #psycho prussianamericansociety.wordpress.com

[From "Barbarians are Intellectually, Emotionally and Spiritually Inferior"]

The Barbarian is always daft and inferior in his faculties[…]compared to Every German

At no time should a German ever assume that Peoples of a Barbarian Nation have equal or similar types of sentiment and cognitive reflexes as do Germans

Just as no other Nation strives for the highest sense of Idealism and Morality, at the same given time no other Nation Hates like the German Nation Hates
Look at all[…]other Researchers involved who debate, intellectualize and try to psychoanalyze Germans, especially what type of business we had taken care of in the 20th century
Germans playing music and celebrating while exterminating trash!?!? Nobody can explain our delight!
No other Nation will ever share the highest level of contempt and lasting hatred that we do against all of our enemies, particularly the main tribe which is the greatest danger above all else
Just as much as this reactionary response of Hatred in the Barbarians entered them, so too it could exit, as they are always quick to make exceptions for the so-called “good ones”. How many English and Normans proudly make friends with Kosher Mafia!?
I trust only a fellow German first, and the Arab second for his hatred of the Kosher Mafia

But even most Arabs these days are weak and hypocritical in their approach to the JQ, because their Islamic religion brainwashes them to accept these people as “brothers”
Democratic Nations are even less reliable in their Hatred

Prussian Society of America #racist #wingnut prussianamericansociety.wordpress.com

[From "The New Prussia must become Intolerant and view the Outside World as “Alien” and “Barbarian” In contrast to Prussia – Germany"]

Prussia, having basically been the inheritor and rival of the former Greco-Roman World, has formerly risen to its place of being the Primary Defender and Spirit of Europe
While the Greeks and Romans have previously established the designations of Non-Greeks and Non-Romans respectively as “Barbarian Peoples / Nations”, the German Nation has not as rapidly adopted this designation
Some of this, is likely in part to our former pride of “Tolerance”
While all other Nations may be considered “Barbarian” in our worldview, it does not necessarily mean that we specifically treat them across the board as “Barbarian”

But, a Barbarian Nation is legally defined and also a spiritual platform of which we identify ourselves over Nations we consider, at least inferior in some respect or another
The Modern World no longer accepts the usage of these terms, such as “Barbarian”[…]Modern Europe might be too Modern for its own good to be adaptive as much as we like to our Old Ways
With the return of Prussia, means the great legacy of the world we once had will come back, including all the great forms of ways we used to speak which have been long lost after the 1800’s had passed
A Barbarian Nation must know and respect its place in the World Pecking Order. And the Barbarian Nation must recognize that a Happy Germany is also the means for a Happiness of their Nation

The French know this, the English know this, even the Polish know it
Modern Germans who refuse to accept these measures[…]need to get out of our way at once

Prussian Society of America #wingnut #psycho prussianamericansociety.wordpress.com

[From "Yes, you “DO” owe your existence to someone else"]

There is a major Individualistic Obsession/Trend among Western people these days with a snarky attitude like “I don’t owe anything to anyone”

And it is precisely this attitude which is a major problem, because such people who think they ought to be allowed to exist in this manner, must be culled from the population

The people who speak these words are a liability

It is also the reason why Citizens should be property of the State, particularly as far as the German Reich is concerned

A society where people think they do not need to owe anyone anything, but feel they are owed, is one on its way to completely self-annihilation

Prussian Society of America #racist #psycho prussianamericansociety.wordpress.com

[From "Why Create Wars with unimportant Nations, when we could go to War with USA, UK, Australia, Canada and New Zealand"]

The Elimination of the Anglo-Saxon and Celtic Race is the most paramount of all effective and valuable cleansings we can perform only second to their Jewish Masters

Other enemies of ours are smaller in scale and can be tamed or reasoned with

But the Anglo-Saxons and Celts are the most dangerous and barbaric, and they must be eliminated. They are worthless and they are the most empowering of the Jews[…]
Other Races simply just need to be placed at the Mercy of Germans, but as far as Ethnic cleansing, we must launch a global campaign of total elimination of the Anglo-Saxons and Celts

These people were also the ones who have officially ordered the Ethnic Cleansing of Germans in both World Wars. They are evil trash

The Elimination of the Anglos and Celts is not just in the interest of Germans, but of all Europeans and every Nation of the world[…]
The English are like the ugly duckling of the Germanic race, a fester that came from a certain Tribe of our people and later became prominent, and as Wilhelm II said himself, they are not deserving of their Germanic Origins, particularly since they have been responsible for tarnishing the German Image in general

They must be exterminated

Prussian Society of America #sexist #psycho prussianamericansociety.wordpress.com

[From "Austrian Men Taking Matters into their own hands against Bad Women"]


But it’s not just Austria either

Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Netherlands and all of Scandinavia suffer from atrocious types of Women and Feminism, and so more obsession from Feminists will be made over it

Prussian Society of America #racist #sexist #dunning-kruger prussianamericansociety.wordpress.com

[From "Meanwhile, In Boston…"]

As Protests continue against COVID Measures in Europe, we have Non-European trash among the young generations protesting in demand for more COVID Tyranny

FUN, FUN Times are coming!!!

Hey White Boys in America and all Law Enforcement Officers. Are you going to protect these gems because they are Women are Colored!? I will be delighted for a lifetime to see it! I will love to sit back and watch their urgency to defend these specimens

After all, Women deserve to be “protected” at all costs, because they were born as Women, right!? And everybody is equal, so say the Scots-Irish of America, who don’t care whether someone is Black or White…

This should just show you how far gone America is:

“No teachers, no plan. We’ve got to take a stand.” Students at New Mission High School say their voices have been ignored when it comes to how to best handle pandemic learning. @NBC10Boston @NECN
4:55 PM · Jan 14, 2022

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[From "The Civil War Between Western Men and Women is about to go “HOT”"]

Women, especially College-Educated, Feminist and Career-oriented Women are beginning to rudely wake up to a new disturbing reality, especially onset from the COVID Lockdowns and Financial Damages, they are beginning to realize that they are lost, and that Men are not coming to pick up the tab, and have no interest to court them
Even if the Men DID want to court them, the fact is that College-Educated/Career Women are impotent in the affairs of anything in life that are not related to their careers
In most countries, whether it is in China, Russia and elsewhere outside of the West, the opinion and reputation towards Caucasian Women is so LOW that they are being routinely ignored, and nobody is paying attention to them

What do all these Men want and who are they giving the attention too!?

China has its dragon tails wrapped up around many influential Western Women in positions of power, who are being used without their knowledge, to further the interests of China Expansionism to take over the West, and this is especially true in dealing with Political Matters and things like Social Justice Initiatives
Only Men who are weak, ignorant, and especially Christian Men will rise in protest to my words because of their disgusting desires to keep injustices protected in a reality that is beginning to unfold the greatest deceivers
We are about to embark on the period soon of where the Gender War will escalate to outright, actual warfare towards Women, and one should not fear or cower at this fact, but view it for exactly what it is, a War of Necessity
It is for this reason that Adolf Hitler took the “Gold Standard” reputation as the most Evil Man in the world, because as a Decent Man, he demonstrated to the world that he was willing to use ruthless murder to achieve his aims and political will

Prussian Society of America #wingnut prussianamericansociety.wordpress.com

[From "A War Against Bavarians in the Future is Looming"]

The Bavarians, while of the most culturally sophisticated of German peoples, are once again proving great disappointment to us Prussians

As much as I dislike the Notion of going to war against them, a lot of the activities and data we have been collecting from the region has been demonstrating this to be a very strong possibility for the future of Germany, if it ever is going to have one at all

If not to go to war against them, we must in some way suppress them heavily, to a point where we render them impotent in many German affairs, to cut their limbs from any kind of Political or Militaristic involvement, or say, to be relegated among themselves in a unique arrangement in part of the German Whole

Bavarians are creating great problems, and are of the most Democratic of Germans

A lot of citizens in this part of Germany are what can only be described as having Menacing ideas and values that are Anti-German in any respect, and cannot be tolerated

We have not been on good terms with Bavarians in the past, but it seems that we are on even less friendly terms with them in Modern Times

If need be, we will have to use brute force on them and enact cruelty to keep them in place

In Essence, we are also at war with any Germans who still support Democracy and the Federal German Republic, whether they realize that they are mistaken or not

Every German who defends Democracy is an enemy of the German Reich and Fatherland

Prussian Society of America #racist #psycho #crackpot #conspiracy prussianamericansociety.wordpress.com

[From "Stop Mourning The Coming Depopulation, when you should be mourning the Noble who already died or have not been allowed Birth"]

We are in the race against time to ensure that the correct priority of those who should be depopulated, are depopulated, before the pendulum hits the very last remnants of valuable people

Too much focus is placed on the coming depopulation, which is inevitible based on numerous factors[…]Nature itself would forcefully remove majority of the world’s population because it responds in a certain manner to imbalances
A Nation cannot be solid and strong, unless at least a minimum of about 80-90% of its people are of Good Racial Stock
Good Eugenics Practices and Sterilization responsibly applied should be used, and I am advocate that all Nations of the world should follow our lead
The true devils are the ones who belong to the Rh Negative Bloodline
The Celtic race which are also predominant with the Rh- Factor, as they are a lineage of Jews [Esau] are heavy carriers of this blood type
Most Nations people blindly worship and adore the Celts, because the Celt is a great deceiver, clever sharp and witty, and yet they do some of the most barbarous acts behind the scenes
The hatred of the English and Hebrews is a daily, pervasive, never-ending hatred that is to the very core of our bones

But as the Celt may be a Jew who is less adept to the ways of the Oriental Jew, make no mistake that he is as much of an opportunist as his brother Jacob
It is this Celtic Nature which creates the Barbarism so often found in the Basques and Catalans. Both of these peoples are a menace to a strong National Spain
Always remember that the Americans and people of the UK will never confess to their responsibilities for gutting out almost all that was worthy of being saved in European Racial Blood in the last century

Prussian Society of America #racist #psycho #sexist #homophobia prussianamericansociety.wordpress.com

[From "All English / Celtic People, The Nations of the UK are STILL as much an enemy today of Germany as they have been in the past."]

It is a grave error to believe that somehow there is some modern form of true “Peace” or “Forgiveness” overlooking the past between the Nations of England and Germany
The people of these Nations[…]are a predominantly Hebrew People, and their existence is represented by Hebrew Energy and Connections. The Celts are a race of Jews, not Europeans, despite their former influence throughout Europe, and rightfully displaced by the Romans
To understand the root origins of these tribes on the British Isles can only be understood by the old names which these tribes existed under, such as the Bretons or Caledonians / Pictish Tribes, in which the “British” get their distinct origins, from the race of “Bretons”, a very wild and barbaric ill-tempered war-like people of which many French are related to
The Celtic people stand in contrast to a Highly Developed and Powerful Centralized State in Europe, which was the ultimate destiny and design of the Roman Empire
The Roman method of dealing these people was definitely an attempt to exterminate the races which today inhabit the British Isles, because the Romans viewed them all as a threat to the existence of their Empire
The same enemies of Rome and its Empire are the same enemies of Germany and our Reich
These Nations are responsible for promoting Obesity, Drug Use, Feminism, Homosexual Tolerance and Influence, as well as Illegal Immigration
The Fall of England and America have been inevitable, especially after World War II, although the Fall of Europe could have been avoided or at least mitigated in better ways, if there was a will among Europeans to re-awaken to their Sovereignty and have the desire to reconvene with the past.


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[From "Mathematics is Not Creative, It is a Man-Made Scourge and a Tool used by the Luciferians"]

The Information Age that we live in has also perhaps been one of the most Intellectually-obsessed Era that we live in, where the focus on Intelligence has been one of worship, rather than reverence

As such, Intelligence is “misplaced” and to a point where there is no longer any kind of Real Intelligence, because the Truest Intelligence first comes from Intuition and Wisdom

However, Modern Western Civilization rejects the notions of Intuition, and it also is not very keen on applying Wisdom. At least not in real application
Material is necessary for our survival, and I have no qualms against monumental figures being Mathematics, such as Blaise Pascal, however this Individual is a great exception in the fact that he possessed much wisdom and also the spirit to not become blind-sighted by Mathematics[…]It was his Philosophical Side which pioneered his knack for Invention and his proficiency in Mathematics, rather than the other way
Today, Mathematics is a cut and dry, calculating and Luciferian Agenda

People who think only by the means by Mathematics are essentially Evil and Calculating Cowards
Numerous youth who attend Universities in the Modern Era, actually believe that Mathematics is “Creative”, and the person who speaks this nonsense is as foolish as the one who worships the Tree Branch more than they do the Sweet Red Apple that hangs from it
The person who thinks ALL LOGICALLY and the person who thinks ALL EMOTIONALLY are both equally savage in nature

The entirely logical archetype, being represented by the Jew, while the entirely logical archetype being represented by the Negro
Mathematics has also permitted the Mass populations around the world to permit the COVID Tyranny and their Initiation into the Cult

Prussian Society of America #wingnut #racist #conspiracy #psycho #homophobia prussianamericansociety.wordpress.com

[From "Don’t Expect the Americans, particularly “Conservatives” to give up their ideas of Civic Nationalism and Egalitarianism"]

Most Americans are so stupid they don’t even know the difference between a Revolt/Civil War and a Revolution[…]Americans are too much of pussies to even stage a Revolt against Masking or Vaccines even at this late point

What makes you think they will ever awaken to the Jewish problem and deal with them?

Never going to happen. The Americans are in love with Jews, and even the ones who pretend to be aware of the JQ, such as David Duke, always have no problem with embracing the Jews because they consider only “International Jewry” or “Zionism” to be the problem
Americans seen “Conservatism” as a strategy, therefore it is not something innate
At this stage in American History, Conservatives are more liberal than even the way Liberals were in their early stages
The average American Conservative/Right-Winger does NOT accept the idea of Racial Segregation and Separatism[…]because American Whites are not racially conscious whatsoever

But what the American Whites fail to recognize, is that the Blacks, Hispanics, Asians or others whom they choose to embrace in their political activities “ARE” VERY well racially conscious
From the earliest of age, I was raised in a racially conscious family and we never were concerned with seeming “Racist”
There is also a sister equivalent statement to this when bringing up the subject about gay people, it goes “Are they gay? Oh but not that I have anything against them being gay or anything!”
Muddled in their egalitarian delusions, the Americans are too stupefied to even realize that they will not get their former life back from 2019 and earlier and that the only way to do so would be to react with violence! This violence should have taken place no later than June 2020

Prussian Society of America #racist prussianamericansociety.wordpress.com

[From "There is No Rest For the Wicked – Germans Need to become More Racist and Hateful"]

Only the German is capable to understand and empathize with fellow Germans.

The Non-German Barbarian is always hateful, critical, suspicious and inferior in his/her emotions or thought processes to understand the German Mind and Spirit
The COVID-19 Agenda and its aftermath has brought many of the already unsettled social and related issues to the forefront of hot issues
Tensions are building very high in this regard, even as much that the eruption of Civil Wars are likely even in countries like France

A good sign that at least is becoming more and more apparent by the day in Germany, is that Germans are beginning to realize the true enemy that America is, and we must hope and strive for this movement to build up to a point where Germans fanatically begin to slander and work towards ruthless elimination of American influences and propaganda, including Hollywood Films, QAnon, and American values of any kind, need to be completely pulverized
Germans should also never fly an American Flag, or even a Confederate Flag, but should hoist only the Imperial Flag, the proper colors of our people, and DAMN EVERYONE who opposed our Imperial Flag, which is currently under further attack in our Vaterland
The True German Nation is not a land of Democracy Lovers, and every Democracy Lover is an absolute foe of the German Nation, and in particular the German Reich!
The Filthy Barbarians simply do not understand how to ACT CLEAN. They cannot ACT CLEAN, they cannot THINK CLEAN, they are worse than animals, because at least most animals know when they ought to bathe

Prussian Society of America #wingnut #conspiracy prussianamericansociety.wordpress.com

[From "Prussia’s Treason on July 20 1944 Plot/Operation Valkyrie"]

A very complicated topic, and one which has so many different angles and reasons behind this event that have to be discussed in order to explain the July 20, 1944 Assassination Plot on Adolf Hitler
There was still a very stubborn streak among most Prussians, who were inundated with Christian values, and still made thought processes and decisions on the basis of these Christian values, and under the idea that they have Divine Right as the superior ruling class
They believed that as Hitler being the Reich Leader, who was not a Prussian and yet born in Austria, was justified as “illegitimate” in their eyes, particularly when it became so obvious that Germany was losing the war
Many of these Staff Members had maintained secret loyalties to the Masonic Lodges not only within Germany but also especially with that of England
I do not see the Führer from any inferior position whatsoever, and never have, considering that he is of Austrian descent and did not come from an influential background[…]The Prussian Spirit flourished all that much more during his reign, not being bogged down by Christian Moralism or Ideas
Many Prussians also were reluctant to accept the Racial Doctrines
Some of these Men had great philosophical statements or vision, had inverted their wisdom to criticize the Führer[…]Deviant elements inside Germany like Wilhelm Canaris are what destroyed Germany!
When a Prussian Leader like Wilhelm Keitel proved loyalty and allegiance to the Führer, he was ridiculed by his Prussian Peers as being a “yes man!”

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[From "Only 2% of Americans have value, and about 8-15% of Europeans have value, Depending on the Country"]

As I’ve stated repeatedly, after true assessments of these Western Nations, the United States has some of the most worthless people in the world, and that Europe does not fare a whole lot better

These numbers are based on critical analysis of the population based on all kinds of factors and what is known about the quality of such populations including their DNA and genetic quality, assuming they are still of good racial stock

These factors do not account for anything to do with personal net worth or basing quality on the basis of poverty

In Germany, it’s roughly 11%
Before WW1, Germany had well over 50% value in the population, and while I cannot assess this information accurately, about 80-90% of the German population may have had value and viability

This should show you just how rapidly the West has decayed from the onset of the last century, between the arrival of Bolshevism and Two World Wars, and all kinds of technological advances
In America, there still exists well over 60 Million White Inhabitants who never have been born, due to Abortions

Unlike European countries, however, America has never had a majority of valuable population even from the earliest Colonial Days

As time presses on and the West deteriorates further, I believe that more and more people will take this message seriously and come to recognize just how real and wide the implications and reality of it are

The easiest way to detect if someone is worthless without even knowing them, is they constantly lick their lips for no reason as a nervous tic

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[From "About Us"]

We are an Organization and Fraternal Order based out of Massachusetts, USA with a focus on educational, motivational and active engagement / work to unite those who either have Prussian Heritage or Appreciation and the desire to discuss issues relating the implications of losing Prussia as not only a Geographical location that has been unfairly wiped off the map in Europe, but our Heritage and Culture
After 1918, Prussia received the first mortal wound which forever crippled our Empire and People. The Spirit of Prussia however, lived on all the way onward until about 1947. Shortly after World War II, whatever significance that Prussia had in existence was nearly pulverized to ashes along with the majority of our Ethnic People
We do not seek a return of the Monarchy or of a revival of Christianity, which have both ceased to become viable in this new era we now live in. But we must one day have an Absolute Supreme Sovereign of State, who rules at the desire and will of our people after a period of reunification, who elect our State Sovereign to power and glory. We need a new form of spirituality
That being said, there will one day be a position for those who are not Prussian, but work to genuinely further the aims of our cause in this world, and we would welcome any support, particularly of the European People mostly. A Restored and Vital Prussia means a once again Powerful and Flourishing Europe, not only for Germanic states but all Europeans, and the sooner they begin to recognize this and fight in our defense, the sooner things shall also be improved for their conditions and Future well-being and Sovereignty of their Nation-States

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[From "Effective 1 MAY 2022, We will no longer admit any New Women into Our Organization"]

Due to the ever-increasing problems and chaos that are becoming prevalent with Women, no less, even with many “German Women”, we will be closing all Admission and Consideration for any Applicants who have taken interest in our Society as of 1 May 2022

The current condition of German Women, both in America, Germany and all around the world is absolutely abysmal and unacceptable

The rapidly deteriorating situation with Women and overall Society is becoming far too unbearable, and we have been having some who have approached our Society either using it as a means to think they will scoop up Men for their own ill means, and many have provided us with False Identities/Aliases, and have been pushing other kinds of absolute nonsense that is really becoming far too absurd to deal with

To protect the integrity and security of our Fraternal Order and Club Membership, we will no longer be admitting any Women whatsoever for the foreseeable future, and this policy is not likely to be reversed

Women who are not Official Members of PSA are not welcome to attend any of our hosted public events

Please do not contact us

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[From "English Propaganda as an Art Form/Character Of Barbarian Nations"]

The English are of course, Masterminds of Propaganda[…]
Figures like George Orwell[…]people who support him forget to recognize that he comes from a Liberal school of thought, and that he was a Democratic Socialist and an Atheist

The problem with Atheists[…]is not so much the fact that they disbelief in God, but that the Atheists have a sinister agenda on their own[…]
Anglo-American countries have also made many centuries worth of Propaganda Efforts by trying to form alliances and the pretend act of considering certain Allies as “Brothers”[…]
Kurds and Armenians are generally an enemy element in the Caucasus region, but the English and Americans have covered up their atrocities in the Western Press for many decades[…]
Anyone who thoroughly studied what these people have done[…]would be unable to deny that they are Land Stealers and Nomadic People[…]
When one thoroughly studies racial origins and history of these people such as Armenians and Kurds, you will find that they are a Crypto-Iranian[…]many centuries history of struggle has been aimed at Pan-Persian Expansionism[…]
The Armenians will never admit however, that they are largely secretly Iranian or of other breeds and working for a Pro-Iranian Agenda[…]
Another twisted scenario is also the Modern “Greeks” who are largely an admixture of Persians and Slavs[…]
The Slavic Problem was supposed to be addressed in World War I affairs, and while the Jews and English are responsible in wholesale part for the war, the Slavs played a major role[…]Slavic Question had much to do with whether or not they will ever agree to live with less since they are an inferior race[…]
The Slav may not be as low and uncivilized as the Negro, however they still are not far off, with a few exceptions

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[From "The Price Americans, especially American Soldiers & Veterans are about to pay, is Frighteningly enormous"]

Of course, not frightening for us Prussians[…]
American Soldiers and Veterans have taken all the disgusting credit away from Germans and in fact many other Europeans and other Nations who have naturally worked to defend Honor and their own People’s[…]
Americans are going to get their assess kicked REALLY fucking hard in the conflict that is now taking place with Ukraine[…]
American Soldiers[…]especially the USMC are the biggest scum of the earth, and they are about to have all of their Uniforms stripped from them, and if Nuclear Weapons don’t get around to it, people will dig up the graves of every US Soldier ever buried and smash the graves and burn the corpses that lie buried in their caskets[…]
The Hatred that will soon emerge for Americans is going to be absolutely epic[…]
Why their is such a Propaganda War to make Putin seem the most evil[…]
It’s curious to see how while the Western People have had no problems also about the damages done to countries like Iraq[…]
The Arab world has mostly been lost anyway, which is all by design in the leadup for Israel to conquer it all[…]
This is why the Western World needs a powerful leader with an iron fist [In Germany][…]
The thing with Russia is that, while they are trying to protect Civilian lives of the Ukrainians[…]we cannot simply assume that the same fate would be given to any expansion of this conflict in Non-Slavic countries[…]
Even if Americans were to live in the future with no Dictatorship that would keep them confined[…]there will be a day when Americans will not be able to ever travel again. They will be shot on sight[…]
The Prussian Society of America does not guarantee protections or security for any group of “Caucasian Women”

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[From "Pogroms must be made not only for LGBTQ, But also anyone who defends their rights"]

Extremism must be the order of the day when it comes to cleaning up house, and there is nothing that irritates me more, but also that which creates more danger in our societies than the foolish bums (Especially Americans) who boast about how they have no problem with someone being Gay/Transgender or whatever the fuck new flavor of genders that have been invented, so long as they don’t push their “propaganda”

Anyone who defends these clowns and their rights for any reason is a complete and utter threat to society, and they must be eliminated and inflicted with the most torturous end

In addition, anyone who supports and defend Democracy is also an enemy and should meet the same fate

Whereas the Nazis went a bit easier on Lesbians, we shall not

Whereas the Nazis did not often use torture, we shall

We live in an Era of Proxy Wars and Elements, and we must be just as ruthless, if not the more with all these external subversive elements and give them no mercy whatsoever

There would be no greater revenge than whispering in their faces to recite “Hitler was a sweetheart” compared to us in the treatment we will deliver them

The best form of torture we can use on our enemies, even among the civil wars is forcing them to recite with every lash and pain we inflict on them to profess how the Nazis are the good guys, and pay their respects to the Führer

There will be no considerations made

This must be how they face their inevitable end

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[From "Ukraine is not worth one drop of German Blood/NATO Framework is Anti-Prussian"]

The only thing valuable about Ukraine is the Soil and Geographical position in the Crimean Peninsula, and Definitely not its people[…]
Ukraine and the Crimea have been strategically a policy of Lebensraum, but as the ambition had never been achieved in annexing it for Germany after the Reich fell, the prospects for obtaining it are not in the cards for the current German Era

One may try to argue whether or not the Ukrainians have value on the basis that they are some of the least vaccinated people in Europe, but it is exactly why the conflict there was roused[…]the March deadline for Vaccination of the West has been approached[…]
There are rumors floating now that NATO is in such desperation that it has been flirting with the idea of transferring NATO’s Leadership over into the hands of Europe[…]not a gift but a Trojan Horse[…]
The Prussian Society of America has its own Foreign Policy, and which is the only correct one for Germany and Europe’s position, if there is a truly sincere desire to survive and come out better positioned in the process[…]
Seeing that nobody in the West took much of any legitimate measures for trying to attack and bring down both the Leaders and Medical Officials in their countries for imposing COVID Tyranny upon them

We should have seen houses of Mask Wearers and Vaccinated people blown up, and Medical officials yanked out from Hospitals and hanging on Lamp Posts…[…]
I believe that securing the German Reich also means sealing off all Nordic Lands from Slavic Lands, as history demonstrates that Slavdom has been a great liability towards European Stability[…]
Russians would do well to honor what rightfully belongs to Germany and what should be restored to Germany[…]
Jewish Problem and Jewish Question are of primary concern to the matters of Europe being saved

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[From "The Reversal of Mandates, is another catalyst for bringing about Civil War"]

Many of the Restrictions and Mandates for Vaccine Requirements to Enter Establishments, which are being reversed in a lot of places (Minus Canada), are actually yet another step towards what is inevitible, because since the COVID Cult Members were virtue signaling about how they think getting the shot means “a return back to normal” and were happy about being part of their exclusive “club”, they can no longer ride that horse with the sudden shocking news towards them, all the while they are recognizing more and more of them are getting sick, and are shocked and disturbed how unvaccinated people are not getting sick

Over recent months, more Women are also reporting Menstrual Disturbances, since their eggs are being “bled dry” from taking their vaccines, and so now this is bound to put more and more people in a tailspin if Vaccines are suddenly not required, recognizing they did it all for nothing

That being said, they can “rollback again” and bring the mandates back yet again, should they want to deem a new false “outbreak” which is something I suspect they will do, at different times and for different countries, depending on what the algorithms suggest

The amazing part of this whole agenda is how many people absolutely sold their lives on the altar of the “COVID Agenda”, where it has become their total reason for existence, ironically, with the fear of dying

They would rather sabotage every aspect of their lives, so long as they do not die, even though everyone eventually dies somehow from something sooner or later, these cyborgs think they somehow “cheated death”

They are perpetually governed by everything to do with “COVID”