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Don't bother trying to mock me, it won't do any good both for your argument, and your future. Your smart remarks mean nothing to me because these aren't even my words that I'm telling you. I'm trying to teach you about who God is and you are continuing in your false ideas. You are not trying to mock me, but God. Know for certain: God does........not........tolerate........mockers.

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It is not unrelated to evolution. That's why the big bang is always right before (or after) the chapter of evolution in standard biology text books. Big bang teaches about the first living particle, and evolution picks it up from there. I've seen it, had to study it.

Lodi Ty #fundie s1.cgi.gamefaqs.com

Bull. Atheists by and large don't give a crap about the starving humans in other countries. After all, to them it's just like a starving ant in a far off country. A humans value or worth is the same as any other mutated organism, right? C'mon, don't be afraid of what evolution teaches, don't hide it. This is what atheism/evolution is all about.

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You are completely wrong in generalizing about Christianity. You claim to have studied Christianity, but it is clear that you haven’t really studied it, but rather 'studied' it by public opinion, and such. If you were to really have studied Christianity, you would know 'The Great Commission' where Jesus commanded His disciples to 'preach' to the entire world. Never was there anything about having to convert anyone.