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{from 2014}

There are multiple layers of irony here: Dr. Lively was supporting the suppression of pro-gay speech in Russia, while the protesters were suppressing anti-gay speech in America. My dangerous extremist idea? Let’s stop suppressing speech.

Remember when what’s-her-name, the actress, “came out” as lesbian at a conference last week? Did conservative Christians heckle her or disrupt her speech? I think not.

By the way, someone should tell Dr. Lively to stop calling these goons “homo-fascists.” They’re actually homo-Marxists.

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Notice something about this story? Neither the word “lesbian” nor the word “gay” appears anywhere in it. This is standard practice when referring to homosexuals who commit crimes, whereas if a homosexual is the victim of a crime (e.g., Matthew Shepard), “gay” is in the headline. In this case, where one homosexual (allegedly) shoots two other homosexuals, they went with the former rule, I guess.

As if the headline “Killer Cop in Lesbian Love Triangle” wouldn’t sell more newspapers? See, that’s my real beef with this kind of political correctness — insofar as journalism is a business, the profit motive would suggest the word “lesbian” in the headline of a story like this, much the same way that the word “rape” should always be in the headline of a story about rape. A legalistic term like “sexual assault” doesn’t sell papers the way “rape” sells papers. One reason the news business is in such dire condition is that political correctness is the enemy of the kind of lurid scandal-sheet mentality portrayed in L.A. Confidential.

Robert Stacy McCain #homophobia theothermccain.com

Do these two women look like they need more carbohydrates? Are they so starved for calories that their access to baked goods constitutes an emergency requiring government intervention? Alas, these two Democrats in Oregon took advantage of a law against “discrimination” that makes it mandatory for bakers to provide cakes for obese women who want to marry each other. The U.S. Supreme Court disagreed

Common courtesy once forbade the civilized person from making mention of what is called “sexuality,” and you can call me old-fashioned, but I lament how the Left’s identity-politics agenda has ruined our manners as much as (or arguably more than) it has ruined our morality. Homosexuality and transvestitism are not recent inventions, but public discussion of such behaviors was once more or less prohibited. Nowadays, everyone is expected to “come out” and publicly proclaim their carnal appetites, their fetishes and “gender” delusions, and we’re all expected to applaud them for their courage in “coming out.”

So the fact that Rachel and her younger brother are both homosexuals, and that their parents divorced when they were young, is not something we can explore from the perspective of developmental psychology. Why? Because this might hurt their feelings. This quasi-therapeutic attitude of protecting the allegedly fragile self-esteem of Victims of Society is what justifies the Compulsory Approval Doctrine. We are supposed to believe that homosexuals are delicate creatures, emotional weaklings who are just one insult away from committing suicide, and therefore everyone must constantly applaud them for their courage.

Well, excuse me for not volunteering as an LGBT cheerleader, but it so happens that I know actual gay people, and in general they don’t seem to be suffering from a deficit of self-esteem. The real-life gay people I’ve actually known were not emotional basket cases, trapped in a slough of suicidal depression; quite the contrary, in fact. Exactly how this myth of gay victimhood became part of our cultural narrative is a subject worth studying, but my point is that this whole bake-me-a-cake business and the endless witch-hunt against “homophobia” is misguided, and contrary to First Amendment freedoms.

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By the way, as I’ve often said, there’s always a backstory in such cases. Transgenderism does not occur randomly. You will never encounter such a case that cannot be explained as a result of social influence or disturbances in the child’s family life

This child exhibited extreme emotional disturbance in the wake of her parents’ divorce and, as previously mentioned, was encouraged in her transgender identification by a school counselor. The public education system has become part of the Transgender Industrial Complex and, as this case proves, the courts are also complicit in this madness.

We’re experiencing a shortage of millstones, it would seem

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Neumman/“Sagal” was a 30-ish videogame developer, originally from Illinois, whose mental illness was manifested in serious antisocial behavior. At some point, it seems, Neumman/“Sagal” ran a failed startup that left employees unpaid and wrecked Neumman’s/“Sagal’s” credit rating. In 2013, Neumman/“Sagal” launched an IndieGoGo crowdfunding scam. Claiming that a near-fatal auto accident had left toxic metal embedded in his/“her” body, resulting in chronic pain, Neumman/“Sagal” said he/“she” needed $30,000 for a “life saving surgery.” But there was no accident and no toxic metal; Neumman/“Sagal” used the money for sex-change surgery.

A videogame industry journalist named Allistair Pinsof discovered the deception, but Neumman/“Sagal” threatened to commit suicide if he reported the story. Pinsof consulted with his editors, who were hesitant to go with the story, and Pinsof ultimately decided to go public with the truth on his own social-media account. Pinsof was fired and blacklisted by the videogame journalism industry, accused of wrongfully “outing” a transgender person, for reporting the truth about someone perpetrating online fraud. This was one of the scandals that preceded the #GamerGate controversy, involving so-called “social justice warriors” (SJWs) colluding with journalists to distort coverage of the videogame industry.

Good luck finding a straightforward account of who Neumman/“Sagal” actually was, and what he/“she” actually did, in any mainstream news venue. This was the point of #GamerGate after all — videogame journalism had become so corrupted by its devotion to “social justice” issues that it was impossible to get the truth from them.

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Yet here in the 21st century, Rachel Andelman felt the need to “identify” as bisexual at age 14 when, in point of fact, Florida law doesn’t even consider 14-year-olds capable of consenting to sex. By the time she was a junior, she came out as a lesbian, already sufficiently fluent in radical feminist jargon to invoke “compulsory heterosexuality” as a force of patriarchal oppression. (When I was a high-school junior, heterosexuality sure as heck wasn’t “compulsory,” or else I’d have been getting some of that action.) Whether or not Rachel Andelman ever could have been heterosexual, had a mad scientist erased her memory and transported her in a time machine to 1976, is one of those interesting questions that must remain forever in the realm of hypothetical speculation. Certainly there were many teenage girls back then who were awkward and confused, but they didn’t have the Internet to tell them what to do about their confusion, whereas Rachel Andelman did “countless hours of research and reading” before arriving at her transgender destination at age 18.

Oh, and what a strange coincidence that her freshman roommate at college was also going through a sexual identity crisis. Except it’s not a coincidence, it’s a trend. Isn’t everybody in college going through a sexual identity crisis nowadays? LGBTQIA — pick a letter! Any letter!

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If someone had tried to get us to care about politics when I was a teenager, we’d have called them a “homo,” which was a sort of generalized insult that wasn’t homophobic because the word “homophobia” hadn’t been invented yet. Circa 1974, “homo” (like “queer” and “faggot”) was just an insult slung around among a group of teenage friends, without any actual suspicion of homosexuality. Perhaps a sociology professor or a Gender Studies major would interpret the use of such slang insults as expressions of “toxic masculinity” or whatever, but of course all professors and Gender Studies majors are homos, by the standards of normal teenagers. When I was in high school, all the cool kids were completely cynical about politics and politicians, and considering that I attended high school during the presidencies of Gerald Ford and Jimmy Carter, perhaps you can see why were were so cynical.

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One of the things I’ve always understood about what is now generally called “the LGBTQ movement” (once known more simply as “gay rights”) was that it really wasn’t about fighting oppression, and that the claims of victimhood involved were largely fictitious. And I knew this because I actually knew gay people, none of whom were in the least bit oppressed or victimized, despite the fact that they lived in the heart of the Bible Belt. It is not necessary for me to cite examples, although i could name names of these friends and acquaintances who didn’t parade around proclaiming themselves to be oppressed victims because (a) there was no political advantage to be had by making such claims in the Deep South three or four decades ago, and (b) they weren’t victims in any meaningful sense of the word. It was not until the 1990s, really, that the gay rights movement began to get much traction in popular culture, probably as a result, on the one hand, of the AIDS epidemic creating a crisis atmosphere and, on the other hand, the Democratic Party trying to find political leverage against the “Religious Right.” Prior to the Clinton administration, really, most people had a basic libertarian attitude toward homosexuality — even if they did not approve of such behavior, they didn’t go snooping around trying to “out” people or otherwise make a big scene about it.

The suffix “-phobia” amounts to a diagnosis of mental illness, an accusation that one is motivated by irrational fear, and to inject this into public policy debates is evidence of the worst sort of bad faith. Never mind, of course, the fictional nature of the claims of “oppression” made by gay rights activists which, as I say, is my basic disagreement with the movement in general. Because the gay people I knew were not remotely in a situation of oppression comparable to, e.g., black people living under Jim Crow, I was not interested in any lectures about how their “rights” were allegedly being violated. The accusations of “ignorance,” “hate” and “homophobia” were just icing on this gigantic cake of obnoxious activism.

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Everybody can probably agree that, even in the most homophobic regime imaginable (e.g., Iran) some percentage of people will still be gay and, while we wouldn’t advocate throwing gay people off roofs (like they do in Iran), neither do we believe that homosexuality should be publicly celebrated as a special source of “pride,” as Democrats do. That is to say, while a majority of people are not intolerant gay-hating fanatics, neither are most people ready to endorse the rainbow-flag identity-acronym agenda that Democrats are promoting. And yet Democrats, apparently having learned nothing from Terry McAuliffe’s defeat in Virginia last year, and seemingly indifferent to polls showing them headed for a historic midterm defeat in November, have decided to double-down on the most controversial position possible — promoting LGBTQ identity to the captive audience of public school children.

This is why “OK, groomer” trended on Twitter the other day.

By the way, am I the only one who sees the connection between this and Judge Ketanji Jackson thinking child pornography is no big deal? There is a certain common theme here, namely the idea that only “right-wing extremists” are concerned about protecting children from sexualization, so that turning loose pedophiles with light sentences (a mere three months, in one of the cases Jackson was questioned about) is not really something to worry about, the same way a gay teacher indoctrinating your 5-year-old is not something to worry about.

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We should applaud this woman for her cleverness in researching her online dates before meeting them, but even such diligence can never overcome the inherent toxicity of online dating (i.e., everybody involved is a loser). So her research revealed the attempted deceit, but because she is “open-minded” she decided to accept the date anyway without telling this transgender person that she knew “she” was actually a he.

The “trap” was trapped, so to speak.

So here is this “extremely well-passing” transgender person, chasing lesbians online without revealing his/“her” secret, evidently hoping to succeed in this deliberate deception, without realizing that his/“her” profile photo can be used to search his/“her” online history — loser!

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A same-sex wedding is the ceremonial blessing of behavior the Bible condemns. Affirmation of homosexual practice is intrinsic to gay nuptials. There is no need to ask the history of the couple or their reasons for marrying in order to figure out whether or not the marriage is one that God would approve. In contrast, while two heterosexuals wishing to marry may or may not be obeying God’s commands, the institution itself is one that God has affirmed.

Things that are obvious from a common-sense perspective — if somebody’s asking for two grooms on a wedding cake, this is not a “marriage” that any Bible-believer could be expected to endorse — are obscure to those blinded by ideological abstractions. Chief among these is the Left’s idolatrous devotion to Equality

Gay activists do not construe their “rights” in terms of liberty, but in terms of radical and absolute equality. They insist that same-sex relationships are identical to — entirely analogous to and fungible with — traditional marriage.

Common sense resists this assertion, perceiving something fundamentally false in the gay marriage argument. Yet it seems common-sense resistance can only be justified by resort to religious faith, through the understanding that men are “endowed by their Creator” with rights. Eliminate the Creator from discussion, and it becomes impossible to refute the activists’ indignant demand for equality.

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{from 2014}

True, but it’s also an interesting insight into the weird priorities of modern liberalism. Instead of being enraged about a teenage boy being sexually exploited for the viewing pleasure of perverts, liberals were upset that the boy’s video performances — which are all over the Internet — led to him being “bullied” and suspended from school.

COCOA, Fla. — An 18-year-old high school senior at the center of a dispute over his appearance on a gay pornography website will return Wednesday to Cocoa High.
A Brevard Schools decision banning him from classes catapulted Robert Marucci into the international spotlight last week; however, the district Tuesday said the teen would be allowed to return to class.
“I’m just ready to return to school, like a normal day,” he said Tuesday.

A normal day? What does he consider “a normal day”?

The definition of “normal” seems very flexible nowadays. Is it “normal” for high school boys to engage in a six-way gay orgy with every sordid moment captured on video for commercial distribution?

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While I’m hesitant to get all psychological here — it is offensive to offer any one-size-fits-all theory about the etiology of homosexuality — I can tell you that old-fashioned Freudians describe a familial pattern known colloquially as the “smother mother.” Many gay boys have mothers who are too affectionate and over-protective of their sons. In many such cases, the father is absent or perceived as hostile. This Freudian perspective has been criticized on many grounds, especially because it is associated with so-called “reparative therapy,” a/k/a “conversion therapy.” Beyond that, however, I think the emphasis on parental influence fails to understand how peer interactions and cultural influence may contribute to the development of homosexual tendencies. It is very important in a boy’s development that he become “one of the guys,” i.e., that he feel accepted by his male peers as a valuable member in the male-bonding rituals of boyhood. One of the common threads you’ll see in gay coming-out narratives — and this is true in both gay men and lesbians — is that, as a child, they felt somehow different from other kids. Long before they were old enough to have any idea of sexuality, they suffered from a sense of isolation or alienation, and somehow didn’t “fit in” with their peers.

The ultra-flamboyant aspect of James Charles’s personality helped him become a YouTube celebrity, but his flamboyance could also be interpreted as symptomatic of psychopathic tendencies. Why, then, were so many people willing to enable him? Anyone who paid attention could see he was a predator hiding in plain sight.


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You’ll excuse my confusion, but amidst the hyperventilating screeches — GLAAD claiming that Phil Robertson was pushing “vile and extreme stereotypes” — maybe I missed what it was the Duck Dynasty patriarch actually said that was wrong.

“It seems like, to me, a vagina — as a man — would
be more desirable than a man’s anus. That’s just me.”

Is it a “vile and extreme stereotype” to say that gay men engage in anal sex with each other? Or is it in some way objectionable for heterosexuals to say that they prefer the opposite sex? Why is this offensive? To whom is it offensive and why?

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Guess what? You can’t blame Donald Trump for this. You can’t claim that the “patriarchy” is encouraging teenage girls to amputate their breasts and identify as pansexual nonbinary genderqueers. Feminists who have become concerned about the transgender cult must admit that their existing political theories have failed to account for the psychological influences affecting this generation of young people. Nor have most adults considered how technology — particularly the advent of social media — has given rise to toxic online environments where young people can indulge harmful fantasies and be encouraged in doing so by their peers. Politically correct beliefs about “diversity” and “tolerance,” and fear of being accused of “sexism” or “homophobia,” have had the effect of depriving us of a vocabulary of moral judgment. Young people cannot discern between good and evil if adults are afraid of speaking clearly about these subjects. Many young people are drifting into self-destructive insanity because the voices of reason are silenced or discredited by attacks from the transgender cult, which receives millions of dollars in funding from “philanthropists” like George Soros.

Trying to suggest solutions to tragic cases like Maddy’s is a difficult project, because such people have suffered so much psychological damage that the prognosis for recovery is doubtful. In terms of prevention, however, other young people might be protected if they were clearly warned about the dangers of peer pressure and cult mentalities. Whether you’re talking about transgenderism, heroin addiction, or Scientology, the fact is that adolescents are vulnerable to peer influence, and lack the life experience necessary to discern between harmful and beneficial influences. Young people confronted with a choice between good and evil will often choose evil, if it is presented to them as glamorous and exciting, or as a rebellion against parental authority.

No child is entirely safe from the forces of evil, and it is a dangerous delusion to suppose the apparently happy teenagers you know could not become a victim of these forces. They must be warned.

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Why are girls more vulnerable to “social contagions”? Without any professional credentials in psychology, I can only offer speculative suggestions, but isn’t it possible that this vulnerability to social influences is hard-wired into female neurology by the same hereditary process that hard-wires men for risk-taking and aggression? One does not need a Ph.D. in evolutionary psychology, however, to notice male-female differences. My experience of parenthood, as the father of six children now ranging in age from 16 to 29, qualifies me to make some general suggestions in this matter based on direct observation.

What accounts for the deranged mentality of so many teenage girls in 21st-century America? Why has Third Wave gender theory driven so many young women insane? Isn’t it a fact that, by destroying social norms of sexual behavior — including our traditional understanding of male-female differences — contemporary feminism has thrust these vulnerable teenagers into a world where there are no common-sense rules to guide them toward responsible adulthood? All teenagers are prone to chafe against the constraints imposed on them by parental expectations, but what happens to girls when parental authority is absent or undermined by social and political forces which communicate to impressionable youth that Mom and Dad are hateful bigots for expecting their girls to be girls? The transgender cult now insists that parents who don’t cooperate with their agenda are guilty of child abuse.

We might identify many factors (e.g., the omnipresence of social media) as implicated in the emergence of rapid onset gender dysphoria as a phenomenon among teenage girls, we cannot deny the role played by proponents of Third Wave feminist theory who have lent an aura of intellectual respectability to the subversion of identity and the attack on the gender binary. An ideology that insists there are no rules when it comes to sexual behavior, which celebrates abnormality while stigmatizing “heteronormativity” as oppressive to women — i.e., the ideas promoted by Judith Butler’s Gender Trouble — will predictably produce confusion once this belief system escapes from an academic context to run rampaging through popular culture, like Godzilla stomping Tokyo.

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{from 2016}

Riley Dennis accuses those who disagree with him/“her” of “reducing people to their genitals” — you’re guilty of an ignorant prejudice if you don’t want to date a “woman” with XY chromosomes and a penis, you see. Perhaps the best reply to such an accusation is, “So what?”

How is your “transphobic” prejudice different from, or worse than, Riley J. Dennis’s blatant prejudice against normal people? Riley J. Dennis is abnormal, and expects the rest of us to tolerate his/“her” preference for female clothing and effeminate mannerisms. Most of us do grant such tolerance, so long as these weirdos stay away from our children. If you want to live your life like an extra from the cast of The Rocky Horror Picture Show, you are free to move to San Francisco and let your freak flag fly. And I’ll keep my kids 2,500 miles away from San Francisco.

Under the First Amendment of the Constitution, I have the right to say that Riley J. Dennis is crazy, and I also have the right to tell you that Riley J. Dennis is a selfish liar, promoting a false concept of “discrimination” for his/“her” personal gain. Riley J. Dennis hopes to get rich selling “intersectional feminism” like Colonel Sanders got rich selling fried chicken. Feminism is being sold as a commodity, and these ideological vendors do not work for free. Riley J. Dennis claims to be an atheist, but he/“she” is in fact a fanatical member of a quasi-religious cult.

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Through the magic of the YouTube algorithm, last night I came across feminist Isabella Malbin’s “Whose Body Is It?” channel. As I’ve been chronicling since 2014, radical feminists are waging war against what can fairly be described as the Transgender-Industrial Complex. Of course my readers know me as a staunch opponent of feminism, per se — the concept of “group rights” is at the heart of the radicalism destroying our civilization. Nevertheless, “truth is great and will prevail,” and radical feminists have tenaciously grabbed hold of an important truth — men and women are different, in ways that are socially significant.

Aharon is addressing something very important: Social media is fueling this “dangerous dichotomy” in which young girls receive the message that the ideal is to be a hypersexualized bimbo — aspiring to become a “Real Housewives” cast member, basically — or else they must reject womanhood altogether, chasing the transgender fantasy, getting their breasts amputated, injecting themselves with testosterone, etc.

Every conservative understands what it’s like to be smeared this way. If you advocate for limited government, fiscal sanity and maintenance of the Constitution — just basic common-sense traditionalism — you will inevitably find yourself depicted by the media as some kind of “extremist,” lumped in with neo-Nazis, etc. And this is what is happening now to feminists. Whenever liberals have an agenda, everyone who is against must be Hitler, according to the media. If liberals want war, anyone who wants peace will be labelled a “right-wing extremist.”

First Amendment freedom of speech is under attack.

What is happening is that opposition to the liberal agenda — regarding transgenderism or anything else — is categorized as “hate,” and thereby made subject to “de-platforming,” so that you can’t use common online communications channels (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.) to express dissent. Activists collaborate with Silicon Valley insiders to suppress opposition, to block opponents from fundraising sites, which means that while any liberal can use PayPal, Google Adsense or whatever to fund their activism (e.g., pro-transgenderism), opponents of the liberal agenda do not have the same freedom (because “hate”).

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Over the weekend, Dan Savage’s attack on Christianity became an online sensation — strange, how these coincidences happen — to the point that he felt obliged to issue an apology for a dishonest new defense of his hateful bigotry: Because the Bible says things Dan Savage doesn’t like, you must reject God and obey Dan Savage.

Quod Erat Demonstrandum!

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Attempting to explain gender theory to normal people is like attempting to explain a schizophrenic’s delusions to sane people. Normal men are masculine in the most common-sense understanding of that word, and normal women are feminine. Because the meanings of male/masculine and female/feminine are so obvious, from a common-sense point of view, normal people take these categories for granted.

"The notion that women form relationships with other women as a result of childhood trauma is a harmful, almost laughable, stereotype that lesbian and bisexual women continually face. It is simply untrue . . ."

Damaged, you say? How dare you imply Amy Austin is damaged?

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Remember: @papierhache jumped into my timeline in response to incitement by a troll trying to stir up trouble because I’d used the common slang “shemale” in promoting a post about conflicts between transgender activists and radical lesbian feminists. And after sending me multiple messages condemning me as a terrible hater — because slang is the New Fascism — @papierhache evidently thought she would evade further criticism for her moralistic posturing.

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Having a married mom and dad is better for children, according to a Canadian study that, among other things, finds “daughters of gay parents displaying dramatically low graduation rates.” Fortunately, despite all the noise about gay marriage, most gay people have zero interest in raising children and, because gay sex obviously doesn’t produce offspring, very few gay people ever procreate.

These are just facts, people.

We are descending into a new Dark Ages of mystic belief, where socialized medicine is fiscally responsible, where illegal immigrants have more rights than do American citizens, where sodomy is normal and people who don’t regularly engage in sodomy are considered weird.

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Every intelligent Christian in America understands that we are living in an evil and decadent age, in which the elites are morally bankrupt and our social institutions have been subverted. Your children must be taught to resist the herd mentality, or else they will be pulled down by the undertow of decadence that surrounds them. Peer pressure is dangerous, as can be seen from a review of Abigail Shrier’s new book Irreversible Damage: The Transgender Craze Seducing Our Daughters

Public schools now actively promote the transgender cult.

“It Takes a Village to Mutilate a Child.”

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Of course, there is no certain combination of circumstances that automatically lead to someone becoming homosexual, but as I’ve often said, there’s always a backstory. Back in the heyday of Freudian “talk therapy,” analysts often focused on their patients’ relationship with their parents as the best clues to the origin of their emotional problems, and there was extensive research about the correlations between certain disorders and various childhood factors. From this research emerged a number of observations about developmental patterns. For example, it was observed that the male homosexual was typically the son of a so-called “smother mother” household — “too much closeness to mother and a distant negative relationship with father.” We are no longer permitted to notice such patterns, apparently because any curiosity about the “why” of sexual deviance threatens the self-esteem of deviants.

So the fact that Rachel and her younger brother are both homosexuals, and that their parents divorced when they were young, is not something we can explore from the perspective of developmental psychology. Why? Because this might hurt their feelings. This quasi-therapeutic attitude of protecting the allegedly fragile self-esteem of Victims of Society is what justifies the Compulsory Approval Doctrine. We are supposed to believe that homosexuals are delicate creatures, emotional weaklings who are just one insult away from committing suicide, and therefore everyone must constantly applaud them for their courage.

Well, excuse me for not volunteering as an LGBT cheerleader, but it so happens that I know actual gay people, and in general they don’t seem to be suffering from a deficit of self-esteem. The real-life gay people I’ve actually known were not emotional basket cases, trapped in a slough of suicidal depression; quite the contrary, in fact. Exactly how this myth of gay victimhood became part of our cultural narrative is a subject worth studying, but my point is that this whole bake-me-a-cake business and the endless witch-hunt against “homophobia” is misguided, and contrary to First Amendment freedoms.

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{from 2019}

Totalitarian @GayWonk Is Attempting to Silence Conservative @SCrowder

Of course, all these stories just assume the validity of Maza’s claim, that there is a “homophobic mob” who have been incited by Steven Crowder to engage in “harassment.” This assumption ignores the fact that Maza has made himself obnoxious by his repeated attacks on Fox News, and that all Crowder has done is to call Maza’s videos to the attention of a conservative audience that resents such attacks. Most of what Maza calls “harassment” is merely people expressing (however rudely) their objections to Maza’s obnoxious behavior. It may help to compare this to something completely outside the world of politics.

Here is a simple statement: Carlos Maza is a bad person.

Evidence of his bad character can be shown by the fact that Maza is now attempting to get Steven Crowder banned from YouTube. This is an effort to suppress free speech, and shows that Carlos Maza is a totalitarian, for only a totalitarian seeks to “win” an argument by silencing opposition.

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The bizarre semantics by which Antolak/“Jones” claims that the penis is not “male genitals” is a perfect example of the lunatic ideology of the transgender cult. As I noted in the case of Eyrne Daymont a/k/a “Aryn Maitland,” crazy is a pre-existing condition. When confronted by the rhetoric of transgender activists, we must recognize that we are dealing with seriously disturbed people. Their efforts to distort language, to change the meanings of words, and to force the rest of to accept their revised definitions, represent a dishonest attempt to obtain validation by compelling others to ratify their delusions.

As the feminist site 4th Wave Now points out, “gender dysphoria occurs with troubling frequency in concert with a range of other mental disturbances, including personality disorders, depression, anxiety, and autism.” In other words, people who are confused about their gender identity are often confused about a lot of other things.

Part of what’s going on here is a consequence of decades of schools promoting “self-esteem,” where every child gets a participation trophy, and everyone has a right to believe they’re awesome. This nonsense doesn’t equip young people for adult life, where there are winners and losers, and where the vast majority of people must struggle along without any praise, encouragement or recognition for their efforts. Having never learned to endure hardship with stoic dignity (which is what all children should be taught), the young misfits full of “self-esteem” become convinced that the world has somehow cheated them of the praise to which the Special Snowflakes believe they are entitled. This cognitive dissonance is the psychological root of the antinomian rage among Social Justice Warriors (SJWs), who wish to destroy all existing laws, institutions and social norms which they condemn as oppressive forces of “capitalist imperialist white supremacist cisheteronormative patriarchy,” to quote the University of Southern California’s Vanessa Diaz.

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(In addition to being a straw man — because no flat-earthers are actually arguing with Justin/Riley — he/“she” is also setting up a standard trick we can call the Progress Fallacy: “Here is this provably wrong idea that people held in the past, and therefore, all ideas from the past can be disregarded as invalid.” Except, of course, that the scientific method itself is based on very old ideas, dating to ancient Greece. Now, back to Justin/Riley and “modern discourse.”)

(Except, of course, that the actual argument is about anthropogenic global warming [AGW], and it has been shown that the proponents of this claim have falsified “evidence” and disregarded alternative explanations for the observable changes in global temperatures. AGW proponents have engaged in fear-mongering and enlisted government authority to gain funding for themselves and to deny funding for their scientific critics. But please, Justin/Riley, continue to educate us.)

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Do liberals claim Loskarn was "born this way"? What if he says he just didn't choose to be a homosexual pedophile, so the only way to explain his perverted mind is because he was biologically determined to be a pervert? What if he claims he has always felt this way - so he must have been born this way? What if he claims to have a homosexual pedophile gene or that it's epigenetics that just makes him sexually oriented to males, including the young ones? What if he claims that decent people are all bigots and haters who should just mind their own business and let him abuse boys; would he be right?

Or could it be that people's sexual psychology can be completely deformed and perverted after they are born? Everyone is born to be a healthy heterosexual. It's what happens after birth that deforms a person's sexual psychology. How long will it take for our retarded liberal society to face this simple truth?

Robert Stacy McCain #fundie theothermccain.com

It is not just marriage and motherhood, but also religion, patriotism and all notions of virtue, honor and decency associated with those concepts which are the targets of cultural destruction by feminists and the larger radical movement to which feminists belong. You might think there is some reasonable limit to what feminists would endorse in pursuit of this agenda, but hate is irrational and radicalism knows no limit. So when a Canadian provincial government publishes “Children’s Sexual Behaviours: A Parent’s Guide,” which tells parents that it is “natural and healthy” for young children to “touch the ‘private parts’ of familiar adults” and to look at “nude pictures on the Internet, videos, magazines,” we get the expected reaction from feminists: Crickets chirping.

Why the silence? Because the Left is willing to “normalize pedophilia” as part of its “ongoing effort to rid the world of Judeo/Christian influences,” as Matt Ross says. The failure to understand the Left’s revolutionary ambitions leads to a sonambulant indifference to the Left’s declarations of its beliefs, its methods and its purposes.

While advocating the perverse, abnormal and deviant as “rights,” the Left simultaneously attacks the wholesome and decent, so a married Christian couple like the Duggars must be stigmatized as part of the Left’s larger project, which one of their leaders described as “fundamentally transforming the United States of America.”