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In Christianity, today is our most holy day. The day of resurrection is about many things but, most certainly it is about renewal. It is about the gift of a second chance. It is the opportunity for a new life. It is springtime for humankind. It is a time for introspect and choices. Choices whether good or bad that will shape us as individuals and as a people.

In the people’s house is a man well-heeled in communism and Islam. He makes little effort these days to masquerade otherwise. His parents and grandparents were communists. He was raised Muslim by a stepfather. He was mentored in adolescence by a card carrying communist. He has publicly proclaimed his Christianity on more than one occasion. The punditry minds us to accept what he says as truth lamenting that not one of us mortals truly knows his heart.

We are taught not to judge others, but conversely we are taught that a person’s actions speak to what he holds in his heart. Think of the tremendous cost in American blood and treasure spent to block the advancement of communism. Consider the millions who died under the boot of communists across this earth. Then to watch the President of the last nation standing between worldwide tyranny and freedom embrace a murdering communist dictator is sickening. It is just a bit more than I care to take. To look across the globe and see the atrocities committed in the name of Islam and have a leader who still refuses to mention the name of that religious political system in the context of terrorism has also reached a level of detestable I would have never imagined in our country.

The President embraces communism and Islam. Two brutal systems that is wholly antithetical to our constitutionally guided representative republic.

When the President of our country drones on about our values and what we should and should not do regarding out of control immigration, our relationships with oppressive communist regimes, and how we should or should not confront the brutality of Islamic terrorism – we should clearly understand. When he attempts to shame us by declaring “that is just not who we are”, the “we” he is talking about should be clear in our minds.

I recall listening to a local football coach talking about bowl selections. His phrase that sticks in my mind is that “in December, you will remember November.”

We have a chance for renewal. A change to reverse the course we are on, but only if we have leadership that has our security and freedom in mind. First and foremost. There will be a communist on the ballot who is connected through associations at the very top of her inner circle with the Muslim brotherhood. There is no assurance of who will represent the rest of us on the other side of the ballot. But we must note that this is our chance for renewal of America.

We are at one another’s throats about who the person should be to lead our country’s healing process. The political class is trying to circumvent the democratic process to ensure that the “wrong” person is not on the ballot. How does that differ from communist thinking? The punditry class has injected itself at a level I have never seen in a primary cycle. Some declaring for whom they would never vote even if it means putting another person in the Whitehouse to complete the destruction of our country. Some of them are displaying total disdain for voters. One presumably conservative magazine published an article on how America would be better off if the working middle class would just die out. Radio talker Glenn Beck, whom I once listened to, declared that you cannot be a Christian if you are supporting Donald Trump. I guess Beck who is quite proud of his transformation from a down and out alcoholic to a God fearing man, cannot find it in his heart to believe that someone like Trump could have his own re-birth.

For all who are battling hard to save our nation, remember who we really are because in December we will be thinking about what happened in November.

B Woodman #fundie thisainthell.us

Let’s see if I can come up with something that will offend as many people as possible. . . ..
AS it can be shown that most “mass” shootings are connected with some form of mental disturbance or illness. . . .
AND it can be shown that many, many forms of mental illness/disturbance are connected to Libtardism (“progressivism”) and/or religious fanaticism. (I leave it as an exercise for the readers to show the chain between Libtardism and religious fanaticism, with The State being the Libtard’s religion of choice).
SINCE State Religion Libtardism, and Islam jihadism seem to be the primary culprits in these current spate of mass shootings,
THEN restrict the purchasing of guns from Libtards and muzzies.
TO MAKE a list of either/both:
IF you have voted DemonRat in both of the last two FedGov elections (i.e., O’Bozo), THEN you’re a Libtard, and will NOT be allowed to buy guns.
IF you attend mosque on even a semi-regular basis, THEN you’re a muzzie, and THEREFORE a potential jihadist, and will NOT be allowed to buy guns.

And once you’re on the Restricted List, good luck getting yourself off of it. (I figure what’s sauce for the goose, is sauce for the gander. And if the DemonRats want to get THEIR Favorite Children off the Restricted List, then they will fix that system, so that the innocent will also be able to get themselves off the List).

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Well gee whiz, we know that B. Hussein 0bama doesn’t give two hoots of a ratshit flying fuck about what anyone else wants, all he cares about is his agenda, running the USA into the ground as fast and hard as he can. He hasn’t been able to stir up racial hatred and animosity as much as he and his party want to thus they’re importing as many uneducated goat-raping muslim fleabags as they can in as little time possible hoping they start shit like they’ve done in Europe.

JD Pendry #fundie thisainthell.us

Many believe God blessed you and because of that you became a great nation. In the history of mankind, you are arguably the greatest ever. Among your citizenry are people who firmly believe and are quite vociferous in their belief that God had nothing to do with it. In fact they do not believe in the existence of God and to that are too quite vocal. But that is part of your beauty. People can believe as they choose on such matters and express their thoughts as they see fit. It is called freedom.

In too many cases that freedom to speak your mind is becoming a bludgeon. For too many people or groups, that cherished freedom of thought and expression is morphing into a demand that others must accept what they say and believe as they do or be labeled as some sort of phobic.

Among your people there is no longer clarity between what is good and what is evil. What one group holds to be good another holds to be evil and evil to one is good to another. And each group busies themselves insisting the other group believe as they do. Your people are hopelessly divided and the leaders chosen by them relish the division. Your house is divided and if the division is not bridged as any divided house, it will fall.

The captains of your ship of state have steadily steered you away from your charted path of liberty. For generations, your people have responded with apathy. For their lack of concern they have been keelhauled into submission lifting nary a finger in opposition. Instead they forfeited their freedom.

You were the champion of free markets, making you the wealthiest nation on earth. But your free markets are long gone replaced by crony capitalism. Now you are the champion of that. It is not even capitalism. It is where powerful and well connected are able to grow their wealth. In return for that politicians grow wealthy. The corporate powerhouses insist that the people should be taxed more, while your high corporate tax rates push smaller companies and the people they once employed to the wayside or force them to build factories in other countries. In all of this, it is your people who suffer.

Your charter declared your government to be by the people and for the people. No. It is now a government by the corrupt and for the corrupt. The corrupt govern to benefit themselves and the corporate cronies who make them wealthy – on a civil servants salary. Your vaunted political system and government of the people is now nothing more than a wealth producing industry for those able to play. This is as far from your founding charter as one could possibly travel in such a relatively short period of history.

You were once a mighty nation, one with character and trust. Your enemies feared you and your friends respected you. Troubled nations could look to you for help. Now, you are led by people who openly sympathize with the deadliest enemy you have faced since your last great war. Your leadership, elected by your people, has forged an agreement with an enemy sworn to your destruction. This same leadership has been a wrecking ball in relationships with your most trusted friends while seemingly embracing your most heinous enemies. This reckless leadership moves along its path of destruction while people elected to confront it close their eyes and ears and sit on their hands. So where do your people turn.

I believed God blessed you. I believe God will also judge you. I believe you should be on your knees asking for his mercy.

B Woodman #fundie thisainthell.us

As I listened to the radio this AM on the way to work, about Obozo taking his moment to pause for 9/11/01, I couldn’t help but think, given Obola’s lineage and background, whether he was pausing to mourn the near-3000 innocent lives lost on that day, or if he was mourning the 20 Muzzloid lives lost (may Shaitan repeatedly eat and shit their souls for eternity) making this “special day” happen.

John Robert Mallernee #fundie thisainthell.us

In our current society, everybody wants to be seen as “tolerant”, and hopes to avoid being offensive, judgmental, or even worse, to be accused of being “racist”.

Well, eventually, whether they like it or not, the time comes when each individual must heed their own conscience and stand for what’s right, rather than what’s popular.

Homosexuality is wrong, and should not be tolerated.

Infanticide is wrong, and should not be tolerated.

Euthanasia is wrong, and should not be tolerated.

Restrictions on private citizens possessing and/or carrying firearms is wrong, and should not be tolerated.

Islam is wrong and should not be tolerated.

White people not being allowed to live, work, and/or conduct business with whoever they wish, and not being allowed to refuse to live, work, or conduct business with any specified group, is wrong, and should be tolerated.

There are some lines that cannot be crossed, and because of that, we as a nation, are condemned by our own actions to endure a massive bloodshed, maybe even a total national suicide, as our present situation inevitably continues to worsen in its perversion, deviance, and degeneration.

A Proud Infidel #fundie thisainthell.us

Maybe we should turn the tables on the left and call for the mayors and other pols lording over “Sanctuary Cities” harboring illegal aliens and watch them screech? The same liberals will screech for abolition of the death penalty and doing all they can to spare the lives of condemned murderers while openly espousing the wanton murder of unborn children. Liberalism IS a Mental Disorder! Look at how the Nazis treated any German who dissented with Hitler and his agenda, and vompare it to how today
s libs treat anyone dissenting with their political agenda, dissent with them and you’re “racist”, Homophobic”, “Isalamophobic”,… I wear those titles with pride the moment some booger-eating Christianophobic, Haplophobic liberal calls me one!

JD Pendry #fundie thisainthell.us

I am Christian and that is the foundation from which I view the world. Although accused of it every time I mention the subject, I have never once tried to force anyone to accept my beliefs. If asked or invited to do so, I will share. I most certainly do believe God blessed all of us with free will – freedom – to choose the path in life that we feel suits us. If you feel that your freedom is derived from some other source or no source, then that is certainly your choice to make. So, it does not concern me that someone chooses another religion or no religion or whatever other path they wish to walk. I do not care if a person chooses to center their lives on an intimate relationship with a person of the same sex. There is a caveat. If your chosen path is to make me accept and endorse whatever it is you believe when it is absolutely contrary to what I firmly accept and believe then as they say over here in the hills, me and you, we going to have us a problem.

As the President’s ineptly named JV team continues their reign of terror across the Middle East great numbers of people are being brutally murdered. I am convinced they have some evil bastard whose job it is to dream up more horrific ways to murder people so they can share their terror with the world. Not only are they wiping out entire villages that do not hold their world view, they are destroying all vestiges of history they come across.

In the land of the free, there is a more sophisticated brand of coercion. If you are a baker and because of your beliefs you refuse to provide a cake supporting homosexual marriage, you will be sued, chased out of business, fined by some philosophically driven judge, and ordered to not speak about it. The same thing will happen to you if you are a florist, a photographer, or own a wedding chapel. Now, we have progressed to the next level wherein we have our first political prisoner. A woman jailed because her religious convictions prevent her from providing a marriage license bearing her name to homosexuals. She will remain in jail according to the judge, until she changes her mind. Until she changes her mind and goes against her conscious and Christian beliefs. In other words, endorse what we believe or we will destroy your life or put you in prison. How exactly does that differ from what is taking place in the Middle East? We have just not arrived at the point of killing people – yet.

There is a tremendous purge of American history happening right before our eyes and being endorsed by every talking head and chickensh*t politician in sight. The evil Confederate battle flag is being banned everywhere. Statues are coming down, schools are being renamed, even idiots wanting to dig up and move the remains of the dead. I read an article in Army magazine recently where some nitwit Army Major insisted that we rename all of those US Army bases that are currently named for traitors and slave owners. I could almost imagine the spit flying out of his mouth while he was pounding on the keyboard. When you are wiping out history, how again is that different from what is happening in the Middle East?

For the County Clerk who is currently jailed I have heard a lot of suggestions. If she refuses to obey the law, then she should be removed from office. That will be acceptable to me right after Barack Obama is removed from office for the same albeit more egregious reasons. Besides, I do not know which law the clerk is breaking. I do not believe a Supreme Court decree is a law. Another I have heard is if she does not want to do that job then she should just get another job. In other words if you choose to not violate your religious beliefs, you are banned from holding public office. There is religious accommodation all over federal and state governments and in the armed forces. Apparently, when it comes to homosexuality there is not. The rainbow flag of terror flies high.

I think I’ll go watch some football. Watching 300 pound men trying to impose their wills on another makes sense to me right now. You bust me in the mouth. I bust you in the mouth. Is that not what it is coming down to right here in the land of the free?

B Woodman #fundie thisainthell.us

I do not wish him a speedy recovery, but I do wish him a speedy and painless journey down whichever way God so deigns in His infinite wisdom.

What chaps my hide is that I see (and it could be merely in my own politically fevered brain) another example of “good for me, but not for thee”, in that here we have a 90 y.o. Libtard DemonRat ex-president political hack anti-Semite has-been, sucking up taxpayer money for his cancer treatments. Anybody else (Joe or Jane Six-Pack), who is unlucky enough to be on ObozoCare, would be lucky to even find a doctor to both accept an ObozoCare health “Plan” (gigglesnort) and prescribe Joe or Jane even an aspirin without breaking their budget.
If this was a just (by DemonRatic standards – irony alert!!) world, as soon as the docs got a look at Cahtah’s cancer, they would have sewn him back up, given him painkillers (but in limited quantities! can’t spend too much on anyone’s health care!), told him that he has so many months to arrange his affairs, and wished him Bon Voyage, See Ya At The Funeral.

A Proud Infidel #fundie thisainthell.us

Given the sniveling slovenly unabashed liberals running our Pubic Screwool systems these days, it wouldn’t surprise me one bit if they espoused the idea of putting the names of dead felons shot by LEO’s instead of the names of Fallen Veterans, and the Cross? I’m sure they wouldn’t utter a peep if a pentagram or a crescent moon was used instead, and the US Flag? They’ll gloat, drool and grin when one is burned, spat on, or stepped on, but do the same to a “Foo-foo flag” (rainblow) and they’ll be screeching and bawling for you to be arrested and “reeducated” a la Nazi Germany, USSR, or North Korea.

JD Pendry #fundie thisainthell.us

Did you listen to our Secretary of State speak as he raised the American flag in honor of a Communist dictatorship. If you did, hopefully it did not make you ill. Genghis Johnny has a long history of communist love dating from his visits with the North Vietnamese to his man love for Comandante Ortega. It just points out that there is danged little space between progressives and communists. The major difference is that American progressives yet lack the fortitude to call themselves communists. But, I do not think that day is too far into the future.

The progressives are making it through their bucket-list a rather torrid pace. Normalization of homosexuality and using it to attack religious freedom, uncontrolled immigration, an ideologically based supreme court, abortion for profit including selling baby parts, half of the population dependent on government programs, government controlled healthcare, peace in our time with Iran, and Genghis Johnny raising the American flag in Havana. There really is not much left for them to do. They are still plotting ways to take guns away from legal gun owners. It is the crowned jewel on the progressive bucket list.

I just think Americans as a population are not the type to take to the streets, but perhaps we are nearing the tipping point. The day when millions of people are in the streets and in comparison places like Ferguson and Baltimore look like Saturday night block parties, Washington might get a little concerned. We most definitely need that great awakening and it is time to start demanding impeachments and resignations. The people must accomplish what establishment Washington will not.

Or we can stand by and watch while the communists run the hammer and sickle is up the Rainbow house flagpole.

2/17 Air Cav #fundie thisainthell.us

You know, there is a mountain of stuff that was written about gays in the military that was 100% against their serving. You name it and someone wrote it or said it. Hell, just the fact that the psychiatric club regarded being gay as a mental illness was sufficient to be against gays in the military. That view changed but, still, gays were not permitted in the military. Some were flighty and swishy. Others were going to have hard-ons in the bay showers. You name it. So, now, that’s all behind us. Gays are welcome and it is taboo to disparage men who screw other men in the ass. It’s the new normal. Well, recent history is repeating itself, only this time around it’s transgenders and this time around there is little debate. Next will be dog boinkers, I guess. After all, if the dog screwer can do his job, what difference does it make? It’s all good. So, jump on board the transformation train. It cannot be stopped now anyway.

Jonn Lilyea #fundie thisainthell.us

[Article was entitled "Pentagon is lifting the tranny ban".]

No one should be surprised that the Pentagon has decided to lift the ban against transgendered service members according to the Associated Press.

Yeah, well, go ahead. The thing is, I don’t want to hear the Pentagon cry about how they don’t have money to fund our healthcare, how they don’t have money for adequate pay raises for the folks on active duty, how they can’t afford to keep the A-10 Thunderbolt in the skies above the ground forces. If they have the money to study how to integrate deviants into the services for no good reason, they have enough money to pay us cis-gendered folks what they promised us.

JD Pendry #fundie thisainthell.us

If I have learned one thing in all the years I have been writing these posts it is that the mere mention of God is the best generator of keyboard borne venom. Last week, I wrote that our country’s founding principle is God-given freedom. In 2010, I posted Our Foundation is the Spirit of Freedom. It was my first post after a year long hiatus. So, it is not a new thought to me (or to history), but one I certainly hold to dearly.

I was questioned about where in our constitution is any reference to God or Jesus or any specific religion. The answer is in specific terms nowhere. With a rudimentary understanding of Judeo-Christian values and phrases like “endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights” and given the religious inclinations of the American populace at the time the phrase was penned, it is not a great leap of logic to conclude to which Creator the reference was made. I was asked whether I thought my rights came from God or some question similar to that and the answer is profoundly yes. Our Declaration of Independence is quiet clear on the origin of those unalienable rights among which are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. With that declaration in mind, those unalienable rights are protected in our Constitution and the Bill of Rights. So, where is God in our Constitution? He is all over it brother.

And another, the one that forever flies off the keyboard. If your God is so great, where was he when…” and just fill in whatever atrocity comes to mind. The answer to that (although the question itself exposes the questioner’s ignorance of Christianity and the Christian God) is that God lets people choose their way. God wants you to accept him by your own free will. If by your free will you choose another path he will turn you over to it as is well explained in Romans 1: 18-32. So let’s not blame God for the choices made by men. Then there is the Darwin worshipper who declares that belief in God is just an example of scientific ignorance. Might I ask? Is this the same science that declares man-made global warming is destroying the planet and the solution to that problem is a global wealth redistribution scheme?

The left (communists, Marxists, socialists, progressives, liberals…) mostly rejects Judeo-Christian values out of hand. Sure, there are those who lean left in their ideology who are Church goers and proclaimed Christians, but they have embraced things simply are not Biblical. The right (wholly evil in the minds of many on the left) certainly has its share of people who are as anti-Christian as anyone on the left could ever hope to be. What both have in common is the rejection of a higher moral authority – a rejection of God and his commandments.

Without a moral authority, who decides what is good or bad. Who would decide for people that it is wrong to murder – or for that matter, to do anything else? Moral relativism, for as destructive as it is we see it every single day. When an ultimate moral authority is rejected so is civil society and so is freedom.

I just heard presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, in a speech, declare that in our country we are going to have to modify deeply held religious beliefs adding that no one should be discriminated against because of who they love (with the exception of those having deeply held religious beliefs). I certainly agree with the part about not discriminating. Choosing your path in life whatever it is should not require that anyone else embrace it. In that light, Mrs. Clinton I refer you to the first commandment: Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind. While doing that, and in light of the most recent revelations you may want to contemplate the remaining 9 as well. I recommend Dennis Prager’s short book, The Ten Commandments: Still the Best Moral Code.

In our military, we are also seeing people persecuted because of their Christian beliefs. The worst of which, Chaplains are being disciplined for counseling from a Biblical perspective or praying in the name of Jesus. From what other perspective would one expect a Christian Chaplain to counsel or pray? History is quite clear about what Godless armies are capable of and their ultimate destruction.

It is also quite clear on the destiny of Godless nations. History is littered with their remains.

2/17 Air Cav #fundie thisainthell.us

(Bolding for emphasis)

I would have thought that this thread would have 50 comments by now. For years we’ve been reading and hearing about the suicide rates among our military, always with the suggestion or pronouncement that the rate was due to multiple deployments and PTSD. And, now, it turns out that the rate is due to people with serious issues enlisting and never deploying. The new strategy ought to be, in large part, to better ID the trouble before an enlistee takes the oath. Oh, and the Pentagonals might give some serious reconsideration to admitting transgenders while they’re at it. They, like the one who was shot outside of the NSA, seem to have a penchant for self destruction.

Jonn Lilyea #fundie thisainthell.us

Chief Tango sends us a link to the Washington Post which reports that Deborah Lee James, the Secretary of the Air Force, thinks shes ready to lift the ban on transgendered airmen;

“From my point of view, anyone who is capable of accomplishing the job should be able to serve,” James told USA Today’s Susan Page.

It’s a crying-ass shame that she doesn’t feel the same way about the A-10 Thunderbolt.

The Williams Institute, a think tank that studies the gay community, estimates that there are 15,500 transgender members of the military. Over the past two years, advocates say about two dozen people have been dismissed for being transgender. At the same time, many military members say they have noticed a greater openness within their ranks, with some transgender people serving with the knowledge of their peers, superiors and doctors.

Yep, at a time when the Defense Department is cut to the bone, let’s add some unforeseen expenses that it will cost pandering to yet another special group of Americans. But, as with the release of the “torture report” this week, you know this is a done deal before the elections in 2016 to buy some more votes. Since the beginning of this administration, despite the fact that the Department of Defense should be focused on fighting the myriad wars with which they are faced, the objective has been to destroy the only governmental institution that the American people could always count upon. Brick-by-brick.