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The three groups that modern Europeans descend from are listed by the geneticists as the Western Hunter Gatherers (WHG), the Early European Farmers (EEF) and the Western Steppe Herders (WSH).

They do their best to give us the impression that we are very mixed, of course in an attempt to make us accept their “anti-racist” agenda; more mass immigration to Europe and more admixture.

One thing I find puzzling is how many relate to this info as if the WHG lived in that part of Europe, the EEF in another, and the WSH came from today’s Ukraine and spread out. As if they just poppet out of the ground there. In the background looms the “Out of Africa” theory, suggesting that Africans migrated to Europe during the height of the last Ice Age and out-competed the Neanderthals already living there – a theory so utterly ludicrous it is only worth mentioning, because so many believe in it. But no, we already have evidence of mankind being present in Europe before, in today’s Bulgaria, and there are no evidence suggesting the Neanderthals came from Africa – or that their forebears, the Heidelbergensis, came from Africa. Any such claims are purely speculative. Remember that.

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The amount of non-Neanderthal admixture in a European population can be measured using simply by looking at them: how many non-Nordic features do they have? If they for generation after generation have a purely Nordic look, then we can assume that they have no admixture at all. If they look like Middle Easterners, we can assume that they have much admixture. If they look overwhelmingly Nordic, but have a few non-Nordic features, we can assume that they are overwhelmingly Nordic, but have some (almost no) admixture.

We don’t need the politicized “science” of genetics to understand this.

Finally, yes, today we don’t look exactly like the ancient Neanderthals did, but…. of course we don’t. We have changed with time, with changing climates, with agriculture, with civilization: with auto-domestication. We are still Neanderthals though, only modern ones. And yes, the Nordic looking modern Neanderthals have close to no or even no non-Neanderthal admixture.

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The Class Struggle

Then came Communism, or if you like; Marxism. I will use the Soviet Union as an example, because what happened there is so evident to those who look at it. First of all they removed (killed…) or enslaved (forced into GULags or working class jobs) the elite of the Russian society (the smarter owners). Secondly they removed the barriers that had previously prevented intermarriage between the social classes. In the USSR the “owner” would marry the “slave” as often as not. They were encouraged to, directly or indirectly. “There are no social classes! We are all the same!”

The result (after only some generations) of this mixing of classes was a man not smart enough to perform the tasks of the owner, but still a man too smart to perform the tasks of the worker. This of course is code for “a criminal”…. one just smart enough to understand that he can break the rules and get away with it.

Now, not all ex-Soviet peoples are criminals, of course, but a disproportionately large amount of their populations are criminally corrupt. Russia is not “by chance” the most corrupt country in all of Europe, and competing for the title of the most corrupt in the entire world… Western Europe is not flooded by criminal East Europeans “by chance”. This is the result of the Communism they have been under for 70 or so years.

Smart people still exist there, they are just fewer. Really stupid people (average workers) still exist there – and their numbers might actually have been increased. But the amount of “socially mixed” individuals have been dramatically increased by Communism, and the average intelligence has been lowered. Thanks to Marxism.

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Some hundred years ago one could not argue against “the word of God”. If it was in the bible, everybody simply had to believe in it, and arguing against it was if not always a physical suicide, then at least very dangerous, and the risk of being octracized was huge. Ridicule was certain. Scorn was certain. Persecution was certain.

Today science is “the new word of God”, and perhaps especially so DNA. If its in the DNA and the scientists (the new priests) can interpret it for us this or that way, then we can not argue against it. If a DNA sample e. g. proved to you that you were white, when you in reality were black, it would be hard for you to convince your fellow human beings that you were in fact black. I mean; how can you argue against DNA? When science talks, we often close our eyes to reality, and instead just accept what the scientists say.

When the Max Planck institute started their Neanderthal Genome Project, they took DNA from two different already mixed (with Homo sapiens) Neanderthals from Vindija in Croatia, and since they did not have a complete DNA, they added something from another (also mixed, with Denisova [an Asian species]) Neanderthal from Mezmaiskya in Russia. So the DNA they had was not from one individual, it was not from a Neanderthal at all, but from several mixed Neanderthal/Homo Sapiens/Denisova individuals, and as if that wasn’t enough: the DNA was not complete.

They did not take DNA samples from any pure Neanderthals, nor from any of the many Neanderthals in Central or Western Europe. Why not?!

Then they took DNA from several modern human beings, and compared it to the DNA of the (remember: mixed) Neanderthals they had taken samples from.

The modern humans they took DNA from were surprisingly not Europeans, save one from France. We know nothing about this Frenchman either.

So when we know the Neanderthals were blue-eyed, blond and very light skinned, why did they not take samples from a population with mainly such features, such as the Scandinavians, the Germans, the Dutch or the English? Why not?!

Not surprisingly, some of the Asians seemingly came out with the most Neanderthal DNA. Well, why would they not, when the scientists had added DNA from a Neanderthal mixed with an Asian species?! We don’t know how mixed it was either. For all we know it was a half-Neanderthal, half-Denisovan, with 50% of its DNA from Denisova.

Why would some of the Asians not have the most Neanderthal DNA, when they had – amazingly – not compared it to a European with Neanderthal features such as blond hair, blue-eyes and very light skin?! How convenient, to leave out the absolutely most Neanderthal-looking modern men from the research!

And tell me: what kind of ‘science’ is that?!

And tell me: do you trust DNA tests and what these priests tell us about DNA when you know this?

They don’t enlighten us; they sink us further into darkness. They don’t illuminate our world with scientific truth; they produce smoke screens and illusions.

I am tired of this. Not a month passes by, without somebody sending me a link to some ‘scientific’ journal who apparently argue against what I say. They don’t actually, but some times it seems as if they do, because – after all – all they produce are smoke screens and illusions, hiding the truth.

If you wish to learn the truth, use your head instead. If it makes sense, it is probably true. If it doesn’t make sense it probably isn’t true – such as the theory that Europeans still in posession of all the recessive traits of the Neanderthals are not mainly Neanderthals!

We are. We still are Neanderthals.

Don’t let these priests ruin your faith in your origin. Don’t let them break down your own identify. Don’t trust “the word of God”.

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I trained martial arts when I was young, actively for about five years, and we had some women there. Although we were training a form of karate, a martial art tailor made for small and physically weaker human beings, which should thus be ideal for women, the women there stood no chance in Hell in matches against any of the boys or men there. If they were to hit us we had to let them hit us, or else they would never hit. If they were to block our attacks, we had to hit or kick veeeeery slowly, or else they would stand no chance to block our attacks. In matches, the only thing that ever let them score a hit on one of the guys, was the guys’ reluctance to hit or in other ways hurt women or let women be humiliated in front of others. The male reluctance to hit women, can best be explained to women like this: try to imagine you being asked to hit a child. Would you like that?

When we know that, the claims by – yes – feminist extremists, that women were and perfectly well can be warriors, just like men, is just ridiculous. They can be buried with all the armour and weapons in the world: it doesn’t make them warriors! Any army made up of even a small portion of female warriors would have been butchered in the old days, and today – even though firearms evens the odds out a bit – the females still stand no chance, because they are not even able to carry all the gear they need to the front.

So if you still believe in “Viking Women” and other such nonsense, please take a moment to think. There were no such things. Physics alone rules female warriors out. Biology does too. The female soldiers we have today are – ‘big surprise’ – not front-line soldiers. They work in transport units, in kitchens, in intelligence, in entertainment units, in communication units, and so forth. They don’t have what it takes to be a real soldier.