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The Alt*Hero Freestartr has reached its second stretch goal and currently stands at $56k.



Meanwhile the Great Ocean of Salty Tears and the unceasing REEEEEEs continue. Wolfie does indeed love him some schadenfreude. Although the constant shrieks as every wandering SJW first discovers Alt*Hero does make it hard to sleep.

“Alt*Hero is the kind of book we would have rejected at Previews. Man Kickstarter is the best & worst thing to happen to comics publishing.” — @Williambwest

“Questionable content never had painful body horror anatomy like this alt hero crap does” —@comixthomas

“If you’re donating to this Alt hero train wreck headed by Theodore Beale. I’m at a loss for words.” — @Jenniferjmedina

“Just found out the “Alt Hero” altright wank job comic is being written by Vox “A very sad puppy” Day. And I’m fuckin losing it.” — @DaiZDark

“Alt Hero is a racist wonder woman comic with a kickstarter. Onme of the stretch goals is they hire an artist who can draw hands.” — @EggerTWS

“Because remember folks: ‘Alt Hero’ can only be hero if the evil commies won. But at least the art sucks so, yanno perks!” —@RabbitThoughts


Why look even the cucks are joining in.

Micah Curtis not a fan of Vox Day. Not sold on Alt*Hero [10min]

To be fair here, Micah is more sceptical and confused than anything. I suppose he has every right to be. To the absolute shock of Vox Populi’s regular readers it actually does seem possible to completely miss the entire point of Alt*Hero.

Alt*Hero is not just about the sweet salty tears of the butthurt Marvel soyboys

Alt*Hero is not just about the glorious “Fuck You” dance for the ages.

Alt*Hero is not just about raising T-Levels throughout an notoriously Low-T hobby.

Alt*Hero is not just about Gen X completely bypassing the Millennials and handing down a uniquely American artform to Generation Z.

Alt*Hero is not just about providing raw material for the legendary dwarven meme-smiths to forge into adamantium weapons of concentrated dankness.

But these are all very good things.

Alt*Hero is first and foremost a proof of concept.

We are going to make whatever we want. We are going to show everyone that the self-appointed gatekeepers are completely powerless to stop us. Then we are going to dance in the streets to the sound of their heads exploding. Then other people are going to follow behind us. Alt*Hero is also about the enormous wave of innovation and creative productivity that will follow in its wake.

This the culture war. We’re taking back our hobbies, we’re revitalizing Western Civilization. We’re bringing Truth and Beauty back to a world that desperately needs it.

The SJWs have fucked up the entire comic industry.

We’re just gonna have to un-fuck it, one thrust at a time.

While they watch us…

Good times ahead everyone.

—Wolfman Out—

Deus Vult!

Of Wolves And Men #wingnut #sexist

Of Wolves And Men #wingnut #sexist wolvesandmen.wordpress.com

November 25, 2018wolvesandmenHumor, Memes, Rant
Okay I’ve have a really hilarious day just continuously cracking up at #ThotAudit on twitter. THIS IS HOW THE INTERNET SHOULD BE!!!


While I do think the whole thing has already played out there is always the possibility of a great army of white knights riding into the fray at the last moment and keeping the show going.


This black knight take on the classic white knight meme is just pure genius.

Here’s a quick video explaining the whole thing.

Again this whole thing started out as a very small joke but then was quickly picked up by others and lead to a rush of quality memework.



Still the great #ThotAudit has been a massive victory for the anons with SJWs scrambling to defend the poor oppressed titty streamers from the smelly gamer incel MAGA menace.

And if this ThotAudit thing spreads out it’s just going to get more entertaining.

Update : It did!

So’s here me making a sarcastic video because reasons.

Of Wolves And Men #wingnut

Of Wolves And Men #wingnut wolvesandmen.wordpress.com

Just playing around with voice acting and seeing what I can actually do with this tubey thingie,

O Lord, make my enemies ridiculous

and as dumb as they are wicked.

May their greed lead to their downfall

and their perversions be drawn into the light.

May I be allowed to keep winning*

and be victorious in Your name.

So that I may spread Your glory upon the Earth**

as it is in Heaven, amen.

*Some preachers will throw in ‘YUUUGGGGE” Here to which the congregation will response with “so much winning.” This is not believed to be part of the original prayer.