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Well, hi there Chimpmania. Today, DN is here with an explanation of why libtard attempts at logic are wrong.

When you construct a logical argument, what you're supposed to do is simple. First, you come up with what you're trying to prove. Then, you keep making observations until that is proved to be correct or incorrect. Let's apply this thinking to the age-old question: Are niggers the same as you and me, but with different physical features? Well... obviously not. Why? Just look around you! Niggers fail in school, they turn everything they're part of for the worse, they're genetically stupid, they're closer to apes than humans are, and they've never invented much anything. Feel free to check out the science subforum for proof and evidence of all these, and others. Obviously, any person with an IQ over 60 and open eyes should be able to come to this conclusion.

Unfortunately, you have libtards who just don't want to believe it. Honestly, a lot of libtards are well-intentioned but misguided. The usual fuck-up in libtard logic is this: assuming your conclusion to be true and building your arguments to support it. Under this fallacious assumption, libtards will claim that niggers have to be our equals, so we have to find reasons why they aren't performing as well, are committing more crimes, are stupider, and so on. This is where we get libtard propaganda bullshit. Obviously there must be millions of people working to keep niggers down. Obviously most people must be rayciss. And when these are proven wrong, they go to another set of claims. The institutions of society are racist. IQ testing is racist. Laws are racist. Registered mail is racist. The damn sun is racist. Spongebob, My Little Pony*, Star Trek, Star Wars, they're all racist. And when these are proven wrong... you get the idea.

This is why libtardism can't be cured by argument. You show one argument to be wrong, they concoct another one (no matter how ridiculous) to continue supporting their conclusion. Eventually, when they're all out of bullshit, they just ignore you and use some tactic (screaming "Nazi!" and "Racism!" are favorites) to get you to shut up, apologize, repent, and submit to the libtard hive.

The best cure for a libtard is to place them near their nigger pets and hope. Of course, these days you have some libtards so fucked in the head they just blame themselves and become even worse. It's sad, I know.



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