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sxng9 #racist chimpmania.com

Niggers don't have mental health issues, because implying that they have mental health issues means they have brains. Niggers are simply wild/savage beasts with basic coon instincts and the tendency for monkeyshines. Niggers are simply hard-wired to be niggers and there's nothing in the world that can ever fix these shit beasts. The biggest threat to niggers has always been other niggers - not the police.

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Various Chimpmaniacs #racist chimpmania.com

Fed Up:

Coalburning whore Senicha Marie Lessman of Eagan MN along with its 32 week old gorilla fetus were both aborted by the jizz donating pet nigger Vern 'moolie' Mouelle of Brooklyn Park MN

I havent seen chompers like that since the last Dracula movie


The bitch got dieversified and just in time.


Darwin wins again. Twice.

That burner has been injected with so much nigger jizz that its canines have mutated to resemble a baboons!

nigs fn stink
It would still be ugly even wiff new teefeses.

NU Administrator
Bitch got what she deserved AND THEN SOME. No loss. Fuck you crack bitch and may the nigger do the same thing to another suspecting burner 1000 times over.

Peligro Negro
I see the " after" pics were shown, the biggest trauma is I viewed that hideous muhdik chewer before bedtime... I will keep a wooden stake nearby .

Another race traitorous coalburner got culturally enriched by its pet nigger.

Mistuh Bo-Bo
Nothing gives me the warm fuzzies more than when
a mudshark reaps the whirlwind, unless she takes her
mutant buttnugget with her!

Finally! A nigger did it right! If it would have self goodified that would have been even better.

Fed Up
The spook was given 2 life sentences..great job nigger 3 animals off of the streets

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Paddyroller #racist chimpmania.com

My spin on the niggers in that book:

Harriet Tubman --Although there are many contenders, Harriet Tubman is quite possibly the ugliest shitsmear I've seen around, and the US Mint voted to put this POS on the $20 bill replacing Andrew Jackson to punish us Americans by having to look at pure nigger ugly every time we make a purchase. Putting that nigger on the $20 bill should not be part of a redesign to prevent counterfeiting. Counterfeiting may actually increase, since the eye damage and the amount of eye bleach needed after looking at that image would obscure the "Mint marks" and prevent a close examination of the currency.

Claudette Colvin--This now Bronx, Nig York nigger, in its younger years, refused to move to the back of the bus, way down in Montgomery Alabam, a full three mumfs before nigger Rosa Parks did the same thing. The niggerloving nigger-rights lawyers used Parks instead of Colvin, because Colvin, a then teenigger, was knocked up by a middle-aged jig, and was an "unsympathetic plaintiff."

Ruby Bridges--This shitstain on American History came to fame for just being a nigger. It was the first niglet enrolled in the New Orleans all-white school district when the niggerloving federal courts ordered that this jiggy be bussed in and enrolled in the elementary school. Despite being in a human school, the nigger failed many of its courses. According to the niggers, it was not due to its inferior intellect, but rather due to 'scriminati0on. The whites then fled the Nig Orleans skoo' district, and the edumacators ended up attempting to teach a barrel of monkeys. Look at the Nig Orleans skoo' district today and ask yourself if admitting niggers was progress.

Florence Griffith ["Ah runs fast"] Joyner--So a nigger can run fast; what else is new? My dog can run faster than that nigger ever could. So can a glue factory horse...let alone a thoroughbred. And my dog and a horse can do it without performance enhancing drugs or experience running from the cops in the Watts area of Los Angeles. The nigger died in its sleep back in 1988. The "official" cause of death was "suffocation due to a severe epileptic seizure," but that was just cover for a drug OD.

Oprah "Orca" Winfrey--This nigger is comprised of 300 lbs. of whale shit, and the balance bear liver. The nigger should have been adorning the box of Aunt Jemima's buckwheat pancake mix, instead of polluting the airwaves with its nigger drivel, that somehow enchanted and infatuated the country's ignoramuses. Nigger Winfried needs to go to South Apefrica to permanently supervise the skoo' it endowed there to edumacate the local niggers and to reduce the incidence of AIDS.

Epilogue--The spin doctors can elevate the lowliest crackhead nigger into deity status. Never buy into the propaganda, and remember a nigger is a nigger, and always will be.

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Fed Up #racist chimpmania.com

Does it even really matter? Most of the niglets will wind up dead or behind bars before they ever graduate the 5th grade.

The few that don't will be on some kind of public assistance their entire lives and then the even smaller percentage that do try to get a job will be hired to fill an apefirimitve action quota no matter how stupid they are.

Ohio should save money and make schooling optional for niggers because they are just wasting space and money trying to teach these stupid niglets anything

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Conco Bonco #racist chimpmania.com

I'm going to go out on a limb and suggest that it's because they are, well..., niggers?

Of course the ultimate solution will be to dumb down the exams a little (lot) further so that every little spook can be a "genius."

That will surely even the playing field—somewhere between rock and tree stump—and the snowflakes can shout about how embracing cultural diversity has made us all better people.

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NiggerChow #racist chimpmania.com

Niggers are animals. They cannot perform in school because they are not human.

Sixty years and trillions of dollars have not advanced the nigger species one iota.

It is time to stop trying to make a silk purse out of a sow's ear and ship them all back.

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Felonious P Jenkem #racist chimpmania.com

Niggers were much better off under slavery. This is evident to even a casual observer.

Like slavery niggers get their housing and food provided for , however unlike slavery they are answerable to noone and we all know how well thats worked out. Niggers breeding unrestrained , nigborhoods in murderous chaos , raging gunbattles over chiggun wangz or parking spots , or disrepekinn niggers.

Even worse , they have become unbearably uppity to humans ! Niggers are complete disaster without a strong white man to rule over them. !!! Niggers are sand in the gears of humanity !

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Maker #racist chimpmania.com

My grandma is now in her 90s, but when she was a sprightly 77 when my grandpa died (both of my grandpas were victims of '60s nigger armed robberies in Gary, IN) we had to move her on my dad's, aunt's and uncle's dime out of niggertown since shitbeast nigger grease apes had driven my grandma's home value down to $13K in 1997. My grandma was having monthly nigger break-ins and was knocked down once and her basset hound thwarted one rape ape.

In addition to the hundreds of property crimes degenerate niggers have coonmitted against all my extended family I particularly loathe what subhuman nigger ground apes put my grandma through.

Thus, I will always be keen to point out what the most courageous and brave nigger yard ape warrior does to elderly victims on walkers, canes or scooters. Damn these vile niggerbeast chimps to hell. And make Liberal nigger-worshippers move rape ape niggers into spare bedrooms, à la the proposed "American Program Exchanging Section8", or A.P.E.S.

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Scoff At The Monkeys #racist chimpmania.com

This is why I say niggers belong in Africa. Right now, some lioness is wandering the savannah, looking for a meal for her cubs. They have to eat, too! That "rescued" niglet is now going to grow up, assuming it doesn't become good in a drug deal gone good or an argument over whether a food item is a "pork chop" or a "pork steak," and consume God knows how many tax dollars in whalefayeh, victimize God knows how many humans, and in general be a pain in humanity's collective ass, when it could be so much more useful feeding that lioness and her cubs. And to hear niggers tell it, their lives are no picnic, anyway, so it's a win-win-win, looks like to me.

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Rip Tide #racist chimpmania.com

Unfortunately this story of a beautiful and productive human being encompasses the path that the entire civilized nations are taking......violent niggers exterminating all that is good in this world.

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Guest Poster #racist chimpmania.com

Much like the moth to the flame niggers are creatures of the dark that stalk the light out of sheer memorization, drawn in by its striking image and willingness to shine bright by itself and for itself contrary to their own dull, uninspiring and self-loathing selves.

However, unlike our far more likable and attractive lepidopterist friends niggers blame the light for them being burnt even though it was their own actions that led them to where they are now and it was their own self-loathing that drove them away from the darkness to begin with.

Niggers sure are an interesting bunch then, they demand that we take them for human even though they adopt the behavior of the inhuman.

Personally, I am a drunk and a depressive. I therefore resent much of society in the sense that it manipulates and/or consumes at any given time in order to facilitate growth wherein the gains go upwards, never downwards.

Still, even with all my drunken woes, I still thank the good lord that I was not born with big blubber lips, shit colored skin and bloodshot eyes.

Niggers are the worst. No doubt about that.

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dharrington #racist chimpmania.com

Evening all.

I live in a nice, safe, upper middle class gated community which is completely white. My brother lives in a similar community across county. He has a son, my nephew, who is 24 now. This nephew has just been released from jail and as a family we decided it might be good for him to come and live with me for a while, as his parents want a break from the stress of it all. As a family we were raised by my God-fearing parents to work hard and always look out for one another, so my wife and I were pleased to give him a go.

The idea was that I could introduce him to a friend of mine and get him some basic work, as he's pretty unqualified. My brother and I are workaholics and when we catch up it's always over golf and we never really discuss family - so I was so ashamed and disappointed when my nephew arrived at our place, having been taxied straight from release (paid for by his relieved father).

I hadn't seen him for some years, but dear Lord, I almost had a heart attack. He's a wigger, down and out, I mean I did know this but seeing him come down my driveway in my beautiful neighborhood looking and talking like he belongs in an urban ghetto! His pants are quite literally at his knees, he has these stupid flat hats on backwards, huge white shoes.

Truly a disgrace. I spoke to my brother about his appearance - apparently his pants haven't been above this thighs for over a decade, but a long time ago they were baggy, and now they're these disgraceful skinny jeans. Either way, he sure can't walk properly which makes me wonder how he'll be able to work. He can't get up stairs and he actually bragged to me that the only reason he got caught by the cops one time was because his pants were particularly low then and he literally couldn't run properly. This is NOT a white trend, it never was, but they COPY and emulate the niggers.

His language is equally nigger. He actually calls me "bruh" whenever he addresses me, not "uncle" or anything - sometimes he manages to call me the only slightly better "dude". Either is better than what he calls his friends, "niggas" - I believe the distinction is important. With them he talks of living the "thug life", being a "gangsta", etc.

They truly think they are gangsters, bless them. Little rich white kids living in huge houses in a gated community, mommy and daddy each on six figure salaries. They wear bandanas and throw up gang signs all the time. Again, this is NIGGER CULTURE coming through on to them that they are emulating.

I understand it must be linked to insecurity and merely copying what they see in pop culture, music videos, MTV etc. My nephew is convinced he will breakthrough as a rapper, and sees his occupation as a gangbanger and rapper (with the aforementioned play-gang and a few songs with a dozen views!).

He's been with us for five days now - he eats us out of house and home because he always has "the munchies" and he is is no rush to to anything useful or productive. I'll be kicking him out soon.

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Anti-Groid #racist chimpmania.com

There is no hope at his age. He has sold his soul to Satan. I personally would do the honorable thing and drive him to the nearest nigger shithole and tell him to get the fuck out that he has no place in human society and all that is left is for him to live among his nigger homies.

Do give him an example of what he looks like get the movie Malibu's Most Wanted. Please do this and soon for the sake of YOUR family especially if you have children.

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Frenchy #racist chimpmania.com

There is never a reason for any nigger to EVER see the inside of a school. While it may be obvious that niggers are poor choices to perform as "teachers", even for picannies, niggers should never be permitted to work in custodial or food service roles in any institution of learning.

Clearly, niggers don't want to attend school, and there is no tangible benefit for allowing them to attend, and the foul, fetid stench of nigger is certainly unwelcome. In a perfect World, all accredited institutions would be entirely nigger free campuses.

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MightyWhite #racist chimpmania.com

Those niggers are never going to learn. Keep them out of the schools. All they do is infect human learning. Better yet...ship them back to Apeafrica and see how long they last.

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Johnny Johnny #racist chimpmania.com

This happens in the US and is called welfare. We can see how responsible, grateful and productive the nigger becomes when it is dependent on human money - not. Libtards are tacitly acknowledging that the coon is unable to create wealth or anything beyond jenkem, for that matter, and so dole out cash like candy to the backward, spoilt, entitled overgrown baby that is the nigger sub race.

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Anti-Groid, Mistuh Bo-Bo, and Scoff At The Monkeys #racist chimpmania.com

(Anti-Groid): Nigger fatigue is boiling now. It's just a matter of time before the pot runs over. I can see it everyday, everywhere I go. When humans get pissed off, that's when shit gets done. But it's not the niggers alone, the libtard enablers will also feel the impact of the nigger violence.

(Mistuh Bo-Bo): So now criminiggers are being identified by "journalists" as "guys"?? THEY'RE NIGGERS! Plain and simple.

(Scoff At The Monkeys): And somehow, AT THE SAME TIME, the country wants to kneel and, let's just say "worship" them. The SJWs are worshipping them, screaming at everything white, even the white SJWs, miscengenation is rampant on TV, history is being rewritten before our eyes, all after the head monkey is gone.

I expected this is Hillary had won but she lost and it's happening anyway! So, yeah, some of society is even more tired of the groids but another segment is worshipping them. Hard to say where this goes.

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Scoff At The Monkeys #racist chimpmania.com

You know...they have a dialogue there, "Oh dos ebil, wite, raycis debils are being mean to us simple po' black folk dat wouldn't hurt a fly n sheeit..." And then the next few pictures I see are of public muh-dik grabbing, thuggery, walking around with their frickin drawers out, gang signs, every socially unacceptable thing.

It's like that scene from Spinal Tap where Nigel is playing the piano and the film maker says "Wow, that's really pretty, what did you call it?"

And Nigel says, "Lick My Love Pump."

I mean, try and convince me you have feelings, then grab your muh-dik in public. "Next!"

In case any of you jigs find this thread, you're not equal. You are inferior. But you're never going to convince decent people otherwise as long as you throw gang signs, insist on taking pictures of flipping off the camera, insist on grabbing your crotch in public, show your underwear, make a point of looking menacing, etc. All the stuff I've mentioned in those pictures. You see all that? You can't help doing that, can you? Couldn't stop doing it if your lives depended on it, because it's what you are - niggers. We despise that about you, on top of the crime you bring to the country. On top on the extra money you cost us in taxes because as a whole, we'll always have to support you.

So when a couple of you die, yes, we think of the stores that aren't going to be robbed and the clerks murdered. We think of women who aren't going to be raped. And we think of welfare rolls that are a little bit lighter. And if you don't like us being happy at your expense, well, there's always Mother Africa. Planes and ships leave for there every day. Be on one.

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MLKoonDaTurd, Dixieman, Whip_Cracker, and Felonious P Jenkem #racist chimpmania.com

(MLKoonDaTurd): It's Sunday and I'm feeling a bit Christian, so I'll give credit where due.

Occasionally Hillary NLing Clinton was correct. These CrimiNigger, TeenAper, Shitskin, LowLife POSs are what Hillary meant by Super Predators.

All were less than 17 years old and had extensive criminal records. One had just gotten out of jail last week LOL And of course 3 of the Nigger POSs were made Good in the midst of committing a crime.

Wait, I thought about it and I take back everything I've said. These TeenNigger Bucks are just average Nigger Shitskin teens. Nothing outstanding about them at all. It's hard to tell them apart from any other TeenNigger. They were all just average Obama Sons.

(Dixieman): A feel good story here. 3 criminiggers good. That in itself has prevented hundreds of felonies right there. I do feel sorry for the Ford. Being stolen by niggers had to have been hard on the vehicle. I guess Ford Explorers are racist now too.

(Whip_Cracker): I hope the niggers were all still alive when the flames engulfed them and it was as painful as it could be as their creator Satan welcomed them into hell.

(Felonious P Jenkem): I get so happy when I read of young nigger bucks dying horrible painful deffs. I truly derive such such bliss and euphoria from niggers dying as a result of their niggetry. Nigger tears are my happy fuel.

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niggerologist #racist chimpmania.com

It's so funny how niggers think that the Union loved the niggers so much they went to war to free them. The civil war wasn't about freeing the niggers, it was about the South seceding from the Union, which had economic consequences since the farmland was in the South and was Europe's biggest trading partner.

Lincoln wanted to ship all you niggers to Liberia. Too bad that never happened. He hated you "guys" too.

Niggers must be having a chimpout since they can't imagine a world where they're the centre of the world and coddled.

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Coyote Carl #racist chimpmania.com

Niggers have a way of making a simple request from an officer, such as "can I see some ID", turn into a major escalation where the smart ass nigger usually gets hurt. Just answer the cops questions and go about your day.

But nooooooooo, nigger has to question cops authority and reasons for questions, resulting in resisting arrest and K9 bites. TNB.

Those poor K9's train so long and so hard only to see such little action. The dogs want so bad to please the trainer and show how well they can do their job. If only they could see more action!

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boon-avoider #racist chimpmania.com

I really hope this was NHI, but the fact that the nigger was expecting to get $3,000 leads me to believe this was a human. ICE needs to step up these deportations and make it to include niggers that were shit out here as well.

If they were all slaves, as niggers like to believe, then they were brought here as property and, although stripped from their owners and set loose on society, should not quallify as citizens of this country. No more than any other escaped or set loose livestock.

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Bat Fairy #racist chimpmania.com

We all wish that. This has the potential to be amusing. Who on here hasn't wished if niggers still had to be in this country, they would be back in the cotton fields and know their place as niggers?

I imagine it will be totally sympathetic to the nigger point of view though, just like Roots. They must want to stir the steaming shit-pot known as "black" America.

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LiverLippedBaboon #racist chimpmania.com

Welcome to Chimpmania, the best nigger bashing site on the web! Good to have you here. Bashing niggers is a fun, healthy activity, and along with diet and exercise, can help you live a better life. Now sit back, relax, and let the nigger bashing begin!

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Felonious P Jenkem, The Whip, and OldIrishAsshole #racist chimpmania.com

(Felonious P Jenkem): I've said it before, you could set up a table with bags of dogshit, put up a sign that says free and niggers will line up around the block. I've done volunteer work with the homeless and while 90% of the humans would be grateful for any help, say thank you at the very least niggers without exception acted like they were doing you a favor by letting you help them. Gratitude and plain decency are foreign concepts to PAVEMENT APES. So a troupe descending on food court free samples like locusts and getting uppity DEMANDING more is normal behavior for these beasts.

(The Whip): Sounds like you understand the situation pretty well. That describes niggers and their ambitions in general. In life there are givers and takers, and of course mostly those of us somewhere in between. But you can expect niggers are always thankless unapologetic takers. Niggers are not to be given to aside from voltage/seasoning, conviction and a sentence.

(OldIrishAsshole): You seem to have an excellent grasp of the nigger problem. Please consider joining our ever growing family of like-minded Humans. Here we are all tired of niggers being rammed down our throats for the last fifty plus years. We welcome you with open arms, fellow nigger hater!

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Felonious P Jenkem, OldIrishAsshole, Jamal-Mart, and Bleeding Darkness #racist chimpmania.com

(Felonious P Jenkem): I would like to know if Chimpmaniacs have ever put out a definitive guide to various subspecies of Napa's? Im sure such a resource would be invaluable for help in IDing suspooks,and just general entertainment.

(OldIrishAsshole): From one-dropper to purple-gummed tar black spade, they're all just fucking niggers to me.

(Jamal-Mart): I hate all pavement apes! I avoid the groid at all costs. But the sheboon terrifies me the most! In my opinion the felon factories are much more threatening than the bucks. The sheboon is a high testosterone, violent, cant hits a woman n sheeit. Than the bulls. If a female cheetah bites you would you defend yourself? I would, the nigger sow is a dangerous predator much like the female cheetah.

(Bleeding Darkness): I have to agree, all niggers are a sub species, they are all violent shit-bombs looking for a place to explode.

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NiggerChow, Felonious P Jenkem, Rip Tide, Ulfhednar, and OldIrishAsshole #racist chimpmania.com

(NiggerChow): Hahahahaha fuck you, nigger! However, it is not like the ugly gorillasow actually has the money to pay the fine, unless the court can garnish whatever the nigger makes selling jenkem or crack.

(Felonious P Jenkem): Damn.! Thats one angry looking Sowzilla.! Glad its Niglotto apetempt was denied.! It should be caged immediately whilst awaiting deportation.

(Rip Tide); As if niggers ever pay fines or fees and if by unlikely chance it does it'll be will money stolen from taxpayers.

(Ulfhednar): Outstanding! It warms my heart when they fail and they have to pay the gibs.

(OldIrishAsshole): HA-HA! Fuck you nigger! I hope it winds up homeless because of this stupid little stunt.

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Rip Tide, OldIrishAsshole, and Peligro Nergo #racist chimpmania.com

(Rip Tide): If it was owned by a nigger I would venture to say that the pool always looks like that as it take time, money and a basic understanding of chemistry to keep a pool clear and sanitary. One dead niglet would hardly make a different in a nigger pool.

(OldIrishAsshole): Unattended pools draw niglets like a magnet draws steel. Let's hope water has an extremely productive summer.

(Peligro Negro): If flies, maggots and pure stank are definition of " Joy"
Then he sho nuff did!!
Opps, forgot the ooks, screeches and niggerbabble...

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NiggerChow, Whip_Cracker, and Ted #racist chimpmania.com

(NiggerChow): Indeed, niggers are like cockroaches: they always seem to be where filth is.

(Whip_Cracker): Maybe niggers spontaneously sprouted from filth. That would explain a lot. Yep, thats it.

(ted): Call me a sick fvck if you will, but I wanted to see that stroller go down the stairs.

I'm over here suffering through a life changing injury that has so profoundly affected me that I can no longer watch the "hey watch this" and "hold my beer" video clips because seeing others get hurt makes me flinch and flinching really hurts me. But this is about a niglet. A niglet in a stroller. Spawn of Satan. Future gibs sucker. Future felon factory followed by stints at NU.

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The Whip #racist chimpmania.com

Who could forget. I had several Vietnamese, Hmong, Cambodian, Laotian friends back when they came into the states. FOBs as they were called, not a very nice name. We grew up together and even ate at each others dinner tables with the entire family of umpteen generations. The kids my age all eventually grew up and did very well for the most part despite coming directly from severe poverty to a strange new home with round eye and his different rules, zero education, 15 years old and in the 6th grade kind of shit, english as a second language, from horrible tales of torture and war torn lands that was all not by choice. Forced to fight or family is killed and worse kind of stuff that only exists in nightmares.

Niggers on the other hand are pieces of shit by choice. They have been given every opportunity, grants, school lunches, racial quotas, etc. Lived relatively sheltered lives aside from exposure to each other and are still wailing about ancestral slabery as if it happened to them today, demanding reparations and succeeding at nothing short of failure. They revolt against us for no reason then accuse of being racist when they don't get their way. And beat the shit out of each other, their pickaninnies when they aren't just out right killing each other. Something we don't do.

I could go on. I'm sure anyone here could too. But this is why I hate niggers. They are whiners, babies, accusers, bullies, extortionists, thugs and everyone has been through hard shit but niggers demand attention for it and flunk at life. Well niggers, here's the kind of attention you get from me.

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Chimpologist #racist chimpmania.com

For a second, let's consider all mankind comes from Africa. So what? They would be the first ape-like negros, and then we'd be upgraded versions anyway.

I've never believed that theory ever. For the eyes seeing, it's very obvious we are totally different!

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Billyape Pride #racist chimpmania.com

Niggers should not be permitted in America or any other human country. Until that underlying problem has been fixed, no human police officer should ever be required to intervene in NHI business. Niggers merrily goodifying each other according to the imperatives of their vibrant nog-culture is something to be applauded from a distance, and must never be curtailed.

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Chimpmaster #racist chimpmania.com

Entry: rapper

A nigger who has suffered massive brain damage through a combination of gunshot wounds to the head and usage of crack-cocaine. Rarely do they speak English, or speak in a way that normal human beings can understand. They have invented their own, un-official language, referred to as "Ebonics", or Gibberish. Also related to language is the term "nigga" that is often used by rappers to refer to their friends, or people they don't like, without any change in context. They commonly refer to white people as "crackers", and this is fully accepted. If a non-nigger was to say "nigga", he would be tried in court for a hate crime (probably killed in a drive-by before he reached the court house though.)

They resort to talking really fast about how hard being a pimp is and what bitches they have slapped and caps they have popped, always over stolen songs from real musical artists. They usually die from being shot in drive-by shootings, or trying to image while wearing 127 lbs. of gold and platinum plated jewelry, including, but not limited to:

-Marijuana leaves
-Full sized clocks
-Olde English font letters representing their fake names

Most rappers exaggerate how "gangsta" they are, by repeating their names 300 to 400 times during the length of a "song". They also leave out the fact that they are so gangsta, yet are owned by a bunch of old rich white guys, probably with English accents.

The subject matter for rap "songs" contains at least 3 of the following topics:

-the rappers name
-what crimes the rappers thinks he's committed
-the "niggas" he has supposedly killed (popped, capped, etc...)
-how many "bitches" the rappers has slapped
-how famous the rapper is
-how famous the rapper thinks he is
-his gun
-the fact that he can "spit mad rhymes" over stolen music
-how hard being a pimp/gangsta/thug/nigger/wigger is

These are only some of the borderline-retarded ideas these niggers come up with.

For more information on the hemmorhage-causing phenomenon we know as "Rap", simply look outside, on TV, on the radio, or on News One.

Lastly, a tip from nigger Chris Rock. If you want to kill a nigger and get away with it, just stick a demo tape in their pocket. When they're dead, the police will find the body and the tape and write it off as a rap killing. The body will probably then be incinerated and the police will look into it no more than that.

Some "famous" rappers include 50 Cent, Snoop Dog, Ying Yang Twins, Kanye West, etc...

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Chimpmania #racist chimpmania.com

[Various excerpts from the "Chimpmania glossary". Note that they have no less than 4 whole pages of it devoted entirely to terms beginning with "ape-".]

Ape Years: Niggers age faster than humans, and in order to better understand what human age the niggers are at, the term "ape years" is used.
Example: A 10 year old female niglet is ready to bear niglets of its own, which makes it around 25 in ape years.

Apecient: Apecient - nigger history, the time before niggers lost their pineal gland and ability to fly. Times past when vast nigger empires existed and the wonders of the world were created by niggers. Bullshit nigger history.

clo-exit: violation of nature; the act of birffing a shitlet, poopling, niglet, Satan's spawn, butt-dumpling, Kentucky purple, scatling or pappy-less little nigger via it's mammy's cloaca

Coal Burner: Often called CB, these are the lowest of the low. They lay down with the nigger species and often produce offspring with them. Usually they wind up being made good, or often times beaten and strangled by their muh-dik (nigger pet). They can never come back from the dark side.
Kim Kardashian is a coal burner. So was Nicole Brown Simpson (made good by the pet buck ) or any other non-nigger, human woman who has sex with niggers.
Reasons for becoming a coal burner can include anger, stupidity, being a slut, daddy issues, or being brainwashed into believing niggers are human (an illusion which most potential CBs will hopefully dispel via coontact before outright becoming one.)

FFA: acronym for Future Felons of America. A niglet, niglin, fawn or hatchling ages 0-7 years of age. Anything after 7, the chances are rare that they haven't already experienced some phase of the correctional system. Before they become criminals, they are known as Future Felons of America. FFA for short.

First Tranny: What chimpers call the HNIC's wife. She is also known to shove health down our throats even though her ass is as big as a whale and humiliating to the United States.

Fo-Play: When a nigger punches a rape victim in the mouth, eyes or any other part of the body prior to injecting it's STD ridden batch of baby batter into any orifice of the body via its rape stick. Usually initiated by coalburners that think niggers are just like us. Generally results in a pair of diversity sunglasses, nigger dentistry and sometimes goodification.

Fuxated: If there is a singularly most important axiom that describes black behavior, it is "Niggers ruin everything".
Everything ab-so-lute-ly. If the white man creates, strives and builds nice neighborhoods, parks, restaurants, whatever, there's always a gaggle of groids like barbarians at the gate waiting to fuck it up. This terms describes what happens to these places after left to the "tender mercies" of negroes.
This is best described by Agent Smith in the movie "The Matrix," when he describes how he perceives niggers to Lawrence Fishbreath. Substitute the word "nigger"for "human" when viewing:

Gold Toilet: The height of nigger ostentation, partly due to a belief that they were once kangs and qweenz an' sheeeit, and also owing to the niggers' obsession with fecal matter. Whereas humans' symbolize wealth with higher architecture, forms of living, and most philanthropy, niggers buy ridiculous items to show they "got theirs."
Can be used either as a euphemism for something gaudy, or literally, as in the case of Koonyay Wess and Kim Koaldashian.
Relatively speaking, Gold Toilet is the ultimate form of Nigger Rich.

Grandbuck: In nigger fambly model, this would be the closest-possible "equivalent" to a "grandfather" in a human family. However, unlike human grampas, this feral buck is many times in its late twenties or early thirties. Because of all the violence and stupidity in the male nigger buck, there are far fewer living Grandbucks than Grandsows.
This creature tends to be smelly, lazy, and very slow-moving (unless it has just stolen something or muhdicked a victim.

Gypshun: In this case, they love to say the ancient Egyptians were niggers, such as Cleopatra, who was actually a pure blood Ptolemaic Greek. Since Egypt is technically in Africa, they conflate that with being a nigger culcha. Niggers don't have any real history, since they were all illiterate savages living in mud huts. So they routinely steal other people's history and claim it was their own. They even tried to pull that shit on the Greeks and Israelites, to the merriment of us chimpers. It is a shell game as when one of their ape lie is exposed, they come up with more nonsense they can't prove. Another lies is that Napoleon's soldiers shot off the Sphinx's nose because it was a bowling ball Aprefreaken one. That is so preposterous, it staggers any rational mind. But since niggers are irrational and have no minds. they believe it

Hipposow: This refers to the extremely obese female nigger sprog factory. Their obesity is brought on because the nigger "brain" is incapable of any concept of self control. This is greatly encouraged through the huge amounts of undeserved Gibs and unearned handouts given to manure in Europe and Apemerica. Weights in excess of 350 pounds and even higher are not unheard of. Many of the bucks love to get their Muhdik on with these despicable, smelly, hideous shebeasts.

Title bestowed on Prez. Obummer also known as Barack Obongo or simply Obongo.

Made Good: The expiration of a nigger at the hands of another, be it YT, the police, or a nigger.
From the old saying "The only good nigger is a dead nigger."
Usually elicits joy from humans.
Ex.: Rastus was made good by Quasarn for poundin' his ho.

Monkey Queefer: A defective coal burner's vagina that has been surgically repaired by nigger lovers to continually pump out abominations
against God and society at large. Usually possessed by libtard progressives that truly believe the more sharklings they
produce, somehow ingratiates them to their Satanic master. These race traitors are truly the bottom of the barrel as they
try to use modern medicine to defy the law of Natural Selection.

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Gallifrey #racist chimpmania.com

Screw McNiggers ! I sent a nice little letter to corporate HQ.

"Dear McDonalds,
Another shooting at another one of your stores, by another "black", although that's not what I call them and in the interest of civility, I will call them "black". for now. I don't know what the draw is to these animals, but your restaurants have become nothing but a dangerous place for any human to be. Fights, shootings, brawls, blacks arguing with store employees, other patrons, and in general, destroying your stores. Mr. Kroc must be spinning around in his grave like a turbine engine right now. I will not patron your stores, anywhere at anytime, and I am not the only one. If you wish to pander to "blacks", then you will suffer the consequences. They are animals that have ZERO respect for anything or anyone. But, given the leadership at your company, what is happening at your stores is no surprise. It seems that violence in your stores are a daily occurrence, and given enough time, McDonalds will fall due to the lack of Paying Customers. We both know it's common practice for "blacks" to order food, eat most of it, complain and get a refund or another meal for free. Seen it, witnessed it, it happens.
And with no real paying customers, it's only a matter of time. I am not alone in this complaint. We humans steer clear of your stores like it was the plague, for good reason. "Black" violence, "Black" patrons, "Black" culture.

No response as of yet and I don't expect one. Funny thing is, when following the link above to the story, all the news stories at that news station is all about blacks!

Yuppers, Humans are the problem... </sarc>

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Damn niggers #racist chimpmania.com

Well, hi there Chimpmania. Today, DN is here with an explanation of why libtard attempts at logic are wrong.

When you construct a logical argument, what you're supposed to do is simple. First, you come up with what you're trying to prove. Then, you keep making observations until that is proved to be correct or incorrect. Let's apply this thinking to the age-old question: Are niggers the same as you and me, but with different physical features? Well... obviously not. Why? Just look around you! Niggers fail in school, they turn everything they're part of for the worse, they're genetically stupid, they're closer to apes than humans are, and they've never invented much anything. Feel free to check out the science subforum for proof and evidence of all these, and others. Obviously, any person with an IQ over 60 and open eyes should be able to come to this conclusion.

Unfortunately, you have libtards who just don't want to believe it. Honestly, a lot of libtards are well-intentioned but misguided. The usual fuck-up in libtard logic is this: assuming your conclusion to be true and building your arguments to support it. Under this fallacious assumption, libtards will claim that niggers have to be our equals, so we have to find reasons why they aren't performing as well, are committing more crimes, are stupider, and so on. This is where we get libtard propaganda bullshit. Obviously there must be millions of people working to keep niggers down. Obviously most people must be rayciss. And when these are proven wrong, they go to another set of claims. The institutions of society are racist. IQ testing is racist. Laws are racist. Registered mail is racist. The damn sun is racist. Spongebob, My Little Pony*, Star Trek, Star Wars, they're all racist. And when these are proven wrong... you get the idea.

This is why libtardism can't be cured by argument. You show one argument to be wrong, they concoct another one (no matter how ridiculous) to continue supporting their conclusion. Eventually, when they're all out of bullshit, they just ignore you and use some tactic (screaming "Nazi!" and "Racism!" are favorites) to get you to shut up, apologize, repent, and submit to the libtard hive.

The best cure for a libtard is to place them near their nigger pets and hope. Of course, these days you have some libtards so fucked in the head they just blame themselves and become even worse. It's sad, I know.

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WiggerSlapper #racist chimpmania.com

Why do you hate niggers?

I hate the sight of niggers. Nigger hair is repulsive enough, then they make rows and stupid crap standing up or hanging like dead worms and snakes.
I hate the sound of niggers. Always talking loud, always foul and rude, always a fake loud laugh over nothing and the Ebonics ...........disgusting.
I hate nigger noise. I've never cared for nigger music, but crappers I hate, zero talent, useless criminal niggers running their crybaby mouths = cRap.
I hate working around niggers. Niggers cry about having to work, no matter what job they are given it always turns into racial slurs and YT making them niggers.
I can go on forever, there is nothing good about niggers except niggers made good .

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stinkyasscoons #racist chimpmania.com

[reply to a thread about a racist coming to grips that not all african americans live in the ghettos etc]

Yeah, there are majikal niggers indeed -- but don't let that cloud your mind when realizing that niggers are far below the levels of dog shit. Even if a majikal nigger did something "generous" for a change, I would formally thank it (but not really mean it) and go back to bashing them on Chimpmania.

I'll say this: if more niggers had the decency and class of human beings (like you and I), sites like these would not be at all that necessary for me to be a part of. But since niggers mostly have limited intelligence I am here bashing with the lot of you!

Also, I will say that I have more respect for a majikal nigger that acted very, very White as opposed to, say, prancing libtards and CBs. Yeah, that's a bit of a leap right there, but one of the two (majikal niggers and traitorous humans) has to be better than the other. As long as the nigger knows its place, I wouldn't mind the boon a whole lot if it kept to itself.

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TattooedRedHead #racist chimpmania.com

[a response to another racist thanking a black person for holding a door for him]

I will not go through a door a nigger holds open for me. I will stand there while they hold it open until they finally figure it out or get "tired" of holding the door open and let it close without me saying a word to it. Once the door is closed I will open it myself and go in/out. It is amusing to see the look on the nigger's face if I was going in and they see that I opened the door myself.

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Weyoun #racist chimpmania.com

Niggers......Why are they allowed to live amongst us again? They eat people. They eat your neighbors dog. Must be something in the water down there. Because ever since that nigger ate that homeless mans face, it's become a trend for niggers to claim insanity. They are returning to their roots of African kultcha

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LIVERLIPPER #racist chimpmania.com

My area is one of those where housing and property speculation was very high, consequently, a large number of homes sit vacant and land goes undeveloped. (Houses that were going for $132,000 are down to $32,000). Anyhow you know how it goes, to re-coup their investment some tasteless jackasses have turned their houses into section ape units.

Enter niggers; two houses in particular have been troublesome. One fambly was so niggerish I think they caused the others to move. I am uncertain as to how many belonged to the remaining groidal, no more than eight I think. This particular groidal is dark, black, beyond purple, so much so that unless you are right up near or are using a decent set of binoculars it is impossible to make out facial features.

Anyway, the niglets are always out acting like niglets, one day I see them with what appear to be pistols; I call the cops. Sheriffs deputies descend en masse, turns out they were air soft guns. They visit my home and inform me that the problem has been resolved for now. Two days later, we all repeat the scenario.

Since the neighbors saw all that happened and since they know I was responsible they took to alerting the authorities when the little bastards were just outside of their enclosure.

The niggers up and moved, tried to sneak off in the night but I let the management company know of this. For now the neighborhood is nigger free but not free of section ape housing so the problem lingers.

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nigfreeillinois #fundie chimpmania.com

[On Newsweek's cover of Obama as "The First Gay President" showing a "gay" halo on top of his head]

Notice that not only does the libtard media shove the nigger down our throats with the gay issue, but then has to drag race and species into it?

That queer halo is absolutely repulsive. As a Christian, it is clearly stated in the bible, the faith's stance on gays. A gay halo is absolutely WRONG!

Oh, yeah, that's right: obongo claims he IS a christian of some kind. So it must somehow be OK now to be gay, and by the halo, he assumes he will enter Heaven.

Wrong on so very many levels!

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germaniajim #racist chimpmania.com

The definition of a racist is someone who knows who he or she is. Racism is the truest form of nationalism. there is nothing wrong whatsoever with being a racist. Nothing,

Todays racist is tomorrows hero.

All my descendants hate niggers too. They'd damn well better.

The further bashing of the white race marches on. The damn niggers should be grateful that white kids are around them, dont niggers always do better in school when hanging around other whites?