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(on a post regarding a story about a black man who died rescuing a suicidal woman from drowning in a river)

(unnigger): What happened in reality most likely is, that the nigger somehow had frightened the woman (it might have tried to rape her), so that she jumped from the bridge, but the nigger's rape itch was so intense, that it jumped in the Thames too. The good news, it drowned and the woman was rescued by authorities.

The official MSM story is definitely a BS, because of so many reasons, I can't list them all here. The most obvious ones are:

- the woman was definitely not suicidal, since she had so many chances to complete the suicide, that had she wanted it, she'd have done it.

- what was the reason "to save" the woman if rescue services were somewhere near? Otherwise, how could they save the woman had it taken for them hours to appear? The nigger definitely tried to rape or rob the poor woman.

(The WCT): Your version is more likely. We here at chimpmania know that a nigger would never help anyone else, especially if it puts them in danger. If he wasn't about to rape her the usual nigger response would be to make a video of it and laugh as they drown.

(GreenNignog): Niggers aren't capable of forethought, so it can't judge situations and outcomes. If a nigger found a women tied to the train tracks, it would still try to muh dik her even if it could literally see the train coming.

(Tired of Them): I've been buzzing off this story for a couple of days now. The pappy of the rockfish has been ooking that he wants some sort of posthumous award for the erstwhile jigaboo. That's niggers for you. Pappy probably wants him knighted or something. I think the rape explanation is entirely likely. The fact that the woman survived and the spook perished makes it even funnier. I haven't heard whether it was a human woman or just a stinky sheboon yet.

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(on a thread regarding violent attacks on Asian-Americans)

(White Marylander): The MSM is not reporting nigger on asian attacks so Asian people have to go out of their way to get the story out. How can MSM report attacks when 95% of the perpetrators are niggers. The MSM just can't report that their cuddly wuddly pets are running around like viscous dogs and attacking humans.

(NiggerAway): The MSM and the owners of the Big Tech companies are the libtards responsible for hiding the truth and censuring what the public hears about. These same owners wouldn’t know a real nigger if they fell over one. The nigger pets they ‘know of’ have been bathed given proper clothing so that their pets are presented in the best light. It’s because they’ve never been hunted on the streets of the big cities by the feral niggers that the owners are denying the truth. We humans who are hunted, are very aware of how dangerous shitskins really are.

(EastAsianSoutherner): As someone who is of East Asian descent, this infuriate me and it pisses me off that younger Asian-American SJW are coddling to niggers by blaming other humans. About almost every incident that occurred against Asian-American comes from these subhuman coons, and the Asian-American community are not pointing to the source of all current anti-Asian hatred (which is niggers and their libtard coddler "allies" from Coonlifornia and Nig York). My social circle includes white Southerners (who are commonly mislabeled as "white supremacist" by the media). I also have to deal with niggers unfortunately since I live in the jungle of Metro Apelanta. I could tell you that I never encounter violent anti-Asian attack from other humans but my family have encounter burglaries by niggers and I have been mugged by niggers. Niggers are jealous of Asian humans succeeding while they never accomplish anything as a group except for turning cities into shitholes, enrolling at NU, and making life unpleasant for humans.

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(from a thread regarding AOC saying “my identity is the descendant of many different identities. I am the descendant of African slaves. I am the descendant of Indigenous people. I am the descendant of Spanish colonizers… I am a descendant of all sorts of folks. That doesn’t mean I’m Black, that doesn’t mean I’m Native, but I can tell the story of my ancestors.”)

(The Confederate): If it walks like a spook, talks like a spook, and acts like a spook it must be a spook !

(Rip Tide): Once you become, if only part, a descendent of a nigger the rest of your descendents are no longer relevant.

(Paddyroller): Think of a quart of your favorite ice cream. Think of a quart of your favorite ice cream with one drop of shit mixed in.

(Massa Skim): I recall when this spigger tried ooking niggerbabble at one of Reverend Sharpcoon’s events. If there’s one thing I hate more than niggers, it’s Wiggers and race-traitor humans such as herself who try to act like wild apes.

(Tired of Them): She/it never had to say a thing. It looks like a nigger to my eyes.

(igor): One drop is more than enough sweetheart. That’s all we need to know... and try as you might, I can confidently assure you that once you identify yo’self as a nigger no Human will take you seriously. Ever.

(Beige Mix): I hope she takes an Ancestry or 23&me DNA test and learns she's not a nigger, after the initial surprise she might alter and improve her political goals.

(Chimp Trainer): Pretty unlikely. The native Taino were almost entirely wiped out in Puerto Rico. The island was settled by Spaniards and their nigger slaves. This thing is not a Spaniard.

(nigger down under): We're are not surprised AOC. We know you're an AOC. Ape On Crack! Fuck all you niggers and nigger lovers!

Tired of Them #racist #psycho chimpmania.com

I really hope and pray that a famine of never before seen strength hits Apefrica alongside a shitload of nig on nig wars and other virulent goodifying events. It's the only way we can get rid of enough of these creatures that cause us inestimable chagrin. If the source of the evil demons is wiped out then humanity has a chance. Niggers that live outside the darkie coontinent will then have to lend a helping hand by stepping up their killing of one another. I'm the type of guy that will never be truly happy until they're all effing gone. As my username might suggest to you...I am sick to the back teeth of seeing and hearing niggers on my TV. Even though I choose my viewing carefully, the bastard boons pop up everywhere. That being said, I'm currently watching an American series called 'Carnivale' and I ain't seen a shitskin yet. Yippee! I'm about halfway through the first season and there are zero spooks so far.

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(in response to a story of a black police officer hand-delivering Christmas gifts to children and the elderly)

(Apefricoon Devil): Nigger-worshipping degenerate morons of Britain's Metropolitan police want you to believe that soulless Apefricoon nigger beasts are "generous" and "kind" "people" who look after and "care" for elderly widows and human children!


British libtards seem determined to outdo their American counterparts in finding new ways for spreading their insane and dangerous coon-worshipping delusions.

(Dixieman): We all know the nigger stole the basket and is trying to con his way into the elderly lady's house so he can get muhdik on. It is a shame that the elderly lady didn't own a couple of nigger hating dobermans.

Apefricoon Devil #racist #wingnut #dunning-kruger chimpmania.com

Nigger pavement apes' shitty dark bodies are no more due to any "adaptations to solar heat" than their monstrous nostrils or coarse velcro "hair" are. Carleton Coon was just an ignorant Darwinist fool who, like all 20th-century Darwinian fools, believed humans and niggers are both apes and are "descended from common ancestors". (Hence the Darwinist libtards constant, deliberate, and degrading use of the exceedingly misleading words "white" and "black" to describe mankind and niggerkind respectively)


The tawny Hottentots live side by side with sable Kaffirs in Africa. The ancient "Indians" of California, in the latitude of 42 degrees, were as "blagg" as the niggers of Guinea. And in Africa, the darkest niggers are 12 or 15 degree north latitude; while they become less dark the nearer they approach the equator. Dark eskimos live in the exact same latitude as the fair humans of Highland Scotland, yet they don't have similar fair complexions. Gorillas and orangutan apes who live in rainforests of Africa and Asia, away from the "intense" solar heat", have similar shitty dark bodies as the full-blooded groids of sub-saharan Africa. Here in Australia, far away from the equator, the so-called "aboriginal" niggers have the same distinctive shitty dark bodies of the niggers of Africa. As you can see, Darwinian hypothesis of "natural adaptation" is nothing but a demoralising delusion wherewith libtards try to degrade mankind to social "equality" with disgusting Apefricoon beasts.

(PS. it's a well-known scientific fact that black objects absorb the most heat. And this is why you hear scientists telling elderly and young children not to wear dark clothes during scorching summer days)

Devolution #racist chimpmania.com

I could create the only true nigger superhero from this inspirational story. It’s already got the perfect name- Silento, and character, cRapper. A silent cRapper. Great start, just think of the millions of niggers NOT ooking and eeking bixnood at typical niggerized volume everywhere the beasts roam! It seems to enjoy bringing goodness to its fellow hellspawn, an indication of the highest moral character on the nigger spectrum, and a worthy mission in itself. It could use its majikul flyin gypshun powers to swiftly and silently gather the worlds niggers together in the utopia of their high tech African society where niggers will be saved from the evil YT enablers who profit from stealing their muh-dik and abusing its fearsome power! No more demoralizing gibs, ugly coal burners and mutant sprogs to be lobstered, niggers could breeve jist as much as dey wants, no need for po-lice and courts and big busses to Nigger University, no more getting tired out from having to coonstantly rape dem YT wimmenz cuz deyz evywhey! I’m sure Silento would be more than a match for any situation niggers encoonter, especially as TNB never changes. (And as long as it gets them back to Africa niggers can have all the superheroes they want in my opinion)

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(in response to a story regarding a black sheriff’s deputy being denied a burial at a “whites only” cemetery)

(Paddyroller): There still some hallowed ground in the US.

(The Confederate): Cant a white man die in peace without these fucking niggers and nigger lovers throwing a shitskin next to him ?

(Chimpmaster): So they changed it to “the right of burial of the remains of human beings,” instead of the original well thought through "white human beings". Still it doesn't qualify. But the nigger will be buried at Sonnier Cemetery in Oberlin LA instead which coddles to shit skins. Maybe the sow misread Oaklin Springs as Ooking Springs?

(Georgia Son): We all don't want niggers corpses stinking up our hallowed ground. Can we at least have that?

(Dixieman): Nice to know that there is still areas where humans can Rest In Peace without their areas being contaminated with toxic nigger remains.

Proud Irish White #racist chimpmania.com

Unfortunately it appears that almost my entire extended family is all "woke" and got on the BLM bandwagon. What to do? It seems I'll have to remain officially neutral, especially if I want to see the grandbaby and keep peace in the family. However I refuse to kneel to anybody, especially a nigger. As a matter of fact I won't have anything to do with them, anyway.

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(in response to Biden opting to place Harriet Tubman on the $20 bill)

(Massa Skim): Great... I wonder how long before he replaces Grant with Obongo on the Fiddy Dollah beel

(Beige Mix): There's a wide array of mixed race actresses and entertainers & if one of them was on the $20 you could wear sunglasses and not notice what they were, but H.T. is just ... gross.

(Dred Scott): Not even in office a week yet and already kissing nigger ass with stunts like this. Despicable! That sow was nothing but a typical nigger criminal, not to mention one of the most hideous sheboons ever. Who wants to look at that turd pile? Oh well, after this administration ruins our economy we won't have to worry about it because our money will be as worthless as the niggers pictured on it.

(Tired of Them): No doubt we shall have a nigger on a British note sometime in the not so distant future. The vile creatures have only been here since the 1950s and I'm trying to think of a famous nigger from Britain. By the way, I've never heard of Tubman. I remember Ram-Man from the He-Man cartoons but was not aware of the legendary Tubman. I still can't think of a nigger from Britain that libtards could nominate to go on a note. Any suggestions?

(Georgia Son): It's just another ungrateful nigger, only known because of the criminal smuggling route known as the underground railroad. not fit to be wiped off on a shit scraper.

Paddyroller #racist #wingnut chimpmania.com

We need a Constitutional amendment to repeal the 13th Amendment and the civil rights laws based on racial ‘scrimination.

Prohibition, instituted by the 18th Amendment didn’t work, so it was eventually repealed by the 21st Amendment.

Likewise, giving niggers civil rights didn’t work, and all laws that purport to do so must be repealed. It should now be apparent to EVERYONE that giving niggers civil rights was the worst thing that could have happened in the US, setting the stage for niggers infesting Congress (both the House and the Senate) with their stupidity. Think Hank Johnson. If that nigger is not elected to the Senate, its next best job would be the trash nigger, collecting garbage on a garbage truck, and supplementing its income by selling drugs.

Apefricoon Devil #racist chimpmania.com

I hate and despise those perpetually-drunk, turd-brained, middle-class hippies with every fiber of my being. The contemporary UK wouldn't be so coonfused and degenerate if those scumbags didn't exist. The porn & drug-addled vacuous libtards have made their grovelling & disgusting coon-worship the UK's official state religion. And any decent human who rebels and refuses to degrade himself and his family to "equality" with those apefricoon nigger beasts gets arrested and charged with a made-up, meaningless crime called "racism"!

Well, I, for one, had enough of those degenerate libtards. They can all go to hell, or f*ck off to some African hellhole (which is essentially the same thing). I am very proud of the fact that I'm a human and I will never apologise or feel "guilty" for not being a hideous and vile nigger ape. That foolish and misleading neologism "racism" implies that humans and niggers belong to the same kind, which is obviously not true. I'm no more related to a babbling coonpanzee than I am to a chimpanzee.

Those SJW bastards can cry all they want but I'm not going to waste my life and work myself to death so that all those wog savage apes can come to my land and appropriate the resources which rightfully belong to me and my kinsmen.

White Irish and Proud #racist chimpmania.com

"Aboriginal Australians", otherwise known as "Abos" are among the most stupid, moronic, brainless, foolish, dull, profoundly diminutive creatures on the planet, even by nigger standards. They're slightly below Ethiopian coons, which I'd previously thought were, in fact, the dumbest niggers on Earth.

Of course, NLLN [submtr. note: Nigger Lovers Loving Niggers] have all sorts of funny excuses as to why their hideous pet apes make sacks of bricks look like genius aerospace engineers in comparison. Here's a good example of such nigger apologist behavior:


Western education has only been available to Indigenous Australians for 2–3 generations. In the middle of the last century they were generally prevented from going beyond grade 4 in primary school. Before that they had no schooling. Aboriginal languages have no writing. They have relied on transmitting information orally.

Of course, YT is expected to pick up the slack for these fucking shaved gorillas! But why hadn't they come up with their own, superior educational and writing systems beforehand? Weren't niggers kangz n shieeeetttt, flying pi-ro-meedz around to other planets?

NIGGERS! Nature's clowns.

Paddyroller #racist chimpmania.com

(describing the “One Drop Rule”)

It only takes one drop of nigger DNA to pollute the gene pool and make a nigger, no matter how light-skinned it appears. A drop of nigger DNA pollutes the gene pool in much the same way as a drop of kerosene pollutes a glass of drinking water. Watch out for the groid that has just a stroke of the tar brush. They can chimp just as a full-blooded nigger.

Apefricoon Devil #racist #fundie chimpmania.com

(from a thread titled ‘Fossil Discovery Proves Humans and Niggers Not Related’)

Apidima 1 and Apidima 2: Two 210,000-year-old (Almost) Human skulls found in Southern Greece

"The Apidima 1 skull, belonging to a male, and Apidima 2 skull, belonging to a female, were found lying vertically against the wall, on the same sedimentary layer, side by side and 15 cm away from each other. The anatomical study of these skulls, dated by the U/Th method between 220 and 130,000 years ago, shows that they can be attributed to the same group of hominins found throughout Europe and that they present a combination of "Neanderthal" and modern (Sapiens) human features."


Why is this discovery so significant?

Here's the answer. Ever since the discovery of the so-called "neanderthal" skulls throughout Europe, and in some parts of Western Asia (Anatolia (the land of ancient Greeks) and Caucasia), there have been a small group of anthropologists who vehemently opposed Libtards' "Out of Africa" myth. They argued that the fossil record suggest that Europe's "Neanderethals" were direct ancestors of modern Humans (Homo Sapiens) and further argued that the libtard delusion/propaganda of "Neanderthals" going extinct and being replaced by invading Apefricoons is just a massive, politically-motivated lie.

Now these 2 male and female skulls, which have a combination of "Neanderthal" and emerging modern Human (Homo Sapiens) features, conclusively prove that humans are descended from those "Neanderthals" who lived, throughout Europe, hundreds of thousands years ago and that as (we, Chimpmaniacs, already know) Humans and Niggers are not related or descended from the same ancestors.

Tired of Them and Apefricoon Devil #racist chimpmania.com

(Tired of Them): It's really getting to me lately. It's bothering me much more than I'd care to admit in person. Why in the name of Bonaparte's balls can other humans not see what we can? It's other humans that have exacerbated the problem. Their truculent insistence on classing them as being "just like us" has seen so many humans murdered in unspeakable ways. I'm sick to the back teeth of all niggers and their savagery. They should be sterilized. No ifs or buts. Civilization depends upon it. I'm tired of trying my best to ignore the incessant nigger loving propaganda that seeps through my TV screen like raw sewage that appears unbidden every time I turn it on to watch something on my TV. It seems humans can no longer watch anything without being lectured by globalist scum about how evil we are for not loving niggers.

(Apefricoon Devil): I completely understand, relate to, and share your nigger/libtard fatigue. The clueless and barbaric SJW scum have destroyed almost everything that gave meaning to human life. The uncultured bastards weren't just satisfied with annihilating our social values and civilised culture so they decided to further degrade, demoralise, and bestialize mankind by forcing us to social and "cultural" equality with the disgusting apefricoon beasts. Hence the rampant violence, crime, ignorance, unhappiness, sexual debauchery, savagery, and drug addiction in our once-civilised-and-nigger-free societies.

Apefricoon Devil #racist chimpmania.com

Artificial "intelligence" (aka machine learning or artificial neural network) operates purely based on data and logical reasoning. Unlike a Libtard bastard's pathological "brain", its "brain" doesn't operate on narcissism, perversity, and delusion.

This news reminded me of the first time I saw a nigger. I was around 5 years old when one day my NL cunt of an aunt came to visit my mum and brought along one of her apefricoon sheboon "accessories" for some coonfounding reason. I never forget the moment I set eyes on that demon-eyed turd-ape. I was soooo terrified! I barely managed to mumble to my mum "Mummy, why is there a gorilla in our house?!" You should've seen the look on my mother's face. She, being a "goot Chrischun", was horrified to learn that her little boy was a born-waycist

To my utter surprise, a few years ago, when I was reading this book ( https://archive.org/details/tempterofeve01carr ), I found out that I wasn't the first human child to ever demonstrate such precocious perception. I recounted this anecdote just to show that even a little child can instantly see what millions of ignorant and stupid NL adults can't (or don't want to see).

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(in response to a story about a racist police chief being asked to resign)

(Dred Scott): Its gotten so bad that hard working humans, trying to support their families through honest work, are being fired from these jobs for speaking about their disapproval of niggers doing the exact opposite.

(Massa Skim): These lads are speaking truth. Niggers sold their 'soul bruthas' to YT in exchange for shiny bling to show off, liquor to fuck themselves up with, and hogs to MUHDIK. Then by the grace and might of YT they were spared the horrors of being cannibalized by their Apefreakan kin and instead offered free housing, free provisions, and a better life then what they would've had if they remained in the muddaland. And they still have the nerve to bitch and complain because their lazy asses were put to work (which they're now exempt from). Ungrateful beasts! Humanity made a big mistake bringing their merchandise over from Apefreaka to the new world. Send them back!

(Dixieman): Expect for the Thought Police to coontinue to get worse. Can't have anyone stating or printing facts about the true nature of the nigger parasite. The only reason we have such an enormous amount of National Debt can be traced back to LBJ's "War on Poverty" which was the beginning of the GIBS train for niggers. Trillions, and let that sink in for a minute, TRILLIONS of dollars have been wasted on handouts to niggers year after year trying to uphold the myth that these feral animals are Just Like Us. It is going to get worse with the nigger loving and coddling administration in office now.

EastAsianSoutherner #racist chimpmania.com

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Various Posters #racist chimpmania.com

(on a thread about an article regarding Southern white people having more black ancestry than the rest of the rus)

(Monkey Pez): I call bullshit. Not one nigger or nigger lover in my Southern line and I've gone way back in my ancestry.

(Frenchy): The "study" is a load of bunk, designed by nigger coddlers to humanize the nigger beast. Thanks, but no thanks. Whoever funded the grant for such a study was led down the primrose path.

(Casper): Bollocks I say. They done a study like this in South africa a few years ago. They were trying to do the same thing. They said that most of the Boers were also 2/3% Nigger. The Fcuktards are only trying to push the same agenda.

(Obongo): I call both studies bullshit and nothing but. White Southerners and Boers are NOT nigger and the niggers know that. Fucking nigger coddlers.

(Honey Jigaboo Boo): Same here. My family is from the south and we are as light skinned as you can get and full of blue eyed redheads in our family line, and we can trace our history back to at least 1415. We OWNED and WORKED niggers, we didn't muh dick them. It would have been the equivalent of screwing my lawn mower.

(white devil): Oh what a steaming pile of libtard nigger loving propaganda. We take our bloodlines very seriously here in the deep South and as such I know all about mine. I had a great grandmother who used to research our family history before you could do it online. She would go to the state capitol and dig through the archives. She researched our family all the way back to the 1500's and there was not one single burrhead nigger in the pile. Not one. Our family has been in the South since before George Washington came to this country and we are pure white. This "study" is nigger nonsense, right up there with flying gypshuns. I AM the South and damn proud.

Devolution #racist #wingnut chimpmania.com

All this bullshit about deep state and Q and the cult of Trump is a smokescreen IMO. I believe what drove the record turnout this election was simply nigger fatigue. The MSM has called Trump racist for so long that all the whites who don’t dare publicly denounce niggers due to fear of persecution placed all their hope in him. I really believe we are at the tipping point, I’d like to see an independent, even at the local level, run on an “ equal but separate” platform. The nigger handlers will scream racist, but if the candidate avoided stepping into that trap by feeding them back their own just like us bullshit, it could be possible for a “White America” platform to take hold. I notice the only media outlet that still allows comments is Fox News, and once you pick through the tinfoil hat crew, the nigger fatigue is clearly evident. Obviously we can’t campaign on a Back to Africa movement, but a voluntary segregation platform could draw out the 70% or so of Americans who are secretly sick of niggers but go along to get along with the PC SJW nigger worship while practicing rule #1 in their private lives. Hell, I’d run myself except that I’m dying and mostly bedridden. I’d rather pay the niggers extra gibs to stay the fuck away than see millions of whites killed or displaced in a Civil War caused by niggers. They’ve done enough damage already.

Chimpmania #racist #wingnut chimpmania.com

[from the ‘Chimpmania glossary’]

A race traitor who thinks niggers are "just like us." They tend to be very arrogant, call anyone who doesn't see eye to eye with them a "racist," and most of the time they live in all white neighborhoods and never have contact with the groid. They tend to be hypocrites and if Barack Obama was white or a Republican, but still a nigger, they wouldn't give two shits about him

Maker #racist chimpmania.com

Who F-ing called it?!? I called it here, a Cook Coonty sheriff deputy I know laughed when we spoke about the fictitious nigger bullshit story about “a big nigger dinner” and some “nigger medicine” and “I beez feelin’ sleepy an’ sheeee-IT!!!” at 12:30am.

—> So it’s A-fucking-OK for lying niggersow Tawana Brawley to smear its own poop on its hide forgoing jenkem for a day and the Duke lacrosse players being embarrassed ALONG WITH their parents and families.

But it’s NOT A-OK for nigger Chicongo PD Superapetendent Eddie Johnson’s nigger fambly to be embarrassed because the big fat lying piece of shit nigger was at a jenkem party getting drunk and high off free jenkem and stolen Crowne Royal.

Double dumb animal nigger standard!! Fuck you nigger fats-O Johnson and niggersow lezboon Chicongo Mayor Lori Lightpaw, I’m surprised Lightpaw didn’t protect and obfuscate for big fat lying niggerboy Johnson.

Thank you TRH for the apedate on big, fat, lying, blubberlipped coon cop nigger Johnson.

Billyape Pride #racist chimpmania.com

It's been said that an infinite number of monkeys pounding away at an infinite number of typewriters would eventually produce the works of William Shakespeare. But could this ever happen with niggers? 🤔

What if classic literature from around the world had been written by niggers, for niggers? How would these stories change if they were about niggers instead of humans? How fuxated would the tales become? In an attempt to answer these questions, I took some famous literary works produced by humans and reimagined them as though they were done by groids. It was fun to do, and I'd love to read what my fellow chimpers come up with. So please, take some famous literature and niggerize it however you like! ☺

The Chimpiad - When uppity Prince Paris nignaps Helen of Ethiopia, it sparks an epic turf war between two rival nigger drug gangs. Legendary gangbanger Apechilles goes CAT 5 upon learning that Nigger Hector has goodified his favorite downlow buck. As payback, Apechilles goodifies Hector and ties the carcass to his hooptie chariot, dragging it around the niggerhood for the next week. Eventually one gang of niggers builds a large wooden crackpipe which they leave as a peace offering for the other gang. It's really a trap though, and when those lazy niggers fall asleep the other nigs jump out of the crackpipe and goodify them all. This famous tale of niggershines has coined the phrase "Beware of Groids bearing Gibs!"

Plato's Muhdik - Thousands of years ago in the advanced nigger city of Apethens, a silverback muhfugga called Socrates ran a charter skoo for aspiring rappers. Socrates would help the young bucks get their learn on, schooling them on how to create the perfectly fuxated nigger society (and surreptitiously muhdikking them between rap sessions.)

Baboonwulf - Nigger Baboonwulf leads his troop to the troubled 'hood of Nigmark, which is under apetack by a monster called Groidal. After a lot of looksatme, Baboonwulf goodifies Groidal with his bare paws and declares victory. However, Groidal has a mammy sow an' that bitch beez ten times as uppity as Groidal. But Baboonwulf ain't pay that ho no nevermind, he go over to that bitch's crib and ventilates her like a muhfugga. The niggers celebrate for a long time, with jenkem and malt likka flowing in the streets. Eventually, Baboonwulf gets old as sheeeit and a rayciss dragon chomps his ass.

1,001 Zimbabwean Nights - Once upon a time in the magical land of Apefrica, King Nigger learns that his bitch beez messin' round town and he has her executed. The moon cricket monarch then jumps the broom with a different she-nigger every night, only to have each of them goodified the next morning. Eventually he meets Sheboonazade, a clever sow that never gets tired of ooking and knows tales of many niggershines. She shrieks and chitters these stories for a thousand nights straight until finally she can eek no longer, and is ready for King Nigger to goodify her at last. Fortunately, King Nigger has stopped chimping about cheating hoes by then, so instead he and Sheboonazade jump the broom together and live happily nigger after. (Until the first time she pisses him off.)

The Grape Drank of Wrath - The novel begins with Tom Jigaboo being released from NU after serving time for chimpicide. Returning to his old 'hood, he meets a nigger with a bible, and along with the rest of the Jigaboo fambly they head West to Chimpifornia for a better life. Upon reaching their new niggerhood, the rev becomes a community activist. The God Nigger then gets made good during a chimpout, and Tom Jigaboo goodifies the nigger responsible. Then a lot of rayciss water comes to town, and the Jigaboos hide in an old barn to escape it. Inside they find a piccaninny and its ailing daddy buck, which the Jigaboos assist by providing a life-affirming celebration of muhdik.

De Prynz by Tupac Nigger - From the author's preface: "All sorts of muhfuggaz beez tryin' to make it in de rap game, yo. But only one muhfugga may prevail, gnomesayin? Dis heah book tell y'all bitches how to beez dat Nigger. It beez bettah dem niggers fearz yo' ass den dey lubbs yo' ass. Sheeeit!"

The Strange Case of Dr Jenkem and Mr YT - By day, the learned Dr Jenkem is an upstanding member of his local nigger coonmunity, eagerly muhdikking any sheboon that knuckles by, and throwing his empty malt likka containers into the street where they belong. But by night, the respected physician secretly consumes an experimental jenkem-brew of his own concoction, which gradually turns him more and more YT. During these nocturnal transformations Dr Jenkem adopts the persona of Mr YT, and prowls the niggerhood looking for grafitti to paint over and litter to pick up. Naturally word spreads of Mr YT going around the ghetto fixing things at night, and things get so bad that niggers beez scared to go out an' sheeeit. The story ends on a somber note when Dr Jenkem realizes his transformations into Mr YT are becoming irreversible, and he wonders whether YT will eventually be executed for his crimes.

Twenty Thousand Monkeys Under the Sea - This classic science fiction novel stars Captain Sambo, the feared HNIC of the submarine Niggerlus. Determined to prove that water isn't as rayciss as many niggers believe, Captain Sambo sails the Niggerlus around the world looking for interesting places to swim and innovative fried chiggum recipes. One night Captain Sambo smokes entirely too much crack, and steers the Niggerlus directly into the path of a fierce storm. As the Niggerlus sinks, the Captain finally realizes that water beez rayciss as sheeeit after all.

Some other titles that could be fun: A Tale of Two Mudhuts, Apeventures of Sherlock Jigaboo, David Cottonfield, Les Nigs, Madame Bluewaffle, Mutiny on the Boo-tay, NigBeth, The Picture of Dorian Chimpanzee, Slaver in the Rye, War and Muhdik.

down low #racist #crackpot chimpmania.com

Niggers are only from a part of sub-Saharan Africa. Northern Africa is human, Arabic, Egyptian, all of the Middle Eastern ancient peoples.. Babylonian, Sumerian and so on; not nigger. Same with early South Americans, Incans and the like, Latin ancestry. Furthermore, niggers did not exist at random, anywhere else in the world, besides sub-Saharan Africa, i.e., there are no niggers born of ancient Asian, Caucasian, Indian, etc. descent.

That being said, why and how did this ape species even exist in the first place? It's bizarre, when you think about it. The blue-gum, shit-skinned, curly-fur, yellow eyed, huge nostril, sloped head, spear chuckin', click "talkin'," filthy, stupid, etc., nigger... it truly is an abomination, especially when you look at the variety of humans around the planet, who not only look nothing like niggers, in every detail, but have nothing in common with them, nor ever had! Even darker humans, such as native Indians or Pakistanis do not have nigger features, but HUMAN features, nor do they share the same feces coloring; they simply have darker, brown skin of their heritage, where niggers have a sickening, yellowish-bowel movement tint to theirs, as evidence that their internal systems are not functioning properly, hence the yellow eyes, the foul smell, etc.

This even goes further with the ape physique, the hideous "females" and their disgusting proportions, e.g., huge ass and skinny, ugly "legs," or the males with the knuckle dragging, peanut-headed, stooped shape; all that is missing is a tail, or the enflamed buttocks of different ape breeds. Perhaps some genetic mutation occurred, removing the tail? With the commonality of nigger burff defecks and mutations, this would be entirely possible.

For all sense of purpose though, niggers should have long been extinct, as they were supposed to have been, yet.... here we are.

Sheeitavious #racist chimpmania.com

(On affirmative Action)

Government programs which, long
story short, require niggers to be hired in jobs they could not otherwise get, taking the position from a human. See gibs and racism for a discussion of closely related topics.

Ex.: After studying for years at an esteemed college, Sarah lost her best job opportunity to an utterly unqualified sheboon due to affirmative action.

Various Posters #racist chimpmania.com

(in response to a man being arrested because of racist tweets)

(Paddyroller): The Brits have gone bonkers with respect to niggers, as has most of Europe. The first step to defeating a cancer is prevention. The next step is proper early treatment. The next step is aggressive therapy. If it comes to it, death cures cancer. Not only is Britain failing to treat the nigger cancer, it is encouraging its own death by importing more niggers. What happened to the days of “Rule Britannia, Britannia rules the waves?”

(Apefricoon Devil): Libtardism has replaced Christianity as the official religion of the UK. In Britain, if you express a desire to live among your own kind and don't treat a disgusting nigger ape as a fellow "human", you'll get arrested and charged with the made-up "crime" of "racism". A more insanely farcical scenario than this is hardly imaginable.

Around 1700, Daniel Defoe said most Englishmen were ready to fight to death against Popery without even knowing whether Pope was a man or a horse. The UK's current suicidal nigger-worship mania, however, is far more dangerous and much less comical.

(Napa hater): No offensse to my British friends on here- but I’m so glad my relatives told the king to fuck several hundred years ago. Of course America will follow suit I’m sure! Not this American vet - I promise you that!!! Our grandparents and the tough British kept them from speaking German in the 40’s now Britain’s National language will be Swahili and clicks and pops because of spineless shitheads!


boon-avoider and Dixieman #racist chimpmania.com

(in response to a story of a black guy killing and decapitating a hamster)

(boon-avoider): A thousand times I’ve said this here, niggers should NEVER have access to animals any higher than another nigger. This is just one more, of countless examples shown here, that niggers possess no humanity! No human would ever do this, only a soulless and worthless shit-ape nigger

Also, how does an abomination from the shitholes of hell wind up with the name “Christian”??!??

(Dixieman): We all know that the feral nigger tried to muhdik the poor hamsters before killing them. There isn't one redeeming quality about these feral animals, and this story here just goes to prove that without a doubt!

Woden #racist chimpmania.com

I am waiting for news to break about nigger witch doktors and the myriad of cures they will create to ward off this ebil spirit. Cow piss shower anyone? When lo an behold I discovered this niggy article:


Apeparently, a niggy witchy doktor must have cast a spell on all negroes to prevent them from getting corona...or at least added some Wakandian antidote to a niggas sickle cell blood.

"Senou stayed alive because of his sickle cell blood genetic composition which is mainly found in the genetic composition of subsaharan apesfricans. Chinese doctors also said that the nigger remained alive because he has vile black shittained skin, the antibodies of a nigger are three times stronger, powerful and resistant compared to that of a YT."

sxng9 #racist chimpmania.com

Niggers don't have mental health issues, because implying that they have mental health issues means they have brains. Niggers are simply wild/savage beasts with basic coon instincts and the tendency for monkeyshines. Niggers are simply hard-wired to be niggers and there's nothing in the world that can ever fix these shit beasts. The biggest threat to niggers has always been other niggers - not the police.

Various Chimpmaniacs #racist chimpmania.com

Fed Up:

Coalburning whore Senicha Marie Lessman of Eagan MN along with its 32 week old gorilla fetus were both aborted by the jizz donating pet nigger Vern 'moolie' Mouelle of Brooklyn Park MN

I havent seen chompers like that since the last Dracula movie


The bitch got dieversified and just in time.


Darwin wins again. Twice.

That burner has been injected with so much nigger jizz that its canines have mutated to resemble a baboons!

nigs fn stink
It would still be ugly even wiff new teefeses.

NU Administrator
Bitch got what she deserved AND THEN SOME. No loss. Fuck you crack bitch and may the nigger do the same thing to another suspecting burner 1000 times over.

Peligro Negro
I see the " after" pics were shown, the biggest trauma is I viewed that hideous muhdik chewer before bedtime... I will keep a wooden stake nearby .

Another race traitorous coalburner got culturally enriched by its pet nigger.

Mistuh Bo-Bo
Nothing gives me the warm fuzzies more than when
a mudshark reaps the whirlwind, unless she takes her
mutant buttnugget with her!

Finally! A nigger did it right! If it would have self goodified that would have been even better.

Fed Up
The spook was given 2 life sentences..great job nigger 3 animals off of the streets

Paddyroller #racist chimpmania.com

My spin on the niggers in that book:

Harriet Tubman --Although there are many contenders, Harriet Tubman is quite possibly the ugliest shitsmear I've seen around, and the US Mint voted to put this POS on the $20 bill replacing Andrew Jackson to punish us Americans by having to look at pure nigger ugly every time we make a purchase. Putting that nigger on the $20 bill should not be part of a redesign to prevent counterfeiting. Counterfeiting may actually increase, since the eye damage and the amount of eye bleach needed after looking at that image would obscure the "Mint marks" and prevent a close examination of the currency.

Claudette Colvin--This now Bronx, Nig York nigger, in its younger years, refused to move to the back of the bus, way down in Montgomery Alabam, a full three mumfs before nigger Rosa Parks did the same thing. The niggerloving nigger-rights lawyers used Parks instead of Colvin, because Colvin, a then teenigger, was knocked up by a middle-aged jig, and was an "unsympathetic plaintiff."

Ruby Bridges--This shitstain on American History came to fame for just being a nigger. It was the first niglet enrolled in the New Orleans all-white school district when the niggerloving federal courts ordered that this jiggy be bussed in and enrolled in the elementary school. Despite being in a human school, the nigger failed many of its courses. According to the niggers, it was not due to its inferior intellect, but rather due to 'scriminati0on. The whites then fled the Nig Orleans skoo' district, and the edumacators ended up attempting to teach a barrel of monkeys. Look at the Nig Orleans skoo' district today and ask yourself if admitting niggers was progress.

Florence Griffith ["Ah runs fast"] Joyner--So a nigger can run fast; what else is new? My dog can run faster than that nigger ever could. So can a glue factory horse...let alone a thoroughbred. And my dog and a horse can do it without performance enhancing drugs or experience running from the cops in the Watts area of Los Angeles. The nigger died in its sleep back in 1988. The "official" cause of death was "suffocation due to a severe epileptic seizure," but that was just cover for a drug OD.

Oprah "Orca" Winfrey--This nigger is comprised of 300 lbs. of whale shit, and the balance bear liver. The nigger should have been adorning the box of Aunt Jemima's buckwheat pancake mix, instead of polluting the airwaves with its nigger drivel, that somehow enchanted and infatuated the country's ignoramuses. Nigger Winfried needs to go to South Apefrica to permanently supervise the skoo' it endowed there to edumacate the local niggers and to reduce the incidence of AIDS.

Epilogue--The spin doctors can elevate the lowliest crackhead nigger into deity status. Never buy into the propaganda, and remember a nigger is a nigger, and always will be.

Conco Bonco #racist chimpmania.com

I'm going to go out on a limb and suggest that it's because they are, well..., niggers?

Of course the ultimate solution will be to dumb down the exams a little (lot) further so that every little spook can be a "genius."

That will surely even the playing field—somewhere between rock and tree stump—and the snowflakes can shout about how embracing cultural diversity has made us all better people.

Felonious P Jenkem #racist chimpmania.com

Niggers were much better off under slavery. This is evident to even a casual observer.

Like slavery niggers get their housing and food provided for , however unlike slavery they are answerable to noone and we all know how well thats worked out. Niggers breeding unrestrained , nigborhoods in murderous chaos , raging gunbattles over chiggun wangz or parking spots , or disrepekinn niggers.

Even worse , they have become unbearably uppity to humans ! Niggers are complete disaster without a strong white man to rule over them. !!! Niggers are sand in the gears of humanity !

Fed Up #racist chimpmania.com

Does it even really matter? Most of the niglets will wind up dead or behind bars before they ever graduate the 5th grade.

The few that don't will be on some kind of public assistance their entire lives and then the even smaller percentage that do try to get a job will be hired to fill an apefirimitve action quota no matter how stupid they are.

Ohio should save money and make schooling optional for niggers because they are just wasting space and money trying to teach these stupid niglets anything

NiggerChow #racist chimpmania.com

Niggers are animals. They cannot perform in school because they are not human.

Sixty years and trillions of dollars have not advanced the nigger species one iota.

It is time to stop trying to make a silk purse out of a sow's ear and ship them all back.

Maker #racist chimpmania.com

My grandma is now in her 90s, but when she was a sprightly 77 when my grandpa died (both of my grandpas were victims of '60s nigger armed robberies in Gary, IN) we had to move her on my dad's, aunt's and uncle's dime out of niggertown since shitbeast nigger grease apes had driven my grandma's home value down to $13K in 1997. My grandma was having monthly nigger break-ins and was knocked down once and her basset hound thwarted one rape ape.

In addition to the hundreds of property crimes degenerate niggers have coonmitted against all my extended family I particularly loathe what subhuman nigger ground apes put my grandma through.

Thus, I will always be keen to point out what the most courageous and brave nigger yard ape warrior does to elderly victims on walkers, canes or scooters. Damn these vile niggerbeast chimps to hell. And make Liberal nigger-worshippers move rape ape niggers into spare bedrooms, à la the proposed "American Program Exchanging Section8", or A.P.E.S.

Scoff At The Monkeys #racist chimpmania.com

This is why I say niggers belong in Africa. Right now, some lioness is wandering the savannah, looking for a meal for her cubs. They have to eat, too! That "rescued" niglet is now going to grow up, assuming it doesn't become good in a drug deal gone good or an argument over whether a food item is a "pork chop" or a "pork steak," and consume God knows how many tax dollars in whalefayeh, victimize God knows how many humans, and in general be a pain in humanity's collective ass, when it could be so much more useful feeding that lioness and her cubs. And to hear niggers tell it, their lives are no picnic, anyway, so it's a win-win-win, looks like to me.