AntiCarPoliceState #conspiracy

The Black Man is not just having a Civil War against the Police in America, but we are having a World War against the Police as well. Whether it's in America, France, the UK, Japan, Germany, Canada, or wherever. Watch as this Black man fights back against the Japanese Police. Black men should continue to resist the police as they all want us dead. Remember, the police are nothing but Global Elite Corporate puppets out to jail and kill you. Oh, and the Corporatist Neo-Conservative Obama supports the Police like Ron Paul, as well as Rick Perry. Therefore, Obama is the enemy too. Democrats, Republicans, and Libertarians are all your enemies, working for the global mafia which consists of Mega Trillionaires like the Rockefellers and Rothschilds. Now it is true that the top 1% of Americans own more wealth than the other 99% of Americans, but the real owners of the World- the Rockefeller Family and Rothschild Family own more wealth than everybody else on EARTH combined with an estimated wealth of more than $500 trillion per family.

If you think Obama a Rothschilds family puppet is your Black Brotha, then you need to think again.

Essentially, compared to these people the impoverished Billionaire Bill Gates is a Welfare case, while you're less than pond scum- A Nigger. In the whole scheme of things, the practice of Racism is quite funny as those who practice Racism on each other to posture superiority are nothing but pond scum that needs to be exterminated in the eyes of the real rulers of the world. All of you compared to the world's elite:

- Speak Broken English.
- Are slaves to them- nothing but cockroaches to be controlled at will and any way they chose.
- Pinbrains who think they are educated, but in all reality are educated in the way they want you to be educated. Therefore, you are blind and total morons as to how the world really works, because the real knowledge is kept from you.

- Who do you think started the Drug War?
- Who do you think the founding fathers had to pay back their war debts to after the Revolutionary War, and used Black slaves as labor in order to pay their war debts back?
- Who do you think started the French Revolution?
- Who do you think started the Civil War?

and much more...

The World's elite has a hand in everything, and if you can't see that then we feel bad for you.



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