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RE: BLM Activist Proposes Black Only Cities Or "Autonomous Zones" In D.C. Democrats Warn Of "Civil War"

(Eirik Bloodaxe)
There’s already a Black Autonomous Zone. It’s called Liberia.

(Alex Ketteman)

Didnt they end up conquering the natives? Talk about irony.

No, the original slaves and descendants who went to Liberia ended up settling it, creating a bustling economy, eventually declared independence and had a pretty cool thing going....then the native tribes ended up getting mad at them over petty tribal crap so the juntas started attacking nonstop and the government fell to a military takeover. Now it persists in constant failed state status.

Short version- bush people got mad and wrecked a western civilization built in Africa by black people from the United States. Culture and government was entirely incompatible.

(Ghaz Man)

And Trump supporters are still the ones accused of "insurrection," are they?

Democrats and hypocrisy have been synonymous for decades.

Chosen segregation. The old school democrat racists have evolved their tactics.


Bro the white supremes are creaming themselves over the stuff BLM is doing and pushing.

yeah, because creating a black ethnostate where whites are inferior is totally what the white Supremes want. At least old mush mouth Joe Biden gets his precious segregation back. Lord knows, he's wanted segregation since he first got into politics.

(Best Friend)
They already have black autonomous zones. It’s called the inner city of every democrat run state. How’s that going?

(Cheesy S)
If Africa is any standard to go by, it won’t end to well for them.

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Bonobos are the sex crazed tree hugging hippies, and chimps are the 1percent Hells Angels. To think most of you are convinced we’re hyper evolved apes on a giant rock spinning through outer space. I will admit, other than Damian Aspinell, you're the only other person I've seen qualified to work with apes. Jane humanized them and caused thousands to be experimented on by the military. Right now China is literally creating human chimp chymeras.

Georg Dausel #fundie youtube.com

Hello to everyone. This is my testimony. I am a man and 51 years old. I was two times divorced and have 3 child. Praise the Lord in Jesus Christ name. He heals me from depression and high blood pressure 4 weeks ago. Blessed through his presence. I had to walk 1 year through hard time. I fought with depression, try to suicide myself with knives, not able to pray. But people of my congregation United methodist church, my parents and friends of Jehova witnesses prayed for me through this hard time. The Lord loves you :) He sent me 1000 angels around me at 14th of November last year 2020.That kept me alive. Since 4 weeks I didn't need any pills against high blood pressure and depression. I am healed. Since 4 weeks i have hope to live, for future and for all people on the earth. This is a unbelievable wonder. Only one person can do this. Only the Lord can do this! When you are struggling please hold on prayer. He will protect you! He will heal you! Don't give up your life. He suddenly stands right on your side also through people (angels) around you and you will live and stay alive This is promised. If you believe that Jesus the son of the Lord died on the cross for your sins you will get new life. Then you will have relationship to the Lord and can start new life. Stay praying to the Lord and his son Jesus. AMEN

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RE: Dozens Of Schools Teach Children That White People Are The Devil, CRT Has Been EXPOSED For its Evils

(Ship Mcgree)
Bottom line is: critical race theory was made by racists to promote racism


Dig deeper it was designed by communists to promote communism once the realize that the "class war" angle wasn't going to work

Anti white hatred is what it is. Racist is a word that has been used to exclusively attack white people for decades.

Critical Race Theory was invented by the same Democrat Party that fought for Slavery, created the KKK, and fought for Segregation. They've always been racist and always will

its all just anti-white, pretending it is anything else is just as bad as their constant rebranding their genocide


This is the scariest thing I have a son who is Hispanic on his mom's side and a daughter who is not. can you imagine if I wasn't paying attention to this how they are pitting siblings against each other.

Mixed race families are gonna be the ones who REALLY stand up against this stuff.

(Trever M)
Is it possible that history is repeating for the Dems but they will target white people instead of blacks this time? I mean how far does this anti-whiteness go? Will we get to the point there's seperate facilities for whites because people see them as the devil? There's so many brainwashed whites as it is that see whites as evil and now with CRT we are headed for a future of white hatred by not only other races but whites themselves.

You have white kids in school trying to make friends, yet the POC children treat them like scum because they're being told whites are a plague and evil. Then those white kids grow up thinking POCs are hateful and aggressive.

That could happen but I think the idea is to get whites themselves to hate their own race which has worked very well. The majority of people who call for all this anti-white stuff are usually whites themselves. It's a taught self hatred thing.

nosajleb #fundie #homophobia #psycho youtube.com

(On a video about some Black Hebrew Israelites talking about a gay write using the bible to justify gay marriage)

Bruh, I feel u. All of this shit makes me sick to my stomach. Damn shame we can't chop heads off. Another damn shame that we have to educate our kids at an extremely early age about why uncle tony is hugged up and kissing uncle randy and they share a bedroom and a home. Ugh!!! I hope TMH comes soon, cause um ready for all of this shit to be over. Maybe I won't be one of the ones that's chosen by Him and even if I'm not, um still riding until the end comes. Shalom, fam. Keep the hits coming. Praise YHWH!!

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Society Is Breaking Down As The Left SUPPORTS Child Strippers

Look at the the child drag shows. Come on, there is a hard line for a lot of regular people, but the left supports the child stripping 100% at every turn, probably on tribal grounds because they don't actually care because they have no mo[rals].

I'm fairly revolutionary in a lot of respects, but I draw the line with the kids stripping for money, and what a lot of people who are in the culture war don't understand is, these people don't share your values at all. There's a video of a four-year-old twerking, and they're all laughing and clapping and cheering as that happens.

Why aren't there armed men shutting down child stripping and grooming shows? Why aren't people in New York going up and being like, "Stop what you're doing to this four-year-old child right now, put that camera away and stop this twerking." In New York they overwhelmingly have the same moral framework, they like it, they celebrate it.

I can't imagine this as we move down this path to where you get prominent progressive channels, with millions of followers, praising and defending child stripping. I'm like, that's not going to last, because when you have like with the James Younger case in Texas, where a dad says, "My son is my son." And the mom says, "My son is actually my daughter and is trans.", at a certain point, a parent is going to
be like, "Do not touch my child."

2028 END (Gabriel Erb) #fundie youtube.com

Incorrect, that is NOT what the Bible says. It says this ...

No DAY or HOUR is known for Christ’s return.

The number 2028 is a YEAR !

The phrase "no man knows the day or hour" is a Jewish idiom referring to the Feast of Trumpets.

God's 7 yearly Holidays (Feasts) prophesied the VERY DAY the Messiah (Jesus Christ) would fulfill his biggest tasks ...


1 - Passover - VERY DAY Christ died
2 - Unleavened Bread - VERY DAYS Christ buried
3 - First Fruits - VERY DAY Christ resurrected
4 - Weeks - VERY DAY Christ sent Holy Ghost

5 - Trumpets - VERY DAY Christ will return
6 - Atonement - VERY DAY Christ will forgive
7 - Tabernacles - VERY DAY Christ will live with us

Number 5 - Feast of Trumpets - was known to the Jews as the feast "no man knows the day or hour" because it was the only Holiday of the 7 to occur on the first day of the month.

And since the Jew's months were lunar based, the Feast of Trumpets could not be determined until two witnesses confirmed sighting of the new moon sliver, which could happen at any hour of any day during the 3 days of darkness during the new moon.

Thus, the Feast of Trumpets became known by the Jewish idiom ... the Feast "no man knows the day or hour"

THIS is the TIME PERIOD when Jesus will return during the calendar year AD 2028 !!!

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How Extinction Proves Creation

I find it interesting that evolutionists will go on and on about how they want to save species and they open up animal shelters to save certain species, when according to evolution species should be getting created all the time. New kinds of animals should be popping up, new families through “natural selection”. Well, we don’t see that at all. In fact, we see animals going extinct. So what that proves is that if we go far enough back in time, back to the Garden of Eden, there were more kinds of animals back then than there are now.

According to evolution, there’s new kinds popping up all the time, new families of animals. But according to the creation model, we are constantly losing animals. Animal kinds are constantly going extinct. And so whenever an evolutionist tries to open up an animal shelter and shelter an “endangered species”, as they call it, they’re just proving that there were species in the past that are getting wiped out now that we’ll never have again. Evolution will never invent these new species through natural selection.

Evolution is impossible to defend honestly. You have to lie, you have to make-believe to believe in evolution. You ask an evolutionist or an atheist, “what is the meaning of life?” Just ask them that, and they’ll respond back with, “well, my meaning of my life is whatever I make up.” What they’re admitting is that making up — or make-believing — a purpose for life. They don’t think there actually is any purpose, and so they say, “well, I’ll just make up purpose.”

That’s make-believe, folks. These people are make-believers.

Cheryl Bergeson #fundie #pratt youtube.com

The Word does not specify a 'chip' in the right hand or forehead but does say a 'mark.' I agree that the chip could be the mark of the beast and I would never get one but I am at this time more inclined to believe that the vaccine for COVID-19 is closer to preperation for 'the mark' because it is now being said that they need to have proof that one has been vaccinated so there is now a 'stamp' with tiny needles dipped in a formula that will leave a mark/tattoo in your skin that cannot be removed and will show up when scanning under a light. It is being said that quantum dot technology is involved and the stuff in the vaccine will change your DNA. For those who do not receive the vaccine, they will be unable to buy, sell, trade, go out anywhere.... Sound familiar?
I cannot say for a fact what is or isn't the mark of the beast but I can say that as for me, I will not accept anything that resembles or comes close to the description of the Mark! My hope is that we, the body of Christ are gone before the mark is forced.

Tim Pool & Yeonmi Park #conspiracy #wingnut youtube.com

Before the show you said that the woke was crazier.

Yeah, I think I could've been on Fox News, like, North Korea is not even this nuts. Where do I even begin, but, in North Korea by the time when I was born, the revolution happened such a long time ago, people are not passionate believers of communism, they just fear being executed.

i'm worried that we're headed in that direction, you know, with censorship, with big tech, with people scared to speak out.

Yeah, this is how the revolution began right, because, I mean, at Columbia these kids genuinely feel like they are so oppressed, they get triggered, they actually cry right, by the injustice they feel, how they are so oppressed and they are the victims, and they're not faking it, they really, really truly believe in the thing. What makes me so sad is that North Koreans have to be brainwashed because we don't have any
information. Here, on the tip of your finger, you have entire history, what Stalin did, what Mao did, you know where this road has taken humanity, but these people are so completely brainwashed they think white men are the source of every single evil that we have.

I think it's scarier to me, that you can warn us and say, "Hey this is how the revolution started in north korea. Hey, this is what it's like when you have this communist totalitarian system." and no matter how many times we scream it, there are a lot of people in this country that reject the idea that your warnings matter, and they actively pursue these situations. I suppose they think they'll be like the higher caste, maybe those who live in Pyongyang, but they'll probably just end up being the farmers on the outskirts who are executed for speaking out improperly.

IsraelChurchofJesus7 #fundie #psycho youtube.com

Hell is 3 things: a condition, the grave and eternal hell fire, in which those that go will receive an immortal body, which can and will burn in torment forever!
Many people refuse to believe that there is a Real hell reserved for those that do not meet the mark. They say surely God wouldn't burn anyone up forever. But, if you can believe there is an everlasting reward, you should just as well understand that there is an everlasting punishment! "And many of them that sleep in the dust of the earth shall awake, some to everlasting life, and some to shame and everlasting contempt." Daniel 12:2

Eric Dubay #fundie #crackpot #conspiracy #dunning-kruger youtube.com

The class “Dinosauria” was originally defined by “Sir” Richard Owen of the Royal Society, and Superintendent of the British Museum Natural History Department in 1842. In other words, the existence of dinosaurs was first speculatively hypothesized by a knighted museum-head “coincidentally” in the mid-19th century, during the heyday of evolutionism, before a single dinosaur fossil had ever been found. The Masonic media and mainstream press worldwide got to work hyping stories of these supposed long-lost animals, and then lo and behold, 12 years later in 1854, Ferdinand Vandiveer Hayden during his exploration of the upper Missouri River, found “proof” of Owen’s theory! A few unidentified teeth he mailed to leading paleontologist Joseph Leidy, who several years later declared them to be from an ancient extinct “Trachodon,” dinosaur (which beyond ironically means “rough tooth”).

Firstly, it should be needless to say that it is impossible to reconstruct an entire hypothetical ancient animal based on a few teeth! But even more importantly, it is dubious that a myriad of ancient reptile/bird and reptile/mammal transitional forms necessary for the blossoming theory of evolution, would be hypothesized and then conveniently “discovered” by teams of evolutionist archeologists purposely out looking to find such fossils! And it is even more dubious that such fossils have supposedly existed for millions of years but were never found by or known to any civilization in the history of humanity until evolutionism’s Masonic renaissance in the mid-19th century!

Robin Bullock #fundie #crackpot youtube.com

We’re back at this at the time of the serpent, tempting the world to become woke, that their eyes may be opened. It’s the same phrase, tempting, saying, “You’re missing something, you’re not free, you must take up this and be woke that your eyes be open.” So, the world is reaching into the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, trying to become woke.

I watched Joe Biden during the campaign that he clearly lost. He lost big. He lost enough to be ashamed. He lost enough to tell him, “Nobody likes you, Joe.” I mean, he lost enough to know that. It was so bad, if they would show him the real numbers, the man would be ashamed. But I remember he leaned into the mic [during a debate] and told President Trump, “We’re coming for you.” And he growled out this demonic sound. … It was this demonic voice. I’ve heard him make it again recently. He growled this out; when he did it, I went back and I took a picture.

I took a picture on my phone right on television, and when I pulled it up, his eyes at that moment … if you’ll look at the eyes, you’ll notice they’re serpent’s pupils, their slotted pupils. Now, other times they’re not like that. But at times, it shows a slotted serpent’s eye. People say, “Oh, that was photoshopped.” No, it wasn’t. I took the picture. And he shows up more than once with that slotted serpent’s eye. It’s because we’re back at that place where Satan is trying to offer the world that their eyes may be open, but it’s not King James anymore—it’s woke.

James Murphy #wingnut youtube.com

[In response to Youtuber Morgoth’s Review praising Dune as a great reactionary work…]

Terrific creative thought as ever MG. Many thanks. One observation: there's much talk in ethno-nationalist circles these days about 'atomisation' and the perils of individualism. However, nationalists must remember that in romanticism (or romantic spiritualism) the driving force of medieval European culture was always the authentic individual's quest for goodness. This is no specious 'hippy' individualism. The difference being that the true 'pilgrim's progress', though personal, was nevertheless always undergone for the greater good of the wider social hierarchy in which he, the 'noble' man lived and moved. The quest for the Grail being a prime example, in which only access to that symbolic chalice could restore order to Camelot. In contrast, 20th C fascism's big mistake lay in putting the cart before the horse and then wondering why culture didn't proceed. The grotesque decadence and cruelty of the 3rd Reich shows us that you cannot make a noble culture in this arse-over-tit way; you can't just supply fools and sadists with smart uniforms and expect them to form a culture. You have to give a people a real spiritual totem around which to assemble, and an associated set of practises by which they can transform themselves. A people needs a genuine ideal of spiritual excellence personified in certain elite individuals whom they wish both to protect and promote as the summum bonum of their culture. Ethno-nationamism needs to get to grips with these philosophical realities or it will be dead in the water just like Hitler's thousand year reich. Hitler was a vulgarian (among other things): he wanted cultural rebirth on the cheap. Can't be done. A people has to pay with everything it's got if it wants real, exalted culture.

Michele Bachmann #wingnut #conspiracy #pratt youtube.com

Jan. 6, we’re all told that that’s the worst day that ever happened, these were the worst riots in America. It absolutely wasn’t. It is my opinion that this was a theatrical event that the progressive left put on. The individuals who were the instigators, who brought this about, these were agitators brought in to create this problem. I believe it was specifically done to rebrand Donald Trump as being an insurrectionist and a leader of a terrorist movement. I also believe that this was done to rebrand the Make America Great agenda—because remember, that was considered extremely popular by about 80 million Americans—so they wanted to rebrand Make America Great as an evil thing and those of us who supported Donald Trump and that agenda as evil and terrorists.

That’s all a lie. In the last five months, you wouldn’t even know that Donald J. Trump was ever the president. You wouldn’t even know that those four years of his presidency existed. George Orwell wrote a book, ‘1984.’ He talked about a concept called the memory hole; if the government in charge didn’t want you to remember someone, they put them in the memory hole. Donald J. Trump has been put in a memory hole, Make America Great Again has been put in a memory hole.

Christopher Newman #fundie #crackpot #dunning-kruger #pratt youtube.com

What crap! Birds are not dinosaurs. They are birds. Dinosaurs are dinosaurs. Common sense should tell you that. God said each species would create of its own. How desperate are these godless men to call birds, dinosaurs when species create of their own and don't develop into something else. They just don't want to acknowledge that there is a great god who created all things and to whom they are accountable to.

JohnM84 #fundie youtube.com

You are talking nonsense. It is a biological and scientific fact that a person is both physically and mentally ready to have sex when the person reaches sexual maturity (around 12-13). It works that way for animals too. It works exactly the same for all species.

TheViking Hermit & deathzero0212 #pratt #racist #sexist #wingnut youtube.com

(TheViking Hermit)
Critical Race Theory is extremely strange and dangerous in that it makes “white people” out as the ultimate bad guy, while also portraying “white people” as an unstoppable force that no other group can defend against or complete with, thus only policy and handouts can save them… it labels conquest, victory, hard work and critical thinking as “white”, heck even Math and Scheduling is “white”…implying that non-whites can neither conquer, be victorious, work hard, or advance… it’s both hateful of “whites” yet creepily venerating of them.

I find this same creepy double edge thought process in modern feminism where men are labeled as evil, and yet to promote women they compare themselves to and strive to be more, like men. Focusing on careers not family, making short hair popular, acting more aggressive, promoting less feminine and more ‘butch’ body types, demanding more clothing styles similar to that of men, desiring performance an competition at the same levels as men. Almost like to goal is to be men, rather than focus on what women are doing.

True, which is why Critical Theory and Feminism makes no sense. There's never been any logic or reason to their positions, it's entirely emotion-based and tribal. They contradict themselves all the time and many of us have spent the past 10 years making fun of their truly awful positions. However, despite how easy it is to debunk, reason against or disprove most of their points, they are still winning the culture war, mostly through their funding and institutions, fake news, celebrity culture, etc. Like Marxists say, "there is no truth but power." They don't care to speak truth, they only want to win, which is what they are doing...

chopppacalamari #fundie #conspiracy #pratt youtube.com

There are plenty of Bigfoot. And heaps of evidence including DNA. Science relies on the theory of evolution so they have to make Bigfoot seem like a conspiracy just like Russia collusion. They have to make Giant humans skeletons disappear. So they don’t let the media talk about it. Just look up the New York Times articles from 1810 to 1920. Heaps of giant bones were found and now it is illegal to dig the burial mounds where there are more. The Bigfoot shows on tv are kept stupid to look like crazy’s. Everything down to pictures. You can’t take a quick photo anymore and have it in focus. But you used to be able to. They made it worse not better.

Gregg Braden #crackpot youtube.com

Hidden Beneath The Ice of Antarctica... Lost Civilization of the Pre-Adamites

Could recently melted snow caps reveal an alternative history of Earth? Explore forgotten ruins and new scientific research that may indicate the presence of a pre-Adamite civilization with advanced architecture, hidden beneath the ice. Plus, see how the mathematical codes revealed by these findings may unlock the mysterious origins of elongated skulls found in sacred resting places across the world.

Tim Pool #dunning-kruger #wingnut youtube.com

In Seattle a pride event is being organized explicitly for non-white individuals, if white people would like to attend they will be charged a reparation fee. It seems like no one's gonna stop them. When some group reached out to the seattle human rights commission they just said "No, we think this is fine and you need to understand historical context" so, this is the future that the woke left wants. Racial segregation.

I genuinely believe they want more white nationalism. I'm not exaggerating. What i'm about to show next will be enlightening for many people.

From The Washington Post: "What is white racial identity and why is it important".

Of course the argument is having white people wake up to their racial identity means that they will abandon white privilege and things
like that.

If you are on the left, you're not exposed to a lot of the news i'm going to be showing you. If you believe that white people are colonizers, then, let me ask you, if you take a group of white people and put them through a training course which triggers a white racial awakening, do you think they'll become more racist or less racist?

You can't go around claiming that white people have privilege, are oppressors, and want them to form racial identity groups.

I would genuinely like someone to answer that question, so, if you are on the left, or you believe in critical race theory stuff, please comment, explain to me why white racial identity is a good thing. More importantly, why you think white people as historical oppressors and colonizers would just wake up to their identity, form race-based groups and then say "But we're going to do it at our own detriment," I'd have to imagine they'd say "Hey how about we colonize more."

Nigel Farage #conspiracy #wingnut youtube.com

In 2016 we had the Brexit resolved and I think that fed in very directly to Americans going out and voting for Donald Trump, believing that the establishment could be beaten. We, three years after that vote, found ourselves without Brexit, the date we were to leave by British law was frankly ignored, and we launched a grassroots revolt which I was very proud to lead and now we have brexit. We’re out, we’re free.

The deal might not be perfect but it's better than before, and here is the thing, 70% approval rating for Brexit, and the rest of Europe is looking at that too.

Our Labour party became a globalist party, unconcerned by open borders and mass immigration, and the party of cancel culture, which means you eradicate your nation’s history, and teach your children in schools they should be ashamed of who they are. Working class British in their millions feel alienated by it, they desserted it and now it is dead on the floor. It won’t come back for decades. I know that lots of American conservatives have virtually been in mourning for the last six months about the situation here, and I’ve come to say, we’ve now achieved some amazing things, and you in the mid-terms can do the same because the democrats are making exactly the same mistakes, moving to the left and alienating many of their own people.

The overall European project itself, now they see that Britain’s doing well with Brexit, I don’t believe that this globalist project will even exist in 10 years time. I don’t believe that the dems will stay in power in America, and I think what you’ll see is the election of the Biden administration actually is a short-term blip. The populist movement has got a lot further to run. We’re beating globalism.

Living for Christ #fundie youtube.com

Near death experiences prove Christianity! We find testimonies of former atheists, Buddhists, Muslims, etc. claiming they died, went to the afterlife but were saved and brought back by Jesus Christ. There are countless testimonies just on YouTube alone and the people that ventured into the afterlife describe the Christian concept of life after death (heaven & hell). If NDE’s were open to interpretation, we would find testimonies of people saying that when they died, they met Allah or Muhammad or Buddha. But since we only find testimonies of people saying they were saved by Jesus, we have additional evidence that Christianity is the truth. When Muslims die, they don’t hallucinate about Allah and when Hindus die, they don’t hallucinate about reincarnation. What we see is the truth of Christianity being preached by those that died and came back. Here are some testimonies: https://goo.gl/tm4myD https://goo.gl/7RVhx1 https://goo.gl/PibnTY https://goo.gl/tghpA9 https://goo.gl/ket6gj

Jake Sargeras #ableism youtube.com

(responding to an autistic person saying he hates anti-vaxxers saying autism is worse then plagues)
You really are self-centered. Just because you've managed to function in society at least ostensibly you know midgets aren't a blight on society either, but if you ask a lot of midgets if they could have the choice of being regular sized would they take it I think most of them would say yes. As someone who has a son who is autistic I can tell you right now I'm terrified for his future. He doesn't have any relatives so when me and my wife die he'll be alone in this world he'll probably be at the mercy of some sort of government facility or state-run Care Facility, he's not capable of living on his own, so who knows what'll happen to him. But yeah it's a real affront to your sensibility because I wish that scary future wasn't awaiting him possibly.

James Wiliams #fundie #crackpot youtube.com

(On a video debunking dinosaur cryptids)
Atheism and Evolution go hand in hand!
The TRUTH is revealed ONLY to those who have properly prepared to receive it those who love Him by obeying His commandments and it is RECEIVED PERSON to person, meaning that the TRIAD God delivers the knowledge personally to man just like he delivered Moses the Ten Commandments. [John 14:2] “He that hath my commandments, and keepeth them, he it is that loveth me: and he that loveth me shall be loved of my Father, and I will love him, and will manifest myself to him”
Theosis Union with God: The Goal of Orthodox Christianity

The years from Adam are 7500
throught Revelation from God!
The years from Adam till today are 7500 years, and this was revealed to father Kalinicos on a golden description when God appeared Himself to him as He is known in the icons of the Greek Orthodox Churc
On Mount Athos Greece the monks have a specific purpose of life. To get to know their creator God personally! Those monks becoming worthy they have been receiving knowledge that they deliver to the Church h. This information is found in the following web page put the story is in Greek. (bottom of web page)


Here is some live proof that can substantiate God's Revelation of Adam's age!
Dinosaurs Lived With Humans

Thunderbirt (pterodactyl 4 meter wingspan) photo the face of an alligator also styrosaure soft tissue in dino fossils-nothing in science can allow this to be millions of years old

According to God's Revelation to Saint Kalinicos, the end (the Second Coming) has started to materialize in 1992!

Living for Christ #fundie #pratt youtube.com


(Remember, these facts were written thousands of years ago):
(1) The Earth free floats in space. (Job 26:7) At the time, people thought the earth sat on a large animal.
(2) The Earth is round. (Isaiah 40:22) At the time, people thought the earth was flat.
(3) Blood is the source of life. (Leviticus 17:11) Up until the 1700s, people were bled because they thought that would get rid of their sickness. They should have listened to the Bible.
(4) Air has weight. (Job 28:25)
(5) Air has a cycle. (Ecclesiastes 1:6)
(6) There are hot water vents at the bottoms of deep seas. (Job 38:16) This fact wasn't verified until the 20th century with submarine technology.

Nigel Farage #conspiracy #pratt #racist #wingnut youtube.com

This has been a constant attempt for the left to tarnish us with this racism word and it just doesn't work anymore. The real racists are actually those behind Black Lives Matter, I really mean that. What's happening through BLM and elsewhere is, we are dividing people up into different groups dividing them up on the grounds of race ethnicity gender whatever else it may be, and that is disastrous, that is destructive, that is the real racism, and I loathe it, and i want to live in a country where everybody is treated exactly the same.

Whether it was my UKIP supporters, my Brexit party supporters, Trump supporters at the rallies, these are very, very good, decent people and the more mainstream media, you know, or Hillary Clinton point fingers at them, and call them deplorable, or ignorant, or stupid, the greater their resolve to fight back.

Within 24 hours of the death of george floyd there were riots in the streets of London, so don't tell me this was a spontaneous outpouring, this was all planned, they've been waiting for the opportunity and I was disgusted.

One of the things that has changed politics in the UK has been postal voting. We've seen it abused again and again, there is no country in which this is safe, and i was trying to warn america this time last year, that if you went down this route, you know the left will always win at this, because you see, if you think you're morally superior cheating is quite an easy thing to do.

i once saw a vote box in Oldham. Unbelievably, of the thousands of ballots that were in that box, the percentage that were voting for labour was 100. That is literally impossible so, you know, that is what is keeping Sadiq Khan holding on in London is the power of that postal vote.

JohnM84 #fundie youtube.com

What do you mean doesn't make it any better? God nature and biology designed people to be able to have children at those ages (12-14) so those ages are obviously right ages to be having children (12-13). God nature and biology are always right and God nature and biology always know best. Also back in ancient times life expectancy was low and people didn't live long and that is why people back in ancient times had to get married and had to start having children at those ages (12-13)

Robin Bullock #fundie #homophobia youtube.com

This is what I’ve heard from the Lord. Homosexuality is a cover up for an evangelist. People that are in that lifestyle are really called [to be] evangelists by the Lord, and this is a spirit that attacks that to stop it. So, instead of just praying a lot of things right here, what I’m led to do is to call forth the gift of evangelism that God has placed on their lives, to come forth and it will drive that other out.

So right now, I call for the gift of evangelism, that call from God that those that are bound up in homosexuality, that the evangelist anointing will come upon their lives because that’s what they are. And we say to the evangelist inside the homosexual, “Come forth, come out of that tomb, and come forth in Jesus’ name.”

turquoise770 #fundie youtube.com

this isn't compassion - it's stupidity caused by paganism. if they had the Judeo-Christian truth of the Gospel, they would be industriously raising those monkeys and turning them into livestock feed, and thus getting themselves out of poverty, but instead in their human pride they make feeding monkeys seem "holy" thus leading the rest of the community into stupidity and squalor, all the while being overrun by monkeys eating their food.

mydenmel #fundie youtube.com

[in the comments of a video of a rabbi explaining why Jews don’t believe Jesus is the messiah…]

Amado Vazquez: This is so shocking to me I can't wrap my head around this .their unbelief disturbes me and shocks me to the core..they so quick to deny the Lord ,I shake with fear for them..Jesus is the only way,and the truth..Lord have mercy on us🙏

mydenmel: I mean they are the ones who betrayed Jesus back then his countrymen chanted to crucify him..... I just thought after what they have been through being horribly persecuted like what they did to Jesus I thought they’ll realize something😪🤷🏻‍♀️

FLame N FRost #racist youtube.com

@Daniel L well if we are gonna go full scale on this, the creation of isnotreal wasn't the only problem, jewish population in arab countries contained many spies during the arab israeli wars, this is the reason arab countries sent most of them to europe, as for jewish exodus in iran, they are just racist shia lol, the jewish exodus in arab countries was WAY nicer than the palestinian exodus tho

Living for Christ #fundie youtube.com

(Here are some prophecies that the Bible said would come to pass before the End Times): (1) People will deny that GOD created the universe and that He judged them through Noah’s flood. (2 Peter 3:3, 5, 6) Atheists are now claiming that the universe created itself out of nothing. (2) The message of the Gospel will reach all the nations. (Matthew 24:14) Remember that Christianity started out with only a few dozen followers. Jesus prophesying that His message will reach the world is proof of its divine inspiration. (3) Jews will return to Israel, their homeland. (Ezekiel 34:13) (4) Israel will be a nation for the 3rd time. (Amos 9:14-15). (5) There will be money hungry preachers that deceive Christians and lead them away from the truth. (2 Peter 2:1-3) (6) Scoffers will mock the Second Coming by claiming these signs have always been around. (2 Peter 3:3, 4)
◘ [ Speaking of end times, God gave me visions about the rapture, the antichrist, and tribulations. Obama is the future antichrist. He will be revealed after the rapture of the bride of Christ. And the rapture will be covered up by some sort of an alien abduction theory. If the rapture happens and you get left behind, remember, aliens didn’t abduct those people, God raptured those Christians to heaven. ]◘

Robin Bullock #fundie #conspiracy youtube.com

Remember when Barack Obama left the presidency? He said, “Maybe we were 15 to 20 years too early.” Why would he say that? He’s talking about the demoralization period. … He said, “Maybe we were 15 or 20 years too early,” because he was a Saul Alinsky follower. He’s following the four stages of subversion.”

He thought it was gonna happen. And he thought Hillary Clinton should have stepped in, and it was demoralized, destabilize, pushed to a crisis. The crisis was COVID. That’s what it was. It was to push the nation to a crisis—COVID—and so they planned on Hillary Clinton being president right at that moment. That’s why they went berserk when Trump won. They couldn’t get over that. They said, “We got to get him out, got to get him out, got to get him out, got to get him out,” because they knew the virus was coming in 2020, and she should have been the president. And if it had been, the book of Revelation—we don’t have time to look at that—said she would have taken us into the Great Tribulation. And that’s what was planned.

LazicStefan & Digital Intent #conspiracy #crackpot #mammon #racist #sexist youtube.com

RE: Young Men Are STRUGGLING To Find Dates As Apps Force Men To Compete With Older Wealthier Men

The group doing that has their HQ in israel. The solution is bitcoin. The govt can't print that and give it to whamen. Demand bitcoin for your work and soon the system of male exploitation will end.

(Digital Intent)
But very few people can actually see this, or worse, they see it but don't want to be labeled anti-termite, or some shit like that.

Universe Inside You/Petra Ortiz (narrator) #crackpot youtube.com

The Book of Enoch Banned from The Bible Tells the True Story of Humanity

In its entirety, The Book of Enoch is made up of five books – The Book of Watchers, Book of Parables, The Astronomical Book, The Dream Visions, and The Epistles of Enoch – containing some 100 chapters. These chapters tell the story of the 7th patriarch in the Book of Genesis – Enoch, the father of Methuselah and grandfather of Noah, the same Noah in the biblical story of Noah's Ark.
Yet, this was not the biblical story of Noah's Ark. In fact, the Book of Enoch provides an entirely different recounting of the events leading up to the Great Flood of Noah's time, that is, a completely different doctrinal history. It tells a story of the Watchers, explained in biblical terms to be fallen angels, sent to earth to watch over humans at some undefined and ancient point in time. Unfortunately, far from merely watching humans, these Watchers became infatuated by human women, and in short order, began to engage in depraved sexual acts with them. The Book of Enoch tells of the children born through this interbreeding between Watchers and humans, called the Nephilim. These Nephilim were as described: "giants and savages that endangered and pillaged humanity," or, said another way, "supernatural, man-eating giants." Angered with what the Watchers had done, those described as gods chained them in a subterranean prison deep within the earth. Enoch became the go-between gods and imprisoned Watchers.

Mark Stolk and Truth TV #crackpot #conspiracy #magick #ufo youtube.com

"Exorcism, Secret Egypt Atlantis History, Mind Powers & E.T. Control" .

To find a deeper understanding of our difficult and challenging times and the great planetary changes that are currently going on and will come to pass, all due to new galactic and universal alignments, a thorough understanding of his-story and her story (which is the story of our planet earth) are essential. Many important and interesting topics re discussed in this two-hour Age Of Truth TV interview with MARK STOLK, who will dive deep and coherently into the great hidden esoteric secrets and mysteries of our world. We travel back to the time before the Great Flood, to the Golden Age of men, and to the great disaster that followed it that disconnected the majority of the human race from its universal connections. This still influence us and our culture today.

This journey, based on a thorough understanding of natural laws and solar mechanics, will lead us into a deeper understanding of Ancient Egypt, the pyramids, the growing- and hollow earth theory, giants, the human genetic mix-up, masonic symbology, religion, exocism and so much more. It will also bring us back to our time and to the great universal shift and the new gateway of evolutionary permission that is opening up right now.

The Rooted Word #fundie #psycho youtube.com

(Note: He’s one of those guys who always tries to expose others as fake christians. At least he’s anti-calvinist, tho…)

If you have ever thought about suicide or attempted to commit suicide in this life, then you certainly do not want to go to the Lake of Burning Sulfur where every moment you beg to commit suicide and have no way to achieve it. It is a horrible situation to desire suicide and even worse to so strongly desire something that you can never complete. If you have questions about suicide and Christian belief, watch for a coming video that explains it clearly like you have never heard before.

The Lake of fire is nothing to take lightly. It is an eternal place that is bigger and more powerful than even the Devil. For that is where the Devil is cast for eternal torture and the smoke of his torture rises forever and ever. Since it was created for the Devil, imagine what it would be like for a human being to be tortured there! You DON'T want to be there. You must stop sinning! And do what is right!

Richard L. #crackpot youtube.com

The [COVID-19] Vaccine rewrites and overwrites your DNA like how in a computer files over right one's that are targeted.

Overriding and remapping your DNA.

The symptoms of numbness in the limbs and headaches is the Bio hack in progress shifting you into a docile subservient Zombie Drone.

Lazarus056 #conspiracy #wingnut youtube.com

(=Comon talking points of RWBY conspiracy theorists - anime fans who like to use the shows deceased creator to spread conspiracies and slander of Rooster Teeth studios. It’s often parroted by homopohbes and incels who watch the show=)

Yeah, No. Last I checked? He left CRWBY and RT. Something about being fired or he left on his own Violation.

And even if he hadn't left, that doesn't mean he knew anything of his Brother's work. You can be related to someone, but that doesn't mean they'll tell you EVERYTHING they have to you... Or even if they did, would you have listened? Or would you have left much of the story fly over your head? There are brothers and sisters who act like that to their siblings.

Miles and Kerry may say they worked with him, but you can say the same of those who worked with the likes of Stephen Hillenberg, and we see how That's Going. (Stephen Hillenberg said that Spongebob was NEVER to have a Spinoff. Guess what Nickelodeon went and did the moment Stephen Passed on from Cancer?)

So yeah, Never say "They work with this Deceased Guy, so they KNOW this Deceased Guy's works.", as more often than not, they're willing to defy the Dead Man's Wishes for their own Reasons, and none of the reasons are anything good.

You know how many excuses I saw for Monty's works? "He was Bad Story Writer", "He did not Make the Scripts", "He wasn't even the Director, but the Action Animator", "He didn't write the story", "He wasn't the one who thought up RWBY"... All those from the likes of your Ilk. They say the same things, all to Downplay Miles and Kerry's bullcrap.

And here's the BIG Kicker... RWBY the Team, was supposed to be a Sisterhood Team, Not a Couple Team like JNPR. This was straight from the mouth of Monty Oum himself, "Team RWBY is a Sisterhood, united as a FAMILY even if not by Blood."

So that begs the Question, why are you supportive of the Group that Shat all over Monty's story? You may have pirated the Series, but CRWBY still gets the Ad Revenue.

So frankly, You're still giving CRWBY the Money, you're just giving it to them from a Third Party Source. Congrats.

Various Incels #crackpot #psycho #racist #sexist youtube.com

RE: Incelibate State of the Middle East and North Africa

Taking a deeper look into the 50% ethnic tax, SMV of Middle Eastern men and all the dangers awaiting them in the future.

(kira light)
I am Egyptian and I want to mention something you missed in the video of the Egyptian girls talking to the British guy who learns Arabic. One girl was asking her friends how to ask him about his religion in English. Muslim women marring non-muslim men is haram. A man she just met and she wanted to know whether she is allowed to marry him or not. That's absolutely brutal.

(Warsaw Cat)
I think there needs to be a video of latin america incels. White worshipping is unreal in there, every actor looks White/European. We often talk about rice and curry but never mention the beans.

(brad jb)

Can you make a video about women who hate white men but date and marry them?

Just go on Twitter and see all these brown and white liberal women that endlessly hate white men but if you dig in to their personal life, they are like a breeding stump for these white men.

(Kikuyu Kiiru)

When I was in high-school (in the UK), one of my friends (a white guy) was secretly dating a Pakistani Muslim girl. Her family found out, and the guy started getting death threats from her brothers/cousins/uncles. He was only like 14, as well, lmfao.

I had a bit too much schadenfreude reading that. That white boy needs to date his own.

(James Blue)
their just trying to stomp out the degeneracy of interracial dating. There's been a bunch of Muslims in the UK that have sent their daughters, nieces etc back to Pakistan because they secretly date white boys.

(Kwai Chang Caine)
This is the most honest hard hitting channel ever. Brutal is the black pill. When i was younger I always felt bad for the Asian guys because I noticed most pretty Asian girls were with which men. I didn't realize Indian and middle eastern guys were being passed over by their own women