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(In reaction to the Malaysian government trying to extradite a Malay transwoman from Thailand for breaching Islamic dressing rules.)

(Jack Django)
It's not strange at all that traditionalism is on the rise in the rest of the world. Anyone on the outside that looks at the west for more than five minutes wants no part of what we're doing.

(privacy first)
Malaysia attempting to change a person's pronouns to was/were. Progressive.

(Dave N)
Can we just go back to calling the ones that pass Ladyboys, and the ones that don't (99.9%) Men.

You give them an inch they will take a mile. In Canada they already can brainwash and medicate kids without leting the parents know. If I had to choose between the two I choose the Malaysian way.

(who is John Galt)
The east, and tribal cultures have seen what has happened in the west. They are seeing what we are doing to little children. They ain't having it.

(Milk Shake)
Welll .... the Aliens or Robots will start to enslave humans .... or Owrld War 3 will turns us all to ash .... these can't come soon enough. Humans are clearly trash.

(Geoff Owen)
Ahh the lefties are now in a bind, if they kick off about this they're islamaphobic, if they say nothing then they're violent transphobes as silence is violence.
Ohhhhh pass the popcorn.

Lefties are going to love living in an Islamic country.

(Midori Sato)
While I'm not going to say that a person can't be a trans man and willingly get pregnant, I will say they're doing a terrible job at being men.

(Delta Sly)
Trans people can be hot,
Mostly, if there under 35.
As soon as your age shows, its like wearing ball skin on your face.

(Aniquin Stark)
Muslims are allowed to have entire religious governments but Christians can't even talk about religion in schools...

(Jason Reborn)
Asian men make the most convincing women. It is disturbing how hard it is to tell that isn't a woman. Soon you will need to see a birth certificate and baby pictures to be sure it's not a man

Asian trans > American trans

Unexplained Mysteries #magick #conspiracy #ufo youtube.com

This Psychic reveals that Albert Einstein studied this with him & was told not to tell anyone. Today, we take a look at what this Psychic said he encountered.

Uri Geller has been saying some interesting things in recent weeks. He says that he had multiple meetings with Wernher Von Braun at NASA, and said that while there he was shown some interesting pieces of materials, that he said later came from mysterious aircrafts.

He decided to come forward with his story after hearing about the various sightings that pilots had made in regards to mysterious flying objects, noting that the government had known about these things for years.

Thank you for watching!

tafsirul shuvo #fundie youtube.com

Islam have its own human rights.....the main problem of the west is they judge Islam as a religion.Its not like other religions it have a civilization of its own..... from own economy system to own law.....you cant just impose something called human rights which are made by humans over Allahs (god) law where Muslims are only to abide by islam not what other thinks.......If West keep doing same mistakes over and over again there Will be more Tali*bans alike and more afga-nistan.......

yes anyone cant Force anyone to accept Islam but a Muslim can Force other Muslim to follow the religion......

TK, Mhd, #fundie youtube.com

Fajita buns: I'm a Muslim as well and I'm saying this. Every one should have a right to believe in what they want to believe in. If someone feels that islam isn't the right religion for them let them be don't pull them out and start harassing them. It's like in this society if a christian converted to Islam they'd be trashed by so many others, it's the same case for muslims converting to a different religion.

TK: Everyone has the right to disobey Allah and worship and praise others even after his mercy? Sister u r confused no one has the right to disobey the almighty Allah and those who do will experience a painful torment.

Mhd: Believe me my friend people before them have mocked laughed at messengers,prophet even muhammad pbuh when he was alive was laughed and mocked by Quraysh and pagan people, they accuse him by doing magic or being mad....etc even allah ! didn't you know that the jews called allah poor ?

Allah has certainly heard the statement of those [Jews] who said, "Indeed, Allah is poor, while we are rich." We will record what they said and their killing of the prophets without right and will say, "Taste the punishment of the Burning Fire. [quran 3:181]

squig, LoveOrHate, Flywithbees #fundie youtube.com

[On a video where a Muslim responds to Youtuber Cosmic Skeptic on why Islam is so sensitive…]

Danny Lad: South Park took fun out of many religions including Judaism Christianity and Islam as well as certain cultures. But it was only Muslims that took such offense that the 2 writers had to go into hiding. All religions can all be sensitive to ridicule, but Islam definately seems the most sensitive, so I can see his argument.

squig: shows the falsehood of judaism and christianity as their followers let their religion be mocked. they dont even take their own religion seriously.

Flywithbees: Think about the example of the mother he gave : If someone insulted your mother, will you stay watching these people making fun and insulting your mother???? Well, I don't think you will stay there watching them.

LoveOrHate: No the fact south park made Muhammad PBUH as a cartoon character with a face! not in 14000 years someone had the audacity to do that, u can see why we were so sensitive about it, its very disrespectful joke or not

Pastor Greg Locke #wingnut youtube.com

[in response to being permanently banned from Twitter]

…I’m the first pastor with any sort of a platform that’s been banned. So guess what? We’re fighting back right now. Within one hour of it happening, we’ve already had our wonderful lawyer for our ministry file and we have just entered into the class action lawsuit against Twitter and all of these censorship Nazis. We just entered in with Candace Owens and Donald Trump and others.

Can you believe it? They banned a pastor! They banned a pastor! With a verified public blue checkmark platform on Twitter because I’m a “danger”…
…So yeah, we’re gonna sue ‘em! We’re fighting back! We’re jumping into the lawsuit. Because this is America, ladies and gentlemen! When are you gonna wake up? When are you gonna get your head out of the sand and recognize that they’re trying to take away every right that we have?…
…It’s unbelievable what they are doing! The conservative Christian censorship is ridiculous! If you don’t think persecution is here, you are not paying attention…

Giureh - G.I.U.R.E.H. #conspiracy #magick #fundie #psycho youtube.com

The Swiss Beast - Home of the Devil: Part 1. NWO Nazi-Templars

I feel, the Indigo inside me consists of AIR & FIRE, and they shouldn't play with this fire any longer these earthly creepers of the worldwide authorities and occupying army over humanity; this is why my Blue Warrior's aura has the colour of air and scourging blue fire !
Ich fühle, der Indigo in mir besteht aus LUFT & FEUER, und sie sollen nicht weiter mit diesem Feuer spielen diesen erdischen Kriecher der weltweiten Autoritäten und Besetzungsmacht über die Menschheit; darum hat mein Blauer Krieger Aura die Farbe der Luft und versengendes Blaues Feuer !
The Knights Templars of Octogon founded "clean" Switzerland 1291
My name is Sean Hross, my other channels are giureh and chatzefratz, my email is swisstorture@gmail.com, and this video here tells the whole story of our ruling Masters: "The Swiss Beast - Home of the Devil"

Sean Hross #crackpot #magick youtube.com

My son Kylean Hross Tel ++41 76 587 1770 is an Indigo abiding his own set of rules, I was only allowed to film him in the back from a "safe" distance. Now 2021 he's only 21 years old, he cannot read a single musical note, never had any piano lessons, taught himself to play the piano, where he improvises for hours without making a mistake… The enigma concerning the Hillbilly kid in the film is, that he also must have been a traumatised child - maybe the snake handling of the Appalacheans did it, who knows. Due to the endless SwiSS Nazi terror by the SwiSS people, my son is suffering from severe PTSD and is very traumatised, as his younger brother Riwan and his little sister Alwina are too but in a totally different sense though. Because of the deliberate SwiSS SVP Nazi police terror on my children, they destroyed their future in the cradle, so at least they won't become like their political father - the SwiSSies call that Collateral Damage to keep SwiSSyland clean. They do nothing anymore with their young lives except sit around at home the whole day, and they just gave it up, abandoned, surrendered and gave in to the SwiSS terror. It breaks a father's heart to see this and being too little and too powerless to counter the massive and endless SwiSS terror into the 4th generation already. For this SwiSSy is gonna pay dearly. Please someone take my kids out of this SwiSS Hell. They have sweet characters and don't deserve this, only because the SwiSSies want to take revenge on their political father. SwiSSy arrested me their father several times with an anti-terrorist squad, shouting, screaming and putting guns at my head in front of my very young children, who were just three and twelve years old at the moment and crying their hearts out. Also witnessing the house full of heavily armed SwiSS Nazi Police doing several house searches to eliminate the proofs like stealing hard discs, cameras, computers, memory cards, my files, etcetera. And those little souls with their sensitive characters absorbing it all deliberately destroying their young lives. Therefore my son Kylean retracts in his music, shuts the door, closes off, seals off and only wants to be filmed in the back, because he's used to be alone with his sorrows.

onawa ewahee bey #crackpot #conspiracy youtube.com

all rize ande stande. thiis is a sovereigne anciient artikle iii al maroccan moorishe amerikan kunsolar kourte actione. i am livving justise juddge onawa ehawee bey, in red inkk, all lowwer kase letturs, in capitis diminutio nolo, in propria persona sui juris, in proprio solo, ande in proprio heredes, at thiis tiime ande all pointes in tiime. nunc pro tunc. i am an ahscendant uf thee greatt pharaohs uf kemete, ande thee anciient moabites/moab ande thee canaanites. i am exxercising all uf myy righhts at thiis tiime ande all pointes in tiime. NO UNITED STATES CORPORATION COMPANY CITIZEN haas personam jurisdictione, norr subjectes matter jurisdictione, norr terratoriaal jurisdictione, over anyy moorishe amerikan nationaal. youu are kommanded tew state yourr name ande nationaality forr thee rekord ande on thee rekord withhout further komment. i am thee laww, i am thee governmente. myy bodyy, all lande, all resouurces, all kommerce, ande all properrty are in thee jurisdictione uf myy anncesstral innherited essate at thiis tiime ande all pointes in tiime. all properrty tew inklude all properrty klaimed bye subjectes is herebye reepossessed ande lev'eed bye thee origeinaal inndigenous sovereigne peeople whu are thee de jure moorishe nationaal republicc federaal governmente. thiis is yourr due process uf notiice uf intente tew lien all CORPORATIONS ande CITIZENS forr unlawwful occupatione uf sovereigne origeinaal inndigenous landes. [ i do knott own thee righhts tew thee music] all righhts exxercised at all tiimes.

Jordan Peterson #sexist youtube.com

[during a lecture on why women today supposedly prefer more feminine men]

If you track women through their Ovulation cycle and you show them a picture of a man same man, and you do nothing but vary his jaw width when they're ovulating the guy with the wider jaw is more attractive and when they're not ovulating and the farthest away from that the guy with the thinner jaw is more attractive and that's associated with testosterone levels, so women who are fertile like more masculine men. If you’re on the pill, then you’re never in that ovulation phase, and so one thing that may have happened, and I don’t know this for sure, is that since women have been taking birth control, their preference for less masculine men has been more pronounced. And that could be one of the things that’s fueling the tension that’s existed and exists now politically between men and women.

[Peterson later goes on to talk about how sex is dangerous socially, emotionally, and about how AIDS could have killed all of us when it emerged in the 1980s]

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RE: Republicans BLOCKED From Voting In Newsom Recall Told They Already Voted, Larry Elder STILL May WIN

(Snuggly Bastard)
They're rigging the elections again. The Democrats can't win otherwise.

(SWFL Fishing)
Soon they’ll tell us Gavin Newsom is the “most popular governor in history”, 80 million votes in a state of 39 million.

Whenever there exists a Democrat in the election.... the likelihood of shenanigans taking place goes up by about 1000%

(Kevin Hoekman)
Tim, they won't let them vote. They, the Dems, already voted for them. Get this through your head, this happened in 2020. Millions of people Tim.

Stop denying voter fraud Tim. We all know its a widespread problem and they hide it.

(Rob K)
Tim, you sound just like the people trying to force vaccines: “just shut up, stop asking questions, and vote.”

(David Guyton)
After the results come out, you won't be allowed to ask questions about it without having your online persona Epsteined.

(System X)
I'm sure it's gonna be the most free and fair election ever if Gavin wins. If he loses it'll be Trump and Russia behind it.

(Phoenix 2020)
"Do your job media..." Says Tim. Silly kid. The Democrat propaganda machine is fully operational and working well. Seems like we've heard this all before somewhere... 🤔

Sean Hross #conspiracy #crackpot youtube.com

Pharaoh Giscard d'Estaing ruling France in Medieval Castle & Emperor Bokassa's Diamonds Corruption

In fact the SpOrt 2OOO logo had the square, as there are three circles in 2OOO for concept of three plus another one in the word spOrt adding up to concept of four; so it does say "square & compass", which I only saw later, when I had it all imported in my computer. The same for the three red Templar V's on the lorry, because behind it there was another V in blue; so also here it did in fact say concept of 4 & 3 for "square & compass". It's everywhere, and everything belongs to them. And we are just their slaves, who are going to be locked up in our homes and forced to the needle with Pharaoh's magic to make us infertile like a genetically manipulated Monsanto plant.

Jesse Lee Peterson #sexist #wingnut youtube.com

[concerning former New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s resignation and replacement by Kathy Hochul]

…So they replaced the governor that’s leaving with this female governor. That’s not going to make New York better! What the…?

And her name doesn’t matter, but I’m being told it’s Kathy Hochul. I don’t care about her name. This woman is a loser. Women were created from man to be a help to the man. They were not created to lead. It’s not in them.
…And because you put these women in so-called “leadership”, that doesn’t make them leaders. Look how everything go wrong. The Talibans are loving this! ‘Cause they know! They may deal with it I’m the wrong way, but they know that women don’t have it. We know it. Everybody knows it, but people are afraid to say it now because you would be called a name. You would become an outcast. Like, who cares? What do you love most: what’s right, or people, places and things?

You gotta make up your mind. You will be destroyed. They’re putting women in charge.

BeBe Cakes and Alejandro #dunning-kruger #elitist #psycho youtube.com

(On a video about a baby chimpanzee with big ears.)

BeBe Cakes: Drop a rock on it

Alejandro: (Replying to someone who deleted their comment) Oh jesus here we go with this dumb shit again, every single one of you filthy ape lovers have the exact same ignorant retort to every even slightly offensive slur towards these disgusting, ugly, violent, fat and useless beasts "I'd like to do that to you" of "I hope someone does that to you" etc. If you're mind is so twisted and diluted that you'd rather see a human injured or killed then you need to see a fucking counselor.

Caleb Jacobs #homophobia youtube.com

I didn’t remember being molested till I was 29. I had completely dissociated from years of abuse from toddler till I was 13. Later in life, when I attended group therapy, I would get jealous of those who said the root cause of their sexuality was because of sexual abuse, because at least they had a reason for it. I, however, had no memory of the abuse, so I was not able to pin it as a cause of my same sex attraction. I would honestly blame God, because he wouldn’t change me no matter how much I prayed for it, for many years, so my thought process was he must have made me this way, or be punishing me... But I didn’t want that, my childhood dream was to be married to a woman and have lots of kids, but that dream was crushed after 17 years of trying to change.

Now that I’ve re-experienced the abusive events through endless flashbacks, and doing inner healing for years the truth has finally come out and I’m walking through DID, PTSD, Anxeity, Depression, but you know what Jesus is walking me through the healing of all of it. It’s like I woke up to the truth. He is showing me who I truly am, but at times it is the most painful process ever to work through the trauma of the past. The fact that I am alive is an incredible miracle in itself, and the abusers in my life all claimed to be Christian and attended church. Never chalantly trust any people with your kids, unless the Holy Spirit gives release over that person/s, even then keep a close eye over your children. Every sitter, relative, friend should be held to a high standard and accountable by the community. My parents trusted too easily, and were too occupied by work to notice anything off (and I’m sure we’re in denial too), and were never there to protect me when I needed them. On the outside my family appeared to be an outstanding Christian family that loved the Lord.

Wake up! Beware of the wolves and cult members walk among us! There are more than you think. Protect yours and others kids, I can’t stress that enough. If we fail to protect them from this cancer it might destroy their very God given destiny..

Khalid Ibn Al-Walid #conspiracy youtube.com

Osama bin Laden has nothing to do with 9/11 I mean theirs no proof, even if they did, good someone took a stand after America bombed Iraq, Palestine, Syria, that doesn't count? They killed innocent I mean I don't get why people are so surprised they're just doing it because America bombed them, killed and tortured them

Gary Lamb #wingnut #fundie youtube.com

I don’t own a house, I don’t have no money in the bank [but] that’s because of COVID because I was actually doing pretty well until that hit. But I realized that the reason I was doing pretty good was because of Trump. The Democrats never gave me s***, not a f****** thing.
To me, Trump is a freaking Godsend. To me, Trump is life. To me Trump is a second chance. So when you say “Trump is like *meh*” No, he’s way more than that!

yung noble #racist #dunning-kruger youtube.com

There are various life forms that are native "to"(a.k.a Indigenous to) specific Geographic locations that resembles each other but are unrelated to eachother. The Laws of Nature Applys to ALL Lifeforms, including the Indigenous People of the World.

👉🏽. Saying ALL people originated from Africa because they have fark brown sfkin, woolly hair, high cheek bones, wide noses and thick lips is like saying ALL plants originated from Africa because they're green, have stems, absorb water through their roots and can't walk. GTFOH!!💯

Melissa G #conspiracy #crackpot youtube.com

Sean wow have you taught me so much over the years. I have listened, absorbed, researched Your information and shared it with many and your knowledge is beyond what we lazy asses deserve but I thank you and praise your need to share the truth. your travels are amazing.
You are a warrior.
You are the only one I’ve ever trusted because you SHOW the symbolism and you’ve done your history lessons. The REAL TRUE history not the bullshit we’ve been told is “history” it truly is “HIS STORY” the “winners” wrote the history for us to ingest. Europe is so deep in its satanic/luciferian past. America is as well, just a baby of a nation compared to Europe. I wish you could come to America and show us what America really is about. Come to Oklahoma. You are welcome

Jack Posobiec & Tim Pool #pratt #psycho #racist #wingnut youtube.com

JP: And Bowser knows this, she knows exactly who she's catering to, and she will paint Black Lives Matter all across the street in front of the White House, then when Trump isn't in there, when he's gone, what happens? It gets paved over, and she goes and she's kicking famillies out of the city, by police.

TP: And when "Cuba Libre" was painted in front of the, I believe, it was the Cuban embassy building, they came in and got rid of that immediately. Yeah, the messaging is only there if you're, you know, you're anti Trump. Right?

You know, what I love about those Capitol hearings is that, they're literally crying. Like, Kinzinger cried. That dude is a SOCIOPATH. Because, those tears aren't real. That dude was faking it, and I'll tell you, in my opinion.

Why? We had 60 Secret Service agents injured at the insurrection at the White House last year.

JP: Right.

TP: What was it, a guard tower, a Secret Service tower was set on fire?

St. John's church, also set on fire.

Insurrection. They're tryna, they're tryna breach the White House. 60 Secret Service agents injured. And 150 police.

JP: Remember, they laughed. They laughed at Trump being evacuated, to the presidential bunker.

TP: That's right. because of their insurrection, the President was evacuated, and the media laughed and mocked Trump, and they called him the bunker boy, and they posted photos, and now Kinzinger's crying? Spare me.

JP: You know, Imagine if that were Biden and Harris sent to the bunker. Then, I mean, those Jan 6th hearings would be... I mean, what they're trying to do, and I know that you were in Ukraine when that happened. They're trying to turn January 6th into an American version of the Maidan Revolution. They're, so, essentially, that was a color revolution, right? this is, pretty wildly accepted that that was a color revolution.

Shane Vaughn #wingnut #fundie youtube.com

Climate change is not scientific. It is a religion. It is an anti-Christ religion that has taken over the minds of the world. In today’s lesson, I’m going to prove to you from God’s word that it is a sin to believe in the ideology and the religion of climate change.

Satan has deceived the whole world. If you believe that mankind is causing climate change, you’re deceived by Satan. Do you know that the American West is withering as I speak to you right now? California is withering. Have you seen the levels of the lakes there? Folks, wake up America! Return to your God. Submit to Yahweh. Obey his commandments. Keep his sabbath holy. Give him his tithe. Walk circumspectly before him. Oh, hallelujah.

God causes these conditions. He controls the rain, the droughts, the famines, the floods. Do you know why we want to believe that climate change does this? It gives us the power. You scientists from the pits of Hell, how dare you take from Yahweh the sovereign right over the weather that he alone claims and he alone controls, you demonic demons from the cesspools of the abyss of Hell!

Tim Pool #wingnut youtube.com

The President Biden Farce Is OVER, Approval Drops To THIRTY ONE PERCENT Among Independent Voters

Steve Bannon says this is it, the Biden administration is done. I completely agree. Joe Biden didn't get elected, Donald Trump was anti-elected. Enthusiasm against Trump was equally as high as enthusiasm for trump. Biden wasn't selected by the people for his leadership skills, of course not. The Atlantic said "Stay alive Joe Biden, all we need is your corporeal form." and I'm not exaggerating, it's actually an article from the Atlantic, and here we are.

I have witnessed a transformation among people I've known and trusted for a long time. Among family members, who used to be fun, smiles, barbecues, and they have become zealous, psychotic, rage-filled hate mongers. You've seen it, haven't you, all of a sudden people you knew just, insulting you, and, deriding you and calling you a maggot.

I'm like, did you see the change happen in these people? Yes, the hatred has boiled up so much in their hearts, I absolutely believe they voted for Joe Biden not because they like Biden or want him, because they hate you, and they hate Donald Trump.

And so I absolutely can believe it when I was shocked to see skateboarders who I had known, who never cared about politics, just all of a sudden spewing vile, disgusting things. Look at what they say about COVID victims, they're like "I hope they die," it's scary isn't it, when you see people saying f you, screw you, I don't care anymore the embracing of authoritarianism. Yes, yeah I can believe it. I look forward to seeing what happens with some of these audits but, the vile hatred, man.

The Presidency is over, the people are seeing through it, how can Biden recover from this. Now they're starting to realize the incompetence and failures of this man, so, yeah, absolutely. We'll see how that manifests in the recall, in the coming election in 2022.

Various Commenters #dunning-kruger #elitist #fundie #pratt youtube.com

RE: Die-Hard Atheist Encounters Jesus While Reading Narnia

Jordan grew up an atheist and would ridicule her Christian friends for their beliefs. But then she encountered the love of Jesus.

(Henrique Ordine)
I've been down that atheist path as well, and it's a path of frustration and hopelessness. Jesus is the truth.

(Crystal Ramdial)
I struggled with self hate , addiction and depression . Experiencing GOD'S love truly brought freedom and peace. Honestly nobody can love you like JESUS. GIVE HIM A CHANCE, HE'LL DO THE SAME FOR YOU.

"I believe in Christianity as I believe that the sun has risen. Not only because I see it, but because by it I see everything else."

That is of my favorite C.S. Lewis quotes. And whenever someone asks me to prove there is a God, I'll respond with "Look around you. He's everywhere."

(Gumbi Is A Meatball)
Today I saw an interview with Carl Jung. He was asked, "Do you believe there's a God?" He paused and said, "I don't have to believe, I KNOW." What many don't understand is that, Jesus Christ and God are REAL. Once you have a Personal encounter with Them and begin a Relationship with Them, you DON'T have to believe... you KNOW! Do you "believe" in your best friend, or do you KNOW them?

(Karunya Ronith)
Repent today. God is coming soon

(Agafaith Rilles)
i can't imagine a life that you dont believe in God. That's just hopelessness, darkness and no purpose at all.

(Kathy R.)
Take a look around... it’s a no brainer that God is Almighty and a Genius Creator

(Yeya Music)
I love how creative God is! Such an abstract way to reach someone yet so cool.

Kevin & Keith Hodge #dunning-kruger #transphobia #wingnut youtube.com

The Conservative Twins Reveal Why They Left The Democratic Party

Growing up black you're taught in your home you're a Democrat, Republicans are racist, and I always believed that. It took like the first 30 years of my life to figure out that wasn't true. The very first political videos i came across was Larry Elder, yeah, and then that little white supremacist Ben Shapiro came up, the idea that sex or gender are malleable is not true, and the first time I came across Ben Shapiro, I wanted to murder him, because he always had an answer, he was always right.

Like man, everything that these people are saying is the truth, and I started, before I knew it, I was just sitting there for hours just looking at him, then Candace Owens gets recommended to me, and I was like, man, how can I have been this dumb all my life.

I think a lot of people, especially minorities, have been lied to for so long they'd rather have that crutch of blaming white supremacy on them being just pathetic, yeah, it's easy to point at a white prince and say, that's why I can't succeed, that's why my credit is messed up, the reason why I robbed that guy is because a white man won't give me a job, I had to rob that black person you know.

They call us damn sellouts, Uncle Toms. From the moment they're born, their parents, their churches, our tv shows, our music is telling us to think a certain way. It's all our culture, has nothing to do with white supremacy. It's kind of a shame because being mentally enslaved is, like, that's worse than being physically, because if you can see, you got chains and you're a slave, you can try to take the chains off, you can run, but how can you tell somebody that they're a slave, and you don't have any change. It's like mental enslave that's more powerful than being, yeah, you can't do, you're going to die a slave.

Tim Pool & Lily Tang Williams #conspiracy #wingnut youtube.com

Survivor Of Mao's Cultural Revolution Says It's Happening In The US NOW

You said that what's happening here with critical race theory, this is a culture revolution in America.

Well as somebody who survived Mao's cultural revolution it's very terrifying to say lots of similarities. He used marxist theory to separate people into oppressor versus oppressed.

You could call that equity today, do people even know that's a communist term, equity, equal outcomes by forcefully doing wealth redistribution. That's what Mao did, he promised we're going to have land, taking from the rich, give to the peasants, we're going to take over all the private properties like factories, industries, so we can give to the people equally. People always buy into that kind of promise that never came, you know, never can, and how many people did he kill to to enact that vision?

Now in the US, they're saying, the oppressors and the oppressed, and they're using race to get what they want. You have this idea who are they claiming are the oppressors, now, typically, white, heteronormative men, right, you have your own new oppressors groups.

In China it was mostly mostly ethnically Chinese, so, critical critical class theory is what you'd have to use. Marx's ideas of class only work in these Old World, ethnically homogenous places.

So they needed to create a new framework that was race-based for the US.

Now it's in our schools, they're lying, saying it's not in our schools, they keep moving the goal posts, oh it's not critical race theory it's something else, oh it's not feminism it's something else, oh we're just teaching people not to be bigots. And then, every step of the way, they're indoctrinating these kids. Now these kids are gonna grow up and they're gonna believe this stuff, and then there's some charismatic cultural marxist leader who comes around and we will face a cultural revolution in a decade.

Various Commenters #pratt #wingnut youtube.com

RE: Democrats Introduce New NDAA Provision Requiring Women To be Drafted, Feminists Are NOT Happy

(Stephen Shelton)
What's that old saying? Feminists want the rights of men, the privileges of women, and the responsibility of children.

(Shahiq Yarbouti)
When feminists say "equality", they mean they want all of the benefits and none of the responsibilities.

(Mike TeeVeeDub)
Feminists: "Anything a man can do a woman can do better!"
Military: "Ok - here's a rifle, ammo and a helmet. Go sit on the front line."
Feminists: "Wah - I'm just a girl!"

Leftist: There's no difference between men and women
Also Leftist: How dare you try and sign up women to a draft

(Man Overboard Media)
Globalists: "You will own nothing, and you will be happy."
Democrats: "That's okay, all I need is my right to live."
Globalists: "Hold my beer..."

(Rafael Santos)
"Feminists are NOT happy" Well duh, that's like saying water is wet.

(Simon Pike)
“There is no such thing as a feminist in a burning building” -Bill Burr😂😂😂😂

And if you want women to register for the draft, tell them they can’t! Feminists will scream and cry for the right to serve!!😂

(Justice Dunham)
The suffrage movements was one of the best cons in history! They got all the perks of being a part of society with none of the drawbacks

2028 END (Gabriel Erb) #fundie youtube.com

Incorrect, that is NOT what the Bible says. It says this ...

No DAY or HOUR is known for Christ’s return.

The number 2028 is a YEAR !

The phrase "no man knows the day or hour" is a Jewish idiom referring to the Feast of Trumpets.

God's 7 yearly Holidays (Feasts) prophesied the VERY DAY the Messiah (Jesus Christ) would fulfill his biggest tasks ...


1 - Passover - VERY DAY Christ died
2 - Unleavened Bread - VERY DAYS Christ buried
3 - First Fruits - VERY DAY Christ resurrected
4 - Weeks - VERY DAY Christ sent Holy Ghost

5 - Trumpets - VERY DAY Christ will return
6 - Atonement - VERY DAY Christ will forgive
7 - Tabernacles - VERY DAY Christ will live with us

Number 5 - Feast of Trumpets - was known to the Jews as the feast "no man knows the day or hour" because it was the only Holiday of the 7 to occur on the first day of the month.

And since the Jew's months were lunar based, the Feast of Trumpets could not be determined until two witnesses confirmed sighting of the new moon sliver, which could happen at any hour of any day during the 3 days of darkness during the new moon.

Thus, the Feast of Trumpets became known by the Jewish idiom ... the Feast "no man knows the day or hour"

THIS is the TIME PERIOD when Jesus will return during the calendar year AD 2028 !!!

Atomic Yeti #fundie #dunning-kruger #crackpot #conspiracy youtube.com

Bonobos are the sex crazed tree hugging hippies, and chimps are the 1percent Hells Angels. To think most of you are convinced we’re hyper evolved apes on a giant rock spinning through outer space. I will admit, other than Damian Aspinell, you're the only other person I've seen qualified to work with apes. Jane humanized them and caused thousands to be experimented on by the military. Right now China is literally creating human chimp chymeras.

Amala Ekpunobi #wingnut youtube.com

I am what people would call a former leftist, and now a political commentator at Prager U. When I was 17 years old, I started working for the organization my mother works at. I was going around to different middle and high schools, and finding kids that were leaning left, and I sort of gave them a shove in that direction, and started teaching all different sorts of socialist ideology, and feminism, and critical race theory, before I even knew it was critical race theory.

I felt just unhappy in my life and I didn't know why. Every day I would go into work, and you would hear nothing but hate, from people who claim to be tolerant.

A big part of what made me question it, was going into work and, hearing a lot of hate towards white people. I'm half black, and I was raised by the white side of my family, so it was a hard thing to go into work every day, and hear from all these different people, many of whom were white, that they hated white people, and just crazy, blatantly racist things. I went to the VP and I said, "I don't understand why you feel this way about white people, you have people at this organization who are white, working with you, should I feel that way about the family that's raised me."

And he said, "You don't understand how oppressed you really are, you should be angry, and I'm not here to make you feel better about your family."

That was when I was like, maybe I'm not on the right side of history.

It was a big relief to realize that people were not out to get me.

I grew up in a very conservative area. I was surrounded by people who were white and conservative, and never had any problems, but the ideology was so deep set in my mind, that you couldn't have told me that there wasn't racism and patriarchy around me.

So to realize that the systems and institutions in this country are actually founded to make me successful, that was such a big relief that comes with conservatism, and being able to know that you are fully accountable for how successful you are.

Tim Pool & Kenny Xu #wingnut youtube.com

White House BACKTRACKS After Being Called Out On Critical Race Document For Schools

The democrats are starting to get scared of wokeness. We saw the victory of Eric Adams in New York City, they're worried they're going to lose the midterms because get woke go broke.

It's funny you bring up Eric Adams because, in New York City, there were a couple of really woke candidates, you'dd think the Black Americans and Hispanic Americans would vote for the woke candidate. They didn't, they voted for the candidate who promised
more, not less, police. He said, "I'm going to make crime my number one issue."

They voted for the candidate that represented the least excesses of wokeness.

I'm not surprised, we saw what happened in South Texas or what happened in Miami. Of course, that was Hispanic individuals with experience with communism and marxism. We had Ricardo and Jose Lamazon, and Jose actually was in the anti-Fidel Castro underground in Cuba. He said some scary stuff, that if BLM gets real power, they're going to kill people, that these people are marxist, they're enemies from within, they're scary. And I'm like, man, this is a guy who had to flee Cuba because of what happened, now that is freaky. The difference between Cuba and the United States however, is that we got several hundred million people here, so, these are a lot of people that i don't think would allow wokism to become too pervasive.

Now, let's be fair, it's pervasive. It's in institutions, it's in video games, but i think people are starting to recoil from this, that's why the administration had to backtrack. They're getting worried. I'm hoping they realize they are poisoning their party with this stuff, I hope they're realizing they will lose elections unless they get away from this. But they're never getting my vote back anyway, they've crossed the Rubicon, they went nuts, like hardcore insane, and now they want to come back?

Yeah, nice try dude, I'm not gonna play that game with these people.

nosajleb #fundie #homophobia #psycho youtube.com

(On a video about some Black Hebrew Israelites talking about a gay write using the bible to justify gay marriage)

Bruh, I feel u. All of this shit makes me sick to my stomach. Damn shame we can't chop heads off. Another damn shame that we have to educate our kids at an extremely early age about why uncle tony is hugged up and kissing uncle randy and they share a bedroom and a home. Ugh!!! I hope TMH comes soon, cause um ready for all of this shit to be over. Maybe I won't be one of the ones that's chosen by Him and even if I'm not, um still riding until the end comes. Shalom, fam. Keep the hits coming. Praise YHWH!!

Robin Bullock #fundie #crackpot youtube.com

…I remember one time… you know, I’ve been to Heaven in different Throne Rooms a few times. And every time I was in a Throne Room - He has different Throne Rooms for different things - I watched him create the world one time…It was the most amazing thing you’ve ever seen.
And when you got to the end of it, but the White Throne, it’s set up on about seven tiers. And when you look down at it, it was massive. It was a massive thing. And it was inside this cube of, like, uh, gelatin. It was like clear gelatin. And it went around in a square around Him and his whole Throne. You could see his hair. You could see the outline of it inside that. And his beard.
He’s watching all of this, and His eyes, full of fire, and He’s just watching. And inside this cube of gelatin, it was clear, like, it was pure energy. It was power. It was just, like, electricity alive inside this cube.
When you see Him like that, that cube had to be around him. There was too much power coming out of Him. It had to be there.

Matt Powell #fundie #dunning-kruger youtube.com

How Extinction Proves Creation

I find it interesting that evolutionists will go on and on about how they want to save species and they open up animal shelters to save certain species, when according to evolution species should be getting created all the time. New kinds of animals should be popping up, new families through “natural selection”. Well, we don’t see that at all. In fact, we see animals going extinct. So what that proves is that if we go far enough back in time, back to the Garden of Eden, there were more kinds of animals back then than there are now.

According to evolution, there’s new kinds popping up all the time, new families of animals. But according to the creation model, we are constantly losing animals. Animal kinds are constantly going extinct. And so whenever an evolutionist tries to open up an animal shelter and shelter an “endangered species”, as they call it, they’re just proving that there were species in the past that are getting wiped out now that we’ll never have again. Evolution will never invent these new species through natural selection.

Evolution is impossible to defend honestly. You have to lie, you have to make-believe to believe in evolution. You ask an evolutionist or an atheist, “what is the meaning of life?” Just ask them that, and they’ll respond back with, “well, my meaning of my life is whatever I make up.” What they’re admitting is that making up — or make-believing — a purpose for life. They don’t think there actually is any purpose, and so they say, “well, I’ll just make up purpose.”

That’s make-believe, folks. These people are make-believers.