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RE: CPAC Goes to Hungary

As a Transylvanian Hungarian, I wish to address all those westerners who are horrified that they do not recognize their countries anymore.

Do not give up, do not give a fucking nanometer of ground, fight like hell, this struggle is not won, and it's not over by any measure. You only lose when you stop fighting, stop caring, do not be passive, do not hold the attitude "well if they're happy being degenerates then it's not my problem as long as they're not hurting anyone", but the thing is: they ARE, they are hurting themselves, the impressionable youths. Cultural marxism, the world economic forum, pedowood abd every other leftist institution, group and person is seeking to destroy the west, and by extension true and free civilization. That is why tiktok, tinder, Instagram, etc. exist, to target the young, those who do not possess the life experience to know better and to fight back, they're playing the long game, waiting for the old and wise to die out while they corrupt the young.

If we not only not only hold our ground, but also push back with every inch of strength and wisdom we have then within 50 years we will be WISHING for Orwell's 1984.

Salute to the Hungarians for standing up for themselves, massive respect from Bulgaria. Don't succumb to Westernism like we did, our country is completely gone. Sofia has become the WOKE GLOBALIST outpost of eastern Europe, it's LGBT everywhere. You barely see a sign, written in the Bulgarian alphabet anymore, it's all English. The national pride in people is completely gone, the culture is dead. Halloween is probably the most cherished "holiday". People speak in a weird Americano-Bulgarian, that's 80% English, and some just straight up talk in English. They write their names in Latin and the few babies that are born are given western sounding names. Anybody who shows even a milligram of patriotism is viciously mocked online, and it's a general consensus that patriotism is the problem of the entire country. It's crap, DON'T BE LIKE US!

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Yeah, Native Americans, get the fuck out of America! You're on stolen land that you stole. And you want to know why Manifest Destiny happened? You don't know why we took it back? Because we couldn't live with you on the land because you guys kept declaring war on us and kept declaring war and trying to take back land that we already traded and/or bought from you. And you did not understand property rights because you were savages. And that's why you got the name that you did. Unfortunately for you, that's what happened. So you know what, it's just true.

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RE: Democrats FAIL To Pass Abortion Expansion, Roe Is DONE

Imagine being someone that wants the federal government to run everything in your life and still think that you don't have a favorite flavor of boot polish.
Let the states handle their own things and live in a state that most closely reflects your ideals, it's as simple as that.

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@Erich Kays Here is one of several ways in which birth control is a sin: birth control pills attempt to prevent an egg from being fertilized. If that fails, the pill results in the fertilized egg being unable to implant in the uterus. "Thou shalt not kill." Sounds like a sin to me

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Did you know that there is an actual flash of light at the moment of conception?!?!!!!♡♡♡ I believe at that point is when the soul is present/exists. God said He was dealing with us before the foundations of the earth were laid... so amazing!♡♡♡
Love your vids! Are you a Jesus believer? Because I get the sense you are! You say wise things ♡

All my friends who had abortions, carry that with them...they think of the "could have beens"

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Top 10 Real monkey fur proof all primates monkeys and ape species all have fur and not hair exposed.
What the Caucasian try to claim that monkeys have hair well reality is the total opposite all monkey ape and primate species have fur all over their bodies to protect themselves from the natural elements outside Caucasoid lying monkey head exposed.
K9 DNA and Neanderthal Bigfoot DNA exposed the European Caucasoid tried to force the belief of their cousins cynocephali dog man werewolf branding monsters and demons that the Europeans are related too as a God called Anubis on the African.
Ancient black people the Anunnaki Rastafarian Egyptian Ethiopian children of the sun stardust first man on planet earth already mapped the earth from the stars and Africa is on top of the world because it was closer to the sun and Europe at the bottom and colder so Africa was the upper world called Alkebulan the garden of Eden closest to the heavens and Europe below was called the underworld where hellish creatures lived in the caves all types of man animal mutants, Anubis is the original werewolf dog man tamed by the black mans ancient ancestors as our warrior guard dogs but the werewolf dog man is more kind loyal and civil as there cousin the Caucasoid. More proof we are dealing with monsters, yes albino man animal mutant cave creatures from the caves of the Caucasus mountains and Neanderthal valley mutated with Neanderthals/primates/dogs/wolf

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Russian state-owned propaganda outlet RIA published the new programmatic article with the title "What Russia must do with Ukraine". The article reveals a detailed plan for a genocide, starting from full elimination of Ukrainian state. Details below.

1) it calls almost every Ukrainian a Nazi who deserves death. "Nazis who took weapons, must be killed in numbers as much as possible... Not just the elites, the most of the people are guilty, they are passive Nazis, Nazi enablers. They supported these elites and must be punished"

2) It foresees tyrannic approach to culture. "Further denacification of the mass of the population is to be reached through ideological repression (oppression) of Nazi ideas and through harsh censorship: not only in politics, but in culture and education areas".

3) it foresees economic and political destruction of Ukraine: "Ukraine must pay for its guilt towards Russia. It must be treated as an enemy, and therefore may develop only in dependency to Russia. No "Marshall plan" may happen. No "neutrality" both ideological or practical".

4) A tyrannical future emerges: "Personnel providing denazification in new denazified republics (plural! - Sumlenny) cannot act on another way but only with direct military-police and management support from Russia. Denazification must be a Deukrainisation".

5) Ukraine is the enemy: "The history has proven: Ukraine may not exist as a national state. Any attempt to create it leads to Nazism. Ukrainism is an artificial anti-Russian construct... De-banderisation is not enough... Denazification of Ukraine must be De-Europeazation of it".

6) Deliberate targeting of civilians: "The Bandera-elites must be liquidated, they cannot be re-educated. The social "swamp" who supported them must experience terror of war and learn the lesson, and pay for its guilt"."

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Another one of my spare channels that I use to laugh at cancer patients and troll on dying children.

Cancer patients are the best victims to pick on because they can never win the argument.
If they ever come up with something witty or clever I can always reply with "But you're gonna be dead in a few weeks!" and I will thereby instantly win the argument.

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If you thought this story was something, wait til you get this. Let me share an anecdote with you. Several years ago, I was told by someone that we came from animals. He said that these animals came from dinosaurs, and seeing that he bought into the lie of evolution we asked him some questions. Here’s the exchange. “Where did the dinosaurs come from?”
“They came from the monsters.”
“Where did the monsters come from?”
“They came from aliens.”
“Where did they come from?”
“They were from the Ancient Eldritch Flying Tentacled Cosmic Grand Avatar from Dimension 900.”

Ok that last part didn’t happen but you got the point. He was so convinced that we came from somewhere but our origin just didn’t include God. Also, please pray for me as I’m considering moving schools. I’ve been having issues with the one I’m currently attending and I don’t think continuing my education there would be a wise decision. Thanks and God bless you.

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kinda hard to make predictions when you are wrong about everything. Russia is not losing the war, in fact it has not lost one major engagement against the Nazis. Russia never intended to conquer or invade the capital, there are 3 million people in the capital in Russia only had 30,000 troops outside the capital. These troops were to draw the Nazis from the South into the open and cut off their supplies, these are simple military tactics that are succeeding. In the capital the electricity was never shut down, the Internet works, the water runs, and foreign diplomats walked the street who would easily be targeted for Hypersonic missiles. Russia is not at war with the Ukrainian people but against the Nazis we installed in 2014. Russia doesn't need an offramp, it is the United States and the West that needs the offramp. We are running out of diesel, we are running out of fertilizer, we are running out of wheat, and were 30 trillion in debt whereas Russia has no debt, in fact, has a surplus in spite of the West stealing $300 billion in reserves. The only reason the CIA-controlled media lies concerning the war in Ukraine, babbling incessantly about Ukrainian victories against Russians and how heroic the Nazis are is all about money for the military-industrial complex. Can't very well justify giving Ukraine $40 billion if they're losing, which of course they are.

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Do you guys know anything about Ukraine and Russia. Its like US citizens woke up in 2022 and want to tell everyone they know everything about a nothing country they didn't give two turtle turds about at christmas. The regions occupied by Russia were given to Ukraine for administration during the soviet era. The are not just the most russian speaking area, the are also the manufacturing area because they were Russian before this. In fact Ukraine will likely be bulkanized by Poland and Romania as well. If they hadn't been murdering 14,000 people in their civil war the USA propped up for the last 8 years, none of this would be happening. Minsk 2 was signed by all parties including the USA, but Ukraine never followed through.

Go do a little more digging, You guys are missing about 98% of the context of everything about this 'invasion'.

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In regards to the Armenian genocide…

Yes, they committed atrocities but they did not commit genocide. Armenians first attacked the Turks and Muslims. They thought attacking a country which is in War against the most powerful countries was an advantage. At the end, they got deported. Now Most of those deported armenians live in the usa, lebanon, syria, iraq, france and Russia

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This video will look at how the Covid crisis has revealed who or what the Anti-Christ is, and how he has been unveiled to the world. There are many names the anti-Christ is called the beast, the man of sin, the man of lawlessness, the son of perdition, the son of destruction, he who comes in his own name, the little horn, the king of the north, the king of fierce countenance, the prince of darkness, the son of Satan and many more. This talk will focus on the 3 main names he is called, the beast, the man of sin and the anti-Christ. Many church leaders think that the anti-Christ is coming in the future, this video will show that he is already operating in our world right now and that we are in the hour of the great Deception.

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[in a sermon titled “Make Abortion Murder Again”]

America has a lot of abortion doctors walking around right now causing God to not be able to bless America until we shed their blood. Now, I do not believe that we should take that into our own hands — I won’t touch one of them, only in self-defense. But you know what? We should pass legislation and our government should find these people guilty of murder through due process, through the legal processes of multiple witnesses of hard evidence, and then they should kill them and anybody that does it in the future.

Now, if I was “king of the nation”, I would probably give everybody a free pass. But starting, like, immediately effective, any future abortion at this point, we would slay them. We would kill them because I don’t want God to be mad at me.

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Not everything is trans or LGBT stuff, something we look into it far too deeply. Is mettaton transgender because of HIS new body? No, it's just an incorporeal being inhabiting a body. And Mad Mew Mew isn't looking for self acceptance, she's lookin' for a better body. And do you all want to know what I think? What I really think about all of this, even though everyone will hate me for it? You can't truly change your gender. It's born in you, and it's not gotten wrong, you all just let your feeling dictate everything, versus thinking and just being happy with who you are. If you're not, there's no need to change your body or identify as something you aren't, instead of forcing the change or creating a fake change, make it in yourself, change yourself internally. Work to be the kind of person you want to in live. Maybe then you'll find you've become happy with yourself. I can't covince any of you this, and you'll all call me a hateful bigot for daring to speak ill of the glorious and perfect trans community, but I have to say these things. Mad Mew Mew is only trans if you use the right lens, otherwise they're nothing there to say it. And you all have much, much bigger issues in life than worrying about gender, whether yours or not. If you dwell on these things, you'll be oblivious to actual issues in the world.

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(Context: the comments under a viral video about oral sex with trans men for gay guys is full of harassment and/or fundies such as this)

This is what seperates the L & G from the rest of the alphabet soup. L&Gs fought for domestic rights like marriage, partner inheritance rights, workplace rights etc. Qu--r anarchism fights for an unlimited age of consent free pansexualised eden and regards so called "monosexuals" as ignorant untermenschen for not wanting to do wild exotic things like buggering horses or f-sting seven year olds. Qu--r theorist Guy Hocquenghem in his "Screwball Asses" gives the game away by talking about how so called gay "nationalists" will probably end up protesting that their rights to self-identify as such will be swept away by this great revolutionary wave. He also says that by making frequent usage of the term "intersex" (irrespective of the reality of the medical condition it supposedly describes) will help to shatter the concept of a strict binary and allow for this brave new world to take over. This has been a part of the "Q" philosophy from the very start (alongside age of consent abolition of course).

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With my strong gorilla arms, i will right all the wrongs committed by the ugly against the righteous people.
i will surely laugh over their degraded bodies. i will also laugh at the emos, retards, people with cancer, kids with disease, and idiots in general.
Stillborn babies are weak, they make me laugh and feel even more superior.
The earth will shake to rid us from the freaky aliens. (and lots of women might get raped).

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No Russian Ever Called Me a Cracker - Original Song

when I was a lad I was head of every class
I asked my dad how long these good times would last
he said ‘hey son, they’ve never really begun
cuz you’re racist for being born Caucasian’
look around you and you will see
it’s a Clown World with NPCs
they will judge you begrudge you because you won’t conform
to the norm you’ve been warned


by the age of 18 my ADHD led me to the 88 keys
easier to make it as an Asian lady it seems
my dreams to bring these songs overseas grew wings
leaving me counting all these sheep
people still sleeping through this life
we need to keep speaking truth through the lies
I believe we’re all equal inside then why must I get in line to survive


spent most of my youth you know becoming best at piano
do you want proof I knew how to play Tatum when I turned 22
it’s true I’m underrated and I have the wrong hue
I might be the greatest someday they will see you for what’s inside
why keep stumbling through life in disguise
rise remember we’re born into light
don’t lose sight or be frightened it’s alright


ol’ daddy Vladimir said Nike no likey
kikes deleting the whites from airwaves
it was whack to be black way back in slavery days
don’t let the pendulum sway the other way
now that I’m older my songs are getting increasingly bolder
some friends are starting to give me cold shoulders
I thought I told ya that I’m playing the Joker until it’s over
when the world awakens and celebrates
states and nations of every race
they will bait us so we separate
but not this time every liar pays the price


ol’ daddy Vladimir said Nike no likey
kikes deleting the whites from airwaves
it was whack to be black way back in slavery days
don’t let the pendulum sway the other way
no Russian no no no Russian ever called me a cracker
no Russian ever called me a cracker
no Russian ever called me names

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The United States Looks Like South Africa

That is the state of the United States, which is increasingly looking like a tin pot south African country. I mean racial discrimination directly from the central government, on the grounds of just giving away money to black people and refusing it to white people. Your universities again are being infested with just racial, ideological debates endlessly and black supremacist ideology. Is the economy going down the pan? Yeah. Mega inflation. I mean, it is mad, but it is the reality of what it looks like.

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Wearing a mask is an infringement upon our freewill. That’s exactly why it hasn’t been made a law. Because the powers that be need for us to want to wear them. They need us to submit to a muzzle and beg to be “protected” by a piece of cloth. Wearing a mask suffocates me. I have a narrow pallet and it has always been difficult for me to be in confined spaces, like under a blanket. This is irrelevant and it should be besides the point but it proves that we are just being experimented on as a whole. The consequence of our actions unknowingly destroying our health and the health of our loved ones, in the name of health!! It is a travesty! Clearly the masses are to being tested, everything so obviously an experiment, we are all on trial. Actually protesting is redundant so maybe just stop wearing the mask! It will only matter to you. Protesting is welcome! Protesting is legal so why not just protest by NOT wearing a mask and shopping with a sign on your neck saying “NO TO MASKS”. That way you make an example to the sheep who are too scared to take their mask off. It won’t matter protesting with a bunch of like minds like yourself if you’re not even living by your own moral standards. This year has been so long and gone by so fast they are stealing the youth of our children a f they are suffocating our mothers and babies! Say no to masks by not wearing them, simple as that. Mask strip you from your identity, it is a part of an occult and esoteric ritual to wear masks. Many are saying that it is a Satanic ritual

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Our saudi women is an honorable enhanced queen
Don't pay for the house
Don't pay for school, university and college
Do not pay for hospital treatment service
In banks and institutions, women first
Man pays her the marriage dowry and she does not pay anything for marriage
Upon divorce, the house is registered in her name, and the man leaves the house
The divorced woman is paid a monthly salary by the state
Her husband is deceased, the state pays her a monthly salary, and if he died in battle, the state pays her compensation at least 150 thousand dollars
Hitting a woman is forbidden
Her contempt from her husband is forbidden
American What is the woman?

Billy Crone #fundie youtube.com

Because the very nature and the whole premise of UFOS is built on a lie? It is called the lies of evolution. And when these things supposedly show up they say, “we’re aliens a higher evolved race.” Stop right there. Evolved? Wait a second. Evolved, evolution, evolution is not true. We have a 42 week study deep on exposing the lies of evolution. We came from God. We didn’t come from the goo, to the zoo, to me and you. We came from God.

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BLM Leader ARRESTED On 18 Counts of Fraud For Stealing Donations, BLM EXPOSED As A Scam And Grift

Why did Vladimir Putin invade Ukraine under Joe Biden and not under Donald Trump? I think Putin saw that the United States has a very serious malignancy within it. We are being devoured by it, we are being torn apart.

At this point, any sane rational person, any real human being, who has the capability to understand simple concepts would see a story like this and say, "I am TIRED of being scammed!"

Shall we go through the list again my friends? It all started with Trayvon Martin. The story was that a white man attacked Trayvon over some skittles or whatever. The real story was that Hispanic man saw someone walking through the backyard of several residential buildings and was suspicious. Trayvon Martin put him on the ground and started beating him.

Then we got Michael Brown. "Hands up, don't shoot!" they said. Well, that was a lie.

And it's just lie after lie, over and over again. George Floyd fought with the police, they put him on the ground at his request.

Then we go to Ahmaud Arbery once again. The great lie. It's fascinating, because in this instance you get people like Tulsi Gabbard, she even comes out and says it was the proper ruling. She's wrong. You even get people on Fox News saying it was a proper ruling. Wrong.

All these conservatives coming out, willing, just desperate to virtue signal because of Kyle Rittenhouse. Again, another lie. Kyle did not cross state lines to hunt anybody down, Kyle was in his own neighborhood because he lived in the suburbs basically of Kenosha. His friend gave him a weapon and he fled for his life and only fired after someone else fired first.

What did the media say? A young white supremacist went and killed several black people. It was a lie once again.

How many of these stories need to happen before people finally say Black Lives Matter is a criminal institution that publishes lies, manipulations and propaganda for personal gain?

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You Will Never Be a Woman - Original Song

In the ancient Greek tragedies the women were all played by a man
I guess that ain't hard to understand, it was a different time in a distant land
But nowadays it's one big gay parade and no one seems to bat an eye
when kids can pick if they're a gal or a guy

You will never be a woman, cuz a woman has a womb not a man
You can never be a woman, that's tough for some folks to understand

You will never be a woman
Try as you might, you look like Cher not Snow White
And while they take our rights away you're up at night deciding if you're queer, bi or gay
Or maybe, hey! Go seize the day and throw those balls away

You will never be a woman
Don't be mad you're a lad, you're Adam, not madam
Is it that bad being a guy?
I don't mean to be rude but you're still a dude

Pa pa pa pa pa

You'll never be a man
Your hips don't lie cause you weren't born a guy
You can never be a man if even Wikipedia tells me you're still Ellen, not Elliot

You'll never be a man
Give it a rest get that fur off your chest
The feminine is magical
Don't change it cuz they told you that it's fashionable
You'd have to be fanatical to throw your boobs away

You will never be a man
You're Eve, you're not Steve, please call the woke police
Does that make you feel more like a man?
You can call me a pig and a prick, But you're still a chick

Pa pa pa pa pa

You'll never be a woman, cuz the world needs more men acting like men
You will never be a woman, we need fathers and fighters to lead us and guide us
You'll never be a woman, no one's impressed Richard, take off that dress

The masculine is powerful, but they tell us that it's toxic and intolerable
They want us meek and malleable, so no one stands in their way

It's okay, you're not a woman
It's great you're a mate and it's swell you're a gal, and it's lovely being alive,
for the surface doesn't show what's deep inside
We were all born perfect souls, there's no need to hide

eldjoudhi #moonbat #conspiracy youtube.com

The president of Europe came from his imperial house across the ocean to tell his local governors( so called elected presidents and prime ministers of "sovereign" countries) that they should not even think of having an independent diplomacy. And tells his german colony that from now on they will need to buy gaz from mother america and at a few times the price of the russian gaz. And that some members of his imperial government are already investing in price speculation.
If that is not corpocracy at its finest..then what is ?

Maria Maclachlan / Peak Trans #transphobia youtube.com

Response to Jammidodger on men in women's spaces
(note by submitter: Transscript starting around 0:11 and ending around 2:38 of a 6:44 minute video)

hi everyone I'm Maria Maclachlan. I have a couple of longer videos in the making, but today I got distracted by 37 seconds worth of Jammie Dodger being as irredeemably awful as she always is. This won't take long.

we just want to protect women in women's spaces

no you don't you don't give a damn about women in spite of being one yourself. Oh I see you're quoting those of us who do want to protect ourselves in our spaces.

This is a valid important thing

really? Why how uncharacteristically decent, magnanimous, and empathic of you to say so. Where's the catch?

but when framed in the context of discussing trans people is transphobic

ah. there it is. Women's safety is only valid and important, as long as the common sense measures to preserve it don't offend the sensibilities of the gender cultists. Everything that doesn't prioritize the feelings of trans identifying people over everyone else, is transphobic.

specifically when discussing trans women the intention of this sentence in a trans context is to exclude trans women from women's spaces

because they're men and don't belong in women's spaces! This is the most common sense measure to protect women. Keep certain spaces single sex.

therefore jeopardizing the safety of trans women

oh my god. women are such evil, selfish, witches putting our own feelings and comfort and safety above those of men, Aren't we? How are we jeopardizing their safety?

the trans women do not pose any kind of threat or danger to cis women within women's spaces

that is the most disgusting and unconscionable falsehood that I see being perpetrated by supporters of this deeply misogynistic movement. When I launched my website four years ago, I didn't realize how big and serious the problem of trans identifying men sexually abusing women and especially children was. I felt slightly anxious about including a page about crimes on my website. And I acknowledged in the very first line that some were only pretending to identify as trans women by which I meant they didn't wear woman face all the time.


Сергей Корепин #pratt #conspiracy youtube.com

(submitter note: in agruement with a user named WielkiZielonyMelon)
@WielkiZielonyMelon A large NATO-trained army is now in the cauldron near Donetsk. In the liberated cities, there are plans to attack the Donbass with this army. There is an interview with a Swiss, who participated in organizing the training, that the goal of this army is to storm the Donbass and return it by force. There are Zelensky's words that you will return Donbass and Crimea by force. There is a ban on the Russian language, legislative, which is a direct violation of the Minsk agreements. You have not fulfilled any of these agreements. Although if they had done it, then under the same agreement, Donbass would have completely returned.

Jason Graber #homophobia #psycho youtube.com

[In response to schools that teach LGBTQ-friendly lessons. Emphasis added.]

Apparently in schools today, they’re literally grooming the kids to be just ready to be taken advantage of.

Any teacher that would show this type of lewd… I mean, basically what I’ve heard is that
they’re basically, they’re showing pornographic images to children. To young children. Which is against the law—I’m pretty sure it’s-I think it’s a felony—but, you know what? Preachers need to get up and say… well, teachers that do this, they should be put to death. They need to be taken out and shot in the back of the head. Because they’re… they’re pedophiles!

Any teacher that’s gonna show pornographic images to young children, they are a predator! And the reason that they’re doing that is because they want to take advantage of young children!

And these teachers, they’re showing these pornographic images to these young children, and literally grooming them, those teachers need to have the fear of God put in them. And you know what? That’s what the government is for. In Romans 13, the Bible talks about that the government’s job is to execute judgment with the sword, okay? So maybe we need to put aside the guns and we need to get the sword back out. And we need to make these executions
public. We need to find these teachers that are showing pornographic images and grooming
children, we need to find them, try them, get the television out, we need to get FOX News, CNN, every YouTube channel out there, put it on television. We need to show them being publicly beheaded.

That’s what needs to happen to these people. Because you know what? Otherwise our nation is gonna turn into a literal Sodom and Gomorrah.

Mark Zuckergecko #conspiracy #pratt #wingnut youtube.com

It's probably impossible to know any accurate count on the Clintoncide hit list, because there are surely people who were acquainted with them who legitimately died in weird accidents. And there are also surely people who were legitimately Clintoncided, that nobody really knows about, probably because the connection just hadn't been made. The Esptein situation has always cracked me up, because while Hillary is the obvious front runner, she's hardly the only person who would have benefited from him being disappeared. I like to imagine her hearing about that news and thinking "hey, I actually didn't do that!"

Candace Owens #conspiracy #wingnut youtube.com

CANDACE OWENS: Well, I'm a big believer that they intentionally killed people in hospitals during COVID. They wouldn't let family members in there to make decisions for them. I personally saw, when I went to an asthma clinic, that they would not give me life-saving asthma treatment because breathing was not allowed, even though they had the nebulizer. And if they had not sent an ambulance -- asthma attack is about, like -- you have got a very short window of time. I was having an asthma attack and the doctor had the life-saving medicine and said that the CDC had barred them from giving it to me.

So there was no question that they colluded to kill American citizens so they could fluff numbers and say that people died from COVID. I still to this day question the use of ventilators. It makes entirely no sense. People need oxygen, not compression on their chest when they're dealing with something that's in their chest.

So, from top to bottom, yes, our government wanted people to die. There's no question. Because it fed the narrative.

And we're talking about crimes against humanity. People should face long prison sentences. People should face tribunals because of what they did during COVID.

And it's not even that. The masking of children, the treatment of special needs kids that were being forced to be masked on planes, that were having, you know -- essentially the trauma that was put to people on a psychological level, to me, should bring forth tribunals. People like Bill Gates and Dr. Fauci should be in prison, Rachel Walensky among them. There was corruption top to bottom. And it was all done because they had already predestined the vaccine. Right? The denied treatment, they denied the use of hydroxychloroquine, ivermectin. The media was complicit in it.

And it infuriates me – it infuriates me – the amount of people that were allowed to die and to suffer when there were medicines that worked because they knew that they could not get emergency use authorization if there was any treatments that worked. So they needed people to just die for a while. And that is exactly what happened and it makes me sick to my stomach to even think that we're having to say that today. But we have criminals and, like I said, drug cartel leaders that are running our government and it's despicable. I will not mince words when it comes to those awful human beings.

LeGrandDuca ! #racist #wingnut youtube.com

As a french i can tell you we definitely treat migrants as kings. they have food, homes, they never go to jail because " muh murder is normal in their culture ", they have welfares etc. I almost wonder why they go to britain seeing how much better than us locals they are treated here

Maria Maclachlan / Peak Trans #transphobia youtube.com

Response to Jammidodger on men in women's spaces
(note by submitter: continued from https://fstdt.com/RRM7$XNFYL_K7, Transscript starting around 2:38 and ending around 4:53 of a 6:44 minute video)
A recent example is Darren Marager, who was able to strut naked with what I believe is called a semi, through the women's area of wi-spa in Los Angeles and the staff did nothing about it, because they assumed he was trans. Samantha Lux in a video I responded to but which he has since quietly removed, said

what probably happened as a trans woman was using a woman's facilities and happened to have a penis

and he did of course turn out to be a serial sex offender, who'd been on the sex offenders register since 2006 and who has since been charged with indecent exposure because of what he did at wi-spa. I also said, that male born transgender people - I'm going to have to revise this passage because the language I used back then was far too conciliatory - I said, that trans identifying men were no MORE likely to commit crimes than other men and that nobody is trying to suggest that all transgender people are criminals. "I don't know why this accusation ever gets made by anyone" I said revealing my extreme naivety at the time. It seems patently obvious to me now, that the reason it gets said is to divert attention from the fact, that a minority of trans-identifying men are just the same as a minority of men who don't claim to be transgender and they do really horrible things, and these give the lie to the notion that trans identifying men are in some fundamental way different from any other man and that none of them are predatory. Jamie does not engage with this indisputable fact at all. On a personal level, she doesn't have to. She can carry on behaving like some guru and making to her over 900 000 cult followers - sorry subscribers - assertions that she makes no attempt to support. The abuse of women and children by members of her tribe is no skin off her nose.

and are just being used as a scapegoat by transphobes

scapegoat for what exactly? a scapegoat is when you let someone take the blame for what other people have done.

StephaneFrechette #pratt #moonbat youtube.com

Yeah, let's not mention the US state dept organizing a coup in Ukraine and trying to destabilize Russia, let's not mention the Russian population of Ukraine, who were never asked about joining Ukraine but given to an artificial country and treated like shit, being shelled and attacked since 2014. Let's not mention Ukraine being a corrupt authoritarian shithole, playground of the corrupt western and European elite. Let's not mention the biological weapons lab specifically researching Russian DNA. Sure, it's all about gas, Kyle, sure.

VoidSwirl #fundie #conspiracy #crackpot youtube.com

(Part 1)

Roman's 11:25 For I would not, brethren, that ye should be ignorant of this mystery, lest ye should be wise in your own conceits; that blindness in part is happened to Israel, until the fulness of the Gentiles (Modern day Europeans/Caucasians/ Non 12 tribes) be come in.

Part of the blindness is that we would not know who the true Father of Jacob(Israel) was and that we would worship false gods of [wood and stone] referring to worship of the cross(wood) and the “idol” of christianity the “jesus” that hangs on the cross tends to be made of (stone).

Deuteronomy 28:36 TMH shall bring thee, and thy king which thou shalt set over thee, unto a nation which neither thou nor thy fathers have known; and there shalt thou serve other gods, wood and stone.

Deuteronomy 28:64
And TMH shall scatter thee among all people, from the one end of the earth even unto the other; and there thou shalt serve other gods, which neither thou nor thy fathers have known, even wood and stone.

Just as important as "what's his name," is "what is not his name."

However, it is 100% certain that his name was not Esus Crios aka “Jesus Christ”, the idol of the Celtics who the Catholics sing at Easter in the Vatican, aka what all surface level “Holy Bible” readers (Commonly identifies as “Christians”) refer to the Messiah as.

We have been tricked, deceived as a result of the curses of the law (Deut 28-64)...wake up and stop following the lies of the Gentiles. Israel is awakening.

Shawn Morris International Ministries #fundie youtube.com

Welcome to Shawn Morris International Ministries. It is our prayer that as you view this site, you will have an encounter with the Most High God.

If you need healing, deliverance, supernatural encounters, miracles, prophetic teachings, impartation to activate, and demonstrate your gifts, follow this ministry as we follow God. Come and embark on a journey that will take you to know the supernatural depth, width, height, and length of God's power. View our testimonial videos, register for our events, send your prayer requests, and written testimonies on how this ministry has impacted your life. This ministry is a global force that impacts several nations including the United States, through by teaching them through mentorship, revival crusades, television, and radio broadcasting. Stay connected with us as we follow the Glory Cloud.

Remember, "If a ministry is not SUPERNATURAL, then it's NATURAL."

Norbert George #moonbat youtube.com

(Submitter note: Continuation)

The latter is what gives Russia a legitimate claim to just cause, no if's, no but's, no whataboutism

In all of its dozens and dozens, of wars (the sheer number is itself indicative of rogue and criminal conduct), the United States never had a UN Security Council mandate, for not one of aforementioned wars
Claims of self-defense - as in attacking Afganistan in 2001 after 9/11, and occupying that country for 20 years, with NATO accomplices, was flagrantly baseless, yet they carpet bombed the hell out of its villages and cities, and sent it's people to their grave
The US is - right now - illegaly occupying parts of Syria, and Iraq, while it's bombing the hell out of Yemen, massacring Syrian, Iragi and Yemeni civilians, especially children, sending also them all to their grave
Whereas the US (and it's NATO allies), also wages economic wars, by santioning the national economies of it's prey, killing thousands of innocent people, in Russia, Iran, Afghanistan, Venezuela, Cuba, North Korea, among others
The distorted and psychotic condemnation of Russia, by and in the United States, and in other NATO-countries, as all it's Western partners, have joined in on what might have looked like a feast
It is but a window into the mass brainwashing narrative, that the US and NATO, propagate through their media
This is why the UN Securty Council will never, take any action against Russia, as China stands shoulder to shoulder, to help shield it, from the attack of the US, and it's NATO-allies
Endgame is Russia, and it's President Putin, will get everything they want from this war, at their convenience, and time schedule
While the US and NATO will look like fools, again, criminal fools
Now that's sad !!!