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RE: Woke Left Targeting Children, Crew Discusses Disney's Subliminal Messages

PC: They've been working this stuff, we saw it in 2012, before the whole transgender movement started taking off in America, we saw it being pushed at schools pretty heavily, and then of course you see these major writers writing these series, these movies, and they're part of this whole scene. It's been embedded within the culture for a while. We always wonder, how do these things happen? They happen because we've allowed the left and the woke to monopolize all of these institutions that define what it means to be American. The only way to fight back is to create our own institutions and get our own messages out there.

It's Gold Rush right now, the way that the right see this all happening at Disney and Netflix and what have you, they want other options. They just don't have the options out there. For so many years I would tell people, "Do not give money to these people's movies and their television shows, don't subscribe."

But then the the pandemic hits and now people are stuck at home, they have nothing to do, they have no other options, they need options.

LR: We have to fight back. I think memes are also extremely important, like the meme, there's a Doge dog in the 1920s saying, I lost my house, I lost my job, I lost my savings, I lost everything, and then you have the GigaChad Doge in 2020 saying I never had any of those things.

And when you're seeing messages like that, it resonates with people, because, yeah, I never had savings, I don't have a house, I don't have a real job, I have this gig economy created by Klaus Schwab in the World Economic Forum that literally is just screwing me over, so, memes I think are super, super important.

It is essentially human slavery which they're slowly conditioning us to be OK with. These inflation numbers don't represent what actually is happening out there in the real world. There is a total bloodbath, the poorest people of the world are being screwed over by all these globalists, by all these leaders that just want everything from them and it's disgusting.

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It's Sweet To Be a NEET (It's Swell Bein' an Incel) - Original Song

There’s a new meme in town,
no, it won’t let you down.
We know society has sure gone to shit,
with a tip of my hat, I lift up my glass, and drink to the end of it.

From college I bailed, my relationships failed,
I’m jobless but feel oddly complete,
for I'm Not in Education, Employment, or Training,
I’m acronymically NEET.

When I was in school I was nobody's fool,
saw my teachers were aiming, for obedience training,
so I hit the road, lost my mind, kept my soul,
there was finally time to lift my feet and unwind.

(Refrain) While dreamin’, breathin’, keep on believin’,
eventually, we all complete the dream and reach the peak of NEET.
It’s sweet to be a NEET, it’s swell being an incel,
my delinquency’s complete, you see, all’s well that ends well.
They say the world the meek will inherit, but rest assured, the NEET will share it,
while NPCs complain and parrot, the current thing’s a pin they'll wear,
until they suffocate with flair, gee, what a relief to be a NEET. (/Refrain)

I looked for a job, didn’t like what they offered,
I heard, "Hey, wagie wagie, get back in your cagie."

I said, "Why don't you relax? You can have your licenses and tax,
don’t need much to get by to have harmonious lives."


I used to dig girls, got sick of floozies with curls,
with no phony woman distractin’,
I’m resumin’ all new euphonious craftin’.

But there’s nothing wrong with bein’ glad,
to get a wife that’s nice and trad!
'Cause humanity thrives with a family life,
that's breedin’, teachin’, to always believe,
that even we can be the light that guides us through the darkest night.

We won’t comply,
all NEETs unite,
all NEETs unite,
all NEETs unite.

So we didn't get jabbed,
the bosses said, "Too bad."
It was really that simple, my body my temple.
But that baby inside, is a life fightin’ to survive,
at conception, you’ll find a connection divine,
that’s dreamin’ breathin’ always believin’.


Gee what a relief,
oh what a relief,
it’s such a relief to be a NEET.

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All people must pray to God ( allah) only and they will not suffer from hurricanes and earthquakes... Look at 99% of Muslim countries do not suffer from hurricanes and earthquakes because they are all committed to prayer, fasting, zakat and charity for poor people

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Our Father, who art in SYRIA, Hamudi Ebalz be thy NAME.
Thy kingdom COME, our MOG be DONE, IRL as it is on TINDER.
Give us this day our daily BLACKPILL, and forgive us for our LOOKS, as we forgive those who SIMP.
Lead us not into MSTOW, but deliver us from ROASTIES.
For thine is the HOPE, the COPE, and the ROPE.
Forever and EVER, WAHMEN..

There is no HOPE but to COPE, til you ROPE, just don't MOPE.
Take the Blackpill. Let the BITTER TRUTH guide you to SALVATION.

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RE: Don Lemon FACE MELTS When Brit Says WHITES Deserve Reparations FROM Black People For Ending Slavery

This is perhaps the most hopeful thing I have heard in years. Pushing back against the reparation bullsh*t and telling the truth that these worthless creatures will never own up to.

(Cool PapaJMagik)
Whoever said that is a hero. The antiwhite problem in America is nothing to laugh or poke fun at. Thank you, whoever this is and we need more of this

I've been saying africa owes reparations since I was a kid and as an black American it feels me with joy to hear it. Plus why is viola hyper focused on girl and women soldiers when the concept of child soldiers (mostly boys) are prevalent even today

(Sunaya Kong)
Thank you for doing this show. Here in California they are moving forward with some kind of “reparations” legislation ignoring the details of the history of slavery. Already some land, taken from the owners, has been “given back” to tribes. I have been trying to educate people mostly kids about the first country to put an end to slavery and the biography of William willberforce. When people think of Britain they think of colonialism, but they don’t think about what they sacrificed to actually put an end to slavery, not just in Britain but the world.

(Useful idiom)
I’ve never understood how people think reparations would actually work especially since there were over 6,000 black slaveowners in America alone. Combine that with the fact that only 2% of American landowners actually owned slaves. Add to that only 3% of current day Americans have ancestors who actually lived in the U.S. at the time. And don’t forget about the hundreds of thousands of White Irish slaves.

The INSTANT that she said "the beginning of the supply chain" you could see his face drop... because he KNOWS where it began. He has just spent his whole career pretending not to.

Im shocked that someone actually said this on TV! Maybe people are finally sick of all of this maybe the tides are turning

(James Palmer)
I absolutely LOVED the way Don reacted. It was like she just up & slapped him across the face with a wet fish. He had absolutely NO counter argument or statement to say. NONE.

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The reason you look the way you look is because you did not get pregnant right after you start menstruating. Your menstruation is literally your body nature, god if you are religious telling you to have children now.

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“How would Buddha believe in Jesus, Jesus was born after buddha's death and Buddha was born in lumbini near himalayas there was no teachings of Jewish near buddha's area”

The lady who told me about this said that, although Jesus was born after Buddha died, the Christianity was here in this world since 5000 years. It was the time of Moses. If Buddha was all knowing and intelligent enough, he supposed to have known about Christianity also. Thank you for responding!

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Regarding the stabbing of Salman Rushdie…

Non-Muslims have problem distinguishing between condemning the action as wrong and feeling bad for Rushdie. In an Islamic state, there is a capital punishment blasphemy. We only condemn the act because it's vigilant justice (haram) a in a non-Muslim state. To get the idea closer, I'll try to give an example that would resonate most with the generic non-Muslim. A child rapist being raped in turn in a prison is wrong, but you'll be hard pressed to find people feeling sympathy towards him. Some may even applaud the rapist inmate for what he did. This situation can barely scrape the loathing we have for those who lie and defame the prophet (pbuh). I'll never ever feel bad for them. But I'll not call for violence against them or engage in it.

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It is also a matter of fact that people think that freedom of speech is somehow a right that they have. Freedom of speech was condemned by Leo XIII in relationship to those things that pertain to religion. That is, nobody has the right to freedom of speech if it is going to detract against the Catholic Church, or if it is going to cause harm to the common good or corrupt the moral state of its citizens. Outside of that fact, we do have a certain freedom of speech, but not outside that context.

There are also those who deny Christ's sovereignty by saying that non-Catholic religions have a freedom of public worship. This again was condemned by Leo XIII and if I'm not mistaken Pius XI. Only God has a right to grant public authority regarding the worship of Him. Those rights were given to the Roman Catholic Church alone.

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TP: So, I'd imagine for you as for a lot of people who start questioning wokeness, you probably said something small like, "Hey, I kind of don't agree with you on the white people thing," and then they immediately started shoving you as hard as they could out.

AE: Yep, that's exactly what happened. I was working on a project called the Groveland IV back in Florida. It was about these four black men had been wrongfully accused of sexual assault. There was a documentary that we were showing and I was trying to get all these college and high school kids to come and say, "You know, this is America, this is what they do to black people. They shove them through the criminal justice system even when they've done nothing."

In the background, Brett Kavanaugh gets accused of sexual assault. That whole firestorm starts happening and I'm working on this project watching Brett Kavanaugh just completely break down on camera and I brought it to my boss and I said, "You know, why are we treating these two situations differently? Why is he completely just getting obliterated by the media and by the work that we're doing here, yet when these four black men get wrongfully accused we're giving them all the grace in the world?"

And he said, "Well, he's a white man and I don't care and he clearly is the frat boy type so he did it and he should hang."

TP: Wow.

AE: Yeah, just... When I tell you the most dramatic rhetoric you could possibly hear, I was hearing day in and day out. I don't know how I didn't leave sooner, but eventually, it was just, you can't stand it.

TP: I kind of feel like the left hates mixed race people. Like, woke people, their perspective is, I've experienced this personally, where they're like, we should have segregated spaces, right? The POC and the non-POC and then, you know, if you walk up to them and you're like, "What if I'm both?"

They're like, "Get out!" because then you're still white.

And your story, what I'm imagining is, like, you've got white family, him saying, "He's white, I don't care, let him hang," it's like, yo, you realize like, when people say it to me, i'm like imagining my family, I'm like, I don't like that.

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One story I talk about every so often is that during Occupy Wall Street, there was a white dude a black dude, they were friends. Black dude was like, "I'm gonna run across the street to go to the bathroom."

The white dude was like, "Would you grab me a cheeseburger when you're over there?"

The black dude went off and he was like, "Excuse me?!" Started yelling at him and then I asked him later what happened and then he said, "You see how racist that was?"

Then I was like, "He asked you to get him a cheeseburger."

He's like, "Yeah, like I'm his boy, going to get him food," or something.

And I was like, "Dude, my friends ask me to grab them stuff from the store all the time. You fly, I'll buy. That's what we do."

This dude internalizes the racism and sees everything through the lens of you're being racist towards me. So, something as simple as my friend asked me to grab him food because I was already going that way turns into a racist attack on him.

I think white guilt is something that people are introduced to at a really young age. I saw a friend over the weekend and she's moved to new city and she told me that she specifically picked her yoga studio because it was in the historically black neighborhood and she liked that it was owned by women of color. If that's your preference, totally cool.

Then she said, "I also think it's really important that they offer classes for free to black people only."

And i was like, "You're describing discrimination you know that right?"

This is what people who agree with us need to understand. They're racist. They define racist in a different way, but who cares. The woke want segregIt's fascinating when I talk to people and tell them about how Dearborn, Michigan, had the POC and the non-POC digital events. I've seen a lot of places doing this, tons of this stuff and they're like it's a good thing and i'm like it's a bad thing. They're like, well, if you don't like it, you're racist and i'm like, dude, I don't care what word you use, I don't like what you're doing and I'm just going to stay away from you.

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Marvel's She-Hulk Takes The Crown For Feminist BS

In truth, there is nothing to be gained by comparing two groups against each other and trying to determine who has a harder time of it.

But, if that is the game we're playing, most of the statistical evidence would seem to suggest that in modern America women generally have the better deal. That's why girls are more likely to graduate high school, less likely to be suspended or expelled. Women are less likely to commit suicide, to become drug addicts, to become hopeless, homeless, less likely to suffer from workplace injuries. Women are less likely to be the victims of violent crime, they're less likely to be blown to pieces on the battlefield.

But sure, I guess the homeless, drug-addicted, suicidal, war-injured veteran on the street probably doesn't get cat-called very often, so he's got nothing on She-Hulk. Now, nobody is suggesting that women have no challenges or obstacles to overcome, but the idea that they have more obstacles than men, or more serious ones, is just not borne out by the facts, I'm sorry. And besides, as already noted, the comparisons are absurd and pointless. The only thing worse than being self-pitying, is to be competitive in your self-pity.

It's especially ridiculous to make this claim when you are a young, attractive woman in the modern Western world, because our modern society is essentially tailor-made to facilitate the happiness and success of that category of people. This has probably been a more serious analysis of a She-Hulk monologue than was necessary, but someone has to mansplain these things to her and I was more than happy to step up to the plate.

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I’ve learned that it is not a good Return on investment if she’s over 25. Ignoring the obvious point of looks. I’ll start with mindset. Why are you still unmarried past 25? Have you been sleeping around and messing with bad boys? Do you not value marriage and motherhood until after you’ve had your fun? That’s not what I want me wife to be of.
2. Women put in a mask after 26 when they don’t have kids/husband. They will pretend to be the best GF ever then once you marry or she gets pregnant the true side comes out because she’s comfortable and thinks you can’t go any where, I’ve see. This happen to every man I know personally who married a woman between 26-33.
3. Physicality, let’s say you gain 30lbs during pregnancy. That weight will melt off a 21 year old, 30 years old good luck. Your stuck with that from then on and it gets worse over time especially if she feels you are locked down.

It’s just not a good investment, you wouldn’t buy a used car for new car price

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Demi Lovato's LGBT Drama

As-salamu alaykum guys and welcome to another episode of Smile 2 Jannah.

The LGBT community has been leveraging certain aspects of our society, be it government, education, Hollywood and even media in general. The music industry has been utilized by the LGBT, we've already had movies like Lightyear and Doctor Strange and the list is of course growing, but there are also musicians that are being utilized by the LGBTQ community.

You've got Demi Lovato, she transitioned in 2021. For this individual to transitioning is easy, she's got money, access to the best health care, the best minds around her.

But what about the millions of people that follow this individual? Millions of people that unfortunately and sadly don't believe in a higher being, so they try to compensate for that void by attaching and latching themselves onto sports teams and celebrities? There are people who take what these individuals say as gospel.

Let's look at a 2021 UCLA research, it says that most non-binary adults are born in the United States, about 96%, 58% are white and 82% faced emotional abuse as a child. Another research that is very, very interesting, only 13%, yes 13% of those who detransition received help from LGBT organizations compared to 51% of those who transition, so the community is only there for people that conform to their ideals.

"What is a woman?" by Matt Walsh, definitely a documentary that you guys should see, every household should see this documentary.

Now, what does the Quran say about all this confusion? So the Quran chapter 16, verse 97, gives a clear distinction between male and female and then it goes on to say that they will be judged on righteousness alone. So we have all these organizations trying to tell us that our life is predicated on who we want to have intercourse with, it's just, everything seems to be related around pleasure, but, the Quran tells us otherwise. The Quran gives us depth, gives us substance, it gives us purpose and it tells us that nothing matters other than the righteous deeds that we will do, and it also has made clear that we have our roles.

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Encouraging people to pursue fundamentally impossible outcomes is nothing more than enabling them to live lives of bitterness, resentment, and self-loathing.

There are aspects of life that cannot be changed, and one of them is the body you are born with. Puberty, and the development of your body is NOT a reversible process, and neither is any tampering by outside chemicals and injections.

Furthermore, the origins of modern academia's perspective on what they term "gender", as well as the concept of "gender" in the first place, were founded on the works of a man named Dr. John Money. Specifically, an experiment Dr. Money performed on a pair of twin boys, one of whom had a botched circumcision. The twin whose genitalia had been irrevocably damaged was then placed on hormonal treatment and raised as a girl. In addition to being dosed with estrogen, the boy was also forced to perform mock sexual acts with his twin brother in front of Dr. Money, the doctor even recorded these himself.

This led to lifelong mental issues with the "transitioned" child, David Reimer, as he struggled with suicidal thoughts over the abuse he suffered and his physical state brought about through the treatment and initial botched circumcision. Ultimately culminating in his suicide, with his brother also committing suicide some time later.

The experiment was considered a success.

The hypothesis being that someone's identity as a male or female was entirely predicated on how they were raised, with no biological impetus whatsoever.

And with two ruined lives culminating in suicide, this was ruled a success.

Gender ideology has been, and will continue to be, harmful psychotic rhetoric put forward by pedophilic academics who care not for the health of the people struggling with self-loathing and mental illness, but instead only wish to profit off of and proliferate this doctrine of self mutilation.

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1. STOIC (being calm and almost without any emotion.)
No feelings, No emotion,
prudence, justice, fortitude, and temperance.
(Or if you prefer: wisdom, morality, courage, and moderation.)
Stoicism holds that the key to a good, happy life is the cultivation of an excellent mental state, which the Stoics identified with virtue and being rational. The ideal life is one that is in harmony with Nature, of which we are all part, and an attitude of calm indifference towards external events.
2. LACK OF LOVE ~ teaches compassion only as the highest virtue.
3. PASSIVE ~ We are just part of this Karmic universe, Cause and Effect. We are the effect of some cause, ie, we were born because our parents made love . . .
4. SELFISH ~ Does not concern about other important things, (example, the origin of the universe, the nature of the self as a body with a soul or mind, And the nature of God or Creator or Prime Mover, or the nature of the spirit) is only concerned of the self reaching enlightenment, nirvana
5. ATHEISTIC ~ Doesn't concern himself about god, more accurately, AGNOSTIC .
6. NO SOUL 无我 , ANATTA , NON-SELF ~ The self is just a tiny little part of a bigger reality in the universe.

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Feeding my Demonic Servitor

I recently discovered a problem with my Demonic Servitor. He wasn't performing effectively for the purposes I created Him for consistently, but did well in short one-day bursts. I devised an empowering and feeding rite for my Servitor to make Him more effective in a consistent manner. The shape traced in white chalk is a trapezoid, in the center is His Sigil in white chalk and His usual feeding method via a black candle, and His home (An Engraved Amulet) is wrapped around the votive holder. A trapezoid is a shape of angular frustration because of its near but not yet achieved completeness. The shape is perfect for a Servitor because it's existence is tied to providing for us what we created it for, creating a desire to 'do its job' essentially. This particular Servitor of mine is Demonic because of its nature to make me "look better" and feed my ambition through actualization of goals, and my vision of It.

Oh man! Watch that flame rise as you speak. That happens to me in necromancy when I call my working shades up. I'm working it a lot in Vodun with Samedi and the Ghede. It's gotten nothing but results so far. I've worked it from a Norse perspective too. It's awesome.

I'm glad I'm not the only one who saw that! Candles and flames are portals in essence to the realms of dense energy from this more materialistic one. I only know Necromantic knowledge I've learned from reading Somnus Dreadwood and Sorceress Cagliastro, the sorceress being my main working sourcebook for blood magick. It isn't my strong suit in what I know however.

I'm quiet very skeptical to the fact that I came across to a site where someone offering they're services said it's possible to attain a very supernatural powers like fireball, manipulation of weather,and ultimate telekinesis through his very powerful servitor do you believe in this type of servitor that can really bring you an extraordinary power ?

It is technically possible but extremely unlikely that very many of such servitors are created and exist here.

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RE: W0KE BACKLASH! DC Comics BLASTED for reducing Latino culture down to TACOS!

(Ebony Wild Card)
For people who love calling fans racist for criticizing their work, they sure do love using stereotypes.

(Bal Dev)
As someone born and living in latam, I've never been discriminated and reduced to stereotypes by anyone as much as I was by specificly American leftists.

(El Perro Del Autumo)
Exactly. And I never got called out being Hispanic myself. Other than leftists themselves.

(Yawar Apuyurak)
Even the "far right" represents better latam. Those guys don't shy away from our defects.

(Jungle Lane)
Live on a farm in Puerto Rico. The amount of insulting shit I've heard from hippy people coming through is massive. I'm not a native but it seriously bothers me hearing this crap. Might ask the actual people what they would like before assuming if you aren't part of their culture.

They need to first sort people into the correct category before they can reliably manipulate them.

(Aris video drop)
I work for a left wing org. I'm white passing I get eye rolls for asserting my heritage and cringe as everyone uses Latinx as a sub for Hispanic. Because I pass as white I don't count as Hispanic lol 🤣

To the woke, you are tacos, landscaping, and maid service, consistent with their ‘lived experience.’

This of course qualifies them to think deep thoughts about ‘you folk’ and to know what’s best for all of you.

(Velveteen V)
As a hispanic I give them props for not calling us that damn racial slur that ends with an X, not offende, more like ::facepalm::

YouTubers #crackpot #fundie youtube.com

Tess W
Yeah, this is what God calls witchcraft......the Greek word for drug use, "Pharmakeia"....putting a spell on yourself through herbs, potions or strong drink. It totally opens a person up to the demonic realm.
People who have deep disturbances may need it, it's all you can do when you don't have access to healing.

kimberly willow sage tree
alcohol is called spirits for a reason... over indulgence is the issue, as always.. but herbs? that's crazy talk

Matt Gaetz #sexist youtube.com

Have you watched these pro-abortion, pro-murder rallies? The people are just disgusting. Why is it that the women with the least likelihood of getting pregnant are the ones most worried about having abortions? Nobody wants to impregnate you if you look like a thumb. These people are odious from the inside out. They’re like 5′2″, 350 pounds, and they’re like, “Give me my abortions or I’ll get up and march and protest.”

I’m thinking, “March? You look like you’ve got ankles weaker than the legal reasoning behind Roe vs. Wade!”

A few of them need to get up and march — they need to get up and march for like an hour a day. Swing those arms, get the blood pumpin’, maybe mix in a salad.

Dillon Awes #fundie #homophobia youtube.com

What does God say is the answer, is the solution, for the homosexual in 2022, here in the New Testament, here in the Book of Romans?

That they are worthy of death! These people should be put to death!

Every single homosexual in our country should be charged with the crime, the abomination of homosexuality, that they have. They should be convicted in a lawful trial. They should be sentenced with death. They should be lined up against the wall and shot in the back of the head! That’s what God teaches. That’s what the Bible says.

You don’t like it? You don’t like God’s Word, because that is what God says.
Here’s the thing. Here’s why reprobates, here’s why homosexuals, are so dangerous to society: They’re not like other sinners in the sense that every single day that they are alive, they’re being filled with more and more and more unrighteousness.

That is a scary thing. You want to know why we say that all homosexuals are pedophiles? And let me make that very clear: All homosexuals are pedophiles.

And people say, “Well, what about all the straight people that molest children?” They’re fags!”

I don’t care what you call them. If a person is with a child, you’re a fag. You’re a reprobate. You’re a sodomite. I don’t care what kind of classifications our government wants to give them. All homosexuals are pedophiles.

Now, here’s the thing. Here’s what I’m not saying. I’m not saying that every single homosexual that’s alive right now has committed that act with the child already. Because it could be that they haven’t had the opportunity yet, and they will at some point later in their life.

This is why we need to put these people to death, through the proper channels of the government, because the Bible says that they are being filled.

So here’s the thing: Yes, maybe not every single homosexual has been with a child yet, but what about tomorrow when they’re filled with a little more unrighteousness? What about in a week from now when they’re filled with a little more unrighteousness? What about 20 years from now? What are they gonna be like?

You look up the statistics on these sodomites that abuse children, they’re with so many children, it’ll make you throw up. Disgusting. These people are not normal. They’re not your average everyday sinners. They’re what the Bible calls reprobate. They’re rejected by God. They have no hope of salvation.

The Peace Street Show with your host Willow Proctor #conspiracy #quack youtube.com

Hugely disappointing explanation. Did corrupt big pharma buy Khan institute as well? Perhaps khan institute is not up to date that the second Doctor co-authorizing the Wakefield study actually appealed all the way to the high courts and won the case that no malpractice had occurred in the "Wakefield Study" study and received his medical license back. As well, it was declared by the presiding judge that the Lancet paper authored by the Wakefield and 12 other prestigious researchers, should be re-published and that the entire Wakefield case had been handled unjustly. Andrew Wakefield has also since been vindicated scientifically by 6 independent research teams from different countries, all having been able to replicate Wakefield's findings, showing he was RIGHT to suggest that more research into links between autism, MMR and IBS is needed. Andrew Wakefield, produced a profound film, VAXXED, which has supported a huge wake up movement around the world. Highly educated doctors, chiropractors, health practitioners, mothers, fathers, are waking up to the reality that there is massive fraud being perpetrated in Big Pharma and government regulatory agencies. People are discovering that we MUST question the safety of vaccines.

Hannosho Ba'ali’i #conspiracy #crackpot #dunning-kruger #moonbat youtube.com

Who decided that OUR Melandigenous Origiant Grandcestors were to be called 'denisovans'? How did ii miss that meeting? Who approved that name? ii want THAT person's name.

ii will NOT use a neocolonial appellation to reference the ancestry of MY glorious Grandcestors.

The term 'denisovan' is perfect for directing ones imagination from any 'TALL, DARK, and HANDSOME' peoples who were moor advanced than we are today.

Kinda like that 'lucy' appellation scam.

'van' is sooo Dutch European.

MY imagination sees MELANDIGENAL (black) people.

Matt Walsh #dunning-kruger #transphobia #wingnut youtube.com

We Can Win This.

The final thing I learned from spending a year staring into this abyss is that, we can win this fight. Gender ideology is insane, destructive, pervasive, ubiquitous, and beatable.

You know, I get asked this all the time. Is this a hill that I'm really that I want to die on? Do you want to die on this hill? And the answer is, yes, I'll die on this hill, if there's any hill worth dying on, it's this one. The hill of objective truth. Yeah, I think that's pretty important. I'll die on that.

But though I'm willing to die on this hill, I don't plan on it. As General Patton said back in the days before the military cared about equity, intolerance more than killing bad guys, he said, no bastard ever won a war by dying for his country, he won it by making some other poor dumb bastard die for his.

Well, I would say the same, metaphorically, for this hill, this fight for truth, this struggle against gender lunacy. We can win because the other side can be crushed under the weight of simple questions. I saw this happen myself before my very eyes time and time again. The learned, the educated, the experts crumpled and collapsed and panicked in front of me, just this bumpkin wearing flannel armed with a high school diploma. Running out of the room.

Is it because i'm brilliant? Well, those are my preferred adjectives, that's how I identify myself, but no, I don't have to be brilliant, fortunately. All you need to do is just stand up and look this thing directly in the face, serve it a healthy dose of skepticism, force it to explain itself. The gender ideologues are weak and scared and vulnerable, they've perched themselves on a limb that isn't even connected to a tree, they're anchored in nothing, their world view is empty and frail and flimsy. We don't need to be armed with anything but a spine, enough to stand up against them straight, just stand up straight and ask questions, questions that cannot be answered, questions that for that reason aren't supposed to even be asked.

But we must ask them and if we do we'll win and we must win.

Various Commenters #conspiracy #pratt #racist #wingnut youtube.com

RE: Mass Immigration was Blair’s Attack on Britain

(The ice pick that killed Trotsky)
Blair was the worst thing to happen to Britain post-war and that says a lot.

(Kyr Man)
Tory economic policy - higher taxes, more debt. No economic conservatism.
Tory foreign policy - liberal interventionist, no national conservatism
Tory immigration policy - hyper promiscuous borders - certainly no native or national conservatism
Tory housing policy - destroy Britain ancestral greenlands to build migrants homes - no native conservatism

Which part of the the Tory party is right wing exactly?

(Peter Field)
Jeez, as a born and bred Londoner, English parents, grandparents, great grandparents etc it's a tragedy what's happened. I was born in 1967, the changes in my lifetime are catastrophic , for my mum who died 2016 even worse.

(T G)
My entire teens and adult life so far has been plagued by the nightmare of mass immigration. It will only get worse...

(Tim the Enchanter)
I'm always amused by the "muti-culturalism" argument. As an American, I live in a place that was designed to be multi-cultural, but isn't really. Although it is often wistfully described as a "melting pot," what it really is, is just a very large place peppered with little pockets of varying culture. People come to America -- not to be Americans -- but to live in America with other people just like them.

There’s nothing wrong with treating invaders as enemy combatants.

(Kevin H)
So they admitted to colonising Britain? Wasn't colonisation bad when we did it though?

If you know anything about Roman history in Britain, allowing and paying sea faring barbarians to settle is always a recipe for disaster

(unopened envelope)
I'm still waiting for someone to tell me what these so called "benefits" are for mass immigration..

Fr. Chad Ripperger #crackpot #elitist #fundie youtube.com

You have to get the permission from the bishop which gives you the authority of the Church to act upon them.

This is one of the reasons why even the Protestants know that there are certain cases that only Catholics can break. There was a case in New York, a guy was possessed, doing the levitation thing, you know, sticking to the ceiling, and the Protestants are like, well, let's just go in and liberate the individual.

They go in, they got beaten within an inch of their lifes. And while they were being beaten the demon said, you have no authority over me. Because certain kinds of possession require the authority of the Catholic Church. So they got the exorcist from the diocese to come in, he commands the thing by the power of Church to come down, the guy descends and then they cuff him.

Question, I don't know, you're probably gonna say I have a demon, but what if I, like, don't really believe in this. Or, like, it's just like way too
much, like what would you say to a person like me.

I would say I wish I had that luxury. No, I'm serious.

About 70 to 80% of the cases of possession the person changes shape. You know, this is not something that somebody can do. As I mentioned, I've seen levitation but it's extremely rare, hidden knowledge is a very common thing, them telling you things that there's absolutely no way they would know. Somebody who has never even heard a language, for example, I had a possession case where the demon told me his name in a form of Egyptian that hadn't been spoken for three thousand years, I had to go to a linguistic expert to find out what he said.

Erica Sell #fundie youtube.com

Movies like Luca, Moana, and The Little Mermaid are all about water spirits and the marine kingdom. It’s so sad that they are getting children indoctrinated into this. Thank you for waking people up! Let’s stay in prayer, saints!

Sandman #conspiracy #elitist #enbyphobia #homophobia #sexist youtube.com

Demi Lovato Gets Sexier Everyday - MGTOW

Singers deciding to be fat non-binary clown world shows. This is what happens when you go woke at the same time you hit the wall. She's 30 now and the music industry is brutal for women. The audience moves on to more attractive women that are prettier, younger and more fertile.

30 year old guys no longer find them as attractive as they once did, so instead such musicians embrace their inner butch to get those bucks.

Her new number of subscribers is falling but the views just keep going up and up. That's suspicious and it makes me believe that she's part of some sort of woke agenda and that's why she's being pushed by big platforms, the idea is that very attractive women with high SMV should be willing to reduce it. Feminists like this because they see it as a way to punish men when women don't live up to so-called "patriarchal beauty standards", most of us don't care though, all we do is find younger female musicians to listen to that are still feminine. There's always women willing to exploit their tits for clicks.

I was going through my twitter feed the other day and there was a woman complaining that three of the girls in her daughter's class were actually transitioning and on male hormones, and that one kid was non-binary. This is part of the whole transhumanism agenda. In order to break down what it means to be human, our overlords need to first break down gender by saying that there are more genders than flavors of baskin robbins and then eventually the push would be to make all of us non-binary.

I believe Lovato is exploiting this for her own financial gain and probably doesn't understand the insidious nature of what's going on.

I'm in the process of reinventing myself in this "sigma sphere", a term I just coined. I'mm trying to covertly carry over MGTOW philosophy to the most productive and desirable men in our society and I'm coining phrases like "relationships and marriage are kryptonite for your mind" and "kryptonite for your grind." I believe in sigma because I realized I have had all the characteristics of it my entire life, so it's a natural fit for me, but to fully self-actualize as a sigma you need to embrace being single.

Various Commenters #conspiracy #dunning-kruger youtube.com

RE: Judge Who Signed FBI Raid On Trump Linked To EPSTEIN In SHOCKING Development, Civil War Trending

(Shadow Fox)
The amount of coincidences in America is astounding

(David Ford)
Coincidence is not a kosher word.

This is all the proof you need that Alex was right all along. There's no reasoning with evil.

This is the government our founding fathers warned us about

Tim Pool realizing that conspiracy theories are more fact than fiction is what I needed today. Never forget... In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way.

Not believing in an international cabal is akin to not believing in a round earth.
You've got to try extra hard to ignore the facts when the truth is slapping you in the face.

(Enrique D)
The people have become so gaslighted that even Tim will call objective reality a conspiracy theory. Tim says they don't have as much power as people think yet he has to even watch his words when it comes to telling the truth lol

(Keenan Larsen)
"I don't believe there is ONE cabal controlling everything."

Neither do I, Tim. But that seems to be the end goal.

Tim Pool #wingnut youtube.com

Agreement that men should be represented and valued more in our society, by age, gender and party.

Young & older Democratic women disagree, younger Democratic men agree. What? This is crazy, younger Democrat men, two to one, agree men should be represented and valued more in our society.

Young & older Republican women agree, younger Republican men agree at the same levels as young Democrat men, older Republican men agree.

Yo, feminists are losing and it is brutal.

Now, it could just be that this is favorable to the SPLC's worldview, they need to rile up young people and say "We're losing, you need to give us money." I guess they never accept when they're winning they need to be victims.

I don't know, maybe it's legit, maybe they actually did this poll and it was a legitimate poll, I don't know.

Agreement that transgender people are a threat to children.

All Democrat groups disagree, but 42% of young Democrat men agree with the statement that transgender people are a threat to children.

Yo, that's crazy.

Young Republican men at 57% think that transgender people are a threat to children. Older Republican women also agree, but, it's a plurality, not a majority, 45%.

Yo, that's crazy, isn't that crazy, old Republican women and young Republican men, but older Republican men & young Republican women don't agree. Weird, right?

This is where it gets real interesting. Agreement that transgender people are trying to indoctrinate children into their lifestyles.

Democratic women, both young and old, disagree, but younger Democratic women about a third agree that's true. Young Democrat men disagree, but 40% do agree.

Young Republican women 66% agree, old Republican women 62% agree, young Republican men 64% agree, older Republican men 60% agree.

All of this data, assuming it's true, shows that the culture war has shifted. The right is winning, the right's worldview is dominant, and I think it's because moderates are reading the news and they know what's legit and what's not.

Crazy days huh, I wonder what this means for the future. I think the future is going to be very, very, very, very conservative.

Hopefully data like this is a whitepill moment.

Various Commenters #racist #wingnut #enbyphobia youtube.com

RE: Mexicans FURIOUS That Americans Are Invading Their Country, Won't Speak Spanish In Hilarious Irony

Who would have thought going to a foreign country and refusing to learn the language, culture or even integrate into the society in the slightest would make the locals angry and want to kick you out, or worse... such an outlandish concept no one could have seen coming.

(A R)
One of my fantasies has always been to go to Mexico to work as a stockboy in a grocery store and whenever a customer would ask me where an item is I would tell them "No habla espanol". This is priceless.

(Curtis Wade)
To the teams point about language, one of our political factions doesn't even speak the same language as most Americans. What is really frustrating is that it sounds like the same language, but the words change meaning from moment to moment based on what advantage they can gain over someone who speaks normally.

(Acme Racing)
Wait, I thought it was racist to object when people come to your country and don't speak the language. Will they provide English versions of all their government forms for Americans? Require locals to press 1 for Spanish when they call customer service in Mexico?

(Karnacle Blackburn)
This literally put a cheek hurting grin on my face for a full 24 hours (minus an 8 hour sleep).

(Donna Stokes-Manning)
My favorite part of this clip is when the person pointed out how this same media outlet would call Americans who complain about the exact same thing here as racists but when the people in Mexico complain they are not called racist. I wouldn’t have thought of that while reading the article. Maybe a week later it would hit me but it would be old news by then. It is why these videos are important instead of just the usual leftist media talking points

I don't really blame them getting furious......they are getting Californians after all. Just imagine you are a hard working Mexican heading to your favorite restaurant, and running into a manlet with a manbun that says "Hello my fellow Latinx, my pronouns are they/them, and I am an omnisexual." I'd be pissed too.

(Greg Lane)
Guess Trump was right that maybe Mexico will pay for a wall.

Janath #fundie youtube.com

At that time I was completely against this video. I thought this is a complete false, made-up video insulting and ridiculing the Buddha. I hated this. I thought this was done in lowly, corrupted intention in hating Buddha and Buddhism. But later I recalled all about this to Ms. Sandya, a good, honest lady whom I know well and she also watched this video as well as others. She was a buddhist but now a converted devoted christian. I hoped a fair reply from her because she has a good knowledge of Buddhism being a Buddhist until she was well past her 20's of age. She did reply but it really shocked me again, because she said after much thinking that everything in this video is completely true!! I was shocked and terrified but she said that this is true. She said that Buddha did not believe in the God and rejected the whole idea of God's creations of everything, humans, animals and worlds . She said that Buddha failed to say how everything started first and said everything started naturally which is wrong. She said all desires cannot be eliminated as Buddha said so, because its work of the God which Buddha did not understand. Buddha said after eliminating all desires, humans can achieve Nirvana state which is away from heaven and hell and that Buddha going to Nirvana after death. But this lady told me that this Nirvana was never correctly proved by Buddha and either there was not a single evidence to support it. She said if that is true and correct, Buddha has to come out himself in any form after his death and say that he's now in Nirvana, but that kind of thing did Not happen. At least not even the slightest notifications occurred at that time or any kind of signs of any form appeared anywhere with Buddha's death to prove about this Nirvana theory. This lady said that its a complete lie by Buddha and that nirvana is not achievable and that it does not exist at all. There's only heaven and hell. She said that its known to Christians that Buddha said at his dying time that Buddha "still did not find the light I am searching for".

John MacArthur #fundie youtube.com

I read the other day that one of the Evangelical “publicists” (whatever that is) said he’s happy to let us know that the new administration will uphold religious freedom. Really? The new administration will uphold religious freedom? Um, I don’t even support religious freedom. Religious freedom’s what sends people to hell!

To say, “I support religious freedom” is to say, “I support idolatry.” It’s to say, “I support lies. I support hell. I support the kingdom of darkness.” You can’t say that!

No Christian with half a brain would say, “We support religious freedom.” We support the truth!

[Applause can be heard from the congregation]

kiwi777 kiwi #fundie youtube.com

May I share a true story with you all. I have spent my life nursing and have held many a hand of the dying, 2 men in my ward, Both were masonic atheists, Both men as they lay dying were screaming and kicking yelling "Help me the Devils are coming" I am not kidding. These poor men died in pure terror. I mean pure utter terror. I managed to get another nurse to pray over one man with me. But it was to late:( ...My precious beautiful Nana as she was dying looked straight through me and said "Jesus" in amazement and then she put out her hand's and said " kingdom come" that was beautiful. But those men I can never forget ever, please take heed death comes to us all.

Various Incels #crackpot #pratt #sexist #transphobia youtube.com

RE: FtM Transgender community meets the Blackpill.

"being a man is like dying and coming back as a ghost"
I can't believe it took a woman to perfectly describe man's experience.

It really hit me when they were speaking about being a ghost. I haven't really lived. Life as an average/ugly male is just a different world entirely. You get treated as disposable garbage, no one cares about your issues, people are distant toward you, people think it's ok to mock you, dating is shit or non existant. It's just misery.

(Jack Archer)
Many women literally don’t know how good they have it. My friend’s gf was complaining about the fact that her default option is having a family and a husband. Meanwhile, a male’s default option is living penniless and alone with no family or wife. Unbelievable.

(Janos Fejos)
Imagine you went through a dangerous and difficult transition to have a better life only to find out that it's actually hell on earth.

(Berserk S.)
Women think every guy lives like the handsome hot dude they admire.

I knew a trans girl who became a boy. Told her she was gonna have problems because of her height. Didn't listen to me. Then, depression took over.

Imagine choosing life as a 5'6 male.
I just feel bad - these people have been lied to about the patriarchy or whatever.

It's simple. Being a woman means you're the prize and being a man means you're the competitor. Competitors are naturally hostile to each other and most wont get the prize because they weren't good enough. Prizes or trophies just have to sit there and look valuable. By choosing to be a male you're choosing hard mode in life.

(David Brinkerhoff)
I have, at times, tried to explain the difficulties and challenges of heightism in the modern world to my sister. It is literally impossible to get them to understand. Their life experience is that Chad can pick and reject whomever he pleases. It hurts them to be rejected/ignored by Chad and so they redirect their insecurities by assuming all men are Chad.

Ftm shock is even bigger than sub5 discovering blackpill, since they already lived in hell, just found out why...Ftm went straight from tutorial to impossible nightmare mode

Disciple AJ #fundie youtube.com

Great content as always Chris! 👍🏻

Everyone reading this, you need to wake up to how the world REALLY works. The fact is that humanity has always been spiritual for a reason and it's because the spiritual world is just as real as our flesh and blood. The western world still understood this until the 1960's when secularism started to take over and atheism began to catch on - that was only after millions and millions of people here in the UK (of the old world....) were culled in not one but two world wars. The occult always practice an 'order out of chaos' mentality and the two world wars served their purpose to kill off millions of Judeo-Christian's throughout Europe, America, Canada, Australia and New Zealand - the nations of which are the primary Gospel sharing nations. That had to be severely interrupted by the people who worship the devil to get the world turning in their direction.

People need to wake up and stop pretending (or being wilfully ignorant) that this stuff isn't real and that there is no God or the devil - they are both very real and you have been lied to for generations by useful idiots to dumb down the population.

Think about it - if the majority of those with all he power and wealth in the world worship the devil in one form or another - why would that be? Why is that theme always so consistent? It's because they KNOW it's real and they have made their choices in the world.

Anyone who sides with the devil is already on the losing side. Those who do not have the Lord Jesus Christ will perish as He is going to bring this to an end...we are already seeing the start of the new world order in our time and this new world order will give all its authority over to the antichrist and everyone who has not sealed themselves with Jesus Christ will take the mark of the beast.

All of this stuff is real and it's going on. Everyone has to chose their side: God (eternal life) or satan (perish with him with eternal death and separation from God), there is no middle ground on this at all. Choose wisely, repent as the Kingdom of God is at hand. I know where I'm going and I plead with people to take Jesus whilst there is still time.

Maranatha ✝️📜. Amen.