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In the tenth episode of Heaven & Healing Podcast, I take on a huge topic: the evil of the music industry.

Throughout my teenage years and most of my twenties, I accredited music to saving my life. I idolized musicians, their lyrics and artistry to the point where I genuinely felt as though music was the solitary thing keeping me from suicide. I was depressed, broken and traumatized — and the one thing I found my salvation in was music. Of course, in hindsight, I recognize that the healing I was searching for in music could only ever be found in Jesus Christ, but back then I didn’t know better. That’s why this episode is such a huge deal for me: I am crushing my own idols.

In this episode, I explain the actual science of music — how the frequencies disrupt our natural bioelectrical currents, sending us into an alpha state where we lose our necessity to critically reason, thus literally having the capacity to change our character, sense of morality and spirituality. From there, I talk about what the Bible says God’s design is for music and how the devil has infiltrated that purpose as I go through the history of music and why 1953 is where everything changed for the worse. Of course, the history of the music industry cannot be discussed without the person responsible for inspiring it all: Aleister Crowley, a wicked man who rejected his parents’ devout Christianity by creating his own religion Thelema, a gnostic philosophy founded on libertinism. I break down how all famous secular music, from classic rock to modern hip-hop/rap/pop, stands on the pillars of Crowleian & Satanic structures — from the lyrics, to the symbolism, to the shows, to to the videos and how they use that alpha state to brainwash the masses.

We know that we are of God, and that the whole world lies in the power of the evil one.
1 John 5:19

The devil rules the world and the world controls the music.

It’s quite simple. Control the music = control the masses.

I close on a hopeful note, reminding you that God is sovereign and the Bible tells us that this music, the devil, and his followers, will be destroyed.

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Oh boy, can’t wait until you find out that their ICBM’s can travel faster than we can intercept them.
What? You don’t know of Russia’s military capability? (Oh right, you’ve been told that Russia was “going to run out of missiles” how many times by now? I lost count.)
Don’t forget to call it the “Game Changer” like every other weapon before it.
Oh, and make certain you forget that Ukraine doesn’t have logistics and a severely compromised fighting capacity. (I’m certain it’ll help them overcome the latest 65k Casualties that Ukraine underwent in that one “strategically unimportant town…” they recently lost.)
65k casualties in Bakhmut.
16k in Kherson.
10k prior to that…
Ursula mentioned 100k in a now edited speech.
My dude, Ukraine became the new Yugoslavia. Forget farmers… they’ll be lucky if they even own their farms AFTER the U.S. demands their return on investment!
Tell me, have you asked what “Victory” is for Ukraine? Because if you know, then SURELY you must have seen some means of progress, right?
I mean, when were the Russians supposed to have run out of misdialed again?
Remind me.

Kikasitsu and Varkhal218 #moonbat #conspiracy youtube.com


Wait till you find out that the Bully is Ukraine…
I gotta love it when NONE OF YOU think about what the residents of Eastern Ukraine underwent over the previous 8 years.
You people are just selective about your outrage, it’s kind of sad, really.
Except Ukraine was the one spiking people’s drinks… while wearing the shirt skirt.
Let’s see:
Yugoslavia, Libya, Ukraine, Taiwan, Chile, Brazil, Vietnam, Korea, Syria, Iran, IRAQ, PALESTINE…
Clearly, you never learned a single lesson, so why are you talking to other people about “learning” anything?
You do know that the F-16 would mean that NATO affiliates would be piloting the planes, right?
Cause Ukraine doesn’t have the logistics to do much of anything. They lost that capacity at the beginning of the conflict.
But I guess if you want Ukraine to lose even harder…
Let’s begin, shall we?
1) Ukraine has been committing war crimes (on camera.) I’ve seen plenty of examples, INCLUDING neck slicing, castration, shooting knee caps, and other horrendous things.
2) Ukraine has promoted a genocide for 8 long years, BEFORE the conflict in Ukraine erupted.
There’s a reason why it’s “Kyiv, not Kiev” (and it’s sinister.)
3) The media didn’t tell you that Ukraine witnessed mushroom clouds recently, did they? What VAUSH not Dylan Burns mention them?😱
Imagine my shock.🙂
4) 65k Casualties in a “Strategically unimportant town…”


I wouldn't consider myself antiUkraine, but for me it's more simple: I'm sad that innocent people suffer and die or have to flee, I'm sad that there is no fighting force in this war that actually defends the interests of either population, wether Ukrainian or Russian, but I am glad this is a blow to the NATO cancer and a destabiliser in the world.

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I would just like to add that some people don’t believe transgender is a thing and are uncomfortable referring to someone as a different gender, whether it’s because of religious beliefs or because of DNA, etc. Labeling those people as “transphobic” is hurtful and perpetuates double standards.

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(Submitter’s Note: OP is mocking somebody because the person whose video they left a comment on was raped as a toddler)

What's with the hair over one eye? Are you some weirdo who thinks he's an actual anime character?

Also what's with the manipulative crying bits? Just edit that crap out if you don't wanna be cringe. You may as well have filmed yourself with a puppy to inspire sympathy.

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I am mad at being denied a job as the Secretary of State, which I should be, and which I believe Nick Fuentes has promised me that job.
I only want the job for two years. I just want to go around the world and make up for the U.S. forcing all these people to have gay sex. I’m going to do whatever it takes to make up for that and reinstate heterosexuality…in Africa, Europe, Asia, Latin America, and every place that the U.S. government has forced people to do gay sex.

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Oh my, it is Stephen that's fucking hoarding legitimate copies of Earthbound, and goes for EVERY good fucking deal/price for a copy. You, need to see a fucking shrink BIG TIME. I can understand the game meaning so much to you, that say, you own ONE CIB copy, ONE loose cart, ONE CIB SFC version, ONE loose SFC version, and any merchandise and memorabilia related to the game. "Collecting" and hoarding as many copies of the NA version, is nothing more than being a selfish, greedy piece of shit ruining finding these for anyone else. You're also contributing to there being fake ones on ebay and anywhere else. I had no idea it was you who was doing this, but I remember seeing these videos a few years back after I finally got ONE loose cartridge of the game finally. I guess I never noticed the name of this channel, and through the last 5 years or so I didn't want to look up the videos again and find out it was you, because of your ties to TheRunawayGuys. Wow..... get some fucking help. I can't believe your wife or girlfriend or what ever she is to you, goes along with this.

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'There's no such thing as a cis woman': Inclusive language 'erasing' women's rights

Women are not a sub-category of women – "we are women," according to UK broadcaster Sophie Corcoran, who said she refuses to be addressed as a "cis woman".

"The one word I hate the most and nobody should ever call me is a cis-woman – it really aggravates me," Ms Corcoran told Sky News host Rowan Dean.

"We're expected to call trans-women women, so why can't we call ourselves women, why do we have to call ourselves cis-women – there's no such thing.

"But they are erasing our language and that's not good – because when they erase the language they will then soon erase our rights which is what they're trying to do."

Every-ist And-ophobe #transphobia #dunning-kruger #pratt #interphobia youtube.com

ANYONE that uses "pronouns" should be cancelled. This is the EXACT PROBLEM. look if your a man and you dress up like a woman and put on makeup you are NOT A WOMAN. And you CANNOT FORCE ME to be a part of your mental illness. Period. NO amount of hormones or makeup will EVER change your DNA only 2 sets of chromosomes XX AND XY THAT 100% FACT AND you can't FORCE me to go against FACTS AMD TRUTH.

French Bastard #conspiracy youtube.com

I saw the second plane hit live on tv. It ressembled nothing like a commercial airliner. It was an unmarked grey plane. They were military drones. I also saw the pentagon hit video before it was scrubbed off internet. It was an sol-air missile. The lady from the hostage audio recording is telling you word for word at the end of her forced segment..."its a trap". Thats means gov kidnapped the real airliners and forced people to make those audio recordings. The issue is you cannot call and connect a cell phone from a speeding airliner. They grounded those airliners on military bases, forced the "calls/recording" then disposed of those witnesses. They needed an element to secure the event as "real" using real people as pawns. The operation was argubly a success. Rogue operative Saddam Hussein Irak was invaded.

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I think we should abolish the 19th Amendment. I think it was a mistake. I could write an entire harlequin romance novel on all the reasons it was a mistake.
Women are emotional. We’re trainwrecks. Why would you want us deciding anything? Women are supposed to be emotional trainwrecks. We’re meant to bring balance to relationships with our nurturing and our intuition, and the Founders kind of saw it as “one family, one vote”. They just decided that men will think logically and broadly about abstract ideas and deduce a suitable conclusion, where women might not be able to. We can look and see evidence of this in the 2016 election. They did an exit poll, and if only women voted, there would have been 458 electoral votes for Hillary Clinton. That is insane. This shows that we cannot be trusted.

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This song I composed is about hope faith and celebrating what God meant us to be: free, even if we aren’t today. Slavery knows no bounds. Economic, racial, new immigrant status and now invisible elect er panic slavery is a reality that turns a happy life o to a mental game of daily survival. I hope you will share me song that I dedicate to all the suffering tis around the world. We are all Enslaved actually and the truth is that COVID is caused by Remote Neural Monitoring. The longer it takI s for people to realize this truth, the lomg COVID will continue to depopulate the Earrh. Beliefs determine reality, so make sure you understand truth!

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RE: Popular YouTuber SHOCKED That Leftists Want To END Humanity

As a former leftist, it works like this, I hated the government, country, history, neighbors, family, religion, rich people, capitalism, etc, and ultimately when you hate everything, you hate yourself, it is a horrible place to be, but thankfully most people will grow out of it.

This isn't a political battle, it's spiritual. It's all of us against Satan.

Various Commenters #transphobia #wingnut youtube.com

RE: Democrats LOVE Transgenderism, But REJECT IT When It Affects Their Family

“There is no Joe Biden, there is only the people around him.” may be the most important message potential Democrat voters can hear. Not that it will change their minds, but it will weed out the NPC wastes of space pretty quick.

These kids don't just randomly claim to be trans, it happens after being exposed to it. Whether it's through social media, piers, movies, news, etc. At young ages, kids just copy what they see, the bobo doll experiment showed that.

Can confirm. One of my old friends did the TRANSformation. His family, who is superblue, turned on him and disowned him completely. The ones who preach for it, only do so for a pat on the back.

I recently became transcalifornian and transblack so I now know how it feels to be rejected by transphobes.

Well....what did they expect? The fact Democrats ACTUALLY thought this wouldn't come back and bite them in the end is not only sad, but extremely laughable as well.

The final privilege is to claim to be something you're not

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The Mandelbrot Set: Atheists’ WORST Nightmare

In this powerful lecture, Dr. Jason Lisle reveals a secret code seen throughout creation: the Mandelbrot set. Why is the Mandelbrot set atheists’ worst nightmare? Because it reveals the infinite, intelligent mind of God in ways that you’ve probably never seen before.

Make It A Mac Tonight #transphobia youtube.com

It's time for Trannymaniacs
They're disgusting to the max
They wear skirts instead of slacks
They're Trannymanaiacs

Come join them on the discord server pronouns "she" and "her"
Soon enough they rope and they will change to "was" and "were"
They insist you call them "mam" though they look just like a "sir"
Adam's apple
Wide clavicle
Futa connoisseur

They are the Trannymaniacs
There's an axe-wound in their pants
They just can't accept the facts
They're looney to the max
They're Trannymaniacs

They say "Age is just a number", whenever they are found
Grooming minors on the internet or on the playground
They wait in women's restrooms when no one is around
Then they pop out
And whip it out
And swing it all around

They are the Trannymaniacs
They think they're cute but make me yak
No they can't transition back
But they're calling you the quack
They're trannymany
Totally insaney
Fucked up in the brainy
Those are the facts

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I heard an independent fundamental Baptist preacher, he's like, “You know it is not right for me to tell my wife when we are going to have kids, you know I need to ask her permission, or ask when it's OK to start having kids.”

And I'm like, “Are you a man? Are you a Baptist? You're a fundamental Baptist preacher and you're going to ask your wife it it's OK to have children?”

I'm like, what planet am I living on? How effeminate is that, to let your wife tell you when she's gonna have kids or not? I mean, that is feminism.
You know which buttons I ask my wife are OK to press? None, because she doesn’t tell me what to do. That’s a weird relationship, and it’s sad that fundamental Baptist preachers are letting their wives tell them what to do.

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What do we do about the drug cartels?

The Wall. The Wall solves so… Every problem in America gets easier with a wall. Every single problem. Race relations, poor people, bringing manufacturing back, everything gets easier when you solve immigration, because you don't have this. We don't need an extra problem to deal with and extra poor people we have to pay for, but the drug problem that's 100% a function of not having a wall.

Is it funded by the CCP?

Chinese used to send the precursor chemicals, but it was inefficient.

it is not coming from China. Meth is being made in Mexico. The opiods, it is all coming from Mexico.

They'll say, "Oh, but it's not all Mexicans, some of them are American citizens," yeah, they're anchor babies. It is an all-Mexican operation.

I've been thinking of it as a, like, just a continuation of the drug war, the Opium Wars.

it is Opium Wars, but it is Americans against Americans. The same people who don't want a wall, there is a crazy left… I'm not talking about all Democrats, many liberals are my best friends, not talking about all liberals at all, but there is an element of the left that just hates this country and they're fine with Americans dying of opioids. They are fine with a hundred thousand Americans dying from drugs every year.

These people also paradoxically don't even know what life outside of the United States is. They think the United States is evil, racist and with all those problems with cops, and they have no idea, they've never been to these other countries. Because if you go to these other countries, you're like, wow, America is pretty nice, how good we have it.

Do you think that Mexico poses enough of a threat to American lives to be worth invading at any point?

It wouldn't be necessary if we built the Wall, but yes, to take out the cartels. I mean, it's certainly more of a threat to us than the Ukraine right and we sent a ton of money shipping goods and resources to Ukraine, why wouldn't we just spend that money on the Wall?

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(submitter note: part of a much arger discussion trend)
…Russia bent over backwards to avoid the war and then to avoid casualties but the West just keeps on lying.
How would you react if the English shelled Wales for ten years killing 14,000 civilians including children for wanting to speak Welsh and honour their Welsh heritage? Or if Canada shelled Quebec because people want to speak French?
Get a grip before you appear hypocritical.

Mellowtron #dunning-kruger #racist #wingnut youtube.com

In my own life, talking to my friends and family, I’ve found that holding people to their own absurd ideology works pretty well to embarrass them in to silence. One particular dialogue tree I’ve been working on is… I ask my white-phobe friend to define and give evidence of “systemic racism”, inevitably they mention a disparity in outcomes across racial lines. So I say “ok systemic racism is any human activity, which on a society scale produces disparate outcomes across races?”. They agree with this definition, and I’ve got them. I then ask “OKAY CAN YOU GIVE ME 3 EXAMPLES ANYTIME, ANYWHERE, IN ALL OF HUMAN HISTORY OF SOMETHING THAT WAS NOT SYSTEMICALLY RACIST?!” And they cannot do it. They have defined everything that isn’t the idealized race communist hellscape, as “systemic racism”. Everything in any multi-ethnic society, which is 100% of all human civilizations that we know of, have failed to reach perfect racial parity in all things, or anything. So everything every human has ever done has 100% been systemically racist. And we know, if there was an example of western achieving these things they would simply expand the scope, “oh well Americans achieved equity, if they aren’t equitable with Mexicans, with North Americans, with the Western Hemisphere, with the planet earth, you still need to do the work.

So their goals are absurd, they are overtly racist, and it’s worth reminding them that racists always thought their racism was morally good. The literal Klan thought what they were doing was morally upright and correct. RACISTS ALWAYS THINK THEIR RACISM IS THE GOOD PATH. Remind them of this, as you obliterated their dumb fuckery.

Orlee Stewart #magick #ufo youtube.com

What really happened when I SOLD MY SOUL TO SATAN?

So less than two months after I created this pact with Satan, as I mentioned what I asked for was visionary abilities. So what happened was all the things in my life that i could not see, all the things that were hidden from me all started to be seen by me, I started noticing the way that my husband would act around these other women.

So I ended up confronting my ex-husband about it and that's when he told me that he had been cheating on me and not just with that girl, but with many other people that we were close with.


I did not gain telepathy as part of my visionary insight. I had a period of time when i was having a lot of really bizarre experiences with aliens back in 2011, so this was like four or five years before I did the pact, when I was having the ability to read people's minds. However, I do not have that ability now, what I do have is the ability to feel how other people are feeling and so it was very difficult and I was being gaslighted, where I would confront people and be like something must be wrong and then they'd be like nothing is wrong, but I couldn't, like, read their minds.

I'm glad I can't because when I could read people's minds during that period of time it was really crazy. It's really difficult, like, if you can hear what people are saying all around you all the time, like, it's very distressing honestly and if I ever start slipping back into being able to do that I usually try to turn it off, because it makes me feel really uncomfortable, because I feel like people's minds should have privacy and you usually don't want to know what people are thinking. It doesn't really help, it just makes you paranoid.

What does it mean to sell your soul to Satan?

It could mean different things to different people. To me, it meant that I united myself with Satan spiritually. I did not lose my soul, spiritually I have become more powerful and have a better relationship with all the spirits, angels, demons, what have you, ever since doing this. I have stronger abilities to interact with things like ghosts and to help to heal people and so spiritually it's made my spiritual self way way stronger.

Jesse Lee Peterson #sexist youtube.com

Men must be born again of the Father. They must return to the Father because until they return to the Father, the woman will rule. Every time you listen to a woman, you’re gonna suffer. A man has no business listening to a woman, unless he’s listening to her about evil. Women, their nature being evil…they can pick up evil all the time, so a man can hear, “Oh, you’d better watch out for that woman.” Other than that, a man should never take advice from a woman, because he will always suffer.

ImmortalicaLupos #magick #god-complex #psycho youtube.com

Shinso Vampire (V2) (Rosario + Vampire Subliminal) (POTENT)

Discomfort Immunity
Mucus Immunity
Phelgm Immunity
Sputum Immunity
Booger Immunity
Nose Packing Immunity
Excess Nasal Hair Immunity
Ingrown Hair Immunity
Cyst Immunity
Cyst Sac Immunity
Lipoma Immunity
Fibroid Immunity
Keloid Immunity
Tumor Immunity
Acne Immunity
Acne Scar Immunity
Pimple Immunity
Blackhead Immunity
Whitehead Immunity
Wart Immunity
Skin Boil Immunity
Dilated Pore Immunity
Dead Skin Cell Immunity
Dry Skin Immunity
Cold Sore Immunity
Skin Disorder Immunity
Skin Breakout Immunity
Hyperpigmentation Immunity
Excess Ear Wax Immunity
Excess Fat Immunity

Hybrid Physiology
Shinso Vampire Physiology
Have A Tremendous Amount Of Yōki
Immune To Dying From Overusing Yōki
Safe For You To Use Yōki
Regain Yōki Everytime You Drink Water
Regain Yōki Everytime You Eat Food
Regain Yōki Everytime You Sleep
Regain Yōki Everytime You Orgasm
Regain Yōki Everytime You Consume Blood
Yōki Detection
Yōki Conversion
Blood Consumption
Immense Strength
Immense Speed
Immense Reflexes
Immense Agility
Immense Durability
Immense Stamina
Immense Endurance
Enhanced Senses
High Speed Regeneration
Yōki Grants You A Terrifying And Immense Aura That Is A Darkness Darker Then Night
The Shinso Vampire Ability Of Creation
Power Theft
Wealth Of Power
Shapeshift Quickly
Shapeshift Safely
Shapeshift Easily
Retain All Of Your Powers And Abilities In All Of Your Forms
Blood Transfusion
Those That You Use Blood Transfusion On Are Always Turned Into Normal Vampires (similar to those from the rosario + vampire manga)
Excel At Deception
Mind Compulsion
Weakness Resistance
Eternal Youth
Immune To Dying Through Conventional And Natural Means
Age Empowerment
Master Hand To Hand Combatant
Master Marksman
Indomitable Willpower
Yōjutsu Master
Worthy Enough To Be Considered As A Dark Lord
Murderous Instincts
Psychic Shield
Magic Attack Resistance
Vampire Manipulation
Werebeast Manipulation

Be Badass
Be Fearless
Be A Hard Worker
Be Assertive
Be Extremely Clever
Be Charming
Be Charismatic
Be Ruthless
Be Relentless
Be Merciless

Have Intuitive Mastery Over All Of Your Powers And Abilities

(Video is the theme of the vampire scenario of the game Plague Inc. with someone whispering into it.)

Isabella Riley Moody #sexist youtube.com

One of the worst things to ever happen for America was women getting the right to vote in 1920. The 19th Amendment was a horrible thing because women overwhelmingly vote for Democrats. [We] are emotional thinkers, and the Left knows how to tug on the emotional heartstrings of women, which is how they get their votes. I’m sorry, but men just know better. Yes, there are stupid liberal men who are pretty much women, but America would be way more conservative if it weren’t for women getting the right to vote.

Anthony Aer #wingnut #dunning-kruger youtube.com

Wait you're against blowing up government buildings?
Didn't you just do a video protesting the racist homophobic government, calling for them to be destroyed?
Yes. You did. You did exactly what you're condemning some random no-name science fiction author of theorizing 40 years ago.
Didn't you do this right outside of the same government buildings you're saying some neo-nazi is wrong for condemning?
Yes. You did.
You sound like a neo-nazi. Or a Marxist. But the Nazis were at war with Marxists.
Do you know what you stand for?
Netflix and porn?
Or maybe you haven't read a book so you don't know what to believe in.
Either way, keep drinking soy milk, keep wearing fake hipster glasses, and keep asking your parents for rent money every month.

heather w #conspiracy #fundie youtube.com

Several years ago, right before Obama ran to be president, I had a vision from God that dealt with this. I was taken by an angel who showed me three ways evil is working on this earth and the way it is manifested. The angel stood behind me and had a sword that he put in my hand, and he kept his hand on mine, and pointed with it to the first scene that opened up. It was my ex husband (before I was saved, I had divorced). Tge angel said, this type of human has a heart for God, but Satan uses temptations of the flesh to lead them astray. I saw then in the vision these demonic women all around him giving him drugs and alcohol, and pulling him away so he couldn't be reached. I called out, but he was unable to hear me. Later on, my ex had reached out several times to go to church, and even got baptized, but eventually succumbed to an overdose on drugs a few years after this vision. The second scene the angel showed me was in a dingy dark apartment. There was a man and woman I had never seen before. The angel pointed at the man and said "this type, has no heart for God at all!" and the angel took my hand and drove the sword into the belly of the man, and there was nothing. The angel said "there is no light in him at all!" And a week later I saw a news article with that man and woman, and they had been arrested for robbing someone and tying them up and beating them in front of their kids! Then the angel took me to the third scene. I saw a giant political platform and it was all dark like night, and the lighting was firelight. People were cheering. Then a black man with a toothy grin appeared on the stage. The angel in a very angry voice said "THIS TYPE, this type is NOT human at all!!!" Aand the angel took my hand with the sword and cut the throat of the politician, and there was no blood. The man just laughed an evil laugh with his throat gaping open. Later i recognized that man to be Obama, and he destroyed the sanctity of marriage in our nation, opening a floodgate of evil. I had this vision before I had even read the word of God. I later learned that what God had shown me, were wheat under attack, tares, and principalities of evil. I understand what Paul meant when he said he didn't know if he was in rhe body or in the spirit, because I didn't know either. The vision was so clear and so detailed, and everything the angel showed me was confirmed later. I've never had anything like that happen before or since.

Indie Archaeology #crackpot youtube.com

I visited the Richat Structure in Mauritania to investigate the claim that it is the lost city of Atlantis. I found only evidence that supports the argument.

Evidence found:

1. Smooth, even plane for hundreds of kilometers to the south of the Richat Structure.
2. Many beautiful and large mountains in the area immediately surrounding the Richat.
3. Neolithic artifacts found in abundance.
4. Observable mud flats.
5. Exact construction techniques described by Plato still in use today both inside and at the entrance to the Richat in Ouadane.
6. Tops of rings are perfectly leveled and ideal for construction.
7. Freshwater fossils carbon dated to the time of Atlantis' existence and destruction.

I think a lot more work needs to be done at the Richat, especially be geologists and archaeologists.

There are no ruins or evidence of ancient civilization to be found anywhere that I found, but if the city was built with relatively primitive building techniques like those still used today at the site by local peoples, nothing would have survived a cataclysmic flood.

Could this have been the pivotal moment when humanity suddenly became obsessed with utilizing the largest stones possible in their constructions?

I’m going back to the Richat in a few months to do some more work and investigation. If you would like to join send me an email.

Huge shout out to Josh from World Alternative Media who helped with the logistics!! I think we have different interpretations of the site so be sure to check out his video as well.

Teutonic Heart #racist #conspiracy youtube.com

The number of crazed theories offered by Germany’s enemies about Germany’s alleged goals before the war, never ceases to amaze. People claiming that the Germans wanted mass world conquest have no knowledge or understanding of the internal-European colonial history of the Germans, nor of their intensely folk-first way of prioritizing actions. This video was very good, despite most of the sources being anti-German British, French, Jewish, and American politicians/propagandists.

C. Ervana #fundie #wingnut #conspiracy youtube.com

Obama "joked" that he would win the war on Christmas. He did...in 2015. From the Snaketivity, to the opening of the Church of Lucifer in Houston, to the first public state-sponsored Satanic ceremony, to Childhood's End unveiling of the supervisor of Earth, to the show "Supernatural" depicting Lucifer dressed up as Satan, we can see a change happened in 2015. This change is an apostasy that happened inside the human body. Now, the Lord of the World has taken his position...

The Lord Jesus Christ, Yeshua HaMashiach, is the only Way, Truth, and Life. You cannot know the Father any other way except through Him!

Andrew Wommack #fundie #mammon youtube.com

[Emphasis added]

When you receive an offering, people think, “Well, you're just wanting money for yourself.”

You know, I don't care whether you give or not. God's gonna take care of me, I promise you. My needs are bigger than what you can meet… I just figured out this week I have to have $11,000 an hour, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days out of the year.

You are not my source. God is my source.

I could leave here. And you know what?… I didn't barely get here, and I'm not gonna struggle to leave here. I've got money! But you need to give.
There was a woman that came up during the altar call… and she says, “I need some money!” And I had just taught on this passage of Scripture that I shared with you. So I said, “What do you have?” And she made the connection. She knew what I was gonna do. So she went and got her purse, and she had a little coin purse, and she counted it out, and it was something like $78.35. Something like that.

And I said, “Give it to me.” And she said, “All of it?” And I said, “All of it.”

And I took my hands like this, and I took every penny that that woman had.

She said that she wasn't gonna get paid for a week, and she didn't have groceries. And I said, “Give me all of it.”

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Nikola Tesla's Warning of the Philadelphia Experiment & Time Travel

Evidently, the US military, together with some of the top scientific minds in the world, men like Nikola Tesla and Albert Einstein, had been working on a new technology which would make their ships invisible, a sort of cloaking device from the pages of science fiction. All that remained was to check whether their calculations were correct, to test if, in fact, the technology would actually work. This test would become infamously known as the Philadelphia Experiment.
There in the Philadelphia Naval Shipyard sat the USS Eldridge, a ship equipped with large generators and other strange equipment which confused unaware crew members. At a predetermined hour, the equipment was activated, the mighty generators fired up. Suddenly, a bluish-green fog began to surround the Eldridge, and in a flash of light, the ship was gone, disappearing into thin air.

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Wallet Vampires are now lurking in home improvement stores for husbands


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Ah those dark times bringing out the vampires.

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