TheRavenMother #conspiracy

Scientists are eager to do a new project in regards to the moon.
They want to mount lots of mirrors onto it, claiming that it would be great for many things… one main thing would be, to make it like a giant flashlight to earth at night by reflecting the sun to us – meaning, in affect, possibly 24 hour sunlight… now, I don’t know about you… but to me, that seems like a real dumb ass idea.

Because I see that as a problem to add towards global warming… however, scientists claim it will have the reverse effect, I don’t see how!

The other good idea about this, according to scientists is, by using it as a flashlight to communicate with extraterrestrials, via a kind of flashlight Morse code.
So, this means they know there is life out there, obviously?

But what concerns me is the fact they want to put onto the mirrors flappable photovoltaic cells, which means that the mirrors will beam, microwaves back to earth!

I don’t know about you, but this all doesn’t sound like a great idea, in fact it sounds like the quickest way to kill our planet off… what are your views?



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