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Some very credible people are reporting unusual UFO and other activity in southern North Carolina. Reportage of frequent UFO activity, a city sized underground base with possible ET residents, and other "anomalies", including contact and holographic projections.

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We are close to some level of unveilment already.

There is not any invasion happening, but those who are Returning do want to remove (if necessary, by force) the UN, and general NWO affiliated people- as well as the beings they are loyal to who reside within the earth. So if it came down to that event, the powers that be would organize (along with other off world groups) against those who are Returning and claim it was an "invasion. " Not true at all. Unfortunately people are too ignorant of the scale of expolitics of what is truly transpiring on this world.

The government won't do it. But others who do NOT answer to the government "may." I already know people who were very close to disclosing some very important things recently but were shut down by our enemies. It's only a matter of time before the window opens wider that will make the scene comfortable for those who have wanted to come forward, but couldn't for fear of ridicule (and their lives).

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Think of it like this though, if the government put most of those drugs into circulation, and then taxed the population to fight a fake drug war, surely they make more money than they would if said drugs were made legal? Because if they were legal, anyone could manufacture them, just without the risk of going to jail.


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Thanks for this.

Yes they are real, and even many people like us might have them and not even know them. They can be disabled through high frequency work and healing. But it's very difficult. Most alien implants can't be removed so I'm surprised....

Jim sparks had great theory as to how they do the implants...and from my own experiences I think this is true. If the implant is "put in" at a higher frequency, then the body can be "gone through" without going through the 3d process (opening, incision, etc.). But when the body is lowered back into it's natural state of vibration, it will then manifest physically.

Removing them would be a similar process if one is able to do this (raising the frequency of self and body, I'm sure there are benevolent who would help you with this).

Take care.

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The Mayans never SAID it was going to be the end of the world, they never SAID there were going to be natural disasters, what they DID say was it was going to be the beginning of a new ERA. I don't want to see one more thing about this "the Mayans were wrong" crap. Besides, there's still 3 hours and counting till we can even START expecting anything to happen. Even if it doesn't, HOW do you know the change isn't going to be gradual? A new era doesn't just happen overnight. Did the Renaissance happen overnight? No. Did the Industrial Revolution happen overnight? No. So why are you expecting THIS to happen overnight? This question isn't only for you, but for ALL of those who completely misunderstand what the Mayan prophecy actually is.

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The reasons are very complex. So much so that none of us will ever truly understand.

I do not have time to go into this but I would suggest you look into other topics on this board.

When you try and think "logically" of the ET and abduction phenomenon. Just remember your perception of "logic" is very limited in regards to the scope of the universe.

I will only answer what I know, even if it is not believed.

1)yes the governments of the world and intelligence agencies have been covering it up for a VERY long time.

2) Occult initiates are no stranger to intelligences of other realms/dimensions/beings, and many (like Crowley and John Dee) have interacted with them physically.

3)In the intelligence communities at certain levels, yes there is interaction with other beings. And yes 'deals' were also made a very long time ago.

4) Some beings are dying and something we carry/have might of been viewed as part of the solution to their deficiencies.

5) Inside conspiracy theory is a great deal of truth. It is mired by propaganda, disinfo, and the general uneducated guesses of most of those trying to understand information that transcends anything our brain can even process.

Take care

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RESEARCH ON COLLOIDAL SILVER indicates that it will neutralize EVERY KNOWN PATHOGEN IT COMES INTO CONTACT WITH within 16 sustained minutes, including HIV/AIDS.

That's a big statement but you will also read statements critical of the medical profession that say a cure for AIDS as well as Diabetes and Cancer will never be found. The medical industry makes too much money off the TREATMENT of these disorders. It needs to be said here that there is NO EVIDENCE THAT COLLOIDAL SILVER WILL HAVE ANY EFFECT ON THE CONDITIONS OF CANCER OR DIABETES. These are not viruses or germs per se. Any other organic malady including the common cold can be helped or cured by various dosages of CS.

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The beings responsible for [cattle mutilations] only were allowed to do this with the consent of some of our governments. They did this to gain a great deal of genetic material for their harvest, both for cloning/hybrid purposes, and also as a way to sustain some of their bodies through vats/fluids which they absorb through their pores.

From my understanding this really doesn't happen much anymore, but I could be wrong.

Baron, aliens aren't "supernatural."

Insects eatin them is BS. Just like crop farmers making crop circles is BS. They can attribute SOME of them to this, so they use it as an excuse to "generalize" the whole phenomenon. Sad really, because we do want to believe the "most rational thing." Unfortunately, this makes us susceptible to outright lies.

There were also many black helicopters sighted during these mutilation events.

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I think its weather only, but who knows? Reason for is that the Soviets also had multiple HAARP systems which some facilities are abandoned now. If HAARP would manipulate time, I doubt the Soviets would just leave them to abandon, even with no financial backing after the collapse. But, who knows? I think there are seperate projects for that, because supposedly the Soviets were building a time machine (that even back then information got leaked, which was a rarity), but I wouldn't be surprised if HAARP can manipulate physics and matter.

Just writing in general events of which I know about:

Confirmed HAARP use:
-Russia during 60th anniversary of Victory day (may 9th, 2005)

Unconfirmed HAARP uses:
-Russia on Hurricane Katrina
-US from Alaskan HAARP base to thwart off Phobus-Grunt (Dec, 2011)

But god, so many secret technologies during the cold war, its amazing. Many technological prjects were lost or abandoned after the end of the cold war

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Furthermore, have you heard about the 50-100 people or something that died around [the Clintons] when they were in office?

My mothers friend had a BF in the FBI, and he said that they had so much info on the politcians, they would go to jail for 4 life sentences. One of them, is how Clinton was responsible for MANY domestic murders here in the US.

Now imagine Cheney and Bush? Don't wanna know.

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Novice, there are sightings everywhere, it's kinda getting ridiculous, these flying vehicles, are 'cloaked', human eyes can't see them, they are flying over our cities, neighborhoods, parks, just everywhere, its almost like they are targeting people, how I know I mediate at night, I'm able to see fast flying objects zapping through the sky, sometimes there'll stop for a minute or two, get a good look at you, And then move on, but once you've spotted them, there recloak themselves or zap out of there in no time. I was told that these ships are 5th dimensional. But that's all speculation. The fact is, is that there is a disclosure on the rise,

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okay anyways i have been watched for like 2 years now, every single night by i dont know either 3 spaceships or 1 spaceship acting as 3 light dots, but yeah also recently i have been attacked or something - about 6 m ago i tryed communicating with the spaceship and i got an massive headache and had it for 2 days, now i have the same headache and last night something weird happened
i woke up and felt this MASSIVE pressure going through my whole back like it was massive, like something was going out or in and i dont know but i have 1000000times been paralyzed in sleep and had to fight off "demons" or "aliens" with my mind and recently i have started winning those mind battles
and i have a power word that helps me i dont know why but i dont believe in god in the big white bearded guy figure but i believe in universal energy, anyways when i say JESÚS "my language for jesus" then i somehow win the battle and the aliens/entities leave me i dont know if it is cause i gain extreme confidence when i say jesus or something but yeah anyways i will try to cover last nights story for u here

4am : trying to fall asleep
5am : smoked a cig
6am : almost fallen asleep
6:30 : so close to sleep then massive pressure comes over my whole back and i get paralyzed and cant speak i struggle to talk and fight with my mind and i somehow knew something was going in or out of me, i wasnt exatly scared more like shocked since i have had the paralyzed thingie happen almost every night for years now, but this was something new the pressure thing on my back
then i got to say Jesus and i felt as the grip of the entitiys got off me and i could speak, so i woke my gf up and noticed i was laying in a pool of sweat (that happens everynight also) and then went back to sleep, i know that something happens everynight, but i cant remember it everynight

so anyways does anyone know, or have any suggestions or ideas of what this might have been?

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The ones that are currently working with our governments, are several extraterrestrial groups that are based on commerce and trade in this region if tge galaxy, which is controlled by codes and regulations.
That why there has not yet been an invasion here, because that is not ethically moral to them, by standards.

They are here because they seek our planets resources, they seek our human resources, they seek to integrate us into there organization, and use us for there own selfish purposes.

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abductees are chosen out genetic lineage. Because humanity itself is a composite of many "alien" genetic types. The ET's abduct often

1) people of their own soul nature, aka starseeds

2) people of the genetic descendents of the original races (the greys for example)

3) both of the above.

This is why GENERATIONS are abducted through out their lives, and so is their families. They are tracked from generation to generation. Its actually quite complicated from what I know.

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All of this is coused by massive amounts of powerfull Time Traveling Jumps at the same time during each Earthquake cousing a Jump in Energy Rise of the planet of the Earth creating and cousing the many different higher frequencies within the Space/Time Field of Subspace and Hyperspace as each and every many Individual Time Jump happens. This shows that when every Time Jump or Time Traveling Event happens it creates a different Timeline, Timestream, Worldline etc... etc... and such as and as well as alters the current Timeline and changes the cource of History as each event takes place on those maps. But when each Time Jump happens not only does it change the Timeline, Timestream, Worldline etc... etc.. but it then creates and couses major and small Earthquakes to happen becuse of the Shifting of the Shifting of Time itself. When each Time Travel travels into our time not only the Timeline, Timestream, Worldline etc... etc.. changes but the vary force of the event couses a shifting within Time itself then inturns couses a physical Earthuake itself by Shifting the Physical Earth itself. Thus by the extreme levels of the various different higher frequencies within the Space/Time Field of Subspace and Hyperspace as each and every many Individual Time Jump happens this is the Proof of Physical Time Travel.

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There has been many reports of silent and unmarked helicopters throughout the United States. They have also been reports of apparent sightings of these "silent helicopters" in conjunction with UFO sightings such as the Cash Landrum encounter (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cash-Landrum_incident).

These helicopters use a McDonnell Douglas NOTAR (no tail rotor) technology (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/NOTAR) and they are referred to as MH-X Advanced Special Operations Helicopter as used in the assassination of Bin Laden http://www.globalsecurity.org/milita...craft/mh-x.htm. These technologicals makes these helicopters virually silent.

There has been strong evidence that these advanced helicopters have been used domestically in the United States in what is call black operations (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Black_operation), some directed at private citizens. They have on board sophisticated technology including infrared, and advanced listening surveillance equipment. It has also possible some form of ultra sonic weapon installed.

There has been numerous photographs of these are other types of helicopters being used for domestic intelligence gathering, including on those who have had closed encounters, and have reported UFO sighting. With the domestic unrest in the United States they usage will be increased dramatically.

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I know of two delibrate approaches to pryo. One is to focus on the point where you want the fire to start. Picture a small group of molecules spinning faster and faster than the ones they are next to. The combustion through friction will result is a flame. The other is to focus and picture flames happening at the place you designate. Either one works. When camping we never had a problem starting a fire.

Oh, and let me add, much of the old myths (and some of the fantasy) concerning manifesting through mental control of our reality are real; and is possible through acceptance and practice. But don't mention this in your classes! In secret look at http://www.WasAPsychicChild.com But don't let anyone know. check out vid's #1 & #6 & #12. At the bottom of the page there is an Abilities download. It covers The abilities and the matching video's that contain the story of their use.
Be in harmony,
walk in beauty

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When I lived in FL, we used to see craft all the time. Some I know came from Kennedy Space Center, and then there were the craft that we knew were not of this earth...I think they abduct people to tourment them....or do testing....I'm glad I've never been abducted, seeing them has been enough for me.

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Early man evolved to a sort of cave man type being. Then our elder ancestors came here (from where I'm not sure) and created the human race by cross breeding their own DNA with the DNA of early man. I believe they were creating a slave race, or had some other purpose, I'm not sure. But then they began cross breeding and the human race was born.. half of the earth and half of the stars.

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Crop circles

What do you all think or feel about them?

I believe these phenomenons are happening more and more within the last 30 years because of the specific dates that are pointing us towards our evolution.

Since the earth is like our physical bodies, it contains chakras like our bodies too. The heart center of the earth is located in Salisbury plains by Stonehendge. That symbolically represents how the earth is expressing itself through sacred geometrical patterns with wheat and barley grass. So above so below. We are just caught in the middle and need to pay attention to why things happen for a reason.

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Yes we Terraformed it ourselves in the process of our Human-Mankind colonisation procedure when we Human Colonists and our most ancient most technologically advance colony Ships and colony fleet of Human inhabited ships and spacecrafts came here. Both you, I and eveybody on this old colony planet called "Terra Colony" of Earth "Sol-Terra Nova Colony Outpost" we our great human family created two great powerfull Sol-Terra Nova Colony colony Cities called Lemuria and Atlantis we Humans built them and lived in them.

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I know I am a starseed because I have been "abducted" by my alien race (Nordics). I've breed hybrids for them and have met my children. I've seen my home planet a number of times - but I do not know the name of it. I always long for when I will see the planet and my children again.

I meet all of Walid's qualifications. However, I would like to add that I recently took a Meyers Briggs personality test and it indicated that I am an INFP. An INFP is a very laid back person that doesn't pay much attention to time, schedules, etc (all of the same qualifications that Walid lists).

While I value Walid's information, I wonder if there are more personality types that are Starseeds. Surely we are not all of the same? Isn't diversity what makes us so special?

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Atlantis DID exist and it was theoretically comprised of fair-skinned, blonde-haired and blue-eyed individuals. What destroyed it was the extraterrestrial attack and war among them.

Hitler and the rest of his society of occultists were in constant contact with Satan and the other gods who spoke of Atlantis and their ideals for the human world.

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The stories of Harry Potter and friends are a story channelled by JK Rowling from an alternate universe where a similar style of life happened, the only thing that has changed is the names. There are many writers and creaters who do this, take the Director James Cameron for example and his movie Avatar

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I feel these reptilians ruled the planet, just prior to the arrival of the so called Ice Age -- possibly around 2.5 million years ago (I keep getting 2.5, so this might be 2.5 mya or 250,000). I do not ascribe to the theory that dinosaurs were wiped out by an asteroid 65 millions of years ago - at least not all of them anyway. I believe many of them continued to live on, and some of them continued to evolve into an intelligent humanoid species (the reptilians).

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serious... lose your fear, you pansy. There is nothing to fear from the dark, because the truth of what you are transcends all polarity, all harm. The truth of what you are is more and less that you think you are. Do don't exist, and you are eternal. These "dark voices" are aspects of you. The thing they want to die is your Ego, an illusion we(our true selves that are one with god) created for physical expression. Your ego isn't you. Let it die. Let go of your fear. You are eternal, and can not be harmed and can not die. You know this... so why do you struggle.

Also... demons are like pokemon. Fight them,, capture them, and give them lots of love, and they will be loyal companions in your journey.

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Egypt will become stronger following these current and near future events. They will rise again as one of the most powerful nations within the next 150 years. They will construct another pyramid that will be used to hold many NWO gatherings of the highest profile world rulers.

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Look, even Power Rangers knew the truth of Reptilians and tried to teach kids about it:

The "Green Ranger" has a reptilian costume and his giant robot is the reptile. He's dedicated to tricking the heroes that he's on their side but he's obviously evil to the viewer. He eventually comes out in the open as pure evil.

It's not just a show about people in silly costumes, they're trying to tell you something.

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Forgive me if I taint your thread with a little conspiracy. Searching for ice, REALLY?! Give me a break. Since when do Earthlings spend butt loads of money to find water. HELLO, we live on a blue planet! LCROSS is just a cover story for establishing a Lunar based platform for satellite and and anti satellite technologies. Let's face it, he who controls the sky ( Knowledge and the transfer of it) controls the world. The problem with satellite technology now is that the orbit eventually degrades and is sucked back to Earth by her very persuasive gravity.

Having a permanent base in a constant orbit around the Earth that never degrades is having a edge over all other forms of satellite communication.

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Scientists are eager to do a new project in regards to the moon.
They want to mount lots of mirrors onto it, claiming that it would be great for many things… one main thing would be, to make it like a giant flashlight to earth at night by reflecting the sun to us – meaning, in affect, possibly 24 hour sunlight… now, I don’t know about you… but to me, that seems like a real dumb ass idea.

Because I see that as a problem to add towards global warming… however, scientists claim it will have the reverse effect, I don’t see how!

The other good idea about this, according to scientists is, by using it as a flashlight to communicate with extraterrestrials, via a kind of flashlight Morse code.
So, this means they know there is life out there, obviously?

But what concerns me is the fact they want to put onto the mirrors flappable photovoltaic cells, which means that the mirrors will beam, microwaves back to earth!

I don’t know about you, but this all doesn’t sound like a great idea, in fact it sounds like the quickest way to kill our planet off… what are your views?

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(A New Age fundie!)

1. There's intelligent life on other planets.

2. They have spaceships with very advanced technology.

3. They're here, assisting the planet, but people don't see them because of the very advanced technology.

It seems the 3rd part is where people have problems, but if you can agree with the first two it's not very far of a leap. There's evidence to support it too, look up the Stephenville UFO case. Or perhaps the objects seen by hundreds, some a mile long, were really F16s as the military says. They're up there, people see them all the time.