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God did not make man gay, nor did he make him a rapist, a child molester, a thief, a murderer, a heroin addict, a liar…..

Man makes choices.

No man woke up one day and decided to go shoot heroine. He instead started down a path, of doing wrong. He dropped out of school, he experimented with marijuana, he got addicted to pills…. then one day he was a full blown heroine addict.

Homosexuality is a series of choices, and a continuation of going down the wrong road.

Currently in America, the fastest growing group of homosexuals is among African American men. Got tell a brother that he is genetically more likely to become gay, and see if he does not knock the snot out of you.

Black males are getting affected because the most common introduction to homosexuality is behind bars in both jail and prison. Seven of ten black babies are being born into families with no father. Welfare has broken down the family system and when the family and morality break down, homosexuality follows.

HIV is not so much of a punishment for being gay, as much as homosexuality is a punishment for being ungodly. When nations turn away from God, and morality, homosexuality then flourishes.



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