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Shit like this is why I enjoy trolling domestic abuse videos on youtube so much. I mean women are just the most narcissistic, selfish and childish cunts on the planet. I mean if they want thugs so damn much, fine. They probably have enjoyable sex. But then these thugs turn around and beat these dumb cunts up and it's all the fault of sexism and the patriarchy and all men are violent and #toxic masculinity. These fucking brain dead cunts are two idiotic to put together a very simple premise. That if you date "bad boys" aka thugs. Men that are physically and sexually aggressive.
You "might" get beaten up when they get angry. You might get beaten up when you slut it up behind their back. You might get beaten up when you answer back and start acting like an absolute cunt.

And then they turn around and mock "nice guys". Guys that actually want to treat women respectfully and not abuse, treat them like shit. Beta males that want to help and provide for them. Obviously they are not that sexually great, but still good beta providers that actually care for the women they date and marry.

Fucking cunts, this fact about women pisses me off more than any other. I am seriously elated every time I see these stupid fucking cunts get karmic justice for chasing thugs when their head gets punched in



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