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Can't read the whole article till later but that's a very irritating little jingle they got going:

"Whatever we wear, wherever we go, yes means yes and no means no"

Well how about

"Liar, liar, bras on fire"?

But if you really want to see the incel revolution, you got to start working on trippy little chants like these:

"However we look, whatever our height, sex with girls is our human right!"

Any takers?

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]Andreas Lubitz crashed a passenger plane in an act of murder/suicide, apparently.]

Spring Break.... Spring Break.... SPRING BREAK BITCHES!!!!!!

What a fucking SLAYER.

Did you ever know that you're my hero? You are the wind beneath my WINGS. 8-)

uwotm8 wrote:Dude you are straight out retard. Why didn't he kill the persons who where really assholes to him instead of crashing a plane full of people he never met?

Why go out with a whimper when you can go out with a BANG? An incel killing 150+ people will make a lot more of an impact than killing 1 asshole or a few assholes.

A large percentage of the 150+ people on that plane were sluts and Chads anyway.

Hopefully all these incel killings get to a point where society will fear autists/incels and give us $2000/month and subsidized prostitution to placate us from killing normalfags.

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Women aren't meant to be educated.

They don't do anything with the information anyway. Their only passion is power and prominence. Teaching women how to read/ write/ etc. is like teaching a priest science. They may use it on their day to day, but they won't really use their learnings as a launchpad for anything valuable. They'll just twist it to their designs, and tune out what isn't in their sphere of agenda.

They don't have any attention span for information (for broad knowing's sake) to even be told anything esoterical about their own primality/ dark nature. So you really can't do shit.Knowledge can't fix anything.

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MGTOWs are destroying the roasties and cuck on /pol/
I noticed on /pol/ recently (at 4chan not 8chan), there are more and more guys who are going MGTOW and are even blacpilled incels who are going their own way (like me). Great news, since /pol/ is very influence, far more so than pretty much any subreddit and far more than Sluthate or any other incel site.

With luck the number of blackpilled men who are incel or MGTOW and know the truth about women will accelerate, as social media has allowed women to show their true nature and completely destroyed blupilled ideology that women want nice, caring guys. And completely destroyed cuckservative ideology that guys should just get married and start a family with some thot who can accuse you of rape with no proof and get you sent to prison for years, or fuck outside the marriage, get knocked up and then ask the husband to pay child support for a kid that isn't even his for 18 years.

Soon these feminist and cuckservative pussy worshipping SIMPS will run out of bluepilled cucks to exploit. Soon being MGTOW or incel will be a point of PRIDE (it already is for me) rather than targets of derision and degradation as they are for so much of modern, liberal, feminist, western, multicultural society. LONG LIVE MGTOW!! And also blackpilled incels who are spreading the truth about bitches, you just need to swallow the final blackpill that getting married/dating women is not worth it in the long run, especially if you're an omega male who women don't like.

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Women hate creativity.

They want to be parasites. They're despotic and without the spatial awareness of understanding of being constructive. They're slaves to their hormones.
They filter by feeling, not by reason.
Twinkle twisters.

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99% of you would be too high inhib to rape a girl

Even if Trump gave u a 100% permission and it was without a consewuence and it was prime Salma Hayek whatever you wouldnt do it.

Do u seriously think ur T Levels are high enough to handle raping a screaming, crying and punching slut?

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Women want men to be delusionally confident

Why do women they say they like "confidence"?

It's not because they find "confidence" to be sexually attractive.

Women want men to be delusionally "confident" about their sexual attractiveness, for manipulation purposes.

If you see pictures of couples that are mismatched, with the woman being better looking that the man, there might be a mismatch between the facial expressions between them. Often the woman will have an fake smile and the men will have a big genuine smile.

A good example is JebusNormalFa6.


The woman had a fake smile. Take note on her eyes. There is no expression of any smile in her eyes. In contrast the man had a genuine proud smile on his face. The man is proud of what he believes that he has a beautiful wife who is mutually attracted to him as much as he is to her.

But several months later, the woman confessed that she was unfaithful and cheated on him with a white man.

Keep in mind that the man makes a decent $60,000 a year, twice as much as the median worker earns. The man takes her out to trips and buys her gifts.

And the woman claims that she likes how his face looks.

Back to the main question: Do women want her partner to be delusionally confident?


She want the man to believe that she is sexually attracted to him as much as he is attracted to him. She wants to "make him happy".

She wants to "make him happy". She wants to do everything in her power to stop him knowing the truth, to "make him happy". She wants to do everything to make him believe that he is good-looking, even lie to him, to "make him happy". Women want their partners to be delusionally confident about their sexual attractiveness, to "make him happy".

But in reality, by "making him happy", it's used as a cover up to hide her true feelings towards the man. She probably longs for the days she was single and was able to get fucked by Chads. She is probably frustrated by the fact that she settled for second-rate man that she is not actually attracted to, for the money and family. She wants to hide the fact that the man that she is currently with is inferior compared to her ex-boyfriends, let alone her Chad fuckbuddies.

She will lie that she is sexually attracted to him, to make him "feel confident". She will fake the smile in pictures of him and her, to make him "feel confident".

Making him feel delusionally "confident" is a cover-up to conceal her true feelings towards him.

If he knows her true feelings, he will lose his delusional confidence. Then he will stop taking her out to dates and spend money on her. The man will not beta provide for her if he loses his delusional confidence.

This is why women want men to be delusionally confident.

Other pictures of mismatched couples. Take note on the differences of the facial expressions between the men and the women. The women seem to have a fake smiles. The men seem to have truly happy smiles.



All of the men are probably beta provider slaves.

See this message posted by a woman on a social media site:


Take note on his sentence:

"I decided to give him a chance because he had a good personality and was confident."

Why did she mention that she likes his confidence?

It's not because his confidence was SEXUALLY attractive. No. She actually admitted that she was not sexually attracted to him in her message. His confidence was not SEXUALLY attractive to her, yet she says she likes his "confidence."


It's because she likes how he was delusionlly confident about his sexually attractiveness. Therefore it would be easily for her to hide her true feelings for him and manipulate him to do favors for her. She has actual romantic feelings for another guy that she is actually detracted to, see the below message:


It is a fact that women have true romantic feelings only towards the men they are attracted to.

She had true romantic feelings towards another man that she is actually sexually attracted to, even though she was in a relationship with the beta! He liked the delusional "confidence" in the beta only because his delusional "confidence" makes it easier for her to cover up her true feelings to manipulate him.

Women say that they prefer "confidence" not because they find it sexually attractive, but because they like delusionally confident men. Delusionally confident men are easy for her to manipulate. That's the reason.

Women are attracted to men who are fearless and risk-taking, but that's different from "confidence". Women do not use "confidence" in the same sense as being fearless. What women mean by "confidence" is being delusionally confident about one's sexual attractiveness. Otherwise women will just say that they like men who are "fearless" or "risk-taking." But they usually say that they want a man with "confidence", in the sense of being delusionally confident about one's sexually attractiveness.

This is also the reason why women lie about not liking classically handsome men.

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Confidence on a guy is like browsing for puppies to adopt online, and noticing that the behavior is docile. It's just a comfort/ safety net aspect but it's not the main sell. The breed/ look is.
Temperament may be a sideshow trait, because it's not the distinct factor that makes people look for specifics online in the first place. Confidence is a perk, but it is not the prized element people will browse specifically for compared to the breed/ look of the puppy.
But it is something people will generally enjoy. As a side serving.

Eugenicist #sexist sluthate.com


thats the blackpill

thats why they like low iq males

elliot rodger was clearly high iq

im high iq

You were the one who said they're breadth, and not depth. Yes. They're used to having things made for them. They're not meant to be builders. They're meant to be narcissistic, and accept only anything if its hand crafted to perfection for them. That's what happens when they're accustomed to the resource distribution of alphaness. WHen the alpha would hoard them.
Either it puts out perfection, or its doomed to rejection.

Women like low iqness because they're pure practicality, and don't waste time doing anyhting intelligent.Shows how society would be if it were ran by them. They just want power. In the here and now, and fuck the creative process.

America is the ultimate reference point in history, with all the videos/ coverage/ evidnece of the redpill that if another time comes where we've had enough, then we can justify the slavery of women.

Gymcel Chronicles #fundie sluthate.com

My social and Eugenics program

And yes I know by my own logic I'd be sterilized but if society was like this I wouldn't care.

An open Eugenics program such that:
>only men with 10 to 12 percent bodyfat, 120+ IQ and 6'+ height can reproduce and they must have no facial deformities, drug or alcohol dependencies or history of inheritable diseases. Likewise with women except height is not factored in. No past history of serious criminal offenses or political ideologies opposite to that which this society is opposed to. Must be white to the extent their great grandparents were. No Jews.
>sterilize everyone else completely and give them monthly payments for co-operation
>legalize assisted suicide and have walk in suicide clinics
>3 children max per family and any children born with genetic markers for defectivity are aborted. Post Natal if required.

>deport all immigrants, non-cooperation is death by firing squad or other execution which can be an on the fly one by the appropriate shock troops.
>close borders and station military personnel there who will be ordered to shoot to kill for trespassers
>racially separate the rest from whites and control their birth rates and status no interracial couples allowed.

>homosexuality, transsexualism and other degenerate perversions such as furries is a crime to practice openly and will be treated as a mental illness
>age of consent will be reformed to 15
>infertile men are allowed to have sex with infertile women. Fertile men or fertile women can have sex with an infertile partner but will be encouraged to procreate
>prostitution is legal for infertile women to sell themselves but is regulated and restricted to private in service or regulated brothels

>drug use is legal for infertiles and is restricted likewise to a regulated business. Public intoxication or operating machines high or drunk is still a crime and will result in suspension of access or restricted access in the future.
>everyone overweight or obese will pay a fat tax

>economy controlled and monitored by government
>feminism, egalitarianism and other degenerate philosophies banned
>compulsory military service for males from age 16 to 21
>Islamic religion banned

Let's face it Chad wants Stacey and Stacey wants Chad so give them it and let incels do drugs and fuck hookers and ban degeneracy and immigrants while we are at it.

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No virtue/ principle/ nobleness compensates for being ugly.

People can come up with any justification/ way people can look at the world to calm themselves. Or, if your parents or family decide on a way for you to make peace with life for losing, or for you to have a sense of honor/ not whining/ not feeling entitled... you're just hurting yourself.
Because none of that matters. No principle/ code of conduct gives you a full life experience. Only somatic/ materialistic/ popularity luxuries do.
All else is pointless if you don't get that.
Living by any ideology that puts you at the expense of that makes you an auto-bitch from an evolutionary/ instinctual/ society's perception perspective.
Don't be virtuous. Be powerful.
Parents/ Teachers shouldn't groom their offspring to be humble unless they're so hopelessly dense or naive. Dont' train them to feel humble, or meek. That's for the lowerborns. Groom them for power and dominance. Anyone who argues just wants to see you fail.

Eugenicist #fundie sluthate.com

There's no reason not to be a sociopath.

Everyone is a narcissist. And everyone is selectively graceful, and not generally to anyone who approaches. Everyone would prioritize their own grandness over community. Being communal in most people's mind is just a necessity to stay inculpable and to avoid society's wrath.

Eugenicist #fundie sluthate.com

Interesting insight.

Only those with dark triad personalities acquire women. Yet society encourages people to not be dark triad. And those who are not dark triad are those who don't get laid.
Mating is an essential element to humanity. As is bonding with the opposite sex.
Dark triadity is implied as an evolutionary survival mechanism.
It seems to be the zenith of what we are supposed to become as a species.
Fairybraiding is just wishfultwisting for the weak.
Just like how most things in nature turn out to be dirty, and refinement is an exception, but not the rule... as are humanity's spirits.
And we haven't changed. We're just great finessers.
No one is truly friends with another.
The ego gives off that illusion. We're all really just in it for power/ prominence/ dominance/ supremacy.

Eugenicist #sexist sluthate.com

Girls and their disinformation to the redpill.

Girls do not like to be analyzed. They're machiavellian masterminds in their own concept of inner self. They have to be in order for them to have power. Power through artifice, evasion, resourcefulness and vigilance. They want to be the one who analyzes you, not the other way around. They're value suckers. They invest in you only insofar as how valuable you are. That is all. Transaction or

If you drop a redpill, confronting their artifice in anyway that cracks past it, or any conception of having a clue you will either be cut out, deliberately be manipulated, almost entirely treated as someone to be replaced.

You cannot have an objective perspective/ robotic and get pussy unless you are the Alpha of all Chads with looks. You need to use inference, intuition, dissection and ingurgitate all information. But you need the LMS to get investment. CPW, Charisma, Personality, Wits are the personality which usually take the backseat 95% of the time.

It's all about transaction that's exclusive to you. The PUA are puppets. Fools.

All personality traits must indicate not charm, wits, charisma alone. That comes off as try hard, as a sign of forcing or trying to make validation happen. All personality/ character value must come from things which indicator power, experience, inner strength, ability, unprecedented aptitude, and occasional wit but only wit that gives you the impression of an intelligence that has ability behind it. Intellect without ability is pointless.

Personality traits are an extension of your dominance/ value. Not esoteric sophistication.

Interaction/ Interest/ Investment is merit based. And although the standard of merit is subjective, it falls in with LMS most of the time. So often that PUA tactics are rendered defunct. Only Autistics would invest in it. People who are oblivious to the biological conventions humanity lives by. They're in another world.

Girls are dishonest and stick to their inner agendas no matter what. Their inner desires will ultimately always possibly overstep, overlap, overbear yours. You just need to meet all the marks that is in their criteria to turn them to investment. That's all you can do until we return to an Islamic esque enslavement of women.

Eugenicist #fundie sluthate.com

I have no honor

Homo sapiens prefer results of dominance, and will cut past every regulation/ regimentation/ conduct code for it. They will bulldoze over honor, family, community for it.
There is no good or evil, there is only power and those without the sense to sieze it.

Rotting Penis #fundie sluthate.com

Psychology doesn't even exist

It's ALL about the neurotransmitters (and their receptors and sensitivity, but you get the point)

There is literally NO free will

Everything we like, hate, whether we are talkative or shy, happy or sad, excited or bored, what we lik to do and what we don't like to do, the choices we make, it's all 100% controlled by neurotransmitters

There is nothing what "we" are, we are quite passive observers obedient to the chemical reactions in our body, we do what they tell us, we cannot really change anything about it

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For fuck's sake, wake up humanity. Love is not sacred.

Love is not a sacred bond/ cosmic pairing. It's trade exchange. The fluffy romantic disney virtue value of all of it is false. All of it.

Only people who value it are lonely insecure pussies who (are rarities) that are happy to have any person that will take them. And, are people who buy into naiveness while completely unaware that they biologically hold uncontrollable basic functions that draw them near people of value. No matter how circumspect they are of it, they end up falling for their primal urgings. Those who really don't give a shit about leftist/ humanitarian viewpoints just engage in it fully and shrug out "that's life" or "haha I'm better than people and I wanna disadvantage them all" inner narratives for their indulgences that bring about inequality and unfairness. For those not of good lms/ smv.

Men love sex primal, as do women. Men would rather slay women who are hard to get, and have issues in order to make them feel like they're the tamers of the elements... rather than having people who are truly bondable/ spiritually compatible. As do women. They wanna feel they're atop the hierarchy by getting with people with high primal capital, I.E. high LMS.

Hence love has never broadly been about people being loving/ communal throughout humanity. It's about cryptoconquests and cryptocompetitions that the euphemisms/ happy clappy narrative of society was meant to hide. And it works, and leftism/ egalitarianism/ humanitarianism/ Obamaism/ Clintonism/ etc. is all just a politicized/ legalistic extreme extension of this cultural fronting.

Fairy braiding pussy wussy mansy pansy faggots everywhere.

John Rambo #sexist sluthate.com

Lol at people who don't support violent incel rage

Why don't you. What has this society done for you? Why should you return the favor?

This society has screwed over pretty much every sub9 man. Why wouldn't you want to see millions of its members especially the women of it die violently and get crucified to on crosses across the Western world. I hope to see a new nation arise. One built on realpolitik. One that doesn't delude its people. A nation that embraces not the American dream, not the feminist dream, but the iron dream...

Backyardslayer #racist sluthate.com

How does it feel that Nikola Tesla, a single White Man....

...has achieved more than all the subhuman ethnics in the world combined? Yes all 6 billion of them! In fact any White inventor/scientist whether it's Isaac Newton or Wernher Von Braun has single handed achieved more than ALL THE SUBHUMAN ETHNICS IN THE WORLD COMBINED SINCE THE BEGINNING OF TIME!

One single White Man > 6 billion subhuman ethnics

How does that make you subhumans feel?

Adamantine #racist sluthate.com

No, its not about having a larger dick. The real reason black men do so much better attracting females than any other race according to statistics is because they possess a facial trait known as prognathism. This is where their mouth projects out of their face. If you haven’t already, try to observe how black people’s mouth differ from those of other races. Nigger mouth bulges out of the face. Prognathism is an archaic trait, and archaic traits are what makes one masculine. Ancient hominids have this trait, as do great apes and other primates.



Homo Erectus



The difference between Africans and other races is that as humans began to gracilize/infantilize (AKA feminize) africans still held on to remnants of mouth projection which allowed their faces to stay more robust.

To a chimp, a white/asian/hispanic/indian/indonesian/redskin/whatever would look like a baby. Only Africans and Australian aboriginees resemble the adult chimp to some degree.


isnt it ironic that we humans ridicule the great apes yet secretly desire to look them to be more masculine. Yup, apes are the epitome of masculinity. Ever seen those King Kong movies where the mutant gorilla gets the hot bitch every time?

ThePUAMole #conspiracy sluthate.com

The PUAs aren't the fraud/shills: it's the ATTORNEYS

UPDATE on the PUA takedown:

It seems that the "PUA community" is a pawn of an internet LEGAL community which makes a small fortune by encouraging online defamation and other actionable conduct, defaming people (like me) they know will file suit), encouraging third parties to defame, then offering to defend them (for a huge price, of course). Since they are defendants, they have no choice and appreciate the "help."

Several in this legal mafia employ legal "bloggers" who are either profiting from the business their own conduct generates, or who seek out lawsuits, particularly from pro-se litigants, to highlight and ridicule, relying on public ignorance of the law, and stereotypes, to paint these litigants in a negative light, warning you not to back down if threatened with a lawsuit, etc. They're basically arms dealers profiting directly from the wars they incite, or fuel when they see an existing war.

Anyone who has been goaded into defaming another and wound up sued, or who has been defamed, particularly because they sued, has suffered from this mafia. Let's just say steps are being taken to stop them, they know who they are, they know I'm on to them, and it's just a matter of time at this point.

ThePUAMole & Nihilism+ #sexist sluthate.com


The war is over: the feminists have defeated the PUAs

Look at the scoreboard, guys: the PUAs (even the good ones) are down thirty points.

You can't stop feminism because the world runs on sex. Interestingly, this means that, just as men argued over how to rule the world in the past, with the women on the sidelines, the opposite will be the case now, except to the extent that the women attempt to recruit men, which is of course unsustainable, as there's little reward for the men other than not being destroyed, and for that they can just go MGTOW.


Well look at you, being all smart and shit.

Actually nope, sorry. Still retarded and autistic. PUAs and Feminists are incahoots with one another, its as clear as day. The chicks who are on PUA infield videos? Pretty sure they are paid actresses who also more than likely post feminist blogs dissing men and wanting to rule the world as well. Cycle goes like this:

Incel pays money for PUA shit------>Incel tries PUA shit but gets buried by feminists--------->feminists posts about PUAs (who they are secretly dating) to get the PUA network's name out------->PUAs attack feminists to get the feminists name out------->incel on the feminists side now side with PUAs cuz they feel betrayed by feminists false advice to white knight chicks into bed with them----->incel pays money for PUA shit.

And on and on. Its a vicious cycle man.

Feminists, PUAs and Chads will rule everything in a number of years. Its only a matter of time. Anyone with any belief that even strays one degree from PUAism or Feminism will be crushed decisively.

ALPHAMOG #fundie sluthate.com

imagine if a bunch of men's right advocates crashed some feminist rally and bought a bunch of 300lb UFC fighters with them to teach them not to divorce rape.... how much crying and screaming in the newspapers there would be....

Paradigm Shift #fundie sluthate.com

Ugliness needs to be acknowledged as a MEDICAL DISORDER. Treatment for this socially and emotionally dibilitating disease should be understood as a HUMAN RIGHT! Also, people who chose to get treatment should NOT be shamed for it. They're doing the honorable thing instead of acting like they're entitled to more than they offer themselves.

Legalize steroids. Subsidize cosmetic surgery. If we don't, society will suffer the inevitable consequences of it's own self-delusion about the looks issue. Danger looms on the horizon. It will be a feminist's worst nightmare. The Rape Culture of today pales in comparison to the abominations ahead as more and more physically marginalized men wake up to the truth. We will see the rise of organized nerd-rage terrorist groups, as we as a society still refuse to acknowledge how sexaul marginalization pushes people who are already mentally unstable over the edge.

Our economy will be in grave danger as legions of "beta males" abandon their socioeconomic "responsibilities". How much of our economy is driven by the idea that a woman's love can somehow be bought? A LOT! If you understand that, then what do you think will happen to the economy when men wake up and understand female sexuality doesn't work like vending machine - as corporate advertising, hollywood movies and for-profit/mainstream dating advice has many men believe? It is no longer in society's best interest to pretend women are any less visual than men. LEGALIZE STEROIDS! SUBSIDIZE SURGERY!

aussieincel #racist sluthate.com

The most subhuman race on the planet is Australian Aboriginals (or 'boongs').

I live in Australia and legitimately don't consider them as human. Despite living in a developed country with all the food etc they need to maximise IQ scores, their average IQ is 62. This is far below blacks (average IQ of African-Americans is about 90). I have NEVER seen an Aboriginal (that actually looks like one, plenty of people who are 1/16 Aboriginal say that they're Aboriginal to claim benefits) working or in work clothes (other than the digeredoo buskers), the majority of them are unemployed and mooch around public housing estates, parks, train stations etc asking for money, drinking cask wine all day, abusing and threatening people who walk past and just being a general shit stain on society. Being legit here, anyone who has been to Australia would know this. Boongs make up 2.5% of Australia's population, yet 25% of all prisoners here are boongs, and in juvenile detention over 50% of inmates are boongs. A 'race' that is 2.5% of the population commit the MAJORITY of youth crime in Australia. Also, Aboriginal 'parents' raping their own children as well as other forms of child abuse has been described as 'common practice' in many Aboriginal communities. Many live in little communities (all paid for by the taxpayer of course) that get brand new houses every few years because the boongs simply destroy them, they have a habit of tearing up the floorboards in their houses for firewood. They are incapable of living in a modern, civilised society.

dsar9012 #fundie sluthate.com

Shit like this is why I enjoy trolling domestic abuse videos on youtube so much. I mean women are just the most narcissistic, selfish and childish cunts on the planet. I mean if they want thugs so damn much, fine. They probably have enjoyable sex. But then these thugs turn around and beat these dumb cunts up and it's all the fault of sexism and the patriarchy and all men are violent and #toxic masculinity. These fucking brain dead cunts are two idiotic to put together a very simple premise. That if you date "bad boys" aka thugs. Men that are physically and sexually aggressive.
You "might" get beaten up when they get angry. You might get beaten up when you slut it up behind their back. You might get beaten up when you answer back and start acting like an absolute cunt.

And then they turn around and mock "nice guys". Guys that actually want to treat women respectfully and not abuse, treat them like shit. Beta males that want to help and provide for them. Obviously they are not that sexually great, but still good beta providers that actually care for the women they date and marry.

Fucking cunts, this fact about women pisses me off more than any other. I am seriously elated every time I see these stupid fucking cunts get karmic justice for chasing thugs when their head gets punched in

Valens #sexist sluthate.com

Reminder: Even demographics are against incels [RedPill]

The reasons for this are very simple...

1) The male to female ratio at birth is circa 105:100. Assuming that every woman has a male equivalent according to attractiveness (e.g. the equivalent of the most attractive female is the most attractive male, and so on), this leads to almost 5% of males not having a female equivalent their age at all. So even the most hideous and fat woman in your area and age group would be above the bottom 5 percentiles of men (aka truecels). The 105:100 ratio basically remains unchanged until late adolescence, when it slowly begins to approach 1:1. This ratio is finally reached around age 50 - a poor consolation for all those dispensable, young sub 5-percentile males out there.

2) But the reality is even worse than that. Most western countries have a fertility rate below replacement level (less than 2.1 births/woman). As a result, each year the number of births will be smaller than the year before. For males, this has disadvantageous effects on the dating market. Women generally seek out partners who are 1-3 years older than themselves and vice versa. However, the low birth rates result in the situation that there are fewer young females out there for the numerous older males.

As an illustration, I've got some numbers from Germany from 2014, where the fertility rate is very low:

Number of men born in 1991: ~479,900
Number of women bon in 1994: ~406,800
Difference: ~73,100
Male to female ratio: ~1.18

As you can see, for sub 15th percentile men it would be virtually impossible (or very hard) to find a girl three years younger than themselves (i.e. girls who would be the most receptive to their approaches). Sure, they can try to find a girl their own age but then they will have to compete with men who are some years older who are again a)more numerous because of the falling number of births b)more mature and therefore generally more desired and c)have a higher income. The only other alternative seems to be MILF-game.

I think the change of fertility rate is also the reason why getting a partner as a man is percieved to be more difficult now than it used to be because the fertility rate was higher back then. This also applies to (many) third world countries. A 25-year-old man in Nigeria, where each year there are considerably more births than the year before, can have his pick from an abundant pool of women who are 20 and younger. Hence, inceldom is most likely a non-issue in such countries whereas every first-world country is known to have a significant percentage of young men who simply stay behind in terms of dating.

3) The number of single immigrant men often exceeds the number of single immigrant women. Men are more likely to have the financial means and the willingness to take risks to immigrate alone while the women who immigrate are often already engaged of married. Of course, immigrant men try to enter the local dating market. On the other hand, natives often can't access foreign women the same way because they come from cultures (Muslim, Hindu) where women are heavily discouraged from having premarital relationships. In many Western European countries a big part of the immigrants comes from such cultures. Even if foreigners, especially ethnics, have a hard time dating local women, some of them will succeed due to high individual LMS or some kind of racial fetishism from the woman. Even a relatively small percentage of women who are open to dating foreigners is enough to skew the odds in the dating market a little bit against men once again.

tl;dr: If you're a truecel and objectively belong to the most unattractive men in your age group, it really doesn't make sense to even try and waste your energy. You can actively look out for the most ugly girls on the street - chances are you're still statistically below her in todays dating market. Just concentrate on escort-game and hedonism in general

Cats #fundie sluthate.com

If you are well-adjusted in a sick culture, you are sick

Reminder that being "well-adjusted" is the worst thing you can be in a corrupt, sick, dying culture.

I know some of you guys crave to be "normies", but most normies are even more sad, crazy and fucked up than any of you. The truth is that being a normie means that you have conformed to a culture that destroys your psyche, and that is a price that is never worth it.

Eventually this whole feminism, liberalism, nonsense will come crashing down and we can reap the rewards of not being conformists. But until then, just laugh at all the normies, because most of them don't even know they are on a sinking ship.

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Niggers are very, very averse to work of any kind. The nigger's most prominent anatomical feature, after all, its oversized buttocks, which have evolved to make it more comfortable for your nigger to sit around all day doing nothing for its entire life. Niggers are often good runners, too, to enable them to sprint quickly in the opposite direction if they see work heading their way. The solution to this is to *dupe* your nigger into working. After installation, encourage it towards the cotton field with blows of a wooden club, fence post, baseball bat, etc., and then tell it that all that cotton belongs to a white man, who won't be back until tomorrow. Your nigger will then frantically compete with the other field niggers to steal as much of that cotton as it can before the white man returns. At the end of the day, return your nigger to its cage and laugh at its stupidity, then repeat the same trick every day indefinitely. Your nigger comes equipped with the standard nigger IQ of 75 and a memory to match, so it will forget this trick overnight. Niggers can start work at around 5am. You should then return to bed and come back at around 10am. Your niggers can then work through until around 10pm or whenever the light fades.

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Laws that would benefit incels

Legalize prostitution.

Stop subsidizing abortion and birth control.

Ban abortion except when it threatens the life or health of the mother, rape, incest, or fetal defect.

Abolish privacy laws. Women should not have the right to sue people who redistribute their slutty photos.

Abolish defamation laws that makes slut-shaming illegal and abortion-shaming illegal.

Abolish medical privacy laws that protect the knowledge of a woman's abortions or birth control medications. Taxpayers subsidize abortion and birth control so they have the right to know which women use those services.

Legalize discrimination against sluts, against women who is on birth control and against women who has had or is planning to have an abortion.

Make adultery and premarital sex illegal.

End alimony.

End the welfare state that makes women dependent on the state rather than letting men provide for them.

Make paternalist testing mandatory.

Outlaw all material (including TV shows and music) encouraging promiscuity.

Censor feminism and anything that is pro-abortion.

Ban all women from voting.

Outlaw all tattoos, "emo haircuts", immodest clothing, and anything that is contrary to monogamous culture.

Ban women from working. All women should stay at home to support their husbands and children.

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you CANNOT escape your genetic DESTINY

I firmly believe that your life with women is determined from the moment you'r conceived. I mean there are guys who do NO gym, who are misogynists, job less, smoke weed and they pull hot girls, regularly.. why? genetics. Genetic destiny. It is all taken care of by nature. Only 10% or even less of the men are meant for breeding, the rest are for structural support, that is natures intention. The things is, this was always the case, but no one ever knew it so CLEARLY like we do today, thanks to science, media, and general awakening of the masses.

Because even though the betas are not meant to breed, we still have the same inbuilt fundamental desire to procreate... So life becomes a hell. Its like being a fish that's allergic to water. You have to constantly watch attractive woman, and even women BELOW your league, ALL walking by ignoring you in favour of the Alpha, while you rip your hair out over it. You hit the GYM HARD, while Alpha eats pizza. Girls look at your gymcel body and think "ewww what a try hard" while they look at the chad and think "i love him, he just does what he wants, not even concerned about the whole bodybuilding thing". But in reality it is all in the face, in the pheromones, in the frame, in the depth of the voice, in the facial stubble.

That's what girls are SOLD on. When the imagine romantic partners, THAT is what they imagine being ravished by. You can even be an AVERAGE guy, 6 even a 7 out of ten and STILL be completely over looked. In this day and age, there is no such thing as good enough for women. Women are getting more and more choice and validation and its either CHAD or NOTHING. It is FUTILE to looks max, if you are not ATLEAST a 7 out of 10. futile.

Not only that but when you finally get a strong physique like me, and you realize girls STILL dont like you while they will fuck the high T, skinny weed smoker. That's when you start to resent all your own hardwork. Its like dammmm man, DAYUM, I did 3 years of gym, got fucking abs, just to for this? hahaha. Im hysterical... This is genetic destiny buddy boys.

By the way, MONEY and STATUS are MINIMAL in their affect, romance is ALL about looks, always. And in particular the FACE is what matters. I'm 23 now, i've approached over 9000 women in all sorts of ways in the last 3 years. Justin Wayne bootcamp, Zan perrion coaching, Arash Dibazar, I heard them ALL. I know the dynamics of game in and out. I've had sex with atleast 2 7+ white hot girls and like 2 more 6/10 white girls. But man the amount of effort I put in is out of this world. I applaud myself for the solid effort. But to me this journey is not worth it. And guess what? I started out as a 6 and it was this hard for me to get some. I can't imagine life for a sub 6, you guys are royally FUCKED, it is literally IMPOSSIBLE. Go to thailand, become escortcel, amass wealth, or do something productive like helping children in Africa. Hey man atleast they will LOVE you for helping them, atleast they will appreciate. Do not waste time entertaining the idea that you can somehow make it.

Elliot Rodger was deluded, he didn't even TRY to make it work. But in the end I have to agree with him, it is indeed utterly hopeless and utterly unfair to beta males. Nature is a bitch.

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Obviously black people can be highly intelligent, but on average their IQ is about 20 points below the average IQ of white people (when both are culturally from USA anyway). Black people with 100 IQ obviously exist, but they are about as rare as white people with 120 IQ. Black people with 120 IQ exist but are about as rare as white people with 140 IQ. Black people with 140 IQ exist but are about as rare as white people with 160 IQ. etc...

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Sub-8 law

The sub-8 law refers to systematic legal oppression of non-attractive men (more specifically, men rated below 8 in attractiveness).

Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment laws are so that women could have an unattractive man could be jailed for doing certain approaches that they would find charming if done by an attractive man. This makes it so that an entire class of behaviors that are perfectly acceptable for an attractive man, are unacceptable, even illegal, for an unattractive man.

Main article: Prostitution

It is illegal in the United States for a man to pay for a woman to have sex with him. In other words, a man who is not attractive enough to get a woman to have sex with him for free is legally obligated to remain incel. However, it is legal for a man to have sex with a woman as part of a porn film, and it is common for male strippers to get blowjobs from women while stripping. Contrary to popular belief, our society does not prohibit the commodization of sex - it is only when incel males are helped as a result that it becomes a problem.

The sub-8 law in effect in New York

Why would society actively work to keep incels incel? Because the more incels there are, the more sexual power women have.

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if Nazis won:
Clean streets, no crime, everyone healthy and happy, no hypergamy, families honoured,, fatherhood and motherhood honoured, we would probably be well on the way to terraforming Mars by now, the human race would be improving due to eugenics.


The shit, filth, mass ethinc immigration/demographic genocide, rampant crime, death of marriage and family, women lauded as heroes for being whores and sluts, no punishment whatsoever for cheating in marriage or cuckolding a man, jews running everything

Jeez, let me think

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the one thing that amazes me that there don´t seem to be any exceptions at all.

Literally every woman I´ve ever met (hundreds) has behaved exactly the way this site preaches. I haven´t found a single exception.

- cheating on bf with a better looking guy
- being mean to ugly guys
- obsessing about good looking guys
- teasing male orbiters with dangling their pussy in front of them
- using Sub8 men for money, work etc...
- trying to avoid confrontation by putting on a fake nice persona
- herd menatlity (other girls hate that guy so I must also hate him)
- delaying sex for looksmatched guys, but having ONS with slayers

Literally every woman I´ve ever met has been guilty of atleast one of the points mentioned above

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Nearly 21 years old and i am still a virgin.
I never even kissed and i see the way they look at me. Am i really so bad looking? Do i have to beg them and buy them with gifts to even let me kiss them? I would settle for even a slightly chubby chick if i didn't have to beg her to date me.

I hate them and i will show them just how pain feels. I will wait some time after making this post just in case someone connects the dots.

I plan to take a trip to a nearby country where i will pick a female and beat her up. I will smash her mobile phone, duct tape her mouth and arms and leave here there. Then i will change my clothes in a different location and walk up to my car and drive back to my country.

I will get to beat up a woman and get away with it too. Just lol at attacking women in your own country. All she will see is my clothes which i will change and she will never see me again

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Before the Civil Rights movement, Kneegrows were burning down houses, rioting everywhere, killing people, and destroying property. If incels did that, it would create more sympathy for them. People would be like "ok, maybe prostitution should be legal." Or "wow, I didn't know that men had image issues too!"

Massive, decisive violence that requires the National Guard's assistance is the ONLY way to get a society to change. We can bitch about inceldom here all we want, but unless we take it to the streets and make people pay AS A GROUP, nothing will change, incels will still be treated like animals and prisoners.

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My name is Brother Dean Saxton. You might have heard about me for telling campus harlots that they deserve to be raped. My message is simple: women are property. When a woman mouths off, a man needs to beat her senseless until she shuts up. And, when harlots engage in promiscuity and other sinful behaviors, they need to be corrected with rape. That's why I'm happy to declare that I have joined the new Philosophy of Rape movement. The Philosophy of Rape is a philosophical movement emphasizing the corrective rape of harlots, feminazis, and other female scum. We want to train an army of holy warriors to go out and rape harlots around the world. On Reddit, we can be found at /r/PhilosophyOfRape. We are also building a new website of our own at http://philosophyofrape.wordpress.com.

The Philosophy of Rape has the answer to all of your problems. The only way to put sluts in their place is by raping them. Throughout history, rape served an important role in correcting female behavior and keeping their slutty nature in check. But, today, wih the rise of feminism and "consent" laws, we find ourselves in a situation which has spiraled WAY out of control. That's why we're building The Philosophy of Rape. We're going to restore things to the way they should be: men as men and women as the property of men. Join us, and we will teach you why harlots deserve rape, why rape is so important, and how you can get away with raping harlots scot-free. We are going to build an army of holy warriors to correct harlots and feminazi whores around the world. All it takes is a few Elliot Rodger types to get the ball rolling. What do you have to lose? Enlist in our rape army today, and we will teach you how to correct a new harlot a week and get away with it.

Remember, brothers: the only way to stop these harlots run amok is to put them in their place. The way to put women in their place is with rape. Join me, brothers, and we shall build an army of holy warriors to strike terror into the hearts of harlots across the globe. It's raping time.

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Seriously if you're one of these goddamn brown currycels who's come to America to get a degree from an Ivy League college or whatever, which is what most of these guys are, then that's what you should focus on; getting your fucking diploma as fast as fucking humanly possible so you can get your ass back to India and marry your cousin or whatever, because that is your only chance at anything even remotely resembling a happy life.

screwed #racist sluthate.com

I am sick of these goddamn pakis, niggers and beaners coming over here to my country and having upwards of five children, polluting our WHITE gene pool with their inferior spawn.

It's time for the US and the rest of the West to rain down judgment upon Africa and the Middle East and literally annihilate every single country there in a holocaust of nuclear fire. Don't even leave the babies alive. Kill every single one of them, then set up camps in these Western countries to get rid of the scourge here.
DEATH to the genetic pollutant NIGGERS AND SAND NIGGERS

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You'll never find a virgin past 20 these days and that's at the absolute latest. So not only are virgin girls extremely rare, they're also unattainable for low value guys like ourselves. The cultural brainwashing has made EVERY GIRL into a slut.