TheAbsoluteMaximum & AmbitiousPainter #sexist

Just get a virgin bro lmao

Although there are stats and stuff backing the fact that virgins make for better wives, and you'd have that peace of mind knowing your wife has only ever been with you.

It's nice and all but it's definitely not a 100% guarantee to anything, especially in the degenerate west where morals are dwindling everyday and sex is treated like a handshake.

I still cant understand the logic. Imagine I and a bunch of other guys rub our dicks all over a plastic bag, cum on it, etc.

But then its completely washed off.

Would you put your tongue there?

But cuck numales do this daily with their "I had fun in my teens with sexy abusive guys and now Im ready to settle down with you and my kids from past fucks" holes.



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