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RE: ‘Eastern European discrimination awareness’ part 6.

What’s the point of this? Some people are dicks but that’s nothing new.

To bring awareness to problems in Europe that are worth solving?

Then why title it "east european bla"? Are you aware that we all have to deal with bias? That is in fact how our brains work, thinking in boxes. Not easy to overcome.

A lot of people commenting thanked me for posting this. Also, there were people saying they got PTSD, depression, low confidence due to all the discrimination they have experienced. The problem is very real.

And now what? You want a east-block history and awareness month in all schools over the world? People walking with candles and forming human chains? "Hand in hand for eastern lands"? Benefit concerts?

When will people learn to grow the fuck up. React in the very situation. Actually step up for yourselves. If you do that, i promise you won’t have to deal with ptsd

Local man baffles doctors, invents incredible new method to remove mental trauma by "Just toughening up bro"

Everyone says this until they get the shit beaten out of them once and their minds change. I’ve had my moment. I hope you are protected enough by those around you that you’ll never be in that position. The world simply isn’t that black and white.

I just don’t deal with shit people. If somebody calls me slurs because of resentments against my country of origin then i know that this person is trash. But when i see an option that they are just stupid, then i try to educate them (like a grown up). This is all im saying.

Listen, the only appropriate reaction is “oh yeah, that should not be happening in a europe we’re trying to build”. I would really like you to be stepping up when getting consistently literally zero callbacks after applying to over 700 entry level positions after obtaining a master’s degree unless it’s a cleaning or construction work.

Were i live this doesn’t applies.

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How can I learn to accept that society is penis obsessed, that even straight men talk about, draw & appreciate large penises more than they do vaginas, that oral sex is not common on women due to vaginas being unappreciated & that penises are fetishized a lot, so straight men like women with penises

How do most women accept these things and not feel inadequate, insecure or sexually of less value? How do they still feel attracted to men and have sexual desire?

I read about people saying those things on Reddit for example a lot and I have been told them by people on my Facebook friend's list a lot. Men and women and even more women. Even liberal men.

The focus and fetish for men who are into trans women is their penis, the focus and fetish for men who are into women with vaginas is the boobs and butts, not the vagina.

I have also been told by feminists that women have to beg for oral sex especially in certain cultures and with young men and that it's also because society sees vaginas are gross, unclean, fishy, taboo. While penises are not so. And that gay men are more openly negatively insulting & disgusted by vaginas than lesbians are by penises. Because penises are more normalised, default and sexualised.

Is it normal to be sad that society is penis obsessed and that straight men are even penis obsessed, and that vaginas come after penises, boobs and butts?

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This monster thinks it's okay to walk around with a raging boner in a women's shelter. The shelters response to criticism? Guess. This was all a public spectacle, by the way.

Wow fuck that shelter. They care more about the feelings of men than the safety of women.

They really do. It's terrifying how the feelings of men are valued higher than the safety of women all across our society. And now we can't even escape it in the spaces we've painstakingly carved out for ourselves.

Sadly, they need to toe the line. Canada, but British Columbia especially (here and here), is very woke regarding trains. There's one (yes, one) rape shelter in Vancouver, BC that won't take men in.

As a result, they've had their windows vandalized and a dead rat nailed to their door, and a local politician* was doing everything in his power to try and take away funding that the place needs to survive the last I heard.

* To nobody's surprise, he supported local snart Yaniv, who epitomizes mental illness.

ALL US shelters are going co ed. There are almost no shelters for women and kids any longer. I stopped volunteering at one because I am not about to use pronouns or talk to men in female space where women have been raped.

One of the most aggravating parts of these situations is that they often go above and beyond to protect transgender people over women. In Canada (2021 data )the portion of the population that identifies as transgender is just 0.24%. Assuming an equal split between genders only half would identify as women. So in this case the rights of women (~51%) are being trampled for the rights of ~0.12% of the population.

If a biological woman (for lack of a better term) had made the same comments and behaved similarly they likely would have kicked her out. This Tyler person doesn’t seem to even be attempting to present as a woman. People like that are hurting those who are truly suffering.

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Unnecessarily my fucking ass.

50,000 native kids aren’t in care outside of reserves because guilty white liberals want them there — they’re there because 50,000 native kids have piss poor parents that can’t even look after themselves due to a variety of issues.

Of course the native industrial complex in Canada will tell you that the parents are bad because of ‘residual damage from residential schools’, which is a major cop-out; quickly followed by the demand for more funds from whitey as repetitions for things and stuff.

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So it turns out the new Bond film, partly written by a man hating feminist, is basically a nearly three hour long film of apologising for being male...


Bond gets softened up to appeal to female viewers. So Bond becomes A DAD (ffs!). To a GIRL, of course. As if it would have been to a boy.....

And they kill the nasty chauvisnist sexist bond in the end, while lots of the film focuses on the MOTHER telling a story about him to the daughter and a FEMALE version of Bond.

Well done feminists. You killed off the male, just as you always intended.

As for the social media surrounding the film-remember this-the film is literally being touted as 'the last hope to draw audiences back to the cinema after the virus, to save the companies that make films'. So did you THINK they werent going to try flooding the web with fake positive reviews, or to pay people to monitor social media to counter negative reviews?

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Yet another example of them claiming they’re better than actual women…


What’s with these people and trying to convince themselves that they are prettier than bio females? Do they secretly know that they look terrible at the back of their minds and then do this to delude themselves into thinking otherwise?


It’s cope

Totally. My uncle is now my aunt and she straight up looks like me in a dress. She sounds like if I was trying to mock a woman's voice. She buys expensive clothes, expensive makeup, expensive haircuts. Still just me in a dress though. There's no fixing being too tall with broad shoulders and a man-face.

There's no way she can't see it. She's choosing to ignore it to cope.

I'm guessing that they are trying to get out in front of the inevitable fact that men won't want to date them because of how they look. They are preparing people to say that trans women are just as beautiful as real women, even though trans women often look like lazy drag queens. Very few of the self-promoters on Twitter, Tik Tok, or Youtube are actually "passing", as they would say. They know they still look like men and they are trying pre-emptively shame people into never actually admitting it.

Same self serving bollocks as the "body positive fat acceptance" movement.

They deep down can't stand themselves so they create a fantasy for themselves and lash out at anyone who calls it out.

Their delusional enough to think their a sex they are not in reality, they have a section of society telling them and feeding their mental illness - why is it shocking they think they are pretty or better than actual women? You do not fix mental illness by feeding that mental illness - transgenderism is a political tool, nothing more.

Every time you call a trans person their preferred pro-nouns you are feeding a mental illness, you are making them worse.

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The reason why a lot of men nowadays struggle in the dating world is because beyond money, many of them simply don’t have anything to offer. And now that women are able to make their own money, the true uselessness of men is being revealed. So if it’s money he’s offering, or equivalent benefits, take it. And when there’s opportunity to take more, even from multiple men, go ahead and indulge. And you’ll find that once you’ve striped past all the layers and facade of their resources, there’s nothing left there but an empty, decaying barrel. Feel free to leave that for the birds to pick at. Your work there is done.

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Lady here. It is only a cunt that gets off and then says stop. Unless there is pain or a medical reason involved. He should have finished. This whole rape thing is getting way out of hand.

No, when somebody says "stop", it means "stop"--no questions asked. That isn't the "rape thing getting way out of hand".

If they agreed to be fucking a guy and then only say stop because they have climaxed..... they aren't being raped, they are being a cunt that NEEDS TO BE RAPED.

I always wish that girls that cry rape over situations that they agreed to-- should be anally gang raped by strangers in an alley, so that they learn what rape really is.
And for the record.... didn't the girl just want him to hurry up and finish? That's not telling him to stop.

You are a terrible, terrible person

Nope. I just think that women who are in bed with a guy, doing it... change their mind and cry rape really aren't being raped. It is a scary world for men out there when women are allowed to call a change of heart, guilt, or remorse, RAPE. I think it devalues the meaning of the word for women who are truly forcibly raped. I can't help it what hivemind thinks.... hivemind isn't always right about a lot of things.

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We could start by all learning the definition of "genocide", then we could all learn to stop using hyperbole and words that don't apply to the history of Canada. There was never a genocide in Canada. Ever. Stop robbing the people of this world who have gone through genocide of their dignity by trying to steal empathy directed at them.

This is genocide. There was no campaign of murder to eradicate the native gene from. The gene pool. Revisionist lies and hyperbolic nonsense. Shame

(e) Forcibly transferring children of the group to another group.

The sixties scoop.


Hyperbole hyperbole hyperbole. The 60s scoop was a legitimate CFS action. It isnt "genocide" when children are removed from terrible parents or abusive situations. Nobody has ever shown me evidence that this wasn't the case in the 60s scoop.

As for all. Your other nonsense, it isn't genocide to not feed people when they have a clear path to opportunities elsewhere. All they had to do was move. The land was expropriated, as is still done today. And it was a good thing it was expropriated. Passing influenza to people isn't genocide. Complete nonsense. You should have your mouth washed up with soap.

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My friend asked me for money for an abortion
You would think that being extremely close friends for over 24 years would give her a clue that I don't agree with abortion. I believe it is killing unborn babies. I had my first child at 19, and I did just fine.

My friend chooses to have completely unprotected sex while not being on birth control. In your late 30's you should know better than that. This isn't an accident. It isn't the first time. Her primary form of birth control is apparently abortion. I have a big problem with that.

I am so upset over this. I think, more than she is. My husband does not want any more children, so adopting her baby isn't an option, though, I probably would if it were only up to me. This whole issue has me heartbroken and pretty depressed.

My whole adult life I have been a mother. I love being a mother. My youngest is almost 12. I want another baby, but under my husbands pressuring I got a tubal sterilization, so I know that it's never an option. I am sad for me, and angry about her.

I don't want her to kill her baby. I don't see how she can do it, repeatedly with so little thought. I don't know if I can think of her the same after this. In fact I know I can't. She has been a horrible friend to me over the years. There are too many examples to even start. Yet for some messed up reason, I lived her unconditionally, like a sister. I don't think that I can handle this though. I guess there was a condition, I will probably still love her like a sister. I just don't see it being the same.

I am probably going to have to yell at her for being an irresponsible fucking whore, because if I don't know one else will. I am not slut shaming. I have no problem with the amount of different dudes that she fucks, it's that she is being so unsafe when she has children and could get pregnant.

Thanks for listening to the venting.

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I'm a liberal and I have only been in a church for Weddings and funerals. I still think killing unborn babies is wrong. I don't need a f-ing book to tell me that-- and I could give two shits about how a woman feels after having an abortion. At least she gets to feel, something she took away from her unborn child/ren.

So if you think it's cruel to kill an unborn child, then don't you think it would also be cruel to force another child who got pregnant at a young age from rape to keep the baby, have a constant reminder of the incident that could prevent the child from learning to move on, and being bullied for something they could not even control.

Rape cases are rare. Most abortions are for convenience. I would be understanding if it were an actual rape situation, that was like PROVEN. As woman, I know another woman could say anything in order to get the desired result. Though, a rape victim would only have to think about the unborn rape child for about 9 months then it would never have to be around them again.

Because someone is raped, it's okay for them to murder another human? That's great logic. Do we give rape victims a pass if they don't abort the baby but decide to kill it after birth??

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Trans, a byproduct of civilizational collapse, discussion.

Okay, so I don't identify as trans or part of any of the demographics that are associated. But I recently read that the confusion surrounding gender in the current world could be a sign of cultural collapse. Which is defined on Google as so: Societal collapse (also known as civilizational collapse) is the fall of a complex human society characterized by the loss of cultural identity and of socioeconomic complexity, the downfall of government, and the rise of violence.

I'm not against any who are part of the LGBT community, to each their own. But to me, this kinda makes sense. Because most of our civilization seems to be confused, and don't know who or what they are or what they want, so they fill in the blanks left by their emotions in attempt to fit somewhere while they spread hate on anyone who doesn't subscribe to the views and opinions of that community with "peaceful protests".

Please don't assume I'm hating on anyone, this isn't my opinion, it's all observation (I don't use mind numbing social medias or watch the news either so I'm out of the global loop), so again, to each their own. I couldn't give two shits honestly, I don't care who you are or what you do as long as you're not hating or hurting anyone, I just wanna know what people think about this.

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*Do Pagans eat meat?*

I don’t. As Porphyry, blessed by the Gods, argued, the consumption and sacrifice of meat is immoral. The mystery of Elusis maintained three laws for worshippers: honor your parents/ancestors, offer to the gods from the fruits of the earth, and harm no animals.

These three laws come from Porphyry who quotes Athenian law makers. His claim was that the ancient laws of Athens were only preserved in Elusis and had been abandoned in other places.

*Should we apply or consider the roman mythos when talking about Greek mythology?*

Yes - the Gods inspire the mythological works of the poets and that didn’t stop because the poets spoke a different language (this applies to any modern language too, as the gods are obviously immortal and still present in our world today).

The gods are immortal beings who are present for all people and transcend changing cultural stereotypes.

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Well.... I guess I am slut shaming, but if you act like a whore than you are a whore. The stuff that she has done around children, including her own is inexcusable.... to the point if CPS found out, she would probably AT LEAST have an open CPS case if not have her children removed.

So, yes I guess I am saying if it walks like a duck, talks like a duck.... it's a duck. If she acts like a whore, fucks like a whore.... she is a whore.

It's really not up to you to decide how much sex a person must have in order to be called a whore. If things are really so bad for her children you should be responsible yourself, and call CPS to get them some help, not trash her uselessly on reddit.

wouldn't call CPS on anyone that I know unless I felt the kids lives were in danger. Their psychological and emotional well-being are not for me to decide. By law mom's are allowed to trollop as many sketchy dudes through their front door as they want to have sex with for beer and cigarettes. It doesn't make it "right" though, now does it? If she wants to maintain that lifestyle she shouldn't have had any children.

And... I can judge her all I want. She is my friend, not yours. I don't have to like what she is doing and I am allowed to tell her so.

Really? CPS takes away the children of people who have "too much" sex? Could you please provide a link or something for that? In a country as obsessed with keeping government out of our lives as the US is, it seems strange that this kind of interference would be countenanced. But well, I don't know a lot about CPS, which is why I'm asking.

I did CPS.... and no, you can't get your kids taken for "having too much sex". Now if you are getting drunk and fucking out in the open in the living room with random people and the kids are seeing that on a semi-frequent basis, you would probably get in trouble for neglect. If you have frequent loud drunken fights with these random men and the kids hear it... you can get in trouble for neglect. She has already had several open CPS cases on her for neglect and Domestic Violence after a guy pressed charges on her from throwing something that apparently hit him in the head.

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RE: If we were living in a male-dominated world (with links)

If men wanted to oppress women they'd be sent to wars as cannon fodder and make up %99 of the casualties to save the lives of the more precious male sex from such brutality and death.

The entire world would revolve around a "Men and children first" narrative. Humanitarian aids would constantly and only discriminate against women.

Men would create a movement to erase the female sex through eugenics (#theFutureisFemale) regularly call for a gendercide of women and call for it's action (#KillAllMen) and wouldn't be punished in the slightest for spreading those ideas. Men would openly associate with these ideas publicly knowing they won't be punished in the slightest.

Despite things like #KillallWomen, only sexism to men would be banned and punished, misogyny would be mocked, refused and denied to even exist by the men's rights movement.

Men's rights would victim-blame female suicide victims with toxic femininity and be obsessed with slut-shaming women and female virgins. Men's right would create loads of sexist terms like "womanspread, womansplain, bagsplain" to attack women for decades, including incessant sexist generalizations for decades. If any women objected to their insane sexism, they'd be attacked with fragile femininity and fragile egos. Oh yeah, and every single sexism the female gender faces would be gaslighted and victim-blamed onto women by calling it all "toxic femininity"

Be a man, and you're already experiencing every single thing written here and by OP. Yikes.

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It's ridiculous that white, upper class suburbia thinks kids wait until they're 25 to have sex, and 40 to reproduce; in most parts of the world, I'm pretty sure that they'd have 2-3 kids of their own by then. Fuck, I did my ob/gyn rotation in Detroit, and there were TONS, i mean TONS of 13 year old pregnant patients... pregnant with their SECOND kid! Poor people reproduce in their early teens; that's how it is, and to deny it, and vilify the guy because he's older is ridiculous.

Also, another argument for young girls with much older men; who would you rather knock up your teenage daughter, a 35 year old man who may actually have the interest and ability to raise a kid/support your daughter, or another teenager, who is going to, AT BEST, scrape by, giving your daughter and grand kid a shitty life, presuming he even sticks around at all?

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RE: Abortion until 22nd week of pregnancy divides Norway's left wing, which eyes election victory in Norway

At the 8nd week brain is already active and is developing very fast with the nervous system, this since week 6. Wanting an abortion at f*cking week 22nd is criminal and is something that goes before any ideology. If you support abortion to this extend i have no words and you may probably be a psychopath.

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Charitable giving should be made illegal

By charitable giving I mean the donation of money, gifts or resources that would allow the continued survival and flourishing of an entity (human, animal, organization etc.) that wouldn’t otherwise survive in an unfettered free market.

The invisible hand of the free market is the only just way to distribute resources, and charity disrupts this natural process and creates inefficiency. It either creates dependency or it allows unfit entities to exist and this lowers the overall utility of a society and this ultimately leads to stagnation and socialistic values which in turn may lead to a diminishment in entrepreneurship and human excellence which ultimately perpetuates an ugliness, a poverty of spirit which drains the very joy out of life.

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..So again you're saying kids should have sex for money, so they can learn to manage their funds. There's something called working, you stupid fuck. There's a whole clearly listed and regulated way for kids to gain experience right here.

So here we have a way to not shelter kids, give them a chance to learn to be something other than whores for your and other people's perverted pleasure. Yet oddly, you seem desperate to find some "solution" to this quandary that suits your needs, like any other scumbag of the earth predator. How quaint.

Don't disillusion yourself. You're a fuck-up of the highest order. If your mother saw this thread, she'd cry. If your dad saw this thread, he probably wouldn't want to see you again. If any of your IRL friends saw this thread, they'd stop hanging out with you. You know you're doing something wrong, and trying to rationalize it away because you don't want to stop.

Nope. Not what I said. I said children DO have sex for money. Sometimes for much less money than they could have gotten if they knew how much they could get out of it. Which makes it worse. But most people who do it, do it because they lack money. Which is why I support basic incomes.

And yes, I do support their right to choose to work.

I don't want a prostitute. I would really like to meet little girls and try to be friends with them (without sex).

I don't have a dad. And my friends know I'm a pedophile. And I've criticized CP laws as being based on voodoo in front of one of my friends. I have multiple friends who I believe question AOC laws and child porn laws. And they have basic reading comprehension so they probably wouldn't be seeing a strawman. So nope- they wouldn't care much.
I do think its okay to have sex with children

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Dear Menslib- we've been trying to tell you.

I'd like to offer some words for r/menslib. It's in reference to your recent AMA with Chuck Derry from the Duluth Model Organization.. You guys were surprised at what you heard, and how bad it was....but we weren't. We knew this was going to happen, because we've been trying to warn you about political feminism and things like the Duluth Model for years. The groups and figures at the top of the hierarchy of feminism are backwards and sexist and disingenuous. The Duluth Model isn't some 'fringe idea', it's the single most influential social model on police MO for domestic violence in the US.

You guys seem to be on the cusp of realizing that your view on the modern day feminist movement isn't quite how the real world works.

We told you this. We told you this is what feminist literature actually says if you bother to read it. We told their buzzwords such as


"patriarchal structures"

"systemic oppression"

"to those with privilege, equality feels like oppression"

"Inherent misogyny"

It's flat-earth tier. In fact it's worse, because it's actual harmful. This is what we told you, the more political feminist organizations actively support, perpetrate, and lobby for the legalization of domestic violence against men, and automatic exemption for prison for violent female criminals.

I'm going to be honest and blunt- subs like ML are part of the problem of the following comment:

I grew up in a household where my mother was emotionally/verbal abusive to my father (as well as the kids) and it distinctly felt like Chuck discounted that and viewed it as less serious, as it was female-led and received.

Because Chuck follows feminist theory. Not because he is patriarchal, not because he believes in "hetero-normative" beliefs, IT IS BECAUSE HE IS A FEMINIST.

You guys need to wake up and accept how bad things really are.

You have been lied too. What you believe about the MRM is a lie.

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FTM on realizing they're now treated like shit if they interact with children

FTM have a fascinating journey in modern misandry, their lived experience actualizes the latent hypocrisy and double-dealing of modern power structures.

They were raised as little girls with all the female privileges and now they have taken their life back as men, they are realizing that the feminists weren't exactly truthful about a lot of stuff. (quotes from a post on a board I'm not linking to).

Unfortunately, F2M are going to be the biggest help to us in getting the message out just how big the differences between male and female are. This is also why feminism fake sides with them while hating them at the same time. They know they are one of the big keys to show that at least in the west men are treated like shit compared to women.

I agree, but for right now feminism must feel like it's mandatory for these guys, even while it's an abusive relationship. Has anyone even heard of an anti-feminist LGBT+ community / group?

Feminism isn't faking like them. Feminism thinks of them as women. Feminists fake like trans women -- or in the case of TERFs they don't bother. So it's an abusive relationship like codependency. Political support in exchange for emotional abuse. It comes up a LOT on the board how often LGBTQ+ communities put on events and say "women and non-binary only" or something like that and then say to FTM "oh we don't mean you when we say no men allowed". The message is "we accept you - because we think you're women". Kill All Men! Ooops didn't mean you of course! So it's producing dysphoria all the time. Men suck! Not you though! It has to be more or less constant I'd guess.

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My thoughts on the call for a sex strike in Texas to protest the new abortion law.

1. It shows that women believe that the ONLY Power they have or more accurately the most powerful thing they 'possess' is the power of sex, which is something that feminists have been supposedly fighting for decades. Yet, it is their first GO-TO thing to make social change.

2. They believe men have such power that if they aren't getting sex they will just change that law as though MEN have any real power, 'yes, let's hold back sex and all those men will get the law changed at the next patriarchy meeting'


Also you do realize that women themselves largely voted for this. But apparently it’s only men’s fault.

men overwhelming support abortion. pro-lifers are overwhelming women. yet every time women disagree it's somehow "mUh pAtRiArChY" to blame...

Women are the biggest supporters of anti-abortion laws. The reason is because women benefit by forcing other women to have less sex. If women are having less sex then it could encourage men to have long-term relationships and go back to getting married.

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(Bolding is the submitter’s)

Maybe not inexperienced but could be a possible unsafe environment. I'm childfree, I don't shove my opinions down other people's throats like if you want kids have kids, but I absolutely despise them. They fill me with inexplicable rage I cannot explain. And because I know I can't trust myself not to snap and lash out at a kid, I don't put myself in situations where I'm around kids. I don't babysit, I don't go to kid filled areas, I don't even watch my niece for a longer span of time than 5 minutes because everything about kids infuriates me. I'm not a violent person but something about kids inherently makes me want to hurt them. I never would, because I know myself enough to know not to put myself in situations where I could risk getting that angry.

So, someone who hates kids being forced to look after a kid could end in that kid getting hurt in a snap second moment of rage. Not that that is at all okay, but it can happen without the intention of hurting the kid upon agreeing to watch the kid. OP shouldn't have called the police, but if he felt himself getting that angry he should have made arrangements for the kid to go elsewhere himself, without police intervention. Should've called mum and gotten her to come get nephew or taken him there.

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RE: AOC has caved in.


She flat out referred to women as “menstruating people” on television the other day. She did so several times.

She is just another misogynist who hates women so much that she insists on demeaning and erasing us. It’s sad when men buy into the “woke” misogyny, but seeing other women (like AOC) spout this nonsense is really unfortunate.

I just don’t understand why women go along with this crap men loses are practically abysmal while women loses almost everything.

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God I hate these disingenuous comments on residential schools. They are an annoying kind of technically correct. Acting like they were an internment camp trying to harm the natives is just blatantly dishonest. You have to take the good when you're going to rattle off the bad.

After the 1940s the government was going to end them, natives wanted them kept open. From then on they were made non mandatory because the government still wanted to cut the cost of it if they have to keep it. It then ended up becoming a defacto child services home. They put kids removed from bad homes in residential schools since it's not easy to find actual homes for them. An uncomfortable, underfunded, and sub-par school is still a vastly superior place for the kids than homes where their parents beat them and give them nearly no education.

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I could just see it all end with an economic collapse that we hardworking men recover from rather well in the long run, on the other hand I do believe that wokeness has the potential to end in male genocide.

feminism is a fascist movement: they justify their horrific actions with the fight against an imaginary made-up world conspiracy called "The Patriarchy" (the Nazis used the same template with their made-up "Jewish World Conspiracy"), they promote their own supremacy aka "the future is female" and pressure the government to push for gender based laws

it drifts towards labor camps and androcide ... but I'm pretty sure they will disguise it better:

they will turn motherhood into a (government) paid job

single mothers will become the norm (fully government funded)

there will be zero selection pressure on women, either they are able to acquire semen the natural way ... or if a woman is genetically unfit, anti-social, violent, mentally-ill or otherwise unpleasant ... she can turn to sperm banks ... evolution will be completely destroyed

ALL of this will be paid for by tax money

practically the only people who will pay tax money will be men, they will leave you only with the bare minimum to survive ... it will practically be slavery.

if you can't pay it or if you revolt against this form of treatment ... you will end up in jail ... which by then will be practically labor camps to exploit your productivity

you will practically pay child support for children you didn't father and alimony for women you have never met

there will be no hope for men to escape or achieve something in life

the only thing I'm wondering about is how long this will last before there will be a huge uprising, a slave revolt ... I leave it to your imagination how this will turn out

Various Commenters #crackpot #pratt #transphobia #ableism reddit.com

Anons talk about the transmaxxing manifesto


All funny until some idiots actually do it and then start blaming us when they realise they made a terrible mistake

What makes you think she would regret it?

impossible with 100% success rate

Transmaxxing is incredibly based

Although the transmaxxing manifesto is kinda nutty ngl

well transitioning got me laid so +1 for transmaxxxing ig,, but now i just worry abt everyone being a chaser. such is the life of a passer 😢

not even a passer, just an attractive femboy

incel to tranny pipeline is based but this is retarded

Indetermination #homophobia reddit.com

hahah close my account. Go ask 4chan for some more burns babyman. lol go play some actual classic video games instead of the basic kids shit you're confusing with important. You were probably too young to read when System Shock came out so it makes sense that you haven't heard of it.

you really do love your faggy little fairy video game, don't you? The one with the fairy, and the kid wearing a skirt? The one for literal children? That you still love because you're a fuckin manchild who's taste hasn't changed since you were eight?

"Hey! Link! You're a faggot in an outdated unfun overtutorialised video game! Hey! Link!"

Various Commenters #dunning-kruger #moonbat #racist #wingnut reddit.com

RE: Twitter racists at it again


Is that why domestic violence is disproportionately high in the black community? The middle aged white guys made them do it!


You say that but these people genuinely believe that.

George Floyd was the patron saint of armed robbers.


To some of these people, it’s genuinely racist and evil to say “all people are equal; no one group is meaningfully any smarter, stronger or more intelligent than the others. Everyone deserves access to relatively equal opportunities, and we need to respect the right for others to live the way they want”.

I believe the quote goes: "If you demanded everyone gets equal treatment, you would've been labeled a radical 60 years ago, a liberal 30 years ago, and a racist today."

I am scared to be with room with women more, what's your point?

They right though

How are they right? It’s an opinion based off of prejudice. How is anything like that correct or incorrect?

The idea that some people feel scared mainly around white males is just as valid as someone not feeling scared around them. Then we have to ask ourselves, "why are some people afraid of them?"

Emotional intelligence is a real thing

I guess emotional intelligence really hampers your ability to understand ”per capita” crime statistics

White men made up the largest demographic of mass shooters in America as of May 2021

The white person is the less likely to be a violent criminal in comparison to the others mentioned in the post.

So could you tell me why are you so scared of white men?

Because they are angry about their small pp's and what to take that out on people 😎

Unknown [deleted] #crackpot #elitist #psycho reddit.com

Homeless people should be rounded up and executed.

Homeless people do not contribute to society. They absorb government tax dollars (paid for by the working class like you and me), they aggressively haggle you for money, go to the bathroom on public streets and devalue property.

I do not care about their life story, I do not care about how they came to be homeless, and I do not care about if mental illness has to do with it. Despite numerous and hard efforts produced by governments, charities, churches, etc., they still end up on the streets addicted to drugs or begging. There are almost unlimited resources for homeless people and they still end up being leaches of society.

The only reason opponents of this belief have as to why we should not execute homeless people is that "they're people, too"...well not all people are equal. One who works and contributes to society is beneficial to mankind, and ones who push around grocery carts by the freeway are not.

I say give homeless people six months to shape up, and if they don't, then withdraw their government money. If after six more months they still cannot get back on their feet, then they are put into the back of a large van by the government of your country and taken to a killing field where they are executed.

Fiyad #psycho #pedo reddit.com

My cousin may be a pedophile, and he said he wants to be a teacher. Should I say anything to him?
A few years ago, my cousin and I had a late night discussion about our sexual experiences and preferences. He wound up admitting to me that he was attracted to young girls. (He was 18 at the time.) He said that he had never acted on these feelings and never would. We haven't spoken about it since.

Anyway, he's in college, and he's been talking about possibly becoming a teacher for middle school/high school.

A lot of pedophiles work with children, just like a lot of heterosexuals men work with women. Is that a bad thing? You wouldnt imagine how many pedophiles work with kids, and people never know because they are excellent at their job.

Saying that a pedophile shouldnt work with kids is like saying that a homo shouldnt work with other men. Is bigotry. Most pedophiles are perfectly capable of working with kids, and whats more, for many is one of the few things that make them happy.

OP, I wouldnt worry. He has all the right in the world to do whatever he wants. If being a teacher is what makes him happy, then so be it. I bet he is a great guy and girl-lover.

IF he trusted you enough to tell you about his feeligns, you should honour his trust. He hasnt done anything and said that he wouldnt. It's like saying that a normal heterosexual man shouldnt work with women just in case he might rape them. Is absurd. There is nothing wrong about that.

TL;DR: He has all the right in the world to be a teacher and you should let him become whatever makes him happy.

arrasas #conspiracy #psycho #racist #wingnut reddit.com

RE: r/europe allows "on this day" Yugoslav War Posts only if they have an Anti-Serb sentiment

Sheep shouldn't know truth about Yugoslav civil wars, they are only allowed western propaganda version.

Here is German documentary about role of German government in war in Kosovo by inventing fake Serbian atrocities to justify western aggression:

It Began With a Lie (German documentary, English subtitles) Part 1

These are things r/europe doesn't want you to know.

Serbian atrocities in Croatia, Bosnia and Kosovo are well documented and literally millions of people are alive and have seen or been part of those events indirectly.

Bla bla bla...

Have you met any Bosnian, Croat or Albanian in your life?

Have you been in the places where war took place?

Yes. Now that this attempt have failed, what is your next excuse for western propaganda gone be?

You are probably a Russian muzhik who has never been outside Russia.

Go and convince the others how Holdomor wasn't a genocide.

You and your Holodofake again.

Reason-Logic #dunning-kruger #psycho #racist reddit.com

Polish plumber, nephew of a german soldier and son of a drunken Russian, this map was debunked a long time ago.

Balkans where the European civilisation was born will always be superior to Poland in every sense.

You are a people with less than 900 years of history when 300 years are being subjected by others.

Most notable intellectuals in Poland were Jews , not even polish themselves.

Map has been debunked a long time ago but the unwashed polish plumber is not aware yet.

He should care more about the fact that half of polish women get banged by blacks in USA.

Lol a polish cuck trying to brag regarding blood purity.

You were gang banged so hard during history by Germans and Russians, that you are in large their offsprings.

Also take into account that polish women are known as easy and promiscuous and half of Europe and many browns and blacks have banged them.

In Ottoman times influx of Anatolian blood was very small.

Most of the muslims were local Albanians and slavs and the governing was mostly done by Muslim Albanians and Bosnians from Croatia to Peloponnese.

Turks were mostly present in Dobruja and Today's Bulgaria.

You are full of shit.

Just stating facts.

Plumbing is still a needed job though. How many people will ever need Albanian drug dealers? Iď say it would barely be 0.2%.

Well in Italy some of the best small construction companies are owned by Albanians.

They hire cheap polacks to do the lower things.


Understand what this means?

Y-DNA gets passed on from the father. Poles had essentially the same paternal linage for thousands of years

If you look at Turks their haplogroup is an absolute cluster fuck

I understand genetics better than you.

Polacks are a nation that emerged 900 years ago and have no relations to anything " thousands years old".

Many polacks are assimilated balts and germans.

Polacks are not native where they reside now.

Simon Burnton & Some Wingnuts #pratt #racist #wingnut reddit.com

RE: According to The Guardian, it is now suspicious to show how almost 100% kids in your country look like...


They do realize politics is often like a pendulum so the more they crank the rhetoric about race one way the more it may swing the other if there is ever countermovememt. And if they know even the slightest thing about Europe they should know that prodding at racial tensions will end in massive bloodshed.

That level of foresight would first require that they pull their heads out of their asses, and since that would subject them to all of those icky opinions of people who are obviously wrong, they won't do it.

But supposing for a moment that they could do that, look ahead and see the prospective consequences of their extreme ideology? They wouldn't care. Because it would mean that all their incessant claims about white supremacy being everywhere would be validated

News-flash, not EVERY nation on the entire planet is a "melting pot". Many countries will have people who all look the same.

Yeah, it's funny how they never seem to complain about Asian countries, or Arab countries having people who look similar.

Yet you won't ever hear them complaining about the shocking lack diversity in Nigeria or Japan or India.

Its like taking a trip to India, and complaining about all the 'foreigners'.

Actually you hear a lot about the lack of diversity in Japan.

You'll never hear them complaining about the shocking lack of diversity and shithole countries but they will always complain about the lack of diversity in nice developed countries with working utilities.


This is the face of the numpty who wrote that.

I find it really sad that some white people are developing self hatred to the point of irrationality. Imagine hating yourself so much you complain about there being too many whites in Poland while you're giving live updates on a soccer game.

Various monarchists #racist #wingnut reddit.com

( shuikan )

What do Western and Southern Slavic Monarchists think about this meme?


( DioTheThotSlayer69 )

Never again with Germans and Hungarians in one country!

( dogtail69 )

Multilingual, multicultural, multiracial, multireligious globohomo empire BUT IT HAS MONARCHY IN NAME!!! WOAH, SO BASED AND TRAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :OOOOOOOOOOOOOO

( Balderbro )

Because what Russia needs is obviously even more germanization...

( Fudi0m )

Words can't describe how much I hate this. Slavs arent your personal slaves and toys you can play with you fucking germans. As much so and act as.

( konstantin1453 )

I'm a slovak(Upper Hungary), and this is a little absurd meme. The majority of founders and leaders of the pan-slavist movement were people of my nationality.

The pan-slavist poetry and books I have read in school and in my free time were absurdly anti-germanic and later after 1850-s anti-hungarian(and anti-muslim but that's ok).

My personal stance is for reunification of my country with Hungary and I'm a Habsburg legitimist, but thinking that pan-slavs are communists or that the movement was an evil plot of Slavs to destroy the monarchy is crazy.

"anti-muslim but that's ok" What the fuck?

I mean it an a sense of a real oppresion. The ottomans weren't very friendly to slavs, and did much worse things to them than what the austrians/hungarians did. Upper Hungary (Slovakia) was being raided for more than 100 years.

Bosniaks had a different experience since they adopted islam, but the slovaks lived in terror during 16.-17. century.

( DzonjoJebac )

Ohh just imagine the balkans and why they hate turks so much then. Some parts were ruled for 500 years. Im glad and proud of my montenegrin heritage as weve never been fully incorporated into the ottoman empire and always resisted but still that meant no protection from the ottoman government which meant many neighbouring muslims, turks, albanians would often try to "collect taxes" on their own

Abaddon64 #pratt #racist #wingnut reddit.com

Racist British man berates Polish man for drinking on the train r/PublicFreakout

The funniest thing about this is, that white people (as in native Europeans) only have the balls to be like this against white European immigrants, I've literally seen it in person.

They would never say such things to a non white, only to a white immigrant

Eastern Europeans are the target of all anti-immigrant abuse in the UK because they’re too scared to say it to a non-white

Muslim/paki rape-gangs are almost in every british town and city, London is like 45% British, and this guy's biggest problem is this Pole drinking a beer in the metro, talk about skewed priorities lol

The death-cry of a dying nation.

The Brits, no matter how loud they bark, are culturally submissive and let others walk all over them if they use enough force. No one dares to stand up to pakis or their rape gangs because they're a protected class who are untouchable by the police. Get enough violent incidents and terror attacks and even the government knows to leave you alone in case you sperg out and kill a group of people again.

Eastern Europeans on the other hand are quiet, hard-working, inoffensive, and generally just want to work and keep to themselves. They haven't asserted themselves as masters over the Brits like some others have so they're socially acceptable to pick on.

I've literally experienced it myself, it's so surreal that it's funny again. I was sitting in the metro minding my own business, and this drunk old German guy goes off on me about how I should "go back to where I came from".

I'm a regular South-European looking guy.

The majority of people in the same wagon are women with headscarves, Arabs, and black people. And this guy's picks me out lmao

Also seen it happen (in Germany) to Poles, but they were literally born in Germany and speak it perfectly to boot, still baffles me.

SlavicPrideacount106 & Shtjegen #dunning-kruger #racist #wingnut reddit.com

RE: Come on fellow southern slavs, I am all ears!


I don’t even need to click on your profile to know you are Albanian. Greeks and Romanians don’t like you and they don’t want to be associated with you. Greeks, Romanians and South Slavs all created great cultures and made big contributions to the creation of the modern world, both in history and science.

Albanians are the only European ethnic group which never invented anything. Albanians did not contribute to any of the events which helped to shape Europe either.

And you think for example modern greeks want to be associated with Romanians?

You know what reputation Romanians have in Greece?

Worse than Bulgarians.

You think Albanians want to be associated with Romanians?

Also none of the neighbours of Greece want to be associated with Greece too, so your comment doesn't make sense.

Modern greeks have barely anything to do with ancient ones and they were made primarily of Albanians and Vlachs in the 19th century, I laughed so much that I had to keep my stomach regarding the " great accomplishments" south slavs and Romanians did to shape modern world.

Romanians and south slavs are irrelevant to the history of Europe and let alone making great contributions to modern world.

You would not have Electricity and computers without South Slavs.

In what virtual reality do you live , you poor clown?

Computers and south slavs????

Computer is entirely a western invention and barely any slav has anything to do with it.

Electricity was discovered since the end of 1700s and Tesla just made further discoveries. And he was a Vlach and not a slav.

Tesla has a Vlach phenotype and wore Vlach clothes similar to that of north Albanians.

JV Atanasoff was the Bulgarian who made the first computer.

The first computer wasn't made by Atanasoff you clown.

He is barely mentioned in the long line of the people who contributed to modern day computer.

Various Commenters #dunning-kruger #fundie reddit.com

How can it be the case that there is no evidence for the existence of God or gods when atheists often appeal to polytheistic gods to resist apologetic arguments?

If your counter to “God caused the universe” is “What about the Greek Pantheon, or the Flying Spaghetti Monster?”, that’s not saying that the universe isn’t evidence for a deity. That’s saying it doesn’t tell you which deity. It can still be evidence for a deity.

It’s like, you can have evidence that a thief stole something, without it also telling you who the thief is.

There is evidence. God is a spirit, so the evidence is spiritual. I asked Gpd to be born again and His Holy Spirit indwelled me. His amazing love enveloped me and I knew He loved me and had always known me. That was many decades ago. I have doubted many things in my life but I have never doubted that God is with me since then. My spiritual eyes were opened.

Go to God with your question. Ask Him if He is real. He wants a relationship with you.

I absolutely agree OP. This is just a common debate tactic where people move the goalposts to suit their agenda. Whenever it comes to that, I just stop debating because it's futile at that point.

The polytheist gods are the true ones, and atheists are accidentally correct.