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jerichoneric #homophobia #fundie

'll put this as best as I can. I'm an odd man out in the FF community. I don't like canon characters in the first place, but I feel like if you are gonna do them you do them as close to canon as possible. I can't stand outside random shipping.

So when it comes to this I feel it's basically the number one F U to the character. Most often it's done to fulfill some sort of ship and not because it actually adds to the character or makes a good character.

To a degree, I get what's going on here. I for one grew up on the original PJO books. Never had anything about Nico's sexuality so when I wrote him he was straight and that character was MY character that's what he meant to and was to me. The second series not only felt like a betrayal to the original series (seriously so many retcons and plot holes) that whether it was intended or not in the first series I saw the Nico story as a retcon.

Same time I'm also a catholic and honestly I don't support the whole LGBT idea (It's not like I'm out there stopping anyone. I can disagree. If you're gonna do something in your home I can't stop you, but I also have the right to keep it out of my life.) So if I find a character I like and they turn out to be in that category yes I have ignored it or changed it. Partially because if I portray it as wrong I'd get even more flack.

There was a time when I genuinely sat down and thought about whether or not I supported these ideas and in the end, I don't see them as positive or useful in any way, so they are either negative or not important. I'm certainly not going to support them then in my work. At best I see it as a mental disability where the body has reactions to the same gender instead of the opposite. It's not a crippling disorder, but it just sounds like a disorder to me. (You can be happy while having a disorder. Plenty of people here are on the autism spectrum or adhd or plenty of other challenges, but they aren't things to parade around like they are distinctly good. At best they are not bad.)

TL:DR I don't support the LGBT, so I make everyone straight, but typically avoid canon characters so I've only done it twice. Deal with it. My right to disagree is just as strong as yours. I'm not stopping you from doing anything, so you can't stop me.


. As someone who is both on the autistic spectrum and gay: those two are not even remotely the same. One of these has caused major issues in my life, makes me depend on other people for help, causes disruptions in my relationsips with other people, among other things that I'm not going into here.

Being gay has done none of those things. I don't want to say it enhances my life, either, because it's just something that I am. It's an inherent trait that I can't change, just as much as I can't change that my eyes are blue or that I'm really short.

. ]

I know its inherent. But you decide whether or not to engage. Same way there are ways to lessen symptoms of other conditions. I was on medication for years to gelp with my adhd and aspergers. Now ive developed the self control and communication skills that I dont need the medicine. I still get distracted and find it hard to talk when shouted at, but im high functioning now.

Im not saying a gay person is bad I just see it as a more negative condition. In the same way youd treat a disorder i feel homosexuality should be treated. The discrimination where people were stoned or institutionalized is cruel, but it doesn't mean i think the condition is good.

If there was a cure id see it as a universal requirement.

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AggressiveConcert5 #transphobia

Calling someone "cisgender" is like calling someone a 'muggle'.

A muggle is a just non magical person. Technically we are all muggles because none of us have magical powers.

However, when you call someone a "muggle" you are implying that you think some people really do have magic powers. You're advertising the fact that you're an idiot.

Same with "cisgender". It technically means 'someone who's gender is congruent with their sex.'

Thing is, this is true of everyone! Even those people who believe that they have transitioned gender.

When you use the term "cisgender" you are advertising the fact that you believe some men have become women. You're being a bloody idiot.

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PubliusVirgilius #sexist #racist #conspiracy

Women right to vote, it would be funny if it wasn't so sad
Panel 1: Black-and-white photo of suffragettes
“Men, can you give us the right to vote?”
Panel 2: Black-and-white photo of man at desk
“to responsibly have a voice in society?”
Panel 3: Suffragettes
Panel 4: US election map and a percentage bar showing women voting overwhelmingly Democrat across most of the country.
“Actually destroys civilisation like a boss”
Panel 5: A crowd scene at the border of a desert, presumably showing evil immigrant hordes preparing to invade Europe or something. Above it, the disembodied head of Angela Merkel floats.
Great Replacement time

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ancap-biochemist #sexist

Learning to hate women is the best thing to happen to me

Ever since embracing misogyny my life has become something I can be proud of. My career has taken off, I'm in great shape, my finances are solid, I'm more well rested, better fed, my sexual gratification became better*, I'm more focused, happier, and more philosophically grounded in reality.

. * When I was still sleeping with women (which I've made a conscious choice to never do again earlier this month, after a risky ONS) - there was a marginal increase in my enjoyment of sex. When I used to masturbate (I'm also trying the no-fap thing in addition to celibacy, since early this month) it was also more enjoyable with more misogyny.

If you would pardon a quick digression into celibacy/no-fap, then we can return to the topic of misogyny improving a man's quality of life:

So far, the sperm retention thing has had some predictable results and some unpredictable results; I feel more aggressive, focused, horny, sharp-witted, with more random erections, invasive pornographic thoughts, a push toward old habits of sexual gratification, and I've noticed I'm making a lot more eye-contact with people. I also feel less tired at certain times of the day. And I've been more productive due to a heightened mood. The desire to blow my load can be distracting, and my epididymides are giving me some blue-balls, but massaging my balls tends to help relieve the pressure (no nocturnal emissions yet). No-fap is like coffee, perhaps - it is stimulating with some drawbacks (like how coffee makes you have to piss and shit, makes you crash and jittery, etc.). The alertness and presence of mind (and dominance instinct) come with a price.

Returning to the topic of hating women - it is the best thing to have happened to me because, I think, that women are a disappointment regarding virtues. They've been sold as a panacea for all of men's ills (she will civilize you, make you food, clean your house, give you a moral foundation, massage your sore muscles, listen to your problems, blah, blah, blah). The Woman TM wonder-drug is like heroine... pretty soon you're spending all your time and money supporting a drug habit.

And, make no mistake, love is a drug. Love will blind and stupefy a man into taking a bad deal.

Think about the following; nature endowed men with a survival advantage for using their wits in a hunter-kind-of-way. Man needed to outsmart nature, but women needed to outsmart man in order for the species to persist. If man were smart he would focus on self interest and even enslave woman instead of loving her. However this is not generally the case. Generally, men fall in love with women and want to provide for her and protect her, and give her advantages. This is due to the love drugs of hormonal cocktails which bathe the brain in dopamine rewards (D1 and D2 pathways triggered by oxytocin and vasopressin).

The love-drug lowers a man's IQ to that of the woman (or lower). All that beautiful women see are idiot men. When the men leave the women they become expert hunters and survivors who have brought nature herself into submission, and cracked the very atoms which constitute the [or "a"] fabric of our material existence. Men are smart, but not around women.

Hating women has reversed that weakness which was required to continue the species.

Hating women has made me a stronger person... because, let's face it - there's a lot to hate, and women make you weak.

And I recognize the forces that I'm blaspheming; the white-knight mafia hates men who renege on their natural burden. Those mob wives, which would cuck their white-knights, want the strength of an independent man. Women love powerful men, and fuck them readily... and if a man (unburdened by women) is free to excel due to his natural advantages and without his natural inhibitions (e.g. "the asshole") then he becomes the "alpha" male - women reactively lubricate their vaginas and accelerate ovulation toward the man who has become strong thereby, and their husbands become jealous.

That jealousy is a powerful bulwark against male independence and why they will attack you; you are an affront to their gods, and have blasphemed the holy love-drug.


The freedom and strength is too great of a reward not to raise a middle finger toward those cucks and tell their whores to fuck off.

My life is too great to give up. And hate (toward such an ugly thing as woman/white-knights) can be the most healthy response a man can have.

Granted, this is foreign to everything they [the blue-pills] know, and they "can't even" conceive of "assholes" such as a man who loves his life, succeeds, feels proud of his work, is happy and healthy, and yet hates women.

Don't knock it until you try (or understand) it. Give misogyny a chance (or don't - no skin off my back).

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leftexincel #fundie #sexist #moonbat

How would I go about sharing my two cents as an ex-incel from a left political perspective (communist)?

Disclaimer: not an 'AMA'.

I'm 20 something years old and with an inhuman amount of effort I've 'ascended' to being a normie, with my own day job's income and place, a halfway finished BA at a university, a couple of girlfriends (none higher than a '4') and a current girlfriend I've had sex with on multiple occasions (also probably no higher than a '4' or maybe '4.5' if I asked the layman), all met at work and school.

I'm by no means very attractive naturally (though I've fixed much of it with callisthenics, proper self-care, proper amounts of sleep, improving my posture and facial expression, etc.) spergy (diagnosed with Asperger's, personality development disorder, MDD), rather frequent drug user and had the typical bleak loner and clown-like childhood.

In spite of what I would call the 'reactionary' character of the online incel community, I highly sympathize with it and believe that it is the product of legitimate structural failures of modernity against men and that the cause lies in the increased social demand to be more than just an authentic individual and partner to a woman, but a full 'product' that needs to be valorizable as more than a partner but as a commodity and status object in general.

With the decline of old rigid patriarchal structures this subjectivity in relations has opened up but in a world where, increasingly, value must come from socioeconomic status, which can primarily be sold materially in the form of: disposable income or other forms of capital, a conformed physical appearance and outwardly matching confidence and (sexually enticing) personality; all elements that improve one's ability to sell oneself and acquire the means to purchase others. Attraction is a financial transaction exchanged for either financial or social capital, and one must have both or be able to acquire either one with the other to succeed in obtaining intimacy. I strongly believe that 'neurodivergent' incels in reality fail to find intimacy because they would never want to sacrifice their authenticity for conformity, and that this is then communicated through a resentment of the object of desire (an authentic female companionship).

I'm not much happier now that I've improved myself, but in effect that is the real problem: anyone can 'ascend' if they truly try hard enough, but it will never really fulfill any real needs, because the real desire is for a world within which folding oneself over so hard just to fit in and obtain what is today arguably the most important form of social capital, a female companion, is so necessary.

My ideal would not so much be a world in which society itself coerces women to (once more) conform to being the guaranteed other to men (enforced monogamy, arranged marriage, social division in sex, etc.), as this would equally remove any element of authenticity, but rather a world in which propertied social capital is an impossibility and as as such serves no real inherent added value in the experience and reproduction of daily life but that sex and romance is then reduced purely to its own, non-vital element of life. I realize the former is that which is attractive to you because, on a metaphysical level, you have already concluded that there is a difference between men and women so fundamental that it cannot be changed by altering society to have the woman be less of an object (inherently, you believe this will always be the case), but to me that reality is not only false but untennable: if our predicament is in effect that we have strayed from a metaphysical essence (patriarchal society) by introducing subjectivity and that we must either return to that essence or suffer mentally, then I would honestly rather kill myself twice over as it would imply that the human experience as such already exists, that there is nothing to discover or experience whatsoever but something in particular one must just as well conform to as the current predicament.

Essentially this means that for all intents and purposes incels are right about the present state of things, and do identify a problem, and are right when saying that, objectively, when one is an incel, there is little more to do than try to 'looksmaxx' or whatever oneself to be as close to a 'normie' as possible. And likewise I share the agreement that this is a decrepit state for a society to be in. I simply don't think salvation lies in the past.

I'm not sure I'm making much of a point here anymore, so I'll leave it at this. I haven't gotten into why I'm a communist now and, frankly, I don't think it really matters in more than how I roughly view the incel question on a macro-scale. Again, I know this is no AMAs, and I wasn't looking for an AMA either. I just wanted to tell you my experiences and perspective and get your opinions on them straight.

If this wasn't the right place to make this post but such a place exists please link me to it before nuking.

E: apologies for how everything in the title starts in caps; nothing else here is formatted that way and it looks stupid.

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zachthemac #quack #wtf

(SR = Semen Retention. Basically, this is NoFap taken up to eleven with an extra dose of Eastern mysticism.)


The magnetism takes time to develop I’m on Day 117 and I only got it consistently from day 60 onwards. Since Sperm is produced in 40 day cycles you will probably feel the peak effects that SR has to offer around Day 80-90 onwards provides you are not in a flatline.


Kundalini Yoga

Wim Hof Breathing Method

Cold Showers

Deer Exercises


Microcosmic Orbit.

Zhan Zhuang

All of these exercises will cultivate a inner force in your lower Dan-tien within you which will give you that masculine drive, which women sense I’ve had married women stare at me, the deer in headlights, girls with boyfriend stare at me.

The point is don’t focus on attraction by doing these exercises and improving your life along side it the magnetism will inevitably come and boy it will be sweet for you ;)

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DiceRollah #sexist #wtf

Women really do drain your life force...

I'm MGTOW, but don't let that turn you off. From my perspective, giving women our essence is one more way of many that they drain us. Literally. Yet we go right on seeking them out. We may as well go to the club and say "hey baby, how about i allow you to take away my energy and motivation just so i can get laid?" It occured to me lately that regular sex is of course the same as jerking off from a physiological standpoint, and it leaves you just as uninspired and dead inside as habitual jerking off. I think this may be, from an evolutionary standpoint, nature's way of making us placid and want to sit at home with that woman, our brains softened by the fucking, and protect her instead of being out there doing fantastic works of cave art or slaying woolly mammoths, which would thus attract possible rival females. My thoughts, anyway.

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ultra-royalist #wingnut #wtf

With progressives, I agree on the basic premise: society should move forward.

However, that is the opposite of what Progressives nowadays do. They sit around looking backward, trying to invent enough guilt so that they have an excuse to divide up the wealth of the past.

Progressives after all brought us programs like eugenics, or the idea that we should encourage healthy breeding. They originally were in favor of subsidizing exploration, adventure, and sane normal living, so that our civilization could become more advanced, although this was in a Nietzschean sense and not a Marxist one.

I would say that I am a Nietzschean Progressive. I think we are here to do more than eat and shop, and anyone who does not have three-quarters of his time to himself is a slave. I think we need to leave as close to zero impact on the environment as possible, and this means that not everyone can do or own everything that they want. I believe we need to explore the stars, but agree with Ray Bradbury that what is holding us back is our disorganization and moral confusion within. The frontier is us, in other words.

I do not have a problem with eugenics. If you want to abort the retarded, gas the insane, and sterilize the criminals, this strikes me as forward-moving. We either accept natural selection or our ignorance of it destroys us. On the other hand, as a Progressive I could never support the subsidy state, since it works against natural selection. Flat taxes, no welfare, and no entitlements all the way.

I think we should allow people more flexibility with what they do to their bodies, not so much from a "muh freedom" point of view but one of progress. Let us see how everything turns out. Without us supporting their healthcare, they can take any drugs they want, medical or illegal, and purchase any operations they want. You can be a transgender steroid abuser on LSD and heroin, in my world, but no one is obligated to help you if your liver launches itself into the street or you have no retirement fund. Welcome to freedom; it comes with natural selection, and sometimes you are what is being selected out.

I find the "Green New Deal" to be far too limited. In my view, we would simply set aside half of all land for nature and keep humans off of it. We could license and indemnify snipers to enforce this; if you are seen in the green belt, the only thing you can expect is a 7.62x39 winging itself through your vitals. It also makes zero sense to pay foreign aid to, or interact with, the third world, since its population explosion threatens all of nature.

At the same time, I know that this Progressive attitude benefits conservatives. Our methods are heading in the same place and work better. We make healthy families, and those make healthy families, and those genes persist while the flaky Leftist lifestyle leads to ruined families and neurotic children. If we implemented full Progressivism, in a few centuries you would have nothing but actual conservatives.

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Collectingnasty #sexist #transphobia

Why take trans seriously anyway? There is no such thin as a trans male or trans female. There is only feminine males and masculine females. Just because a person wants to behave in a manner stereotypical to an other sexual demographic doesn't entitle them to change their genetic sex.

I don't know enough about trans people for me to make a committed conviction, so I don't deny or accept the ideology or ideas about it

Gender are a set of socially constructed stereotypical behaviours. Most of these new genders are perversions or deviations. Ex: cross dresser is a typical deviation or perversion. But it is now referred to as gender queer which is now a gender. Next thing you know paedophiles with be classified as a gender

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JulienMayfair #transphobia

Part of our problem is LGB historical ignorance

Stonewall is really just the tip of the iceberg, but it points to why LGB opinion has been susceptible to manipulation by trans activists.

For example, I recently decided to re-read George Chauncey's groundbreaking 1994 book Gay New York about gay communities in NYC 1890-1940. It dovetailed at the time with work I was doing on Whitman and other gay authors. Chauncey's book was researched to the hilt, full of data he pulled from many sources including personal journals, letters, police and legal records, and records of social purity organizations. If nothing else, Chauncey makes clear that there was an active, thriving gay subculture in New York (and other major cities) long before Stonewall, one that required a lot of courage and creativity from those who created it. The story we've been told about how everyone was in hiding before a brave transwoman started a riot is simply not true.

Then I decided to look at youtube to see what kind of gay history was being presented. In an "LGBTQ+" video on the 1920s, all that complexity (the lives of thousands of everyday gay men and lesbians) is glossed over, but the writer makes sure to mention a single transsexual FTM doctor, Alan Hart, one of the first in the U.S. to have SRS.

The thing is, Hart was able to change his legal sex and legally marry not one, but two women (after the first ended in divorce), first in 1918 and then again in 1925. Consider that this is 40 years before interracial marriage was legalized in all U.S. states and 90 years before same-sex marriage. And though Hart paid a price in his career for being trans, he was nonetheless able to have a long and successful medical career at the same time that police were raiding bars and baths and judges were sending gay men to prison for years for sodomy -- when any man revealed to be a homosexual might well lose his career and end up in disgrace.

Yet we're told that trans people are the most oppressed people ever.

We should never forget that the fight for LGB civil rights was a long and difficult one with many casualties along the way and that it's still very much being fought. We survived by carving out niches for ourselves over and over amid the growth of major cities, adapting to changing forms of oppression over the decades. Our civil rights were not won for us by one mythical transwoman in 1969.

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Usagicho #wtf #psycho

couple of years have only been worse. I have despised cameras since I was a child. Now everyone and their babies have one and google will not be pleased until they have 16K HddddD 24/7 scans of the lint that resides in our belly buttons. I use electrical tape to cover the front of my phones.

I just really hate everything about life and its only been increasing. knowing I can never really leave society thanks to laws and land being owned already, not having the full knowledge of surviving outdoors and the inability to kill an animal.

I just dont see the point in anything. Its seems like if your not a predictable machine acting out the ideal state of perfection and imitating emotional social ques you are a degenerate or mentaly ill.

Quite honestly I fully understand and support those that do those shooting or commit suicide. I am honestly surprised it doesnt happen MORE. Society/People can be extremely harsh and cruel. I can understand how someone who has heard people whisper about them coming up with their own logic and reasons to than mock them with would snap and kill some people. I know first hand what hearing those whispers are like for 8months. People always say "you shouldnt do that" "tell someone who cares" "talk to someone who will listen"but honestly some people are not equipped to handle or deal with that person, maybe they dont care, maybe they will use them, maybe they want to test a new method. People act like thats not possible though. Thats why I support those crazies and those who decide to end it all. Its just unfortuneate where and what the circumstances normally are. The people who have a definitive thing that gets them singled out have it much better. You know the reason, like being gay for example. I have been told "I have no right to laugh" for literally no reason.

The crazies never shoot up the ones who deserve it. And the ones who commit suicide are normally the creative and fun ones.

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Usagicho #psycho #wtf

Being a human and member of society.

I dont care about helping people or progressing our race.

If there were a problem I am likely going to do nothing and pretend I dont notice despite the fact I could help or easily figure something out. fell down a ravine? Sorry headphones (dont play music either) beter luck with the next passerby if you see one.

I expect to be treated the same way of course. Much rather believe in myself and my abilities pushing through the odds than others anyway.

I have never actually seen a child in danger or heard one call for help (except when I was in school way back when but they were just bullied clasmates) so I have no answer if I would help a child. My track record would say not but a childs cry can awaken dormant instincts and thinking about a definitive reaction in a hypothetical situation is a fools idea.

unless it is at my job, affects my performance and can in the long run get me fired. I do nothing. The moments the cash cow for my hobby is under threat I become the most intutive helpful and social person to exist.

When I am not at the office I do everything I can to not be approachable by people.

I even made sure to choose a job that benefits no one. I just listen to everyones petty selfish complaints all day and laugh at them while I scroll reddit on breaks. Happily march off to my anime after.

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Lenin321 #wingnut

All these bans have 100% to do with the 2020 elections. They can ban the subs, but they never can never ban our ideas. The clown world movement is growing bigger.


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MozzerDozzer #sexist

[RAGEFUEL] Yes, You Are Suffering But That Makes Women Uncomfortable, Stop That.

At first, Shepherd thought his men’s group would be a place to unload on someone other than a woman, but it’s become more than that—something he believes all men truly want and need, but can’t admit it. “In our culture, men have always found ways to be near each other, but it’s never been centered around feelings,” he explains. “Men are taught the remedy to heartbreak is to get drunk with your buddies, objectify women, and go out and get laid; to basically distance yourself from your feelings and channel them into an aggressive outlet. We use sports as an excuse to bump up against each other, so desperate we are for human touch and intimacy. But this kind of closeness is based in camaraderie and aggression, not vulnerability and trust. The former is very surface level and not nearly as satisfying as the latter.”

Look at this gaslighting cuck (or was he gaslighted? who the fuck knows). Women fucking pre-select for the stoicism. You may have the penis and balls, but you have been completely emasculated by foids and refuse to see the actual reason why men don't have as much of a support net as women.

I'm going to spergout in this thread for sure. And yeah, hi IT.

“Men drain the emotional life out of women,” says the 41-year-old, who lives in Nashville, Tennessee. “I love ‘em, but good lord, they’ve become the bane of my existence.” Johnson admits she enables her brothers by saying yes all the time—partly out of guilt, but also partly because she loves being needed—“to feel important,” Johnson explains. “It’s a catch 22, eventually it becomes too much and I end up exhausted and resentful.”

The very same fucking gender that is enjoying the emotional tamponness from their male bitches preselects for masculine stoicism, is now openly stating "carry my burden but fuck you for asking my help".

Again with a double fucking bind, on one hand: "oh but why aren't men more open?" but then this shit.


But unlike women in our mothers’ generation, Gen X’ers and millennials are starting to hold their partners accountable—or they’re simply leaving. Ruby Marez, a comedian in her early 30’s living in Los Angeles, got so fed up with functioning as an unpaid therapist that she gave her then-boyfriend of five years an ultimatum: Get a shrink or we’re done. “He had no excuse not to go since his job paid for it. But here I was, a struggling freelancer with no benefits, always finding a way to prioritize therapy and yoga.” He refused for two years, then finally agreed after multiple arguments—but there was a catch; only if she found the therapist and set up the appointments, which she did. He rarely went, says Marez, often blaming the therapist for scheduling conflicts. A little wiser, Marez broke up with her most recent boyfriend of two years after he said he didn’t need therapy, because he had her for that.

Women pay complete strangers just to listen to them bitch about how their lives aren't perfect.

No, no, no. Most of them have male bitches, who just soak all their emotions and grief, as well as therapy. Not to mention more fucking access to therapy for women compared to men.

This is fucking clown world for sure.

Shame, Brené Brown found in her years of research, is the single biggest cause of toxic masculinity. Whereas women experience shame when they fail to meet unrealistic, conflicting expectations, men become consumed with shame for showing signs of weakness. Since vulnerability is, unfortunately, still perceived as a weakness instead of a strength, having hard conversations that involve vulnerability is something men often try to avoid. It’s for this reason that to yield positive results from men’s support groups, men must enter such groups with that very intention—not just to find buddies.

Hey, stupid hole, roastie me this: who's the biggest enabler of shaming weak men?

Similarly, now that Shepherd, the outdoor adventure leader, no longer needs a partner to feel emotionally connected and understood, he says he can go into his next relationship without being emotionally needy—or selfish. “It’s really not healthy to have all your chips in one container with anyone.” After watching Ted Talks like Tony Porter’s A Call to Men and Justin Baldoni’s Why I'm Done Trying To Be Man Enough, Shepherd has realized how important it is for men to start redefining what it means to be a "good" man to the women in their lives. He believes men are having a reckoning right now—not just with their past wrongs both individually and collectively, as we’ve seen with #MeToo and #TimesUp, but with who they are and want to be. “Our culture pits men against women, and makes it impossible for men to feel anything but shame if they act too ‘feminine’ in front of other men," he says. “But some men are recognizing that internally, they aren’t nearly as strong as they think they are."

And so, the process of sexual monopolization continues. Everything for Chad and a heel for the beta male. Think carefully betas, whom you wanna support. It's an underground cry fest now - female worshipping sessions later.

Whew, spergout over.

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Aggreshunn #fundie

Just because you've accepted that nothing matters doesn't mean it's time for everyone to accept it too.

Nothing matters though, that's a truth.

Yes, but this truth has to be found, not forced on you. Otherwise you'll reject it.

I can agree with that, but others who hold truth should reveal it and hasten the process up for others.

Nihilism is a subset of the blackpill, if everyone gets blackpilled quicker, we can then see results (like UBI).

we shouldn't force anyone who isn't ready to join us

The problem is if I talk to anyone who is not blackpilled, they assume my thinking is flawed and force me to join them. If I hold the ultimate truth (in this case we actually do hold it, as much as we exaggerate at times), then I don't see why I shouldn't let people know and try to force them to change.

The problem is people are too stupid to realize these things because a lot of them are content with their below average lives.

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Some TERFs #sexist #transphobia


2 types of trans

Interesting group. I have this fetish to some extent, but no confusion about identity. To my mind, there seems to be 2 different sets of people involved here. There are people with genuine identity issues or those who are biological outliers, a small minority. And then there is the new wave of hyperexualised folks who are being enabled by blankslate ideas about gender. Maybe feminism took a wrong turn when it started indentifying gender with culture rather than biology? Gender is multilayered, culture and roles are a layer on top of biology, but biology is real. There have always been people a bit closer to the middle of the bell curves, but society seemed able to cope with that.


I think quite a lot of AGPers/trans are motivated by a combination of their desire to go full-time with the fetish, and an aversion to being called a pervert. Nobody in their right mind would want to be seen as a perverted guy in a dress. It's much more palatable to be a "trans woman", especially because in many circles anyone who refuses to play along will suffer repercussions.

Sure, there are intersex people but they literally make up about a half percent of the population at best. They are often used by trans activists to claim that gender isn't clear cut, but (1) it is for 99.95% of the population and (2) you guys aren't intersex anyway.


You're right, but your number might be wrong. It's estimated at 1/1500 to 1/2000 births according to the North American Intersex Society. So it's actually more like 99.99933% of the population does not fall under the umbrella of intersex. As a matter of statistics, just purely mathematically, that's statistically insignificant, and definitely doesn't prove that sex is a spectrum.

That's why it's so, so, so, so, so stupid to say "assigned male" or "assigned female" at birth. It's not assigned, it's observed. Bringing up the rare case of intersex to challenge that is like saying it's incorrect to say humans have 5 fingers on each hand simply because you can cite a rare mutation causing supernumerary digits. That doesn't mean the number of fingers is a bloody spectrum.

And as another person said, many of those cases don't involve ambiguous genitalia (Klinefelter syndrome, and Complete Androgen Insensitivity are two good examples of males and females respectively who are genetically intersex, but have unambiguous genitals)


A lot of “intersex” people fall clearly on one side or another and might even go their whole lives not knowing they are anything other than an XX female or XY male. People say “intersex” and think someone either completely androgynous with a penis and vagina, or just nothing down there like a Ken doll but it includes a lot of conditions, only a few of which would really make someone’s gender indeterminate.

Even when intersex people are born with ambiguous genitalia, which they often are, they still fall into one sex or another as determined by their chromosomes. For example Kline-felters males have XXY chromosomes. They are still considered male. There is no such thing as a true hermaphrodite because of these reasons and you will never find an intersex person with working female and male reproductive organs.

It’s also really a misnomer to compare people born with such a serious physical condition to a mental condition which being gender dysphoric is.

It would be a bit like saying humans don’t actually have 2 arms because every 10,000 births someone is born with a missing arm, hand, or finger, therefore the number of limbs on a human body is a “spectrum”.


Was it feminists though? To be honest not up to speed on how this shit show started. I know libfems sure to push this junk science.

Some people just want to feel radical. For a lot of women, they start out with feminism because it’s a fight for their own people. If you’re a woman, it feels natural to be involved in this cause, it makes sense that this is something you’d care about, and it feels good to be fighting for something.

But once that feeling of fighting wears off, some people switch causes. Gay rights was another natural progression. Many women are gay and are further discriminated due to that, so fighting for gay rights still feels like fighting for your own people.

I think most normal people saw this coming, but after gay marriage was legalized nationwide, that cause also grew stale. Women who had been chasing that high latched onto the next progression from gay rights, which was trans rights. While the vast majority of trans people are men trying to be women, these habitual radicals believe it’s related to women’s rights because most trans people believe that they are “women on the inside.” So by fighting for the rights of these people, they believe that they’re fighting for the rights of their fellow woman.

All in all, the root of the whole trans issue is AGP men taking advantage of the empathetic nature of women and men being too afraid of ostracization to stick up for what they know is right. As a man, when I talk to any straight man about trans people in a one on one environment, every single time their opinion is between “Fuck that” or “I believe people have the right to do whatever they want with their bodies, but that stuff is clearly mental illness.” I get varying responses when it comes up in one on one conversations with my friends who are women EXCEPT the most “radical” women I know all support it fully.


Women’s subjugation is because of gender. Women are not naturally the property of men. It’s not feminist’s fault that men get off on thinking otherwise. Transgenderism is just the newest form of men’s desire to control the power of naming. Some men have now inverted their desire for a big titty sexbot/anime loli/whatever they think a women is in their heads because they don’t have the power to turn a real women into their fantasy.


This is definitely on the right track. I think the submissiveness of trans people is evidence of how they view women should be to men.

I think there’s a lot of deluded feminists who got tired of women’s rights and moved to gay rights (to fight for fellow gay women). Then after gay marriage got legalized nationwide, they moved to trans rights because they were told that these men were actually “women on the inside.”

So it’s not really a problem with feminism or feminists in general, but rather women who just want to feel radical and got fooled into supporting junk science. Luckily, many of these women spend a few years supporting this movement but eventually bail out because it becomes obvious that these people are just mentally ill and not “women on the inside.”

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TheWrongStuff123 #sexist

Re: Parents more uncomfortable with gender-nonconforming behaviors in boys, study finds

"In the current study, researchers expected to find that fathers, more so than mothers, would be less accepting of sons who are gender-nonconforming than daughters and that gender-nonconformity in general would correspond with parent discomfort. Additionally, those parents who believe their parenting style to be more feminist or socially equal would express more comfortability with a gender-nonconforming child. As such, researchers aimed to identify characteristics that compel parents to make efforts to change their child’s behavior. Again, the prediction was that parents would be more likely to change boys’ behavior than girls’.

An online survey completed by 151 mothers and 85 fathers living in Salt Lake City, Utah reported on 156 children age 3 to 13. The survey included questions relating to parenting style, parent gender atypical traits, attitude toward gender roles, and the prevalence of their own children’s gender-nonconforming behaviors.

As expected, parents report girls engage in gender-nonconforming behavior more than boys. In accordance with past research, results of the current study reveal parents are more uncomfortable with boys engaging in gender-nonconforming behavior than girls and make attempts to change the behavior more often. Contrary to other research however, this study shows mothers and fathers are equally likely to try and change their sons’ behaviors. Nevertheless, they are okay with their sons having girls as playmates and with daughters playing “boy” games.

Although initially researchers presumed parents’ warmth toward their children would be an indicator of acceptance of gender-nonconforming behavior, the study shows otherwise. Parents who report greater warmth also say they make more attempts to change their child’s behavior if it does not align with societal expectations."

Bold is done by me. I saw this on the front page from r/science, as expected the vast majority of the comments were deleted (I don't know what kind of gay rules they have over there), but I did see the typical reddit explanations: "This is because we don't have an equal enough society! Feminism doesn't care about boys! Nobody cares about boys' feelings!" While I think these are true in a superficial sense, I think these double standards reveal something far more deep about why parents behave in the way they do towards sons and daughters.

I start with the assumption that parents care about how their children turn out, at least the majority of them. Most parents want their kids to be productive, happy citizens with healthy relationships, I don't think they do things to purposely sabotage their children.

I think parents don't care about girl's lack of adherence to gendered behavior because it doesn't fundamentally matter how girls behave. If a girl is healthy and looks okay, she can and will find a decent guy. The quality of guy a girl can find if she likes to play basketball vs if she likes to go to fashion shows seems to be no different. However, from the parent's perspective, guys have objective standards they need to meet if they want to find a partner or be sexually successful. If a guy makes a lot of money, or if he's a great athlete, or if he acts like a pussy, this DOES have an effect on the quality and quantity of partners he will have. Parents deep down know this, they might not articulate it like this, and I think more superficial people would say this is an example of a female dominated society or unconscious bias against men, but to me it's just an acknowledgement that those male gendered behaviors are necessary to get a partner.

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sosososhocking #transphobia

Josh Alcorn suffered from Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria. He became involved in trans communities online when he was 14 and just three short years later, he killed himself by walking in front of a semi because (as he indicated in his suicide note) he knew that he could never convincingly transition. The worst-of-the-worst TRAs then harassed his grieving parents. The trans community has blood on their hands that they refuse to acknowledge.

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Bleu_Cheese_Pursuits #sexist

A woman finds that her boss holds women to higher standards than men...

This is misogynist, she says, because the boss is unfairly demanding more from women since the patriarchy has given him the power to exploit them. She voices her concerns to HR; the boss is fired and replaced.

Under the new leadership, men are held to higher standards than women. Her new boss is a misogynist though; because since he holds men to higher standards than women, he must believe that women aren't capable of performing as well as men in the workplace. She voices her concerns to HR; the boss is fired and replaced.

Under the new leadership, men and women are held to equal standards. Her new boss though, clearly, is a misogynist; women are oppressed and must be given special privileges to compensate for the injustices they've faced. She voices her concerns to HR; the boss is fired, and replaced with her. Workplace productivity decreases 10,000% and the business goes bankrupt.

Feminists: Jordan Peterson is so stupid, there is no such thing as dominance hierarchies in the human species, alpha males and beta males don't exist.

Also feminists: lol found the incel!

You could genuinely turn that into a comedy sketch.

Yeah well, I do have an interest in comedy but frankly I do not feel safe voicing a lot of my opinion IRL. Our society has a shrinking Overton window and is approaching authoritarianism. I don't need any more of a target on my back than there already is (white male, educated)

A well-known form of mental gymnastics where there's no consistent set of standards, just different types of rationalisations to make every situation fit your preconceptions.

Their goal is to pervert the English language to the extent that rational communication becomes impossible. When that happens, arbitrarily exercising power over others with a facade of moral superiority becomes much easier (if every man is a misogynist, every man is a criminal, and every man should suffer)

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Usagicho #wtf #psycho

To the people who think this was a good thing to do, yes ultimately he saved the life of a kitten, and didn’t cause an accident as far as we can tell.

But that’s the absolute best case scenario.

On a busy highway with rain and wet ground, it was incredibly dangerous and stupid, could’ve caused more deaths than the one in the link.

I would happily, with a smile and sense of pride, cause an accident of... Name a number with as many children as you want, babies even. You can walk me through the wreckage or have me listen to the grieving families. No problems. I would not hesitate to plead guilty to it either and have no qualms about the sentence or time served whether it be 90 days or a lifetime. Even for just a single kitten like this person did in the video.


I have literally struggled with the thought of saving a family member over a pet. Thankfully that never had taken place either, I am sure I would help or rescue my pets first. I know my roomate would be on his own if my pets were not safe.

I would do this and I would do it without hesitation. I would not have even been that standoffish in the video either. I would have even got infront of that motor cyclist that passed.

I would rather take the chance saving the kitten over letting it get run over. Every. Single. Time.

Life is equal but animals are not nearly as selfish greedy condescending controversial annoying self imposing nosey opinionated sarcastic egotistical narcissistic destructive lieing manipulative bundles of vocal instincts with little to no sense of loyalty filled with various form of racism from skin color to pant color and what kind of haircut you have.

1 kitten life is worth more to me than any death statistic (amount of human life) you have to offer. That includes any war or any disease that plagued the earth.

Fuck people. After recent events in my life I hope more tragedy strikes in whatever form it pleases so less people will be around. Best outcome for me is many die either directly or indirectly saving animals. Directly being somethig like "man dies keeping dog afloat" indirectly being what you described. Dieing in an accident because someone elses choice.

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Usagicho #wtf #sexist

Yes 2d is better. Much better.

That kindness you speak of is non existant for many people.I am 30, I have been in only 5 relationships 2 long terms ones and only 1 was worth it and that was in highschool. We acted like a team. Helping eachother with chores, studies waking up to random talks at 2am. Sex was great as we both explored our sexuality with eachother. Never met someone like her again after she moved for college.

Most Real girls/women/ladies/females whatever your preferred term is I have been with have only lied, cheated, stole or manipulated. One even tried to ruin my relationship with my roomate.

Its hard to explain. Especially without sounding at least kind of pathetic. Real girls can never be anything but themselves. A 2d anime girl can be whatever you want... That sounds bad.. Controlling even....

Okay. Say someone asked you to help with dinner. you dont want to, you had your own rough day. You do it but hesitantly or without enthusiasm. That shows and no one wants to put their SO out there like that. Sometimes that feeling can last a week. so its a week of possible tension.

(disclaimer: not saying men are better in anyway)

but with a 2d girl she will throw on a maid cosplay bend over forward ever so slightly so she is looking up at your face and say "Everything is okay, leave it to me, I will do my best!" I can indulge without making anyone uncomftorable or giving anyone more work or request something they dont want to do.

I have 2d fetishes because IRL fetishes suck. I can have a 2d foot fetish without worrying about hygiene or medical/science stuff that ruins it. Plus attitude. 2d anime girls always have the appropriate attitude, skills, or ability (this last one applies to the fantasy of it obviously). Where as real girls can lack confidence or attitude. Not to mention I avoid the judgements afterwords. a 2d girl never judges mocks or tells other people what I like for laughs.


Example: Say people go to have anal sex. It is not as simple to do as vaginal sex. Lots to think and worry about. Pain and mess being at the top. You have to think about that with a real girl. How comftorable is she, am i hurting her, is she doing this because i seemed like i really wanted it, did i pressure her without realizing etc.

2d anime girl would practically live for that.

Its a mental weight off the shoulders knowing I can just indulge without worry or needing a mop(not ever actually needed just me trying to be funny)...

Basically 2d girls are better because they dont exist. They wont steal your credit card ,they dont have their own life to worry about, they dont make you feel like you wasted 3 years of your life or make you question your own confidence. They are a fantasy that exists purely to make you smile.

This next one is rather complicated fo me to put into words... Its lke if you took all the "disrespect" (in quotations because disrespect is subjective but to simplify think of it like seeing real girls only for sex) and focused that on a drawing.

That sexual lust that would make you ignore the personality of the real girl can be targeted to a 2d girl. Like a sexual lightning rod. So now that your lust has a target you can focus more on what the girl is actually like.

And most people suck. We only (from experience) see the world depending on our emotions or logic. example: someone lonely will be fin with abuse. If we take away what changes our perception we are left with the reality of what we are looking at. So many emotions that can be targeted to 2d girls leave room for clarity when engaing in real social situations.

I find mixing in asmr/binaural recording or audio dojins to be mentally refreshing. With 2d anime girls I get the visual, with what i just mentioned I get the audio and lastly with adult toys I get the feeling. All of which can be suited to whatever I like. Maybe i want a 2d girl to throw on a strap on maybe i want footplay or just a walk in the park. The illusion of resting on a lap.. It can all be achieved using other stimulants.

Most things people do like shopping, banking or cleaning can be done by an individual. Most relationships outside procreation have little to no meaning. Its all science telling us to mate. 2d girls and technology act like a placebo in that regards.

Basically if you can "trick" yourself/instincts into making it seem like you are not alone there is no need for other people. You avoid the physical, emotional, financial pain while saving your time for you.


2d girls are better because fantasy is better than reality.

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Usagicho #wtf #pedo

Yes the hate is unfounded 100%

How would you like it if I sent you off to rehab for serial killers because you played call of duty for a few hours?

Think of all that enjoyment you got from killing npcs or online players. probably made you more violent as a person. in fact. we should report you to the police, if you played a violent video game you probably want to shoot up a school.

Clearly anyone who gets enjoyment from murder has a condition. Sending you to jail for that may be a bit to far, but the genarl distaste of gamers and violent video games is not completely unfounded.

You gonna tell me because my dick is up that its completely different? "Well i dont get a boner when killing a friend" Probably not, I bet when you finish playing you rub one out though. Is that no worse? You commit all those violent acts than after completetion you pleasure yourself. that sounds sick. Dont you feel remorse for you actions?

They market some of those games to kids too can you believe that? How can you support an industry that would try to market to teenagers who are still learning at that age? They are to immature and inexperienced to know the horrors of war or what volence really means.

Obviously those who play violent video games have a condition. if a game exists for even just light violence and graphic nature (while I have no clue how such games get made) anyone who goes into knows what their getting. Let the school shooting sociopaths have their fun.

its takes away the main focus of a game and only panders to sick individuals ruining the experience for normal people and normal players.

LOOK. No lolicon is a real world pedophile. Only pedophiles are pedophiles. Most lolicons have NO ATTRACTION to kids. NONE. We have no condition, we are not a threat, we are not sick people, being a lolicon is not disgusting. How many bullshit assumptions based on your own disgust are you going to keep to? how many people are you going to insult before you see the lessons history has shown us?

Dont discriminate based on your beliefs. Talk to people, approach and deal with them rationally and see where they are coming from. Most lolicons I find just have a size fetish. Here yu and other sit though treating us like a vile disease that needs to be cured.

So often society does this to people they dont understand. Despite how you feel about the comparisons I am about to make the stigma is similar and in some places like where I live mu freedom can be taken away for liking loli content.

Blacks were hated just for how they look. everyone said there was something wrong with them. Gays too. (Video games were a huge target for mental health as lpinted out) I can be thrown in prison and spat on the same amount of time someone who harmed a child could be.

Does that make sense to you? That seems okay to you? Hating an innocemt man who means no harm or has zero attraction to a real child and declare them unwell based on what you believe?

I am pretty sure history taught you to be smarter than that.

You are labelling and diagnosing people as sick for no other reason that "Thats what you believe."

YOU make me sick and perfectly display why I hate people. stop applyimg real world ideas to drawings. stop calling lolicons kiddy diddlers. stop being ignorant.

THIS IS WHY IT SHOULD BE MADE MORE NOMAL. Because of people like you who see it as not normal and assume something far worse. If its pushed into the shadows more misconceptions and harsher opinions are formed as its seen as more vile. Than people like me suffer more for no other reason than lack of understanding and acceptance.

How can any of that sound fair to you because YOU see 12 year old girl.

What really infuraites me is only lolicons understand lolicons. Meaning unless WE become a majority we are screwed. Pedophiles will use our content as defence or crutch and people will compare us to those pedophiles.

Its so wrong the way we get treated. If we were left alone with a child and computer the only thing you would have to fear is us leaving the child unattented to look at lewd pictures online. If we didnt have a computer you would still have nothing to fear and you would have no wierd browser history. Bonus! We dont want to be left alone with children!!!!

YOU HAVE NO FEARS!!!!!! pedophiles on the other hand........ Maybe you should worry. Computer or not.

My point is you are wrong. The hate is un warranted and we are normal hard working people just like anyone else with a healthy mentality. In some cases probably better than average.

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Some MRAs #sexist

Re: Man-hating feminist cafe Handsome Her, which charges men 17% more than women because “Muh wage gap”, is closing. Another case of get woke, go broke.


Reading through those reviews is an experience unto itself. I encourage people to read them.

Whole lot of trans women testing out the waters of tolerance and finding it lacking. I guess once you start a business based on SJW principle, there is no middle ground...


Shit I thought maybe it was like one or two reviews but they shot down at least 12 trans people who identify as Female and discriminated against queer people at a queer people party they threw. Talk about radically out of touch with society.

The left has no limit to their moral extremism, i.e. "I'm more progressive than you." Imagine if the right wing were evolving into Amish separatists. That's the equivalent of what the left is actually doing.

Everything I read on the review page and the Facebook page tells me these people thought virtue signalling would somehow keep them afloat. Insulting / discriminating against half your customer base? Nah, it's for a good cause! Lesbian / gay / trans events that alienate 95% of the customer base? Nah, it's for a good cause! Serving crap food and coffee because its environmentally and animal friendly? All good, it's for the cause! "Pay if you feel like it" days for small marginal businesses... great idea! I'm sure you can sustain a business with multiple employees on the backs of seven lesbian couples and a handful of militant Feminists who only pay for bad coffee when they feel like it.

Wait, turns out you can't. Who knew?


> Identify as "she"

> get discount.

Nope. If you look through the reviews for it on TripAdvisor, a lot of negative reviews are from Trans people complaining about discrimination. Seems like the restaurant also felt it had the final say as to who is a woman or not.

Aaaaa so now gender is based on feelings instead of the opinion of the customers aye?

EDIT: After reading the reviews, wow. Nobody is safe. Every person is hated on, from trans to queers (specially men but that's obvious their main goal). This place is falling down the shit hole sooner than I would expected.


Hahahaha I wonder how this would have played

There's a bike sales/repair shop in Alberta I'm aware of that has a once a week "gender empowerment" day. You can only get in if you are female or identify as trans.

Cue one online review where a guy was denied. He pointed out the huge, 250 lbs bearded biker dude that was inside. "Oh, he's transitioning"


Side note, I heard they were looking for more patrons -they were in danger of closing.


Just read the reviews. That didn't work.

"Really bad service.

I identify as a woman but they made me pay more because i 'look like a man'. Absolutely disgusting behaviour. Sexism against anyone is bad. .."

It's only sexist, because "she" didn't get accepted as a women, if "she" was accepted by the store as a women, I doubt the reviewer would cry sexism.

Glad they failed. Misandrists. Check out the reviews: Sexist Cafe Trip Advisor

Holy shit some of those reviews. Did you see the one from DanielG3163?

I asked for a coffee and the waitress, while serving it, muttered the words "f****ing latino macho"

So (assuming that's true) they're racist too!?!?

Yes. He said they were racist and misandrist. Cows. Glad they failed.

Go ahead. Read some reviews of this local.

It's # DISGUSTING. It's the perfect place for your average man hating tumblr girl. I'm fathomed that the waiters there got a green light to mostly talk to the woman and treat her as the table leader(because apparently a man who also orders food and drinks for the lady is a sexist thing today? Lol Hashtag Snowflake Era is Upon us). Moreover, apparently when men try to talk they either get fully ignored or are told to let the lady talk which is just incredibly sexist.

I was dumbfounded when I read that not only do you get treated like a second or third class citizen, the waiters are also fully allowed to throw sexist remarks or just plain bad insults towards men with a condescending tone. Holy shit.

Who on planet earth decided "I hate men so much, I'll open a cafe and implement such a sever level of segregation and misandry, men will probably avoid the street, not only the bar. Yeah, it will sell like hotcakes!"?

MOST reviews are saying the same thing: Sexist, Misandryst, Hateful, Men get treated extremely poorly while women get treated like godesses. The only "good,recommending it" reviews are from extremely sexist feminists that think this is normal or families who got treated well BECAUSE they brought a child to the table and at least the waiters had the decency to hold their sexist remarks in front of them.

It's funny seeing that a lot of reviews are from women stating just how stupid this is.

I'm glad the business went down the drain. With the risk of sounding defiant, I hope somebody wrote a list with all the employees there and added them to a blacklist of potential employees somewhere. If I owned a restaurant/cafe in AU, I'd be willing to pay 4 digits for the list of names with personal details to just outright ban them from entering the locale or ever have a chance of working under me. It's fucking despicable for crying out loud. Jesus... to think that in 2019 you have to ask for politeness and kindness.

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Some MRAs #sexist

Re: So women think their dates are rapists at first glance, good to know.



Female chauvinism is eerily similar to white chauvinism when it comes to painting the 'other' as evil or delinquent. Is this bigotry part of toxic femininity?

Yes, there are many parallels between what is chalked up to "white privilege" and the privileges of being female. People trust women more, consider them safer and less threatening, tend to want to help them more, the police favor them, far less likely to be held accountable for a crime, etc.


Certainly there are similarities with regards to privileges as well as chauvinistic ideas.

White supremacy was compatible with early Feminism. It started when the abolitionist movement linked up with the suffragists to build a coalition of support for universal suffrage. This was to combat the fact that most women felt they had enough legal rights, and when polled, actually didn't care about the voting franchise.

After the Civil War, Lincoln only put Black male suffrage on the table, and the abolitionist took it. The suffragists, apparently feeling that women being considered equal before the law was worth jeopardizing the chances of Black men being murdered, and also completely oblivious of the fact that no women were actually required to die in the war, felt betrayed. So they started with anti-Black male propaganda. Implying that emancipated Black men were rapists and a more oppressive force On their wives than White supremacists.

Abolitionists like Frederick Douglass continued to write in support of female suffrage, but obviously distanced himself from the greater movement.

So she's saying, men risk their lives to save others and make a better life for their families while women risk theirs for a free meal?


Maybe it's just the OP that knows those kind of people but I don't know any girl that does that before a date

It's a very specific community these feminists belong to and they don't even realise it themselves to the point they push it onto everybody else and assume everyone is the same.

My favourite thing is because they surround themselves with the worse sort of men possible since they're all from posh upper class communities where men really do get away with a lot and particularly with the Hollywood actresses this is the case. The me too movement has just been a place for rich white actresses to complain about how bad their dates went in a lot of cases and revealing they hung out willingly with some genuine scumbags.

They then extrapolate these experiences to 'men' as a whole and go around making stupid twitter posts like this expecting everybody to agree with them. These people are not normal, they are rich white feminists with too much time on their hands that live in very self-segregated communities and people need to call them out on their delusional bullshit more often.

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standingpretty & mushroomyakuza #sexist

Re: The 23 Year Old Questioning MTF Doomer


"Feels they are a young, punk, hacker lesbian in an alternate reality"

I can't really articulate why, but it kind of bothers me how they envision their "woman selves" as a completely different person than they currently are, like if only they were female they'd become some Wachowski-esque cool girl.

That’s what I was thinking, always the cool, pretty, steam punk, anime-esque cat girl, never the female version of themselves.

They would probably retort, “well cis women want to be the pretty cool woman too”. Yes, but the difference is that I accept that I am not and never will be the “cool girl”. I am who I am and I don’t waste time trying to visualize this fantasy version of myself to get off too.

As someone who has AGP and knows it, fuck the people who made this. They make it seem like transition is the only possible path for coping with a sexual fetish, undermine and belittle people who have it but do not want to change their bodies, lives, families or live their lives as women. I don't want to live as a woman, if you do, whatever, you do you, but for fucks sake, can you stop pushing you ideology so aggressively on people who actually do their research and acknowledge who and what they are with honesty?

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Some TERFs #sexist

Re: How to Eat Out a Non-Op Trans Woman

they get off on the cognitive dissonance they force upon people and themselves, the illusion of "being in control" of how others view basic reality, and the narcissistic reassurance that they are special and different - they don't "just" have "dicks", they have "girl dicks". if you go along with any of these lies, and give in to their terminology, they only get reinforcement and you're the enabler. the whole trans thing is a form of disassociation, its an escape from manhood into a fictional feminine "womb" fantasy world of comfort and cummies. cleverly coercing people to use these contradictory words like "girl dick", calling their dick a clit and other doublespeak further distorts reality, and pushes them further into fantasy land. is one of the main motivating factors the desire to restructure reality because they live in a daydream, a reverie, and so the more they're enabled, the more it appears to be real and fuels their escape? they're lying to themselves and want everyone else to as well. the woke enablers/munchausen types are just as bad, perhaps actually more dangerous in their naivety and "compassion".

tbqh these men aren't any more childish or selfish than the average patriarchal guy. They think women were put on Earth to help them bring their (dyonisian, in this case) aspirations to fruition the point of complete self-effacement (up and including unwanted sex), and of course, how dare we question their god-given right to orgasm the exact way they want to. male-on-female violence and coercion is rampant in the queer community.

Plus the autogynephile activist's projections (I'm a woman because all women are narcissistic wh*res deep down) ring familiar as well.

one could argue trans activism reproduces and illustrates the pitfalls of patriarchy - Women could support men's dreams to their detriment but what if these men don't have a clue what they're doing?

This isn't about Men. This has everything to do with with Lesbians. Welcome to OUR world. These are specifically instructions for women. The instructions would be much different for men.

These are particular instructions for women. That whole explaining of how the structural development of a clitoris and a penis have a "shared history" in embryotic the stage. It's "just" that the YSR kicked. But just the same.

What kind of delusional and gaslighting campaign, has to be conducted, in order to for Trans women to internalized this biologically incoherence; so they can spread this message as Gospel.

"It’s rare for a public conversation about what trans women do in bed to have a vocabulary and grammar that we decide upon.”

Hahaha are you kidding me? Rare? This entire conversation and the language, both public and private, is dominated by TIMs. What I’ve seen on various social media is TIMs manipulating their sexual partners to do everything and anything they want, stealing our language about our own bodies and claiming it as their own or else telling women who disagree with them to “suck their ladydick”.

It’s so clear that they are aiming this at women too. It’s another version of ‘how to gaslight and manipulate lesbians into having sex with you’ except this time they haven’t refrained from using accurate (“terfy?”) vocabulary like ‘penis’ and ‘scrotum’. Their audacity has no bounds!

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Cassandracalls #sexist

This for the first time I've seen, details the damage done to female autistic brains by testosterone.

I really really urge anyone who hasn't to read it.

But here's the part that interested me. I've read before that normally developing male brains and autistic female ones are similar.

This site said, to paraphrase:

Testosterone in high levels in women is associated with autism (and when I look at my own behavior especially sexual, I can see that)

PCOS causes high levels

PCOS is very under diagnosed... maybe by as much as 70%

The treatment for this and other high T issues is to reduce T levels

The high T can cause all manner of terrible problems, like BPD, anxiety, depression... there's a whole list.

But FtM treatment is about increasing T levels. This is monstrous. It's an experiment on the most hated populations: autistics and lesbians. I feel these so~called doctors want money and fame and power. Subliminally, they recoil from these kids, as they did in the playground. Its all underneath, and they are sadistically mutilating them.

I feel the handmaidens maybe have excess estrogen, plus upbringings, including exposure to violent porn, that has warped them into submissive thinking, in turn generating more estrogen...round and round. They want to be woke but want males to submit to. TIMS and TIFS fit the bill. Wonder how many Aunt Lydias are into BDSM, and are subs.

How much is violent porn affecting girls brains, as well as minds?? Add in the bodywork, the beauty demands, which in turn affects the brain. Perhaps dieting, exercising, constantly worrying about being porn~worthy... let's not forget the Mean Girl effect too... maybe this literally makes the brain release more estrogen, as it makes boys release more testosterone, so what should be correct balances of self defense and self sacrifice become what we're seeing: girls not submitting to males and hating it but actively seeking this. Disguised as progressive.

Anyway, reading about T and its effects, I couldn't help drawing a shocking conclusion. That women are, in fact, naturally far more intelligent than men. Look at what the female brain loses when you add T. The ability to read faces. To act with self~reflection. Control impulse, aggression, poor decision making.

Empathy hits the ground... oh it's all on the site. Men, it seems, are women minus something. It's women who have the right amount of T.

And more, our balance is better with age. Estrogen drops, T increases.... not too much ! Perfect. No wonder women do well when we divorce and open businesses .

So when we age, what a gift. T levels rise, but not too much, we no longer care about being sexy, we understand men much better...I can compassionate them, I really can. I wouldn't want their hormones !

Please do take a look. Even one dose of T has diabolical effects. The loss of language, social abilities... my God, men are like this all the time. I guess though, that put men in a culture like Hong Kong where violence and fighting are considered bestial, barbaric, low~class, then maybe their estrogen rises.... and you get HK men, who are gentle, sweet,... you see them raising their sons to be the same...

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banevaderqqq #racist

I will argue that secularists are the one to blame for abolishing the Institution of slavery and the slave trade. The notion of all races being practical equals is not found in any religion,nay,it is fought there,so its of secular origin The feeble arguments against holding slaves are all humanistic,from the enlighent. In USA,the abolitionists unknowingly drank from the fountain of atheism while attacking slave holders. Race based chattel slavery was in particular vilified.

It is atheists who are to blame for the end of the rights of some men to hold others slave.

OldWolf2642: What? Are you attributing a negative connotation to the end of slavery?
Perhaps English is not your first language? Some other reason you chose that particular word? Maybe it is I who am reading it wrong. Surely you cannot be suggesting that ending that abhorrent practice was bad.

banevaderqqq: i AM atrributing a negative connotation to it. Slavery is a natural institiution which grow up with humans all along until certain thinkers tried to skrew things up for slave holders. Look at Haiti,once a prosperous land,ruined when slavery ended and now a third world wreackage.

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Rabbit-Punch #fundie #wtf

don't be a brainlet, it's satire. i agree with you completely, circumcision is like one of the only things that genuinely angers me

does it anger you more than having a gross dirty animal cock?

not having a mutilated cock is a reason to be angry

shit tier b8. stay seething amerimutt, you will never have your foreskin back. don't forget to thank your doctors for mutilating you

I don’t want it back, and my future son won’t have his either because we are civilized people. I am not a savage.

even worse b8. try harder next time

Well that’s because its not bait, I am dead serious lol. Are you an atheist?

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Kensuke_Takahiro #homophobia #wtf #fundie

Homophobia directly leads to attacks on gay people, should the homophobic person be so inclined.

I think its worth to acknowledge that this statement is not absolute truth but an estimation based on average reported instances.

For all we know we could have a way bigger population of homophobes that we don't know about simply because they didn't report or get reported. Could be they haven't been caught or just that they don't act on it. And TBH if they don't act on it shouldn't they be allowed to have their opinions and be able to express them amongst themselves? I'm not saying sympathize with racists but acknowledge that in a way there are many communities that can be taken the same way. Loli-lover? Pedophile. Anime weeb? Degenerative. Gun enthusiasts? Fascist/Nationalist. Etc.

Now I'm not saying these labels are exact but they do illustrate the point that any community can be ostracized and villainized. Thus its important to tolerate all communities with a few ground rules.

Simply put, there will always be someone who disagrees with any community. The methods we use to silence said communities can also be used against us. Thus we must express tolerance except towards the individuals who act directly to harm others, meaning we must not punish the community as a whole for the actions of the individual.

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Readytodie85 #fundie

All do respect why are atheist people in this forum God please place me next to them at judgment day lol so many perverted versions of christianity only one acceptable version you either believe in Jesus and live for him or perish in hell

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oct4chore & Administrative_Worth #sexist

Re: Imagine genuinely believing this



They only like sex with Chad. No man has ever had sex for the sole reason of being intelligent or funny.

Being """intelligent""" and """funny""" are just euphemized words to mean having a high social status.

Concerning intelligence, not a single woman care about really intelligent people, I've had several internships into scientific labs, and I've yet to see any woman standing outside trying to hit on scientist. What they mean by intelligence, is the ability to show that you have some culture (which is not real intelligence btw), because first of all it is a mark of high social status is rich circles which makes it a mark of high social status in society in general, and secondly if you are able to showcase how cultivated you are without looking like a smug, that is a sign of high dominance in a group, and thus a sign of high status in this group.

Concerning humor, it is way more simple : the same joke will not have the same effect depending of who is telling it. If it is someone not respected at all within the group, who have hence a very low status, then the joke won't make anyone laugh but if it is the dominant person of the group who tells it, then everyone will laugh like they haven't heard any funnier before. Looking for a "funny" guy is then a efficient way for a women for looking for the most dominant men in the group. The only exception is if a low status guy makes self-depreciating jokes, but they won't you funny, they'll laugh at you, and this kind of joke doesn't attract women at all

You summed up the behavuorual breakdown of group dynamics and male status well. Unless you are truly exceptionally funny as a male, I mean truly exceptional, your brain is razor sharp and can connect humour and references that don't go too far beyond normies comprehension whislt also displaying intelligence, you can be funny. Other than that, the other two ways is to be a clown, or be a high dominance chad. Laughter is a form of fear and anxiety release. We laugh at low status maes being "clowns" for us because he's a scapegoat in that moment (And often very much more often) ANd it eases us. We laugh for chad because it's socially expected to reciproacate the desired emotion he wishes to see. I.e the kings court. If you didn't reciprocate it would be confrontational, upsetting the status quo and lead to trouble unless the rest of the group didn't laugh. Unless all the paesents rise up, a lone peasant uprising will be crushed ruthlessly. Next time a chad makes a joke, purposefully don't laugh and let your silence linger. Watch the reactions. There will be discomfort, as people find shakes to the status uqo uncomfortable, especially foids. Foids hate chaos. It's why they like chad to win at everything. In their primal minds he should. Now hwilst they like drama, they do not like dramatic changes. Changes that may place their own highly secure place in the hierarchy at risk.

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someblokexd & Bucephala-007 #sexist

hypocrisy: the same people who will tell me about the importance of personality wont even bother to ask if i have a gf

because they look at my height and face and know its over for me

Dude, almost no one has a gf?

thats a blackpill in itself

Women like success and stability

the daddy jew state provides women with all the support they need. do you honestly think women get turned on thinking about some self made millionaire 5'2 balding curry?

True, It doesn't matter how successful you are or how much financial stability you have, if you are unattractive you will never generate that innate attraction in a woman that she gets from seeing a tall dark and handsome blue/green eyed white man.

But... they don't like white tall handsome losers either.

A white tall handsome ''winner'' is preferred over a white tall handsome ''loser''. But a handsome loser is preferred over an unattractive winner, at least sexually (a handsome loser won't be a betabux, but he will fuck the wife of a betabux).

Ok, but the loser is still a loser.

Depends on your criteria for what a ''winner'' or a ''loser'' is, I would consider an unemployed and poor 6ft+ handsome chad to be more of a winner than a rich and successful 5'3 unattractive man with a wife who is only with him for his money.

"Dude, almost no one has a gf?"

imagine writing this and thinking you're making a point AGAINST incels

Normans often confirm the blackpill without meaning to, after all reality always confirms the blackpill, the blackpill is the truth and the bluepill is self-delusion.

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040211092616 #sexist

MAJOR Blackpill from my female cousin’s mouth

I’m at a family gathering and I overheard my cousin talking on the phone to one of her friends. She said word for word “Men just aren’t very attractive. Like in general. To be attractive, they have to be REALLY attractive if you know what I mean”. She laughed at this like it was some lighthearted statement. I could tell her friend agreed with her. Then she popped up with “the average woman is way more attractive than the average man. I’d hate to be born a man.” Fucking Blackpill goldmine

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Some incels #sexist

Re: Femoids admit personality is a MEME


how the fuck can you say this is toxic masculinity? THERES NO SUCH THING AS TOXIC MASCULINITY. it’s only toxic femininity and they push it on men.

Women are the purveyors of toxic masculinity by allowing it to thrive and thus are directly responsible for the abuse they receive


All women are manipulative cunts like this. It's in their fuckin genes.

Exactly. Since caveman days women realized that they don't share the same physical capabilities as men, so they had to adapt somehow. Soon enough they learned, if they can't kill that mamooth for meat or get that fruit from a tall ass tree, why not just completely effortlessly use your pussy to get some male to do it?

Women today don't need to use this tactic in the identical fasion anymore, a woman can get a job and live on her own. But it's interesting that the manipulation still remains in their genes, in a way.

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punished_thn #racist

Looking forward to seeing all these fake ass Christians writhing in Hell screaming as their skin melts off. The best part will be hearing their vocal chords shred and the resulting goose honk noise that comes out of their mouths. When the skin keeps melting and regenerating and the torment only gets worse and worse, Aryan Jesus and the blessed who remained undefiled will laugh and high five from Heaven.

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imscrewed2222 #sexist

Re: Fresh confession, from same name subreddit 6 hours ago. That's exactly how AGP starts and you being led to think that you may actually be a girl.


It's funny that gay fashion designers have been trying to make man skirts and dresses a thing for decades but get zero support. Poor Jean Paul Gaultier keeps trying again every couple of years but finds no takers. It's mad that western men have to make this huge mental leap that they are women before they can allow themselves to wear a bit of cloth in a different shape to the cloth they usually wear. In many cultures dresses, shirts and bright colours are male fashion.

you’ve got it backwards and sort of proved it in your last sentence about other cultures. the AGP westerner is not a guy who wishes he could wear dresses and thus has to rationalise that he must be a woman - he wants to specifically feel like a woman, so he rationalises why clothes in the women section are superior because that’s part of what he associates with being a woman, which is what he wants - the clothes are symbolic. he wouldn’t be happy with a “man dress” (which is why there’s no market) he wants the “REAL THING”. he wants to escape his own sense of ”boring” masculinity into the “comfort” of the utopian feminine of his own projection. it’s way too materialist to assume that it’s as simple as guys wanting to dress androgynous or wear women’s clothes but being so rigid that they must claim to be woman beforehand... it’s about dissociating into “womanhood” from his perceived failed manhood and the clothes are a big mental cue and avenue to feeling “feminine”, add to that the sexual element and he’s hooked

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MillimetersOfBone & JanniesGuzzleCum #sexist

"Sex is not important"

Twitter NPCs love to ramble about "gaslighting." No one knows what it actually means, anymore. They just call any lie a "gaslighting attempt."

Ya know what gaslighting actually is? It's when someone tries to make you feel like you can't trust your own perceptions, by making you feel like you are crazy, pathological, abusive, or even the victim of some nefarious outside force that's out to get the gaslighter, just because you notice certain inconvenient things. Sounds familiar, doesn't it?

I see this shit all the time when it comes to ITcels. When they say "sex isn't even important, and the fact that you care so much about being a virgin shows that there is something broken inside you," they are doing two things.

1: They are ignoring the fact that sex isn't the be-all-end-all (which is why escortmaxxing isn't ascension). Having access to sex means you have access to romantic love. It means you have access to parenthood. It means you have the ability to lead the complete, satisfying life that humans have evolved to desire. Sex is a "symptom" of being accepted and valued by the world around you. Those who are virgins, who aren't that way by choice, are usually that way because they are rejected by people around them, in general. When ITcels ignore this, or when they give the "personaIity" line, they are denying how often ugly people are judged and cast aside due to their looks, and they are trying to make you seem crazy for thinking that they are. They are gaslighting you.

2: They are pathologizing the strength of your desire for sex. It's not hard to imagine why men want sex so badly. The cavemen who didn't care about sex never had kids. Humanity would have died out, just like any other species would have, if people didn't value sex above everything else. It is normal to feel the way you feel. When ITcels try to tell you you're crazy, or worse, pathological ("the source of your feelings must be underlying depression or anxiety") for having a normal desire for sex, they are gaslighting you.

You can even see it in the subtleties of their word choices.

"Sex seems so important to these people because the patriarchy has done them dirty"

"Sex is made out to be so important by toxic masculinity"

No. Fuck you. Shut the fuck up. Sex IS important. IS. Unless you're one of the maybe 10,000 great innovators of any given generation, the only thing about your life that will matter in 500 years is whether or not you had a child (i.e. had access to sex).

"Tinder isn't real life"

Then what the fuck is it? People almost always act more like themselves online. Are horny women immune to this? We're not crazy for noticing the 80/20. We don't "just think it's real because we hate women."

The reason we feel the way we feel, the reason we value sex so much and feel such hopeless distress in response to our lack of access to it, isn't because we're crazy. It isn't because we're pathological. It isn't because of some nefarious social force (that, of course, according to them, they have nothing to do with, in fact it is our responsibility, as men, to deal with it).

It's none of that.

It's because we are normal men. We are normal men who reject your ideological social engineering. And there are more of us every day, as more and more young men are made to feel worthless and hopeless.

Spot on.

There is literally NOTHING wrong with wanting a relationship. There is literally NOTHING wrong with having a sex drive. There is literally NOTHING wrong with being sad about missing out on these things. When normies tell you these things don't matter, ask them if they'd be willing to give up in relationships and sex for the rest of their lives

Normies do not give a single fuck about you. They tell you these things to make you shut the fuck up and stop complaining. They couldn't give a rat's ass about any of your problems, legitimate or not. They're literally just inconvenienced by your complaining and want you to be quiet.

To normies, having to hear someone complain is worse than the reason someone is complaining in the first place, no matter how legitimate it is. You could die in a ditch for all they care, as long as you don't complain about it. Your suffering is completely irrelevant to them.

Remember: normies are solipsistic and don't give a shit about you, and never will

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PromoterForBlo & MRinvalidusername #sexist

Re: 'Looks don't mat..' wait a fucking second.


Was not expecting this fuel..........

We rot and are miserable -- meanwhile these rare terrachads walk around like kings everywhere.

This is life. I can't even get a single woman to smile at me, while this guy is getting chased by hordes daily.

He could date, fuck, chill, or go in LT/ST relationships anytime he wants with an endless pool of women around him. Imagine the feel of being a guy that is this valued & liked by women endlessly, among all the other looks privileges

I laugh at the normgroids who jump through 50 hoops to talk to some foid, with the assumption that you have to play 4d chess to grab a foids attention (e.g the blue/red pill). This is what it takes, being attractive. They make the advances if you're attractive.

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detectiveconan2344 #racist

I concluded that Germanic Anglo Saxon and Germanic tribes lack empathy for human being stemming from their diet of being entirely of bacteria-sourced milk, cheese, yogurt, ice cream, and wheat. The guy is an idiot and a kid, just like the kid talk about nuking China to even out debt on Jimmy Kimmel. This explains why most Americans are in credit card debt and are idiots in general, they probably think they can strong arm their way out of debt, loan, mortgage, and poverty.

And calling things cancer is so overdone. I stated this before. Cancer metastasize from a tumor to different parts of the body. That tumor is the British Isles mainly England and Germanic land that used to be Celtic. And that tumor metastasize a bunch of ignorant war loving bacteria infected people that now claim they are native to South Africa, native to New Zealand, native to Canada, native to Gibraltar, native to Falkland Islands, native to Hong Kong, native to Europe, but feels entitled to the whole world.

There are more Anglo Saxon diaspora than Chinese diaspora. White boy just think in simple term, I think in complicated complex terms. That is why the white boy want to be Asian. Their time is over. They are expired milk now.

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anon59874 #sexist

Re: My Immigrant Wife Just Became a Citizen and will be Voting For Trump in 2020 and 2A for Life in the USA. Fuck everything else.

Congratulations to your wife on doing citizenship RIGHT!

Here's the manual on how to get a girl pregnant:

It sounds simple, but Patriotic Americans usually have trouble with this. Get started immediately and you should be able to fit in 4 or 6 before you're both 42. Protip, use Fertility drugs and become Octomom.


You might be joking — but there is a Demographic Timebomb ticking away unless y’all don’t start making babies in Nigerian numbers.

Maybe our Muslim congresswoman from Minnesota can encourage some classes for how western men can learn to breed like Nigerian Muslims, who keep their women beaten, submissive, uneducated, unincumbered by jobs, under black trash bags, and pregnant, constantly, from age 13 to 42. Maybe federally required Quaran-Sharia study courses along side bible studies at Churches.

There has to be some kind of mysterious Islamic secret to this beautiful enriching fertile culture. We're going to need Sherlock Homes to crack this case and figure out what the hell is going on.

Seriously though. Pede’s need to be fucking like the future of this country depends on it!

I've been seeing this in the eyes of women at the gym, maybe it's just me.

Girls be realizing that the western experiment of freedom and equality of gender of the last 250 years may suffer a regression to the mean, due to yet another rediscovery of why those cavemen wrote the Genesis 1 in the bible. Eve was and still is the destroyer of civilization.

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AnointedServant395 #sexist

I have more respect for women who destroy the bluepill by being whores than cucks.

Kinda cucked, but ok.

Honestly, I agree with him. We need patriarchy to curve female nature and treat women like Livestock. Women are inferior to Men and should be treated as such.

I don't think there's any going back, unfortunately. If you've had a taste of the good life, and have all the power in biological affairs, it's extremely unlikely you'll go back willingly (plus, men in general are too thirsty to not do what "kaweens" command). Either women take responsibility for their shortcomings, become incentivized to lower their expectations, or we go extinct. Extinction wouldn't concern me too much, considering the shitstorm on the horizon (civil unrest, foreshadowed population recession, and tribal politics coming to a spearhead), so maybe the human race is a problem that'll work itself out.

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bigpapi579, puppermints & geezgolly #sexist

Re: TIM finally feels like a "real woman" after shaving his legs and getting his ass eaten out by some dude.


It would be so easy to just... stop the dumb and offensive pretense and enjoy his life as a gay man. That's a thing he could do.

Don't know this guy's orientation, but blockage of the homosexual outlet is one of the steps in developing AGP. A lot of internalized homophobia in it.

"Why is it "gay" sounds if he considers himself a woman...?

I mean it's gross regardless but I'm just confused, is it an admission that he's not actually trans?"

They use "happy gay sounds" to mean trans as well. As a lesbian, I don't like that conflation. :-/

Yeah, happy, sad, angry, etc... "gay sounds" thing is a highly annoying trans trope.

It makes me fucking irate as a bisexual.

They appropriated "queer" to be a catch-all term any slightly GNC straight person can claim, and now they're also earnestly trying to make "gay" an amorphous umbrella term that means nothing.

The endgoal is preventing homosexuals from finding one another or having exclusive spaces. It's a regressive movement.

Trans people who feel they're "queer" enough, describe any relationship they're in as "gay" - no matter what sex or gender identity their partner is. It literally just means "weird" and "quirky" to them.

It's so homophobic.

I honestly prefer the stupid shitty thing kids do when they call each other "gay" as an insult. At least then they're likely not being fetishistic and gross, they're just being shitty children.

Omg this is a thought i've had almost word for word before - i'm thankful i was raised in a time where "gay" was just used as a silly synonym for "stupid" instead of this weird undefinable homophobic fetish shit they use it for now.

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imscrewed2222 #sexist

Re: Raunchy middle-aged TIM on his future vaginoplasty: "cold consomme and dilation here we come".


“Female emotions”

They really don’t see us as fully human do they?

they often see women as either porn whores to fuck or kind caring empathic compassionate mommies who will support them no. matter. what. in their fragmented disordered minds, they think they’ll be able to bring these two things together once they “become women”. at the end of the day it stems from their mother complex, which causes them to fear growing up into men and their inability to see beyond their projections onto women. because this turns them into self obsessed narcissists, the trans ideology makes them believe (and provides a narrative) that they can become the unrealistic feminine figure they’ve searched for their whole life as a guy. he attributes everything bad about his life with masculinity, and believes anything positive is attributed to femininity. this is why they almost always talk about women in a way which sounds like they’ve never actually talked or listened to another person before. this is what happens when people can’t look beyond themselves.

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i-am-less-angry-now, heather80 & bigpapi579 #sexist

Omg don’t you girls just thing being sexualized is soooo empowering? Teehee


I doubt these guys even pass. These are just their fantasies.

Yeah I looked at both their post histories and of course they’re full of selfies and you’re right, neither of them do.

The OPs post history is a /r/itsafetish goldmine though

Who is going to tell them the truth? That people are staring because you are 6 feet tall with man legs, broad shoulders, face stubble, but with drag heels and neon clothing? Oh, and I’m pretty sure those guys who lust after TIMs think the penis is a major plus.

Highlights from the comments:

But interpersonal AGP isn't a thing, lol:

I have a Validity Bucketlist and the item at the tip top of it is “Get Catcalled” so I feel you, girl.

Ive also started a instagram where I just post nudes and it’s been real empowering.

So patronizing:

i dont care about any of that but when a nice old black lady calls me sweetheart or sugar i melt.

Validation in being lusted over:

Most people do. I would argue it's not even misogynistic (the finding validation in being lusted over). I honestly think we need to quash this notion that it's pathetic or problematic, as long as we realize that unwanted sexual attention can be a problem too. Be more sex positive.

Totally not a fetish you guyz:

I spent the morning showing my tits to horny dudes on the internet. It was hot and made me feel desirable. Got catcalled cycling to work the other week, felt nice all morning.

Holy shit, I might make a post of this sociopath's deleted comments. One of the commenters even told him that he might be trans:

the desire to be sexualized is one of the main reasons I want to transition. Which is one of the big reasons that I logically believe that transition isn't the right thing for me.

I don't want to kill my libido though. I don't want to get rid of my desires, I want to make them real. The only thing stopping me is exactly this fear that it will "get old" eventually. But I doubt that will stop me forever

yes, I would say that my desire to transition is completely sexual. I want to be female so that I can live out certain specific sexual encounters. As a man I have no desire to do anything sexual. But in the rest of life besides sex, I don't have a huge problem with being male. So if I start HRT, I will almost certainly not socially transition because being treated as female socially doesn't matter to me, only sexually.

I only interact with people because it's necessary to get the things I want.

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bigpapi579 #sexist

Re: Oh no, totally not a fetish /s

I believe you will find my profile quite common:

Yeah, we are well aware of the AGP profile. It fits you like a glove:

Longstanding sexual thoughts about being a woman: check

Erotic crossdressing: check

Having to imagine yourself a woman in order to get off: check

Envy attraction towards women: check

Cross-gender desires dissipate when dating women: check

Fascination with menstrual products: check

Lack of confidence in expressing his sexual attraction toward women: check

His development of AGP follows the exact script that Buckner described in The Transvestic Career Path:

5. Development of a sexual association between crossdressing and sexual pleasure.

Buckner's first step: A pattern of fetishistic masturbation with articles of women's clothing is established.

6. Re-enforcement of this association due to inability to attract women as partners over many years

Buckner's second step: The pattern is reinforced due to perceived heterosexual difficulties.

8. Continued simulation of "being a woman" to vent sexual frustration and gain access to some semblance of woman's bodies that is otherwise inacessible

Buckner's fourth step: Elaboration of masturbation fantasies into the development of a feminine self.

10. Continued fantasies now projected onto the practical reality of transitioning, as opposed to the magical-empathetic reality

Buckner's fifth/final step: Autoerotic gratification pattern becomes fixed in his identity. Begins to relate towards himself as if he were his own girlfriend/wife.

I believe that I would not have ended up here had I been able to compete and to be attractive to female partners.

At least he is somewhat self-aware.

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Some TERFs #sexist

Re: TIM concerned about the fact that he can't stop playing with and masturbating to his own feminizing body. Fellow TIMs come to the rescue and assure him it's totally normal.


I hate how there's always the response "cis women/girls do it too!!"

They have no idea what life is like for women and girls. They have no right to speak for us. They have no right to tell lies about us.

I don't know a single woman who feels this way.

Right? Except these narcissists believe they are the authority, and apparently they get head pats for this while we get banished.

Transgenderism is a bastardization of how they percieve women to be. They could never be women because they don't have the hormones and experiences and thought processes from years of growing up on those hormones.

Or chromosomes!

Yea, why do they always say this? Do they misinterpret something a woman says? Did a handmaiden confirm this? I don’t understand it

I have NEVER done this. Ever. In fact, growing breasts made me very uncomfortable, as countless real women can also attest due to unwanted attention etc.

We do not get aroused by our own bodies. It doesn't happen, even if we're attracted to women. Feeling sexy is not the same as being turned on by the mere fact you are female (that literally makes no sense), or even being turned on by your body. Every time an AGP says "don't worry, 'cis' girls feel the exact same way!", I just think of this

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sosososhocking #sexist

You would think that all the trans hand-wringing over whether it's a fetish would clue them in that it's actually a fetish

Trans people love saying that if you think you might be trans, you probably are trans. A great over-inclusive definition designed to throw all GNC, NB, or questioning people under the trans umbrella without too much critical thinking involved.

By that same token, trans people often wonder if what they're doing is all just a fetish. If you browse trans subreddits and facebook groups, you'll see that most or perhaps even all trans people eventually explore the question of whether it's all a fetish. Cue the walls of text, trying to justify why cis women also get uncontrollably horny when someone refers to them as a woman. (Spoiler alert: we do not.) Or why the desire to be a woman often fades after orgasm. That sort of thing. They spend a lot of time trying to reason away these obviously fetishistic features of their trans identity.

A large portion of trans mental energy goes to justifying why it's not a fetish. You'd think that by the same logic "if you think you might be trans, you probably are trans" this would indicate that if you think this is a fetish it's probably a fetish.

I can't think of anything in my life where I had to wonder if it was a fetish or not. That fact alone should indicate that yeah, it is a fetish.

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Unknown commenter #racist

yes, like how whites walk around on egg shells around black people.

I believe asians whether in their homeland or in West have a serious inferiority complex largely in part to the white murican(well getting less white every year lol) military aggressions/conquest/occupation of than rural Hawaii,Philipines,Japan,covert military action against rural China,Korea,Vietnam,Loas,Cambodia starting in late 1890's.

White anglos, at the time being urbanized/industrial power were easily able to use their superior technology/firepower to slaughter millions of asian men and fuck thousands of asian females in mostly rural asian nations over the last 100 years.

Most asians have been indoctrinated into believing white supremacy. Asians need to understand what the blacks/muslims/hispanics understand. That without their napalm,black rifles, air & artillery support like AC-130s, A-10s and drones, white people bleed red and can die just as easily as other people.

This is why I'm excited by the next coming decades. At the very least asian men( bc let's face it, most teen-early 20's AF play for Team White guy) can play spoiler or sit on the sidelines eating popcorn watching Rome go to shit while its legionairres are spread thin & far across the empire.

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Some incels #sexist

Re: It's true, IT is LITERALLY filled with trannies

hating on incels seems to attract the biggest losers in the world, it's a big cope for them to try and make themselves feel like no they're longer at the complete bottom of the social hierarchy. normal people meanwhile couldn't care less.


My mom used to bully trannies when she was in HS. The insult they used back then was flamer. But yeah trannies don’t deserve rights because they are mentally ill and a danger to society

Based and redpilled mom


trannies deserve the same rights that should be conceded to all, the natural rights. But as with any strong enough group, they ask for privileges while misnaming them with the word "rights"

Fuck trannies and their predatory bullshit. I fucking hate how much they prey on weak-minded low-value men


even if every tranny but one were to do predatory bullshit, they should still be treated based on their natural rights.

Sure, treated like human beings. But I'm not fucking changing my worldview of two genders just so they can play in bajillion genders world.

why do trannies get discriminated against? because they look like freaks. just like incels.

blackpill proved.

only thing different is bluepilled society is actively trying to improve trannies's rights, it's doing the opposite for incels.

I've actually posed as a woman and tranny before to see what it's like. It's literally constant validation 24/7, men will unironically offer to buy you things, and people fall in love with you and want to be your emotional tampon. JFL at "discrimination."


Some guys like shemales.

Zero women like incels.

Checkmate faggots

Reminds me of some soyboy who posted on IT that women have it worse than incels because they reach orgams only 65% times they have sex. Nigga my life's count is still 0%

trannies are deluded enough to think that by saying they are female, it will cause lesbians to throw themselves at them. if they wanted to attract men/attention they could just say they are gay without using hormone mutilations and castrations upon themselves. I was on tinder and accidentally my status was bisexual for 2 hours and got 100 male likes and no girl will look at me so it shows how easy it is.

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red_establishment #fundie

u/red_establishment and here we have a rare neocon, one of the last of their kind

The U.S Admin under Trump is all neocons, we have made a come back

Maybe in the government, but most Americans are against your wars for oil

This is why excess democracy is a problem. Real decisions are made by the Pentagon unelected technocrats serving the corporate donors, which is a good thing.

I can’t tell if you’re a neocon or a parody of one. “democracy is a problem” -_-

I am serious, my ideology stems from Leo Strauss

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I-N-S-T-A-L-L #fundie


Panel 1: [A happy young couple is lying in a wheat field.] Love is really strong
Panel 2: [A combine harvesting machine is harvesting from a wheat field. Behind it is a pool of blood from the same couple from panel 1.] But a combine harvester is even stronger

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luxeluxeluxe #sexist

As A Rich Femcel Should I Avoid Marriage At All Costs ?!

I’m a 26 year old femcel. My mom passed away and left me 9 million in trusts and 3 million in property. I think I give up on dating.

Being a rich femcel is the worst.

Because instead of being FA you DO attract men. Lots of them. Especially ones who want to marry you but it’s legit only for money.

Being a rich femcel is the absolute worst because all you attract is the sort of mother fucker who is predatory enough to want to marry you and hopefully bump you off or divorce you quickly. This sort of person could commit murder for money.

I have no motivation to marry. Seriously.

Being ugly is a curse but tbh I think being ugly and rich is more trash because you’re even more acutely aware how awful people are. People will happily fuck and even marry you if they think there’s a dollar at the end of it. This is the worst feeling on earth.

I’m known in the country club scene in my town and I literally have sociopathic chad types hit on me who aren’t attracted to me hoping for somewhere to live.

I’m ugly AF.

I know I AM

I also live in a penthouse apartment in one of the most expensive cities in the world and I’m not short of pretty bums trying to bum off me. I had a chad try and pump and dump me then he saw my apartment and asked me move in.

I’ve literally had Chads hear where I live and hit on me. It’s gross.

Women get a wrap for being gold diggers and being willing to marry short ugly men but in this economy I’ve found many men willing to do the same.


Being a rich femcel is trash. The fact you are acutely aware there’s a sociopathic bummy chad willing to fuck and impregnate or marry you for a dollar is the worst feeling

I’m not paying for a man so I’m staying alone.

All I attract are men with a motive. Usually sociopathic predatory creeps.

I’m staying single I think

Props to you for being able to recognize fakeness and not being gullible. You still have a lot of things going for you TBH. Obviously, don't let any of these guys move in with you quickly, that shit is sketchy as fuck. And if you ever do get involved in anything serious, get that motherfucker to sign a prenup no matter how much he protests, no matter how much he "loves" you.

On the upside, you have the resources to take care of a child if you want to have one, even if the father abandons. You have the ability to have a daughter with Chad genetics mixed in, as well. You have a chance at having a pretty daughter, pinkpilling her on moids, and giving her a shot at the life you could never live. Hell, it sounds like you have enough money to choose the sex of your baby as well (so that you don't end up having a douchey Chad son, lol).

I really do wish you the best in whatever you choose to do. You don't need those leeching assholes in your life. You sound a lot like me + a bunch of money lol.

LMAO! How did you know?! My plan is to do gender selection and raise 2 daughers alone and pinkpill them. That is my life goal. Any man I marry will likely fuck off anyway. I AM NEVER MARRYING. AT BEST I'LL LIVE WITH SOMEONE. I'm doing gender selection to have 2 girls and putting my money in trusts for them till they're 35. lol

Haha, I'm a bit blackpilled myself. You stated some of my viewpoints in the OP; great minds think alike they say ;)

Never marrying is an excellent idea sister. What good could ever come from getting government agencies involved in your romantic affairs? Divorce proceedings are used to fuck moids over routinely. You can bet these guys are looking to turn the tables on you at the first opportunity...That is if you don't "accidentally" drown in the bathtub one day, leaving him with all of your money.

After my experience with the last one. I've come to the conclusion I can't put them in ANY position where me dying will benefit them. There are simply tooooo many ways for a man who lives with you daily to fake your death as accidental. The sociopathic chad actually TOLD ME 'I'll bury you and no one would ever find you' so yah. I don't put it past anyone to kill their wife for money. If people do it on 48 hour mystery and date like for a few hundred thousand dollar life policies I don't doubt what someone would do for 12 million.

I also have NO family left so he could bump me off and no one would realise quickly.

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red_establishment #sexist

I am Honestly Starting to Think I'm just Too Intelligent for Women

I honesty think that's it, im no Chad but I've seen guys way worse than me get laid. I mean im probably a 4/10 but i've seen threes get more action than me. I think the difference is that im intelligent, too intelligent for women. Women are genetically programmed to want big dumb gorillas, not intellectuals. I understand science, I understand reason, philosophy, society, how the world works. I understand it too much for their minds. It's intimidating.

This sounds like an r/iamverysmart but the more i think about it the more it literally makes sense. Women start disrespecting me after i say something very intelligent, maybe it's because they become scared i might outsmart them into dating me or something?

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red_establishment #fundie

Re: How Would Prostitution Work Under Communism?

Why would it? Sexual exploitation is a patriarchal phenomenon. This pseudo-woke take that women are "free" under capitalism-imperialism-patriarchy is bullshit.

So getting paid to do the most pleasurable thing in existence is exploitation? And it needs to exist because a lot of guys are incels and they should be treated equally under communism should they not?

Sex does not need to be a commodity for it to be enjoyed. In fact, it's best enjoyed by all parties when all parties consent.

Sex is still consent even if someone takes money for it, as long as it's voluntary

The only people who can get sex for free are rich anyway

This is liberalism. The fetishization of the notion of "free choice" fails to account for the diverse and numerous factors that lead to making a choice. A poor single woman who needs to feed her kids. Technically she chooses to engage in prostitution, but for anyone capable of digging a little deeper can see that this choice is a fraud.

I went to a private high-school. After graduation many people got huge cash gifts from their parents. They often paid each other for sex with that money. Everyone involved already came from wealth and yet they still choose to take that money. It became a big scandal where i lived and the police made arrests but never pressed charges.

Are you willing to tell me this is exploitation? When it's literally the bourgeois throwing money around at each other?

Yes, because sexual bodies should not be treated like commodities.

Why not? Providing one is willing to sell it, who are you to tell them otherwise?

See the earlier responses. We communists don't fetishize the fraudulent notion of free choice.

So is freedom not a good concept to communists? Do communists claim to support freedom?

I thought communism is suppose to represent everyone? As a bourgeois incel who was willing to be open minded you're not giving a very good reason for me to support the idea

So you don't want the people who will actually hold power in the future to support your ideal? I'm probably taking over my dads investment banking firm, but of course it would be more valuable to your cause is some broke worker supported communism i assume.

This isn't an insult to poor people, but is it not irrational to drive away people like me?

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Sleepcel #sexist

holy shit the comments are ragefuel. is this seriously what the average person believes?

“Yeah... no, being attractive is nothing but a side effect of a healthy lifestyle, good looking people look good because they put in the work.”



you’re ugly because you didn’t put in the work, sweaty.

People deny this because they just can't imagine being morbidly ugly.

Have you ever seen some brutal IRL scene, like a body, or someone jumping from the roof and turning to a pulp? Well, I've seen two cases of suicide, both bloody because they just jumped over the wheels of car or on the railings of speeding train. Your vision goes automatically blur and after a while you forget the details. And it doesn't feel horryfying or anything, as long as you don't overthink it.

It's just your mind flipping the switch so you can stay sane. I'm pretty convinced when normie looks at actual incel, not fucking teenage in his crisis, his mind does the same 'trick'.

Just look how people react to passing by you on the street. Slight disgust for third of a second, then face goes blank like it's rebooting and she/he is back to normal expression, but straight up not looking at you like you're in her/his blind spot or something.

Put female pronouns first because it's more common to them jfl. That said, even if these actions are subconscious, you are fully ent1tl3d to hate them for it because it directly affects your well-being, just like you hate the rain pouring down on you when you don't have hoodie on.

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JudenPeterstein69 #sexist

JFL all the copers saying they’d rather be born rich than attractive. Being attractive is far superior in every single way. If you are an ugly but rich motherfucker, sure you will have foids all over your dick but your subconscious knows that they only want you for your money, and it will be difficult to find true happiness in a relationship. However, a lower class but highly attractive person will easily be able to become wealthy, through modeling, acting, business, etc., while maintaining the benefits of having foids loving you for who you are. At least that’s my take in the matter.

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vcardthrow1, 38wao & MsSinisteress #fundie

...I kinda dislike parents. Including mine.

I am a hardcore anti-natalist and think having children is the most selfish thing one can do. And granted, people follow lots of selfish impulses - wanting to have children is like wanting to have a romantic partner, it's instinctive.

But it's still selfish when you consider most people are kinda shitty as parents and they don't want to raise or love a human being (neither do I - it's hard and this is a shitty world); they want a baby. Or not even - they want to have sex without birth control. It's animalistic.

Simple as that.

I don't understand how women want children with men when so many men in particular are guilty of this. Men want kids because they no fucking idea how miserable and boring it is raising children and their own parents socialized them to nothing different.

I don't understand how anyone who has experienced serious sadness or hardship in their lives wants children and assume that person is very stupid in general...because you will probably pass whatever gave you sorrow to your child. Particularly as an adult. I am repulsed at the thought of not only being pregnant, but putting my and my disgusting, ugly, bloat-faced mother's face into a little baby. The acne. The body hair. You could not pay me any amount of money to do so.

Sorry if I'm offending parents here, but...yeah, in the abstract, this is what I've come to.

I feel like this about being born.

Why did my parents think it was a good idea to have kids? Both of my parents have been dealing with depression and the family history is full of it.

My father has a nasty temper with narcissitic tendencies and my mom is ugly and chronically ill. I resent my mother for having kids with my father knowing that he would be abusive and being so weak that she would just watch.

Both me and my sister have been depressed and anxious to the point of having to go to a child therapist. I had a stay in the psychiatry when I was only 13.

I loathe my parents for giving me all those shitty genetics and inflicting their issues on me.

I feel like giving birth to a child and actually taking care of it is the most selfless thing you can do. And by selfless I mean being a fucking pushover. Because humans are more equipped to rearing children collectively, as if in a group, where we treat kids as part of a group. But the modern structure enables rearing single parentship based on your financial resources, so it's asking to raising a demon for 18 years without having anything in return + enduring 9 months of pain for it. You owe nothing to a child but the modern structure makes raising it a necessity, and in turn there's no payback.

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tiniestlion & gigababejfl #sexist

i wish women hated men more. i wish we didn't care about having the moral high ground over men or being better and more reasonable than incels. i wish men would get stalked and harassed until they cry just for daring to post on female majority subs, instead of smugly expecting women to accommodate their voices. i wish we'd see a femcel shooter

I do too, I feel like things nowadays have gone backwards and gen z I think in particular has a lot of girls that are willing to accomodate the vulgar tastes men have. Men refuse to reflect on their disgusting behaviour and cry and stomp their feet like little kids when women dare call them out. I wish women did hate men more make them suffer.

lol they think women saying "i hate men" is the apex of terrorizing, sadistic behavior

I hate men, I don’t pretend to be soft and accommodating to these assholes nit now not ever. A femcel shooter. Lol.

valerie solanas had the right idea tbh

The last thing we need is more hate. Honestly that gets us nowhere.

it would get us everywhere. it would be amazing if hatred towards men was so potent that men became afraid of women enough that they hurt women less. we are only as nice as we are because we have been conditioned not to offend men, the population in power. as it is, men constantly expect women to bend over backwards socially for them while having zero standards for themselves (fucking lol i always get moids bitching about my tone, as if they are owed kind, patient explanations while they're the intruders, and some even think they DESERVE to be here. meanwhile moids tell me "kys cunt" elsewhere and i don't even blink). men have been talking over women for millennia. they need to be told, maybe even forced to shut the fuck up more, and if that's hate? so be it

Comment removed by moderator

lel this mad wurstie crawling over from braincels to comment because he's sooo upset by the idea of women possibly wanting him dead when his own sub is filled with moids fantasizing about enslaving and torturing women. i think you yourself could use a castration tbh :)


I think the better thing would be learning to stand up for ourselves and not just take it when they treat us that way. I don't agree that men constantly expect women to bend over backwards for them, but if they say shit like that, fight back and don't just take it. Mutual fear of each other isn't a good thing. Think Cold War.

If we treat men awfully, they'll only end up resenting women. The better thing would be to encourage respect and not tolerate anything else. Society is better when people are trusting of each other, and so I think that's the ideal we should strive for.

Men already resent women.

While I'm against hate that occurs for no reason, you just sound weak or protected enough to be weak.

Women are already more benevolent across the board. Softer, more empathetic, more openminded statistics reflect how many of us are dead and battered for being defenseless idiots who don't understand the value of strength and pushback.

Considering what comes from the opposite sex and considering we already have no female equivalent of that shit, your comments encouraging more female weakness angers me.

I would not change female nature for all the good things but I would empower and strengthen women by force and remove people like you that weaken women.

Technology is evolving and the men are getting mentally weaker, angrier, less conscious, and more dangerous with it. Because that is what they use to cope with growing up.

Your attitude might have done something nice 60 years ago but yeah, women can't afford any more of this.

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oppositetechnician3 & kwallio #sexist

The 'everyone is beautiful' liberal feminism platitudes need to end. It's done nothing for people's self esteem and makes them blame themselves for 'not feeling good enough' about their body. It's just there to keep ugly people in their place so others aren't threatened by more competition. And for average+ people to get an ego boost for being 'such a good, non-shallow person'.

So much of "body positivity" seems to be just to put ugly women in their place. I hate it.

They're saying if you're a woman you HAVE to be beautiful, everyone is beautiful! We literally can't just exist as we are, we can't be ugly and be ok with it. And notice even the plus size models cake their face and photoshop their cellulite... it's so insidious, it was never about body positivity. Just reminding women that their value is first and foremost beauty.

Yes, exactly. Plus so many conventionally attractive women post basic selfies and tag it body positivity, like who the fuck are you being positive about, your skinny white blonde haired blue eyed self?

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LetMeBeYouLittleShit #sexist

“Life is a gift.”

No the fuck it’s not. Life’s shit and you don’t get to choose who you become let alone how life will turn out to be. It’s a gamble where you could be a woman raped by men in India or a feminist who’ll be beheaded in Iraq. Fuck life.

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Some incels #sexist

Re: This only applies to incels, right?


Women want to walk around half-naked to offer potential Chad's their assets, but criminalize the sexuality of all non-attractive low-status men. Non-attractive low-status men will now even be criminalized for daring to look at half-naked women in tight yoga pants etc.

Feminism cannot be outargued, women can only be oppressed.


Cucks will apologize for this shit.

Cucks and white knights are the problem. Women will always be amoral and subservient to their dominant culture and it’s fashions/ideals. Women don’t care about what’s fair or right, they care about status and out competing other females for high status men; Most women honestly don’t care about much more than what other people think of them.

Cucks and white knights are raised/trained to worship women and empower them to gradually oppress and demonize men for essentially lacking status smh, since that’s what most women are focused on and lust for. Cucks and white knights think doing this is literally the same thing as being a good man, they are brainwashed.


I honestly feel like I'm the crazy one when I see a post like this and it has gotten so many likes and retweets. It actually affects me inside. There's a rage because its so absurd to me Women walk around with half their asses out everywhere. Their smelly bellies and boobies rubbing in our faces. As I began to accept I was incel I found it criminal that they can walk around like that. Forcing us to see that and then punish us for even staring.

They know exactly what they're doing, too - and every so once in a while, they'll admit it.

No woman wears short shorts or hip-length skirts because it's comfortable (spoiler: it isn't). They do this because they enjoy men's attention and because they want to draw more attention than the Beckies in their peer group.

They dress to provoke, and they're fully aware of this. But they actually have the gall to get angry when you point out that their behaviour has consequences.

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uthant123 & SCTN230 #sexist

Re: Pretty Waitresses Earn Bigger Tips, From Women

Perhaps it's just me, but I've noticed how women can be very deferential to the more attractive members of their own gender. Even more than how regular guys may look up to the prototypical Chad. Perhaps the women's generous tips to pretty waitresses is an expression of this deference?

In the trufemcel sub, it's clear the women there deeply resent/envy the photogenic "Stacies" as they call them. But in real life, they likely behave very graciously in any interactions with these Stacies.

Maybe women are inclined to equate "pretty" with "good" or "deserving" moreso than men. And for both genders.

On reddit ugly fat cunts can pretend like they hate Stacy, but "femcels" (a make believe term but whatever) would lick Stacy's pussy clean if told too because women care about hierarchy more than men.

Men want authority to feel special.

Women want authority to make others feel like shit.

For them this is a constant concern where they are placed under the hierarchy. So there's no way in hell even the ugliest most crass bitch imaginable would pull the hair out of a Stacy. Shed much rather bide her time as a servant, and hope for a middle status male she can take her frustration out on all while increasing her stature.

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BuyMyWayToHeaven #racist

[OP of "Nuking Africa will solve a lot of issues"]

Sure it will destroy the environment, but the white race will now be the second minority of the planet. Also no more migration from Africa. ??

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DonnySalvy #racist

[Comment under '"East Jerusalem"']

Sometimes I wonder if I hate Muslims and the state of Isreal out of Jealousy.

Muslims get to throw degenerates off of buildings, behead every invader who even thinks about building a place of worship in their countries, beat the shit out of women who dare to dabble with feminist cancer, and enforce their culture over everyone else’s.

Israel gets to have an ethno-state, enforces strict border control, doesn’t give voting rights to shit skins who don’t care about their country, ignore the global community, and get to bomb the ever living fuck out of their neighbors if they so much as look at them funny.

Sometimes I really wonder if I’m just jealous.

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Some commenters #sexist

Re: Percentage of business leadership roles held by women


There is actually a fairly noticeable correlation between the promotion of equal gender opportunities and less women in high up positions. It also leads to a smaller percentage of women in STEM fields. The graphic seems to note that. It's interesting.


It’s a phenomenon where you act up to stereotypes you’re exposed to. You tell a girl that everyone in life is against her and people think she sucks at math and no one will ever pay her and they end up being miserable. While an Eastern-bloc girl is told to pass her entrance exams like everyone else and get on with it and they do just as well as their male peers.

Have you ever considered the possibility that perhaps in a perfect country with truly equal opportunity the gender split between things like these won't be 50/50? That perhaps gender is an aspect which fundementally shapes your character and thus affects what kinds of professions you are likely to pursue, even on a biological level, and that trying to superficially impose this 50/50 outcome is the true source of inequality?


Inb4 explanation to as why east Europe leading the chart is in reality actually bad and why barbaric and uncivilized east Europeans are actually sexist and misogynist filth.

Yes yes and emancipated west europeans are well known for their honesty and unbiased media!

Here an explanation on why east Europe does so well:

"When interviewed by the Guardian newspaper about life in Poland, Maya Mortensen, a women who grew up under communist rule in the 1950s and 60s, commented: “The regime made absolutely no distinction between men and women. I never even thought about the division – all advance in society was open to men and women equally.”"

Interesting and I didn't even realise it. I was born in mid 90s in Poland and it wasn't until 2006 when I moved to the UK when I became familiar with the terms like gender equality. It was as if someone was trying to explain to me that water is wet or grass is green.


I don't feel like this is a common stereotype in Western Europe. Most acknowledge that the former communist countries are ahead in gender equality issues. It's mostly racism and xenophobia which are perceived to be more prevalent in Eastern Europe. Same between west and east Germany.

Okay, but are those same people aware that white supremacy was pretty much a Western thing that didn’t have much to do in east Europe and that there is a reason most Jews and Gypsies lived in east Europe before a German tried to wipe them out from there? There’s a lot of revisionism in the West that tries to paint itself as having a tradition of anti-racism and human rights founded in the Enlightenment yet their concept of anti-racism and human rights is very new and it is already being questioned as a concept with a resurgence of the far-right in the West.

You're the same guy who told me yesterday that black people aren't as French as white people and you come talk to us about racism? You are a great example of a racist.

That’s not racism and I didn’t say that either way.

It's probably because of the gender equality paradox.

Nah, the paradox is about STEM fields, it has nothing to do with leadership positions.

The logic is the same tbh. Women don't go into STEM because they don't need to in order to make a decent living the same way women don't get into the highest echelons of bussines because there is no need for it.

Not saying is acurate just that the same logic can be applied fairly easily.

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Ktownkemist #conspiracy

Origin of the moon

If the current understanding of the origin of the moon is that the Earth was struck by a large Mars-like object wouldn't there be some large scale evidence of that? Even a glancing blow would still impart a tremendous amount of energy.

South Pole Aitken Basin is approximately 2500 km across.The semi-square semicircular plate of land near Taiwain is around 2500 km across.

There appear to be energy waves rippling out from that location in the features of Earth's surface. If you follow the direction of the "cracks" you generally end up at u shaped bends of land like near Alaska, Panama, Chile, between south America and Antarctica doesn't have a Continent behind it like the rest of the Americas so that energy wave isn't dissipated and sweeps all the way up to india.

The Himalayan Mountains were created by the backward energy wave propagating through the land.

Plate tectonics were created by this event. They follow fracture analysis patterns indicating a impact near Taiwan.

The orientation of the Lunar Plane makes sense with a hit in that location in that direction.


Be_Genuine: Is this a question, a fan fiction theory...?

Ktownkemist: It's an observation based on geological and chemical data.

Using the scientific principles of fracture analysis in regards to our planet. (Earth is basically a giant piece of glass.)

There is too much compelling evidence to deny there is not something interesting going on here.

Be_Genuine: No, Earth is certainly not like a giant piece of glass. It's not even half SiO2 and most of that is in crystal form or non-solid state anyway. The other posters have already made short work of this (conspiracy) "theory." The observations you made have are spurious and have other causes. The Himalayas, for example, were (created from the indo-euroasian collision, not, what you said, a backripple of energy?

Ktownkemist: Actually it is like a giant piece of glass. In what ways is it not? Glass doesn't have to be 50% SiO2. Glass can be crystalline, liquid or amorphous.

There isn't a lot of evidence to back up your claims unfortunately.

I'm still not sure why you use such inflammatory language besides trying to make me look "stupid". If you want to comment with science do it, but don't call me a conspiracy theorist because that's just not nice and it has a very bad connotation associated with it.

Be_Genuine: Glass cannot be crystalline, that is against the very geologic definition of the word. glass: an amorphous, non crystalline solid. Most glass we refer to is primarily SiO2, thus why I brought up the composition percentages. As for a lack of evidence, I'd be happy to link you some papers about the Tibetan uplift, Himalayan orogeny, subduction zone/island arc volcanology (which explains the "U-shaped" land around Alaska and Chile, and evidence that the moon was formed from an impact early on after the earth had zoned. As for the "inflammatory language" I guess it was a gut response to what I interpreted as someone trying to use pseudo science (or a lack of understanding) to promote an idea that looks plausible but, when the evidence is examined, is not. In the age of anti-vaxxers and flat earthers, I may be a bit hair triggered with clamping down on misinformation.

Ktownkemist: Glass can be crystalline. It can have crystalline grains embedded in a noncrystalline matrix. That is what glass means: as long as there is no observable macroscopic pattern you can have as many microcrystals as you want.

Go ahead and link the papers I'm sure they are fundamentally lacking some concept.

Be_Genuine: Yes. Microcrystalline particles in an amorphous matrix does not constitute a crystalline structure. And bingo! There's the conspiracy theorist showing itself. I won't bother sending the papers - you've decided anything that could disprove your "theory" must be fundamentally flawed. Real science looks for ways to disprove theories, especially our own, not to ignore evidence that would contradict our ideas. That is the mentality I hope to help people overcome, and the reason I call out posts like this.


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BitsAndBobs304 #sexist

Re: Bullying behavior predicts an increase in sexual opportunities even when accounting for age, sex, and self-reports of attractiveness, likeability, and peer victimization

I think it has to do with being more assertive. Bullies are less likey to no for an answer and keep pursuing. This would lead to inevitably more sex

You must be still bluepilled, with this concept of just world where positive traits are rewarded and where people appreciate people with good behaviour. Assertiveness is more attractive than a pushover but still agressiveness and crime and violence are superior in attracting strongly a portion of the population in the same way that so many people love voting for criminals

I agree with that 100% but would love to know why?

One of the few good quotes from old school gen 1 pua is "you are new software running on old hardware"
Culture developed very fast especially in the last 6000 years but dna and lizard brain portion of brain are superold and evolve superslow, and we have also gretaly reduced natural selection pressure because medical advancements and state and welfare and jobs specialization and cities protection from animals and farming etc allowed more and more people to live and reproduce, but gene selection through sexual selection is still strong nad incredibly old and outdated, just like we live in a society where most would benefit from being altruistic and behaving legally but most end up messing up with either legal greed or illegal greed

"you are new software running on old hardware"

I love everything you said but I think that quote is backwards and not worded right. we are old hardware living in a world running new software. the new software being flimsy social models and a civilization outgrowing where we came from. the software being our views and beliefs and mental fabrications. This is why when normal people (such as women) say they want something or this or that its nonsense and ultimately doesn't seem to matter.

But in no way are 'we' the new software. You aren't your thoughts or your beliefs or values. Or am I confused about this?

The quote meant dna+brain = old hardware (genetic evolution time is slow)
New software = modern (last few thoudands years) culture and morals and principles and ideas
Our aspirations and ideals and conscious thoughts and desires fly very high but in the end we are held back by the old hardware that takes control over us and overrides those thoughts

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SophisticatedBean #sexist

Re: Cues of upper body strength account for 70% of the variance in men's bodily attractiveness (Sell et al. 2017)

Funnily, rated strength is correlated very strongly (r ˜ .8) with rated attractiveness (as per title), but attractiveness is only moderately correlated with actual strength (r ˜ .25-.4), so once again likely some amount of Fisherian runaway and fakery at play, i.e. men evolving wide shoulders (presumably without additional muscle mass), merely to look more dominant in order to meet women's preferences that are under runaway selection, and to look more intimidating to other males too…

Closely related study:

Women are attracted to aesthetic men who appear to be strong in their eyes. Not actual strong men who have Dad bods, wider hips, higher body fat %, short arms etc.

Yes, but the fact that women select by perceived strength so strongly, should imply that actual strength is very important to them (bodyguard hypothesis), because women actually think they choose a strong man.

Then the question is why are women fooled fairly easily by men who appear stronger than they really are, and why do women misjudge strong men as weak on a fairly regular basis. Why didn't women evolve to be more suspicious provided that strength is (presumably) such a critical factor?

One answer is that strength is important, but not as important as it could explain the degree of attraction, rather, Fisherian runway explains why it is such a strong selection criterion (i.e. other females also select men who merely look strong, so passing on this trait to the offspring is beneficial, perhaps more so than actually being strong).

It could also be that the DNA that encodes the brain simply does not have more capacity to differentiate more precisely, and feature detectors for tallness and wide shoulders etc. get the job done to choose a bodyguard.

Another explanation could be that due to a sedentary life style, some men who look strong have the potential to be strong, but are not necessarily strong because they can be lazy nowadays.

Though recent results have struck such a massive blow against the honesty of attractive features about qualities important for survival (health, strength, locomotion efficiency, intelligence etc.), a.k.a. good genes, that I've grown very pessimistic.

I don’t think women are choosing them purely because they perceive them as strong, there’s other variables at play here. They’re choosing them because they’re aesthetic/attractive, and by that, the side product is that these women assume that person is strong, but it isn’t the fact they’re strong that is making women attracted to them, it’s the broad shoulders, low body fat, 6 pack, etc. All things that are seen as conventionally attractive on a man almost everywhere worldwide. Women don’t just want what they’re attracted to, they want what other women are attracted to, it’s almost a status thing.

A man who’s in good shape also oozes confidence and the fact he’s clearly someone who doesn’t lack desire/dedication to be better.

This is actually very analogous to the halo effect regarding intelligence. The correlation between attractiveness ratings and perceived intelligence is also around r = 0.8 (but the correlation with actual IQ is very low, around r = .07-.3).

I'm wondering whether this is related to the ad-hoc explanations that people give when their arms are moved by electrically stimulating neurons in their brains (link). In a similar manner, when some sexually selected circuitry makes someone stare at a beautiful person, the brain finds a plausible explanation in terms of an actually useful quality (moral, intelligence, strength, etc.).

I don’t think women are choosing them purely because they perceive them as strong, there’s other variables at play here.

Not purely, but perceived strength explains the vast majority of it (70%).

broad shoulders, low body fat, 6 pack […] Women don’t just want what they’re attracted to, they want what other women are attracted to, it’s almost a status thing.

Women do copy mate choices, but I'd bet preferences for very specific things like toned muscles etc. are >95% genetically determined and >95% of it evolved by runaway sexual selection, much like antlers and the chicken's comb. Preference for the size of muscles, OTOH has likely actual advantages for survival.

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fschmidt #fundie

Not only are members of modern culture stupid and evil, but they are also emotionally shallow. Other than their outward appearance, they have no traits that historically would have been considered human. They are like giant human-shaped cockroaches, just pests awaiting extermination.

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Milkymoon245 & RareSorbet #sexist

Re: When I joined this sub V.S. now



If you get treated like a human being by most ppl then you're not welcome

The normies on here act like we're their free therapists lol, wE nOrMiEs DoNt GeT MuCH rEsPecT! They couldn't even begin to understand what it's like to be an ugly woman.

Also I noticed how on the glow up subreddit all the most attractive women got upvoted and complimented the most, whereas women who actually needed advice and weren't as conventionally attractive didn't get as many upvotes or attention. It just defeats the entire point, I'm fed up of attention whore Beckies who constantly need validation and invade spaces like ours for this very reason.

Your art posts always make my day.

Also, this seems to be quite recent. I swear it wasn't as bad LAST MONTH. It's getting out of control.

I'm glad you mentioned it I'm fed up of all these Beckies on here who are mad they aren't being treated the same as a Giga-stacy. They have absolutely no idea what it is like to be an ugly woman, a GENIUNELY ugly woman and honestly I would be really happy if all these vapid morons got blocked from this subreddit right now. They're so bitter and it's astounding how they viciously fight with us to try and stay here. Like fuck off and go make your own subreddit, enough is enough. It got extremely annoying when I saw a load of women on here going on about all their relationships, friendships, or male attention they got but it just wasn't enough for these attention starved morons!They just want to be treated as more attractive than they already are. Absolutely ridiculous.

The crazy thing is I bet some of them are Stacies too. Insecurity knows no level of beauty but I had to tell a friend to look around at the guys and girls who constantly called her beautiful. I had never seen a girl get so much attention from sober guys at bars and parties. Shes had boyfriends, shes been the one tk dump them and rejects guys shes slept with. She still complained that she was ugly. How much attention does one person need??? Most women don't have 20 boyfriends and an army of moids at their beck and call smh

I feel like social media has partially caused them to have this unrealistic view and competitive need to constantly have all eyes on them. They see these exaggerated stories online from other Stacies (humblebrags about 100's of men asking them out giving them gifts etc) compare themselves to them, and think they are lesser than. It's absurd to witness.


ive been thinking this for ages, thank god you said something!

im so sick of seeing beckies with low self esteem thinking theyre femcels because none the 6 niggas that like her sent a good morning text... normies just think this sub is nothing short of entertainment but they can relate because *~they went to junior prom without a date!~*

they all need to be blocked! if i see one more post about how some stacy is a femcel at heart even though theyre constantly showered with male attention and love from friends and strangers im going to lose my fucking mindddd sis

I'll never forget the girl with a boyfriend, a history of dating and guys flirting who said she could relate because she hated her cankles

Its so insulting that they'd come here and rub our face in their history because they have low self esteem or are annoyed that the world doesn't bend over to worship them.

We're told to love ourselves and some of us do but these attention seekers do nothing but put themselves down and are fawned over. Almost as if looks are important

Isn't that classic life though? Always had beckies as friends because I made them feel better. Next to me they were beautiful, but I understood the struggle of being unattractive so they could bitch to me and so I was the emotional labor friend on top of being used as a way for them to not feel ugly about shit like cankles. They're just doing the same shit here.

Basically. I think that's what I told her too

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SomeTurdInTheWind #sexist

Study: Women prefer men of taller height, wider shoulders+narrower hips and bigger penises, even in the upper extremes (super tall, super wide shoulders+super narrow hips, super large penis)

Just fucking LOL if you think you can be "too tall", "too handsome", "too masculine", "too muscular" or have a penis "too big". Even in the upper extremes.

That's why at r/Relationships and r/Sex and places like that all the stories are like "I don't really like tall guys, but my husband happens to be 2,00 m tall", or "I prefer smaller penises, all of my boyfriends' dicks were huge and I would have preferred something smaller".

They really need to spend time and money to research this common sense?

Some people claim that women like "dad bods", or that women prefer more feminine men, or that women don't like 10/10 ripped guys, or that women don't like gigantic cocks and prefer smaller ones instead...

Research always proves that is bullshit. And many people need to be taught this. It's a big fat lie, never forget it.

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MozzerDozzer #sexist

Do you know what would've solved many problems people have here?

Not female subjugation.

Not disenfranchisement.

Not Islam.

Honest and blunt society. A society, where you say "no" but don't say "maybe next week".

A society where you say "sorry, you're ugly", instead of "sweaty you'll find someone".

A society where you don't have to keep in mind all those schizo rules when "x" means "y", and in certain circumstances of "z" "x" is "xy" and sometimes even "delta".

A society of either correctly proscribed social roles or society of perfect egalitarian equality, where women don't get to shield themselves with their gender and hateful people like us lose many qualms we have with them.

A society that acknowledges predeterminism as a correct life position and doesn't make you an outcast because it hurts their worldview.

A society where you're free to be sad without resorting cohorting with hateful people, just because you long for acceptance.

One can dream.

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weuripgc #sexist

I'm Bitter

and it's consuming me. My friend got her first bf about a year ago and she has been posting abut him non stop ever since. I expected it during the whole honey moon phase but it didn't stop there. Every time she posts about him I roll my eyes and secretly hopes he breaks up with her so she can get her personality back and be funny again. Her life revolves around him and it annoys me. Why does other peoples happiness bother me so much? Why am I so bitter? Why can't I be happy for others? I think about how my crush will move on after school, land a good job and start dating becky and how happy they will be together and know i'll never get that for my self and it makes me SEETHE. He hasn't wronged me in any way but I still resent him knowing that I will never be with him and he will continue to live a happy normal life while I continue to be alone and ugly.

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gigababejfl #sexist

Re: Wish this was true


If you look like a man, how* the fuck would working out make you look like a woman?

don't you understand that they don't fucking care?? they want to believe that if you fail to attract anyone it's your fault because you must be overweight, there can't be other reasons...I was never overweight and I always dressed well, yet I was ridiculed/ignored/bullied (even physically when I was in elementary school) all my life, because of my face

They think that all ugly women are fat, and that working out will magically turn fat women into thin women (like some sort of genetic tooth fairy).

Most cis women who “look like a man” have PCOS, and no amount of working out will make them feminine or thin.

Pretty fat girls are out here taking husbands and trolling America. The internet is supposed to be fast with information. Why do people lie and if this is old people Facebook 1995 or whatever

I re-read your comment several times and I’m having trouble understanding what you mean?

Anyway, I live in a country where fat women almost never date or marry.

In the US, women who are fat but facially pretty get boyfriends and husbands with no issues.
The issue tends to arise is if the woman is both fat and unattractive.

I even see men who refuse fat and ugly women but will settle for a fat pretty woman if he likes her enough and just harrass her to death about her weight. I see men tell other men not to support their spouses in losing weight because once she does, she will dump him and upgrade.

Facial attractiveness is the real power over here. Bodies can be built and or bought. If you're ugly, it's over.

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Women-are-dangerous #sexist

I fucking HATE seeing attractive people.

I fucking hate how perfect their lives are. They get everything handed to them on a silver platter, they pretend like they worked really hard for it and then they look down on us ugly subhumans.

I especially hate attractive women. I just know that if they had the opportunity they'd have me butchered just for being within 50 metres of them as a subhuman deathnic manlet.

It honestly makes me feel like i'm not a human being. Not only the difference in how we look, but also in how we're treated. People want to be around them all the time, make time for them and help them whenever they can while i'm not able to find just a single friend. Nobody I can just have random conversations with. Nobody to hangout with. No one I can play co-op/multiplayer vidya with.

I honestly don't know how much longer i'll be able to cope.

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negativeheaven #sexist

Re: how do you deal with having a stacy/stacylite sister or best friend?

i have been there. what i did is... i distance myself from her to the point our friendship fade, i just can't stand seeing someone who claimed that is close to me who experience all the things i want to experience like being liked by everyone, receiving gifts from special admirers, receiving special treatment by almost everyone, everybody shower them with compliments etc. i really just can't stand that, it made feel even more like shit, unwanted, ugly and undesirable

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negativeheaven #sexist

Re: I'm distancing myself from my Stacy friend. Am I a shitty person?

i have been there... and it destroys a lot of opportunites of new connection with people etc. but tbh, they don't really care. stacies or beautiful girls are used to attention, compliments, and special treatment that when you open up your sufferings to them they will do nothing but feel sorry for you and it's the shittiest feeling in the world, and most of times you are just nothing but their sidekick also, when you and your stacy friend will have a fight and you're a victim people will believe she's the victim and people will mock you for the sake of favoring her and they will see you as the one who did wrong instead of her, it sucks, also she's a big threat if you ever got a guy who's interested in you or a boyfriend and if he saw her he will immeadietly move his attention to her because obviously men are visual beings.. so i think it's not a shitty thing to do, it's a safe defense mechanism to be honest, think that it's better to be alone than to be with someone who reminds you that you're ugly, unwanted, and undesirable.. think that.

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greensilvermoss & LetMeBeYouLittleShit #sexist

Perfectly encapsulates why dating is hard for women. "Just be hot." Okay but what if we're not hot? You can't change your bones, you can't create that body curve, you can't change your cranium. You can be the most together woman, if you're not hot, you'll be stuck dating ugly losers who don't want a family and just care about sex. Men in contrast feel they deserve the world.

Well there it is. Men are irredeemable little shits that are so concerned where they put their peepee that nothing else matters.

Men are evil, especially men on reddit.

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lonelybones1 #sexist

I wish guys would stare at me.

I really wish guys my age (18/19) would look at me or even stare. Lots of Stacies complain about it but really they have the gift of beauty and they should realise that. I've gotten to the point that I just crave any male attention (not from old creeps though). It just makes me so sad to see couples everywhere. I've never had a bf and would love to have one. I'm under a lot of stress atm which makes my skin look worse than it already is. Having just moved to Dublin, I feel very lonely and ugly at the same time bc guys aren't chatting me up. Have you got any tips how I could looksmaxxx when under stress or how to keep my skin from getting worse?

Anyone else here on this subreddit living in Dublin? We could meet up if you like.

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Throwawaychoco129 #sexist

Yup! You've captured their raw evil down to the bone. I see this as well when they refer to their exes, if the ex was pretty, had a lot of sex with them and was a free therapist? They're pratically a god in their eyes, and the one that got away. Whereas when they speak poorly of an ex (not always) but usually she's not that attractive, or wouldn't put up with their bullshit. I get this isn't every case, but the amount of times I've seen men manipulate and paint a picture of a woman that isn't true, is one time too many. They are parasites, selfish, cold, calculated and cruel. The only women they deem worthy are attractive women, willing to drive themselves insane to pander and pamper a pathetic man. Even then they'll still cheat. Leeches.

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afraidtocatchfeels #sexist

Re: Girls, have you ever thought about paying a male escort?

Basically I am 20yo (almost 21) and I am virgin. Lately I am feeling really frustrated because I am horny 24/7 and I have nobody to call to when I want to be dicked (I guess I am too unattractive even for casual sex). So I have thought about paying someone. But there are problems. First of all, I dont know where to find men who accept to have sex in exchange of money, secondly I dont know if It is legal here in Italy (I dont want to do illegal stuffs) and last but not least I dont know if I It would make me feel worse and remorseful. Honestly I thought also about paying someone just to be cuddled by him. Have ever thought about doing that? Or did you do that? (sorry for my english)

Prostitution is legal in Italy as long as it's not organized (so you can't go to a brothel, but if you pick up a prostitute in the street it's fine). Honestly I have never seen men on the street, and most male prostitutes are gay. You might look for one on the Internet, but it's probably gonna be pretty expensive...

"most male prostitutes are gay"

I remember looking online and seeing one who looked like somebody's manlet dad chasing his new dream as a sex maniac for money

And others being bummy dudes who were looking for babebuxx with what sounded like a terrible deal.

Yes all the rest appeared to be gay or servicing men too

Femcels get no escorts

Femcels get nothing except social rejection

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LetMeBeYouLittleShit #sexist

The world is a fuck fest and the attractive ones are on the top of the food chain while the rest are either prey or are left to scramble for the left overs.

People want to pretend that the good looking don’t have it easy and they lie to the rest of the herd that if we work hard we are going to compete in the same playing field but it’s the greatest lie ever told. Most things that come our way is because the world measures it whether it will be beneficial or a waste in the scale of whether we are fuckable enough or not.

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Justanuglygirl22 #sexist

Re: Feminine dudes ahhh


Lmao wtf? That’s so delusional! Do you really think that can catch a man faster than a real woman? Maybe a gay man but definitely not a straight guy lmao!

There’s literally straight guys calling him attractive in the twitter thread ffs

Also chill out with the transphobia

God i can see why so many of you can’t pull a guy

You’re fucking ugly and disgusting+aggravating to be around

"Straight" lmao. No straight guy wants to fuck a dude, no matter how feminine he is.

It's not transphobia, it's facts. Mentally ill men in dresses are not women and never will be.

You're exactly the same sweetheart.

At least, some of us are not disgusting and ugly on the inside like you are. Being ugly on the outside and on the inside, you literally have no value in society.

Also, you're a transphobic bitch, period.

Lmao If stating facts makes me "ugly on the inside" then I don't want to be beautiful on the inside.

TIL My "value to society" depends on how pretty and nice I am. Nice misogyny.

You seem quite hysterical at a factual statement. Tell me, are you a tranny?

No, I'm just tired of seeing radfem ogres like you brigading this fucking sub. Go shave your armpits and leave real femcels alone, you volcel.

So I'll take that as a yes.

Here's a hint: You're not a "femcel" because you're ugly. You're a "femcel" because you're a mentally ill man in a dress, and nobody wants a mentally ill man in a dress. Have a nice day :)

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Justanuglygirl22 & Adlerh #sexist

Re: Daily reminder...

Eh. This is true, but I don't believe that pretty women are genuinely loved either. At best they are used as status symbols and are objects of moid's extreme lust that they mistake for love. Eventually as they get older and lose their looks, men will either cheat on them for a younger Stacy or replace them with her. That is assuming of course that she wasn't already cheated on before with another woman of any level of attractiveness because moids love variety.

Anyways, my point is that moids can't feel love period, not even for beautiful girls.

I agree with this entirely. Women are honestly cursed creatures no matter what they do.

This pink pill is so chilling to take for me every time because true love is what I desire from this life the most. Don't get me wrong, I agree that you shouldn't base your happiness on relationships which I'm not. I know that I can be content and even happy with my life but I also know that without experiencing the true love I seek I know I will never live a truly satisfying and fulfilling life. Sometimes knowing this pink pill it feels like life is pointless and I struggle to find reason to go on. What's the point when I already know I'm never going to be truly happy no matter what I do? All there is left is just cope.

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chocolatchauud #sexist

Daily reminder...

... That even if you find a boyfriend now, he'll never genuinely like you. He'll think about all the girls that are better/cuter than you that he just couldn't have and he will resent you more for it. Your looksmatch won't ever like you, even a guy below your looks level won't like you. Stop entertaining this ridiculous idea that if you try hard enough one day you might find a guy who likes you. You won't. It's simply not realistic. Unless it's possible for you to get surgeries and become pretty, no man will ever have actual romantic feelings for you. Yes, hun, you can maybe find a guy desperate enough to settle for you but don't ever think he'll love you. He will simply be tolerating your presence because he can't get someone better.

Not only he won't like you, he'll never act nice towards you. All the things men do for pretty girls are things your boyfriend will never do for you. He'll probably actively be mean to you, ask you to do everything for him, be lazy and inconsiderate, and use you for sex.

Yup. That's just the depressing fate that's awaiting ugly women.

And here I was, under the delusion that this was a support sub. Feel free to keep it real about your own personal experience but there's no reason to needlessly make other girls feel like shit, thanks for ruining the day of many. Sadist.

People here already have a depressing life. My random post is not enough to ruin their day, ma'am. Lmaoo. Nothing that I've stated is unknown or new to them. Yeah this community is supporting. We've literally created another sub where we all help each other out with looksmaxxing, skin care advice etc. It blows my mind that because of my little post you completely forgot and dismissed all the effort people here have put into helping each other and all the affection we show to fellow femcels. Just wow

feeling a bit nihilistic, hon?

Yeah it's over

This is some serious conjecture. Just because you had a shitty life, doesn't mean others in your station will have the same.

Delusional normie cope.

Right?! I'm tired of their BS.

You just admitted you weren't a femcel lol

Lmao where?? Also, this doesn't mean I'm a normie. Literally no man irl wants me... I've been rated 3/10 many times before

Oh they were asking me if Im a malecel lol. At least that's how I took it idk

Looks like a Braincels copy-pasta.

What happened with your fiance btw? Oh wait, right... he broke off the engagement because he didn't love you. Ugly girls can't win but you stay denying this fact. Lmao just stop with the nonsense. It's embarrassing.

e: imagine wasting your money on reddit gold.

Yo, girl, I think that crosses the line a bit? It's one thing to post this and remind us that we'll never be loved, it's a whole different story to throw it in somebody's face.

She called my post a "copypasta" when she firsthand experienced everything I said in my OP. Lmao, it's ridiculous. It's just disrespectful of her to try to brush off what I said as just being a "copypasta" when it is the sad reality many unattractive women will have to face.

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Various tankies #fundie

[A post from r/ChapoTrapHouse celebrating the killing of a 19-year-old IDF recruit got posted on r/AgainstHateSubreddits, causing a wave of trigerred salty tankies to brigade it.]

Re: /r/chapotraphouse celebrates an Israeli soldier getting murdered by a terrorist


That isn’t true. I know because I actually did my damn research and now many IDF soldiers. This kid’s name was Gal Keidan, a 19 year old kid straight from high school almost conscripted into the army. No doubt he was literally just standing there doing nothing because that is what they usually do when they’re posted in the cities, they’re there just for security. Now this kid is stabbed and dead but it’s OK they’re just colonialists who cares it’s war. Bullshit. People need to maybe lift the veil that these are kids killing kids and it’s fucked. And to refute your point the parents have been arrested and the kid is still on the run, which is standard stuff even if it were to happen in the US or anywhere else in the West. This isn’t some Shiite/Sunni street vigilante justice like you’d find in Lebanon. It’s genuine due process.

So much for against hate subs, you guys may as well be one.

The state of israel is a colonial state though?

We are against hate. And the state of israel has colonized the west bank and built illegal settlements all throughout a land that is not theirs. Don't expect reasonable people to have sympathy for a colonial apartheid system.

> Kid stabs someone

> Parents are arrested

> due process

Is this some kind of joke?


Calling Israelis murderous colonists in response to being accused of anti-Israeli hate speech?

It's more likely than you think.

It’s almost like being against a country doesn’t make you racist

Care to specify what you mean by "being against a country"? Its people? Its existence? Against it in football?

Against the war crimes, colonization, and apartheid to became a few things.

"Islam isn't a race therefore it isn't bigoted when I say that Muslims are terrorists."

"Israeli isn't a race therefore it isn't bigoted when I say that Israelis are murderous colonists."

America was created by murder and genocide, so was Israel. I have no issue with the individual people, just the military.

That is not what is being said here.

It isn't bigoted to say Nazis are bad, Germans are not.

It isn't bigoted to say ISIS is bad, Muslims are not.

It isn't bigoted to say the government of Israel is currently commiting genocide, the Jews are not.

In all these cases I am referring to specific organisations who have committed specific crimes. It would be bigoted to try and extrapolate that to a cluster of related people (e.g. by race, gender, religious beliefs), but no one ITT is doing that. They are condemning the actions of a government.

It's bad enough that these commies are bigoted against people of means but hating soldiers just because it's their job to kill in defense of an active settler colonial project? That's even worse.

If it was possible for Jews to coexist peacefully with gentiles you might be able to argue that criticizing Israel wasn't antisemitic. But of course thanks to modern race science we all know that mitochondrial DNA and uh, epigenetics, gives the jew an irresistible urge to steal everything that isn't nailed down and murder anyone who gets in the way. So condemning that sort of behaviour is inherently antisemitic.

It's like saying you don't have a problem with dolphins, you just don't think mamals should swim.

I also call Americans murderous colonists. Shouldn't you be upset that this is on this subreddit instead of wasting time with me?


Are you actually comparing the Israeli government to Nazi Germany?

Kills Children

Is an Apartheid State

Has a minority group become second class citizens

Highly Militarized

Commits War Crimes


Attacks Civilians on the reg

Wants to expand land holdings

So...more like Apartheid South Africa, but you could also compare it to Nazi Germany

A terrorist? The only terrorists in the region are the IDF.


You see, shit like this is why I'm not a tankie.

chapotraphouse blurs the lines between valid criticism of Israel and outright antisemitism.

It's a real shame too. Both Jews and muslims have a mutual enemy in white supremacists - in an ideal world, extremists on either side would come over here and rid us of them, rather than fighting each other on a land already drenched in brotherly blood.

"muh antifascism is fascism"

What nonsense you a...

Imagine constantly posting shit like this and then getting your knickers in a twist when someone kills a soldier from a settler colonial apartheid state that routinely kills civilians, bulldozes homes as a matter of policy, and explicitly exists for the benefit of one ethnicity over all others.

The white supremacists side with the European settler colonial state though.

Oh no won’t someone think about the

shuffles cards

Poor Israeli War Crimi- I mean soldiers who murder chil- defend the nation of Israel.

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LeninistSkynet #sexist

Saddest thing is that there are countless of men with a thing for fat women. But there are no women who like short men or men with small dicks. Men are ridiculously varied in their preferences, women only like tall and dominant high-status Chads and want to criminalize the sexuality of everyone else. On feminist websites, fat women even whine about being "fetishized" - the same way these noodlewhores whine about "yellow fever" They have so many thirsty men lined up that they can comfortably dismiss all incels as "fetishists"

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Ub2-is-a-fag #sexist

Re: Femoid writes an article about the dogpill jfl


It’s hilarious that these low IQ roastie journalists actually waste their time browsing and writing articles about this shit. (For the consumption of other women, obviously) Meanwhile their male colleagues are spending their time in the real world covering interesting stories about politics, economics, conflict, etc... real-world things that only men care about. Women live in a deluded fantasy, hence why even supposedly serious female journalists write articles about shitposting virgins on Reddit instead of important things going on the world. They’re children.

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Various incels #sexist

Re: Article trying to legitimize "female incel" fucks up in the first sentence.


These bitches are retarded as fuck

They are solipsistic narcissists. AWALT. They have no clue what most men are dealing with in terms of dating and rejection, they just want to feel like victims.

The second they see something is getting attention they hop on it to use as a platform to make it about them.

A while ago they all claimed the incel label was the most evil and revolting thing in existence and no sane human should ever identify with it. But then it started making headlines and suddenly "I'm a female incel ????"

Yea. It's hard to see things from the other side. In our case, theres just a lot of stuff that comes with it. the developmental stuff. weird little things. the sudden panics and depressive episodes that can get triggered from being alone, being reminded of happy times in the lives of others. I can relate to the anger and resentment. I'm not quite there yet, but I often deal with that as well.

When you have experienced sex, witnessing these kinds of things in the lives of others (like in this example) makes you feel melancholy, you feel even a bit jealous or maybe even happy for them. You can relate to it more. It's more of a nostalgic thing.

But when you are unfortunate enough to not experience it. its very different. its weird and alien. even scary. sometimes when getting a glimpse of the world of sex with others makes me really crazy... i can't explain it. Its a very unnatural thing to be this way. To be stuck here.

We can attribute some gender bias and sexist view to this as well and simply say 'women have shit judgment' or 'no idea what its really like' but the fact is normal men don't either. And honestly its my guy friends who upset me more. cause there isn't really any sympathy just 'well if you want it why don't you try harder? Why not just go gay bro?'

What many normies don't get is that many of us actually are trying to go gay. I constantly entertain the thought. we are trying everything!


To be fair, they have been incel for 13 years after separating from their husband, which is a long time and goes against the basic incel teaching that foids can get sex in 5 minutes on tinder.

-100 iq, the bitch was volcel


holy shit you are retarded "it's extremely unlikely she couldn't find a Chad in 13 years" yeah its fucking impossible, She is not a femcel, femcels dont exist, it was her choice not to get laid and now shes writing an attention whoring article to act like some victim when in reality she could have had it on a whim

INB4 20 years from now femcel is a legit part of feminist ideology and incels are still demonized.

This is a likely a real possibility, strangely enough.

I'm being dead serious. In Brazil this is already happening with movements like 'Geledés' and feminists like 'Djamila Ribeiro' talking about a supposed 'black women's solitude' phenomenon and essentially reproducing incel logic with feminist language in order to blame and shame men for going after white women over black ones.

Are you implying that commitmentcel women don't have a place in feminism right now? Current feminism supports and enables women to accuse Chad of rape when he pump and dumps her for fuck's sake.

Why do whores loving being victims of something? I don't get it , even when it doesn't make sense they'll still try to twist shit to make it seem like their worse of than men. FUUUUUCKK!!!


yes, her situation is exactly identical to incels who have never been in a relationship and never had any physical contact with a woman. Yes, you married woman with children, know all about incel suffering

Fucking lol

so you mean to tell me you have never, in your life, had intimate contact of any sort with a woman?

Yes, that's exactly what i mean, i haven't even kissed a girl

Normies getting blackpilled is the true test of empathy , let's see if they are actually good people who care about those who have it worse than them.

Not even first sentence, first three words. wtf, are these assholes honestly this retarded? They must not understand what 'celibate' means, or they really do just want to hijack our condition because it's a "boy's club." Jfl at thinking we want to be incel (unless it's preferred to being a cuck).

Foids are like a virus. Anything men create, foids want to infect, and the new modern male accepts it because he's so thirsty he'll take anything he can from foids.

LMFAO. Not even the first sentence, the first TWO WORDS.



Islamic takeover cannot come fast enough.

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Some incels #sexist

Re: Blackpill spreading over on r/offmychest. IT won’t touch this.


He had to do literally nothing to ascend. Fuck my life.

He gymmaxxed during puberty so probably had good t levels for better development.

Lifting barely increases your t. And to get noticeable effects from t you need to be blasting it, no natty improvement will give any noticeable results

pfft poor chad over here he is OH SO SHOKKED! He was blind, but now he sees!

humblebragging scum stfu phaggot and go fuck some NPCs on tinder after you stop whining like a little bitch on reddit how handsome he became

muh skin

Society is bluepilled because normies dont hate on other normies and treat other normies with respect since their looks are equal usually. It's only that when a subhuman goes to a normie or a normie goes to a chad is when they become blackpilled and truly realize how important looks are in life.

IT will say he gained confidence when he lost weight and that's why people are treating him better. you see it all the time on weight loss subs. people so desperately want to believe in the blue pill. I've literally seen people say "I didn't gain any confidence, I'm still exactly the same" and they'll be told that they must've gained it subconsciously. they will never admit looks are everything.

Even though he might became a Chad, at least he is still able to tell the huge difference a beautiful shell makes. Most people who go through childhood and puberty in his current state are delusional about this fact and think they have an amazing personality and that life rocks because of that.

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Huntereyezzzz #sexist

Re: I guess her personality detector was broken


All European wimmin in a nutshell

Since when was having brown eyes good???

It’s a lie. Women care about bones, their phenotical preferences may differ. What she means is Chad huntereyes in the color brown.

My eyes are dark browns near black and not once has anyone said they're a positive feature.

Because you don’t have huntereyes. Didn’t you understand my comment? Some girls like green huntereyes others like brown huntereyes etc.

I have a positive tilt with slight upper eyelid exposure. I'm just surprised that some girls prefer brown though usually they steer away from it.

Are u a curry? It really depends tbh. Like I said girls won’t like non huntereyes, need at least semi huntereyes and from that point phenotype/eyecolor preference may differ. I bet in a country like Iceland where 99.9% has either blue or green eyes girls might like exotic brown eyes and maybe the other way around in other countries.

Arabcel, guess I'll have to looksmatch and fraud like Toni mahfud does

Remember she's talking about white Chad here, not Pajeet. Brown eyes looks better with some skin tones.

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BIackRogue #fundie

Why don't the gays get deported because they're the infestation to begin with

You're sick. If you said that to my face I'd kick your ass

The infestation of gays being deported instead of the homophobes makes it easier because america’s composed of 4.5% LGBT while being 60% homophobes meaning that it’s much faster and takes less effort to ship away the termites than the homophobes. Then again I’m not really expecting any of the left to be able to comprehend the numbers and logics I’m proposing here.

We're not an infestation why would you call us that

Because being gay was never supposed to be a thing; men were to be with women and anyone who had trouble with following those guidelines simply isn’t following the reason why we are here: to procreate. And also the reason why gay rights were even a thing was proposed by the same president who fucked up and put America into debt. And personally for me they just blow up the societal standards of masculinity and it disgusts me.

So I should be killed for being something I can't control?

Nono, moved to the island. And for me I believe that therapy works. But the thing about therapy is that the person should be willing to, well, change. Someone can’t go to therapy and come out with a different mindset if they come in stubborn and unwilling to change.

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Velebit #sexist

Re: Girls are using my dick.

You want a woman that wants a relationship, commitment and has collectivist values. A girl with individualist values will prioritize herself over everything else and only measure you for how much pleasure per minute you provide her. A collectivist mindset (a religious, traditional, nationalist etc woman) will be in a mindset that when you win, she wins and will be a loyal person.

Women like that are not often found at parties, drunk and dressed like skanks. You have to understand what r selection and K selection is. Hypergamous r selected women are the stereotype of blondes going for blacks because their biology and kinks direct them towards toughness, hypergamous K selected women are the golddigger/groupie stereotype because their innate biology sends them to chase for status.

Both are examples of toxic femininity. Any man who wants to find a proper quality female partner needs to ask appropriate and sneaky questions that make women reveal what makes them go, what turns them on and what kind of environment shapes their brains, what makes then excited, happy, worried etc.

You are probably doing no filtering and relying on your dick to do choosing for you.

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Some MRAs #sexist

Re: Boys Often Don’t Recognize When They’ve Been Sexually Assaulted


" I want to be clear: Girls bear the brunt — both physically and psychologically — of sexual harassment, assault, and rape, but they’re not its exclusive targets. "

Lol at that fucking disclaimer. Why are americans so obsessed with hating men and worshipping feminism? Jesus.

This is the true definition of "Toxic Masculinity" society shames us into silence, ignores our issues.

When Shepard Bliss coined the term well back in the 90s Iron John moment, this is the sort of thing he talked about, the silence, shame, frustration that caused men to act out for both their lack of understanding, and lack of help for them.

The example today is the overwhelming number of boys raised in the single parent home shooting up schools. We create the crisis, blame men when they explode.

To answer your question, the feminist hijacking that term, turning it against men as they have with so many lies and misrepresentations, so much revisionism, is the reason you are seeking.

Because upsetting women means you don’t get laid. And too many Americans still give a fuck about getting a piece of ass from an entitled land whale.

The unpalatable truth is that the vast majority of low-level sexual assault, from brushing up against someone to pinching their bottom, is largely harmless regardless of the sex of the perpetrator or the victim. Whilst men and women deserve the same rights and freedom to engage in day to day life without having their physical integrity infringed upon the consequences are such that it is a weaponized claim as per the Mark Pearson case. As such the only way to ever get anywhere close to achieving equal rights on this issue, let alone anything remotely resembling justice, is to reduce the punishment to the point that courts feel it is something they can do to women who assault men.

Young men are taught that anything can happen to you at any time, and you need to be prepared to defend yourself against it. The world is trying to chew you up then kill you. They aren't sensitive to things like abuse because I think that is the default that they live with.

Hell, the way boys play is indicative of this. Young boys tease each other and roughhouse endlessly. If you can't take it and learn to dish it back, if you can't learn the other boy's limits of what is OK and what is hurtful while slowly increasing your tolerance of what you can take, then you are just going to have a rough time and never really fit in. In some ways I think that is a good thing, it makes us tough. On the other hand, when an adult is taking sexual advantage of a young boy, that sort of default attitude is going to be working against them getting what they need because that isn't something you can or want to just learn to deal with and they can't really handle it on their own.

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BySNiP #sexist

I notice girls who have an "alpha" father are better than the rest.How true is this?

I come from India.Here hypergamy is controlled by society.Its fading away now.I am in a very low tier college.Most of the kids here come from low income and a small town background. Basically many girls get married at 21-24 and are happy with it.Very traditional stuff. That being said the girls are really sweet and have no attitude,ego etc.Nice people.

The more modern girls of my country seems to have very high standards.

I notice many of the parents of there modern girls were absent or beta(father's mostly)

The more townish girls had a strong father figure who supported the whole family works on agriculture or something else.Their mom usually was at home taking care of things.Again traditional.

Does this have some effect?