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[on Homeland Security declaring white supremacists to be the most persistent extremist threat to America]

Damn i guess i missed all these neo nazis burning down all these businesses, destroying property, taking over cities, forcing restaurant patrons to raise their fists and fundamentally are groups who are anti free speech and anti property rights.

Unconfidence #psycho reddit.com

I stalked someone in high school. I'd spend nights outside her window just to be near her, after walking ten or so miles to her house. I still have the first thing she gave to me, a piece of a microwave pizza box to throw away for her, which I kept and cherished because it was the first thing she gave to me. When she dated someone else, I went to his house as a friend of a friend, and while he and some others were passed out drunk I just sat there with a straight shaving razor thinking how easy it would be. I was, in a word, obsessed.

And I still am. It's been almost 18 years now since I fell in love with her the first time I met her, and right now she's out getting her hair done. I'll probably be in bed by the time she gets home, and I'll wake up early to make her some food so she won't get hungry during her work shift.

How intense of a stalker you are now

I look through her phone, I bought a GPS tracker for her car, but she knows about all of it and is cool with it. Honestly the stalkerish behavior sort of mellows once you've been with someone for a few years and start to become convinced they won't leave.

is the person you're stalking still in a relationship?

Yeah, with me. It's been a long road but we're together.

MiyegomboBayartsogt #transphobia reddit.com

[Comment under ”Why We Need To Fight Against Transgender Acceptance“]

Trannies hate reality, and reality really doesn't care. Trannies are admittedly born defectives. Their physical defects are necessarily mirrored by mental defects. Trannies aren't shy about confessing these facts, they just insist everyone else pretend to deny the facts.

Nature and nature's laws are there to make sure these sex things never change. Boys will be boys and girls will be girls and sexual deviants will join the degenerates who fall to the rough edges of that hard reality.

Normal people can see this pathology for what it is while the medical professionals see the trouble with trannies' as a potential profit center. The taxpayers are told to shut up and pay for the costly surgery at one end and then they have to pony up for the endless pricey mental health professionals profiting with their fingers stuck deep in the tranny's turd pie of insanity.

Cultural Marxists of course use the plight of these poorly cut eunuchs as an excuse to censor all the sane people. It is now a thought crime for any rational adult who might fail to bend over for these lies, damned likes and left wing tranny talking points.

Melyssa1023 #psycho reddit.com

I've outright stated that I would murder my own child when my patience runs out, which would be pretty much long before its first birthday. I've already tried to choke close relatives for the same reason, once as a kid (to another kid, to boot) and once as an adult. I won't "grow out of it". And their response? "Oh, bit it's different when it's your baby, you won't want to hurt it". Bitch, I'll feel even more entitled to beat and murder it BECAUSE it's my baby, with other kids at least I have the fear of their parents, but if I'm left alone with a kid there will be no one to stop me.

Thankfully I'm fixed, and any unwanted pregnancy will be aborted because it will most surely be ectopic. And even if it isn't, I'm still yeeting that parasite.

Back to the topic, I feel much more sorry for the parents who murder their kids than the average Jane. Everyone's bawling over the kid, but I'm here thinking "Did s/he actually want to have that kid? Was s/he pressured into having it? Was she denied an abortion?" and I can't help but think that it could have been me in the news, not him/her.

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If it wasn't for arranged marriage, most desi men would never be getting married.

Let's be real, most desi males are lvm. They are momma's boys, never had to cook/clean because their mothers and sisters do it for them before they get married and after marriage they get transferred to another poor woman who has to look after this man child. They are not good at romance either, because their entire idea of romance is from bollywood and other regional film industries which is CRINGE level 1000. They aren't the most attractive either because they don't take care of themselves (hygiene and grooming). Every single one of them is misogynistic and have issues with boundaries. They aren't generous in bed either because their only exposure to sex is porn and they can be quite perverted. They aren't good fathers because their only definition of fatherhood is earning money for the family (lol) which women are doing too nowadays, so if they want children, what do they even bring to the table? They won't help take care of kids.

This is exactly why arranged marriage is such a strict practice in desi cultures, because they know that if this system wasn't there, most of them would never get to touch a woman and would never pass on their shitty genes. To be honest, I want desi women to resist marriage (unless they find a hvm, which is highly rare) and not have kids. Marriage is a horrible deal for us, because if not for your husband, your in laws will torture you. Even the most modern Indian male is a LVM because the only difference is they are okay with women working and they are "sex positive" lmao. Other than that nothing. Save yourselves, ladies.

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Re: “Let's stop using libfem language. "Sex Work" is not a thing - the correct term is Prostitution.”

Language matters. I'm appalled at how many young women on this sub are involved in Only Fans, camming and other things that they call "sex work." This is not normal or healthy. Call it what it is, PROSTITUTION. This kind of thing has become shockingly normalized. Calling things what they are and not using euphemisms is the first step in turning this around.

Ezekiel_Yoder #fundie reddit.com

Natural selection isn't real. Any basic education from the Bible would show you this. God created the world and the universe as you see it in seven days. This shows His wondrous power and wisdom and creativity. Dismissing His Creation is also dismissing His glory that He deserves. I'm going to say a prayer for "Reddit" Please join hands with me and go to the LORD in humility.

God, thank you for showing your almighty hand throughout the universe. Your awesome beauty is on display for us all. I pray that these lost sheep on the "internet" open their minds and open their hearts to see your creation in its glory. Reveal yourself to them o God and bring them nearer to you. Humble them and humble me God, to stand before your creation and meditate only on You. In these things I pray in your name. Amen.

TheOGJammies #sexist reddit.com

Dear Reddit LibFems: Nobody died and made your self important asses the gatekeepers of feminism. We're not "fake feminists" because you don't agree with us, nor are you as inclusive and non-judgmental of women's choices as you pretend you are.

The cognitive dissonance in pretending to be inclusive while actively stomping out dissent for your personal narrative is astounding. Sounds like they’re just mad we exclude Pickmeishas instead of going on SWERF and TERF hunts like them and wallowing in victim politics. We don't exclude the women they exclude and therefore we're the "wrong" kind of feminists.

And yes that mean's men paying for dates, contributing financially and otherwise demonstrating they're fit enough to have their offspring make it to the next generation. Why? Because we're the deciders, and we get to decide the decisions, and nature didn't make sexual and reproductive labor fair, and therefore we aren't either. If you don't feel confident your pussy is worth a $30 dollar dinner date and it makes you "uncomfortable" when men pay that's on you sis.

So let me get this straight, if I get paid to put on a school girl costume and call men daddy while being slapped in the face and then sell the video on the internet for strange scrotes to fap to, I’m more feminist than if I refuse to pay on dates and only date men who can carry more financial load? This is some Clown logic. Dudes are out here paying hundreds of dollars to sniff strangers' panties but for some reason FDSers are the outrageous ones? I would think the absolute indignity of making yourself into a sex object specifically tailored for male consumption would be the more problematic and less effective road to travel to equality but apparently that's SWERF logic and setting women back.

Holymanbaba #sexist reddit.com

[OP of “All western women are now prostitutes”]

Ie everything about them is transactional.

There is no chance of connection or chemistry.

Its "do you have the looks/money/status? Ok I will open my legs. If you don't? Fuck off".

Their bluntness and uncouthness is like a hooker off the street.

Even when I pass the 'standard' for this transaction, I find it uninspiring and offputting.

I have just realized I should just consider all westen women prostitutes, and treat them as such. Makes things more simple.

Cornfed223 #psycho #sexist reddit.com

In the mating game, females display themselves and men act on their displays. If females can dress as sluttishly as they want but in is generally a crime for the men to act accordingly by groping them or whatever, then clearly this is tantalising the men - a bit like waving food in the face of starving dogs and whacking them on the nose if they try to eat it.

lastlivingdodo51 #sexist reddit.com

Nothing triggers foids more than an ugly man who appears genuinely confident, laid back and happy

It's not enough for foids to have Chad. They need ugly men to suffer. They NEED ugly men to struggle, sweat, beg, and fight tooth and nail for every little scrap of food, comfort, and affection.
They need this so much that they'll go out of their way to inconvenience us at every opportunity. This is especially true in our modern clown world, where foids with jobs, many of which are managerial positions (lmao), offload as much of Chad's work to incels as they possibly can.
Foids want to feel like royalty, like they're queens, and Chad is the king, and we're all their servants. Don't give them this satisfaction.

TheOGJammies #sexist #kinkshaming #conspiracy reddit.com

So there's a not-so-secret conspiracy from all the more mainstream feminist and female oriented subs to ice out FDS under the premise that we're "extreme" and "not real feminists". First of all, many of these female subs are modded by men, who clearly have a vested interest in policing women's thoughts and behaviors to their benefit. And since men on this website stay perched and ready to stomp on our clits all day every day for expressing opinions, pro-female comments and posts are disproportionately reported and removed.

They also exclude a large portion of women from their brand of feminism and yet they still think they're entitled to speak for ALL feminists while pointing fingers at us that because we're not "inclusive" enough and are "judgmental" of women's choices:

They accuse us of being exclusive and judgmental to women for being "pickmeishas" but let any woman disagree with promoting the idea of sex work as empowering or criticize pornography and suddenly we're SWERFs who hate women and can't be feminists anymore.

If we are skeptical of misogyny disguised as kink culture, we're sex negative and don't think women can make decisions.

If we think men should pay on dates, we're setting women's equality back.

If we think reproductive labor is work then we're reducing women to our vaginas.

If working class women and women of color think your shitty "sex pozzy" values are creating more problems for them than they solve and disproportionately effecting them negatively such that they are ill advised values to push, we're slut shaming.

If we suggest self responsibility and actionable empowerment as a solution instead of perpetual victimhood politics and pointless ineffectual thinkpieces, we hate women and blame them for all the problems in the world.

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FDS GUIDE. Non-mainstream opinions and strategies held by this sub.

FDSers believe that the man should pay for the dates. And should be responsible for significantly more than half of the expenses in the relationship.

FDSers believe that a woman should delay sex with a new guy for at least 6weeks to 2months (potentially even longer) for better chances at getting a relationship.

FDSers do not support the sexual degradation of women under the guise of “consensual BDSM”.

FDSers do not support being upfront about a woman’s sexual past/sexual history. No matter how many men you’ve fucked in the past, your answer whenever a new guy asks, should range from 3-5. Would point out that a guy even petty enough to ask in the first place, is a red flag on its own.

FDSers advocate for the woman puting herself first. You, as a woman have inherent value and as such, you’re the prize. He should work to earn your love, respect and commitment. A man that you have to chase is not a man worth having.

FDSers do not believe in any kind of male pandering of any kind. The advice and tactics prescribed here, are for women and for the benefit of women primarily.

FDS is not a debate sub. We don’t care about your alternate opinions. And the fact that we would rather not listen to them, doesn’t take away the validity of its teachings. There are many other debate subs on reddit. Go there instead.

FDS is amoral. If a woman wants to date multiple men, we see nothing wrong in it. In fact, we encourage it for those women that find themselves falling too hard too quickly for one guy. Or find themselves in clearly toxic relationships that they’ve been finding difficult to leave. Starting to see a new guy sometimes helps distract from the one you’re with and can lift the veil and provide fresh clarity on the fact that it’s time to leave him.

/r/FDS Mods #sexist reddit.com

/r/FemaleDatingStrategy believes in the following principles:

2. If a man isn’t chasing you, he’s not that into you. A man’s role is to be the pursuer, the one to convince you that he’s the right man for you. As a woman, you don’t have to prove yourself to him. He either sees your value or he doesn’t. The only thing that’s within your control is working on becoming your best self.

3. Most straight men aren’t relationship material for you. The majority of the advances you receive from men are not of any value, because the majority of them are from men who only want to use you for sex. Many men are sex-driven, low effort, and entitled. However, there are also men out there who can be amazing boyfriends and husbands who know how to be a man and how to take care of you in all ways.

4. As women, we have the responsibility to be ruthless in our evaluation of men. We do ourselves and humanity no favors allowing men to exhibit subpar behavior and be rewarded with our attention. Thus, be ruthless in cutting off men who add no value to your life (happiness, emotional security, financial).

5. Don't have sex before commitment has been established (if you're looking for a relationship) or before he has demonstrated value and investment (if you're looking for FWBs). If a man is really into you and sees you as girlfriend material, he will commit to you in two months (or three months max). If you're looking to have a dependable FWB, you must still require investment from him so he provides you the respect and fun times that you want.

6.Generous men are a non-negotiable. While we believe in having your own career and making your own money, a man still has to add financial value to your life and make you feel like he can take care of you. This means not splitting the bill and not dating financially challenged men.

TabooTPEFatherA320 #psycho reddit.com

Cruelty and sadism are things she has to supress very hard in everyday life rather than attributes that she has to force. I learnt very early on in our relationship to never check her browsing history as it's like something out of a slasher movie. I never even knew that "gore porn" was a thing until I met her and I very much wish it was something I didn't know existed. And yes, this is all very weird but it's also the reason she chose me as her life partner. I'm the only person who can moderate her and keep her steady. Over the years I've been slapped, hit, kicked, scratched and worse. It follows a simple pattern. She tells me to do something and if I object or even hesitate for too long then she'll hurt me physically. Usually something quick and sharp like a slap or hard pinch. If I still refuse or, even worse, get angry with her then she'll hurt me so badly I'll be on the floor.If she's feeling particularly forgiving then she'll let me rub myself on her foot or leg to pleasure myself as long as I don't get anything on her if I do manage to get off. This is also the only circumstance where I'm allowed to get pleasure, too, which is her particularly sadistic way of ensuring I allow her to continue this behaviour.

This sounds like something more closely resembling a 24/7 TPE (Total Power Exchange) relationship to me... With the cuckold/ hotwife facet of the relationship simply being an implication/ consequence of such. Unfortunately... I suspect you'll get lots off guidance to "wake up", "leave", etc... Anything but continuing at your/ her present course/ speed, "organically". I suspect you would get more... Relevant advice within reddits such as r/totalpowerexchange (not as active as it should be, IMO) , r/femdomcommunity (expect majority of feedback will be in her favor), and/or r/bdsmcommunity. Best of Success to you... However you choose to define such for yourself (what I suspect is the difficult bit at the moment)... :-)

aDrunkenWhaler #sexist reddit.com

I’m not sympathetic to the fathers who just “walk away.” To me, that’s the ultimate in cowardice and beta behavior.
Just saw a clip of a mother stork picking up her perfectly healthy baby and throwing him from the nest, to his death. The reason is to increase the chances of survival of her other 2 baby storks. Nature is cruel in that way.

Of course, we're not animals. But let's say you have a baby with a screwed up piece of shit woman that goes far and beyond to destroy your life and sanity, and uses your child against you without caring he's fucking him up in the process, explain to me, since you have no posibility to change anything, why is it the ultimate cowardice to walk away?

Why is it beta to not let yourself sucumb to a life of neverending drama and arguments, if not way worse? Because society told you from the time you were a baby that as a man you need to sacrifice yourself for "the right thing"? Why not focus on other things, like having a good life, building a family with a good woman and raising good kids that actually have a chance in the world?

Also, another food for thought, if your kid that turned out fucked in the head because of his mother commits some fellonies, maybe even kill a couple of people, and you could help get him released if you would burn some evidence, would you do it? If yes, why? Just because you shot some sperm on a one night stand at some point in your life?

OkLetterhead9 & Lion_amongst_gods #sexist reddit.com

For those who still think that women are oppressed in third world countries, just because the western media doesn't show you female privilege and the oppression of men as fathers or husbands doesn't mean they don't exist !


UNMARRIED HINDU DAUGHTER CAN CLAIM MAINTENANCE FROM FATHER UNTIL SHE IS MARRIED: SC Relying on Section 20(5) of the Hindu Adoptions and Maintenance Act, 1956, the top court throws light on the limited scope of Section 125 of the CrPC, which denies a similar right. I V. Venkatesan

Women are definitely still oppressed in third world countries, but India isn’t a third world country

No they are not, i'm from third world country (Algeria) and college graduate are 60% female ! The media focus exclusively on women's issues that's why you have the illusion that women suffer more. just like in the west the media never talk about men's issues and they say women are oppressed.

You’re right actually. It’s quite interesting but Algeria is actually the exception rather than the rule. A lot of third world countries aren’t like Algeria though

In Iran 65% of college graduates are female. The oppression of women is a myth, there is no country that oppress women. In all countries both men and women have problems and issues.

The hindu son

should take care of his parents

should provide for his wife

should pay for the expenses of his children

The hindu daughter

can claim maintenance from a father

can claim money from her husband

can claim alimony from her ex-husband

can claim money from her son

India is the mothership of misandry.

repete66219 and peregrine13 #wingnut reddit.com

[Comments under “A “concentration camp” has been established in a Munich courtyard by children playing as "Brownshirts" who rounded up other children playing as "Communists" who were in their "Liebknecht House", April 15, 1933 [543*462]”]


This "children emulate Nazis" is a bit histrionic. First, a "concentration camp" is just a place of internment and is not inherently evil. The first Nazi concentration camp (Dachau) was established in March of 1933, which would have been after this photo is taken. Second, the Communists were hardly angels here. The KPD was Stalinist in ideology and was in direct contact with the USSR. There's no reason to believe that, had they been elected, they wouldn't have implemented their own form of fascism to mirror the Soviet system.

It's worth noting the photos were likely staged. But even if it weren't, kids play this sort of "cops and robbers" games all the time. Well, they used to anyway.

Reply from peregrine13:

Nazis are evil according to Reddit, despite the fact that they were the only force committed to destroying communism.

YourSisterWasRaped #psycho reddit.com

[image of extreme animal torture]

I'm the kind of person who laughs at stuff like this. I for some reason, I feel absolutely nothing for animals (2edgy4me, I know), and I've never came up with a reason why torture and killing of animals is morally wrong.

All I see here is people wishing for death of, and insulting, people who, in my eyes, have done nothing wrong. Makes me feel sad.

Wow, that's just.... fucking sick, give your head a good shake and wake the fuck up.

You know next to nothing about me, and yet you tell my that I am sick!? How do you know this? How can you know this? Feeling nothing for animals isn't something I hide from anyone, but no one in my life calls me sick, even if they bitterly disagree.

People who've known me for my whole life don't think I'm sick. My animal loving friends and family don't think I'm sick for thinking this, because they know me, and they know I'm not sick. And most of all, I know that I'm not sick.

So, please, explain to me why you know better than everyone else. It's not that I don't know why you think I'm sick, I just want you to go ahead and try and sound reasonable while arguing about with me. You wouldn't make such bold claims that you can't back up? Would you?
I have no empathy for animals.
This only applies to non-humans, though. When it comes to my own species, my range of emotions is just as wide and deep as any normal person.


[deleted] #ableism reddit.com

Every special needs parent says that they love their kid just the way they are. You can see it in the parents' eyes that they're fucking lying, or at least that they're not being completely honest. Stop acting like you wouldn't love a normal child more. I'm pretty sure your life plan didn't involve taking care of your Down Syndrome son every day for the rest of your life.

I knew a kid growing up who had a severe type of Autism. He would yell when he talked, ran around naked, have violent bursts of anger and sadness over the littlest things, picked his asshole in public, jerked-off in class, etc. The stress of raising him literally made his mother's hair fall put and tore apart his parents' marriage.

Aeriona626 #psycho reddit.com

I have absolutely no empathy for children.
You heard it in the title, I don’t care about them. I genuinely cannot see them as human, they surely don’t look like one. People always tell me that they’re cute and that they’re blessings, but they’re not. They’re just useless piles of flesh that occasionally emit loud, annoying noises. I hate them.

Now here comes the scary part. If I were put into a situation where I could kill a child with no remorse or fear of getting caught, I would do it. I remember when I was about 10, my mum’s friend had a baby daughter, and she gave it to me to hold. I dropped it on the grass. It was fine, but I didn’t feel anything. Is there something wrong with me?

Thr0wawayAcct997 #crackpot #pedo reddit.com

[Submitter’s note: I’m really not sure wtf this is]

I have a crush on Barron Trump. The second he turns of adult age, I'm asking DJT for his blessing on ringing Barron's finger AND his glorious derriere. Will this make Putin happy because a.) liberals will approve the progress of the GOP's stance on anti-christian ideologies or b.) America will be brought to its knees in the complexities of manifesting the Orange bandwagon in the midst of Christian anti-manhole agenda? I don't know, and I don't really care. Do you?

coconutcurrychicken ,Jackson2615, azrael-legna #psycho reddit.com

[ in response to this post about someone being accused of poisoning ba neighbour's dog ]

coconutcurrychicken:"Maybe I'm heartless, but who gives a shit if a dog dies? Like why does that require police intervention to solve this "crime?" The dogs sound moronic, probably lapped up antifreeze while the owners weren't paying attention."

Jackson2615:"The world over reckless dog owners are letting their mongrel dogs bark constantly which drives the neighbours mad. Its no wonder sometimes someone cracks and takes matters into their own hands. It always amazes me that the barking dog/s don't seem to bother the owners??? As in this case doing the right thing only brings grief, frustration and ultimately NO help from the animal control authorities. BUT as soon as someone cracks the police are all over it trying to pin it on someone. If even 1/2 as much effort was put into making owners keep dogs quiet, especially at night, including removing the dog/s then it would be better for everyone including the dogs."

Azrael-Legna:"If you allow your dog to bark nonstop all the time, then it's 100% your fault if it ends up getting killed. And the people who killed the dog shouldn't be charged with anything, the dog owners should. They're the ones that allowed this to happen.

And that's assuming that someone killed the dog. The dog was obviously untrained, it could have gotten into it's stupid owners antifreeze, and the owners are trying to blame OP for payback for OP daring to not worship his masters (the dogs)."

BitcoinIsFemale #racist #wingnut reddit.com

The problem is that Blacks don't know how to work, and definitely don't know how to work hard.

And I don't mean being lazy (though the two often go hand in hand), I mean they LITERALLY do not know "how to work".

This is why they cannot access any of the wealth that this country has to offer to everyone who is here, INCLUDING illegal immigrants who take full advantage of the economic mobility. This is why you have some Indian or Chinese peasant becoming a millionaire or multi-millionaire within the first generation of being here. This is also why you don't see Mexicans or South Americans complaining about "muh inequality"... because they know full well how fucking amazing it is to live in America and take part in our opportunities, even if they are illegal. It's pretty much incontestable that America has and still does provide the greatest economic mobility the world has ever seen. And yes, I have lived in multiple countries, grew up in semi-rural America and have lived in SF for 9 years, so while I don't have a perfect grasp, no one does, I have seen much of the world and how it works and I'd welcome anyone to challenge me on my assertion about economic mobility in America.

Before I continue, I don't hate Black people. Very few people "hate" black people, many may say they do but what they actually hate is the problems that blacks cause. BIG difference. So let's try to figure out what the fuck is black people's problem.

My theory is that they literally don't know how to work hard or even work at all. "Working" doesn't mean just physical labor or typing things into a spreadsheet. It also means working together with others in a civilized and professional manner that facilitates common goals of providing goods and services to society.

Hence why when a black person thinks it's ok to wear a "BLM" hat to work at Starbucks, self-overriding the corporate policy of having to wear a specific uniform, they are demonstrating that they don't know how to work and also demonstrating "anti-work" behavior. They don't even have a basic understanding of how to hold a job and sustain themselves, hence generational welfare, etc.

Call them lazy, call them stupid, whatever, I don't think that's the issue at all. Black culture (mostly entertainment, which targets the youth) promotes being shitty and stupid, as well as violence, immorality, and the carefree use of drugs. This isn't helping them. We probably all know this here, but during segregation the average black family did FAR BETTER than they did now. I believe the main reason is that they had to work together to survive and the concept of "working" had not been beaten out of them by a combination of democratic policies and "entertainment" aka hypnosis.

We have a real fucking problem in America right now, and it's not police brutality. It's that for whatever reason, blacks are anti-social, anti-work, cannot get ahead because of it, and starting to freak out.

The emotions they are feeling are very real, the reasons for them feeing that way are being manipulated for, most likely, nefarious reasons.

Even if the blacks get what they want with this quasi-revolution, they will not be happy because none of the actual concerns plaguing them as a demographic are being addressed

Adunaiii #moonbat #psycho #god-complex #wingnut #sexist reddit.com


The ukrainian population is decreasing because of the failure of the economic system of the ussr at the end of the 80s.

I'm not a big fan of economic materialism. To me, it is obvious the USSR fell because the GULAG was shut down. Eaten from within by spies.

Stalin defeated Hitler - that's a historical fact. Whereas post-Brejnev USSR fell to spies without a shot.

The ukrainian population is decreasing because of the failure of the economic system of the ussr at the end of the 80s.

Emigration - because modern Ukraine has a failing economy and lax emigration laws. And a religion that worships foreign deities such as Jesus and Coca-Cola.

Low birth rates - because the USSR gave women the right and obligation to work. Coupled with American feminism, it might be described as the witch's brew.

Although the fertility rates in the modern DPRK are at replacement level - 1.93.

Dont get me started on that 1.5 mil number which is grossly underepresentative.

Can you please explain how the Holodomor figures are in any way relevant to the cold historical fact of 52 mil. in 1990 - 37 mil. in 2020? The Holodomor worked out way better than capitalism.


Shut the fuck up you tankie you are just as bad as neo nazis


Shut the fuck up tankie you are just as bad as neo nazis

Isn't it funny how I'm upvoting your responses as a commendation of your effort to engage in a discussion, whereas you are trying to silence me by downvoting my eloquent posts?

You are not even arguing against the numbers I am presenting. A clear case of dishonesty, coupled with mental dissonance.

No, I'm no tankie, I'm a fascist-sympathiser and a fan of Juche.

Maudeth #psycho reddit.com

My son, at the age of 16, decided to steal strawberry frosted poptarts from the local convenience store near the high school. I received a call from the local police officer, and he tells me they have him on camera, clearly stealing. Open and shut.

I asked what the options were. He stated that he could arrest him, process him through the system, or pick him up and take him to the station where I can pick him up after they have a conversation.

I chose the latter.

My son got picked up, and I met him at the station. The police officer read him his rights, and started talking with him, asking the whys and what not. After a few minutes, the officer got me out of the lobby and said:

We are going to let you talk to your son. Don't hit him.

Me: Okay.

Officer: Don't hit your kid.

Me: Okay.


He opens the door and I rush the table he was seated at and slammed my fists onto the desk top, yelling at him. Officer almost came in after me.

I tore into him verbally, explaining that they have cameras that could read serial numbers off the dollar bills and he is going to steal? Yeah, no.

We go to the bank, withdraw 10$ and go back to the store. He apologizes to the store owner, gives the money to pay for the item, and I make him refuse the change.

He sighs in relief as we get back into the car. I ask if he thought his punishment was enough. He thought it was. I disagreed.

We drove to the store, and I bought 2 cases of family pack strawberry frosted poptarts. We get back to the house and for the next 15 days, for breakfast and dinner, he has to eat one package with a glass of water. Uncooked. (He still got to eat school lunches.)

Parents dont discipline their children enough anymore.

fschmidt #psycho reddit.com

As much as I hate Trump, I think a Trump dictatorship would be the best possible outcome for the elections. This would put Trump in a position to mercilessly crush the Left. And this could pave the way for a peaceful splitting up of America when Trump steps down.

O'Brien Award

Adunaiii #moonbat #pratt #wingnut #racist #psycho reddit.com

[Submitter’s note: not sure how to do quote bars? I’ll just put brackets around what he’s quoting, and if someone without my technical ineptitude could fix it, that would be smashing] [Edit: fixed]

In fact, North Korea is ranked at or near the bottom of several freedom rankings, including Freedomhouse and Heritage.org.

Philosophically, we disagree. Personal freedom is a lie. An ideal for Christians. Nature only knows the survival of the population. This way, I am philosophically fascist, authoritarian - all men and women in Juche Korea work for the betterment of their entire nation. Even the lowliest job is important.

Life for one's own self is disgusting, no wonder southern Koreans are emigrating to the USA by the millions, and never have children. This is so funny when only a few hundred people per year emigrate from the DPRK.

the common citizen thats being oppressed or for the Kim dynasty that only seeks to expand their power.

We are all "oppressed" by life. The way of individualism is suicide - collective suicide. Beauty lies in embracing our oppression, and by working out a great future together, not dying alone.

if NK did not pose such a threat and be so aggressive against literally everyone then the US would have no reason to have a presence in SK.

Asking a foreign power for help in the matters of civil war is unfair and scummy. See the Irish in the 12th century.

Also, American occupiers kill Korean girls (Wikipedia).

I honestly get green with envy that the DPRK can have such glory, and my nation is drowning in squalour.


Thats not even taking into account the soldiers used by the PRC, which amounted to roughly 3 million over the course of the war.

Wasn't the RoK propped up by Americans? Then it's fair game to bring in friends (the Chinese are far closer to the DPRK both racially and ideologically, Mao Tse-tung was like a brother to Comrade Kim Il Sung).

I find it amusing that you preach about being independent when the nation you have trumped up as the golden standard has failed by the very metric you hold South Korea against.

Southern Korea bases its entire raison d'être on being a cog in the machine of Christian American capitalism. If they survive its collapse, then we'll talk. But a far more likely scenario is that they'll beg for a reunification under the DPRK to save them from utter chaos.

(The fall of the USSR is nothing like what will happen when the colossus with the feet of lay that America is disintegrates.)

Also, authoritarian governments only care about remaining in power and accruing more power, they don't care about you or anyone else as anything more than a tool by which they can spread their influence.

Yes, the government cares about its people, for without the people, it will not exist. In a word, fascism.

No, the DPRK government is rooted in the Korean race, not in economics or memetics. It is precisely the opposite - it is the southern Korean government that would rather import Filipinos to prop up its failing economy than care for its very population. It is the capitalists who view their people as interchangeable units to produce the idea of money - not the hard matter of blood.

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Fact is if right wingers did this in, say, Charlottesville, the protestors would be completely responsible and the media would be all over it. There would be calls for the national guard to disband the protests much less the riots, from legacy media and congress. Why does the left not get held to the same standard and instead gets the media to cover for them and continually blame "right wing agitators?"

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RE: A subreddit about fetishistic transtrending: r/itsafetish

Even though it’s a TERF sub, there are some moderates there who understand it doesn’t apply to all trans people. Fetishism is a huge issue in the trans community. Cross dressers used to be a totally separate thing, but then the trans community went insane and started the “you don’t need dysphoria to be trans” movement, and we started seeing a huge increase in people who transition because they get off on it, and euphemisms like “gender euphoria” have normalized it. “Oh it’s not sexual hon, it’s just a gender euphoria boner.”

At any given time, AskTG will have a new post from a guy always with the same story. It starts with a porn addiction, especially sissy hypno, forced fem, “shemale” porn... then they start cross dressing and it progresses to full blown autogynephilia and their fetish begins taking over their life. They often admit they don’t have dysphoria and never questioned their gender until their porn addiction. At that point they come to AskTG asking if all of this means they are trans. Other fetishists respond, telling them this is a normal trans experience and encouraging them to transition.

Only TERFs seem to point out that cis women aren’t aroused just by being women and wearing clothes and existing...

Basically, fetishists make us all look like creepy perverts.

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This is my reasoning, I believe when someone violates the property rights of another, it is the victim, and only the victim, who can decide what a just punishment is. Justice and revenge are synonyms to me. Just because you may think a punishment is "too harsh" does not give you the right to intervene in someone seeking restitution when they have been wronged.

I don't believe in protecting the rights of people who have violated the rights of another, when you violate someones person or property, you lose all claim to personhood and property yourself. Anything else would be hypocracy.

So if someone were to steal an item from someone else, the victim says "you owe me 100x the market value, for violating my property", if the theif[sic] cannot pay, he remains in debt, if he fails to meet his repayments of that debt, he should be sent to a forced labour camp, so that the debt can be payed off.

If anyone doesn't like this, just remember, you are fighting for the "rights" of someone who violated the NAP against someone who was a victim of a rights violation. Secondly, if you believe you have the right to defend your personhood and property, the victim has every right to kill their agressor in self defence, forced labour would be a less extreme resolution. And if you think, "well the theif should only have to pay back market price", remember value is subjective, you have no right to tell the victim how they should value what was stolen from them.

Alphabet Agency Alert Award

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I wanna ER so bad.

Went to the mall at the city, 90% of people heightmogged me ,man, I am 1,68 and this was the first time it bothered me. The only females noticeable shorter than me were teens and children. Fuck this place.

Heracles_Isidori: Do it, been a long time since we made it big on the news. Lately ERcels have utterly disappointed us which has made us look incompetent. Do some planning and recon, scout out the area for feds. If you're gonna do this, carry a handgun for suicide once the feds have cornered you, you don't wanna rot in prison as an Incel.

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Has anyone performed an animal sacrifice?

This last spring, my family and I moved onto a five acre homestead, bought some chickens and rabbits, started a big garden, the whole nine yards. The chickens are starting to get to maturity and I have a rooster too many for my needs. I'll be erecting an altar and sacrificing it to the Gods as a thanks offering for blessing us with this wonderful bit of good fortune. My plan is to take the rooster to the altar, slit its throat over the fire, then skin and debone it, wrapping the bones in the skin amd feathers amd adding it to the fire before preparing the meat as a meal for my family. I was wondering if anyone has done anything similar and if so, how it went? What are potential pitfalls I should look out for or difficult bits that might catch me unaware? Any advice on this would be appreciated.

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RE: Is being non passing ok?

Being Non-passing is ok provided you stay closeted and present as a man, do not intrude in womens' spaces, and do not reveal or acknowledge your Trans status in public spaces where other Cis or Trans people can see you physically.

It sounds like you're already doing that, so you're fine.

I know people like me make everyone of us look bad, they make other trans girls sad and self conscious asking themselves if this is what they really look like.

Only if you actively present. If you boymode permanently none of this applies as you're simply read as cis male and not as a TiM.

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[Comments under “Change my mind”]


Authright in real life: libright with more rules
Authright on this sub: authleft but singles out JEWISH capitalist
I've seen authrights who unironically think authright means being economically left and socially right
I can have right unity in real life but not with the anti capitalists on this sub

Well I can tell you I won’t just single out the capitalists amongst the jews.

Imagine believe in collective guilt
You racial collectivists are cringe commies

Reply from HolymolyitsDok:
Oh no no no, you misunderstand me if you believe I think they’re all guilty. Some of them are, just like any other race, or group of people, there are bad ones amongst them that ruin it for the rest. I look at them like pests however, or weeds, you pull weeds up by the roots or they’ll just keep growing back. You exterminate an infestation of insects down to the very last or they will come back. Time and time again jews have acted as parasites, putting themselves in positions to directly influence and subvert the culture of the host to benefit nobody but themselves, those jews have ruined it for the rest. Diversity is not a strength, it blurs the lines just as we’re seeing now with the current attempt at a communist uprising. Black people stick with their tribe, no matter what, they do more for their most guilty than we do for our most innocent. Jews stick to their tribe as well. Asians stay with their respective tribes as do muslims. Why is it only white culture that is under attack? They’ve attacked our culture and divided us as much as they can to make their attempt at a communist revolution as easy as possible. There’s a reason they were driven out of so many countries.

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I risk sounding like a major AH but my SO's dog finally died
Relationship / Family
I'm trying my best to be sensitive of his feelings because I know this dog was in his life before he met me and meant a lot to him. I bought the dog a nice headstone with a picture of it engraved on it (in my opinion I sacrificed the nice view in my yard for him to bury his dog and have a dog shrine basically) I planted flowers on the grave and I've said everything I can think of that would be comforting and helpful. I'm not a total asshole, I do feel bad, not because the dog is dead but because he's upset about it.

However....I'm running low on my ability to keep my mouth shut about how it was just a dog. It's been a few weeks and it's literally every time he sees/hears something dog-related (which is often in this dog obsessed society) he gets emotional but I think what grates my nerves the most is how he always says "that dog was my best friend" like...hellloooo??? I'm sitting right here, a real human. With real ability to have back and forth discussion, share your interests, and have genuine emotions. I guess I just needed to vent somewhere about it so I don't say something I'll regret and have a safe place to say- I am so happy the dog died so I can move on with my dog free life!

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150 years ago, on 22 April 1870, Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov (LENIN) was born — a great thinker and revolutionary, the successor of the works and teachings of Marx and Engels, the creator of the Bolshevik Party and the Communist International, the ideological inspirer and leader of the Great October Socialist Revolution, the leader of the world's first socialist state — the USSR, the best friend of working people of the whole world.

A man whose name and work will live forever!


masterbateman8 #sexist reddit.com

Why I dont see women as people (IT will NEVER touch this)

What a lot of people assume about incels is that we just woke up one day hating women, no that's not how it works. Lifelong rejection and being treated like invisible disposable objects made us that way, and we are sick of putting up with womens shit. Simps love to say "just respect women bro, women are queens bro", but I just don't see it. I don't owe women my time or attention, I don't owe women respect, I don't owe women kindness, as those things are earned. Foids aren't entitled to any of it just by existing.

It also sucks when you realize just how worthless you are to society , not in an economic sense since that literally doesn't matter, but in a social sense. If you aren't good looking no one cares if you exist. You are naturally treated like shit so, you lash out at the object of your desires that you cannot have, desiring to at the very least get as much revenge as you can. In this case it's women.

Also women in general are overvalued simply because they have a vagina. A man who is the looksmatch of a woman who has the same skills, passion, income, etc, is always going to be infinitely less valuable than a woman. Women are put on pedestals because of cucks and other women who overvalue them, and due to the halo effect every mistake they do is overlooked and they are treated like royalty.

Not to mention all the hate low value men already get from the left in general. After all this did you really think men WEREN'T going to lash out?

autisticblackcel #sexist #psycho reddit.com

What would you do in this scenario

Covid-19 mutated and gave us all x men like powers,you left your costume at home,you see a 5'7" 120 lbs aspie manlet truecel going into a Starbucks coffee filled with foids ,he is holding a hk416 assault rifle, what would you do?

A - Let him have his fun,you need to keep your identity a secret

B - Be a simp and Punch his brains out his head,blow your cover,

Witchinghomo #psycho reddit.com

Just to be clear, I have no intention nor would want to participate in human sacrifice. I love people and believe life is sacred.

My questions are for any polytheists in the sub that worship deities known to have been given human sacrifice as an offering in history

Does this disturb you? Did you get over it and chalk it up to the ancestors had their customs and you have your own? How did you react to it? Please be respectful in your comments.

Doesn’t bother me in the slightest. Animal sacrifices aren’t something I’ve done, but something I plan to incorporate in the future. How is this different than human sacrifice? Because we got big minds?

Well, for one, it’s against the law...in case you lack the morality which dictates not to slaughter an innocent human being in a religious ritual.

Witches aren’t meant to follow the law silly! We break the law of how nature is supposed to flow through people. That’s a pretty big law man. But fr, witches have always been on the fringe of society, witchcraft, to me, is the practice of taboo forms of magic. They were only influenced by the laws of man and their country because it got in the way of things. Magic =/= witchcraft. The very act of witchcraft was illegal for a long time. Don’t fear one illegal act and not another. I get I sound like I’ve got some screws loose. But why support animal sacrifice, but not human? Unless you’re anti animal sacrifice, that’s a whole other story. The dog or cat or deer will weep for their killed baby as much as a human mother would, ritualistic death or not.