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How to make a man emotionally dependent (easy method)

I have a method I use on men to make them depend on me basically forever and I think I have perfected it. You can really destroy someone emotionally if you use this method, so be aware of what you are doing. This has worked on multiple men (actually everyone I tried it on), of different ages, looks and social statuses.


Every human being longs for unconditional love, but the truth is that it doesn't exist. I'm not saying you should love a man unconditionally (fatal mistake), but you should make him feel as if you do. Most men are still looking for the unconditional love they have never gotten as a child. Experiencing unconditional love will make him feel whole for the first time.


He will sooner or later share his insecurities, if he doesn't, you will try to find them out. As a rule of thumb, most men have some for of abandonment issues. Make him feel accepted.


In this phase you will distance yourself from him for something minor he did wrong. (You could make it up, like saying you feel like he doesn't love you, you feel used).



Use him for anything you may need and enjoy. Things, experiences, being treated like a queen, ask and it is given. I've sent guys to suicidality and mental hospitals with this method. All of my "victims" are still into me, some after decades, some are married. Whenever I ask them for anything, I get it immediately. I hope it helps some of you! Good luck!

This is called trauma bonding


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If they agreed to be fucking a guy and then only say stop because they have climaxed..... they aren't being raped, they are being a cunt that NEEDS TO BE RAPED.

I always wish that girls that cry rape over situations that they agreed to-- should be anally gang raped by strangers in an alley, so that they learn what rape really is.

And for the record.... didn't the girl just want him to hurry up and finish? That's not telling him to stop.

.You are a terrible, terrible person

Nope. I just think that women who are in bed with a guy, doing it... change their mind and cry rape really aren't being raped. It is a scary world for men out there when women are allowed to call a change of heart, guilt, or remorse, RAPE. I think it devalues the meaning of the word for women who are truly forcibly raped. I can't help it what hivemind thinks.... hivemind isn't always right about a lot of things.

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I had sex with a guy and in the middle of it he took off condom without me noticing, after everything he said that his dick wasn't hard enough with condom so he took it off. He did apologize when I got angry and all he can say now is why you mad I didn't finish in you. I like this guy a lot, but I feel so betrayed should I end everything with him?

Okay, so it is or isn't rape depending on where you live. If you live in "Reddit-land" it's 100% rape for sure. If you live in UK or Canada I will take people's word on that-- people can be charged and it's illegal.

I gave a pretty good look and as far as I can tell in the United States, right now, 2018, it's NOT illegal and therefore it's NOT rape.

One of the many sites I looked at: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Non-consensual_condom_removal

That's just the legal definitions.

Legality is not morality.

You can feel pissed and violated, but I am very much not in favor of calling every unwanted sexual situation a "rape". As a woman, I think it takes away from REAL RAPE--- and yes I said it! Real rape, like 6 strangers in a back alley sodomizing you in every hole.

If my husband takes off his condom while we are having sex, then yes it is sexual assault/rape. I consented to protected sex, once he removed that condom, the consent is revoked.

guess you are the type that thinks I was raped every time I would go out and get drunk and have sex--- because I couldn't consent. I don't. I was never raped. I was never a "victim" because I didn't feel like a victim.

Different times and I'm glad I am not young and single. Today's women repulse me as much as I repulse you. I think you are a bunch of entitled whiners that cry rape if someone literally looks at you wrong. Or whistles at you. Gross.

I always wanted equality, meaning being equal to men. Not a perpetual victim, who wants equality and yet still wants the door held and guys to pay for dates.

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Service animals = animal exploitation

Don't get mad at me, get mad at the dictionary

And go vegan you animal exploiting fucks

This is why people don't like militant vegans lol

This batshit comment screams how much you don't know about dogs even though you purport to be an animal lover....its sad really, dogs love to work at their little jobs they're trained for, be it guard duty or as companions to disabled people or even herding and retrieving...shit Retrievers and Collies will do both naturally without being trained for it, they live for that shit it's actually astonishing to watch

Exploit: to make use of or benefit from a resource

Also dogs should become extinct through precluding their breeding, not exploited for human purposes.

Let's see your arguments

Dogs dont do anything "naturally"

No domesticated animal is natural

Edit: you sound like a slavery apologist

Oh wait, you are.🤡

Edit edit: people hate vegans because we speak the truth

Deal with it

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Reddit is populated by lots of people who sexually identify as people who have a sexuality which will never be able to have biological children, think homosexual, lesbian and go from there.

If they, themselves point out their sexuality (which they do, at every possibility) everything is celebrated, BUT if someone else highlights a non-traditional sexuality, they really don't like it.

The post was a light hearted sentence and is the kind of thing Brits would find funny, unlike the people here.

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No I don't care if you agree with me or not but we're not going to restructure society because you don't want to get proper treatment for your dysphoria. The trans community ALWAYS makes demands, there's no middle ground and frankly it's an aggressive as fuck/ toxic community. I'm tired of making concessions to the mentally ill.

Not a doctor that actually follows the Hippocratic Oath would amputate my healthy arm if I told him I feel like I was always an amputee. But as soon as you make it about your genitals then it's fair game? Makes zero sense.

I can feel for people with dysphoria and I hope they get real help, but I'm tired of playing into people's delusions.

Yes. Please don't kill me for being different from you is SUCH an awful demand.

Bigots always have "logic" for their bigotries.

Oh fucking please, I'm not interested in killing you and I hope you get REAL treatment for your problem. I'm just not obligated to participate in your make believe and thus I won't. I think asking society to pretend for your benefit is fucking sick. Get help.

I didn't say YOU wanted to kill anyone.

But you say trans peile have all these demands... Like what? Not being killed, or beaten, or discriminated against.

Stop clutching your pearls. You're a bigot.

No...they ask that we participate in their delusions. They ask that we call them what we don't honestly believe them to be under the potential of having your life ruined if you don't. You demand that we lie to ourselves to spare your feelings. That's wrong and it's not fair, nor is it balanced.

Furthermore I don't believe this is helpful to actual trans people. Playing into someone's delusions up until very recently used to be called "gaslighting," now it's called "being an ally."

I don't believe playing into dysphoria helps anyone. Genital replacement surgery is an absolute fucking abomination that literally leaves people crippled and only those in the weakest of mental states tend to engage in it. It should be abolished as abuse of the mentally ill. But the trans community demanded it be normalized and now people are engaging in life altering, irreversible surgeries all while being love bombed by the community. It's truly toxic as hell.

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Only Non-vaccinated people die from covid.

This is my least favourite thing I see on the news, everyday its how some "poor mother of 3 was a Facebook anti-vaxxer, she leaves behind 3 children and a husband who says: "gosh she should have just got it!" I always hate seeing these clickbait articles that fear-monger in ONE direction. How come we NEVER see any news about people's adverse reaction to vaccines? Why are co-morbidities only ever expressed for people who die while vaccinated, and never talked about for those un?

This to me is the most obvious explanation for why I won't get it, the narrative is just exhausting on my mind, just tell us the full truth, stop trying to garner sympathy from the unvaccinated whilst supercharging the elite class of vaccinated.

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Sympathy for incels

I am a gay man, but most the people I hangout with are straight guys. I’m really tired of listening to guys complain how they can’t get a girlfriend, but I also get where they’re coming from.

If you’re programmed to think about something all the time, constantly told it’s the best feeling in life, constantly presented with media where someone’s story ends with getting it, and constantly told you’re a pathetic loser if you can’t get it you’re justified in asking”what do I have to do to get it?”

I had this idea for a political cartoon that might change someone’s mind on sympathy for incels.

There’s a future society with mostly desert and little water. A pill is developed that protects someone from the effects of dehydration, but it only works for women. So all the men in this society are constantly carrying around big jugs of water while the women are told they don’t need it. The women’s brains still tell them they should drink water, and they feel some effects of thirst but nothing causing serious pain.

This society would have a bunch of movies that end with female protagonists getting a guy to share his water with her, but also a man power movement where men are told they should keep their water.

The main story would have a female protagonist who is constantly made fun of for not finding a guy to share his water. There would be a moment where her friends are shocked to find out she never got any water. She’d have one friend tell her she’d get it eventually, than over hear that friend later saying she never would.

Then there’d be a montage of her talking to different guys. Some would let her down gently. Some would tell her she’s to ugly, a loser and a few other flaws. Some would just go off on her for only wanting their water.

I’m just saying men deserve more sympathy since they do have a harder time with relationships often for things they can’t control.

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And the government just lets it happen. These virgin creeps are just allowed to walk the streets freely. And it seems like every day one of them snaps and murders an innocent. Imho, any man over age 20 who is still a virgin should be rounded up by police, issued an ankle monitor, placed on a public list, and bared from owning knives and firearms. We can make the world a safer place for good people if we act now to crack down on these needledick freaks. But knowing law enforcement probably nothing will happen. 🤦‍♂️

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To all the males lurking here and trying to get our subreddit banned

Cope harder moid. Yes this is a male hate sub. And why shouldn't it be? You rape us, impregnate us, tie us down to you using social and economic systems and institutions specifically designed to benefit you. You terrorize our existance. You threaten our safety, well-being, and life itself. You've made it miserable to live. You want us to live in your service, constantly birth babies with your genes and your last names. You treat us like walking incubators, pass laws to keep us in our subservient place, enact unbelievable violence just because you can. You are the enemy. You're so angry because radical feminism and black pill feminism lays bare the truth about your psyche; your need to absolutely control the very being of women. And so what if we advocate for sex selective advocacy of male foetuses? It's a non-violent way of making males extinct. Males have proven at least since the beginning of history that they are literally incapable of not raping, enslaving, torturing and wanting to control women. So why are you suprised that we think you are biologically hard wired to be violent and deranged? There's not enough evidence to the contrary. It's a very implausible scenario, but in case males go extinct permanently, I'll rejoice. Take your dose of copium; males have crippled chromosomes floating in your cells. Male nature is the product of Nature playing Frankenstein with complex life. And the experiment ought to end.

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RE: Men's Aid received 8,000 contacts last year — and 94% of their abusers were women

Why is a woman in control of this organization, how many women's dv organizations are controlled by men ?.

Why is she parroting feminist statistics, 94% of the abusers are female ?, this far too low, nearly all of i.p.v against men is female-perpetrated, 2% are not i.p.v.

Far too many red flags here, is probably another scam perpetrator organization like those seen in australia.

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In other words, should we even care that fewer men than women attend college?

Um, yes?

Problem is, now that I identify as male, suddenly I don't have as much opportunity to get INTO college in the first place. Either I would have to identify as female (faking it, of course) or try to get something like the Secular Student Alliance scholarships. I guess there's also ones for race, I'm biracial. but maybe because I'm less than but almost half white they would discount me? I dunno. Either way, I now have a harder time getting into college in the first place.

Jon Birger clearly doesn't know how logic works. You know, that discrimination is DENYING SOMEONE AN EQUAL OPPORTUNITY BASED ON A CHARACTERISTIC OF THEIR BEING, SUCH AS GENDER.

“Students don’t notice the difference,” Sandler said. “In a large college, you’re never going to know [that there are more women than men].”

Um, I would.

Another dating-market quirk that confused me even more than the general oversupply of 30-something and 40-something women is who these women tend to be. In my experience, a disproportionate number of the women who claim to have the most difficulty dating after 30 are those who have the most going for them. They are smart, fun, kind, and attractive. A lot of them are probably more physically fit at 40 than they were at 24.

Oh of the perks of being gay - you don't have to deal with BS like this. I wish this was extended to straight men. Honestly, it's really tiring to see people whining that those "poor" women have to date down, because they made a personal choice to put themselves further in life...

I swear, these people have to reach so far to even get these things anymore.

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RE: Using the letter "ø" makes you a white supremacist


I'm Eastern-European. Incredibly tolerant leftist from Western Europe/US with infinite love and respect for everyone have told me that my country needs to get "civilised" by an army and by being annexed.
Apparently, the fact that you can't get hormone blockers for kids here means I need to have tanks fuck up my house and all. :D

That is not imperialism, tho. I'm a savage, who needs to be forcefully changed or die, so I can learn to love tolerance and equality.

Lmao same, I'm an indigenous middle Eastern ethnic & religious minority and once a lib realizes that after an argument, the ISIS jokes start rolling in

Isn't this the same view Nazis had of Eastern-Europeans?

Noooooo, absolutely not. Because Nazis were evil and therefore they are wrong, but right now we are talking about tolerant leftists and they are the right side of history, so it would be totally different enslavement, misery, torture and death for me.
It would feel completely different.

Meanwhile, they defend people who legit joined ISIS. Isn't that funny? Your crime of maybe disagreeing with them on things is worse than people who legit joined a terrorist group, lol.

equality? no, they don't want equality. the people espousing this stuff want equity and most decidedly not equality. Their names are similar, but in modern discourse their connotations are effectively polar opposites.

Even better.
I just had someone here tell me he knows I can't talk bad about Orbán and we need military intervention. I'm crying.

jesus christ. I'm not really up on what orban is doing, but I doubt he's even bad enough to warrant ANYONE invading hungary. idk wtf is wrong with them.

They convinced themselves they are the new Chosen Ones and therefore everything they want is by default morally right.

It's the white man's burden all over again.

The Woke man's burden.

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SJW Pope goes full-On gynocentric claiming that "the church is a mother" and that "To Hurt a Woman Is to Insult God"

He stopped just short of saying women are sacred. Wait till mothers' day, when he will probably declare that God is a woman and that men were created by Satan.

To hurt your fellow man is also to insult God.

Well, it used to be but these days nobody gives a shit about men, not even God!

The church being a refered to as a feminine entity has been a point in christianity since the beginning

First, it IS new because the context has changed. Calling it a mother in patriarchal times was just being nice to the wominz, calling it a mother in feminist times is taking a shit on men.

Also, nice of you to leave out all the other gynocentrism, like his glorification of mothers as if they are angels on earth.

It was always mother church

So it was always tainted by gynocentrism. Now it's worse, because times have changed and so the meaning has changed.

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anyone else have fantasies of child neglect

i often daydream about having a son and neglecting him. forgetting about him, staring off into space while he cries, throwing food in his face when he refuses to eat, smothering him when he gets noisy etc. idk where these fantasies come from and it's not something i actually want, it's just a weird fucked up daydream. sometimes i also daydream of having a daughter but i'm much less violent. just sick and unable to care for her.

mods feel free to take this down if it's not allowed here. im just trying to understand where these thoughts come from.

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RE: Do you think feminism should still be alive in today’s world ?

The foundational principles of all flavours of feminism (class warfare between men and women with men winning, shorthanded as "Patriarchy") are inherrently anti-male when you examine what needs to be true for it to accurately describe reality. Feminists can claim that it's "just about equality", but it's equality based on bigotted assumptions, presuming psychopathy on the part of men as a class.

As for the world of yesteryear, feminism's first big act was one of supremacy, the creation of a two tier citizenship where one class got citizenship rights (the vote) without the responsibility of civil and military conscription, while the other class' citizenship rights were contingent on their conscription. The Declaration of sentiments says "The history of mankind is a history of repeated injuries and usurpation on the part of man toward woman, having in direct object the establishment of an absolute tyranny over her."

Egalitarian values are innately anti-feminist.


Anyone who promotes gender equality must oppose the advantaging women as feminism promotes. It’s amazing more people don’t understand this fact.

That's because feminism lies and gaslights people.

They start it at very young and impressionable age. (preteen boys and girls)...

In that respect, feminism is behaving similar to how religion behaved for thousands of years..

Cook up lies based on murky details.. Teach those lies to preteen kids. And shame and cancel those who question your views.. (Call them blasphemer='mysogynist')

Even Galileo wasn't spared by the church.
His crime? He spoke the truth.

Feminism even invented its own little satan - patriarchy.

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Feminism really hurts the rights of people with autism. Feminists solely want men with autism to be disregarded and treated like subhumans. They don’t care about jocks who act like douchebags to everyone and harassed them nonstop. They enjoy that, it’s only when an autistic dude does it, they don’t like that. They will fight for income equality to take successful men with autism money. They don’t want to be productive in society, instead it’s take our money and date chat.

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RE: Anon remmebers


spoilerYou didn't see the 70s or the 80s or 90s

You know they took something but you don't fully understand what.

The best way to understand what they took is so to watch Beethoven from 1991

Things you'll see

- nuclear family
- Three kids
- Beautiful small town America
- Happy music
- No pessimism
No politics
- No race baiting
- No gay indoctrination
- No trans indoctrination
- No underlying "message" about race
- Positive vibes
- Little worries because US is #1

You can really feel the optimism of 90s America. Peak United States power. Peak economics.

And then social media happened

No, protected demographics got the equality they wanted and realised that equality wasn't enough, and by the time we realised just how far they would go to enact their revenge for shit we didn't do, they had achieved too much momentum.

I regret ever voting yes on gay marriage and I regret ever holding my hand out in friendship to any demographic other than my own.

This is what racists were like in 1968 lol

To my horror, turns out a lot of the things that bigots said would happen over the last century should we allow the march of progress is definitely happening.

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RE: Most prison rape is committed by women

[Edit: Forgot to add thanks so much for the sources and all the work you put into this!]

She cautions that it would be “misleading” to read the BJS data as “impl[ying] that the abuse of male inmates by female guards is a larger or more serious problem than the abuse of female inmates by male guards.

It's always this. Society can NEVER care more about men than it does women.

The mere suggestion of such a thing to a feminist and they act like you just asked them to eat dog shit. That's how distasteful the idea is, how perverse it is to people who have built a religion around their own victimization.

Men suffering is a threat to feminist power. It shatters the illusion, the filthy lie that Men Are Oppressors and it's this sordid myth that forms the basis of ALL feminist power.

Feminists aren't scared about "the backsliding of women's rights"; they're scared that we as a society might actually start feeling empathy for men as a whole and send their whole Ponzi scheme crashing down.


When surveyors uncover surprising data suggesting that women staff are more likely than men to sexually abuse men and boys in their custody, they tend either to ignore the counter-stereotypical findings, or to reinterpret them in accordance with conventional gendered expectations

This is a key reason why stuff like this is swept under the rug. People are not willing to have their beliefs shattered that women can be active perpetrators of rape, especially when the victims are male and/or criminals.

Thank you for posting this, it's very eye opening.

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Life can be metaphorically, "Hell" if one will never pass and or has been grossly disfigured by the wrong puberty

So with the foregoing premise, my question for this topic is how can the transgender community advocate for a humane method to end one's life and specifically for persons feeling the need for their own personal unique desire to be free from pain?

The topic is understandably taboo because society is a mixture of personal beliefs & personal values and that adversely harms or helps others. In any case, I'm interested in a discussion with anyone that generally agrees with the opinion that trans persons who are chronically suffering "gender dysphoria" should be provided the option to end one's life; in a humane way if they're truly desiring it and without being manipulated/coerced.

I'm generally interested in finding a real solution for persons that aren't going to be able to pass because of unique circumstances that don't match with people that eventually pass or persons that don't care about passing and where gender dysphoria metaphorically makes the persons life metaphorically a Hell.

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RE: Washington Post Report Finds Majority of “Hate Speech” on Facebook is Anti-White and Anti-Male

The most disturbing part is that Washington Post found the report to be a problem, not because of the hate speech itself, but because its "race-blindedness" harms women and people of color. I wish I was kidding but I'm not.

That is not at all what the WaPo article said, and surprise, a blog like red voice media (?) gets it incredibly wrong, perhaps intentionally.

55 percent of the content users reported to Facebook as most harmful was directed at just four minority groups: Blacks, Muslims, the LGBTQ community and Jews, according to the documents.

So, the majority of reported content is against those four minority groups, but the 90% of what the algorithm catches are "statements of contempt, inferiority, and disgust directed at white people and men"? Sounds like an algorithm problem to me, and it's more than likely not a mistake.

Majority of reported content. It's well-known that people are far more likely to report hate speech if it targets minorities. The algorithm doesn't have that bias however.

Second, WP did not find it was only catching hatred of white people and men. Read the actual article and you'll see that their claim is that the algorithm's "race-blindedness" is a problem because hate speech towards minorities is more serious (in their opinion).

This is an actual quote from the WP article:

The algorithms were over-indexing on detecting less harmful content that occurred more frequently, such as “men are pigs,”

Let's just say that WP's opinion that statements like "men are pigs" should be considered "less harmful content" is subjective at best, hilarious and bigoted at worst.

The whole article is one massive rant about why the algorithm shouldn't be "race-blind" and hatred against certain groups should not be treated equally as others.

Pisstoire #racist reddit.com

[In response to discussions about acknowledging the dark side of colonist/Native American relations when celebrating Thanksgiving]

Conquering people has been the norm for thousands of years and has only now gone out of style. No need to be guilty about it.

I don’t give a shit about what happened 300 years ago to the poopoo peepee tribe.

BasedNRedpilled51 #fundie reddit.com

This is going to be a controversial take, but I support all types of slavery except sexual slavery which I oppose because it's degenerate

There are no condemnations of slavery in Holy Scripture, if you hate slavery you hate God

Slavery was instituted by God, Slaves obeying their masters is obeying God, God says slaves are property

To say otherwise is to lie about God

Slavery is not evil, [Paul] returned Onesimus to his master like a good Christian

God says slaves are property, abolitionism says slavery is a sin and slaveholders are criminals. Abolitionists seek to take their slaves away so abolitionism is promotion of theft, and contrary to the Will of God

Ilovebunnies19 #racist #pratt reddit.com

The reason they want Kyle found guilty is because of revenge. They want him found guilty because he's white. That's why they keep bringing race into it despite the "victims" being white.

It's the same thing that happened to Chauvin. How exactly was it first degree murder? How was it planned? They only acted that way because he was white. It wasn't justice, it was revenge. The dude was saying how he couldn't breathe before he went on the floor. And had one of the most dangerous drugs in his system- yet somehow that was all overlooked. Even if you could argue it was neglectful, Chauvin got the most extreme punishment possible.

AtotheZtotheN (Ben Chim) #elitist #moonbat #psycho #racist reddit.com

(Emphasis submitter’s)

Want to join a Real-World Pan-Asian Organization?

Hi Aznidentity,

This is Ben Chin, founder of the Pan Asian Harmony Society, a Pan Asian human rights organization based in the Greater Los Angeles Area. Since about February of this year, I've been organizing & attending patrols with members of Asians with Attitudes and distributing hate crime books & pepper spray (courtesy of hatecrimebook & Asians Taking Action) to the local community & trying to connect different Asian peoples here but the organization needs help to grow and I am now looking to expand it.

While I would first like some local aid, I am very much open to recruiting members from other states & other countries to extend reach. The only requirements for rank-and-file members are:

Be of Asian descent (trace your heritage to the continent of Asia)

Be 18 years or older

Memorize & swear the Pan Asian Oath

Own a firearm* (This requirement is flexible and can depend on location but will be more stringent as we grow.)

Exclusions: the organization does not permit members with white partners.

Membership is currently unpaid & free but, as the organization grows, I do foresee paying employed members. (I don't even really pay myself yet. 😅) And though this post is in Asian Diasporic Vernacular English, the organization encourages multilingualism & would be delighted to have members from outside of the Anglosphere.

Aside from rank-and-file membership, I am also recruiting for the organization's Executive Staff:

Chief of Defence

Chief of Education

Chief of Economic Development

Chief Justice

Chief of Culture

Chief of Housing

Chief of Agriculture &

Chief of Diaspora Affairs

If you are interested in joining, please DM (preferrably IG but here is good too) or text the organization's number, which can be found at the IG link above.

Comments & criticism welcome.

Best wishes,

Ben Chin

Various MRAs #sexist #wingnut reddit.com

”When a partner isolates their spouce from friends, assiciates, and public places , it’s called domestic abusen. When it’s done to an entire gender, it’s called feminism.”

This is a quote out of the book ”men on strike” what are your thoughts on this.

It's a hundred percent right. Feminism is about punishing men for the act of being a man. It's pure hatred and female supremacy yet our society refuses to wake up to that fact.

And funny how the "punishment" for being a man is always having to "sacrifice" so that any women in the vicinity doesn't need to do any work, or feel any bad feelings, or just give her your money shitlord, or just die, or whatever else benefits women that they abuse into men.

flatearthandmore_ #conspiracy #crackpot #quack reddit.com

Lead paint was banned, not because children were eating paint chips, but rather how well it absorbed RF/EMF radiation. Why do you think you wear a lead vest whilst getting X-Rayed? lead is highly effective in providing protection from sources of radiation. Including gamma rays, x-rays, and other types of radiation. The truth of the matter is that they removed this paint to make their silent weapons more effective against us.

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RE: 16-year-old sister repeatedly rapes 13 year old brother and becomes pregnant. Admits to forcing brother with beatings and threats to tell people he was raping her. 13 year old boy is arrested, while "16 year old girl victim is hospitalized" (literally exact words from the article)


"She then pressured her brother and started forcing him to have sex without her consent."



Years of feminist "men are predators, women are victims" narrative ended up with us reaching this point.

Fuck India's laws. Complete and utter shithole

The US isn't much better.

Let's face it. Practically everywhere legally for men is shit rn. Everyone is living in a dystopia. Btw, nice username

Misandrist media, society and government. Sadly that boy is about to get a taste of male disposability while he's still basically a kid.

Exactly this, women will look at the top 20% of men and scream about how unfair their life is compared to them while ignoring the bottom 80% of men who are literally living a shit existence.

India moment. This is what happens when feminism gets to make the law.


Ah yes India, that well-known bastion of feminism...

Well it was indian feminist who were against gender neutral laws for men and boys in india. They even wanted to exclude boys from bill protecting minors from sexual abuse and rape.

this must be that male privilege i keep hearing about.

This is “male privilege” in action. Anyone still using that phrase can go fuck themselves.


It must be horrifying to live in India

Truly a shithole with shitty people. Not surprised that all their intellectuals aee migrating to the west.

India is just a hole… I feel so sorry for all our guys living there right now

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RE: How safe do people feel to walk alone on the streets at night


One word: immigration

Call me crazy, but it seems like countries where the percentage of people whose grandparents weren't born in Europe is higher have the least safety.

Thank you, immigration. Well it's not fair to put all immigration in the same basket. Insecurity comes usually from immigrants of the Menapt region at least in France, but from what i've seen it's the same everywhere in Europe. Coincidence?


Well, i dont believe this.

So small difference between Poland and Germany?

Poland is faar safer than Germany.

As someone who lived in both Portugal and Poland, it makes no sense. I felt way safer in Poland, not even comparable, and while in Portugal I got mugged on average once a year in Poland I didn't suffer any kind of crime during the 8 years I lived there.

This is spiralling out of controle in France.

Our government and the left are basicly ignoring the issue. Here in Caen i had to take the metro further than i would want to in order to avoid the people coming from immigration, i have been insulted as a "Sale Blanc" (Dirty White).

My nephews Dad works in the Israeli army and because of Social media it is now known and the death threats are common.

I plan to stick around until 2027 and see if things get better, else i plan to immigrate in order to avoid Violence and racism, ironic right?

For Romania it's true. Our most robbers are in France now.

Romanians were the robbers 15-25 years ago. Now they are staying in their caravans in order to be safe from the people coming from Maghrebian/turkish immigration.

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RE: Q4All: What’s disgusting about male sexuality?

Men want unwanted sex with women. That disgusts me.

There are more women with rape fantasies than there are men with rape fantasies. A lot of this is just projecting: rape fantasies are one of the number one sex fantasies among females - and because they think and daydream about 50 Shades of Rape all the time, they end up believing that men also want to rape them all the time.

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RE: Turns out Canada's infamous infanticide law is worse than i thought. Seems that even LACTATING can be seen as an excuse to murder an infant!


I hate to say it but if women can be irrational due to their hormones to the point of murder, we really should think twice before we elect any female officials into power...I don't want to go to war because our country's leader is PMS'ing or lactating..

This is one of the biggest ironies in the feminist movement: the idea that women are irrational and hormone-fueled is misogyny in every context... except when they're violent. Then it's suddenly a valid excuse.

Feminists attain olympic levels of mental gymnastics when it comes to justifying female violence. To the point of saying that women's prisons should close entirely or blaming "the patriarchy" for a murder committed by a feminist activist.

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We had Ms Thorpe at our office ranting about her usual BS about how DHHS was creating a new 'stolen generation' and committing cultural genocide.

The majority of Aboriginal children are removed because of "neglect", not abuse, neglect is an incredibly nebulous category that would include things like simply being in poverty and not being able to afford certain things. Removing a child from their family almost always does not actually benefit the child except in extreme circumstances of physical/emotional or sexual abuse.

Mate I've worked in child protection, shut the fuck up - you have no idea what you're talking about or the horrors people have to see these parents inflict on kids. It's not 'here's the caseworkers statement, let's go grab that kid!'. It's 'Here's a photo of the rooms currently unusable due to filth. Here's the doctor's report showing severe malnourishment. Here's the psychologist's report showing severe failure to thrive and loss of language. Here's the police report for their attendance where the father beat the shit out of the mum and threw a chair at her whilst holding a baby'.

Damn bro you pretty much described my childhood to a T and yet here I am, perfectly fine, university educated with gainful employment, somehow I managed to survive neglect, somehow I managed to overcome a childhood where I didn't speak to anyone for a fucking year, a childhood of malnutrition that the school tried to intervene believing I had anorexia, a family home filled with rubbish and mould, survived going to bed every night listening to constant screaming and fist fights, somehow I managed to survive without being torn from my fucking family, which is itself an act of violence. I survived because despite all the trauma I dealt with I knew my family loved me but they were struggling just as much as I was.

Tearing a child from their family is pretty much the most fucking traumatic thing you can do to them.

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I am a firm believer in people getting a beating for being too lippy. The internet lets these people dodge their comeuppance, I am not okay with that. People that feel they can say what they want at any time on the internet, I hope those people get punched too. You react and there is an equal or greater reaction, the world has always and will always work that way. Disagree with me? Just take a look at Israel rn

Well then don't complain when you get paralyzed/murdered like this guy could've been, for saying a word.

I'm not saying it's right, but this guy is not helping his cause at all acting like this, the first punch was maybe "justifiable", but dragging his unconscious body from a 3 foot tall lever potentially smashing the back of his head on the concrete could've killed him.

I don't want to live in a world where I could potentially be murdered for saying something, it's interesting that you would though.

We are living in that world right now, saying the wrong thing in the wrong place has consequences. Always has always will, people are killed for far less these days. Not just in America, wherever you are you should be mindful of what you say. Common courtesy and politeness are very hard to find these days, so don’t run your mouth off at people you don’t know. Simple very very simple

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Feminism kills.

I despise/deeply loathe other females after my brother committed suicide

I think it's time that someone opens the Reddit ThisIsFeminism. Where all the things feminists would not admit about feminism and its consequences will be uploaded as screenshots and links.

Men are 3 times less likely to report sexual assault

Statistics like that show that men are less likely to talk about being abused but feminists sometimes ignore that presenting abusive relationships as a gendered issue when it isn’t and we need to combat this issue

They are not only ignoring it. Feminists actively try to prevent men of reporting female abuse, by attacking them if they do, and by this, feminists are one of the primary reasons men can't talk. Why have we not seen in me too men posting about what women did? Read this.

If anyone thinks this isn't feminism:

Remember that feminists actively promote the devaluing of men on social media and in real life.

Remember that feminists work tirelessly to take attention off the real causes of men's issues, such as lack of resources, and place them on snake oil, like "toxic masculinity."

Remember that feminists will side with a woman no matter how abusive she is, actively reinforcing her behavior and enabling her.

Remember that feminists frequently deny that many of men's issues exist in the first place.

Many male suicides can be directly linked to the effect that feminism has had on society. It is not the slightest bit hyperbolic to state that feminism kills men.

Feminism has the doctrine that privilege is invisible to those who have it... and they don't understand what that says about the fact that they don't see themselves as privileged.

"When you live with privilege, equality feels like oppression."

Perfectly describes the feminist mindset.