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Well, r/abortion is openly a “pro-abortion” sub. I thought it was was a “pro-choice” sub, but they’re actually going farther and Promoting abortion. She was asking for ideas from both pro-life and pro-choice people and got this response. An important difference.

Reddit it pro-abortion.

Well, technically pro-money, but Satan gives money to those who bow to him. Even Jesus was offered that.

Prochoice and proabortion mean the same thing, yeesh I wish everyone would stop acting like it's different. Imagine if someone said "omggg they're not.prilife they're anti abortion", like hellooo, duh are u dumb

They’re actually different in important ways. Pro-choice people are okay with killing innocent human beings, but they at least believe the woman should have a choice in the matter and to be informed of her other options. Pro-abortion people are actually looking to push and promote abortion, to make it more wide spread.

Proabortion support legal abortion, period . U can think all kinds of connotations about the word that you want but that is what it means, they're literally synonymous. Promoting abortion doesn't mean you don't support a woman keeping her child, legally anyway. Pro choice doesn't mean you don't have opinions of women's living situation and choices when it comes to having a child, it just means that you support abortion ....stop acting like they're separate. They are one in the same

They admit it again and again. I hate their guts so fucking much. I hate the fact that they're never going to pay. Probably.

Can we stop using the word pro-choice when the only person who has a choice is the person considering premeditated murder? Is there anyone in the world who would label a person who is committed one to several premeditated murders pro choice?

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If you look into the issue just a little bit, you will discover the vaccines have caused major damage to large numbers of humans and animals, including brain damage. Many have also been linked with autism rises, etc. They also sometimes include cells lines from aborted babies. They are frequently filled with things that extremely harmful in many ways. People should not receive them. It's outrageous and horrible that people are being forced to receive vaccines---truly horrible.

Also, when you posted your false comment, you probably knew that we were against vaccines. So, you are arrogantly posting on our site essentially that we are totally wrong about the matter (when you are actually wrong).

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But men get to kill their own children all the time is only women that are not allowed to...oh wait no men cannot kill unborn children. Nevermind.

Abortion Resistance are amazing!

100%! It isn't "oppressive" to take responsibility for your actions. What is oppressive is being told that because I didn't kill my child, I am somehow not as successful as I am supposed to be. I'll take raising a family over grinding for "the man" anyday!

This must be the trophy POC I keep hearing about


Because it’s a pro-life POC, the PC crowd calls them our trophy POC or token POC, something like that


How do laws forbidding abortion oppress anyone?


By that definition anything illegal is oppression


Oppression implies cruelty. It’s not cruel to make abortion or murder illegal. It’s obviously a moral decision. I get you’re trying to play with words to be clever, but your point makes no sense.

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The Pro-Life side WILL win in the end
Throughout time, those who have viewed other people as less than human have always been on the wrong side of history. The owning of slaves, Jim Crow laws, Nazism, Communism, etc. Viewing human beings of any size as anything else than what they are is a losing strategy. It might take time, but I have hope.

It’s harder because the unborn can’t speak up like African Americans during Jim Crow. Not impossible though.

The African Americans didn't magically achieve equality just by speaking up. They needed voices, white voices to listen and agree with them and stand up for them as well. It's not much different here except the unborn have a melting pot of support

I can’t remember who it was. It may been Charlie Kirk, but I can’t remember for sure. Anyway, he said the only way things like Nazism and Jim Crow can happen is if a percentage of the population is dehumanized. Then he talked about how the unborn babies are being dehumanized.

They're an easy target for hatred because- unlike other groups- babies can't defend themselves.

And when it does, they'll find someone else to oppress

I feel unborn humans is the last barrier of human rights violation. They are the perfect target for oppression not able to defend themselves and their killings committed in secrecy so I cannot imagine the humans that have a voice will be silenced.

As soon as we win the democrats are going to BLM all over again

EXACTLY. Human rights have expanded with time not shrunk. Even unborn babies have some rights depending on the jurisdiction (like past 25 weeks in most places) so is a matter of moving those rights a few weeks more. Piece of cake lol

I wonder when the parties will "switch" again when the left has to own up to abortion.

The party switch is the most hilarious thing ever. It's just a totally made-up cope for them to cling to when they have to deal with the past.

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Historic Dates for Humanity

While both of those examples are not as explicit of steps in human progress as the are widely accepted to be, Roe v Wade is not particularly significant at all. It simply means states have a choice now. Following the slavery analogy, the overturning of Roe v Wade is more equivalent to the expiration of the unconstitutional protection for the Transatlantic Slave Trade in 1808. A major step, yes, but how many people even know the specifics of that decision today?

And even when we eventually ban abortion in America, we still have the rest of the world to worry about, including our close allies in western Europe, who are showing no signs of even considering banning abortion. I hate to say it, but overturning Roe was by far the easiest step in this journey.

The Emancipation Proclamation freed all slaves in the confederate states.

Not sure what defines the end of the holocaust, but when it was ended, Jews were no longer placed in camps and killed, experimented on, or worked to death.

Overturning Roe v Wade made it so states weren’t obligated to allow abortion.

It was a huge step, but I would argue still significantly less significant than the others.


It was a huge step, but I would argue still significantly less significant than the others.

Abortion in America has killed way more people than the Nazis ever did.

And when abortion is ended, you can argue it will be more significant than the holocaust ending.

But as it stands, someone is at most a 4-hour flight away from being able to kill their child.

Abortion on demand will essentially be ending in half of US states. And if some make good on their promise to prosecute those who seek abortions in other states, it'll dramatically cut down on the gross numbers.

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In 1933, Hitler ordered the false flag attack of the Reichstag fire. This attack gave Hitler the support to mass arrest communists and suspend civil liberties. With Biden calling MAGA followers the enemy of the state, could we see a false flag attack out of Hitlers playbook to cement Democrat power?

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I think women need to start being better partners to their husbands...particularly with regard to financial matters. Women have the right to earn a living and have the same financial obligation that a man does. To take care of themselves and their children. Women who sit around on their asses all day while their husbands go to work and then complain about how their job is the hardest in the world just make me roll my eyes. I have worked full time...raised two kids...and have a beautiful immaculate home. And although its not always easy, cleaning a house and raising kids (once they're in school) is NOT even remotely close to what it takes to earn a living. I'm also sick of the blatant disrespect of men on commercials, shows, etc. Like they're incapable of doing household tasks or rearing children without some bitch nagging at them all the time. I would NEVER speak to my husband that way. He deserves my respect...he works hard, he's brilliant and although I may do some things better than he does...he does things I'd never be able to do. We each have our skills and together we're greater than the sum of our parts. Being a feminist isn't a license to disrespect or take advantage of men...especially not good, hardworking, kind men.

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America aided the mujahideen. It was made up of many different ideologies and ideas fighting against the USSR.

They were mostly made up of Liberals and when the USSR fled. They broke off and the extremist took the weapons.

I think letting Afghanistan to the USSR was better. Even if it cost you 25% of your population. Because a civilization could have been made

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Curb your pro choice

It’s so disheartening to hear when prochoicers think that choosing abortion is taking responsibility, and that actually choosing to not kill the unborn child is seen as irresponsible unless they are being born into some sort of ideal economic situation. Ridiculous.

The problem I have is that people abuse sex and then cover it up by killing an innocent being.

Sex is being used like a game, a contest to see who can get freaky with the most people and to see who has the best “moves”

Sex is not a game, its a gift that is meant for 2 individuals that love each other and want to raise a child together, pro-choicers throw that concept out and allow teenagers to do it all the time so they can just brush the consequences under the rug later.

in their minds taking responsibility = murder

I like this meme, but no form of contraception is 100% effective. Perhaps it was his poor choice?

If you get in a car knowing full well that even if you drive safely, and wear a seatbelt you still have a chance of getting into an accident, will you stop driving forever? There’s a risk in anything you do in life, doesn’t mean you should refuse to take responsibility for the consequences that happen. Especially deciding to end the life of another human being just to avoid responsibility.

Is it his choice? Yes sure. But it is also her choice, as she says “yes” when he asks or engages to have sex with her. (Rape accounts for 1% of pregnancies, so 99% are consensual)

Abstinence is 100% effective.

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Unborn children are terrorists, apparently

spoilerI mean yeah pro life is biological terrorism. It's an
ideology which forces women to carry fetuses,
parasites which rob women of their nutrients and
kill and injure thousands of women every year.
Also, pro lifers have committed numerous terrorist
attacks against abortion facilities and even
assassinations, so yes, they're terrorists. They
promote the protection of parasites which commit
acts of violence against women's bodies, and
commit terrorist acts themselves. That's textbook
biological terrorism, and fetuses and their pro life
apologists are biological terrorists.

Mentions how some PL people vandalize abortion facilities yet conveniently ignores how the opposite situation also happens (and is frequently given a free pass by the PC community).


Mentions how some PL people vandalize abortion facilities yet conveniently ignores how the opposite situation also happens (and is frequently given a free pass by the PC community).

I've seen several instances of "IF ABORTIONS AREN'T SAFE THEN NEITHER ARE YOU" spray-painted on the remains of vandalised buildings, along with Anarchist symbols.

159 upvotes on a post calling babies and people with different opinions terrorists? And there are still pro lifers thinking we can reason with the pro abortion side. My faith in humanity has fallen so low that it will be very hard for it to be restored.

Pro aborts should be treated as terrorists.

Well they shouldn't, that's an extreme and virulently discriminatory claim. Pro-abortion activists should be treated as normal citizens with clinically insane ideas, like Flat-Earthers, anti-vaccine people, scientologists, neo-nazis, Nation of Islam members, etc..

The difference between flat earthers and pro abortionists is that the second group is actively killing people. I don't see how they can be compared.

So being pro life is biological terrorism, but infanticide and the mass murder of the pre born isn’t?

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Shameful! Wikipedia article about violence against men has been altered to state that men are the most perpetrators of violence but not include the fact that they are also the majority of violence victims. One of the feminists making these changes later jokes about domestic abuse against men.


I must admit those brogressive male feminists often have the most pure form of misandry. Like we’re talking top shelf 👌🏿

I don’t support violence and especially not domestic violence, but honestly it would be ironic if his wife decided to beat the sexism out of him one day.

Like learn that girl some martial art, and have her tramp his throat with a high kick or a right hook before going to town on his stupid face.

Feminists hate men. Their root system is hate.

They deny and lie, but it’s just a religious hate cult. When they claim they aren’t lying shits, they like to reference nonsense from a century ago.

Ignore their lies. It is literally just hate.

Yes all of them. When your brain tries to deny it, you know it’s true, and you bought into the lies. If it’s not hate, do you plan to “no true Scotsman” all of them? Because it’s hate. Through and through.

The great millennial tragedy will be the sexism against men. And the amount of lives lost will hurt humanity for millennia.

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{Context: This guy is an indie game developer who was recently banned from his own games steam community because he keeps posting alti-right transphobic screeds in his game’s patch notes. This is one of many examples}

some men still wont fight. they're weak. there's no accounting for weak men. weak men lack character. strong moral fibre is hard to come by. it's earned through hard work and sacrifice and it cannot be had via onlyfans or pornhub. no, those fuckin' things are demonic posessions waiting to show you a succubus tiddy in the hopes you'll waste a load on her instead of spending that energy studying how to weld or grow a potato or learning a new language or how to program a computer. listen, kids ... get off them porntubes and do something with your life becuase no one is gonna give you a goddamned thing and this whole mess we call civilization is only getting harder. we need solutions and we need smart men who can work hard and implement those solutions. masturbating to egirls isn't gonna solve the energy crisis is it? get to work.

.. or play video games and have a relax and then get to work, fresh, tomorrow. i can't possibly know whats best for you in your individual situation.

really... don't let strangers on the internet tell you how to live your life. if you want to be told how to live your life, read the new testament. the internet will only give you lies.

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r/prolife- I don’t think comprehensive sex education is the answer.

Rather, I think developmental human biology should be a required, semester long course in seventh or eighth grade. You get all the science on puberty - plus fertility awareness methods, the point that sex makes babies and that’s the point, and then, fetal development - with pictures! - and general newborn/infant/child development. One year, from puberty to basic sex to reproduction to childhood. Maybe if people had more awareness as to the relationship between sex and literal babies, and fetal development, emotions would change. Instead sex education is all about acceptability and “teach them before they try it so safe sex happens” which is better than nothing (maybe, until they start teaching 12 year olds why and how anal sex is safe and then I’m noping outta there)

I like Matt Walsh's take on sex ed. Other than teaching kids the biological facts about reproduction, sex-ed should be non-existent in schools (that includes abstinence education). Why anyone would trust a government employee to talk to their kids about the morality of sex is beyond me.

You may be interested in the connection between CSE and Alfred Kinsey.

Here is a podcast where Audrey Werner is interviewed about the history of CSE and how it essentially acts as planned parenthood’s sales funnel to abortion. It’s a lot more sinister than how they promote it as simply ‘education’.

Stop CSE is also a great website with a ton of resources and direct links that show exactly what this is all about.

Why would public schools do any "sex ed" stuff at all

I don’t think this is something that should be talked about in school. That’s just my opinion. I would want my kids to learn about academic subjects and maybe some fun, non-controversial electives in school. All parents should be able to explain sex and reproduction to their kids.

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RE: The irony that this is a pro-abortion account. She’s talking about circumcision. 😐

So the skin at the end of my dick is more important than the life of the unborn life to this person WTF kinda logic is that. Honestly who really cares about circumcision. Also isn't it the parents choice why would this person care what the decided to do with there kid after all there ok with the parents choice to kill the kid so why care about dick skin

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This is the worst argument I’ve seen so far. Also it’s scary that people actually think like this.
A uterus is there to bear children. It's the only organ that's there as life support for another life.

A uterus is there to help keep alive the life that you started. Your own kidney isn't supposed to be in other people's bodies. That's the difference.

(The uterus is also the only organ that someone can choose to use or not.)

Edit: You can also choose to not use your brain, as evident by the comic above.

There’s also a causal difference that introduces the aspect of responsibility for one’s actions. In all cases except for rape, sex was a choice, and if that choice causes the creation of a new life, then the mother is responsible for that life until it can be safely taken from her care (barring danger to her life of course, in which case self defense enters the equation). Just as anyone else is and should be held responsible for the outcomes caused by their chosen actions.

That’s the same thing,”when a baby is using your uterus nonconsentually”, or however I paraphrase, it’s not taking a kidney, bone marrow, skin, your eyes, it’s taking what’s its; and people need to take responsibility rather than claiming responsibility is impossible; and the overturning of Roe v. Wade never set this notion, because this is an unlike comparison


Menstruation lol

The uterus is actually just a house for the baby. The organ the baby really relies on is the placenta, which is the babies organ(it’s only there when there’s another human growing in the woman) which essentially is the woman using the baby’s organ without its consent 🥴

This is like the concert violinist argument with more steps and extra absurdity.

That argument went out of fashion almost 20 years ago because it doesn’t work.

The fetus has special rights to a woman’s body because she put it there. This is the highlight of juvenile thinking: “My actions don’t have consequences.”

Rape as the exception only proves the rule.

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Date rape drugsin the system, yes. Alcohol no. Everyone gulps down alcohol, girls exist in bars to get guys to "buy me a drink". But sure if she has a ton of benzodiazepines that she’s not prescribed in her system, i might consider that evidence. But I also know how people buy and trade pills, especially benzos, and like to use them when they go out drinking to get extra-wasted.

As for greivous bodily injury, like... seriously bruised, broken bones, cuts, extreme vaginal tearing, ok definitely evidence of an assault and rape, but how do we know she accused the right guy? Were they on a date? Because there’s certainly no epidemic of guys beating up their dates.

Also, and this is something I learned recently that i still find disturbing... women love rape play. They love a big strong guy coming in, slamming them down on the bed, ripping off their clothes, being extremely rough, grabbing their throat and hair, tossing them around and taking his huge cock and fucking her brains out... all while wearing a ski mask as she yells no no nooo, ohhh yess yess yesss!

I didn’t even believe this until i saw how big the "rape play" forum is on fetlife.com. I heard there were some complaints so it might not be there anymore, this was like 2 years ago. And it was ALL women talking about how hot being raped is - as long as the rapist doesn’t mess up her hair and makeup too badly.

I could never do that to a woman, i guess because I’m a pathetic beta male. But hey, I’ve seen the type of guy women are attracted to. I’m just not sympathetic to rape claims

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There are many problems over there [in Ukraine], for sure. A lot has to be restored, rebuilt from scratch, but the biggest problem today is people. These are also children and children are the very category that was the most mistreated by the Banderite Nazi scumbags, who simply brainwashed them. If we want these territories to be with us, for them to have a future as part of the Russian Federation, we shouldn't be concentrating on veterans first, although everyone is having a hard time. We need to deal with the children. Perhaps in our Suvorov's, Nakhimov's cadet schools, there could be additional enrollment and we could send these kiddies there.
Maybe Moscow's higher educational institutions, and others in the country, should reserve additional spots for students who could be placed on a budgetary basis, in free dormitories. Today, they can't pay anything for their education. Nonetheless, we have to do this because then people will believe that we're serious and Russia is here for a long time - forever.

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This is the worst argument I’ve seen so far. Also it’s scary that people actually think like this.

…I think I lost brain cells reading this.

I know right? "The woman has to give up her body for another person.", you had sex! When you have sex, thats what happens, you will most likely bear a child! I dont even know what to say anymore.

Human being exists

Human being decides to commit act of procreation

Human being gets pregnant

Human being complains about being pregnant

Idk anymore I need vacation

Because an unwanted pregnancy (99.5% of the time resulting from a consensual act) is exactly like being kidnapped and subjected to forced organ harvesting.

This is unquestionably the dumbest thing I've seen this week.

But consenting to sex isn't consenting to pregnancy!!! /s

Is how it's been explained to me by some PC people I personally know, and is what they truly believe. They have no concept of consequences and apparently are not capable of thinking transitively, like if you consent to sex, you're consenting to the risks associated with that act, including pregnancy.

Their parents didn't read enough Beatrix Potter to them when they were kids. You steal from the garden, get whacked with a zucchini. Mess with the owl, you lose your tail. Every action has a consequence whether we like it or not, and we have to take responsibility for those actions.

Then they will turn around and tell you that men make the decision when they have sex.

The donor argument is so stupid and I can't believe I still have to hear about it in the year of our Lord twenty twenty two.

It really is. Now if Bob had willfully done something that directly caused renal failure in the kidney recipient, and that there are literally zero other matches in the world, there may be an argument to be had. But wherever I point that out to pro choicers they do everything to skirt that VERY important parallel.

Don’t forget the even more important parallel that the only way to avoid the organ donation is to actively and intentionally kill the recipient! Is it ever acceptable to intentionally kill an innocent person? The author of this comic refuses to answer!

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You Can't Talk About Valid Arguments on r/Prochoice
I had an amazing thought today. It was a discussion for prochoice people that I was excited to share.

The argument: "If financial readiness or mental readiness is able to be a sole reason for having an abortion, can a man force a woman to have an abortion? Does he hold the same rights to be unprepared as a woman does?"

As I do with any subreddit I post to, I read the posting rules to r/prochoice and was confused to find that you are NOT allowed to post anything about the "non-pregnant partner" having a say in an abortion.

If there are any mods from prochoice here, I ask you why does this rule exist? If there are many people willing to make arguments beyond the labor of physically carrying a child, then why can we not discuss how this extends to men in the picture?

What do you guys think about the rule?

The unwritten rule of prochoice side is: The only time a man has a say on abortion is when he says "yes dear" to a woman that wants to abort how he feels about the abortion has to be in line with the woman wants or else he is a sexist pig that should be castrated, and an oppressor colonizer agent of the patriarchy. So basically, men's choice is to agree with the woman, period. You are welcome.

These are the people who like to say “no uterus no opinion”. Pro choicers are sexist towards men.

The pro-abortion thoughts on the male perspective of the situation are ever changing and in weird ways. They say we can have no opinion, but it was men who decided roe in the first place. Now they are say Amy Barrett is the reason for roe being removed but it's somehow the "patriarchy" at fault. Oh and apparently men can get pregnant now but still have no opinion. The mental gymnastics it takes to be pro-abortion is wild

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Ohio Supreme Court Narrows Standard for Rape in Case Involving 2-Year-Old

An Ohio woman's conviction of raping her son has been overturned following the state Supreme Court's decision to narrow the definition of rape.

It is all out war and open season on men now.

I am beyond disgusted at every part of this.

I’m just wondering when men collectively reach our breaking point and actually fight back, using force if necessary.

The overdue check of feminism is going to be quite brutal I’d wager

I don't think we ever will. Bill Burr describes it perfectly with.. There are no feminists on a sinking ship. They all twist their hair into pigtails and run around going I'm a girl, I'm a girl. Save me. Save me..

More and more men will mgtow and there will be less and less boys becoming electricians, plumbers etc. 1st world Societies will just crumble.

Some theorize that's the reason for how the Middle East treats women, a long while ago the expectations of men became overwhelming while the expectations of women were nonexistent, so men decided to apply malicious compliance. Of course you can't prove it, you can't prove any theory about that situation, the factual reasons are lost to history, but it makes you think. Men and women have always lived together, we evolved together, the feminist idea of men being simply hard wired to hate and oppress women makes no sense however you look at it. A sociopolitical power play that turns men and women against each other and sometimes backfires on the people who pushed the crazy if they push it too hard, then everybody getting caught in the fallout makes more sense.

I'd love it if men did use brute force and tactics to fight back against this shit military style like a militia of trained armed men fighting this corruption. Men need to do that. Imagine a collective group of 200k men fighting this all armed and trained in a collective organized militia. Not even law enforcement could handle it nor the national guard. It would be better of this theoretical militia had 1 million armed members.

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“How white supremacy and anti-abortion views overlap.” Gimme a f*cking break.

Interesting. Planned Parenthood was literally founded to "exterminate the n***o population". To this day they disproportionately target black neighborhoods for that very reason. We pro-lifers happen to think black babies matter equally and their lives matter too!

Margaret Sanger is on record admitting to this stuff too! The fact that the venn diagram between the Professionally Concerned about Racism crowd and the "I stand with PP" crowd is a circle should tell you everything you need to know about where the Professionally Concerned really are on issues of racism

More than 50% of aborted babies are either black or Hispanic. Banning abortion will literally mean more non-white babies being born.

PC: It’s great children of color are killed far more often in the womb.

Also PC: PL is racist.

If only they knew what Sanger said about black people... If only they knew abortion was, is and will be a method for eugenics against black people. Ignorance surprises me more every day that passes.

I also love they use both arguments at the same time "Prolifers are white supremacists that want more white babies" and "prolifers are racists for not letting BIPOC women to kill their babies in mass thus perpetuating their oppression somehow" like pick a side honey both things cannot be correct.

Whenever I hear “white supremacy” and anything about racism, i have the urge to roll my eyes back up my head. I can’t stand far left propaganda designed to keep people divided and fill hate in hearts.

White supremacists generally believe whites are superior and want a white world/state. How would banning abortions (an enormous percentage of which are minorities) further such a goal?

Stupid article meant to tug at the heartstrings of people whose primary motivation to vote, is racism.

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The man who raped her was also an illegal immigrant. But seldom few want to discuss that.

She was taken advantage of by an illegal immigrant and the mother didn't want him to be deported so she went to Indiana instead ( Ohio has a provision for rape )

Maybe if people put more time into building like a barrier or something on the southern border plus 87,000 more border agents this wouldn't have happened and you wouldn't need to grand stand on the victims of rape ???

lol thank you for reminding me of how incurious the press was about how the 10 year old was raped and pregnant to begin with

yeah no shit it's a problem that a very young child is pregnant but at the same time...... do we have a problem with rapists not being held accountable or not? who are the ones who would rather sensationalize a pregnant rape victim's age than call for the punishment of the rapist? the doctor who recommended the girl to an out-of-state abortionist pushed this into media circus territory for her own benefit, not the child's; and at the same time revealed that yeah it's the abortion crowd who is more than happy helping rapists escape accountability by not reporting rapes to the authorities, which is precisely what happened here

these assholes would rather a child suffer through a thousand traumas and be sent back to her rapist than give up that sweet sweet money the abortion industry rakes in thanks to rapists and other bad actors. yet if you call them out on this they turn around and say oh you must be happy with girls this young being pregnant, lmao ok sure but at least pro-lifers aren't the ones who want to enable rapists through unrestricted abortion. and how is it that even in states with lax abortion restrictions there are still way too many cases of abortionists being the shadiest mf'ers on the planet?

Notice how there's zero mention of the actual pro-life argument, which is that the unborn child is a human being with the human right to live.

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There is never evidence of rape, just "she said" and maybe "she cried on the stand".... DNA tests don’t prove anything except two people had sex. People fuck all the time, especially after drinking. So the accused saying "we had sex, it was consensual" is reasonable to believe and casts doubt on the accusation. In other words it’s reasonable doubt. Defendant should be acquitted every time.

The only time someone can legitimately be convicted of rape is if it’s done in the middle of a public place, or if the rapist films it or confessesto it in a diary or something like that. This practically never happens... once a decade maybe. So there should be only one rape conviction every decade. If even that. It’s a crime that cannot be proven by its nature.

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Practice with men you don’t like

As a beginner, it’s easiest to practice Diabla with guys you truly don’t even like. This is the G rated side of it. If you all find this helpful, I can write up the X rated strategies I find useful.

“Treat him like a plaything” is organic when you truly feel he is.

For example. do you find basically all men unbearable? You wonder why even mediocre bros with nothing more than a high school diploma seem to always have higher paying jobs and so much more money than you? (Hint: it’s patriarchy, and often white supremacy + unearned intergenerational wealth in a lot of cases, though only patriarchy might apply to brown guys. There can still be colorism however.)


Whatever your stance, look for guys who hold a misaligned one, if not the stomach turning opposite.

Find yourself a doofus who loves his Tesla and his stonks. Make sure he has money (no studio apartment dwellers thank you) & is at least okay looking, not smelly, not completely physically repulsive to you. Remember how he has 3 vehicles, a vacation home, and owns a boat with his daddy, because somewhere down the line, his great great great great grandparents stole land from and enslaved other people’s ancestors. Or his ancestors oppressed the people in the lower caste your bestie is descended from. Whatever the case is. (Oops, if it turns out he is broke after all: play him for a minute, no longer than one pricy drink/dinner, then move on quick. These are low stakes speed practice.)

You don’t want to date him. You don’t want to marry him. You want to be the fantasy. And get yours.

When you do fight these dingdongs, make it either a) minor or b) how he has hurt your feelings.

The main reason I assert sticking to the ones that you find at least “not-repellent” physically is that when I am truly repulsed by a guy I cannot fake it. I’m personally incapable. I do my best with the ones I find attractive physically, but have conflicting values so extracting from them feels like reparations/equalization, and I will never develop feelings for them. Bless those of you who can handle a rich yucko - I wish I had your stomach.

Various commenters #wingnut reddit.com

Pro-abortion people: Killing your baby shouldn’t be “safe” for you. And if you were actually worried about that anyway, you’d stop posting at-home abortion methods that will cause women to get sepsis and die. 🤷‍♀️

Oh, you don’t like unsafe abortions? Don’t get one, that’s how it works right?

If you choose to kill your child in a way that’s bad for you that’s on you

It might be an unpopular opinion but if you're willing to kill a kid I don't care about your safety.

Yep. If something happens to you then it's your own fault.

if you willingly do something illegal and dangerous, then get injured/die from it, it’s really not my or the governments fault

"BaNnInG aBoRtIoNs WoN't StOp PeOpLe FrOm GeTtInG tHeM! iT wIlL oNlY mAkE tHeM iLlEgAl AnD uNsAfE tO gEt!"

Also them : "BaN gUnS! eNd GuN vIoLeNcE"

It pisses me off when people think owning a gun is worse than getting an abortion. You're not killing a child purely by acquiring a gun. When you get an abortion however, you are killing a child.

Look man, people are going to be thieves anyway, so why make it risky for them? Leave the door unlocked and all your items on the counter please...

Various commenters #wingnut reddit.com

This is the worst argument I’ve seen so far. Also it’s scary that people actually think like this.

Except that's not what happening because that's not at all how anything works. Presenting the same old arguments as a story doesn't make it better.

A woman paying to have a doctor kill their child is not equivalent to a man being forced to remove a body part to save a stranger's life. And if this is supposed to be commentary on legally restricting abortion in maternal death cases, I'm unaware of any state that restricts abortion in such a case to begin with.

The kidney is designed to make MY body function, the uterus is designed to make SOMEONE ELSES body.

Clear difference.

The uterus will never make a baby if you never plant the seed. If you don’t want a baby in your body, THEN DONT PUT IT IN THERE.


Abortion supporters generally view pregnancy as something that happens to them passively with the mother having no responsibility in it whatsoever. It doesn't occur to them that having sex is a choice and that sex brings certain risks with it. Comparing a forced extraction of a kidney to a mother carrying the child she herself created is utter insanity.

This argument is so stupid. Pregnancy is the natural result of an act that is, the vast majority of the time, voluntary. People who have sex are aware of the risks. It’s not at all comparable to some dystopian organ harvesting society.

The violinist argument. Again. And again. And again.

How's this:

A woman's uterus is the place where the baby goes naturally. That's what being a mother means. That's what being a baby means. That's what should happen if all goes well.

Cutting up people's healthy bodies and removing their organs is not something normal, natural, or what should happen if all goes well.

So why pretend they are parallel?

Additionally, we use our bodies to take care of one another. That includes our toddlers and our senior citizens. In fact, you can't avoid it. That's how doing things gets done. There is no universe where there aren't expectations made about your body. You're expected to feed your kids. You're expected to clothe them. Protect them. These are bodily acts--because, duh, how aren't they?

Various commenters #wingnut reddit.com

This is the worst argument I’ve seen so far. Also it’s scary that people actually think like this.

Do they realize a fetus being inside a woman is the outcome of a consensual act, not something you were forced against your will. if you were unwilling to carry a child don't have sex without a condom!

These fucking morons don’t get it. There are universal biological truths. One of those is sex can lead to pregnancy. Don’t talk to me about rape and incest, because those are edge cases that make up about 2% of all abortions. Most women and men want abortion as birth control. There’s a fucking reason the thing is called Plan B.

I’m so tired of these morons wanting to escape responsibility for their actions. No orgasm is worth a human fucking life. If you don’t want kids, get sterilized. Otherwise, STOP FUCKING MURDERING BABIES!

If you run over someone with your car, and they bleed out because you refused to help them, that’s murder, because your careless actions put them in that position, and your disregard for life left them to die.

If you intentionally participate in an activity specifically designed to get you pregnant, you don’t get to pretend that you didn’t consent to pregnancy, and the blood of your baby is still on your hands.

It’s funny cause there are people willing to donate organs or organs from deceased victims.

What’s also funny is how they fail to mention how the fetus even got in there in the first place. Sex = Reproduction. By engaging in sex you’re engaging in reproduction; there is no “unwilling”.

That's a total non-comparison. They are making out that not being able to have a procedure is the same as being forced to have a procedure.

"A fetus gets to use an unwilling woman's uterus..."

Unwilling? You chose to have sex, and thereby the possibility to bear a child.

This is such a lazy and nonsensical argument. With these types of melodramatic non-arguments it is hardly even worth the effort of a rebutal. You can’t logical talk somebody out of an opinion they did not logically come to believe. Best to save yourself the effort and say “cool justification, still murder tho”

vintologi24 #sexist #transphobia reddit.com

(NOTE: Just for context, this is from the r/Transmaxxing subreddit.)

Passing matters

Don't let people bullshit you into thinking "i don't need to pass as a female". While many people claim to be supportive of trans people generally unless they think you are a female they will not threat you as such and a lot of people will not view you as a female if you know you were born male


This is at large a consequence of the left pushing for gender-identity nonsense instead of focusing on sex-characteristics. US conservatives have been very aggressive in using gender identity politics against trans people in general while the left has been unable to give a good answer to what a woman/female actually is (it's about sex-characteristics).

Given this political climate your best course of actions is to become stealth, once you are able to pass you move to a different area and begin your new life as a female there. Keep your old identity separate from your new identity.

True. It's mostly old rapehons saying passing doesn't matter, it's just hard cope.

Not be able to pass at the end is exactly one of the biggest reason that I haven't decide to start hrt yet.

Generally i am not comfortable recommending medical transition to people who cannot pass. A transition without any great goal in the end isn't something i can really get behind. I do understand that some people are severely dysphoric and might have to transition anyway but even then it's hard to be enthusiastic about it.

ArdinOkira , TechnicalMonth8023 & Ambitious_Bat_6308 #wingnut reddit.com

Recently came across someone who made the claim that Pro-lifers making exceptions is evidence we just want to punish women.. how does that even make sense?
Would it not be the opposite? That we make exceptions means we Don’t want to punish them, it means we just want the killing of the unborn to stop.

If we wanted to punish women we wouldn’t make a single exception, we would go after the woman instead of the doctor, we wouldn’t be suggesting all sorts of alternatives and ways to get help during the woman’s pregnancy.

In no way does their claim make sense.

Without seeing it in context, probably what they are saying is that by making exceptions (such as for rape/incest), we truly don't believe the baby has inherent rights, we just want to punish women for having sex/lifestyle choices. And they would seemingly be right- exceptions like those eliminate our argument. It's a lack of consistency. It's a catch-22 for us, in that many see incremental pro-life laws as a way to get public support for legislation while at the same time, they make us look illogical and insincere about our convictions.

as always the black-and-white thinking of some pro-choicers confuses the shit out of me

just because something is a consequence of an action it does not mean it is a negative consequence. if you eat you are no longer hungry, if you do your errands today you do not have to do them tomorrow, if you look up the definition of a word you will no longer be ignorant of its meaning

and again.......... pro-lifers obviously don't view children as punishments. I have no doubt that there are people who think pregnancy is just what some dumb women deserve but they tend to be pro-choice, not pro-life, and they tend to say that kind of shit to pro-life women specifically to sexually harass them. weird, it's like a misogynist is a misogynist no matter how they choose to label themselves!

Ambitious_Bat_6308 #wingnut reddit.com

well let's see, many serial killers have come out and said they saw their victims as worthless wastes of space (essentially)--in their view it wasn't murder, guess we have to posthumously pardon all of those who have been executed and pardon those who are rotting in jail right at this moment

anyway this is why philosophical arguments of this particular nature need to be dismissed outright. they are not conducive to the abortion debate at all, and more often than not the person making the argument doesn't know what tf they're even talking about. they just straight up ignore that the issue pro-lifers have with abortion is that it kills young humans, not that it's a person, not that we ascribe a value judgement to a young human based on his or her location, sex, or potential, not that we think a fetus at four months development is "exactly like" a toddler. they do not want to know our stance so it is not even worth debating with people like this. they are bad actors, especially if they are trying to weasel you into agreeing that some humans aren't "human" and thus it is perfectly fine to infringe upon their rights. like come tf on. this dumbass would be singing a different tune if someone told them it was ok if they were murdered because "well your murderer would think it's justified because they didn't think you had value as a human :-)"

Various commenters #wingnut reddit.com

RE: They murdered my grandbaby 😭😭

So sorry for your loss. Abortions really can destroy families and those seeking them don't seem to care about how it will make their families feel.

My wife's sister killed her niece or nephew with an abortion. Their relationship basically broke down at that point and now they haven't spoken in more than three years.

Sadly the culture today tilts so heavily towards self gratification rather than taking responsibility and it seems to have influenced your daughters.

our culture is so fixated with sex being as casual as possible with little consequence or responsibility

Also I forgot to say this, as for your younger kids since you’re concerned about their morals. May I suggest having them volunteer at a crisis pregnancy center or some other pro life charity to show them what choosing life is and to get them better educated on what the “choice” is and what the baby looked like. They could also possibly learn there that a baby isn’t the end of the world and you can be an excellent mother and have a career and education. Maybe take them to the local march for life if your area has one.

I wish you well, your not being backward or controlling your going to your morals and that’s what a family should be about good morals, I wish that person who did it to come back and say “l regret it”. I wish you to get better and we are all here to support you, this is why I’m against abortion it doesn’t just hurt the person doing the abortion it hurts others too it has a ripple effect. Wishing you well from U.K.

If that was me I would of left my GF instantly

I don’t know what to say other than I’m really sorry. It’s hard enough finding out that some random woman you’ve never met is considering abortion, never mind your own child. Your daughter is lucky that she had someone so willing to help. There are countless girls in her situation who choose abortion because everyone turns their back to her and her child.

You have not been forsaken. This is a horrible way to find out that your family doesn’t share your values. Pray for them and your unborn grandchild. I will pray for your family.

I would first checkout the kind of education your children are getting. Already brainwashed to see it as a "choice".

The_Real_PMC #sexist #pratt #dunning-kruger reddit.com

All feminists are like that, all feminists hate men period. Feminists are allied with each other and enable each others hate.

Transcript[Panel 1]
[Panel 2]
-Pauline Harmange-
[Panel 3]

Willy_Fred #wingnut reddit.com

RE: Would you guys consider my stance pro life or pro choice? (I’m asking this sub instead of r/prochoice bc they’re insane)
I would say most pro-lifers would draw the line at conception, and most pro-choicers would draw the line much later than 6 weeks. A lot of pro-lifers ( I think it's a clear majoruity, but could be wrong) would also not support the rape or incest exception because though both of those are terrible, and the mother should be given a lot of support and help, and the rapist should be (in my opinion) put under the jail, the child is innocent, and does not deserve a death sentence for it's father's sins. Of course in any case the mother should have the right to give the child up for adoption.

I am curious how do you justify abortion before six weeks, or for rape and incest? To put it another way, what makes abortion bad? The pro-life answer to this question is simple. A zygote is a human being in their earliest stage of development, therefore they are due all the dignity, respect, and rights afforded any human being, chief of these being life.

Various commenters #wingnut reddit.com

Just from the title alone you already know what it is.

They make it sound like planned pregnancy is self-harm at this point

I think they're running out of things to protect their argument I mean they didn't really have a leg to stand on in the first place and quite frankly because of their Persistence of dehumanizing the developing child I have stopped wanting to be pro-choice I used to believe that Not only was abortion necessary and I still do to some degree when it's something medical if someone's been raped incest to that degree it makes sense but I also at one point believed that if you want intentionally get pregnant and I still feel like this you should take responsibility and get rid of it quickly don't dilly dally but they tried to make those reasons such as already having children having life goals or certain lifestyles they truly believe that they're not getting rid of it out of convenience like those are more than reasonable and life-saving reasons to end a pregnancy completely disregarding the existence of a developing child

I have some news for people “who would rather be dead than go through (pregnancy and labor).” There’s this new way of ensuring you don’t get pregnant.

It easier to love the innocent unborn than it is to even tolerate these living breathing delusional self righteous narcissistic sadistic baby butchering infanticide worshipping pro choice people


would rather be dead than go through it

Then, you should be an advocate for abstinence, then.

If I was afraid of getting into a car wreck, I probably wouldn't get a license and only take the bus.


Who tf forced u to have sex?

-Would rather die than get pregnant

-Still chooses to have sex

I hope that if this woman ever has a child she genuinely wants to keep it’s a still birth. That lady doesn’t deserve children and it would be a mercy to that child to not have to deal with that horrid woman

I don’t actually wish that but I just hope she never gets pregnant

Various commenters #wingnut reddit.com

How awkward is it knowing your mom is pro-choice? Like “hey, thanks for not killing me…even though there was a pretty good chance you would.”

To be fair, alot of mother’s have been brainwashed and don’t know what actually goes during an abortoin, or at the very least don’t see the major logical flaws the pro choice stance has.

I used to think this, too. Lately I don't feel so charitable in my estimations. Do most of them really not understand they're killing a child? Or do they just not care?

So basically all of us. Imagine the afterlife and all of your death siblings be chilling there...

And this is exactly what the pro choice movement is about. They cite all these sob stories, but those cases are very rare, and the vast majority of abortions are for nothing more than convenience. They can claim its for rape and ecoptic pregnancies all they want, but when offered a compromise of keeping those unfortunate cases legal, and banning abortions for convenience, they will never accept. Because convenience is what its really about

OhNoTokyo #wingnut reddit.com


I disagree.

If you have the right to life, fighting for that right does not become wrong just because you might not agree on what comes next.

If I save you from being shot, I am not wrong for saving you, even if I have no plan to assist you with the rest of your life.

I agree that it is desirable as a rule to try and help people as many steps forward as possible, but the "whataboutisms" here miss a few things:

While it is clearly wrong to abort, the justification for certain programs isn't based on that. They have to be assessed on their own merits.

Let us pretend that I had a plan to simply hand every person in the US a million dollars. A million dollars isn't what it used to be, but if wisely managed should be enough to allow you to be housed, eat food and maintain a reasonable fixed income, even if you couldn't work.

However that would be about 300 trillion dollars.

You then have to ask some questions:

Where does the government get 300 trillion dollars?

How much money does it take to pay to administer the disbursement of a million dollars to 300 million people?

Does the very amount of money handed out cause rampant inflation which reduces the value of the million dollars below the value it originally is set at?

And I am sure there are many other questions.

Now, don't get me wrong, my example is absurd, but it is absurd to make a point:

Giving someone a million dollars would definitely be positive for someone, but there are foreseen and unforeseen problems with any program, even ones that are not quite as ludicrous as the one I am proposing.

And you can't ignore those issues. If your sole criteria for implementing a program is that, "its better than abortion" then that's a pretty low bar.

I am not saying that I don't support programs to assist people, but I think the argument that, "you're not pro-life unless you support X or Y program" is bogus.

If you want those programs, then justify them on their own merits. Don't allow them to be unjustifiably linked to a position that stands alone.

Various commenters #wingnut reddit.com


Pro-choice people rarely want to address the question of fetal personhood. You have to get thru 40 layers of deflection and red herrings and whataboutism before you can even ask what makes a fetus not a person.

A few things:

“Ripping children out of loving parents’ arms at the border with no plans of reuniting them?”

First, didn’t President Obama build those cages for illegal immigrants?

Next, if a crime is committed in the presence of children, parents and children are separated. Of course they are. If a parent steals the child is not going with them to the jail house.

Finally, I would rather rip children away from their parents than rip children apart in the womb.

NARAL is a disgusting organization.

Ah, yes, the ole “You’re not really pro-life unless you support big-government leftist policies.”

I don't support children being locked in cages alone (deport all the family or keep all the family in the cage, just not separate them).

20000 maternal deaths compared to 62 million fetal deaths? lame.

I support free meals at schools

again, 62 million is more than any number they can give to you

And the rest, wow, these people just don't learn. I, as a pro-lifer, support organizations that ACTUALLY help mothers take care of their children, instead of having them abort them, but these so called "pro choicers" don't want choices, or our options/suggestions, or other solutions. Pro choicers want abortions and nothing else. Pro choice = pro abortion = pro death.

Classic technocratic utilitarianism: "Our models (which, like all statistical models, hinge on certain assumptions and estimates that are not at all certain) suggest that right-wing policies (which we assume all pro-lifers endorse wholesale) statistically fail to prevent deaths and suffering that competing left-wing proposals, again according to our models, would. Therefore, your position is morally equivalent to direct and willful murder. Now, since we have DESTROYED your pretense to the moral high ground with facts and logic, you must concede that we be allowed to go on committing direct and willful murder!"

Various commenters #wingnut #fundie reddit.com

switching from pro-choice
im from gen-z. im also a christian and a female. i felt this societal pressure to be pro-choice, calling out everything as racist or homophobic, etc. i felt like if i didn’t become pro-choice, i would be shunned and labeled as misogynistic and evil by leftists. i felt like i had so much to lose if i ever publicly became conservative. however this morning, my pastor gave the church his opinions on abortion. And this is what he said, “I believe God does not accidentally put babies in this world, even in tragic situations of rape and incest, that baby is made in the image of God, and God has a plan for that baby.” That sermon made me question if pro-choice was for me. I want to put the Lord before myself. The bible says that those who honor the Lord, even if they are socially unacceptable, will be rewarded greatly in heaven. Even if i wasn’t religious, i felt my beliefs didn’t always align with pro-choicers. I just THOUGHT i believed them because social media has put it in my mind and brainwashed me into thinking that it was the morally right thing. I hope other fellow gen-z, or anyone from any generation, who feel pressured to believe certain things, question everything that society tells you. Give it a thought before you believe it.

Our generation is sadly manipulated into supporting genocide

The devil wants child sacrifice. Prochoicers are psychologically abusive. You need to break free from their toxicity.

Good for you! Get ready for the persecution, but don't worry, you aren't alone! The world will shun you, but take heart, we are called to not be of this world. There is a blessed hope waiting for us on the other side. Just like working hard all week for the weekend, we work hard here on earth, take all kinds of crap you know, but in the end, it'll all be worth it, I promise!

Freedom Isn’t Free. This sexual revolution is about one thing: sexual promiscuity. The freedom comes with the cost of murder.

Progressivism is really the default view for most people. They haven't thought about it and settled on what they believe. They are just told what to believe and they believe it. But some of them are like you and experience this nagging feeling of "wait, this doesn't seem right."