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I fucking hate these laws! These laws are an excuse for creepy fucking old men to basically legally have sex with children! I fucking hate them! It should simply be illegal to have sex with children. Period. No argument. I don’t give a shit what anyone try’s to argue. 18-21 should still be considered children for the sake of protecting them from those creepy fuckers that are 30+ from trying to get in their pants because they can’t get women their age! That should be illegal! Hands down. There are so many stories I hear where the husband is almost a decade older than the wife and they met while she was young. That’s seriously fucked up. It should be illegal. I don’t care that they’re adults! A 20 year old has no fucking clue what they’re doing in life. Now ok, maybe we can argue the 20s a little bit but I’m never, EVER going to back down from an 18 year old, or in some states, FOURTEEN YEAR OLDS being allow to LEGALLY HAVE SEX WITH SOME CREEPY OLDER PERSON! To me, when I hear a 30 year old is with a 21 year old, that tells me they want to basically rape children but don’t want to risk it. Age of consent should be banned period. The law should be you can’t have sex with anyone under the age of 22 if you are not in that age range. My god, it makes me so fucking sick to think that some countries and states are ok with grown ass old gross fat balding Cheeto dust breathing “men” be allowed to legally have sex with a 14 year old if he’s somehow able to convince her to consent.

I understand where you’re coming from but it’s ludicrous to try and control who a 21 year old has sex with.

There are ways. But I don’t think many would like them

How would you go about it?

Legal action I guess. Or tyrannical threats. I don’t know maybe I’ll become president of the United States and try to make it a nation wide law. Else I’ll start a private force to enforce it

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RE: Hungary's Viktor Orban will hold referendum on anti-LGBT law

The comments here are amazing. Actively finding excuses to why democratic participation shouldn't count because X and Y reasons. Having read the questions I understand why. If these same questions were asked in the west the responses would shatter the narrative that the west actually supports this nonsense when it fact it is just a very select group with political power. Apparently this are the questions in the referendum:

Do you support the provision of sexual orientation sessions to minors in public education institutions without parental consent?

Do you support the promotion of sex reassignment therapy to underage children?

Do you support the availability of sex reassignment therapy for underage children?

Do you support the unrestricted exposure of minors to sexually explicit media content that affects their development?

Do you support the showing of sex-change media content?

And before anyone says "that isn't about gay people" the movement is called LGBT so its your own fault for putting it together.

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RE: Bullet injured a 20 year old boy in Macedonia. Guess who did this?

they are backed by the US/EU...

unless you want your country to become a radioactive wasteland like Serbia when they tried to deal with the problem in 1999, they are untouchable for now.

that's why we should celebrate and look forward to the decline of the West which is happening infront of our very eyes (but will take time to unfold).

Everybody in Macedonia is to scared or brainwashed to address the Albanian problem. Most leftists support them and the right wing parties are more concerned about energy prices and rewriting history. And everyone is scared to do something which might stop Macedonia getting into the EU, so they let low IQ violent criminals destroy their nation for the chance of free EU money and “European integration”.

Albanians are the real owners of FYROM.

All these actions show that Albanians don't consider FYROM a state worth existing.

No it shows Albanians are violent low impulse control criminals. They do the same thing in Kosovo too, does that mean they don’t think Kosovo is a state worth existing?

Or maybe your people are just low IQ and low impulse control and commit a lot of crime

Unlike the shithole of Bulgaria that esports only prostitutes and begggars in Europe, Kosovo is very safe and ordely, the crime rate is one of the lowest in Balkans.

You are the lowest scum of Europe.

When Albanians think of Bulgarians, they think of cheap whores and gypsies.

Half of your country is made of sewers and nomad camps.


Statistics and a single visit proves this.

I can send you some money if you don't have bread to eat btw.

What statistics? And Kosovo is the poorest country in the Balkans idk why you think we need food in a country your people literally lie about their ethnicity to get into (Albanians saying they are Macedonian Bulgarians to get Bulgarians passports)

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RE: Any arguments for monotheism over polytheism? (OR Vice Versa)

Polytheism is a consequence of the ontological argument:

There exists a being greater than which nothing can be conceived.

It is greater to exist in multiple forms/persons than in one.

Therefore this being exists in multiple forms/persons.

Polytheism is the only path to knowledge of the greatest being - this knowledge is preserved in great religious traditions like advaita vedanta, the presocratic Greeks, the Orphics, the Neoplatonists, Slavic polytheism, etc. Monotheism blinds us by positing duality between god and creation, where the Supreme Reality is nondual.

Why have a god for healing, strength, fortune when you could have a God for all the above?

That God doesn't exist, is not worthy of worship (created evil in Isaiah 45:7) and his scriptures contradict themselves.

Our gods create no evil, are good, true and beautiful, uphold an order to the cosmos and are all valid paths to spiritual fulfillment.

The Gods have power independent of human belief, for they are infinite and self-sustaining and unmoved and unerring and beings without needs.

What if the gods dislike each other?

Myths have hidden meanings which much be correctly interpreted through reason. So just because two gods fight in a myth doesn't mean, speaking theologically, that they are actually in conflict. There is no conflict among the divine.

If all the gods work together then what’s the point of having so many?

1) They exist.

2) Just as the cosmic order is multifaceted and dynamic, so too is the divine realm which sustains it.

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This place must be confusing for them


I don’t understand this, can you explain it?

Leftists push heavily for open borders, immigration, overrepresentation of minority groups, the creation of a melting pot, etc. Those who oppose this get branded as ignorant racists. This subreddit is meant for peoples of different nations who oppose this push for mixing of cultures. No hate, just a shared desire to keep our respective cultures alive

Isn’t this whole sub an exercise in multiculturalism?

In a sense, I suppose. It's admiration of other cultures, and a desire to see them flourish and be preserved. The phrase has been memefied to hell, but I would call it 'separate but to be treated equal'.

when your neolib masters talk about "multiculturalism" they mean multiracial society plus one world monoculture. Multiculturalism = nationalism

For all their pretensions to be cosmopolitan citizens of the world, left-wingers - especially American left-wingers - can be incredibly narrow-minded, e.g seeing race relations all over the world through the lens of the American history of slavery.

In my personal experience, Left-Wingers have been the most uneducated, ignorant and conspirational individuals I have ever met.

And I happen to be an ardent moderate mind you.

racists will talk in a less demeaning fashion to minorities vs anti-racist libs

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I don’t find being sent to hell for not believing in Jesus Christ scary.

Edit: I feel like a lot of people in the comments are missing the point of my post. This is not an edgy triumphant 14 year old atheist ‘YoU dOn’T sCaRe Me!’ post. I’m saying that if Christianity is true and since I don’t believe in it and a lot of Christians (not all) say that people go to hell for not believing then that would be fine because if a completely moral and just God deems me going to hell for not believing to be right then that’s ok and thus I do not fear going to hell for not believing.

A lot of Christians tell non-Christians that they will go to hell if they don’t believe in Jesus Christ and I’m not trying to disrespect Christians. I understand that they believe that they are trying to warn us of eternal torture but for me that isn’t a scary idea.

If I live my life being a good person believing in other religions that I believe to make the most sense and then when the time comes God sends me to hell and it’s justice then that’s fine because God is doing what is just and I tried to live life in what I believed to be good and it turned out that I was wrong.

TLDR; If God sees it as the right thing for me to go to hell and I did what I thought was right then that’s fine by me.

Dude, are you sure?

Yes, if I go to hell for not believing the correct religion and God deems it as just then that’s okay.

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RE: Why do you hate Albanians?

"Are criminals mafia and stuff" > don't certain western nations say the same about Polish people, Russians, and such?

Wtf is wrong with you. This is why westerners think we are backwards barbarians

Slavs say people are racist to them yet they say stuff like this.

Slavs are by default inferior people known only as prostitutes and drug/alcohol addicts.

Albanians are way superior to slavs, who are the lowest of the low in Europe.

Known only for prostitutes, easy women, sex tourism, alcoholics, drug addicts, filthy etc.

Most of the people here based their opinion on Albanians on what they heard by some dumbass clown. It's like someone here can write "Albanians are From Mars" and people will believe it. To all People here,do your own Research.

The OP is a deficient polish plumber that is trolling and some people just follow his path.

Many people are also buthurt because of the comments of some Albanians here.

But you shouldn't care what some inferior people say online.

They are lesser than animals.

Albanians highest demographics in most European prison systems lol

Only in London.

They supply cocaine to degenerate brits.

Illyriciani #dunning-kruger #psycho #racist #sexist #wingnut reddit.com

you literally described Albanians...not Slavs

Bosniak, serbs killed and raped you in mass and most slav mongrels here dont consider you part of their group.

Why are you buthurt for?

He stated facts and you lied like a pig to defend a bunch of degenerates.

Unironically you have the highest rate of sex tourists,second to romania

Lol servian gypsy.

Albania is literally the most difficult place in Europe to get laid.

This is verified.

The biggest PUA website, Roosh Forum had 2 threads about Serbia and the Serbian slu*s those guys banged.

There was just a small thread about Albania and 0 success and Albanian has like 4 times more tourists than Serbia.

Typical serbian rat.

Not just white guys, but also blacks have their harems in Serbia.

I’ve never heard of Albanians targeting Bosniaks at all, so I don’t know where this suffering comes from? Many Albanians have actually been assimilated into Bosniaks in Šandzak.

Well some Bosniaks might have been attacked in Kosovo By Albanians probably because Albanians wanted to revenge so much against servs, that they targeted all slavs.

But it was not political like the mass killings and rape Servs did to bosniaks.

I have never heard of a targeted mass killing of Bosniaks by Albanians ever in history, while there’s been plenty by Serbs.

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RE: For or against?


This map is cut off. All of North Africa is in the red. Western blacks would seethe so hard if they knew how their beloved "people of color" treat whites in comparison.

Funny enough, Israel is in the green even though they openly practice systemic racism. It's just virtue signaling.

I just love that Morocco is 3% lol. White westerners are least racist people on earth.

Ireland here. Never thought I’d compare ourselves to Morocco but we need to get our numbers down to that level.

Ireland shocked me with that number honestly

The population have been severely brainwashed since the Celtic Tiger years. All the youth are either marxists or neoliberals, it’s sort of black pilling to see what has become of a formerly very proud people.

Ireland is liberal?

Massively. It’s a disgrace. The country is beyond England levels of “woke”. It all started to go to shit during the boom years. People talk about Sweden being the ultimate depiction of clownery in Europe but at least the Swedes have a half viable nationalist party.

Could be worse belive me, here in Poland people are trying very hard to deconstruct our only non-socialist party because it is too right wing and "nazi".

Damn, and I used to think Poles and Polish goverment was very conservative

Those numbers barely reflect reality. I'd recommend looking into "social desirability bias". Most germans for example will never admit to not wanting their kid marrying a foreigner in front of an interviewer

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RE: New Data from the Telegraph indicate that levels of sexlessness among young men are still steadily increasing, just 34% of male University students report being sexually active while studying at University and 43% report never having had sex.


11% of respondents claim to be celibate by choice, assuming that 11% of men are celibate by choice, that means that a staggering 55% of male university students in the UK admit to being involuntarily celibate.

1.36 million females to 1.02 million males. That's an excess of 340,000 females. And yet sexlessness among males is this high? That's insane.

I wrote this elsewhere but it bears repeating: You're thinking that this above is a contradiction, but instead, it happens all the time:

where women > men, hookup culture prevails.

where men > women, traditional dating is the norm.

Sure, there will be anecdotes and exceptions, but in general, when there fewer women, they prefer to be wined and dined and dated. But when there are fewer men, insta-sex becomes the norm. And when you're having insta-sex, 80-20 becomes the norm.

Hmm, let's see how this data correlates with male suicides in the same age demographic?

Oh right... somehow not surprised:


Note not only the actual numbers, but how sharp the trend is. Anybody honestly see that reversing with how men's issues are treated today?

In before the usual suspects talk about how it's "their fault for being loser LVM..."

I swear, PPD proves TRP the more the hamsters spin.

I hope these broken women don't have brothers, or sons that they are peddling their gaslighting nonsense to.

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China hits out at ‘Western colonialism’ as it backs Argentina’s Falkland claim

I told you the world needs China people who love freedom and want to rule their own destiny need China because without China the imperialists are like a hot knife through butter

Yes, China is a contributor to world peace. China also helps countless developing countries.

Just look how many countries USA invaded in the past 100 years compared to China. Yet, USA still tries to paint China as a threat and warmongering nation.


This is a pretty interesting topic of discussion given that Falkland residents are granted British citizenship by default, while Hongkongers were specifically denied it

There are only a few thousand people on the Falklands and almost every single one is white.

Based. The British empire must be completely dismembered for humanity to have peace.

"99.7 per cent voted in favour of remaining a British territory."

The "islanders", as the UK calls them, were white British people implanted on the islands to sustain UK's colonial claims. They have no right to be called "islanders" a term which implies a native origin.

It is outrageous for the UK to still claim a territory that is 8,064 miles away, and to use referendums of its own implanted population to sustain this colonial claim. What a fucking farce!

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RE: Czech Republicans = Based Republicans



"radical attitudes towards Roma people" Based as fuck

The radical attitude would be acceptance

"Gypsies should be legally responsible from the moment they are born, because that is, in fact, their biggest crime" -Based Miroslav Sládek


Antiziganism is a centrist position in Europe.

Antiganism is a part of every position in Europe. I swear by god, that I only met one person in my life, who didn’t hate gypsies


roma "people"?

They ment subhumans

Before any westerners says anything about being against gypsies I highly encourage them to come to any eastern country and stay among them

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(NOTE: The OP posted a video filmed by someone in an area filled with armed Sinaloa Cartel members surrounding a plane.)

Apart from the killing and drugs, hanging out with your buddy’s with guns and money with no one who can touch you seems pretty fun...

Im not gonna lie, it is pretty fun

Nothin but vibes lol

Apart from the violence, this is lowkey a vibe

It is honestly, its even better when they throw parties or you go to an antro with them, and nothing but beautiful ass girls and shit too and they even tell you like here hold my other gold gun so you can look like you’re part of us 🤣

Im speaking for myself, i like guns i like off roading and i like beer and dancing with women, im young and this is fun to me, i get you on that though, and most of these guys are just doing their job, this is how they look at it, they have family and kids they go home to their kids and play with them but at the end of the day this is the “job” they chose

To each their own, I honestly grew up around all this shit so its normal to me atleast

Im not the one in the cartel nor killing nor selling drugs, you calling me an asshole for hanging out with them? Lol but yet you happy as fuck the cia supposedly killed the leader of haiti, what fuckin dumb hypocrite 🤣 the US invades foreign countries and kills and bombs innocent people yet you root for them

Its the united states fault for the way mexico is right now if they didnt consume drugs none of it would be happening and also in the 80s cartels ran smooth till the dea got involved

It's got a little symbol. The DEA and CIA are very creative.

When they get an airplane seized like 80% of the time they get it back

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Feminism is fundamentally about men, not women.

Feminism is a hate movement. Some people (OK- feminists) pretend it's about equality, but it turns out that hate movements and equality movements are not hard to tell apart, seeing as they are complete opposites.

Again and again when an equality movement would zig, feminists reliably zag. And then feminists come along to do damage control by telling everyone that "all movements" have "extremists" who do the exact opposite of their goals. Like the famous cannibal vegan extremists, or the extremist BLM advocates who want to bring back black slavery. All well known groups just like the "extremist" feminists who hate men. Remember that "extremist" means "people who do the exact opposite of what the movement stands for and yet are not criticized for doing so by the rest".

Following the MeToo campaign, a number of women behind the various allegations of were convicted of libel. The newly-started fund aims to pay their damages, regardless of whether their stories of abuse are true.


These women are all liars, as determined in a court of law. This money could have gone to the female victims of sex abuse but instead it's going to known liars who are making it more difficult for the victims to be taken seriously. Women are seen as worthy of a financial reward by feminists, if they lie about men and try to wreck the lives of innocent men, EVEN if the result is to make things worse for other women. So on this basis I would say for many feminists, feminism is not about women, it's about men. It's about hurting and destroying men.

CMDR_Phanlix #fundie #psycho #racist reddit.com

I just think it's neat what China did to all Christians and Muslims, and hope that can be applied to all religions around the world one day.

If Hitler had succeeded the current genocide of Palestinians wouldn't have succeeded. And he definitely did call the unrest and war in the Arabic nations. If he had succeeded in wiping out the Jewish people he could have prevented future genocides and wars. Since the IDF has successfully destabilized the region, lied about WMDs in Iraq, drawing the US into the war, maybe some of my friends wouldn't have died if we hadn't been in the region fighting their holy war.

I refuse to believe there are any good Jews after seeing exactly what Israel has become. The shining example of Jewishness in the world.

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RE: The latest China collapse theory according to bloomberg news


This actually makes sense if you're an American. American politics is purely a spectacle and every American roots for their "team". Actual science or material understanding of policies or actions are strictly forbidden in the authoritarian liberal "democracy". In this way, hockey is political power, since spectacle and theatre is the only political power a typical American has any access to.

Replace "American" with any democratic country. Democracy is inherently about popularity contests, best won through spectacle.

Bourgeois Democracy, yes. Socialism is fundamentally democratic though. Don’t buy the lie that western democracy is what democracy fundamentally looks like.

Its subtle racism to placate the masses. “Look at these physically inferior Yellow people...”

And Japan and South Korea add white people from north America into their ice hockey teams and not improving local talent.


DanteLivra #sexist #wingnut reddit.com

RE: Misrepresenting men's worries about not being able to defend themselve against an abusive women into : men just want to hit women

I remember when, during a particularly drawn-out fit of violence on her part, I threatened to call the police on my then-girlfriend if she hit me again (she was using a saucepan - didn’t hurt much unless she hit a joint). She said ‘Go ahead. We both know which one of us is going to be arrested.’

My blood went absolutely cold. It was right then that I realized that there is no backup for men in our world, no safety net of any kind except for the ones we make for ourselves. No-one cares whether we hurt or bleed, only whether we work or die.

Feminism : violence is horrible and should be condemned.

Also Feminists : it's sexist to think that women shouldn't be violent, men can and should deal with it. Women have the right to hit men, rape men and steal from men.

Also Feminists : I don't understand why MRA's criticize feminism so much.

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Why does pro choice go right out the window when it revolves around men or children?

Accidental pregnancy and father has no choice, yet it's still responsibility of a choice the mother made?

I'm talking about forced child support when the father doesn't want to have a child or care for it.

Or about having no say in mutilation in baby boys?

Every “pro-choice” person I’ve brought this up to has said something like “well he shouldn’t have had sex then!” They truly don’t even comprehend that men should have a choice

Pro choice is a one sided deal. In my years I have been on both sides of this. In the first instance of an "accidental pregnancy", I was forced to pay child support for a baby I never wanted. It was on purpose and the woman wanted it. A few years later, a woman "accidentally became pregnant" and chose to abort against my decision to want to keep the baby and even offering to raise the child on my own.

I support the fact that it is a woman's body and it is her choice but that being said, if she can choose to abort against the man's wishes. That is her choice. If she chooses to keep the baby against a man's wishes, it should be her responsibility and solely her responsibility.

It's not really part of their body. A fetus inherits DNA from both its mother and its father. In every sense, it's a distinct object inside of the body, but not part of it.

Does the fetus not have the right to live if it wanted to? Though it's absurdly clear that it can't make that decision, who gets to? BOTH parents? And when the parent's wish is to terminate, does the state have the right to step in?

All arguments devolve into whether or not fetuses have the rights of children.

Various Commenters #pratt #racist #wingnut reddit.com


Growing up in America as a SWM is one of the hardest things a person can do on this planet. Hopefully things get easier for us as we work hard to defend our rights.


I can't tell if you are trolling or not, but even though racism has been normalized against white people in the past year, just being in America is a massive privilege. We live in absolute luxury compared to most of the rest of the world.

But hardly any countries in the world are running such long term massive government, media and entertainment psyops programs against its defining culture and people. Our culture of free enterprise, hard work, Judeo-Christian, free people and free markets built the great country we are in and others come to join. The prevailing social media is now trying to destroy it.


In what ways are people racist to straight white males?

The biggest way is the assumption of racism. It is extremely common for left wing people to treat white people as if they are morally inferior and have racist motivations, based openly and explicitly only on the color of their skin. Many many of the publicized accusations of racism have literally 0 evidence, and almost always the white victims life is severely impacted. It’s a dominant cultural force at this point and I’ve experienced it many times at a personal level.

It was an honest question. You just don't have a real answer.

What? You ignored my real answer. Anti white racism is rampant on the left. Either address the point or move on.

ManThatHurt #pedo #crackpot #dunning-kruger reddit.com

pharaoh2030:Wait i didn’t understand it

If a ex Muslim told me your prophet is a rapist and a pedo By saying he married a 9 years old

What do i tell him?

ManThatHurt: People mature faster depending on their environment. A lot of girls became women and reproductively capable (IE, capable of handling intercourse, capable of giving birth, and having fully developed mammary glands) at 9. We have historical documents proving that was the case in Arabia.

Ant_Sand: Source for the historical documents plz

ManThatHurt: Dhahabi, Siyar A’lam an-Nubala’, Vol. 10, p.91

As-Sunan al-Kubra by al-Bayhaqi (1/319)

Lost_Bug6069 #psycho #racist #sexist reddit.com

(NOTE: Those are various posts in numerous subreddits)

Oh please no honory status for Paks. Those nasty flirty Turk wannabe are so stinky in my hood Baku 🤮🤮 they are just as annoying as Indians in Midwest USA

I'd rather be flirted 100 times by a Turk or 20 times by a Kartvilian or 10 times by an American or 5 times by a Russian than once by a Pak



Yo that yalquzaq guy is EVERYWHERE

He's a national treasure, only behind TB2 drone and Iron Dome😉😉

Even TB2 can't repeatedly attack so many rounds at an erm*ni target all at once.


(Khankendi is the capital of Nagorno-Karabakh)

Seriously when we settle the border and liberate Khankendi, I'm more than willing to meet you very nice folks in Aragrats.

Azeris can teach you very civilised people in Aragrats how to properly herd cows and make yoghurt that doesn't taste like pee


The balkans also have a higher concentration of a certain minority.

Wtf are you gypsies doing here? Go back to Punjabi and breed with your Soniye please 🙏


Can a non-slavic Caucasian (Azeri + Avar) shitpost here?

But why?

Slavic boys are satirically attractive😉😉As long as they don't fall into gopniks, they are very datable.

Ok now get lost

But cuckold slovks has no chance of winning my Göktürk Azeri heart. They're Untermenschen good at nothing but sucking German cock and even taking pride in that. Tiso sucked German cock 80 yrs ago and Dzurinda again in 2004 🤑🤑🤑🤮🤮

Even Serbs are more honourable than slovaks. At least they suck chigga cocks with moderation🤣🤣

Various Commenters #crackpot #wingnut reddit.com

RE: Not a fan of foul language but this meme made me laugh



Can you elaborate please?

Slavs are descendant from nomads who arrived in Europe around the migration period (500~ ad). Nomadic people fucked China up for thousands of years. Correct me if I am wrong tho.

Fucked up but also brought key technologies (such as the wheel) around 3'000 y.a. according to Chinese chronicles, the last they were active there.

You win some you lose some.

edit : Scythian, Sarmatians for the win !

Various Commenters #conspiracy #sexist #wingnut reddit.com

Remember every single feminist statistic is a lie.

Even things like 'Women in STEM' purposefully excludes medicine and biology from the discussion (while including IT) to make the numbers worse. I mean look at this link and tell me why a woman that researches cures for cancer is not STEM yet a man that fixes your printer is?

The UN and other people you would not expect are in on it. The UN gender gap report caps inequality at 50% against men, so if the government is 80% men, it is unequal but if it is 80% women it is considered equal. This leads to the absurd situation where women can be ahead in 90% of metrics, but because they are behind in 10% it is 'unequal to women'.

If you are in doubt about any statistic please post it below and I am sure someone will be more than happy to debunk it.


Women dominate in STEM. To readjust the narrative universities don't count any Science major in which women dominate. Their goal is to remove men from every field so men won't be able to qualify for high paying jobs which will undo the patriarchy.

“The patriarchy”

Feminists are so intelligent that they are trying to undo something that’s nonexistent

They also do this for false allegations (2to8%) which is just absurd it was misquoted from an old FBI document dating back to 1996 and even then it says proven false cases and nothing about cases that could me false according to one study potentially false cases are 64.7% and since according to them only 2% of cases are false they assume only 2 or 3% of r@p3st ever see a day on prison and then play the victim and say since the convition rate is soo low women are basically discouraged to report r@p3 by the way

DasQtun #dunning-kruger #wingnut reddit.com

RE: France, Germany propose EU summit with Russia's Putin, diplomats say

Meanwhile the Baltics, Poland and Ukraine cry about Russia, France and Germany are cuddling us up.

France & Germany transferred to Poland hundreds of billions of Euros while sanctioning the Russian economy to the sorry state it is today. Actions speak louder than words. So far Russia has only got the short end of the stick in international relations because of its own actions.

Hello Polyak, you mad much? Zdrada?

Russian economy is 4 times bigger than your, it is almost as big as german.

The quality of your comments reflects the quality of the Russian economy. You are listing PPP values of a country with 144 million. Pretty pathetic attempt at validation. You aren't fooling anyone. We all know the state of Russia.

Our GDP PPP per capita is on the same level with Croatia and just a few thousands behind Poland. Considering that we get almost no foreign investments, we managed to develop all on our own in just 20 years after the anarchy in the 90s.

Our economy is constantly growing in PPP as a part of Putin's plan of self sufficiency.

Big sad, big zdrada Polyak.

You are just draining natural resources

So is norway, you don't seem to bitch about Norway do you?

Look at the standards of living and development of Norway

We only had 20 years of development. We also have a huge population and no foreign investors.

So we are doing really good with what we have.

thirty not twenty

1990-2000 Have been years of decline and anarchy until Putin took over. Our GDP halved in a decade. Thanks to Putin we are com8ng back.

DasQtun #conspiracy #wingnut reddit.com

Another link with dated stats and shady NGOs. Good try, but no. I live here, I see how things work and how they improve.

will end up as Navalny

You mean the fabricated poisoning that everyone moved on from?

I'm not the one living under a dictatorship.

I don't live under dictatorship either, but I wouldn't mind if the dictatorship worked for the people like in China.

The rest of the world couldn't care less about Russia

The mass hysteria proofs that the world indeed cares a lot about Russia and overthrowing legitimately elected president Putin.

controlled and kept in check by the regime

I stick to the fact that it's impossible to calculate corruption, it's even tricky to identify corruption. For example, lobbying in US is legal, but in Russia its not. So whats up?

That's what you get wrong. There is no global NGO conspiracy to make you guys look bad.

It's not a conspiracy, it's a reality. the US sets up NGOs for regime change and has been doing it a very long time.

We don't have anything against Russian peopl

Except hate and extreme cases of Rusophobia and racism.

It's not "the world vs Russia",

It is though. But surprisingly the west has got another problem on their back, it's China. So Biden administration and the "collective west" desperately tries to preserve the "rules based order" ( aka US world hegemony and anglo-saxon suprmacy).

You can virtue signal as a friend as long as you want, but we already learned our lesson thanks to Yeltsin.

i don't think europeans have any moral ground to criticize china after Slavery, Indian genocide, Colonization, bombing of the middle east, Holocaust and 2 world wars.

Women_Hate_Short_Men #dunning-kruger #sexist reddit.com

RE: Commenters are posting blatant sexist stereotypes and generalizing all men without even trying to answer the question. It's so disheartening to see sexism against men receive so much support. Am I the only one seeing this??

Why do you think there are so few female serial killers?

because women aren’t good enough to get away with it more than once!

acting like them aside,

women are embraced by every aspect of society and accepted no matter what

men are shamed and treated as disposable by every aspect of society, and told to man up no matter what

with the way men are treated is it really a shock some lose total connection with reality and have no empathy or emotion left?

these traits don’t lead to becoming a serial killer, but all serial killers have them for a reason. it leads to a passion for revenge against others, or a passion for feeling in power for once when they have been denied it all their lives but told by every aspect of society they should have it.

of course those threads just bottle it down to “men think they are more important than others”, does everyone not think this of themselves? and “testosterone”, which doesn’t cause violence but allows men to pursue goals far more than women and if a mans goal has been shaped by the world around him to get revenge or to feel accepted by force, you now have a serial killer.

of course there is outliers such as psychopaths and sociopaths but i wouldn’t base everything around an outlier group.

SlavicPrideaccount97 #conspiracy #racist reddit.com

RE: "A protest for the Roma person who died after a police intervention was supposed to happen in Prague. Nobody came"

They often fly in antifas from Germany or Sweden to go to protests in countries like Czechia and Poland. I guess the flights were cancelled because of COVID lol

AlAndalus22 #crackpot #racist reddit.com

Are Slavs genetically inferior in football?

During this Euros, it seems like the Slavic nations can't compete against the non-Slavic Western European nations.

Slavs played 11 games against the non-Slavic Westerners and the Slavs only won twice, one which Russia beat Finland, who are probably the worst team in the tournament. Slavs lost EIGHT times out of the possible 11 against the non-Slavs, and conceded 19 goals in those 11 games, which is abysmal imo.

So the question must be asked. Are Slavs not genetically cut out to play football? If a tiny nation like Denmark can thrash the Slav powerhouses Russia in football, there's very little hope left.

EmphasisAlive #racist #sexist reddit.com

American women are complete garbage compared to foreign women.

Most foreign women are actually decent human beings whom base their standards off of quality of a mans character and his closeness to god rather than the size of his check book and sharpness of his cheekbones.

American women are materialistic and overly individualistic to the point to where it is beyond selfish/narcissistic and down right ignorant.

Especially WHITE American women. They’re the worst.

Foreign women on the other hand tend to be far more compassionate, focus more on the community as well as have a more profound understanding of the fact that humans are interdependent and rely on cooperation than anything else. Thus they choose more humble men whom tend to follow religions that exemplify such traits like Taoism and Christianity, ect.

Rather than lusting after a complete moron who is about drugs, and gangs, and nothing but cash.

ClutchNes #sexist #crackpot #dunning-kruger reddit.com

What society gets wrong and what needs to change is.....

the concept that females are the prize, no, they are not. Men are prize, NOW MORE THAN EVER. Men are the protector, the provider, those who keep the system running, those who are doing the dirty and demanding jobs.

it's no surprise that women are extremely entitled and don't have to fear consequences to take responsibility for their actions, because society is still pretending that women are the prize. how the fuck are they the prize? they bring nothing but their wet holes to the table, can't even fucking cook or take care of the household, don't bring any useful skills, wasting time on nonsense, overpriced crap and social media, zero to none real hobbies and topics you can discuss with them. I don't get it, fuck gynocentrism and fuck feminism, this world will fucking burn to the ground once the females are in total control.

If we are honest, even back then women were nothing else but trophies, a prize for "decent" men, a tool to control the men and make them obedient tax payers, world builders, career men, because women being the prize NEVER made sense, it should always been that men are the prize, the only difference is how to convince men to still get their shit together and be the best man they can be, REGARDLESS of women - and this is what movements like MGTOW are trying to do, that's the real mindset, philosophy and spirit.

Smega-Smuga #pratt #sexist reddit.com

According to this and many other similar studies, sexual activity is waaaay down among unmarried heterosexual men and is for the most part unchanged among heterosexual unmarried women

Because simple awkwardness is seen as being a creep or worse, predator. Any error at all and you are crucified. Doesn't help that radical Feminism was shoved down our throats as kids with concepts like reacting on non-verbal cues and consent is paramount to rape. You have to be so overly direct and clear what you want that it comes off as creepy and unacceptable, because women like the game of non-verbal socio-sexual signalling. It doesnt help that in college this was slammed down our throats by radical Feminist activists preaching about rape culture and scaring young men to even interact with women by trying to do the right thing. Especially with revoking consent after a sexual act because of regret, or drunk sex. Then watching the very thing radical Feminist activists preached to us being thrown out the window in actual dating and causing men to simply not know how to move forward at all because, any misunderstanding is contributing to the "campus rape culture of the white patriarchal colonial imperialist man-pigs". Feels borderline abusive the the amount of socio-sexual pigeon holing and gas lighting thats been rammed down our throats. That's not even taking in to account experience and partner count imbalances based on supply and demand of partners. Why even bother potentially runing your life because men have no legal, sexual and reproductive rights and safe guards, and are automatically deemed guilty until proven innocent.

Noob_master_slayer #dunning-kruger #sexist #wingnut reddit.com

The fact that the majority of suicide victims are men is shocking.

We're often told that over 80% of suicide victims are men, but have we ever thought how crazy that is? The crazy part is that men are saturated with testosterone (over 10x as much as women), a well know anti-depressent and stress busting hormone, but despite the anti-depressing properties of testosterone, men make up 80% of suicide victims?

Do you realize HOW MUCH pressure and misery must be needed to overwhelm the natural anti-depressive properties of testosterone? This is enough evidence for me that men don't have an easy life since their struggles are often dismissed and laughed at, most often by women themselves.

From a biological point of view, given equal struggles, one would expect women to be the majority of suicide victims, since they have a much lower concentration of the anti-depressive testosterone, but what do we see in real life? The complete opposite. This is alone proof that, at least in the West, it is women who have it easier than men.

This is what happens when you're told to "man up" and dismiss your depression.

Male privellege it is, right?

Various Commenters #psycho #racist #wingnut reddit.com

RE: Literally me for the last 4 years



some of you guys really don't like Blacks

I wish africans the best in their own nations, but i do not want any african immigrants in my country. Countries must serve their indigenous people, importing ethnically distinct foreighners would be opposite of that. I don't see that europeans/americans gained anything by introducing "diversity" in their countries. Seems like it just fucked things up even more.

here in America, Slavs aren't even considered "White"

I'm also pretty sure that as a slav i would still be exposed to the same struggle-sessions about "white privilege" "institutional racism" and other bullshit in the US. The fact that i'm slav wouldn't help at all.

I'm not White, I'm Russian. My skin is white. Fuck off

ultra-Based nationalist moment 😎😎😎

Thinking I would ever want to make a "white ethnostate" alongside Anglo Saxons hahahaha
Go Slavic or go home


Cossacks did take slaves tho. And for example Russia did ethnic cleansing a lot

Not enough as it shows

It indeed did show in 1920 and 1989

Simple fact that Ukrainians still exist shows that we didn't do enough. You poles too tho.

So you want to genocide ukranians?

Genocide is not an option. I just talking saying it was a mistake of tsardom to leave ukrainians to themselves.

Probably move ukrainians to russian territory and russians into Ukrainian territory. That would've made ukrainians dissepear. Idk what emperors were thinking but they probably thought ukrainians never had statehood so they are no danger to Russia.

blueeyesviking #racist #wingnut reddit.com

RE: EU Plans to limit number of British TV show and movies shown in Europe to combat 'cultural imperialism'

£100 the French are behind this. Self-confident nations such as the Polish and Germans wouldn't resort to this.

Why don't the EU fund improvements to the EU's movie/series production instead?

Disastrous-Moose7152 & Arms_Longfellow #moonbat #racist reddit.com

RE: The "International Community/World" we often hear about.


The reason is that most of the west is so racist that, subconsciously, they don’t consider people from third world countries to be proper human beings who actually possess independent thoughts and are entitled safety and well-being. That’s why they claim themselves to be the whole world, because people who are different from them are simply outside their brains.

Yep, exactly. Like when you point out how every single Muslim country in the world supports China on the Uyghur issue, they'll just respond, "Yeah but they've been brainwashed by Chinese propaganda, and they depend on Chinese money so they're forced to support them"

FartyMcShitFace #sexist #wingnut reddit.com

What a lot of people don't understand is that whenever feminists lobby for policy that specifically targets women, they actively exclude men from receiving help. Feminists say that it isn't a zero sum game and that both men and women can be helped, but that's not true even in the slightest. Feminist theory states that every issue affects women more severely. So no matter what happens to men in society, actively supporting something which targets a male problem is generally considered sexist.

It doesn't have to be a zero sum game, but they've effectively turned it into one.

Hilariously enough, I was going to cite female-only scholarships despite men being discriminated against in education, and I found this citation on the website:

It seems that scholarships are equally distributed between sexes: 59% of recipients are female and 41% are male.

According to scholarship statistics by race, only 38% of the recipients are minority students, and 62% are white students.

Like, what in the flying fuck? I was looking for simple data on college scholarship distribution, and I was immediately hit with someone saying 59% / 41% is an equal distribution, but only a 3% difference with the white/minority statistic being (stated elsewhere in the article) a shocking imbalance. This is especially mindboggling because men are about 50% of the US population, making them far underrepresented for scholarships, but racial minorities are about 28% of the population, making them overrepresented for scholarships (numerically).

You can't even look up a single statistic without seeing feminist slant.

ImTheTrueFireStarter & bob-object #dunning-kruger #pratt #sexist #wingnut reddit.com

I hate what feminism has done to this country

I hate being called misogynistic because I don’t conform to the notion of a “rape culture”

I hate when men are always seen as aggressors in encounters between men and women

I hate when it is assumed that I am being nice to a girl just because I want her body.

I hate it when women can claim all of this crap about “male privilege” when they have much more actual privileges than men

I hate that women can opt out of parenthood, but a man can not.

I hate that women are always seen as victims in almost every situation.

I hate that actual issues that almost exclusively affect men and boys such as higher suicide rates, higher work place death rates, higher chance of developing a learning disability, lower chance of getting into college and graduate school, false rape allegations, custody disputes, child support, alimony and many other things are overlooked and anyone who brings this up is automatically labeled as misogynist,

I hate what feminism has done to our society.

The hubris, stubbornness, and stupidity of most young woman today is the sole reason I will never ever ever have kids.

I grew up with two sisters (both are smart, good looking and healthy); and the way they absolve themselves of any sort of responsibility or fault without self-reflection has fundamentally changed the way I view human nature. Feminism needs to be dismantled and society needs to address female nature by raising daughters to be HUMBLE and THOUGHTFUL.

I hear plenty of stories about older woman learning to be humble and thoughtful after they've "had their fun", but it's often too late at that age as they've already pumped toxic femininity into the world.

DasQtun #psycho #wingnut reddit.com

RE: UK denies Russia fired warning shots near British warship

This was a provocation by the UK. Russians did fire warning shots form ships and su-24 dropped warning bombs. There was no gunnery exercise.

UK foreign ministry stated it was in UKRANIAN TERRITORIAL WATERS which is a clear provocation and escalation attempt.

The UK has every right to enter Ukrainian territorial waters if conducting innocent passage.

Then we'll sink your ships if any further escalations happen.

Your country does not have the balls to risk a war with NATO.

NATO will never declare a war over UK provocation. Especially on Russia. We have more Nuclear warheads than any nation, we can turn europe into one big chernobyl.

We have hypersonic nuclear gliders that can reach america in 30 minutes. The US doesn't have the defense against this glider.

We have China, North Korea and Iran. to back us up.

Keep believe that China will stand with you against US/EU - biggest consumers of their goods.

Keep believing that they woudln't if that makes you feel safe.

I understand that this gaslighting tone is widely accepted in your anglo-saxon culture, but in my eyes you just look silly.

Even if europe nukes 2 biggest cities it'll do literally nothing. Russian arms manufacturing is deep in siberia behind Ural mountains. Our population is spread out. We aren't as Urbanized as in europe. Nuking Russia is pointless.

Russia don't have the balls to fire at a UK vessel

Russia already did fire, the warning shots, after which British destroyed chickened out.

Russia recently became extremely hardline. Our military is highly aggressive, testing it is beyond stupid.

mhandanna #conspiracy #sexist #wingnut reddit.com

Gendercide (Androcide) where boys and men are killed for being boys and men - is rising, yet feminists still say "misandry doesn't kill" "kill all men" etc when the opposite is true.


This is the problem with feminism. MRAs will agree with you on maybe even nearly all issues if they just did that... they don't though. Instead of just trying to enact change, they purposefully try and shit on mens issues in order to do so.

And why on earth are feminists wasting energy trying to defend misandrists or kill all men types etc with repeated articles saying why its ok to say kill all men or to hate men etc. Why because feminsim is a hate movement and it is often driven by hatred rather than actually wanting to help women.


One abandons her son cos hes male, the other bans her brother from house who she says is great person and she loves very much but is male so cant come in... only his girlfriend is allowed in.... what happened to these feminsits? Did they get help? NOOOO they went on to become feminists policitians, bloggers, journalists (even a guardian journalist!!), HEAD OF domestic violence charity (no wonder DV is so sexist and misandrist if led by people like this). Maybe feminsits should ask why are these misandrists getting to the TOP of feminism?

BTW, feminsits need to stop crying at criticism of feminism.... I call this feminsits fragility.... Mens issues aren't all caused by feminism or even majority caused by feminism, feminism does however often make things worse, and sometimes yes feminism is solely to blame especially where FEMINISTS LITERALLY, YES LITERALLY wrote the laws in questions.

DeliciousCabbage22 & MagnusDrango #crackpot #racist #wingnut reddit.com

Did you know that Macedonians are closer to non-Slavs than to pure Slavs?

Slavs are a linguistic group, not genetic

Slavic people have ancestry from the proto-Slavs, some more some less, it's ridiculous to claim that a Macedonian or a Bulgarian are just as Slavic as a Pole or a Ukrainian genetically.

All humans are mutts.

most, not all


Albanians and Greeks have Slavic admixture

Greeks are highly mixed and in large they are Albanians and Vlachs mixed with antolians.

Greece is a European project based on philo hellenic romanticism. But oh boy, how disappointed they were when they didn't find the "ancient hellens" in Athens and Peloponnese but endless Arvanitese with their Fustanellas and Swords.

Albanians have much less. Most of it comes when they married slavic women in middle ages or kidnapped them in Ottoman times and those were in large native Balkanic.

Slavs in Balkans are in large native Balkaners.

Genes does not have ethnicity and does not speak any language.

Genes and language are related.

Balkan slavs are not real slavs but mutts.

Macedonians gonna get less Slavic as time goes. Many marry Albanian girls. And don't get me started about the Vlachs. 90% of marriages of Vlachs are mixed with Macedonians.

There is barely any Macedonian marrying Albanian women.

In FYROM itself some Albanian men have slavic girlfriends but never marry them while for an Albanian woman marrying a slav is a death sentence by her Albanian family.

In between the period 2005 to 2015 around 300 women from Albania married slavs in Macedonia. Some of them were Catholics from abandoned villages and some slavs from Golloborda.

That is all.

Savinit #psycho #sexist #wingnut reddit.com

The only winning move is not to play

FYI: I'm a gay guy so forgive me if it seems I'm not fully appreciating/brushing over the sexual aspects.

I've been an MRA for about 9 years now, once quite publicly. If you were on Twitter around 2014-2018 you probably have seen my tweets and you might have spoken to me.

I come on here and see time and time again people posting things like "how to convince a feminist x" etc. You need to understand that 95% of these people are not interested in good faith dialouge and you are wasting your time.

Its probably easier for me as a gay guy who also has loner / introvert tendencies to say this - but aside from your mother, any daughters you may have, and any female supporters of men - you need to put some emotional distance between yourself and 'women' as a whole because in general they just don't care about or value you. And neither does society.

The articles you are seeing in the MSM whining about how men aren't marrying, engaging in society or otherwise 'not performing to spec' are what feminism has wrought. Let the masses lie in it. If people look down on you for not jumping through the hoops it takes for you to be a 'high value man' - so what? They've already shown their hand and have nothing but malice for you anyway, so why play their game?

Todays women are miserable for the fruits of modern feminism. And despite all the rhetoric around how useless men are, the feminist movement (and society as a whole) could be destroyed overnight if suddenly all men stopped working the critical jobs that women are unwilling to do that keep our modern world running.

Focus on yourself, practice stoicism and leave the world to it. If it falls apart then maybe that's what needs to happen.

Careless_Highlight53 & Puzzleheaded_Low7428 #crackpot #racist reddit.com

RE: Map of light eyes in Europe (well sourced)



south "Europe" smh lmao... they're all Arab-Berber blooded mutts. I wonder why a lot of people do not consider Turkey a part of Europe while they're not much different from Italians or Spaniards at all by looks in reality.


Strange enough that South Europe in this map follows the borders of the Roman Empire. Evidently at some point Arabs and Berbers replaced the Romans but we don't have traces of it.

VozhdDjordje #psycho #wingnut reddit.com

RE: Members of infamous "gaming" forum ResetEra are trying to cancel Czech game developers

Pathetic, these people need to get a life, of have their life taken away all together. They have no Benidorm to society and humanity. They should be deleted to lower the already high population

Reasonable_Amoeba_89 & XenoX101 #crackpot #sexist reddit.com

RE: Misandry is as socially dangerous as mysogany

I disagree.

Misogyny is called out, will get you fired from your job and made a social pariah amongst mixed groups.

Misandry will see you as an empowered feminist, a round of applause and a medal as big as a frying pan.

So misandry is far, far, far more dangerous due to it being socially acceptable bigotry.

Feminists are out and out bigots, transphobes, homophobes, misandrist. There is absolutely nothing in the feminist movement to celebrate unless you hate men and or trans people in which case you’ll find plenty to love.

Are you saying feminism is counter to the trans movement?

Honest question.

I don't say that. Feminists do. Mumsnet Feminism space, nearly half the posts are transphobic. A movement which starts with the supremacy of women is now seeking gender purity and removing anything away form the ideal. We've seen this before in history....


they want to stick it to men because their ancestors didn’t have it as good.

Allegedly. Women's happiness has been in steady decline since the women's rights movement. The responsibility of working a day job isn't as exciting a proposition as once thought. It's why so many women prefer to work part-time as compared to men (as much as three times as many in some cases), and place less value in earning more money or getting a promotion when leaving for another job. Men and women on average are fundamentally seeking different goals from life, and no amount of social engineering can change that. But the lie that women needed saving by feminists is what gave them power, and is why they continue to hold onto this idea in spite of the evidence against it.

Input_output_error #conspiracy #pratt #sexist #wingnut reddit.com

Feminism should be invalidated as feminism has no valid reason to exist. Feminism is a hateful religion that is a blight on our society.

Being against feminism doesn't mean that you're aGaiNsT eQuALiTy or insert another bullshit feminist meme. It means that you don't agree with the rampant sexism that is feminism, that you don't agree with things like the Duluth model or any of the other insanely sexist idea's that they spew like 'rape culture', 'mansplaining', 'the future is female' (yea check that one out, the gist is men should be reduced to be a maximum of 10% of the total population..), 'manspreading', demonstrating against a male mental health gathering, 'Kill All Men' or any of the other insane ramblings of these people.

That some tween, teen or idiot twenty-some calls themselves a feminist because they actually do believe in equality doesn't mean that they are actual feminist. They aren't the ones who help write and lobby for sexist laws, they aren't the ones who write 'feminist theory'. They aren't the ones who get to determine what feminism means. People often try to revert back to the textbook definition of feminism while ignoring what feminism does. That is exactly like saying that the Democratic Republic of North Korea is a democracy and not some backwards dictator's playground. Sure, they call themselves a 'democratic republic' but that doesn't make them one.

Various Commenters #conspiracy #racist #wingnut reddit.com

RE: 8% of Macedonian kids in the last 20 years are from a mix marriage with Serbs, Vlachs or Albanians. This gonna have consequences in the future and people gonna have huge identity problems.

You think thats a problem? Wait til western europe and North americ has hundreds of millions of afro-euro, arab-euro and asian-euro mixed people

Should i care about Brits and Americans? Because i don't, i only care for East Europe with exclusion of Greece and Albania

You should because once the western European mixed mongrel horde reaches critical mass they will March eastwards looking for lebanstraum and every woman will get blacked or browned in their path

Macedonia should take all Albanians and put them back to Albania, because else Albanians want western Macedonia like they wanted Kosovo.

Wake up Macedonia

All women of all ethnicities fuck Arabs and blacks even asian women.

If they don't live in poland there is 0 that can be done to help them.

Thanks I will book the next fly to England and save the polish woman from blacks and Arabs. Furthermore I will try to improvise our image. Funny thing is that Albanians take everything so serious 😂


Just split it between Albania and Bulgaria and done

The Albanians are all going to move to Switzerland or Germany anyway

No, we wait and we gonna make Macedonia trad mix Albanian-Vlacho-Serbo-Macedonian country. We gonna all mix and if we lack woman we will fill the whole country with Albanian woman from Skadar and TIrana

How a country created during 90's, that has no real distinct history can suffer indentity crisis??!

Makedon-Slav1488 #dunning-kruger #racist #sexist #wingnut reddit.com

RE: Can I count myself as Slav?

Disagree. We should look into the social aspect of this example not just the genetic one. There are more males compared with females, meaning some guys must marry outside of their own ethnicity or die alone. I would rather prefer African-Macedonian mix if the dad is Macedonian than a Turk or anyone else cucking a Macedonian girl.

He is as Slavic as much as Obama is white. He is mix, and he can pass as Turk because ethnicity is passed from dad side not mom. Plus idk what this guy tripping, more than half of Macedonian Muslims call themselves as Turks in Macedonia. Simple example for this is the mayor of Plasnica, Ismail Jahoski. Plasnica nibbas we having last names with "ski" but they write themselves as Turks.

Macedonians and Bulgarians aren't as Slavic as Poles and Ukrainians for example(we have Balkan blood). So i think what u wanted to say is that u are attracted to Macedonian roots not Slavic in general.

I would not say there is even Macedonian culture tbh as of 2021, because there is no suck thing as culture anymore in Macedonia since the 60s, We only have the language and some Christian traditions left.

If your dad was Macedonian and your mom Turkish i would have said u can identify as Macedonian but your mom is the only who married a Turk so no i would not want u to identify as Macedonian nor Slav. You should identify as mix Macedonian/Turk.

Is that really matters that my dad or my mother? Why one of them makes me less or makes me more?

Society, it's like this since ever. Dad side matters not mom side, u can identify as whatever u like but in reality almost all kids from mix marriages take the dad side ethnicity.

New-Ad-2473 #conspiracy #elitist #fundie #racist #sexist #wingnut reddit.com

Identity has 3 components.

1. Ethnic

2. Cultural

3. Religious

If you do not have all 3 you are not truly slavic, you are nothing.

You can be ethnically and culturally slavic but religiously jewish and pledge your loyalty to jewish tribes.

You can be ethnically slavic and religiously Christian but raised culturally to be non-slavic. (Like some slavic national socialist who thinks eastern Europeans are subhuman or some far-leftist that hates white people and wants them all genocided)

You can be an African but culturally slavic and Christian but you are still an African.

Slavs are ethno-linguistic group, not religion.

Okay so basically you're saying that if someone is ethnically slavic, and culturally slavic but religiously jewish and pledge his loyalty to jewish tribes that us slavs should accept him as slavic?

God you are stupid. Its that same logic that lead to bolshevik "slavs" killing 50 million "christian slavs"

So you HAVE to be religious to be slav? Lmao youre an idiot

Yes otherwise you get taken over by high iq jewish slavic people who come with ideas of feminism, equality, peace, love, harmony, equal rights that then get their power democratically largely by women who fawn over ideas of equality, peace, love and feminism

get a life dude. religion doesn't define you

Your identity defines you and religion is a critical part of a strong identity

So what are slav atheists?

If slavs are atheists they should never be seriously considered for any important or high up positions. However in some way atheist slavs are better than muslim or jewish slavs so long as the key people remain Christian who ultimately create the laws and culture

Various Commenters #racist #wingnut reddit.com

Taking the knee is an endorsement of Anglo supremacism. I’m glad my fellow Slavs aren’t falling for it.


How about gray countries? And anglo supremacism?

Of course it is. They force other countries to conform to Anglo culture. Would English ever take a knee or another symbolic gesture on the initiative of Croatia for whatever cause? No. It’s Anglo supremacism through and through.

Pff, If I was Finnish or Austrian I'd probably notice a huge drop in patriotism. They have nothing to do with Blacks, why would they bend their knees?

Imagine feeling guilty for whatever the American police does to black people, lawfully or otherwise. Why does the whole world have to participate in this mounted circus

Why would i care about BLM? I am not even in the same continent let alone country. I song understand why would any Euro country do that and definitely i don't expect shit like this from East Europe

"Oh no, a convicted felon junkie has overdosed somewhere over the ocean, I better kneel down"

What are you doing, Europe?