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The Soviets made an agreement that in the event of a war in Poland that there would be no aggression between Soviet and German military forces as long as they maintained spheres of influence. IE. The Soviets would not attack Germans as long as Germans did not cross into the region that was formerly owned by the Soviets.

Several weeks into the invasion of Poland the Polish administration FLED THE COUNTRY and left it completely undefended.

2 weeks after this occurred, the Soviets decided that moving into the region labelled as their sphere of influence was probably for the best as it would otherwise be occupied by the Germans as there was no central Polish defence force anymore.

When the Soviets moved in, the Polish Army maintained and official ceasefire with the Soviets, except for a few holdout fanatics who hadn't gotten over the Russo-Polish War.

Why is that? Because the Soviets weren't just taking the place over they were staying on friendly terms with the remaining Polish Army there which was leaderless and rudderless, moving up and defending the region from the Germans. This benefitted them of course by providing a buffer but it is absolutely not as simple as "haha they divided it up and planned it beforehand haha".

Only fucking liberals and fascists believe this shit. Don't be a fucking loser. Actually learn the Marxist perspective on the history.

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HighestHorse: The leader of my church says GOD wants the true shape of his Earth revealed to the people and Donald Trump is going to reveal it LIVE on TV on Christmas Day! Hallelujah! Soon globetards will be locked away for their lunacy!

zMrAnonymous: What gives you that impression?

HighestHorse: That's what my pastor says Gods plan is. I'm so excited :).

I can't wait to see the globetards admit they were wrong.

zMrAnonymous: Hmm. That would be the day.

HighestHorse: Where is your faith? Do you doubt your God and God loving President?

HighestHorse: Soon we will be validated! Can I get an AMEN?🙏📿✝️ 3:16

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See, my ideal ideology will be in tune with the realities of Nature, and thus the liberation of the working class is only a tool towards the salvation of the race.

I believe, it is obvious to any honest materialist that when women are corralled into factories to assemble tanks for war, the race has a higher chance of survival than when muh' patriarchal values are preserved, but the front breached. Egalitarianism should be an instrument, not a virtue in itself.

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All men are immoral opportunists with low self control and high impulsivity. See a drunk girl? Nobody is around? Oh well, unzip. He won't think twice. See a little girl playing alone? Nobody is around? Unzip. See a girl being raped? You can't seem to beat the guy? Nobody is around to see your heroic act? Unzip and join him. You're in a war? Everyone is dying? See a girl in front of you crying and screaming for her life? Unzip.

And this is why all men are rapists.

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I'm sick of the over representation of gay relationships in the Media.

I'm not a homophone [sic], i really don't care what other people do. however i recently watched the new Netflix series Sense8, 2 episodes in and we've already seen 4 sex scenes. 3 of them between gay couples.

Every TV show that comes out these days seems like it has to have the token gay couple. i wouldn't have a problem with it now and then, if it was proportional to the population. (so 1/10ish couples/scenes? i think they estimate the world LGBTI to be approximatly 10%)

Just to be clear though, I'm annoyed at how over represented it is compared to the global population. Not that it's occurring. This is my unpopular Opinion. (though lets be honest, 80% of the world probably agrees with me and is to scared to speak out due to the wrath of the remaining 20% (10% gays and 10% SJW's))

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About a week ago I reported an acquaintance to Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

I was out with the crew at a game-night/hangout, and we typically meet a few cool new people at these kinds of events. "The crew" = the friend group I grab drinks with pretty much every week (it's roughly half and half men and women, pretty diverse in most other ways, and usually the same 10-12 people) really hit it off with this ginger dude, his sister, and their friend L (I will not reveal her full name), so we invited them out for drinks the following Saturday. Come Saturday, we're all having a great time. As the night went on, and we had been drinking, L shared a little bit about herself. She talked about how lucky she was to find a (comfortable) job that was willing to pay her under the table and not require verification (she was a secretary at an independent practice). She had been struggling because she was not capable of manual labor, and most desk jobs these days are very strict about verification. She said that it had been very hard for her in the months leading up to landing the job (which everyone congratulated her on), and that at one point she was almost homeless and had no idea that resources even existed for someone in her situation. In all other ways she is hard-working, kind, and amicable -- honestly just a very decent human being.

But that's the thing -- life just isn't fair. Hurricanes and fires destroy peoples' homes and lives all the time. thought about this a lot, and I did not make the decision lightly. I did some searching through groupchats that we're both in (no stalking or other gross behavior was necessary), and found all the info I needed in order to file a comprehensive report with ICE.

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It’s true that these are correlated, but so are electric cars and snowboards with low fertility. Female education and universal healthcare are proxies for stable societies. Stable societies only occur through concerted effort by citizens to improve their country in line with conducive values. Africa will never be a stable continent. Bribery is the de facto standard. It’s not even considered immoral. It’s expected. In fact, you’re committing a social faux pas if you don’t give a “gift.” Corruption and nepotism are the standard. Again, it’s built into the value sets of most African nations and citizens. It’s a good thing. This is why nation building doesn’t work in Africa.

On a practical level, it would require social and cultural engineering on an impossible scale. Throwing money and food and medical services and supplies at the problem isn’t working. It’s making it worse. Nigeria is growing by five million every single year. A country which doesn’t even have basic water and sewage infrastructure to most of its citizens. Even if the premise were correct that education would fix this, there’s just no realistic way to educate another five million kids per year in Nigeria alone - in addition to the existing tens of millions. Throw in the current woke environment - “how dare Western standards of education are forced on poor African children” - and this is an impossible problem to fix.

I’ve lost hope. At this stage I’m accepting reality. It’s time to get out of Africa and let them run their countries as they like. We need to secure our borders because there are enormous issues looming in Africa, and it’s a only a matter of years until the next famine, then the next, then the next.

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[in a thread discussing what to do if a child came out as trans at ages 8, 18, or 28]


8: You're only eight. It's just a phase.

18: Get out of my house.

28: I have a child?

McPattigans: So you would disown your child if they came out as trans?

NO-STUMPING—TRUMP: In a new York minute.

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something i find odd or interesting is that a great deal of furries are autistic.

I'm a digital artist and interact with the furry community often and like 95% are lgbtq+ and or autistic

...makes me consider the correlation

idk just something i noticed

I feel like it's halfway "child friendly," in the sense autistic people are childlike and porn may be too real for them. And this next bit might be a bad take and false, but I think it also has to do with them lacking cues for degeneracy. Most normal people would think dressing up in Nintendo merch and a fursuit while jerking it to Bowser eating Sonic is not good or normal, but autistic people see pretty colors and operate in a different reality than non mentally ill people. That's why you see autistic people being actually quite hateful towards other groups, they lack the ability to emphasize with other races or non normal people.

But I don't know why furries have a lot of gay people. I think it's a mix of people seeing gays as deviants and then pursuing that as well as being an extremely open community. Y'all are weirdos, but at least you are friendly.

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In order to prevent the final implementation of the communist revolution, Trump needs to, in addition to declaring martial law and invoking the Insurrection Act, federally deputise his supporters, give them a free hand to use whatever force they deem necessary under the Defense Procurement Act and then unleash them on the bad guys under the direction of handpicked military personnel, including on pro-communist military personnel. Trump has nothing to lose and the world has so much to gain. Hopefully anyone with direct access to Trump can hard-sell this option to him.

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[On the subject of hybristophilia]

This 'disorder' is an intrinsic part of female sexuality.

Women in ancient times did not swoon for losers because a man that is not brutally violent in defending himself or his mate / offspring will find himself out of the gene pool.

In our far savage history it made evolutionary sense.

Now because of it you have female prison guards cheating on their husbands and getting pregnant by scum of the earth inmates, ordinary women getting knocked up by thugs and raising fatherless kids on taxpayers money and a multitude of women sending love letters to serial killers they see on TV.

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Fag faggy fag fag! Wahhhh the internet is too mean for the poor victims. Wahhhh jokes inspire rapists to rape with their rapey rape organs. You’re original comment is irrelevant. We don’t need your guidance. You think anyone is going to decide to miss out on a good-ole rape after missing some jokes thanks to your shallow, cancelist, censorist, anti-humor opinion? Censor yourself; all upset, defensive, and typing AT ME cause you know you don’t know what you’re typing about. Fake. Phony. Fag. Censorship-sympathetic. Fuck off the internet if you can’t handle jokes. Joke on jovials.

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RE: Anti-Asian hate crime incidents rose by 878% compared to last year, Vancouver police report says

Black people are the most racist to us

This is a well known fact among Asians that doesn’t get much attention.

Everyone who's seen or experienced it knows this, but you'll still be downvoted into oblivion by self-righteous white people lol.

The guy you responding to calls black people apes. He's just racist.

Name calling doesn't change the facts.

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Sweetie, if you think your life is bad, just imagine how the rapist must feel. He raped you because no female would give him a chance. It was his only chance to get laid. Now he lives in fear that the police might find him. Someone’s on the door? Might be investigators. He lives in constant fear, all because no female would ever give him a chance.

I’m not saying rape isn’t bad, it’s a terrible thing. But it’s terrible for both the raped AND the rapist. And that’s what you normies must understand.

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At 42 a man is at the top of they sexual value. It's the equivalent of a girl at 19. You didn't waste your life, you are a millionaire at the top of his life.

This guy is depressed, it;s called middle-age crisis. Yeah I'm going through it too, but I'm not depressed. However I should really stop buying motorcycles and fucking skanks.

BTW I'm a 42 single-father with a ex-cheating wife. Life can't be better and I have far less than a million dollar.

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Submitter’s Note: I was unable to track down the original Facebook post, so the Reddit is all I’ve got.

1. Pedophilia is a sexuality whether you like it or not.

2. Rape is bad, but its a natural thing, so the punishments shouldnt be so harsh. It should be equivalent to beating someone up.

3. Covid is literally a flu, there were a lot of more dangerous diseases in the past and people werent panicking nearly as much as now.

4. Slavery is a perfectly normal thing to do. Better people/race are enslaving worser people/race to do the hard work for them. Its a natural world order. Since whites are far better than blacks, then blacks should be enslaved.

It takes only a bit of common sense to figure these things out, so if you disagree you are either brainwashed or just plainly stupid, I dont know which one is worse.

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The Homeless Should Be Exterminated
Those filthy animals are nothing but failures. They have failed at the game of life, and our pity only preserves them.

They are weak, as in the case of addiction, defective, as in the case of insanity, or substandard, as in the case of poverty collapse.

They are wretched maggots, stinking up our streets with their piss and shit. They are liars with their panhandling bullshit.

They should be fucking rounded up and thrown alive into mass graves where they can choke to death on the lyme in the dark.

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What is with the universal bisexuality circlejerk?

"#Biweek". What the fuck? They have a month to talk about how horny they are. Why do they get a ton of publicity? And why do they always get more attention than their fellow degens-in-arms? Gays and lesbians stay quiet (thank god) while bisexuals are always vocal. At best, it's teenagers being too hormonal. It shouldn't be encourage lest they fuck up, get groomed, and live unhappily.

DrDiarrhea #psycho reddit.com


I Like It When Children Die
People define themselves through their children. When having a child you begin to realize that the ability to create a human being, form it's personality, and watch it develop into a loving and intelligent adult is a gift. Children can give you so much joy with such little effort.

But sometimes children die. You lose them, and the world loses them. They can die from almost anything: Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, Lunaria, a car accident, accidental poisoning, a fire, or murder.

No matter what mode of death befalls a child, I laugh at each and every child death. I even laugh at the mere anxiety over the potential death of a child. I laugh because the greatness of the child is snuffed out.

The world will be deprived of that child's uniqueness forever. All the potential stored within a child ends up putrefying in a tiny coffin and is processed through the digestive tract of a hundred thousand maggots.

The unconditional love it feels is gone. I laugh at the grief of the parents. It is a pain that is light-years beyond my comprehension because I am childless, but I can determine that it is a crushing grief in which your own person-hood is shattered beyond repair.

I am speaking to you. I am speaking to anyone who has lost a child. I know the pain skews your vision and makes you cry in the night, and I wish more suffering upon you so that I may watch your agony get the better of you.

You deserved this loss, and you suffered it because you were a bad parent. There ARE no random accidents. You allowed your child to get sick because you did not take care of it.

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[In response to a person who brought up the Nephilim during a discussion of the God-ordered genocides in the Bible]

Until a person researches and begins to understand the reality of these fallen hybrids from Gen 6 / Numbers 13:33 and traced all throughout the Tribal line names (hence why it is so meticulously detailed... including every 'ite' that are the descendants of Ham) the "troublesome" violence is impossible to understand, let alone the REAL reason for the Flood or their prophesied mixing once again in the future "as in the days of Noah" (also mentioned in Daniel 2, & Psalm 82).

If they had actually followed God's orders of total genocide of that polluted bloodline, the violence and mass child sacrifice that stemmed from them would have been less ultimately; yet to this day that bloodline still exists, ruling from behind the scenes causing unimaginable destruction because a few failed to dish out righteous judgement when God ordered it to be done.

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Unattractive people suffer worse life outcomes but men face HIGHER penalties

I have gotten graded badly on presentation projects and have had teachers watch me like a hawk during tests meanwhile I have watched Stacies put five minutes of effort into a project and the teacher fawned over it like it was genuinely amazing. I have also been screamed at during assignments if I finished earlier or just accused of not doing my work. This was all by female teachers btw.

Thank you for the study!! Add this to my blackpill collection. I read them when I'm drunk. 😔

Interesting that men face more penalties. Maybe it's related to the fact that men commit 70% of the world's crime? An ugly man gets the horns effect and more people are likely to avoid him because they think he could turn into a felon, but ugly women don't suffer as big a penalty because women are less likely to commit crime?

So at least people won't avoid femcels due to their fear of violence? Idk. Haven't read the study yet, wine needed!

Men should. They are more gruesome, more of them do this shit so they have more than their fair share of societal earning and are also therefore higher risk This is the logic of men who think equality means the right to hit a smaller, weaker woman in the face just bc she has the right to work and pay for her own life.

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(note: when he mentioned 556, he was likely referring to the 5.56x45mm NATO, which is a type of rifle round used by the U.S. military)

As the Honorable Trump said on Twitter today, it was China’s fault. China is going to pay for what they have done to this country and the world. I don’t give a FUCK! A chink-headed motherfucker comes up to me when I’m in the fleet...say 556, bitch. That’s all I gotta say. Say five five FUCKING six!

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[Letter]We need to speak about Kevin (antifa/autism content)

I have worked ten years (socialwork) with people with autism and when i look at the pictures of the arrested antifa members from philly I see direct that at least two of them has autism (diagnosed or not). Today every scientist in the autism field knows that autism shows in facial traits, that an ocular inspection is the most secure way to identify autism and that it shows already in the first year long before the infant says it's first word.

Look att the man to the right. His face is so wide that I can bet my left ball that he is autistic. I have seen the exact faceshape among so many with autism. The case is closed. The man in the middle Joseph Alcoff, just look strange without me being able to pin point what is wrong with single picture. But he has glasses, over 80% of all the autistic people I have met has had glasses and had often severe eyeproblems. And I immidiately recognise the baby face so common among people with autism ( many people with autism I have met have to show ID well in to the 40's here in sweden to buy alcohol or cigarettes).

With autism comes almost always lack of "theory of mind" (inability to understand others, lack of empathy) and a "mixed intelligens". I really can't understand why we let this people with severe mental health issues run our daily lifes and tell us what to do and not to do.

I have the same problem with mass-shooters that has all shown clear signs of autism. But I have only read one single call from a psychiatrist that the choseen path with"autism as a gift" is absurd considering the mass-shooters and all the existing documentation they have on autism and violence.

The connection between violence and autism is well documented since hans aspergers very first writing but evryone in the field pretends that it doesn't exist.

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RE: North Korean defector fraud Yeonmi Park who talks shit about her country in exchange for cash is ofc in a WMAF relationship

Wtf. She must have watched Dumb and Dumber as her only Western movie growing up, and thought that was the ideal standard of western male attractiveness. C section plus autistic low status unattractive balding white husband = fucked kids

Yeah, check this photo too. A supposed 'hero' who ends up with some dweeby white guy that most likely jerks off to hentai. I mean, maybe she could have had a good message...but when she ends up with some typical low-quality white guy? All credibility goes right out the window...

honestly....i don't believe in these stories anymore. I feel like this is just more US propaganda to get the "people's" approval to attack/go to war with NK. There are books that are banned in the US that teach people how to overthrow gov'ts and countries and the US is basically using those tactics to overthrow other countries/govts. Basically you paint yourself as the "hero of justice" trying to "save" something and most of the time you can sway the hearts of the people in your direction. I mean it goes a lot deeper than that, but you know...for simplicity's sake.

Yeah, the rapey part about all of this is that white society accepts the white savior narrative with NK, in stark contrast to the cynical defiant hippy attitude they displayed with Iraq and Syria.

Normal_Success #pratt #racist reddit.com

People keep staying black people are killed for these small crimes like counterfeit money or whatever, but that’s a deliberate (hopefully because otherwise it’s really dumb) misinterpretation. They’re killed for putting officers’ lives at risk. No cop says “oh you’ve stolen, I will shoot you now”, but if they tell you to put your hands up and you just waltz to your car and reach inside, now you’ve put them at risk when you could have just put your fucking hands up, for everyone’s sake.

How did Breonna Taylor put officers' lives at risk?

Not that I really expected an honest discussion, but I’m still disappointed this was your chosen tactic.

How was that dishonest? Because it doesn’t fit your “black people are dangerous” rhetoric?

Because you’re picking an incident that was almost certainly accidental and using it as your main argument against something that is purposeful. Cops also get in car accidents with innocent people, but that’s not a good example to use in this context and doing so is just silly and dishonest.

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RE: Idk if this was ever posted but i found it while cleaning my phone. imagine having this effect on people



Man, ethnic dudes can be cringy af about white women sometimes... so gross

Yeah, living in a Scandinavian country I was laughing to myself thinking a guy from here's description would be something like "thin dirty blonde hair, ghostly pale skin and scrawny like she never left her parents basement". Incredible how soon as a certain look is the rarity in a place it immediately becomes fetishized

Guy is in the Philippines and he still has to zero in on a white Stacey...


What a freakin weirdo. When a handsome man makes eye contact with me, I write these type of exaggerated untrue tall tales about my encounter with him too tho ngl loool.

Imagine handsome men making eye contact with you. They just wrinkle their noses and act as if I don't exist when they see me


why are ethnic man so cringy?

He's probably a rich Filipino kid and lives in the Philippines which is likely why he a) zeroed in on white Stacy, b) fetishized the way she looks, and c) doesn't care that much about the history of the area. Seeing even the most mediocre-looking of white people in the Philippines is actually quite shocking because they're so out of the norm. It's why Filipino channels have only mixed-race Filipinos or pure Filipinos with unusual looks. "Not looking Filipino" is hardcore fetishized there.

hit_shit_respect #ableism #psycho reddit.com


If all autistic children who were born were anesthetized and euthanized, the world would be better.
People with autism cause strain to their parents through the difficult steps of raising an autistic child. People with autism cause strains socially because of their inability to appear and act absolutely completely normal, which resigns them to the uncanny valley of social perception. Autism may bring an occasional child with savant characteristics, but the vast majority of people with autism will never build a career. The challenges that autism brings will not allow the majority of autistic adults to succeed at more than being worker drone in a factory or similar employment requirements.

My train of thought was spurred my Nietzsche. Something like 'we are not born human, we live to become human'. A baby has no value to society. It only has potential. Autistic children have much less potential for success and much higher potential for avoidable stress on parents, schools, and society.

Just because a parent develops an unavoidable bond with a child doesn't mean that the child should be saved if they are destined to cause issues a difficulties. Old cultures knew the advantages of favoring babies that were absolutely 100% healthy. Just because we CAN save and care for all children, doesn't mean it will contribute positively to a progressive society.

Unconfidence #psycho reddit.com

I stalked someone in high school. I'd spend nights outside her window just to be near her, after walking ten or so miles to her house. I still have the first thing she gave to me, a piece of a microwave pizza box to throw away for her, which I kept and cherished because it was the first thing she gave to me. When she dated someone else, I went to his house as a friend of a friend, and while he and some others were passed out drunk I just sat there with a straight shaving razor thinking how easy it would be. I was, in a word, obsessed.

And I still am. It's been almost 18 years now since I fell in love with her the first time I met her, and right now she's out getting her hair done. I'll probably be in bed by the time she gets home, and I'll wake up early to make her some food so she won't get hungry during her work shift.

How intense of a stalker you are now

I look through her phone, I bought a GPS tracker for her car, but she knows about all of it and is cool with it. Honestly the stalkerish behavior sort of mellows once you've been with someone for a few years and start to become convinced they won't leave.

is the person you're stalking still in a relationship?

Yeah, with me. It's been a long road but we're together.

MandJtraveltogether #ableism #sexist reddit.com

Don't even date a man who was previously mentally ill.

No matter what he says about how he's over it, or his medication is working, or he is a new man. He's not over it, he can stop taking their medication, lol no sis he's not a new man.

The consequences of a man relapsing on his mental illness can be literally deadly. I would never put myself in a risky situation like that. Past mental illness in men is the biggest indicator of future mental illness. He'll also pass those genes down to our children and perpetuate it.

It is different for women because the majority of our mental illness is caused by living in a male dominated world.

Various Commenters #sexist #racist reddit.com

RE: "Asian males and black females are more highly excluded than their opposite-sex counterparts, suggesting that existing theories of race relations need to be expanded to account for gendered racial acceptance."


Unnacounted for dynamic : Masculinity and feminity

Asian males (more feminine), low masculinity, black female more masculine (less feminine).

Asian females opposite, black men opposite.

Also black women are less likely to date out because they see non-black men as less masculine.

The least masculine men and the least feminine women have the hardest time dating? I'm shocked.

CousinMabel & Whitepill-rescue #sexist #crackpot reddit.com

RE: Dick size doesn't matter sweaty (same IT user btw)


Good dick doesn’t depend on size tbh… /// I've been with my boyfriend for four years and I'm going to spend my life with him... Here's the thing, though. I want to get pregnant with someone else. Doesn’t matter who, all that actually matters is that thev have a biq dick. I want to qet pregnant while beinq fucked into a blissful state of unconsciousness.


It matters...period This is backed by scientific studies: PIV-orgasming depends on size and it enhance male's attractiveness scores.

You have to be so delusional to not know. There is a reason women talk about dicks all the time, and that men are so sensitive about it. We all know it matters. Also the average dildo is bigger than the average dick for a reason.

“Baby fever/fantasy about getting pregnant” This fellow bruhs. This is what women really think about 24/7. Whenever they join a new job, join a new club, or go to college, it is notbecsuse they truly want to join them, their ulterior motive is almost always about meeting chad. Everything they do in life is geared towards getting a handsome, tall, preferably white chad to spray their womb with his genetically superior cum and impregnate her. They fantasize and relish it. It’s all they talk about. Most Women are not like men, they don’t have any other interest other than sex and impregnation. Every time they talk about being upset, sad or depressed, this is the real reason why, not any bullshit reason they give. Left to their own devices, Women only think about sex sex sex. Anyone who says otherwise is coping hard.

Various MRAs #sexist #wingnut reddit.com

"Before I hire anybody I try to imagine how good he is in bed", I heard a young woman say in public in a loud voice.

That's it. But it got me thinking. I could never ever imagine any man, young or old, say anything like that in a public place in a loud voice unless drunk or crazy. And with several women in earshot! Just impossible. But these young women apparently felt no particular inhibitions. I can't help but think it's an entitlement, not having to think about what and how to speak about sex - and the opposite sex. In some sense men and women live in different worlds, playing with different rules that are getting further and further apart with #MeToos and feminism and the general gynocentrism prevailing.

You should hear the casual sexism the women on my team at work throw around. I’m the only guy and I’m gay so I suspect they think it’s ok cause it’s “just us girls”. Little do they know I have a list I’ve been keeping for HR if they ever wanna try me

Very different rules for men and women. But women think they're playing by the same rules. A man wants to go to university and major in STEM. He's got to work for it. A woman wants to major in STEM, we have a place just waiting for you! Son, you can always re-apply again next year!

Men and women do live in different worlds. Men have to tip toe, because anything they do is "bad," while women can let it hang out, because whatever they do is "good."


But these young women apparently felt no particular inhibitions.

I'm amazed that it took you this long to realize it. This was apparent to me the day i noticed how everyone just eyerolls whenever Women do anything reprehensible. Rape, Violence, Cheating, Murder, Fraud etc etc you name it. Women are Shielded Culturally 24/7 whereas Men are Society's punching bags.

ThrowAwayGirlVsBoy #sexist reddit.com

AITA for expecting my daughter to do chores?

I (50M) lost my wife ten years ago. It’s just me and my two kids N (17M) and E (F15), recently it caused a big stink with some family that my daughter does chores, but my son does not. I explained it’s because I have to spend extra on my daughter each month not only for her extra curriculars, but for her monthly supplies, so it‘s my way of having her pay me back. She cleans the shared living spaces and bathrooms in our apartment and cooks four meals a week. My brother said I spend twice as much on my sons extra curriculars and by my logic, he should have to do chores too. I explained he didn’t because I feel his could help him get into college but hers were just a hobby in my opinion.

E overheard me say this and was very upset. She started refusing to do chores because it isn’t fair. I told her she’d still be doing her chores and life isn’t fair so stop being a brat, or I’d refuse to pay for her extra curricular stuff or pads. I wouldn’t actually do that, but I was mad when I said it. She packed a bag and took off. She’s been staying with my sister who called me an abusive asshole when I demanded she send E home. My brother and sister are coddling her and I’m furious. N said I was being an asshole to E and that’s why she left. I’m completely fed up with the whole thing. AITA for expecting her to do chores?

ETA: My son plays Football and Baseball while you daughter is in choir and a dance group, so yes I do think my son has a better chance at getting a scholarship. I’m not sexist and I don’t appreciate being called one, and for those of you messaging me saying you hope someone calls CPS on me, I’m not doing anything wrong so that’s just stupid.

Melyssa1023 #psycho reddit.com

I've outright stated that I would murder my own child when my patience runs out, which would be pretty much long before its first birthday. I've already tried to choke close relatives for the same reason, once as a kid (to another kid, to boot) and once as an adult. I won't "grow out of it". And their response? "Oh, bit it's different when it's your baby, you won't want to hurt it". Bitch, I'll feel even more entitled to beat and murder it BECAUSE it's my baby, with other kids at least I have the fear of their parents, but if I'm left alone with a kid there will be no one to stop me.

Thankfully I'm fixed, and any unwanted pregnancy will be aborted because it will most surely be ectopic. And even if it isn't, I'm still yeeting that parasite.

Back to the topic, I feel much more sorry for the parents who murder their kids than the average Jane. Everyone's bawling over the kid, but I'm here thinking "Did s/he actually want to have that kid? Was s/he pressured into having it? Was she denied an abortion?" and I can't help but think that it could have been me in the news, not him/her.

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CMV When parents murder a disabled child it is justifiable homicide
From http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Justifiable_homicide

It differs from other forms of homicide in that, due to certain circumstances, the homicide is justified as preventing greater harm to innocents.

Families with disabled children suffer from poverty and stress. The parents are often forced to give up their careers to care for the disabled child.

The stress on the family due to a disabled child often results in suicides of the caregivers, http://www.disabilityscoop.com/2012/03/27/disability-advocates-parents-kill/15248/

Social supports don't reduce this stress but only spread it out to more people.

Raising disabled children's causes a great deal of stress, http://www.disabilityscoop.com/2009/11/10/autism-moms-stress/6121/

While the disabled child is innocent the burden of care can destroy the life of their parent. The life of the parent is more valuable to society than that of a disabled child because a parent can work and support themselves while a disabled child will be very unlikely to work or support themselves.

While the disabled child is innocent the burden of care can destroy the life of their parent. The life of the parent is more valuable to society than that of a disabled child because a parent can work and support themselves while a disabled child will be very unlikely to work or support themselves.

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RE: Objectively measured intelligence failed to make individuals more attractive to the opposite sex.


”there are plenty of smart women or women who like to learn things.”

Indeed there are, and like I said, those smart women I dated sour up in the face when you try to analyze things with any depth of formal logic or critical thinking or when you press for citations from credible sources etc., etc., anything too long to be fit into a tweet or meme. Even smart people can be lazy.

But more to the point here- this thread isn’t about how smart the women are, idiot. Had you been smart enough to actually read anything here you would have realized this thread is about how their claims to find intelligence sexually attractive is bullshit and does not correlate with their actions. No matter how smart they might be, they still want tall, dark, handsome, big dick, and ambitious. Intelligence is just an inconsequential cherry on top, same as these bitches who claim to be attracted to men who “can make me laugh.” It’s not what actually gets them wet, it’s just a cherry on top so they can flex socially about how their man has qualities x, y, AND z.

These are facts of reality that you are entirely incapable of challenging in any way whatsoever. You will not deny it. I have spoken. That settles the matter and closes the discussion. You will now concede your defeat through silence as you are hereby tossed into the waste basket like the garbage you are. That is all.

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That’s fucked. I’m underage, you think until I’m of age (assuming I then decide to have sex) I’m inherently a failure?

lol, nobody gives a shit about teenagers, kid. You are completely missing the point. Even if you get laid as a teenager, if you can't get laid as an adult, that says a lot about you. Nothing good . You will understand in ten years. If not, you will understand in twenty years. Either way, life will make you understand.

You’re beyond pathetic. You reek of “virgin who’s projecting because you feel embarrassed about it” despite the fact that normal people don’t care.

I'm sorry, but it was obvious from the first comment that you are a teenager incredibly embarrassed about being a virgin. "Virgin who pretends it is a choice", basically. You are still young, so you have no reason to obsess over something so simple. The point isn't to get laid, the point is to be able to get laid.

That has nothing to do with being a virgin. You can still have productive relationships with people without having sex.

That misses the point entirely. The fidgety loser virgin is not the one pulling in six figures with a cushy job managing people, and he definitely isn't the CEO. Even if he is pulling in the big bucks, his social life, relationships, and state of mind will be the furthest thing from enviable. Likeable people are the ones that go far in life. Getting laid is one of the bare-minimum things a normal, socially tolerable person can do. I'm sorry, but the average virgin is not a temporarily embarrassed social butterfly that is suddenly going to flourish the day they pick up a 34 year old single mother.

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RE: chadfishing is the ultimate blackpill, i feel like the abyss gazed into me.


r/chadfishing was going to Blackpill the masses before reddit shut it down for reasons

Literally how civilization was built. Non chad men worked and built civilization in exchange for wives. No wonder the governments want to hide the blackpill from the masses, it would fuck up society as the providers/CUCKS would wake up - thus, nobody would be raising children in an optimal way to become stable individuals.


When you realize that alternate parallel realities are real and Chad inhabits that reality. It's over for Quantumcels.

It’s a sexual playground you will NEVER be allowed near, let alone in. And it’s so commonplace for Chad. It becomes just another boring activity for Chad, like breathing or eating.

Seeing realty is beautiful. After Chadfishing, I found it great that I finally knew the truth about life and saw it with my eyes. I could finally relax, so to speak, and accept that it really was just (almost completely) all about looks.

When you chadfish dozen and dozen of girls chat up with you first. It's fucking brutal when you believed since birth that it was the man to go up and ask out a woman. Also the way you can just casually interact with them without any consequences.

Lol. Society sold us so many lies that I almost forgot about this one. When you’re good looking, women flirt with YOU. I remember when I moved in for college freshman year, and 1 or 2 guys in the dorm literally had women trying to meet them and make physical contact with them.

FranticTyping #sexist reddit.com

I can't believe someone said this unironically

lol. Why is virgin an insult? Why are people embarrassed when it is revealed they are virgins? Why do people laugh at others for being virgins? Why is this one of the few disparaging things that has survived into the era of wokeness? Most functioning members of society outside of reddit understand this. They understand the implications of being a virgin. They may not laugh, but you will universally gain some loser points when they find out.

How aren't aces outcasts for being virgins, if virgins are outcasts?

Virgins aren't automatically outcasts. There are religious virgins who are saving themselves for marriage, for instance. The point was to be socially capable enough to get laid, and have the backbone to go through with it.

So aces are the biggest failures of all?

Asexual people tend to be social outcasts, yeah. Not for the same reasons, though, and I wasn't addressing them. I feel a couple seconds of critical thinking on your part could have answered your question.

What makes aces social outcasts?

Their insecurity and inability to relate with other people in an overly-sexualized society. There are plenty that function despite that, but the asexual guy isn't going to be gregarious enough to get invited to go golfing with the boss.

How does not liking sex made you any less sociable?

Sex is an enormous source of validation and confidence. It is a shitty source due to it being external validation, but it is one many people rely on to grow into being an all-around confident person. Just as importantly, sex is inextricably linked to socialization and modern culture. Being oblivious to it is a source of insecurity and alienation.

So you are saying that not having sex makes you insecure and alienated. And having sex makes you confident?


TheOGJammies #sexist reddit.com

Dear Reddit LibFems: Nobody died and made your self important asses the gatekeepers of feminism. We're not "fake feminists" because you don't agree with us, nor are you as inclusive and non-judgmental of women's choices as you pretend you are.

The cognitive dissonance in pretending to be inclusive while actively stomping out dissent for your personal narrative is astounding. Sounds like they’re just mad we exclude Pickmeishas instead of going on SWERF and TERF hunts like them and wallowing in victim politics. We don't exclude the women they exclude and therefore we're the "wrong" kind of feminists.

And yes that mean's men paying for dates, contributing financially and otherwise demonstrating they're fit enough to have their offspring make it to the next generation. Why? Because we're the deciders, and we get to decide the decisions, and nature didn't make sexual and reproductive labor fair, and therefore we aren't either. If you don't feel confident your pussy is worth a $30 dollar dinner date and it makes you "uncomfortable" when men pay that's on you sis.

So let me get this straight, if I get paid to put on a school girl costume and call men daddy while being slapped in the face and then sell the video on the internet for strange scrotes to fap to, I’m more feminist than if I refuse to pay on dates and only date men who can carry more financial load? This is some Clown logic. Dudes are out here paying hundreds of dollars to sniff strangers' panties but for some reason FDSers are the outrageous ones? I would think the absolute indignity of making yourself into a sex object specifically tailored for male consumption would be the more problematic and less effective road to travel to equality but apparently that's SWERF logic and setting women back.

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RE: Women are unhappier in regions where there exists a greater number of females relative to males, while men are unaffected by the sex ratio


So, less CHAD, a lot higher competition for existing CHAD Incels are not affected since they don't get women either way

Incels never play into the mix because they're outliers. A more likely interpretation is competition is innate to male mating and so the increase or decrease of competitive position doesn't change things besides increase the SMV of obtainable mates. Where as women see a decrease in SMV they can obtain and must compete for very high value mates.

Women hate competition, and they are always in competition with each other. My gf's female manager refuses to hire any pretty women, she sees them as a threat, she's in her mid 50s.

Explains immigrant theory, which raises their own smv


I think it depends on the type of women. I.e. I'm a female, I grew up in a city with more female than males, I just thought I was unattractive n didn't think too much about other factors. Then I moved to a city with way more males than females, it inflated my ego but also was overwhelming because I don't know how to handle the attention. Also not all attention is good. I never have thought of competition.

You will be stuck in that city forever. If you head out your SO will suddenly be reminded about his options and things will get whack. Then again if the ratio becomes too unbalanced, men leave en made or start importing wivestock, then leaving.

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In the mating game, females display themselves and men act on their displays. If females can dress as sluttishly as they want but in is generally a crime for the men to act accordingly by groping them or whatever, then clearly this is tantalising the men - a bit like waving food in the face of starving dogs and whacking them on the nose if they try to eat it.

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Cruelty and sadism are things she has to supress very hard in everyday life rather than attributes that she has to force. I learnt very early on in our relationship to never check her browsing history as it's like something out of a slasher movie. I never even knew that "gore porn" was a thing until I met her and I very much wish it was something I didn't know existed. And yes, this is all very weird but it's also the reason she chose me as her life partner. I'm the only person who can moderate her and keep her steady. Over the years I've been slapped, hit, kicked, scratched and worse. It follows a simple pattern. She tells me to do something and if I object or even hesitate for too long then she'll hurt me physically. Usually something quick and sharp like a slap or hard pinch. If I still refuse or, even worse, get angry with her then she'll hurt me so badly I'll be on the floor.If she's feeling particularly forgiving then she'll let me rub myself on her foot or leg to pleasure myself as long as I don't get anything on her if I do manage to get off. This is also the only circumstance where I'm allowed to get pleasure, too, which is her particularly sadistic way of ensuring I allow her to continue this behaviour.

This sounds like something more closely resembling a 24/7 TPE (Total Power Exchange) relationship to me... With the cuckold/ hotwife facet of the relationship simply being an implication/ consequence of such. Unfortunately... I suspect you'll get lots off guidance to "wake up", "leave", etc... Anything but continuing at your/ her present course/ speed, "organically". I suspect you would get more... Relevant advice within reddits such as r/totalpowerexchange (not as active as it should be, IMO) , r/femdomcommunity (expect majority of feedback will be in her favor), and/or r/bdsmcommunity. Best of Success to you... However you choose to define such for yourself (what I suspect is the difficult bit at the moment)... :-)

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Re: “Let's stop using libfem language. "Sex Work" is not a thing - the correct term is Prostitution.”

Language matters. I'm appalled at how many young women on this sub are involved in Only Fans, camming and other things that they call "sex work." This is not normal or healthy. Call it what it is, PROSTITUTION. This kind of thing has become shockingly normalized. Calling things what they are and not using euphemisms is the first step in turning this around.

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Every special needs parent says that they love their kid just the way they are. You can see it in the parents' eyes that they're fucking lying, or at least that they're not being completely honest. Stop acting like you wouldn't love a normal child more. I'm pretty sure your life plan didn't involve taking care of your Down Syndrome son every day for the rest of your life.

I knew a kid growing up who had a severe type of Autism. He would yell when he talked, ran around naked, have violent bursts of anger and sadness over the littlest things, picked his asshole in public, jerked-off in class, etc. The stress of raising him literally made his mother's hair fall put and tore apart his parents' marriage.