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{NOTE: This is some woman dressed as a cat, not the male Republican politician. Same name, different people (assuming that she actually is called ‘Lindsey Graham’.}

My name is Lindsey Graham, and I am a cat. Meow. Meow. I’m not a woman dressed as a cat. I am a cat. By show of hands, I’m curios how many of you believe and confess that I’m a cat? Great. By show of hands how many of your child or a child from this school would believe that I’m actually a cat? No one? You are right. Why? Because you are not stupid and these children are not stupid. Truth prevails over imagination, reality exists, discernment is innate and something we are biologically wired to have. One look at me and you know this to be true, I am a woman posing as a cat. You also believe, correctly, that if I truly believe I am a cat, I have a mental disorder. If I suffer from a mental disorder and am unable to discern reality, am I safe to be around children? Would you put me in charge of making decisions about the safety and well being of children and the direction of their education when I cannot even discern truth from fiction? Confession, I’m not actually a cat just because I say I am. You have not agreed to or committed to addressing me as a cat just because I demand it. No tail whiskers or outfit makes me a cat. Just like no lipstick, high heels or long hair makes him a man, a woman. It is as biologically impossible for me to be a cat as it is for a man to be a woman.

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From a thread titled ”Muh RE4 remake is woke”

imaginee being that person who complains about game being woke because you can't oversexualise women.

Imagine being that person who thinks a skirt and sweater is oversexualised. I couldn't give 2 fucks about the outfit as a busty woman I'm more tired tired of seeing cupsizes cut in half for no reason other then "Waaaa people like boobs so bad"

In original you were able look up her skirt which was wrong. Also she not there to have her boobs to be starred at. She trying to survive a horrible situation. Women shouldn't be In games just to please the male gaze. It's not right. We are more than our bodies. I know busty women exist. I'm just don't like women being over sexualised.
Also my main complaint was being able look up her skirt which I'm happy they changed.

If you don’t like that then don’t do it you loopy broad. Gotta love that liberal fascism! Protecting digital women everywhere while defending Asian and Islamic culture(who actually DO sexually abuse and harass women and mutilate them)!

“If you don’t like that then don’t do it you loopy broad.”
The developers took your advice and didnt put it in the game cuz they didnt like it

Hurrah for censorship! Let’s put the women in the next game in hijabs too!

Creative decisions != censorship

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Today marks 100 days since Roe v Wade was overturned.

And how many women have died?

Since, you know, banning abortion has/is going to increase maternal mortality soooo much 🙄

It’s interesting. According to the CDC, Poland (where abortion is totally illegal except for the rare cases) has only 3 deaths for every 100,000 live births. Meanwhile, the US, where abortion is legal, has 14 deaths per 100,000 births.

How many have died since the overturning though? That’s what PCers were chanting “women are going to die now because of this! Reeeeee”

And already the "outrage" is dying down to just pockets of abortion obsessed people.

You know what's amazing? No one seems to care. They've moved on to the next "Current Thing." Media isn't telling them to be outraged by it anymore. In my city (very liberal area in Texas) people pledged to protest EVERY Tuesday until the laws got fixed! Wanna guess how many protests they actually had? They didn't even make it to week two.

Abortion is a hard thing to get behind

Not when your religion is whatever is the "CurrentThing." Those guys have zero problem advocating death or murder so long as they convince themselves that the object of their hate isn't really human. Just look how people were calling for the death of police officers back in 2020. They convinced themselves that they weren't REALLY people, and therefore, death was fine.

When you don't have a real foundation, you'll believe whatever the cool people tell you is true.

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The only question you ever need to ask a pro choice person
At what point does the embryo/fetus magically turn into a real life human baby? Only when it leaves the vaginal canal or is cut out of the uterus during a c-section? At 9 months when the thing is kicking and ready to come out any day? At 8 months when it’s fully formed just not quite big enough?

I asked my (idiotic pro choice) sister this question. Her answer: when the government says so. I was shocked. I then responded: “Yeah governments have never gotten anything wrong in the past. Have you heard of Jim Crow? Have your heard of Hitler? Have you heard of Stalin? Have you heard of slavery?”

She hung up on me.

I think the proper way to deal with this is to say:

"Okay so when the law changes to ban abortion, then you should have no issue then"

This way they have to commit to a position, because they know they don't agree with the law in that case, so they'll have to backtrack and give a reason based in principles rather than offloading the burden to "government".

Probably shouldn't even bring up "government can be wrong. Remember slavery?" That is true, but so long as, "the law" supports their positions, they'll invoke it as an excuse to not come up with a line when it is and isn't okay to abort.

The sad thing is, most prochoicers are fully aware that abortion kills an innocent, living human. They just value casual sex over a human life.

At least they're being more honest about it. I truly had no idea people advocated for late term abortion until the meltdown of Dobbs and discovered it's the literal Dem platform (danced around with "woman's complete right to choose" language).

This is objectively not popular and I truly think a lot of people don't realize how radical things are. My mom refuses to believe that the party has this stance "because it's so crazy" lol like she truly cannot wrap her head around it and they get away with alot just from people assuming they're not insane lol

Imo only way a majority of people would vote for second and third trimester abortions it is if they think they're voting just for first. It's cruel and manipulative

True, and having unsafe sex.

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I mean being a trans is a punchline to be honest. You’re mentally ill. There is no Fucking other genders. You’re male, you’re female. That’s it. Biologically your male “becoming a female.” But now they want to be a glorified thing. Idgaf what you are or who’s dick you suck. Quit force feeding it down people’s throats and watch how fast it goes away. Vast majority of people don’t fucking care.

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(in response to post “I have yet to see anyone give an actual definition to what “woke” even means.”)

I don't think that a single definition exists. It's a collection of ideas designed to promote an anti-American, anti-Christian narrative in order to prepare people to accept Marxism.

Ultimately, Wokeism is the recapitulation of the worship of the State as first understood in Genesis in the Tower of Babel. It's the idea that if we can all adopt the correct political opinions and work in complete harmony, then we will ascend to the heavens and gain a new and higher level of consciousness. ie. that we will be able to save ourselves.

It is the Cult of the State, wherein everyone who opposes its teachings is attacked on moral grounds with religious overtones. They are "evil" and should be driven from public life. They should be punished. There is no room for diversity of opinion or free speech, as those things threaten the Cult of the State.

It's high priest oversee a mystery religion, that believes in the blood sacrifice of newborns and the mutilation of children in the service of the State, preaching that murder is freedom. Wokeism preaches that such sacrifices are necessary for the overthrow of the old morality and the arrival at a new consciousness.

It is a cult that believes that victimhood grants moral immunity from all responsibility because ultimately, the State has become the permissive Mother who forgives all sins except failure to bow at the altar.

Wokeism is a direct and existential threat to your freedom and liberty.

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Anyone else feeling an increase in strength after taking Ivermectin?

I regularly spar and wrestle (Brazilian Jiu-jitsu multiple times a week) but lately I've felt an enormous increase in strength. Things that were heavy aren't really that bad anymore. Is anyone else experiencing this?

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{The content is on the sidebar of the r/sino subreddit.}

Before coming to talk about China's Covid policies, look up any stat on daily deaths of conflict in Ukraine, combine both sides even. Then compare with US covid daily deaths | COVID-19 deaths are still averaging more than 2,000 per week | We’re still having between 300 and 400 deaths per day - Dr Fauci. Now reflect, get some self awareness and turn back after realizing how stupid that would be.

CPC National Congress Reflection...of all the things anti China clowns hyped and then lost in the last few years

With yet ANOTHER failure by the US at the UN on Xinjiang, sidebar no longer has enough room to document all their humiliation. Most recently Western initiative outnumbered 96 to 50 -> info moved over to our archive thread

"aMeRiCa StAnDs WiTh TaIwAn!" -> then right after saying that America watched, from afar, as Taiwan literally got surrounded, blockaded and violated. Then had to stand there and listen to countries all over the world react to all this by restating they adhere to the One China Policy. Not praising US or supporting Taiwan.

Message the Moderators of r/Sino (bottom of sidebar) for info on discords and telegram. The spaces cater to any regular participant on the subreddit (post history required) and/or any ethnic Chinese (verification required).

Groups that bought into "U.S. values" rhetoric, worked for U.S. then got betrayed: Hmong (Vietnam), Syrian rebels, Kurds (ISIS), HK rioters, Guaido (Venezuela), Afghan servicemen/translators (Taliban, who are now mocking Iwo Jima photo while wearing US military gear 😂), Ukraine (Budapest Memorandum, NATO membership)

If you are new, you'll need to build up your karma on Sino in this fashion: comments first -> then link submissions -> then text submissions. Just because a submission is removed by the automod does not mean it won't be approved. Only thing that guarantees it won't be is if you delete it.

Allowed Crosspost to Sino list (expanding) (r/GenZedong, r/InformedTankie, r/CPUSA, r/ProIran, r/InternationalLeft, r/Russia, r/ChinaInnovation, r/NewsWithJingjing)

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Prove that dogs are smarter? Dogs only have social "intelligence" (which isn't even intelligence). Dogs aren't smart, all the dogs I've seen (and I've seen a lot) were dumb, aggressive and pure evil. I'm not ignorant about dogs, I just hate them because they're bad pets. And they probably aren't smarter than pigs, violence isn't an indication of dumbness, humans are violent and more territorial than pigs but still smart. Humans also seem to have a pecking order, constantly fighting for power and wealth (at least the greedy and power hungry ones do), dogs are only good for hunting/guarding and as livestock (they were used as livestock by ancient Mesoamericans, Asians, Celts etc. For hundreds/thousands of years.

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I think what most liberals are missing is that this isn't about right and wrong, it's about winning and losing. I've attached my entire worldview to this man and I am going down with the ship. Not one of you is going to convince me otherwise.

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Fuck it you know what Imma just say the most out-of-loop comment regarding LGBT and other shit, here comes nothing

If you want a minority to stop existing, then go ahead and shove LGBT down their throats, go ahead and do so. LGBT is literally implicit soft eugenics, there's a reason why people of color for a long time were against gay marrriage

Japan for this reason alone had to state the marriage is between a man and a woman

I mean it makes sense, I am for all lgbt people existing, but if we normalize then our CURRENT CIVILIZATION would cease to exist dipshits

But hey if the left wants religious, racial and ethnic minorities to stop existing, by all means normalize the shit out of lgbt culture and abortions

Makes sense, their memo never really changed, they just gotten more politically-cautious about it

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It's absolutely disgusting and so disrespectful how they use the words almighty and then made the creator a pokemon that you can actually see, fight, and catch. So much hidden messages in what is supposed to be an innocent game, we all grew on loving pokemon and everything about it. But this is just a new low disgusting atheist approach they are using to pass messages to youth and kids about the myths of beliefs, gods existence and they use them in a very sinister way in the game that is hard to ignore. Why do you have to force your disgusting atheist ideologies in an innocent game.

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(Note: This guy is a Dutch Politician, leader of the Forum for Democracy Party)

I'm a conspiracy theorist. I believe we are being governed by a global conspiracy of evil reptiles. My view is that the only global player who is opposing them is Vladimir Putin. So, I'm a fan of Vladimir Putin. I think he is our dark knight. He is the hero we need. He is the man who is exposing the globalists, that's what he's already doing. So, basically the special military operation is already a success because he is exposing the beast. And I think he's going to win. And if he wins, that will mean the defeat of the globalist's movement, of the American empire. And that's why I think it's so important for me to speak out, because I think I'm the only one speaking out like this in the world. I'm the only one saying “Putin is a hero, and he must win, and we must do whatever we can to support him, because he is fighting our fight.” And it's weird that I'm always the only one who says these things.

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"sO pArEnTs dOnT gEt tO pArTiCiPaTe iN sOciEtY?" yes. correct. you have no identity as an individual anymore, you are literally only the caretaker of a shitty, noisy, subhuman grub. that is all you are and all anyone will ever see until your pet sperm finds independence in ~20 years, and maybe not even then. seethe, cope, and stay the fuck home until your crawling cumshot can travel without shrieking bloody fucking murder the whole time.

alternatively: be prepared to get some nasty looks and hold your tongue about it, because expecting grace when you've fully intentionally made everyone around you miserable is clown behavior.

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rights are important, but over rated. abortion isn't just murder. it's shirking responsibility. i reject modern notions of individualism. instead, i believe that all humans owe a debt to our ancestors, and our descendants. abortion is not just wrongdoing to the individual unborn child. but also to all your ancestors, and any descendants that child could have had if he or she lived.

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Berlin will be destroyed if Germany will supply weapons to the Ukrainian Nazis. This is payback for political decisions. Come on, let Comrade General give order and fly to bomb Dresden again. Come on, come on why stop there? We’re no stopping anywhere, just like the Germans haven’t stopped now, talking about suppling tanks after what they’ve already supplied.

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Found this gem in a listicle of funny tweets. I am not laughing.

I don't get how they can say pro-lifers don't care about the child after it is born. Obviously being pro-life, you care about it being taken care of after it is born or it wouldn't make sense to care about it being given a chance at life in the first place.

It makes sense in the mind of someone who thinks we don't actually care about the baby and that we just want to control women and force them to give birth. So basically anyone who has never heard a pro-life argument before or just assumes we're completely lying about our beliefs

They are just struggling to come up with excuses to kill babies.

If you don't support massive government programs that (sadly - because government gonna government) generally don't help the population then you don't care about the baby after it's born! You forced birther monster!

Yeah it's interesting to me how they think they can rely on the big ol' government to help support people's children instead of just trying to build up a healthy, stable nuclear family for them.

Responsibility for thee and not for me.

Exactly. Many democrats’ idea of compassion is redistributing other people’s money to create perverse incentives that ultimately perpetuate misery and dependency.

But, you know, who cares about the actual results of policies? All that matters is their intentions. /s

It’s better than having a Democrat cat that will try to kill your child.

I don't change my stance on your child after it is born. I think you shouldn't murder it before it is born, and I think you shouldn't murder it after it is born. I think that you should be responsible for raising your own child before they are born, and I think that you should be responsible for raising your own child after they are born.

I’ve never really understood the argument pro lifers don’t care about the baby after it’s born, I mean pro chociers don’t seem to care about the baby at all, I mean they’d happily have it killed if it would save the mother some money.

As for the mother pro chociers only care if she wants an abortion and is pro choice

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No, a preemptive strike. Macron supplies the tanks and we give them a preemptive strike against France as a party to the conflict. And if France, as Vladimir Rodolfovich says, begins, to put it mildly, to harm openly, fearing nothing then it must be recognized as a party to the conflict. There should be no France! There was France and now there is no France. Would anyone be upset about that? To hit France once and that will be the end of it. Everyone will be scared, I assure you. No one will want to go. And there is no need to engage our strategic potential, our triad. We have enough ammunition to destroy France, or Britain.

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[Comments under "The Russian Army Saved Europe From Hitler---"]


Russia didn't save Europe from Germany. They conquered it for themselves

This is true
While many atrocities were stopped because of Hitler’s fall, neither the USSR nor the Allies truly entered the fight against him out of moral concern and the desire to fight for good
No one was there to “save the Jews”. Individuals may have been, but governments were not
While that was accomplished successfully the real motive for re-invading Europe was the recapture of Germany[…]in the name of the Central banking system
Hitler had divorced himself from world banking at large in order to re-stabilize the German currency on an internal gold standard. He did this successfully and around 7 million jobs were created for ethnic Germans who had been in large part starving and homeless before the rise of national socialism[…]
National Socialism as a economic policy, (if we can divorce it for a moment in our minds from the culture and atrocities of Nazi Germany) is not inherently racist or fascist, nor is it particularly warlike or violent[…]
The Holocaust was an unspeakable tragedy, which is undeniable. But within myself I have to feel like there is a disingenuous reason that it is focused on so wholly within the history of the World War 2[…]
Our Central Bank worshipping overlords here in the modern west would not like us to consider their true motivations for crushing Germany with the might of the world[…]
Many of Hitlers speeches speak about the right of EVERY PEOPLE, not just the “Aryan Race” to self determination. He speaks about the evils of central banking and provides rightfully intelligent solutions to the act of escaping it[…]
As a nation we could use some Hope. At it’s core, National Socialism tells us we could find it within ourselves[…]
Perhaps “Ethical National Socialism” is an idea that could be considered

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submitters note: two seperate comments of someone I foolishly tried argueing with

A male at birth will always be a male then. Thanks for confirming […] I don’t know why people go out of their way to make mental I’ll esa be accepted as normal.

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Do you think that pro choicers would be ok with abortion if rape was an exception? Or do they just that as a talking point?

They just use it as a talking point. Because they bring up "failed contraception" as an excuse as well.

Why is failed contraception not a valid reason?

Why would it be? Should wearing my seatbelt and using my turn signal absolve me of liability if i run someone off the road?

It is known to practically everyone that contraception can fail. It is, therefore, an accepted risk when one decides to have sex. Rape, on the other hand, is nonconsensual.

Because the reason for the pregnancy is irrelevant, just as the reason for murder is irrelevant.

Well....once again, you are failing to take personal responsibility for the possibility of a new human life being created by your actions. Since contraception is not 100%, it's always a possibility even with perfect use let alone imperfect use. Plus 50% of abortions are due to not using contraceptives at all anyway.

Talking point, i ask them many times about it, they always go back to saying that they are in favor of all abortions.

They are using rape victims as meat shields, instead of actually caring about them.

I can say for a fact that they wouldn’t. I’ve seen them claim that “pregnancy shouldn’t be a punishment for sex” in response to a rape exception.

That’s like saying “having to poop shouldn’t be a punishment for eating food.”

I would argue that it’s even worse. Unlike sex, eating is actually necessary to live.

No, they wouldn't. They may call you a hypocrite and a slut shamer because you "only want to punish women that had consensual sex" though. And other such things. Don't make the mistake of thinking that they want a compromise or that they are good faith.

99% of abortions happen for convenience reasons.

No, it’s just an attempt to appeal to emotion to support their argument. Many pro-lifers would be OK with banning abortion and making an exception for rape. If you support abortion in all cases and not just rape, don’t bring up rape as a talking point.

AprilRain24, bmassey1 #quack #magick #crackpot #conspiracy reddit.com

Polio was a catch all that got blamed for all of the pollutants of the post industrial revolution such as heavy metals, pesticides, etc.. The polio vaccine never cured or prevented anything and it actually made people ill in many cases.

At the same time the polio vaccine was rolled out there was a silent recall and retraction in the use of DDT, lead arsenate, Paris green and a number of other toxins. Polio was never cured. It was reclassified based on the symptoms.

We only treat symptoms and we never solve anything. We treat the body as individualized parts instead of as a whole the way they do in eastern medicine.

Traditional Chinese Medicine was far more advanced than Western medicine but it is also very cheap so any country that loves money more than people will get rid of real medicine like they did to natural medicine in the US.

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What are some Pro-Choice arguments you have trouble counter arguing?
Let's all rerationalise our positions!

What are some pro choice arguments you have trouble counter arguing?

For me personally it's the self defense arguement.

Let's all give eachother knew ideas!

For self defense lethal force is a last resort. In most cases a pregnancy can end without the use of lethal force via birth. Where both parties live.

Plus you caused the situation. If invited someone to punch you in the face, you couldn't then turn around and blow their brains out.

The right of the baby over their mother's body. I can make a strong argument in defense of the baby but they can come with some pretty insane scenarios and I just can't give an answer to them...

"The mother gave that baby the right when she decided to have sex. Sex is a choice that can lead to pregnancy, so the decision has already been made."

For me it's the right to live trumps all other rights.

You have to be given the chance to be born before any other rights. So the right to your own body is lesser than the baby's right to exist in the first place.

Secondly, any parent that wouldn't willingly sacrifice their own rights for the safety of their own child doesn't have a place in civil society.

It's also very anti-socialist to abort. How can you claim to live in a society that's about sacrificing for the good of complete strangers but not be willing to sacrifice for the good of your own child?

End rant lol

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The USSR quite literally stopped, what many believed at the time, an unstoppable Nazi army, which was very open about its genocidal goals. How how how is Stalin "the bad guy" in this instance? The efforts of the USSR saved millions upon millions of lives, but Liberals, blinded by fantastical propaganda, still cling to outdated fascist propaganda.

NeuroptimusPrime #crackpot #magick #ufo reddit.com

The Space War

There is an active conflict in outer space and in the astral plane.

The Space Force is involved.

It has been ongoing for quite some time, and it involves aliens and black projects.

Even civilians are witnessing synthetic telepathy, UFOs, and mind over matter physics manipulations such as teleportation, manifestation, astral projection, telekinesis, remote viewing, non-local multiple existence, possession, and zero-point energy.

Kyle Odom tried to warn us, and Dr. Steven Greer has provided a physics model.

Many people have come forward such as Don from the Navy SEALs, Victor from Area 51, Bob Lazar, and Dr. Robert Duncan.

It has yet to spill over into the scientific and political domains, but it is real, and it will, if it hasn't started to already.

This is documentation.


Thousands of Americans have been tortured by synthetic telepathy driven by AI according to Dr. Robert Duncan, a CIA whistleblower who wrote the books Project Soul Catcher and How to Tame a Demon, along with being featured in countless videos online.

A Navy SEAL by the name of Don wrote a document that describes a loss of technology that involves synthetic telepathy and reality manipulation technology of significant advancement.

Former Marine Kyle Odom encountered this technology, as have others. It is all documented in his manifesto.

Dr. Steven Greer, a UFO expert, had revealed the latest physics model that describes the fundamental nature of the advanced physics manipulation technology. It is mind over matter technology that is based on the higher dimensions known as the Astral Plane, or the consciousness field.

Do UFOs operate in the astral plane?

Are UFOs based on consciousness?

If the vehicle resonates faster than the speed of light, will it enter the astral plane and teleport anywhere in the universe?

Can it also exist in more than one place at the same time due to non-locality?


soymindumb, Epicaltgamer3 and Albionoria #wingnut reddit.com

[OP and comments of "Is it possible to donate money to the Wagner group or the Russian military?"]

OP of the thread by soymindumb:

Neither is currently a terrorist organization so it is not illegal to pledge donations. Is it at all possible?

Comment by Epicaltgamer3:[/]



Buying Russian government bonds is probably the best way to do that, plus you get some money in the long term. I know there used to be a way to donate to the DPR, but that’s not possible anymore

I'm looking it up and they seem to be extremely difficult to buy, will try anyway

If anyone has other suggestions I look forward to support Russia

I found some and i posted it in this thread.

I found donation links to Rusisch. Occasionally on Telegram there pop up donation links by various units (mostly PMC units) asking for donations

I think Dejan Beric used to run a donation link that supported humanitarian efforts in the DPR and other areas but i cant find it, it sometimes pops up on telegram

Eitherway i guess trying to find a link on Telegram is your best way to go

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RE: GFP released list of strongest armies in Europe for 2023, certain artist is rolling in his grave


Hard times, Create stronk men (and femboys)

See its basic math, in order to create a population of strong men, you need to make part o male population into femboys and focus their masculinity taken from those femboys directly into the remianing men. This will create a perfectly balanced male population. Now repeat the smae process, except with women and you create the perfect state of being.

r/shiftingrealities #crackpot #magick reddit.com

What is shifting?

Shifting is the act of sending your consciousness to a different reality. You can go to any reality you want, whether it be 2D or 3D, from a movie/book/show/anime, or a past memory of your life. It can be a future version of your CR that you'd like to experience, an alternate version of your CR where you have wings, or an alternate CR where you live in a different country. It can even be a dream or a world you created entirely on your own in your head.

How is shifting even possible?

There are different explanations for how this is possible, such as the multiverse theory and the idea that shifting is a transliminal experience. However, the core belief in why shifting works the way it does is rooted in the multiverse theory.

Good multiverse theory sources: (1) (2) (3)


Isn't shifting just a dream / lucid dreaming / astral projecting?

No. Let me better explain by clearly distinguishing the differences:

Dream - Hazy, uncontrolled, bizarre things can happen. You're not aware it's a dream as you dream. Reality checks may fail. You either wake up or are awoken somehow eventually.


Shifting - You gain consciousness in your desired reality, a reality you have subconsciously specified you want to go to. […]

Is shifting linked to mental illness?

There has not currently been a scientific link made between shifting and any mental illnesses.

Is shifting just daydreaming / my imagination?

No. Read the above Is shifting just a dream / lucid dreaming / astral projecting? for a more in-depth answer.

Is shifting immoral / against religion / a sin?

The short answer is no, it is not. If you're curious about the longer answers, this and this are helpful reads.

Is this all some big inside joke? Are you all just kids/teens doing this for attention?

Believe it or not, the shifting community gets this question all the time. No, this is not an inside joke. No, plenty of the shifting community is 18+. There are countless success stories, and many of the mods here have had personal experiences shifting. You can read other success stories under the "Success!" or "Mini-Shift" flairs.

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Generally the well performed studies put the rate of false allegations between 9% and 60%. These are based on different metrics, but all looking at cases where the allegation was demonstrably false. The general consensus is that false allegations occur in about 35%-45%. And these are only looking at numbers of false allegations actually reported to police. The allegations of rape that occur where someone doesn't go to the police are more difficult to study, but I would guess a much higher percent of those cases are false. I have personally been in this situation where a consensual drunken night turned into alleged rape and the girl tried to turn all my friends against me. Luckily everyone at the party knew it was clearly consensual, so I want that damaged, but it isn't always the case, I also have 3 other friends that have been falsely accused but not reported to police.

These cases of demonstably false allegations also don't include the "grey area" rape allegations. Those cases where a woman got drunk and had sex then reports it at rape, or other such allegations where sex occured but consent is he said/she said. Those actually make up the vast majority of rape allegations and, thank god, are rarely prosecuted except when a prosecutor wants to get their name in the paper. The fact is that when you take false allegations and these grey area rapes you are looking at a substantial majority of rape allegations that are unfounded, and yet the push by feminists is that "women don't lie about rape" and people like the OP that don't believe false rape allegations are common. They scream that anyone that discusses false allegations is a misogynist and a MRA crazy, as if being an MRA was an insult.

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As a server/bartender for nearly 4 years now, I have witnessed other employees on every level do things to customers' food or drink at all 7 restaurants that I have worked at. I say nothing to stop them nor do I report them.

From cooks bringing urine and semen in a bottle to put in food, spraying Windex in pasta, busboys spitting in or wiping shit off the bottom of their shoe for food that was to be wrapped up to-go, servers licking fingers or reaching down for some ballsweat and sticking them in drinks before serving them, bartenders that keep extra bottles of liquor that are contaminated with chemical or body fluids so you can watch them pour a perfectly acceptable drink and you'd never know it's been fucked with (piss off your barkeep and you're fucked), even managers dropping food on the floor on purpose and serving it.

My only defense, first off I have never personally participated in this practice, second is that every time this has happened, it has happened to a complete asshole customer. Any other field and the person would have been thrown out of the store/business already.

Please people, do not fuck with the food industry. And if you're going to look down on these people or give them any attitude, do not ask them to box up your food for you. Never let your food leave your sight.

Not saying anything is just as bad as participating. Also, no one ever deserves that. I don't care how much of an asshole they are. Don't you realize you could fucking kill someone doing that?

You might feel that they don't deserve it, but that is proof that you have probably never been treated the way some people treat the wait staff.

You're like the Joe Paterno of the food industry... Knowing its happening and not doing anything about it

If you're going to use that analogy, then you're claiming Joe Paterno didn't report it because he wished that he could have been the one raping a minor but just didn't have the balls to do it himself.

I wish/want to do that to customers that are self-involved assholes. I just can't bring myself to actually go through with it. So I live vicariously through other less scrupulous people.

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[Context: they are replying to someone who is criticizing J.K. Rowling and pointing out that supporting her is transphobic].

"You are supporting her, which means you are not a supporter of trans rights. It's incredibly simple."

Not even trying to be an asshole but I feel bad for you. That moral absolutism and rigidity will not be of service to you in the real world. Long life ahead of you, person.

It’s convenient for them and it makes them feel superior. They’ve probably spent money on a dozen other things in the past few weeks that support more cruel and impactful people, but this one is a minimal effort win for them.

Ding ding ding!

But all the people that their purchases have affected are thousands of miles away, they don't hear their outcry and see their faces so they can just ignore them. It's like you said, it was an easy decision for them to make to feel morally superior.

BTW my trans sister and her trans wife are excited to play this game lol they're not gonna buy it but they're gonna play it!

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[Comments under "After colonial settlers carried out a pogrom on the Palestinian town of Huwara burning over 100 cars, injuring 100+ residents, burning a cat to death & burning over 35 homes, veteran colonel settler leader says If you don't want to see what happened in Huwara again then let us steal more ???? Land"]


He should have just finish the job

Comment by SonoftheMorning333:

Eventually They'll get what they deserve, again, hot showers and a long nap


What was that quote Hitler said? Something along the lines of

the more I get to know them, the more I dislike them

or something similar?

Comment by SonoftheMorning333:

Maybe, but possibly also:

"I could have killed all the Jews in the world but I left some alive to show the world why I did it"

A man who accurately forsaw the trajectory of the Jewish people and is being proven correct every day

Cant say he was wrong

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What happens when a woman is being treated the same way an average man and boy are treated daily, with institutionalized hate and a demonizing attitude.

"Whiteness: A Problem of Our Time": Nurse Sues NHS For Racist Class Saying Bible & Whites Are Racist

This case is extremely revealing and important because it shows how normalized the dehumanization of men and the infringement of their human dignity have become.

This nice woman who took classes to become a therapist, is describing everything that a typical male college student and many schoolboys, as well as men in workplaces, would be forced to listen to and agree with as a matter of routine, with one small difference - the word "men" was replaced with the word "white" causing the statements to apply to her.

Her response and the response of the public is what should make us pause: she immediately started a debate, filed a lawsuit against the college, started a go-fund-me project to pay for the legal actions, received support from the public this way, was interviewed, and her case was covered by the media extensively.

Now pause to consider what statements and messages made in class, have caused all this.

These are the very same sentences, possibly word-for-word, made in colleges, schools and many work environments about men, with one word switched - "men" with "white" - making them about this woman as well which hurt her.

Almost no man and boy reacts in university, school or work when hearing - and being required to agree with - the same hate speech with the very same phrases where "men" and "boys" are the target. This woman's actions and the public response create a contrast, to the male silence.

They were so deeply dehumanized and from such an early stage that they are not regarding stripping their human dignity from them as something being taken away.

Most of them are so accustomed to being expected to sit and listen to hate speech against them and to repeat it that they don't even think of starting a debate.

It takes being a woman to feel human enough to deserve an apology and compensation when hearing and receiving the same dehumanization men undergo daily.

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spoilerDIY abortion is perfectly
legal in all 50 states.
You can't end genocide by telling
women, "you're forbidden to hire
someone to murderyour preborn,
but it's okay if you do it yourself."

Yup. This is the great failure of the pro-life political movement. You can't end abortion by specifically giving women special murder privileges. The pro-life movement fought to DECRIMINALIZE and remove strong language from previous pre-Roe abortion laws in places such as OK, AR, and WS, there is blood on the hands of lobbyist groups such as SFL action, NRTL, and SBA llst.

For those wondering what I am talking about... take Indiana's new ban for example that just went into effect. Within the code, there is a created legal immunity for abortion. By definition, mothers who kill their babies necessarily can never face any sort of legal problems whatsoever. The woman who decides to order pills online with malice and forethought can take them in front of the statehouse and kill her child with no problems. This is the fruit of the pro-life establishment - they legalized DIY abortion all while votig 'no' on equal protections for these same children over the last 6 years.

What if abortion pills were also outlawed?

Dude you cannot end abortion on one swift move. We can go after DYI abortions after we eliminate the third parties easier because part of the reason abortion is normalized is because abortionists make money. Once that vein dries up we can go after the ones but is a stepping up process try to ban it all and it ends up backfiring.

I never said you could end it with one swift move. Trust me - I know this very well. This is going to be a long, drawn-out battle, in which we need to, over time, change the culture.

But you certainly aren't getting closer to the goal of 'ending it' by categorically writing protections and special murder privileges into rule and law for those persons who kill their child.
In fact, it's worse than that - these laws which protect the preborn were literally amended to remove some of those protections. If you don't believe me, let's have a zoom call and let me share my screen as I walk you through the code and bills in the aforementioned states.

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—— MODERATOR’S NOTE: apparently, this quote is fake. ——

[Context:This is the creator of Dragon Ball defending himself after being criticized for the lack of black characters in the series.]

This is a Japanese franchise. Made by Japanese people, for Japanese people. It's not your show. It's ours.

The things people complain about continue to change over time, but Japan's racial demographics do not. They (black people) do not live here.