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The Fem’nist Burden: A Satire in the Style of “The White Man’s Burden”

Take up the fem’nist burden!

Assemble women white!

SJWs gather!

Come all ye full of spite

To whine and moan and grumble

About how nothing’s right;

To preach non-stop on justice,

While that’s just what you fight!

Take up the fem’nist burden!

Impose your creed by force!

Decorum’s deconstructed:

Go on, be rude and coarse!

All reason’s patriarchal:

Forget debate—denounce!

Dwell not on means or scruples,

For it’s the goal that counts!

Take up the fem’nist burden—

To spread the faith world-wide

And leave no people helpless,

Though they should run and hide!

Usurp their identity

And colonize anew!

Their culture needs some changing—

A couple wars should do!

Take up the fem’nist burden

And put our minds at ease,

Lest anyone among you

Cis-gendered men appease

By judging based on merit,

Against express decrees

That only race and gender

Ought good employers please!

Take up the fem’nist burden

To rid the world of art,

Replacing every beauty

With some new, stinking fart

Of high-pitched propaganda

To teach us how to act:

Submit to every woman,

Ignore all trace of fact!

Take up the fem’nist burden:

In chastity remain!

Go sacrifice the fam’ly

And parity obtain!

A child needs not a mother—

The help will more than do!

Or better: turn the tables!

Make men the mothers too!

Take up the fem’nist burden!

No loft’yer mountain climb,

No truth or right make sacred,

Before our creed sublime.

Rewrite the books of hist’ry,

All science reconstruct,

To suit our plans for others—

The facts & rights be f****ed!

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HK TVB promoting WMAF

Before I get nuked for "posting native Asian" content, this shit is global; lots of Asian Americans watch TVB too.

TVB is the prime TV channel of Hong Kong and produces lots of shows for local consumption, however, it also produces lots of content, like "marrying to the world" which mainly showcases XMAF.

many pro-beijingers are just as west-worshipping as pro-democracy joshua wongers

Lol, TVB is a mouthpiece for the CCP. Real Hong Kongers don't even watch TVB anymore.

doesn't matter if they're ccp mouthpiece, they're cucked that's what matters

It’s an epidemic, and if you think it’s due to “White worshipping” or “self hate” you’re living in resentment. Is the [x]-race of males engaging in self hate when they see our women as trophies and conquests? I did a full breakdown of this phenomenon and the mods refused it to be posted, because it would bring “disharmony”.

The longer we ignore the genetic, psychological causes for this that manifests “solely” in one part of our sex - Asian men do not behave this way - you will stumble through life in rage and ignorance.


Didn't Jackie Chan have the same retarded mindset promoting XMAF. People will try to do deny it but there is rampant colonized white worship all over east asia in tv, fashion, etc

Yes, he said that to spread chinese culture around the world he would encourage foreigners to marry chinese women. He’s never had a problem getting AFs, so he’s clueless of WMAF dynamics. Same with these local media producers (I don’t think it’s white worship in that they think WMAF is good per se, they just don’t see the harm in it, and think it’s an interesting novelty)

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American Black people are the most fragile and easily manipulated people there are.

Say one word and they turn into animals, then they wonder why they get treated like animals.

I personally support reparations, but only the ones where we buy them plane tickets to where their ancestors came from and pull their citizenships so they can’t come back. It’s a win-win for America.

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The far left is becoming a dictatorship. Silencing free speech and banning people for merely disagreeing with the status quo is exactly what the Soviet Union or other communist dictatorships did and still does in countries like Cuba and China. The far left is destroying the West for what it really takes pride in, personal liberty and freedom of speech.

I've noticed something with these woke/far left/feminist individuals, they really think they are the only righteous side and anyone who disagrees with them must be silenced and driven underground. There is no wonder why the far right finds it so easy to recruit young men. You can't fix a society by silencing young men through the threats of censorship and state sponsored discrimination.

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As a south asian male, south asian male x white female and east asian male x white female will never be as popular as the white male x asian female.

The biological attraction to east and south asian males isn't strong.

White women are the tallest females on average. Most asian males are like 5'5'- 5'9. White guys easily push 6 foot. Normally white women and asian males are the same height or even shorter than them, women want a partner taller than them .

East Asian males lack dimorphism compared to other guys. Sexual dimorphism is needed in order for attraction to be there. Also women like guys biologically darker than them, east asian guys are too light skinned for white women.

South asian males have too much dimorphism, + lack of pretty boy features.not to mention only negative stereotypes, so white women won't choose us

Most white women will never choose asian males as their second choice if they're not with a white guy they're more likely to choose black males especially west africans ( tall, athletic, lots of muscle, strong jaws).

Just stop counting these numbers cuz it's not gonna happen it's a waste of time , wmaf has biological attraction to it ( white males are tall, darker than east asian females but not to dark, Strong sexual dimorphism plus light coloured eyes ) thus it will always be way more popular than amwf which lacks biological attraction, at the end of the at the simplest level we are animals and we operate on our biologically.

Not saying it amwf cant happen I'm just saying it's unlikely cuz biological attraction isn't there from the white female perspective in most cases. So it would be better for you not to bother and pay attention to white females unless they're showing considerable signs they like you.

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Here is the thing, Men age like wine and women like milk... This third wave of feminism will wreck these 20-30 something women that they will be blinded to the fact that when they start hitting the wall men will not want them. The men that are hitting their 30-40 time frame and have at least a decent career will have the creme of the crop of young attractive women that will be born past the retarded 3rd wave of feminism and are ready to be wife material. Just wait it out guys, focus on yourself, get educated, make money... younger women are starting to wisen up that we men are not taking their shit and are leaving them to their cats.

TRUTH. I still hope the best for the “retarted 3rd wave” and the off chance that they will wise up. Hate is just not a good look. You can be totally babeilicious but if you have hate in you system I can see the disease and I’m running!


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Walking away from society and ghosting it is the only good solution left available for men to do. The USA is borked and has been for a long time so, that is bad enough without everything else.

But then you get tarred and feathered with "Incel" or "MGTOW".

I think MGTOW is a reasonable response, but I would like all men to consider what is really stopping them from having consensual recreational sex with fellow men. Men are not only more sexually compatible with other men (same biology) but anything men do together is intrinsically masculine. It's only entrenched homophobia that is preventing men from being more open minded and creating more options for themselves. It's not about love but pleasure.

The only power women have over men is access to sex and providing other options defuses that power. The ill-considered tactics of driving men away will come back to bite them in future.

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Johny Depp got in trouble because he married an entitles american actress. America women that are that level of hot buy into their own feminist propaganda. Why do you think that Nicolas Cage sticks to Japanese waitresses for his choice of wife? Less grief. Better sex. Stay away from Western women in general, especially the entitled ones and you'll do fine. Nuff said.

UnconventionalXY #crackpot #sexist #wingnut reddit.com

Do you know the most ironic part? Those wahmen are the ones who will get fricked on the long run. Sure, simps will always exist, but eventually most men will just "nope, I'm out" in almost every sense. Heck, in work, men are avoiding women like the plague.

Women have created a slippery slope for themselves.

Whilst it was reasonable to pursue women being killed or physically harmed, psychological harm is more dubious to define, but when the umbrella of harm is gradually extended to even more dubious levels of harm (eg he raped me with his eyes, he tapped me on the shoulder, he asked me out on a date when I didn't fancy him) and entering the arena of feelings, and everything is conflated into this extreme interpretation of rape, it's inevitable the creep will continue until any uncomfortable feeling or potential for uncomfortable feeling is included in this category. Once paranoia begins, it's difficult to stop it escalating.

In parallel, blaming men for womens feelings when it is obvious women are contributing too will inevitably lead to hatred of men for having the potential to harm a woman and then it is only a small step to feeling justified in taking revenge. We are already seeing teenage girls killing men purely from the hatred they have been conditioned to feel through role modeling and this is only going to get worse.

I'm not convinced women can stop themselves from sliding further down the slope as they don't seem to be able to apply rationality to moderate their feelings. Perhaps it is that women have never been required to develop this talent because of the traditional roles: they have always largely been protected by men.

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Iran should have annexed the UAE long time ago, Russia did it with Crimea, sanctions are already in full mode, so no worries here, Iran would take over the UAE in Hours
I wouldn’t think the USA would interfere, because of public pressure and how horrible people in the USA now hate military intervention, It would kill Biden popularity

Some problems would be the USA base in the in the Emirates, but I would take the position to not attacks them and play it civil

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I’m tired of being told to justify my actions

I don’t wear a mask, I don’t social distance, Ive traveled throughout the the country (America) as if nothing has changed. Any time someone brings up the conversation about Corona, they demand to know my research and what news I consume and all that shit. I have a simple answer that they can’t comprehend. It’s that I just don’t care. I don’t care about numbers, I don’t care about variants, I don’t care about vaccines or whether or not masks work. I have never been tested, nor have I even spent the time to research where I would get one. I am simply not scared of it, and I don’t fear for my family or friends. Why is it so hard for doomers to understand that it is just a non-starter for me? These people don’t really care about what other people go through. They don’t care about strangers. They do however care a great deal about how they are perceived by others. They profess to care about people and care about numbers. Well hunger kills a lot more people daily than Covid could ever dream of killing. But, since they’ve got food in their bellies, they don’t seem to much care about starving children. The virtue-signaling is out of control.

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(On how women could evolve if they are too emotional to survive)

Because humans are gynocentric.

A boy not fit for the world is destroyed or at the very least a genetic dead end. So men have evolved to be better and better over time.

While the girl is coddled and saved from failure. She can only be a genetic dead end if she chooses to be so. And often those women are the smartest and best of the women (before you get pissed off at this, read the rest).

So women just do not evolve beyond having better fertility (more kids means more of said women’s genes), those that are a little bit better end up being more likely to be a genetic dead end. In matter of fact, those that have some traits to be better just end up being worse as they haven’t evolved all the other traits to go beyond there base instincts, the pre-programming we all have (emotions).

So the result is that even the best of women are just not that much better at all. While men are hyper diverse and getting better with each generation.

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You will never be a real woman. You have no womb, you have no ovaries, you have no eggs. You are a homosexual man twisted by drugs and surgery into a crude mockery of nature’s perfection.

All the “validation” you get is two-faced and half-hearted. Behind your back people mock you. Your parents are disgusted and ashamed of you, your “friends” laugh at your ghoulish appearance behind closed doors.

Men are utterly repulsed by you. Thousands of years of evolution have allowed men to sniff out frauds with incredible efficiency. Even trannies who “pass” look uncanny and unnatural to a man. Your bone structure is a dead giveaway. And even if you manage to get a drunk guy home with you, he’ll turn tail and bolt the second he gets a whiff of your diseased, infected axe wound.

You will never be happy. You wrench out a fake smile every single morning and tell yourself it’s going to be ok, but deep inside you feel the depression creeping up like a weed, ready to crush you under the unbearable weight.

Eventually it’ll be too much to bear - you’ll buy a rope, tie a noose, put it around your neck, and plunge into the cold abyss. Your parents will find you, heartbroken but relieved that they no longer have to live with the unbearable shame and disappointment. They’ll bury you with a headstone marked with your birth name, and every passerby for the rest of eternity will know a man is buried there. Your body will decay and go back to the dust, and all that will remain of your legacy is a skeleton that is unmistakably male.

This is your fate. This is what you chose. There is no turning back.

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The old school gays are fine...being in the media industry I've worked with dozens of the mincy queens. One time I was the only heterosexual working at a radio station in Europe which meant I got to fuck all the cute young female interns who came in on work experience 🥳

I'm still very good friends with one of the poufs I used to work with back in the day...we still meet up for drinks and swap crypto tips via phone.

Stupid idiot caught HIV from injecting steroids...needle sharing in a gay gym 🤦🏼‍♂️

Last time I met him for beers and food I moved my chair away from him just to eat my meal when he asked why, I said: "cos I don't want you spitting in my food you AIDS infected cunt." 😂

He looked pretty upset but he knows what I'm like and it's not like I spurned him once I found out he was

a) Gay (he was closeted for around 10 years of me knowing him)

b) HIV positive

The new typical millennial faggots are literal human excrement with their whining and mentally ill ramblings on Twitter...those types I do shun

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Any redpillers in Africa? In what ways do you think girls here are different from the western girls we usually read about here?

I spin 4 plates. I have a girl over at my place any time I want. Having a car and a home in an african poor country at 28 puts you in that top 3% category and every girl wants to get pregnant by you. It's so easy to get HB9 girls in Africa. Just have a car, a little game. Honestly, your SMV is already so high like this. There is almost no competition. I was wondering if my African brothers or any from poor countries feel the same.

Living in unkempt, poverty-stricken cities and being "the best of the best" is hardly a dream for me. I'd rather actually work to get with high quality girls than have them lap over me like a dog.

High quality women means rich backgrounds for you? I don't mind cheap pussy. Actually, why would I want expensive? Btw, redpill is about getting to an end. That end is getting the most of your SMV for me.

What country in Africa are you from?

From Zimbabwe but based in Botswana. Women are more submissive and DTF if you have good logistics.

western women are WAY WAY worse and harder to game.

It's one of the reasons I dont want to leave. Why would I choose to compete at level 12 when I get the same(or better actually) rewards at level 2?😂

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Stop forcing people to accept LGPT and feminism. (Rant)

I'm tired of being labeled a pigot if I think that a guy that cuts off his balls and dick or a girl that cuts off her breasts and womb are mentally ill.

I'm tired of being labeled a bigot if I reject toxic female behavior, or speak against it.

I'm tired of being forced to work with incompetent female workers just in the name of equality.

I'm tired of a society that ignores females abusers, or when men finally defend themselves or lash out against female abusers, they are instantly punished without any investigations about what caused it.

I'm tired of politicians that are using these issues to their advantage instead of focusing on what is right or wrong.

I'm tired of academics not being able to speak up their minds, afraid of losing their jobs or funding.

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bruce lee, grant imahara and godfrey gao were all assassinated. there is a real conspiracy against the asian man

the Asian man is the number one threat to the west, they openly admit it now.

they can't win a conventional war, they admitted it.

they can't deal with the sexual competition, they admitted this.

they can't deal with our money, they admitted this.

so they do low dirty tricks, they assassinate our men in an attempt to keep white women away from us. spread lies about our countries, to turn the world against us. emasculate us in the media. invade our spaces, either real or online.

Yet somehow, Asian males are beta, undesirable, yet there are trillions of dollars spent to emasculate literal Chinese farmers? so called happy fulfilled white men are this desperate????

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Being a she isn’t just having pretty hair
She isn’t she based off what she wears
She isn’t just obsessed with fluffy or pink
Being a she doesn’t mean we all require long lashes to blink
A she has a period that comes every month
She bloats, cramps and feels a ton
Her uterus holds life if she’s willing and able
She isn’t just heels or a seductive being
She’s genetically born to be nurturing
So please know you’ll never be her even when you dress up
The mocking demeans what she brings to this world and enough is enough!!

Murder_all_muslims #homophobia #psycho #racist reddit.com

Islam is a religion for pedophile pig-fucking faggots. All muslims should be slaughtered or experience medieval torture. Muslims are inbred cancerous vile apes that fornicate with animals.

Muslims are fucking retarded and should be extermimated at all costs. Fuck you if you're muslim and fuck you if you disagree.

I hope china puts more mudfags in concentration camps and that americs bombs islamic countries more. I hope Israel and other keep murdering muslims. I hate all muslims. Muslims are subhuman pedophile garbage and must be fucking removed from the face of this fucking planet. Fuck muslims.

Islam is a cancer upon humanity. Drag all mudfags out of their homes and hang them high in tall trees. Also do the same who even feel a slight sympathy with these abominations. Kill all mudfaggots until there are none of these fucking parasitic, inbred aids-infected, cancerous ape muslim apes left. Torture them all.

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No one deserves to be raped. It's an awful experience nobody should have to go through. And I'm not saying any of it is your fault at all... but maybe don't dress like a slutty nurse? We can't fight against rape culture by sexualizing everything. It's getting worse, and if you want to actually change things you have to start with yourself.

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Women are primarily attracted to behaviors that get men to the top of dominance hierarchies. But those behaviors are also associated with being an asshole to them, or at least not treating them like they're special. So they're programmed by evolution to like those behaviors to some extent, even though they're frustrating and disrespecting behaviors, because being attracted to those behaviors gets them the top man that they need.

In bodice rippers, women sometimes read about fantasy men who somehow are supremely dominant and respected by all men, but at that same time are emotionally supportive and just the right amount of sensitive. Makes sense for them to fantasize about a combination of traits that is never found in men. But at the same time, there are plenty of books in the genre that feature hard, vaguely abusive, dismissive male love interests (e.g. 50 Shades). And chicks love that too. So even when they're in an idealized imaginary world, many of them still don't want to be treated well.

Various MRAs #sexist reddit.com

Tired of the bullshit narrative that India is a shit place for women. Debunking this once and for all.

The list of privileges women enjoy here that men do not: Free public transport in a lot of states. A woman cannot be arrested after sunset and before sunrise unless the crime is very severe like murder or something. Women only reservations in almost every government institution. Lower tax rates in some cases. Reserved seats in public transport.

IMO, there's no worse gynocentric shit hole than India where inequality is at its peak and men are treated like subhumans.

So, if you're a woman you could smoke crack while taking a shit on a police car and not get arrested as long as it's past sunset??


I'm a woman living in India and you're absolutely right. It makes my blood boil how my gender gets away with a lot of shit and misandry then complains about inequality and "patriarchy". I fear for the safety of the men in my life because of such horrible laws which only favor women and allow them to destroy innocent lives.

After all this, women have the audacity to play the victim card at any point in time. Everyone is playing a part in this gynocentric jimbo. You get brainwashed by the media all the time about how women are suffering, which is far from the reality. Your parents also pressure you to become a slave for life by marriage. And as already said above, women can choose to work, or be a housewife. India doesn't really care about its men

vintologi_eu #quack reddit.com

A case of successful transition despite having had no dysphoria


These cases are relatively rare and valuable since it refutes the notion that dysphoria would be required for you to successfully transition into another sex.

I did ask the individual if she could have been dysphoric without realizing it and she denied that.

Really fascinating — I love this for her! 😋

First time I've ever seen an account like this — a new breed I think!

I did conclude (to a large extent from indirect research) that these transitions could be beneficial but it's still very valuable to see it actually work out in the real world (a lot of people tried to deny it would work).

It's nice to see people take action to improve their live.

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RE: Why are so many young men acting asexual?

I'm 21 and it's like most of my peers (mainly average to low status dudes higher status dudes still act normal) they have no drive or desire to get with or be with women. They act asexual, beta and friendly it's so wierd their like robots, and they actively chastise dudes who actively go after women. It's such a depressing existence and their ok with it. I think it's just due to them being conditioned to their social status from a young age and don't have the self awareness to break out of it or try to change their situation.

Its a crap load of reasons. Part is the #metoo bullshit movement. Guys everywhere, in particular white males, hear non stop that they are rapists and pieces of shit and the problem with society and the world. They see famous people and politicians get shafted over ALLEGATIONS.

Guilt and shame - men are ashamed of being who they are and wanting what men want. Society shames men for being masculine, for seeing women as objects and wanting to fuck them, meanwhile women literally walk around dressed like whores and objectify themselves, but if we acknowledge it we're "part of the problem." Women are literally praised for everything they do, men are shamed.

Education on relationships. We've all seen the women magazines at the stores, "50 Moves to Blown you Mans Mind in the Bedroom." Or the TV shows, Dr.Phil, Steve Harvey, Oprah - all designed for women to educate themselves on dating and relationships. Men have far fewer resources out there, and when we do have a resource such as TRP, they get banned and called incels (even though we are getting laid and are the exact opposite, tf?)

Dating apps. The 80/20 rule runs supreme in dating apps. A lot of guys simply cannot compete with Chad and Tyrone, and when they get on dating apps they lose all hope. It can really bring you down when you've messaged hundreds of chicks and none of them seem interested.

GivePuppiesBazookas #sexist #wingnut reddit.com

Trans people have spoke out about this too. Many go from being feminists to being ex-feminist because of what they learn after living as both genders.

I have a friend who is f to m and has been in and out of therapy regularly from suicidal thoughts. Dude's mind is absolutely blown with how different it is as a man. He has been a male for about 5 years and to this day keeps saying "I don't know how you do it"

I always feel the problem is women, mainly feminists, think they know everything about men. What we like, do, say, talk about, even think or our experiences. The ideas they have they treat as fact, this is why they don't like to listen, because when we speak about our experiences or thoughts it's counter to what they parrot. When feminists listen to men, they realize they are not as correct as they think they are, this is why their reaction is to shut conversations down: man up, mansplaining, what about the menz, feminism is working on that too, and so on. These are all designed to shut the conversation down, not to move it forward.

carlamonimacaroni #psycho #sexist reddit.com

I’m tired of men slowly becoming second class citizens.

For the past five or so years I’ve watched men be torn down at every moment. Years ago, men used to be looked up to. Now they are “disgusting,” “pigs,” and “dumb.” The men of the household used to be respected. Now when a man does literally anything he is criticized. This all culminated in an experience I had the other day. Now I’m by no means a masculine man. I’m average looking, average weight, pretty much a nobody really. This woman was in line behind me with what I assumed was her SO (another girl). The person in front of me (a young girl about 20 years old) asked if the other ladies behind me could go in front of me. I asked her why. She said “I don’t know, I just think THEY should go before YOU.” I was taken aback. I almost lost my shit. I just said. “I don’t think so.” And went on with my life. When I got to my car, I lost my shit. I probably looked like a psycho yelling at myself. I wished I could go back in time and talk some sense into that woman in front of me. I’m glad I held my tongue, but things like this make me irrationally angry. It’s also not good because it makes me feel worse around women in general. Now I’m afraid being around women. What will they think of me? Just because I’m a man will they think less of me? Am I a good person? I see why people don’t like women. Of course that’s wrong and an over generalization or simplification of things but still. Luckily I’m not one of those guys. But if I was? Imagine how much worse that situation would’ve been for the women around me. Anyway thanks for reading I guess.

I don't know how anyone can get mad at men for being angry. We're treated like absolute garbage and we're just expected to take it. Of course people are going to lash out. That's what happens when you constantly mistreat and insult and people.


theskincoatsalesman & Cyb3rd31ic_Citiz3n #conspiracy #sexist reddit.com

RE: Just can't win can we?


men apologizing on behalf of other men r/AskFeminists

Do they really think every man is a rapist?

Dude I swear to god its a total thing, in which they specifically prey on women who have been abused by men. Then they reinforce the PTSD fueled idea all men are your abuser. Its a total fucking cult thing, when I was super pro feminist I 100% believed all men were a danger its was fucking insane, and really gross. They preyed & fed upon my PTSD under the guise of “female empowerment”. So yeah, I think a lot of them actually do.

Ex-male Feminist. We're trained to watch each other constantly for any signs of imposing ourselves onto women in ANY way and read it as a gross over-step. I was there at parties cock-blocking blokes even though, or maybe because, I am gay and have no vested interest in doing so except "protecting women". Looking back all I did was Rob women of being brave and/or exercising their agency. I started to realise something was wrong when the group became less interested in me as a person once I grew a beard out and stopped wearing tank tops. Turns out I was the groups man eye candy. One rule for thee but not for me.

daltonmojica #wingnut reddit.com

I'm inclined to believe the average person is starting to see through the fog of bullshit put forth by these woke people. The inherit unfairness leveled at men and White men in particular is reaching a level in which it cannot be ignored. Eventually, they'll be called out for these unfair measures, this hatred that is so obvious and they will need to change it or be shunned.

Especially agree with your first sentence.

What we are experiencing is conceptually the same as what happened in Germany (and greater Europe) in 1930. Mass ideological indoctrination into hating a common enemy. History has proven itself over the eons to incessantly repeat and rhyme.

Obviously, we, as a group of people currently deemed unacceptable by the cultural zeitgest, are going to have it very difficult in the near to mid-term. Those who have control over the prevailing narrative will do their best to find fault in everything we do, or fail to do, such that they may create and further the division that enables them to position themselves as a class in sore need of saving, whilst ironically being above all else in reality. And even with this, they will still find ways to pin the ever-growing ails of this societal arrangement into not only our actions or lack thereof, but our very existence itself.

However, I believe that the cultural tides, like elsewhere in history, will soon ebb and flow. Hopefully, the next direction we take as a collective would be one that proves to be more equitable, fair, and objective than the saddening one we have today.

svas2137 #sexist reddit.com

The idea to last long for hours to " satisfy" a ₩hym@n like a p@r#$tar is a complete made up B$ to shame men to control them to hurt their ego so to gain more power and control over them and to satisfy selfish agendas bcoz the only power over men that ₩hym€n hav is $€x.. Nature has alwz been about reproduction spreading ur $€€d to reproduce. Do u think in wildermess a lion or a bull or a wild elephant gives 2 fu@ks about the "feelings" , pleasure and desire of a ₩hyman?? Or Chengis khan might have asked while fu@kin a ₩hym@n "Hey honey how are you feeling? gud? Lemmi.do a sweet pillow talk afterwards.". Nope. It was all about spreading ur $eed passing ur genes to carry ur lineage for the survival.of the species. It alwz has been.

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the DPRK is a democratic country that uses democratic centralism, just like any other country.

Kim Jong Un gets elected to his roles in the state, the highest of them being the Chairman of the State Affairs Commission, by the Supreme People's Assembly, which is the highest organ in the DPRK. The Supreme People's Assembly is made up of representatives that are democratically elected in regional elections. Party affiliation doesn't matter and there are representatives from all of the three parties in the DPRK. The three parties form an alliance and rule the country together.

As others have pointed out the DPRK also uses workplace democracy through a system called the Taean Work System or Socialist Management System. The workers actively choose the leadership of their companies, by electing a management board.

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I enjoy it when people lose their child/son/daughter dies.

This joy is in no way sexual. But watching parents suffer in their own self loathing after anything from miss carriage to an accident or even older som/daughter deaths, such as military or illness really brightens my day. On one hand im sad if the kids older (13+) because maybe they were cool or had dreams or something. But watching people be so insanely distraught over the loss of their barely human infant is just the best thing to me. I genuinely, genuinely could not care less for a child and i dont see their worth in the world whatso ever. And their stupid social media “angel baby” posts damn near make me bust laughing at their attention grabbing, especially their howling of what “could have been”

Of course, when i interact with a child im nice, unfortunately their suffering is collateral damage in my enjoyment.

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You pretty much hit one of the gaping holes from Aristotle, A fatal one if you ask me. However the commitment to Aristotle is a constant refrain of the hardest right, and its not accidental. In fact it's just rhetorically passable enough, to rationalize the egoism they require for whatever interests are at hand. It's because of this nature, a swiss cheese of philosophy, every piece of human excrement from Hitler, Ayn Rand, and Nietzsche starts with Aristotle for their claimed foundations. Simply stated, he was wrong then and he's still wrong now.

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The biggest lie is that we are in an endless universe.

As soon as they found out we couldn't leave whatever the hell we're on they spent literally trillions on the lie that is space. Star wars and star trek to brainwash you into a false idea of space. Fake space races. Fake moon landings. Fake iss. Nasa literally means to decieve.

We are created. By who or what no fucking clue. But this world is a perfect creation. We are the center of it. The sun and moon are close and small. Not millions of miles away and it's ridiculous anyone really believes that when you can observe how small and close they are.

Any time lapse video of a camera pointed up at the sky shows everything revolves perfectly around us. The occult math isn't science. All their lies are obvious and I don't know why so many people are too stupid to see thru all this bullshit.

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Teachers are massively inflating girl's grades, translating into way more scholarships for women.

Do Schools Discriminate Against Boys?

Funny enough, this will all come around and bite them in the ass. When they get a job and are expected to show performance, and they have nothing to show but crying.

There have been so many studies already about this topic, but politicians and media don't want to address this problem and feminists do not care about it at all.

Oh they are the ones who caused all this. Feminists dominate in schools. They don't hesitate to take revenge from boys.

People will act like its a conspiracy theory that unnamed feminists control the government, education, Hollywood, and the media. But you see stuff like this and its clearly not a conspiracy theory. Women, at direction from feminism, are taking revenge on men and purposefully oppressing them. Its a miracle that men can even survive in our society let alone represent the majority of prestigious and highest paid positions.

Men are just smart as hell.

Yet, these girls will not be any smarter, go to college, get a mostly worthless degree and be deeply in debt. Well the boys will still be as smart as they could be, get a good paying career in a trade, be completely debt free and happy. So what then, are the men then required to bail out the women?

Sadly actually there are men with such low self respect who would do that

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She wants to bring an ugly friend over

Just picked up a new plate recently, been making her as low priority as possible and today she asked to come over l. I told her tomorrow would be a better day or I could go to her (I usually prefer going to hers). Then she starts asking to bring a friend over, so of course I ask who ( who wouldn’t want another cute friend to spice things up with). And of course she sends photos of her fat bestie who will never step foot in my home. So my response is that we haven’t really met yet and if she wants to come hang with she can herself. She’s still pressing and said I could bring a friend and we could all hang out, but I know none of my boys are gonna take an L this big... what should I do?

😭😭 man if she dont keep that porkie pig in the gaddam freezer. Tell her none of your friends are feeling the piggie so she should just come chill without her

that’s what I’m trying to get at but I don’t want to turn her away by just saying her friend is a wild boar 🤣

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Anything to get rid of those fat lazy niggers that collect the fare.

They can't even do their job correctly.

When I lived in Philly I would catch the 530ish train and would pay the conductor directly.... there were multiple times they would take my token/cash and not open the doors and drive away.

Fucking retards.

How many times have you missed the train because Bon Qui Qui had to go take a shit and leave the turn style unattended. I resorted to jumping over.


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RE: “Canada is the most anti-male country I have ever seen” - Erin Pizzey (founder of the first women’s shelter).

What are your experiences with discrimination as a male in Canada?


Hiring and promotion quotas against men are common here. Most of the managers in government IT are women without significant, or any, technical experience.

Interestingly this is why our bunssiness are slowly failing and all wealth is redirecting into housing or out of country. We can”t build anything, develops anything or even get to and move our natural resources without appeasing every minor group out their. Eventually Canada fiscal reality will catch up and then we we’ll see how it goes. I fully expect a simple bachelors tax or childless tax to support the lopsided society we have created to be implemented. And we simply just keep accelerating the policy’s driving this.


There is a law to increase women's pay to match men's, but not vice versa. Almost all goverment jobs specifically say they prefer women over men. Common law marriage is universal. Canadian universities are even more fucked than US ones.

What the actual fuck The thing that scares me the most is that this is all backed up by the government, so there's next to nothing a man can do to combat this. Since history is cyclical and whatnot, I hope this is the worst it's going to get before we reach a turning point, it's daunting to imagine it could get worse than this.

Thank God Jordan Peterson showed up, he needs to galvanize men in Canada to turn that thing around. Throw the mysandrists from tall windows.

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I'm starting to hate women.

I have been an MRA for over a year now and seeing all of the anti-male rhetoric and hatred alot of women have towards men has slowly been getting to me, I was crushing on this chick and I check her Twitter only to see that she reguarly posts about how she hates men and it's making me really sad and depressed, like it's obviously not all women but at this point I'd be hardpressed to say they aren't a majority.

As a woman I am completely on board with you. I lost a friend because I explained to her how the 97% thing is not true and she's stopped talking to me ever since. I told her she should've read the study and she said she doesn't have to. It's hard making female friends these days if a lot of women seem to hate men or believe whatever is online. Makes me sad.


Stay away from American women. Find one from overseas from a country that treats women like shit you’ll be amazed how happy you’ll be. I found a great one from Colombia and I don’t have all the bullshit to deal with.

There is soooooo much truth to this. In 2019 I went to a few places in South America. The difference in the women in particular in terms of general behavior was absolutely staggering. When I was in Colombia I met a tremendous amount of cool women, women I would call strong. They rarely complained, were very proactive, they take responsibility and mostly understand their actions cause reactions. Everyone in general where I was was just so much more happy in general, good with their roles and embraced them. The women actually appreciate what men do on top of that, where in modern western culture when we do stuff, liek build the roads, it's just expected and thankless.

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The banning of superstraight sub proves straight people are discriminated

The against the hate sub are a bunch of lousy sexist straight phobic pieces of human filth that need to find better outlets for their bigotry.
Fragile white redditors, a literally racist sub can exist but a sub where straight people advocate for their interests cannot?
If you are straight and white you have zero rights to your own sexuality or race. You must comply or be shut down.
I cannot believe reddit is so far down the sjw asshole.

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[note: “super” means “super-straight”, a sexuality made up by someone on tik-tok, which supposedly means not being attracted to transgender people, and has been dismissed by most of the LGBT community]

Is anyone else tired of having their sexuality transplained to them?

I don't understand how these Superphobes can tell me about my sexuality. They keep marginalizing my existence and grouping me in with Hets. I'm just tired of having my lived experience transplained from a bigot who doesn't understand. I thought we were allies in the LGBTQS+ community. Super rights are human rights.

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[Context: In Response to this: https://i.imgur.com/xPWRrvX.jpg]

Right, let's all be afraid of a disease that kills 00.04% of people who is "infected", a disease so dangerous you need to be tested in order to know you have, so that we can line up to take a vaccine that is so safe and effective you have to be threaten by law or bribed by the government to accept. And, of course, nothing says "man up" better than obeying every single retarded order coming from the government, submitting to peer pressure or giving away your freedom of expression so the other mongoloid sheeple can feel "safe".

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[RE: Anti-lockdown hoaxer who posted fake videos of ‘empty hospitals’ fined £200 for breaking COVID regulations]

Typical brain-dead sheeple reassuring post. People in cognitive dissonance love those heart-warming news of people being punished for trying to speak the truth. Where are their real videos of full hospitals, then? Fucking idiots.