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[ on indigenous people in canada]

They were literally stone age barbarians. The only metal they saw was the Inuit finding meteoroids on the tundra.

Scalping and raiding other tribes and making snowshoes are all they really accomplished in 16,000 years.

I've known this since I was a kid. You can blame the CBC for young me learning those "hate facts"

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There is no such thing as indigenous history prior to when Europeans showed up. They didn't have a fucking written language. They just had mythology and traditions which is like the telephone-game of history. It of course has value like religion has value but you can't treat it as hard history. Plus compared to Christianity it doesn't seem to have gotten them anywhere so it's like the hobbyist's mythology.

Speaking of which, anyone go to the Museum of History (formerly Museum of Civilization) in Ottawa? I went last month, hadn't gone since I was a kid. So long story short they basically reworked the entire fucking thing into the Aboriginal History Museum. Right at the bottom of the place is all the recovered shivs and bats and whatever other bullshit they found, but as you go through they really focus on Aboriginal culture and there's this area right at the start with a massive video screen about how "Canada started." I'm not even joking, it's some Aboriginal elder woman describing how giant space animals came down to Earth and fucked around and made the continents. It's an otter and a bear and a fish, and it's just like "yeah and this is how it all started!" I wouldn't believe it unless I saw it just recently. Then the rest of it is boring tribal bullshit and arrowheads. Oh, and in "modern Canada" near the end there's some #IdleNoMore shit and Residential Schools and all that.

That was a bit of a tangent. I guess what I'm trying to say is Aboriginal historical study is fucking retarded (it's indistinguishable from modern aboriginal culture) and while I like Aboriginal culture in many ways - especially the connection to their ancestors and the belief that their history is passed through genealogy and blood - this infiltration into education is purely rebellious colonization by way of goofy bullshit literally nobody in the 21st century needs to know about. Fucking hell, when they were throwing spears at fish and believing crows were super-intelligent, the Chinese were building the Great Wall and the Greeks were inventing modern human thought.

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Kids should be put in cages.
A couple of days ago I took a trip to the zoo for my birthday! I absolutely love the zoo! But if there is one thing I can't stand is when people taunt the animals, but of course as we all know "Kids will be kids!" (read as "assholes will be assholes!").

Anyways, as I was walking through the catwalk there was one little asshole little girl who was worse than the rest. She sat next to the cougar cage growling and hissing and making stupid cat noises at the cougar who looked like she had just about had enough of everyone's shit. The little girl made one more growling noise and the cat looked like she wanted to devour the little crotch demon, and oh how I wish she would have :/ The little girl got scared and ran off to her mommy. What the fuck did she expect? little cunt.

Kids should be put in cages, not animals.

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RE: Why are Eastern Europeans overlooked when it comes to discussing diversity or social issues in the UK?


Because they're white?

The wrong type of white apparently, so we get all the racist abuse. But, come the time people want to start talking about white guilt or white fragility, we're suddenly back in the club.

Which was a point I made to my employer's E&D officer when they started with the BLM stuff over summer, and to their credit a point they actually took on board.


It's a weird one with Eastern Europeans as they're lumped in with the oppressors despite being the victims of genocide within living memory and most never having had a settler-colonial nature beyond the borders of Europe.

Most of Eastern Europe is conveniently ignored by the woke crowd because white ethnic groups which have spent the last 1000 years being invaded, oppressed, murdered and generally suffering makes the idea of 'white privilege' quite a tricky concept to defend.

1000 years is a bit of an exaggeration - the Polish-Lithuanian commonwealth did rather well from the 16th to the 18th Century.

That was a bit of an anomaly.

The Slavs have been oppressed for so long that they are the origin of the word "slave".


“Conveniently ignored by the woke”, yet racially abused by the gammons.

Simple as.

Yes this is were we are. As an White 36 years old Polish immigrant I have was told that I am the primary source of problems in Britain both the gammons for being Polish and the wokies for being white male. Hard to find your place in society when Right wing sees you as lesser citizen and left wing sees you as oppression of minorities.

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(Claiming to speak for an Uvalde victim)


Mommy Daddy I’m in heaven now, please don’t cry, to the person who hurt me though I don’t understand why still I forgive you, I pray to everyone please try.

Taking away guns is not how this bad stuff ends, please remember it was a gun that saved the rest of my friends.

Be kind to each other in the times that seem so wild, to all you grown ups, the burden is easier if you love Jesus with the heart of a child.

Jesus said don’t fret on the why and how, He’ll be back soon,, Jesus said he wants to play with us, so I gotta go, bye for now….

#uvaldetx #Uvalde

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Soft power is much more relevant than hard power, and women are the ones who have the most power in society under this metric, not men

People usually point to the apex fallacy when discussions about power and patriarchy come up, but I think there's a much more important discussion to be had around soft power instead.

Even if men make up 60% of senators and 90% of CEOs, they represent fewer than 20% of people who have power at home, and only 16% of people who have custody over their children.

Women on average get their way socially, legally, at home, in the marriage and dating world, and in many other areas of life.

That represents a metric of power that is much more relevant to the vast majority of people. It is a form of power over your own life, and over the lives of other people who you know personally.

For example, 80% of relationships are controlled and dominated by women. Women also display much higher levels of social aggression and are more likely to get their way in gender mixed friends groups.

If men are being bossed around in their homes and have no say over their bodily autonomy, reproductive choices, or their own labor and financial future, then it doesn't really matter if they might have a measure of power at work.

In the end, whatever power they have publicly can be used and manipulated in private by other people.

The fact that men often hold formal positions of power in society may even be because other people push them there for their own benefit.

After all, it is preferable to be the wife of a CEO than to be a CEO yourself. The vast majority of wealthy women do not work, do not cook, do not clean, and often times don't even raise their own children.

Meanwhile the average CEO works 80 hours a week under stressful conditions and ultimately does not have any power when he comes home: his wife can leave him, take his money, his children, and continue her privileged lifestyle without him.

This is a rather bleak outlook despite being a "powerful CEO", which should make you wonder how much power a regular working man has.

Any analysis that fails to look at this is going to be fundamentally flawed.

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“There is no such thing as autism - it is the avoidance of something, the avoidance of a dynamic social interaction.” @GalitDistel told @moran_azulay about the long journey she went through with her son: “I pulled him by the hair and took him out, I did not let him eat and I did not let him drink, I did not give him anything. He forced himself to learn to speak in order to survive.”

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Autistic people are not illegal, but we don't pass special snowflake laws for them just because they are socially awkward. Pay for your own therapies, or hide in the basement.

All of the autistic people I grew up with got NO THERAPY and NO SPECIAL TREATMENT. When I was a kid, they were just called "retarded" as if that was ok to label another human. I never treated anyone poorly because of their developmental disabilities. They are people, just a little different, but still people. That being said, OP is a fucking leech. A human parasite. Looking for handouts because it's just easier to make society pay for your issues, it's their fault for not being understanding of your condition. I will always advocate for people to get the fuck off of Reddit and find a way to pay for their own shit. There are people in greater need, who can't even afford to surf the fucking internet, and those public funds should be reserved for those folks in greatest need. Socially awkward weirdo is not a fucking prognosis worth throwing money at...

Gotta love your virtue signaling though, you are a super awesome person with super great ideas... and you're totally going to change the world by whining on Reddit to strangers.

Oh, I get it, you're in the spectrum yourself. Grow the fuck up kid, it's a tough world out there for NTs too. You can't take offense anytime someone won't kiss your ass because you are special. There are people with deeper problems that are more difficult to overcome out there who are making their best go at it and we will never hear them bitching and complaining because they are too busy getting it done.

Ableism is a word that fucking cowards and weaklings use to shame people who have any success in life despite opposition.

I know enough about autism to know that YOU exemplify the worst kind of person in the spectrum. Selfish, bitter, and high functioning enough to cast judgement on others, but soooooooooooooooooo fucking disabled that everyone needs to provide for your well being, just because. You totally do want your ass kissed, it's pathetic. I'm not a bad person, I don't do bad things to people and you honestly have no clue what kind of husband and father I might be. I just have no problem telling anyone who's got enough going for them that they can hang out on Reddit, that they have enough and don't deserve a handout from the rest of society.

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Russian state TV is now terrorizing citizens with a conspiracy theory that Germany and Japan⁠—egged on by the U.S.⁠—are getting ready to attack Russia, because aggression is in their genes.

“Germany and Japan are genetically aggressive cultures. Let’s recall some things. How are German fairy tales different from Russian? For them, war is a norm and not an anomaly. Remember the troubled times of the 17th century? The war of lords in Germany lasted for 1000 years and no one thought to call it an anomaly, no one said it wasn’t normal. Wouldn’t underestimate the potential of these countries. Remember the Japanese culture, the cult of the Samurai, the cult of war, of self destruction. How does that threaten us? We’re in the same situation as in the 19th century. We’re resuming the second round of history. For 40 years after the Napoleonic wars we said this is the last war of white people forever in history. The big game of Russia and Great Britain was at the forefront. We’ve anticipated throughout the 19th century that everything will end up in a British-Russian war. Meanwhile, Prussia created the German empire, Japan became the empire of Japan. We were forced into large land wars with two powerful enemies in the east and the west. Possibly, Americans are arranging a repetition for us with two mighty adversaries in the east and the west.”

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[OP and comments under "On the 33rd Anniversary of the failed Colour Revolution, let's thank the People's Liberation Army and remember the fallen soldiers who martyred themselves so China is a unified, free, and prosperous country today!" about the Tienanmen massacre]

OP by SonOfTheDragon101:

spoilerDrawing of a tank in Tienanmen

From RespublicaCuriae:
Long live China, because liberal democracy is a failed system

From ForChina2020:
The day liberalism failed to ruin China, our land

From niogirl:
The students who never returned home, their parents, grandparents, siblings. The students who witnessed and participated in maniac acts of frenzied savagery when they thought their blood would be sacrificed for a higher ideal and not used as fodder to destroy their own country. The soldiers sent in to a mission that would be impossible to return unscathed

The world stood and watched…the western democracies licked their lips as brothers were pitted against brothers

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(responding to the claim that vaccines don’t cause autism)

No offense, but that is UTTER BULLSHIT!

There is NO WAY IN HELL that "better diagnosing" accounts for autism going from 1 in 10,000 in the 1980s to 1 in 68 today. Not to mention the explosion of profoundly autistic kids who even Special Ed teachers since the 1980s have admitted have risen exponentially since they first started teaching.

And you are delusional if you think there are 1 in 68 people in their 60s and 70s and 80s who are autistic, non-verbal, not toilet trained in society -- and don't feed me the crap that that's because they used to be in institutions. Because most institutions were closed by Reagan in the 80s, so they'd be out in the real world now, and they are NOT. There are NOT 1 in 68 people in their 70s who are non-verbal autistics, because its NOT "better diagnosing" but something else. Something which solely because of profit and the "house of cards" the whole system is built on, the huge pink elephant in the room, is DELIBERATELY IGNORED!

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RE: False statistics and why they are ridiculous.


And then there’s the stuff like: Only 2% of rape accusations are false.

Like, seriously, how are these numbers believable to any rational person?

This one isn't false, its just a half truth.

Between 2 to 10% of rape accusations are PROVEN to be false.

By comparison, only around 6% of rape accusations are PROVEN to have happened (It's either 4% lower than false rape claims or 4% higher, but if we take the median for false ones, it's 6%, just as much as convictions).

The problem comes that when the first statistics is brought up, the second doesn't appear, and when the second is brought up, the other doesn't appear and all 94% of cases that did not end in conviction are considered to be guilty people left free.

Feminists with the aid of media endure their false information drowns out the facts.

Consider how many citizens in Russia think their invasion of Ukraine is justified. They think it’s justified because the information they receive is biased and controlled. Same thing.

Years ago the DOJ published a brochure showing 6 in 1,000 college students were sexually assaulted. This document is nearly impossible to find in a search. Similarly, under the Cleary Act all reports of college sexual assaults are public information and show similar results, but again almost nobody reads this information. What you are bombarded with is feminist misinformation such as the koss “study” (which counted any sex after drinking as a sexual assault).

The BLS, DOL clearly states the gender wage gap does not compare equal work, but it’s not their mission to make the public understand this, so again it’s drown out by feminist misinformation claiming it’s comparing equal work.

Over the past few years especially, it’s been no big secret that much of the media supports woke agenda and censors any conflicting factual information. Welcome to the “cancel culture.”

People don’t want to acknowledge what they've been led to believe for years is actually false.

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EffTheRealLife: “Lol “clouds”


JoshuWaWaMcaWoW: “Dude I feel ya don't let the shills tell ya it ain't real. We need to do something about it. Before it destroys us.”

Jorge-alpha-hekki: “There are military pilots that have come out and confirmed chemtrails, I also have photos from inside one of said planes I’ll have to look for it but I got it.”

“A modicum of effort to do some research geo-engineering is not a fantasy. There’s available patents for methods. Just cause I refuse to do your work for you as you sit on your ass. does not mean I have not done the work. That’s what pisses me off about this fucking Reddit there’s always someone that just wants you to put it in their face for them. That’s the problem with society these days. Everyone wants a short cut I’ve said time and time again, go to bitchute and look up realweekendwarrior. I’m not gonna shit out hyperlinks all day for people that want to be spoonfed truth that is freely available.”

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“ADHD” is a fiction that was invented to explain humanity’s declining attention span. It just so happens that the people who invented it also have profited off of the invention to the tune of many billions of dollars. I think it’s time we start searching for a better explanation.

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(Context: wingnuts react to meme denouncing conservatives who listen to metal and punk.)

Metal isn't really about rebellion. Some artists intend to be rebellious with their music, and subgenres were born out of opposition to certain trends, but that's the extent of it. In general, metalheads only really care about music. Just because something is fringe or extreme doesn't mean it's a conscious rebellion against anything.

(deleted user)
People who think metal is about rebellion will always be posers

I’m old enough to remember when being punk was being anti establishment. Now it’s nothing but pro establishment hypocrisy

What an unnecessary and hateful post, and no I’m not a republican. OP, great job creating divide in a community while accomplishing nothing.

I’d say I’d look forward to your reply, but it seems you’re too scared to reply to most comments here

Bitching about shit on social media platforms is real rebellious!

I literally can't think of a more safe political stance to follow than modern leftism

That sub and this meme sucks, poser

(deleted user)
Punk is when you dont offend people

Yeah Nazis were big conservatives. It's not like they tried to burn the fucking planet down and rebuild it with shocking new ideas. They were all about conserving what was already there and maintaining the status quo.

Being for a socialist nanny state isn't exactly anti-establishment either.

Laissez fair!

Following the crowd and bashing a whole group of people just cause you have differing opinions? Sounds like a bootlicker to me

Your point? That was a staged event so you should probably try to do a bit of research & learn some truth.

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{from 6 years ago}

Female perspective of rape

Feminist females define "rape" as being any sex they later regret. It is not so much that they will lie and say you raped them when they know you didn't. If you have sex and then they regret it for some reason, such as that you are of lower perceived status than they thought, then as far as they are concerned you "raped" them. Conversely, if you threw a female to the ground, ripped her clothes off and f***ed her without so much as a by your leave and she felt positive about what happened later on, it would probably not even occur to her to think she was raped. Thus the very same physical actions on the man's part could see him categorized either as a great lover or rapist depending on the later claimed emotional response of the female. Since it is not possible to objectively examine an emotional response, it follows that most "rape" cases are now prosecuted on spectral evidence, similar to the Salem witch trials. If we define "rape" as being forced sex, females do not think this is particularly bad or a big deal. Only self-hating manginas think rape is a big deal. Females like manly men who take charge of them and do what they want to them, not sniveling manginas begging them for sex and asking their permission nanosecond by nanosecond. Hence most erotic fiction aimed at females contains rape or quasi-rape scenes and females getting off on being raped is well known in criminology circles. In contexts where it is desirable and socially acceptable for them to have sex, females generally like being raped.

Rape in history

Sane societies do not revolve around the idiot "consent" or other mindless whims of females. In traditional societies females are placed under the control of men such as their husbands, fathers, pimps or whoever, and those men decide when they will have sex or not within the rules of that society. Often it would be considered the obligation females to have sex. After all, we all have unchosen obligations, and there is no reason why sex should be any different. The crime of rape was considered to be forced sex outside of the rules of society, such as a burglar forcing a married woman to have sex while robbing her husbands house. As stated, it is really the same today, except females now have control over what is deemed rape. The consent thing is a red herring.

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The Stressed Contraceptor
Self-care is 10 hours of video games, still anxious after
constantly “working on” herself, getting more depressed every day
ramen and takeout
defined by selfishness
thinks dogs are just as good as kids
kills houseplants with negligence
forces “partner” into virtual celibacy
addicted to dopamine spikes
“””good vibes”””
low self-esteem despite 4 hours of makeup

The Blessed Baby Acceptor
gives self entirely to others, couldn’t be happier
self-care is mass by herself, hour of Adoration
cooks from scratch
children gravitate to her
martyrdom of motherhood
sex drive not suppressed by artificial hormones
keeps multiple tiny humans alive
body is for the glory of God, absolutely radiant
overloaded with serotonin
authentic vocational joy

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It's kinda scary how fast the media can turn the boogeyman switch on and off. Literal dyed in the wool nazis on the other side of the planet must be protected and showered with billions of dollars. Some poor people who drive trucks in our own country for a living are KKK members and racist who must be fired from their jobs so they can live under overpasses. Reminds me of The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street.

(Submitters note, this is from a subreddit for pro-putin leftists if anyone’s confused by the moonbat tag.)

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(responding to this comic about neurodiversity)

Another propaganda to rebel against normal heterosexual Christian capitalist society.

I've known autistic people in my school

Chatty, rude against teachers, rebelling, not following orders It makes clear sense why they become commies, they want to rebel against the core principles of capitalism and discipline

And if this continues to adult hood and they still don't change This will be a very dangerous thing They might rebel against their boss, or even the law They might commit crime

Since it talks about "keeping it in" It's better to keep something in instead of letting the world hear what BS comes out If only they learned to shut up

Voluntaryist #racist #ableist reddit.com

Im not racist (unless you use some retarded leftist meaning of the word I guess). I don’t hate people just because they belong to a different race. If I see a normal black person I would treat him like any other normal human but I will not pretend that an average black person is as good as an average white or asian person.

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First panel: “Happy birthday Billy” says Mom, giving her kid a smartphone as a 12th birthday present. “Wow! Internet on the go!!” says the kid.

Second panel: It’s the kids 13th birthday and she says “UGUU- ^_^ I’m a gay, trans, autistic, Muslim, disabled, antifa, feminist, furry. I make art and my commissions are open.” as her crying mother has her euthanized by lethal injection.

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RE: Privilege


This is nothing new, every man experiences this every day of their job-searching life. However what many don't know is that there have been actual studies done on this topic showing a general bias against men in hiring.

https://academic.oup.com/esr/advance-article/doi/10.1093/esr/jcab043/6412759 - Study found discrimination of men in hiring but no discrimination of women.

https://www.pnas.org/doi/abs/10.1073/pnas.1418878112 - Hiring bias in STEM is 2:1 in favour of women

https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/abs/pii/S0165176519303428?via%3Dihub - Women favour hiring other women. Men do not favour hiring other men.

Towards the end of law school, my friends and I would discuss this same concept and all agreed that being a woman gets your foot through the front door more frequently than a qualified man. We’d constantly hear about certain female colleagues landing interviews and positions at firms that were completely out of their league. It was a running joke when someone would say they interviewed at firm but the position would probably be offered to the hot female applicant that was also waiting for her interview in the office lobby.

The icing on the cake was when the guy who was 2nd in line to being valedictorian (this guy was clearly at the top of our class from the beginning but got beat by a colleague who stayed off a semester to land the honor) got beat for a position at probably the top firm in the city by this very attractive colleague who was out of his league. I think mostly anyone who kept up with these lawschool politics knew exactly why that happened.

Suffice to say, having a pretty face, small waste and long legs gets your heel through the front door anywhere in the corporate/legal world.


Deny, Attack, Reverse Victim & Offender

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RE: Observe the chilling levels of hatred the average Feminist has for men who need help.

Feminism doesn’t just address women’s issues and obviously isn’t about equal rights for women, it’s an actively and purposely anti-male movement. Consider:

The major feminist organizations have actively lobbied for and won anti-male policies.

Notable feminist leaders have gone on record with misandrist statements and advocating against men. These are not just random feminists, but those who are looked up at. They aren’t shunned for their misandry, they are praised.

Related, major feminist organizations, notable feminists, college feminist courses and organizations push anti-male propaganda they know is misleading or just plain false. Consider the Koss study and the Duluth model for example as well as the anti-male clinics many colleges require as a part of new student orientation.

Again, the above are not cherry picked examples of radical feminists, this is feminist leadership and it’s embraced by feminism as a whole.

It all starts with the agenda of winning advantages for women. This requires feminism to claim men oppress women and to convince themselves men are an evil enemy that deserves to be put down. Anti-male propaganda is a part of this.

Agreed, they're a woman/women-centric supremacist hate cult.

Both feminism and the MRM are sex-centric. The difference is the MRM isn’t lobbying for policies that discriminate against women.

Great summary. What would you say to those who consider the misandrist feminists to be “not real feminists”?

I’d tell them they are using the no true Scotsman logic fallacy. Feminism is what feminism does and what feminism does is advocate women be advantaged and men be disadvantaged. Using a false slogan doesn’t change what an organization or movement actually does.

I can say the KKK seeks racial equality and that any KKKer who is biased against blacks isn’t a real KKKer. It doesn’t make it so.

Again, I’m not cherry picking a few outliers. I’m talking about the actions of major feminist organizations and feminist leaders. They define what feminism actually is. To say the major feminist organizations aren’t really feminist makes no sense.

Anarcho-Heathen #crackpot #dunning-kruger #fundie reddit.com

RE: What has convinced you that your beliefs are correct? How do you know the pantheon which you worship is real?

*An Ontological Argument for Polytheism: *

Proof A:

We can think of a being greater than which nothing can be conceived.

It is greater to exist in reality than solely in thought.

Therefore the being greater than which nothing can be conceived must exist in reality (otherwise a greater being could be conceived which contradicts 1).

Proof B:

There exists a being greater than which nothing can be conceived.

It is greater to exist in multiple forms than in one form.

Therefore the being greater than which nothing can be conceived exists in multiple forms (if it existed only in one form, a greater being could be conceived which contradicts 1).

Let the "greatest being" demonstrated to be Proof A be called Godhood (the ousia of a god). Let any particular form which that Godhood exists in be called "God".

It follows from Proof B, 2, that an infinite number of forms would be greater than a finite number.

I am not sure I entirely follow. We can concieve of a being which hypothetically exists in reality, in which case it would be the greatest being that we can concieve, without it actually existing, no?

The argument is that basically if it doesn’t exist in reality it would contradict its definition as “a being greater than which nothing can be conceived”. Because we could think of something greater that does exist.

Because it is the “greatest being” it necessarily exists.

The idea here is to show that existence is of the essence of Godhood, that if something partakes in Godhood it could not be thought of as not existing logically.

But why should we expect the universe to care about the word games we think up?

Because the kosmos is ordered and we can come to know things about it.

We can demonstrate that the sum of the interior angles of a triangle is 180 degrees, factually. That corresponds to ever triangle that exists in the real world. I am only asserting we can have similar knowledge about theology (this comparison to mathematics being a common one by Ancient Greek sages such as Pythagoras.

Anonymous #dunning-kruger reddit.com

My understanding is that the idea of a literal lake of fire or at least eternal torture is an old one in Christianity. At least as old as Augustine. If this is not truly what Jesus taught why is it so common that it is practically cannon? I thought the ideas of "softening" hell is a modern movement/invention to try and make hell more palatable to the modern culture where were the world is somewhat less brutal.

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I think that non-passing trans women will never be happy or safe in this world

Kim Petras started her transition at 12, and has a perfect cis body, cis face and cis voice. People like her have a chance to be respected, accepted and loved. She is attractive to straight guys and lesbian girls. Those of us who started their transition after puberty and are not cis passing will never have those priviliges. And without them I doubt that my existence which is full of dysphoria and self hatred is justified. I want to end my life and escape this nightmare. I accept now that I will never be like a cis girl, which means that to most of the world I will be a guy. I cannot tolerate this and therefore it is better for me to quit. I think that body positivism or self acceptance or whatever it is are meaningless when it comes to the question of whether you pass or not. People with masculine facial structure, broad shoulders and with a female gender igentity will always be unhappy. I watched many videos by terfs and Ben Shapiro and I hated them. I disagreed with them. But today after I had massive dysphoria I started to see their point. If you do not pass, you cannot expect other people to treat you like a girl. It just WON'T happen. And even if it does, it's because they are being nice in supporting our 'delusion' because they know how painful our lives are. Even trans guys admit that being mtf is much harder. And the society is not developed or caring enough to provide us with necessary surgeries like FFS and stuff like that. Even with FFS, I will have male bone structure, I will be taller than 90% of girls and will have bigger hands and feet. Some people are just unhappy, Some just have no legs or arms and are disabled. Some people in Africa have AIDS and have no access to meds. Being a non perfectly passing trans woman is just another case of social injustice, and no one will help us. Even in super tolerant places like trans passing, if you are not pretty, people will just feel sorry for you, maybe lie about your apperance saying that it's not that bad, and those who have this privilige will enjoy their lives and have love and success and happiness. It is bettter if it all ends peacefully. I should just die to stop my endless pain.

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Your ability to tap dance around words or phrases that disagree with your conclusions doesn't change what those words and phrases mean. Eternal Punishment isn't truly eternal punishment if you get annihilated at any point, because you wouldn't be around to be punished in the first place. Ceasing to exist isn't a punishment since there's nothing there to punish for eternity.

"Destruction" doesn't always imply the end of something, it can also mean the ruin of something (like how someone's life gets destroyed meaning it become terrible rather than coming to an end). That's literally another definition for that word. Since "Eternal Punishment" can't reasonably mean anything else (including how you tried to define it in a futile attempt to explain it away), it's better to fit the more flexible word "destruction", to fit with the idea of "eternal punishment", which implies that "ruin" is the better choice.

Your observation of what happens to trees in a fire is irrelevant since the trees in that case are just used as an analogy for people (or, more properly, their souls) getting thrown into Hell. People's souls don't burn up like physical things do. Same goes for bodies that are designed to live forever. You have to be careful with analogies and taking every element and its implications as literal.

Lastly, the idea that eternal punishment is only reserved for the Devil, the Beast and the direct enemies of God is actually a self-defeating suggestion. The direct enemies of God is an all-encompassing idea. Anybody who is opposed to God is an enemy of God. Plus, if you look at that passage in Revelation 20 where it mentions the eternal torment, the ones who are said to experience that include groups of regular people (from the nations at the corners of the Earth). That implies that regular people aren't just consumed in the fire.

All the other verses you cited don't hint at Hell being limited to destruction (in the narrow sense you've taken it) either, so all you've got is the assumption that "destruction" always refers to something being completely annihilated even though that's not the only definition of that word. You would do well to look at a Bible Lexicon or some exegetical commentaries before basing your understanding of a Biblical topic on one measly word that doesn't always mean the same thing.

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Kill/sterilize all the criminals for a few centuries and see how much the crime rate falls by, and also look at the effects on other things (rates of drug addiction, gambling addiction, IQ, etc.)

Studies suggest that criminality is roughly 50% heritable and has a high rate of comorbidity with impulse control disorders and negatively correlates with IQ, so we would predict a significant negative trend in crime, lesser negative trends in other impulse control disorders, and a positive trend in IQ. However, it wouldn't surprise me if there were some weird side effects.

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The question was: how do we deal
with the atheists in America?"in a
right wing website.
This is how they responded;
i say kill them all and let them see for themselves that
there is God
2 : aqo ' 02 people
20 hours a:» • person
I thinly we should hang the leader ot group on
the cross with nails through their hands and feet. place a crown of
thorns upon their head, RAM a spear through their side all after
being whipped and beaten publidyf Just so they can endure what
Christ did so they understand the sacriflce behind what that cross
21 houvs ago 19 people
21 ec;o
thats easy shoot them
I love Jesus, and the cross and if you dont, t hope
someone rapes you!
6 hours 02 tx•opie
Kill em all...let God sort em out. Guess what
4 hours aoo
Shoot them. Shoot to kill.
21 anc
stupid athiests. I hope God kills them all.
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I am speaking in the second line 'your Gnosis will determine what you manifest for yourself' only at the moment of death, when the soul is freed from its prison. This is a moment of uncertainty and seems to vary from NDE data, depending on the individual. What seems to be clear is this is not the Void, or Pleroma. This is a lower density realm still within Chaos, or the Demiurge realm. This is the moment when the trick of the light that OP speaks of would occur. (See The Hypostasis of the Archons as well as the above mentioned text to understand these concepts. They are essential to understanding the Gnostic philosophy of reincarnation.)

Imagine your soul as a drop of water, independent for a time, but able to seamlessly integrate back into the ocean. To return to the Pleroma would be to return to the conscious waters of God itself, of you.

The OP is posting about a recent theory that the 'light' people speak of in NDE's that appears as a loved one, an enlightened master or sometimes just light, is actually a trick of lower density beings not connected to the higher realms, the Pleroma. The light is said to express love and acceptance and a desire for you to be with it and follow it, but it cannot force you to do anything. Manipulative love. These beings need your soul here to generate karma/energy to sustain their existence and also they fear humans for we are created in the image of the alien God, the Aeon Pistis Sophia who spoke to Yaldabaoth in the waters of Chaos. To the blunt, the Archons fear humans more than anything and will stop at nothing to completely subjugate and rule them. I've dived off into Gnostic mythology here but if you are at all interested I encourage you to read further.

A lot of which I am speaking on here is sourced from the Nag Hammadi library texts as well as general teachings of Platonism, Hermeticism, and Gnosticism and the modern, Don't Go Into the Light/Reincarnation Soul Trap/Matrix theory that has been developing, which is of course largely inspired by the ancient mystery teachings with a healthy dose of our current zeitgeist.

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Imagine your soul as a drop of water, independent for a time, but able to seamlessly integrate back into the ocean. To return to the Pleroma would be to return to the conscious waters of God itself, of you.

There are varying interpretations on ascending (and really it should be thought of always as an inward descent) and how many heavens/densities/realms/dimensions there really are. Think of it all like a heavenly conscious fractal stemming from a source mind that is God; splitting itself infinitely into new conscious forms with amnesia so that it may experience itself.

The OP is posting about a recent theory that the 'light' people speak of in NDE's that appears as a loved one, an enlightened master or sometimes just light, is actually a trick of lower density beings not connected to the higher realms, the Pleroma. The light is said to express love and acceptance and a desire for you to be with it and follow it, but it cannot force you to do anything. Manipulative love. These beings need your soul here to generate karma/energy to sustain their existence and also they fear humans for we are created in the image of the alien God, the Aeon Pistis Sophia who spoke to Yaldabaoth in the waters of Chaos. To the blunt, the Archons fear humans more than anything and will stop at nothing to completely subjugate and rule them. I've dived off into Gnostic mythology here but if you are at all interested I encourage you to read further.

A lot of which I am speaking on here is sourced from the Nag Hammadi library texts as well as general teachings of Platonism, Hermeticism, and Gnosticism and the modern, Don't Go Into the Light/Reincarnation Soul Trap/Matrix theory that has been developing, which is of course largely inspired by the ancient mystery teachings with a healthy dose of our current zeitgeist.

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Too many anti feminists seem to think feminism was a legitimate reaction to something. This is not true, feminism has always been based on falsehoods and lies.
image[“Feminism has always ben [sic] a hate movement. All the waves suck” (Spider-Man villains Rhino, Vulture, Electro and Green Goblin, labelled as first, second, third and fourth wave respectively)]

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RE: Racism against Eastern Europeans

One thing that warries me about xenophbobia about central / east europeans and balkaners is just how deeply ingrained seems to be and by the looks of it, starts really early. I work in UK and you get to hear plenty of stories. I doubt this would be ever taken seriously as focus in relation to such issues is on racism against Black people, Islamophobia or Antisemitism, whilst anti-Polish/Romanian/Eastern European sentiment will continue to be ignored.

No wonder so called "EU toilet" immigrants are mostly the lowest class of respective countries and mostly the social margin, many of them are criminals thieves. Most of them from Romania and the Baltics, they aren't representing a lot of value so people don't see them as desirable. To be respected you need to prove you're valuable and they need you there and not just steal and then cry out racism and wondering why are you the 2nd category citizen. That's how black people act.

And I'm not British.

My most intellectual, academically focused, polite, reserved, and kind black friends have still been victims of racism.

Racism on blacks is so high because they commit a lot of crime. Similar to Eastern Europeans. Bad people from these communities are a reason of bad treatment. Same as how people dislike gypsies.

they are just arrested more due to racist stereotypes and bias.

They are arrested because they commit nearly all crimes in the US (along with Latinos) bias are in this case justified because when you encounter a criminal bin the US he's likely black or Latino

have committed a plethora of crimes and have always used my whiteness to get out of it. Ive known black kids jailed and charged for “looking like a suspect.”

Because whites aren't jailed mistakenly for looking like a suspect at all

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(Submitter Note: This aged well)

The "both sides" false equivalence, the cry of the centrist. Oh wait, you had nothing to say about the US' bellicosity, in this case via sanctions (siege warfare) & via media misinformation (psychological warfare). This is more of a business strategy than a war. Eliminating competition.
There is literally no evidence of Bernie Sanders' claims about an imminent Russian invasion of Ukraine. He might as well say that Germany is poised to invade Austria, it'd be just as fabricated.
He keeps talking about a war. What war? No matter how rabid the NATO NeoNazis get they're not going to attack Russia, so there is no motivation for Russia to retaliate. Russia knows who their enemy is: the US. Any campaign in that line could only end at best in a pyrrhic victory & both sides know that.
This disinformation is about stabotaging diplomacy & trade agreements between Russia & Europe, & re-invigorating support for NATO. Simple. Any leftist who can't bring themselves to say that is either a victim of propaganda, or a tool of it. Which are you, person reading this reply?