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Yes! Yes! I speak English! I dress European as well! I wear tshirts and sneakers! I'm pretty involved in European culture as well! Yes! I like pizza, I watch modern sports! I like rock, rap, and know some Hollywood gossip ! Yes there's nothing wrong in assuming that! Assumptions based on logical reasons are understandable. I won't define what is logic/reason/rationale/etc is. I don't have time to teach philosophy. Your assumptions are based on logical reasons. However I'm not an Englishman. I'm not a native European. Just because I have some European ancestry doesn't give me the right to call myself white/Caucasian/European. It would be disrespectful to them. I don't look like them nor do I go through most of their day to day problems, like balding , or other things like certain diseases.

My assumptions on your makeup was based on physical features which is based on genetics not an actual socially constructed Indian card. This is what I've been trying to explain to you. Actual genetics vs a real life social construct.

Oh yes I definitely know the real history of NA. Cannibalizing, rape, actual genocide against rivals. Every group did it to every neighbor before coming into contact with other genetic groups. Perhaps the only 'romanization' mentality I have is that I believe in a sort of unity among NA. I know they have their own individual cultures which they should fight to keep, but what I'm saying is they should embrace a fellow NA regardless of culture than any non NA. I admire the European's and black peoples' unity and brotherhood. And I would love that for my own people.

This whole discussion has been based on the nurture vs nature debate. I used to believe that is was 50/50 but when you look at the actual measurable scientific evidence, the hard evidence points to biology/genetics having more influence than the environment. It doesn't discount the environment however, I have explained to you with facts and reasonable arguments as to why biology/genetics influences our lives from age, sex, appearance, digestive" patterns, to even intelligence and bone density(look these studies up yourself). I repeat and I can't stress this enough;
Genetics separates man from gorilla. Genetics separates men from women. Genetics separates a 10 yr old and a 50 year old. Genetics separates a Native American from a Subsaharan African and a European.?



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