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Ali Sina calls Muhammad a pedophile because he married the 9-year old Aisha when he himself was 54! I have no problems believing it. But what I don't understand is why we are insulting Muhammad for a having a mental disorder called pedophilia? Was he himself responsible for having this disorder? According to psychology texts, mental disorders generally happen in a person without his/her consent and in most cases without his/her knowledge as well. So did he really know he had a mental disorder? Even if he did, then what? Surely we can't blame anyone for his mental or physical sickness or can we?

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Just to let you know, a person can have thoughts about molesting children, thoughts about having sex with them or he may actually commit these acts in real still WITHOUT being a pedophile. DO you doubt? I guess you should read your favourite DSM-IV again. And I think we would all agree on one fact: Pedophile usually act on their urges a lot sooner than turning 54. Don't you think?

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What if pedophilia is legalised in Germany in 50 years? I mean we see gay marriages being legalised across the world, which was unthinkable (and still is in most countries of the world) only a decade ago! So what if pedophilia is recognised as a condition rather than a mental disorder in 50 years?



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