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Consequences of Nuking Mecca
By: Vernon Richards, author of ‘Islam Undressed‘

Because a war of attrition heavily favors their ultimate goals, Islamist terrorists have so far not been deterred by large numbers of their young men being killed. Life is cheap to them, even their own, and so they remain unmoved by their losses and still lust for power through murder. Their grass-roots support base, billions of Muslims world-wide, can still be counted on to largely support their efforts, even if only passively. If sufficiently humbled, then at some point the majority of Muslims might yet choose to abandon violence and stop their sons, or at least temporarily withdraw their jihadist forces to established realms of influence (just as the Turkish hordes did after being soundly defeated by the Polish cavalry). But any decision to withdraw will not come by either negotiation or accommodation, but only through abject humiliation and defeat. What form of defeat will suffice to convince Islam to put the Jihad genie back in the bottle is a subject of widespread debate. Pacifists blithely claim more therapy, understanding, and multiculturalism is the way, and will likely continue to spout such nonsense right up until the Halal knife slices their throat. They congratulate themselves for being so open-minded, oblivious that their brains have fallen out. Happily self-blinded by excessive relativism, they can no longer distinguish right from wrong, good from evil, or dark from light.

Those more personally touched by Islamic methods, and with the ability to realize you cannot create sweets from bile, often prefer methods of ‘total war’. Our enemies remain free to plan and perpetrate never-ending acts of total war designed to destroy the very fabric of our society. Failure to respond with even greater destructiveness will only serve to prolong this struggle. In any contest, the first rule of victory is to fight on your own terms and not your opponents. In any violent struggle, victory goes to the most ferocious and skilled. As Patton said, let the other poor bastard die for his country, our objective is to fight and win. We must fight with more energy, more cunning, more intelligence, and more ferocity than the cunning animals seeking our demise. It is simply suicidal to refuse to fight a people and culture who are motivated, mobilized, and pledged to destroy you. The true terrorists, the men and nations brainwashing, supplying, and ordering terrorist attacks, would prefer they remain unmolested. They are quite happy to let us use our police, military, and intelligence to play cat and mouse with their endless supply of terrorist foot-soldiers in this contest stacked against us. In this war, victory will go to the party most effective in convincing the opposing party that surrender is preferable to a continuation of hostilities, and so victory will remain out of reach to us as long as the enablers and handlers remain safe. Muslim survivalists will only force the end to the terrorist activities springing up from amongst them when made to pay a terrible price. One ‘terrible price’ currently under debate is an nuclear attack on Mecca should any 9/11 scale attack (or larger) occur on US soil. I am in favor of such planning in the event of a catastrophic strike against America, because I believe the burden of loss needs to be shifted decidedly to fundamental Muslims themselves (and what they value most) if there is to be any hope of ending all this madness. To yield to Islamists demands and take the option off the table would be strategically stupid. Unfortunately, the only thing an insanity respects is greater insanity.

But as has been pointed out by Robert Spencer, Nuking Mecca could also be seen by Islamists as a weak action and could serve to unify Muslims and increase Jihad. But this is only true if not done properly and the city is left salvageable within a few years. Once devoted Muslims carry out their next major strike on America, the Mecca plan should be carried out without hesitation or warning. No Hiroshima class atomic wimp-weapon will do, only the 1,000 times more powerful hydrogen fusion device will work for this important job. To be done correctly, a grid of 9 of our most powerful Hydrogen bombs (3x3, every 12 miles, the black stone at the center) are set off at the surface to be as dirty as possible, rendering the entire region uninhabitable for the next few decades. The strike is then repeated every 5 years or so if any kind of clean-up is attempted. Medina needs one too, to prevent Arabs from declaring the transference of the holy site to the secondary location, but Mecca needs to be thoroughly ‘glassified’.

Muslims will thereby learn by force-feeding that their hateful God (Allah) cannot protect them and is a figment of their collective imagination, and millions will leave the failed cult. Nothing harms an Arab more than humiliation and defeat. They sincerely believe that their most-powerful Allah has promised to protect and preserve Mecca, and so their false faith in the Pagan deity will crumble with the meteorite in the intense heat and pressure of a fusion fireball. Can a billion Moslems worldwide face radioactive glass 5 times a day and still take it seriously, I don’t think so, or at least not over the long term. Cut off the head and the snake will still squirm for a while, but it will soon stop. In addition, by preventing Muslims from -ever- performing one of the pillars (requirements) of Islam, we block their way to paradise, but thereby actually save them from real hell (Islam is hell-on-earth is this life, and brings only sorrow and torment in the next). When the time comes, by all means, Nuke Mecca, …but do it right. By this act, and this act alone, many intelligent Arabs, Persians, Egyptians, and Asians will stop their foolish ideas of superiority, and so curb their sanctimonious rationales to commit hateful acts of murder, rape, slavery, and violence. Domestic Muslims will need to be controlled for a while, with heavy doses of education and trauma therapy applied. If they can commit to opposing Muhammad and his methods, then in a generation or two Islamic nonsense will not be worshiped by their children. If they can make no such binding commitment, then deportation is in order. As Hiroshima saved more lives than it took 60 years ago, so will thoroughly nuking Islamic sites save more lives than will be taken otherwise, including possibly yours, mine, and your children and my children.

While we all hope such measures are unnecessary, to fail to plan for that eventuality is to plan to fail. If we were to Nuke major cities in Iran and Syria, the root of Islam in Mecca would remain and worldwide faith in Muhammad and his vile methods would be strengthened instead of weakened. Such a weak act would embolden the movement and the gains in destroying America would be perceived as well worth the cost. In the mean time, while we all await for the rumored catastrophe, a concerted effort to supply Persians with the means and weapons to overthrow the Mullahs is urgently needed in Iran. Our Persian allies in this effort need to understand that they will likely die with the Mullahs in the inevitable nuclear storm which will follow should they fail. The Kurds of northern Syria are also salvageable, but there is hardly anything else worth preserving in Syria. As I have been informed by Jordanian and Lebanon Arabs, Syrians are not to be trusted, and for reason.

J. Grant Swank, Jr. #fundie faithfreedom.org

Because Obama is a surrendered Muslim, he knows the cult’s teaching that lying is a must to further Islam World Rule. Therefore, lying occasionally is not his option. It is a spiritual ritual honored by the Koran’s Allah. Obama lies with a straight face. He lies promptly. He lies on delay. He lies from the Christian pulpit. He lies whenever convenient. This is the first time that America has had an Islamic disciple sitting in the Oval Office. That man is not aligned with the US Constitution. He is a man of the Koran, regarding it as holy writ.

Obama has a history of Islamic devotion dating back to childhood. He has wedded it to his every thought. It graces his soul’s lodging. He has no question that Islam is the “righteousness” the world needs; therefore, he works with fellow Muslims to bring down our democracy for Islamic despotism. That means that infidels must be slain or made slaves. Does Obama believe that? Surely he believes that for he has given every indication that he deletes nothing from orthodox Islamic doctrine.

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Demons are most definitely real. Anyone who thinks otherwise hasn't watched enough TV programs about it. There are numerous cases of families being tormented by demons. These are ordinary families who have no reason to make up such stories. How would that benefit them when people like the flying pig guy will mock them? It is usually discovered later that some kind of Satanic cult had been at work in that location previously. Sometimes they find the actual thing that was used as the portal between the demon world and the earth, like a well or some kind of pit. I saw one story where it was a well back in the woods behind the house. The guy went back there and the demon appeared and he got possessed by it and had to get it excorcised out. Another case involved a deep shaft that was found in the basement of a building and they found that satanists had been doing demon summoning rituals down there in the past.
If you don't believe demons exist, you're just very ill-informed or you don't have sufficiently good judgment to tell when the evidence is overwhelming. It is not at all difficult to summon demons using magical spells, and then it is very hard to get rid of them. Think about it, if demon summoning never worked why would there be books about how to do it and why would those beliefs have persisted over the centuries? Somebody would have noticed that it never actually worked and people would stop even attempting it.
Look at this forum post I just found;

"This is my first time posting but a couple of years ago i bought a new house. It had heavy "malevolent" manifestation problems. We found the problem... a portal in the basement and sealed it. All ended until recently. A black mist now seeps around my basement and the portal is open. I fear that i can not protect my family. Please someone help me close this portal." http://www.mysticalwonders.org/group/about1685.html

What about THAT?

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Answering a reponse to this post:

[escapingthepain wrote:
Yeah, so the muslim woman deserves to be beaten and really wants to be hit eh?]

Yup. Not only muslim women, all women.

[escapingthepain wrote:
Trying being a muslim woman for a day, see how it feels...
Or are you deviod of emotions? perhaps you both are psychopaths who don't care what happens to other human beings? Oh I forgot, women aren't human are they, no they're just domestic animals... or tilth for you to go through... that's all we are... no worth what so ever!]

Exactly. Women are farms. We may plow 'em and seed 'em as we like. The Holy Quran mentions:

"Your women are a tilth for you (to cultivate) go to your tilth as ye will, and send (good deeds) before you for your souls, and fear Allah, and know that ye will (one day) meet Him. Give glad tidings to believers, (O Muhammad)."

This is indeed a very very glad tidings to us Believers

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Ali Sina calls Muhammad a pedophile because he married the 9-year old Aisha when he himself was 54! I have no problems believing it. But what I don't understand is why we are insulting Muhammad for a having a mental disorder called pedophilia? Was he himself responsible for having this disorder? According to psychology texts, mental disorders generally happen in a person without his/her consent and in most cases without his/her knowledge as well. So did he really know he had a mental disorder? Even if he did, then what? Surely we can't blame anyone for his mental or physical sickness or can we?

[2 posts later]

Just to let you know, a person can have thoughts about molesting children, thoughts about having sex with them or he may actually commit these acts in real still WITHOUT being a pedophile. DO you doubt? I guess you should read your favourite DSM-IV again. And I think we would all agree on one fact: Pedophile usually act on their urges a lot sooner than turning 54. Don't you think?

[next post]

What if pedophilia is legalised in Germany in 50 years? I mean we see gay marriages being legalised across the world, which was unthinkable (and still is in most countries of the world) only a decade ago! So what if pedophilia is recognised as a condition rather than a mental disorder in 50 years?

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Sometimes the truth hurts. Its like a medicine, tastes bitter but it makes you well. For me, that's the way things supposed to be between a man and his wife. They wouldn't openly admit it, but women does enjoy getting spanked. They love it when a man disciplines her. The funny thing is, they will never mention to her man that they love what he had done to her. Usually, she would just cry and ask for it to stop but deep inside her she wish that he never stops.

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[It is NOT IMMORAL for muslims to have non-muslims as slaves and sex slaves; But it is definitely IMMORAL for non-Muslims to own Muslim slaves -- Allah Diya, MTD & NAV;
WHY? None could answer]

Its because Muslims are better.

jbn #fundie faithfreedom.org

The apostate is killed, yea, i rather enjoy it, its better than spending 5 million to jail them for 65 years. Its also Eco-friendly. Dead bodies furtulize the ground. Thus, the more dead bodies, the better the topsoil. Also, it helps stop dissent, people are elss likely to doing what they clearly know is wrong. And heretical/incorrect [same thing pretty much] ideas are less likely to spread. Why do you think muslims were the second longest rule on earth? From 6th century to 1911..thats a pretty long rule. Bested only by the egyptians..but really, it was only because the egyptians were never challanged.

Human rights are a through and through myth. Humans have no say in their rights.

The Infamous #fundie faithfreedom.org

Muhammad was so brave that he had to send an assassin in the middle of the night to murder a defenceless woman while her children were sleeping beside her.


Yes, and the woman was assassinated image At least he spared her children

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the tabernacle was a moving temple (mosque) idiot.
it was a large tent that housed the holy bible!

later the tabernacle was built from stones over the bible on the hill in jerusalem.

Al-Aqsa Mosque (the praying temple- the synogogue, the temple of god, what ever you name it in different languages is the Aqsa Mosque stupid.

Abbass H #fundie faithfreedom.org

I read your complaint about Human embrayo. I just chuckled because you had assumed that knowledge about this descipline is complete. No sir. It is not. Today there is a proposition that shows that some evidence of DNA/ human genetics is from heaven. A proposition that is still in rudimental stages with humans. Yet AlQur'an declared, in Surah baqarah that Adam and his wife Hawa, were created in heavens.

ramon22 #fundie faithfreedom.org

"Arabs and the Jews are cousins from one father Abrahim (SAW) its a fact you dont need books or dna to prove that just ask a real Jew or an Arab, the Jews you see in Israel are not related to the Arabs cause they are euro trash that adopted the Jewish faith, its funny that people are coming to realize this now, its shocking right cause Arabs and Jews are related that makes them by CHRISTIAN standards half Gods cause they have the same blood that your God has jesus(pbuh), right or wrong
so Saddam must have been like Hercules or something like that, cause it took all the world to power up against him.
forget this triple nonsense, no man is better then the other only by his deeds, let the Jews think they are better then the rest of the world , thats what the devil thought as well.
for more reading go Jewwatch.com also to
jews for allah"

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Some facts about different religions

Judaism: The word 'Bible' is not in the Bible. Moses never preached any religion by the name of 'Judaism'. The word 'Judaism' doesn't even exist in the Bible. If this is the case then where did the names like 'Judaism' and ‘Bible’ come from? And what religion did Moses preach? If it was not Islam (surrender to God’s Will) then what is?

Christianity: Jesus didn't have any idea about the book call 'New Testament'! He never preached any religion by the name of 'Christianity'. The word 'Christianity' doesn't exist anywhere in the Bible (OT & NT). Even Jesus never heard the word 'Jesus' during his lifetime! He never preached irrational doctrines like Trinity and original sin. The word 'Trinity' doesn't exist in the New Testament. Jesus himself never claimed to be God. It is also an absurdity. He never told his followers to worship him. In fact, he used to pray to God (Matthew 26:39, 14:23). Where did the words like 'Christianity' and 'Trinity' come from then? And what religion did Jesus preach? If it was not Islam (surrender to God’s Will) then what is? Well, there is solid evidence in the New Testament that Jesus used to preach Islam. The Arabic word ‘Islam’ means “surrender to God’s Will”. One who surrenders his/her will to the Will of God is called Muslim. Jesus also surrendered his will to the Will of God (Father), and as such he was a Muslim (in Faith) and probably a Jew (in race):

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[Vatican says will excommunicate women priests]

Long ago when homo sapiens entered the lands inhabited by the neanderthals, they encountered a creature that was bigger, faster, stronger, and more intelligent. For the age, the neanderthal was also more technologically advanced. What we had that they lacked was 'gender specific labor specialization'. And so it was,, we won. And they are no longer here.

Catholics may be backward, but they refuse to take part in the neanderthalization of the first world. This verges on a crisis in Europes case as they now encounter a new migration of peoples into their lands. A people very determined, completely virile, and quintessentialy homo sapien.

Yohan #fundie faithfreedom.org

[First ever Sikh GAY Anand karaj - Wedding ceremony]

Sikhs or others, this whole Gay marriage thing is SICK!

If two people want to do their un-natural thing in private, let them have it. But to have this sick behavior legally recognized as marriage! It is an insult to the institution of marriage!

Scientists say most gays are born that way due to a kink in their brains, and others due to certain culture. OK, so let us tolerate the behavior until a medical cure is found. But one doesn't have to use this birth defect to derail the sanctity of marriage.

I bet the next thing to be legally recognised as marriage would be:

1. Sex with animals
2. Polygamy

arbitor85 #sexist faithfreedom.org

[So why are western men so able to control themselves in the presence of so many unveiled women?

Easy! it's called maturity, will-power, and self-discipline.]

Or is it because of the free availability of women who just want to be laid? Unlike the East, women here are free to be taken, all you have to do is ask! Even married ones would willingly cheat. So the men in the West aren't exactly saints. In a muslim country, even they would turn into animals. As you see, it cuts both ways.

reletomp #fundie faithfreedom.org

half the emergency room visits in the west are western women beaten by western men ( on the face-dark eye, and broken bones too)
90% of western women experienced rape at least once in her life.

100% of all westerners had had a STDs disease once at least in their life.
Hey where can I find your real men and women?
in Wales mountains?

(Please note location of Fundi: USA)

Sona #fundie faithfreedom.org

[and this kid thinks he is "intellectual".
He would of course (being a good Muslim boy) believe that a female is just property to be used and abused and given away if necessary. What a shameful sick kid he is in fact!!!

(On a Muslim man losing his daughter in a poker bet)]

Sona says:
Listen, at the end of the day he made a bet, he lost he should hand her over.

You don't know anything. And call me sick for saying someone should keep his word. I think you're the sick one suggesting a human should be dishonest. You have no morals and ethics.

Muslim_till_Death #fundie faithfreedom.org

Again, you are comparing filthy Americans with the noble early Muslims. You are talking out of your ass. It would be an honor for an American woman to live as a captive with one of those early Muslim males, while American bastard jerks in Iraq must be exceuted and killed for what they have done.

[two posts later:]

Had you lived under the captivity of a Muslim male, you would behave like human being, like a woman, you would have been humanized, rather than barking up and down on this forum!

But sometimes I feel, you don't even deserve to be a Muslim man's sex slave.

arbitor85 #fundie faithfreedom.org

[In a thread about a 14 year old girl stoned to death by her father (on suspision for having an afair)]

Murdering is bad, but there is nothing in totally disowning and disinheriting a slut by the family. If the muslims just stuck with totally cutting off relations with those whores, I would support them totally. Unfortunately, too many innocent women are being hurt and killed.

[Note: Fundi is a Christian]

NAV #fundie faithfreedom.org

Yes I think slavery is accetable even today but not the type of slavery the American's used on the African nation.

When one hears the word slavery all sorts of different thoughts spring into the mind but in Islam a slave should not be treated like the Americans treated the African's but should be treated with respect.

Also look up slavery in Islam.