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Hollywood Zionists Send Message to Bill Cosby by Killing His Only Son

The loss of Ennis Cosby to the lusts of Hollywood Jewry was a major corruption against the human race. By all known information he was a kind and gentle soul. It is said:

Ennis Cosby was someone who said “Hello, friend” to the people he met–sometimes even to strangers.

He said it to his friend Phillip Caputo (so it is reported), the man Ennis played basketball with in the last hours of his life.

There can be no doubt about it the arch-criminal Hollywood-based Zionist cabal is responsible for the murder of Ennis Cosby, the only son and heir of comedian Bill Cosby. This was through a contract hit perpetrated by the Jewish mob. That mob consisted of Israeli and Russian elements, along with key Hollywood-based perpetrators who acted as cover-up agents for the crime.

By exclusively powerful Jews it was a cold-blooded murder, fully premeditated, aimed against not only the direct victim, Ennis Cosby, but also his father himself.

Cosby had been actively attempting to purchase the then foundering network, NBC, an entity owned by the fully Zionist-controlled General Electric. In his mind he was going to buy the entity and was involved in a bidding war at the time. It would be a black-controlled network, he had planned, and his offered consisted of largely his own money backed by a number of other investors, primarily some of the biggest names in black entertainment at the time.

It was 1993 when he first made the overture. Cosby was a major powerhouse in that era. Even then in the late 90s he was worth an estimated 400 million. Jewry reacted violently. GE was refused to accept the offer. Yet, according to some reports Cosby did not take no for an answer and continued pursuing in for several additional years. The white media went into a frenzy. General Electric pulled back and wouldn’t accept the offer. He kept trying for several years.

Jewry did not take fondly of Cosby’s increasing power and status. Thus, the Zionists plotted against him, ultimately assassinating his son. Soon after his beloved son was killed he halted all attempts to purchase the network.



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