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Make no mistake this supposed shooting in Jacksonville, Florida, is a hoax, just like all the others. Of course, it was a lone wolf white male. And of course, as is a signature of these frauds, he is dead at the scene.

To determine the extent of the scam all a person has to do is listen to the eyewitnesses. Clearly, there is no adrenaline running here. It’s all so unemotional, so absolutely canned and staged. Anyone can realize this, and there can be no doubt.

What does anyone expect? It’s a devilish setting; gaming and gambling – a fake and contrived setting, as phony and inane as it can get.

Watch her, listen to her: “He said he seen the lights of the gun or something.” Really, this is how you describe a mass shooting where blood is splattered about and where people are slaughtered before your eyes?

Why don’t they talk to the original person? Why use her as witness material to gain what amounts to nothing other than hearsay?

The female false witness even had the audacity to say there were children there and that they or others were “trampled.” Specifically, she said she was told there were “a lot of kids that were tampled on.” What were kids doing at the gaing bar? It gets more ludicrous at every further DHS-sponsored, pro-Israeli gun control hoax.

Now, as is also the standard, “Police say there are multiple fatalities.” The female witness seemed to well coached about one element, which is that typical hoax-style numerology element, that her source said “11 people were injured and four are dead.” This, like all her other statements, is a lie. No one died, and no one was injured.

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Make no mistake the purported fatal shooting in Annapolis, Maryland, at the Capital Gazette Newspaper building didn’t even occur. It’s a fake, and no one can demonstrate otherwise. The behavior and words of its supposedly surviving reporters is hard proof. Consider the words of Gazette reporter Selene San Felice.

According to this individual she is going to “need more than a couple days of news coverage and some thoughts and prayers,” adding also that “We need more than prayers (though) I appreciate the prayers. I was praying the whole time I was under that desk.” Right away, she went for the jugular in regard to the vulnerable, gullible American public. Nevertheless, this is an obvious acting attempt to create emotional reactions. Even so, who talks like that in the aftermath of an actual murderous public shooting?

She also said:

I’ve heard that President Trump sent his prayers. I’m not trying to make this political, right? But we need more than prayers. I appreciate the prayers. I was praying the entire time I was [hiding] under that desk. I want your prayers but I want something else…

Through this she made clear the treacherous nature of this hoax and that it is, in fact, aimed at the people’s inalienable rights.

She then added the following: “Thanks for your prayers, but I couldn’t give a f#$% about them if there’s nothing else.”

These could only be the words of an arch-Zionist mole. Moreover, regardless, who in the world talks like that? Who protests in this manner to such a degree after some four of her supposed colleagues were shot dead? “Thou doth protest too much” has taken on a new meaning. As well, who in the world would demand public action against gun rights within minutes of a deadly shooting and so so from the shooting site, all in a calm voice combined with giggling and protesting?

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Analysis of White Van in Toronto Pedestrian Attack Proves it is a Hoax

For a van that purportedly ran over some 10 people, killing them, then striking another 15 or so, it surely is relatively clean. Now, keep in mind that the human body is a, essentially, a sealed bag of soft-tissue compartmentalized fluids, some 70% fluid matter by weight. Surely, if a metal object weighing multiple tons were to strike a human or a group of them at a high rate of speed, as is acclaimed, there would be evidence of this not just in regard to the injury patterns but also on the van itself.

Yet, there is no such evidence, categorically. For instance, according to ‘eye’ witnesses the van did strike metallic objects, including ‘mail boxes,’ crumpling them and running them over the people, mangling the boxes and people together, and also, apparently, this newspaper stand and also a fire-hydrant.

Both these are yellow in color. By the way, where is the water fountain that would consequently occur from the knocking off the hydrant?

The fact is there is no yellow paint to be found anywhere. Moreover, this looks like a junk-yard van which has rear-ended another vehicle.

Supposedly, it struck people so hard they were “flung into the air”, while in one case it struck a person so hard, it is acclaimed, that the person was flung from the street back into the store. These are mere movie-style story lines. There is no evidence to any degree that they are true.

Here is an image of the van provided through a McClain’s video of it driving through a red-light. The same type of damage is seen:

The vehicle was followed by an unmarked police car some 30 seconds later, also seen in the video.

These are some of the people that the van was supposed to have hit. They do not look by any means as actual vehicle strike victims:

This was a psyops, a mere staged event. The supposed murderer/driver is a military individual. It’s a set-up. There is nothing real about it. The injuries are mere moulage. Nor actual trauma or blood is seen. No one was run over. All the witnesses are merely crisis actors, paid for their inane roles.

Notice also how perfectly parallel it is parked against the buildings. How is that possible?

Moreover, there is not even a spec of any matter that would indicate a strike or multiple strikes against living beings:

Nor is there even a crack on the windshield. Nor is there any blood or human tissue on the tires. Instead, the crumpling, universal as it is, indicates a strike against another vehicle. Therefore, the bodies cannot be real, dead bodies, and the wounds cannot be real ones manifested with actual arterial blood:

This is nothing other than mere water-soluble paint. Nevertheless, no injuries of any kind are seen. As well, what are these mere common people, young women, doing dressing the wounds of a person with a potentially fatal vehicle-induced crush injury? As well, where are their rubber gloves to prevent their contaminating his wounds?

Where are the tread marks on this man’s chest or face? Where are the crush wounds, as expected to his face and chest from being struck by a multiple-ton vehicle?

Nor can the perpetrator be real and, thus, must necessarily be a part of the scam:

Image result for images; van; toronto; attack; pedestrian; ryder van

Guns are illegal in Toronto. He is pointing what is reportedly a cell phone towards the officer.

He was ‘suiciding himself by cop,’ some of the movie-style actors reported:

Image result for images; van; toronto; attack; pedestrian; ryder van

It is, regardless, inane to the extreme to believe that this possibly active duty military man would do this as a real, actual act and then, after running over all those people, point a cell phone at a police officer. The cop is pointing a gun at him. Yet, he is simple standing upright, not even flinching.

Even where the van was parked is part of the staging and scam. Notice that it was parked in an area with Arabic writing and with hanging material that obstructed any view from the ground level within the building:

Also, this building is under construction and is largely empty. This is a hoax and a scam. There is no other possibility.

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It is hard to imagine a more glaring example of a fake shooting than Santa Fe. How in any way does this look like anything other than a fake and a drill? Who could possibly believe that this represents a real high school shooting? It’s military and military-industrial complex, as well as law enforcement, overkill: that is overdone to the extreme, which is obviously the case from the imagery at-hand.

It was a mere drill, no doubt about it. There is no reason to be concerned about ‘violent America’ or ‘gun control’ or anything else related to the need to intervene to safeguard students or children.

Yet, if it could possibly get even more inane there is the video, demonstrated, here, of a person claiming he was shot through the back of the head but that, incredibly, he didn’t even realize he was shot. This type of commentary is typical of these fake shooting scams. The individual also claimed he was shot right through the back of the head, with an exit wound just beneath the angle of the jaw. Yet, despite this, he is seen giving interviews to numerous media outlets, including the local affiliate for Fox News.

Here he is stating that he had no real impact from the bullet strike so much so that he was able to do the unfathomable, which was to apparently leap over a seven foot-high wall. No one can find this plausible in the least. This is hard proof of the fake, make no mistake:

Moreover, the interview occurred a mere four days after the purported blast to the head, a physical impossibility. He would likely never have survived, let alone have made it out of both surgery and intensive care over such an incredibly short period. It is hard to fathom that anyone could find this to be true: anywhere in the world.

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By no means are the Syrian or Russian governments or their supporters responsible for any poison gas attacks on the common people in Syria or anywhere else. Trump is a fabricator as are all his collaborators. There was no gas attack committed by Assad or the Syrian government, and he well knows it. Any war drums that are being beaten based upon this are based on what are nothing other than fabricated events, false flag acts, which are not based on the claims spewed in the Zionist-controlled media.

They are imaginary claims, like all other now discredited ones of gas attacks of the Syrian army on its own people. What a deception it is. The gas and those elements needed to produce and weaponize it were brought into Syria from the outside, all to demonize its leadership and army: all to create the basis for continued Western intervention.

Syria did not intervene in any other country’s affairs. It is this country and its people that are victims of intervention, all plotted by terrorist elements in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv.

Here is an image of Syrian forces advancing the region of the purported attack, Duma, early April, 2018. Then, coincidentally, there is a chemical attack by this same army on April 7th? No one finds this plausible.

Here are the same, standard images seen in previous false flag gas attacks blamed on the Syrian government. Nothing about this appears to be an actual attack by, as acclaimed, chlorine gas.

The White Helmets are propagandizing this. Who are they other than terminally corrupt, extremist arch-Zionist moles? Here is an image released by these arch-pro-Israeli propagandists:

Let us take a close look. Clearly, this is pro-Zionist propaganda.

Caption (ours): no evidence of injury or death to this child, while the Israeli criminal agents are murdering countless Palestinians as they protest against Zionist tyranny.

That large, US-issued gas mask is proof of the propaganda-based claim of Syrian involvement in a gas attack, a mere attempt to create fright and indignation in the public, that is for support of further arch-Zionist schemes and machinations. Here, it should be recalled that, once again, it is the Zionist-funded White Helmets which uploaded the image.

Moreover, there is no evidence from this imagery that this child is injured and/or is a victim of a gas attack. Here is what the Zionists proclaimed, which is no surprise:

Israel on Monday accused Syria of committing “crimes against humanity” over an alleged chemical attack on a rebel-held town, saying President Bashar Assad’s regime was responsible.

“Israel strongly condemns the chemical weapons strike carried out by Syria on April 7…”

Who are the Zionists to condemn anyone. If there were any gas attacks in Syria, it is they who are responsible. It is they who created the ISIS terrorist entity and by proxy supplied its various elements with poison gas making material. Per the Syrian government are the following images captured after driving ISIS from the land. These are derived from videos shot by government media regarding the finding of underground poison gas producing labs:

How could the terrorists bring in such highly potent chemicals on their own capacities? It is patently impossible. They could only do so with support from pro-Zionist Western and Middle Eastern governments. These images were from Eastern Ghouta, a terrorist stronghold. The evidence was extensive; even potentially explosive poison gas devices were found. The terrorists are, thus, the Zionists and their collaborators. There are no other murderous, devious terrorists in the world at this time.

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Fake YouTube Headquarters Shooter Nasim Sabz is a Zionist Agent and Mossad Operative

Like the arch-antagonistic so-called students of the fake Parkland, Florida, shooting the phony YouTube shooter, Nasim Sabz, is a Zionist agent. It’s all a terminally corrupt fabrication. The shooter is a hoaxer. Moreover, all the witnesses of the purported YouTube shooting are fake. There was no shooting of any kind at the YouTube headquarters. This was staged, though in the most sophomoric, inane way conceivable.

The eyewitnesses doubled as good Samaritans, dodging bullets, ferrying wounded, applying bandages, stuffing wounds with dressings, and applying pressure. Yet, there are no images to substantiate this. Nor are there any significant, revealing, supportive video. It’s the YouTube headquarters, after all. If the claims are true, someone surely would have shot some confirmatory film.

No one can believe that the accused woman did anything, let alone shoot up the facility, while killing two workers. Anyone witnessing otherwise was merely doing their assigned job as crisis actors working on behalf of both YouTube and the so-called federal agencies.

For her it is all a gimmick to gain attention and notoriety. So, it is no surprise that she played this role on behalf of her masters.

In this video she can be seen doing a gig before the Zionist flag. She is a Jew posing on the Mossad plot to destroy guns rights.

The Persian-origin Zionist is a rabid pro-Israeli extremist who gladly is facilitating the plot to undermine the peoples’ native rights. Where is she, now? Was she shipped over to the Zionist entity? Or, is she in hiding, here, in the United States?

No one other than a terminally extremist Zionist agent would jump up-and-down in a dance-like gig before the Israeli flag. As well, it is unknown the amount she was paid to perform this role. However, it was surely considerable.

The so-called relatives don’t make it any more believable. Nor does the smirking lady seen just as the video rolls give it any degree of credibility:

This is what the Zionists do. They did it in Parkland and also in the Pulse Nightclub hoax. Moreover, they did it in San Bernardino. They have done this repeatedly in France and to a lesser degree in Britain. By their hand hoaxes were committed in Scotland and Tasmania that led to draconian gun control.

There are those who claim she is a transvestite. She is surely a fake woman of some type, in other words, a male with altered features and possibly fake hair. With the costuming seen, as well as the categorical lack of womanly features, this is surely plausible:

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Make no mistake the Zionists are up to their old dirty tricks, not so old, in fact, perpetrating yet another Florida-based gun control hoax. This is the so called Parkland High School shooting rampage, one that actually never occurred, as is obvious from a careful review of the evidence. It is all so treacherous to the extreme, how the DHS and its support systems leverage former real-life events, those few mass shootings which have occurred, acting out actual fake events and calling them real.

Sure, it happened, right: absolutely – right on Valentines Day (aka the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre). Additionally, people were so casual about it that the carried their balloons all about despite the horror that purportedly unfolded:

The Sheriff, Scott Israel, said so, thus, it must be real:

Israel said that Cruz had an AR-15 type weapon, and countless magazines in his possession.

Where are those countless magazines, and where are all the spent bullets – and where are all the deceased students? Yet, even so, what a wonderful coincidence it is that this suits, ideally, the arch-Zionist agenda of undermining guns rights: the Feinstein, et al., plot to take out semi-automatic weapons.

Moreover, as is the routine, the entire world has been fully bamboozled by what is nothing other than a fake and a hoax. There is no substantiation for this as a real event. Florida is a staging ground for hoaxes: a multitude of them, including the previous gay bar fake and also the Ft. Lauterdale Airport shooting fraud.

It was a drill. There is no other possibility. People are too casual. They are simply having too much fun. There could not have been any real bloodshed, here.

Image result for images; shooting; broward county; parkland school wounded; injured; florida

Is this the way real gunshot victims would be treated, with the legs allowed to be hung off the gurney. It’s also the standard one shoe on, one off, imagery.

One student said, for instance, “After the fire alarm got pulled and kids started evacuating, I heard five pops.” Does anyone really believe this could be a coincidence where a shooter just happened to be there during this drill to shoot down some 25 people? The student added, “I go, that’s not a drill, like, we never did a drill like that.” And again, “When we started evacuating, I knew it was more than a drill, because we’ve never done that.”

"Everyone shot JFK!" Award

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UPDATED: A List of the Conspirators Behind JFK’s Murder

This is a partial list of the criminal minds behind the murder of John F. Kennedy. The degree and scope of this assassination was vast. The number of conspirators, co-conspirators, assassins, plotters, and financiers was equally vast.


The names of those who plotted, directly or indirectly, the murder of John F. Kennedy; and the names of those with foreknowledge of the plot. (Not inclusive.) Our additions/upgrades:

The Rockefeller cabal, including Nelson and David Rockefeller
Rothschild cabal
Allen Dulles, Zionist agent and cousin of David Rockefeller
James Jesus Angleton, known Israeli-Firster, admitted avid agent of Zionism
William Harvey, alcoholic, dire opponent of President Kennedy
Meyer Lansky, a key contributor and the leading Zionist mob figure in America
David Atlee Phillips
David Morales
Ann Egerter
Richard Helms
Desmond FitzGerald
McGeorge Bundy
Robert Maheu
Lawrence Houston
Frank Wisner
Ferenc Nagy, former Hungarian Prime Minister and embedded Zionist spy
William Pawley
Tracy Barnes
Bill Bright
Ambassador Henry Cabot Lodge
Ambassador Thomas Mann
Thomas Karamessines
Richard Cain
Colonel Boris Pash
J.C. King
Thomas Clines
I. Irving Davidson
Lt. Lucien Conien
Carl Jenkins
General Lyman Lemnizter
George Joannides
Sergeant Daniel Groth
E. Howard Hunt
Sheffield Edwards
General Thomas Power
Louis Bloomfield
Dr. Sidney Gottlieb
Hal Hendrix
Floyd Boring
Sam Halpern
Edward Lansdale
Lt. Col. George Whitmeyer
Sergio Arcacha Smith
Emilio Santana
Carlos Quiroga
William Sullivan
Ruth Paine
Henry Luce
Michael Paine
Cord Meyer
Eddie Bayo
Anne Goodpasture
Forrest Sorrels
John Rosselli
Eladio del Valle
Frank Sturgis
Mitch WerBell III
Dallas Mayor Earle Cabell
Richard Case Nagell
General Lucius Clay
Richard Bissell
Win Scott
Felix Rodgriguez
Elmer Moore
Jane Roman
Claire Booth Luce
John Martino
Rip Robertson
Jack Ruby (actually, Jack Rubenstein)
Thomas Eli Davis III
Emory Roberts
Jack Crichton
General Curtis Lemay
General Charles Cabell
Clint Murchison
Charles Willoughby
David Ferrie
Guy Banister
Ted Shackley
Cliff Carter
Lyndon Johnson
General William Quinn
Lee Oswald (scapegoat; no evidence that he was plotting the assassination)

Other known moles and/or individuals with foreknowledge include:

John (Jean) DeMenil, Russian exile from Houston, TX, and head of Schlumberger, director of a conglomeration of Russian solidarists
Carlos Prio Socarras, ex-Cuban president
Gen. Joseph F. Carroll
Walter Sheridan of the Defense Industrial Security Command
Roy M. Cohn, an important mole of Intercontinental Company of Garland, TX, subsidiary of Lionel Corp.
Bobby Baker
E. E. Bradley of so-called American Council of Christian Churches, a front for international espionage activities
Benny Singelbaum, courier of laundered funds for purposes of assasinations
Albert Alexander Osborne, alias John H. Bowen, overseer of a number of the assassins based in Mexico (per Talbott)
Walter Domberger, cabalist and handler of Nazi scientists associated with the hit
Walter Jenkins, a key LBJ assistant
Fred Korth, former Secretary of the Navy fired by Kennedy
Jean Demenil, head of Schlumberger and a director of Russian exile so-called Solidarists
Clifford Jones, ex-Lieutenant Gov. Nevada
Wernher Von Braun, German Nazi rocket scientist engineer
L.J. McWille, Las Vegas, NV., partner in Havana gambling with Jack Rubenstein
Robert Ray McKeowan, known gun-runner and associate of Jack Rubenstein and Calros Prios
Morris Dalitz
Lewis Rosenstiel
Joe Bonanno, international mafia crime boss operating out of Montreal, Canada
Edwin Weisl, associate, LBJ
Irvine Devine, Las Vegas gambling operative; wife an apparent mob money courrier
Chauncey Holt, Charles Harrelson and Charles Rogers, the three tramps of Dealey Plaza, clear and obvious assassination cohorts
Ralph Paul, Dallas partner of Jack Rubenstein, Carousel Club
Maurice Brooks Gatlin
Sylvia Duran, employee, Cuban Embassy in Mexico
Munir Chourbagi, uncle of former King Farouk of Egypt (assassinated)
Gutierez di Spadafora, part of the ruling clique of the Mossad precursor, Permindex
Enrico Mantello (also known as Henry Mandel), an Italian fascist
Guiseppee Zigiotti, had of the the Italian political party (at that time), Fascist Nationalist Association for Militia Arms
H. Simonfay, former Nazi party leader and Hungarian emigre
Michael Mertz (a definite plotter and assassination mole), aka JQWIN
Rolando Masferrer
Bernard Barker
Ted Shackley
Senators Robert Kerr, George Smathers, and Thomas Dodd
Gen. John Medaris
Col. Howard Burris

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It is surely tiresome yet, once again, the powerful ones behind the French government – criminal Zionist agents – have perpetrated another hoax, faking the death of a police officer, while blaming it on Islam. There can be no doubt that it is an arch-fake, just like Charlie Hebdo and countless others. Make no mistake it is false blame plus Islamophobia, clearly proven, here, per the National:

Who finds this plausible? Once again, it is a lone wolf ‘Islamist’, an agent of ISIL, who strikes, wildly attacking police officers with a long gun, variously reported as a rifle and/or AK-47? Where could he have procured such weaponry in autocratic, police state-like France? See the classical arch-Zionist symbolism, invoking, alternatively, “2001” and also the standard Mossad-style naming of a Muslim, the ‘Abu’ as if this signifies a terrorist mind. Moreover, it is not merely but “Abu Yusuf” and if that is not enough, the surname is “Bejiki”, for Belgium, as in “Baghdadi (aka Simon Elliot),” as in Baghdad. This is all the work of the Mossad and its collaborators: mere Islamophobic hoaxing.

Then, of course, there is the leveraging of the Qur’an, although it is simultaneously said that the purported perpetrator was “not going to the mosque” and was “not religious.” Could it possibly get more inane than this? It may be recalled that Qur’ans were used as props or imagined ones during Sept. 11, 2001, when the Mossad and its assets bombed into oblivion the WTC complex.

The timing cannot be a coincidence. The Rothschild-based Islamophobes just had to take advantage of such a hoax, considering the timing of the French vote just hours ahead:

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What an inane hoax it is, this claim of a real shooting in Fresno, California, where, purportedly, 3 to 4 people were shot dead. The hoaxers are there in force, including the men with the long guns, along with, also, ambulances in places which make no sense, just as in all the other fakes and arch-frauds:

Despite the rapid-fire nature of the (fake) shooting, no matter, the ATF is on the scene, and there is plenty of bottled water about to prevent the only real danger on-site, that of dehydration:

Incredibly, it is said that the man actually went on a shooting spree in some four places, and that all the firing occurred in merely a few minutes or less, an impossible feat. All these shooting sprees, regardless, are fakes and arch-scams.

Yet, it is said that the above represents “Sites of four fatal shootings by suspect Kori Ali Muhammad.”

The Super-Human (fake) shooter strikes, again. It’s always the same, no change. There is no way this individual could have achieved all that shooting in such a short period of time. Then, again, while doing so, he had plenty of time to should Arabic epithets, including the infamous ‘Ali-Akbar,’ to quote the pronunciation of the police chief.

What about when he was arrested? Does this look like a legitimate arrest scene, the known thugs of Fresno, that is known for committing police brutality: really, they are going to arrest the shooter, standing up like this? No one finds this plausible. It’s just one cop, while the other directs traffic?

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Hard Proof of Staging and Crisis Acting in Stockholm Terror Hoax

In what is an elaborate hoax similar to the previous ones in Nice, Jerusalem, Munich, and London the powerful ones of Sweden have committed a grand fake, claiming a real terror attack when nothing of the sort occurred.

In the staging there is a fence in place blocking off access to the key staging site, as seen below:

In this fake truck attack the area is under the control of two men in black suits, who seem to be managing the fence area; they are surely paid government agents. As well, the truck is set ‘on fire’ with harmless pyrotechnic devices. No one responses in a major way, because they are harmless and non-toxic.

How did this woman’s pant-leg get cut so perfectly? That could only have been done with the application of a scissors. There is no evidence, on the other hand, that this woman was struck by a truck.

Hard proof of staging of crisis actors by mercenary-style individual

The military-industrial process seeks to maintain the war on terror, as well as the war for confusion, permanently. See, here, a military-style person directing traffic, aggressively towards the cameras:

He is clearly guiding the people, and he gets upset when one of them goes off in the wrong direction, at which time he pumps his arms repeatedly:

Watch him get more aggressive to reign the man in who, then, finally turns in the desired direction.

He clearly is aiming at the man in the background, so that he comes in the same direction as the others. This would never occur in a real terrorist event. Why would anyone pull the people into camera-range unless it was all merely a stage. It is all seen in the following video.

This man is all smiles, as are a number of others throughout this arch-fake and super-phony.

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Syrian Gas Attack is a Lie – No Syrian or Russian Planes Dropped Poison Gas

Updated, April 6, 2017, 1:00 CST

This is not the first time pro-Israeli Jews have spewed great falsehoods about poison gas deaths. Routinely, the arch-corrupt, terminally extremist Zionist-controlled media spreads lies, falsely blaming the Syrian Army, among others, for bombing or attacking its own people with poison gas. Any poison gas ‘attacks’ perpetrated against the people are the result of schemes and plots by the Zionists and their US lackeys. The Syrian government, the Russian Army, and the Iranian government of the Islamic Republic have nothing to do with it and are, in fact, opposed to the use of poison gas on civilians.

How clever, yet ultra-devious, of the Zionists to create the basis for such destruction, then blame it on their enemies. Perhaps these vile ones even created the basis for such a catastrophe by placing the sarin gas, among other deadly agents, in harm’s way. No one can put this past them, as criminal as they are. Moreover, it is a perfect cover-up to make the Syrian government and Bashir al-Assad the patsy.

In contrast to the Syrian Army and/or its leadership the Israelis are not opposed to this and have in the past used toxic, deadly munitions on civilians, including the use of horrifically destructive dime weapons, cluster bombs, and phosphorus bombs on GAZA civilians.

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Make no mistake about it the purported terror attack in St. Petersburg where, supposedly, a shrapnel-filled bomb was let loose is a fake and a hoax. There was no such bomb. Instead, smoke bombs were used to feign a terror attack in what was nothing other than an arch-drill and terminally corrupt fake.

The fact that it was clouded by not bomb-blast residue but, rather, as a consequence of the letting loose of harmless pyrotechnic devices is seen clearly, here:

This is obviously mere pyrotechnic-released smoke with imagery taken by in-placed camera-toting personnel. Regardless, the crowd represents pre-hired crisis actors paid a fee for their role in the scam. The lack of any crisis-related reactions, no urgency, no true panic or horror, is hard proof that this is a set up and and a fake.

Moreover, as far as hoaxes are concerned this is a most inane one, absolutely poorly constructed, obvious to even the most un-sophisticated eye:

No one can believe this is anything other than a drill considering how casual are the individuals seen on-site. The people are looking directly into the cameras and are moving about in a ambling course; no one is in shock, no one shows any fear or panic; no one is clearly and obviously injured:

A person can see the nature of the drill, here, with crisis actors feigning wounds abounding. Note the application of fake blood on the cement structure, also the seated man. Notice what is in his hand. It is a packet of fake blood.

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Why does the world find it so easy to believe in Islamic terror and so-called Islamic extremism, when the obvious source of extremist acts are murderous plots by Zionist Jews? What does Islam have to do with any of it? The murderous, destructive wars of modern times all originate from rabid, extremist Zionists, including that arch-treacherous one, that deviant of deviants, David Rockefeller, may God condemn his soul.

Thus, once again, so-called Islamic extremism has nothing to do with it. Rather, this globe is filled with great acts of horror and terror committed by Islam’s enemies, which are hostile, bloodthirsty Zionist agents.

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London Terrorist Attack is a Fake and a Hoax

Make no mistake about it the London terrorist attack is a non-event, a mere drill: an absolute fake and hoax. Now, the following is widely touted as “eyewitness video” of the “immediate aftermath” of a supposed attack. What in the world about this looks anything like an attack to any degree? Instead, it looks like a staged event, an amateur movie: a fake and fraud to the extreme:

These are all paid actors. This is a fake, complete with fraudulent blood. There is nothing real about it. Notice the man calmly video-taping the event:

What is the purpose of the shoe off? It’s merely more evidence of hoaxing and staging. Here are additional shoes off, which make no sense. Why leave the man on the dangerous lane of the road? At least in this case the used a real person instead of dummies, although, surely, these, too, were applied.

Here is an image which clearly shoes staging with fake blood applied. It cannot be anything else. No wounds are seen anywhere. Notice, too, how nice and neat the shoes are placed on the pavement. None of it makes sense as a real terrorist attack.

This woman, despite being potentially ‘mortally wounded,’ is taking time to look directly into the camera. It’s the same old story with fake good Samaritans and phony heroes, yet another terminally corrupt Islamophobic hoax.

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HoloHoaxers at it Again with Fake Missouri Jewish Cemetery Vandalism

‘It’s all about the Holocaust,’ say the arch-corrupt ones behind the fake Jewish cemetery vandalism scams, including that arch-phony one in Missouri. Yet another revelation of fraud is crying foul with the anti-Semitism canard. This is a standard trend by the Zionists as they spread great mayhem upon the earth. In fact, whenever this is leveraged, that is this reference to the HoloHoax and anti-Semitism, then, it can be certain that the element in question is a fake and a scam.

This is the pattern for world Jewry from the beginning, for instance, as demonstrated by this hoax but also criminal act of the late 1800s:

Why would the Missouri ‘anti-Semitic’ attack be any different or any other purported vandalism attack against Jewish institutions for that matter? See what these Zionist moles did in 1963 in order to generate the sympathy canard, all on behalf of arch-Zionist schemes:

Extremist Zionists have a pattern, here. In fact, in any so-called desecration of a Jewish site it is Zionist agents which must first be suspected if not wholly so:

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On 911 the United States was attacked by both internal and foreign elements in an act of war. Then, in what is a most astounding consequence the perpetrators, pro-Israeli Jews and Zionist secret service agencies, such as the Mossad and Shin Bet, were never attacked but, rather, the enemies of the culprits: the people of Islam. How absolutely clever, yet outright treacherous, this was of these Jewish elements to orchestrate this, to immunie themselves while falsely blaming those who resist arch-Zionist crimes. On 911 Mossad elements even attempted to lay blame on the Palestinians, calling in messages to emergency services of seeing ‘Palestinian men with sheikh (bedouin) dress mixing a bunch of junk in a drum.’ As the buildings were being blown to smithereens these Zionists, in this case Israeli spies, even attempted to make a scene, jumping up-and-down on top a van, acting as if they were thrilled at the idea of the explosions of the buildings. Through this, they attempted to pain the Islamic people are ruthless and bloodthirsty when, clearly, the only truly bloodthirsty ones are the Zionist criminal minds themselves.

In fact, at this time Lower Manhattan was infested with Zionist agents, many in the country illegally with false passports. It was they who set and detonated the bombs as agents for the high-level Zionist hierarchy, the arch-terminally corrupt Rockefeller and Rothschild cabals. The fact is Rockefeller owned the WTC and hated it. The buildings were money-sinks and were real albatrosses. He attempted to gain ‘legal’ rights to demolish the buildings in the late 1990s, but the New Jersey Port Authority denied the court filing for risk of asbestos contamination. So, Rockefeller and his collaborators conceived of a ruse to detonate the buildings, while blaming it on Islam using proxy Israeli agents as the henchmen.

Clearly, it was the Zionists who did this. No Muslims were involved. In fact, Islamic people were slaughtered, along with primarily Christian people but also Hindus and a few Jews. There were essentially no Israeli deaths, even though, typically, the WTC complex is infested with them. They had all been fully warned to abandon the region. No one else received such warnings.

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It behooves the world, now, to have a method analyze a fake and a fraud, in this in relation to hoax shootings, suicide bombs, or other staged ‘killings.’ A real crime scene is just as described, in is a scene of a traumatic event, here a person or persons are violently wounded or killed. Certain protocols are necessary to deal with such scenes, particularly if there is blood and tissue parts in association.

In take killings and bombings there is no need to follow any rules. There is no need for crime scene control: no requirement for forensics, HAZMAT, fingerprint detection, or detectives for reconstructing the crime elements.

Here is an actual crime scene, with HAZMAT cleaning blood stains on the wall, real blood following the pattern of arterial spray. It is a health hazard and must be purged from the surroundings. It’s hazardous, or dangerous, and that is why the call the workers “HAZ”-MAT. Notice the precautions being taken. Notice it well. These individuals are fully covered and even bear respirators (they are likely using strong chemicals, including bleaching agents, for this decontamination).

It’s hardly worth even analyzing the images, though. The scamming is obvious. The facility was up for renovations, which had, in fact, already begun. Thus, it is reported:

?Ahmed Elrefai, one of the mosque’s administrators, acknowledged that for some, it will take time until they are ready to pray again at the mosque.

But he said he and his fellow administrators are planning to do renovations and change the look of the space.

NOTE: Shame on them for associating prayer and devotion to God with scamming and defrauding the people. This is a gross violation of the teachings of the Islamic faith: completely corrupt.

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Quebec City Mosque Attack is a Fake and a Hoax

What a treacherous arch-fake it is. First it was a white man, then it is a Muslim shouting “Allahu Akbar.” Can’t the Zionist criminal elements make up their mind on this? All they seek to do is create confusion and chaos, and this is merely another example of this. They initiated these hoaxes through the Zionist strip and they added much insult to injury through the US taxpayer-funded crime syndicate, the DHS. Regardless, clearly, the multiplicity of stories and the constant changing of those stories is proof of a falsified act, that is proof that this is rather than a real event merely a staged hoax.

Then, according to a purported eyewitness there were “two people, they were masked, and they shouted, ‘Allahu Akbar.'” These divergent stories alone prove it was a fake and that, once gain, the entire world is being bamboozled, including the supposed Muslim community. Here is a screen-shot from this early report, an example of false witness:

Sure they did. They had nothing better to do than scream the epithet, doing so while gunning down devout Muslims. It makes plenty of sense, doesn’t it?

It is also reported that: Initial reports said there were possibly 3 shooters, which was then restated as two.

See what also is said, here. Hey, it’s the standard. One person had an actual long gun and was spraying worshipers with it. No one can find this plausible under these circumstances:

“It seemed” and “it could be” or “it might be.” It’s more arch-Zionist-controlled spin lines. For the criminal minds who control the media outlets all they can do is spread corruption. That is their nature. Now, ‘Muslim’ groups are participating in these scams, even though their holy book expressedly prohibits deceit and deception. It can be seen that this is clearly staged with the full line-up of hoaxing agents, including a number of media elements:

The media is there, Provincial police are there, and also SWAT. This is standard in arch-scams and terminally corrupt fakes.

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The Fake Wounded and Other Arch Phonies of the Ft. Lauderdale Shooting Hoax

What an absolutely inane hoax it is, yet advertised as if real: this so-called random, senseless shooting at Ft. Lauderdale Airport. That fake is easy to recognize by the phony wounded and other obvious actors. See the woman below. She is not wounded to any degree. Rather, she is lying among a spill of fake blood, mere water soluble tempura paint, which is obvious for anyone to see:

Moreover, here is the star of the show, that faker hiding in the corner, the one supposedly suffering from a gunshot wound:

What about this looks like a real gunshot wound? Moreover, what is he doing sitting about in that security zone? It’s obvious that this was an arena where no one could witness the set-up, that is the faking of the wound.

It’s an obvious fake. Where is the wound that could account for the red matter, as seen? There is no blood associated with his body, no oozing or spurting of any kind. There’s just a bunch of phony blood poured on the pavement, all the same color, never resembling the real thing. In fact, anyone can see that this is staged and that there is no concern, here; there was no Muslim madman, who ran about amok, wildly shooting innocents.

Watch out, though. These are so obviously fake that, perhaps, the Sheeple public might actually catch on to these frauds.

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German Truck Attack PsyOp- CNN Openly Fag Reporter Don Lemon Also Wears Purple York Rite Coded Tie & His female guest wears purple Lipstick! Lol!

Purple is very big in female Eastern Star freemasonry also. They are letting you know she is freemason too,
. You can bet Don Lemon is a freemason & is a zionist & a half jew as well genetically. To the AskeNAZI’s he & his lineage, if he had kids is not really acepted as jewish (except as a sayanim), until several generatons & until his blackness is hidden & the same to Sephardam except his lineage would be accepted as Jewish quiker since his offspring could blend in as a Sephardic jew quicker generationally…. Not that this Mossadomite sodomite would ever mate with a woman & have kids.. Nevertheless he could donate his sperm to a lesbian couple or hire a jewess or white goyim woman or whoever to bear him & a homo lover a child or several to homosexualize, sodomize or whatever use as child sex slaves. Don Lemon was probably a child sex himself. He has had MK Ultra style malfunctions in the past if I remember correctly.

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Hollywood Zionists Send Message to Bill Cosby by Killing His Only Son

The loss of Ennis Cosby to the lusts of Hollywood Jewry was a major corruption against the human race. By all known information he was a kind and gentle soul. It is said:

Ennis Cosby was someone who said “Hello, friend” to the people he met–sometimes even to strangers.

He said it to his friend Phillip Caputo (so it is reported), the man Ennis played basketball with in the last hours of his life.

There can be no doubt about it the arch-criminal Hollywood-based Zionist cabal is responsible for the murder of Ennis Cosby, the only son and heir of comedian Bill Cosby. This was through a contract hit perpetrated by the Jewish mob. That mob consisted of Israeli and Russian elements, along with key Hollywood-based perpetrators who acted as cover-up agents for the crime.

By exclusively powerful Jews it was a cold-blooded murder, fully premeditated, aimed against not only the direct victim, Ennis Cosby, but also his father himself.

Cosby had been actively attempting to purchase the then foundering network, NBC, an entity owned by the fully Zionist-controlled General Electric. In his mind he was going to buy the entity and was involved in a bidding war at the time. It would be a black-controlled network, he had planned, and his offered consisted of largely his own money backed by a number of other investors, primarily some of the biggest names in black entertainment at the time.

It was 1993 when he first made the overture. Cosby was a major powerhouse in that era. Even then in the late 90s he was worth an estimated 400 million. Jewry reacted violently. GE was refused to accept the offer. Yet, according to some reports Cosby did not take no for an answer and continued pursuing in for several additional years. The white media went into a frenzy. General Electric pulled back and wouldn’t accept the offer. He kept trying for several years.

Jewry did not take fondly of Cosby’s increasing power and status. Thus, the Zionists plotted against him, ultimately assassinating his son. Soon after his beloved son was killed he halted all attempts to purchase the network.

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Ex02) Andy Kaufman Jewish Actor I Found, today, Alive 32 Yrs After fake death in 1984! Busted Zio! He’s been a lawyer since 84! GOT Degree in 74! Just before SNL!

((See my Ex01) when I post it. I explain it much better there.))
Career fizzled out in 84' so he faked his death, collected his life insurance policies & became a prominent lawyer as he always intended on doing ater his acting- comedy stint! You don’t find these lying fraud bastards hiding in the backwoods somewhere after they fake their deaths! The keep on scamming!

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Family of Anis Amri Under Siege Falsely Accused in Berlin Hoax Truck Attack

The people of Islam are, once again, under siege as a consequence of a plot fomented by their arch-enemies, Zionist Jews. As is the standard for the Zionists a patsy was selected, in this case a runaway Muslim, who did not practice his faith. After several run-ins with the law, he was contacted by agents of the Mossad, who coordinated his role for the upcoming Islamophobic Berlin Christmas attack hoax.

Amri was selected, since the involvement of a real, life person of Middle Eastern, in this case, North African background would give realism for the fake and the fraud. Amri did nothing, other than to, perhaps, agree to participate in the fraud for his own gains, including most likely release from criminal judgement. No doubt, money was exchanged, of which Amri was likely in desperate need. As a Tunisian refugee he had nothing. So, temptations were high for him to participate for mere material gain, although it must be said the exact circumstances are unknown.

What is certain is that he is the patsy for the operation. Was he coerced into it? Did he have no choice? Moreover, Mr. Amri was the baby of the family of nine children. He likely cannot function on his own. Thus, he is most vulnerable to cash bribes from Mossad-controlled elements.

His confession or so-called ISIL (that is Mossad or Israeli Secret Intelligence of the Levant) confession or proclamation was also staged, fully hoaxed:

His family says he has an alcohol problem. Does anyone think that really changed?

Regardless, these family members are suffering greatly, all as a result of an Islamophobic fraud. They must know one thing; they are responsible for nothing. It’s a total fake. No one died, and no one was injured. Let the entire world realize this.

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The Satanic ones are at it again, this time with a fake truck attack in Berlin. It’s merely staged, just as was the Nice arch-phony. As in Nice, there is no real footage available of the truck striking anyone. The lack of any such footage proves one issue. This is the fact that it’s a drill and nothing else, fully staged by the Zionist-controlled German government, just like all the others.

This is easy to prove. It is demonstrated by this PressTV video, which shows a man painted up with Hollywood-style moulage. There are no actual wounds on the individual, no lacerations: nothing. A truck striking a human at any speed would cause significant injuries, including crush injuries that would largely be fatal. There is not a single crush injury seen in any individual. It’s purely concocted. Regardless, the Zionists must continuously demonize Islam. It is a part of their plot for global domination.

It is said that some 60 people were injured or killed. It’s a lie. No one was killed, and no one was injured. It can be seen, here. Obviously, the Germans are staging this. Who is the man in the dark coat? What’s he doing there? Aren’t the EMTs capable of feeding an IV line? If this man is really bleeding, why not dress the wound? It isn’t dressed, because that would take away from the visual impact, the ‘shuck’ and awe:

What are they both looking at? It’s all an act for the camera, no doubt about it.

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Filthy Zionist Jews Plot to Provoke World War III by Murdering Russian Ambassador

Updated, 12/20/2016

Is it not enough that the vile, hideous agents of world Jewry have murdered some 2 million or more Middle Easterners, all in a span of a mere decade? It was pay-back and more by the Zionist criminal minds to murder the progressive Russian Ambassador to Turkey, Andrey Karlov, doing so in a most cowardly act. It is surely revenge by the Mossad for its losses in the murderous yet catastrophic war plot against the people and government of Syria. Nevertheless, while the world is fixated on the death of Mr. Karlov, the endless murder of innocents in the Middle East, in Yemen, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine, and more, goes unnoticed.

What a horrific act it is, wretched to the extreme. A gunman, poised behind the Russian Ambassador to Turkey, Andrey Karlov, fires a fatal shot at this unsuspecting emissary. By no means did the ambassador have any clue regarding this. Rather, he was several minutes into a speech at a photo gallery in Ankara Monday Dec. 19, 2016, moments before he was shot dead by a gunman, identified as Mevlut Mert Altintas, aged 22. Turkish officials confirmed earlier reports that Altintas was himself a police officer, working riot detail in Ankara. The patsy inspired by his Zionist masters is himself an embedded spy, an agent of the Turkish special forces. How they provoked him to do so is unknown. Yet, without doubt, the gunman is their man, not an agent of any ‘Islamic’ group.

Yet, who can fathom the degree of this crime? While performing his seminal duties as a foreign dignitary, Mr. Karlov was senselessly gunned down, God rest his sole. An exit explosion from the arch-cowardly gunman’s filthy crime can be seen blasting through the victim’s left chest. No one but Zionist criminal minds would plot this, setting up an ambassador for an assassination, fully in public view:

Even so, regardless of who is the gunman this is a Zionist provocation, and it serves only the schemes and conniving of world Jewry’s plot for world domination.

drkresearch #conspiracy nodisinfo.com

Hard Proof PizzaGate Shooting is a Total Fake

It is easy to see that the purported PizzaGate event is nothing other than a fake. The pictures surely reveal it, right before everyone’s face.

It is surely a hoax, with all the players being mere actors, despite protestations otherwise. Yet, it is said:

The D.C. Police Department arrested 28-year-old Edgar Maddison Welch of Salisbury, North Carolina, outside the kid-friendly pizza and music venue. Witnesses say that Welch went through the restaurant carrying an AR-15 and tried to enter a staff area in the back of the building. He reportedly fired multiple shots inside, though no one was injured. He reportedly told the police that he’d come to “self-investigate ‘Pizza Gate,” which the department noted is “a fictitious online conspiracy theory.”

NOTE: first it was one shot, then several. Then, it was a shotgun, then, an AR-15. The leveraging of the long gun, AR-16, alone is proof of the scam and the hoax.

Even so, if it was real, then, the imagery should prove it. The fact is it demonstrates otherwise, which is the fact that this is a staged fake, nothing else. Notice the Hollywood-style hoaxing seen in the imagery. Most importantly, notice the police tape. It was up well before the ‘arrest’ incident, proving this was staged:

Notice, too, how the staging officer is pointing her gun down. By the way, where is his AR-15? No camo or bullet proof vests for this faux gunman?

Plus, SWAT was there well in advance. For a mere single man, lone wolf, with a gun walking in a restaurant: SWAT and all other elements of the DC police state were there? Who finds this plausible?

The story-line is the (fake) gunman was motivated by fake news, that is the claim that the restaurant in question operates a pedophile ring, one supposedly associated with Hillary Clinton, among others. The story is, indeed, a fake, but the issue was made into a movie plot to demonize the American people.

Even so, SWAT was there in-advance, make no mistake about it. This is how the tax-dollar is spent, to advance arch-Zionist criminal plots.

drkresearch #conspiracy nodisinfo.com

The Islamophobes are at it, once again, perpetrating yet another inane, arch-corrupt hoax, in this case the terminally wretched, fake car and knife attack of Columbus, Ohio. Make no mistake about it this is fake. There can be no other possibility. Moreover, no one can demonstrate otherwise.

Nevertheless, all the imagery proves one issue. This is the fact that this is a drill and nothing else and the fact that this was staged: a mere arch-Zionist-orchestrated psyops. The only guns about, the only actual deadly weapons, are those in the hands of government agents, mere moles and paid elements of the Zionist-controlled world government.

Even so, it is stated as if real, as if actual people were run down and stabbed. The claim is that a blood-thirsty Muslim did it, right, a refugee: an Ohio State University student in addition. Sure, he did it, right. He crashed the car into people and bodies were flying all about, over and under. No one finds such ‘eyewitness’ testimony plausible. Rather, it is obvious from the imagery that there was no actual crash at the site and that, instead, that car, a junk-yard element, was merely off-loaded there.

Notice the props, including the anti-freeze or windshield wiper fluid. Notice, too, the lack of skid marks. How did the car stop? Where is all the damage and/or bloooooddd?

drkresearch #conspiracy nodisinfo.com

Shooting of an Armed Man Near White House is a Total Fake – Mere Nonsense

In what is yet another nonsensical ‘act’ or, rather, claim of an act the arch-pro-Zionist-run American cabal has committed still another fake on the heels of the phony EgyptAir crash, this time a fake shooting near Capital Hill involved a white man who had ‘run amok.’ There is nothing real about it. Despite the claims of ‘eyewitnesses’ its all staged: merely a farce.

They are all stage hands. Notice the security agent in the background. Notice how the daughter looks on, as if to say, “How are you doing in your act, dad?”

Nobody was shot dead or critically wounded. There was no blood spilled of any kind. There is no proof of any such shooting. Moreover, if the target was merely one armed man why, as the daughter claims, were they aiming their guns at these people? They are all agents of the drill, put in place, registered for the event, well in advance. Who knows who they work for besides the Devil himself?

drkresearch #conspiracy nodisinfo.com

The Smiley Faces and Fake Wounds of the Minnesota Stabbing Hoax

Sure it was, right. Some Somalian man started running through a St. Cloud, Minnesota, mall and began stabbing people. Moreover, he did so while leveraging ISIS and the name of God in Arabic, “Allah.” Yes, he did; he did it all in “Allah’s” name. Sure, he did, right.

Then, miraculously, before he really cut anyone up seriously he was killed on the spot. No one with any degree of discernment finds this plausible. Police said, after all, “that the suspect is dead.”

It’s all fake. All the people involved are mere crisis actors. At the mall there were some 200 of them participating in the drill. Will anyone come forward and speak the truth and let the world know about the lie?

Notice the man on the gurney, Isaiah Mordal. He was supposedly stabbed, deeply so in the right shoulder. If so, then, where is all the blooooddddd? In fact, in both these fake wounded no real arterial blood is seen, including on their bandages.

What are they all smiling about? They all just got attacked by a wild-eyed knife-man, while some ’10’ of them were stabbed.

The Somali community knows it’s a fake. Why are they participating in this? Why doesn’t some one do what is right, and stand up, spreading the truth: calling it what it is, a mere arch-Zionist-orchestrated, DHS-contrived drill?

drkresearch #conspiracy nodisinfo.com

Pressure Cooker Bombing in Chelsea New York City is a Ridiculous Hoax, Totally Fake

In what is merely another movie set, fully staged, now comes the arch-fake pressure cooker bombing in New York City. Right away, the hoaxers responsible for this scam leveraged the Boston Marathon smoke bombing, touting it, too, as if it was real.

There was nothing real about it. The purported bombers weren’t even there. They were PhotoShopped in to make it appear real:

Anyone clearly see the blur tool lines on their faces, and in both cases they were made to appear demonic, as if in the case of the image on the left they were gloating at the plot to murder innocents. Both images were installed into the background through PhotoShop. This is true of all images placing the Tsarnaev brothers there. They are all actors, including the parents and surely all of the fake wounded.

Now comes New York City. It’s the same as the Boston event was mere smoke and mirrors so it is true of this fake with purportedly some 29 wounded. See the arch-fake pyrotechnic smoke bomb, here:

It was pyrotechnic device that was set off in New York, just as in the Boston image above, not a real deadly, devastating bomb. A pressure cooker bomb would have sent shrapnel flying and would have caused a multitude of severe injuries. In a major way windows would have been blown out. No such damage is seen, and no such injuries are seen anywhere.

There are claims of such injuries. Yet, the imagery fully violates such claims, including the various live videos.

In above screen-shot from the DailyMail video it can be seen that this groaning, (fake) agonizing woman is merely an actor. See what happens. Watch it carefully. It can be seen that she responds to commands; in fact, she jumped up and took her bags away, with full function of her arms and body, as soon as the actor cop says to clear the street.

Both these people are faking it. How could the woman get an eye injury with her glasses on? Why is she posing for the photo? Regarding the image, right screen, how is that a shrapnel injury? That shrapnel would have torn that arm apart. That’s a fake, mere Hollywood-style moulage with moulage fake blood painted on. It’s clearly staged. Where are all the people supposedly wounded by flying metal and also as a result of fire and blast? No one suffered any burns. There is no evidence of even the slightest actual laceration, blast wound, burn, or puncture injury.

drkresearch #conspiracy nodisinfo.com

The Ridiculous Hoax that was the Port Arthur Massacre Scam

What an arch-ridiculous hoax this was, this so-called Port Arthur, AuThe Ridiculous Hoax that was the Port Arthur Massacre Scamstralia-area massacre. It’s a fake. It never happened. It was merely staged, done so by powerful Zionist elements within the Australian hierarchy. Nothing about it was real no matter what anyone says, no matter what is the degree of protestation.

How the world thought this was true is virtually unfathomable. Even a most cursory review of the imagery demonstrates is terminally wretched nature: as a mere staged event peppered with all manner of fraudsters and arch-crisis actors. No other conclusion is possible.

After all, by hoax standards it was highly amateurish. Even so, that is despite the clear nature of the fraud, it is said that it actually was a real, horrific massacre, one that was the most extreme ever committed by a ‘lone gunman:’

The Port Arthur massacre of 28–29 April 1996 was a killing spree in which 35 people were murdered (and that one victim) Graham Collyer was injured in the jaw, nearly choking to death on his own blood.

Who is Mr. Collyer? He is a Australian military agent, seen here:

There is no way, by the way, that he is suffocating in actual blood. It’s mere tempura paint, even ketchup or tomato juice at best. Regardless, this was said to create mere false shock, to shatter the consciousness: all to create an arch-fraud. No one can seen any bullet wounds, regardless: on any of the fake wounded.

How is he to any degree “soaking in his own blood?” What could be more ludicrous than such a statement? Why is that red matter all the same color? Why is none of it oxidized, as is real blood when exposed to the raw air?

Now, then, look at these other images of the purported wounded. They are actual Life-Flight cases? Then, why aren’t either of them strapped in? There is no way this would happen in a real, actual event where they were truly gunshot victims.

drkresearch #conspiracy nodisinfo.com

Black Lives Matters is an Arch Zionist Psy Ops Plot

Updated, August 7, 2016, with more information on the homosexual basis of the BLM plotters

What good is an entity that terminally rabid arch-Zionist and God-hating Jew, George Soros, supports entirely and fully, Black Lives Matter, with his dirty billions? This criminal mind has given tens of millions of dollars to the entity, fully demonstrating his role as the key force behind the corrupt organization. Zionist-controlled Google is also a main source, giving some $2.35 million in grants to activist organizations such as Black Lives Matters, that those organizations supposedly addressing the “racial injustices that have swept the nation.”

Soros is deemed a “leftist,” as are his collaborators. This is an elaborate disguise. The so-called leftists are not leftists but are, instead, merely arch-Zionist moles. Yet, it is said, for instance, as in Politico:

…Politico reports that “some of the biggest donors on the left plan to meet behind closed doors next week in Washington with leaders of the Black Lives Matter movement and their allies to discuss funding for the burgeoning protest movement.” This is via the arch-hostile entity known as the Democratic Alliance.

Who meets with such power-brokers other than fellow agents of the arch-Zionist, pro-Jewish mob? Regardless, what were the meeting about, the plot to commit additional fake DHS-orchestrated shootings, all to create gross confusion as well as to instigate further divides in consciousness among the people?

Regardless, it’s a filthy arch-scam, categorically corrupt. Funding comes not from real black or white freedom fighters and true activists but, rather, virtually strictly from powerful elements of the arch-Zionist cabal. God-fearing and justice-seeking people should have nothing to do with it, rather, they condemn it for its treachery. It is rather than merely a ‘terrorist’ organization an agency of deception, a means of chaos, an entity of provocation or at the minimum grandiose distraction:

People look at this as an entity sustained by misguided and/or foolish blacks. This is not the case. This is a plot orchestrated solely and exclusively by the criminal minds of the Zionist mob. It’s purpose is strictly to foment social and inter-culture strife, while creating the necessary distraction: through the countless billions in the hands of pro-Israeli Zionist criminals.

drkresearch #conspiracy nodisinfo.com

The Russell Square London Islamophobic Hoax Knife Attack

In what is an obvious hoax, once again, the world Jewish powers are attempting to demonize Islam with a fake terror attack.

It’s obviously a scam, and it would be difficult, in fact, impossible to demonstrate otherwise.

This man says in multiple interviews that the place was infested with police officers, plus walls upon walls of operational vehicles. They all came to deal with one mad, deranged ‘Mooslim?’ Who in the entire universe finds this plausible?

What about this image? Is this the best the criminally minded Zionists can do to fake this element, to attempt to gain sympathy for the so-called Israeli cause?

How is this a real, actual 60 year-old American woman? Where is the torso? Why is there no visible structure to the left leg? It’s a dummy and nothing else. Moreover, what did they cover up, a second dummy or something else that would give revelation of the arch-scam?

drkresearch #conspiracy nodisinfo.com

Regarding the purported beheading of a French priest combined with the taking of hostage of nuns and others there is nothing to see. It’s mere drama, a mere distraction hoax to distract from the absolutely failed Nice truck attack scam. By no means is this real to any degree. It is, rather, an obvious drill, merely staged, as is made abundantly evident by even a cursory review of the imagery.

The purported knifeman and/or shooter is, once again, supposedly an ISIS or, rather, IS mole. Yet, what is ISIS other than the Israeli Secret Intelligence Service? The arch-hoaxing can be seen clearly, here, with the typical image of a supposedly grieving person, in this case the French agent with the long gun, feigning grief before the cameras. As always, the top calibre camera-people were on-site, fully embedded, taking all manner of HD-quality images. Yet, in another second the same man with the same gun can be seen acting all serious and military before the camera: hoax index, not measurable, that is off the scale.

Now, at this point there is supposed to be hostage rescuing going on. So, what are all these players doing at such a great distance from the church? Why are they merely hunkered down about the back-end of the unmarked van? Who can regard this as anything other than a fake and a scam?

Then, there is the highly contrived imagery of the purported beheading master? His surname is Petitjean which is rarely taken by Muslims and is, rather, a common name for Moroccan and/or Sephardic Jewry. The French-influenced Moroccan town of PetitJean is/was heavily Jewish. The ISIS mole to which he is giving this supposed obedience is Jewish in a appearance and is almost assuredly a Mossad agent. Regardless, no Muslim person is supposed to give obedience to another human, never with such posturing, which is, in fact, a crime against Islam. All such elements do, in fact, work for ISIS as the moniker for the Israeli Secret Intelligence Services.

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Zionist Agents Are Main Videographers at Nice Truck Killing Scam and Hoax

What was a German journalist, arch-Zionist agent Richard Gutjahr, doing in perfect position to capture the footage of a supposed truck on the run, one aiming to kill July Nice-area revelers? It cannot be a coincidence that this individual was so perfectly placed, this hostile pro-Israeli agent, to capture the lorry imagery. That other well-placed videographer, arch-Zionist mole Mark Krikorian, has already been described, here, as a hostile Islamophobic agent, also on-site in perfect position: also capturing the harmless, slow-moving lorry.

Gutjahr is, no doubt, a fabricator, just like his cohort and fellow Zionist Jew Krikorian. In the video he captures a key element of the staging, one that has fooled many people. This is the motorcycle scene. It is standard Hollywood, complete with stunt-man. The stunt man rides the bike up to the cab, then spin it out, as if he has been shot at or whatever. By the way the lorry doesn’t hit him.

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Turkish Coup Staged by the Mossad – Fake Blood and Crisis Actors

Regarding the purported Turkish coup there is great evidence of vast corruption. The timing is telling, coming in the aftermath of the Zionist-orchestrated, arch-fake Nice truck attack. Too, regarding Turkey there is much evidence of staging and hoaxing. Even so, it appears that military conscripts were largely unaware of the nature of the hoax that was perpetrated upon them and were brought in through deception and deceit. These conscripts are reporting that they thought that they were participating in noting other than a drill, while only realizing its true nature in the midst of the aftermath.

This seemingly peaceful disarmament does not mean that no one died. In fact, the number of dead and injured appears to be significant. It just means that the coup itself wasn’t a real, that is as an actual Turkish military revolt and was, rather, fully orchestrated by mere filthy spies. Moreover, it was all headed by the Israeli Mossad.

The Zionist agents are captured in the imagery, in the midst of the chaos and carnage:

This man is clearly not a Turk, not by any stretch of the imagination. Therefore, the entire plot was orchestrated by the Zionists.

Once again, what was this Zionist mole doing on the ground in the midst of the chaos? Why is the image published on the Internet in black-and-white? It is just like Egypt during the El-Sisi coup; the Zionists are completely behind this, just as they were during their murderous rampage in Ukraine.

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Baton Rouge Shooting of Cops is a Drill and a Hoax

On Airline Highway in Baton Rouge, LA, it is claimed there was a shooting. Yet, there was no shooting of any kind. This is a mere drill and surely also a hoax. The purpose is to gain sympathy for the Baton Rouge police department after the shooting death in this city of Alton Sterling.

Sterling had been immobilized by police at the time of his shooting and posed no obvious threat. Thus, in all likelihood that fatal shooting could have easily been prevented. The videos of the shooting reveal a bizarre element, which is the screaming of a police officer about the fact that Sterling had a gun, or so the officer claimed, after which he was immediately shot to death.

Now, then, since this has become a rallying point against police excesses, then, this explains the need for such a shooting hoax and scam.

This was drill. All the powerful government agencies were there in order to perpetrate it.

These men are acting, which becomes clearly evident from any basic review of the data at-hand.

Too, then, there are the armored cops. In such a spontaneous event how could such individuals arrive on the scene so suddenly in such gear? Also, notice the militarily dressed SWAT member in the background. For all such agencies to be on scene with such a vast multiplicity of vehicles, all so close to the police headquarters, would be impossible in a real-life scenario.

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Fake Dead Pig, Human Dummies, and Fake Blood Proves Nice Attack is an Arch-Zionist Hoax

With revelations thanks to our posters

Make no mistake about it the Nice ‘truck attack’ is, in fact, a non-attack and is absolutely a fake and a hoax. Furthermore, this is no false flag but is, rather, merely a staged event. It is a plot by Zionist extremists to demonize Islam, led by criminal arch-Zionist elements, including Washington D.C.-based false videographer and witness, Mark Krikorian.

The entire area was infested with Zionist agents and their collaborators. The purpose was to spread more and more demonization of the Islamic faith. What a powerful faith it must be that it is continuously falsely blamed.

The nature of this as a fake attack is absolute, demonstrated by the full emphasis on the standard ‘blame it on Islam’ scheme, while holding this as an ISIL- or ISIS-inspired attack. Even so, there was no attack and, rather, it was a mere Hollywood-style side show, a staged event: a mere hoax.

The stuck pig or, rather, fake stuck pig, or whatever kind of pig it is, can be seen, above. No one can fathom that this would be done by Muslim people themselves. Many thanks to this videographer for making the revelation:

Once the truck was driven through at a rather slow speed it was placed in the staging arena. Then, under guidance by a variety of Zionist agents it was shot up, while it was completely stalled.

Then, a staging agent is seen shining a light on the cab, a standard of staged hoaxes. Furthermore, the imagery demonstrates that the truck was a Hollywood-style prop and that it was shot up merely as part of the scan. The target practice-like entrance holes can be clearly seen, including three shots in a vertical role seen, far left screen.

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Make no mistake about it the purported shooting against Dallas police officers is a scam and a hoax, while no one can demonstrate otherwise. The number “11” is one of those arch-Masonic, arch-Satanic numbers commonly used by the arch-Zionist, extremist gun-grubbing cabal. It is all about creating momentum against the guns, particularly in the closing out of the so-called presidency of that antagonistic Zionist agent and gun-grubber, Barak Obama.

It’s clearly a hoax. The standard arch-hoax flashlight routine is seen, above, in this case the type mounted on a long gun. Even so, what’s the use of it? How does shining that light have any possible detective/investigative effects? Regardless, the cops are clearly acting. They can’t even fake it well.

Who in the world are they chasing? Why is one of them looking directly at the camera, if they are in danger? Are they even cops in the first place? Regardless, it’s a major side-show, surely for purposes of a plot: to usurp the native rights of the common people, to strip them of those rights: to take away their rights for self-defense.

Oh, right, five cops were killed, sure they were, right. Does anyone act like they just saw five of their colleagues shot dead? The man with the helmet clearly over-acts in the video, which is evident from the above screen capture. No one finds that plausible even to the least degree.

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Zionists Plot Against Islam, Blaming it for Terrorist Attacks, Istanbul and More – Proof

Fake blood, dummies, phony wounded, and fake body parts as well as fake bombs are all used to denigrate and degrade the Islamic faith, proven, here. Spread this post wide and far. It’s the unbridled truth; let the blame fall where it belongs, against arch-hedonistic, terminally corrupt Zionist elements.

The faith of Islam originated through the divine hand via the revelation of the Qur’aan. This book is absolutely and definitively divine revelation, clearly supernatural, which is impossible to dispute as a result of careful, thorough reading. It calls for people, in fact, all people to consider their duties to God and that to worship Him exclusively, rejected all other overlords. As such, it poses a massive threat to the established powers of the day, as such revelation always has in those powerful, haughty civilizations of the past.

Thus, there is an elaborate plot against it, which is indisputable and which can readily be proven, again by careful analysis. The architect of this plot are the criminal minds of world Jewry, the agents of Zionism, elements which seek to undermine the Islamic way by every means possible, including wrongful blame and great acts of deceit, the kind of deceit that leads to demonization.

Now, to do so, these Zionist agents resort to all manner of tactics, including the creation of hoaxes and fakes. Yet, they are not above taking this to the next step, which is orchestrating actual terror acts, false flags and more, where people are senselessly murdered and wounded, while causing it to appear ‘Islamic.’

Consider the actions of these Israeli Jews in Istanbul, March 2016. These Zionist hostile ones committed a gross act of fraud, producing a fake terrorist attack in an Istanbul shopping district.

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Nothing could get more fake than the so-called Bangladesh ISIS-orchestrated hostage siege and killing, where, purportedly, some 20 foreigners were killed, while another 6, including police, were also slaughtered. It’s not true. It’s a fake. Moreover, this is easy to proof. In fact, it is basically nothing other than a practical joke, although the implications are no joke by any means.

This has to rate as the most inane, supercilious, sophomoric, amateurish hoax yet. Who can demonstrate otherwise? It all happened a mere mile or so from the US Embassy in the diplomatic region. With all the security, there, who finds this plausible? Regardless, the following video proves it all, including showing the rolling into the area of UN vehicles:

Here is an example of the use of plenty of fake blood. It’s tempura paint, and it looks just like it. No wound is visible.

The UN vehicle alone, as seen in the video, alone raises suspicions. John Brennan says there are going to be more and more of these: endless numbers of them, and that they will happen, too, right in the United States. These are all preludes to a grand hoax that they are planning in the United States, which, once again, will be blamed on so-called Islamic radicals. No doubt, there is great aggression being perpetrated. The great Zionist powers are planning a new campaign, more war and horror: against all the people of the world.

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Who is behind the horrific attack against travelers in the Istanbul International Airport? It does not make any sense that faithful Muslims would slaughter other Islamic people, innocents in an airport, especially during the holy month of Ramadhan. However, the Zionists would do so, and they, in fact, do so routinely.

Yet, the world is in full chaos mode. Now, it has gone even deeper. While the criminal Zionist mind fakes certain ‘events,’ like the hoax Orlando and Brussels ‘shootings,’ simultaneously, it commits great acts of horror, actual false flag attacks: all of which it blames on Islam.

Categorically, the Qur’aan bans the slaughter of the innocent. It also bans terrorism, tyranny, and oppression. Regarding the events in this Turkish facility Islam is diametrically opposed to it. In this regard those responsible for the murder of unsuspecting people at Istanbul’s International Airport are criminals to the extreme.

In a report on May 19, 2016, it was stated by insider sources that the Turkish security forces work directly with the Israeli Mossad.

This is nothing new. The Mossad has for decades had full access to the Turkish infrastructure:

Once again, the bombing and shooting up of the Istanbul Airport would appear to be a Zionist plot. It suits the Zionists and is a detriment to Islamic people. After all, the primary victims, the dead and wounded, are Muslims. Here is further evidence for the embedded role of Zionist agents within the Turkish security apparatus, also within the airports themselves:

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Houston Area Shooting by Gun Advocate Mother is a Fake Psyops Hoax

Does it make sense that a supposed member of the NRA who owns multiple guns would shoot her daughters in the middle of the street in front of their home? Does it also make sense that the father would merely coincidentally be an IT employee at the world’s fourth largest oil and gas firm, Occidental Petroleum?

Moreover, does it make even the slightest sense that this would occur precisely on this man’s, that is this supposed father of the two now ‘dead’ females’, birthday?

The IT mole, Jason Sheats, is faking it; anyone can see this.

The so-called witness is obviously a crisis actor. Who can demonstrate otherwise?

When he speaks about such a ‘serious’ event, he doesn’t even look towards the camera? What respectable TV station would allow such interview-related behavior? What about all the smiles and smirks while he is talking about a killing in the streets? Where is the shock, where is the adrenalin? It’s fake, there can be no other conclusion.

Once again, why look away: and why not be in at least a bit of a degree of shock? Who in their right mind would act such a way in the realm of a real, horrific shooting, where two young women were shot dead, also the mother?

In this regard there were people standing all about the region. Why did no one shoot a cell phone video of the event or even a still picture of the dead bodies in the street?

Then, too, the preamble about “guns” and gun “rights” by the supposed shooter, this also represents proof of the plot

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What could be more inane than this, that is the claim that an actual UK MP was stabbed and then shot to death, right in broad daylight, precisely near her office facility? No one can find this plausible. There is no basis for her murder. Why would anyone brutally murder her in such a fashion? Yet, despite the obvious nature of the scam the fraud continues on, with great sums of money from the fully bamboozled public flowing into the perpetrators’ coffers.

There was no crime scene, no forensics activity: no evidence that a crime of any kind was committed. Regardless, it is easy to see this is a fake. Who could demonstrate otherwise? The actors and players themselves have fully revealed the nature of the arch-fraud.

The news media knows it’s a terminally inane fake, an absolute fraud and farce to the extreme:

Right, sure: it’s plenty funny. She was brutally murdered, stabbed and then shot three times in the head. What great treachery, what a bloody mess, this would be. Does her sister, far left, or her mother, far right, act as if this really occurred, or do they behave in the opposite fashion, confirming the hoax?

It is glaringly obvious precisely what there pattern is. Even so, where is Cox, now? Where did the secret services disappear her to?

The mother’s smirk tells all. Even so, why in the world would anyone wipe tears away that don’t even exist?

Staging can also be categorically confirmed by the following screen-capture collage. The woman is not crying and is one of the prime government actors for this scam. She finalizes the first act and then looks directly towards the camera, then back.

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Disney Alligator Attack is a Cover Up Hoax

It is said by the Orlando Sheriff’s Department that in some 45 years of operation there has never been an alligator attack at the Disney resort. Then, pray tell, how could it be a mere coincidence that it is happening now, merely a bit longer than a day or two after the Orlando gay bar shooting hoax? This makes no sense. It cannot be a coincidence. Thus, it is a hoax, a mere diversion.

Disney Alligator Attack is a Cover Up Hoax

There are some 52 million visitors to the Orlando Disney park yearly. Yet, this happened never before? Moreover, it happens now, in perfect timing for an attempted cover-up of the Orlando arch-scam?

The exact quote regarding the improbability is as follows:

The Police Chief has stated on video that “Disney has operated for 45 years, and they’ve never had this type of thing happen before.” Thus, this is a cover-up for the failed gay bar shooting hoax, which not coincidentally was micromanaged by this same police department.

No one can find it plausible. The family is nowhere to be seen. This is a fake. Who can demonstrate otherwise?

Yet, it is said that the body of the two year-old was found intact some 10 to 16 feet from where the incidence took place, that is “Lane’s lifeless body was found 10 to 15 feet from where he was playing.” Even so, see the following wild, dramatized headline:

Alligator attack at Disney World: Body of Lane Graves found after five gators are cut open

Which one is it, was the body found separately or actually taken from within the bowels of the alligator? Where are the images of these dissected animals?

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The Fake Wounded of the Orlando Homosexual Bar Shooting Hoax

Regarding the Orlando, Florida, so-called gay bar shooting hoax it is easy to realize the degree of the fabrication. This is through carefully reviewing the images of the supposedly wounded individuals, some 53, as the claim goes, in all.

That’s an awful lot of wounded people to be shot up by a single ‘gunman.’ So, let us look at these images to see if there is any substance to these arch-suspect claims. First and foremost, there are plenty of EMTs and Fire agents on the scene. Why wouldn’t they be called upon to transport the wounded and to care for them, to triage them, rather than leaving this act for the mere Good Samaritans?

Who finds it plausible that they would be standing about doing nothing, while these others, these mere common people, along with a few security guards and/or cops, would be doing all the emergency reactions?

This wound is clearly fake. Why isn’t he pale? Why does he not appear to be in any pain?

The fact is there is nothing to see, here; it’s merely paint. The same is true of the following image. Where are the wounds in this case?

There is, no doubt, no bright red arterial blood to be seen anywhere. How can he be bleeding in that area without an entrance wound?

The staging is nowhere more evident than in the RT wounded (fake) victim video:

It’s all a stage, and they are all merely actors, paid by the vulnerable, gullible goyyum’s well-compromised tax dollars:

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Terrorist Attack Against Florida Homosexual Nightclub is a Total Fake – Complete Fabrication

Could it get more inane than this? What an arch-Zionist, sophomoric, terminally corrupt hoax it is.

It’s the same, standard fake, make no mistake about it. This is tied, though, to a real shooting in Tel Aviv, where a professor who had written two books, Dr. Feige, exposing the settler movement as a failure, was assassinated. This would be the last person a dedicated Palestinian resistance fighter would do: that is to kill in cold blood this professor.

Feige’s conclusion in his books is, essentially, that the Jewish fundamentalist “Greater Israel” project is doomed to fail. This would not set well with rabid extremist Zionists. Like Rabin, he was taken out.

The two are tied together, one real and the other absolutely fake.

In the above photo the two men appear to be holding up a poorly dressed dummy. There are pants, there, but no legs!

That does appear to be a pair of pants with no human inside.

It’s merely a staged hoax. There is nothing to see, here.

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EgyptAir Crash is a Total Fake Islamopphobic Fearmongering Hoax

It is not difficult to tell that the supposed crash of an EgyptAir airliner over the Mediterranean is a fake. See the narrative. Supposedly, 66 people died. That alone demonstrates the nature of the scam. Moreover, right away the so-deemed Islamic boogeymen are blamed, the various ISIS (Israeli Secret Intelligence Services) agents: that is ‘ISIS did it until proven otherwise.’ Thus, through the arch-Zionist-controlled Telegraph the following imagery and narrative are seen, with the fear mongering and Islamophobia being clearly evident, below:


NOTE: clearly, the oboe photo is a PhotoShop manipulation where both the images were brought into the background. The use of the blur tool and brush tool is clearly seen on the woman’s faked in strands of hair.


In all these fakes there are plenty of smirking people caught among the fake grievers and, of course, numerous camera-persons on-site to capture the phony fake show.

Even so, it is clear that it is a fake and all the players are merely actors:

Clearly, the people represented as actors are all about being casual, all about feigning grief before the cameras. Yet, despite acting as if crying and grieving not a tear is seen flowing anywhere. There are plenty of dark-colored sunglasses, though.

The purported relatives clearly prove it is a fake by acting as if they are crying but they are not doing so at all:

Why fake the crying if it is real? Why act like a person is wiping away tears when there are no tears anywhere to be seen?

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What an arch-Zionist collaborator he is, Donald ‘Bankruptcy’ Trump, fully collaborating with all the key Zionist agents known. Trump is beholden to the Zionists and is their proxy agent, make no mistake about it. Those who think otherwise have been fooled. He is merely a terminally rabid arch-Zionist agent, just like all the others: just like Clinton, Cruz, Rubio, Sanders, and more.

Yet, it is said by some that one is better than the other, that, somehow, it would be better to have Mr. Trump than known hard-core Zionists such as Clinton and Cruz. It’s irrelevant. It’s all a stage, fully run and controlled by powerful pro-Israeli power-brokers.

Trump even appeared on the Alex Jones show to supposedly justify his Islamophobic remarks. Here, both these Zionist agents joined together, blaming the Muslims for acts committed solely by the Zionists. .

In fact, what more proof is need of his role as a Zionist agent than that? The entire world knows that it was the Israelis who were doing the celebrating, no others. Then, in what is nothing other than a fulminate lie Trump comes forward, aggressively and inanely blaming the Muslims, supported by that other arch-Zionist agent, Alex Jones? Who, then, does he work for other than rabid, extremist Zionist Jews?

Even so, did this treacherous one even speak an iota of truth of what happened on 9-11? Did he say even a word about the Israeli hand, not mere Israeli involvement but, rather, the role of these criminal elements of debauchery are raw butchery? What of the people who were forced to their deaths, falling to be crushed into the pavement and all the others, wounded with crush injuries and also lacerations from falling glass? Like the criminal elements of real-life murder investigations, Trump commits what is essentially a crime, attempting to disguise the culprits, the actual murderers and property destroyers in this case, by casting aspersions against the innocent.

It was Netanyahu and his Mossad goons who were responsible for the carnage as well as the vast destruction. It was strictly Zionist agents, mere so-called IDF demolition experts, who did the filming and celebrating. The Muslims had nothing to do with it.