Knee Deep in The Hoopla #fundie

Think of how bizarre America has become under the rule of the liberal regressive media, government, and school system. They are all pawns of the globalists-- they spread lies, propaganda, and fake narratives/fake history.

People 40 years ago would have never believed that someone opposing illegal immigration would be labeled a "racist" by the media and government. Blacks would have over 100 special privledeges/laws/organizations, yet still commit the overwhelming % of crime and complain when they are asked to obey the law.

You'd never believe, of course, that the people pointing out the crimes, rapes, and murders, would be labeled "racists" and "bigots".

Intelligent folks over age 30 can see through the lies, obfuscation, and fake history; but youngsters have fallen hard for the liberal regressive brainwashing. Then we have plenty of reality TV watching drone citizens over age 30 who are addicted to Hopium and fall for the media drivel.

America is finished. It greatly saddens me to say it, and I hope to be wrong, but I don't see a way back from this Twilight Zone we've entered. The globalists will not relinquish their control, and will continue using their media and government pawns to create racial, gender, and social strife



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