NicholasMarks #fundie

Saying that your ideals and principles are aligned with the Holy Bible is just saying that you prefer honesty, harmony, peace, happiness and love as your path through life. That is a principle carved into British Law. When you stand in a court of law and raise your right hand you are saying you will uphold those principles...has the law changed, because, if it has, I missed it? invisible energy, proven to exist whenever we say...'the air was electric' has got to have a science behind it. Hitler had a science behind his antics, and here it is, the same abuse that every bully inflicts upon his victims. World war 2 erupted from not understanding the science and world war erupts inside our own flesh when cancer breaks out in the body. Thousands of scientists are chasing the cure but regardless of how much money is thrown at the problem it gets worse and worse...Now, here is a scientific prompt...maybe it is because we aren't taking the electric nature of the universe, the electric nature of the world or the electric nature of the living cell seriously enough.



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