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Respiratory Therapy

This is perhaps the most delicate of the seven therapies. I couldn’t possibly go into detail because of its delicate nature, but it is a direct necessity because of the cerebrospinal fluid waste which has caused the RH body to go progressively numb…for some, more than others…and it is directly linked to hormone waste via the same mechanics of waste.

Had you been more responsive to the first two therapies we could have had something we could work with…as it is…well…??

Numbness is a peculiar phenomenon within the human body because when the senses and body parts are numb you don’t really know about it…especially if there is an alternative…and that is what happens here. ..all the weight of the numbed RH body falls upon the LH body and this means the RH lung becomes very inefficient whilst the cerebrospinal fluid pathway through the whole body needs maximum oxygen intake…Older people display this inefficiency in their fatigue, lack of muscle tone, and a tendency to be selfish and unresponsive to new ideas, leading, ultimately, to some degree of dementia…but all of that can be dealt with…if caught in time…and it all begins with Therapy 1…Taking in the accurate teaching of Jesus Christ.

However you might interpret this post it is designed to help, especially those who want or need Christian help…and where a vibrant spirit means rebirth, repair and resurrection, as the case demands, and we know this because of Jesus Christ.

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We are even told that strange creatures from another planet are coming and that anyone who crosses them will be stung....a sting that will be so bad and will last for five months. It will be so bad that people will beg to die but wont. Another good reason to follow righteousness because the righteous wont be touched...Almighty God has decreed it.

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My view that conscious awareness can't be generated from material reactions alone is not just personal incredulity. It is based upon sound logic on which I could write many pages. Unfortunately I can only give a short account on this forum.

People seem to confuse material reactions with conscious perception. Conscious perception is not just a complex reaction. External observance of complex reactions can often be mistaken as an indication of conscious perception, but the simple truth is that consciousness is not material reaction, but perception of material reaction. Our consciousness allows us to perceive the data from our sensory organs rather than just react to it. We can share our conscious awareness with other human beings by choosing to use abstract media to communicate what we perceive. Early evidence of this type of communication exists in the early cave paintings in which humans were able to show what they perceived by reproducing images on the cave walls. These early cave paintings also demonstrate the human freedom to choose how to respond to perceived data rather than just react to it. Modern humans can now choose many different means to communicate their conscious awareness with other people.

I also challenge the presumption that there is no evidence for the existence of non physical entities beyond the scope of scientific investigation. The existence of our universe is in itself evidence of the non physical. Current evidence indicates that our material universe, together with its associated time dimension and physical properties came into existence a few milliseconds after the singularity known as the big bang. It is logical to presume that this singularity has a causation from outside our known universe, and by implication we must presume that this causation was a non physical entity. For want of another word, we could call this non physical entity the source. This source is obviously beyond the scope of scientific investigation, but without it there would be no science, no universe - nothing. Science can't determine if this source's only interaction with our universe was creating the singularity, or if there is still interaction from this source. Science can't be used to deny such interaction, because there are such things as quantum indeterminacy which have no discernable cause from within our current scientific knowledge. So we have scientific knowledge of the existence of this source, but very little else from the science perspective. If this source does have interaction with our material universe, we need to use our considerable abilities to look beyond the limitations of human scientific knowledge and contemplate the evidence provided by our own existence and human nature and come to realise that our ability to search for God is a profound human asset beyond the scope of scientific investigation.

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The Living-Cell

From the perspective of an All Electric Universe we can relook at all science and explore new avenues of thought that might lead to some exciting discoveries. That is what I propose doing here, using the living-cell as a model to guide us into a deeper understanding about the All-Electric Universe.

The living cell follows a number of patterns of behaviour. It can replicate itself—It can perform chemical tasks. It embraces atoms like long lost cousins. It is superabundant, being that trillions upon trillions of them are functioning in their many tasks at any one moment in time. They can go wrong—get stuck, in a circular pattern, which goes wild and uncontrollable, replicating in a fury, whilst not being controlled by any useful genetic patterning —and it can carry genetic information from one generation to the next—a tall order for one so small.

They each have science foxed, but not if we introduce an all-electric universe that obeys certain rules, and harnessing those rules for our own benefit—a must, for any who want to improve their health.

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There is no convincing you is there?

Even with the stark facts in front of you you want to play with words...just as the entire rank and file of the antichrist do.

This dynamic energy is rich in potential...Galaxies are structured from it and you and I are too. This is why I can safely say that our abuse of it disturbs our own, individual, genetic code....sometimes in an evolutionary sense, sometimes in a righteous sense, sometimes in a wild, frenzied, evil sense...but, never-the-less, we can't escape its interference until we are dead and then we are stuck in the the ether in an inconsequential, boring sense, unless we can be resurrected...and that is what Jesus Christ offers those who participate in his, accurate, righteous science.

Soon the ether will be swept clean by the invading planetary bodies Biblically called Wormwood and the fiery lake of sulphur, and so we need to look for the signs and maneuver ourselves into salvation...only achievable by following Jesus Christ accurately. There is wriggle room, but not for the antichrist.

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Hi, Sweet Pea—I do things the way I do them because it is at the behest of Almighty God and his much loved son, Jesus Christ, and like the watchman who is equally guilty if he doesn’t notify those he is watching over, of approaching dangers, when something sinister is approaching, I don’t want to share in the guilt of the antichrist.

Every night now, at sunset, and for a number of months, there has been a huge red tint radiating across that area of sky—it lasts for about half an hour and it is causing quite a fuss on YouTube—but, true to form, it can only be seen by those who aren’t locked into the antichrist philosophy. Trentvoyager recognises its existence, whilst Seb can’t see it, on a night when it was particularly spectacular—check it out for yourself, and know that God’s Judgment is near.


Two Gifts From God—(part 31)

It is a commonly known fact that the human body has two sides which have semi-independent responsibilities over each other. There is the LHS and the RHS and in a stroke one side can fail completely.
This can happen suddenly and without warning and is usually attributable to a blood-clot lodged in the brain. But why is the blood clotting and is this condition as sudden as it appears??

Not according to God’s righteous science—It has been building up for some time. From our early youth we have been squeezing our brains to get a greater response from it. We frown and squeeze it, thus hindering the natural circulation throughout the many journals that are a part of its make-up. At an early age we start having head-aches and migraines and slowly but surely we are closing down one side of the brain, as surely as if it was by the sudden attack of a blood clot, but this is slow and spreads over a number of years whilst all the glands, muscles, and thinking abilities, associated with a full blown stroke, are there, hidden from view, disguised in a numbness, and which requires urgent attention before the blood thickens up and begins to congeal.

As always, that urgent attention is captured within the accurate teaching of Jesus Christ—His teaching is so accurate that we can apply maximum faith to it knowing that if we are beyond repair we will also have a share in the resurrection, and this is a great comforter too.

I call this a ‘silent stroke’—but it is much more far-reaching than is listed here.

—(to be continued)

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A valid Biblical point gleaned from the existence of RFID chips that will cause sores and abscess' is this...that it is our electrical nature that talks to our genetic health...and Jesus showed us how to harness that science within our own genetics for our own health improvement. Hard to understand, maybe, but if we don't pay heed it is only us that will suffer as individual mutants of the scurrilous thinking of Satan.

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My freedom to choose to reply to your post is sufficient evidence of my supernatural ability to make a consciously driven choice. A natural explanation would require that my response to your post was entirely pre determined by the uncontrollable physically defined reactions in my material brain.

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Science calls it a big-bang but cannot justify how all the energy contained in the universe sprang from their singularity. I say, we must look beyond the big-bang. That there is a superabundant energy that has always been and always will be. It drifted around space...gathering into huge, dense galaxy bearing clouds, of light-year proportions. Before the big-bang there must have been a static universe...same space...same energy but no time what-so-ever...this all changed when neighbouring clouds drifted into each other...their extremely dense cores set upon claiming the centre position causing a massive collision which split the universe into two dimensions and from this all science sprung into life and the supporting evidence is contained within the Holy Bible.

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To contemplate the idea that there is no God would be equivalent to me contemplating my own non existence. The fact that I exist, and am aware of my existence is entirely sufficient for me to realise that this awareness of existence comes from God - not from an aimless, purposeless materialistic process.

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Remember that the field of energy that will become the star already exists and the speed of the expanding universe which fires up all scientific data has already been created. This whole body of star energy is locked upon a black-hole that brought this dense virgin star material into a tight gravitational body. All we need is the swirling, crashing forces, within that star's density, to penetrate down into the static dimension, and in the blink of any eye an atom is born...manifest this a trillion, trillion, times, and I reckon a fully functioning star could form in an instant and in that same instant, all knowledge within the universe gained its scientific roots which all centre upon Almighty God, just as Jesus Christ taught us...and the two part-atom components that gave birth to the living-cell, having derived from a similar birth pattern, is party to all of this.

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You could be right...but time-travel isn't so very difficult. You see...if we take our lead from Almighty God we know that in the static dimension a day is like a thousand years and a thousand years are like a day. So there we have it...if we want to slip around time and space all we have to do is become stationary whilst the Milky Way hurtles away from us at the speed of the expanding universe...and, it seems, many observers have witnessed this principle in action.

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The one single scientific, and Biblical point that no one seems to grasp is that the Holy Bible introduces us to a two dimensional universe...God's and ours. Those that pray, pray into a different dimension to reach God and this tells us that we can interact with this primary dimension as well. My analysis of all science tells me that every atomic particle is bonded to its nucleus because of a friction point at its core that not only holds the atom together but actually built that atom in the first place because those two dimensions clash in a wonderful way. The clear scientific distinction between these two dimensions are the big-bang where all this indestructable energy in the universe began hurtling through space at high-speed over the top of the static dimension that lies beneath it and that this recipe produced all science...so Almighty God and Jesus Christ were right all along...and reveal many valuable and worthwhile things to harness their science by and which all revolves around righteousness.

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It won't be my science then that discovers how half the body goes numb by virtue of our attitude towards our
Creator's son causing us to start dying internally long before we die...or that this lack of breathing to full capacity in that numbed lung, over a sustained period causes us to be susceptible to blood clotting...strokes...brain tumours...heart disease...dementia...and a few other things besides. It's my latest project...but it is early days yet..so pretend I haven't told you...but the evidence, so far, indicates I'm on the right track...and It will be all thanks to Jesus Christ's accurate teaching...itself, a science.

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If all health problems are the result of our electrical nature and how we take care of it, then I would suggest that knowing this and actively doing something to prevent such a poor mental state to develop would be the best course of action...not condemn the scientist for putting a Biblically known concept into a scientific context. That way you may have helped to prevent the consequences of a drained emotional person from slipping into that terrible and very disabling emotional black-hole, which can overpower each and everyone of us if we allow it to. I can ensure you that such a person you describe didn't suddenly become ill...it was brewing up for some time...You are lashing out again, which is something I am well aware of and suggest a change in attitude, particularly towards our saviour, as your best course of action. Then we could discuss how you could upbuild your relatives emotional strength, and, thereby, his physical strength as well. We could start by using techniques the Samaritans use by listening to whatever the person has to tell you with a caring ear. Then incorporate the Catholic approach and allow him to discuss what is bothering him...in this way we are also using Freud's techniques which allows a person to poor out what is bothering them. It is all incorporated in Jesus Christ's teaching where prayer and healthy reasoning take us into a state where we are interacting with the true nature of the world and not man's selfish, greedy and often spiteful rendition of it.

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You see why I'm the scientist here and not you lot. Your ok with the nasty snap-back but find it impossible to talk seriously, honestly, and caringly over a topic that has everyone of our best interests at heart.

We have established that a party of people project a hysterical tension...'The air was electric.'

We have established that this is an inner electric property expressed by our nervous tension.

And we have detected that this inner electric property is at the root of many of our illnesses...

The individual living cell is the only force within us that can generate this electric property, in its purest form, because it works using certain electric properties needed to explain its replicating existence.

The ganging up of many people to ridicule and besmirch a valid line of reasoning is reminiscent of the bunching together of rogue cells to form a tumor and this is also a point contained within my research...a knowledge all gathered from the accurate Christian teaching of Jesus Christ and carries the hall-mark of a Biblical expression known as the antiChrist.

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The living-cell...performs It's replication by following set phases. These phases are what equates with my reasoning and why I use it as a model of the electric nature of the universe. In my working life I often had to look at many processes to identify faulty patterns and running alongside this was the realisation that everything responded to electric laws. None more so than people. People are a product of the replicating living cell and showing that it was generating an electric energy...much of which is wasted by hysterical behaviour...set the tone of what I was looking for. If we look at these phases, do a rough sketch around them, and make a preview around what could be happening...no matter how ridiculous...then make that imagined pattern fit scientifically known facts or implied facts from other processes....then we are well on the way to becoming a scientist.

The imagined picture I drew was that invisibly, two parts, the primary force of the living cell, were coming together. Each had an imploding force as electric fields often do and this is what draws these two fields together. They are invisible and massless except for the cell nutrients that are also being attracted by the imploding forces. So a little chemical factory is being pulled into shape by the coming together of these two invisible imploding forces. They pause for a while because the whole process is analogous with intercourse and this is when the generating energy is at its strongest. But this energy becomes depleted as it is used for a number of celular tasks and this causes the attraction force between the cell's creators to pull apart, passing out of the cell drawn out by other imploding forces only too willing to repeat the process in another cell and as they pull apart, away from each other the newly formed bonds separate creating two new cells where previously there had been only one.

So, kick that around for a while...but there is more, much more.

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Saying that your ideals and principles are aligned with the Holy Bible is just saying that you prefer honesty, harmony, peace, happiness and love as your path through life. That is a principle carved into British Law. When you stand in a court of law and raise your right hand you are saying you will uphold those principles...has the law changed, because, if it has, I missed it?

Now...an invisible energy, proven to exist whenever we say...'the air was electric' has got to have a science behind it. Hitler had a science behind his antics, and here it is, the same abuse that every bully inflicts upon his victims. World war 2 erupted from not understanding the science and world war erupts inside our own flesh when cancer breaks out in the body. Thousands of scientists are chasing the cure but regardless of how much money is thrown at the problem it gets worse and worse...Now, here is a scientific prompt...maybe it is because we aren't taking the electric nature of the universe, the electric nature of the world or the electric nature of the living cell seriously enough.

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I have discovered a property that you have all stumbled past and ignored but which is proving to be the most important ingredient in our daily lives deserves scientific merit. Just by noticing it when every other scientist has walked past it gives me scientific credentials but to put it to work...soothing and calming it within many hosts is very scientific indeed, then to unify the fundermental forces of nature by following stepping-stone and proven scientific data, gives me great scientific credibility...but, of course, it is early days yet...and there is much work to be done.

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One of the key indicators of my science is when people gather in great numbers and we say, the air was electric, or, you could cut the atmosphere with a knife. It is in exploring this 'atmosphere', in etreme circumstances that tell us that there is an invisible electric cloud, the product of our mass nervous excitement, a product of the audiences inner nervous strength that has created that atmosphere. Of course, you have to read the words, and not just lash out, to see the science, but never-the-less, we have defined an electric product which has great health properties, if we are responsive enough to see the science.

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I didn't quite understand that...but here is my interpretation of what I think you said...The happiest mind is the healthiest mind and the healthiest mind is the one where all the air, blood, nutrients and thoughts are gurgling through our minds pathways in a healthy way. The not-so-lucky have all sorts of mental problems, so it is easy for me to say that an open-mind, as delivered by Biblical teaching, and especially Jesus Christ, is a way of recovering from a multifaceted problem that is creating havoc in the whole world today and for which there is a ready cure in the form of the accurate teaching of Jesus Christ....remember...the Catholic church...the Samaritans. and Sigmund Freud, all harnessed the teaching of Jesus Christ, by way of talking to someone about our problems, when all that is really necessary is talking to Almighty God, via the accurate teaching of Jesus Christ.

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You see why Jesus Christ is so important in our lives...because hordes will gang up and try and reduce you to their level of inability. It won't work. My science has been tested to my own standards of satisfaction and found to be very useful indeed in everyday situations...never mind in our forthcoming salvation. If you weren't so determined to ridicule and shout abuse we could have gotten into a deep and meaningful conversation about it all but I'm afraid that has become impossible.

The message remains unchanged...the universe is the reconstruction of a wonderful dynamic energy that erupted after forming into many, many, huge dense clouds, of lightyear proportions. It is the core understanding found within the Holy Bible and dictates the terms and conditions of every known science.

Energy and force are two parts of the same thing and combine to make mass else you rubbish Einstein's most famous equation at a stroke, Stranger, and by the same reasoning, Almighty God = all mass because his dynamic energy was transformed by his Hadron Collider that sprung into life after galaxy clouds drifted into each other...Now, Seb...How can, 'follow the accurate teaching of Jesus Christ' be attributable to Satan...only the antiChrist could make such an assertion and you know it is all this type of confusion planted in peoples minds by the antiChrist that is causing all the mayhem in the world today...so...well done.

Arbitrary Scepticism Award

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You have a wonderful way with words BeRational but that will have to change if you want to claim a place in Jesus Christ's salvation plan. By my understanding, all QM theories are the study of atomic shrapnel. They smash energy particles to smithereens which leave a trace of energy for the split second that they exist. The real force within an atom is contrived by the higgs field. An atomic black-hole, of sorts, that sucks in God's energy in a precise and meaningful way, all happening inside a newly forming star. But you have got to have the whole picture to have any confidence in the minor detail. Listen rather than stamp and shout and you might get the whole picture which is all centred around the accurate teaching of Jesus Christ and which is fully justifiable within the Holy Bible...and which leads us into scientific wonders that can only currently be dreamt about.

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It's all so simple really. All mass is restructured energy. Spin up a huge cloud of the stuff and it all follows the same pattern and the amount of galaxies and stars in the universe tells us just how much of it there is....I call it superabundant but you can take every atom and break down all their component parts add up all the energy you find then add on another 93% and you will still be way out but under rather than over.

There were already many galaxy clouds, millions in fact, even trillions of them, all containiing vast amounts of this energy and just drifting around space, in a static universe. You can itemise how much potential energy was in each cloud by doing a similar exercise as before for the individual galaxy under scrutiny but that is up to you. Now all we needed was God's hadron collider...a natural event, many times larger than its namesake here on planet Earth and with much fiercer results and which will knock all your sciences calculations into touch...It presents a science that really only a wonderful God can handle and Jesus Christ is the most skilled being to handle the multiplicity of it all.

Thank you for the opportunity to express it again...I look forward to your rants but it won't change the science one iota.

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The first thing we should ask ourselves is, is it possible for there to exist a much more advanced civilization in this universe than we, ourselves...and if the answer is yes...are they hostile or friendly...and if there is any evidence that they may be friendly...are they prepared to divulge the science of the universe to us. Well, you can make your own mind up about that. The Holy Bible says there are and explains how we can ditch the cancer of evil from our midst...but we had better start quickly else we might be seen as part of that cancer as are all those listed in Revelation 21:8...and making ourselves salvageable seems to be so full of promise...as in eternal life...peace...harmony...good will and freedom from all health failures. Imagine leaping around the rocks like a mountain goat...that is what's on offer when we unravel our spiritual distress. Only a solid science can deliver these things and that is what is on offer...lt's all in the Holy Bible

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So...let's explore what you find so offensive Stranger...that I say that there is an invisible, superabundant, indestructible, dynamic energy behind the existence of the universe. That it is owned by Almighty God...in fact it is God and from it, all science, all stars and all life came into being. Now that is what the Holy Bible tells us as well and Jesus taught us how to harness it righteously...now where do I discredit Jesus or his father and where do I not offer great hope by revealing a science that Satan's henchmen would rather we didn't have?.

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Your style reminds me of someone else Stranger. No hard feelings but he refused to grasp difficult scientific points like the one that if Jesus attracted millions of supporters then his science is repeatable if we use his data points and I have proven to myself, at least, that it still works in the dimension of resurrection, repair and everlasting life because attaching ourselves to his righteous science and God's indestructible energy does just that...regardless of who says otherwise.

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But your notion of freedom is not freedom, just inevitable uncontrollable reaction to a current state of existence.

The soul only exists in the present, consciously perceives the present and consciously interacts with the present. Time is a dimension which exists in this material universe, and according to physicist Stephen Hawkins, time as we know it began with the Big Bang. It is quite possible that the soul, not being of this universe, does not exist in time, but only perceives the passing of time through its perception of human sensory data. As such it can't be subject to the same laws of cause and effect we see in our material universe, but will do everything in its own timeless existence. This is just my postulated theory which may seem strange to you, but as Arthur C Clark once said - The truth, as always, will be far stranger.

So do not try to limit your understanding of reality to what can be squeezed in to fit within our limited human knowledge, but accept reality as it is and use your precious gift of freewill to the full.

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Praying to Jesus has one, specific reward that is far more important than any other...which proves that Jesus answers every prayer...and that is that by proper prayerful request we hit the universal frequency that delivers God's righteous energy for our emotional support. This is the most urgent need that anyone has. Compare it with Jesus Christ going to his crucifixion and the only support he got was his knowledge that he would be resurrected because he had righteously done everything correct according to God's law...and there is no doubt in my mind that this undeserved energy supported you at that time. If we make mistakes we must live with them but we can be guided past them, pay the penalty and begin God's and Jesus' repair programme without any help from me.

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Now we have established that mass is restructured energy and is prone to some very predictable, calculable, behaviour patterns, we can look away from the singularity that science says installed it all inside every single atom, in such a wonderful and graceful way, and, to find true answers, we must consult the Holy Bible...God's superabundant, invisible, indestructible, dynamic energy, that structured these atoms in such a divine way that they obey the precise laws of chemistry, electricity, physics, and righteousness...and it all revolves around the higgs-field, Stranger.

The higgs-field is a semi-portal into the primary dimension of the universe...As tiny as it is it holds all the energy within an atom together. The slightest hint of such a hole created within the swirling and crashing internal forces of a star is sufficient to suck-in energy from all directions in measured amounts because in a single gush, in less than a nanosecond, the hole that holds them becomes stable and excess energy is swept away causing the higgs-hole to pulse and suck in more energy until the higgs is captured and retained in the atom it just formed, for our future electric experiments. The higgs is kinda sprung-loaded in its stability but interference with that stability exposes the force of the higgs creating magnetism, chemistry, the speed of light, and ohms law...all dependant upon how we are looking at the problem.

So, in all our sciences there is a higgs story and the most compelling of these is how gravity, higgs, magnetism, electricity, living-cells, and righteousness, all work together, hand in hand with each other.

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If I can shape and fashion a Biblically acceptable God who owns the entire universe and who dictates the terms and conditions of all who have a future hope in living in peace and harmony for all eternity, here on planet Earth...then certainly a clever and responsible 'being' could be shaped and fashioned by sharper, keener laws that have perhaps escaped my abilities...My version says that Almighty God exists because, whilst residing in Heaven...he broke the hidden code of nature and discovered that an indestructible energy can deliver an indestructible spirit that can discover, and formulate, all scientific knowledge that that universe offers, accurately and precisely...and that could only benefit those who are prepared to listen. Those that did listen counted in their great multitudes and because they were given such a rewarding life they stick with their Deity through thick and thin...and all this is recorded in the Holy Bible for those who read it honestly and openly and who have sidestepped the obvious traps that iniquity sponsor within it for their own benefits.

Those that cannot find the same faith, for whatever reason, will always be troublesome, working blindly for greed and selfishness, spitefully and inharmoniously, and so God has decreed that the next global event that will affect every person, the quick and the dead, at that time, and which is foretold in Revelation and on YouTube, will have to suffer the natural consequences of their disobedience...This is summed up in Revelation 21:8...where the disobedient will be whisked off to a future best described as eternal damnation...because the part of you that cannot die will be evicted from this planet, and into a sulphurous, fiery planet, for all eternity. Satan is busy building his defenses but they are like matchwood against a very forceful, electric universe and a righteous God.

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Well, I know that, like a cancer-cell torments surrounding cells with short, sharp, wild and uncontrollable shock tactics, a bully will torment the nervous energy out of their neighbours, as well, forming a nasty tumour of like minded people who go around in gangs creating havoc, even death, because they to live by wild and uncontrollable laws. Now, don't you think that it is scientifically conceivable that Jesus Christ knew this as well and, using his Godly knowledge, was showing and teaching us how to keep our genetic health soothed and calm...because its a certain fact that since the populations have been so wildly and hysterically manipulated that the occurence of cancer has gone through the roof...and so, perhaps, Jesus had the answer all along. His accurate word, that is, not the iniquitous versions that many are so fond of.

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It all begins and ends with an invisible, superabundant, dynamic energy...that has always been and always will be, Stranger. Not unlike dark energy and dark matter, but with a much bigger bite. If you can't get your head around that then you won't get your head around anything I say...but Almighty God, endorsed by Jesus Christ, says clearly...look into the heavens, who put them all there, with the superabundance of his dynamic energy/mighty power, not one is missing...and everyone is identified and catalogued, according to the same verses, in Isaiah, if your interested.

Now...if you hit upon the correct science you can identify all things that have a scientific footprint...and Jesus Christ and Almighty God made those footprints.

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Continuing with my theme that science supports the teaching of Jesus Christ just as Jesus supports his God and that they all respond to righteousness, which is the science extracted from the Holy Bible, we can embark on a trip to modern sciences latest laboratory—The Hadron Collider.

Here they smash nuclear particles together and measure what happens—what they are finding is that atomic particles split into many parts—shrapnel—and they measure the electric traces this shrapnel leaves behind before they annihilate themselves—but what no one has realised is that without anything holding them together, these particles are returning to their natural state—An invisible, undetectable state, that is the original, universal, dynamic state, that existed in superabundance in Almighty God’s laboratory—the universe—before the Great, Universal, Hadron Collider sent it all in to wild, hurricane storm forces that created stars and atoms, galaxies and life, according to very special laws that is still outside scientific reach but which has been carefully structured by the highest authority in the universe for our benefit—that is if everlasting life, resurrection, repair, peace, happiness, harmony and good-will is your thing—if not, then I’m afraid, you need to read Revelation again because it’s all in there.

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Wherever a group of people gather under one banner it is the same electric evidence at work. Often they seek security from hostile forces...This is the same in Christianity and Judaism. It is the science that underpins this emotional gathering, that you say doesn't exist, that I find intriguing. You see, it always works in one of two ways...either it is used to create oppression as Satan and his henchmen do, else it is used righteously as Almighty God and Jesus Christ do...and the force that is at work, in every case, is our inner electric/nervous/spiritual energy...and warning you of the terrible problems facing us today because of our abstinence from this knowledge isn't intimidation...it is loving kindness...and Jesus Christ knows all about it because his crucifixion oscillated from his stake like a vibrating transmitter which will never stop vibrating because the science behind his teaching will never stop...which brings us neatly to his resurrection...your resurrection....my resurrection...and the resurrection of all souls who will have to face God's Judgement...but if you interpret this as intimidation then, I'm afraid, your attitude is all wrong.

NicholasMarks #fundie religionethics.co.uk

My first point of evidence is what I have seen with my own eyes...many planes spewing out huge amounts of disgusting fumes...you could have seen them as well but you are not looking else you have other motives for not seeing them. The sun is glaring like a white spotlight which any older person knows is unnatural and its shape is everchanging from large to small to elongated and to being obscured by these offensive unnatural cloud formations . We used to say red sky at night shepherds delight but now, for a very long time there is always an enormous reddish tint at sunset all over the the western sky. There is so much evidence on YouTube that to just turn your back on it is unforgivable. It all meets with practices and patents held in the US regarding geoengineering beside which there are huge amounts of chaos springing up all around the world. So...besides seeing it all for myself via various research methods...besides concerned people including scientists making the same observations, and despite it all being written of in the Holy Bible...I suggest that all the underground building work to store the salvation expectations and protection plans of the elite is a strong point of evidence too...I have a solid case, torrid.

Refusal to accept the evidence isn't evidence.

NicholasMarks #fundie religionethics.co.uk

Though I continue to maintain that earthquakes are dramatically on the increase, in diverse place, it is wise to understand what constitutes an earthquake. Bombs make the earth quake...volcanoes...sinkholes...even the sun creates earthquakes. There are constant rumblings around the world, especially in US, highlighted by tremors under the ground, shaking houses...but what would certainly contribute to all of this would be rogue, planetary systems, gravitationally pulling on, and underneath, the Earth's tectonic plates, and as this appears to be happening right now, we can expect many more earthquakes, with devastating consequences. This might be, just might be, why there have been secret and reinforced, underground facilities springing up all around the world and why they are being kept secret, and why amateur observers are required to bring it all to your attention.

Not to worry, all these things must happen before that Great Earthquake which will signal the deathblow for all those listed in Revelation 21:8 (666)...but don't be surprised if the part of them that is indestructible, their unholy spirit, is dragged into the fiery lake of sulphur, for evermore, when it could have endured for all eternity, here on planet Earth, with a new universal science and freedom from all evil...but you have to be in it to win it...That means, following Jesus Christ accurately.

NicholasMarks #fundie religionethics.co.uk

The special creation of this planet as recorded in Genesis explains it best. The planet was void but all the clues state it had once thrived in an evolutionary state. A terrible event like the one expected soon had likely struck the planet and it had become tidally locked .It wasn't spinning on its axis.We are told that there was plenty of water but it had all collected upon the dark side of the planet...all life was lost. Almighty God, who demands our exclusive devotion took a decision to resurrect this planet...simply by spinning it on its axis...the rest is Genesis.