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It is interesting that the term "conspiracy theory/theorist" was coined by the CIA in response to the many wild(and some not so wild) stories surrounding the assassination of JFK. Many theories are wildly inaccurate and some are put out there by those in power to deflect attention from what they are actually doing. But a large percentage of them have in time been found to be true, or partially true and that should concern all of you because there is a lot going on behind the scenes that we are not told for whatever reason, and only the march of time will tell you which was fact and which was fiction. I can name quite a few from last century that were ridiculed at the time, but have turned out to be completely accurate. I keep seeing the name Rothschild on here, and it should be, they are the shadiest, darkest, most corrupt and evil family on the planet, and they have powerful allies who are all cut from the same cloth-I think you will find time will prove a hell of a lot of the theories surrounding them will be quite true I'm afraid. For mine, the most stupid ones are the ones that sound dumb-the earth is flat, that judgement day is just around the corner and we all need to kill ourselves so the spaceships can pick up our souls(this one has occurred at least twice). So its Flat earth and religious nuts for my vote.



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