NicholasMarks #fundie

If all health problems are the result of our electrical nature and how we take care of it, then I would suggest that knowing this and actively doing something to prevent such a poor mental state to develop would be the best course of action...not condemn the scientist for putting a Biblically known concept into a scientific context. That way you may have helped to prevent the consequences of a drained emotional person from slipping into that terrible and very disabling emotional black-hole, which can overpower each and everyone of us if we allow it to. I can ensure you that such a person you describe didn't suddenly become was brewing up for some time...You are lashing out again, which is something I am well aware of and suggest a change in attitude, particularly towards our saviour, as your best course of action. Then we could discuss how you could upbuild your relatives emotional strength, and, thereby, his physical strength as well. We could start by using techniques the Samaritans use by listening to whatever the person has to tell you with a caring ear. Then incorporate the Catholic approach and allow him to discuss what is bothering this way we are also using Freud's techniques which allows a person to poor out what is bothering them. It is all incorporated in Jesus Christ's teaching where prayer and healthy reasoning take us into a state where we are interacting with the true nature of the world and not man's selfish, greedy and often spiteful rendition of it.



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