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Since Reagan’s presidency, as his “I’m from the government” quote signifies, the people of his time widely believed they should dread all contact with the government. This illustrates the fact that, from its founding, the U.S. government has gone from being the protector of its citizens’ freedom to being its greatest enemy. If the people’s relationship with the government were so bad in Reagan’s time, how would people of that era react to the logarithmically scaled reduction in personal freedoms since Obama’s coming to power? Indonesian Madrasas were responsible for forming the foundational elements of Obama’s personality in accordance with the philosophies of radical Islam, including its characteristic hatred of America and Israel. Later, as a young adult, Obama perfected his hatred of America at the feet of Reverend Wright. Obama’s alleged win of even one election is proof that the majority of Americans have neither the moral, nor the intellectual capability to choose its leaders. To eliminate the effectiveness of the votes of such uninformed voters, who are essentially voting themselves a check, ballots should not indicate a candidate’s party affiliation. By doing so, the uniformed would have to study to know the issues or their votes would be randomly cast, and therefore, ineffectual.



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