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Brutal Chadstralia Tinder blackpill.


Women do not deserve rights. Men gave them rights, men gave them security ... and what did they with all these rights and all this safety and security men gave them? Destroy everything, whore around. Women should NOT have rights.

IQ high enough. Women were given rights on the false pretenses that they are equal samaritans, willing to use those rights to chase opportunites, contribute, be responsible, working adults etc.

What have they done since they got those rights? Nothing but whore around more and more and keep leeching off of men. They have utilized their rights so much in fact that being completely starved of female accomplishments, society is now falsely and misleadingly flagpoling that hole Katie for the black hole pictures. It's blatantly clear how much use the primitive reptile brains of women have for all their equal (read: tilted in their favour in every aspect) rights. It was never more than just another thing to bitch about.



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