throwaway322831 #sexist

Just lol if you are not having a female tinder account and ewhore

You get to know your competition and what mistakes they make and you get also some experience about texting on tinder.

Most guys are so boring, it makes it hard to respond as female, but as long you respond with "yes" "ok" "cool" "im fine" "i'm bored" "i do nothing atm" and other boring responses... it is actually entertaining how pathetic these betas try to be a clown and pickup a girl on tinder lmao.

Bonus points if you text longer with them, give them a number for whatsapp and ask them to send you money.

Win win situation, you get entertained, get money and also fight betas at the same time which eliminates your competition in the long run by catfishing.

I've been getting about 1k a month for the past 5 months from this one beta. Every time he asks to meet up I just tell him I'm really busy with work. It's fucking hilarious

Good job bro



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