Adamantine #racist

No, its not about having a larger dick. The real reason black men do so much better attracting females than any other race according to statistics is because they possess a facial trait known as prognathism. This is where their mouth projects out of their face. If you haven’t already, try to observe how black people’s mouth differ from those of other races. Nigger mouth bulges out of the face. Prognathism is an archaic trait, and archaic traits are what makes one masculine. Ancient hominids have this trait, as do great apes and other primates.



Homo Erectus



The difference between Africans and other races is that as humans began to gracilize/infantilize (AKA feminize) africans still held on to remnants of mouth projection which allowed their faces to stay more robust.

To a chimp, a white/asian/hispanic/indian/indonesian/redskin/whatever would look like a baby. Only Africans and Australian aboriginees resemble the adult chimp to some degree.


isnt it ironic that we humans ridicule the great apes yet secretly desire to look them to be more masculine. Yup, apes are the epitome of masculinity. Ever seen those King Kong movies where the mutant gorilla gets the hot bitch every time?



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