Stormfrontcels are mostly people who got their feelings hurt in ghetto/lowclass areas, but if got woke up call from snooty whites, they'd be here.

The real allspanning denominator of human misery comes from getting shit from the LOOKISM line of judgment, rather than the racial line of judgment.
Stormfront is for bluepillers, with very faint shades of red/purple pills. Mostly about jewish control, and black crime rates, but the underlying sentiment that excludes white peopel from the equation is also there. It's why I've been more passionate posting here than anywhere white.
The hipster/hick/most normie white circles are as much a purveyance as anything nonwhites do to those on the mediocre middle range or lower on social hierarchal class. The real latitude of relevance is not white vs. black, at least not in the first world, but between good looking/ high value, and ugly/ low value.

The biggest wake up calls for bullied people turned stormfrontcels are
-rednecks and how they act almost as depraved as niggers/ only valuing masculinity, size, intimidation. Often more % of the country is a sty because of methbath rednecks than nigs
-white foids, their liberal/ hypocritical trendy tendencies, and genetic predisposition to liberalism. WHILE ALSO not having the sense of self accountability to be consisten with their beliefs and be true to their hypocrisy in preferring chads, and yet hating "privilege" of all sorts.
--upper class whites and their complicitness for poor/ average whites to be bullied, be happy clappy hipsters who judge you based on how happy, high value, presentable you are (superficial snooty) and ignore social issues
-Most people who are stormfrontcels were hurt and bullied and most whites, especially stuck up ones, actually encourage the same thing, only in a more superficial, gaudy, materialistic way, and every asian (or majority) want to leave the ghettos and go into white areas, and only exception is if they have anxiety.



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