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Book of Enoch describing the fallen ones and the tie to the US political party system

Enoch 85:4-6
[4]After that I perceived other large and black cows; and behold all of them changed their stalls and pastures, while their young began to lament one with another Again I looked in my vision, and surveyed heaven; when behold I saw many stars which descended, and projected themselves from heaven to where the first star was,

[5]Into the midst of those young ones; while the cows were with them, feeding in the midst of them

[6]I looked at and observed them; when behold, they all acted after the manner of horses, and began to approach the young cows, all of whom became pregnant, and brought forth elephants, camels, and asses

These 2 you know....
But did you know about this one?...
The Prohibition Party is a political party in the United States known for its historic opposition to the sale or consumption of alcoholic beverages and as an integral part of the temperance movement. It is the oldest existing third party in the United States and the third-longest active party.

Although it was never one of the leading parties in the United States, it was once an important force in the Third Party System during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The organization declined following the enactment of Prohibition in the United States but saw a rise in vote totals following the repeal of the Eighteenth Amendment in 1933. However, following World War II it declined, with 1948 being the last time its presidential candidate received over 100,000 votes and 1976 being the last time the party received over 10,000 votes.


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Year by year the evidence for global electric scarring of Mars continues to grow. Bringing the facts to public attention will be among our highest priorities in coming months. Note: all of the Mars imagery involves actual maps from Google Mars.

In Symbols of an Alien Sky, Episode 2: The Lightning-Scarred Planet Mars, David Talbott takes the viewer on an odyssey across the surface of Mars. Exploring feature after feature of the planet, he finds that only electric arcs could produce the observed patterns. The high resolution images reveal massive channels and gouges, great mounds, and crater chains, none finding an explanation in traditional geology but all matching the scars from electric discharge experiments in the laboratory.

As a scientific follow-up to Symbols of an Alien Sky, this documentary provides a definitive answer to the question: was Mars carved from pole to pole by intense interplanetary discharge?

Errata: The volume of Valles Marineris is estimated by the USGS (2002) to be .92 million cubic miles (3.86 million cubic kilometers).

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Blaming everything on kikes is taking the blame away from foids

At this point, I want more degeneracy in this society. So when these foids are ready to settle down after their hoe-phase, there'd be no escape from the degeneracy of their own creation. I don't care if it's some kike propaganda and what not. Foids are the ones who have directly harmed men. They are the true enemy. I don't care if the society devolves, rots, and dies if it means the foids get to experience a fraction of the pain that is the existence of men.

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On August 17th, we received a Takedown notice from the New Zealand government regarding content on the our website.

As per our forums rules and the terms of service, we do not allow any illegal content on our forum. The content in question [Submitter’s note: a clip from the Buffalo shooting livestream] is legal in the US, therefore we will not be taking the aforementioned content down.

We don't answer to foreign governments and their laws.image

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In Summary:

The story about Mark Chapman is a cover-up. Bold print government cryptographic codes that include the killer’s face and true identity, the killer’s alleged name and letter to the editor printed before the murder and Richard Nixon’s book, The Real War, in back issues of Time, Newsweek, and US News and World Report magazines printed before, during, and after the night of December 8, 1980 prove that Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan arranged for the author Stephen King, then barley famous, to assassinate John Lennon. That King’s writings draw, dramatically, from the crime and that he taunts us all in his interviews and comments only makes this the story of a lifetime. My 24-page booklet contains everything you’ve seen here and much more. Please order your copy. I guarantee it is the absolute truth about what really happened to John Lennon. Happy Code Cracking!

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Girlstown: A Chilling Case of Mass Demonic Possession | Documentary

In 2006, a student at the Girlstown boarding school made a Ouija board. Late night spirit summonings soon resulted in haunting, with girls at the school witnessing creepy ghosts and dark shadows across the building. Ultimately, the proclamation of a curse would cast the Villa de Las Ninas school and its students into paranormal chaos, with a mystery illness seemingly causing students to fall under demonic influence, suggesting that the curse and haunting of Girlstown may represent one of the greatest cases of mass demonic possession in all history.



The Ouija Board Epidemic | Documentary

Do Ouija Boards Work? | Special Episode

The Occult Origins of Ouija Boards and Séances | Documentary

The Vallecas Haunting: The True Story Behind The Movie "Veronica" | Documentary

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Anyone notice foids want men to be both a traditional man and traditional woman so they can do nothing in the relationship anymore?

Foids are really milking off of men’s intense sexual attraction to them nowadays to the point where they aren’t expected to do anything in the relationship anymore. They don’t even guarantee sex anymore and they get furious when they’re asked to provide emotional support because they’re not a “free therapist” in the words of many foids. They basically want to feel zero pressure to do anything at all to the point where their only value is their vagina, but they get offended and call you a misogynist when you actually point that out.

All the proactive work done by traditional women are now shifted onto their boyfriends so that they are simultaneously required to be both the tradwife and the tradhusband, leaving themselves to be a voracious consumers. Not only do men initiate the relationship, pay for dinner, plan dates, open doors, purchase gifts, provide compliments, have cars, do all the work in sex but now they have to pay attention to their appearance and look handsome, be able to cook, be able to clean, do the laundry, be emotionally available. But if a man asks for any of this he is a misogynist.

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Deniers/mockers of the Rapture

I often see the most fervent deniers and mockers of the Rapture are so-called believers. This could be a very dangerous practice in ignorance and I urge you to cease doing this and instead learn what God has promised to His body of believers in Him and get on board with what's coming.

Jesus already took judgment and the wrath of God on the cross. Because believers are imputed the righteousness of Christ and because believers are one body in Christ, undergoing judgment and the wrath of God in the 7-year Tribulation would negate Jesus' sacrifice for humanity and those who believe. This Biblical fact alone proves with absolute certainty the removal of believers before the 7-year Tribulation takes place.

We pray with words whether within our heart or verbally. If your words are a continual mocking and denial of God's blessed promise which is the Rapture because of your ignorance of scripture, you could be in essence praying to not take part in this Resurrection and therefore be left behind. By continually tearing down the blessed promise of God to those alive and those in Heaven waiting on the First Resurrection, you're putting yourself in severe danger of being left behind for the worst time period for humanity ever on earth.

Your words hold much power whether you realize it or not. Something to think about.

If your eyes haven't been opened to the Biblical proof of the Rapture before God's judgment takes place, there's a reason and I would seek God in prayer earnestly and ask Him to reveal to you the scriptural truths behind the Rapture so that you may do as Jesus commanded which is to watch and pray that you be counted worthy.

Watch therefore, and pray always that you may be counted worthy to escape all these things that will come to pass, and to stand before the Son of Man.

Luke 21:36

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No change until Rothschild family is killed

Nothing will change and hypergamy will
Continue until the feminist and their supporters are kidnapped and killed.

Going ER will not do anything unless it is done properly.

What do I mean by properly?

By kidnapping targets and killing them and than dissolving their body in acid.

The Rothschilds, Rockefellers are all responsible for hypergamy .

They financed the women’s liberation movements and the feminist movements.

You have to kill these people instead of doing random shooting on average people.

Kill billionaires and than you will see things change.

Incels need to turn into a organized crime group.

Going ER on average folks is ineffective and only backfires.

You need to kill those at the top pulling the strings.

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Where did the Trojan war take place,
who were the Trojan people, and is there a connection between the Trojans and the runic writing systems of indo-Europe.

These are but a few questions that have been brewing in my mind, ever since I learned of Brutus, an Etruscan Roman, who became the first king of Britain, and how he was descended from Aeneas of Troy, who fought against the supposed Greek armies of the Ageon, including the great king Agamemnon and his gengerals and lesser kings, such as the well known warrior Achilies and the well travelled Odeyseus.

It was a great war, well known through the ages for its scale, both in capacity and length of time, it is claimed by some as many as 2,000,000 million souls, and many gods participated in the war, spanning a period of around 10 years.

In this enquiry we shall look to explore the writings of various chroniclers, historian's and authors alike, from antiquity and the age of heroes, through to more recent works of the 21st century.

The information may seem none sequential at times, but shall be tied togeather and will no doubt branch into a multi video investigation, so please consider subscribing to the channel and stay connected as we go on this journey of discovery together.

Thank you. 🙏🏻

(Submitter’s note: Britan, apparently. And not just the Trojan War, but also other Greek and even Biblical myths. Or something.]

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During a recent episode of his podcast “The Poetry of Reality,” Dawkins spoke with author Helen Joyce about the “influence of gender ideology on society.” There was no mention of how Joyce has previously said transgender people who have transitioned are “damaged” and “a huge problem to a sane world.” Nor did Dawkins bring up how she believes “reducing” the number of people who transition is a moral imperative.

Dawkins not only agreed with many of her points, he added that “sex really is binary” and that kids are choosing to be trans under pressure from both their peers and teachers. He also insisted that people like him were the real victims of abuse, wondering why “all the bullying (goes) one way.” (In fact, a study from 2021 found that trans people are four times more likely than cisgender people to “experience violent victimization.”)

The podcast episode dropped days after Dawkins wrote an essay for the British magazine The New Statesman answering the question, “What is a woman?” Dawkins’ reductive response boiled down to “A woman is an adult human female, free of Y chromosomes,” as if the absence of a single chromosome answers the question. That flies in the face of what many scientists have said about the subject.

“There are cisgender women who have XY sex chromosomes, and many other exceptions to binary sex. Around 1 in 1,000 people are intersex,” said Jey McCreight, a science communicator with a Ph.D. in genomics who has consulted on trans inclusivity for biotech companies. McCreight added in an email: “That’s pretty common as far as biology goes. A study may treat sex as binary out of practicality, but scientists understand that reality is more nuanced.”

Despite acknowledging those exceptions exist, Dawkins casually dismisses them, just as he dismisses the genetic influences many experts believe contribute to the development of trans identities. Those exceptions and influences are reasons the American Medical Association and other major medical organizations have supported gender-affirming care.

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These are mini courses created to introduce you to the concept of self mastery & provide basic techniques to help you establish a universal connection.

[Enroll in Course for $70.21]

These mini-courses are intended for those who would like to get their feet wet into the realm of Self-Mastery. They will not grant you a full understanding of how everything operates, but will provide you with basic techniques and give you insights on the directions you must take in order to develop a proper universal connection.

If you are serious about Self-Mastery and would like to go much deeper into the science of why these techniques create results, then we recommend you look into our Self-Mastery courses monthly membership. However, this is an affordable option for those who want to get a general understanding of the basics of Self-Mastery and are just beginning their journey.

Below you can view a list of courses included in this bundle and click on them for more information about each one. They are also available for individual purchase. Simply click on the course, and then click the, "Enroll Now" button.

Courses Included with Purchase
#7: Psychokinesis (Visualization) How visualization can affect the environment
[#8-14: Various “Aerokinesis” courses]
#15: Sexual Energy: Understanding the nature of sexual energy as a Self-Mastery practitioner
#16: Basic Airbending Techniques: 3 techniques to attain basic results with the environment #15: Sexual Energy Understanding the nature of sexual energy as a Self-Mastery practitioner
#17: Psychokinesis, Physiology, and Connecting with the Elements: Understanding how the four elements relate to the body and Self-Mastery
#18: Connecting with the Environment: An Essential Foundation for Success in Self Mastery

Original Price: $180

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BULLETPROOF YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM: Radionics & Spiritual Warfare (2 DVD Set!) NEW!

NOTE: This DVD is also available now to RENT or PURCHASE online for download as well on VIMEO.

This 2-DVD set is subject to possible shipping delays due to COVID-19 emergency - DVD planned ship date April 29, 2020

The world is panicked with widespread, emergent outbreaks of COVID-19. But does Almighty YAH already have answers in His Word and Creation to this frightening pandemic? Beyond common sense measures what can we as Believers do to protect our families from this potentially deadly disease?

In this Powerful Teaching, BULLETPROOF YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM - Radionics & Spiritual Warfare, Dr. William Schnoebelen, N.D., shares in-depth, vital strategies to combat the growing deadly threat of radionics, the notorious spirit of fear, and Viruses - Including COVID-19. LEARN key nutrients and spiritual weaponry Almighty YAH has blessed His children with - Walk in victory with an immune system of blue, twisted steel!

Join With One Accord Ministries in this End-Time Battle and learn how you can use The Almighty’s Healing Creation to fortify your home and family’s immune systems with HIS solutions for Health, Healing and Victory! Pray Spiritual Warfare Prayers with Dr. Bill at the end of this Teaching and bring YAH’s INVINCIBLE FIRE to your spiritual life and health.

The blessed RUACH haQodesh (Holy Spirit) has POURED OUT His love into this new teaching like a RIVER of LIFE for His People... Now, it has even MORE information, AND PRAYERS have been added to EQUIP You & Your Loved Ones against the coming season of growing spiritual and health challenges. These PRAYERS will be posted on WOAM's Spiritual Warfare Prayer Page & on our YouTube Channel for FREE as soon as the VIDEO GOES LIVE on VIMEO, which will be before the actual DVD disks are sent to WOAM's distribution center!


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New Feature Film exposes Child Trafficking in Space

Jean Charles Moyen is an extraterrestrial contactee and supersoldier who served with a joint US-French Secret Space Program. He says that during his covert service upon the Solaris, the flagship of the joint US-French SSP, he was sent on missions to rescue children captured in human trafficking operations led by an extraterrestrial species called the Draconians. He has previously revealed in interviews several daring rescues involving children in real life deep space missions. Significantly, his wife Melanie Charest and colleague, David Rousseau, also served on the Solaris and were involved in rescues of captive children.

Three years ago Jean Charles Moyen decided to create a feature film depicting his real life SSP experiences using fictional characters to expose human trafficking in space involving children. His film Rive-Sud Origine 2 (South Shore Origin 2) is a fiction based on fact expose that is available in French with English subtitles on Vimeo.

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What is the seduction behind the expulsion from paradise in detail? If we recognize that "time" stands on the one hand for the principle of cause and effect and thus for the interaction between nature (God) and man and on the other hand for the principle of relativity (movement) and separate these two things, then we limit the area of mathematically formally describable perception to the earthly level and respect that the causal level, i.e. the real drive of the universe, cannot be described with formulas, numbers and physical units, but exists. This is exactly what man has deviated from when he defined "time" as a physical unit in order to explore the essence, i.e. the laws of nature (God), which, however, must remain closed to him on principle. In other words, by embarking on a search for a mathematically describable reality, man takes the forbidden fruit from the tree of knowledge. The world formula, on the other hand, says: There can be no such world formula.

(Full paper: nine pages)

Eugen J. Winkler, based on Jakob Lorber #ufo jakob-lorber-bilder.de

Such is life on Neptune.

The Bodendrucker [groundpresser] is kept tamely. He has a similarity to our elephants. The trunk, or the elongated nose, is twice as broad as that of an elephant and also sits between 2 strong tusks. The peculiarity however are his conic feet, which are extremely thin at the body and become very broad on the way down. When there is a new residential building to be built somewhere, only a grove is drawn around the parcel. As soon as the animal is brought to this parcel, it begins to loosen the soil in its entirety, and then, it stomps the ground into an absolutely even area (you could lay a bubble level on it!), the ground gets compacted so much that it is almost impossible to remove anything with hoes and picks. It is practically the foundation stone layer for buildings and residences. This is also where the animal got its name from.


Original German]So lebt man auf dem Naptun

Der Bodendrucker wird zahm gehalten. Er hat eine Ähnlchkeit mit unseren Elefanten. Der Rüssel, bzw die verlängerte Nase ist doppelt so breit wie bei einem Elefanten und sitzt auch zwischen 2 kräftigen Stoßzähnen. Die Besonderheit sind aber seine kegelförmigen Füße, die am Körper ganz schmal sind, und nach unten sehr breit werden. Wenn irgendwo ein neues Wohnhaus errichtet werden soll, so wird nur eine Furche um das Grundstück gezogen. Wird das Tier auf dieses Grundstück geführt, beginnt es sofort mit den Stoßzähnen das gesamte Erdreich aufzulockern, anschließend stampft es das Erdreich zu einer absolut planen Fläche (man könnte eine Wasserwaage auflegen!), das Erdreich wird so verdichtet, das mit Haken und Pikeln kaum noch etwas wegzubringen ist. Es ist praktisch der Grundsteinleger für Gebäude und Wohnhäuser. Daher hat dieses Tier auch seinen Namen.

Anonymous Coward #84490020 #sexist #homophobia godlikeproductions.com

It's sad I have to ask this but as a man...what are some fun things you can do with women that both don't involve sex and are not gay?

For guys that have female friends, what are some fun things you can do with them that aren't sexual but also not gay either?

For example I don't want to visit art galleries/museums or a theater to watch a lame movie of her choosing, I just don't want to participate in those seemingly gay things. There's gotta be stuff men and women can compromise and do together.

Any suggestions?

Albertus Pikeneus #quack #elitist #god-complex godlikeproductions.com

Autistic mutants with A pos blood type who never get sick! Report for duty

Yes hello

We are the mutants mentioned by the CDC who never got vaxed and yet never got COVID

We are immune from all STDs,

Mostly with blue eye pigmentation tho there are some exceptions.

Mostly average looking people

Unless you examine our DNA which

I bet you scientist are getting a huge boner just thinking about those petri dishes

[GIF of laughing man]

There are many things I don't know about this phenomenon

Are we made by the govt?

Extraterrestrial hybrid programs?

God himself?

How many are we in number.... I have no estimation

Iman Mosleh #crackpot #fundie vixra.org

Letter Theory, Creating and Describing Mathematical Axioms of a System for Letters which Creates Most Simplified Language with Provable Sentences

This paper is a cross field work between theology, linguistics and mathematics (abstract algebra, topology, set theory, fractal geometry and number theory) which tries to establish a letter system to define word meanings by letter meanings and to restart mathematical theology on this planet which we think had been started by Abraham the prophet.We try to answer this question that can we create a meaning system which every alphabet letter has an specific meaning in, and when we combine them to create words we have a clear system to define every word meaning just by its letters meaning and order of that letters in the word?We will show that if we have a fractal system we can establish a letter system for it.The other question which i try to answer is that can we produce a letter system which provide us provable sentences?

Anonymous Coward #86079460 #racist #wingnut #dunning-kruger godlikeproductions.com

When you see old videos from Hitler era Germany, the people look so incredibly unified, happy & healthy. Well dressed. Children everywhere.

In contrast to modern Germany or USA where everyone is stressed to the max, impoverished, sick, and devoid of any unity in race or nation. Most White aren't having kids, and when they do the kids have mental illness or get brainwashed into being queers or race mixers.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. #conspiracy #racist twitter.com

We need (?) to talk about bioweapons, because I… I know about bioweapons, because I’ve been doing a book for the past two and a half years and, wm, and you know, the technology that we now have, all these micro… we have… we put hundreds of millions of dollars into ethnically targetted micro. The Chinese have done the same thing. In fact, Covid-19. There is an argument that it is ethnically targeted. COVID-19 attacks certain races disproportionately. […] COVID-19 is targeted to attack Caucasians and b.. b… Black people. The people who are most immune are Ashkenazi Jews and Chinese.

AsiaCel (“卐Autism SS Nazi KommandoϟϟGAS NORMIES卐”) #wingnut #moonbat #dunning-kruger #conspiracy #sexist incels.is

National Bolshevism - the best system

Nazbolism seems to be the ideal situation for incels and a strong country. The problem of the current political sphere is that capitalism (at its rate) is dysfunctional with top 1% owning more than half of assets in the world (sounds familiar?), but the groups who oppose capitalism are all leftist trash.

On the other hand, you have right wing ancaps who think the richfags (responsible for our miserably) would give up their wealth to take part in a "fair" capitalism system.

Well, Nazbolism combines far right social views with far left economy views. The reason why it's not more popular is because it's an real ideology that works so the elites are afraid and banned this in many countries. Leftists are weak twnks and thus couldn't run a system that's why they're toleranced

To add to the mix, we should also throw in Marxism-rodgerism (sexual communism) of one man-one woman as the best as we can do.

kodoku #crackpot incels.is

[Theory] All normies are the same person

It is actually same normie who lived out all the normie lives. Normie's consciousness transcends time and space, therefore it exists in all possible normie lives that have happened, are happening, and will happen (looking from our perspective of course where time is linear.) Each life aka path his consciousness took exists as a separate segment in space and time, and if you pinpoint normie's consciousness at any given moment in any of these segments, it is unaware of it's simultaneous existence in all the other segments.

There is nothing this fact can be practically used for except to help you gain a more complete understanding of the reality you too are a part of.

Ryuho Okawa/Happy Science cult #fundie #magick #ufo amazon.com

Spiritual Interviews with the Guardian Spirit of George Lucas and the Spirit of Carrie Fisher: Awakening Messages to the Space Age

May the Force always be with those who believe in God, both on Earth and in the universe.

“It appears the spirit of George Lucas is related to Zoroaster and the strong images of Light and Darkness and Jedi came down. The battle for Space Justice has been happening not only in the fictional world of movies but also in reality through the past, present, and future.” ― Ryuho Okawa, Preface―

In January, 2020, author and spiritual leader Ryuho Okawa watched the movie, Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker and the spirit of late Carrie Fisher came to the author. This was how the spiritual interviews with her spirit and the guardian spirit (the subconscious mind) of George Lucas came into being. Two weeks before these interviews, the guardian spirit of Leonardo DiCaprio had also visited. This book records spiritual interviews with the three spirits.

In the world today, a large totalitarian nation is aiming to take control of the world, while small democratic powers are trying to resist its attack. By reading this book, you will realize that similar battles were already happening in outer space, and that the Star Wars Series is a saga based on the real-life stories.

◆Chapter 1: Spiritual Interview with Carrie Fisher

1 Star Wars Episode IX and a Visiting Spirit

2 The Meaning of the Force

3 Star Wars and the God of the Universe

4 She Suggests Contact with Lucas’ Guardian Spirit

◆Chapter 2: Spiritual Interview with the Guardian Spirit of George Lucas

1 One of the American New Religious Teachings

2 Main Concept: The Pursuit of God’s Force

3 Star Wars is the Reality of the Universe

4 The Battle between the Light-Side and the Dark-Side

5 Who is Lucas’ Spiritual Teacher?

6 Influence from Kurosawa and Lucas’ Past Lives

7 Promoting People’s Awakening to the Space Age

8 I Might Be the “Pre-advice” of the Great Savior

9 What He Hopes for Future Space Movies

◆Extra Chapter: Spiritual Interview with the Guardian Spirit of Leonardo DiCaprio

1 Spiritual Secrets of Leonardo DiCaprio

2 Becoming Famous Worldwide

Tim Rifat #magick #god-complex #psycho #crackpot real-vampire.com

Until this Century Vampires® have been fictional. Now the modern day British Dr Dee 007 (trained by MI6 Magus Colin Bloy to take over MI6′s occult war machine) Tim Rifat reveals the real science of Vampires®. Until now only Psychic Vampires® existed. These Vampires® sucked out the Soul energy of others. That is because the Soul is left hand Pulsar, going in and out. The Psychic Vampire® pulls the outward expansion of the victim’s energy body into an inward contraction of his/her Soul. Psychic Vampires are always self involved hate filled individuals to tune the outward moving expansion of their friends with their morbid involution of spite. The physical Vampire® has been impossible since the physical energy body is right hand Circular Force. It does not go in or out so cannot be sucked dry by a psychic Vampire®.

With the 2012 Galactic Alignment change from Circular Force to Pulsar in/out Force, the rules have changed. The physical body now has a Pulsar expansion, contraction component that is taking over from the non Vampire® Circular Force physical body. Tim Rifat the Ipsissimus modern MI6 007 Dr Dee Supreme Magician and scientist has the power to change the energy body of the Real Vampire® so their physical body has a permanent contraction with respect to the expansion of all the physical energy bodies of every non Vampire®.

So as their physical energy bodies Pulsar expands outward the Real Vampire® contracts her/his energy body to pull out their physical energy. This turns the Psychic Vampire® to a Physical Vampire, a Real Vampire®. The Real Vampire’s® physical energy body contracts permanently in the Matrix – it becomes a black hole. This means that all the people you touch with your physical body get sucked dry of physical energy – automatically. As your physical energy body grows you suck dry anyone you see. Eventually you become an Ultra Gangster Real Vampire® energy body that sucks dry all the people on a continent. If you want to jumpstart the process read the Ultra Gangster Real Vampire® pages.

OCTOPATH CHIMPLER 2 #racist #conspiracy incels.is

200 nigger asylum seekers staying in a hotel at my town

on one hand i hate how jews and the government disprect its own cititzens and put foriegn niggers first

i hate seeing so many niggers speaking a backwards ass language i dont understand

but on the other hand i remember my own people voted for this is and stood idly when it happens, and treat me like shit anyway and betray me

all the normie couples who planned to get married in that hotel can get fucked.

it is clear the elites want niggers to shit everything up

General Alek #conspiracy #wingnut #psycho incels.is

(Talking about the recently-deceased rightwing-primitivist terrorist Ted Kaczynski, aka the UNAbomber)

Uncle Ted didn't kill himself

he was talked about on here a lot, shortly BEFORE he died, the feds noticed that he was becoming a living legend in the incelosphere, and they didn't ever want him to be able to interact with it

Colonel Knight Rider #conspiracy #dunning-kruger #god-complex deviantart.com

My name is Robert, alternately known as “Colonel Knight Rider.” Throughout my life, I have abided by one maxim above the rest: “Imagination is more important than knowledge.”

When I was a child, I was certain that, if I worked hard enough and studied video games and films hard enough, I could write a movie based on Nintendo’s Super Mario video game franchise better than the 1993 feature was. Unfortunately, I allowed Hollywood’s elite to take that dream from me because I was manipulated into believing I had no chance. Nintendo canon purists on an otherwise ghost town of a forum community insisted that Nintendo would not want another origin story film that does not follow the canon of the games to the letter to be produced. They conspired against me by choosing words they knew would appeal to my anger, and I fell for their trickery. Thus, I was banished from their now seldomly active community for refusing to submit to their groupthink. However, the trailers for the animated reboot I had long hoped to see have definitively proven these cyberbullies wrong. I feel both relieved that I never really was as crazy as they proclaimed me to be and disappointed that I missed the opportunity of a lifetime.

Angelamarie Ucci/Heaven & Healing Podcast #fundie #conspiracy #crackpot youtube.com


In the tenth episode of Heaven & Healing Podcast, I take on a huge topic: the evil of the music industry.

Throughout my teenage years and most of my twenties, I accredited music to saving my life. I idolized musicians, their lyrics and artistry to the point where I genuinely felt as though music was the solitary thing keeping me from suicide. I was depressed, broken and traumatized — and the one thing I found my salvation in was music. Of course, in hindsight, I recognize that the healing I was searching for in music could only ever be found in Jesus Christ, but back then I didn’t know better. That’s why this episode is such a huge deal for me: I am crushing my own idols.

In this episode, I explain the actual science of music — how the frequencies disrupt our natural bioelectrical currents, sending us into an alpha state where we lose our necessity to critically reason, thus literally having the capacity to change our character, sense of morality and spirituality. From there, I talk about what the Bible says God’s design is for music and how the devil has infiltrated that purpose as I go through the history of music and why 1953 is where everything changed for the worse. Of course, the history of the music industry cannot be discussed without the person responsible for inspiring it all: Aleister Crowley, a wicked man who rejected his parents’ devout Christianity by creating his own religion Thelema, a gnostic philosophy founded on libertinism. I break down how all famous secular music, from classic rock to modern hip-hop/rap/pop, stands on the pillars of Crowleian & Satanic structures — from the lyrics, to the symbolism, to the shows, to to the videos and how they use that alpha state to brainwash the masses.

We know that we are of God, and that the whole world lies in the power of the evil one.
1 John 5:19

The devil rules the world and the world controls the music.

It’s quite simple. Control the music = control the masses.

I close on a hopeful note, reminding you that God is sovereign and the Bible tells us that this music, the devil, and his followers, will be destroyed.

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Karim Ibn Rashid #fundie #moonbat twitter.com

As a Muslim, I support the Muslim working class from Islamic countries rising up and establishing a Communist Shari'ah Theocracy.image

DescriptionA group of industrial-era workers are knneling in a Muslim prayer pose in a factory, with writing in Arabic script (which I cannot read. @Aisha?). At the buttom is more Arabic writing, as well as “It is Islam and Islam alone that protects the working people” in German and French as well as the English sentence “Islam is the only supporter of the worker.”

Esther #magick #crackpot #dunning-kruger voyagesoflight.blogspot.com

There is thought, and there is Thought Form, and there is Manifestation. Manifestation is always in the eye of the beholder. So this time-space-reality that everyone is perceiving is nothing more than vibrational interpretation.

So the Thought Form of that which is man was set forth from Broader Perspective, and has continued to evolve by the experience of those who were having the experience here on the planet. And what you actually see as man or human is vibrational interpretation.

Now, did man come from ape? No, man was a different idea. So how does the idea of evolution occur? And we say: because the idea of each species was set forth, and as the experience of the species is lived, the idea expands. So the expansion is happening from the Leading Edge place and is supported from the Source Energy that flows everywhere the idea goes.

Excerpted from Billings, MT on 6/21/03

Our Love,
(and Abraham and Jerry)

Tragedy strikes again at Bastethotep’s family #announcement blog

This Thursday was Ascension Day, a public holiday in Germany, and my brother was home for the extended weekend. In the evening, he vomited profusely, and afterwards, he was suffering from loud-groaning pain in both the back and the stomach, as well as sweating intensely, so much that my mother drove him to the hospital. We were, of course, extremely worried, but at half past two, it was found to be just a bad lumbago and he was prescribed painkillers.

The next day, my mother drove them to the general practitioner so that he could get sick leave and reclaim the vacation day for the friday. Over the day, his pain was somewhat diminishing, but still great and moanful.

On Saturday, the pain was again a bit better, but he continued to be sweaty, and his eyes painful as he was unable to sleep. He had not eaten in this entire time, so my mother thought he may be hypoglycemic and used my glucometer on him. However, on the contrary, it was too high to measure. She called the ambulance. I had been going for a walk earlier and my mother had not realised that I was back, so I only heard from my room snippets of my mother talking about diabetes and telling my brother not to worry because it is very treatable nowadays, and at some point, the direction of what I overheard and the fact that my mother had gotten an immediate ambulant appointment for diabetes on a Saturday caused me to look what was going on and saw my brother in a gurney - I later learned that he had collapsed. My mother would afterwards drive to the hospital separately.

At the threshold of the hospital, he suffered a metabolic collapse. He was machinally resuscitated, but likely already suffered brain damage. At half past eleven, it was clear that it was extremely unlikely that he could be saved. My mother left me free whether to take a taxi or stay at home - after much agonising and many calls, we agreed that there would be nothing I could do for my brother, my mother or myself, so I stayed at home.

Tonight, at a quarter to two, he expired at only twenty-seven. He had been suffering from pancreatitis that had been going on for quite a while, but did not display the tell-tale labour-like pains. He had also apparently inhaled vomit.

I am thoroughly shaken and grieving, and I feel so alone and worried about my own health and burdened by being the only one left. My mother, of course, is absolutely broken, wailing and screaming in unutterable misery, and for the rest of her life, she will be asking herself if there is something she could have noticed, that she could have done to save him.

My brother was far from an easy person to get along with - untidy even by our standards, a picky eater, loudly arguing with the television, more than neglectful of any chores, seemingly unfazed… it is strange how strongly and how quickly even the things that annoyed us in life can become painful reminders of absence. But deep in his heart, he clearly was a good person, and recently, he had gotten a new job with much better perspectives where he had prospered - tragedy once against striking my family when things look to be going upwards.

Christian Dieter Wilm aka Kristallmensch Kristallwolf #magick #god-complex #conspiracy kristallkindchristian69.wordpress.com

Crystalwolf is in this dimension in which we are still living as the the densest dimension with its industry a crystalman more specifically this is also my shamanname Crystal for the crystaline being and wolf for the spirit aniomal the supreme soulbeing there are many ways in the chaos magic that connect this being with the being Wild that I got to hear about so much wshat fills me far more is what I read in the book by Sun bear so I could identify myself and that should be so for other true loyalty for the with pure love and integrity family friendship and the teaching there of is found in the wolf as the guardian of the gate in the form of the quarz as rose quarz in the element of water the Earth Gate its Pink colour is in as crystal is now all but impossible to find. Guardianship protection guidance as human iseven in the weakest conditions in which a crystalman can get into as a mutated being staggering which led to the necessary cleansing of the body.
I am Master of Life of Time of Light Master of the Cleansing of my body bereft of all my powers[…]

All power that would have made me Able to see to heal was ripped out of me you have watched have kept silent lied the limitless trusting love thus ended and my accustaion was born. The number sixteen is the number of difficulties and of the learning processes of the mental breakthroughs through the veils. It stands for teaching and advising.

Original GermanKristallwolf ist in der Dimension in der wir noch leben als die dichteste Dimension mit ihrer Industrie ein Kristallmensch genau gesehen ist dies auch mein Schamanen Name Kristall für das Kristallwesen und Wolf für das Seelentier das oberste Seelenwesen es gibt viele Wege in der Chaosmagie die dieses Wesen mit Wild sein verbinden das habe ich viel zu hören bekommen was mich vielmehr erfüllt ist das was ich im Buch von Sun bear gelesen habe damit kann ich mich identifizieren und dies sollte so sein für andere wahre Loyalität für die mit reiner Liebe und Aufrichtigkeit Familie Freundschaft und die Lehre darüber findet sich im Wolf als Hüter des Tores im Süden in Form des Quarzes als Rosenquarz im Element Wasser das Erdtor seine Rosa Farbe ist als Kristall kaum noch zu finden. Obhut Schutz Wegführung als mensch auch in den schwächsten Zuständen in die ein Kristallmensch als mutiertes Wesen geraten kann auch manipuliert schwankend was zur nötigen Reinigung des Körpers führte.
Ich bin Meister des Lebens der Zeit des Lichtes Meister der Reinigung meines Körpers entrissen meiner Kräfte[…]
Alle Kraft die mich Fähig gemacht hätte zu sehen zu heilen wurde mir entrissen ihr habt zugesehen habt geschwiegen gelogen die grenzenlose vertrauende Liebe endete damit und meine Anklage wurde geboren. Die Zahl 16 ist die Zahl der Schwierigkeiten und der Lernprozesse der geistige Durchbruch durch die Schleier Sie steht damit für das Lehren und Beraten

Anonymous Coward #71890145 #homophobia #fundie godlikeproductions.com

Homosexuality is an abomination to God

So what is homosexuality?

It is not "normal" sin, and I do not mean that it is any greater than any other sin because we all know that sin is sin and none is greater than the other and if you are guilty of one, then you are guilty of all as James 2:10-11 tell us.

But what I am saying is this; thieves hide their actions because they know that stealing is wrong; Murderers beg for forgiveness, not because they know that killing someone is the right thing to do but because they know that taking a life is wrong; the covetous know that it is wrong to covet; a man cheating on his wife doesn't ask for "legal protection" or for "special rights" because he thinks that adultery is the right thing to do, no, he hides his affair because of his own convictions of what is right and what is wrong.

The lgbt movement wants "legal protection" from anyone who might speak out against them but then they want the same "legal protection" so that they can speak out against those same people!

The lgbt movement wants everyone around them to accept and to say that there is nothing wrong with being gay and that they are 'normal' and 'born that way'. And what is sad is that while all of this is going on your children & grandchildren are being taught in school today that homosexuality is normal and that it is not a sin.

The lgbt movement wants Christians to say that their deeds, their homosexuals acts, are righteous and that GOD was wrong and The Holy Bible is just untrue. And that folks, is not normal sin!

CantEscapeYourFate #sexist incels.is

If you still want a girlfriend, you're not truly blackpilled.

It confuses me to the highest order how someone can take the black pill and still cry about not being able to get a girlfriend.

A girlfriend can only offer you sex or female validation, so if you want a girlfriend you either want one of those things or both of them.

If any of you want sex, just pay a prostitute.

Otherwise, you're just chasing female validation, which is absolutely retarded for two reasons:

1. No foid will ever love you. Even if you're a Chad, foids won't value the man himself, only his looks. If he loses his looks, she immediately takes back all the validation she gave him. So why would you give a shit about validation from foids when it depends on stuff that you can't control? It's absolutely retarded. It's like receiving credit for an assignment you didn't even do. You get nothing out of it because you didn't do anything to deserve it.
2. Females are: weaker than us, less intelligent than us, and less attractive than us if you remove makeup and male hormones from the equation. So why the FUCK would you give a single shit about validation from the gender that's inferior to you in every way? That's like a homo sapien wanting validation from a homo erectus. It's backwards and makes no sense.

This forum should be DISGUSTED by on the idea of relationships, female validation, and the idea of "ascending", yet all I see in here is bluepilled cucks crying about not having a girlfriend. It's retarded bluepill faggotry, and I thought we were supposed to be past this nonsense after taking the black pill.

Hire a prostitute and fuck that whore if you have sexual urges, but other than that you shouldn't need a foid for ANYTHING else, and you DEFINITELY don't need a girlfriend.

Rant over. I'm gonna start blocking you bluepilled cucks whenever I see you from now on.

Darren Mays #sexist #dunning-kruger twitter.com

They need to discuss with parents. Parents will usually want them to use pads or tissue paper until they are married and no longer virgins.

(Ana Filipe: ”You mean to tell me the issue with not providing girls TAMPONS is to safe-keep their virginity? 🤦🏽‍♀️. Most teen girls decide what they feel comfortable using & it’s 4 each family to discuss not a group of Republican men. Tissue paper? Nahh🙄”)

Yes, but teachers are giving them tampons instead of pads and making that decision for them. We're going to have a whole generation of women that are worn out before they even give birth. Save something for marriage. Just one thing.

Iamnothere000 #sexist #psycho incels.is

[LifeFuel] Based 17 yo sandcel student enriches 55yo foid teacher in deadly knife attack.

The boy’s name is supposedly “Sinan”. Other teachers describe his as “typical loudmouth”.

I can’t blame him tho, older foid teachers are salty because of fading looks and take this frustration out on the students (if they are not fucking them).

Also, teachers are a rather left leaning folk so they deserve everything that is done to them by those precious migrants.

!!!Allahu Akbar!!!

[ABC News - “Teen held in German teacher's death had 'problems at school'”]

Spongebozz #homophobia incels.is

Men who sit cross legged are fucking gay

What man sits cross legged ? No man.
Only faggots do that. I see increasingly more guys using this position for sitting.
I always despised this way of sitting and my balls are luckily too big to be able to sit cross legged.

Heartless (“ᛋᛋProud Americelᛋᛋ 卐Racist卐Misogynist卐Degenerate卐”) #racist #sexist #ableist #elitist #psycho incels.is

(In response to ”[LifeFuel] 12 year old foid raped and murdered.”)

Why do news articles always censor the picture:
imageLook at her, those shark teeth, jewess nose, and fetal alcohol syndrome face.... Who the fuck is going to risk their life to rape this. How fucking stupid. I empathize and understand when its someone hot who gets raped, because all men can understand that, but for some foid this ugly to get targeted... Just eww.

ImmortalicaLupos #magick #god-complex #psycho youtube.com

Shinso Vampire (V2) (Rosario + Vampire Subliminal) (POTENT)

Discomfort Immunity
Mucus Immunity
Phelgm Immunity
Sputum Immunity
Booger Immunity
Nose Packing Immunity
Excess Nasal Hair Immunity
Ingrown Hair Immunity
Cyst Immunity
Cyst Sac Immunity
Lipoma Immunity
Fibroid Immunity
Keloid Immunity
Tumor Immunity
Acne Immunity
Acne Scar Immunity
Pimple Immunity
Blackhead Immunity
Whitehead Immunity
Wart Immunity
Skin Boil Immunity
Dilated Pore Immunity
Dead Skin Cell Immunity
Dry Skin Immunity
Cold Sore Immunity
Skin Disorder Immunity
Skin Breakout Immunity
Hyperpigmentation Immunity
Excess Ear Wax Immunity
Excess Fat Immunity

Hybrid Physiology
Shinso Vampire Physiology
Have A Tremendous Amount Of Yōki
Immune To Dying From Overusing Yōki
Safe For You To Use Yōki
Regain Yōki Everytime You Drink Water
Regain Yōki Everytime You Eat Food
Regain Yōki Everytime You Sleep
Regain Yōki Everytime You Orgasm
Regain Yōki Everytime You Consume Blood
Yōki Detection
Yōki Conversion
Blood Consumption
Immense Strength
Immense Speed
Immense Reflexes
Immense Agility
Immense Durability
Immense Stamina
Immense Endurance
Enhanced Senses
High Speed Regeneration
Yōki Grants You A Terrifying And Immense Aura That Is A Darkness Darker Then Night
The Shinso Vampire Ability Of Creation
Power Theft
Wealth Of Power
Shapeshift Quickly
Shapeshift Safely
Shapeshift Easily
Retain All Of Your Powers And Abilities In All Of Your Forms
Blood Transfusion
Those That You Use Blood Transfusion On Are Always Turned Into Normal Vampires (similar to those from the rosario + vampire manga)
Excel At Deception
Mind Compulsion
Weakness Resistance
Eternal Youth
Immune To Dying Through Conventional And Natural Means
Age Empowerment
Master Hand To Hand Combatant
Master Marksman
Indomitable Willpower
Yōjutsu Master
Worthy Enough To Be Considered As A Dark Lord
Murderous Instincts
Psychic Shield
Magic Attack Resistance
Vampire Manipulation
Werebeast Manipulation

Be Badass
Be Fearless
Be A Hard Worker
Be Assertive
Be Extremely Clever
Be Charming
Be Charismatic
Be Ruthless
Be Relentless
Be Merciless

Have Intuitive Mastery Over All Of Your Powers And Abilities

(Video is the theme of the vampire scenario of the game Plague Inc. with someone whispering into it.)

missdelein2, lyrical_monica and Der_von_Romberg #transphobia #sexist #pratt twitter.com

Lisa Paus (Germany’s family minister, Green):
A woman is a person who identifies herself as a woman.

You can play all your stupid word games you want, Ms @lisapaus. Language does not create reality.
A man can never be a woman, no matter how much your language dehumanises women.

Who can according to this statement “identify as a woman”? Women? No. Why would they? They are after all already women. So? Correct: Men! Ergo: @lisapaus works for the cementing of patriarchy! This regression demands resignation! #ResignationPaus

Von Romberg@Der_von_Romberg
There is of course no patriarchy. So the blathering is nonsense. Otherwise: full agreement! Trannies just aren’t women! They are and remain: Men!

Original GermanSie können alle dummen Sprachspiele spielen die Sie wollen Frau @lisapaus
. Sprache erschafft keine Realität.
Ein Mann kann niemals eine Frau sein, egal wie sehr sie Frauen durch Ihre Sprache entmenschlichen.

Wer kann sich nach dieser Aussage als “Frau identifizieren”? Frauen? Nein. Wozu? Sie sind ja schon Frauen. Also? Richtig: Männer! Ergo: @lisapaus arbeitet für die Zementierung des Patriarchats! Dieser Rückschritt schreit nach Rücktritt!!! #RücktrittPaus
Es gibt natürlich kein Patriarchat. Das Gerede ist also Blödsinn. Ansonsten: volle Zustimmung! Transen sind halt keine Frauen! Sie sind und bleiben: Männer!

mara@räumtauf #sexist #transphobia twitter.com

I am for the abolition of the
#World’s Women’s Day
No one needs it, also, we now have these trannies that want to prescribe that this their day as well. All I can do now is vomit.

(Original German)
Ich bin für die Abschaffung des
Braucht kein Mensch, zudem uns jetzt diese Transen auch noch vorschreiben wollen, dass das auch ihr Tag ist. Ich kann nur noch kotzen