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The 1000 Year 4th Reich Begins On August 2, 2022 And Will Last Until 3022 - The Final 7 Countdown Starts This August 2nd, 2015
2:22 on the clocktower on the back of the 100 dollar bill and the Skull and Bones number 322 explained.

The Nazi occult elite had a timetable in mind in keeping with occult numerology for the birth of their New World Order - The 4th Reich.


Hitler came to power on August 2, 1934

On August 2, 1934 the 88 year timetable for the installation of the 1000 4th Reich started:

[link to i1056.photobucket.com]

Note that the SS insignia is actually the numbner 88.
1934 plus 88 years brings us to 2022:
[link to i1056.photobucket.com]
Note that the time reads 2:22 (2022)

The 4th Reich is to last 1000 years.
2022 plus 1000 years is 3022:
[link to i1056.photobucket.com]
Note the Skull and Bones secret society number 322 (3022)

The final 7 year countdown begins August 2nd of this year, hence all hell breaking loose for what some call the 7 year tribulation - the final 7 years when the remnant of the plan must be swiftly and mercilessly carried out in order to remain in accordance with the Nazi occult numerology and insure success.

Or so the Nazi's believe...

And to believe what this thread says is true, one must realize that practically all of "conspiracy-land" is a result of these plans, their authors and the slow incremental clickity-click of their machinations.

The Nazi quest for the installation of this 4th Reich never ended, and the entire history of the world since 1934 is a direct result of the slow, methodical and monolithic implementation of these plans.

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Joe "Pedo" Biden just called a lid on appearances until THURSDAY! PANIC! PANIC! PANIC! Watch the media SPINNNNNNN!

Hidin' Biden just has LOST the presidential election before all the votes were even cast.....

Poor Demented Fucker and his Meth-head Son will be indicted before the debate ......

Good try, you Democrat FUCKTARDS......

But you should have known better then to rely on Adam Schiff and Nancy Pelosi to try and take down "The Stable Genius!"

Let the weeping, wailing, and knashing of teeth COMMENCE!

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[Serious] I am jealous of children dying from cancer

Title. Just think about it... this little peaces of shit, are the center of attention, their whole blissfull little lifes. As if life is one big birthday party to them.

They will never:

- feel invisible

- suffer from depression, ptsd or loneliness

- worry about height, frame, face and what not

- experience bullying

- ldar for years or decades

- wageslave

- have oneitis rip their hearths out

- fully realise what they are missing out on

Everyone just pampers them from birth, until the moment they die. An entire team of experts makes sure, that they dont suffer more then they have to. Some will even meet celebrities or high level politicians.

If they somehow manage to hit puberty, iam sure some empathic stacy nurse, will at least let them touch their ass and/or show boobs to them. I wouldnt be shocked, if she even gives them a handjob or head. Well.. who knows, she might as well let them fuck her, so she can virtue signal to her chad boss.

This is real privilege.

Where can i sign up for that???

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(Submitter’s note: David Peters is an extremely prolific palaeomtology crank who started with fallaciously reconstructing pterosaurs according to artifacts based on photos alone and then declaring new family trees of reptiles based on these wrong misconstructions and a small set of characteristics. He then expanded to all of chordates - without adding new characteristics to his program. Of course, his theories are accepted only because of the narrow-minded fools in academia calling him mad.
Here is one of the more accessible pieces of his crackpottery.)

Rhincodon typus (Smith 1829; up to 18.8m) is the extant whale shark, one of the most primitive sharks, retaining similarities to Thelodus (Submitter’s note: a small jawless fish of the Silurian). Terminal jaws are essentially transverse. They contain 300-350 rows of tiny teeth and 20 filter pads, reminiscent of Thelodus and shark skin. This is the origin of teeth in vertebrates. The orbits occupied the front corners of the poorly ossified skull. Nares were inside the mouth. Open spiracles were posterior to the orbits. Although an open seas swimmer, the flattened shape of Rhincodon is a legacy from its bottom-dwelling ancestry.

Manta birostris (formerly Cephalopterus manta, Bancroft 1829; up to 5.5m in length) is the extant manta ray. Traditinally a derived member of the guitarfish, skates and rays clade, Manta nests here with Rhincodon, including an anteriorly facing mouth, nares inside the mouth, tiny blankets of teeth and a diet of planktonic prey. The cephalic fins are like the lobes of cownose rays, but detached anteriorly. So, what to make of this ray with a whale shark mouth, nose, eyes and teeth?

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[Serious] The application for joining this forum should be harder

Making the application to join here should include other questions other than just a brief summary of your inceldom. In r a p e y the application to join also includes other questions and makes you have to justify rape to join. Same way, the application for this forum should include questions like should foids have rights or other basic questions about the blackpill. Cucks who want to infiltrate this forum won’t be able to answer the questions properly and their applications will get rejected. Unfortunately people who want to join here just be edgy will still join but most infiltrators like journalists and cucks won’t join.

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[LifeFuel] What is best in life? Hearing the lamentation of the women about losing tbeir abortion rights

They're actually weeping at the thought of having to use birth control or carry a baby to term rather than murdering it.

FreeSkeptic, r/TwoXChromosomes

Conservatives are celebrating the death of a woman just because it might allow them to turn women into gestational slaves again

It's sick.

Meanwhile they could care less about the 200k COVID deaths, starving children, giving women the financial ability to raise children, pre-natal healthcare, LGBTQ people, uninsured folks, etc.

They're not pro-life. They're anti-choice, and in the case of RBG dying they're actually pro-death.

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Reminder every foid you pass is a rejection

You don't need "ice breakers" you don't need "mutual friends" or "muh social circle", for a good looking Chad every single time he's even in the presence of a foid he's already dating material to her and she'll try to make contact.

Every time a foid has been around you and ignored you entirely, or even maybe passively interacted, it was a rejection. Rejecting your genes as being too ugly.

So if you're a khhv at 20 you didn't get rejected by just the few foids who turned you down but thousands by now.

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[Blackpill] Everything we were taught as kids about virtuous character traits was complete and utter horseshit

Lies from parents

Lies from pastors

Lies from teachers

The kinder you act, the kinder you're expected to act and the more that family, friends, and coworkers try to exploit you

The harder you work, the harder you're expected to work and the lazier you're accused of being during the rare times you aren't hauling ass

The more humility you have, the more boring and aloof you're seen as being

The more honest you are, the more of an autistic, toxic, misogynistic, potential rapist pedophile you are seen as

The more compassionate you are, the more of a spineless pussy you are seen as

Chad is a lazy, lying, violent, sociopathic asshole and everyone loves him

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Hidden in Plain Sight Series | Ancient Civilizations Documentary Box-set | Mysterious Monuments

There has long been a fascination in Britain with the world of ancient Egypt. ... by some of the world's most flamboyant archaeologists, they make an irresistible package. ... of Egyptian material technology than of any other ancient civilisation. ... Pyramid building would have been impossible without strong ...

This evidence of advanced ancient technology defies belief, it has been ... this documentary offers proof our ancestors were more than advanced than we can ... wooden rollers, and soft metal tools to construct these marvels of engineering and ...

[Submitter’s note: Ellipses in original]

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[Discussion] Are white women made to destroy human progress? (Islam copers, they are coming for you next)

What do you think about this, that white women are nature's way of destroying human civilizations. I know some of you will say Jewish, but almost all of those Jewish women are white. White women themselves are also hugely disproportionally feminist.

If we look at the biggest organization, almost all feminist pushes were by white women. Achieving a traditional family is hardest for our white brothers today than almost any other group (other than blacks for reasons I might post about some other time) all due to feminism. We can never have a virgin wife that our lives our joined together with in a loving relationship and have a family with, especially if we are sub 4, meanwhile it was possible back then. It's over for us.

Feminism doesn't deal with facts or results of how it actually plays out, but instead to emotion points that sounds good when they are argued without anyone fact checking them. That's why anyone who goes against feminist talking points are censored, silenced, getting bombed (like back in the day), and even today MRA groups having their meeting disrupted by feminists pulling fire alarms and even threatening to set the area on fire.

Now for all the Islamcopers out there who think Islam will somehow save the west (cope), you are no match for white women's destructive power.
Their infestation has begun.

TransscriptPanel 1: Twitter post by A1 Jazeera English
"[We] reread the Quran with a focus on gender equality. Religious institutions are patriarchal, so we try and challenge the structure from within."
The Mariam Mosque in Copenhagen is one of the first in Europe to be led by women aje.io/gcaqt

Panel 2:
The Grim Reaper, labelled “white women”, is knocking on the door of “Islamic culture”, having already slain “[?]ome”, “western civilization” and “conservative America”.

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(Anonymous Coward 78489893)
HITLER tried to heal humanity and restart our corrupt system of international bankers.

He was on the right track to fixing the worlds problem.

(Anonymous Coward 79509617)
imageWhich is why the Bolshevist Judean bankers declared war on Germany.

(Anonymous Coward 78215030)
imageAs time goes on it becomes more obvious. The bankers run the world.

(Anonymous Coward 78489893)
This thread will soon be wiped from the net. Just good to know that the truth is still out there and they can never silence us.

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[JFL] Chad crying because a foid sucked his dick

TranscriptMales can indeed be raped.

I don't know if this is rape or sexual assault, either way here's the story:
(Note: I'm an italian 14-15 yr old.)
A week ago, I ended my friendship with a girl I've been friends for over 5 years. I had to do this rough cut because she raped me. A week ago, me and her we're having a sleepover, when everyone was asleep I suddenly woke up due to a funny feeling in my dick.
First thing I see is the only friend I trust sucking on my dick for no absolute reason, I tried to speak but she slapped my mouth and, i pulled her hand away and asked "What the fuck are you doing?"
She replied with: "Something I wanted to do for a long time." I said stop but she kept going, At this point I could take no more, I stood up and tried to take my phone from the table I put it on and call the police, but she grabbed my arm and pulled me down, next thing I know my virginity was gone as she just sits on my dick.
The story goes on as you'd expect, In the morning I went home as fast as I could, told this to my parents and they called the police.
I really need to talk to someone about this because this story is insane, even if I talk it deeper with my parents they will just turn it into a lecture like "Why didn’t you just run away?"


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As a European: I apologize for dogs. (Domesticationwolfdogpill)

Now we all know that the dogpill is true and that women fuck dogs. And for that I, as a Native European must apologize to the rest of the world. Fact is, we were the ones that domesticated wolves in the first place and brought this plague upon mankind. The more I think about it, the more I'm convinced that wolf domestication started with white/European women bending over for wolves.

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Lovevolution is the solution

The Unified Physics model dispels the idea of random evolution as creating humanity or a blade of grass for that matter inspired me to the new word as a more accurate concept representation of the forces of creation “lovevolution” I enjoy sharing with this word because it resonates with almost everyone it is shared plus can act as foundation in building an unified mind of science and spirituality. Lovevolution is the process moving to higher coherence. Great work and it is being done right here.

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They're not worthy enough to kill us.

In anycase I had to click off the site at the point where I ran into the unrepentant race mixing cuck assuring us how much he loves being with his nigger wife and how no amount of being called a nigger lover or a race traitor is ever going to motivate him to get the hell away from the she boon.


How can you guys go on reading this nasty shit?

These fuckers are ogrish and every other shock site that ever existed in sub human form.

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IRGC’s new device can help detect coronavirus in seconds

Iran’s Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) has unveiled a new technology that enables the detection and diagnosis of the new coronavirus within a 100-meter radius in just seconds.

The technology was inaugurated in Tehran on Wednesday, in the presence of Major General Hossein Salami, the chief commander of the elite IRGC force, which has joined the countrywide battle against the viral outbreak along with other ranks of the Armed Forces, IRNA reported.

The technology can detect infected surfaces and diagnose individuals who carry the pathogen within five seconds. It has been developed by the scientists serving the country’s Basij volunteer force.

The IRGC commander described the development as a “novel and singular scientific advancement.”

The device, Salami explained, generates a magnetic field that screens its surroundings, and is fitted with an antenna that points in the direction of infected targets upon detecting them.

Describing its plus points, the commander explained that the technology eliminates the need for blood samples. It can also be handled remotely from its targets.

These features make the device a suitable choice for mass screening, Salami noted, adding the detection of infected surfaces will make it possible to avoid unnecessary disinfection.

“This is an amazing scientific technique that has been tested across various hospitals,” the commander said, adding that the device’s accuracy rate stands at above 80 percent.

“The technology could set the basis for the detection of all kinds of viruses,” he added.

Across the world, the new virus has claimed more than 126,800 lives and infected above 2,004,800 others since emerging in central China late last year.

Iranian defense forces assigned all their relevant resources to the fight against the viral outbreak after its emergence in the country in February.

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Who rules the world? Who is behind Macron? Who has build him up in short order?

Who promoted the expansion of NATO to the borders of Russia? Who has pushed the neoliberal ideology into place? Who has invented and strapped in place that the nice word “reforms” is to be abused to implement the neoliberal ideology? Who has planned this speech convention? Who made sure that there are no progressive parties left to rule in Europe? Who has changed the once progressive parties from within beyond recognition? Who performed Regime Change in all countries whose government the West did not approve of? Who couped away Allende? Who killed the Kennedys? Who discovered and former Federal President Gauck as a candidate and pushed him to the top? Who rules the USA? Trump? The intelligence agencies? The arms industry? The finance sector? A bundle - or several bundles - of all of them. “Influential circles” - that’s how I called it once.

Original GermanWer regiert die Welt? Wer steckt hinter Macron? Wer hat ihn in kurzer Zeit aufgebaut?

Wer betrieb die Ausdehnung der Nato bis an die Grenze Russlands? Wer hat die neoliberale Ideologie durchgedrückt? Wer hat erfunden und festgezurrt, für die Durchsetzung der neoliberalen Ideologie den schönen Begriff „Reformen“ zu missbrauchen? Wer hat diese Sprachregelung geplant? Wer hat dafür gesorgt, dass in Europa keine fortschrittlichen Parteien mehr regieren? Wer hat die ehedem fortschrittlichen Parteien von innen heraus so verändert, dass man sie nicht mehr wiedererkennt? Wer betreibt den Regime Change in allen Ländern, deren Regierung dem Westen nicht passt? Wer hat Allende weggeputscht? Wer hat die Kennedys umgebracht? Wer hat den ehemaligen Bundespräsidenten Gauck als Kandidaten entdeckt und nach oben geschoben? Wer regiert in den USA? Trump? Die Geheimdienste? Die Rüstungswirtschaft? Die Finanzwirtschaft? Ein Bündel – oder mehrere Bündel – von allem. „Einflussreiche Kreise“ – so nannte ich das einmal.

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Incel laws.
These are laws made to minimize the suffering of the specie, and to protect incels and females.
They are to maximinze the health and happiness of both the incel and female.

1. Law of clothing. Girls must wear modest, non-sexualized clothing when out in public. The only exception are special areas such as beaches and specially designated areas.
a. This will help incels and females. Incels will no longer lust and feel bad. Females will no longer recieve sexual harassment from strangers.
b. If a female disobeys this law, there is no fines or fees. Just that anyone is allowed to touch her breasts or butt, if and only if she is wearing the clothes of a wh*re.

2. Law of murder. For every 1 murder, 1 year of prison. This may seem like a low amount of time, but in times of incel, males often fall victim to mental illness and do not behave rationally such as in times of prosperity. In times of prospoertiy, the punishment shall be higher, such as two years. Murder is evil and punishment is needed, however, one must realize that rotting in prison is cruel punishment.

3. No cruel punishment. Prisons will be coed. Males will consentually fuck other females, rather than raping other males. Males will get exercise, health foods to decrease mental illness, and computers for entertainment. Sex will use condoms and contraceptives so that criminal genes do not spread.

4. Racial equality. There should be a reasonable distribution of raсes in the leaders of each State and Nation. For example, if there are 80% whites in a State, then roughly 80% of the leaders of the state should be white. This does not have to be an exact number. For instance, if 10% of the population is mexican, then 20% of the leaders of the state as mexicans exceeds the reasonable amount of racial equality.

5. Cheating penalities. In order to prevent the crimes of false marriage extortion, cheating must be discouraged. For each instance of cheating, 5% of alimony is reduced. There is one exception, sexless marriage. If the marriage is incel, then the incel may cheat without suffering penalties. Furthermore, during divorce, if the marriage was proven to be sexless, the incel does not have to pay alimony. Furthermore, there is an alimony ceiling of 500k. If marrying rich, not more than 500k can go to the divorcee.

6. Monopoly. Not one raсe, tribe, or state should control all of the media. Rather, media should be divided into racial/tribal equality, according to the proportiions in law 4.

Justice #racist #conspiracy incels.co

Jews have betrayed india

When jews were being persecuted india took them in and gave them shelter and place to pray ect.

Come to the modern world and jews run hollywood and you see them making fun of india in the media and the movies. If I was a jew I would have picked Indians to be the sex symbols in the media and not black people to pay them back for generosity. Instead they made us even more incel.

"enter-TAIN-ment" #fundie godlikeproductions.com

EVERYTHING you see on TV and the Internet is designed to lead you away from God

Music is hypnotic and helps you lower your defenses so Demons can do their thing with you.

Perverse and Blasphemous images on the TV and internet are designed to corrupt your mind and heart.

Diversity is designed to put together what God has divided at the Tower of Babel.

Prayer in the Name of the Son of God, Yeshua/Jesus is the only defense you have. USE IT.

Leo Lyon Zagami #conspiracy #crackpot #magick #mammon #dunning-kruger amazon.com

Confessions of an Illuminati, Volume II: The Time of Revelation and Tribulation Leading up to 2020 (Confessions of an Illuminati Series Book 2)

Leo Lyon Zagami continues his masterful thisis of his former life within the Illuminati, “confessing” both his own role, and by digging deeper to expose the players and their control grid. He outlines the Satanic infiltration of Freemasonry, pointing out the generational aspect of the bloodline families. This book also outlines the many ways of defending yourself psychically against black magicians, but also against the many sects operating within the Illuminati Network.

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You’re not “awkward”. Awkward hasn’t any meaning. Women often are very weird, and awkward but because they’re women (they have a pussy and are primary sexual selectors) there’s no stigma attached to it. As a man you’re expecting to be everything, charming, funny, intelligent, etc.

In reality none of these things have any meaning. If a woman likes you, it’a pretty much looks first, mannerism second. This is separate from any potential aura captivating or anything of the sort.

Women are natural, because women with each other are hive minds that think alike. They sense each other’s similar views of men, and their feminine energy reassures each other when they’re with each other. Many women always move in groups of two or more.

How Do You Do, Fellow Kids? Award

If the letter writer is a former Democrat, I am Leviathon.

Deplorable QuantumLove #wingnut godlikeproductions.com

Open letter to all Democrats from a Democrat

I'm a registered Independent, and I found this interesting.

This is an open letter to all Democrats from a Democrat. I did not write this, but it needs to be shared...

I just have a few questions for you....Let me start with, I already know you don't like President Trump...that's a given, SO
let's move on from that...

How about the division of America....
Do you really blame Trump for that?

How about when NONE of the DEMOCRATS showed up for his inauguration? Don't you think that started the division? He hadn't even been president yet, and EXCEPT for Clinton and Obama, not one democrat showed up....Is that when Trump divided America? Can you imagine if the REPUBLICANS didn't show up for Obama's inauguration because they lost??? Can you even start to imagine what would have happened?

How about when 19 minutes after Trump was inaugurated, the Washington Post declared the IMPEACHMENT CAMPAIGN has STARTED? Was that when Trump divided America?

How about when Nancy Pelosi ripped up Trump's state of the union right in front of the world, showing complete disrespect for the President of the United States? Did that bring the country together and is THAT when Trump divided America?

How about when America had to endure, 3 years and over 30 million dollars spent on trying to PROVE that Trump only won because of RUSSIAN COLLUSION and NOT because America voted him in and 17 democrats did EVERYTHING in their power to PROVE that there was Russian Collusion...and came up with ZERO...?
Was THAT when Trump divided America?

(Submitter’s note: Conspiciously absent: Any source for this letter supposedly not written by the poster...)

Tenshi #god-complex #dunning-kruger incels.co

[Blackpill] have you ever stop to contemplate the fact that you possess posthuman tier knowledge?

Seriously, think about it. the fact that we possess some kind of knowledge that no human, as animals, should ever be able to have is amazingly scary. Many of us here are living literally without copes or superstitions. We're watching the world as crude as it gets, with no filters.

The average person have no clue about how things actually are. That's crazy.

Lv99_BixNood #wingnut #psycho incels.co

[Blackpill] People have no intrinsic value

I find it hilarious that in our modern society where everything is commercialized and evaluated according to the laws of supply and demand, people still believe in superstitious bullshit like that everyone has some invisible intrinsic value independent from their usefulness to society. This idea is promoted by the highest echelons of society and usually framed as "human rights", namely that everyone, no matter how pathetic their life may be, is entitled to basic rights just for being born as a homo sapiens. This idea that human life is valuable and worth protecting in itself is the ideological basis for all the bluepilled platitudes we get to hear daily:

"Don't care about what shallow women think, you are worth more bro :soy: "
"True confidence comes from within :soy: :soy: "
"Being a 30 year old virgin doesn't mean you're a loser, you just haven't found the right person yet :soy: :soy: :soy: "

In reality, everyone's value is assigned from the outside and regulated by supply and demand. The higher the demand for you is, the more valuable you are. Conversely, if the demand for you is zero, you are absolutely worthless. This also applies to the labor market: the value of your average wagecuck is very low as he can easily be replaced by millions of other people. The value of a genius CEO on the other hand is high, as he can not be easily replaced.

Want to know your value? Then think about how many women want to be with you, how many corporations want your labor skills, how many people in your life do you have to whom you are an irreplaceable existence. If your answers are "none, none, my mother" then congrats, you are basically worthless.

Wayne Dupree #wingnut #conspiracy rt.com

Here’s how November’s election could lead to a new Civil War in America. I pray I’m wrong, but fear I’m not

I believe the Democrats will resort to cheating and creating chaos in order to stop Donald Trump winning another four years in the White House. If they do, the result will tear our nation apart.

The Democrat leadership is well aware that their anointed candidate, Joe Biden, is suffering from rapid, advancing mental decline, and that, without cheating, they have no chance of reclaiming the White House. Is it possible that they can steal a national election? Ask anyone associated with John F Kennedy’s election back in 1960 in the state of Illinois. As a character in Oliver Stone’s movie, Nixon, said: “They [the Democrats] stole it fair and square.”

What surprises me the most about this election is we live in a fast-moving technology age in 2020, yet the Democrats want to use the antiquated system of the post office to mail in ballots. Why? Because it’s easier to cheat that way. And who will be counting the votes in places like Portland and Seattle, anyway? BLM or Antifa?

The Dems want to muck-up this election so badly that the Electoral College is unable to meet and declare a winner.

How will it go? Here’s my prediction…

The Dems will demand that Trump/Pence leave the White House until the election results can be sorted out. They’ll have Rep. Nancy Pelosi sworn in as a “placeholder” president until the vote count can be officially verified, which, not surprisingly, will never happen as long as Trump is winning.

Trump will refuse to step down and leave the White House, claiming that as the election results have not yet been verified, how can he be declared the loser?

President Pelosi (from her temporary “Oval Office” in a room in the basement of the House of Representatives) will declare Trump and all his supporters as “enemies of the state” (oh wait... she already DID THAT!) and order the military to evict Trump from the real Oval Office forcibly. Some military brass comply. Other military brass do not comply. This fractures the military hierarchy into competing factions, resulting in chaos (which is the whole point).

Democratic Party leaders order their supporters, who have already been besieging the White House en-masse since before the election, to storm the building by force and remove Trump, or to burn the place to the ground.

Republicans take up arms and head to Washington to “peacefully” protect Trump and prevent the White House from being overrun by rabid Leftists intent on burning-looting-murder.

And when those two opposing groups clash in DC, shots will be fired, and Civil War number two will begin. Leftist minions in every major metropolitan area in America will come out of their basements and make the current riots seem like a practice run. It will go badly for anyone unable to protect their home and family.

I hope I’m wrong about all this, but I worry deeply that it may well just play out this way.

Our only hope lies with the beauty of our Electoral College system, and my belief that the American people will ultimately choose the party of peace, security and economic growth over the party of division, rioting and socialism. And that they deliver a clear, big and uncontestable win for the Trump-Pence ticket.

The Democrats can cheat all they want in their tyrannically controlled states like California, Oregon, and Washington because they are going to win them anyway. But the other states, not so much, especially the red ones where people are watching. It's the purple battleground states like Florida, Pennsylvania and North Carolina (where both Democratic and Republican candidates receive strong support) which we need to worry about and have our people out in force to watch them.

I heard Hillary Clinton recently telling Biden never to concede. She still doesn't understand how the presidential election works. You can stuff ballot boxes all you want in Democrat strongholds but the Electoral College requires winning States and to some degree counties.

Democrats stuffed ballot boxes in 2016 and won the popular vote by over two percent but lost the election by 14 percent. You have to win States, not population centers, to capture the White House.

The desperation of the Democrats is clear for all to see. Everything they’ve thrown at the unsinkable and unflappable Trump has failed miserably. Everything from their Mueller Russian collusion hoax probe to the sham impeachment has fallen apart. Now with a solid record behind him, achieved despite seemingly impossible odds and rabid opposition, President Trump looks set to crush the Dems yet again in November.

It will be even sweeter this time around.

Personalityinkwell and FallenPrime #sexist #psycho incels.co

[RageFuel] I find it disgusting that if I ever got a girlfriend, she would have permission from soyciety to talk to countless men on her phone without me knowing
Let's think about this. If you ever get a girlfriend, she is obviously gonna have a snapchat, instagram, tik tok, whatsapp, etc. The amount of activity she gets on those in one day is more than any of us have gotten in our lives. All those men are offering her sex directly orindirectly, and she is flirting back and engging with them, getting emotional pleasure out of this. If you date her, its her right to talk to all these men, and it's none of your business mister :soy:

This is an absolute disgrace, this is what many people would call "emotional cheating", but guess what that leads to, PHYSICAL CHEATING. There is absolutely no reason she should get to talk to other men at all. The only men she should be allowed to talk to are her family members. When she talks to other men, all this leads to is her seeing me as some cuck. Sure, I might be seen as a "control freak" if i took her phone away, but i'd rather be a control freak, and pass on my genes, than have my girl cheat with some nigger bbc and have my son look like Scooby doo.

That is why women's rights need to be repealed. Letting women slut around with zero repercussions (in fact with encouraging them as well) will mean downfall of a civilization.

Anonymous Coward 78856509 #crackpot #magick godlikeproductions.com

Telepathy is the oldest thing ever

its in fish

its in microbes

its in everything

goes way back

swimmin around eachother, acting in unison and being aware of their surroundings

but yo

get this

im like selectively deaf and all my stuff doesnt always line up

i can speak but not hear your voices for the most part...

it exists in all of us is what im trying to say and in a way would be more shocking for it not to be real given the amount of time it has been accepted by not a mindset but a species as a whole...

Maguyver #conspiracy #wingnut godlikeproductions.com

If the Democrats win, it's one party rule from here on out.

They will grant statehood to DC and vote for Puerto Rico giving them four additional senators.

They will pack the US Supreme Court, turning that into a political institution.

The will eliminate the filibuster, on January 21.

They will eliminate the electoral college disenfranchising all of middle America.

There has been talk of dividing California up into 5 states to 'more equally represent the population.' 10 more senators.

These things have been in print, talked about, even voted on in Congress! It's not a secret or conspiracy talk.

If this election goes blue, the republicans will have NO voice. No way to stop the march to socialism. The march to having the government control your life.

I don't want any part of that. Vote Red and vote early.

Uncle Intel calling #ufo godlikeproductions.com

Incoming - Oumuamua was a scout craft - the rest of the hive are on their way
Intel is leaking out of some places, to the effect that the cosmic visitor, Oumuamua - was NOT a natural object, and that shit is about to get real.

Oumuamua was a scout craft - for a whole bunch of marauding, hive-type ETs - who like protein.

Now this is tricky - coz there are two competing factions of ETs already embedded on Earth - one of which is trying to start WW3, the other of which is pushing gold as a central standard currency metal (long story)

But neither the embedded ETs on Earth, nor our other allies in nearby space - are up to being able to stop these nasties from popping by and having a feed.

They are not evil - they are just hungry. Humans farm, kill, store and eat other lifeforms. We are no different.
It is just uncomfortable to realise we ain't the end of the foodchain - either physically or non-physically.

Hopefully most of the swarm will be distracted or deterred, but the scent of so much spare protein is expected to drive them into a feeding frenzy.

CERN is being readied to jump us to another reality version, but the problem they face is that the incoming swarm are in so many multiple future variations - that firing it up could cause us to end up in a worse situation, or, it will destabilize our sun - which is even worse.

I know every keystroke is read by AI, so can I just suggest to you guys that the CERN solution is not actually a solution.

We might just need to call in some favours, lose a few of the herd, and buckle up.

Heck, it might even cause unity amongst humans - something a lot of ETs fear more than the incoming swarm.




Delete after the next scheduled L4 sweep.




And just when you thought 2020 couldn't get any worse ...

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Only a fake mask can protect you from a fake pandemic

The pandemic is fake. Yes, people are getting viral infections (although none of the testing is legitimate because none of them can truly identify the specific infection.)

People are dying from non viral causes. What does that mean? Dehydrating diarrhea and vomiting are not caused by chest colds! Nor is dizziness, fainting or skin rashes.

It's time to recognise the real disease It's EMF Disease. NO MASK will stop EMF disease!

EMF Disease is caused by PULSED waves that come from such things as cell towers, Smart 'Beaters, microwave ovens and WiFi.

It doesn't matter if the wave is ionizing or not when it is PULSED. PULSED waves get you like an alarm clock that won't shut off or dripping water. Bit by bit, it drives your DNA nuts and slows down your cilia.

Wake up! Notice if when you're at WalMart or Target if physical symptoms flare up, including places where you don't normally hurt.

[first comment, posted by the OP less than half an hour later]
This message will keep slipping off the front page because it's too meaty for those of you addicted to your cell phones.

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"WhY dO yOu gUyS aLwAyS pOsT aBoUt WoMen???!!!1!!"

You'll get a lot of wahmen and cucks who complain about us, how we apparently are not going our own way because we "complain" about women.

To which, I ask them this question; why do religious people constantly read their bible or testament or other religious scriptures, even though they've probably read the whole thing several times already?

Same reason why MGTOW posts about divorce rape, false accusations, marriage statistics, etc.

Same reason why people write down their goals that they supposedly should know and refer to their notes constantly (because, you know, it's their life goals).

Sometimes no matter how devout you are, your conviction wavers as life throws bullshit at you from every direction, and you need to remind yourself of the path you're on and why you believe it is right. A Christian will pull out his bible and read a random passage from the book to enforce his conviction. MGTOW's scriptures are real-life stories from men who were destroyed by the system for no reason, case studies, science, and statistics.

MGTOW is the path to happiness, enlightenment, and the truth. However your sex drive is your biggest enemy as it draws you to women and off the path of MGTOW. Reading about divorce rapes, gynocentrism, watching MGTOW videos, and so on, are the equivalent to Christians reading their bible everyday.

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Incel Trait : Not hating Hitler.

While this could seem a political discussion the real point of the question is of a totally different matter.When in high school but even s little before I was puzzled by the hateful reactions of the males and the girl almost crying over anna frank.While I felt NOTHING.It was not to be edgy, I just coiuld not understan thre point of being so heated about people who died several decades ago.I thought eventually that maybe I was special and unique or even that they were faking it.

But just recently I tried to analize the teen dynamics that took place back then.

I was not special or other crap : I just did not feel myself as an actual part of humanity!!!The insults over my face and the eeewwws travelled through my brain so deeply that even if not noticing it on a rational level I stopped considering myself as a real human being.

There was ME and there was THEM and the jews were THEIR world and not mine, hence their vivid reaction vs my coldness.

But it is not only me,basically at least 30 if not 40% of incels are nazi sympathizers but the thing that corroborates my thesis even more is that even the non nazi were totally tiepid on the srgument.

IRL Hitler is the second strongeet taboo after pedophilia while on the incelosphere is a bad boy at most.That sneaky Hitler akways making his mom worry!!

While their pavlovian anti nazism is disgusting we must ammit that our reactions on the subject is pathologic and most likely caused by our feeling or being an alien specie.I bet most nazis who are decent looking followed a much more gradual path that the one we took.I admit being an Adolf sympathizer and surely an anti-sionist but the road that took me there was at least partially based on things nor really comforting.

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[Whitepill] Having a waifu > having a 3d gf

Go ahead, call it a cope. CALL IT A COPE. But know that by calling it a cope, you are the real coper here. You are coping because you can't deal with the fact that I mentally ascended and found real enlightenment meanwhile you're still worshipping 3d foids hoping they will give you a crumb of pussy some day. :lul: Meanwhile I lifemog even Chad because I have a perfect imaginary companion meanwhile he's stuck with flawed 3d foids, MEANWHILE 3d-worshipping incels are stuck with nothing at all.

Now you may say 3d foids are better because they are "real", but what does that mean? What is real about them? Their actions certainly aren't real. They're all fake. A facade to make you feel a certain way. No different than any other fictional character.

So all you can say is real is what? Their bodies. And that they have a real physical body is good for what? I say there are two reasons: the first is so you can look at it, and the second is so you can fuck it. Well the first is irrelevant because you can simply make a drawing of any fictional character and look at it as well, as well as creating images and fantasies of it in your head to give it any amount of life. This means that the only real advantage of a 3d foid is the second one: that you can have sex with her. But how valuable is that really? How unique is it? Is the physical sensation what makes it special? Then you can use a fleshlight or similar, so no I don't believe that is what makes it special.

So what is it? That you are having it with someone else? Another person? It fulfills some kind of loneliness or need for intimacy? I think even that need, with enough imagination, is fulfilled just as well by a waifu. When I masturbate and I fantasize intensely, the images and experience become real in my mind, the characters come to life, and suspension of disbelief is easy. The result is that, after I orgasm, I don't feel alone like I just masturbated. I feel fulfilled like I just had sex with someone I love. And is that really any less "real"? If my mind feels that I experienced sex, how is it any worse than if I experienced sex in "real" life?

Perception and reality are indistinguishable. Perception is what matters. Reality is irrelevant.

AnonAutist #sexist incels.co

What would foids choose?


transcriptchoose a bf

boy 1:
- part of "the boys"
- plays sport
- extrovert

boy 2:
- feminist;
- does not play sport
- introvert

boy 2 does not exist

Most foids will hate that they are inherently drawn to #1.

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2014 seems to be when everything went to crap both socially and media wise.

2014 was the year of GamerGate, which seems to be the first big SJW outing and when SJW's started to really infect everything. 2016 was when the dam broke with the USA election happened and stuff like MeToo became a thing.It also really let women go crazy with their sluttiness and their treatment of men. And based off what I've heard from other guys, it also ended a lot of trust and comfortableness men had around women. And yes I know things could get crappy in regards to this stuff before, but this seems to be when it started it's insane descent into where we are now.

aDrunkenWhaler #sexist reddit.com

I’m not sympathetic to the fathers who just “walk away.” To me, that’s the ultimate in cowardice and beta behavior.
Just saw a clip of a mother stork picking up her perfectly healthy baby and throwing him from the nest, to his death. The reason is to increase the chances of survival of her other 2 baby storks. Nature is cruel in that way.

Of course, we're not animals. But let's say you have a baby with a screwed up piece of shit woman that goes far and beyond to destroy your life and sanity, and uses your child against you without caring he's fucking him up in the process, explain to me, since you have no posibility to change anything, why is it the ultimate cowardice to walk away?

Why is it beta to not let yourself sucumb to a life of neverending drama and arguments, if not way worse? Because society told you from the time you were a baby that as a man you need to sacrifice yourself for "the right thing"? Why not focus on other things, like having a good life, building a family with a good woman and raising good kids that actually have a chance in the world?

Also, another food for thought, if your kid that turned out fucked in the head because of his mother commits some fellonies, maybe even kill a couple of people, and you could help get him released if you would burn some evidence, would you do it? If yes, why? Just because you shot some sperm on a one night stand at some point in your life?

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RageFuel] "Size doesn't matter"

Larkin Love wants Amateur Male Cock!

^ The link above will take you to a PH bideo where this (admittedly hot) roastie asks for you to send pics of your dick to her OnlyFans (redirected to via the site http://cockauditions.com), and the best dicks will have the chance to kickstart a male pornstar career.

Now, all of you know that bigger dicks look more attractive right (fuck you I'm not linking a study google it yourself)? And the average male pornstar has a dick of 7 inches, which is bigger than 80+% of the population right?

I thought I was on my way to recovery from inceldom. I said my shit looks won't matter if I get built and with maybe some plastic surgery, given my serviceable height of 5'9" (not 5'11" as I had previously stated) and that my inexperience with sex and my now-full-blown erectile dysfunction due to years of depression wouldn't matter if I played my cards right, but then this piece of shit comes along and says GOT A BIG DICK? SIGN UP FOR YOUR FREE MONEY AND SEX HERE

Fuck it, I'm gonna shoot someone in my middle age. I hate the world. See you in another 4 months, maybe.

2godbthegloryamen #wingnut thedonald.win

[Submitted for irony.]

Husbands: That ring on your finger is a symbol of your commitment to YOUR WIFE for as long as you both are alive. TURN OFF THE PORN and bounce your eyes from other women. Give your wife all of your love, & let’s stop contributing to the degeneracy in this world. BE REAL MEN. Set a good example.

ShySaxon (“Obergruppenführer of SS Division “Incelistan””) #fundie #crackpot incels.co

[It's Over] I hate this flesh prison

Life doesn’t start with you at the character creation screen. There’s no moving the sliders and choosing your race, changing skin tone, hair/eye colour etc. You’re a slave to your genetics. What you’re born with is what you’re stuck with. You never know how you will truly turn out until you hit adulthood but you get a good idea of what your shitty life will be like in childhood.

Being bullied for your height or your ugly face is prelude to your miserable adult existence. And it’s all because of your genetics. I never wanted to be ugly or short. I never had the chance to change those genetics to how I wanted. I never got to choose the difficult setting before I was born.

Fuck life and fuck genetics.