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[picture of an abandoned skyline reclaimed by the jungle]

The inflation is guided and the poverty planned

The dots are connected by this Gentleman in the scource . who was already smeared greatly by massmedia, "of course". :relaxed:
Enjoy? Do not look when your tired or something.
You're gonna have bad feelings and a hard time while falling asleep.

[Link to a video by Jordan Peterson where the ex-psychiatrist Lobster-Man “examines the current energy crisis, the globalist ideology that simultaneously fuels it while calling for the sacrificial demise of the poor, and what this truly means for Europe's future, if not the entire world.”]

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[Serious] Spics and Niggers should be exterminated.

They contribute nothing but crime and degeneracy to humanity.

Curries and Ricies are high IQ races.
Sands know how to keep their women under control better than other races.
Whites are well rounded and also most beautiful.

So the solution is clear; exterminate Spics, Niggers, and Jews.

DasFeuerDerWahrheit #conspiracy #wingnut #crackpot #dunning-kruger deviantart.com

Made jokes with friends just jesterday.

" The paralells to WW2 were not enough!

Somehow Poland must be involved in the shitshow as well. "

Fun fact is Hitler officially opened the war also with mobilizing against Russia.

How they slapped France in just 3 days or so happened as a side-effect almost, regardless of the beef Hitler still had with France because of the "Versailler Vertrage". :D

The false-flagging of the global Russian-haters is so pathetic.

It is wierd how no one is falling for this level of bs, but people are super divided about the possibility that Humans truly have so much influence over the climate.

Something which I also do not believe in. :woohoo:

And the vehicles among Humanity which have the most influence, ten-thousand fold more than simple CARS, are vast transportation & container ships which no average Joe has influence over anyway.


DasFeuerDerWahrheit #racist #conspiracy #wingnut #dunning-kruger #pratt deviantart.com

O' I tend to phrase things differently. ;)

Being racist is actually normal and inevitable. It is just the norm of being able to classify the ehtnicity of someone visually.

Everyone is a "racist".

But not everyone is a race hater. Big difference.

And I doubt many peopel truly care. It is only that the tiny, mentally ill minority of the collective left spectrum, has their ugly mug & existence so much more amplified than all other race hater groups combined.

Even white one's, or latino's or even such with Asian indivuals. B-)

It is just that the FED Mafia has decided it is the most profitable to antanogize white people now since they tend to have the most wealth which the "Elites" would like to "redistribute".

No matter how many pandemics, wars and climate-agenda's they have to push for it to happen until the working-class is finally as poor as those in 2nd and 3rd world countries.

This is the true goal behind just everything. :relaxed:

Colonel-Knight-Rider #moonbat imgflip.com

Daniel James "Dan" Schneider is a racist director, writer, and producer primarily for teen-targeted television programs on Nickelodeon. One such program is iCarly, whose eponymous character hosts a Webcast show with her friends in Seattle, Washington State. While the show may seem harmless on the surface, it has insulted, whether intentionally or not, multiple races, including the English (stereotyped as having unconditional contempt for Americans), the French (stereotyped as wearing berets and mustaches), the Japanese (stereotyped as overly-expressive), the Swedes (stereotyped as blond and beautiful), and worst of all, the Scots. In two episodes of iCarly entitled "iSpy a Mean Teacher" and "iDream of Dance," the character of Miss Briggs, played by obviously Scottish-American actress Mindy Sterling (as in Sterling Bridge), has her heritage booed in front of her: first on the Internet when she plays "Scotland the Brave" (incorrectly titled as "Haggis in Moonlight") on the bagpipes, and then in person when she calls a man named "Benjamin Yip," played by Stefan Raulston, to perform traditional Scottish Highland dancing (also incorrectly).

To this day, Dan Schneider has NEVER apologized for what he did to show contempt for Scottish culture in his twisted, insensitive style of humor. A good joke about another person's race involves love, knowledge, and appreciation of the race rather than ill-informed insults rooted in stereotyped perceptions and wanton heresay regarding that race. This image depicts him as a parody of racist German dictator Adolf Hitler with a swastika over his heart and a petite mustache on his upper lip. Also, it resembles a common artistic style appearing on many World War II propaganda posters

TruNews/Richard D Wiles/Robert F. Kennedy Jr et al. #conspiracy #fundie #quack #crackpot #dunning-kruger #mammon greatestreset.movie

The Greatest News
Beast Rising

This TruNews documentary was produced to keep truth alive in a world of propaganda. People like you donated to TruNews to help produce the film. Please join them by giving something today for future projects.

The Movie
Executive Producer:
Richard D Wiles

Prince Charles, now King Charles III, told the opening session of a World Economic Forum virtual meeting on June 3, 2020, that world leaders had “a golden opportunity to seize something good” from the coronavirus pandemic. The future King of England saw Covid-19 as the way to “reset” human civilization and to recognize “the interdependence of all living things.” Reuters reported that Prince Charles’ speech was “part of a launch event for ‘The Great Reset’, a project involving the WEF and the Prince of Wales’s Sustainable Markets Initiative, aimed at rebuilding the economic and social system to be more sustainable.”
One month later, World Economic Forum founder and president Klaus Schwab published his book Covid-19: The Great Reset. It was a manifesto for a radical restructuring of human civilization. Indeed, the world dramatically changed in 2020 and 2021. The globalists told us that mask mandates, mRNA gene-therapy vaccines, vaccine mandates, vaccine passports, school closings, social distancing, working from our homes, and online censorship of criticism of these things were part of the “new normal.”
The Greatest Reset: Beast Rising is a Christian response to the World Economic Forum’s globalists who think they were born to rule the world. Hopefully, this is the first film in a series of documentaries about the Greatest Reset – which is the Second Coming of Jesus Christ and the full manifestation of His kingdom. Christ is coming, but the Antichrist must come first.

Order your copy of the greatest reset dvd, shipping Winter 2022.

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ALERT: If You See THESE Signs Around Your Neighborhood- Get Away IMMEDIATELY- You Are Being TARGETED By This Jihad TERRORIST Group

imageA screen grab from ISIS’ Rumiyah magazine

Without a doubt, ISIS has changed the terrorism game. They’ve leveraged technology to initiate attacks in places that they cannot physically reach. In the past, a terrorist organization in the Middle East would have to recruit, indoctrinate, and train members in the their locale, and then try to sneak them into whatever country they wished to target.

Now with social media and the internet, they can provide propaganda and training materials to millions of people who are already living in Western nations, and convince at least some of them to conduct attacks on their behalf. This way is much safer, easier, and more efficient for terrorist organizations.

And it’s opened the door to a wide variety of terrorist attacks that no one would have considered 20 years ago. Where once terrorist organizations were focused on grand gestures, like hijacking airplanes and blowing up buildings, now they can simply brainwash some dupe over the internet, and he’ll go out and shoot up a nightclub. But that’s just the beginning. The kinds of attacks that these people are pushing now look a lot less like 9/11, and more like the behaviour of a serial killer.

For instance, the latest issue of Rumiyah, an online magazine published by ISIS, is urging Muslims in Western nations to target civilians in a way that has never been discussed before. ISIS is telling them to lure and kill unsuspecting people through false advertisements for jobs and apartments. Several chilling quotes from Rumiyah were recently brought to light by the Middle East Media Research Institute:


The article suggests that websites like Craigslist, Gumtree, Loot, and Ebay could also be used to post these ads. The author recommends that terrorists shouldn’t advertise items like cars, which wouldn’t “require the victim to enter one’s property,” and he suggests that the ads shouldn’t low-ball prices, “as this can attract the attention of authorities searching for stolen goods or possibly attract other suspicions.”

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Soul Master: How you unleash your soul powers and make the Universe your ally

Imagine that you could not fail and that the Universe gives you 100% support in your mission. You live in harmony with your creative soul and out of a sudden, all cosmic forces go into resonance with you. How does that feel?

Maxim Mankevich, Speaker and expert for Success-Knowledge, already has inspired thousands of people and accompanied them on their path to personal excellency. He knows the laws of the Universe and makes them useable for everyone in Soul Master. His thesis: The Universe supports us without reservation once we bring ourselves in harmony with our soul task. We discover our radiant core and awaken our inner genius step by step.

This audiobook is a treasure chest full of practical tools for different areas of life: [psyche/soul], relationship, calling, money, [happiness/luck]. environs, spirituality, consciousness and creation. Included online course and numerous tests, checklists and meditations.

Original GermanSoul Master: Wie du deine Seelenkräfte entfesselst und das Universum auf deine Seite bringst

Stell dir vor, du kannst nicht scheitern und das Universum unterstützt dich zu 100 Prozent bei deiner Mission. Du lebst im Einklang mit deiner schöpferischen Seele und auf einmal gehen alle kosmischen Kräfte mit dir in Resonanz. Wie fühlt sich das an?

Maxim Mankevich, Speaker und Experte für Erfolgswissen, hat bereits Tausende von Menschen inspiriert und auf dem Weg zu ihrer persönlichen Exzellenz begleitet. Er kennt die Gesetze des Universums und macht sie in Soul Master für jeden Menschen nutzbar. Seine These: Das Universum stellt sich uneingeschränkt hinter uns, sobald wir uns in Einklang mit unserer Seelenaufgabe bringen. Wir entdecken unseren leuchtenden Kern und erwecken Schritt für Schritt unser inneres Genie.

Dieses Hörbuch ist eine Schatzkiste voller Praxis-Tools zu verschiedenen Lebensbereichen: Seele, Beziehung, Berufung, Geld, Glück, Umfeld, Spiritualität, Bewusstsein und Kreation. Inklusive Online-Kurs und zahlreichen Tests, Checklisten & Meditationen.

Spacergirl003 #transphobia #wingnut deviantart.com

I may not be agreeable with the whole LGBWTF- (I'd rather not say the last three, because we all know what that means and the actual term itself is super long anyway and the '-' means no respect toward anyone's opinion of them), and it's tough to be acceptable toward anyone from that community without sacrificing your own spiritual integrity, but even I would do simply this: respect the person for any identity under the sun and see each other as humans with skills, thoughts and hearts even. I've known one at my work who used to work with us there and I go to a community college where inclusivity and diversity is a thing (just not as invasive or disrespectful as Twit Show Schitter site).

The problem with the LGBWTF- (if not most) and other SCB (Social Cry Babies) twats is that they don't even know what respect, consideration or even tolerance means anymore or if ever. All they ever know is their skin, sexual organs, pronouns, and the whole 'stunning and brave' crap. Do I need to say more about woke culture and Hollywood? Heck no! It's far too draining and I would rather focus more on my class projects and writing [irrelevant overly long description of Frozen fanfic].

Small Name, Big Ego Award

Simon Charles Smith #dunning-kruger #conspiracy amazon.com

Simon Charles Smith is a mathematics and physics graduate. He’s been a maths teacher, political activist, retired local councillor, and captain of Warwickshire’s county chess side. He has sufficient scientific background and political insight to realise that mainstream funded science is as dismal as our economic and financial system. He argues the case we don’t need to be scientific geniuses to know we are being lied to and manipulated by the media to serve the purpose of the misnamed "elites" in moving towards a neo-feudal world; a world over which, they hope to rule supreme...

Books by Simon Charles Smith
- Fake Aliens and The Phony Nuke World Order 29.07.2018
- Covid 1984 Cornwall 2020: Two Weeks Camping In Treen 07.10.2020
- TH€ CUR$€ OF $KINWA£K€R RANCH 28.09.2022

Jeffrey Joseph Wolynski #crackpot #dunning-kruger vixra.org

Expanding Earth, Semi-Aquatic Dinosaurs, Earth Atmosphere in 3-5 Bar, Exoplanets and Stellar Metamorphosis

Some information is tied together regarding expanding Earth, stellar metamorphosis, semi-aquatic dinosaurs, exoplanets, Earth’s atmosphere and the idea that the Earth was covered by large shallow seas at one point in its evolution. This is to tie together some really big ideas which make more sense than currently taught plate tectonics, nebular hypothesis, land dinosaur theory, and the idea that Earth has remained this way almost its entire existence.

Stephen P. Smith #crackpot #magick vixra.org

Color Afterimages as Innate Memories as Hypothesized by the Mirror Universe Theory

This paper considers two explanations for negative color afterimages: that they are the result of overstimulation of the retina, or that they are a result of training and are part of an innate memory that begins in the retina. Moreover, the innate memory hypothesis comes with an additional speculation that innate memories are part of a mirror universe and have a panpsychist origin. By measuring the duration in one person’s experience it was found that a 40-second exposure to blue comes with a yellow afterimage that lasted 35 seconds. This was only 4 seconds longer than the afterimage that followed eight 5-second showings of blue that were separated by seven 5-second refractory periods that showed white light. That is, the skimpy 4 seconds did not impress given the claim that overstimulation causes afterimages and given the whopping 35 seconds (7×5) of refractory time allotted to the alternative. Because the seven refractory periods also came with afterimages, the cumulative duration of afterimages was actually 66 seconds and this provides a stronger contradiction of the explanation based on overstimulation. Furthermore, a 5-second showing of blue generated a 10-second afterimage, a 200% increase over the showing of blue. However, with more stimulation the 40-second showing of blue generated an afterimage that was only 87.5% as long as the stimulation time. Taken together, these demonstrations marginally support the memory explanation, but there remains room to disagree.

Ronaldo Fryman Award

for Wildest Gender Theory

GENERAL EYES #enbyphobia #transphobia #ufo #conspiracy #crackpot abovetopsecret.com

Is the Gender Identity Movement Preparing Us for Aliens?

I keep thinking about the wealth of influence the Gender Identity crowd has had lately.

Over 53 varied gender explanations, a wealth of Neo-Pronouns (and more coming every day) and all I can think about is if this is some sort of soul migration of beings who are, at least currently, in human form (Starseed Theory) preparing us for eventual alien disclosure and the Non-Binary is just how they self identify as their previous incarnations had no sex characteristics, as they were mainly cerebral in nature.

Is this a possibility and one reason the Powers That Be are so intent on changing the traditional terminologies to suit the coming of this new breed?

I mean, it sure seems like a lot of effort to appease such a vocal minority, but if this is in preparation for an Alien Contact Scenario, what are we supposed to do with an entire race of beings who don't seem to contribute anything to society other than trying to mandate forced compliance measures to suit their particular ideologies and self-affirmations in a Gender Nondescript capacity?

Do these Newcomers offer anything of value to the Human Sphere aside from Gender Constructs?

What do you think?

Am I going too far in trying to understand the sudden onslaught and reaction to this phenomenon or do I just have aliens on the brain?

Looking forward to hearing your opinions on this one.

GLPers #conspiracy #quack #dunning-kruger godlikeproductions.com

Scientists Have Discovered a New Set of Blood Groups (Vaxxed?)

[Article extract omitted]

"Strange antibodies" Well then.. They are discovering all types of new antibodies and types of blood now all the sudden? Wonder why?

Interesting read.

(AC #84292080)
Explains the massive uptick in miscarriages.

By design? I think so.

Poor lady though.

Of course they're going to try to paint this as normal.

Just like hot showers cause heart attacks and it's normal for young children to have heart failure.

Anything to normalize what's happening.

The fact you can't see this is the reason society is at the impasse.

It's people like you that make vaxtards possible.

(AC #78551315)
That's like blaming a chef at a restaurant for making you fat.

Nobody forced you to get mRNA jabbed....oh wait, I take that back....Joe Biden did force you.

Carry on, Moveon.org stalwart.

(Justin Castro)
3 new blood types discovered so far are Clotted, Semi Solid & Solid.

(Tie Nylon)
"Just like healthy adults suddenly dropping dead, these "new" blood groups have actually been around for thousands of years..." - Your doctor, probably.

zakaria_shalih aka Masonicon #crackpot instagram.com

[Meme of the “Change My Mind” guy]
"Petrols are must formed
from dinosaur remains”
thing are little rmre tham mere
excuses to make Precursors'
civilizations impossible fantasies

Another shitpost about #silurianhypothesis

The myth is: petroleum(which's can be lifeblood for modern civilizations) must be formed from dinosaur remains so this make tens to hundreds million-years old ancient civilizations impossible IRL

The fact is: Even during age of Dinosaurs, there enough fossil fuel deposits(albeit predominantly petroleum) for Precursors themselves to start their industrial revolution during mesozoic era. They just punished from burning petrols by Jurassic-Cretaceous extinction event(which prompts their use of #ormus based technologies)

Heretic #sexist #kinkshaming incels.is

[Toxic Femininity] Kissing women is cucked.

The modern woman, by the age of 20 years, has experienced at least 5 sexual relationships with men if varying qualities. This does not even account the amount of casual sex that women seek out and endorse.

Imagine all of the nuts that have been blasted on the common foid's face. Imagine the sheer volume of semen that has coated the lips of the average foid.

Would you want to kiss an anus covered in feces? I certainly wouldn't. The lips of the modern female have been in very perverse and salacious places, they are not to be adored and desired.

Not only is kissing cucked because of the emasculating position that their "enthusiasts" are placed within, but the act of kissing insinuates the presence of a superficial values in a woman, values typically affiliated with maternal figures and good wives.

A woman who loves one man is corrupted further with all proceeding men she comes to love. (I am referring to acts of sexual love)

Remember comrades, never kiss a female.

Prostitutes especially.

No semen flavored kisses for you inkwells!


CopyNinja87 #crackpot #conspiracy #fundie #quack #magick #dunning-kruger godlikeproductions.com

Pole shift / Revelations / Soul Trap Matrix / New Age Ascension - My unified theory

After 15 years of research on conspiracy theories, I have come to this conclusion.

Every 3000 years there is a cataclysmic event known as the pole shift. Our planet’s electromagnetic field resets. The reason for this event is that the earth has a scheduled defense mechanism that wipes out all technology and civilization that does not live in harmony with nature. The severity of each reset is determined by how much injury has been done to the earth's environment.

In the Bible revelations chapter, the pole shift is described by the seven trumpets, bowls, and seals. Together they depict the types of damage the earth will go through during this time. Rapture is nothing more than the suspension of gravity as our electromagnetic field resets.

The demiurge controls this world using a soul trap matrix simulation. The desperate push for vaccines by the cabal (who work for this false god and his archon servants) is because the vaccine prevents souls from ascending to the 5th dimension. Those who take the dna changing vaccine will “sell their soul to Satan”, meaning they will serve as batteries for the Demiurge forever, just like in the movie The Matrix.

Those who refuse the vaccine but are of too low a vibration will remain in the 3D realm and rebuild civilization. The ones who die during this time will travel to the appropriate layer of the dimension where they belong (lower, middle, or upper astral 4D). In the 5th dimension, there is no ego, and the real free universe is available to you. Telepathy, telekinesis, and creation with thoughts run the 5D realm. Our world operates on a cycle of eight ages: Iron, Bronze, Silver, Golden, Golden, Golden, Golden, Golden. Yes, the first three ages are followed by five Golden Ages, each age lasting 3000 years. These metallic ages also correspond to the Astrological Ages, each lasting 2000 years. We are currently living in the Age of Pisces soon to transition to the Age of Aquarius. Affairs in the physical are affected by affairs in the ethereal. We are ruled by cosmic events. As above so below.

The goal of the cabal is to control the destination of our souls for their own benefit. With this knowledge you can now make your own decision on where to go.

Sungaze_At_Dawn #conspiracy #wingnut #quack godlikeproductions.com

Did they think it was better to have Biden murder countless people with the shots or have exposed the fraud and not allowed it in 2020 and risked a civil war and actually manned up and suppressed the riots when they got out of control.

Trudeau suppressed peaceful protests, but the judges couldn't have done their jobs and overturned those states and they couldn't have suppressed violent riots?


The point is this, [Trump] may be the hidden president, but something really bad occurred instead of doing the right thing in the open as it should have been.

Various Anonymous Cowards #racist #psycho godlikeproductions.com

(Anonymous Coward #75425695)
Dual citizens and their friends. How do we expel the parasites?

Anyone have a feasible plan to do this?

Our nation can't begin to heal until we get rid of them.

(Anonymous Coward #72450935)
Start with abolishing the financial system. They will flee somewhere else they can commit usury.

(Anonymous Coward #83620577)
One at a time and without telling ANYONE you are going to do it.

(Anonymous Coward #83250315)
Make baby penis mutalation illegal.

(Anonymous Coward #83840059)
Gun or rope

(Anonymous Coward #75394013)
It's been done at least 109 times before.

Let's make it 110!

(Anonymous Coward +83250315)
Close Chinese Restairaunts on Christmas day

The_Real_PMC #sexist #pratt #dunning-kruger reddit.com

All feminists are like that, all feminists hate men period. Feminists are allied with each other and enable each others hate.

Transcript[Panel 1]
[Panel 2]
-Pauline Harmange-
[Panel 3]

christian #conspiracy #fundie #homophobia godlikeproductions.com

Why are they determined to codify 'Same Sex Marriage now? Might it have something to do with the Marriage of the LAMB?

The Church is betrothed to Christ much the same way as the wise virgin in the parable. All Christians should be watching and waiting for the appearance of the Bridegroom the Lord Jesus (2 Timothy 4:8).

The second phase picture, when Christ comes to claim His bride and take the Church to the Father’s house. The Marriage Supper follows as the third and final step and is a glorious celebration of all who are in Christ Jesus.

Bride Hitchhikes to Her Own Wedding-Her name is ANATASIA

[Embedded video: “Bride Hitchhikes to Her Own Wedding”]

ANATASIA means Resurrection...

Jul 20, 2022 ‘I’m late for church’ — After three ride shares canceled on her, this bride was finally able to hitch a ride to her own wedding with a kind stranger...

Anatasia invited some to her wedding but they refused as they had other plans or were to busy...

Matthew 22:3

He sent his servants to those who had been invited to the banquet to tell them to come, but they refused to come.

Hokmacel #psycho #crackpot #wingnut #dunning-kruger incels.is

[Serious] Give up your weakness brocels, Deep inside most of you are warm hearted larpers, Empathy is weakness, To enhance your life you need to crush others.

Thats all i can say, Since i embraced my selfish side everything for me changed, Love is not real, Humans use other humans, Life feeds on life, Stop idealizing relationships, In the end if you all want to change your lives you need to crush people weaker than you and steal resources from them, Material or inmaterial, It doesnt matter, Start with evil deeds little by little and i promise you all that this will lower your inhibition and make you stronger.

Thats all i have to say for this day, You live only once, Remember that. :panties:

And if you are too crippled mentally by depression try nootropics.

MuddyBuddy #conspiracy incels.is

[RageFuel] Couple hugged/kissed only when they saw me

I notice couples will do this sometimes. They will hug or kiss only when they know others are watching. It's infuriating. Just today this one couple was just walking, not even holding hands. Only when the foid looked up and saw me did she grab her BF hand and then they kissed and hugged as I walked by. I hate mother fuckers who do this shit. They only do it to show off and make others miserable. I hope they both fall in an active volcano :feelsree::feelsree::feelsree::feelsree::feelsree::feelsree::feelsree:

Anonymous Coward 47063680 #wingnut #homophobia #transphobia godlikeproductions.com

LGBT ‘propaganda’ faces complete ban in Russia - Russia gets it - America needs to do the same!

It's time to end all this Gay Pride Month insanity and all the idiotic LGBT indoctrination and "propaganda" now in America. The Russians and many other countries know the terrible damage this LGBT movement is causing. LGBT is promotion of mental illness as normal and promotion of deviance as desirable.

[Russia Today: “LGBT ‘propaganda’ faces complete ban in Russia”]

U B Mad #crackpot godlikeproductions.com

All Stories Of Leprechaun's ,Fairie's And Elve's Are About The African Twa (Pygmies) Of Africa Who Lived In Ireland Before Celts Invade

Yes, the Twa are the short Africans who were the first to sail the globe and occupy every continent.

All of the stories of Faeries, Leprechaun's and Elves are about the Twa or Pygmies who the Celt invaders from the North slaughtered and drove to extinction more because they could then over race since Race as a concept didn't really exist.

The Twa sailed, traded and lived traveling from continent to continent which would explain the Irish lust for their gold.

I know of no Gold mines in Ireland if there are they would be few and not enough for them to be associated with short mischievous people.ter them came the tall Africans who then colonized the continents the Twa had already inhabited.

The Twa were deified by the African people all around the world as being Wise, protectors of Women and Children, mischievous and Intelligent.

All of the stories of Faeries, Leprachaun's and Elves are about the Twa or Pygmies who the Celt invaders from the North slaughtered and drove to extinction more because they could then over race since Race as a concept didn't really exist.

The Twa sailed, traded and lived traveling from continent to continent which would explain the Irish lust for their gold.

Helen Wohlgemuth #magick amazon.com

Learn Aurasight: A practical guide to training your clairvoyant abilities (Everyday Spirituality, volume 1)

Did you know that your aura appears yellow when you think about something intensively?

In this book, you will find the most important facts about auras.

* Structure of the aura

* Connection to the Chakras

* Description of the individual layesrs
* Protecting and strengthening the aura
* Animal auras

Learn how an aura is structured and the characteristics of each layer.
Sharpen your perception with 20 exercises that you can easily integrate into everyday life and learn how you, too, can see Auras. You will be astonished at the changes aurasight will bring to your life, because you can use it to explore yourself and the feelings of other peole.

Discover the world on its subtle energy plane!
Includes bonus material: The book contains two free meditations in MP3 format
Note: Some people see auras in the literal sense, while others feel the aura. Both variants of aurasight are possible and very common.

Original GermanLerne das Aurasehen: Ein Praxisbuch zum Trainieren deiner hellsichtigen Fähigkeit (Spirituell im Alltag, Band 1)

Wusstest du, dass deine Aura gelb erscheint, wenn du intensiv über etwas nachdenkst?
In diesem Buch findest du die wichtigsten Fakten rund um die Aura.

Aufbau der Aura

Die Verbindung zu den Chakren

Beschreibung der einzelnen Schichten

Die Aura schützen und stärken


Erfahre, wie eine Aura aufgebaut ist und welche Eigenschaften jede Schicht hat.
Schärfe mit 20 Übungen, die du ganz einfach in deinen Alltag integrieren kannst, deine Wahrnehmung und lerne, wie auch du Auren sehen kannst. Du wirst staunen, wie das Aurasehen dein Leben verändern wird, denn du kannst es nutzen, um dich und die Gefühle anderer Menschen zu erkunden.

Entdecke die Welt auf ihrer feinstofflichen Ebene!
Inkl. Bonusmaterial: Das Buch enthält zwei kostenfreie Meditationen im Mp3-Format
Hinweis: Manche Menschen sehen die Aura im wahrsten Sinne des Wortes, andere wiederum fühlen die Aura. Beide Varianten des Aurasehens sind möglich und weit verbreitet.

Lisa Mestars #crackpot #magick amazon.com

Successful and happy with Human Design - Live your authentic energy

Why does one so often in life, especially professionally, tread water futilly, have the feeling that everything feels somehow wrong, despite lacking neither a good education nor a plentitude of self optimisation courses and advanced training? Because every person is unique, so one-size-fit-all offering do not really help. Human Design is the key to finding a way to sucess and fulfilment tailermade for oneself.

Human Design combines modern scientific findings from quantum physics with humanity’s four great systoms of wisdom: Western astrology, Chinese I Ging, Jewish Qaballah and the Far Eastern teaching of the Chakras. Via the dates of birth, we gain through freely available sites our pesonal chart showing all our strengths and weaknesses, our inner magic and that which we are ardent about. Thus, we are suddenly able to distinguish betweem that which corresponds to our True Self and that which is nothing but conditioning. With this book, one manafes to excavate one’s one personal potential like a trasure and to realise it. Thus, almost magical changes become possible!

Original GermanLebe deine authentische Energie
Warum tritt man im Leben, speziell im Beruf, so oft auf der Stelle, hat das Gefühl, dass sich alles irgendwie falsch anfühlt, obwohl es weder an einer fundierten Ausbildung noch an zahlreichen Selbstoptimierungskursen und Fortbildungen fehlt? Weil jeder Mensch einzigartig ist und daher Angebote von der Stange nicht wirklich helfen. Human Design ist der Schlüssel dafür, den für sich maßgeschneiderten Weg zu Erfolg und Erfüllung zu finden.

Human Design verbindet moderne wissenschaftliche Erkenntnisse aus der Quantenphysik mit vier großen Weisheitssystemen der Menschheit: der westlichen Astrologie, dem chinesischen I Ging, der jüdischen Kabbala und der fernöstlichen Chakrenlehre. Anhand der Geburtsdaten erhalten wir über frei zugängliche Webseiten unser persönliches Chart, das all unsere Stärken und Schwächen, unsere innere Magie und das, wofür wir brennen, zeigt. So sind wir plötzlich in der Lage zu unterscheiden, was unserem wahren Sein entspricht und was lediglich eine Konditionierung darstellt. Mit diesem Buch gelingt es, das eigene individuelle Potenzial wie einen Schatz zu heben und zu verwirklichen. So werden geradezu magische Veränderungen möglich!

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Anonymous Coward #76168416:
I divorced because I can't take woman's bullshit anymore
Life is perfect. But somehow she'll find a way to whine. It is not worth anymore. Women are never happy.

Anonymous Coward #80986584:
You not man enough to keep woman in her place

Anonymous Coward #76168416:
She wants to fight. I'm not gonna hurt her physically. Raised without a father. She has no idea what is respect.

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[Blackpill] why men shouldnt cry

the people who really run this society, the people who control the ideas that are quickly spreading and gaining influence want nothing but money and control. they want to turn man from a emblem of freedom into a cog for their mega machine. they do not care about your feelings.

the virtue signallers who obliviously spread these ideas as if they were true want nothing but positive attention, to show themselves in a positive light, they also do not care about your feelings. nobody cares about your feelings.

the "men should cry, they should let out their emotions, we need to crush toxic masculinity!!!" sentiment is not there to save you. its not there to make you happier or more successful, its only there to control you. think about it, they want you to stop "bottling up your emotions", they tell you that the sadness within you will only build up, the sadness that THEIR society is causing YOU should be "let out". they want YOU to "let out" the injustice THEY are causing YOU.

imagine you lock up two men in separate cages, one of these men cries a ton and the other doesnt cry. the man who cries a ton will never even try to escape the cage. when the man who cries starts feeling sad that hes in a cage, he will "let out" his emotions, he will cry. after crying, after all of his tears are gone, he will say to himself "you know what, things arent that bad, i can keep living in this cage".

when the man who doesnt cry starts feeling sad that hes in a cage, he will keep this sadness to himself. as the days go by, he will feel sadder and sadder, but he will still not cry. then, when the sadness reaches its limit, the man who doesnt cry will reach his breaking point. he will release all of that sadness at once, in a fit of rage. he will start questioning things, he will say to himself "WHY AM I IN A CAGE ANYWAY?!?!!??!?! WHY CANT I ESCAPE??!?!?!?". he will be so angry that the world is cruel that he will change it and he will break out of the cage.

bottling up emotions is how revolution begins. anger is how change starts. look at any successful man, does he cry? NO! because if he did he would never have changed his life. this is the secret the overlords dont want you to know. this, my friends, is the tearpill. :feelzez:

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Fundies People are a bunch of chucklefucks. They're all bark and no bite.

As for their website, it's nothing more than a shitty knockoff of Urban Dictionary.

Ironically, they’ve quoted UD whenever someone puts a comedic or satirical definition of RationalWiki (which they religiously defend!) up there.

Wow, they really have no lives if they're that obsessed with a Wiki.

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The Introvert Dating Playbook: A Proven System for Opening Women (Bonus: Womanese 101)



After going through this revolutionary program “The Introvert Dating Playbook”, you are always GUARANTEED TO ALWAYS KNOW HOW TO OPEN, or your money back.

Open any woman any where at any time.

Permanently cure anxiety around beautiful women.

So that you can approach, open, flirt and bang💦

[$200] Add "Womanese 101" to your order. Learn how to understand and speak womanesq a secret language spoken by women where they say one thing, but mean something else entirely.

[$200] The Introvert Dating Playbook
This includes The Introvert Dating Playbook Volume 1 & 2, the Cheatsheet - Extreme Confidence with Approaching Womens and Conversations that Lead to Sex Training Programs.

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Bluepillsplaining is a subset of platitude consisting of any form of bluepill advice given to those on the inceldom spectrum by people who have no idea what real, chronic and perpetual nonredamancy is like. It is also called normiesplaining or chadsplaining, or sometimes boomersplaining when done by an older man to a younger man.

In the U.S., bluepillsplaining seems to be often driven by a hyper-individualist ideology. Those in the incelosphere usually find this advice to be patronizing since it largely consists of cliches and discourse that is common knowledge among incels. It is also insulting, because it often presumes a lack of basic grooming/fashion that, being humans, most incels partake in. Blackpilled and redpilled incelospherians and manospherians also tend to view it as ignorant as it negates the existence of the halo effect, of hybristophilia, or of cacophobia.


* "Just clean your room!" [link to article on Jordan Peterson]
* "Just take more showers and get more haircuts!"
* "Just be confident bro!"
* "You should really get therapy, you seem depressed"
* "Just hold frame!"
* "You should use some Lynx deodorant and women will flock to you!"
* "If you wear Pradas, I promise you're gonna get girls in no time!"
* "Stand up straight with your shoulders back!"

For more examples click here

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Friedrich Engels Introduced Darwin to Karl Marx and Changed the World


Friedrich Engels was in some ways as important as Marx in helping to establish the revolution called Marxism (Communism) that has changed the world. It was Engels who brought Darwinism into Marx’s life and the socialist/communist movement. His role, and the influence of Darwinism, were both important, although Darwinism is a more important part of the radical-left movement today than in the days of Marx. The contribution of both Engels and Marx were intertwined; thus Engels’ work cannot be discussed without covering the contribution of his close co-worker, Karl Marx.

* Abstract
* Introduction
* Friedrich Engels Meets Karl Marx
* Materialism and Darwinism
* The Need to Eliminate God
* Marx: From “Christian” to Darwinist
* Conflict and Struggle Incorporated into Marx’s and Engel’s Bible
* Friedrich Engels’ Role in the Darwinian and Communist Revolutions
* Other Socialists Led by Darwin
* Engel’s and Marx’s Ideas Inspire Scores of Books
* The Importance of Human-Ape Ancestry in Marxism
* The Influence of Pierre Trémaux on Engels and Marx
* Engels Influenced Lenin and Mao Zedong
* Summary
* References

Keywords: Friedrich Engels, Karl Marx, Darwin, Communism, Marxism, Atheism, Christianity, Hitler, Lenin, Virchow, Thomas H. Huxley, Hugo de Vries, Lamarckian, Karl Kautsky, Paul Lafargue

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A New Flood Chronology Based on Seven-Day Creation Cycles


Many attempts have been made to decipher the chronology of the Flood by uncovering the calendar behind the detailed dating of key Flood events. This study begins by linking Flood chronology with Creation chronology, which simply has a sequence of seven literal days ending with a sabbath day. The seven-day cycle becomes the key to establishing Flood chronology with its seven-day cycles throughout the narrative. Four times the seven-day Creation cycles are mentioned in the Flood account (Genesis 7:4, 10; 8:10, 12). These are interpreted as weekly cycles starting with a first day (Sunday) and ending with a seventh day (sabbath). This means that the last day of a seven-day wait for the Flood, according to 7:4, 10, was a sabbath of rest, the last day before the fury of the Flood was unleashed. Based on this template of seven-day cycles, the Flood started on a Sunday and ended on a sabbath (Saturday) 370 full days later. The final sabbath in the Flood account was marked by an animal sacrifice and the establishment of the everlasting covenant signified by a rainbow (Genesis 9:15–21). All datable events are then assigned to days of the week. The assigning of days of the week to important Flood events has possible implications for the developing new Flood models or modifying existing Flood models. Chapters 1–2 of Genesis are then inextricably linked to chapters 6–9. The Flood narrative cannot be correctly interpreted without interpreting the seven Creation days as literal days because of seven-day cycles being buried throughout the Flood narrative.

Keywords: Chiasmus, chiastic, mabbul, kataklusmos, 7-day cycles, Creation week, de-creation, literal days, chronology, dischronologization, covenant, historicity, Masoretic Text (MT), Septuagint (LXX)

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Topic: “One of the biggest country music festivals is banning Confederate flags”

(Anonymous Coward #80904985)
So it's now just another curated Meta DNC LGBT BLM FBI pride event?


its a virtue signal noone will follow it but its the precedent being set that some guy got paid to try so now EVERYONE will say "Theyr banning the flag now shits gone to hell!"

Its a gayOP

(Anonymous Coward 83537549)
NASCAR fans bent right over and grabbed their ankles for the new (((rules))).

Country music fans will, too. Hell, they already get giddy over black country artists.

messianic crypto-communists have no religion; scapegoating all religions is their religion. Dont fall for the nazi cuckery hilter was one of them he was caught giving war plans to Stalin.

Platonists that created jdism and Christianity & islam. Egyptian mystery schools.

BeardedLuckDragon #conspiracy #crackpot #magick #wingnut archive.ph

(Extract from “Mass manipulation/Mass media/Mass Seduction.”; as close to a coherent thesis statement his ramblings ever get.)

Alpha Centaruri, Sponge Bob Square Pants, Shrek, and Torment are the four images to cure NAS, you were off by one cybernetic dolphin, four is the sign of death}: Games and movies combined with simulations create game theories, which are basically black magic spells to abuse, cajole, control, and manipulate people as much as the puppet, Cowabunga Howdy Doodie! Psychological experiments are sort of like this and so are live performances. […]

The source of all of this, all of this, is when we allowed greed and industry to degrade our intelligence, which affects politics, religion, and science, and makes people easier to manipulate with bad messages. Throw in a neural graft instead of an attention co processor, and the world is wired to be in control of one douchebag at the top, even worse the bottom, or the worst, both the top and bottom, a tetrahedron of lies, two projectors facing one another, passing messages with the black phone network. We should put both points at the center and create a vortex in opposing directions, only to flow back into one another to thrive in the system not survive. The last age of insanity happened during Babylon, but there have been many ages of insanity {Malkav}, something like 50,000 years ago on the genetic record, where the whole planet went insane at once. Perhaps from a mass charm spell or exposure to a toxic chemical? Unfortunately the manipulator loses at the very last nano second, Squirrel Girl always wins, she is a natural 20/20, perfect vision. Thank you Gaia for your support.

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imageI am calling this right now.

Reductions in crops due to lack of proper cultivation - ie, FERTILIZER - will be claimed to have been caused by 'man-made climate change.'

UNnaturally, the Left / Media / Dems will be ready to make these claims, just in time for the run for US president, at some point in 2023.

Origin of this tweet, here:

WinterStone #crackpot godlikeproductions.com

Mother's Day is May 8th this year. Guess who was born on May 8th???
Born on May 8th was none other than Democrat Truman, the 33rd President of the USA.
Truman is the Atomic Man that ordered the release of Little Boy and Fat Man over Japan in 1945.
He then went on to recognize Israel as a State on May 14th 1948.

[link to www.history.com (secure)]

Is this a prophetic warning sign for Mother's this year???


Quisling Wannabe Award

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If Russia invaded the UK more than half of the population would support and assist them.

If you’re a shitlib shill don’t bother posting here. Your opinions are irrelevant.

The British people know.
We would help the Russians kill them all.

It’s coming folks.
Anyone in the UK armed forces who fucks with Russia, now or in the future, deserves to die.

The people of this country will not mourn your loss.
And all you shitlib Common Purpose scum...

Expect a knock at the door.

DeviantArt wingnuts #wingnut #conspiracy deviantart.com

image[A screenshot of a RedState article titled “Joe Biden Directly Confirms He’s Running for a Second Term”, with am ad for horror art featuring an evil clown in the header]

Seems Appropriate

After a number of comments I realized I needed to make it clear: the point of my title is PENNYWIZE. Just... seemed appropriate to 'president' * below.

You know... ultimate Evil.... 'president' *.....


I know that things seems like that can't get worse, but imagine two things:

1-If AOC gets into the White House as President

2-If Let's Go Brandon runs but loses this time.

Things can always get worse, but also can get better ;).

Why would he need to "confirm" anything? It's obvious as day that a Democrat like Joe will want to rule for at least 8 years and not 4 (I suspect that after the second "term", the American people will "choose" Commiela Harris, just like they "chose" J'Obama in a widespread election fraud).

He's wasting his time (and ours) if he does. Hair Sniffer Joe's approval rates are so low, they're right next to the dinosaur bones. If Trump finds a running mate better than that good for nothing traitor Pence (low bar, I know) the DemoRats are fucked with a capital "F."

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Dungeons And Dragons Introduces New 100-Sided Die For Determining Your Character's Gender
RENTON, WA—In a bold move for inclusivity, Wizards of the Coast announced today that all copies of the Dungeons & Dragons starter set will include a special D100 for determining your character's gender.

"Not sure if your Half-Orc Paladin is a demiboy or agender? Just roll this handy new die," said a WOTC rep. "It makes character creation fast, fun, and streamlined. And don't worry -- if you don't like your gender, just roll it again, no questions asked. In fact, you can do that at any point during the game without even consulting your DM. Change at any time."

"See, when you're playing a game that was designed for players to go raid dungeons, get loot, and kill dragons, the important thing is that you spend 14 hours trying to determine your character's sexuality, gender, sex, and political positions," he continued. "That's what made this hobby so popular: screeching leftists on Tumblr, and we have to cater to these hardcore fans."

A revised copy of the Player Handbook contains rules for using the die. All players must select one of the hundred genders upon creating their character. "Men" and "women" are, of course, not included out of sensitivity to non-binary folk. Any PC that refers to another PC as the wrong gender will instantly be killed by a falling meteor. Then, the player controlling that character is subject to cancelation in the real world.

Wizards also confirmed that the sixth edition of Dungeons & Dragons will include a D1000 for selecting your character's pronouns.

crew2 #racist #sexist #wingnut #conspiracy #pratt incels.is

The "black community" and black women in general in the US are the canary down the mine for how society is going in the West

This isn't racism because I have plenty of black pals in real life and some of them agree with me on this. It's just an observation.

Rampant fatherlessness, gang killings, child killings, abortions through the roof, foids who look like shit almost exclusively living off the government tit while refusing to work and only Chads/thugs being accepted as baby daddies, with stand in fathers being expected to be full blown simps on 6 figure incomes if they don't meet the Chad/thug archetype is the future norm for foids in the West. And here's the thing...the black community is practically 100% there already.

BLM is trying to make this shit the norm EVERYWHERE as if it isn't already because that is how you collapse a society and make the plebs all equally as poor as each other. The more stupid white bitches relate to that movement the more they are going to relate to the sort of women who support it and live just like them...which a lot of them already are.

If you don't believe me just check out some Kevin Samuels videos. Every foid he has on there is a 5/10 at best black woman (who just happen to be the bottom of the totem pole when it comes to attractiveness) who thinks she's Beyonce and has 3 sprogs to some Tyrone or thug and is only willing to touch a non Tyrone if he is a fucking high flying CEO with a top of the range car. Fucking crazy.

The future is the lowest value women only accepting the top 1% men and thugs while the rest of us roam around holding our dicks thinking "what the fuck is going on!?"

Anonymous Coward #80981559 #racist #conspiracy godlikeproductions.com

Its tel aviv, london, and washington who run ukraine for past 8 years.

Look at the people running ukraine, and most are not ukrainian.

If you want to know who wants this war on russia, ask yourself who owns all of western news media?

There is only one group of people that do, and that tells you in very factual terms who is driving this potential for world war, with russia, and china.

Maria Zakharova, various GLP users #conspiracy #wingnut #racist godlikeproductions.com

(Trolland Dump)
RUSSIA - Germany involved in ‘military biological activities’ in Ukraine. From RT

[link to www.rt.com (secure)]

"Berlin coordinated its work on biodefense with its US allies, Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova told RT"

(Anonymous Coward #82382245)
I'd bet the Bio-weapons centre for NATO is in Ukraine.

(Anonymous Coward #82868165)
Critical research has confirmed that the German regime does what it is told to do. It is not a sovereign nation and uses its people as cash cows for all interests but the interest of the German population.

(Anonymous Coward #78810832)
Totally believable given Germany's prior history.

Once a NAZI, always a NAZI.

All of the big NATO nations are involved in biological experiments. The cabal owns NATO.

The west is a string of occupied nations, and they’ve been for decades now. There’s a reason “Social Democracy” groups run all these nations and why they have the same exact policies.