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Blackpill There are 2 types of societies today

Where animals are food and protection
Where animals are pets who get food and protection

Where women want to become mothers
Where women want to become lawyers

Where men fight for freedom
Where men fight for censorship

Where traditions are kept allive
Where traditions are destroyed

Where people believe in god
Where people believe in the schoolbook

Where people are proud nationalist
Where people are proud globalist

Where the family is the most important thing
Where the individual is the most important thing

Where sexuality is something divine between a man and a women
Where sexuality is perverted and abnorm

Where people get raised by their parents
Where people get raised by goverment authorities
And some major coincidence first one never has jews in it what a twist.

Lordgoro #god-complex blackpill.club

FUCK,not ONLY am I incel, and outcast,but im not a human being mentally!!

I always EXPECT more, i am a many layered unique being, like a DEMON, or an angel, CURSED to a human lifetime, and I ALWAYS EXPECT more then a fcking THUMBS UP!! Im NOT one of you, and ALWAYS Expect more, deeper fcking layers than normal human thoughts I guess!! ALL I usually get are shallow memes, or sexual jokes, or dismissals, or ignorance.. sadly

CHOoseWisely (“S U I C I D E S O L D I E R”) #wingnut #psycho blackpill.club

The inevitable...

What is to come for Western Society has come for oh so many others, destruction.
The beta uprising will seal the kiss of death not of reconstruction, there is no saving this society, it’s over for every fucking facet of it.

In your lifetime you may witness Sodom and Gomorrah on a nation wide scale, we will see the destruction of all pure and evil.

None will be spared in an all out apocalyptic scenario, granny’s will be shot over a bottle of water, people will starve, buildings will burn, justice is raped, justice is done.

If you’re an American (or even Canadian) buy weapons, medical utilities, canned food and water and other miscellaneous items because when shit hit the fan you want to atleast survive the first wave which will wipe out all the under prepared (like what, 94% of the population JFL).

Get ready, the end is nigh

Uglyme #conspiracy #sexist #crackpot incels.co

[Serious] Sudden infant death syndrome is bullshit, foids kill their babies

Foids are repulsive and heartless creatures who kill their babies just so they can keep fucking Chad. And our society is so cucked that they came up with that stupid theory that babies die all of a sudden in their sleep so that foids don't go to jail for that. Imagine this scene: the poor and innocent baby lying peacefully in a crib. The whore slowly approaching with a pillow in her hands while whispering "sorry, baby but Chad says he doesn't like kids"... And then it happens. The police are called. The questions. The whore is crying " I just don't know how it happens, my baby was just sleeping and now... I'm so devastated right now..." And that's all. Sudden infant death syndrome

She will never even got arrested because how dare you call a woman liar and criminal, you fucking misogynist asshole!

And they said we shouldn't hate them? It's a miracle that you had made it past your baby years boyos.

Edmund_Kemper #sexist incels.co

[Venting] I’m sure every female teacher is a molester

I mean honestly. Every single foid teacher has fucked the chad students. There’s a reason most school teachers are women. They just wanna go there to fuck chad students. Even preschool teachers molest students who they know will physically develop into a chad. We hear more and more about this everyday. And honestly, with chads in school, I can assure you every foid teacher is a molester

and my sister is a schoolteacher yet she’s always been single. Coincidence? I think not!

@Robtical @JosefMengelecel @Total Imbecile

yikerinos #sexist incels.co

The girlfriends of your friends and relatives have been with thousands of chads already. It wouldn't make a difference if they shared them with you.

Yet they won't because they don't care about our suffering. They will keep talking about their girlfriends at every opportunity, knowing we don't have one, but you know they'd never share them and would be freaked out if we asked, even though she has been with thousands of chads anyway.

That's another reason to not have friends if you're incel. I already mentioned in this forum a few times, that I have stopped hanging out with my friends because it's erfuel, both hearing them talk about their girlfriends and dates and seeing couples when going out. Also friends are useless, I just need a gf.

But, to top it off, there's also this. Would it make sense for a homeless, malnourished man to be friends with a middle class guy who won't help him in the slightest and keeps talking to him about the BMW he's considering buying? Same for us.

Ik it's a cucked thing to do. If I got a gf I wouldn't want someone else to fuck her obviously. But, damn, if you think about it, she has been with thousands of chads anyway, what's the difference? And it'd be just one night and with their knowledge. If the gf doesn't want to, that's no excuse because they could just trap her into being locked up alone with you in the basement or something, and just fuck her without consent.

Arthas93 #wingnut #sexist incels.co

[Discussion] How I define a loser. Most Incels are not losers.

This is my answer to @SlayerSlayer post: How would you define a loser?

I think that everyone has his own definition of what a "loser" is.

A "social loser" to me is someone that has rotten morals. Like a corrupt politician, a greedy business owner, *criminals in general (*with the exception to "criminals" that broke any kind of cucked or unfair law).

For example JoePedoBiden declares that wearing a wristwatch is "racist white supremacy".
Then a guy wears it anyway, because he is tired of all the stupidity and madness, and he simply doesn't care anymore.

He is not really a criminal, he is a "criminal", nor is he a loser.

People that exploit the welfare system. Illegal immigrants, "rapefugees", parasites, people that abandon their country because "it was too hard, boohoo". They are all losers and parasitic traitors.

Chads, foids and cucks are losers. Chads and foids are losers because despite all the free shit they get they remain greedy, arrogant, cruel, selfish, liars, hypocrites.

Chad is a loser because even having all the respect and power he still allows degeneracy to happen. In fact he likes it, he enjoys the corruption. He enjoys that society and women became degenerates and only give sex to him.

And cucks are losers because they have no dignity.
Willingly becoming slaves, "if I lower myself enough If I betray everybody enough, the foids and Chads will let me eat their shit, and that will make me a better person than those INKWELLS!"

Cucks are the base of the pyramid that oppresses Incels. They are the biggest losers of them all.

I don't really see Incels as losers, unless of course you are a volcel.
Meaning that you have the opportunity and means to leave Inceldom, but because of stupidity or "autism" you are unable to.

Lv99_BixNood #sexist #dunning-kruger incels.co

[Blackpill] Modern science paved the way for unlimited female hypergamy

Without modern inventions like condoms, birth control, abortions, medical treatment for STDs etc women fucking around like they do today would simply be impossible. Even interracial sex and sex between womanlets and tall men used to be dangerous since if the women got pregnant the baby would often be too big for their small body and both the mother and child would die at birth. The vast majority of children of WMAF couples for example have to be born by c-section for this exact reason. In the past they would have simply died at birth, same with children of tall men and short women. Which is even more tragic since birth by c-section and premature birth is highly correlated with inceldom. @Gymcelled

It's crazy if you think about how science has enabled women to live out their most derpraved hedonistic pleasures, yet what benefit has modern science brought for non-Chad men? It has all but destroyed our value as men and made us more disposable than ever.

Fishcel #sexist #pratt blackpill.club

Whenever women are given rights, chad benefits while the rest of men are hurt

Think about it, when women entered the workplace it meant that money was no longer as important. Before men who weren’t attractive could compensate by earning a lot of money and providing. Now foids can make money on their own so they have no more need for sub 7 men. This means that chads don’t even have to work now, while working doesn’t help sub chads nearly as much. It’s fucked up shit

Various incels #homophobia #psycho blackpill.club

[Important] Faggots and their supporters should all be brutally killed.

How I wish we could decapitate them all until they all disappear from the face of this planet. There's nothing more disgusting and degenerate than a faggot. Aids infected child abusers.

(Saint Spicecel)
We have to set all those LGBT degenerates on fire, make them suffer as much as possible

(Dr. Femoids)
I like fantasizing about smashing faggot skulls.* It's tremendously entertaining.

*in Mario Kart Double Dash

ONLY kicked out?!?! They should've been SHOT DEAD (In GTA V)

Can somebody just PLEASE give me a gun already?😡😡😡

It's funny how before these degenerate queers got accepted into soyciety, this world was a lot more saner and better off.

Now, there's clownfuckery rampant all over once these shitheads are free to roam around with their infectious and ridiculous to exist mental illness. This century ruined everything that the past centuries did right, that's a fucking travesty.

Che #pratt #dunning-kruger #sexist blackpill.club

[Blackpill] The Nice Guy

IT wants us to be nice guys when there is a sub called r/niceguy where foids relentlessly mock and make fun of these exact nice guys. IT doesn’t care about us or our cause. They just wanna appear as the good cool guy conforming to social norms. Why isn’t there a r/meanguy where this mythical bad personality guy is made fun of? IT may have the numbers but they definitely lack the brains.

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[Lifefuel] How Fascist are you?


spoilerCorporatism: 100%
Strongman leader: 100%
Militarism: 100%
Dissident Suppression: 100%
Natural Hierarchy: slightly over 60%
Press and Speech Control: 90%
Rebirth myth: 100%
Denunciation of Enemies: 70%
Tough-Mindedness: 80%
Traditional Values: 100%

I got 90.5%.

[smug frogman]

You can take the test here and post your results.

Boardwalkcel #conspiracy incels.co

[Discussion] Study shows 55% of singles consider it a deal-breaker if you dont get the vaccine


I'll start off by saying 55% is total bullshit and blatant propaganda..

We know how desperate Mid-Tier men are for female attention, I highly doubt any of them would genuinely consider a foid not getting the vaccine a deal breaker and I think we all know perfectly well that a Foid will overlook if Chad isn't vaccinated.

It's a stupid study, it isn't accurate and it was simply put out just to try and brainwash more normies into getting the vaccine.

Nostalgia #sexist #pratt blackpill.club

[Important] Dear incelophobes: Please explain why females should have equal rights

Equality between the sexes is almost universially viewed as a necessity and a righteous cause, yet advocates of it fail to explain why gender equality is desirable in the first place. People just assume it is somehow benefitial to society, while this is clearly not the case.

Men are biologically hardwired to be leaders. Nearly every important invention has been made by men. Despite the de facto and de jure gender equality that exists in most Western countries, men still make up the vast majority of CEOs and occupy most leadership positions.

Women are the exact opposite. They are hardwired to be men's submissive counterpart. The "strong independent woman" trope inherently defies female nature. Therefore, the genders are innately different, and so should be their rights (as well as responsibilities).

Giving women equal rights has not lead to any positive outcomes, only an increase in promiscuity, hedonism, and other forms of degeneracy as well as a decline in marriage and birth rates - both of which are detrimental to any society, by logical necessity.

Not only are women's rights a disadvantage for covilization as a whole, but also for women themselves. Studies have shown females are unhappier than they used to be. This is known as the "Paradox of declining females happiness," although it's not really paradoxical that a gender that has evolved to be submissive is not satisfied with being forced into a position of equality.

As I have sufficiently laid out, equal rights for females are neither advantagous nor desirable for society, both from an ethical and a pragmatic standpoint - so why should they exist?

LiveFromInferno #sexist #psycho #crackpot archive.vn

Femoids are naturally designed to be raped.

The wider hips that they have are not just for childbirth, they are also grab handles for the man. The thigh fat deposits as well as generally smaller skeleton make it so the femoid cannot run as fast as a man, nor can it fight back.

The holes in a femoid are many and at least one of them is always prepared to secrete lube so that the dick goes in and out more smoothly.

In case you think these are side effects of adjusting the femoid to its other "original" purpose, recall that statistically femoids orgasm from rape more easily that from "consensual" starfish. Also there is a reason why all of them have rape fantasies (about chads mostly).

The reason why rape used to be vilified is because it was a crime against man's property and fair enough; now it's only vilified as the last way for a non-chad to really get sex, which is ridiculous and needs to stop.

satellite-cel #transphobia blackpill.club

The Pinkpill is a lie. Only works if

- you're under 20 17 years old
- naturally skinny and slim framed
- a Bieberesque chadlite
- have good hair (wigs don't count)
- have a large cock. All good femboys have a large penis. Women love it. Men love it.
- can pass for a slim female jailbait rather than transgender goon (troon)

Otherwise skip the indoctrination and just kill yourself by gunshot to the head.

#A$5HalloweenCostmumeWillSetYouFree (delete yourself from the server called life).

pokitaru (“Proud Lolicon”) #conspiracy #racist #wingnut #transphobia blackpill.club

You are occupied, you are humiliated.

Nothing about the world we live in will ever make sense to you unless you understand you live under
an occupation and are thus subject to the rules of the occupiers. If you do not start from there, you will
search for multiple explanations and rationalizations that will lead you to ineffective ends. You are not
an active participant in politics and public debate, you are it's problem. Public debate is debating why
you're the problem, politics is about dealing with that problem. The opposition in debate simply offers
an alternative path to your destruction, the end goal is never resisted. We cannot seek to influence the
debate or enter politics we can only hope to smash it.

Your humiliation is the enemies goal. To take a hit and fight on is honorable to take a beating every day is just sad. Humiliation robs you of your
humanity, your will, your reason to fight on. Humiliation takes everything from you and debases it in front of all, it robs you of being worthy of
empathy. It has been used by every occupier in history, it is our natural primal understanding of defeat. The Ottoman practice of kégek was an
ultimate example, similar to the concept of “Drag Kids” in modern America. Kégeks were a combination of dancers, clowns and prostitutes, they
were young non-Muslim boys taken from their parents and trained to be willful sexual objects and entertainers for the Turks

The goal was to have the occupied think “If we allow that to be done to our boys what else can they do?” The answer is anything. It is full
spectrum domination of the conquereds mind.

Your enemy doesnt want gay pride parades in your street, drag queens in your adverts, your son transgender, your parents dead from opioids,
your daughter race mixing, your meat replaced with bugs all while your media laughs at you because they think it’s for anyones benefit. They
want it because they know you dont want it but cant stop them, they want to humiliate you. There isnt any other reason.

Unknown Trumpist #wingnut #psycho globalnews.ca

Florida manatee found with ‘TRUMP’ carved into its skin

lorida wildlife officials are appealing to the public for help after a manatee was found with U.S. President Donald Trump’s last name carved into its back.

The animal was found in the Blue Hole spring on the Homosassa River in northern Florida over the weekend.

Photos and video show the word “TRUMP” etched into the manatee’s back in large block letters.


The animal was reported to authorities over the weekend, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service told the Citrus County Chronicle. Anyone with information is being asked to contact Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation.

A harassment investigation is underway. A spokesperson for the FWS declined to comment to the Chronicle, citing the ongoing investigation. He added that harassing a manatee is a crime punishable by up to one year in prison and a US$50,000 fine.

It’s not the first time that a Trump tag has appeared on a wild animal. Conservationists in North Carolina were upset last summer when they found a Trump 2020 campaign slogan attached to a bear’s tracking collar.

LiveFromInferno #sexist #crackpot #wingnut #racist blackpill.club

[Blackpill] Daily femoid hate thread #113

Femoids used to be denied full citizenship of countries where they were located. Unlike some other things, this was not intended to oppress holes for the sake of oppressing them, but had facts behind it that we are now just beginning to re-discover.

The truth is, fuckholes don't have a concept of homeland, tribe, nation or family. These are man-made ideas that are absolutely foreign to creatures as primitive as femoids.

This is why holes so gladly trade their children, connections with a potential or the current husband, nation's borders and integrity and even their own homes for (((modern society's))) brownie points. It's all these "Karens" that have pushed divorce and abortion rates to the Moon, it's Karens that cheer for totalitarian Kung Flu virus police surveillance, it's femoids that cheer for open borders and mud slime rapefugee takeover of the West. Things as strong as the traditions of thousand years old cultures have saved Japan and Korea from some of these things for the time being, but the countries have grown to be cucked, corrupt and degenerate anyway as a result of hole rights.

You don't build a successful nation with femoid rights, you can only sustain these "'rights"' for some time by leeching off a nation that used to be successful.

PPEcel and most polled incels #psycho incels.co

Is organ donation cucked?

I'm not sure why, after my death, I should allow my organs to be used to further someone else's life. I know it won't cost me anything, but chances are, that someone else will be more socially privileged than I am.

As an incel, you should always opt-out of organ donation. Don't save the life of a normie if you can help it.


yes 32 votea 86.5%
no 4 votes 13.5%

ATF and Amsterdammaxxing #homophobia #sexist #psycho blackpill.club

I agree with you on the more flamboyant, annoying and pushy ones, but real, authentic manly gays are actually decent people who hate women, so in that regard they're better than the vast majority of the modern straight populace. And they're men. If anything, you should focus your hatred entirely on women and cucks.

It's still not acceptable to become a degenerate because you haven't got success with women imo. The amount of gay men that are sub 5 is unreal. Just change gender preference on online dating and you'll see how many faggots are just simply too ugly/short to have a woman. The amount of incels that are voluntarily gay is immense.

Homosexuality is a choice and as the amount of involuntary celibates rise, the amount of homosexual men will rise as well. Dozens of men love to be filthy degenerates

Pengwin #psycho incels.co

Serious I hope this lockdown lasts forever

With extra sleep and not having to deal with public transport my mental health has been much better. I really don't want to go back to school. People are losing their jobs and the world is falling apart. This is basically paradise.

GeneticTrash #pratt #wingnut #dunning-kruger blackpill.club

[Important] GeneticTrash's Disclaimer

All of my posts, comments and threads on this forum are source of parody, satire, and humor and are for entertainment purposes only. Said posts or stories or opinions may or may not use real names (or nouns), always in semi-real and/or mostly, or substantially, fictitious ways. Therefore, all of my writings and posts are works of fiction, constitute fake news and outlandish/unreal ideas and opinions. Any truth or actual facts contained in said stories or posts are purely incidental or coincidental and not intended to be, or be construed as, facts. Any resemblance to the truth or actual facts or to reality is purely coincidental, except for references to famous (and/or infamous/notorious) persons and/or public figures, or some historical events, in which case such stories are based on real people, but the story, or stories, or opinions surrounding or about these people or figures are almost entirely fiction and are intended as satire and entertainment. As the purpose of said writings/comments is to entertain and amuse and not to disparage any persons, or institutions, in any way and no malice is intended toward anyone or anything, nor should any be construed from all my writings on this forum. My action of typing and my predisposition or conviction are completely unrelated. Therefore, my posts and writings are not a source of facts or real information. That means all items or stories made by me are fictitious. Any resemblance to persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental or is intended purely as a satire, parody or spoof of such persons and is not intended to communicate any true or factual information about that person. All my posts, comments and threads are intended for a mature, sophisticated and discerning audience. Should a reader, or readers, upon sober reflection, think or believe that anything contained in any post from mine is true (or take them in a serious manner), they are mistaken and should relieve and abandon themselves of that idiotic notion immediately. Anyone who concludes otherwise ought to stay away from all of my writings forever and may want to consider instead seeking immediate mental help, attention or treatment.

Furthermore, the above statements applies to every alias and IP associated with this account. Therefore,



Steve McKay/BTC System #mammon btc-system.com

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[long fineprint disclaimer]

Total Imbecile #sexist incels.co

[Serious] Had a dream that my little sister lost her virginity in October 2016

I dont recall the specifics but I remember reading "I did it in Oct 2016" in some book/journal? in my dream and I do remember feeling that that book was connected to my younger sister in some way

There were also headshots of her and some young dude

Now Im distrubed but I relaly wish there was a way to know for sure

Apparently she doesnt have a boyfriend, has never had one it seems, but everyone knows that if a girl is single it doesnt mean shes not having sex

Also shes doesnt really go out but talks to her friends over zoom/FaceTime and tbh doesnt seem like the person to do casual so I dont think she slutting around

Anyone has any ideas on how to determine her virtue? I cant ask her straight up if shes a virgin because that would be too creepy I think...

various incels #sexist incels.co

(quadRUPLE bogey)
[Cope] Are men supposed to enjoy talking to woman?

They feel like a time waste tbh. Maybe if she spouted more than "controlled thoughts" I would feel like I'm missing out more? It's tough to implant wisdom in these whores when landing above looksmatch/ statusmatch is the only mission for these modern day pleasure seeking degenerates.


I hate talking to holes. Id only pretend to be interested in her stupid BS if she agrees to fuck me after the conversation.

No, the only pleasure men get from talking with women is validation and having a chance at sex.
Neither of those things we get.

Women are NPCs. Talked to one, talked to them all... the same opinions about everything, the same tastes... etc.

Tera based.

Women have no souls, which is evident by their group think and lack of ability to criticize their own gender in any situation despite them being wrong.

Let's all remember that the only reason women were ALLOWED rights is because they were profitable and easy to control.

yikerinos #psycho #wingnut incels.co

If you dont look up to our hero, Sir Elliot Oliver Robertson Rodger, you're a cuck


he was blackpilled before incel forums were even a thing, and he fought back against a society that bullied him. i know some of you are going to cherrypick his weaknesses "he didnt get into the sorority house", "he killed his roommates", "he didnt hit on girls" (jfl, he knew full well that if you have to try its over), but i didnt say he was perfect, just that he's admirable

Preston87 #crackpot blackpill.club

[Blackpill] Black Pilled facts...

If you're short, it's over.
If you still live with your parents, it's over.
If you're ugly, it's over.
If you're broke,it's over.
If you're unemployed, it's over.
If your dick is small, it's over.
If you're autistic, it's over.
If you're bald, it's over.
If you're too skinny or big it's over.
If all you play is video games, it's over.
If you don't drive or have your license,it's over.
If you have a weak jaw, it's over.
If your head is badly shaped, it's over.

If you suffer from any of these or all together, then accept that you're a failure and probably shouldn't have been born...

CLANDESTINE OPERATIONS MAGA! #magick #conspiracy #wingnut godlikeproductions.com


Total Imbecile #racist incels.co

[Serious] What would you do if a black girl confessed to you?

I feel really bad for saying this but I would really hate it if a negress girlfriend is my only choice

I always say that any girl can get laid which is true but then sometimes I browse r/Trufemcels thinking how theyre all just retarded for failing life on tutorial mode and how Id date them, but then when they mention theyre black I just lose all interest myself

Now Id fuck a black girl so no volcel here, but Id never date one seriously

But because I would feel bad just pumping and dumping a girl Id never just lead on and fuck a girl that I wouldnt also date

So part of me thinks that I would maybe reject a negress even if she confesses to me

GermaniaIncelia #sexist #dunning-kruger #crackpot #conspiracy incels.co

(in regards to this post of mine:)

Not all incels are white, but the incel community is most certainly extremely xenophobic.

hm. I don't think so. At least not in the way the average joe understands 'xenophobia'

Xenophobia is not an opinion or a perspective. It's not a fear or a hatred of an outgroup.
It's a deflection of hatred from the actual target of hate onto the path of weakest resistance.
Since foids are the singular or at least primary cause of discrimination against men but also enjoy immunity to critique, the criticism instead targets those whom it is allowed to target. A person with xenophobia thus simply is either of 2 cases: Either they suffer from not enough blackpill or truth. Or they realists and rather prefer to attack feasible targets rather than foids which would only equate to a fight between david and goliath.

If you removed the causes of their discrimination within the ingroup, i.e. the discrimination from women, the xenophobia disappears without a trace. Ofc this is theoretical because such a society has never existed. Women have thus far always been allowed to exert their influences over men in all kinds of discriminatory ways. Which was the reason why older civilisations had to restrict their bullying rampages. With the technical means that we have now it is a different story. We can finally make this world a better place again. All we need to do is to trust in Gates and his plans to kill, sterilise and subjugate women.

Introvert (“Free Nathan Larson”) #wingnut #quack #conspiracy#racist #psycho incels.co

[Serious] Why you should NOT wear a mask, even if you are ugly, NOR take the vaccine

I have seen some incels saying “I like that everyone wears a mask, because then I can hide my ugly face”. This submissive mindset has to stop though.

Being ugly is not unacceptable. You have the right to exist. It is only females and cucks who want you to suffer, because they are sadists towards ugly men. They are the ones who do not want to see your face, and by then wearing a mask, you basically fulfill the desires of your oppressors. It is cucked.

Wearing a mask for protection, is foolish for three reasons:

1) Covid-19 is not real.
2) Even if Covid-19 was real, masks would still be useless. You still breathe, and this includes breathing in and out potential viruses. Wearing a mask instead only makes the air you breathe in contain a higher amout of carbon dioxide.
3) Even if masks worked, why would you want to protect other people from getting sick? Females would deserve to get sick for not giving me sex, and other men too, for being unhealthy cucks (healthy masculine men have a superior immune system).

Also, do not take the (((vaccine))). Not only because it is Jewish poison which gives recipients countless of “side effects”. I have also seen females saying: “I hope everyone takes the vaccine so I can go out and party again, teehee”. Taking the vaccine, is therefore cucked.

Instead of being hysterical sheeple, be healthy. My natural immune system is superior and would destroy any virus instantly. I do not need any vaccine. And to the people who want to force me to wear I mask, I say, like George Floyd, #ICantBreathe.

Cryptid Wiki #ufo #conspiracy #crackpot cryptidz.fandom.com

Tall White Aliens

All White Aliens are a subspecies of the Grey Alien order. The name Tall White Aliens has been attributed to these creatures as they resemble a Grey alien, only much taller than a common Grey alien. The species of Tall Whites used many genetic manipulations to arrive at their current appearance.


Charles Hall, a nuclear physicist, ex-military American weather specialist and author are touring Australia with his claims that the United States military has been in contact with an alien species for years.

He says the aliens would dress as humans and visit Las Vegas.

In 1964, when I was a weather observer at Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada, I witnessed interactions between the military and a group of mysterious tall, white, human-like extraterrestrials, the Vietnam veteran said from his home in Albuquerque.

Their crafts are capable of travelling faster than the speed of light because Einstein was wrong about relativity.

Mr Hall said no cameras were allowed at the site, which has since been wiped off the map.

When he arrived, a colleague had wanted to lock them in the weather station and not go to the other end of the building because that's where he had encountered them. There was a group of five, two men and three women, and they had come to go to the bathroom. When you encounter the 'tall whites' it's such a shock, you are not sure if you are looking at a ghost or an angel, or if you are dreaming, he said.

Mr Hall said he had contact with three types of aliens - the tall whites (about 2.5 metres tall), greys (with yellow/orange skin) and the Norwegians with 24 teeth, who look like humans and speak English.

He claims that the experiences were real and that the US Air Force were indeed hosting extraterrestrials they had reached agreements with during the 1950's if not earlier. They were principally involved in technology transfers with the US military.

He said US officials had kept it all quiet because people weren't emotionally ready to accept alien life forms.

The tall whites are humanoid in appearance. The first UFO researcher to seriously investigate the Charles Hall story is Paola Harris who interviewed him in July 2003

Anna🇺🇸🇮🇱 and Michelle Waters #conspiracy #wingnut #psycho twitter.com

Even Gitmo is too nice a place for the criminals involved in stealing & subverting our election and the Republic!

(Michelle Waters)
They are traitors. Literally. They have betrayed our nation. They have besmirched the integrity of their positions of public trust. They have intentionally subverted the process by which the voices of WTP are heard.


Anonymous Coward #38548988 #conspiracy #wingnut godlikeproductions.com

Get Ready for the FIREWORKS...Mass Arrests Tonight

Here is what's going down:

GLP already figured out two major parts...

1) It was Antifa that disrupted the Capitol. Trump already knew their plans, and the Capital Police were directed to let them in. Smart play. Video was posted here already. Operatives also removed hard drives of key criminal actors under cover as house and senate members were spirited out.

2) Pence is playing bad cop, and "conspired" to take control (like rumsfeld on 911 did) by calling in NG. The NG is needed for whats coming.

3) Insurrection act requires a stand down order from President. GLP got this one too.

4) Trump has moved to command center in TEXAS...wonder why there lol.

5) Repubs are using the Capitol "debacle" to stand down...why? so the crime can move forward tonight.

6) Good guys have objected for posterity/historical purposes.

7) Once the final vote/fraud has been completed, the NG is moving in to make arrests.

They are all going down...but people need to stay calm.

Trump has secured his place in history and will be serving a second term with citizen legislature members in the house and senate...just as was envisioned in the Constitution.

History in the making

Incels Wiki #sexist incels.wiki

A virginal bride is desired by many incels due to the desire to avoid baggage such as sexually transmitted diseases, trust issues, and negative comparisons to a girl's previous lovers (who may well have been Chads who refused to commit to her). A virginal bride is regarded as one who was well-protected by her father and/or not given to impulsive sexual behavior; thus, the prospects of her being a loyal and mentally healthy wife are enhanced. Because Chad has not left his imprint on her, sex with her husband might be viewed as something more unique and intimate by her.

Many incels also argue that they themselves are virgins, so it's only fair that their bride be as well. Feminists will often counter, "There wouldn't be so many non-virginal brides if men weren't sluts too" or "Women don't care if their groom is virginal, so men shouldn't care if their bride is virginal." This ignores that the 80/20 rule works to incels' detriment, not advantage; and that the feminine imperative gives foids a reason [hypergamy] to want to seek the kind of man who can have many sexual conquests.

ivan1035 and Cryptid Wiki #conspiracy #ufo cryptidz.fandom.com

In 2011, a YouTuber by the name of ivan0135 uploaded 4 videos with Grey Aliens, that are said to have been filmed in 1961, the same date as the Betty And Barney Hill Abduction. At first, many people thought that the videos were a teaser for an upcoming television series or film, however that was disproven later on. The footage has been analyzed, and while there are many skeptics that doubt the videos are real, many agree that it would be pointless to take a lot of time, effort, and money to make no more than 4 videos and then disappear without a trace. Nobody has taken responsibility for creating the videos since the disappearance of Ivan0135. His disappearance could be attributed to the government locking him out of his account, or possibly kidnapping him or convincing him to stay quiet.

In the first video, a UFO can be seen flying in the air, before cutting to another clip where the same UFO can be seen crashed among multiple Grey Aliens, some dead, others alive. The individual(s) recording the footage is most likely a member of the government or military. The crash depicted in the video could be linked to the Roswell Incident.

In the second video, an alien is shown in what is presumed to be an interview. This alien, given the name Skinny Bob, is most likely a survivor of the crash in the first video. At the end of the video, what is most likely Skinny Bob is shown in what could be a mugshot.

The third video is Ivan0135 talking about the skeptics who doubt that the information presented in the footage is legit. Ivan says that "You are the ones who create your own misinformation".

In the fourth video, which is known as "Family Vacation", an incident is showed in which 3 Grey Aliens were filmed using a hidden device by a military member. It is said in the video that the "arrivals" had been filmed against "the treaty", and without their consent. The video also states that the treaty mentioned prevented anyone from recording or photographing meetings held between the Grey Aliens and US Government. It states that after the incident, the treaty was revised. This is the last video that was ever uploaded.

It could be possible that contact between Grey Aliens and the US Government ended after these documents. However, it is also possible that the US Government and Grey Aliens still cooperate in modern day.

various incels #psycho incels.co

[Serious] How much do you hate humanity?

I hate humanity so, so much that i'm a self loathing human. I hate myself for being human more than anything else, it's like self hating ethnics but more general and potent.

If i could, i would probably become the biggest hero in the history of humanity. You can't believe the amount of hatred i harbor for humanity for being evil incarnation.

I hate all forms of life, but especially humans, because they don't try to consciously destroy life despite their intelligence.

Don't forget that inceldom is present also in other animal species. Humans like to think that evil started with humanity, but the truth is that life itself is evil.

Humans created me, so i hate them with a burning fire that blazes more intensely than a thousand suns

Humans are subhuman. The meaning of life is create more life, our brains and life are hardwired through years of biological adaption to self-propogate, so much so that its worth more our own lives. Our genes are a virus that perpetuates misery. Death is the natural state of existence as described by the ultimate villain in this rpg I played. But I believe with enough friends and respect from people and complete seperatism from women and normies one can attain a state of (VERY) fragile enlightenment and continue breathing as a incel on automode. But its a cope

Alexander Ash #sexist #crackpot #pratt incel.blog

Can Men and Women be Friends?

If you are a woman and have a friend who is male, it’s likely that he would have sex with you if given the chance. But if you are man and have a friend who is female, know that she would likely say no to going to bed with you.

It makes sense that men see all women as potential partners first, and potential friends second. Biologically, men are wired to seek out to be with as many women as they can. But women, on the other hand, have always been the picky ones; they must select the best male out of all available to be with them (i.e., to protect them, care for them, and carry their child).

For women, if a man does not surpass her threshold of standards (e.g., appearance, character, style) he is immediately demoted to the “friend” category, one where he is likely to never escape from. If he surpasses it however, he enters the “date” category, where he must compete with other men for her.

For men, even when rejection occurs (explicitly by being told no, or implicitly by seeing there is no chemistry), the possibility of sex always remains in the air. While the man may remain “friends” with the woman, he will generally be willing to have sex if the opportunity ever arises.

No friendship?

As the video above shows, even among ‘friends’ who have known each other for years, men would jump at the opportunity to have sex. Women however, would not. This means that women can form casual friendships- which never go beyond that – with men they see as unworthy of getting in bed with. Men however form friendships that are forever capable of evolving into more.

In short, men can’t form real friendships with women because they will always crave more. Women can’t form real friendships with men because they will always see them as inferior. Surely counterexamples exist, and good friendships without ulterior motives have been made in the past. But for many, friendship is a white lie they tell each other.

paranorm #magick #dunning-kruger paranormal-101.com

Slenderman in the 1800s

The Internet seems to be abuzz about sightings of tall, thin men, garbed in all black, for the past few years. Such a creature has been dubbed ‘Slenderman’ and is the subject of many fictional short stories known as ‘Creepypasta’. While many simply dismiss claimed encounters as kids with overactive imaginations which are fueled by the mass of stories, there are some researchers who have taken a more serious look at possible encounters. There is a common theory that Slenderman is a thought form (for information about thought forms, click the link here)

One of the most interesting parts of the Slenderman enigma is that some have connected him to various stories and creatures throughout world mythology. One only needs to do a quick search and they would find a multitude of information on mythological creatures that Slenderman is similar to.

I am including two stories, both from the late 1800s, of creatures which seem like relatives of the Slenderman. Both are courteously provided through Albert Rosales’ extensive database, he can be found here.


So what do you think? Tell me in the comments!

Laura Knight-Jadczyk #ufo #conspiracy #crackpot #magick amazon.com

High Strangeness is an enlightening attempt to weave together the contradictory threads of religion, science, history, alien abduction, and the true nature of political conspiracies. With thorough research and a drive for the truth, Laura Knight-Jadczyk strips away the facades of official culture and opens doors to understanding our reality. The Second Edition includes additional material that explains the hyperdimensional mechanisms by which our reality is controlled and shaped by 'alien' powers. The self-serving actions of unwitting puppets - psychopaths and other pathological types - who may have no knowledge that they are being used, become the portals through which an agenda that is hostile to humanity as a whole, is pushed forward. High Strangeness takes the study of Ponerology into a whole new dimension!

Deep Origins #mammon #magick #quack deeporigins.com


Based out of Encinitas, California, DEEP ORIGINS is a highly evolved eastern wellness company offering yoga products, meditation products, natural food/bev products and herbal supplements. Our company has expertise in ancient wisdom, digital marketing, product creation/sourcing and content/media.

Core Values

We’re not rebels for the sake of it. We’re rebels because much of the wisdom, science, and technology people could be using to live an empowered life have either been hidden, forgotten or miscommunicated.

If you’ve dug this deep, there’s a good chance you already realize there’s as much transformational potential in subjects like Eastern Medicine/Wellness, Yoga, Meditation, Sacred Geometry, Ancient Archaeology, Vibrational Frequencies and Sustainable Communities....as there is in cutting-edge pharmaceutical or psychological experiments. And that mindfulness practices, such as meditation...are as crucial to your intellectual development as reading a book every night before bedtime.

We focus on four cores: People, Planet, Purpose & Profits. All our brands and products must somehow or someway be associated within these four to create a sustainable future.

The challenge, however, lies in knowing precisely how to harness unconventional wisdom and share it with the world. And just as importantly, how to avoid the dangerous misinformation and hyperbole surrounding it.

We want to bring together highly qualified and respected consciousness experts, fashion designers, natural medicine practitioners, doctors, scientists, social entrepreneurs, wellness coaches, authors, artists and meditation teachers and all the amazing products that surround them...to empower our human family with scientifically validated tools and wisdom.

Anonymous Coward 73756696 #conspiracy #wingnut godlikeproductions.com

Joe "Pedo" Biden just called a lid on appearances until THURSDAY! PANIC! PANIC! PANIC! Watch the media SPINNNNNNN!

Hidin' Biden just has LOST the presidential election before all the votes were even cast.....

Poor Demented Fucker and his Meth-head Son will be indicted before the debate ......

Good try, you Democrat FUCKTARDS......

But you should have known better then to rely on Adam Schiff and Nancy Pelosi to try and take down "The Stable Genius!"

Let the weeping, wailing, and knashing of teeth COMMENCE!

metabuxx #dunning-kruger #sexist incels.co

[emphasis original]

[RageFuel] 1098 reasons for your inceldom

The X chromosome contains 1098 genes while the Y chromosome only has 78. We inherited almost all of our inferior traits from our mother.

And yet those worthless braindead whores think that their inferiority will get overshadowed by Chad's superior genes if they mate with them. How tf can Y chromosome compensate for something that is more than 5 times larger than itself.

They are literally the stupidest creatures in existence. They deem us inferior on the basis of traits we got from them. And yet 80% of women has reproduced throughout human history while only 40% of men have. Subhuman women are the ones who should be stopped from reproducing, NOT US.