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[Serious] When a bullied person does something bad, the bullies should be held legally responsible for the events

When a bullied person - usually an incel, but not always - gets bullied and eventually does something bad (ie goes ER, or kills themself, or becomes a dictator and starts a world war) then the people who bullied them should be held legally responsible for the actions of the bullied person and all subsequent events. This is my honest opinion.

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[Blackpill] My tribute to our saint. RIP Elliot Rodger

5 years ago on this day, 22 year old Elliot Rodger killed 6 people and injured 14 others in the town of Isla Vista, Santa Barbara, before killing himself.

Before his act of homicide/suicide, he left behind a 141 page manifesto titled "My twisted World" which contained more than 117 000 words. He detailed every experience of his life from birth to his final moments, in accordance to his superior memory.

In a video just over 6 minutes long, he detailed his sexual frustrations and his anger at women for rejecting him.

However, after reading his manifesto, it became apparent that contrary to the image created by the media of a sexually frustrated virgin killer, Elliot Rodger had problems well beyond not being able to obtain a partner for a romantic/sexual relationship.

It came as no surprise that Elliot suffered from years of loneliness. While his mild autism hindered his ability to socialise, his social isolation was as a result of being continuously excluded by his peers in social interactions: he was humiliated by the girls in his grade for most of his school life; he was mocked, ridiculed and laughed at by classmates on a regular basis. He was shunned by teachers, while his bullies were given no punishment and free license to continue treating him like a piece of dog shit. When Elliot graduated from high school and went to college, he was no longer bullied. He was simply ignored and rejected without being given a chance to show himself worthy of friendship/companionship.

The human survival instinct is incredible. No matter how much suffering a human being endures, their subconsciousness will always tell them to do whatever it takes to survive. For someone to commit suicide, it takes not only a great deal of courage but also suppression of this survival instinct. With this in mind, I've always been fascinated as to how someone can over-ride their subconscious mind and take their own lives.

Every year around the world, 800 000 people are estimated to take their own lives.


Whilst financial difficulties are a factor which can cause someone to commit suicide, majority of suicides can be attributed to breakdown of relationships/bullying. In the case of Elliot Rodger, bullying definitely played a significant role in determining the course of his short life.

I don't condone Elliot Rodger's actions. No matter what, it is always wrong to take the lives of innocent people. The media was quick to condemn the loss of lives of these innocent people. But why is it that society only cares about the loss of innocent lives when a shooting rampage/mass murder occurs? Why is society silent while literally hundreds of thousands of innocent lives are lost every year around the world due to suicide? If Elliot Rodger had simply committed suicide without killing others, no one would have cared about his death. Other than his immediate family, no one would spare even a minute from their lives to pay tribute to him. He would just become another statistic in a world where facts/statistics are ignored/overlooked; while virtue-signalling and political correctness are prioritised.

Whilst bullying is the major cause of suicide, it is unfortunately a significant factor behind homicides. Elliot Rodger is an example of the rare, yet increasingly common occurances in which an individual who has been bullied not only commits suicide, but commits suicide preceded by the act of homicide. When someone is backed into a corner, they will fight back. When someone is continuously pushed and pushed until they are at the edge, they will either fall by themselves to their death or they will reach out with their hand and bring down as many people as they can with them. What Elliot did is not justifiable, but it is understandable.

Once again, what Elliot did was terrible. But if his actions lead to greater awareness of bullying and prevention of thousands more suicides in the long-run, then at least the 6 people who were killed and Elliot Rodger's lives would not have been lost in vain; at least something positive can be gained from such objectively negative chain of events. Sometimes lives must be sacrificed for the greatER good. Many lives were sacrificed in the past to enable the people of the present to live in safety, security and comfort. And likewise, lives will be sacrificed in the present for the generations of the future. This is just human nature.

But the question arises, why do mass-murders need to happen for people to realise the deadly consequences of bullying? Why is it necessary for lives to be taken for people to start treating the members of their fellow species with basic respect? The lives lost in mass-murders in which the perpetrator was a victim of bullying, didnt need to be lost in the first place if people simply learnt to treat everyone, irregardless of their appearance or social standing, as human beings. Elliot Rodger may have pulled the trigger, but it was his bullies who pulled his strings. Murdering others and causing someone to murder others is the same thing, at least in my opinion. If Elliot's bullies had never bullied him, i really cant imagine him not being alive today. Elliot Rodger's bullies are just as responsible for the Isla Vista mass-murder as Elliot himself. Bullies deserve to be seriously punished.

He was just an innocent person whose soul was slowly corrupted by the disgusting, wretched, depraved species which is humanity. Elliot Rodger may be dead, but he will be alive in memory. He will be alive in the hearts of those who will carry his legacy. He will never be forgotten. Society portrays him as a villain, but in a cruel and twisted world, the perceived villain is the real hERo. Society views him as a monster, but what most people dont realise is that monsters are not born, they are created.

RIP Elliot Rodger (July 24, 1991 – May 23, 2014), the true victim of society.

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[Blackpill] Wounded blonde female tells the Westgate shooter off despite him threatening to kill her, women will never respect ethnics/sub8 males

Not even if you take a loaded rifle and point it at them

There is no "please dont shoot me", its "I have nothing to do with it DUDEEE"

Shes literally thinking "ugh do I have to talk to an ethnic man for real get this wetback away from me"

I dont know how to embed a video fuuck, happens at 0:32


FaceandHFD #racist #sexist #crackpot

FaceandHFD #racist #sexist #crackpot incels.co

[Blackpill] Germanic people have the cuck gene

”Prenatal testosterone influences adult men’s behavior toward women”, Psypost
germanics = high t = whiteknights
Apparently they are more agreeable with women, but very hostile to other men. Matriarchy is in their DNA and germanic men derive their self-worth from female validation. That's why so many of them seem to completely disregard their own well-being to protect women that might not even be theirs.

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[RageFuel] Today I saw two birds fucking in my garden

We are in the middle of the breeding season, when animals are fucking. I hear birds singing all the time to attract mates and in my tree there were two of them having sex. On my side, like every moment of any year, I am sexless and excluded from any form of reproduction.

Why is life so unfair? :feelsree::feelsree::reeeeee::reeeeee:

Dunning-Kruger Award

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Wristlet 2 #dunning-kruger #quack incels.co

[Serious] Psychology as a uni degree is fucking stupid, since psychology can't be taught like that. Incels know more about suffering than any therapist.


People insists on making everything about credentials, diagnosis, college degrees... You mention you or somebody you know has mental issues, and the first thing normies ask is "is it diagnosed?", you mention a psychological concept that you've observed or learned, and they'll ask "where did you read that?" or may say "well a psychologist may know best" or something like that. You come up with a scientific law over endless consistent observations of the same pattern in several different contexts (the blackpill), and to normies it's not real science, because we're not sciencists, even though actual psychologists and psychiatrists are bluepilled and clueless as fuck.

To society, this doesn't matter. They make everything about official certifications, degrees, diagnoses etc. This may seem like a good thing, or something civilized to do, but actually, it's in line with a tribal instinct that's as old as time. What those credentials in general boil down to is social recognition, and the fact that people cares more about social recognition than the truth. In fact, to them, social consensus literally defines the truth.

This makes sense in the case of, for example, a doctor or a chemist. If they have a degree it means they've studied a lot of stuff on the field so it makes sense to trust them. However, in the case of psychology it's just retarded.

My therapist is clueless tbh. I go to her because it's free and to vent, but 3 sessions in, I can already tell there's no way this woman will be able to help me out. She's way in over her head, and I know a lot more than her tbh. Only way this person may be helpful is if you're a full normie and have never dealt with any adversity (or did suffer but didn't learn anything) and are completely unprepared, then sure, a therapist's knowledge may be a godsend.

Literally reading Elliot Rodger's manifesto is better therapy than any therapist for any incel. Or this forum. And this is because the idea of psychology as a college degree, aka teaching a bunch of beckys and stacys who live in tutorial mode about psychological concepts, people's feelings, how to help those who suffer, is just impossible, or at least the way they do it in college (memorization) is just wrong. It's just absurd tbh. You can't teach this stuff, only people who actually suffers knows what it's like. For example, even if the blackpill was socially recognized as true, chads and stacys could superficially learn it, as in memorize the concept, but they'd never know the true meaning of "brutal" or "suifuel" as they've never felt it, nor would they never truly understand what the blackpill is about or its implications. This is why therapy is bullshit.

Only way therapy for incels would work is if we were assigned an older or higher IQ incel as some sort of coach, or an ascended but blackpilled incel. And of course free whores. That'd be proper therapy. Not some becky who is way in over her head as she has no idea what suffering is like, and in fact any high IQ incel knows more than her just by virtue of his experience.

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Well considering rape is just using a vagina for its intended purpose, what's the big deal? It's not like women care about virginity, so that's not an issue right?

This is why you really can't believe women talking about rape. It's like an Uber driver complaining they didn't get a good enough tip.

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Did the Southern States have the constitutional right to secede?

I have done research on the Civil War. First of all, it wasn’t solely about slavery. It was a constitutional crisis. The southern states believed that they had the legal right to secede from the United States while the US government believed that secession was illegal. Thus there was a bloody war.

The prevailing view today is that the establishment of the Confederate States of America was illegal. In the Supreme Courts ruling on Texas vs White case in 1869 that secession is illegal because the Articles of Confederation which was the constitution of the United States before the 1789 Constitution referred to the United States as a perpetual union.

However, others argue that the Articles of Confederation which was established in 1781 as a treaty between the original 13 sovereign states lost its binding force because many states later violated the treaty. To establish a more powerful central government, there was a convention that in 1787 proposed the Constitution which they argue was a complete replacement of the no longer binding Articles of Confederation.

They argue that the Articles of Confederation was no longer binding is shown by the fact that the state’s ratification of Constitution did not follow the amendment process laid out in the Articles of Confederation. The amendment process of the Articles of Confederation required approval by all 13 of the state legislatures. The Constitution was originally ratified by only 9 states by ratification conventions not by the state legislature though it later got ratified by all 13 states. Thus they argue that the Supreme Court’s ruling invoking of the Articles of Confederation was invalid.

They argue that the Constitution contains the words “more perfect union” not “perpetual union” and that there isn’t anything in the constitution that says “states can not secede.” They argue that the 10th amendment says “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people,” and that the power to prevent secession was never delegated to the federal government.

As for slavery, it would of eventually been abolished anyway had the Confederacy won. The slave economy was failing and there would have been international pressure to abolish it.

Resolution to the debate

To resolve the debate, the US government needs to pass an amendment restoring the Confederate States and allow the Confederate States to amend their constitution to rejoin the Union. This happened in the parallel universe at the encouragement of Michael Cooper.

UltraCatholicAngloAmerican aka Jacob Harrison #fundie

UltraCatholicAngloAmerican aka Jacob Harrison #fundie fandom-fanon.fandom.com


imageSouls burning in hell

Hell is a realm where Eru Illuvatar/God punishes unrepentant sinners in a lake of fire and brimestone. Since Illuvatar is an infinite and eternal being, knowingly sinning against him is an infinite crime so the punishment in hell is therefore eternal.

In hell, the damned feel 2 great pains. The first pain is the pain of the burning fire. The other pain that is even worse than the physical pain of the fire is eternal separation from God. There are multiple levels of hell depending on the severity of the sin committed. The edge of hell is where the least sinful sinners are. The closer to the center of hell, the hotter the fire is. The center of hell is where the greatest traitor in history, Judas Iscariot is. It is also where Illuvatar plans to send Morgoth/Satan after the Battle of Armageddon.

How to avoid Hell

Illuvatar loves mankind so much that he sent his son Jesus, The Christ to sacrifice himself for everyone’s sins so that they can be forgiven if they accept his son’s sacrifice and confess their sins to priests in his new church. The only exceptions are the souls of children below the age of reason and those who are ignorant of Christ or Catholicism but seek to follow the will of God in accordance with their understanding of it. The souls of baptized children below the age of reason go to heaven, while the souls of unbaptized children go to an alternate realm called Limbo. Since Christianity spread around the world, most people on Earth today are not ignorant of Christ.

You must therefore join the Catholic Church. If you are already baptized, then you need to confess all the mortal sins you remember committing to your priests. If you haven’t, then your baptism will cleanse you of the sins you committed prior to your baptism and then you will need to confess subsequent sins to your priests. During a pandemic, you can confess to God and make a resolution to confess to a priest once the pandemic is over.

Famous People in Hell

* The false prophet Muhammad.
* The heretic Martin Luther
* The false apostate King Henry VIII of England
* Voltaire
* Maximilian Robespierre
* Karl Marx
‘ Vladimir Lenin
* Adolf Hitler
* Mahatma Ghandi
* Joseph Stalin
* The heretic C.S. Lewis
* Mao Zedong
* Pol Pot
* Christopher Hitchens
* Osama Bin Laden
* The heretic Jack Chick
* The heretic Billy Graham
* Stephen Hawking

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RIP, Incels.me (2017-2018)

Almost making it to a second year, Incels.me was suspended by the registry on October 15, 2018, without warning, even after doing what the registry asked. They never intended to give them a chance to comply with their ridicuious and unreasonable demands and that's why they were given them.

I won this website in an auction recently for $205 dollars.

What a great way to spend $205 dollars isn't it?

I could have done a lot with that money. I could have bought an escort for a hour or invested into a project, but instead I chose to bid on this website and ended up winning. My initial bid was $300 dollars, but I got lucky and got it for less.

One might ask why I would be willing to spend that much on a measly website that is irrelevant. The truth is that I have sentimental value for this website as sappy as that sounds.

This website was my home.

This is where it all began.

A place that took me in after Reddit kicked us off over false happenings.

The first place where I felt a true sense of community.

One of the only places left on the internet where women are disallowed.

A faceless corporation took this place away from us.

A mob of angry mothers, redditors, and journalists took this place away from us, and for what you ask? They didn't like the speech on the website, they say.

They believed that this site was illegal. For me, it was a place to vent my frustations with this broken society. For them it was place of hatred, misogyny, and racism. They tried their hardest for 2 years to take this place down using any means nessarary:

Abuse complaints to Cloudflare, the domain registrar, and the hosting provider.

Network Attacks

Attempted Hacks

Smears of this Website in the News

It took almost 2 years for them to get any legitimate results using their unethical tactics.The domain was suspended.

Yet another home taken away from us with no real reason...

...but we persisted and it made us stronger than ever.

They can't understand that deplatforming never works. Yet they continue to try to this day. They can't understand that we grew stronger from the suspension of our domain name. They thought they have weakened us, but just a few hours later we were back under a new domain name. Our website grew stronger. Our members came back. We got more members because of it. This is something that many can't understand

We were back and there was nothing they could do about it. You can take down countless subreddits, websites, or domains, but you can't kill an idea.

Join me in laughing at the now dated and irrelevant news articles reporting on the suspension of this website.

— Anonymous

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RREEEEEEEEE #sexist #psycho incels.co

The feminists are right. Men need to die.

Just think about the hordes of cucks and simps that will lynch you if you dare say anything negative about a female. Just think about the hordes of cucks and simps that will donate tons of money to females just for existing. Just thinking about the hordes of cucks and simps that will exploit female sexuality by enabling and encouraging degeneracy. Just think of the hordes of cucks and simps that will buy and eat chocoshit chip cookies. Just think about the hordes of cucks and simps that are swiping right on landwhales and grannies on Tinder. Just think about the hordes of cucks and simps that are inflating the egos of below average females by giving them validation. Just think about the hordes of cucks and simps.

Wristlet 2 #transphobia

Wristlet 2 #transphobia incels.co

(a comment on this post bashing Skidie)

trannies are so fucking disgusting man :feelspuke:

and that's a TRANS MAN

don't fall for the soy narrative, it's the other way around: men pretending to be women = trans men, foids pretending to be male = trans women

also trannies seem to always resort to violence threats when their delusions get threatened. they also even threaten violence against real women which is just bizarre

DangZagnut #sexist #conspiracy #fundie

DangZagnut #sexist #conspiracy #fundie reddit.com

Churches are all about worshipping women.

All religions worship women, they're magical creatures. Whether it's Catholics worshipping a Jewish minx named Mary that cucked her husband, or Muslims worshipping women by "controlling" them, don't make me laugh. Or the guilt tripping Jewish mother, or the women doing Gods know what to the Hindus, all religions pretend to "control" women, but in reality it's putting them on the pedestal.

Religion plus pussy worship never wins. And the more fundamentalist the religion, the more the mothers control the children. And the husband.

You think a Muslim with 4 wives fighting against him 24/7 is "winning"? Or the Japanese guy with the traditional wife taking all his money and working him to the bone to earn more is really doing it right? The mormon is winning having a shit ton of wives to be responsible for? As we know, no woman on Earth has been manipulative.

No Catholic mother is the neck that turns the husband that's the "head" of the family.

Red pill yourself away from the fantasy of women, and the fantasy of magic, and the illusion that you have power over either, and do your own thing. If you like some virtues or moral lessons, take the good; shed yourself of the bullshit. The bullshit never helps, and the good parts get covered with the shit of the bad.

But what would I know, I'm just a heathen Godless atheist.

Wristlet 2 #psycho

Wristlet 2 #psycho incels.co

[Blackpill] [darktriadpill] Ted Bundy did nothing wrong

I've watched the Netflix movie, the tapes documentary, and I'm now reading Liz's book for more bundypills, and tbh, bundypill aside (check my last 2 threads, they're brutal), I think he did nothing wrong.

Life is, in itself, a power struggle, aka you're supposed to fight directly or indirectly, and he treated it as such. Actually everyone does, but most delude themselves while buying clothes or electronics made by exploited workers whose life is hell.

Morals aren't a thing outside of people's minds, there's really no code as to the way one should behave, as far as nature is concerned. In fact nature is ruthless af. This is a brutal realization: Since morals are only in people's minds, when no one's watching or you can't get caught, you decide what's right and wrong. If no one else is watching to judge, there's no ethical difference per se between torturing and raping a woman vs just taking a walk in the park, only you decide what's right.

Ted Bundy was the epitome of this imo, because he successfully pretended to be a cool guy (his jawline helped tbh, but that's a story for another bundypill thread), he was likeable, pretended to be a very good person, charismatic... The kind of person people assume "can't possibly" do those things. Because people, since they insist on believing the just world phallacy and that there's some sort of force ruling the world beyond the moral codes in their minds, tend to believe evil people are noticeably different, ugly and creepy, so we can spot them. Ted, if you watch the tapes documentary, defied this prejudice and used that to avoid getting caught, didn't give a SHIT that what he did was wrong, didnt feel guilt but also not even any shame about not being "normal", never felt bad about it, and in trials he was arrogant as fuck, almost as if he was thinking "who are you to punish me for what I did?". He was so darktriadpilled it's unbelievable.

PD: If you're interested I'm also planning on making another bundypill thread about how, if you have a good jawline, you can be confident, even a bit arrogant, and people will love that, but if you're short or ugly, they'll hate you unless you're submissive or a jester.

Murdoch89 and Edmund_Kemper #sexist #dunning-kruger #psycho

Murdoch89 and Edmund_Kemper #sexist #dunning-kruger #psycho incels.co

(In response to this)
Swede deserves to get gang raped

She lives in Sweden a country with a high rape rate

Then hopefully it happens to her she certainly doesn't like incels

She claims to be a 50 year old woman jfl

She certainly doesn't have much of a life if she only checks up what incels are posting everyday on here

100% true. I bet she isn’t 50. She’s probably 20
metabuxx #sexist

metabuxx #sexist incels.co

[Serious] Daily reminder to always contribute in making a hole's life worse in any way possible

Always be rude to a waitress and never tip them.
Leave bad reviews on your nearest female owned businesses
Always give your female professors the worst rating in feedback forms.
Always dislike a YouTube video featuring a hole and report the channel for harassment.
Always criticize and be impolite towards nurses and flight attendants.
Never follow a hole on Instagram or Twitter or TikTok and if you want to, post hateful comments on their posts.
Download porn movies from torrent sites or daftsex so that not one penny goes into the back accounts of those whores.
Use Adblocks on female owned websites and leave negative comments
Never help a hole in distress. They are not entitled to it.

Remember, every hole on this planet hates you and wants you dead. The least you can do is make them feel a bit shittier about themselves. I know it won't affect their lives on tutorial mode much but every action of yours matters and it may lead to a beta uprising in the near future.

Various incels #transphobia

Various incels #transphobia incels.co

(a few comments on this post bashing Skidie)

Transsexualism is a mental illness


Transsexualism is a mental illness
That’s clearly visible in the first paragraphs of that text


Transsexualism is a mental illness

She calls us terrorists but says we should be brutally beaten and murdered for our opinion on tranny bathroom

Don’t call him “she” bro

He is a male

oh no a fat tranny threatened you, you should be scared :feelskek:

either way he'll 41% soon

RaptorInMotion #crackpot

RaptorInMotion #crackpot saidit.net

Is the history of the human race being told as a particular "narrative" and anyone who goes against it is labelled "misinformation"? Are we all actually descended from one "creator civilisation"?

All religions/followings/cults and their holy texts point to the same actual people, with the same actual story, just with their own cultural understandings and names given to them. These people were worshipped "as Gods" and over time, each original cult/following/clan/religion became fractured and multiple gods/leaders were worshipped over each other, possibly due to rapid expansion of territory and so multiple wars were waged against each other.

This all depends on whether you think "The Lost Book of Enki", translated from the 14 Sumerian Tablets, can be trusted or not.

This of course will lead to the author, a guy called Zecharia Sitchin, being dubbed a "fraudster" by a guy named Dr. Michael S. Heiser, who set up a website DEDICATED to proving him wrong and sullying his name. Suspicious in itself, but who knows.

Of course, you have to make up your own mind, so i certainly recommend reading the book. We've all got the time right now anyway!

-------------------------------------------------------NOTES OF INTEREST----------------------------------------------------

NOTE: "--->" = gave birth to/descended into.

NOTE 2: None of these people are "THE God Almighty" that supposedly created the physical universe, even they say they didnt know. They only gave our ancestors "consciousness/awareness" of "our universe".

NOTE 3: This is not a fully completed list of EVERYONE borne from eachother. This post would be impossibly large to try and fit them all in, but I can try.

NOTE 4: When researching each "god/deity/leader's" story and the words/passages written about them, try and remember that they are written down/spoken in 'LAYMANS TERMS' by VERY early man, using their (naturally at the time) limited understanding of what they saw and were told. They also learnt within the confines of their own cultures.

NOTE 5: It appears the earliest forms of class divide, family interbreeding and slavery were prevalent in these times, as a sort of "necessary evil", and actively encouraged by certain civs/cults/clans. Possibly for control and most likely for "royal bloodlines" to always succeed. These potentially gave way to the earliest forms of apparent racism far down the timeline, and the uprisings/rebellions against it.

NOTE 6: The Great Deluge/Biblical Flood/Legend of Manu/Gun-Yu/ Deucalion.

NOTE 7: Pizzagate, Epstein, Adrenachrome, Moloch, Secret Societies, Hitler, JFK, 9/11 etc.

NOTE 8: The Aztecs were annihilated by Spanish Conquistadors for not "following the narrative" of Christianity.

-----------------------------------------------------FAMILY TREE/CULTS------------------------------------------------------

Earth, under the "overall rule" of:

An also known as: Anu/El/Ahura Mazda/Brahma/Uranus

And his people = ("Anunnaki" also known as: Titans/Neteru/Angels [on Earth]) + ("Igigi" also known as: Grigori/Watchers/Nephilim/Fallen Angels/Demons/Olympians [on Mars])

And his land = [Nibiru also known as: Sirius]


The first leaders/gods/deitys, 3 of which (Enki, Enlil and Ninmah) were directly borne from An:

Enki also known as: Ea/Nudimmud/Ptah/Shiva/Iapetus and his original "civ/cult/clan" in The Abzu, in Eridu, + Memphis also known as: Mena-Nefer

And his offspring/avatars/forms = (Ningishzidda also known as: Tehuti/Thoth/Kulla/Prometheus) + (Marduk also known as: Amun/Amon/Aton/Ra/Ravana/Rudra/Menoetius) + (Nergal also known as: Erra) + (Adapa also known as: Adam/Hanuman ---> Ka-in also known as: Cain, and Abael also known as Abel) + (Ziusudra also known as: Utnapishtim/Noah/Manu/Vaivasvata/Deucalion ---> Shem + Ham + Japheth ---> Ashkenaz) + (Dumuzi also known as: Tammuz) + (Gibil also known as: Gerra)

And their lands = [AFRICA] + [ARABIA] + [GERMANIA] + [ASIA]

And its offshoots = {Dogons?} + {Israelites}

"vs / with"

[A LOT more insane genealogy equating every god with every other god]


Shamgaz also known as: Samyaza, leader of his rebel "civ/cult/clan" at Mount Hermon And their offspring/avatars/forms = And their lands = "far east, lands of high mountains" [CHINA/RUSSIA?] And its offshoots = {Scythians?}

-------------------------------------------------------END FEELINGS----------------------------------------------------

Are "they" still possibly vying for their "divine" right to rule the Earth's lands, and its subsequent peoples?

All of this could mean/imply that each leader/god/deity had many names throughout his "longer than usual" life (the gift of "immortality"), given to them by each culture/civilisation, and its people, over time.

With certain parallels to todays "cult behaviour" and mass population control by our super nations and/or secret societies, i think its PLAUSIBLE.

The "Unifying" Logo of all civs:

image[A collection of various depictions of religious imagery from various cultures depicting humanoids holding pairs of various, usually oblong, objects or animals, one in each hand. All of them are labelled with country of origin and “GODSELF ICON”.)

COPE GmbH #sexist #pedo #psycho

COPE GmbH #sexist #pedo #psycho incels.co

[Serious] Daddymaxx & Daughtermaxx = ASCENSION

For those who want to betabuxx or reproduce, I have a new strategy for you that I've found today that will get you to reproduce with a prime JB.

1) Betabux a fertile female.
2) You're gonna be cucked anyways so try to find a chad that your wife will "secretly" fuck him, don't forget to make a contract with the chad to be discreet.
3) Hope that your wife's child will be a daughter.
4) Become a loving dad and subconsciously train your wife's daughter to fall in love with you.
5) Breed your wife's daughter at the appropriate age (if you're too late she might become a whore)
6) ????
7) PROFIT!!!

You will have a beautiful (chad genes) wife and healthy children because your wife's daughter doesn't have your genes.

Note for the IT cucks: "A person must be at least 16 years old, and at least five years older than the prepubescent child, for the attraction to be diagnosed as pedophilia."
Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pedophilia - And don't you ever disrespect Islam, because our religion deems that it's halal.

BummerDrummer #racist #transphobia #homophobia

BummerDrummer #racist #transphobia #homophobia incels.co

[JFL] Incels have a victim mentality

“Incels have a victim mentality, all they think about is how they have it hard and how society oppressed them, and that’s bad :soy: . Nothing is owed to incels :soy: :soy:“


niggers screaming and rioting about how they dindu nuffin when a white police officer shoots one of them for being a fucking ape, or how they have it bad cuz muh white privilege and they expect government entitled slave reparations: “wow keep going black kings! Fight the oppressors! Black lives matter! Criminalize racism! Release the black men from jail!”

mentally ill trannies are cutting off their dicks for “gay rights” and homosexual men are raping children while talking about how LGBTQ people are discriminated against and how they are entitled to free hormones to turn them into some weird fucking freak show: “good job standing up for your sexual freedoms! gay pride! Every transsexual child deserves hormones!”

but no we are the victim mentalitied entitled people jfl

MayorOfKekville #wingnut #conspiracy #sexist

MayorOfKekville #wingnut #conspiracy #sexist incels.co

[JFL] Voting for a leftwing party is literally voting for this

Transcript“This is the future liberals want”: A quarry with virtually naked men as slaves and women wearing fetish gear as overseers.

(Correction: I originally listed the website in the picture’s artist signature as fundie, somehow overlooking that that caption is not actually part of the image. However, it turns out that one actually is some fetish erotica site.)

theson #sexist #psycho #dunning-kruger

theson #sexist #psycho #dunning-kruger incels.co

[Based] High IQ idea: quantizing pussy

Users who quantize pussy by using terminology such as "a crumb of pussy", "an ounce of pussy", "tons of pussy" are high IQ. Toilets are pretending like sex is not a resource they have a monopoly over that can be redistributed, but rather some abstract spiritual thing that is bestowed by the gods upon the worthy. The traditional view of sex is similar to the divine right of kings to rule, where women's command of the pussy resource cannot be brought into question. Quantizing pussy and discussing dating in terms of markets desmystifies and democratizes sex which can be a catalyst for social change. Reddit toilets get mad when you quantize pussy, that's how you know this is a legit tactic.

gymletethnicel #sexist

gymletethnicel #sexist incels.co

[Serious] A solution to significantly reducing the amount of child pornography available

I personally think this might be a billion dollar solution, but I will give it out for free.

"Dear little underage girls, stop being fucking whores by taking pictures and videos of your nude body and genitals."

That's all.

Edmund_Kemper #transphobia

Edmund_Kemper #transphobia incels.co

[JFL] Tranny on another forum threatens to murder me and says I should be executed in public

typed by skide

“this fag says "iT's NoNe oF yOuR BuSiNeSs wHaT BaThRoOm tHeY uSe" yes it is.”

No, it is not. You’ve not given me any counter-arguments besides “it makes people uncomfortable” about which I do not give a single tiniest sliver of a fuck. Lemme properly rephrase myself for you: Your buisness, you piece of fucking mental shit, is right there about the space your nose reaches out to, not a fucking inch more. You do not get to fucking police others for making you uncomfortable, respond to that, you little shithead.
You gonna try? then try with me, I’m a transgal and you try policing me, I will genuinely fucking brutalize you to the brink of death and I’ll spit on your broken chassis just for good measure. You seem to labour under some delusion of having the brute force on your side when you simply do not. In my case, I do and I will gladly use it against you, if you as much, as talk to me when I’m inside the stall(and yeah, do go on about how I’m obviously a male because I’m a brutal fuck who like bashing in people’s heads from time to time, specially when they deserve it like you all do, none of you are arbiters of my sex an none of you ever will be but do come here up north and try saying any of your typical offensive shit, I can use some lawsuit cash, so just gimme a cause, just gimme a fucking pretext to).

Now, while I have your attention: You fuckers ARE the degeneracy itself. Controlling other sentients is the most degenerate shit you can attempt and you are all about that. Hell, you hate the very concept of freedom to the point of trying to discredit it in as much effort, as your tiny brains can conjure. One uncomfortable truth, you little pieces of fucking degenerate(as we have established) filth: You are few and we, people who actually value our freedoms and our lives to be lived as we wish, we are a fucking LEGION, sure you can shoot some of us at a mall or in the theater but in the end each loss of yours is going to be irreplacable for you, almost no kid in their right mind is going to go for your little cult while we are never going to cave in to your demands, you are nothing more than a handful of terrorists and you will all die like such(if we could only make your executions public). So spin your little plots, your dreams of world domination, because in reality, you are and always will be left powerless. Utterly pathetic and unable to move a single stone that makes up our society. Grow the fuck up and start listening to actual fuckin adults in the room or rope’s your destiny and I just wish all of you did it at the same time, so we could get rid of your cult for good. Now, don’t give me any of your shit about how you just want to live outside of all this. You don’t. All you want for is control over others and your whole misery stems from not having it anymore. Admit it, you bunch of cowardly fucks. You have made my point the moment you contradicted me about the bathroom stuff not being your buisness. You motherfucking degenerate filth literally consider it your buisness to police others and you always had. For this, you deserve death but I’ll gladly settle for the exclusion and scorn you already get from folks.

Get comfy, fuckheads, it ain’t going nowhere.”

wow. A trans foid threatens to beat me up and kill me because of my political opinion on trans bathroom. The reason why I think trans bathroom is bad is NOT because I think it is uncomfortable it’s because men’s rooms and women’s rooms were separated due to the fact that they have different genitals, not different chromosomes or different genders. If they had the same body and genitals, this wouldn’t be necessary. That’s why this trans bathroom thing is controversial you wannabe tough guy. And threatening to violently beat someone to death and then you Tell me to “grow up” when you talk like a insanely butthurt preteen. What’s next? Make all bathrooms for men and women to share together? So a 11 year old girl should share the bathroom with a 40 year old man? I’m sorry but this just isn’t ok. If you had a vagina this wouldn’t be an issue if you could Change your penis into a vagina. And its crazy how you want us publicly executed just for words and sentences we type online.

also, to the retard who claims to have a 30 year old son, no you don’t. You’re just some 20 year old lying about being Middle Aged so you can be seen as wise and mature by others when in reality no middle aged adult spends their time on forums dedicated to mocking other people. If you’re that age, you’re a manchild

BummerDrummer #dunning-kruger #racist #transphobia #sexist #pedo

BummerDrummer #dunning-kruger #racist #transphobia #sexist #pedo incels.co

[JFL] I fucking LOVE science

I fucking LOVE science when its being told to me by a Jewish lens

I fucking LOVE science but I LOVE when mentally ill retards are chopping their penis off to become female

I fucking LOVE science but I LOVE when people tell me and I believe women are equal to men

I fucking LOVE science but I LOVE when people tell me an age of consent at 18 makes total sense

TranscriptStraw male feminist (“Soyboy”: “🚀💫I fucking l♥ve SCIENCE!⚗️⚛️”
Voice from off-screen: “Sciense says human races have different average IQs”
“Soyboy” cries with rage.
SuperMario64DS #crackpot

SuperMario64DS #crackpot incels.co

[RageFuel] Another one: Burning down an IT strawman on teen love

Why not.

For those who don't know,

"A straw man (or strawman) is a form of argument and an informal fallacy based on giving the impression of refuting an opponent's argument, while actually refuting an argument that was not presented by that opponent. One who engages in this fallacy is said to be 'attacking a straw man'."

So much of IT focuses on this one argument and it is nothing more than a strawman. A disgusting one and copied / pasted one at that. Here it is in my own words:

"Incels.co argues that teen love is so wonderful, so sublime, and perfect; they create this image of a couple in love, cuddling, sitting outside on a lakeside hill, watching a lake, with fireworks in the distance, and romantic but innocent sex with nobody around. First of all, teen love is not like that, it's awkward, imperfect, and anxiety filled. Second of all, these "movie moments" are so infrequent and rare that they don't really exist."


That is not the argument.

Here's the fundamental issue. You think we don't know that teenagers are socially awkward with each other? That teenagers can be fucking stupid and make decisions that ruin their lives? That teenage relationships are awkward as fuck?

Of course we know that!

The issue is this.

First of all, teenage romance and relationships is awkward because you are doing it for your first time, but you learn from it and develop emotionally. From there, you can start having more adult and mature relationships. People like us are fucked. Why? We never learned from dating and developed emotionally with the other gender. Even if we could get a relationship, it won't work well because we didn't learn from experience and our mistakes. We wouldn't know how to handle it; while everyone else naturally dated people and learned how to function in a relationship, we are stuck with the dating experience of a 13 year old. But we can't even get a relationship to begin with because of our disgusting appearances. We are walking Elephant men.

Second of all, teenage romance and relationships often does create happy memories, even if they are idealized in our media. They are idealized in our media because they are relatable to what's positive about teenage romance. Nobody expects everyone to have a perfect memory like the above, but couples often have at least positive memories. Not always, to be sure, but it happens enough such that mainstream audiences can inherently relate to it.

Us on the other hand, we are viewed by society as failures, worthless, and mainstream media mocks people like us because of things which aren't our fault. We didn't choose to look like this. We didn't pick out our genes. We didn't pick out our skills and abilities. We didn't pick to be rejected.

Again, go jump off a bridge.

BlkPillPres #psycho #sexist

BlkPillPres #psycho #sexist incels.co

(On “If you saw a stranger foid getting raped, how would you react?”)


I'm not answering this. I'm not fucking stupid lol.
You ironically sound fucking stupid, do you think you're going to be arrested by the thought police afterwards, you are under no legal obligation to help someone in danger, the only "illegal" answer is joining in, and again you can't be arrested for merely thinking about it

I would never join in, but not for moral reasons, but for logical reasons, there's just too much that could go wrong

1. The guy could respond aggressively and fuck you up, now your dna is at the scene of a rape even if you run away and survive the altercation

2. If you both happily team up its harder to keep track of what you did and what to clean up, unless you both plan on exchanging contact information after killing her and disposing of the body, you will likely get caught and then arrested as you can't keep your stories straight, one mistake and you're fucked

3. The guy could have STD's and you end up getting it when you guys "swap holes" JFL

Either way I just don't like the idea of sharing a rape

I chose to keep walking, but in reality I'd probably do a slight variation of two of them, I'd wait till the rape was finished, when the guy leaves, rush her and knock her out, take whatever cash she has on her

P-Chan #wingnut #sexist #racist

P-Chan #wingnut #sexist #racist incels.co

[Venting] I fucking love (hate) Germany

(skip this part if you dont give a fuck)
So first to my Person, iam a deputy workshop manager in a small highly specialized company. I get a very good salary, very good means top 10% in income in germany.
(BTW how does a incel get this kind of job? Be an autist in you job field, make a friend in the company, he becomes the head of the department, he cant deal with Computers and statistics, so he makes is autist friend who is good with computers and statistics the deputy position, and we are a excellent team btw, he deals with humans and i whit the papers, pc and statisitc and tell him what to tell the managment).
I have a special car becouse i dont know what to do with my money, i mean money gets useless for an Incel at a certain point. You get a Apartment a oldtimer, a daily driver, and a poser car. (my daily driver is a old vw golf 4 btw, cant tell the other cars becouse they are very specific) and then? a R 390 and a I-6600K is enough for everything i play. so i sit like a incel duck on my money.

(now you can read)

So its a Student City where i live, a real student city, so its like 33% of all humans here are young academic woman and we had a bunch of refuges here and still much arabs because of the big industry in the district. (they work in the small citys around but all get to the main city at the evening). So whats the problem?
Its hurting to see how young student woman idolize this mans, they where meetups with female students and refugees, i see arabs have there prize womans on the side, talk with them in bars and taking them home, i see the 80/20 rule every time iam in the city 2 guys with like 5 girls around them. arabs making some shit in the bars, arabs fell like the kings of the world even with low income (i know it, i need to hire them and see them in the city) my friend is very social (the head of managment) so the barkeepers know me and i talk with them, this arabs do lots of shit in the bars and they cant do anything because muhhhh Racism....
And the funny part?
I pay for all of this.
i pay +10k of taxes and social taxes, (only direct taxes btw)
i pay for the chad students
i pay for the low working class arabs (they pay less taxes and i more. welcome in germany)
i pay for the refugees and the students meet ups
i pay for the female students and the cockcarussel student years
hell i even pay more on womans night so chad gets his bitches drunk

just venting guys, i needet this.

Neil Strauss #mammon #sexist

Neil Strauss #mammon #sexist amazon.com

The Game: Penetrating the Secret Society of Pickup Artists

Hidden somewhere, in nearly every major city in the world, is an underground seduction lair. And in these lairs, men trade the most devastatingly effective techniques ever invented to charm women. This is not fiction. These men really exist. They live together in houses known as Projects. And Neil Strauss, the bestselling author and journalist, spent two years living among them, using the pseudonym Style to protect his real-life identity. The result is one of the most explosive and controversial books of the last decade—guaranteed to change the lives of men and transform the way women understand the opposite sex forever.

On his journey from AFC (average frustrated chump) to PUA (pick-up artist) to PUG (pick-up guru), Strauss not only shares scores of original seduction techniques but also has unforgettable encounters with the likes of Tom Cruise, Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, Heidi Fleiss, and Courtney Love. And then things really start to get strange—and passions lead to betrayals lead to violence. The Game is the story of one man's transformation from frog to prince to prisoner in the most unforgettable book of this generation.

Edmund_Kemper #wingnut

Edmund_Kemper #wingnut incels.co

[Venting] Bluepilled cucks like IT, white knights, feminazis, normies, etc. are just NPCs who only agree with whatever society says

they all think of themselves as free-thinkers, but they aren't even remotely free-thinkers. they are cowardly faggots who don't have the balls to think for themselves. they think they accept homos and trannies because "it's the right to do" when in reality they only accept them because they're forced to accept them by society. they think women are equal to men because society forces them to think that. they think incels are bad because society forces them to think that. they think attraction to anyone under 18 (or under 21) is pedophilia because society teaches them that and will crucify you if you disagree. they think that curries have just as much SMV as caucasians because they're taught if you disagree you're an evil racist who should be killed. these people only think these things because society teaches them to think these things.

if these faggots lived in the 1950s, they would've HATED gay people and trans people. only a tiny minority of americans back then thought homosexuality was acceptable and if they think they're part of that 1% from back then who would've accepted homos then they're unrealistic retards. In 1958, only 4% of americans approved of interracial marriage. if they lived back then, they would've HATED interacial marriage. they cannot seriously think they'd be part of that 4%. if they lived in the antebellum era, they would've HATED black people and would've had a racial bias against them. if they lived in ancient greece, they wouldn't have any problem with a 30 year old man marrying a 15 yr old foid and most likely would've married a 15 yr old at age 30 if they were male or married a 30 yr old man if they were female.

if they lived in a world where bestiality was accepted, they would accept bestiality and wouldn't wanna be called an evil bestialiphobe by SJWs. if they lived in a world where incest (without pregnancy) was accepted, they would accept it. if they lived in a world where polygamy was normal, they'd accept polygamy. if they lived in nazi germany, only 1% of them would be brave enough to resist hitler. people who think they would've resisted hitler are unrealistic. people who think they'd resist kim-jong-un are unrealistic.

then they see us disagreeing with what society says and they feel threatened. this is why they hate the blackpill and promote the bluepill. they think we live in a fair world where a deformed curry manlet can get a gigastacy

rightfulcel #dunning-kruger #sexist

rightfulcel #dunning-kruger #sexist incels.co

[LifeFuel] Calling women toilets is the most high iq idea ever

Normies are so brian dead they struggle to connect the dots completely. They are so autistic they are like "LOL women aren't toilets" while ignoring what we just said. Instead of being angry about the posts they go straight to that because it requires no energy. Also toilet is offensive and funny also true I might add. Lol at normies.

Jeffrey J. Wolynski #crackpot

Jeffrey J. Wolynski #crackpot stellar-metamorphosis.blogspot.com

Some Thoughts on the Progress of Stellar Metamorphosis

Now that I have some years experience working and sharing the discovery that planets are actually ancient stars (planet formation IS star evolution), 8 years exactly today, I can say there are a lot of lessons learned that I absolutely need to share with young people concerning success and hardship.

I originally thought that if I just shared this idea with people, say minimum 10 people, the idea would catch on like wildfire. Turns out that was incredibly naive.

I originally thought that if my papers got at least 100 views that it would be totally over for the dogma. They would change course and come to terms with reality, that stars evolve into planets (meaning the two physical constructs were never independent of each other). This was NOT the case. I can say this even more so now, as not even 50,000+ downloads of the vixra papers later has the dogma changed course. I counted them by plugging in the numbers, its over 50,000. Here is the main page: http://vixra.org/author/jeffrey_joseph_wolynski

So if you do some quick math, I was wrong by a multiple of 500. Not only that, I continue to be wrong, as that multiple continues to grow. There to this day, after 8 years of spreading the discovery that Earth is an ancient star, does not exist a SINGLE mainstream publication or news article sharing the discovery with the public. NOT ONE. NOT A SINGLE ARTICLE. Not even after 8 years! 8 years!

Let me serve as an example for the people who want to be successful in life. Success does not come easy, nor does it come within a couple of months. Success for me is turning out to take, officially, even longer than 8 years. This isn't to say I have had smaller successes that are incredibly valuable. Such as a person on youtube that commented this on the "the general theory" video:

"That was epic. When I took astronomy 101 and 202 I never could come to terms with how they said our solar system was created. None of it made any reasonable sense. This does! Thank you so much for taking the time to explain it to us plebs."

Sure, its not a mainstream publication, or National Geographic, or some peer reviewed journal... it is much more than that. An underground, public acknowledgement that this theory makes reasonable sense. See? Sure, there are ideas in the mainstream that everybody accepts and are discussed and whatever, but they stink. They do not make reasonable sense. Publication in some mainstream article, magazine, book or news publication does not always equal an idea that makes reasonable sense anyways.

One day we will break free, but honestly, I don't see it happening any time soon. It will take at least another 20 years to see at least something. The year 2039 I'll get to see a single news article about the discovery, until then? We wait.

11422168233 #sexist

11422168233 #sexist reddit.com

99.99 % males are simps/whiteknights (same thing) scums (That’s a FACT), And it wouldn’t be a exaggeration to say all males are simps scum, Real Alpha Males are Rare, If you are not celibate, You’re a simp simple as that, Just accept it, No amount of whining will make you “not simp scum”, If you REALLY wanna change that, Then improve on yourself, Your interaction with the opposite sex should be zero to rarely, Only when when you must have to and for only important reasons, Otherwise you’ll sucked deeper and deeper into the “females are wonderful effect” and then you’re fucked for life.

Self Declaration: Even though I was never a subscriber of r/MGTOW, Just call it celibacy simple as that.

Anyway, Ban me, Don’t ban me it makes no difference to me, I don’t care, I said what I had to say.

Sparrow’s Song #homophobia #conspiracy #racist

Sparrow’s Song #homophobia #conspiracy #racist incels.co

(On “Spongebob Squarepants is a perfect example of bluepilled incels”)

The show is actually Jewish propaganda designed to convince incels to go gay. Obviously, Patrick and Spongebob are both ugly and disabled mentally and physically... they will die alone if they pursue foids. If they were blackpilled, they would just go ER or rope. Too bad the show is cucked. The show depicts them as "best friends" because back then, they couldn't just have gay poop dick sex relationships on children's shows like they do now. The writers want ugly and autistic male children to engage in homosexual buttfuckery at a young age.

That's why I watched Rocko's Modern Life instead when I was a kid. My dad liked that show but hated Spongebob. He didn't let me watch Spongebob. In his own words "you're not watching Spongebob because Sponegbob is a faggot".

cryptic__egg #sexist

cryptic__egg #sexist incels.co

[Serious] You should subtly insult fat foids

Whenever you get a chance to remind fat whores that their SMV is not as high as they think it is, take it. Direct insults will lead to attacks from simps, but there are subtle ways to put those disgusting landwhales down.

Be sure to comment on weight loss as a positive and attractive thing, while commenting negatively on weight gain. This isn't directed at a person but it reminds overweight foids that their weight is bad. Make fat jokes when possible to reinforce this.

Landwhales should be as ashamed of their weight as we are of our faces.

based_meme #dunning-kruger

based_meme #dunning-kruger incels.co

(On “[Serious] escortcels what does pussy taste like”)

I'm KHHV [“kissless, hugless, hand-holding-less virgin”] and not an escortcel, but even I don't imagine what the hole where piss and blood comes out of tastes like.


Shinjicel #elitist #dunning-kruger

Shinjicel #elitist #dunning-kruger incels.co

[Blackpill] incels have a more "interesting" personality than any other group of people.

I never got this, with incels, you always get gas-lit by foids, normies and chads that its our "personalities' that do not get us laid yet the threads here especially that quote thread from numerous great minds through history is 90% more interesting than talking about some retarded normie tier drama behind other normies backs and then spreading those rumors round the friend group or sitting at home smoking weed all day and playing smash bros or some other gay shit with your friends for the 90th time. Women and chads have even less of an interesting "personality", since all they do is think about sex or in women's cases leveraging sex for material possessions or for ego purposes.

I feel like if anything most of these degenerate fucks are afraid of incels and their line of thinking, not because of what we claim but because of how multi-dimensional you as a person have to be to adapt in a looks based world. You as a person are going to have to do a lot more to stand out as your looks will always be holding you back, whether it be getting a better paying job to in more severe cases not being picked on while being in public. As meritocracy and the idea of pulling yourself by your bootstraps gets obfuscated by the ruling class, this issue in particular will be the next frontier I feel like incels will have to fight knowing full well the futilely of it all in the face of AA becoming a bigger and bigger deal.

With all that said, I genuinely want to know, how retarded normie tier thinking has to be to even begin to say that its an incel's personality that is the problem when if anything the hobbies, past-times,career and friends an incel decides to associate themselves especially from my experience is much more interesting than normie tier groups of friends. Not to mention its much more liberating not having to deal with the overly offended crowd in general.

nxdismycope #sexist #psycho

nxdismycope #sexist #psycho incels.co

[Venting] just imagine how amazing it is to be a chad and crush foids

getting them to your apartment just with 1 message in tinder
making them deepthroat you and let you fuck their ass untill they cant walk
and swallow all of your cum

and then? you just go away. leave her like that like the filth she is
chads have such a huge power they can use against foids to BREAK THEM. just imagine how fun that would be
give me even one week of brutally fucking foids and then making them feel like garbage


BITG #sexist

BITG #sexist incels.co

[Blackpill] Have normies no shame?

How do they bring land whale GF’s to their home, and present them to their parents? I could never look neither my father or mother in the eye and say “mom, dad, this is my landwhale girlfriend”. The disappointment I would see lingering in my fathers eye would make me instantly rope.

normies have ZERO shame. Low inhibs me tbhtbhngldedsrs

also, fucking gross:feelspuke::feelspuke:

Edmund_Kemper #wingnut #transphobia #sexist

Edmund_Kemper #wingnut #transphobia #sexist incels.co

(More from this thread bashing FSTDT)


this retard thinks he can handle being called a bigot and therefore he supports trannies using the women's room because it's the right thing to do. i'm sure if this fag lived 10 years ago, he would've thought this tranny bathroom thing is insane. he thinks it isn't difficult being called a bigot. well, i dare him to condemn the tranny bathroom thing on twitter, and he will be the victim of a viral call-out culture tweet and be harassed by tons of leftists on there, while if he defends it, he'll be praised on there and maybe only a few right-wingers will attempt to hassle him. he should try condemning the tranny bathroom thing on a viral video and he could get doxxed and cyberbullied to death. also being called by a nigger lover by a few people isn't as bad because most people won't hate you for respecting black people. many people WILL hate you if you oppose this trans bathroom shit. when you're taught by the norm that you're an evil monster if you oppose certain "rights", you're gonna support these "rights" out of fear. i know for a fact he'd oppose this trans bathroom thing 10 years ago. and he claims to have a wife. jfl i bet he doesn't. he's probably just some dumb 20 year old pretending to be in his 30s


this fag says "iT's NoNe oF yOuR BuSiNeSs wHaT BaThRoOm tHeY uSe" yes it is. the reason why trannies with cocks using the women's room or trannies with vaginas using the men's room is controversial is NOT because people are "bigots" it's because we seperate mens room and womens room because of difference in genitals NOT difference in gender/chromosomes. a person with a penis and a person with a vagina sharing the same bathroom is bad because of privacy issues, safety issues, etc. an adult with a penis shouldn't use the same bathroom with a 11 year old girl with a vagina all by herself. what's next? make all bathrooms shared by men and women and make all locker rooms, etc shared by men and women? it is our business because if a man walks into the women's room, women will feel uncomfortable. i'm sure many will feel uncomfortable if a trans woman walked in (but many women wouldn't admit that).


"we don't care about you incels, sweety" then why do you post about us? and this faggot thinks IT means pennywise jfl.

(later post)
Jfl at this post-wall roastie

"Swede? Is he talking about me?

Well, I’ve said a lot of things here, so I might have commented on him as well. I doubt that I’m “bluepilled” though, and I’m clearly not a fag. I’m more of a fag-hag…

I accept homosexuals and transgender people because they exist, and are not harmful to anyone else. I’d never write like that with every other letter a vowel, I’d get a cramp in my 50-year-old fingers.

As I call myself SWEDE, whatever AMERICANS approve of or not is clearly not my business. Of course, I care, and I can protest, but I can’t vote on it.

I probably said I WANTED to resist Kim Jong-un, but I don’t know if I would dare. I don’t want to end up like Sophie Scholl in the Weiße Rose.

Ancient Greece didn’t just have teen boys fucking adult men, it had long-term relationships between men of the same age in the army, and in other parts of society.

Ordinary men in history have very seldom married “jb” (jailbait, I guess) girls, as ordinary men needed a house-keeper; someone to organize the home and delegate to the servants what to do. A 12-14-year-old girl can’t do that! As second or third wife; yes, perhaps. Royalty, who needed heirs rather than life-partners, sure, but they were often BOTH small children when they were betrothed to each other.

I KNOW teens, I know that the brain is not fully mature until somewhere around 25 to 30. If anything, people grow up faster now, with better nutrition. Children are ALLOWED to stay children longer now, than before 1900, but that doesn’t mean they were ready and able for it then. After all, it took around a million years to reach the first billion people, but it took only two centuries, after that, to get to 7,7 billion people."

This foid claims to be 50 years old LOL. what 50 year old woman posts on a forum making fun of other people? she's probably saying that to appear "mature" and "wise". she's probably 20. and then she says she accepts lgbt people because they deserve respect, when she probably would've thought of them as "freaks" back in the 50s. and then she says it was rare for jb foids to marry in history when that's BS. if you look up marriage in ancient greece, girls DID marry 14/15 to men twice their age. just because homosexuality/pederasty existed back then doesn't mean men marrying jb foids never happened. also, sex between 2 males back then doesn't mean men married each other back in ancient greece. in ancient egypt, girls usually married at age 12-15 and boys married at usually 15-20. in ancient israel, girls typically married at age 12-13. in the early meiji period, women in japan usually married at 16. in 1371, most 16 year old girls were married and many 15 year olds were too. in the early 1900s, the average age for indian girls married was 13 and it was 20 for boys. before the industrial revolution, in regions like india, china and east europe, many teen girls married to older men.

and then swedes says "jB fOiDs CaN't hAnDLe bEiNg wiVeS". teenagers today maybe that's the case but teens back then grew up a lot faster. this teen brain thing is a MYTH. i've read about how the teen brain is NOT the cause of immature/reckless behavior and that the behavior causes the immature brain and that teens actually act immature because we infantilize them and treat them like kids. laws restrict teens' adult rights didn't appear until the 20th/21st centuries. teens used to be much more mature back in the day.

check out these urls about the teen brain myth: https://drrobertepstein.com/pdf/Epstein-THE_MYTH_OF_THE_TEEN_BRAIN-Scientific_American_Mind-4-07.pdf The Danger of Treating Teens Like Children Are the Brains of Reckless Teens More Mature Than Those of Their Prudent Peers?

now anyways, she once said that people in the 50s were more "live and let live" than i think. ok go back to the 50s and date a black person in public. go ahead. see how it ends.

here's the link: 3$QD8PZ6JVM46

Ultimatepassivecel #psycho

Ultimatepassivecel #psycho incels.co

[Blackpill] Beta man should be allowed to kill alpha chads

Chads fucked up the dating market so much despite there being more woman than men in most countrys there is still a massive sexually frustrated male problem.
Women persecuted chads till they were 30 and started marrying at 35 causing a whole generation of men to born with psychological issues and social retardation.
Chad is basically capitalists of the dating market and beta revolution is the answer for it.
İn Roman empire beta man ganged up on Chads and brutally murdered him then took away his wealth and women why cant we have it now.

Edmund_Kemper #sexist

Edmund_Kemper #sexist incels.co

[Serious] every foid with a chad brother is having sex with her brother

i know this for sure. foids will have sex with any chad and if her brother is a chad, she's definitely having sex with him. if her dad is a chad she'd have sex with her dad too. if foids are crazy enough to fuck a dog, they're crazy enough to fuck their chad brother or chad dad.

and no i am NOT trolling or baiting. i'm serious. think about it. if you're gonna fuck dogs, you prolly fucked your chad brother

You Fail Biology Forever Award

MountainGorilla #sexist #crackpot

MountainGorilla #sexist #crackpot incels.co

[News] Science confirms women are le monke, women are officially subhuman


In genetic terms, as everyone but religious extremists acknowledges, human beings are in general very similar indeed to chimpanzees.

However, scientists have now discovered that the Y chromosomes - found only in the males - of the two species are extremely dissimilar.

The new study is reported this week in hefty boffinry mag Nature, covering a study by David Page of the Whitehead Institute for Biomedical

Research in Cambridge, America, and his colleagues.

According to the boffins' analysis, most parts of the human and chimp (Pan troglodytes) genome are very similar, differing by "less than

one per cent" in gene number. But the human male's Y chromosome is hugely more complex than that of our remote arboreal cousins.

The chimp Y chromosome has only two-thirds as many distinct genes or gene families as the human Y chromosome and only 47% as many protein-coding elements.

The massive divergence between the relatively basic chimp male chromosome and the complex, information-packed one found in men

is theorised to be the result of rapid evolution taking place over the six to seven million years since humanity's remote ancestors split off

from those of chimps.

"If you're marching along the human chromosome 21, you might as well be marching along the chimp chromosome 21. It's like an unbroken piece of glass,"

Page tells Nature. "But the relationship between the human and chimp Y chromosomes has been blown to pieces."

What this means, of course, is that women are in fact much closer genetically to being chimps than men are. Some have even

interpreted the research to mean that men are "more evolved" than women, having left their heritage as apes further behind than the


Technically speaking this is correct, but Page and his colleagues caution that most of the rapid changes taking place in men haven't

involved anything that modern civilisation would necessarily regard as evidence of superiority: the shift from poo-flinging to speech and

writing as means of expressing oneself, for instance, is unrelated to the Y chromosome.

What the Y chromosome is mainly about, seemingly, is spunkiness.

"When we sequenced the chimp genome people thought we'd understand why we have language and write poetry," says Page. "But one

of the most dramaticdifferences turns out to be sperm production."