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KingOfRome #racist

The Western World died in 1945

JFL at coping stormcels who think the prevailing culture in the west isn't western culture. Your ethnostate is a pipe dream. Your pathetic race will be bred out of existence within the next six generations, and it's ridiculous for you to care as genetic waste who can't even find a foid of your race to reproduce with or even date. The western world ended on May 8, 1945, when the National Socialist government formally surrendered to the Allied powers. That was the death knell of the last glimmer of hope for western civilization. It's all barbarism from here, folks. You might as well give up all cope and fall into the freezing embrace of nihilistic abandon.

And don't you ethniccels pretend you wouldn't have been happier if the Third Reich won World War Two. Because your peoples wouldn't have migrated to western countries to be used as cheap labor for the Jewish capitalists, your foids wouldn't have all these white men to pine over while you rot.

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Cuyen #racist

When you realize you've fought for wrong side

(People in a crowd. From left to right: A white woman with her arms around a smiling black girl; a woman with a shirt reading "Citizen of Europe"; old man in a wheelchair holding a sign with the UK flag and the words "Brexit Wrecks It")

Every man want his children to look like him or his people. what do you think this guy has on his mind?

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Mainländer #sexist

[OP of thread "[Experiment] Dick quotas"]

I just had a genius idea to make society and the sexual market fairer. We all know being a dicklet sucks and foids will ridicule you for it, and most men want to fuck JBs, so why don't we make the AoC dependent on the guy's dick size?

If your cock is 3 inches or less, the AoC is 12 for you.
If your cock is between 3 and 4 inches, the AoC is 13 for you.
If your cock is between 4 and 5 inches, the AoC is 14 for you.
If your cock is between 5 and 6 inches, the AoC is 15 for you.
If your cock is between 6 and 7 inches, the AoC is 16 for you.
If your cock is between 7 and 8 inches, the AoC is 17 for you.
If your cock is 8 inches or more, the AoC is 18 for you.

Everyone wins.

[JB stands for "jailbait" while AoC stands for "age of consent"]

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St. Incel #racist

Jewish banking barons and interest

For years Jewish banking barons have subjugated goyim into interest slavery, embezzling hardworking goyim from their money. By sucking the hard working goy dry, the jew has not only impoverished the goy in a financial sense, but in a spiritual sense also, for the goy saw his own life earnings been taken away by sneaky little hooknosed rats. Finally, after impoverishing the poor goyim, the jew is able to effectively propagate his demonic-inspired beliefs like women's liberation and sodomy.

Stay woke guys and refuse interest loans

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Various Incels #conspiracy

[Serious] List the Ways (((They))) Are Ruining the World

I'll start
increased female hypergamy through hookup apps and social media
promotion of promiscuity
emasculation of men
degrading and demeaning traditional values
promotion of female rights
spreading (((western))) culture and ideals to poorer countries
promotion of LGBT+ trash giving them rights allowing them to engage in degeneracy and teaching children it is (((acceptable and natural)))
disproportionate control of media banks and politics to further their agenda
drugging dissatisfied people with dangerous drugs causing cognitive decline and turning them into zombies
making themselves above criticism using holocaust whine while ignoring other greater historical tragedies

Mutilating babies, collecting their foreskins and selling them to the (((Hollywood elite))) for skincare injections

Yes this actually happens all the time

(Emergency Manual)
Federal reserve system in every country making every country indebt to (((them))).

Threads probably going to get deleted btw.

flooding our countries with ethnics and sandniggers
sacrificing children to moloch through abortion

Splicing little babies with fish


Oh man stop this giga cope "jews are responsible for everything" its sometimes funny but not more, just cope

Nobody is saying they are responsible for everything that is wrong but they are playing a key role in the cultural destruction of the world.

this thread will be deleted like the last one. fuck you, jew scum. die die die.
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tehgymcel420 #fundie

It just donned on me how pathetic it is to be a 23 year old virgin

I'm not quite at the oldcel stage yet but I'm past the point of no return, I'm older than Elliot Rodger was when he died. Almost everyone has had sex at one point or another, not being able to get laid when you're past highschool and into your twenties means you are a huge failure. Even if I were to wake up one day and become white, then looksmax to Chadlite level, people would laugh at me if they found out I was a virgin. It's shameful to be a virgin at 17-18, it's even worse when your past that age.

I pray that Blackops2cel gives me strength so that I don't rope tonight.

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Eugenicist #fundie

With most of the pain that comes from undocumented and unpreached reality, we should have blackpill be mainstream as an apology/ amends.

Only by getting our plights out there can we have the apology for discrimination based on lookism.
If we don't get that then we will have suffered for nothing. Minorities and their phony problems in the modern world today compare nothing to the ongoing oppression and ego-flaying of lookism.
Human narcissism is more of a hotspot than racial oppression. The victim compass/ paradigm needs to exit the 19th century and start looking at contemporary issues.
In the 21st century geno-oppression is more widespread than mere racism. Racism is a factor. But there are greater things out there that cause us all grief.
The natural order is fucked and we need to set stipulations to get it working again.
Working in the favor of humanitarianism.
Liberals are weird. they often think the world is peaceful and secure, but only flip that script when people they care about are being oppressed whilst they calim to be out there for hte sake of all the oppressed.

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Frankenstein's M. #sexist

Why it's a bad idea to ascend

I was scrolling pass normie book and noticed yet the same familiar occurrence I saw working in a grocery, men are dating way below their SMV for relationship security, when your looks match sees this she's not gonna be interested in you, even if you've been with her for a while she's eventually gonna give in to the reality that guys 3 points and above would want her and she'll have no reason to be with you, if you're below 5 you must try with cripples to stand a chance and that doesn't guarantee that you won't be cucked, it's over :feelsrope:

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SkinnyBaldcel #sexist

[Experiment] Ugliness can have a certain power

Don't let your ugliness go to waste and use its power instead: try asking out and cold approaching women.. Not with the intention to get laid because she most likely will reject, but with the intention to damage her self esteem... She will go home and stand hours in front of a mirror asking herself "why did that ugly guy thought I was in his league, he certainly saw me as a looksmatch etc." and her self esteem is damaged for at least a few days, she will have serious doubt about her looks and she may even cry because there is nothing worse for a woman than seeing genetic trash, it disgusts them to the core

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OverBeforeItBegan #sexist

How important is a dark triad personality to holes?

know that most chads are low inhib and narcissistic by nature since they were validated their entire lives, but i'm sure there are some exceptions out there. There could be Chads who were abused as children or were ugly before puberty and were bullied just like incels were. If the Chad was a 7-8/10 but was a socially retarded, autistic, high inhib beta, would most women let him get away with it because of his looks or would the Chad be doomed to a life of fucking landwhale beckies?
Women are picky as fuck so i'm sure they'd want a confident, low inhib Chad, right?

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ThinTinyDickCel #fundie

My main issue about never having had any sexual experiences

I can't relate to anyone. I feel like people who had sexual experiences and myself live in different dimensions. The vast majority of people went through a normal childhood experiencing girlfriends, kissing and sex during their teenage years but I didn't. I can't relate to people I see in my daily life (not even family members with the only exeption being perhaps my parents) but lately it's even extended to musicians that I listen to, or any entertainment figures. I watch Esports for example and when a pro player makes a post on Twitter about their girlfriend I lose respect for them. Not because of jealousy but because I know they'd never understand how I feel.

It's hard to explain, but it's really alienating, it's much more than just not having friends or having been in relationships. I actually feel like an alien. Anyone else understand what I'm trying to say?

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HighTGymcel #fundie

[Based] I hope for an european civil war!!!

I will go outside and fight against normies from all sides I will kill left wing cucks, cuckservatives, Migrant cucks everybody who isnt incel. It would be life fuel I could rapemaxx too.

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GameDevCel #sexist

Skilled Whore is a meme

i see a lot of normies thinking some "expericiend" women would give more pleasure than an inexperient virgirn.

which is complete bullshit, a women don't need special training to open her mouth and contract her libs around a cock, or to spread he legs, and moan while she take a dick.

this experencied how myth was invented so roasties could feel better about their slutness and feel superior to virgirns foids.

i'm tired of normies that say "why would you want virgirn hur dur?" "she woun't know how to pleasure you hur dur"
stop pretending giving a blowjob is some science, it can be teached to a foid of how to do it in less than 10 mins, and her tight virgin pussy would give much more pleasure than a punched lasagna of a rosted beef that took a hundred cooks plus.

you won't find any serious research about vagina becoming loose with sexs, everything you will find at google will be mun science seguring to whores that "your vagina will be tight even if you have sexs with 50 guys and have a babie despise your age hurdur"

Math Does Not Work That Way Award

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Sans #sexist

[Serious] Mathematic Proof That Women Are Evil

What’s up everyone, today I will be demonstrating how women are evil and proving it mathematically.

First, it is important to know that women thrive primarily off of time and money. More specifically, other people’s time and other people’s money.

From this we can conclude:

Women = Time x Money

Then, there are two common sayings, “time is money” and “money is the root of all evil. From these, we can respectively conclude:

Time = Money
Money = √Evil

Women = Time * Money
But time equals money, so:
Women = Money^2
And money equals the root of evil, so...
Women = (√Evil)^2

Women = Evil

(Submitter's note: FSTDT refuses to display the root symbol, instead rendering it as v)
(Update: Thanks to dxdydz for the fix! - Bastethotep)

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Kong Rong #fundie

I am God and so are you.

We are god in a certain sense, at least in comparison to normies because when you realise that morality is just a shackle we impose on our will you can pretty much do whatever you want. That guy at work who makes snide remarks about you or some foid that speaks condescendingly to you is in many ways subjected to your will, you can decide whether you kill or maim them or treat them nicely and act like a cuck, so while we can't control their actions or the consequences of your actions in almost every case you can control wether they live or die and that makes you god.

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wizardcel #conspiracy

[Serious] That New Zealand attack looks fake

That shit is staged. I just finished watching the whole thing. First of all, there's no blood when he shoots them. Second, where the hell was the cops? there's no police in NZ? I don't believe for a second that thing is real.

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Jog Mansen #fundie

Why Pol Pot was a Hero to Incels

Pol Pot was the best example of how to purge and repress degeneracy in the modern age post ww2, all of the party members of his Regime were literal subhumans and yet they enslaved all of the whores and starved them to death which is exactly what they fucking deserve in three years he killed 15% of his country, Foids needed permission from the state to have kids or marry and anyone who even kissed without permission would be beat to death, this is the best way to prevent degeneracy and why Pol Pot should be considered an Incel hERo

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spambot and Ted Bundy #sexist

Women are logically unequal to men

Women are lesser than men because they're subservient to men and therefore unequal. Like Ted Bundy said, "Beings that are for the most part subservient to males. Women are property, merchandise."

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SaintElliotreeeee #sexist

[SuicideFuel] seeing young children makes me sad

I would love one day to have a child, it seems like something that would make one's life a lot more fulfilling, however I know that because of my situation there is no chance of that happening. No foid could have standards low enough to accept me. Was across the room from some guy the other day at a restaurant (where I sat alone of course) and i saw the look of joy on his face as his two girls (maybe 3 and 5 years) were laughing. I will never experience that.

more things that annoy me:

seeing a young couple hold hands
seeing a girl laugh with her Chad boyfriend (he's probably not even funny she is just in awe of how handsome and alpha he is)
seeing a girl with a man 9-10 inches taller than her (i am manlet and all i see here when i see such a scenario is that women lust after very tall men)

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spambot #sexist

CyberBullying wimmin is liberating

I decided to indulge in some online harassment of some sluts who went to my high school. I contacted a few anonymously through social media and needless to say berated and slut shamed them to the utmost extreme. So much so that one of them threatened to contact the police and another sicked her big bad boyfriend and her sister on me through Instagram. It was quite funny actually. One of these girls had a picture leaked sophomore year of her sucking dick and I had a field day with that. The trick is to counter fake light-hearted responses like "have a nice day" with outright slander and threats until they eventually fold and go running to someone else to take care of their problem. But yeah I think I found a new hobby.

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GameDevCel #sexist

[Blackpill] being an incel is worse than rape

while i can uderstand a foid is traumatize by being forcefully penetrated by a non chad, it's only 10 mins, and maybe a few months recovering from the trauma, when you are an incel your entire life is a fucking hell, i'm not talking about sexs here, even to make friends and get job is hard when you are ugly and autistic as sin, from the moment you are born to the very end of your life, it is being lonely, being rejected by society, being made fun of for things you din't choose, never being able to have sexs/relationship/marriage/kids, all of that destroy your head like no other thing.

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arabce1 & FIVETHREEBALDCEL #sexist

[Story] Back in highschool. Storytime

Funny how all of a sudden I will remember things that I never wanted to remember. This story takes place on the outdoor basketball court during lunchtime. For all those unfamiliar, king of the hill is a chill pass time to play with your friends, it's simple, deathmatch 1v1's where the winner plays on. I wasn't lying about it being chill, however, bored foids mean that they're gonna come looking for chad. Unfortunately for me, the friends I played with were chads. Picture this, you're having fun knocking down shots from the outside when a bunch of roasties show up on the side of the court. You're playing against your chad friend in a non serious match when all of a sudden, the roasties start cheering for the chad.
Some background info on chad 1. he's an asshole, 2. he hates roasties and is known to call them sluts and berate them. So it's pretty obvious he's not well received. I on the other hand, rarely ever talk, i was indifferent to the roasties and assumed they were indifferent to me. So it came as a surprise to me when 90% of those noodle whores started cheering for him, given they should hate him and they shouldn't care about me.

Now that I think about this from a black pilled mindset, it's obvious, it doesn't matter how good you are, nice you are and how confident you are, foids will always secretely want the better looking guy to come out on top. It is a crime for an incel to beat chad at anything.
Of course I won that match in the first 5 seconds and the roasties all fucked off.

Back in highschool one of my chadlite friends kept asking me spar with him(i was known to fight well, in those times), i did spar with him and defeated him in 10 seconds, all the boys in my class cheered for me but i still remember seeing those foids face filled with disgust, at that time i thought i shouldn't have beaten infront of an audience(i didn't bully him, he challenged me to fight and lost, but afcourse to foids i was the bad guy) one of the foids went to complain against to the principal but the chadlite who fought me calmed her down and asked her not to complain.

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voiceoftreason #racist

[Serious] Has the racepill made anyone here into racists?

I'm not going to poll this because there are just too many reasons for someone to be racist against another, but I mean like how one race is more desirable to foids than other races or how one race is completely ostracized from the dating market, does that vent any hatred you have towards that race, it can even be your race.

Take me for example: I used to have no problem with nordics since they've never really caused any trouble and nordic countries generally seem to be the happiest on Earth. After taking the racepill, I've been shaking in anger everyday at nordics. They're so happy because they're the most attractive race and thus have an easier time getting sex in most foreign countries, not to mention their sacking of rome sending all of europe into the dark ages. Everytime I hear that a sand niggercel slaughtered or raped some swedish foid, I do a little jig because that's one less potential chad she can bring into the world.

It sounds to me like you are not racist. You seem envious and want to be nordic.

Shit! I've been found out!

But tbh nah. I'm too narcisistic to envy them. I hate the fact that they exist in the age of communication where foids from my country can have access to them easily.
At my expense, if some nuke were to wipe them out, my reaction would be of indiferrence. Saying I hate nordics because I want to be them follows the same logic as saying incels hate foids because they want to be them.

Is this a joke? You are holding a grudge for one thousand years?

Yes, and I will continue to hate them for it. That action in and of itself threw all of Europe into the dark ages for centuries, had it not been that event, I could have probably been writing this rant on titan by now.

Not the same logic. You are a man who wants to eliminate another race of men to reduce competition (if I understand your post). This is different from men who hate women because of the unfair advantages they have because of their gender.
You freely admit that nordics are more successful than you. This is not racism. This is spiteful envy.

Consider that the Roman empire at this point was weak and prone to civil war. It was inevitable that they would be destroyed at some point. Blame the ineffective government before you blame the natural result of civilizational weakness.

Yes boyo. Anything that stands between me and achieving reproduction should be eliminated. How you somehow equate this to envy or want is a mystery to me. I am fine with my characteristics, I am fine with my abilities, when I look at the dating market and notice that there's a head at the top of the hierarchy, I WANT IT CUT OFF! Do you understand that JBW is most effective as a nordic? It can be applied in SEA, latin america, india and korea. 4/10 nordics can easily score with 9/10 foids because of their ethnicity, a foid is wasting their eggs for the 10% chance of getting some blue eyed blonde kid and when it inevitably doesn't happen and they end up with a lab experiment failure, those same kids grow up to become incels who don't even get a chance in the dating market. If 30% of one ethnicity's foids is getting failed hapas from one group of males, that's 15% of that ethnic foid's population lost! I know what you're going to say next "oh well that's the foids fault". Yes it is, it's in her programming that I'll never be able to control so instead of trying and failing to control it, I'm just going to cut off the thing she desires until she has no choice but to reproduce with me. Jfl at this 5 year old mentality of "oooh they hate us cause they ain't us!" Oh yeah bro! Every peasant revolt that's happened throughout history was because the peasants were raging they weren't born rich

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Pumkin #sexist

[RageFuel] My Chad cousin: "Being single sucks man"

Haven't talked to him in a while. He decided to message me as I was playing vidya as I always do. Kind of shocked me so I decided to talk to him. I shouldn't have done it. It was just him doing a 20 minute rant of how being single sucks with him literally saying, "Being single sucks man."

Mind you he is a Chad. Probably not Giga-tier but a Chad nonetheless. He has had sex with multiple women starting in his teens and has had multiple years' relationships with females off/on. He even mentioned in his rant how he had sex with "like 2 bitches" in the past couple of weeks but he doesn't "care" about them so it doesn't matter. It was just a fuck for his dick.

Near the end of the conversation he tries to throw me a bone and said stupid shit like, "But fuck women bro. We should hang out! Just guys"
As if he actually fucking cares. He just doesn't have a woman to pamper his every fucking need and sexual desire which is why he is down in the dumps right now. He wants to feel loved and special. He wants to feel like someone cares.


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Sadness #sexist

[Venting] Small talk is blackpilling the shit out of me

I've recently been trying to get more extroverted since my loneliness is mentally torturing me at this point. I think I've become pretty well-versed in the art of interacting and small talk with certain types of people (strangers in public, male employees, classmates, acquaintaces). Older adults are always friendly; but for people my age, it depends.

Other incels (including soyboys) are the easiest to talk to since they, like me, are also desperate to not be treated like garbage.
Normies are usually receptive, especially if they're alone or in small groups.
Chads will only be receptive if they're employees or if they're alone. If they're in groups, they won't be as rude as foids, but they still don't want to be associated with a subhuman nerd. They'll usually give a quick smile-and-nod response and mingle with someone else.

But then there's femoids :feelscry:. This is where it truly hurts. Sometimes, after continued success in riffing with other dudes, I forget that I'm a hideous subhuman and try to make conversation with a girl. I then get a harsh dose of reality when I see them disinterestedly utter a one-word response and not even look at me; or at worst, give me a dirty look. If they're employees, they'll manage to put on a forced smile but make me take the hint.

It's humiliating :feelscry:. Each time I briefly wonder "Was it something I said?" then I realize "Oh yeah, I forgot I was ugly."

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NeetSupremacist #fundie

[Serious] I respect modern day criminals.

Most criminals are in reality incels who try to make a living, I've applied for 100's minimum wage jobs and have been to several job interviews and I got rejected every fucking time. I suppose many criminals are like me, short and ugly and are not accepted in the system... Naturally they will find other means to make a living... I hated criminals at first because of the NPC/Normie indoctrination, the truth is that criminals are incels who are trying to make best out of life. I don't hate criminals anymore.

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Actually Autistic #fundie

[RageFuel] Incels and autists are nothing but cheap labour to society

Society doesn’t care about us in any other way than our ability to perform simple, repetitive tasks for little pay. Once we lose that ability of get tired, our value goes down to zero.

-In highschool I was always the observer
. An observer of people in relationships, watching people kiss, standing in corners while normal kids experienced victory, friendship, happiness travel and all the majestic things normal people get to experience. In groups I was always the one who never said anything, infact nobody knew I was even there

Fast forward to age 23: All anybody cares about is my ability to hold down a job. As soon as I began experiencing medical symptoms, my co-workers went from somewhat nice and acknowledging of me to cold and mean. After being invisible in my youth, I’ve lost what little value I have to people; my ability to lift things and clean things

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SARMScel #fundie

[Serious] Being 6'2" in Germany ain't worth shit

Average height in (western) Europe is too damn high. After getting out of bed i'm 6'2.5". Guess what? I'm getting heightmogged left and right within the first 30 seconds after i left my house. No one ever said something like that to me "SARMcel you are a tall dude". Simply because this isn't considered tall AT ALL. Everyone on here knows Delusonal people over there, classify everything over 5'10" as tall. Are these guys really that blind? Being over 6 foot means NOTHING in todays society. No height will save you from being an fucking untermensch like i am, because EVERYONE is tall. My 14yo brother is already 6'1" and his friends are all well over 5'10". WTF is this shit?

So please stop the heightcope.
FACE>>>>>>>>>>>> Height

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EcuntR #sexist

[Venting] I hate females

I hope that when they die they are reincarnated as an ugly sub average male and they would still remember their past life of being a whore. And then when they try to ask out women they will reject them just like you did with all those kids who prob loved them far more than that asshole who just uses them to bust a nut. Then this will hurt brighter than a thousand suns.

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Nothingness #fundie

Inceldom as subcontious level of society

According to psychonalysis, people try to ihibite negative thoughts , emotions, pushing them into subcountiousnes, because those inhibeted contents of subcontiousness are too painfull to be faced.
Projecting this psychological law onto social model we can assume the following ; incel subculture is subcontious level of society , wich , naturaly enough, society tries to inhibite by such methods as censurship, ban, ridicule ( I.T.) even Do'S attacks end et. c. Endeed Incel' s omniresent black pill is the truth that is extremely hard to swallow.
According to psychonalysis the result of supression of unpleasant contents of contiousness into uncountiisness is the distrortion of countiosness , namely, neurosis or psychosis in worse case.
And we see, endeed, that society rapidly loses its mind plunging into collective schizophrenia. By suppressing the truth of black pill they lost grip of reality.

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JailBait109 #sexist

[Serious] Does anything productive or original actually go on inside a woman’s brain?

I know that there are really “smart” women who work in fields with an education much higher than mine. I know there are foids who build, work with chemicals, and are rocket scientsis. But do they actually have their own original thoughts or do you think they get by from stealing co-worker ideas and pushing them forwards with the benefits they get from being a woman. Can they process their own thoughts or are they good at modifying ideas and faking it. Its hard to believe that they could have a sense of deeper meaning, bc if they did they would surely empathize wouldnt they? :confused:

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FinnCel #fundie

This is the song if you go ER and get caught

[Music video of [i]Bohemian Rhapsody[/i]]
"Mama, just killed a man
Put a gun against his head Pulled my trigger, now he's dead
Mama, life had just begun
But now I've gone and thrown it all away
But I'm just a poor boy and nobody loves me
He's just a poor boy from a poor family
Spare him his life from this monstrosity
Easy come easy go - will you let me go "

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Teutonic Knight #fundie

[Serious] Secular humanism is one of the main reasons why this society hates incels

I will continue with the analysis of the modern West and why it is so hateful towards the incels.

The secular humanist mentality that is prevalent in the West is that humans are masters of their own destiny and if you do something wrong, you need to find a solution and fix it. This is the mentality of the modern Western society and it is from this position that incels are judged in the sense that you need to stop complaining and find solutions, usually followed by either a some generic useless advice (just do this, just do that) or straight ridicule.

Once you examine secular humanism a bit more, you realize that it comes from arrogance. In reality, human beings are not in control of everything and never will be.

To illustrate the difference between the Western secular humanist mentality and non-Western non-secularist religious mentality: I remember an interview with some European jihadi fighter who said that American soldiers get PTSD from wars while the true religious Muslim soldiers don't suffer from it because from a religious viewpoint, if you tried to do something with good intentions then you shouldn't feel guilty about yourself even if you came up short. On the other hand, the Western man, under the influence of the secular humanist mentality, will start blaming himself for his mistakes and his position in life. A Western secularistic atheist soldier who came out of cruel war will inevitably start blaming himself that he went through bloodshed and traumatic events, while a religious soldiers like medieval crusaders would see it as God's divine providence (a doctrine which asserts that God is in complete control of all things) and God's will. This is also the reason while medieval Christian soldiers were so much mentally tougher than the modern Western soldiers, the Christian warriors of the past went through gruesome medieval battles yet remained sane and found strength in religion, but these modern NATO soldiers seem broken. On the other hand, when you look at the religious jihadis today, like the Taliban for example, they have amazing will power and faith in what they're doing.

Now, I don't want to turn this into an argument about religion as such. You might say that religion is a cope, but you even from this perspective you can probably see it as a good cope for those who believe in it.

Either way, the more important thing is to understand how this reflects on social level, because this is what is the most relevant for us.

For the Western secularist society and in the eyes of secular humanism, you (as individuals) are the root of your own problems. The West doesn't believe in things like God's providence and at the same time it believes that the modern West is a wonderful progressive society. So in their eyes, who could be blamed for your problems but you yourselves as individuals?

Western secularism is a very peculiar ideology because while it technically stands only for separation of state and religion, it does this from the position that the state is superior to religion, thus making the State the new religion. You can observe this easily, whenever people point out that state and religion should be separated, the latter is seen as negative, while the state is never questioned. They basically mean that the state should be protected from religion and not the other way around (Western secularists, for example, don't have a problem when state institutions start meddling into "backward" religions and punish religious people for "hate speech" and things like that - where is the separation here?).

Western secularism worships the state, its institutions, its ideological norms (muh freedom, muh equality), its laws. It also worships progress and science and this material world the West created. Secular humanism is basically the key mindset behind it, as it believes that through these instruments, an ideal rationalistic society will eventually be implemented, or at least, we will get as close to is as possible. They believe that we're on our way there.

So whenever you, as a man, complain in the West that something is wrong not because of you and your individual failures but because of some factors out of your control - yet alone if you directly blame the state and society for it, like many incels do - the Western society doesn't want to hear it. The position of Western secularist ideology is: "We (as in, our state with its institutions) gave you this wonderful progressive society with freedom and equality, if you can't make it, then YOU are the problem because YOU didn't work hard enough for it." That's why this society is so aggressive towards incels because the incels question the fundamentals of this secularist state-worship and institution-worship.

The only people who can complain in the West are groups that do it in the context of the ruling ideology of "freedom" and "progress" like the feminist women, LGBT, "minorities" etc. because they argue that their problems will eventually be solved as we become more "progressive". They don't blame the modern society as such, but rather say that this society isn't modern enough. So they fit in the narrative and strengthen the secularist state.

But when incels blame the society for the problems, this is where the secularist West doesn't want to hear it. The West doesn't want to give legitimacy to a group of men that blame things that are out of their control for their problems because then it would give up on its own legitimacy. So this is why, at first, the Western society tried to respond to incel problem by trying to help (this is how the inceldom first started to be discussed in the 90s) and when they saw that they couldn't do anything to solve it, they started ridiculing it and mocking it and at the same time trying to repress it (we're in this stage now in the 2010s).

A response of a non-Western, non-secularist traditional religious society to the incel situation would be very different. In a traditional religious society, people in incel position (those who can't find wives) would be seen as the less fortunate. They wouldn't be blamed for their problems, or at least no exclusively. For example Catholic Church always gave advice to people who couldn't marry (who were basically 'incels') to accept celibacy as a blessing (basically they should become 'volcels'). Again, I'm aware that many of you wouldn't like such advice either, but the key difference is that in a religious society, you wouldn't be personally blamed for your inceldom and you wouldn't be ridiculed or attacked for it. It would be seen as God's divine providence and something outside of your control. IMO this would be a much better position than being seen as an evil outcast.

I think the main reason why many of us are so resentful of this modern society is because of this BS secular-humanist-like advice of "find solutions and fix it" and "it is your own fault" type of mentality which inevitable leads to mockery and attack on basic human dignity ("no woman likes incels because they're evil/losers/lazy/have bad personality"). In reality, love and relationships in this modern dating world are a perfect example of something that is not in your own control. You can't force people to like you, it's as simple like that. If there is one thing you can't possibly have any control over, it's this. It's basically in God's hands - if you're religious. And if you're not religious then you can explain it by losing the genetic lottery. It all comes down to similar things, basically - it was something out of your control.

Like I said, whether you're religious or atheistic is not really relevant here. The modern West is not atheist but rather "pagan" because it worships this idols like the secularist state and its ideology. So even if you're an atheist, you should have a problem with this. The Westerners are really fanatical in their modern 'paganism', and that's why they don't want to accept that a group of men (the incels) has it so bad in their wonderful modern society that they worship like some pagan idol-worshipers.

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HardToSwallow #sexist

[Venting] Anyone else gotten more and more agressive?

I cannot contain myself anymore. I almost hit my own mom in the face yesterday. Female nature just makes me so fucking mad, I simply cannot fathom that this is how it is, the powerlessness gets too much to handle. Everwhere I look I see blackpill, I see girls lying through their teeth, manipulating men, getting a free pass to everything they want in life and I see them being bitchy and arrogant about it and I see these pathetic fucking cucks kissing the ground they walk on. It's truly sickening. I almost hate those men more than foids, they're the ones allowing this, they're the ones who have put us in this situation. The only reason females have the power they have today is because weak men let them.


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ordinaryotaku #sexist

[RageFuel] [GO ER] IT bitch implies that our standards are high and that we should shoot for fucking LANDWHALES.


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uninstall #sexist

I basically took a shit on a Chad and a roastie today - felt amazing

1. Entered a university to buy a coffee from a vending machine.

2. In the hallway l saw a food with a Chad - 6'4", blonde, 7 or more face. Beta vibes.

Sitting next to the window is forbidden because the construction is affected.

There are huge signs saying it.


She said: "ok" but with intonation suggesting to go fuck myself.

I bought coffee and returned. They were still there. She was still sitting on it.

I said: Bitches never learn and passed by

Chad said: calm down with his Betta voice.

I kept walking.

I fucking that on them.

They were disturbed and scared from uninstall.

I semi-dominated Chad in front of this cheap hoe.

His it fag voice was patethic

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Various incels #sexist

[JFL] "Ex-incel" posts on inceltears: "I escaped inceldom by transitioning to a female"

Personally, I think this is a massive troll.

But JFL at the comments, they think it's real.

This is proof that IT are negative IQ

Read just the last 2 paragraphs if it's too long for you

The fact that becoming a "female" gives you thousands of positive points to the eyes of society proves how highly overrated foids are,so many men don't want to be men anymore because the rules are rigged in favour of the """"opressed """"" gender.

Jesus I hope that's a troll. Trannies need to get killed by firing squads, hundreds of them at a time

Trannies are a black pill in themselves; you cannot be happy as a male, so become a female. It's just accepting that females have astronomically easier lives.
Fucking LARP either way...

That's exactly what (((they))) want you to do. Become a faggot or a crazy person who thinks he is the opposite sex of what he really is because of circumstances created by (((they))) themselves.

(Life Wasted)
Lol they dare not question a tranny, if you larp as a trap the left will bow to you like you are God.

Yeah but there's no way IT would ever acknowledge foids have it easier tho.

My opinion on this is like a double edged sword. I don’t think it’s normal and all but at the same time I’m a bit happy for an Incel who does that to get female privilege. However, this tranny became a cucktear so I have no sympathy.

That's what they do with vulnerable people.
I hope for that man he is trolling.

This piece of shit didn't escape inceldom. It's worst than escortcelling or plastic surgery, this faggot completely overhauled his body of work for validation instead of embracing what he truly was.


(Marquis de Sade)
Naw it doesnt. I dunno where u live. But here trannys face a life of being openly mocked, ridiculed and avoided. If some tranny walked into the pub an tried to hit on a guy. It would probably get the shit kicked out of it. They are an abomination, and no amount of postive press about them will make me thing otherwise.

I know many trans people who were former incels in the speedrunning community so I can believe. I still think all trannies should be put to death though

being a tranny is a cope because you know your pathetic genes are worthless as a male so they try and transition to becoming a female which never works out.

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VincentVanCope #fundie

[Idea] The Genetic & Social Lottery Equalizing Compensation Initative.

The idea essentially goes like this:

Every year at your medical evaluation you are also ranked against the populace on multiple fronts.


Then, according to your ranking in each category you receive a total score. A negative score entitles you to a certain net benefit from the government to compensate you for your suffering (paid for plastic surgery). A net positive means you get taxed.

Basically, the offer of lefort 3's for every incel!

We basically already do this to a tiny extent for "social" inequalities with things like social security.

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Modafincel #fundie

Suicide is an act of rebellion

Modern society is against suicide, because they want loyal wageslaves to produce goods and services for Chads and Stacies. They want you to be optimistic about the future; "things will get better," "you'll make it," "try hard and succeed." Then wham, you're 40-50 and your life is still shit and you wagecucked for Chad and Stacy for 20+ years. This is why suicides become high for the 40s-50s age group, because they realize life is ogre.

Suicide is simply dropping out of the system. My parents and society gave me a shit life. I simply don't want to live it. Society has propaganda tools like religion and optimism to keep you going and wagecucking till you're old. If all those wagecucks you see in retail stores and Amazon warehouses just decide to end their shit lives, it would be sorta of a rebellion. No more goods/services for Chad and Stacy. Society would have to restructure instead of just using propaganda to keep you going.

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narcissist #fundie

IncelTears is a hate group. Worse than the KKK.

Incel tears is a hate group designed to bully and harass depressed and suicidal people. On Reddit they make fun and tease incels, but they actually think they're making the world a better place because of it. If you consider all the incels who have killed themselves I think it would be fair to say inceltears are partly responsible.

I ask you all, what's more pathetic? A virgin male looking for a community who he can relate with and they can actually respect him for who he is. Or a hate group that bullies virgins online every single day whilst Tyrone is banging their wives.

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Ap0calypse #sexist

The reality behind "Nice Guys"

When males grow up, society tells them that being a gentlemen and having a interesting personality will eventually earn you a relationship with a female who will be drawn to you because of said personality.

This strategy works, if you are good looking. Males who are good looking will enjoy female attention and believe that the strategy will work for everyone. Meanwhile a different results happens with an unattractive male.

The ugly male will think that he has to be patient. He believes that by using clever jokes, spending time with his female friend, and showing respect for her will cause the female to eventually build up an attraction for him.

Of course the ugly male wants sex. But what he really wants is a relationship based on mutual attraction, in which sex is simply one of many benefits.

However, the ugly male is shown a completely different response. The female is not interested in his advances and only sees him as a friend. The male is confused? Did society lie to me? Is this female different from the rest? Usually, the male will respectfully decline. However, he now notices that the female is no longer interested in the friendship anymore, as she grows distant. The friendship ends and they never speak again. Eventually the male finds a new girl to hang out with.

After many rejections, the ugly male will realize something. The strategy society told him to use is not working. He will look around him at his peers in school and see what they did. His handsome tall and sexually active peers display a behavior different from his. They aren't gentlemen, they are cocky and display a nonchalant behavior when with their female friends. Of course there may be some handsome peers who are respectful, but the ugly male notices they are the minority. He chooses to copy the cocky bad boy behavior of his better looking friends.

When he attempts this new behavior, he is met with disdain and humiliation. The female will reject him immediately, and will show anger towards him. He is then taunted by his peers for being unsuccessful with females. Behind his back, they will mock his appearance.

The ugly male grows isolated and sad. He looks everywhere for advice and help on how to get a relationship. However, everyone is telling him it's his fault. People on the internet say those females were sour grapes, yet whenever he tried again, the result is the same. No matter what method he uses, he always faces rejection.

After trying to work out, dress nice, and work on his personality further, he realizes nothing is working. He becomes desperate. But amid his failure, he becomes angry. Upon being rejected, he lashes out on the female with rage. He doesn't really mean what he says, but his hatred of himself drove him to vent out in a mindless rant. The female will accuse the ugly male of having a bad personality, and maybe will screenshot what he says and post it on Reddit.

This is how incels are made.

We weren't born this way, we just know how things really work in the world. Appearance is the only thing that matters. Anyone can have a good personality, humans are social animals.

But not everyone can have a nice jawline, a tall stature, and hunter eyes.

Also, marriages with an unattractive male and a female aren't relationships. They are merely transactions, the female is not sexually attracted to the male. She is only doing so out of security and financial stability. Chances are, she is also over 30 and can no longer sustain her old lifestyle of chasing good looking males who treat her like shit.

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thespanishcel #fundie

How did oldcels cope without internet?

Imagine being an Incel between 1960s and early 1990s. There's no internet, how do you cope? Watching TV and reading all day? Playing videogames?

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Teutonic Knight #sexist

[Historypill] Why the Western white men have become such cucks

It's a bit long text but I can't put it any shorter.

The men that I have in mind: White heterosexual middle class and working class men from Western Europe and Northern America. Why have they become such cucks?

These men have had a very specific cultural and social history. They have been conditioned through centuries to obey their elite and to respect the hierarchy. First during the medieval and post-medieval feudal system. Then in the 19th century, these feudal states transformed into secular nations. The non-aristocratic men of all classes were technically given liberty but at the same time, they now had to follow a new religion of being loyal to the nation and its institutions, its symbols, its cultural and industrial elite. This was furthered by secularism which removed the power religion to a large extent and separated it from the state, so the state became THE religion.

These regular white men had to work hard in factory, support their families, go to wars for their nations and were expected to be blindly loyal to the Institutions of the State and its Law. A modern ideal of manliness was born out of this that among other things included the idea that you should accept all the hardships ("men don't cry", men aren't supposed to show emotions etc.) and that you should always blame yourself for your failures, because you live in this wonderful nation that provides you with everything. This is the mentality from which the incels are judged today (basically as a man, you should never complain, and if you have a problem, it's your own fault).

During the 19th century, these Western European nation-states became the dominant superpowers and controlled almost the entire world. The white Western men suddenly became an aristocracy of their own in the global perspective, fueled by the ideas of the white racial superiority, and they started to see themselves as such. The white race as a whole adopted the aristocratic mentality that they are the noble men who have to spread civilization all over the planet (the idea of the white man's burden). The white men now became the gentlemen, the white knights, the nobility of the world.

Meanwhile, the Western society started "liberating" all kinds of "vulnerable" groups from the supposed "oppression". After the WW2, this process was intensified and was systematically directed by the institutions of the Western states. The Western white men were expected not only to continue to respect their regime and its institutions and its new ideology, but also to stoically accept all the insults and provocations from all the feminists, gays, degenerate "artists" and other groups dedicated to shame the white men and their past. The white men were expected to bear all this and they did because they still saw themselves as some sort of gentlemen and aristocracy that is "above this". It's basically like the concept of noblesse oblige where the nobility is expected to be held to a different code of conduct than the rest of society and to be generous and benevolent, not lowering itself to the conduct of the plebeian lower classes. This is basically what you have in the society today, one code of conduct for the white men (you have to be liberal, respectful, humble, work hard, don't complain) and another for everyone else (you can complain, be loud, insult). White men were raised with this code of chivalry for a long time and have integrated these ideas about protecting the weak. They repressed their manly impulses which would mandate them to lash out and respond aggressively.

This is why the middle class and working class white men allowed all of this post-WWII feminism, LGBT, sexual liberation and other degeneracy to flourish. They believed that they still held a position of power and that they have a responsibility to serve the Western civilization (which became synonymous with liberalism, capitalism, feminism and 'freedom'). So they not only accepted all the degeneracy and all the insults, but even became proud of it and bragged to the entire world about what kind of freedom they have. They were doing it from a position of power, feeling as if it's their duty to protect the weak. This why you have all these manly men in Western armies bragging about fighting against the Muslims or other non-Westerners for "muh Western freedom" while their Western women are whoring themselves out at home. They're actually proud of this degeneracy. They see it as a sign of power and progress. Ever wondered why the American army doesn't have any equivalent to Muslim nasheeds? Because for the Western men, listening to some degenerate rap is their nasheed as it symbolizes the alleged power of Western liberation and global supremacy.

The thing is, all these vulnerable groups that the regular white men are supposed to protect and bow down to in fact aren't weak at all. They have been systematically protected by the increasingly more powerful State and its Institutions (that the white men are blindly loyal to) for decades. The West gives this groups like women, LGBT, immigrants etc. special privileges like the old feudal kings used to do in the past, so that in turn, they can expect their support and loyalty. This is basically what we have in the West right now, these "weak" "vulnerable" groups serve the system, they endorse it, they want stronger state, stronger institutions, stronger police repression (at the excuse of protect this vulnerable groups) etc. And the system gladly accepts their demands.

It's very interesting to note that the feminists never really opposed the white-knightism and chivalry of the patriarchical Western culture. They're perfectly fine with the middle class and working class white men thinking that they hold this alleged position of power where they have to help women. They don't want to convince them into true equality because if there was true equality, they wouldn't need these white knights, and the white knights would no longer help them. The feminists are just promoting a specific type of ideology that tries to strengthen the system and its ideological norms and which tries to humiliate the white men while at the same time giving them a false impression to these men that they're actually being noble and strong.

The white Western men are still too blind to see all of this. They still believe in the old conduct of chivalry, either in the form of being a left wing cuck, or a right wing cuck. They both very similar in mentality when it comes to protecting "muh freedom" (which in reality just means giving more power to the state which gives you this "freedom" and protects it). Both left and right wing cucks are blindly loyal to the West and see it as the peak of all human civilization and progress.

The attitude towards racism is very similar in the West too in terms of white-knightism. As a white male you're supposed to formally criticize every form of white racism, but this comes from a specific position of power as well. As a white male, you're also expected to be much more liberal than a non-white male. Non-whites can get away with certain anti-liberal ideas but the whites can't (eg. Muslims can be much more radical than the white Christians who get persecuted for the slightest offense). This is because as a white man, you're supposed to be a gentleman and protect the "weaker" races. This is literally what this so-called liberal "anti-racism" is all about. It's not about equality of the races, it's about white men being expected to be cucks and white knights for other races. So it's essentially racist in itself, although it doesn't really benefit the majority of the white race (and arguably it doesn't help the non-white races either).

Note, I'm talking about middle class and lower class white men here. There are whites who do perfectly fine in the West now, the rich oligarchic elite which holds the power, the politicians, judges etc. They hold a similar position to the aristocracy and clergy in the feudal systems, they're the ones who are actually above all of those things and laugh at the pathetic white peasants who work like idiots for this system while being humiliated and insulted by all the privileged "weak and vulnerable" groups at the same time.

What keeps the regular white men going? Four things: 1) century-long blind loyalty to the state, the church (the churches have unfortunately become too westernized and weakened to stand up to the anti-Christian secular states), the institutions, the legal system, the hierarchy etc. 2) an utopian belief that they can ascend to being the elite themselves. No matter how bad the situation is for them, they still have some weird hope that they can get a normal family, earn big money etc. This comes from the American capitalist mentality of pursuit of happiness, American dream (this mentality is now prevalent all over the West). 3) Relative economic prosperity which still enables all kinds of copes. The illusion of the mighty West that will continue to dominate the world through science and technology and solve everything. Addiction to the materialistic world and hedonism. 4) Fear of going against the Western idea of manliness where as a man, you're not supposed to cry and complain. This is further fueled by the secular humanism which promotes the idea that you are the master of your own destiny and if you have a personal problem, you have to find a solution yourself and solve it.

Incels are a problem for the regime because they have opted out of all this and don't share this mentality (other than maybe what I described under the number 3). This is also where this obsession with painting incels as "frustrated white men" (when there are in fact plenty of non-white incels) comes from. The regime fears that the white men will abandon it and stopped being the obeying little peasants. They want the white men to continue thinking that they're the gentlemen and noble white knights of this system because once the local Western white men stop being productive, it's pretty much the end for the West as we know it. That's why they want to shame the white men who turn incel.

The end of the West will come either way. This society has nothing more to offer (culturally, philosophically), it has clearly degenerated way beyond the point of no return. While not necessarily blackpilled, people are more and more cynical, they don't want to serve their nations as much as they used to (harder and harder to find people who want to serve in the army), this whole nihilism that the West promoted in regards to religion and traditionalism is now backfiring and is starting to question their own liberal ideology as well. Incels are simply a sign of things that are about to come as the men abandon the Western ideals of manliness.

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micropenis29 #sexist

[Blackpill] Teen Pregnancy Should Be Seen As Normal

In a healthy society, most foids ages 12-15 would be marrying and having babies. They would then continue having babies until they are 25 or so, and they would of course be full-time mothers and housekeepers.

Most men would be married with anywhere from 5 to 15 kids.

These would be the social norms, and anyone who broke them would be ostracized and rejected by mainstream society. The people most likely to fall into this category would be GigaChads, Chads, and the lowest-IQ foids since Chads prefer not to marry any foid, and the lowest-IQ foids are too dumb to realize that they need men to provide for them while they focus on child-rearing.

Note that this is the exact group that we want to stop being taken care of by society and to thus stop producing children, since this is the dumbest set of people.

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happiless #sexist

Re: [Based] on an ideal world, foids would be euthanized after 18

wake up to slave girl sucking your dick
fuck her and then eat the breakfast prepared by her while she cleans your dick with her tongue
turn on your holographic TV
"breaking news: quantum drive technology has been tested successfully. Wonderful news for Liberation From Women's Day"
"Congrats master!" your slave girl says
fly to work in your car
press some buttons while the bots do all the work

alright that's enough for me this post is a joke :feelsbaton: I promise

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Teutonic Knight #sexist

[Blackpill] Brutal historypill racepill. 10th century Arab writer admits Nordic Vikings mog his people to oblivion

10th century Arab traveler and write Ahmad ibn Fadlan encountered Rus Vikings and wrote about them in 922:

"I have seen the Rus as they came on their merchant journeys and encamped by the Volga. I have never seen more perfect physical specimens, tall as date palms, blonde and ruddy; they wear neither tunics nor caftans, but the men wear a garment which covers one side of the body and leaves a hand free."

Other sources also mention the Vikings as having been tall, for instance in the East Frankish chronicles called Annals of Fulda. It mentions the appearance of the Vikings at a battle in 884, were the Franks defeated a Viking raid in Saxony.

"In that battle, such men are said to have been killed among the Northmen as had never been seen before among the Frankish people, namely in their beauty and the size of their bodies."

JFL at people who think Germanic whites only got tall recently due to nutrition. They heighmogged people back then just like they do now.

It never began for arabcels. Even at the peek of the Muslim Arab golden age they were brutally mogged.

Take the historypill

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some incels #sexist

Re: [Experiment] if when the war againt soycucks, what should we do with foids?

choose their destiny

slave them :chad: Votes: 3 23.1%
go back to a 1800s patriarchy Votes: 6 46.2%
pass a lawn similar to sharia Votes: 2 15.4%
leave foids with all the rights, they have :soy: Votes: 1 7.7%
kill them all Votes: 1 7.7%

Femoids should be enslaved in my opinion, but it would mostly be for their benefit in the end. We would surely profit from such an arrangement, but they´re going to gain the most as they will not be able to make the silly choices they do as "Emp0w3r3d Whamen". They would be healthy, happy and loyal like they should be. Lmao, isn´t that ironic?

Hello cucktears.

I'm a Patriarchy supporter tbh. Makes sense to only have men who have to fight wars and are eligible for the draft to decide what the politics of the country.. rather then letting Foids vote for gibs to satisfy their late stage Hedonism.

(Tempus Edax Rerum)
Let's just switch roles tbh. They can go out and work all the dangerous jobs, in the freezing rain, go die in the military...while we sip on our pumpkin spice lates in a warn home that our beta provider becky provides us; in our spare time we will call all women pigs and whores, and post pictures of our bums on social media for thousands of likes.

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Eugenicist #sexist

[Story] Help me with my list of female interests that I'm trying to record down

Trying to get all of them down so I can use it to know what I come to expect with foids so I can control them easier/ in a funnier context.

Staying fit
Hating on bad food
Loving good foods
Weight Watching
Hating ugly people
Harry Potter
Zodiac/ Astrology
Hand reading
Judging people

Did I miss anything?

(comments here and here)

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Various Incels #sexist

(Comments on "Help me with my list of female interests that I'm trying to record down", part 1. OP here, Part 2 here)

(jerrycan dan)
A big one is scrolling through online clothes shopping pages and just looking at all the clothes, sometimes obviously mindlessly, scrolling through to see as many as possible. The ones I sit behind at university are captivated by it, I've known a few men who will do this with adidas shoes because they "think it's cool" but never to the extent women do it. I don't fully understand why they do it either, how much of it is the clothes and how much of it is them in the clothes? Is me defaulting to thinking of them as vapid just failing to see the appeal?

netflix, reality shows, mexican/spanish/turkish soap operas

chasing chad

''cute guys''

Texting/just scrolling through text messages

Leaving guys on read

Chatting with several dozen Chads at any given time on tinder

You forgot anything that Chad likes.

Invading male spaces too. I’m surprised they don’t go looking for attention in men’s bathrooms.


[the OP]

harry potter? how old are you mate? i think you shoudlnt be here


You forgot anything that Chad likes.

I mean on their own, isolated, without chad pressuring them to like it.
I had a foid who rpetended to like cars with one chad, then said fuck cars to the other chad she was with who liked pokemon, and hipster bands lol.
So women are constantly wishy washy.


harry potter? how old are you mate? i think you shoudlnt be here

I said women like harry potter. I made a forum on how women are superficial basedo n their entertianment and some agreed.
Women like vampires, fantasy, twilight, but they're not hte basic bitches you'd think. more like the literature heavy bitches who are still no less superficial.


I mean on their own, isolated, without chad pressuring them to like it.
I had a foid who rpetended to like cars with one chad, then said fuck cars to the other chad she was with who liked pokemon, and hipster bands lol.
So women are constantly wishy washy.

I said women like harry potter. I made a forum on how women are superficial basedo n their entertianment and some agreed.
Women like vampires, fantasy, twilight, but they're not hte basic bitches you'd think. more like the literature heavy bitches who are still no less superficial.

In that case your list is pretty spot on. Foids are like spineless noodles, they'll conform to whatever offers the least resistance

low gonial angles

projected maxillas

long femurs

norwood 1s


In that case your list is pretty spot on. Foids are like spineless noodles, they'll conform to whatever offers the least resistance.

They take high pride in their insulation. They think anyone who is a hard worker is worthless from the angles they're evaluating from. Where someone who has to work shows low pedigree. Women want genopedigree and filiopedigree and existentiopedigree.
Affiliation, genetics, and existence.
Asians and light skin fascination is proof enough of this.

Partying ((having fun))

Chad chasing
Pool parties

Psychology fashion sex with chad

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Various Incels #sexist

(Comments on "Help me with my list of female interests that I'm trying to record down", Part 2. OP here, Part 1 here)

Bro.... I don’t see the obvious ones.

Thinking about chad
Chasing chad
Wearing form-altering clothes for chad
Advertising fertility to chad
Wearing face paint because chad likes high estrogen faces
Sucking chads dick
Drinking chads cum
Painting face with chads cum
Getting fucked by chad
Gettigng fucked by another chad
Getting analed by chad
Gettgin DPed by chad and gigachad
Getting choked by chad
Getting slapped by chad
Getting spit on by chad
Crying over chad
Rejecting looksmatch b/c chad exists
Posting softcore porn on instagram
Feeding off the comments and likes of said softcore porn
Making bald manlets want to fuck you but denying them pussy
Feeling good that guys want to put their dicks In you

They take high pride in their insulation. They think anyone who is a hard worker is worthless from the angles they're evaluating from. Where someone who has to work shows low pedigree. Women want genopedigree and filiopedigree and existentiopedigree.
Affiliation, genetics, and existence.
Asians and light skin fascination is proof enough of this.

Shopping--in particular shopping for clothes with their betabux's money--is what interests foids the most by far.

Complete list of foid “interests”:

1. Chad

50 shades of grey, twillight, titanic


50 shades of grey, twillight, titanic

in terms of fantasy/ movies perhaps.
Harry Potter is one of hte mbecause of hte lightful wonky univeres it has in it.

Everything related to consumerism.
The rest is a giant cope. They're virtue signalling.


Staying fit

i hope u are being sarcastic, i see only fat/chubby whores outside

Yes you missed

* Sucking Chad's dick
* Vaginal sex with Chad
* Being fucked in the ass by Chad


meeting friends with the sole purpuse to talk
textile work
(not a stereotype or cope, there are actually females who enjoy traditional female hobbies like cooking or sewing)

reading > virtue signalling. They would rather binge netflix
dancing > how to meet attractive males
feminism > goal
meeting friends with the sole purpuse to talk > how was the last guy you fucked, what's his number girl, don't be a bitch share him with us.
textile work > how to value yourself and want to looks better than your female friends
cooking > they can't. instead a beta would invite to diner.

dogpill ngltbhngl (assuming that isn't what you meant by animals)

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Kakarot #sexist

[Serious] Foids past 30 shouldn't be allowed to breed

That can only lead to creating subhuman offspring. But it's happening more and more because foids are riding the Chad cock carousel when they're in their prime. Dumb whores. :feelsree:

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mylifeistrash #conspiracy

opposing women is basically opposing the fucking government

women are just the excuse the government uses to come and smash your fucking face in for not doing what they say and giving them enough power

you have endless amount of government officials (in any country) willing to step in and use any excuse to fuck you up and making women feel bad is a perfect (words, hitting on them, being an incel, etc.) excuse

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Cybersex is our hope #sexist

Foids must live in fear in order to respect men

As men we have 0 intrinsic value, as low status men we have -100 intrinsic value. In the wild competition of nature the female has already won while we have to prove our value constantly. Foids test us continuously. They don't care about having careers, they don't care about politics nor do they have honest genuine ideals. This is MALE stuff. The only way we can deeply making them happy is giving them males who can control and DOMINATE or LEAD them, even using strenght to control them. They will cry and bitch at the beginning but deep down we just passed the turing test in this way, they know that, they will see us as reliable alpha and leaders and in the long run they will secretly respect and love us if we behave this way (something like the ancient greece in Athens).

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DeformAspergerCel #fundie

Re: [RageFuel] Whore rides cock carousel and pops out kids by different men so that her children can have a massive orgy

My mum enjoys being with men and there was an endless succession of them throughout my childhood.

Then mum’s boyfriend moved in and my sister was born soon after, so we don’t have the same dad.

I’VE had sex with my sister. I knew it was wrong but it felt really good and now we are having a full-on relationship.

Isn't it wonderful that the concept of "family" is evolving? Look how we have advanced so much that we left behind the age old concept of "nuclear family" and venturing into other possibilities?

Fuck this shit. The only way to maintain some sense of sanity and spiritual healtiness in this degenerate machinery we call the modern world is to seclude yourself from it and join a cult.

Cope if you aren't joining a cult. Join a cult

We need to open Auschwitz


Any recommendations?

I'm joining the Nordic Resistance Movement which is often portrayed as a cult with its own rituals and ceremonies. Ideally, you want the group you're joining to incorporate your ideals, if only in some loose sense. The purpose of joining a cult is to 1. Expand your social network 2. Join a community in which you feel like you belong 3. To feel like you belong to a higher purpose

As long as the organization you're joining incorporates these facets and consist of generally likeminded people, I'd say go for it. I can't give any concrete recommendations as it's wholly dependent on where you live

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micropenis29 #fundie

(Based) Fascism is NOT on the right side of the political spectrum

Foids love governments. The bigger the government, the more ways there are for incel money to get funneled to single-mom foids for various purposes. After all, someone has to pay for birth control, abortions, Chad and Tyrone's abandoned babies, etc. and the way foids see it, that someone might as well be incels.

Fascism is a left-wing ideology. Communism is also a left-wing ideology. Both are on the far left-end of the political ideological spectrum. Both make the government really, really fucking huge. Hence, foids adore these ideologies.

As we all know, foids are great liars. This is especially true when it comes to politics. Foids try to disguise their authoritarianism by framing fascism as a right-wing ideology. This allows them to smear real right-wing ideologies such as anarcho-capitalism, classical liberalism and libertarianism by wrongfully claiming that they're "closer on the spectrum to fascism" than socialism is.

This illusory false-dichotomy results in people rejecting all right-wing ideologies in favor of socialism, since "teehee everything to the right of socialism is the road to fascism you Nazis!"

Just remember, the real political spectrum looks like this:

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Teutonic Knight #sexist

[Serious] The main problem IMO is that being a masculine man doesn't guarantee you a woman anymore

I remember Joe Rogan talking about incels and he said that incels need to "become men". He specifically suggested training combat sports (martial arts) to help them get more manly and confident, which is expected as he is affiliated with the UFC and is a martial artist enthusiast himself.

Here is the thing though. His advice would have worked like 50 years ago, but it doesn't necessarily help today.

We are now living in a culture (in the West) that gives absolutely no value to masculine men in society. It doesn't value male courage to fight and it doesn't value war heroism or any kind of fighting heroism. In fact, it teaches people the opposite. The only men who are praised for being masculine are the ones who look like Chads, even if their masculinity is largely fake or non-existent (Chad movie actors). If you're not good looking, women won't give a damn about your fighting skills and your courage.

This is the first civilization in history where being a masculine man acting on his natural manly impulses is looked down upon.

This will definitely have very tragic consequences. Back in the old days, it was very different. If you remember my thread about dueling scars, 100 years ago in Germany having a huge scar all over your face was seen as highly valuable because it revealed manly courage. Now it's the opposite, men have to worry about their looks like women basically, it has become ridiculous.

50 years ago, being a working class manly man who knows how to fight would have landed you a woman even if your face was ugly. Today, it doesn't mean absolutely anything.

I can speak from my experience. I've trained boxing and MMA for a long time and have been around the men in this circles. Their success with women is mostly down to looks. The ones who look like Chads will get plenty of women while the ones who don't fit the modern beauty standards will struggle. I've met people who were great badass fighters, had solid jobs and worked hard and are as manly as possible, yet they can't get women and live very lonely.

I'm not saying it doesn't help, it definitely does help those who are high tier normies or chadlites, but for someone who is bellow average in looks it doesn't help much, if at all. If anything, it just makes you look like a brute, and if your body and face get damaged from fighting, your SMV is devalued even further.

So what will happen is that there will be more and more highT lowinhib gymcels and mmacels getting increasingly frustrated and angry. Once manly men like this will stop coping, things can get ugly.

The West really shot itself in the foot by not rewarding manliness.

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fellofix #sexist

The 80/20 "rule" is so retarded

20%? Seriously? Absurd to think that 1/5 men is desired by women. 0.05% of men would be closer to reality. Go somewhere public and count the first ten men you see. Do you think 2 of them are slayers? Obviously not, most men are not attractive, and neither is the top 20% of me.

Completely Missing The Point Award

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narcissist #fundie

[Hypocrisy] Shrek's human form is a Chad.

Shrek is a movie about 'loving who you are' etc, and that looks don't matter. Jfl.

Buttt Shrek's human form is a Chad... The hypocrisy of this...


Jawline mogs everyone in this entire website.

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VictoryOrDeath #sexist

[Experiment] Imagine normie advice when the Blackpill will become mainstream

Just buy 100,000$ facial surgeries bro :soy:

Just accept that your girlfriend fucks better males and gets pregnant with them bro :soy:

Just stop thinking about sex and as you will never obtain it work hard to fund sexhavers' lifestyle bro :soy:

Just accept women see you as genetic trash who does not deserve to be reproduced and admire them bro :soy:

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NeetSupremacist #fundie

Why current politics shouldn't matter to the incels, revolution is the only way.

So I made a topic yesterday about why politics shouldn't matter because we can't get the most important thing in our lives: Female validation. It was interesting to see the reactions and some people didn't dig into it deep enough and didn't understand what I meant to say with 'politics'. So here it is comes...

Current politics are a theater and won't make any difference to inceldom.

As the state of the world and society we live in today we see how politics are performed by leaders and by the institution called 'United Nations', we need to understand what this all means in order to find out if current politics will benefit us incels or not. The united nations perfoms as a world wide central judge between countries, the united nations created and still creates (((universal laws))) which every country on this planet should follow. All countries in this world are obligated to follow the constitution of the united nations, but what is the united nations exactly? Who created united nations? And who has the most influence in this central court? United Nations is a creation of rich world wide liberal policies and bankers, as long you don't destroy the united nations you won't destroy globalism.... And exactly globalism is one of the main reasons why inceldom has been increased so much.

The united nations commands every country to implement laws in favor of Chads and degenerates.

Current politics with current leaders is all theater, it's not real and it won't make a difference. Sure some politicians are populists and could shout and say some things that would make sense somehow, but all these politicians will never confront the real issues of globalist policies in terms of globalist foreign influences around the world. But of course these people don't want to destroy globalism, if globalism was destroyed and every nation should get sovereignty onto their own countries that would basically means that multinationals and other big companies would never get their hands so easily on certain resources which are not available in their own countries. America would not be allowed anymore to occupy foreign countries and set up military set ups in other places of the world, the same goes for Russia and China. All these big nations would never leave globalist policies because globalism is what made these countries strong and made their influence so big.

Feminism is a result of certain policies created by the united nations which obligates all the state members to implement female emancipation laws (AKA feminism) and this is not something new.

"Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls"

United Nations: Gender equality and women's empowerment
United Nations 2015: Time for Global Action. Focus on gender equality and women's empowerment to achieve sustainable development

The united nations is basically a liberal institution which dictates the laws for every country in the world, united nations is the system that makes our lives miserable and every nation being part of this liberal institution is an enemy to the incel. Why globalist policies are an enemy to the incel? It's because they fucked the SMV of the male gender by giving female the rights to be sluts and to travel to other countries with men with higher SMV. If femoids were never allowed to travel and they would be obligated to stay and marry within their own countries than that would reduce the rate of inceldom. A small example:

Thailand is a country with a huge number of ricecels, lets say for example that 10% of the male gender in Thailand was an incel before globalist policies....

Globalism did it's work and opened the Thailand border and every other border on this planet.

People all over the world start to displace themselves to other countries.

Sexual Market Value changes dramatically because we know that the racepill is a truth, the white passing guys are higher on the SMV than the shitskins and ethnics.

Ethnic women have acces to white Chads.

Black tyrones from Africa displace to Europe

Resulting in more competition for the average white guy in Europe

Chaddams from middle east also join Europe resulting in higher competition for average white men

Average white men suddenly can't get a female

Resulting in him relocating to another country where he can boost his SMV (SEA)

White average guy right now a God in SEA because his SMV boost

Resulting in higher inceldom within the average Thai guy

And the circle continues......

This is what currently is happening, the only solution to destroy this circle of inceldom is to destroy the united nations. If we really want to make a difference in this world and on international theater, we need to initiate a worldwide revolution against the united nations and those who support it. Every country and every institution being part of the united nations is our enemy and they should be destroyed. If we really want to care about politics, we should only have 1 thing to concentrate on.... We need to make people revolt against the united nations. Yes we incels are weak but we can use our brains, if we can't fight we could at least make the Chads and the united nations faggots fight each other, and when they fight each other they will become weaker and vulnerable and that's where we incels take out chance for a revolution and revenge on humanity.

Revolution is the only way, current NPC politics will not care about you and will not do a shit about your situations. Caring about current politics while being a part of a worldwide elite globalist group is like mopping the floor while the tap is running....You will not achieve anything, you will only empower NPC politics.

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Albocel #sexist

There is nothing interesting to talk about with Foids

Ever noticed that in conversation with foids? I have been forced to talk to foids during the school years and it sucked. Foids are NOT interesting. They are so god damn boooooooring! They are so uninteresting. They really have no fucking hobbies despite trying to invade male space all the time. They only care about attention from beta cucks. Foids ruin entertainment, they ruin everything they touch. They fucking suck. And all they want is attention and nothing else. When a Foid opens her mouth, i just want to sleep. They bore me to death

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mylifeistrash #sexist

So most men are ok with the "Chad take all" system where women can't stand men with any flaw and only go after the top tier?

Apparently most men of the world fucking love this system and the women that make it stronger because no one aside from a few odd people on the internet seem to say shit about it.

JFL at the absolute state of men in 2019. Getting no pussy, no social life, shitty economy then forced to lie about how much they like it.

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RickyFitts #fundie

Industrial Revolution is why we are all incels

Think about before industrial revolution. Traditional Values still existed even though secularity was starting to attack the church. Even if you asked secular people at that time they'd be against giving women rights etc. because they wouldn't be able to predict the consequences of it. The Industrial Revolution sped things up like never before and it caused profound changes all over everything which eventually broke down the traditional view

"""The conservatives are fools: They whine about the decay of traditional values, yet they enthusiastically support technological progress and economic growth. Apparently it never occurs to them that you can’t make rapid, drastic changes in the technology and the economy of a society without causing rapid changes in all other aspects of the society as well, and that such rapid changes inevitably break down traditional values.""

Apart from everything. Think about the college. Before industrial revolution very few people was involved in the academia because they didnt need to go to college to get jobs and wife. After industrial revolution competetion increased and people had to postpone marriage and go to college to get a better paying jobs. This eventually ruined many parts of traditional marriage because people marrying later at life means BAD.

(Submitter's note: his avatar is a mugshot of the Unabomber)

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Various Incels #fundie

Would you support a facist government if it meant a gf was guranteed to you?

Imagine if a right wing government was gathering support for the re-introduction of old values such as slut shaming and women going back to the kitchen. Would you support it?

i would even if they didnt provide me gf

Sure why not, better then what we got now shit. Fuck the people anyway.

Yes, as it would get me a gf. It's not as if people aren't currently breeding like rabbits anyway, might as well ensure my personal contentment. Almost anything would be better than the current system.

yes bro as long as they wont kill me

Yes, even though I'm against fascism.

Only if she was superprime and very hot. I have come to think women are low value in general and I wouldn't want one unless she was top notch or alternatively extremely subservient.

Yes, without hesitation.

Yup, even without a gf. Even more if is based in conservative ideals like arranged marriage.

If its like the 3rd reich hell yeah I would.

Lmao I would support it even if it dont guarante me anything :feelshaha:

I would support a fascist government regardless.

No, having a gf is too :soy: in today’s world.

Hell yeah!
I don't give a shit even if it made our standard of living worse as long as we get decent lives. We'd be happier in general than we are now

I wold support a fascist government even if it didn't give me gf, as long as it doesn't make me unemployed, makes my hellhole safer getting rid of violent criminals, wasn't corrupt, and have a stable capitalist economy.

And the dictator would have to be Red/Blackpilled as well and not a populist.

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universallyabhorred #sexist

[SuicideFuel] Why Escortcels Are Not Incels

If you are ugly like a truly hideous truecel, then even escorts will reject you, there are numerous accounts of this online some even explicitly refuse service to certain races of males. Deformed males and extremely ugly ones are destined to be scammed out of money without the female even putting out.

I have my doubts that most sub4s can get an escort even if they are rich. At the very least you will face high rates of rejection from literal escorts and hookers and at best might only be able to get a fat ugly old whore to allow you the privilege of paying your hard earned money for her holes. Sick of seeing "incels" talking about banging escorts honestly they are all bragger scum and need to be banned.

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Parrtlord #fundie

The BLUEPILL is the pill of self HATRED and DENIAL. The BLACKPILL is about LOVE and ACCEPTANCE

I was a bluepillian once. During those years, I thought I was a horrible person for being repulsive to women. I looked at all the chads who had horrible personalities, and thought I was a worse person than they are.

The BLUEPILL :bluepill: and maybe even the REDPILL :redpill: ASSOCIATES VIRGINITY and LONELINESS.. With YOU BEING A BAD PERSON. Whenever somebody tells you to improve yourself, it automatically implies that the reason that you are lonely is because you are not a good enough person. Newsflash, horrible people still get loved and laid everyday.
The BLUEPILL is the "NICEGUY" pill.

So what happens if somebody tells you this: "But nobody knows that you are a virgin, don't tell anybody" :soy:
Somebody DOES know you are a virgin. YOURSELF.
It hurts doesn't it? When ((they)) act like virginity is meaningless, but they associate it to you being a bad person, and how it is all your fault that women have preferences. Guess what? It takes two. It will only be your fault if you turn down a woman who is attracted to you, that you are attracted to.
If you are a sandwich, you can't force yourself to be a ham sandwich when you are turkey sandwich. So when everybody decides to eat Ham sandwiches, is it your fault that nobody ate you, or could it be that there fault too, because they prefer ham over turkey.
Over for turkey sandwichcels

If you HATE YOURSELF FOR BEING INVOLUNTARILY VIRGIN there is still shards of the blue-pill :bluepill: inside of you. Dump that shit ASAP.
I love femdom btw. You guys already know this. I am saying this so this post wont be featured on Cucktears

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Various Incels #sexist

[Experiment] Incel idea: What if all foids were put into concentration camps

and just used as babymaking machines when we need to reproduce

Ive made too many threads today. Time to LDAR

The world would be a better place.

St. Elliot was a visionary tbh.

Only if theyre not married before 18 y/o


and just used as babymaking machines when we need to reproduce

Ive made too many threads today. Time to LDAR

severe brain washin to clean hypergamy of their minds, and being teached to be obedient wife would be enough

(Reimu Hakurei)
It would be even better if men could reproduce asexually. We wouldn't need them for anything.

It is a good idea. There are many good solutions to the problem of female objects in human society. We need an incel elder patriarchy council to implement a plan.

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Various Incels #sexist

[Serious] The world would be a better place if all femoids were shipped off to the sun.

Anyone agree?

Yes | Votes: 12 | 66.7%
No | Votes: 6 | 33.3%

Considering that would mean the end of humanity.. Then yes but I still want to have a foid with me so personally it wouldn't be better for myself

Absolutly. Female humans are fucking vermin. All of them

(Evil Genius)

Killing all women :no:
Sexually enslaving all women :yes:

all the man in the planet would start hunting efeminite males to fuck, i would be like fucking jail but everywhere, considering most dudes here are bellow 6 feet and noit jacked, noo, i don't to have my ass raped by some hobo

Killing all women :no:
Sexually enslaving all women :yes:

don't neet to be sexual slavering, just brainwashing them to be submissive would be a massive help

Considering that would mean the end of humanity..

>he thinks men wouldn't figure out a way to make do without foidfilth

Yes, end humanity.


>he thinks men wouldn't figure out a way to make do without foidfilth

Yea artificial insemination but if you want society to continue to exist then you are:soy:


Yea artificial insemination but if you want society to continue to exist then you are:soy:

You are a reddit fag soyboy for thinking men need women to survive. Kill yourself, newshit.

yes, but it would be better to have farms or breeding concentration camps for them so humanity doesnt die

Mankind was a mistake.


yes, but it would be better to have farms or breeding concentration camps for them so humanity doesnt die

Keep 1-5% of foids alive as sex slaves.

You are a reddit fag soyboy for thinking men need women to survive. Kill yourself, newshit.

You don't get my point, my point was that society needs to be whiped off so when all women are gone men should NOT be allowed to do anything to maintain society cause life is pointless and humans are shit you low IQ brainlet

(Red Pill Rage)

Absolutly. Female humans are fucking vermin. All of them

They're incel hate machines.

Yes bro.

(Life Wasted)
The world would be a better place if the sun died and took earth with it.

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Various Incels #sexist

Why do SJW not care about incels

But you'd assume they would because we're the most vulnerable in society. They stand up for minorities rights, and the poor, but being incel is worse than being poor or a minority. They remain quiet or blame US as if it's all our fault. Why?

Uglyness, because the majority of SJWs are foids they all want us dead.

Also because we are criticising women (The most protected group in the west, probably beaten only by jews) and bringing their true nature to light, they want to keep us quiet.

(The Abyss)
They only care about groups that are degenerate or violent while spinning it so they're shown in a marginalized victim light.

When you get a group that IS actually treated badly they cannot be of any assistance & instead make us all look like lunatics/rapists (irony)/losers/freaks that deserve our situation & then some.

They're basically a self destructive force out to unravel society.

because we are ugly and males also they propably think that most of us are white so thats a bonus point


Nobody gives a shit about ugly/short/ethnic man problems.

We are only by ourselves.


The truth is that SJWs doesn't give a shit about anything. Not even the social justice bullshit they push... SJWs attends these rallies for the hell of it and their only argument is patriarchy.

They run on virtue signaling, which let's them 'feel good' about 'helping' people, but deep down they do not do anything

There are lots of videos confronting those SJWs and the interviewer usually ask them questions about their ideology, most of them are silent.

You can try it yourself

Because SJWs are Zionist controlled agents that seek to destabilize society.

Feminism and the collapse of the family is the most effective way to achieve this.

(Life Wasted)


because we are ugly

Nobody gives a shit about ugly/short/ethnic man problems.

All comes down to that, if we were all Chads SJW's and feminists would be lining up to suck our cocks despite all the "MySoGyneEze" shit they bitch about.
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TheLegendOfBentCock #sexist

Can you be too alpha?

From all my approaching, most femoids don't wanna know.

I feel like I am too alpha for them. I tell them straight "You look good" or "I like you're legs" and I think they can tell that they won't have a hope in hell of manipulating or influencing me at all.

I honestly feel like I am too alpha for them.

I'm just not cucked. It's my terms or none.

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GameDevCel #fundie

[Blackpill] no ammount of beer is going to cure autism

a lot of people say: "just get some beer to lower your inib broooo" but even if you get a lower inib, you are still a autist, you simply can't get a conversation going, and you may end up doing violent stuff, chads drink for no reason, but to justify their natural low inib, others drink to lower their inibs but aren't autistic, but when a autistic start drinking his autisms is multiplied a hundred time, and he start spelling tons of shit, autism also tend to get over drunk, and people just don't want him around anymore, when you have emotional issues, they just start manifesting around, like your loneliness, your envy, you lack of self confidence, and even if you manage to not get into a fight or upset somebody, your autistic brain will start to torture you with memories of all the bullshit you did, and you will hate yourself for destroying your chances of making friends or finaly kissing a girl.

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angrycurrycel #sexist

Is asexualmaxxing legit?

I feel as if I have no choice. 99.9% of women openly and even proudly express their hatred towards curries whether it be online or real life. Also gaycoping is a definite no. I guess arrange marriage is an option but im only 18 for now. Plus, I hear its forced betabuxx so im not sure if i want to take part in that.

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Septembercel #fundie

[Serious] I want to die even if I ascend

Even if I got a girlfriend I would want to die.
I hate my appearance so much that anyone elses opinion does not matter to me, everyone thinks I'm ugly anyways but just saying.

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SchrodingersDick #fundie

[RageFuel] My verbal IQ is so fucking low I can’t even write a coherent suicide note..

Trying to write a few pages to adequately convey my pain to the reader.. holy fuck I’m bad at this I’m not even trying to write an ER tier note, just like a few pages tops and my brain is drawing blanks.. I feel like a drooling retard

I can already tell it’s gonna take me like a month to get It right. Maybe reading ER’s manifesto will inspire me or somethin

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Mahlo #fundie

When I hear that a bunch of normalfags kicked the bucket, It doesn't bother me at all

This has nothing to do with any animosity toward normalfags at all. I just don't care. When I hear 50 people died in vegas or a 100 in Laos, the only thing I think is "Kek, Thank god that wasn't me". I regard it with same level of interest I feel toward the weather report. Who cares? The truth is nothing I'm saying is controversial. YOU don't care. And you should stop pretending that you do care. That's what bothers me about normalfags. The sanctimony, the faux outrage. Changing your facebook avatar to a french flag doesn't mean anything. Stop pretending.

Every human being on this planet is 100% invested in themselves, their family, and maybe their friends/pets. Even the friends thing is iffy. Most people think of their friends as employees in their personal social business. If Tom, the guy who is sorta good at pool dies, you're probably just disappointed you have to fill a space in your social queue. Sort of like how an employer is disappointed when the guy who understands how to work the router offs himself. Gotta find a new guy! Darn!

If you heard that a bomb went off in your neighborhood, what would you think?

"Oh god, I hope it wasn't someone I know!"
And you would breath a sigh of relief once their names weren't called. Despite the fact that 100+ people could have died! You sleep easy that night. Why pretend? Maybe it's too horrible to admit that most humans are selfish cocksuckers who regard each other as warm bodies unless they're genetically related. Can't admit it, can we? Meh, I don't care. When I hear about a genocide, I kick my feet up, grab the remote, and jerk off to HD 1080p pornography. The clarity of the tiny ridges on the roastie's butthole. Jesus christ

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lifeisbullshit95 #fundie

[It's Over] I hope my old crush die in cancer or car acident

She reject me burtally.... "I have a boyfriend"

btw this rejection is old one but she fuck me up mentally...

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Various Incels #sexist

What is your reaction when you see ugly skinny or short balding fat guys with girlfriends?

I usually imagine that these guys have money or some kind of social status but sometimes I come to the terms that they mog me in terms of social competence and who knows what else.

(jerrycan dan)
I think about how deep their wallets must be

Not everyone hanging around girls automatically means they are together. could just be friends orbiting her.


Not everyone hanging around girls automatically means they are together. could just be friends orbiting her.

Also if they actually did have gf I wonder why, is it because of a phat wallet, or is it because he is white and gf is nonwhite, or what?

I can't recall seeing ugly guys with girls out of their league, usually if they have GF its their looksmatch or below. But I might have missed them since I stare at the ground in public places.

(Emergency Manuel)
I almost never see ugly/short guys with girlfriends. Occasionally I’ll see a fat, tall average dude with a girl, but it’s usually a fit high tier normie, Chadlite or Chad with every girl I see.

Sometimes I see short ugly boomers with fat wives, but life was easier for boomers in almost every way.

Every ugly guy I see in public is alone or in a group with other ugly guys. Everyone I see with a gf is tall, handsome, and jacked. Or at least tall, handsome, and slender.


I can't recall seeing ugly guys with girls out of their league, usually if they have GF its their looksmatch or below. But I might have missed them since I stare at the ground in public places.

Nah man I don't see it either. Only way an ugly short bald guy has a girl is if she's a landwhale or maybe he's white and she's ethnic. This isn't a thing.

Looks like someone is rich and is being taken advantage of.


i sometimes see this but i assume it happened after marriage


I've seen this just once and the girl was a total liberal left wing bitch talking about positive energy and genser pronouns or something.

Pretty sure she keeps him as a house'man' and fucks abusive alphas.

He was a NW4 balding manlez with a heaf shaped like he got hit with a hammer as a child.

I assume they aren't having sex.

Betabuxxing cuck

That he's getting cucked. Girls just want to give the appearance of talking to these guys for family reasons, but Chad and Tyrone are definitely trying to fuck when the Cuck isn't around.

I know they are betabuxxers and so I just laugh at this

Provider seeker or status whore. The only women who'll fuck ugly guys are the dishonest ones with ulterior motives, or have psychological issues that would make any Chad with options run for the fucking hills. The types who treat guys well, have self respect and integrity? They only date good looking guys.

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Eugenicist #sexist

Becoming "confident" is still self improvement and it doesn't defy... but rather tacitly ASSISTS the reason people are unconfident in the first place.

Which is that to be confident means to be internally distinct/ special/ valuable.
And people are unconfident because they are assessing/ naturally processing their odds in life in relation to our superficial/ primal culture and how we view human value/ assess human worth/ how we make it in life in general.
Being confident is still an area of distinction.
Women are vain, selective, hierarchal by nature. That should essentially blow any notion that confidence works out of the water.
Because, although confidence is a good thing (to people who can have life going for them... being confident as a midget/ subhuman/ etc. is actually dangerous lmao, emboldened stupidity), women are not picking on the basis of who is the most confident but who si the most broadly valuable/ distinct/ fitting for htier own personal life... they want novelty, and any creature in the universe might have the mental capacity to be confident. But a state of mind doesn't necessary pave the road towards anything women want for themselves in terms of refinement, distinction, power (which is what they want)... looks, money, status, abilities, motor coordination, etc. do.
Reality is dismal, and rarely not, and we just can't make the essentials PC and euphemistic/ palliative to appease.
Insulation is a lie. There is always conflict.
Because women are territorial, power seeking, and distinction reaching creatures... confidence is null.
And even if it were esteemed... you're still weighed against everything else that she's evaluating in the environment.
JFL if you think that's the only thing she's evaluating.
Confidence is never esteemed in a vacuum.

Confidence is really just code for masculine machismo manpower vibe...
but women just use that as a false ingredient/ interpolated intangibility for the (tangible) destination of getting laid.
Any girl giving advice to a guy on how to get laid doesn't want to get with him.
No girls wants a guy who had to be helped/ instructed/ guided in the first place.
May as well believe when a girl says "be confident" that a get rich quick schemer is telling you to invest in faulty stocks from a dying business/ thing that hardly ever sells well on its own. Say, a washing machine engine, but people usually just buy washing machines (girls want the whole package).

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Eugenicist #fundie

[Experiment] Have all "spiritual" individuals, even like gandhi, priests, businessmen, etc. all been underlyingly blackpilled and angry at not being chad?

Seems like everything thesep eople do is some underlying cheap trick to have waht chad had which came straightforward for him. Wherem oney, spiritual glory, god, etc. all will give him in some way or another the same primal currency chad had from the very beginning. Just in some roundabout way.
Where their endeavors are just a cleverly shady route towards getting to the level of value chad had in some way or another.

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nxdismycope #sexist

valentine day is here and i want you all to know one thing.

THE ONLY reason your alone this valentne day, is because you are ugly.
THE ONLY reason your not gonna wake up to a BJ and pancakes from stacy, is because you didnt won the genetics lottery
THE ONLY reason your not gonna have a fun valentine day outside with a 10/10 foid, full of sex and fun activities, is because you HAD NO LUCK.

YOU DIDNT DO ANYTHING BAD. its not your fault. its not a result of decisions you made. its just cuz you had no luck and you were born ugly.
chad didnt do anything special to be able to fuck stacies, and you didnt do anything special to have this lonely sexless life. its all luck.

from day 1 it didnt matter what you would do, the outcome would be the same. a lonely, sexless life.
always remember that its not your fault, you are not to blame.

happy valentines day homies.

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SlayerSlayer #fundie

[SuicideFuel] Valentines Day

Let's face it. Valentine's Day is for winners. People who are REALLY loved. When you go back to your fucking cubicle tomorrow, that hole in the cubicle next to you. Yeah, you know her name, she doesn't know yours. That bitch. She has someone who really loves and cares for her. She's gonna get a single red rose, she's gonna get wined and dined to the tune of $200 from Brad. She's gonna get that kiss goodnight, and then some. And what are you gonna do? You're gonna go home, and look at that Beretta 9 mm you bought 2 months ago, with mismatched ammo, because you are so much of a fuckup you can't even get the details of suicide right. And then you'll and stare at it, as you browse, and watch 'the Bachelor' for no reason other than to feel more incredibly pained and lonely than how you already are.

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universallyabhorred #fundie

Short Prayer For Valentines Day

Let's us all unite and join our hands together in prayer for February 14th Valentines day.
Oh St blackops2cel St hamlossus St onecooldude123 and all other glorious holy truecel figures
Lend us incels the stREngth to survive this cold cruel and lonely day of the year
We pray for a NiCe MirAcle that will warm our hearts and bring us joy
We hope the evil scum that enjoy life at our expense will get what they desERve
Let this year's valentines be anothER joyous occasion like the last

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Nemo9065 #sexist

Women would rather fuck horses, dogs, bedposts, baseball bats, trees and other women over incels.

It should be common knowledge here but unfortunately there are quite a few bluepilled cucks here.

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OccidentalRebel #sexist

[LifeFuel] Female Suicide Rate Is Rising

[tears of joy smiley][laughing smiley][stuck-out tongue smiley]

In both the states and Canada the suicide rates of women are absolutely soaring, starting to overtake men lmao! Its ridiculous because whores are so fucking privileged but it fills my heart with such happiness. I love the idea of some stupid fucking bitch bawling her eyes out at the sight of her dead fellow slut lmao, stupid bitches. The moronic foid who slashes her throat and then immediately regrets her decision as reality kicks in but its too late for the stupid bitch and shes fucked. For the stupid whore who hangs herself but then regrets her decision as she struggles and dies from asphyxiation with true terror and remorse coursing through her lmao!

Its time for the score to get evened out baby.

Call me callous but we males have suffered enough and I'm elated the pendulum is swinging.

How happy are you about this?
- delighted
- euphoric
- estatic
- joyful
- cheerful

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torujo #fundie

[Serious] how can ugly males love their parents?

i feel something inside me everytime i see a subhuman worshiping his parents

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Various Incels #fundie

What would happens to us incels in a Walking Dead type scenario

What can an incel with military and weapons training ne capable of. I could imagine training other incels to be able to fight off chads, Could we ascend and become a powerful leader like the Governor or Negan, become a lone wolf warrior would we perish pretty quickly?

If the world ends I'm joining a group of men who just go around raping and killing. I'll be safe (safety in numbers) and I'll be getting sex

I Iike to think I’d end up a Negan type tbh cracking skulls and fucking bitches.

It’s fun to think about a zombie apocalypse


I Iike to think I’d end up a Negan type tbh cracking skulls and fucking bitches.

It’s fun to think about a zombie apocalypse.

I ownder all the fun we will have and we will pay back to the Chads, Staices, normies and foids


If the world ends I'm joining a group of men who just go around raping and killing. I'll be safe (safety in numbers) and I'll be getting sex

same tbh
acquire enough resources then i can hide out and keep me a slave held by chains in a prison somewhere for fun when i get bored

(Emergency Manual)
Leaders are 99% NT Chad’s because people respect and follow attractive people. We’d probably all be following a NT Chad like Rick or Negan. Most of us would be zombie food like most people.

-Bitten by a walker foid
-Getting kicked out of normalfaggot patrol/survivor groups for being a virgin
-Chad taking all the resources
-Many using the guns to shoot themselves on the head
-Others to mass murder Stacies
-The ugliest ones will be shot and killed because they would be mistaken for walkers
-Many of us trying to log in here to complain that even in a fucking apocalypse world foids only want Chad

I love it when people miss the point about incels fantasizing about The Glorious Collapse. They think incels expect to survive. They don't. It isn't about the salvation of the Have-Nots. It's about the damnation of the Haves, gladly sacrificing their own lives just so THEY lose THEIRS.

(Atavistic Autist)

If the world ends I'm joining a group of men who just go around raping and killing. I'll be safe (safety in numbers) and I'll be getting sex

Women would rather have sex with the undead than incels


If the world ends I'm joining a group of men who just go around raping and killing. I'll be safe (safety in numbers) and I'll be getting sex

Same, bro,same
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mylifeistrash #sexist

I just want women to stop lying and admit looks are all that matter to them. No virtue signalling, just the truth

No more "eww, he looks like a douch bag" when looking at pictures of 9/10 guys

or claiming how one night stands are no big deal and she didn't like them anyway

If they were honest i wouldn't hate them so much

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AutisticCopecel #fundie

gay people dont really exist

they are just weak males that fall for (((jew))) propaganda that is part of the feminazation of men for the great immigrant takeover so the west falls faster

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mylifeistrash #sexist

yearly reminder: If you don't fuck a girl upon the first meeting, it ain't gonna happen


which is why status copes, NT copes, and all copes other than being good looking are pathetic.

JFL at men who think they have a chance when women are very aggressive and direct with guys they wanna fuck

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universallyabhorred #fundie

[RageFuel] Why Do LGBT Freaks Project Their Perversion On Incels

If you go on IT you see it all the time. These cucks constantly claim incels are closeted gays, bisexuals or transgenders, occasionally they use posts where an incel mentions being mogged by chad, rates males or mentions attractive males in real life. Many of those that claim incels are LGBT are LGBT themselves.

Alternatively you see propoganda on places like 4chan trying to convince incels to engage in faggotry or transition into a foid. Occasionally if an incel forces himself to think use or fantasize about homosexuality or experiment out of desperation then they use this as evidence the incel was gay all this time and his views on female and blackpill were due to repressed homosexuality, rather than the thoughts and actions being an adaptation to tough circumstances of loneliness, isolation, rejection humilation, hatred, and scorn heaped upon the male by the opposite sex.

It seems IT wants us to engage in faggotry and transgenderism so that they can use it to discredit us and we will be out of females way so femoids can continue to fuck chads and deny incels. It is a plot to pacify incels so they will no longer complain about females, spread the blackpill, or take action against humanity.

Do not fall for the lies,it is better to die with honor and dignity than to turn towards faggotry or castration.

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uninstall #sexist

whenever I get a date - I am making her cry

this is how it's gonna go

whenever I get a date - I am making that bitch cry

I will insult her to her face. If she's fat. I''ll call her fat.

If she is not like her pictures, i'll call her on it.

If she is retarded I will call her retarded.








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uninstall #fundie

adopting a kid = cuck


do u see lions adopt babies?

fuck no

lions kill the cubs of the previous partner down to the last one

even if this puts the future of the species in danger they still do it

fuck lol@adopting a kid

raising someone else's genes

fuck off with that weak shit propagandist

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JohnnySalami #fundie

Incels should be ancaps

In an anarcho-capitalist society most of us would be long dead due to natural selection, which would be taking process uninhibited by the federal government. Those of us who wouldn’t be dead would have a decent chance to improve because many of us are not complete retards. HGH and T would be available like milk and eggs, we could buy women like slaves. Honestly ancapistan would be great for us

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FrustratedWhiteMale #sexist

A Woman's Job Is For Sex and To Make Babies

Women should be home making babies. They should not be working in high level fields.
I applaud all men that pump and dump. They knock a woman up and then dump her.
Look at all the movie stars that knock women up and then dump them, like Eddy Murphy, Tiger Woods, Drake, Rap Stars. Men that pump and dump are my heroes.

Why should guys stay home with the babies, changing diapers, when they can be out partying, having sex. Just use the women for your own physical lust, and when you get done with her, throw her away like a piece of tissue paper. Taking care of the baby is women's work. Most men agree with me, since there are a lot of unwed mothers, stuck home with the kid. I know I'll never get sex, but I can take great pleasure when a man abandons a woman with kids.

Remember men. There are always plenty of more women - like on Tinder. Sex is just a swipe away.
I know I'll never get sex, but at least I can have the satisfaction of seeing women in misery.
They'll never have the experience of a loving husband, who will help raise their kid.

Remember women, The man just used you to satisfy his own urges. He never loved you. Perhaps the reason he abandoned you is because you have s--t personality, or not pretty any more. You say you dumped him because you're better off without him, but we all know that's just a cope.

Now I know there are women that will say their children are a great joy, and that is true, but here is an analogy:
Traveling, seeing the Eiffel Tower, Fireworks, Movies, music are all great joys, but they are MUCH better when doing it with someone you love.

Having a man to help with the kids, give you a needed break, drive you to the supermarket (or get the food himself), drive the kids to school or trips, be there for you, is a joy you unwed mothers will never have.

The Sour Grapes Song

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Mainländer #sexist

You don't know the truth Chad still fucks your wife
You don't know the truth Chad still fucks your wife

Thrusting big cock into her as a JB
Oxytocin, pair-bonding love memories
An adoration against which you right now just can't compete

And the blackpill overthrows comforting lies
Cause when she looks at her first Chad there's an altered perception
And I'd pay for a JB, but they're Chad's exclusivity

You don't know the truth Chad still fucks your wife
You don't know the truth Chad still fucks your wife
Cause you don't know the truth Chad still fucks your wife

Betabuxxing now, this ain't ascending
Cuck is worse than incel
The way I wanna be, in love with a JB
Virgin, all to myself

And cucked love is bound to fail

You don't know the truth Chad still fucks your wife
You don't know the truth Chad still fucks your wife

And you are a huge cuck

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NeetSupremacist #sexist

Re: Poland wants to let in 100 000 Filipinos

Whites are digging their own graves, they thought by liberal philosophy and leaving the church they could advance become more civilized and yet these ideas of liberalism, freedom, gender equality and feminism is killing them. Birth rates are lower than ever, Polish sluts go to the west and ride Chad dick and Tyrone dick and doesn't marry. Traditionalism doesn't exist anymore and it will only go down from here on, you destroy the family structure then you will destroy your own kind. The family is EVERYTHING, when you destroy family you destroy heritage and ancestry. JFL

If you can't to go to SEA then bring SEA into your home, lifefuel for crackercels, ngl. Poland is going to have a tsunai of gook pussies, you all are gonna ascend boyos, celebrate.

It is lifefuel for Polish subhumans tbh, but don't forget that when these SEA sluts discover their true worth in Europe they will run hypergamy to a new lvl and will only allow Chad to fuck them. JBW only works when whites go to certain countries, it does not work in their own countries when the competition is to high.