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RE: Perceived intelligence is attractive, but real intelligence is not. Bones >>>>>> intelligence

Normies getting blackpilled hard

In a series of speed-dating sessions, women rated men who were *perceived* as being more intelligent or funny as more attractive, but rated men who were actually more intelligent as slightly less attractive.

1. Women find men who are perceived as intelligent to be more attractive --->

2. Taller men are perceived as more intelligent than shorter men --->

3. Thus, the heightpill strikes once again, as once again taller men are shown to have it better with women than shorter men.

It just never ends.

Not just women. People over 6'2" are more likely to be CEOs because of their perceived intelligence and "decision-making" due to height, not actual intelligence.


It pisses me off to no end.

Not only is male tallness attractive to foids in and of itself, there is also this "secondary attractiveness amplifier" of being perceived as more intelligence and therefore (once again) more attractive. Another such secondary attractiveness amplifier is that tall men tend to actually be richer and have higher status, and thus once again they are deemed more attractive. It's like femur + tibia literally make or break your success in life in every single field and in all fields combined.

What horrible deed did I do in a previous incarnation to deserve being both actually high IQ and high libido and at the same time so short (5'7") that people dismiss my actually high IQ and my high libido goes unfulfilled?

My theory is that we were Chads and Stacies before and now we atone by going through the opposite experience.

Looks are everything and everything is looks. All else is delusional cope.

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Giga Suicide fuel - Roastie explains life of a 14 year old chad who has fucked 50 girls in a month. Brutal life experience mog

This is a first hand view into chads life style. You may rope you have been warned. I almost went insane during the call.

This girl I am talking to met this family friend chad in her cottage trip. This might be one of the toughest blackpills to swallow. While I was still thinking about taking my crush to movies and prom, Chad was blowing his nut on her face along with crushes of 50 other dudes! Chad mogs my life experience to a new dimension. These brain dead whores would always pick being part of chads harem then have a relationship with nice man.

Audio: https://gofile.io/?c=X4aw7F

4:00 chad bragging
4:20 chad says girls are lucky to give him Bjs
6:15 Girls will do anything to suck chads dick
7:10 I am not like other girls teehee
8:00 Chads height
8:25 Chad fucks 1 girl per day, takes picture of it and sends to it group
12:45 Roastie thinks it’s funny
24:50 she says she hates when guys make girls cry, then back pedals when I tell her I made girls cry.
26:00 she said she hates guy that insult girl then I said I told her I call girls fat and ugly and she said “that’s different “

Such a foreign thing to me. I can only imagine what that feels like. Kind of like how being a billionaire is so foreign to me. You can think but it's not possible unless you actually experience it.

that's nothing, take this and multiply it by million because this is going on in every highschool. 1 chad is hogging 100 girls while other 99 guys cope by video games/homework/hobbies and shit

None of Reddit_is_for_cucks Megablackpill threads have been featured on IT. THEY KNOW WE'RE RIGHT.

The difference between top 10% males and Incels is like the difference between billionaires and the homeless. The disparity is just not fair.

chad = billionair
Chadlite = millionaire
High tier normie = reaching 7 figures
Normie = 6 figures
Incel = below six figures

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RE: Africans spread aids within China, girls still have sex with them regardless

I shall tell you a secret kept during 600 years, the true reason why Ming treasure voyages have been stopped https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ming_treasure_voyages. Chinese men did not want to see same images 600 years ago.

It is really amusing that nobody understands why Chinese stopped their voyages in the 15th century.

Maybe they wanted to impress their wives by importing exotic BBCs but the boats were overloaded with too much cock

Chinese men were highly intelligent when they stopped contacts with western cultures. The same was true for Japanese men.

These men will die now

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Could the Taliban liberation of Afghanistan be the first major cracks in globohomo-clownworld?

Globohomo-clownworld has been an unstoppable force for the last several decades....until now. It looks as if the Taliban will overrun Afghanistan completely, very soon. This is a group which is strongly opposed to all things the Western/American led liberal world order holds dear and sacred- liberalism, consumerism, secularism, usury, democracy, global capitalism.... and most of all, feminism/women's rights/women's "liberation." We saw the US military and NATO forces flounder around in Afghanistan for 20 years, trying to eliminate resistance and turn it into yet another globohomo-clownworld stronghold. But they could not outlast the mighty Taliban resolve. The Taliban do not fear the global superpowers, they do not fear B2 bombers, and they certainly do not fear feminists. Could their victory be the beginning of the end for the seemingly invincible globohomo-clownworld?

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RE: LifeFuel Taliban kill woman for not wearing burqa in public.

Talibans: Discovering new hights of basedness every day.

The funny thing is, soon every afghan female will embrace their natural place and start to be happy like they havent been in the last 20 years. Cucks will say that they are no longer receptive to feminist propaganda due to censorship. They cant accept that 99% of afghan foids wanted this to happen deep inside.

I was gonna say that I disagreed with their actions and I would rather sexually enslave her as punishment instead of killing her in Minecraft but now that I see the pic it seems like that bitch was pretty ugly lol good riddance

must have called them inkel thinking she was still protected by the globohomo

Reminds me of the Khmer Rouge or the cultural revolution in China.

The western narrative doesn't interpret those events accurately imo and the way I view it goes like this:

The Cambodians and communist Chinese purged their country of people who were westernized (white washed as we say). Mostly killing them all and seizing their property.

The original Chinese communist were aligned with the Slavic-Jewish communist imperialists. A different flavor from Anglo-Jewish capitalist world order but still a cumskin male attempt to shape the world in their image nonetheless.

I think most Asian nations are just satisfied to be themselves, and don't want foreign men coming in to cuck them and steal or influence their women. Which is a tendency that white cumskin men have (whether eastern Slavic-Jewish communists or western Anglo-Jewish capitalists) in bullying/cucking men of the Asian continent.

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FBI releases 2020 Hate Crime Statistics: just 0.7% of U.S. hate crime victims faced gender bias

From the FBI's press release:


Of over 7,500 single-bias* hate crime incidents recorded by local, state, and federal law enforcement in 2020, just 71 were motivated by gender bias. Of those 71 incidents, 49 were motivated by anti-femoid bias (the remaining 22 by anti-male bias). The majority of those 49 incidents involved simple assault or intimidation.

(approx. 300 multiple-bias incidents occurred in 2020)*


Funny. Considering how often Redditcucks say that we're a terrorist group that deserves crackdown and censorship, the numbers don't showcase any need for law enforcement to divert resources to monitoring harmless online trolls here.

There are sociological reasons why certain types of incidents might be under- or over-represented, of course, but if "incel violence" was truly such a massive problem, you'd think that there'd be hundreds if not thousands of recorded gender-motivated hate crimes each year, instead of a few dozen. Femoids' and simps' proclivity for exaggeration simply knows no bounds.

In other news, the U.S. Department of Justice revealed last month that it declined to prosecute 82% of all federal hate crime suspects investigated from 2005 to 2019, though the DOJ won well over 90% of the cases it did pursue.

Jfl at anyone thinking incel violence is a serious issue. Chad violence occurs at a much greater frequency, they are so used to women saying “yes” they get violent when they hear the rare no. This cycle continues because women get wetter if chad is violent.

there are likely less than 50,000 actual neo-nazis in all of north america and europe but the security services can still play them up to get their budgets pumped up, just like they've milked islamist terrorism for the past 20 years.

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(Teutonic Knight)
[Slavpill] Watch this video if you think Slavs are white. JFL if you think JBW applies for Slavs


There are slavcels captured in a slavwar. How the hell are these people "white"? Truecel after truecel, and they all look ethnic. If someone said these were captured Syrian rebels, you would believe him. Height is the only thing going for them.


Another one, this time bosniakcels. Only the guy in the end is white, all others look like some Afghans and Arabs

"Slavs are white bro, just be Slav bro"

In the balkans we imagine "white" as in nordic or wasp. We are completely aware that serbs look like turks.

White = Nordic/Germanic/Anglo

White race = Anglo concept for Westerners

Slavs have absolutely zero to do with white race

Who are you working for. Could it perhaps be the George Soros Open Society Foundation?

Why would Soros want slavpillers lol? Soros wants Slavs to think they're white so that they can become good white liberals. He doesn't want anti-Western slavpillers who are aware of the bitter reality of Eastern Europe.

(Deleted member 19971)
Slavs from the Balkans aren't white but most white-passing slavs live in the North ( Poland, Belarus, Ukraine, Baltics, Western Russia. ).

Balkan slavs are more ethnic looking, but other slavs mogs medcels like me in whiteness

I find Mediterraneans to be good looking. They are European after all.

The females always bleach their hair and use massive fake up to appear more white.While males are often swarthy outside of maybe Lombardy and will probably get bald in their 20s because of african genes


nihility thoughts?

russian conscripts captured in ukraine,try to find at least one white guy in this video


When people say slave they are referring to polish, Moscow, so on. Not Arabs or Mongolians.

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[Demon Pill] Jacob Rothschild has a better sex life than all Chads, and experiences sexual pleasure beyond what Chad and Stacy can ever imagine

Many rich elite families are secret luciferians practicing ancient occult rituals including sex magic and child sacrifice in order to worship lucifier and conjure up demons to partake in these rituals.

In rituals where demons are summoned, it is common for them to have sex with the demons.

Demons have more sexual experience than anyone on this earth having been around for thousands of years and being inside multiple people throughout this time acquiring more and more sexual knowledge and sexual skill with each person they are in.

After knowing that demons have abilities to sexually please you beyond what any woman can do for you due to there superior knowledge and experience in sex, I realized that Occultists like Jacob Rothschild are mogging Chad daily and living a life any Chad or Stacy could only dream of.

While Chad is receiving blowjob from stacy (who say has 5 years experience in doing sex), Jacob Rothschild is mogging Chad into hell having mind blowing orgasms shooting semen everywhere due to the demon who is having sex with him having hundred of years of sexual experience being unleashed upon Jacob Rothschild penis.

It is truly over if you are not Jacob Rothschild or apart of one of these families, you will never experience hundreds of years of sexual experience unleashed upon your penis from a demon.

Jacob Rothschild is daily summoning demons in black magic rituals for booty calls, living in a state of constant orgasm with the demons being able to also shape shift into anything he wants while they unleash thousands of years of sexual experience upon him.

Look into this mans eyes, this is a man who mogs all Chads and Stacies world wide and who lives in a constant state of orgasm.


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JFL FDS roasties noticed that most of their users are femcels and don't actually want to date

REMINDER: FDS is NOT WGTOW/OVARIT/FEMCEL etc, We're a Dating Strategy....So You Should, Ya'Know, DATE.


(Deleted member 30198)


Women learn through consequence, beating and humiliation. You should get comfortable with beating and ignoring them.

I hope FDS gains millions of subscribers on reddit so that the blackpill about female nature can spread. :)

won't change things the way you think it would. Men are still led by their dicks, it would be a bump in the road for women, but back to smooth streets after a while.

(Deleted member 33893)
A lot of guys are aware of what is going on but because a small % of women is loyal and not slutty they are chasing the 1 in 10.000 or rarer unicorn of a woman. Just that most female unicorns (if they exist) are already in a long relationship.

ETA: I want to be clear that we explicitly recommended multi-dating - that’s in the handbook.

-Date Billy for his shekels, don't have sex with him more than once a month

-Date Chad

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RE: Daily reminder to coping white supremacists on this site


turbocuckcel_7000 is a 31 year old virgin who still has a cope for “white supremacy”. This old geezer actually believes that worshipping whote women and white chads is the best thing for incels lmaooo

BummerDrummer a blonde white incel kid is who is at the bottom of his white social hierarchy worshipping the same whote women who wont fuck him

Realizing that multiculturalism/migration is detrimental due to skewing up the gender ratio, that it is used to disinegrate the unity of the people (thereby making them easier to control with racial infights) and that it benefits only liberals/capitalists that will make our problems worse =/= simping for white women

Migrants vote mostly leftist-liberal, every vote for leftist-liberals is a vote against men and for feminism. Furthermore, they bring crime and I would rather be an incel with my wallet than without. And for their sexual crimes: I don't care and because women voted for this, it's their problem.

I believe that every race has its place on the globe and shouldn't mix, but there's no denying that ethnicities are dumber than whites and they're doing shit in politics, so whites must prevail in the end

daily reminder


(Fat Link)
There’s no such thing as white supremacy.

There is however Jewish supremacy.

Maybe you muds that are sad and pissed off about your rotten lot in life need to begin taking up your problems with the Jews?

Since after all they owned all the slave ships that brought your black asses over here to whiteopia to begin with and it was they who were your primary enslavers NOT whites.

You should all demand reparations from Israel now but you monkeys won’t as you are pussy niggers.

Too fearful to attack or go after the actual people whose organ grinder tune you all dance to.

PPEcel & Nicole Poole Franklin #psycho #racist #sexist incels.is

Deranged femoid receives 25-year federal sentence for running over two children with her car in racially motivated attack. Reddit barely notices.

Hmm. Why did this member of le empathetico genderino commit such a heinous crime?

Poole Franklin stated she saw the female minor victim walking on the sidewalk, and decided to run the minor over because she was Hispanic, was “takin’ over our homes, and our jobs” and “wasn’t supposed to be in the country.” In reference to the 12 year old boy, Poole Franklin stated she ran him over because “he’s just like ISIS,” and “he’s not supposed to be there and he’s going to take me out.”

Yikes! Sounds like she has a great personality.

convictions for stabbing her paramour

she bit her husband, brandished a knife, and repeatedly said she would kill him

Remember, sweaty, only femoids can be victims of domestic abuse!

Federal sentencing guidelines recommended a 30-year sentence. The judge erred on the side of leniency and sentenced her to 25 years and 4 months.

But what's even more revealing is how little attention this case is getting from the usual crowd of SJWs. If it were not for my subscription to the DOJ's email alerts, I wouldn't have learnt about it.

Let us envision another situation. Suppose a conventionally unattractive man runs over two teenage girls with his car. When asked why he did it, he says "well, they're pretty girls". The Redditverse would no doubt erupt in anger and righteous indignation, describe it as "terrorism", make hundreds if not thousands of posts, make crude prison rape jokes, ask for the death penalty, and request that governments curtail online freedom of expression.

But a white femoid with a rap sheet rivalling that of the most hardened of gangbangers decides to hit two ethnics with her car? Well, I guess it's a non-issue. M'lady was just mentally ill!

Of course redditors and sjw ignore this when she is same as them, racist and man-hater, she should be reddit saint.

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Getting a gun and fighting the taliban? Nah, fuck that, i'm a kween and gonna larp as a witch to fight them

Witches are trying to organize a ‘mass hexing’ against the Taliban

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA, ALWAYS THE SAME SHIT. Get BTFO and then resort to protest naked or larp as witches in the comfort of their houses. That's why, trannies and gentlemen, women are always dominated throughout history.

Oh no those poor Talibans! What are they going to do when all the white girls rub their Himalayan salt lamps and menstruate on wall hanging tapestries....

Foids online - "Lets cut off the balls of these women oppressors. I would love to see them bleed to death."

Foids in real life - "Guys, I bought this witchcraft book from the flea market. Can anyone teach me how to cast a spell on the curry who was staring at me in the subway today??"

God isn't even here anymore he got fined by the multiverse committee for being a horrible ruler of a universe. We are watched by multiple gods who are interested in us and keep us as lab rats

(your personality)
For once I agree. All women should be doing this to be showcasing their aptitude and intellect. None of this "I'm not like the other girls" nonsense pretending they are above doing this.

They want the advantages of being witches like casting spells and hexes, but not the disadvantages like getting burnt at the stake

Just lol. They will never have the guts to actually get into battle. Only men have the courage and ferocity to enter combat. That is why women have always had a role submissive to man. It is their place.

(Autismus Maximus)
They want to employ meme magic yet they are physically incapable of memeing, because they lack the brain wiring to be creative. Hilarious.

Netzachcel #crackpot #sexist incels.is

What would foids do if monster girls suddenly arrive to our reality?

Idk lets say a portal pops out of nowhere and a shiton of different kinds of monster foids arrive to our reality each day, looking for any human male regardless physical appereance, wealth or status as long said males produce semen, how would SOYciety and foids react if monster girls were real?

This monster foids have human-like intellect but they still follow their instincts, For example a kikimora would only want to work as a housemaid and she wouldnt care about SOYciety hivemind rules, So most monster girls wont be able to be turned into feminists and chad only whores with a few exeptions like succubus sluts.

What would happen?

Uglychincel #dunning-kruger #sexist incels.is

I would rather be this Chaddam in the Kabul embassy scrambling for a visa to get out of Afghanistan than an incel any day


Guy in the middle, look at his jaw, he would slay in literally any country. And he is the only one in the picture that looks calm and collected, because even if he is rejected he know he can just join the Taliban and slay Islamic Stacies. Jaw = law.

who wouldn´t?

He isn't wearing a mask either, he's probably thinking why are all these faggots wearing masks

Needs to show off that jaw and get some desperate old foreign foid to 90 Day Fiancémax with him

Chaddam going to slay white pus further screwing up the gender ratio in the west

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[Discussion] Female Icons are almost always just overhyped pushovers.

Whenever someone makes the self-evident observation that women have historically played insignificant background roles, there is always an army of triggered foids and cucks who are ready to disprove this general truth with cherry-picked counterexamples.

Ignoring the fact that the very need to bring up rare counters to disprove a general statement contributes to the generality of said statement (exception that proves the rule) these counterexamples are used to “proof” that women are, and always were, as capable as men, if not more so.

One has to wonder how it could be that women have been practically enslaved in every culture of significance if they are supposedly as capable as men. Hint, they are not.

There are two examples that come up almost every time:

Ada Lovelace, the supposed first programmer ever and Jeanne d’Arc, the famous warrior saint.

To make it short, both of them are just blown-up to make modern women feel good about themselves.

Lovelace was not the first programmer. Her mentor, who developed the analytical engine obviously wrote programs for it long before Ada came along.

Jeanne d’Arc never wore a sword or armor and never fought and she never led an army. Those things were left to her simpish retinue and men of culture like Gilles de Rais.

Lesser known examples would be Sophie Scholl and Zoë Quinn. The former was a minor member of an anti-Nazi resistance group who joined later, but now here in Germany she is presented as the head and face of the resistance. Zoë Quinn, to name a modern example, was hailed as a “game developer” in mainstream media despite being nothing else but a talentless (attention) whore with nothing to show for it.

All those facts are known and easily accessible, and it is sure to say that these individuals, if they had been born as men, would be almost totally unknown by now.

Seriously, how pathetic must women be if our media need to create artificial icons to motivate them to do anything exceptional?

It all fell down #crackpot #god-complex #sexist incels.is

Escortcels are the next step of human evolution

Even if escortcels aren't known as escortcels by the World, the World fear us.

If ER or Jake Davison were escortcels such tragedies would have never happened.

If escortcels are so feared by incels is because incels fear an updated version of them.

If foids support OnlySimps or similar but not classic prostitution(the few ones that do support socialist crap like insurance or so alongside with prostitution) is because foids know(something that many incels do not) that OnlySimps or similars WILL NEVER BE EUAL TO PROSTITUTION.

Escortceldom is the most grounded solution to the West. Foids will be in their place as the whores that they have always been and job oportunities of any kind would be for men.

If some Governments have plans to execute the Nordic Model is because they want to delete the cheat code that will give some peace to the Manosphere.

Copexodius Maximus #racist #sexist incels.is

Racepilled so bad that I’m on verge of suicide

If you aren’t white, you are pretty much like being born as a homo habilis and thinking you are equal to a homo sapiens.

Whites literally mog deathnics in every single aspect in life in every way possible.

Firstly, we already know that white males have a huge advantage in dating and that women want to fuck white men the most.

Second, whites literally invented almost everything in the last millennium. Everything deathnics use that makes society different from shit hole villages is made by white people.

Third, they literally conquered and won the game of empires and all deathnics are alive cause whites spared our ancestors. People complain about whites being oppressors and such, but they literally gave deathnic countries the ability to use their technology and didn’t just genocide them and replace their entire populations with white people. Deathnics are sore defeated loser races, and us being kept alive is like if homo sapiens kept the homo erectus alive.

Fourth, whites have the most diversity of all races in terms of appearance. Literally the only race with people with different hair colours and different eye colours. This one trait of having light is so sexually attractive that it spread all over Europe because of how attractive it is. Just look at blue eyes, they look like cosmic nebula.

As a Jew who’s people have gotten genocided by whites, it’s a brutal reality to accept. Deathnics are just bearing witness to the world whites are building, and that we are no more than monkey and apes that watch them build the world, while deathnic whores all want to fuck the white males as well.

It’s absolutely over, racepill has completely destroyed me. How can I cope knowing that I’m not the main race? What’s the point of being the secondary ape character other than being a laughing stock and humiliation of this world. If a deathnic had any dignity, they wouldn’t be able to continue on living as such a lowly being.

Incelius Savage #pratt #sexist incels.is

FDS Whore Claims she's slept with over 100 Dudes in the Past 12 Years and is Proud of it, and goes on to say men should pay for everything

"dO yOu eXpEcT A mAn tO pAy FoR EvErYtHinG fOrEvEr": How Women Talk Themselves Out of Following FDS Standards By Creating Imaginary Problems.

What a fucking slut. She's fucked at least 4 or 5 dudes a year. No surprise though because this is what every average woman does if she hasn't settled with a rich guy. I will never pay for the whole date. The "Traditional Woman" no longer exist and women still shouldn't be receiving those privileges. Yet they wanna bitch and moan when they are being drafted and have to get harder jobs cuz they can no longer sit on their asses like all women have done since the dawn of time. I'm talking about the dumb fuck women out there who still don't wanna use their pussy to make money.

You'll never be able to find a virgin in this society unless she's never had phone and never had any male friends. Nearly all women have slept with dozens of men by the time they're 20 years old, and women only want to use you for your money and have you as a resource. True love and care no longer exists in this society unless you're chad, a millionaire, or a famous guy. Women are the most toxic beings ever and are not worth it, plus their pussy stinks like fish too. Don't ever spend money on a woman. Not even if it's for your dying mother or it's mother's day. Women can go die and stop whining about every fucking thing when they're practically all living a fantasy world and they know it, women are just obnoxious annoying fuckers.

Modern Male standards = don't be a whore, be feminine, don't backstab me or shit test me.

Modern female standards = Buy me everything, jump through hoops for me, entertain me 24/7, be yourself but also be whatever fantasy i have in my head, die for me, don't expect anything from me.

And they call us entitled...

Netzachcel #psycho #racist #sexist incels.is

RageFuel Being a cumskin in mexico = tutorial mode life.

I fucking hate and envy mexican cumskin so much, If you have the luck to be white in mexico you will live in tutorial mode and everyone will think you are a good person even if you are a piece of shit, Acquiring jobs as a cumskin in mexico is so stupidly easy, I never saw a cumskin with light eyes/hair working in a shitty store like OXXOs or working shitty jobs as taquero or cab driver, If you are a cumskin in mexico foids will want your dick right after you start producing semen or even before, Almost all cumskin in cartel-land are middle upper class or rich, They never struggle with studies cuz beaner SOYciety worship cumskin so much and is almost a sin for teachers to give them low grades, Mexican cumskins can easily live off youtube, become models or actors, I fucking hate beanerland cumskins so fucking much, Getting a visa as a cumskin here is easy AF even if they are not that rich unlike shitskins who have to be skilled workers or richfags with a house and a car, My cumskin chad cousin is two meters height and he will travel to japan fuck this world, I fucking hate mexico, country of conquered cumskin whorshipping goblin losers, Fuck everyhing

You learn a second language as a cumskin in mexico? = genious

You are a piece of shit bully cumskin in mexico? = Cool guy

Shitskin kicks your cumskin ass in mexico? = victim

Are there any anti white cartels?

cartels are run by cumskins

how many white people are there in mexico? 5%? there were prob more nobles in a medieval country than that so yeah just being really fucking lucky lol

cumskins are very common in mexico df, guadalajara and monterrey also jalisco, they are not that uncommon

Stop complaining

A majority of this forums userbase comes from shitty contries in Balkans,Middle East,Western Asia and Northern Africa - all of those parts are subhuman central

wish mexico gets fucked

Autism Supremacy. & schizocel222 #racist #sexist incels.is

(Autism Supremacy.)
a lot of dudes in most countries hate women, they just pretend to care about what they say and pretend they don't cuz they wanna sex them

south korea is a hyper feminist shithole so it makes sense

Thailand/Korea will soon see some bloodshed against Europeans from native incels, imagine being a Thai shitskin or a Korean starcraft addict who never had sex and whenever you go out in Bang(cock) or Seoul you can see some blond British guy who teaches English for a living with a harem or like 3 beautiful girls trying to get his attention so he will fuck them. It`s just a matter of time for a shooting considering they are a big population, or at least some revival of ethnic nationalism/tradcuckolds.

Korea is a feminist theocracy now, it`s over for them.

Meus #crackpot #racist incels.is

Non-whites are sheep.
Whites are wolves.

It really is that simple. For example: Bullying as bad as in white countries barely exists in brown countries. Indians don't bully each other to fucking death. Other tribes simply can't afford to victimize their own.

Whites have an aggressive predator personality. No amount of BLM, leftism, equality propaganda etc. change that fact. If anything it is just a thin coat of paint covering a totalitarian, ignorant interior that is buried deep inside. They believe it just as much as they would have believed Nazi propaganda if they lived in Germany. They believe in leftism like in an ideology.

The fact that this empathy and tolerance shit has to be taught whites and reinforced 24/7 only shows that it doesn't come naturally to them like the rest of the world. It has to be instructed from above.

This has downsides too. Whites are easier to deceive and control than other tribes. Predators like wolves are hyper-focused on 1 target, but don't see anything around them (hunter eyes) which makes it easy for someone to fool them. Non-whites are like sheep and have a wider view (prey eyes). If you told them to make the Nazi salute and die in Russia they would just laugh at you, but the wolves believe that garbage because of their hyper-focus. Hell it is even reflected in appearance.

Jews are neither sheep, nor wolves. They're parasites who profit from both sides. They use the fucking wolves to devour the sheep and starve the wolves to death to sell their fur.

an0ncel #psycho #sexist incels.is

[WARNING] The time when I almost incestmaxxed.

This is probably weird af to everyone but i'm proud of it.

I tried incestmaxxing with my MOM.

I don't have a sister and I'm much more closer to my mom then to anyone else. I'm not attracted to my mom as like relationship wise, gf wise. That would be weird af. I'm only attracted to her sexually.

Her boyfriend's son is a complete douchebag. We go to summer vacation each year, but this fucking trash ass kid wanted to come with us. My mom and her boyfriend didn't declined it. My summer vacation got ruined, and I told my mom so many times that I'm not going.

I told her that I'll go if I get to try out sex with her. She was really shocked at first, but i explained why I asked her, what benefits we get from it etc. She calmed down, and said she'll think about it. Next day she said: "Ok, we can do it at night."

I was gassed af, so happy, incestmaxxing worked right?

NOPE I just got baited. Night came, nothing happened. Next day. Nothing. Again, night came, nothing. Next day i asked her wtf. She said that "actually we can't do it because there is chances for infections." I was like bruh, it's not going to happen. Anyway in hope that if I go to the vacation with that dumbass kid, she gonna let me do it there. Boy was I wrong. Basically I went there for no fucking reason.

And this was the story where I almost ascended, but got mogged off instead.

Btw I'm still proud of it, because it takes so much bravery to try incestmaxxing with obviously getting consent first. This was the most maddest thing I have done in my life, but I felt this way for years, and that I finally opened up felt great.

People here with sisters tho, try incestmaxxing

Various Incels #dunning-kruger #sexist #transphobia incels.is

RE: Women: We don’t wear makeup to impress men we wear it for ourselves! Study says otherwise

(The kissless)


Study here proves you are wearing makeup to impress men, compete with other women, and get dates/sex with men.

one of the reasons i hate women, chronic lack of responsibility, they are slimly cunti irresponsible herd children,
imagine putting on make up and complaining about responsibility

(Cope or die)
It is a tool to give them yet another advantage on the sexual market. Especially in this day and age foids will do anything to get as much advantage on the market so they can get chad. Think about it. Everything today is made to give foids the absolute advantage. Make up, plastic surgery, wigs and weave, social media, dating apps, welfare and entitlement programs, affirmative action, no slut-shaming, body "positivity", I can go on all day.

If it was allowed, all women would walk around completely naked in public as well. What better way to attract men than wearing the least amount of clothes possible? And we all know that no woman is ever satisfied with any man. He can be Christiano Ronaldo or Beckham in his prime. Or Dolph Lundgren in his prime.

The most water is wet study I’ve ever seen holy shit.

I’ve noticed that if something is really uncomfortable or grotesque wrongthink, then the standard of proof for it is set astronomically high. “Are you the world’s foremost authority on [insert uncomfortable subject] with multiple peer reviewed papers published, having used the entire world’s population as your sample size? No? Then you’re definitely, 100% wrong”. Religion tier bullshit. Everyone with a pulse knows that foids paint their faces in competition for chad’s attention.

Imagine how high the standard of proof is for proving that there are only 2 sexes.

meatball #quack #wingnut #racist incels.is

My dad has "snake preserve" warnings, to scare vaccine Nazis off

We live in a Virginia horse community and lately the libtards have been out trying to educate non vaxxers.

We had several beware of dog signs, showing pit bull images, but they were not working.

Now, he has 3 signs up saying beware of poisonous snakes.

Libtards, niggers, no more problems. Last two weeks even the mailman refuses to come down the driveway.

Incels, who don't want to be bothered, feel free to copy our ideas. You can order snake warning signs online. Cheap and effective

Diocel #homophobia #psycho #transphobia incels.is

Serious I Will be Participating to 2021's Pride Month

My contribution will be:

- Sending pictures of happy sons with their fathers to fags
- Send islamic beheading to fags and trannies
- Posting pictures of actual teenage girls to tranny sub reddits to make them feel like shit and trigger their dysphoria

2021 is techno-hormonal terrorism year

Edmund_Kemper #psycho #sexist incels.is

Serious I distrust women and dislike them (and humans in general) so much that I fantasize about necrophilia because I can get laid without her being annoying

I seriously just puke at the idea of dating a woman and having to deal with her making my life miserable. I have no choice but to do it but I hate it. Now I only fantasize about necrophilia because when I fantasized about sexual intercourse the idea that the woman is alive and will bother me and put pressure on me to have porn actor level performance skills annoys me. A corpse just won’t tell you what to do all the time. I can literally do whatever I want with it. Too bad it can’t give blowjobs.

inb4 someone says “IT bait” idgaf I have to rant about this

BlkPillPres #crackpot #sexist incels.is

Response To: "You're Not Entitled To Sex"

In these modern times the social contract is no longer functioning, expecting men not to regress and go back to the days of rape and violence when the contract is no longer being enforced and/or adhered to, is what is truly outrageous, and not the acts themselves. Men aren't entitled to sex?, true I agree, but women aren't entitled to safety either, they never were entitled to it and they never will be, it was a "provision" offered by men to women for co-operating with men to facilitate the social contract. The safety resided within the rule set of the social contract, which is no longer at play here, so a significant and increasing number of males are seeing no reason to function as "civil" men, there's no logical reason too, why be civil when you essentially are not even part of civilization, civility its no longer to our benefit. Women's actions have thrown the entire system out of order, and the violent responses of men today are retaliatory. Society is basically trying to make average/below average males into somewhat of a "slave class" that offers their labor and utility, contributes to society, all while being barred from enjoying a basic pleasure that all the female citizens get to enjoy despite contributing less and having to risk their lives less.

Ask yourself who are really the crazy ones, the men who go out committing acts of violence or "opt out" of society, or the society that expected these men not to do this, despite significantly ruining the quality of life for the collective male populace, and having the gall to ask them to keep up their end of the social contract and be "good little boys and contribute to society as upstanding citizens" :feelskek:. Are you fucking serious, no wonder men are opting out of society, no wonder men are going out on murder rampages.

Lebensmüder #dunning-kruger #racist #wingnut incels.is

Let me get this straight. A white guy got plastic surgery in order to look like a gook that got plastic surgery to look white.

Normies are already seething calling him "not Korean" but they will call a nigger from an ex French colony a French man.

Normalfags want blood and soil ideology in Africa/America, become cultural nationalists in Sulawesi (and justify the killings of the missionaries there) and become imperialists in Israel - but when it comes to Europe/America they would even call a border the epitome of evil. It doesn't matter what is done it matters who does it. And when so-called underprivileged minorities (or noble savages) do it it is justified, the morality of the action depends clearly on the perpetrator.

PPEcel #sexist incels.is

[Discussion] "Foid worship" avatars should either be allowed or entirely banned.

I've never understood why avatars of scantily glad anime foids aren't considered "foid worship" when avatars of actual foids are.

One might argue that by adopting a foid's image as a profile picture, I would be pedestalizing that particular foid. However, it is my understanding that the "foid worship" rule also applies to a photorealistic or digitally manipulated image. In essence, I would violate forum rules by adopting an avatar of a foid that doesn't necessarily exist, if it is indistinguishable from an actual foid.

This leads me to surmise that the original intent of the "foid worship" rule is not to deter the worship of any one particular foid, but to deter the worship of the visual aspects of femininity in general.

In that case, I see no reason to allow avatars of so-called "2D foids", which depict and in some cases exaggerate the physical traits of conventionally attractive femoids.

I just find the rule rather inconsistent.

Various Incels #dunning-kruger #psycho #sexist incels.is

RE: It's official: Not enough sex can kill you. HAVING too little sex increases the risk of a heart attack scientist say.

IT will play mental gymnastics and say that although they’re virgins, they’re still alive because their personalities are better.

healthcare is a human right

distribute the government mandated gfs

It probably stacks historically with their good experiences we will never have. So not only do they feel good for being validated in the moment, they also have so many good memories of themselves being validated for existing. I wonder how that really feels like.. must be nice.

I fucking despise this shitball. It feels like hell is burning at all times around me. This conclusion is not far from the truth.

This perfectly describes our plight. That we get excluded from this because of the way we were born. Of course we have every right to hate the unjust system. But there are some people on this very forum who would rather blame our genetics (something we had literally no say in) instead of the system which fucked us over

Then they have murdered as many men, than all men that have died in wars

Legalize, subsidize and encourage prostitution (without condom required) or make women sex-slaves is the solution.

SlayerSlayer #crackpot #racist incels.is

HUUWHITES are superior simply because it's not possible to teach most of them that they are inferior just because they are white. Whites have so much natural pride, willpower, and self-esteem they will shake it off no matter what kind of (((tomfoolery))) you throw at them. As much as wignats complain about jewish trickery, at the end of the day, it's more of a mere annoyance to a white, as opposed to being an ACTUAL conquerable threat to their privacy, and way of life.

Compare that to any other race, they will eat up their own inferiority like Shaggy with the Scooby snacks. Even if asians "technically" have a higher IQ, just point at their cock, they are inferior cause they got tiny ones. Curries are inferior because they shit on the street. White people can rape curry women and turn around and say, "oh it's actually curry male culture that is rapey". Ethnic women stuck carrying on ethnic genes, are just fucking genetic dead-end bagholders to the cosmic spectrum of civilization, whereas it's only possible for HUUWHITES to be at the vanguard of it, THE ENTIRE FUCKING TIME. Non-white history is nonhistory. It's just fucking irrelevant. There's no fucking point. They should just burn every non-white history department down, because who the fuck cares???

If a white turns up onto the shores of a primitive land, they are just gonna completely rape, usurp, and enslave the native population within a matter of months-- they literally can claim to savages that they are immortal, and tribal chiefs will literally give up on the spot. That's how superior HUUWHITES are. A white can BLUFF their way into Godhood, and that bluff slowly dawned into just the goddamn truth.

Various Incels #conspiracy #crackpot #psycho #sexist incels.is

Blackpill Oedipus gets arrested and everyone insults his appearance, reinforcing the blackpill

‘Incel’ allegedly plotted mass slaughter of sorority girls, feds say


Brutal racepill, it's his gook eyes that make him ugly.

And his asymmetrical face, asymmetrical tall nose, small face combined with big head, and lack of a jaw

He didnt do anything, there is no concrete proof he actually come up with a place and date for attack. How quick are peoples to convict someone and celebrate the male rape.

How much more proof do incels need until they realize that every other man (yes, that includes men that are the same PSL as you) wants them dead just as much as foids do?

Every man thinks this too. There are low IQ autists here who believe men are on our side and would support our cause, that literally couldn't be further from the truth. Men want you to rot away and die alone just like foids do

They've just removed their social filter because it is now deemed socially acceptable to say what they think about his looks. We would be laughed about our looks all the same.


by the way you know he did get banned from .is for helping femoids infiltrate incel discords, right?

A guy talking about cat balls I knew he was a LARP can’t trust him I avoided him in 2019

A chad kills a woman and an infant and women want to suck his dick and free him. An ugly incel does literally nothing and women want him to rot for his entire life in prison.

BummerDrummer #conspiracy #racist #sexist #wingnut incels.is

Blackpill Journalist hates incels-until she finds out incels are also ethnic. Even ethnic incels are simped over by the jewish system JFL

„Diese Männer sind zwar eine Gefahr, aber in erster Linie für sich selbst“

A journalist comes onto the forum. Originally believing that all incels are white alt right men, she has a vitrolic hatred towards the incel community. After finding out we have a significant nonwhite population, the journalist instantly switches her thinking into one of love; She feels a "Connection" towards incels and think they are poor victims of systemic injustice (Nonwhite incels, that is).

So incels are still supported by the system if they are not white. While white incels are (of course) hated by the journalist. Just lol. And nonwhite people on this forum have the gall to complain about anything. If even nonwhite incels get insane amounts of privilege societally compared to even white upper tier normies (Who are still demonized over their race) what does that tell you?

It is very obvious the system (which we all agree is bad, or should agree is bad) is simping hard over every class of nonwhite persons. Why? To make them a slave class obviously under the jews. It is amazing how quickly people like IT, the media, etc. change their views on incels as soon as the races change. When Incels are seen as white, the system has a genocidal hatred towards them. They are patriarchal misogynists, terrorists and the etc. But when the incels are ethnic, they are all of a sudden victims of "systemic injustice" "white supremacy" and "racism".

it is all so tiresome

P-Chan #dunning-kruger #sexist incels.is

SuicideFuel You think Incest is rare? (and the real Giga Chads)

Lets do the Math.

If you look for the of percentage of woman who did had incest with there Brothers you find numbers from 2 to 17% a Computer-Assisted Self Interview found 4,2% of the Woman (all Students or Academics) had sex with there Brother.

Now we have 75% of woman (and men) who have a Brother/Sister, now we have something like
"5,6% of woman with a sibling had incest with there Brothers"

Dont forget, not Brother/Sister but Sibling. So we could easy say 1 of 10 Woman (who has a Brother) had incest with there Brother.

Yeah dont sound as something rare to me.
And dont forget Academics have less Children and there Children are Academics them self later in life so its probably even higher.

(i even did a screenshot)
SBI - the group of Men who did Brother sister Incest
CSA-AF - Men who had befor the turned 18 sex with a adult woman
Controls -Controlgroup

Yeah the SBI scores better in the Median then the Control group.

But look at the GIGA CHAD CSA-AF group, they had in the median 4 times as many partners then the fucking controll group.


Lv99_BixNood & fast_curry #racist #sexist incels.is

Chinkcels get brutally cucked in new Huawei ad

Chinkcels on zhihu are not happy about this, many blackpilled comments: https://www.zhihu.com/question/462814527

Part of the malice is to encourage East Asian yellow women to abandon their own race of men

Anyone who says I'm overreacting and says Chinese men are too sensitive is a pull-off, an accomplice to the cultural genocide of Asian-Yellow men by Germanic whites

Enjoy - refers to the yellow man working while the white man enjoys the gentle yellow skin wife (cover face)


All forms of racemixing are bad but racemixing is worse in Europe than in China. France has 5 million Africans or 7.5% of the total population. China would need 105 million Africans to have the same %.

The eurocucks brought it upon themselves by colonizing shithole countries in Africa.

That law has nothing to do with colonial past and can be changed tomorrow if the Jews that rule over France decide to do it.

Yeah but it won't. Americans could also go back to enslaving niggers but you know as well as I that'll never happen.

Zhihu is a site I never manage to understand. On one hand, if you search for the term "incel", you'll see foids and soys sitting at the moral high ground, defending whores and making fun of lonely men. Then the men get worked up when they are slapped on the face by videos like this, completely oblivious of how their own actions of white-worshiping will eventually lead to their own doom. Too bad CCP is no longer as based as it used to be; whoever's involved would have been labeled as the enemy of people, publicly shamed for degeneracy then sentenced to death.

dominic #pratt #racist #sexist incels.is

It's not even funny how hard white women mog other races of women

Everyone knows it except some delusional /pol/cels attracted to moon faced flat asian women.

It's suifuel if you're ethnic. Even if an ethnic got with a white woman by miracle (as is every ethnics dream), the ethnic genes would make the offspring uglier. Still a major fucking upgrade.

My dad was a tall, attractive, light skin Pakistani from a wealthy family, an American university degree, and a high paying American job. He could have picked ANY girl he wanted from back home, and he picked my white mom who was a fat single mom at the time. My brothers mog other Pakistanis and are genetically superior to them.

Ethnic males are so obsessed with white women it's insane. Latinos are incredibly obsessed with white women. Indian men of course also. Asian men, don't even get me started. Black men of course are obsessed with them as well, half the time rappers are rapping about white girls and how dey got da yt gurl an' shieet.

I was researching Dalida. She grew up in Egypt, born to white Italian parents, and came to fame by winning Miss Egypt or some beauty pageant. JFL average looking white woman goes to ethnic land and wins all the beauty pageants.

I genuinely think that a major factor for ethnic men moving to the west is secret hopes for some white pussy.

Inb4 some copers say "some latinas and arab girls look good!" - yeah the ones with a lot of white dna lmfao. And also Japanese draw all their characters as white because asian girls are ugly af. People cope by saying "nooo the Japanese see the characters as Japanese!" Are you trying to tell me the Japanese see this blonde blue eyed Nordic Germanic looking mfer as Japanese?

God I hate being ethnic.

Gymcelled #pratt #psycho #racist #sexist incels.is

Blackpill 11 year old boy (tallfag) impregnates his live-in nanny - Media doesnt call it rape or pedophilia

Double blackpill here.

First off he was taller than the adult female at 11 jfl, how hard must he have mogged other boys at his age?

And of course the media is super soft on this, they dont call it rape or pedophilia, great double standards

Check 0:30, look at how tall he is and how she's admiring him
and jfl, ogress with a NW2 hairline what the fuck

Just be a normie athletic white boy and you're set for life. Lol at the 15 year old white"cels" of this forum

Most youngcels will ascend or shouldn't be here, they should be trying their hardest to make it
But there's a huge difference between normie face and let's say Eggy face

She was charged with sexual battery and got sentenced to 20 years in prison. Wdym media doesn't call it rape or pedophilia?

They're soft as fuck in the video, even just the title lmao. Wouldn't be like that if the genders were reversed

Meus #crackpot #racist #sexist incels.is

Blackpill The REAL reason why foids of all ethnic groups love whites (and their culture)

Yeah sure, looks is a factor, I never said it isn't.

However there is another more sinister reason. Whites have by far the most aggressive culture in history with the exception of maybe the Mongols, but they collapsed within like 20 years.

Whites colonized 100s of nations and tribes, even exterminated and enslaved some. This is by no means a white guilt thread btw, but I also don't praise these actions. I just say how it is and am neutral. India, China etc. were great at some point but they never AGGRESSIVELY subjugated other nations.

White are the equivalent of the Chad, the bully of humanity. They also did a lot of great stuff and invented a lot of shit but that makes the aggressive nature of their cultures only even more attractive. They behaved like a truly masculine race, first raping and subjugating fucking everything for 300 years and then saying "Lol I'm sorry, here take some money lmao. I feel bad m'kay? XD".

TL;DR: Noodlewhores and other ethnic whores get wet that whites dominated the entire earth and treated their cultures like garbage for like a century. When they see a white boy, they see the race who cucked ALL other races. And if that Chad is even aware of it and calls her an Asian subhuman whore she becomes literally a waterfall, that's how wet she gets. :feelskek::feelskek::feelskek:

Again I neither praise, nor condemn whites, I just analyze things. The better looks is just the cherry on the top of whites being so aggressive and influential historically.