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Manifesto analyzed: Twitter soys claim that the Buffalo, NY shooter was an "incel". In reality, he's a cuck.

The bodies are still warm, but that hasn't stopped the misandric left from trying to rile up anti-male bias via the latest horrific act of mass violence. There are hundreds more tweets just like these, but all of these claims are baseless.

Now, Gendron doesn't mention having issues with femoids. The words "foid", "femoid", or even "female" don't even show up once. He exclusively describes femoids via the Reddit-approved way—"women".

Instead of hating women, Gendron is in fact a massive fucking simp. He seeks to defend m'lady's honor, and devotes quite a chunk of his manifesto to bemoaning the rape of "European women" by "invaders". On page 159 of his manifesto, Gendron implies that his motive for this shooting was in fact the "distress [of] European women".

In the upcoming race war, Gendron writes, "the only option for a true man or woman of Europe is to labor, labor with all effort towards victory" (page 176). In doing so, he implies that toilets are the equals of men, and that femoids (needless to say, the weaker gender) would somehow be able to contribute to the efforts of a race war.

Additionally, Gendron tolerates faggotry. Gay, lesbian, and bisexual faggots are "fine" with him (page 8).

So, in short, Payton Gendron is an 18-year-old normie who thinks that:

rape is bad and we must shoot up grocery stores to defend m'lady

empowered qweenz can be just as strong as men

being a faggot is OK

Yeah, that's blatantly incompatible with the blackpill. He bemoans the drop in "white birth rates" but not once does he mention feminism, hypergamy, and the dating habits of white women. Instead, he blames ethnicels.

This man is not an incel. He is a foid-worshipping cuck and his own writing proves it.

It's obvious by now that the SJWs of Reddit and Twitter have taken a leaf out of the Russian playbook. Just as anyone who opposes the Kremlin is a "Nazi", any man who doesn't kowtow to the progressive orthodoxy is an "incel", even when there is not a shred of evidence connecting him to the incel community.

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Inceltear whines about faded and denies he got away with using force upon an escort.

Look at the comments, saying he didn't actually do it. They even said "if it makes you feel any better". That is the definition of "coping".

Guess what inceltear, in the real world, lots of women have sexual "crimes" committed against them, and they are never able to report it. That's how life works. So you need to accept this inceltear, in the real world, if it creates incels, many of those incels, are going to use physical force to get what they want from a woman, without her consent. And she can't do anything but deal with the mental trauma from it

I hope this escort fucking kills herself after years of mental torment. faded, you are the man.

I personally don't see anything wrong with what faded did anyway. That woman is a whore and deserves to be treated as such. She forfeited her bodily autonomy when he gave her the money anyway, I don't think she should have any right to have any control over what goes on in the bedroom. I hope that bitch has nightmares from this.


How does a sex worker get raped exactly? If you paid for her service how do you rape someone who is selling sex to you jfl what?

I didn’t even rape her. We just had rough sex and she didn’t like it because I was Incel

There is a very easy solution to that. Just don't be a whore.


I gave his post a standing ovation. He's been scammed by whores before, so this is payback. If whores hate their job then they better work at walmart.

Thank you. Just doing my part and trying to make whores miserable

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A sexual culture of father and daughter to save women.

Women before age 10 are the real women who have no mindset of sucking chad's dick and mogging incels. They are innocent, caring and happy looking. The reason is her father. Before age 10 daughter and father have a special bond. But after age 10 everything changes as she gets her first period at age 11. The period is a sign that she is ready for sex.

Father start ignoring her daughter as he feels weird about her mature daughter. The time a daughter needs his father most is ignored cause it's hard for him to resist the urge of her beauty. Then her relationship with whore mother grows. A mother will teach her lookism, bullying, and so much nonsense. She will brainwash her mind to think chad is the man and u should do anything to blow him and ignore the nice guy around who will care and would never hurt her.

So we need to start a culture of father and daughter honeymoon. When a woman gets her first period we need to have a gathering of relatives who would bring gifts and have dinner together. She will feel special and having of care from others and will understand her responsibility. At night father and daughter will have a special bed ready to play with.

This is the only solution. After the night her relationship with her father continues normally. Father will again start caring for her daughter(even more). She will understand sex and won't hang around chad who to fuck her. The culture can break the bond with her mother as a mother will feel jealous of her daughter. Which is the most important thing about this culture.

Since it's nearly impossible for us to get virgin girls these days. Almost all girls are fucked by at least 25 guys. So it is better to have a sweet girl who only had fucked by her dad with love. She won't have a daddy issue. Her bond and experience with her dad will make her understand men better than women. She will be submissive. She will understand how hard the life of men is in general.

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The Official State of the Incels.is Union Address!

6 months ago to the date toxic leftist shitheads doxxed and destroyed the lives of our two most beloved incel heroes and benefactors SergeantIncel and the Master of disaster himself…well…Master lol.

I’m sure you all remember that this was in relation to butthurt over the noble Sanctioned Suicide website the two heroes of our royal lineage had also once run together.

Leave it to missplaced anger to almost always destroy the best things in life be they people or places but not to fear as I’ve heard it through the grapevine most recently Serge and Master are doing well now and perhaps will one day be able to emerge from the proverbial Pulp Fiction bowl of rice they have presumably been hiding in all this time in Indo China, to live relatively normal lives once again, so three cheers for them my friends!

Honk! Honk!! Hooray!!!

While the past six months of my administration has been rocky to say the least, plagued by one scandal after another and perhaps most of which by my own making, give yourselves a round of applause because to quote nigger boy Morpheus from the Matrix trilogy of modern blacksploitation flicks…


So tonite we provide the list of Xbox Acheivements @Infinity and myself @Fat Link have accomplished in the past contentious but also exhilarating 6 months of time!

Saved the website? 100 Xbox gamer score.

Rebuilt the mod team from the ground up? 1500 gamerscore.

Instituted policy to stop faggots, trannies and other scum from joining that never existed before prior? 3,000 gamerscore.

And a special shout-out goes to my beloved mod team.

You guys are the best selection of chinks, niggers, mongrels and degenerate scum a h’white knee O Notsee soup prey myst like myself could ever hope to be in charge of!

Fuck Jesse Jackson and the libtards!

WE are the TRUE “Rainbow Coalition” here.

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The René Guyon Society's motto was 'Sex before 8 or else it's too late'. This was just meant to shock people, I believe, but the sentence does make sense if one doesn't literally interpret 8-years old as the ultimate limit.

The more one waits, or has to wait, to start sexual experiences, the more difficult it gets to jump into it. Ideally, people should gain experience in all aspects of life while their brain still has a large part of its neuroplasticity.

Age of consent laws are not just problematic because they repress the sexuality of adult men, but also because they repress the sexuality of minors themselves. A 13-year old boy who wants to have sex but can't because girls are not attracted to him is out of luck in today's society. Every day, he is surrounded by provocatively dressed girls who won't ever date him. He has to watch his male peers engage in PDA and brag about doing sexual stuff with girls, while he rots in loneliness, at a time when his sex drive is at its peak.

It is better to lose your virginity as a teen than as a grown man. In fact, a study found that adolescent boys aged 12-14 who had their first-time with an adult woman were signficantly more likely to remember the experience positively than adult men who had their first time with an adult woman.


There is no good reason not to allow teenagers to buy sex. It's much easier for a 13-year old boy to begin seeing prostitutes than it is for a 22-year old virgin who might already have become damaged from years of rejection and frustration.

Modern society has greatly exacerbated the sexual repression and social isolation of males. This is, in my opinion, the worst case of abuse young males suffer in rich countries, and it causes much more psychological damage to than the so-called "child sexual abuse" that the media loves to talk about.

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lolis are better than real women scientifically

Mathematically speaking the average loli is much more intricately designed. Whereas fully grown women have long forms which are full of empty generic detail, Lolis are compact and can be absorbed completely as a whole. Instead of being a mishmash of organs and body parts, lolis are perceived as a biological entity with a functioning nervous system, leading to less autism. Well designed lolis are uniquely enjoyable to look at and as a result, increase the visual processing and problem solving skills of observers. Real women who look stupid in unique costumes are all the same and thus no longer become real instances of humans, but rather symbols that destroy visual comprehension.

Lolis are pleasant to interact with and encourage higher thought. Their large expressive facial features validate one's efforts to produce scientific advancements. Meanwhile, the blank expressions of adult women cause mental illness and fear, destroying the brain cells of observers. Lolis do not enrage men by abusing female privilege, usually acting in an asexual, tomboyish manner, reducing sexual frustration due to inactivity of the rape gene. Lolis are also at maximum future fertility allowing for a long-term relationship with existentially fulfilling bonding whereas near-wall foids are purely materialistic and depressing. Depression will lead to cardiovascular diseases and the inability of people to make good decisions, and lowers a man's productive capabilities. Lolis' behavior also lowers mental illness.

Lolis can be naive and show weakness, which allows men in their interactions to develop realistic problem-solving skills rather than degeneracy based on displays of dominance. Adult women will leave you as soon as you show weakness and thus your creativity and decision-making are hindered. Grown women can also kill you and this causes needless stress and GPU power. Every time you look at a woman you will be partially in fight or flight mode. If you are not, you will develop cognitive dissonance. Women have an illusionary ability to provide support if they are aligned with you, which leads to male dependence and causality confusion. Did my actions lead to this good result, or was that a tribe members' action? This uncertainty reduces learning speed. Being around a dependent loli will teach a man to provide for others at full brain power due to biological full control of the environment.

Lolis will either adapt to their protectors or be nonconfrontational. If you are second generation immigrant, you will never have to deal with rants in a second language or expressed mental problems like drug abuse.

All of these advantages can be noticed within 16 milliseconds

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[Serious] I hate cucks who complain about being "molested" by older women

Imagine being a 12 year old boy and youe hormones are probably nearing peak levels and you get to sex a teacher milf or qt teen babysitter then claim you got molested lol. I would kill for that to happen. At age 12 youre already stronger than most women either way so not like theyre brute forcing it and its not a problem if theyre not sodomizing you. A blowjob, handjob, or assfucking a teacher milf at age 12 sounds like heaven and cucks have to pretend it damaged them or something to get sympathy. I wouldnt be damaged now if i atleast had sex that way

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HAHAHAHA! On one order from me I will have hundreds and thousands of mighty incel warriors ready to attack. The blood of cucks will be spilt and the corpses of numales and e-boys will litter the streets. Their flesh will turn to dust and their souls will be forced to wander hell for eternity. HAHAHAHAHAHA!


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[Theory] Race mixing is genocide

Eliot Rodger was mainly an incel because he was race mixed and I am also multiracial because of my noddlewhore mother

and some of the ugliest people are race mixed so Ive come to the theory that race mixed people are more likely to become incels than pure white or pure blooded blacks

and also foids despise race mixed people they see them as subhuman

humans were not meant to interbreed and interbreeding with other races leads to hybrid subhumans like these listed above and races have been seperated and isolated for so long it allowed races to evolve into completely different sub-species as to such if a south african was to race mix with a white european the baby would end up an incel because scientifically speaking their DNA has been so seperated that people wont be able to recognize the baby as particularily european or particularily black

also race mixing has been shown in scientific papers to lead to more birth defects and more notes of autism and down syndrome

thats why we have so much propaganda on race mixing because race mixed people are more likely to be autistic incels :feelsthink: what do you think about it?

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If you didn't ascend in college then it's definitely over for you.

ollege is the only time in your life when you're going to be surrounded by women in your age group who don't expect you to be the greatest version of yourself. You won't be expected to have a good career because you're still a student. You can still get away with acting somewhat awkward because you're young and no one expects you to have fully matured by then. You won't be judged as harshly if you've never had a girlfriend before.

Also, you'll have way more opportunities and free time to interact with women in your age group than at any other point in your adult life. After college, your only primary opportunities to meet women are on dating apps or bars (both of which you'll get immediately rejected for not being Chad)

If you didn't ascend in college, it's unlikely that you'll ever ascend.

90% of people who "ascend" in their 20s are betabuxxers and aren't desired.
you'll never be 15 and in love

lying on the grass on a warm summer night, watching the stars, carelessly chatting

not worrying about rent, bills, student loans

only worry in life is how you're gonna cheat on that history test on monday

you'll never take a young, tight, hot-bodied girls virginity, pulling out to cum all over her back and have her look in your eyes and say "I love you"

you'll never have a girl around every day after school, pretend to be doing homework together, but instead just **** like rabbits

you're in your 20's now

gotta get a good job

gotta be a serious man nowall the good ones are taken

maybe a nice girl will eventually settle with you

they have already felt all those new exciting feelings before, and are usually jaded and bitter

you missed what it feels like to have not a care in the world other than making your girl happy

you have missed out on teenage love

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[SuicideFuel] Even the crippled girl at my school has a boyfriend. Wtf??

There's a female that attends my High school and one of the main things about her is that she has a condition that leaves her immobile, so she's only regulated to her wheelchair. The way that she communicates is through an app on her tablet (Think: Stephen Hawking). Later today me and my brother were walking home from school, and he told me that one of his friends was dating a girl in a wheelchair and I said: "What?" and my brother said: "Yes the girl in the wheelchair, one of my friends is dating her". I even made my brother clarify who she was, I couldn't fucking believe it that a crippled girl, A DISABLED FOID got in a relationship before I ever did. At the time I didn't know whether to cry or laugh, I felt so behind from my peers, like I was subhuman.

Then my brother kept on mentioning how he was cheating on her and how she kept taking him back, and at the time I didn't really care because my mind was so fixated on what he told me earlier, only to realize what he just said was a Blackpill in it of itself. He cheated on her multiple times with other foids and she didn't care (Thinking back on it, she must have been pretty desperate not to breakup with him). I eventually said what I was thinking to my brother, that she got into a relationship before we did. And he here's what my naive brother said: "I don't why I don't have a girlfriend, I'm not even that ugly". My brother is basically an Incel but he just doesn't know it (Short Height, Nasal Voice, Glasses, Boyish Face, Small Frame. He's a Junior in Highschool and I'm a Senior)

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[From the 13th February]
[Based] Holy fuck Putin is Terabased.

[Video: “Putin says Ukraine joining NATO would make nuclear war more likely.”]

Homie gives no fuck, he is ready to nuke this gay world if soys get in his way. My respect for this guy skyrocketed after this ngl :dafuckfeels:

Urekkim #psycho incels.is

[Venting] I am so DISSAPOINTED in Covid-19

Everything in my country has open and the news & people is legit waving Corona goodbye.

Why couldnt corona not have been something deadlier. :feelsseriously:
I want normies to suffer, foids was crying left at right 2 weeks into Lockdowns. Some retards even killed themselves bcs of the isolation.
1% of what Incels experience makes them suicidal JFL. :society:

All I can hope now is WW3 by Russia invading Ukraine and starting some bullshit. This life is boring, corona was the best thing that has ever happend so far.

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PROOF THAT INCELDOM IS GENETIC: Scientists discover 371 genetic variants linked to your age at first sex

When you lose your virginity 'may be written in your genes'

They say they've identified 371 regions of our genetic code that appear to influence not only when exactly we first have sex, but also when we have our first child – not just for women, but men too.

Their analysis of Brits' data revealed genetics can explain between five and 17 per cent of when individuals achieve these two milestones. [SOON IT WILL BE 100%. GENOMICS WILL PROVE THE BLACKPILL OF BIOLOGICAL DETERMINISM BEYOND ANY SHADOW OF DOUBT.]

They haven't churned all the variables yet, including ones like autism, height, frame, facial sexual dimorphism and testosterone levels, mostly because they don't want to I reckon. If they dedicated themselves to discovering the truth with open mindedness, they'd find that genetics 100% determines sexual success.

If you think about it, this kind of eugenicist feudalism is already upon us as noticed on Tinder or job applications where only the 150 IQ STEM fags succeed. In spite of this brutal reality, we are still being gaslighted as we are told to believe in the value of hard work and discipline. However with the dawning of genomics, there will be no room for deception regarding reality.

SJWs will scream about eugenics and fascism. Eventually though, their screams will be drowned out by the dawning of a new age of blackpill enlightenment where normies have accepted genes as the ultimate source of success in life.

We will enter another feudal era where Chads/Stacies(hereditary genetic wealth) and the hereditary financially rich will be permanently above everyone else and will give the bare minimum to lower classes.

Genetic determinism is the ultimate truth. We are biological robots.

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Did IslaVista2014 really happen?

I heard an incel somewhere say that Isla vista 2014 never happened, the whole story was fake, no mass murder ever happened and that Elliot Rodger got plastic surgery and is living as a millionaire on some remote island. What do you guys think?

I once saw a Sandy Hook documentary. They explained in great detail why the shooting seemed heavily staged. Crisis actors, lack of triage, et cetera...

Adam Lanza's photos appear to be digitally generated.

Well there is a pic of ER at a party and someone on here said it's proof he's still alive and the shooting was faked

It was a power transfer operation from men to feminazis organized by the deep state with help of Mossad. ER, now with his new face transfered from a Chad victim, is enjoying prime blonde JB puss on the Epstein island with Epstein himself and Ghislaine Maxwell's mommy milkers.

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SuicideFuel [ChameleonPill] Its over time, time to go home lads. Chameleon pill kills me.


TranscriptOn average, a chameleon's tongue is roughly twice the length of its body. In humans, that would be a tongue about 10 to 12 feet (about 3 to 4 meters)

Which means he can give the best oral, keep in mind the vagina is only 4 inches deep. Which means he has more length than your penis, a sharper tounge to inflict more pain(because femoids love being killed) also scaly skin which can be used a vibrator. Or pussy rub shall I say.
His tounge is also long enough to enter the vagina and touch the clit. Double stimulation which is harder for men since its hard to multitask during sex as they are so focused on one thing.

Why do femoids choose a chameleon over us?
1.Reusable, if the other one gets lost in your pussy you can get a new one.
2. You can force it to have sex, no "headaches".
3. They have no emotions towards you.
4.They blend in with your skin which can mimic chads cock.

Virginscarecrow999 #sexist incels.is

[Mod edit: this is about the 3,723,549th quote with basically the same content and it’s really getting very, very old. If people want to copy/paste their old comments again and again, fine, but can’t submitters find some new material? Please? Checkmate]

Brutal blackpill from quora (copied)

Being unattractive as a man means nature has chosen you to be the loser and this sentence will remain for as long as you live. You only live once and you will not experience the joys in life which attractive boys do. Girls will not have any social or sexual interest in you. You will not experience the blessings of a girls touch, kiss and sexual attention she can give. You will not experience looks of desire in girls' eyes and the immense positive things it does with your ego and self esteem. No kissing, no hugging, no holding hands, no looking each other in the eye with desire, no stroking, no teasing, no foreplay, no sex, no afterglow after sex, no falling asleep together and no living together. Instead, there will be just you alone every day desiring these wonderful things, day after day, year after year.

Nobody wants to hang out, socialise or be friends with a facially and physically unattractive individual. People want to hang out with attractive individuals.

Being unattractive makes people walk away from you; you are not a priority and there is no benefit hanging out with you. I remember going in discos and bars in summer holiday resorts only seeing attractive young people being happy and having a good time. Rarely unattractive boys, and when they were present, boy did they pay……The social treatment you get is totally different and downright discriminate as opposed to what attractive people get. And sexual treatment? None whatsoever for the ugly guys.

Not a talk nor a single kiss. Kissing too is very different for unattractive men. One of my neighbours, in his 50′s, never kissed a girl once in in his life, compared to a facially attractive friend of mine who kissed hundreds of girls over the years, not to mention the mountain of women who asked him to go home with them afterwards. Being unattractive will basically prevent you from living and experiencing the joys that romance and sex will give to your mind, soul and body.

Dotrinfobe #sexist #wingnut incels.is

Hurling drink at some store staff = 3 criminal charges? Gynocentric clown world

Merrill Lynch adviser fired after racist tirade against smoothie shop employee

James Iannazzo, 48, was arrested and charged with a hate crime following the chaotic scene at Robeks in Fairfield just before 2:30 p.m. Saturday, the Fairfield Police Department said.

The foid staffs were retarded and added peanuts despite the guy tellng them not to. The guy's son ended up in hospital due to allergic reaction.

The guy were angry and went into argument with one of the foids there. Foids started recording him and uploaded it to tiktok immediately.

The guy's lost his high income manager job at a major financial firm.

And he's charged with "intimidation based on bigotry or bias, breach of peace and criminal trespass."

If it was a middle aged woman, and the store staffs were all foids, no charges would be ever brought and no male staffs would be so vile and vain to videotape the whole thing and upload to tiktok on the spot.

"breach of peace" wtf how does such charge even exist.

"criminal trespass" when the store was open. how could it be trespass? :feelsping::feelsping::feelsping:

If the customer was a foid, you bet the store would apologize and give her like $200 free gift card or soemthing, and she'd still sue the company for the allergic reaction to her son (bonus winning chance if it happened to a daughter) and get like 6 figure settlement in the lawsuit.

Basically the foid staffs almost killed the man's son. In an ideal society they should be charged with attempted murder. Unfortunately we live in clown society.

Clown fucking world. Women can literally almost kill a man's son but if he calls her "immigrant" he loses his entire life

I pray the employees are charged and prosecuted, and I pray this guy get's his job back.

Kuriboh #sexist #crackpot #psycho incels.is

The man's smv should be determined by the number and type of women that he raped !!

Back in the old times, the glorious middle ages.
Man's smv was determined by the number and type of the sex slaves that he captured, raped and owned.
Raping a Stacy isn't same valued as raping a Beckie.
If the man can't rape women that means he has low testosterone = low smv.

Men were never a lookist objects.
Men were measured by their IQ, values, skills, their benefits to the society.
Men were never measured by their height or bone structure.
That was the reason that short men like Napoleon were emperors !
The cucked society that we live in try to turn men to lookist objects. It is ridiculous when you see men looksmaxing like faggots to impress toilets! and after all that they still get rejected because they are not her type !! not handsome enough! needs more efforts!!
Look at all that power that toilets have over men ! If someone from the middle ages come to visit us, he will laugh his off at the situation that men have today and he will prefer to live in the darkness of middle ages rather than the modern '' civilized society '' !
Women are lookist objects because they are sexual objects, their bodies are designed to bring attention. The man can walk naked in the streets and nobody will give a fuck about him but a woman just shows her legs and armies of simps will kill for it! that it is the reason that Abrahamic religions told women to cover their bodies and be modest but never told men to do the same! Things like makeup, fashions etc were invented by men for women to help them improving their looks. Turning men to lookist objects caused men to give up on society and live in isolation '' MGTOW'', men became less productive because they realized that their values wouldn't mean shit without looks = the decline of civilization = the end of mankind.

crew2 #racist #sexist #wingnut #conspiracy #pratt incels.is

The "black community" and black women in general in the US are the canary down the mine for how society is going in the West

This isn't racism because I have plenty of black pals in real life and some of them agree with me on this. It's just an observation.

Rampant fatherlessness, gang killings, child killings, abortions through the roof, foids who look like shit almost exclusively living off the government tit while refusing to work and only Chads/thugs being accepted as baby daddies, with stand in fathers being expected to be full blown simps on 6 figure incomes if they don't meet the Chad/thug archetype is the future norm for foids in the West. And here's the thing...the black community is practically 100% there already.

BLM is trying to make this shit the norm EVERYWHERE as if it isn't already because that is how you collapse a society and make the plebs all equally as poor as each other. The more stupid white bitches relate to that movement the more they are going to relate to the sort of women who support it and live just like them...which a lot of them already are.

If you don't believe me just check out some Kevin Samuels videos. Every foid he has on there is a 5/10 at best black woman (who just happen to be the bottom of the totem pole when it comes to attractiveness) who thinks she's Beyonce and has 3 sprogs to some Tyrone or thug and is only willing to touch a non Tyrone if he is a fucking high flying CEO with a top of the range car. Fucking crazy.

The future is the lowest value women only accepting the top 1% men and thugs while the rest of us roam around holding our dicks thinking "what the fuck is going on!?"

Edmund_Kemper #sexist #wingnut #crackpot #psycho incels.is

[Serious] High school guys should be required to lose their virginity and get laid a lot, and be put in juvie/expelled if they disobey.

Many women won't date a virgin guy, and it's a red flag as you get older past your teen years. As a result, when you get older, losing your virginity becomes extremely hard.

As a result, high school men have no choice but to lose their virginity early and have as much sex as possible in order to have sex when they're older. Faking your experience doesn't help and many hookers charge too much money and might have STDs (condoms don't always work).

It should be required by law for all teenage guys to lose their virginity and have sex regularly, and we need to have surveillance cameras in their bedrooms to make sure they are getting laid regularly. If they struggle to attract any girls at school or anywhere else, then female teachers should be required to take their virginity (if she disobeys, she is fired or imprisoned). We need to require young teachers in their 20s for the job (not old hags). That way these underage guys will still get laid and will be experienced enough so they won't have to get rejected all the time after age 20 for being a virgin (faking your experience can be difficult). At least this won't cost money unlike hookers. If you make it to your mid-late 20s and a virgin, it's super hard to lose your virginity and if you make it to your late 20s, you might end up that way the rest of your life as shown in the thread i linked above.

If a guy graduates high school still a virgin, he has to make up for it before his 20th birthday. If it doesn't work, he has to be euthanized (unless there's someone who will take his virginity). Also, if his parents don't let him date, his parents need to imprisoned for denying their son's freedom to escape inceldom.

I wish I lost my virginity and started dating in high school.

Mainländer #crackpot #psycho #sexist #wingnut incels.is

RageFuel Little sister told me to touch grass

My parents asked me why I didn’t have a GF despite my 11 year old sister having a boyfriend and many friends. I’m 21.

my little sister proceeded to tell me to “touch grass. put yourself out there or something”

I cannot explain how angry I was/am and it’s taking every fiber of my being to stay calm

Typical solipsistic female "advice". Women can't put themselves in our shoes, they can only think from their perspectives. "Just putting yourself out there" works for them of course, since any foid has tons of SMV and men will approach them galore and do all the work, but it doesn't work even for a normie man, let alone an incel.

My female psychologist gave me the same "advice" back in the day.

OP’s sister is 11 and already fucking and sucking.

Thank God I don't have a sister. Also cucked parents for allowing random fuckboys to ruin the 11 yo foid for all men that could have committed to her in the future.

Imagine your 11 year old sister being more alpha than you

Women are not "alpha" or "beta" or anything, they're NPCs in the sexual game, ready to be taken by the most powerful/strong/attractive (in feminist soycieties) men.

Kuriboh #psycho #sexist incels.is

Blonde blue eyed women are demons !!

All my Oneitis were blonde whores.
When i walk on the street and see a blonde whore, i will think about her all the day and it will take me weeks, months even years to forget about her maybe her image never goes from my memory.
But when i see another whore, i will forget about her the moment i pass her.
When i talk to a blonde whore and get rejected, it will hurt me a lot and can't get over it. I will feel like being rejected from the whole existence.
When i talk to another whore and get rejected, i will feel nothing even if she humiliates me in front of everyone. I will just laugh at her because i see her worthless.
When there is a blonde whore with me at the class, i can't function at all.
When there is another whore, i get motivated to study.
When i watch a movie and there is a blonde actress, i will feel more excited watching it.
When i watch a movie and there is another whore, i will lose interest and get bored.
If i had a blonde sister, i would probably fuck her!
Even women themselves are obsessed with being blonde. They dye their hair blonde but you never see a blonde woman dying her hair black. The most famous figure of Hollywood history Marilyn Monroe was dark haired who dyed her hair blonde to be more attractive in movies.
Maybe it is the halo effect of Disney that brainwashed us as kids to see blondes as the charming princess or it is something natural that our brains receive their features as the perfect standards of female beauty.
Blonde women conquer you like demons!
I understand the pain of Elliot Rodger!

Blackpillapologist #crackpot #sexist #transphobia incels.is

Hitler was a tranny

I wonder if Hitler actually had pussy between his legs and he claimed to be a male because he was a troon, and wanted power.

That might explain her worldview of pure bred Nordic Aryans being the most superior of all and all ethnics, short and disabled men should be killed.

(I am using pronoun her for hitler)

She was probably one of the very few foids who got the political power needed to execute her worldview.

One might ask why didn't she (Hitler) rank curries as the lowest instead of Jews. Answer is: she killed gypsy people as well who are descendants of curries. And secondly, she was rejected by an Ashkenazi Jewish chad when she wanted to apply for art school. Ashkenazi Jews have a lot of white genes and many of them are blonde.

She also hated gay people because every gay male chad reduces inceldom problem by 2 points.

EDIT: The only mistake she did was to deceive our generation that she is a man. She didn't know much about feminism which would plague soyciety few decades later as she lived in a relatively patriarchal time. In our generation foid is never wrong, and if Hitler was seen as a foid Nazism wouldn't be censored at all. In fact it would be justified becus MuH WoHmEn cAn NevEr bE wrOnG

tbh, i wonder why that retard was so obsessed with race

That's what I am saying. Hitler was a foid

Various incels #sexist #crackpot #dunning-kruger #psycho incels.is

[This copypasta claiming that having daughters is “the ultimate cuckoldry” because you are raising a girl “for another man to enjoy”.]

The only guys that raise a daughter and arent cucked is the ones that fucks her too.

(Miles Morales)
Having a daughter is more based than having a male biologicallywise because the chances to keep your bloodline throughout time are higher than having a son. A son that could be an incel tier men. Also incel tier is defined by women. What is a norman nowadays could an incel in a couple of decades.

(Silverberry, at Miles Morales)
no, your daughter, if a whore, will have her genes (which are yours) polluted through tons of different men inseminating her, via micro chimerism.

Meus #psycho #racist incels.is

Hitler should have exterminated the Slavs

Almost all Slavs are miserable and they make life hell for each other.

The women are soulless golddiggers and whores and the guys have to larp 24/7 that they're tough or someone will fuck with them.

Words can't express what fucking agony it is being a Slav.

Slavs aren't fucking white. Whites have high trust. Slavs aren't trustworthy. If a Frenchman meets a frenchman on a vacation he thinks: "Oh cool, a fellow French". If a Slav meets another Slav he couldn't care less if he lives or dies. There is no warm feelings because someone is from your nation, no solidarity. There is a reason why totalitarianism blossomed there.

Slav males I see are at the bottom of the hierarchy in the US. They idolize low IQ violent gangsters. And try to emulate that being tough guys who are low IQ.

But in the US they get outcompeted there by blacks who are way bigger, stronger and more fearsome. And also by Hispanic gangs which are psychotically violent.

Basically if you are white you make a very poor violent thug and instead should be doing something like a trades business or career or doctor.

niggers+spics = more dark triad than slavs
chinks+curries= smarter than slavs
western euros = better looking than slavs

It's over.

They’re a retarded looking version of Northwest Euros.


Look at the statistic of violence, abortions, drug use, etc...

Slavs are basically niggers who look white.

Transcended Trucel #psycho #racist #ableist #crackpot incels.is

[Serious] Vast majority of humans are ugly as fuck tbh, analyzed 3000+ people

I just went thru my school text book and college photos. And God damn, the majority of humans are so God damn fucking ugly. Especially gooks, curries and Ethnics. maybe 70% were 4/10, 20-30% 3/10, 10% 5/10+, maybe saw 1 or 2 decent 6/10 Ethnics amongst hundreds maybe thousands plus students. no 7/10 ethnics

But going thru the pictures showed that even most whites are ugly. Amongst like 5-6 hundred white and Jewish kids, only maybe 1 legit 6'4 7/10 Chad motherfucker I saw. A few Chadlite or high tier normies. But the average white was still below sub5. Also only saw maybe 3 Stacy lites, 10-15 high tier beckies, and maybe 15 normal Becky foids.
So even amongst the white foids, the majority were sub5 trash.

Holy fuck you'd need to like genocide and sterilize 80-90% of humanity to get a decent looking next generation of humans.
It's no wonder foids desire Chad so much. If men had same sex drive as foids, femcels would be a legit thing is my conclusion. As most foids are really fucking medicore or ugly from an objective PSL analysis perspective.

Zer0/∞ #racist incels.is

[Ultimate Shitskinpill] Shitskins Are a Race of Savages!

Most of the safest nations on Earth with lowest crime and high social trust are European or East Asian: shitskins are violent and do not try to foster a strong community for themselves.


Shitskin nations have the lowest social mobility: shitskins do not like the improve their living conditions, explaining why we still live in utter shithole conditions and have the highest rates of poverty in the west.

Shitskin nations and societies are least conducive to economic success which is why shitskins like to migrate to the west at almost all costs.



Shitskins are more religious and ignorant of science: my shitskin muzzie grandparents for example still believe in jinns for being the cause of my mother’s mental illness and only think praying to Allah will cure her.




shitskins have an almost negligible contribution to modern science: we refuse to improve further on man’s understanding of the world!



Finally, shitskins are more nationalistic, racist, and xenophobic of other races and hate political freedom: all outdated modes of thinking in what is supposed to be an open, fair, democratic, and inclusive world.

Proving shitskins generally have worse personalities than Whites and East Asians.


For my shitskin, I am marked by complete inferiority: shitskins have almost nothing to be proud off as we are a race of uncivilized savages!

Caesercel, Pepsicel & Philistine #sexist incels.is

RE: So I fucked a psychologist last night


Apparently, that's her day job. Being an escort is her side gig, so to speak. She likes money.

I wonder how many of her patients are incels. You never know.

Holy shit that's hilarious. Imagine her clients, coming to her in time of need, revealing to her all their darkest secrets, thinking she could solve their depression and other life problems, give them the right counsell.

Only to find out she fucked motherfucking PPEcell that very night absorbing his chink cum in all her holes

Interesting. I fucked an escort that was lawyer at day long time ago.


Is incredible how the escort you fucked helps more incels by offering her body than being a psichologist.

I made a post about this exactly. I'm talking to doctors, therapists and psychiatrists weekly. All of them are blonde/brunette women and quite pretty. I imagine them living up to mountain levels of hedon once they leave work.

Never trust anybody.

SlutLiberationFront & Various Mexican Commenters #psycho #sexist incels.is

RE: Feminists chimp out on Mexico, destroy public and private property, throw rocks at people, cartel gets pissed, trows grenades and kills three of them

Fuck around in Mexico and find out, I guess. Why do they chimp out about "violence on women/femicide" when about 83% of homicide victims on the planet are men, who are far more likely to die a violent death by crime than women? Their answer is "domestic abuse and abusive boyfriends/husbands". Yeah who would guess the personality detectors stop working when they find someone attractive? Maybe stop marrying and staying with abusers or is the personality only working around men they think is repulsive?

Nevermind, I got into it, read it and nothing about this case is clear. Might have been an attempted attack at the police since 2 of the people that got killed were part of the guards and 1 was part of the march. It is also said that the feminists were getting violent. It doesn't specifically say which cartel it was, nor if it was a cartel at all.

Ataque armado al Ayuntamiento de Guaymas durante marcha feminista deja tres muertos - En Punto

People got based in this comment section:

"finally feminists face reality instead of an imaginary enemy"
"let's see if they will now behave and stop disturbing and fucking up Mexico even more"
"finally, very good, thanks to whoever did it"
"already answering those who want to fuck them for supporting their marches"
"hahaha they thought it was like Mexico City, but they faced real enemies"
"they faced the real violence and not the police"
"hahaha feminists, what do you feel when they go for aggression on you and you don't do anything? a spoon of your own medicine"

An angry feminist is in the comments saying "no uterus, no talk, don't defend us, we can do it alone". I thought they were glad for male feminists putting up with them?

This fucking comment section is just too fucking good.

wereqryan #racist incels.is

Am I too self-hating and racist or just brutally honest and real about racial dynamics?

A lot of deathniks (especially the greycels who are unaccustomed to the nature of the discussions of this forum) think that I'm a self-hating white worshiper. Others however think I'm thoroughly racepilled and brutally honest about the dire condition of deathniks.

Which one am I?

You're enlightened & blackpilled about the true nature of how the racial hierarchy works. Votes: 20 71.4%

You're a self hating slave-minded cuck who unnecessarily worships whites. Votes: 8 28.6%

Total voters 28

There's a difference between acknowledging that JBW exists and hating your race.

How can an ethnic not hate his pedigree when it consigns him to languish as a bottom feeder?


Blonde iberian? They exist, but iberians usually have the med phenotype, they look like a bit less hairy italians.

Brutal race mixing pill.

Both. They're not mutually exclusive.

Not really. First option is about knowing truth, second option is being prejudiced.

shii410 #conspiracy #wingnut incels.is

Anyone else notice this 1984 tier aspect of how the media covers the Kyle Rittenhouse case

these are the first eight articles that come up when you google search "kyle rittenhouse verdict"

notice something? the names "Joseph Rosenbaum" and "Anthony Huber" are not mentioned a single time in any of these articles. they use every single alternative way of referring to them in existence. they call them "two young men", "demonstrators", "protestors", "the victims", "the people who were killed" etc, but they unanimously make sure to never actually say their names in the article

it's especially ironic because "SAY THEIR NAMES" used to be a black lives matter slogan so with all that in mind, why have these people just been memory holed? aggressively and deliberately suppressing the names of their "victims" seems like an utterly baffling decision

the reason is actually very simple. the official media narrative is "kyle rittenhouse showed up with an AR-15, killed two protestors then went home and slept", and knowing who the "protestors" were and why he shot them destroys that narrative.

joseph rosenbaum was a serial child rapist who spent most of his adult life in prison for molesting five preteen boys. he chased down rittenhouse and tried to grab the gun out of his hands and kill him. anthony huber also tried to kill rittenhouse by smashing his head in with a skateboard while he was on the ground. if you knew their names you could just search this information up on google and the media's whole narrative would fall apart instantly.

so with the flip of a switch, the order has gone from "SAY THEIR NAMES" to "make sure they don't know their names", and it has worked with mind boggling success. you are literally seeing, in real time, the people who control society rewriting history and erasing aspects of it that are inconvenient to them, and 99% of people won't even notice or think about it.

Made in Heaven (“Lolipill is the Ultimate Truth”) #racist #crackpot #wingnut incels.is

JFL If one is offended by racial slurs, they simply hate their own race.

I've been visiting some Asian cope subreddits just to see how they think, and it's adorable how much self loathing Asians and Hapas have for themselves. Constant bitch fits between Asian men and Noodle whores chasing white cock. It made me realize something, that these people deep down all hate themselves and want an outlit for their anger. And they also hate being REMINDED of the race they were born into.

Why DOES an asian get angry at being called a slot-eyed manlet? Is that not what they are? An ethnic slur is just a reminder of what race one is. If one is offended by being REMINDED of their race, this just means they hate themselves. If someone called by a Turkroach or Sand Nigger I would not GAF since I am proud of my race. Meanwhile, call an African a Nigger and he will chimp out, call an Asian slant eyed and he will seethe, call a Hispanic a manlet and he will fume, call an Indian a dicklet and he will cry.

The truth is because these are all undesirable traits. Negro bones ARE ugly. Asian eyes ARE ugly. Being a manlet IS ugly. Being a dicklet IS ugly. You're seething because you're being reminded of your own subhuman genetics.:feelshaha: There's a reason there are no genuine ethnic slurs for Aryan people. How the fuck are you gonna make fun of someone with golden hair and sapphire eyes? How the fuck are you gonna make fun of someone with firey hair and emerlad eyes? How the fuck do you make fun of people with skin white like the rays of the sun or pink skin like the shine of a ruby?

[several young light-skinned children with various hair colours; file names identify them as Kurdish]

Fyi, this is also why ethnic-passing Europeans, like Anglos, Italians, Iberians, and Greeks ALSO hate being reminded of their lower rank in the whiteness heirarchy. The people below may be European, but they are still ethnic.

[several South European men, including a news article about a Cosa Nostra boss being arrested]

SlavPitt #elitist #sexist incels.is

Slavpill is brutal

Living in western Europe (Germany) as a slav is brutal.
Being a slav is much worse than being turkish/arab or almost any ethnic. Many white foids in Germany even prefer Arabs and Turks over their own race.
But nobody prefers slavs. They just have it slightly better than chinks.

Some time ago i read an article about a slav foid writing she would rather die than dating a slav :feelsrope:

If Brad Pitt were born as a Slav he would be posting here

I grew up in Germany and i´ve seen so fkn many white german foids with average or slightly above average sandniggers. But all slavs i know imported their women from their countries and are betabuxxing. There are barely slavs with german foids.

Slavs have the lowest smv after chinks.

It's cucked that Slavic nations want to join European Union so bad. JFL at the Ukraine for risking a war against Russia just to get Cucked when they migrate to Germany.

It´s also lifefuel for western men when the market gets flooded by eastern euro foids. I wonder how polish men deal with it. Polish men are not very attractive either.

wereqryan & BummerDrummer #psycho #racist #sexist incels.is

JFL Sheboon brutally beats up white bitch (who has a daughter with some deadbeat Tyrone) and bloodies her face. :)


I'd bet that the victim's father was not in her life. She obviously never heard the talk about race mxing which is why the baby in the picture is 1/2 negro. The white bitch asked for this kind of abuse when she became part of this black "community", that is why she had her half black daughter in a black neighborhood in a cheap restaurant with black workers and patrons. This white bitch mistakenly thought that she would get a pass because she dates black men, but doesn't understand that for the rest of her life she will have a sign around her neck that says "you got it coming" in the black community. As you saw in the video, she is not equipped for the violence and abuse coming her way. A strong father would have guided her down a different path in life. Her only hope now is to get out of this culture and try to raise her daughter in a community where cucked simping white men open the door for a lady to exit on her two feet as a sign of good manners, not being dragged through the door by her hair by a person who's culture says this is a reasonable response to a disagreement

Lifefuel jfl. Look at the ((((white)))) foids black eyebrows and dyed blonde hair. Jfl. They should have killed her right then and there and then got the baby too.

I hope this white woman-and any white liberal in a nigger area-go through something like this. Getting attacked by a black person or a group of blacks in an area of blacks either not doing anything or helping your attacker while you get beat to a pulp by the race you’ve been traitoring and kvetching for.

whyjustwhy #elitist #racist #sexist incels.is

RE: A seperate subforum for whites and first world cels only.

It is quite apparent that ethnics especially currycels are deteriorating the quality of the forum. All shitskins should be perma banned right away or they should be segregated and not allowed to participate in the white subforum.

If this forum needs to survive, this needs to happen asap.

A seperate space for white cels where ethnics or third world cels are not allowed to participate.

This, so much. Despite being a based racist, it is mostly the fact that an african's/asian's life is so different from mine that makes me enjoy their rantings less. Ever since I got Internet at 11 and started playing ClashOfClans, I detested being in a clan where people are not from Europe/Russia/USA, because this is the pool I swim in, and it would make no sence for me to try and find friends elsewhere.
Being incels somewhat unites us but being incels of the same tribe takes it a whole step further.
There is a reason Amazon enforces workforce diversity to stop unionization.
That being said, your idea will never happen. Probably.

Transcended Trucel #pratt #racist incels.is

Curries are a slave race

Us curries are slaves for Jewish tech Giants(Google, Microsoft, Pepsi,IBM etc.). Curries are top tier slaves and servants for Jews, whites and gulf arabs. Us curries have always been slaves to foreigners, all the way from the time of Alexander the great, curries were slaves to the white man. During Mughal empire and the sultanates before then, curries were slaves to Arabs and ofc during the colonial era slaves to Anglos/Portugal/France etc.

To this day millions of curries follow an Arab supremacist religion and abandoned their own cultural heritage and ancestry. Millions of them cope thinking they are Afghani/Iranian/Aryan whatever rather than accept their curry ancestors. They simp for rich gulf Arabs and work in horrible conditions as borderline slave labor.

The gulf Arabs, Jews and whites view curries as useful tools and slaves. Curries are often not even viewed as human as the picture above shows. This curry knows his race is a pathetic slave race, purely made to suffer and serve others. Indian history is filled with stories of foreigners raping,pillaging and forcefully converting the locals. Not once did curries invade others, they have always been on the defensive end. Pathetic race of Subhuman slaves.

@wereqryan it is so over for us. why did we have to be born into this pathetic slave race?


cope curries will always be slaves. it's over my race. I have seen it first hand. Nothing can save them.

slavs are slave race, since slave comes for slav

Slavs did get pushed around by foreign powers but never to the degree of curries. Curries are a slave race to this day while Slavs are not

To koniec #crackpot #psycho #racist #sexist incels.is

I unironically hate white people

Do you hate crackers?

Yes Votes: 23 52.3%

No Votes: 21 47.7%

Total voters 44

they are cucked scum of the earth

they worship foids, fucking pinkoids

When I was younger I looked up to crackers. But they got too Degenerate due to too much money/comfort over time. They are like the Eldar from Warhammer, a race too blessed and lives a life too easy.

i hated always germanic anglo french white crackers

muuhh superior race when east asians and jews have higher iq

Whites have committed many atrocities and actually have pushed some ethnic groups to extinction, but what saddens me more is that many don't know or don't give a fuck about what happened. I do get along with Whites on an individual level, but the history of the Americas, Australia and Africa infuriates me.

I hope I don't have any European blood in me, as it might imply that my female ancestor was a JBW slut or was raped.

colonialism, feminism, woman’s rights, lgbt faggots, modern entertainment, bringing blacks to America

Holy shit you niggas evi

i wish slavs, curries, pakis, east asians, SEAasians, mestizos, BLACK KINGZ massacred some cracker german, american, dane, swedish, english children

As a non white I have to ask why you hate whites/Northern Europeans

cause they think that slavs are subhuman and they bringed degeneracy to slavlands

i wish we would sterilize them


dutch cracker stealing slav women

Add drug legalisation to the list.

crackers confirmed to be subhuman

just look at subhuman faces of germanic subhumans like danes, swedes, norwegians g*rmans

and worst of them angl*s

Southern Europeans are crackers too

lol crackers think they are arabs

slavs and meds aren't white

i'm myself eastern european and i'm mongoloid warrior who will kill blonde cracker babies

ItalianPolishCel #ableist #psycho #sexist incels.is

I got evicted from my apartment, I am not banned

After what hapenned this week which I wrote about in my thread here...


...I am getting evicted. I will move back to my parent's apartment for now but I'm looking for a new place. So basically I was blasting music, singing, knocked on some of my neighbours doors and asked if they wanted to join me at my party, was jumping on my floor and threw plates and a cup on it, destroying it, spat on one neighbours doors and puked on another's, when the police came I told the mI didn't remember my name and that I didn't have an ID but they found it anyways. I tried to take it from the cop's hand and told him to GTFO. When they knocked on the doors again to give me some papers, I only farted out loud and closed the doors (I will probably be called to a police station, I believe). Told my mother she is a whore and a bitch. Basically wanted to fuck up my life and I kinda did. This is what happens to a person who was bullied as a child, his mother beat and screamed at him if he didn;t do something perfectly or messed something up, who was never treated like a human being by others and who is sexually frustrated.

Video from the intervention: https://youtu.be/1mkGx6WY0yQ

Its in Polish though

Even though its in a different language I can feel the autism emanating from it. I'm also 90% sure you said chad in that video, do normalfag poles even know the chad and stacy meme?

Yeah autism must have been strong in my apartment. I literally had food, tea, and broken plates and cup on my floor

Would rape female cop. Cute but her eyes look dead and she evades eye contact most of the time. The male cop probably uses her as his toilet.

Are cops in Poland as violent as the US?

Dude. I slapped his hand. Mocked him. Farted when he was talking and closed the doors in his face. Try that in americuck.

Sparrow's Song #conspiracy #crackpot #dunning-kruger #racist #sexist incels.is

Sicilians Were, And Still Are, The Most Hated People In America. [Feminists And Rich Chads Want To Keep Sicilian And Black Men As Low As Possible]

Around the world Sicilians are characterized as monkeys and compared to blacks.
The "Sicilian People" were forcefully racemixxed by the Romans, since we were brought from all over and treated as livestock.
The very origin of our ethnicity is a bunch of slaves from various lands who bred with each other in cold dark dungeons.
They were poor when the Romans put them in chains, they have been poor throughout history and are still poor today.
All of the massive buildings in America were built by Sicilian wageslaves who worked to death for crumb money forced to build monuments for the Freemasons who put them in chains.
Foids are absolutely disgusted by Sicilians... they hate our manletism, body hair, Semitic appearance, and low social status. We are the currycels of The West.
There is an active agenda in the United States to keep Sicilian men in poverty and to kill or incarcerate them so they cannot breed, just like how they have an industry for doing that to non-tyrone black men.

Where is #SicilianLivesMatter?

Where is the public outrage when a Germanic barbarian pig murders a Sicilian slave or beats him severely?

Where is the demand for slavery reparations? We were enslaved longer than pretty much anyone.

For these reasons, I have a strong fondness for black people because they are the closest thing to Sicilians today. Only black people in America have a history that even comes close to the injustice and brutality Sicilians have faced from the same enemy.

Also, if you are any combination of ugly, manlet, and poor, you are an honorary Sicilian by default. I think we should change the forum name to Sicilians.co to better represent what we are as a people.

When The Uprising happens, blacks and Sicilians will be fighting side by side as brothers against the barbarians.