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Women are having sex with shapeshifters/demons/aliens during the night

I asked average women how many men they fucked in their lives: the average is 50. I asked men: the average is 5 women. But for every sex between man and woman, you need one of each, which means the average should be the same for both sexes.

The only explanation I have for this phenomena is that women are having sex with creatures that LOOK like men, but aren't. Creatures that appear at the night, fuck women and they never hear about them again. There are a lot of creatures like that in mythology and folklore: shapeshifters, doppelgangers, reptilians, incubus, etc. They are probably fucking women and inserting their DNA in them through microchimerism/telegony or even impregnating them. They are slowly changing human DNA through sex with women. They probably control the government and media as well and that's why there's so much push for promiscuity.

99% of women will lie about this if you ask them but secretly all women are fucking strange interdimensional creatures every single night.

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Honestly asian/slavic men deserve to cuck western men

Like they are more superior, more smart, have stronger cultures, yet for some reason THEY are the ones constantly cucked... meanwhile guys from the global south (like Middle East or Africa) cuck everybody else even though they're dirt poor and uncivilized.

In a just, equal world, Asiatic and Slavic men would cuck Western men by fucking every Western woman to solve their inceldom since they have a worse gender imbalance than us. Then hopefully that would mean the Anglo American Jew hegemony would be gradually destroyed and replaced with a stronger, more trustworthy system...

Don't wanna hear about "muh biology", in the past it was the superior high IQ races who cucked the inferior low IQ races, NOW ITS THE FUCKING OPPOSITE! SO BEFORE YOU COME IN MY THREAD WITH THAT FUCKING COPE THINK!!!!


(Transcended Trucel)
Slavs lack cultural influence if you compare to asia or korea.


sad truth. Only slav media I can think of is the witcher. And maybe vlad/dracula story if that counts. Slavs need some more major franchises also globally famous musicians

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What the f#@k is this?!

Users flaired as "not FA" are asked not to participate until further notice - r/ForeverAloneWomen

A few months back, we started applying flairs to women who had exes, bfs, husbands, kids etc. But also to women saying they were forever alone but were escorts, strippers, sugar babies etc. Anyone with half a brain can understand that between a FA woman full of complexes and hangups who struggles to take a selfie without crying and a woman who literally get paid to strip naked or fuck, there is a huge gap. Everyone feels lonely at times but thank god not every lonely person is FA.

I don't get it, is she trying to exclude all toilets?

This sounds like it should be a sub-Reddit with 0 users.

For context I was Ecosia'ing the psychology of female social dynamics and their dominance hierarchy after I saw something interesting in Hoofddorp a week ago. Out of curiosity I clicked on some vaguely "Femcel" looking title, I got curious and saw this announcement. Like, are these toilets this delusional?!

Even the ugliest toilet in the world gets more attention and positive reinforcement in a day than St. Sergi from Spain gets in his entire life. These toilets are ridiculously delusional, or ...

These are just (obviously male) Incels Astroturfing pretending to be toilets in the hope that somewhere among the billions of toilets on the planet maybe ONE could understand our loneliness and suffering only to find that none exist and no toilet would ever have either sympathy or empathy for us.

Likewise, we are not the sub for women who want to be alone or who fuck aroud. Some threads are completely taken over by women who clearly suffer from a severe case of cognitive dissonance, who have insensitive lines of questioning, who clearly don't get it but like the dramatic sound of a madeup internet label. Reading "no one ever liked me" on FAW and "my 3 exes told me the same" elswhere on reddit is a slap in the face.

Like, seriously, isn't this like every Fem"cel" ever?!

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RE: Autistic Chad "who can't communicate well" arrested for banging multiple teens.


A man who was already a registered sex offender is now accused of sexually assaulting two minors, and his mother says the alleged victims should have known better. 26-year-old Aleksandr Anatolyevi Rudenko was arrested back on Aug. 30 on five counts related to sex crimes. Lyubov Rudenko says that her son has autism, doesn't communicate well, and that there is no proof that he did anything wrong. The exact circumstances that led to Rudenko's current arrest were not released, but detectives say the two girls he allegedly assaulted were 13 and 17 years old.

Just be chad bro

>$135,000 bail
Holy FUCK that's a lot

Meanwhile there was a FEMALE high school teacher who kidnapped a 15 year old chad and kept him at her house as her sex slave for 3 or 4 days, and she was given $5000 bail, what a joke

Teacher arrested for 'hiding' teen boy in her home for days

The minor who had been missing since August 12 was rescued from the home of 31-year-old Florida teacher Kelly Simpson

So sick of these double standards, this society deserves everything bad that will happen to it in the future

I know it’s the government that creates and implements/enforces the law but the majority of the civilian population supports the government in their law/policy making, so they are guilty as well

He must've had a good personality and communication skills and it's totally not his chiseled jawline and blue eyes.

Here’s your “NT pill” for you
Nigga you ain’t “weird” you’re just ugly/short

NT-pillers on suicide watch

“But muhhhh autism”

If you’re good-looking you can be an autistic retard and still slay

Autism only makes or breaks average-looking men

Ugly men have no chance just based on their looks alone, so autism or not, doesn’t make a difference

Iamnothere000 #psycho #racist #transphobia #wingnut incels.is

Based Sandman sends trans-creature to hell. Cucks are willfully blind to Muslim transphobia.

In the German city of Münster, during the degenerate AIDSfest known as CSD, a valiant Muslim brothers stood against the ever-dilating tide of genderless abominations by smiting one of those creatures with such force, that he/she/it fell to the ground and died short time after.

Police-cucks and media searched several days for the perpetrator, giving out a politically correct description: Male, so and so tall, wearing a hat.

Everybody was expecting the killer to be some bio-German Nazi, whatever. However, as it turns out, its as a Muslim migrant, doing what Muslim migrants do best: Integrating the native German population into the new Islamic kalifate of Germanistan.

Now everyone of those outraged faggots pretends nothing happened, lol.

Its exactly like with antisemitism, were 80-90% of actual violence against JUDEN is done by Muslims, but no one will talk about that, lol.

Lol, this culture is not sustainable and will soon be replaced by something superior.

The Thing is he wasnt russian jfl. Germany and their propaganda
All the Twitter leftis politcian posted about it. Look russian men bad
If they knew from beginning he was sandnigger they wouldnt push it

What the fuck is CDS?

ups... I meant CSD

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Chad’s sex life is almost unimaginable


Everyone knows women are only for Chad/chadlite, but rarely discussed is the actual quality of sex for HIM

he gets to experience

1. genuine LUST. Every tinder hookup is DESPERATE JB. It’s not some normal date, it’s JB arriving shaved and probably wet on arrival if not hours before, she flirts like crazy, flat out talks dirty to him, caresses him unsolicited until she finally jumps him and has primal animalistic sex. And when Chad gets off inside her, it may be the biggest thrill of exhilaration in her entire life until then

2. The MOG. Chad isn’t stupid. When he fucks your oneitis, he KNOWS he’s the best she’s ever had. He gets to think of you and all the losers who came before while he’s watching her have involuntary convulsing squirting orgasms all over his 8” cock. And she’ll confess everything to him since jbs are blabbermouth retards. She won’t save face for you because you brought her coffee, she’ll laugh about you like a bitch hyena and so will Chad

3. the feeling of being pursued. After the sex (which WILL be the best of her life), she’ll constantly be blowing up his phone, sending nudes, dirty texts begging for him again. Imagine waking up to a phone full texts from 3-4 Stacies saying “I miss your huge cock”. the T levels must just be through the roof if they werent already

4. The “snowball effect”. Although I’m more or less a Chad determinist, in practical terms a Chad is in fact “made”, insofar as he must become who he is meant to be through the course of time (or at least what he experiences as time - Chad being an eternal metaphysical entity IRL). In other words, throughout the course of his life, he experiences a snowball of confidence, while incels and normies LDAR from womb to tomb

Brutal TBH. I’m not even sure it make sense for incels or even normies to desire so-called “ascension” to be in competition with the descendants of Archangels, literal divine beings for whom the world is an Arcadia, the paradise of Gods

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r/IncelTear femoid writes about her own incel brother's depression: "His disability is a barrier for many women"

Now let's get down to the main point of this thread. You have a wheelchaircel who has never been in a relationship. She doesn't say anything about sex, but I'm inferring from the post that he's a virgin. Despite this, he's held onto the bluepill for almost 40 years. Forty. Fucking. Years.

I suppose Wheelchaircel told himself that as long as he was interesting ("traveled the world on his own") and had "a good sense of humor" and "a lot of respect", he would be able to overcome his disability and find a long-term partner. Now that he's aging, this sheer cope is crumbling before his very eyes, as his younger siblings hit developmental and personal milestones that he never will.

u/TodaySensitive9743 herself confesses that he's "one of the people [she] admires the most in [her] life," yet she "[doesn't] know how to handle this".

I don't have to point out how ironic it is that, just five days before the Wheelchaircel post, she wrote a lengthy screed about how incels don't understand how it's purportedly our behavior driving femoids away:

Has u/TodaySensitive9743 tried giving her disabled older brother a condescending lecture with the same advice? Has she tried telling her own brother, as many feminists have done, that he's a genetic abomination and that it's only fair for femoids to select the fittest of the species?

It's almost as if people experience varying levels of romantic success/failure for variables well beyond their control—like their race, facial structure, height, and yes, their physical and mental disabilities. Maybe, just maybe, the core tenets of the blackpill are in fact accurate:

There exists a gendered hierarchy of attractiveness that determine one's sexual market value (SMV).

The variables that determine sexual attractiveness are largely genetic and therefore immutable.

Because femoids have hypergamous mate preferences, a certain number of men (e.g. Wheelchaircel here) have such low SMV that it is irrational for them to even consider participating in the sexual market. They should just give up because they are destined for crushing rejection and failure.

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Insanity curse

Stare at a picture of your boss and say "Your time is up, and and gone your mind is out of control. You will panic in desperation as your mental will takes separation. Spirits of darkness hear my plea take (boss's name)mind leave nothing but chaos and disorder behind"
Light up a stick of dragon's blood incense.
Then say "Spirts of darkness hear me now take (bosses name) functionality and sanity leave nothing but torment and agony". Pass the picture through the smoke. Then spit on the picture, and fold it up. Seal the curse with "I will it so, by my will, so it is"

Send this curse to your employer, coworkers, classmates, and enemies.

Use this simple curse to spread suffering to our enemies.

Youngcels, recklessly use this on your class mates

Do you have anything to make my life better? I don't care about cursing anyone like this, I just want sex and a better life.

Yes, I can help you attain anything you want.

Have you tried it for yourself?

Have I used magick before? Yes

So, have you ascended and are trying to spread some sort of message about Magick?

I haven't used the lust spells, because I making a pagan god, and I have all these magick projects, the lust spell is on hold for now. I am trying to spread a message about magick. I'm giving occult knowledge to the incel community. I'm trying to empower us. Give each incel the power of a god.

Maybe you could give me stuff that would get me sex in a more indirect way.

Shit like this can get anyone pussy

Dreamer-cel #conspiracy #magick #ufo incels.is

Aliens Fucking with my family for generations or Inherited Mental Illness?

"get yer anal probe!!!" (its aliens)

"you need jesus on steroids" (its demons)

"get yer kikepills and padded room" (we are all crazy)

my father has claimed to have alien implants in his head and tried to take them out, his brother killed himself young because of some entities tormenting him.

my mother's family wont come to visit because they see black shadows in the house that we didnt see at the time.

Recently, both my mom and dad on separate occasions saw black shadows in the house in the same day... and i saw nothing.

due to the nature of these experiences im thinking it could also be demons, even tho my parents and i are atheist.

my family and i have tried a lot of "spiritual" things to try and help the situation but none of them worked... these entities are more tangible than ethereal, and therefore are not "demons" but aliens or ET's.

its said that alien's keep tabs on certain groups of people, messing with each generation... but some people believe in generational curses caused by demons, so i really dont know whats goin on, either way im so fucked

they have gone into every orifice of my body without my consent.

recently i woke up with unexplained bloodstains on my pillow

they have an obsession with my left ear, for a long time they put different tools in there, and last night trying to sleep i heard a unique tone/beep coming from inside my own ear...i am beyond fucked

the most frequent visitors look like giant worms whose mouths open up like a flower revealing rows or teeth

the thing is one of the alien dragon or demon snake things... LIKES TO SNIFF ME AND I CAN FEEL ITS BREATH ON MY SKIN... ghosts and spirits can't BREATHE but these things CAN

last night the one that like to sniff me said: "you make me feel nasty"... when he was done being rapey he said "your parents wont like it but one day im gonna take you away and youll live with me here" (shows me some nice looking house)

if i die or get abducted know that its this niggas fault

my dad tried exorcisms but it didnt work

jewish pills will be the very last resort

ill only go for jewpills IF it gets unbearable... and we arent there yet!

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Most disturbing thing I saw on IT

Hey incels! 26(MtF), autistic, celebrating 4 wonderful years with my 5'0" tall hubby! 😍 The man of my dreams. Keep seething tho! 😂🙄


This is kinda sad actually

Just find a man with a wig theory

Kill it with fire.

Which one of them do you think has more autism? I got no fucking clue

Wait that non-troon dude is 5ft tall


I've never seen tranbomination with more than 50 updoots, even IT is lookist


Pukefuel of Thursday

(Misogynist Curry 卐)

"even IT is lookist"

yep, during recent flood of selfies most attractive people got most upvotes xd

Maybe it's because of their nice personalities not looks:lul:

If anything this is further proof for the blackpill. That dude would've been able to have a cute wife if he was 5'10" but he had to settle with a nasty looking troon. He's an alright looking guy. Absolutely over for short men today.


just begging for an incel to call me ugly


Why would incel call her ugly where she is clearly not?
I mean maybe nose is too small ok, but she is definitly attractive.

Long story short 726 upvotes for attractive female and 38 upvotes for pictures of tranny faggots that everyone puke at - blackpill definitely is not real.

Nebuchadnezzar #sexist incels.is

The different sociocultural contexts of the black pill.

I actually know that most of you have a vision of the black pill primarily coming from your rich first world context. I live in a fucking shit hole the poorest country in the entire continent (Venezuela) we are a piece of Africa in the western hemisphere.

Here hypergamy acquires different nuances typical of our context. For example, it does not matter if you are a 10/10 chad if you are poor, you screw yourself, the chads in my neighborhood are as poor as I am and they often come to my house to pick mangoes in order to survive. I've seen people looking better than me digging through the trash or asking for money on buses. Also, unlike their countries, here betabuxxing continues to work, you can be a 1/10 or a subhuman, but as long as you do not have serious deformities you can keep a young foid who gives you sex (of course if you run out of money she it leaves), also here there are no dating applications NOBODY I repeat NOBODY knows what the hell is tinder, I even think it is not valid for my country. You can also be ugly or short but if you are charismatic enough you can occasionally have sex (I have seen it with my own eyes).

So who monopolizes the foids in my country?

Easy, the damn government officials, commissioners, captains, generals, government administrative managers, ministers, mayors, governors etc ... those are the chads of my country, not some fucking malnourished guy with good facial symmetry. The damned corrupt government are the ones I hate, I don't feel hatred for the chads of my country because they are simply as misrearable as I am. The last way to get promoted here is to become a criminal (which is very easy here), "the pran" (criminal leader) of my neighborhood is fucking ugly (almost truecel level) and still he fucks the best foids in the neighborhood.

Finally you will wonder ... why don't you go up if it's so easy? I simply cannot, because first I am poor and I have nothing to offer and second I am VERY shy and VERY inhibited to a level that is very rare to see someone like me in my country. It's just over for me. I just wanted to offer you something of the context of inceldom in my country.

Edmund_Kemper #sexist incels.is

The hypocrisy of society's panic over abortion laws when they tell us "sex is nothing important".

Just use birth control or get a vasectomy (unless you're poor ofc). Or move to another state. Or just don't have sex. But when you bring up that LAST argument, these same PATHETIC HUMANS say:

But WE NEED TO HAVE SEX!!!!11 Sexuality is a big part of who we are and we need to assert our sexuality and its not fair we can't have sexual pleasure because we can't have sex if we wanna avoid pregnancy but will worry about becoming pregnant if we do have sex!!!!11

But hey wait a minute? I thought you fucking humans said sex is nothing important and that there's more to life than sex. I THOUGHT YOU GODDAMN FUCKERS SAID THAT WE SHOULD FOCUS ON OTHER THINGS IN LIFE TO FIND HAPPINESS. I THOUGHT YOU SAID THAT YOU FUCKING HYPOCRITICAL HUMANS!!!


If abortion rights is simply about the right to choose, YOUR SATISFACTORY SEX LIFE SHOULD NOT BE RELEVANT AND SHOULD BE THE LEAST OF YOUR ISSUES. You do NOT just tell us sex is nothing important in life when we NEVER fucking had it meanwhile you're bitching about worrying about pregnancy while actually having sex which deters pleasure or not being able to have sex despite having it many times in your life because you fear pregnancy.


If women don't orgasm as much as men, feminists call this inequality and started campaigns and articles about making women orgasm more. but men being more likely to be virgins later in life or suffer involuntary celibacy is ignored.

f humans cannot fuck or cannot fuck without worrying about pregnancy at least, this is a tragedy.

but when involuntary celibates complain about never having sex or even a RELATIONSHIP for that matter, society tells us these things are nothing important in life

Various Incels #racist #sexist incels.is

Suifuel for ricecels

San Francisco elementary school near me - all hapa's

No more white kids or asian kids anymore.

And all the parents picking up their kids? Asian moms or white dads.

WMAF is the future, we lost

Brutally over for the Rice race. Lots of rices are low-T cucks tho and don't mind noodles fucking white males or males of other races.

Not the fault of rices. You guys can't compete with your women having a weird ass white fetish. Blame coal burners, landwhales, and chad-only sluts for forcing white men to settle for noodles. I don't want a noodle but I'll probably have no choice honestly. Certainly not gonna spawn a damned hapa regardless.

nobody is forcing white men you dumb fuck. Blame both the Asian women and the white men for allowing that shit. They are the only 2 in the relationship so I’m blaming BOTH

The only way some white men can get any puss is because of noodles. Any man would do the same and other ethnics do it all the time.

Yes it takes two to tango. No ones forcing white men to be with noodles. A lot of them do that already realizing that Asian men are at the bottom of the barrel. Making Asian men's situation from extremely hard to impossible basically.

Thats why I am all for acceleration of decline because of basic Karma. They can't commit all of this evil and not expect some of it to come around. The way the universe works is that it naturally equilibriates itself and things balance out over time.

I like black americans for practicing civil disobedience, leechmaxxing and being burdensome to the American government in many different ways. But I do acknowledge that a lot of black men think and behave just like noodlewhores as well as go dumpster diving for white landwhales.

True, I have no sympathy for cumskins. They fucked their women up with feminism and now they're taking ours as replacement, so essentially we (ricecels) are paying for the sins of their ancestors

Imaniceguy #crackpot #psycho #sexist incels.is

A sexual culture of father and daughter to save women.

Women before age 10 are the real women who have no mindset of sucking chad's dick and mogging incels. They are innocent, caring and happy looking. The reason is her father. Before age 10 daughter and father have a special bond. But after age 10 everything changes as she gets her first period at age 11. The period is a sign that she is ready for sex.

Father start ignoring her daughter as he feels weird about her mature daughter. The time a daughter needs his father most is ignored cause it's hard for him to resist the urge of her beauty. Then her relationship with whore mother grows. A mother will teach her lookism, bullying, and so much nonsense. She will brainwash her mind to think chad is the man and u should do anything to blow him and ignore the nice guy around who will care and would never hurt her.

So we need to start a culture of father and daughter honeymoon. When a woman gets her first period we need to have a gathering of relatives who would bring gifts and have dinner together. She will feel special and having of care from others and will understand her responsibility. At night father and daughter will have a special bed ready to play with.

This is the only solution. After the night her relationship with her father continues normally. Father will again start caring for her daughter(even more). She will understand sex and won't hang around chad who to fuck her. The culture can break the bond with her mother as a mother will feel jealous of her daughter. Which is the most important thing about this culture.

Since it's nearly impossible for us to get virgin girls these days. Almost all girls are fucked by at least 25 guys. So it is better to have a sweet girl who only had fucked by her dad with love. She won't have a daddy issue. Her bond and experience with her dad will make her understand men better than women. She will be submissive. She will understand how hard the life of men is in general.

BlkPillPres #pratt #psycho #racist #sexist #transphobia incels.is

The New Meta For The "Sexual Market" Game (Texas Mass Shooting Made Me Think Of This)

Turns out the guy who did the recent Texas mass shooting was transgender. This got me thinking of a plan that incels can execute.

1. PRETEND to be transgender, create social media, add the flag to your social media, start posting positively about trans issues, etc.

2. Do a crime that will get you locked up in a favorable FEMALE prison facility with as low as possible population of black women. Do research on the stats and see which one has a higher percentage of latina's, whites, asians, etc. You might have to do a specific crime in a specific state, etc.

3. Have your lawyer demand that you get locked up in a female prison.

4. You will now have your pick of the litter (THEY DON'T HAVE A CHOICE):

WOMEN ARE SHORTER, about 9% on average. Nigerians have the smallest recorded height difference between the sexes at 4%, while men of the UAE are 11% taller than their female counterparts.

MALE BONES ARE BIGGER AND STRONGER, in both size and density. Peak male bone mass is around 50% more than women’s, and women lose bone faster as we age.

MEN HAVE BIGGER HEADS AND LONGER ARMS AND LEGS than women, relative to body size.

MEN HAVE SUPERIOR MUSCULATURE to women, a woman's body is typically about 30 to 35 percent muscle by weight, while a man's body is about 40 to 50 percent muscle by weight. Generally, male muscles have a higher capacity for anaerobic metabolism and generate a higher maximum power output than female muscles.

The reason why you wanted to go to a prison with the least amount of black women possible, is because black women are pretty much like fucking men, they are freaks of nature. Though slightly weaker they'll make up for it with aggression.

5. Even if you don't become the "top dog" the top woman there will try to lay claim to you as their bitch, so either way you're going to get to fuck lol.

Also, the women there want to fuck too, you will be the only dick around.

6. Commit small offenses every now and then within reason, so that they keep extending your sentence and you get to stay there and live like a king lol.

Doesn't sound like a bad deal to me. You get free meals, a place to stay, a toilet, and an entire compound of bitches for you to fuck.

Billowel #dunning-kruger #fundie #racist #sexist incels.is

Is Italy even worse than Germany? Jfl

lookswise meds look way uglier then whites especially if they come from the south.

but hypergamy wise?italy has shit tier wages,a huge ammount of competition since it's still a very populated country(the smaller the population the harder it is for dating apps to work and for chads to appear),is one of the most travelled countries in the world so white bois gonna be fucking them tanned poor easy bitches,unless the guys can immigrate they often have no jobs and can't afford escorts(yeah escorting is a sin but that isn't the point). So the women are very hard to get,the guys have zero money,they can't escortmaxx,can't africamaxx heck they can't even vidyamaxx since getting a pc is expensive for them,they can't restaurantmaxx,they get mogged 24/7 especially in big cities.All of this whilst living in one of the most beatiful countries in the world,filled with amazing beaches, and a million chads and cute stacies that often look like jbs(meds are tiny people) constantly going around and waving their happiness to anyone.

so yeah i would say it's way fucking worse then germany.at least in germany there are decent jobs,neetbuxes,some help if you are homeless.in italy there doesn't seem to be any of that,

Shitskin hands typed this.

Not even worth answering this amount of garbage point by point.

i don't live in italy,but that's the impression i have from what i have seen so far.how am i wrong?

Hokmacel #psycho #crackpot #wingnut #dunning-kruger incels.is

[Serious] Give up your weakness brocels, Deep inside most of you are warm hearted larpers, Empathy is weakness, To enhance your life you need to crush others.

Thats all i can say, Since i embraced my selfish side everything for me changed, Love is not real, Humans use other humans, Life feeds on life, Stop idealizing relationships, In the end if you all want to change your lives you need to crush people weaker than you and steal resources from them, Material or inmaterial, It doesnt matter, Start with evil deeds little by little and i promise you all that this will lower your inhibition and make you stronger.

Thats all i have to say for this day, You live only once, Remember that. :panties:

And if you are too crippled mentally by depression try nootropics.

MuddyBuddy #conspiracy incels.is

[RageFuel] Couple hugged/kissed only when they saw me

I notice couples will do this sometimes. They will hug or kiss only when they know others are watching. It's infuriating. Just today this one couple was just walking, not even holding hands. Only when the foid looked up and saw me did she grab her BF hand and then they kissed and hugged as I walked by. I hate mother fuckers who do this shit. They only do it to show off and make others miserable. I hope they both fall in an active volcano :feelsree::feelsree::feelsree::feelsree::feelsree::feelsree::feelsree:

98GoinOnDead #sexist incels.is

Post wall roastie laments losing her teen "pretty privilege"

As a teen, I let my good looks define me - now, at 44, I feel invisible

tl:dr 44 year old toilet mother of three, happily married, is complaining that she is "invisible" compared to when she was a pretty teenager. This foid is literally admitting that pretty/female privilege is real. The entitlement is astounding, because she is both blaming men for 'reducing women to their appearances' but she is also complaining that she has 'lost a large part of her identity'.

This retarded foid will never know the pain of being a sub-chad male who is invisible all his life. She does not know how lucky she is to have been born a pretty white foid and at least have had decades to be fawned over for her looks and sex appeal. Also the entire fucking article is just a humblebrag about how pretty she was, with lots of pictures of her young self and stories about people calling her beautiful or whatever.

But of course men are the problem for making her feel the need for said validation, of course, she can't admit that maybe craving it is a flaw. The fact that she let her youthful beauty define her entire being is somehow the fault of men (despite her admitting that she even enjoyed female validation of her own beauty). And now she is a mother and married and that still isn't enough for her jfl. They say that incels are obsessed with our youth but at least we have a reason. We had lost youths and we pine for the simple validation that would have come from a teen/young gf. Meanwhile roasties get validated by EVERYONE when they are young and then pine after it when they are older because they are fucking GREEDY, and even being happily married and with kids is not enough for them, meanwhile oldcels are completely fucking lonely.

She wrote that she felt uneasy when non-attractive females were ignored or disrespected. What about men who are treated like lowest dirt if they are ugly and/or mentally I'll and don't act 'normally'? I'm sure they aren't even human beings in her eyes.

Zhou Chang-Xing and latincell #racist #sexist incels.is

[ Zhou Chang-Xing ]

This dating site doesn't include Slavs as "Europeans" (another Slavpill)


Slavic and Latin people are Europeans, but because their SMV is much lower they're categorised as different peoples. Your SMV decides your ethnicity, if your sub-race is seen as uglier then you're not allowed to be categorised into the more desired group.

This is also why Jungle Gooks are categorised separate from other Gooks.

[ latincell ]

if your sub-race is seen as uglier then you're not allowed to be categorised into the more desired group

This!! My father’s side of the family are all blonde Ashkenazi stuck up Jews. My father’s niece has called me an Schwartze before, fuck that gigastacy dog cock slurpin yarmulke wearing cunt

Latin refers to spics

In America it also refers to people from the Iberian Peninsula because Amerimutts are so dumb they don't think that Spanish people are white.

Will your father's niece date a 5'5, balding sand?

Strictly JBW/Ashkenazi dudes. Her dad’s name is literally “Chad”

JonathanTookerFan #conspiracy #sexist incels.is

[Blackpill] why men shouldnt cry

the people who really run this society, the people who control the ideas that are quickly spreading and gaining influence want nothing but money and control. they want to turn man from a emblem of freedom into a cog for their mega machine. they do not care about your feelings.

the virtue signallers who obliviously spread these ideas as if they were true want nothing but positive attention, to show themselves in a positive light, they also do not care about your feelings. nobody cares about your feelings.

the "men should cry, they should let out their emotions, we need to crush toxic masculinity!!!" sentiment is not there to save you. its not there to make you happier or more successful, its only there to control you. think about it, they want you to stop "bottling up your emotions", they tell you that the sadness within you will only build up, the sadness that THEIR society is causing YOU should be "let out". they want YOU to "let out" the injustice THEY are causing YOU.

imagine you lock up two men in separate cages, one of these men cries a ton and the other doesnt cry. the man who cries a ton will never even try to escape the cage. when the man who cries starts feeling sad that hes in a cage, he will "let out" his emotions, he will cry. after crying, after all of his tears are gone, he will say to himself "you know what, things arent that bad, i can keep living in this cage".

when the man who doesnt cry starts feeling sad that hes in a cage, he will keep this sadness to himself. as the days go by, he will feel sadder and sadder, but he will still not cry. then, when the sadness reaches its limit, the man who doesnt cry will reach his breaking point. he will release all of that sadness at once, in a fit of rage. he will start questioning things, he will say to himself "WHY AM I IN A CAGE ANYWAY?!?!!??!?! WHY CANT I ESCAPE??!?!?!?". he will be so angry that the world is cruel that he will change it and he will break out of the cage.

bottling up emotions is how revolution begins. anger is how change starts. look at any successful man, does he cry? NO! because if he did he would never have changed his life. this is the secret the overlords dont want you to know. this, my friends, is the tearpill. :feelzez:

some incels #elitist #sexist #transphobia incels.is

[ ionlycopenow ]

Took 2 months of being single for a HT normie I know to start saying incel-ish things

Now, this high tier normie has been single for 2 months and is now saying very incel-ish stuff, his whole demeanor has changed, he’s now more sulking/down, more negative, less motivated to ever do anything, more unconfident, and he out of no where has been saying very mysoggykneestic things.

Was strange to see it takes sexhavers just a single digit amount of months with no gf before they just lose all confidence and start saying incel-ish stuff, complete 180 in personality in negativity.

Makes me try to imagine how they would be if they were in the shoes of someone who has never had a gf or sex, ever.

[ ItsOver4cel ]

They literally wouldn't last a day as an incel
Not having a gf is hardly the worst of my problems at this point

[ shii410 ]

This should have become consensus after quarantine when normies and females started bitching and having meltdowns after like 2 weeks of "social distancing"

[ HedonisticRecluse ]

One of my 6'4 white freinds (chadlite) has girls stare at him everyday, I blackpilled him and he agreed with me lmao

Wdym by blackpilled him?

Told him that women only liked him because he was tall, white and 6'4, and then told him since im a manlet curry that I would have way worse chances, he agreed with me. I rant about women to him sometimes and he mostly agrees and would tell me his own experiences.

Another high tier normie autist freind I have tells me how most of the girls he fucks on tinder are the excat same copies of each other :feelshaha:.

[ Balding Subhuman ]

Yeah that happens. These are some reddit comments from a FtM. She went from 5'3 girl to 5'3 truecel best part is, before transitioning and living as a subhuman she would probably had mocked incels for being entitled


[ GayAlienSkullCel ]

literally the same with 6'4" friend. We look similar but I am incel while he is slaying even though he has a boring quiet personality and works as a package handler for $12 a hour.

Omg, 12 dollar a hour is incel-tier wage at USA, and here I am rotting making 0.50 dol a hour in bolivia

shii410 #pratt #psycho #racist #sexist incels.is

Based Anti-Racist British police officers told teachers & social workers to not report sex trafficking in order to avoid inflaming racial tensions

This is very based! Thank you to those Based officers as well as the BIPOC Immigrant community in Britain

The feminist take on this is unironically probably that the police and grooming gangs are part of the same faction and are oppressing women together because of their shared patriarchal interests (which is how the world should work)

A three-year independent inquiry into child sexual exploitation finds that over 1,000 children in the English town of Telford were sexually exploited beginning in the 1980s. Teachers and youth workers were discouraged from reporting child sexual abuse and police were nervous that investigating the abusers would inflame racial tensions.

Similar with other grooming gang cases, it was alleged that the authorities failed to keep details of abusers from Asian communities for fear of being seen as racist,[13] with police having known about gang activities since the early 1980s.

Jfl they use the term Asian men (which literally always means East Asian when westerners use the term in any other context) as if ricecels are going around raping thousands of foids but everyone who was arrested for being involved in this has a Pakistani name

Spider #ableist #dunning-kruger #sexist #racist incels.is

I dunno about a beta uprising, but -something- is going to happen within our lifetime.

Autism Statistics You Need To Know in 2022

Let's not be retarded here, autism doesn't exist. Anyone here could get an autism diagnosis if they really wanted to. Autism is just what the normies say we have because they can't comprehend that someone has the capability to be so socially retarded without there being something physically wrong inside your head. The fact that men are 4x as likely to get diagnosed is proof of this.

Supposedly we're on track to over half of kids being diagnosed by 2025 and only increase from there. Literally by definition it's not a disorder at that point, it's the norm. Here's another fun stat; only 5% of diagnosed autists ever find love and get married, despite the overwhelming majority wanting to have a relationship.

Combine those two and jesus fucking christ bros, we're on a runaway train towards critical mass here. I only used stats that are easy to prove, who the hell knows how many outliers like us there are.

Realistically I expect nothing to happen until the autistic generation who were raised by smartphones get to be voting age. Socially stunted losers aren't exactly going to cause a fuss and foids will be more than happy to keep fucking the top 20%. But honestly who knows, maybe the alt right will own the government and start killing jews and kikes again by that point.

retards don't produce offspring.

u right, good thing abortion is gone so all those staceys will be forced to birth autistic kids

Scilence #crackpot #sexist #dunning-kruger #psycho incels.is

lolis are better than real women scientifically

Mathematically speaking the average loli is much more intricately designed. Whereas fully grown women have long forms which are full of empty generic detail, Lolis are compact and can be absorbed completely as a whole. Instead of being a mishmash of organs and body parts, lolis are perceived as a biological entity with a functioning nervous system, leading to less autism. Well designed lolis are uniquely enjoyable to look at and as a result, increase the visual processing and problem solving skills of observers. Real women who look stupid in unique costumes are all the same and thus no longer become real instances of humans, but rather symbols that destroy visual comprehension.

Lolis are pleasant to interact with and encourage higher thought. Their large expressive facial features validate one's efforts to produce scientific advancements. Meanwhile, the blank expressions of adult women cause mental illness and fear, destroying the brain cells of observers. Lolis do not enrage men by abusing female privilege, usually acting in an asexual, tomboyish manner, reducing sexual frustration due to inactivity of the rape gene. Lolis are also at maximum future fertility allowing for a long-term relationship with existentially fulfilling bonding whereas near-wall foids are purely materialistic and depressing. Depression will lead to cardiovascular diseases and the inability of people to make good decisions, and lowers a man's productive capabilities. Lolis' behavior also lowers mental illness.

Lolis can be naive and show weakness, which allows men in their interactions to develop realistic problem-solving skills rather than degeneracy based on displays of dominance. Adult women will leave you as soon as you show weakness and thus your creativity and decision-making are hindered. Grown women can also kill you and this causes needless stress and GPU power. Every time you look at a woman you will be partially in fight or flight mode. If you are not, you will develop cognitive dissonance. Women have an illusionary ability to provide support if they are aligned with you, which leads to male dependence and causality confusion. Did my actions lead to this good result, or was that a tribe members' action? This uncertainty reduces learning speed. Being around a dependent loli will teach a man to provide for others at full brain power due to biological full control of the environment.

Lolis will either adapt to their protectors or be nonconfrontational. If you are second generation immigrant, you will never have to deal with rants in a second language or expressed mental problems like drug abuse.

All of these advantages can be noticed within 16 milliseconds

CCPcel #conspiracy #homophobia #psycho #racist #sexist #wingnut incels.is

Manifesto analyzed: Twitter soys claim that the Buffalo, NY shooter was an "incel". In reality, he's a cuck.

The bodies are still warm, but that hasn't stopped the misandric left from trying to rile up anti-male bias via the latest horrific act of mass violence. There are hundreds more tweets just like these, but all of these claims are baseless.

Now, Gendron doesn't mention having issues with femoids. The words "foid", "femoid", or even "female" don't even show up once. He exclusively describes femoids via the Reddit-approved way—"women".

Instead of hating women, Gendron is in fact a massive fucking simp. He seeks to defend m'lady's honor, and devotes quite a chunk of his manifesto to bemoaning the rape of "European women" by "invaders". On page 159 of his manifesto, Gendron implies that his motive for this shooting was in fact the "distress [of] European women".

In the upcoming race war, Gendron writes, "the only option for a true man or woman of Europe is to labor, labor with all effort towards victory" (page 176). In doing so, he implies that toilets are the equals of men, and that femoids (needless to say, the weaker gender) would somehow be able to contribute to the efforts of a race war.

Additionally, Gendron tolerates faggotry. Gay, lesbian, and bisexual faggots are "fine" with him (page 8).

So, in short, Payton Gendron is an 18-year-old normie who thinks that:

rape is bad and we must shoot up grocery stores to defend m'lady

empowered qweenz can be just as strong as men

being a faggot is OK

Yeah, that's blatantly incompatible with the blackpill. He bemoans the drop in "white birth rates" but not once does he mention feminism, hypergamy, and the dating habits of white women. Instead, he blames ethnicels.

This man is not an incel. He is a foid-worshipping cuck and his own writing proves it.

It's obvious by now that the SJWs of Reddit and Twitter have taken a leaf out of the Russian playbook. Just as anyone who opposes the Kremlin is a "Nazi", any man who doesn't kowtow to the progressive orthodoxy is an "incel", even when there is not a shred of evidence connecting him to the incel community.

YBP Yxngcel #conspiracy #crackpot #magick #racist #ufo incels.is

The Global Elite Are Not Jewish

The true NWO elites aren’t Jewish, but light-eyed Aryan types descended from the ancient Phoenicians, Akkadians, Dacians, Druids, Brahmins, Tocharians, etc. They are the closest genetically to the negative Nordic aliens that you hear about in abduction and contactee literature. Think of the Queen of England, the Nazi supermen, or the Rockefellers for instance. Thousands of years ago these bloodlines employed indigenous people (Semites, Egyptians, Meso-Americans, Southern Indians, Paleolithic farmers) to be their power base.

Aliens are the next highest up on the pyramid above the human elite, and thus the top of the human portion ought to be closest to the alien types. You never hear of Space Jews except in Mel Brooks parodies.

They use Jews as a scapegoat and trick you into thinking Jews are behind everything. Your arleady falling for their agenda and they will keep you ignorant. I mean if they wanted to hide their agenda why would they let it be widely know that they are Jews and it's a common stereotype about global elites. I honestly don't believe they are. They might be the ones behind big corporations.

Demonic overlords (5D negative)
Nordic occult overlords (lower 5D negative)
Nordic crusaders and Mantis beings (upper 4D)
Lower demonic minions (astral)
Reptilian Minions and other negative aliens (lower 4D)
Grays, which are genetically engineered robots (semi 4D/3D)
Upper Illuminati (occult, possessed, secret society people) (3D, a little 4D)
Shadow Government (underground bases, ultra-black ops military)
Lower Illuminati (political elite, Bilderbergers, etc.)
Open secret societies (freemasons and so on)
State/local government, corporations, university systems, etc. <---- Here are where Jews (if they're involved) rule. They own big corporations, governments and university systems. .

Global Elite is being controlled by some metaphysical entities. And metaphysicality does exist. Its been proven.

BetterUnborn #sexist incels.is

You don’t become officially blackpill until you’ve had a Chad Friend srs

This is very true. I have a Chad friend and let me tell you the black pill is real. We used to workout together and women made it so obvious that they liked him. They would come up to him and begin chatting him up. One girl recommended a particular grip on a machine. Another time he was minding his own business and a girl approached him from across the gym to help her set up a shitty booty machine. Like how the fuck is he supposed to know how to work the butt blaster 5000? He didn’t notice but for some reason as soon as we got to the gym girls would magically appear around us. I was a retard and thought maybe it could be me? When I went alone this never happened. But I knew why they were doing this. They were very attracted to him. I also went to Uni with him. The biggest black pill moment was when I asked a girl for her number because we all were in a group project together and we needed to be in constant contact regarding our assignment. She was muslim and wore a head scarf. She said, “sorry I don’t give out my number to guys” I thought this was plausible considering her religion. I told my Chad friend about this and he said that she approached him not long ago and gave him her number and even began doing his homework. After the semester he stopped talking to her. I have so many more stories with this chad friend. I literally NEVER got any attention. I’m Pakistani and he’s Iranian.

Various Incels #crackpot #elitist #pratt #racist #sexist incels.is



What’s the most incelish white phenotype?
Atlantid Votes: 0 0.0%
Nordid Votes: 3 7.1%
Keltic Votes: 2 4.8%
Alpine Votes: 3 7.1%
Baltic Votes: 0 0.0%
Slavic Votes: 29 69.0%
Med Votes: 0 0.0%
Other Votes: 5 11.9%
Total voters: 42


Wanted to choose alpine but in the end my vote goes to Slavic. Fuck my dad’s lineage.

I am slavic and we are subhumans

Slavpill poll results


Fuckin ragefuel when we live in Western Europe yet have Slavic genes


Why are Slavs less attractive?

Inferior mongol genes. Good genes getting killed off in 2 world wars+Communism.

Slavs by far. Even the leader of the slav world Putin has an incel face in comparison to the Chaddier ones of other countries. Which isn't a surprise, since modern democracy = Chad and more recently foid worship in which multiple aged Chads compete for pleb votes.

Jewish :reeeeee:
I look fucking inbred and deformed and my face is fucking asymmetrical as well as being 5’4
At least I have green eyes

If you Jews ever need "new blood" to diversify your gene pool, I'll be there.

Stick with your own race :reeeeee:

If I can’t get Jew foids neither should you. And we don’t need any fucking garbage goyim genetics

(Don Vito)
JFL at the niggas choose Slavic


Slavics are far from be the most incelish white phenotype


The most incelish phenotype are alpine


and baltic


by far

ELLIOTSECONDCOMING #crackpot #dunning-kruger #magick incels.is

What if Death is not a Random phenomenon?


I have studied more than 100 criminal cases and deaths of all kinds: Accidents, Terrorist Attacks, Natural Disasters, among others. In every case, we've had very strange things that demonstrate that death may not really be a purely natural phenomenon.

Let's take, for example, Ye Meng Yuan, one of the fatal victims of Flight 214 that departed South Korea towards San Francisco and crashed into the airstrip, losing the roof and catching fire shortly after. Meng Yuan managed to escape from the rubble only to end up being run over twice by one of the fire trucks that went to put out the fire.

It's important to point out one thing here: The statistical chance of a plane having suffered that kind of damage and not having suffered a more serious accident along with the Yuan death incident is the lowest possible. therefore, to say that it is coincidence is to go against logic itself.

Let's also go to another strange case of death was Jessica Redfield's shooting in 2008 in Aurora, Colorado during the presentation of the film: Batman: the dark knight. she died during such an incident. however, she had survived a month before a shooting in a mall in Toronto, Canada, and she felt presciently that something bad was about to happen to her, even after she survived the incident, which would be confirmed soon after.

Another strange case was Flight 216 in 1977, where it was carrying a basketball team from the University of Evansville, Indiana and crashed, killing all who were transported except one who was not on the plane due to an ankle problem, David Furr de 18 years old, who would later die 2 weeks later in a car accident along with his younger brother: Byron near Newton, Illinois.

What does that mean? There is a pattern to death! and such a pattern is based on the fact that no matter how a highly deadly mass phenomenon occurs, only people already predetermined to death will die from it.

Vitarius #fundie #psycho #sexist incels.is

Catholic women who have relationships with non-Catholic men

Devout Catholic women are very rare (Proverbs 31:10), which already makes things very hard for us devout Catholic men. But then you have these Catholic women marrying unbelievers, making our lives even more hard.

By marrying unbelievers, these women even put themselves and their children in spiritual/moral danger: "Bad company corrupts good character" (1 Corinthians 15:33).

These women are even worse than race traitors who complicate the lives of men of low value races by marrying white chads.

Their unbeliever husbands/boyfriends must be exterminated.

you are being kind of cuckish by the whole exterminate their boyfriends kind of thing,when really women are the only ones at fault.if 99.999% of a gender just wants to bang some small percentage of the other chad,it's not a mens issue it's a womens issue.

catholic women who marry man outside of the faith are disgusting pests who no one should respect.they are less then whores for at least whores have something to show to despite their degeneracy(much money for their children),whilst catholics whores have nothing to show apart from divorces from 8 men and 3 kids one of them who is a tranny soon to become statistic and the other two are whores whose they only church they belong to,is to the church of satan.

now,i am not saint,nor did i ever claim to be so,but it blows my mind how some people have everything yet fuck it up.

My logic is "if we kill the unbelievers, these women can remarry, and this time to Catholic men".

What about women who meet Christian men who are Protestant/Orthodox?

When I wrote this thread I had all "unbelievers" in mind: Atheists, Protestants, Jews, Orthodox, Pagans... Catholic women should marry Catholic men, basically.

DeepSea #crackpot #pratt #psycho #sexist incels.is

The René Guyon Society's motto was 'Sex before 8 or else it's too late'. This was just meant to shock people, I believe, but the sentence does make sense if one doesn't literally interpret 8-years old as the ultimate limit.

The more one waits, or has to wait, to start sexual experiences, the more difficult it gets to jump into it. Ideally, people should gain experience in all aspects of life while their brain still has a large part of its neuroplasticity.

Age of consent laws are not just problematic because they repress the sexuality of adult men, but also because they repress the sexuality of minors themselves. A 13-year old boy who wants to have sex but can't because girls are not attracted to him is out of luck in today's society. Every day, he is surrounded by provocatively dressed girls who won't ever date him. He has to watch his male peers engage in PDA and brag about doing sexual stuff with girls, while he rots in loneliness, at a time when his sex drive is at its peak.

It is better to lose your virginity as a teen than as a grown man. In fact, a study found that adolescent boys aged 12-14 who had their first-time with an adult woman were signficantly more likely to remember the experience positively than adult men who had their first time with an adult woman.


There is no good reason not to allow teenagers to buy sex. It's much easier for a 13-year old boy to begin seeing prostitutes than it is for a 22-year old virgin who might already have become damaged from years of rejection and frustration.

Modern society has greatly exacerbated the sexual repression and social isolation of males. This is, in my opinion, the worst case of abuse young males suffer in rich countries, and it causes much more psychological damage to than the so-called "child sexual abuse" that the media loves to talk about.

Billowel #fundie #magick incels.is

RE: Magickmaxxing is your last chance

Even if you dont get laid by it its a great cope and you can get good results with it and improve your life i will teach you in another posts how to get into deep trance and meditative state also i will teach informations that you cant find free anywhere i will teach you how to astralprojectmaxx

sounds like a quick way to invite a demon into your house.even something like a stupid ouija board is supposedly enough to invite a demon some times.

Yup i invited them into my life and my life is only improving im talking about high ranking kings not imps

you are absolutely crazy if you think a being who is fully focused on sin and sin alone,will want to help you as if they were not a thousand times worse then any human you have seen here on earth.

Conference on Exorcism - Fr Ripperger

magic bullshit is no joke.never fuck with that kind of stuff ever

They are misunderstood Abrahamic religions demoized them yes they are not fully nice but they are not mindless evils nothing is fully black or white

you have already fallen into their talk.wouldn't be surprised if you have already been possessed,but haven't realized it yet. they aren't misunderstood.christ has made it pretty clear that demons rejected him and that they are only after that which is sinful.you are not the first one who was given just a tiny bit of happiness,money,sex etc etc by a demon only to be completely destroyed later.you have taken the bait,and haven't realized it.

the devil & demons are a representation of different aspects of the divine
if not then why does God create them and allow them to exist?

you are very confused.by that logic god is both evil and good,left and right,tall and short,smart and dumb etc etc etc simply because he allows it to "exist". clearly that's impossible as anythingcan't be two opposites combined. demons are angels who have rejected god.they are literally in hell right now, and you think they are nice people?

without god we can't even exist.

GayAlienSkullCel #dunning-kruger #sexist incels.is

I introduce you the BeeGeesPill

the Gibb brothers were 4.
Andy (turbomanlet 5'6 chadlite) - suicide by age 30, drug addicted depressive, cheated by wife Victoria Principal

Gay Alien Skull Saint Maurice Gibb (turbomanlet bald 5'7 incel) - died by early age because of alcoholism, depressive and aggressive with his family

Robin (5'8 prey-eyed manlet) - addicted to opium, died prematurely, deppressed

and finally

Barry Gibb - 6' chadlite: never got into drugs and is the only remaining bee gees brother

all of them were equally rich

manlets lived an unhappy life
6' is still slaying


Brutal siblingspill / brotherspill, they all have the same parents but only Barry got the good genes and was therefore desired. There is no equality, not even if you share the same parents, the slightly different genes you got change absolutely everything about your life.

Brutal Blackpill

Rot&Repeat #sexist incels.is

[Serious] I hate cucks who complain about being "molested" by older women

Imagine being a 12 year old boy and youe hormones are probably nearing peak levels and you get to sex a teacher milf or qt teen babysitter then claim you got molested lol. I would kill for that to happen. At age 12 youre already stronger than most women either way so not like theyre brute forcing it and its not a problem if theyre not sodomizing you. A blowjob, handjob, or assfucking a teacher milf at age 12 sounds like heaven and cucks have to pretend it damaged them or something to get sympathy. I wouldnt be damaged now if i atleast had sex that way

Fat Link #god-complex #homophobia #psycho #racist #sexist #transphobia #wingnut incels.is

The Official State of the Incels.is Union Address!

6 months ago to the date toxic leftist shitheads doxxed and destroyed the lives of our two most beloved incel heroes and benefactors SergeantIncel and the Master of disaster himself…well…Master lol.

I’m sure you all remember that this was in relation to butthurt over the noble Sanctioned Suicide website the two heroes of our royal lineage had also once run together.

Leave it to missplaced anger to almost always destroy the best things in life be they people or places but not to fear as I’ve heard it through the grapevine most recently Serge and Master are doing well now and perhaps will one day be able to emerge from the proverbial Pulp Fiction bowl of rice they have presumably been hiding in all this time in Indo China, to live relatively normal lives once again, so three cheers for them my friends!

Honk! Honk!! Hooray!!!

While the past six months of my administration has been rocky to say the least, plagued by one scandal after another and perhaps most of which by my own making, give yourselves a round of applause because to quote nigger boy Morpheus from the Matrix trilogy of modern blacksploitation flicks…


So tonite we provide the list of Xbox Acheivements @Infinity and myself @Fat Link have accomplished in the past contentious but also exhilarating 6 months of time!

Saved the website? 100 Xbox gamer score.

Rebuilt the mod team from the ground up? 1500 gamerscore.

Instituted policy to stop faggots, trannies and other scum from joining that never existed before prior? 3,000 gamerscore.

And a special shout-out goes to my beloved mod team.

You guys are the best selection of chinks, niggers, mongrels and degenerate scum a h’white knee O Notsee soup prey myst like myself could ever hope to be in charge of!

Fuck Jesse Jackson and the libtards!

WE are the TRUE “Rainbow Coalition” here.

The Hanged Man #elitist #sexist incels.is

"Women have unlimited options"


Once in a while, the inferior gender, also known as women, will boast about their unlimited options by telling us that women have sex with who they want; men have sex with who they can.

While this is true, women will never be honest about it and admit that there is nothing inherently noble about being a whore.

Having unlimited options does not make you noble; the way you deal with them does. If I choose to consume an unlimited amount of food, does that make me noble? No, it makes me fat and sick.

Worse even: women had to do absolutely nothing for that amount of options. It is not like they deserve it.

So what's noble about a woman who has unlimited options? Committing to one man and starting a family. Again: there is nothing inherently noble about being a whore.

Deleted member 33829 and GaryFromSpongebob #crackpot #dunning-kruger #psycho #sexist incels.is

16F innocent child posts a selfie on reddit

( Deleted member 33829 )


Hope none of you guys let your eyes wonder, shes clearly so innocent, probably still doesnt even know what sex is

Pedo if you felt any different than looking at a picture of a silver toyota corolla

Women don't even mentally mature past 14 years old. There's no mental difference between a 14 year old teenager and a 35 year old roastie. "Life experience"≠ maturity. The only actual difference anyone can find is that one is fertile and somewhat capable of pairbonding and the other is a infertile and a utterly worthless whore.


Daily reminder they destroyed a men's life for getting nudes from a 17 and a half year old when he was 19
Daily reminder they want sub 8 men to marry 35 year old roasties while 15-18 year old foids are allowed to date with 20-25 y/o chads and ''explore their sexuality''

( GaryFromSpongebob )

I honestly get disturbed with all these pretty women surrounding our daily lives (now they invaded the fucking internet too). I basically try to stick at home mostly , main reason being getting extremely depressed just by seeing a pretty girl.

I think I just turned myself into a wild animal, I start to see their necks and imagine myself having rough sex with her, my hand around her neck , even biting their necks.

So I just stare down when I get out of home. Thankfully I don't have a sister, because after so many years of accumulated sexual frustration, I would be looking at her ass daily. It may sound disturbing, but this is just our body saying: "no more dude, we can't handle this shit no more".

TorturedSoul #fundie #psycho incels.is

God has Spoke to Me and Asked me to be his Messenger

Before you accuse me of substance abuse or simply undergoing the symptoms of psychedelics... I must ensure you that didn't take shrooms or any drugs that would alter my mental state. I think drug consumption is morally wrong.

I received an actual message from God. How do I know it was God? Well I'll tell you, when God speaks to you, you'll know. I was fully paralyzed, unable to move, with an angle above my face. He escorted my soul to heaven to speak with the creator where I saw what paradise was truly like. God took me here so I could parley this to the rest of the incel community, and those with faith could be saved from his wrath. In the future, I will tell you the full story on why I got so emotionally stressed that I had to leave the server, but for now, I'll tell you the most important morals I derived from my experience with God.

God did not intend for us to get girls, therefore we are closer to perfection as incels, thus it is BETTER for us to be incels.

The same logic applies to those who are in hell.

They are MEANT to be in hell for the sins they suffered, a soul suffering for their unrepented sins is objectively GOOD, it is as GOD INTENDED. Thus.... by sending a corrupt soul to heaven to be tortured forever, God is actually HELPING the soul, he is helping the soul achieve a perfect state of existence, that is external torture and suffering for sin. It may seem counterintuitive, even insane, that God would torture people because he loves them, but that is how God works, and God is always good and right. Our animalistic brains have a hard time understanding this concept. This logic also extends to inceldom. God made us incel and ugly because he loves us, because we are meant to be ugly and incel and thus it is perfect for us to be in such a state. God has told me that I will be a KHHV for all of eternity. I will never ever kiss a girl ever, or even touch one romantically. Even in heaven, I will still yearn for it but it will be forbidden for me and for that, I will not experience heaven to the same extent that more righteousness people do, but that is a GOOD thing.