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Shinjicel #psycho #sexist #racist incels.co

[Based] This Valentines lets Celebrate Saint Elliot

Instead of coping about foids fucking nigger tyrones this horrible day, lets remember the man whose primal scream was heard far and wide through normie land, who so passionality encapsulated our plights, a toast to saint elliot may he fuck all the blonde stacies in heaven.

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Genetic Dead End #psycho incels.co

Sub 5 men should be castrated

I will be the first to volunteer. If you're a sub 5, then you need to at least fuck a 9/10 stacy with multiple generations of good genes to have a shot at having semi human looking children, and since that is impossible to achieve, castration for sub 5s should be implemented, and the death penalty for those who try to avoid it.

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soulartemis incels.co

[Serious] What if western society is just a simulation and we're the only real humans in a world of NPCs?

What if we're just in a simulation and all the Chads and Stacies are normies are NPCs?

And the goal is realizing that everyone around you is a dumb NPC, and finding others who are not NPCs in this simulation by registering on this forum.

I wouldn't be surprised if this theory was true, considering how brainless normies are.

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Saddam incels.co

Why do normies consider 30 to be the "over" age? It's SO much younger in reality

I seriously don't get this at all. Why 30? 30 is ANCIENT. By that age, if you are one of the lucky ones the chances are you STILL will have probably workceled for at least 5 years. Why do people consider 30 to be the "worst" birthday? I legitimately 100% thought 20 was the worst birthday, the first "over" one.

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Wizard32 #psycho #sexist incels.co

(in response to “Sexual trafficking is the real incel rebellion / beta uprising.”, quoted here)


(cucked disclaimer: everything below is just theoretical rambling, I’m a good boy who respects women, I promise)

TL;DR: The real incel rebellion is the constantly increasing sexual trafficking.

About 70% of trafficking victims are female.

Where you err OP is that most "sex trafficking" is actually women voluntarily coming here to be whores, and then they just cry victim to avoid accountability for their actions to get preferential treatment.

Even though they were never kidnapped/enslaved, by falsely accusing their helpful pimps of doing this, they interfere with further influx of prostitutes to compete in their market.

You are just white-knighting for them OP. :soy:

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Edmund_Kemper #sexist incels.co

[Soy] Bluepiller logic

Normies: The blackpill is bullshit. Your looks don’t matter. If a 4’11” 1/10 physically deformed ugly manlet has a good personality, he’ll get to bang 10/10 gigastacys.

Also normies: you won’t get a stacy gf because you’re ugly. Go for ugly girls!

Bluepilled foid: height doesn’t matter you inkwell! Short guys get laid all the time

also bluepilled foid: I’m 5’3 and my boyfriend is 6’3 (AKA DANIGIRL3694)

Normies: your personality is why you don’t get laid even though most foids prolly never saw your true personality and never saw you act “misogynistic” on a forum

also normies: i, a man with a good personality, am still a virgin

normies: according to normies, a 27 year old boy who hasn’t reached puberty yet is a “grown ass adult” even though he didn’t reach puberty but a post-pubescent 17 year old man who can grow a beard is still a child.

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Iamnothere000 #psycho #sexist incels.co

Sexual trafficking is the real incel rebellion / beta uprising.

(cucked disclaimer: everything below is just theoretical rambling, I’m a good boy who respects women, I promise)

TL;DR: The real incel rebellion is the constantly increasing sexual trafficking.

When I first heard of the concept of the incel rebellion my mind was immediately filled with apocalyptical scenes:

Gun wielding manlets would roam the streets, shooting everything that is female or cucked.
Communication and infrastructure would collapse, destroyed by disgruntled STEM- and wage´cels.
Emotionally dead gymcels would hunt down and strangle the life out of their former bullies and hoist the bodies from bridges and lamp poles while the bully’s former girlfriends tremble in fear and submissive arousal.
Army and Law Enforcement would be totally apathetic, unwilling to risk their lives just to defend the ungrateful masses who hate them anyway unless they need protection.

(side note: I’m writing this in the same room with my boss who is having a job interview with my next possible coworker, he thinks I’m working hard on our next medical software tool, this arouses me)

However, as cathartic and amusing such scenes would be (in Minecraft), as unlikely are they to actually happen, at least for now. The number of incels that actually realize their situation is yet too small. Too high is the inhibition. Too comfortable are the copes. And incels are too socially stunted to develop the necessary pack-mentality to coordinate such an endeavor.

For the foreseeable future, the incel rebellion will have to be content with small singular acts of hERoic resistance (which shall also only ever be realized in Minecraft).

But there is another way in which the consequences of rampant hypergamy and whoredome manifest themselves: …sexual trafficking.

About 70% of trafficking victims are female.

Human trafficking is taking on “horrific dimensions”, despite growing efforts, awareness and attention by government, human rights and feminist groups.

Sexual trafficking, as an expression of the incel/beta rebellion, has several key differences in comparison to the scenario above:

-incredible difficult to counter
-no concerted effort necessary, just a hand full of low inhibit-individuals (don’t even have to be incels)
-social life and infrastructure stays intact, our copes are save
-low public awareness, no panicking normies

A textbook example of this scenario unfolding would be china, where the high gender imbalance leads to an ever increasing demand for sex slaves. And since such activity does not disturb the highly conformist society of china, this trend will only continue. I am willing to bet that the Chinese government is actually fine with sexual trafficking for the benefit of the countless supernumerary men as it keeps (the most aggressive of) them docile and averts the demographic crisis the country is heading into.

(To be fair, the Chinese situation was mainly caused by the retarded one child policy but the result is the same as with female hypergamy: Men with no girlfriend/relationship/marriage/family prospects)

Some people, especially the fine gentlepeople at IT, might argue that women should be able to behave as they want (within the bounds of the law) without suffering the thread of sexual slavery.
For those people I would like to lay out the basic facts:

Men want sex/offspring. Women can provide this. Men are stronger than women. Harming something is way easier than defending something.

The rest is just social negotiation.

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Kashayam #sexist #psycho incels.co

Marital rape

I think is huge lie and injustice to punish a guy for marital rape.

I mean the concept of rape and it it's legal definition was made to protect foids to protect her reproductive ability. So that she can trade it with man for his resources , this is the unwritten idea of marriage.

Ok we can say that to an extent a husband should nt force his wife. But the wife can deny him sex forever. It's her obligation to fulfil his needs regardless of 'her mood'. In my opinion If she get traumatized by when her husband has sex with her then there is something wrong with her mental makeup and it should be dealt by a sexologist . Rather than getting the state to involve in the matter and punishing the husband.

As I said before 'rape' is just legal term we can't apply it to every situation. For eg 'murder' is a crime. But we don't punish soliders for murdering terrorist. The act is the same but the Context differs.

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Incel Gamer #wingnut incels.co

More Men Are Joining The Incel Community? GOOD!


I hate how actual violent incels are giving our community a bad name. Sure, we talk about wanting to go ER and exterminate all foids in Minecraft. But would we actually do that? No. We're not murderers. (Except for maybe the 1% of users on here who would).

Also, our forum is for sure getting watched by incel "researchers" so I hope they get blackpilled while trying to research us.

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Atavistic Autist #psychoceramics incels.co

[SuicideFuel] The electoral humiliation of Andrew Yang and the success of Pete Butt shows how autistic men are hated by soyciety, and psychopathic men are praised

Andrew Yang is a very autistic-type male: consistent in his message, which he delivers robotically. In the popularity contest of politics, this paradoxically means that people hate him (particularly roasties). It is also relevant that he is Asian and physically not a roastie's "type," either for sexual or surrogate child fantasies.

Pete Butt, on the other hand, is the consummate psychopath, saying this or that depending upon the circumstances. He is purposefully signalling the fact that he is gay in order to novelty-halo himself, and has a (White) neotenous face which makes roasties trust him and think of him like a surrogate child to dote on.

It is no wonder why Yang is performing so abysmally in the Democratic field, whereas Pete Butt is the unexpected frontrunner. And it's why every autist should be in favor of mass-graves for the psychopathic overlords who oppress us.

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MuslimCell #god-complex incels.co

I will be the next saint of inceldom

I am dead serious . I will be the saviour , the one who will make you all ascend and guide you through the degeneracy we are living in . Wait for me and I will make the next incels cult and together we shall change the world , bring balance and make the world fair again . It's not over . Wait for my coming from the journey I am in , I will bring the fruit of ascension and share it with all of you , remain blackpilled and don't transgress my beloved brother . It's a hard journey I am in , things are challenging but I see the light up their , it was never about me but actually for each one of us I am on this struggle . wait for my coming and for you I will never give up . Love you all .

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Eugenicist #ableism #sexist #psychoceramics incels.co

[Blackpill] I think autism increasing in America actually makes women more superficial, more materialistic.

Since autistic people can't really grasp abstract concepts, most girls in geek culture, or some kind of neuro-atypicality are more materialistic. Genetics/ dominance/ etc. obviously matter more to the autistic brain than someone with perfectly traditional empathy/ sweetness/ wholesomeness.
Autism = hyper male brain which means eliminating threat and females are supposed to be reasoning, discussive, talkative (at least traditionally).

This is js something I am speculating.

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Wagiecel #sexist #psycho incels.co

[Blackpill] A pretty good quote from the Simpsons by Mr Burns

"If you can take advantage of a situation in some way, it's your duty as an American to do it. Why should the race always be to the swift, or the Jumble to the quick-witted? Should they be allowed to win merely because of the gifts God gave them? Well I say, "Cheating is the gift man gives himself."

And before you go cheating = bad, did you know most females are cheating by default wearing makeup? They're basically committing fraud on their appearances and genetics. Such behavior has become so normalized its not even considered cheating FFS!

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Fat Link #sexist #psycho incels.co

Man pleads guilty to taking out the trash

Predictably all the normies baw baw about her "tragic" death as if on cue...as if...they were completely unthinking NPC's that did not know nor care that while still among the living this "beautiful girl" enjoyed emotionally abusing men and laughing about it on social media like the callous entitled cunt that she was.

[News article on Brandon Clark pleading guilty to the murder of 17 year old internet celebrity Bianca Devins]

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Looksmaxxcel #sexist #fundie incels.co

[JFL] My little sister asked a pretty funny question.

"How come the boys like girls, but the girls don't like the boys?"

She even asked, "Why are so many girls gay?"
JFL at this society.


But in all seriousness I think you should break the news to her, the sooner the better

I did. I told her that it was because girls only liked a small majority of boys. I also told her to stay away from boys especially at her age.

How old is she?


Tell her that she has to remain a virgin until marriage.

My parents are ardent christians who believe in no sex before marriage. They're much more strict with my little sister because they don't like how my other sister turned out.

I sincerely hope she grows up to become a respectable pure woman instead of falling for the degeneracy trap and becoming just another thot.

you just made her want chad even more because it being forbidden makes it romantic

Me and my dad joked that we would wait for her "boyfriend" with a shotgun, but I was only half joking when I said I would kill the little shit.

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Malte #sexist incels.co

Worst job as an incel - high school teacher?

What job could possibly be more painful to have as an incel, than being a fucking HS teacher? Not only will you lack the authority over a larger group when you're short (most likely) and quite hideous, but also just seeing all the shit will bring back so many memories...
Imagine walking the hallways, watching the hs chads mess around with the girls. Probably you'll even hear the girls gossip about how they're gonna get fucked by some chad later... Also seeing all these beta-soyboys orbiting these girls would drive me crazy.

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grondilu #sexist #racist #psychoceramics incels.co

[Blackpill] Does koinophilia explain the ricepill ?

In the Wikipedia article about koinophilia, there is an interesting paragraph that may help explaining the ricepill :

Koinophilia differs from the "like prefers like" mating pattern of assortative mating. If like preferred like, leucistic animals (such as white peacocks) would be sexually attracted to one another, and a leucistic subspecies would come into being. Koinophilia predicts that this is unlikely because leucistic animals are attracted to the average in the same way as are all the other members of its species. Since non-leucistic animals are not attracted by leucism, few leucistic individuals find mates, and leucistic lineages will rarely form.

So, could it be that Asian women prefer White men because the Asian race is so recent in anthropological terms that Asian women have not yet developed a sexual preference for Asian men ? They were having sex with them so far only because well, they didn't have a choice.

After all, according to current understanding of paleoanthropology, the Asian continent was conquered after the European continent. How long after ? I don't know, but who does, anyway ? I mean it's not like there is any certitude about these stuff.

This is the only explanation I have for an otherwise quite mysterious phenomenon.

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Wagiecel #sexist incels.co

[JFL] You know its amazing how many normies unironically believe what works for females works for males

As you know I'm not having a good time at work. I'm probably getting fired soon coz all the foids colleagues hate me as well as the fact the company isn't doing so well right now so they need to start cutting staff.

So I was just ranting this to some guy I know. You know what he said?

"Let me ask my girlfriend. She's very good at climbing the corporate ladder for some reason".


Ok. Lets ignore the fact we're not the same people in the same field first.


I just wanted to slap that dude but what's the point. This is how Normies actually think. They have been brainwashed so hard they think Males and Females get the same treatment and can act the same.


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Lookscel #sexist #psycho incels.co

I have unconditional hate for women

They truly are nothing but animals. To discriminate is in their DNA. They are nothing but NPCs and conformists. I can't find a woman who doesn't indulge in low iq stuff. Women's Rights is the biggest mistake ever. These animals should be chained.

Also fuck you IT. I will fuck your wifes and girlfriends till they start to love me.

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Various Commenters #sexist incels.co

(Atavistic Autist)

[JFL] Femoid breaks up with high IQ Jewish physicist because he's an "insecure incel," bemoans the fact that she can't find an intelligent gigachad instead

I dated an incel, AMA


Why it is sooo unfair? If a guy is handsome most of the time he is stupid.

The foid literally admits that "personality" = "looks" here.

She juxtaposes a dumb Chad with an intelligent incel, yet specifies that the incel has "no personality."

Foid IQ: 0. She deserves nothing more than to be raped by monkeys (she's already having consensual sex with the "neighbor's dog," of course).


Thats evolution.. some bloodlines survived based on intellect, others on looks/physical strength.

There is few if any men out there who are handsome, healthy/strong and advanced minds.


I’ve said it in previous threads and I shall say it again: foids’ minds are stuck in 10,000BC. They should be grateful to have met a very intelligent man but it just isn’t good enough for this bitch.

Yeah this. Actual intelligent men are pretty rare and these bitches treat them as the product of the week jfl when are they gonna admit they just want to suck Chad's dick and nothing more?


People using the word "incel" in place of ugly male is brutal and confirms the blackpill. Jfl if you think Chad would EVER get called an incel regardless of his behavior in a relationship.

(Atavistic Autist)

Her other posts seem quite blackpilled:

We must be more understanding towards Inсels.

She is just being a benevolent feminist here.

She does not contest female control over the sexual selection process, considering it to be a given, and fundamentally agrees with the idea that highly intelligent incels have "defective" genes whereas the boneheaded Chads who make her wet have genes worthy of reproduction.

Her only point is that her fellow feminists should pity incels and say a prayer for us as we're sentenced to death. The only incels who can escape this fate are the psychopathmaxxers who are good enough at pretending to be NT and "alpha" to deceive a woman into believing it.

It would get deleted otherwise, I guess. There are some sentences, that were pretty based, but I need to sleep. She just described the status quo or not? Are you for forced male selection, just curious?

She describes the status quo and then fundamentally agrees with it. Nothing she says is anything more than virtue signalling, combined with her own style of redpilled nonsense.

She considers it an inevitability that females are the judges of what "good genetics" constitutes, their criteria being based on Fisharian Runaway qualities which have no actual bearing on men's fitness. Namely, "personality," which somehow a Chad who's dumber than a dog has more of than an intelligent incel (her reasoning being that intelligent incels tend to be neurotic and this doesn't make her cunt wet, like extroverted and imbecilic Chads do).

According to her, incels have to pretend to be those extroverted and imbecilic Chads in order to possibly impress a foid and then have sexual success with her. This is just a feminist version of the redpill. We need to deceive women with our perceived alphaness! Why not just put women into their place as inferior creatures who must submit to us?

She virtue signals about ultimately liking "ugly yet intelligent guys," but it's belied by her own stated nature, her own admission that Chads make her instantly wet and intelligent guys are merely a curiosity to her. She must be subjugated, or else she's just a hypocrite who's promoting the devolution of the species.

Top kek, do they have any self awareness at all, are they thick as shit or know what's up but don't give a fuck as to do so would be like folding on a pair of aces?

She wants a man who is high on the intelligence hierarchy, high on the looks hierarchy, and high on the NT hierarchy at the same time. This is her "Mr. Right." She is a picky bitch who is using the evolutionary psychology of the blackpill to justify her insane standards.

Intelligent men tend to be ugly, introverted, and neurotic if not autistic (in her terminology, "sociophobic"), and this makes her cunt shrivel.

On the other hand, sociopathic men who are attractive, extroverted, and outgoing tend to be dumber than dogs, which quickly bores her.

She wants the best of all worlds -- a giga-IQ, giga-NT, giga-Chad who mogs everyone, a man who she can bear settling down with. JFL.

Haha yeah she can totally get that if she gets herself a superhero reality, brilliant scientist takes strength serum or dumb brute has his brain Lasered with evolutionary beam.

Fucking dumb cunt, why would a guy that gets everything from his looks waste time reading books; no need & of course if you ain't turning heads you cope to get the good career & betabux a bitch but as we know this method ain't worth shit no more what with female empowerment of employment & simps. They call men the picky ones lol.

Hopefully she will find her standards satisfied in a Ted Bundy.

Intelligent, attractive, extroverted. The trifecta.

But a psychopath who will murder her. Good riddance, slut.


Wow, massive blackpill here.

"He is an incel because 1. ugly 2. virgin."

This confirms everything I already knew. You won't get an ounce of respect if you are male and not conventionally attractive. People look at you and based off of your appearance alone will judge your ethical predisposition.

Coming right from the fucking horse's mouth, ITards.



JFL a blackpill straight from a femoid mouth, they still try to silence it.


Pretty guys are for fucking, smart guys are for dating.

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nihility #sexist incels.co

My biology teacher once said: The best age for men to have sex is 16-17

And she was right.16-17 is indeed the best age to have sex it's the peak of your sexual energy and your love energy.I've read many stories from normies who lost their virginity at 23 or older and everyone has said that it's pointless.Your best ages are gone.Losing your virginity after 23 is like skydiving for the first time at 100 years old just to know what it feels like before you die.Sex is an essential part of being a happy and healthy human and going through your adolescence while not getting it causes an irreparable damage to your health.By 18 you are at the point of no return.Either cope till you are dead or rope immediately



the stigma against virginity exists - fact

most of guys lose their virginity before they turn 18 - fact

[RageFuel] Data on people having sex, virgins, etc. (WARNING: SUICIDEFUEL)

Average age for first kiss: 15 (i seriously thought it was 12/13)

Average for first serious relationship: 18 (Also surprising. thought it was maybe 15/16)

Only 35% of 13-17 year olds have had some type of romantic experience. 14% are in a serious relationship. 5% are in a relationship but not serious one. 16% are not currently dating but have had some type of romantic experience before. 64% have never been in a romantic relationship. Sounds like LifeFuel right? WRONG!! 20% of 13/14 year olds have had some sort of romantic experience. 44% of 15-17 year olds have had some sort of romantic experience.

36% of 15-17 year olds have romantic relationship experience have had sex. Only 12% of 13/14 year olds with relationship experience have had sex.

Average age of virginity loss by country (for male and female):

Males: 16.9
Females: 17.2 (or 17.4)
Overall: 17

Median age for American men: 17.3
Median age for American women: 17.5
Median age for UK men: 16.5
Median age for UK women: 17.5

Being a virgin past 18 means being a subhuman organism.If people find out that you are over 18 and still a virgin they will laugh at you and give you rick grimes death stares.
And especially in 2020 why would a young girl want to have to do anything with an unexperienced 18+ incel when she has an unlimited option of good looking tall guys in her age group?We are doomed to fail

Remember this unarguable fact..

In high school you went for 4 years, 5 days a week, 6 hours a day, with over 100 girls in your grade, who were young, healthy, horny & SINGLE.. and not once did any of those 100+ girls want to have sex with you.

Copers think.. B.but it will be better in college right?

If you have not received an IOI from a foid by 18 YOU WILL NEVER GET ANY

Missing teen love means you are genetic dead-end subhuman trash. No way around it.

This is one of the bullet proof theories and the most brutal one the other pills simply pales in comparison.We became a bunch of walking corpses from the moment we hit 18.
The memory of our sexual failure will haunt us in our scary dreams until one day we wake up and hang up by a rope

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PersonaDickcel #sexist incels.co

i never will undestand feminism

marriage, chivalry, dignity, monogamy,family is = machism, toxic masculinity, opression

be an slut (chad food), prostitute, porn actress, instragram model = equality, non-toxic, healthy

being used and abandoned like a trash by a chad sounds much more opression to me to be a good gf and wife, date and marry a good guy who loves you and give a good life.

if they really wants be loved like a person, they must be in our side, we are good guys who are dispost to work hard, change ourselves, make money and build a empire for them, in a condition to simply love us like a person.

but we're the toxic side?

Feminism is really quite simple. Women want more power, and simps gave it to them.

they speak they hate chads, hate stupid guys, they speak they need be treated like a person.

i hate chads, i hate popular guys, i hate man who treat woman like a object

but it these guys they date, the same women who speak who don't like stupid and tirannic men date with them.

and we, good and monogamic guys are treated like a shit.

so paradoxal

Feminism is very simple, it's a license to ride chads' dicks seamlessly without any consequence and extermination of ugly men.

Show me one country that does not allow women to get education, study and vote. But still those roasties complain about "rights".

If you look closely to their actions and motives, everything boils down to complete dissolution of family so that they can ride chads' dick.

then they can't speak they are fighting against "machism and toxic men", being a chad food is so more opression than be a good wife,gf, and be loved for a good guy

isn't thats they fighting for? against objetification of women, against pornography, against toxic masculinity (chads)?

they do exactly the opposite

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Various Commenters #sexist incels.co

(Ping And Pong)

[Hypocrisy] GigaChad can't film video without being sexually harassed by foids


Within his short time of filming and interviewing this GigaChad has been groped, smacked on the ass and literally licked by random foids walking by in the background, not only is this proof for the immeasurable lust that foids have for chad dick, but shows the absolute hypocrisy of foids which cry about sexual harassment.

Tell me IT, how in anyway can your mental gymnastics get around this one? They will not touch this.


Lmao it's hard to believe that the whores complain about being "sexually harassed" it's like complaining that u have too much money


Sexual harassment= ugly guy expressing his libido in any way shape or form in the presence of a female.

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MuslimCell #sexist #fundie incels.co

[Blackpill] foids have been always blackpilled but can't admit it

Foids are blackpilled , but they do not want to accept it . If they do , they will see themselves nothing more then sex object for male that serves him and raise his children , she won't feel anymore special whatsoever and see the meaningless and absurdity of life and human relationships including love , family and friendships . Foids won't be able to handle this truth and would most likely rope so they simply continue their coping and delusional thinking and putting up a mask to hide from the truth .
They are nothing more then sexual object inferior to the male on every level and are here only to serve the male and raise his Children . After All man are better at doing everything or every job better then foids even raising children . Fathers are by far better caretaker what so ever . we are simply do not need them .
Even.god created Adam first then created from adam body the woman . they are nothing more then a small lesser part of the male body and soul , the male must have all control over her just like he had control over his own body . God created Adam on his image but never Eve . That's who you are woman deal with it and you have nothing to do about it .

It is He who created you from one soul and "created from it " its mate(woman) that he might dwell in security with her. (Qur’an 7:189)

22 Wives, submit yourselves to your own husbands as you do to the Lord. 23 For the husband is the head of the wife as Christ is the head of the church, his body, of which he is the Savior. 24 (Ephesians 5:23 )

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mylifeistrash #sexist #psycho incels.co

A real communist system would seize women and make them work as prostitutes or forced wives since their vagina holds near infinite value

Vaginas and women in general, especially white women, are worth a shit load of money. Even ugly old ones can get rich men with ease.

Real communists would demand no rights for women and have their value go to the state, or be redistributed.

If that was the case, I think a lot of men would be okay with communism, since most men are broke and have no future anyway. Sadly if there was "communism", all the seized value would probably just go to women.

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ShySaxon #sexist incels.co

[Blackpill] Brutal Stone Age Pill

“I want a man who’s kind, caring and gentle teehee!”

Modern, well dressed, good mannered, clean shaven, kind, caring, empathetic, gentle Incel who will give the world to his partner if he was just given the chance approaches...
“You’re not my type”

Paleolithic era, Flintstones looking, long haired, dirty bearded, rock smashing, 60IQ, illiterate, rough, dominating, foot wrap wearing, square jawed, hunter eyed Chad who lives in a cave, paints in blood and wants to beat the shit out of his tribes rival hunter and physically dominate and ravage his wife before feasting on her corpse approaches...
”OMG you’re so cute and handsome! I bet you’re really kind and caring, let’s go smash rocks together! That sounds like a great first date teehee!”

It doesn’t matter which era Chad belongs to; the modern era or the Stone Age. Reminder that women’s minds are stuck in a completely different time to ours and unless you have the desirable ancient genetic traits such as a strong jaw or hunter eyes, you don’t stand a chance EVEN if you 100% fit the bill as a potential partner for that girl. You can have those personality traits that she’s looking for. You can be a loving man all you want. You can be kind. You can be gentle. But remember: she’ll never love you like she loves Chad. Because Chad looks good, and to her, you don’t. Chad is desirable.

Even if he’s a Neanderthal.

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Silverandgold #sexist #psycho incels.co

[Serious] Honestly, rape isn’t that bad

Even when I was younger and more of a normal man, not a sexually frustrated nihilistic misanthrope, I didn’t think rape was that bad. I thought it was wrong, like stealing a loaf of bread or maybe an expensive TV at worst, but I never thought it was a crime worthy of jail time. I never thought it was a crime that was unforgivable. I always thought it was ridiculous when rapists got lumped in with murderers and child molesters. Rape is really not that serious. Women just don’t like it because the men are ugly. If I was raped by an ugly woman, I would take it as a compliment. Now if she was really fat, elderly, and had smelly genitals that she forced me under gunpoint to lick, I would be mad. I would probably vomit. But I wouldn’t be traumatized for life or believe that the woman deserves to be in prison for 10 years. A hefty fine would be enough. Women who get raped are no virgins. women who get raped have sex with at least 10 men by age 20 so how is it traumatic to take just one more penis? It’s not. Women have too much time on their hands to dwell on things and become neurotic about unimportant situations. If women were in a tribe, they would get raped all the time and wouldn’t even care anymore after one point because they would have more important things to worry about like surviving in the harsh environment. By the way, I don’t want to rape anyone. It wouldn’t turn me on to be with someone who is repulsed by me. I Would never rape someone even if I could get away with it. I’m just thinking out loud. Rape isn’t that bad. By the way, I know a woman who got raped by a black man when she was a teenager and she turned out okay. She is a happy wife and mom now of 3 kids.

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Magicels: The Blackpilling (CARDCELS GTFIH)

Hello there and welcome to my card making cope thread. Will update when I have more ideas, open to feedback and suggestions.

Inspired by Bufophiliac og post:

Transcript(several spoof Magic The Gathering cards:
“Balding Indian Janitor” - 1 Any, 1 Green - Creature - Subhuman Incel - Misogyny 2 (Whenever this creature blocks or becomes blocked by a Foid, this creature gets +2/+2 until end of turn) - “Show bobs and vagene.” - 2/2
“St. BlackOps2Cel” - 2 White, 1 Any - Creature - Subhuman Incel - Indestructible; Other Subhumans get +1/+1 and have protections from Foids, Normies, and Cucks. - “Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.” - 1/1
-“The Supreme Gentleman” - 1 White, 1 Red - Land Creature – Subhuman Incel - Misogyny 3; Whenever a Foid enters the battlefield, put a Rejection counter on The Supreme Gentleman; 1 Red, 1 White, Tap, Remove three Rejection counters from The Supreme Gentleman and sacrifice him: Destroyup to five target creatures. - “I don’t know what your problem is, girls.”
“Slaying Queen” - 2 Black, 2 Any - Creature - Human Foid - Whenever Slaying Queen blocks or gets blocked by a Chad or Tyrone, exile that creature and place a black 1⁄1 Spawn creature onto the battlefield - Someone gotta take responsibility for these kids” - ⅔
“The Rope” - 3 Any - Artifact - 1 Any, Tap, sacrifice a subhuman: You draw two cards and gain 5 life. “The ultimate cope, and our only hope. A permanent solution to a permanent problem”
“Gymcel Manlet” - 2 White, 3 Any - Creature – Subhuman Incel - Overcompensate - 1 White, 3 Any (1 White 3 Any: This creature becomes a Human Nomrie until end of turn.); Whenever Gymcel Manlet overcompensates, put a +1/+1 counter on Gymcel Manlet. - ¾
“Nerdy Guy” - 3 Any 2 Blue - Creature - Human Chad - When Nerdy Guy enters the battlefield, gain control of target foid. - “Silly Incels, you know noting about women. Just look at my boyfriend, he’s a total nerd!! Tee-hee!”
“Surgerymaxxing Hopefuls” 1 Red, 3 Fire - Creature - Subhuman Incel - Overcompensate - 1 Red 1 Any; Whenever Surgerymaxxing Hopefuls overcompensates, flip a coin. If you win the filp. put a +1/+1 counter on Surgerymaxxing Hopefuls, otherwise remove a +1/+1 counter from Surgerymaxxing Hopefuls. Then, if Surgerymaxxing Hopefulls has three or more +1/+1 counters on it, sacrifice Surgerymaxxing Hopefuls and put two 5⁄5 white Human Chad creature tokens onto the battlefield. - 2⁄2.
“Tinder” - 3 Any 3 Red - Enchantment - All Foids get +2/+2.; Subhumans cannot attack or block, and their activated abilities cannot be played. - “It’s Over”
“Soy Boy” - 2 Any 1 Green- Creature . Human Cuck - Male Feminist (Preven all damage this creature woould deal to Foids.). “I would appreciate if you left me and my wife’s son alone.”

Latest expansion:

Transcript”NEET Squad” - 7 Any - Creature - Human Incel - This spell costs 1 Mana less to cast for each Normie or Cuck on the battlefield. NEET Squad’s power and toughness are each equal to the number of untapped Incels you control. - “Can’t beat the NEET.” - */*.
“NPC” - 1 Any - Creature - Human Normie - NPC can’t attack or block alone. NPC gets +1/+1 for each other creature in play named NPC. - “if (offended=true) say “normie platitudes”;” - 1⁄1.
“The Blackpill” - 3 Any 3 Black - Legendary Enchantment - The Blackpill can’t be countered. All Humans you control are now Incels in addition to their other subtypes. All Incels in your control get +2/+2 and gain vigilance. - “It never began.”
“Juggernaut Law” - 2 Any 3 Black or Red - Enchantment - All Foid creatures with power 4 or less have haste. All Foid creatures with power 3 or less have trample. All Foid creatures with power 2 or less can’t be blocked. - “You can’t keep a woman’s dating potential down. She is unstoppable. Any flaws she has, just make her stronger.”
“Lay Down And Rot” - 2 Any 1 Black - Sorcery - Target creature gets -3/-3 until end of turn. Put a -1/-1 counter on it. - “Tour’s over boyo, time to ldar.”
“Wagecuck” - 2 Any 2 Green - Creature - Human Normie - Tap. Put a -1/-1 counter on this creature and put 1 Mana in your Mana pool. It becomes a Cuck until the end of yor turn. Tap: Remove a -1/-1 counter from this creature and draw a card. - “W- Would you like fries with that, sir?” - 4⁄2
“Fakeup” - 1 Red 1 Green - Target Foid gets +5/+0 and gains haste until end of turn. - “I don’t wear makeup for men, I do it for myself.
“Trucel” - 2 Any 1 Blue 1 White - Creature - Subhuman Incel - Defender; Return any Foid that would fight this creature to its owner’s hand instead. - “Be honest guys, is it over for me?” - 0⁄10
“Betabuxxer” - 2 Any 1 White 1 Blue - Creature - Human Cuck - Tap: The next Foid spell you cast this turn costs 2 Mana less to cast. Male Feminist - “Happy wife happy life!”
“Online Dating Service” - 1 Any 1 Red 1 Black - Artifact - 1 Mana, Tap: Reveal the top card of your library. If it’s a Chad card, put the card into your hand. If it’s a Human card, you may put that card into your hand. If it’s a Subhuman card, exile it. - “Just put yourself out there, bro!”
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Why don't people here question the authenticity of incel attacks?

Elliot Rodger, Christopher Harper Mercer, Alek Minassian, Scott Beierle.....

Seriously, I've seen articles say that they were hoaxes, such as Elliot Rodger, but people here just assume it's real. How do you know? The media has lied countless of times, you don't think that they could lie about some shooting? I have seen a few people here say Alek Minassian was fake news but besides that I haven't seen people question the authenticity of incel attacks.

It's a big part of why we're hated, because we're "dangerous", yet if these attacks aren't real, we're being targeted for no reason.

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[Serious] Where the fuck do all the hot women go?

And I don't mean by that the lack of them. Whenever I see one(and it's really rare, I'm starting to think they just don't go out) they're either in large groups where you can't identify the boyfriend, or they're alone.
They also don't seem to go to any outings. I had a similiar thread in the past, I have a higher chance of spotting a hot woman on a bus stop than a fucking bar.
Who do they even fuck? It's like theyre too good to even do basic stuff. It's pretty funny ngl.
And what's up with the ugly women in service jobs nowadays? I distinctly remember seeing pretty waitresses as kid often. Are they all sugar babies?
I love hypergamy

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[RageFuel] Women reap the rewards of a society which my ancestors helped build while I rot and suffer

All of my ancestors worked for a living, toiling to the bone for society so that they could improve their lot in life as well as for the next generation of the family. All of the welfare, security, government support in my country exists because my forebears worked towards it and contributed toward civilisation. My ancestors fought, bled and died on both sides of the World Wars for their respective nations, whether it be England or Germany. They gave their lives for their people and nation.

Then foids come along, profit from it all by being offered the hand (women’s rights) and instead taking the entire arm (hypergamy, feminism etc). They live in peace, comfort and privilege off the backs of my ancestors. Black people talk about reparations for slavery; I demand reparations from women for exploiting my ancestors and rejecting me. The benefits of civilisation were meant for us, foid scum, not you. You never built civilisation, men did. And when I want something back from the civilisation which my ancestors built, like a gf to keep me from roping which would give me a reason to exist and can help me in kickstarting my own family, I’m told I’m not allowed one because im toxic or my ”puh-sun-alley-teeh” isn’t good enough by a bunch of soys on r*ddit. Women turn me down because I don’t have a jaw that could cut through glass.

I’m literally rotting away in my room, isolated from a society which my ancestors helped build and died defending on the field of battle. Women on the other hand, are granted a privileged position in society while men slave away at their dead end job and come home to an empty bed every night and get told how misogynistic they are if they talk to their looksmatch. Its fucking over.

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[Soy] [Story] I saw a guy at school wearing a shirt saying "I want to end sexual violence". Why are men so wiling to put their gender on the chopping block?

This guy was average face, decent muscles, but around 5'8. I see him in my class today and the back of his shirt says "I want to end sexual violence". How much of a simp can you be? You honestly think wearing that shirt is gonna make a difference? Fucking normies have to wear shirts that make all men seem like savage rapists. Does he think some girl is gonna see him and say "oh my, what a nice guy, he'll be my prince in shining armor!", and be able to get a girlfriend? The rape hysteria is ridiculous and he bit the bait hook line and sinker

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[Based] The Salem Witch Trials were Based as Fuck!

The general consensus during the Salem Witch Trials was that :

* Foids are innately much more sinful and susceptible to damnation than men were

* Foids are weak and vulnerable

* Foids must attend to house affairs and not meddle in such things as proper for men, whose minds were stronger

* Witches were those who sought to take an exodus from the patriarchal religion

The Devil(((them))) gives power(((hypergamous enablers like tinder e.t.c))) to Witches (((foids))) so they can harm others (((cucks and bluepillers)))

Most of the executed were foids (no wonder. They are inherently evil). A few men were executed as well (cucks who had been bewitched by foids guile and trickery)

Is disregarding your looksmatch whilst running after chads cock not a form of witchcraft? Is being a filthy disgusting degenerate single mom not a form of witchcraft? Is having an abortion not a form of witchcraft? Is using your sacred love hole as chads public cum dumpster not a form of witchcraft?

"Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live" - (Exodus 22:18) or so says the Bible.

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Wagiecel #transphobia incels.co

[Discussion] Why Trannies need to attack us

Eunuchs were men who had their balls cut off to serve the King.

They're not common in Europe where Kings usually had one wife. However they were common in big empires (China, Middle East, Ottomans, India etc) where the king had a harem of concubines to fuck so they could bear as many sons as possible. Gotta make sure succession goes smoothly you know.

The kings being much less retarded than now knew that females cannot be trusted no matter what they say. Therefore they make only eunuchs be able to serve in the harem, courts etc so there's no chance the kings will get cucked by them.

Another thing about eunuchs is nobody likes them. They can't go anywhere else outside the palace area coz they are freaks with no balls. In the palace, everyone sees them as sleazy opportunists who were only there coz they were willing to castrate themselves. Basically their fate lies with the King and thus have reason to be loyal to him

Its funny coz a lot of people think the practice of creating and using eunchs was barbaric. Yet look at today! We have people willingly cutting their balls off for no reason! Unlike before we don't use eunuchs anymore so these guys are castrating themselves with no purpose! At least eunuchs had a purpose and if you were really a scheming asshole, you could become almost as powerful as the king since you knew all the secrets of the empire. Trannies however will never get that.

Guess its time for Trannies to start plotting to bring back Monarchy (with harems of course) huh?

No wonder trannies spend so much times attacking Incels. They got to have someone else to hate on (as well as an actual purpose) otherwise just like the past, they'll be ones hated on the most. Except now with no purpose.

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Involuntary Celibacy will be most widespread disease in the whole world

It would be deadlier than the Black Death. It would be more contagious than HIV AIDS. It would spread faster than Ebola virus. It would affect more lives than malaria ever could. It would come as a doom upon sub-8 men and take us all down with it. Every man who can't cross the threshold barrier of attractiveness would be severely affected by it.

Every genetic trash, every incel in denial, every normie, every man who failed the genetic lottery at birth would suffer from the horrible effects of this disease. Loneliness, depression, sudden episodes of anger, extreme sorrow, melancholia, RSD, agoraphobia will the most common causes. This decade will witness a tremendous rise in the suicide rates of sub-8 men. 95% of men won't have anything to live for, they'll stop contributing to the development of society. By the end of this decade millions of support group would be established all over the world for subhumans to share their grief, pain and methods of cope in these harsh times.

And as usual the government won't do anything to eradicate it or give men affected by it their state funded girlfriends. Sub-8 men are the new evil in this world and what better way could there be to eliminate us than a slow, torturous, sexless life. Government and foids will cherish and rejoice as their one unfulfilled dream of watching ugly men succumb to their inevitable fates will come true. History will remember this decade as the darkest era of human civilization.

(Emphasis original)

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[Serious] Homer Simpson Would Be Incel, But Being A Sociopathic NT Saves Him

He's not book smart but street smart. He gets people to like him easily, has a huge amount of friends or acquaintances, people overlook his callous, cruel, thoughtless, impulsive and dangerous behavior. He is highly manipulative and guilt trips, shames, begs, and lies a lot to get what he wants, make himself look good and avoid embarrassment.

He regards other people negatively but they treat him positively, think Ned Flanders. He often says the right thing at the right times to gain forgiveness and buy love, think emotional and loving moments with his wife Marge, which allows him to keep her tied to him. He acts emotionally unavailable or abusive to family even occasionally strangling his son, but it's all passed off as humor. He makes intelligent statements even in dumb moments which proves he's just acting stupid for fun, think of the episode where he chooses to have a crayon placed back in his brain to make himself dumber, so he can fit in again.

At the same time think of his appearance, balding, obese and middle aged. He'd definitely be incel material. Of course this is just fiction but even the cartoon writers are blackpilled in realizing the importance of having a dark triad personality. Someone who is sociopathic, charming and extroverted is more socially and sexually successful on the show than someone who's autistic, socially clueless or nerdy. Think of the characters Ralph Wiggum, Martin Pince or Professor Frink as examples of the latter.

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ShySaxon #sexist incels.co

[Blackpill] Women aren’t interesting and should shut the fuck up

Take a step back and ponder your experiences with women from school to the workplace: has a woman ever said anything interesting to you? Probably not. Women are so full of shit that it’s a wonder that their breath doesn’t smell like literal refuse. Most women will talk about things like shitty TV shows and boring ass movies, or what they did on the weekend with their Stacy whore friends or, more obviously, what their sexual experiences have been like. They talk and they talk yet they never seem to say anything of substance, ever. Sometimes they try to, like roasties interested in politics and other more “serious” subjects will, but they still talk horseshit all the same.

Every time a cumbreath foid tries to talk to me, I should break their fucking nose in GTA 5. Fucking nuisances. Keep your opinions to yourselves you foid cunts. Nobody cares where you went on holiday. We know you went to go suck foreign cock. Nobody cares about your weekend shopping spree. Just shut the fuck up.

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Daze #psycho incels.co

[LifeFuel] The only way I will be happy is if WW3 or a civil war occurs

I've been blueballed hard because of the U.S-Iranian conflict lately. I really hope we have a major event soon that disrupts the lives of normies and foids all around the world. I can only pray that Virginia will spark a civil war in the U.S.

I know the downfall of society will happen soon, but I want it NOW.

These normies who have never experienced as much hardship as we have need to experience the dispair that we feel every single day.

Let the world burn.

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Malte #racist #sexist incels.co

Racetraitor foids - Opinions?

Let's be real; seeing women of your race with other races always sticks extra hard in the eyes. However, having these feelings is nothing to be ashamed of, It just goes to prove you still have some T & selfworth. We as men are all biologically programmed to take care and protect our tribes/nations, which our race is a part of. We can't help this feeling. Therefore it's always a huge betrayal seeing a women date outside their race.

I, as a white man, feel disgust seeing white women date others. I can't help it, its just how it is. I can imagine asians, curries etc feel the same about the noodle- and currywhores. Blacks I'd say is different, because their gene-pool (in murica) is always so mixed, so they don't really care the same, maybe im wrong though.

So what's your opinion on this?

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based_meme #sexist #transphobia incels.co

[Discussion] What Is The End Game?

Western civilization is deteriorating. In a few generations we will reach levels of soy and degeneracy that will be unprecedented. The culture is rapidly changing, and it's showing no signs of getting better.

Girls as young as 13 are having dozens of sexual partners. A triple digit body count by the time they're 25 is considered normal. This was unthought of in the late 90s and early 2000s. Their ability to pair bond with a man is completely annihilated (just like their pussies) by the time they move out of their parent's house. Having a family and being a housemom will be "something they did in the 20th century" and is already considered "male patriarchal oppression" thanks to the cancer of feminism.

Transexuality in children is celebrated, encouraged and doctor approved. They call the hormone injections "hormone therapy." WTF is supposed to be therapeutic about stuffing a ten year old boy with estrogen? That's unquestionably child abuse.

That's a slice of today's level of degeneracy in 2020. Imagine what it will be like in 20 years. What's the end game here? We're the observers of this descent into decadence. It's like we're watching a dystopian movie play out.

What is our role in all of this? Sitting back and letting the ouroboros consume itself, though perfectly fine, seems like the beta passive move tbh ngl. I think we should all take the example of Dr. Castle and fight this war on culture and on our minds. We won't necessarily have to write a book, but we should always fight in whatever way we can, even if it's as little as speaking up in whatever situation you find yourself in, or as big as being on YouTube.

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Monk of Failure #sexist #psychoceramics incels.co

[Hypocrisy] Holes don't care about their orgasm and show hypocrisy before non chad when it comes to orgasm.

Holes often complain about the issue of not getting orgasm, when they're in relationship with normie as girlfriend or with betacuck as wife and often cite it their reason for cheating or breakup. Interestingly, however, just 1 out of 10 f*males are able to orgasm in ONS(One Night Stands), nonetheless, they continue to do take part in countless ONS. If holes really care of orgasm and the so called "emotionally connected sex", why do they do engage in these ONS, when they evidently know they won't get orgasm and instead are more likely to get from masturbation? Holes actually don't care of their orgasm , as sex for them is to get Chad orgasm. That's enough. When they see naked normie or betacuck, it disgusts them and since they have to give sex to normie or betacuck for relationship once in a while, they think that sex as masturbation but in this masturbation they don't get orgasm due to the disgust.

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SlayerSlayer #psychoceramics incels.co

[Blackpill] Involuntary Celibate = Involuntary Cuck

Let's face it. Involuntary celibate no longer means what it meant to mean. Depending on who wields the word, it can either mean any straight white male that doesn't shit rainbows out of their asshole, or it could mean a subhuman ethnic with acne. But what is true about depressed men who are completely fucked in life romantically, is that they are cucked, and they did not intend for that to happen.

It's more accurate to call ourselves involuntary cucks. Everyone is cucking us. Soys, chads, that purple haired dyke . . . all these people you despise are the chosen bulls, and you are the one chosen by women to sit in the other room, and listen to these parties fornicate in ways YOU never will genetically deserve. They are getting laid, and you aren't. You did not intend for such a situation to occur, but you're forced to witness it. Even when you aren't witnessing it, you're on your nofap, you're in therapy, you're putting in all the effort you can to leave it behind. But you cannot escape the cuckholdry. Ultimately, it's all you think about. You cannot escape the thought, the obsession, the imagination on the periphery: THAT EVERYONE ELSE IS HAVING SEX, AND YOU AREN'T.


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mrrodriguez44 #sexist #wingnut incels.co

“Atheism is the root cause of inceldom”

Think about it: when Christianity was prevalent in society, there were less men and women cheating on each other (as opposed to the current dating market) and those who did (mainly foids) were ostracised and lost all respect, (not to mention the belief in sin).

Nowadays, there are no consequences for cheating since most westerners choose atheism over religion, meaning foids can cheat and fuck as many guys as they want with no consequence (e.g. being seen as immoral, loss of reputation, belief in damnation to hell ect.) - but it also constitutes the notion that they are encouraged to fuck as many guys as possible in the current dating market based on their hypergamous instinct. (Ik about Asia, more specifically China, Japan ect. but a growth in ricecels over there is mostly bc of the western invasion that seems to be taking place, were women are being exposed to non-Asian males who they deem far better than their male counterparts obviously, same goes to curries to an extent)

But with the way it’s going I don’t see a resurgence in Christianity, especially in Incel groups since most of us here are divided on it. Though it does serve as a good cope ngl

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VirginAutistManlet #sexist #psycho incels.co

I just realised I am disgusted by 99.9999% of people on the planet

Even disgusted by people who have done nothing wrong to me.

When I look over social media, I expect that I should feel envy, or jealousy, but I dont feel any envy or jealousy, I just feel disgust, and feel like I've dodged a bullet by being autistic and not a generic normie. I can't explain why exactly, but it's almost like a sense of relief in a way?

Often I feel like Im missing out on something, but then I realise 99.999% of peoples lives are fucking generic and shit, even Chads from highschool I knew who are 30+ now, they're with fat ugly girlfriends, going on generic holidays around the world, all of them, I thought were special, are just living generic shitty lives, and none of them look as good as I actually remember. This goes for all the Staceys and Beckies, theyre all fat and disgusting now.

What exactly is the purpose of all of this? I don't even know where to go next, everyone seems boring, shitty, lame, and generic as fuck.

This is NOT COPE. I repeat, this is NOT COPE. I generally want to feel envy and jealous looking at other peoples lives, because it makes it simple for me to understand what makes me feel the way I do, but I just dont, I feel nothing but disgust and as if im better off the way I am. It would be 100% easier in my mind to feel envy and jealousy, but feeling DISGUST is really strange, I don't know where to go from here. If I don't want the life of the normie, why am I sad all the time about not being a normie? What the fuck am I supposed to do?

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Wagiecel #psycho #sexist incels.co

[Experiment] Real men don't hit or hurt women

How is that most of the guys that aren't "real men" still are getting to fuck their pussies and make babies?

How come "real men" here who havent even faced a woman in years get nothing?

Sounds like being a "real man" is a worthless thing to strive towards huh?

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Personalityinkwell #psycho incels.co

Why is St. Yogacel considered a saint?

Scott Beierle wasn't an incel. He was some pissed off 40 year old who used to be in the military so he likely had mental problems from war and snapped. he only killed 2, yes they happened to be women, but so what. He wasn't even ugly, I'd say he's a 5.5-6 personally, better face than ER.

Why is he an incel saint?

(Emphasis added)

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mental_out #sexist incels.co

[JFL] Feminist dystopian fiction always seems to be about the horror of fucking sub 8 men

The big famous ones like handmaidens tale for example, literally just seems to be about the utter horror of having to fuck sub 8 men. Their dystopias always seems to come down to sex, and sex with men who aren't chad. Their liberation ending up being them finally getting to fuck chad. It's pretty hilarious to think that's the worst fate they can think of.

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azakhan #sexist incels.co

[JFL] "Don't worry bro, you still have time, I started dating in my 30s and now I'm happily married!"

"It doesn't matter that my wife had 50 times more partners than I did and she thinks about her chad ex(es) every time we're having sex. Past is past bro! It doesn't matter she will cheat on me and than take away half of my stuff bro!"

Seriously fuck all those cucks giving women free pass to do whatever she wants in her youth. Imagine if society treated heroin usage the same as casual sex. I mean both give you instant pleasure right? Your body your choice remember?
JFL at people who get married with non-virgin woman. It's the biggest cuckold thing I can think of.