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[Blackpill] Men are pathetic and weak

Pathetic, weak men, simps have been chasing women like they are the last source of water on a desertic planet.
They have been chasing women for so long that now they have power over us because they know it will always be men going for them.
What are the rules again? Men must pay, men must make all the initial moves, men must take all the shit, men must take all the dangerous job positions, etc etc etc. It has been ingrained in the animalistic brain of women after thousands of years of the same repetitive behavior coming from men.

In the animal kindgom, the female is a prize, and this has transcended to the human kingdom, which is so wrong. We are rational creatures, this should not have happened.
Weak men have been enabling women to gain more and more entitlement and power over sex and relationships. They are the reason everything is the way it is now.
You spoil a brat enough, and the the spoiled brat will act entitled for the rest of their lives. This is the case with women, thanks to weak men.
They chased women like a prize, the only source of life in a dead universe that now they feel they are divinities among mortals (us). They feel untouchable, unreachable, the ultimate prize for the lesser beings they consider men to be. If a man is able to even talk or touch one of them, they are already winning at life and the mere respect of other people for their "success".
They gave women this goddess complex we will seemingly never get rid of.

Thanks a lot fucking stupid simps, weak men, now we have to pay the price and deal with the monstrosities you allowed to be created known as the modern woman.

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The thought of having a daughter terrifies me

I know it doesn’t matter because chances are I’ll never reproduce anyway, but the thought of managing to get a woman and thinking I’d succeeded in life only to have a daughter (or worse, multiple daughters) genuinely terrifies me.

I know it’s a cope, but with having a son I at least feel like I could give him the childhood I never had and maybe actually have some fun experiences with him, but with a daughter what do you get?

She won’t look like you cos female, she’ll cost thousands more to raise, she won’t be any fun again cos female, and then she’ll cuck you by bringing over young men to your house once she reaches her teens.

Also, studies show that I’m not in the minority, men overwhelmingly state that they want a son more when questioned, and for women it’s more like 50/50. Also couples that have daughters are way more likely to divorce than those who have sons (I’ve seen evidence of this irl)

i would just treat her as an apparatus for further passing on my genes and separate my emotion from it.

The brutal part is no matter how you raise them the result will be the same you can try your best for years but they'll still end up a roastie whore.

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Serious I Will be Participating to 2021's Pride Month

My contribution will be:

- Sending pictures of happy sons with their fathers to fags
- Send islamic beheading to fags and trannies
- Posting pictures of actual teenage girls to tranny sub reddits to make them feel like shit and trigger their dysphoria

2021 is techno-hormonal terrorism year

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I see a lot of support for teen pregnancy online. There are even programs and websites for supporting pregnant teens. But if a Muslim girl the same age gets married suddenly it's the worst crime in humanity and they start their media campaigns and international pressure.

Forget 12, it's considered the worst crime if she's 17. Most "child brides" are actually 17 at the time of their wedding. They don't just resort to media campaigns, but they also set up NGOs and send them to non-western countries in the hopes of raising the AoC or at least the minimum age of marriage to 18. They have succeeded doing this in Pakistan for instance. It used to be 16 and now it's 18 and you will get thrown in jail and pay a fine if you are involved in it. If you are the father giving her away, if you are the man trying to marry her, if you are the imam who will make the marriage lawful, etc. Even if she wants to marry on her own accord.

So fucking ragefuel.
Fuck leaders of Muslim countries for being so corrupt and letting our countries be so weak against the violent savage West.
I don't know how you guys cope with this stuff, it stays in my head for days every time I see shit like this.

Yes, it's definitely ragefuel and I am not someone who easily gets mad. In the case of Pakistan, it's because there are millions of Pakistanis with dual citizenship, usually from America, England and Canada and they infect the country with their western liberalism, think of feminism, socialism, LGBT, etc. There are now many Pakistani liberals, you can find them on Twitter and they put pronouns in their bios and they are also overly sexual. No shame whatsoever.

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12 y.o. girl from Ukraine became pregnant.

this is what it looks like all over the balkans

its why childhood ends and you become an "awkward loser" so early in the balkans, it's because everyone is already fucking at an early age and you stand out like a sore thumb if you don't

the hilarious thing, is everyone still considers a relationship between a 30 year old man and a 20 year old woman to be "rapey" or "abusive" or some shit, when the woman has already had 7-8 years of uninterrupted sexual activity with other men.


I always wondered why western media targets Pakistani muslims the most. I can't think of one sunni muslim country the western media had stereotyped with evil intent more than Pakistan.

The western world has a bone to pick with Pakistan for a plethora of reasons. The main reason is that we have atomic bombs, something we were not supposed to have. The west is hell-bent on destroying Pakistan from within as they cannot do it from the outside. Militarily, we are probably undefeatable due to the decades of experience we have with taking out terrorists that work the USA, England, Israel, India and even Afghanistan. Pakistan also has enemies not from the outside only but also from the inside. We have corrupt judges, media, journalists that work for the west, corrupt politicians that work for foreign interests. Our judiciary system is modeled after the western system and thus it is a flawed system that has no place in a country that was founded in the name of Islam. Democracy is not for us. It is not wise to let the masses decide, that is utterly idiotic.

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Blackpill 11 year old boy (tallfag) impregnates his live-in nanny - Media doesnt call it rape or pedophilia

Double blackpill here.

First off he was taller than the adult female at 11 jfl, how hard must he have mogged other boys at his age?

And of course the media is super soft on this, they dont call it rape or pedophilia, great double standards

Check 0:30, look at how tall he is and how she's admiring him
and jfl, ogress with a NW2 hairline what the fuck

Just be a normie athletic white boy and you're set for life. Lol at the 15 year old white"cels" of this forum

Most youngcels will ascend or shouldn't be here, they should be trying their hardest to make it
But there's a huge difference between normie face and let's say Eggy face

She was charged with sexual battery and got sentenced to 20 years in prison. Wdym media doesn't call it rape or pedophilia?

They're soft as fuck in the video, even just the title lmao. Wouldn't be like that if the genders were reversed

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JFL I am so unique and different

>I want open borders
>I want one mixed race world
>I want all firearms to be banned
>I want to ban "hate" speech
>I think POC are oppressed
>I think trannies are oppressed
>I think racism is mental illness but gender dysphoria isn't
>I think women should have abortions
>I think people should take vaccines
>I think nazis were the worst people
>I think blacks are being killed by police for being black
>I think white men have all the power
>I think women are oppressed
>I think Myanmar is evil for opppressing Rohingya people
>I think fascism is a real theat to humanity

But above all I dye my hair red and listen to alt rock. Aren't I the most unique free thinking person in the world with no one controlling my thought process?

This are all the points nearly every redditor will agree with especially our detractors. They are unable to hold a single unique opinion that goes against the popular narrative but at the same time they also consider themselves to be always right and the intellectuals of modern age.

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Using the incel argument with race included can make even the most SJWiest person turn into a right wing nazi, it offenses everyone

The secret to this is to use an incel argument from the perspective of an ethnic black guy or middle eastern guy that can't get laid.

This move makes both /pol/ alt right types and SJW's angry, and pisses of normalfags

I have offended dozens of white people by this.
Even the SJW's know deep down that we're right and that they prefer a white man, even through they proclaim to hate white people. It kind of hijacks their movement and completly destroyers them. I have though about joining a SJW communist group and then say that white people are racist because they don't date outside their races. And maybe talk about the inequality in dating.

The incel argument is enough to piss most people off but adding race to it can make even the SJWiest person into a right wing nazi if you continue to piss them off enough.

There have been many debates here and we all come to the conclusion that white people have it easier in dating since they can date black women or asian women easier.
It doens't mean that whites can't be incel.

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From an evolutionary standpoint, getting raped is nowhere near as bad as being an incel

Human behaviour has evolved through billions of years to maximise the survival of their genes. That is why they are so protective of their offspring and why they love their relatives.

So let's look at rape vs being an incel. If a woman gets raped, he risks having his kids carry genes from a genetically perhaps not as fit male. He also will not get the father to offer resources for them.

Compare this to life-long inceldom, which kills your entire descent. It's not even remotely close. Being an incel is something far worse than getting raped and therefore being an incel also means much greater psychological stress and pain.

Is this news to you?


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RE: JFL Imagine being this delusional hahahhaahahahhahahaaahhahahahhaahhahaha

lmao how delusional can women be? Even someone on IT had to disagree with this post.


Foids have no idea how fragile is the pedestal in which their "rights and privileges" balances upon.

And how fleeting this whole "female liberation" is.

Western Civilization is at it's end, it has grown too degenerate, too weak, too corrupted by leftist/communist ideologies and politics.

Here in South America, just a few years ago, Venezuelan women had a very good life, in fact they had one of the highest "quality of life" levels on the continent.

Government programs covered them completely, tax payers paid for their every need, the legal system was completely rigged in their favor.

Then, the socialist paradise became a hellhole.

Now those same women are eating rotten dog carcasses from trashcans to not starve.

They are prostituting themselves and their daughters for shelter, food, water, clothes, make up, alcohol, drugs and other menial things.

Foids are always 1 economic hardship away from becoming property again.

This is what women are capable of accomplishing without men:

The Venezuelan women selling their bodies to survive

Venezuela: Teenage Girls Turn to Prostitution to Fight Starvation

Ah, those articles are a little old, many parts of Venezuela are effectively in the stone age now. The situation is far worse today amid the whole covid fake virus bullshit.

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JFL Prank calling target and getting them to apologize and praise black superiority. Blackcels GTFIH

Prank calling Target

They had no problem with me hailing black supremacy at the end. If I can get away with this ON THE PHONE, you can get away with it IRL considering your skin color and how you're actually a negro. STOP WASTING THIS FUCKING TIME AND GO TO YOUR NEAREST STORE TO GET BUXX OR SEX FUAAARK



I didn't even say I was a victim of a hate crime. I literally just asked "Why is there no BLM/LGBTQPOC flags" and shes going and talking like this shit grovelling about how so woke they are. I DIDN'T EVEN REPORT ANYTHING.


WWWOOOOOOWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just WOW! I can't believe what I heard, seriously, WTF? BLM gained THAT much power they can make Target employees in ALABAMA bend the knee? WTF? Huh? What?

My brain will not process this.......

Nigger privilege is a real thing with the stupid BLM movement however, this only applies to tyrones.

Going out trying to commit crimes and trying to thugmaxx as a short ugly faced negroid will do nothing for you except make you look like a fool, don't bother abusing these privileges unless you are a tall good looking black guy.

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A huge underlying problem is that k-pop spaces are ripe for political brainwashing. Idk why k-pop specifically but the fact that it’s average fan age is quite young and like you said, female, is going to be very consequential in future elections I think with radicalizing people to the far left.

I shit you not, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more progressive vitriolic anti white community than k-pop Twitter (I assume because of all the black foids there). They make black supremacists/Afro centrists look like a joke. I remember seeing an entire hashtag built around bullying this white kpop stan that posted their face (quote tweets full of ratios, white racial slurs etc.)

Its a community built by a core base of obese black females (who are undesired even, or atleast undesired by chads) who have nothing better to do and it’s turning thousands of people into weird monstrosities every day. Crazy shit, man.

starcrapoo #racist #sexist incels.is

Anyone who lives in SF, Seattle, or Portland knows that Asian men are the most privileged group out there.

We are not the "cool" guys. We have the lowest crime rates and are the highest earners. Socially conservative. Shuns divorces. Mind their own business. Works hard.

Foids don't get cool points for dating us. They get "cool" points for dating edgy white dudes with tattoos, piercings, and deals drugs. Hipster hispanic + black dudes.

Asian + Indian men = lowest of the low in the eyes of liberal foids.

You know what I see? Cambodian and Hmong and Filipino guys will be poor as shit and short, but they manage to thugmaxx and get women. If Chinese and Korean men were more low inhib they'd actually be doing much better.

Yea I notice exactly the same as a ricecel in my 30s. SEA males are objectively uglier, poorer, dumber, and shorter than east Asian males but they are more masculine in behavior and looks.

Therefore, they do significantly better with non-Asian foids or just foids in general.

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SuicideFuel Slavs get mogged by every race

East Asians are smarter and have older cultures.
Indians and Spics have better family values and Indians are in many high positions in the US too and Spics will literally replace whites in the US.
Western Europeans invented more shit and have cooler and more influential cultures
Scandinavians are better looking physically and also live in rich countries.
Muslims, again better family values but they are also like 2 billion and have much more influence.

Literally the only race that does not mog Slavs is niggers JFL and even they have heavily influenced music and sports and foids think they have big dicks.

The Slav pill is absolutely brutal. We are literally the most pathetic race on earth and only known for corruption, poverty and alcoholism. Even our fucking leaders hated us and tried to genocide us JFL. Never began.

There is no way spics mogs slavs - you guys are taller than us, for starters.

In terms of face, slavic guys aren't great looking but you guys can ogre max and are white (side note: it boggles my mind me how many white nationalists don't view slavs as white)

Spics do not necessarily have better family values --- single mothers are very common, and once hispanic foids move to the US they almost immediately pick up SJW woke buzzfeed type garbage

And finally, your culture may not be as old as East Asian or Indian culture, but your history goes back to at least the iron age -- on the other hand, we're basically mongrels descended from conquered savages that were forcibly converted

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Incel Meetup in North Korea 2021/2022

Why North Korea?

It's a comfy isolated country where we will be treated like kings by our qt North Korean milf tour guides... think about it... chilling in a North Korean bar drinking NK beers on a nice evening with our QT tour guides just chilling, nobody to judge us since there's nobody around and we can't be infiltrated by normies since the effort to come to NK will be too much... plus it'll be pretty funny.

B-but rope2cope how much will it cost?

Well, I was thinking we could book this one... it's a Bicycle tour around Nork's capital and will cost:

Price : €495 / €595

3 or 4 nights.

I'm thinking the 500 euro for 3 nights of Brocel bonding on bikes and getting a guided around by a qt Nork is lifefuel and will be fun.

This could be us chilling while Nork bar singers dance their little Nork asses away to impress us.

Incel.is Con 2021 in North Korea will happen, even if I make the trip solo... I guess an Incel convention with just 1 attendee will be somewhat poetic if you think about it.

Think about it brocels, live a little.

Please post interest here.

Also maybe we can cozy up to the NK government and be allowed to NEETmaxx there, non-autisticcels could get a job teaching Engrish to Nork universities and schools and we can live in the Supreme Leaders Paradise unmolested and get state sanctioned gf.

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[RageFuel] I hate how they say ‘Respect women’.

Like the topic title says, I hate how they say ‘Respect women’, like, not men too? No wonder so many men are fucking degenerate female worshipping cucks and you even get feminists saying ‘I’m going to raise my son to respect women’, not humans in general, just women.

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Should autistic men be put down like dogs in order to spare them from a lifetime of misery?

I personally voted yes. Autism has made my inceldom unquestionably worse.

Yes Votes: 17 70.8%
No, it’s to inhumane. Votes: 7 29.2%


I'm kinda glad ER went ER on his ricecel roommates. HE WAS JUST PUTTING THEM OUT OF THEIR MISERY

Didn’t think about that. High IQ post.

When you reach a certain level of blackpill these things are just intuitive, they certainly were for ER

No, they deserve a chance to become legends like Adam Lanza

No, it’s women causing problems for autistic men so just take away women’s rights and problem solved.

Why stop at men?

Putting down subhumans in general should be mandatory

deathnicel #pedo #racist #sexist incels.is

Venting My cousin is the only foid that I could have had a chance with

Maybe I'm a delusional coping retard. But my foid cousin used to pester me like a bitch all the time when she was little and would always try to get my attention. When I was playing games on the computer or the playstation or doing anything in general she'd beg me to do it with her. She would always do perverted shit, like bring me to our uncle's room without saying why and would try to look in my pants (this is when we were very young, I was 12 and she was 8). She also would hug me every now and then and said she wanted to sleep next to me in bed. I think it makes sense because i used to be a lot bigger than her and I am fairer skinned than her because I'm half white. I also had a much better face as a child than I do now. I used to hate her bothering me when I was a kid, but when I look back at it now I think of how it beautiful it was.

But anyway, since I was an early bloomer, I matured when I was like 14 and she hit puberty late, so we ended up relatively the same height. My child face became fucking nasty with a limp crooked jew nose, slightly recessed chin, and minor acne, and became pretty much a hairball because of deathnic genes. Whenever I visit my mom's family and see her, she hardly talks to me unless she needs something. I get that she's older now and isn't a retard anymore, but she doesn't even treat me like a cousin. Whenever I've tried talking to her even if it's something casual she gives me one word responses, and she's always doing some other shit like being on her phone. I bet if I was tall and handsome she would treat me like family, and would fondly look back at those memories. But it probably horrifies her as she now sees me as a disappointment. I could have ascended with her if I hadn't have been an asexual autist when I was younger. Now it's over. I'll never get that sort of attention from anyone ever again.

Benj-amin #elitist #racist #sexist incels.is


Not surprising tbh. Most of her fans are probably black cuz "muh black culture", and niggaz tend to have low levels of IQ (this is not an eccentric opinion, even black people admit it). I think the average IQ for Blacks is around 80, so 75 is not far off the mark. It only means that Cradi B fans are the most retarded people on earth, even among niggers.

Notice how they are are Black "women", Black nigger Foids are the lowest trash of all foids.

Nigger foids are literal trash, most of them are low IQ hood type bitches who can't even compose a coherent sentence. They have insane single motherhood rates, and work dead end jobs, nothing worth pursing tbh. The only ones worth pursing are the ones who come from affluent families.

Lol imagine thinking that "affluent" black women are worth pursuing, They are just like the trash in the inner cities. Don't be fooled by the civilized Facade they put on, White man.

The ones I met in college weren't as bad as the low class ones, but then again, all women are trash after all. Some of them are just less trashy than others.

Also, are you black? Cuz if you are you probably know more about that.

I am a blackcel, yes. I live in a very segrated city (STL), one side of of city is literally mostly vacant lots, Vacant houses, and is 98% majority black, and where most of the shootings occur. On the other end, are mainly rich white folk that some Nigger foids try to emulate. Those "Affluent" Niggas you speak of.

AutisticMonstrosity #psycho #racist #sexist incels.is

Then please be the first to stop all white western males from visiting Southeast Asia or East Asia for whatever reason.

I just pointed out the hypocrisy of ethnics here complaining that they can't get an European GF but refusing to go back to where they came from while arguing that "white" men are volcels, because they can always get a South East Asian GF, while also strongly being against it also!

I see anywhere from 15x to 35x more WMAF couples than AMWF couples.

I've yet to see on my own eyes any native Finnish man with a GF from countries where Finland has received massive immigration since 1990: Afghanistan, Pakistan, Sub-Saharan Africa, Iraq, Iran, Morocco, Turkey...

We Finns suffer from "JBW" (Western and Southern European men taking our women) like an Asian country. There are 4.2 British nationals of male sex living permanently here for every British national female, and those females are mostly the female children of British man, Finnish woman couples. Every western nationality mogs Finnish men, the ratios are between 2-4 for Spain, Italy, France, Germany, Greece... and the sex ratio is the reversed in those mentioned countries: there are much more Finnish women living in those countries than Finnish men. There are over double the amount of Finnish women living in the Netherlands compared to Finnish men. In the UK the ratio is even worse.

BTW, I bet I hate anglo-men more than you. I have seen so many anglo-men taking our women that every time I see a British man here, I barely can hold my rage and not kill him on the spot. It is a VERY one sided phenomenon: always the man is the anglo and the woman is Finnish in these couples. If I have to deal with them, I am as unfriendly as I can be. And there's a difference: I live where I was born, where my ancestors have lived for thousands of years. I have lived in the same town my whole life, witnessing the rise in foreigner numbers. While you have voluntarily moved to SF Bay area? Were you born in the USA?

epillepsy #racist #sexist incels.is

A letter to noodlewhores: Please stop calling yourself “Asians,” instead identify as “noodlewhores.”

Dear noodlewhores,

I know it’s very tempting to identify as “Asian” women because you want those sweet victim points from the recent black attacks on Asians, but if you’ve fucked a white guy, you’re a traitor and no longer part of the group. It’s ridiculous to show up at those anti-Asian violence rallies with your white husband (or “hubby” as you call him) or boyfriend and act like you’ve been personally victimized by attacks on elderly Asian men. When in fact you victimize Asian men by insulting them publicly on social media for their small dicks, blame them for the patriarchy, and how you wouldn’t fuck someone who looks like your brother. I wouldn’t fuck you either you miscegenistic whore. Stop assuming I’m attracted to you. If I put on a wig, I’d make a better looking woman than you, you flat-faced pancaked mongoloid piece of shit. And even if you’ve been assaulted, it’s your own fault for betraying your race. God has sent his black servants to punish you for your affront.

A lot of you really lean into your “Asianness” and parade around the culture as if it’s your own, holding flags that say “Love us like you love our food.” You also post pics in kimonos and hanboks and make shitty videos about making origami cranes and cooking Westernized versions of Asian food. But at the same time, in your sexual lives, you are the very white supremecists who you blame for these Asian attacks. You dye your hair weird unnatural colors and get plastic surgery on your monolids and do your makeup so you appear white. You want the exotic advantage of Asian culture as well as the perceived (by you) superiority of white genes. You also want so badly to be white so you can hate Asian men with full force without appearing to be self-hating. But remember, it’s actually blacks who hate and attack Asians, not whites. So you might as well consider yourself black instead of white by your own logic.

turbocuckcel_7000 #sexist incels.is

RE: LifeFuel Web devcel hired by femcels to build their forum calls them misandrist whores & destroys their servers! They can't find any female to build their site



useless foidcunts are basically nonexistent when it comes to the hard work of actually making everything work properly, that is setting up a server from the ground up in addition to writing all the code for the website, and making sure nothing gets fucked up at any step of the way, more or less full responsability for the project

what they do is get assigned some insignificant task that doesn't sink the project if it fails, like a sandbox for a child, or if doing a whole "website" the work that they do is configuring and styling a template that's already been created by someone, and installed onto a configured and functional server by another someone else

you'll never meet a foidcunt who got the whole project and the whole codebase dropped on her, ever, whereas guys like that are everywhere

JFL men that learned how to be a 'machinist' of the modern era got fucked so hard, they do all the work, while femoids try to steal their credit, and even if the guys are good at this modern work they are all considered useless compulsive masturbators anyway, just for being around a computer a lot

ropecel64 #racist #sexist incels.is

Blackpill tbh indians and aisans should stop being so subservient to whites

Whites really dont appreciate you or care about you, your just money for their economy, and your female counterpart is free pussy for whites. Infact seeing it now being black or hispanci is much better, you don't contribute anything but you get women, money from drug deals and actively make the country that tries to eploit you into a shithole and you exploit them. Indians and aisans should stop contributing to western society and instead exploit it until there are miscengeation laws and ethnostates for us to live in and to stop whites form cucking us tbh

Spot on what you said about blacks and hispanics. Whites have a soft spot for Blacks, Jews, and Hispanics. Most definitely. Thats why you see white foids dating blacks nowadays. Even with all of the Asian lives matter stuff going on right now, not a single AMWF in sight and SF is like 30 percent Asian.

The people white Anglos (especially white liberals) hate are Asian, Indian, and Middle eastern men.

India seems like it hates China much more than it hates England. Which is sad.

White Anglos want Japs, Koreans, and Indians to help them fight China.

Tbh i think whites like curries and especially aisans for being so subservient, for the women for being sluts and them men for helping their economy out. But they favour blacks more for some reason, especially for black male dating white females.

All I really want is an aisan united front, from India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, china, japan, korea and south east aisa under one flag. With ethnostates etc. So we don't get cucked by whites. But instead we fight each other sigh.

Netzachcel #conspiracy #racist #sexist incels.is

Incels are rare as fuck in mexico because this shithole is a goblin farm for the imperium.

Incels in mexico are rare as fuck,People here breed like rabbits,Foids here dont go full chad 24/7 like in first world countries,People here breeds like cockroaches because thats what the imperium wants,They want organs,wagecuckers and puppets,I noticed that most people here are dumb as fuck and they just care about eating,shitting and breeding,There are lots white saxon chads here but they dont get 99% of wombs,Why? Because mexico is a fucking farm,And living here as a dissident is hellish as fuck,If you are not a normie here you get drugged with jewpills since a young age that lower your testosterone, because the imperium want you to take care of single mothers here or breed with goblins or fat trolls,Mexico is a fucking human farm and only white chads experience here human rights,Our president is well...less brutal than the former leaders but i still think there is something weird with him,Whatever white boyos,If you want mexican pudsy just fuck them,But dont bring those ungrateful priviledged holes to the imperium,they dont deserve it.

this shit is pure evil, at least european medieval peasants had white holes.

mexicans have latinas

What is so great about "latinas",Their skin looks like poop,They have weird faces,They shave their eyebrows and paint them back with makeup,They listen to shit music,What is so great about them? They are sluts like all foids.

most latinas are ugly. the more native american blood they got the uglier they tend to be. the upper class of mexico look white. mexican tv shows are full of white actors. JBW is law in mexico. the native are ugly, cruel, dangerous criminals to be or already a criminal. all those cartel violence. and OP how the fuck r u incel in mexico? foids in that shithole have low standards.

JBW is super strong here,Most bank workers are white stacies and chads,And how im an incel? Im a truecel,And honestly im not attracted at all in shitskin females.

Wizcel #psycho #sexist incels.is

As a compensation for my suffering in life, I demand the government give me a virgin 18 year old wife.

I don't want some used up roastie that Chad already fucked. I've missed out on life and I demand reparations just like the niggers are demanding reparations. Privileged sex-havers must pay for this.

Do I really want my first love to be some used up roastie? NO! Give me that lovely LEGAL 18 year old virgin wife. I will make sure that she has enough to eat(but not too much so she doesn't get fat). I will put a roof over her head. I will provide for her and our spawn. The only demand that I have is to be truly faithful and have sex with me whenever I tell her to. She must give me oral and anal just like she would give Chad oral and anal. This is my only demand. Otherwise she is free to live as she pleases(within limits).

Wizard32 #psycho #sexist incels.is

how much blood would you donate to a vampire QT in exchange for sex? BLEEDING TO COOM and IRL feasibility of blood 4 BJs from open-minded nice girls

We have 8-12 pints and apparently it takes 4-8 weeks to regain lost red blood cells, so if I round that up to 2 months, you can perhaps donate safely at a rate of 6 pints per year. If we were guaranteed bimonthly sexual encounters, would you bloodmax? There should be some kind of altruistic movement among women where they will give sex to a man who donates blood. Like maybe there are some girls out there scared of needles who wish they could give blood but can't work themselves up to it. Maybe an alternative to that is to let a man give blood INSTEAD of them, but to support that man by giving him sex.

They should also give you meat because you need to regenerate blood cells w/ iron. Virtue-signal foids in addition to offering sex should cook us some meat. 1 burger + 1 blowjob reward every 2 months in exchange for 1 pint of my blood: please make this happen foids. My sense of selflessness evaporated but I still sorta want to help, just give me an excuse to make it feel slightly less cucked and I'm in.

Foids will get mad at guys for being non-genuine by "pretending to be friends" or "doing good things only to get rewards rather for its own sake". Well okay: I won't pretend: I don't want to do those things for their own sake. You'll only reward chad for doing good things because you know he doesn't need to do them to get your pussy because you'd give him your pussy ANYWAY. So hey, let's not pretend: I'm not a super-altruist, but YOU can be if you just suck it up and tolerate my presence a couple dozen minutes every couple months in exchange for muh pint. You won't even have to swallow a pint of semen to earn it. It's a small price to help people right?

starcrapoo #crackpot #racist #sexist incels.is

JFL Rofl I have no sympathy for the average 5'4 - 5'8 bluepilled ethnic simp living in the west/Anglosphere

Listen, if you're not at least a white guy thats 5'4 or above, its over for you. And I know there are many of you whitecels here on this forum so I don't wanna offend you guys. But this is in the west coast of the United States. (and I'm sure east coast and the pacific north west as well). This is very consistent over time. 5'4 or above for a white guy is what most average females (of all races especially white females) put at the very minimal threshold. Ethnic men have to be at least at the very minimum a 7/10 (5'8+ far above average height for a shitskin as well as muscularity).

You have to be at the very LEAST a white guy to qualify for pussy eventually down the line.(usually with noodles, but even then I see low tier white dudes with mid to high tier ethnic or white foids).

Its a very old topic that offends whitecels on this forum (PS. if youre the stormfrontcel @BummerDrummer type, crawl back into your swamp). If you're mayocel, a young white dude on this forum. Its not completely over for you like the way it is for ethnic males in the west. You can either ascend here or vastly ascend in Southeast Asia or Latin America.

I know you European whitecels feel much differently at this thread. But this is the Anglosphere I'm talking about.

This forum has gone way too fake lately. "Mayocels" where deemed the most fakest incels along with tallfags at one points". There are other incel forums besides this that say the same shit like "mayocels" are the fakest cels ever. I average fuckin 12 WMAF couples a week. Can't believe I only saw one today, thats because it was a cold, windy, and cloudy day.

thrash_monke & CheapCocaine #psycho #racist #sexist incels.is

RE: SuicideFuel last night I dreamt I had sex with a white girl


God that felt so good, she was about my height and had a long, light brownish hair.

Needless to say I woke up eventually and remembered I am disgusting ethnic mutt.

i hope that woman wasn`t slavic

It’s over. If you’re an ethnic in America, i’d heavily advise you to leave before the race wars commences. Ethnics need to go back for their own safety before they get skinned alive by the RWDS.

Also, my personal preference regarding women is white or hispanic women.

damn, are things that bad in burgerland?

Yeah nigga! Killing spics and nigger will be the new national sport to replace football! Fuk you Biden!

Also, feels bad about the dream, brocel.

yikerinos #dunning-kruger #psycho #sexist incels.is

IT has been talking a lot of shit about me lately

This is the last time I dedicate a thread to IT, don't worry brocels. They're not worth it. I just want to put forth a final response to them, and even if they screenshot this, i won't respond again. This thread will settle it.

They've been linking a disproportionate amount of my threads, even digging up old ones, and their approach to what I say is always the same "yikes did you really just say that? This is why you're incel", "rape is never ok you idiot!", "If you just had a good personality you'd get laid".

You fucking pieces of shit. My point here is that all of that is wrong. I already know what society says. I already know what I say is socially considered to be inappropriate. And I don't give a shit and my point is that society is wrong.

If you respond to me by repeating mainstream viewpoints, or telling me that what I think is socially unacceptable (with different words obviously, such as "yikes"), you're not making any point and adding nothing new to the discussion.

This is why we're having high IQ, anti mainstream and anti establishment debates here that question everything, while you are seething like idiots. And if you keep pretending to have the moral high ground you will never learn anything.

I think women are only interested in the top 20% of good looking men, and it you're not one of those you're set up for failure (including betabuxers who lecture us), and that women's perception of our personality is influenced by looks and not actual personality traits. I also think that women hate sub8 men with a passion and are extremely vile to us, including bullying, humiliating rejections, slander, etc. And that, as a conclusion of all this, women are trash and deserve to be raped and beaten. And you can either try to learn something from my viewpoint even if you disagree, or keep saying "yikes that's so against mainstream values" and not see anything beyond that.

yikerinos #psycho #sexist incels.is

Women are absolute trash and only deserve to suffer

I wish I could beat up every women I come across in the street. Just seeing a woman makes me want to beat her senseless. Women are all incredibly vile and deserve no less. but unfortunately I can't do shit without repercussions.

What we can do however is to simply do all we can against them within the boundaries of society. Kinda like they do to us.

1. Sabotage women at work.
2. Go into stores with foid staff soon before they close and move products around, leaving a mess and making sure they leave work late. It's petty but life fuel.
3. Needless to say if you know about a woman who's abused or needs help if any kind don't do shit.

Any more ideas?

Various Incels #psycho #racist #sexist incels.is

Tourists should be fucking illegal. I'm done getting mogged by germans.

By germans I mean people from Germany and also german countries like Austria, Netherlands, Sweden and shit like that. Germans are gigamoggers. Fuck off and mog someone else I'm done with this shit. People complains about refugees but I'd much rather have refugees who rape our women than germans who heightmog me. To top it off, every apartment that is on AirBnB for them is an apartment that's not for rent. Which is why british people should fuck off as well. I hate airbnb tbh, that app singlehandedly made life in Spain so much worse.

TRUE I live in quite a populated place in Turkey that attracts many tourists because of all the otoman and other history shit there is there and everytime I go to the market to buy something I always get gigamogged by some easter european fag and I hate that shit tbh

tourists and immigration should be banned. Why do you wanna go to another country? That’s called being a traitor to your nation and to your people. Never been outside of America, hell never been really outside of the south (what I identify with)

poorcel cope

No, I and my family have plenty of money, I just never saw the point in tourism and think it’s a total betrayal of your people. What can I do anywhere else that I cannot do in TX or the south? I don’t need to tour around with not my people. You know what you call someone that tours around with not their kind? You call them a traitor. Not that serious but you get my point.


Southern european moment. I'd know :( All the germanic tourists that come are moggers

Wish I can kill them all so I can be free from the shackles of being mogged. (In Minecraft)

BladingEagle #dunning-kruger #sexist incels.is

Serious If women were the empathetic gender they would sleep with us

Think of it as a favor. There are guys who will help you carry a giant fridge to the 3rd floor and ask for nothing in return. In comparinson getting humped for a few minutes seems equal or a lesser favor. Regardless the incel community became known worldwide in the past few years and despite tens of millions of women hearing about our situation I haven't come across one case of a foid offering to help us. And that is despite the fact that we live in a hypersexualized society where all those women aready had sex with multiple men and think nothing of it.

If women were really nice pity sex would be incredibly easy to get. You could just walk around any street and ask a few women to do you the favor until one out of 10 would have the time and felt charitable enough to let you bend her over behind a bush or in a public restroom and use her vagina for a few minutes. And if she wasn't doing you a favor she could ask for a small fee. Something so absurdly small that would match how little effort and time it took for her to please you. A quickie should not cost more than 20$ anywhere on the planet.

Eventually society would adapt to this kind of behaviour and install clean public sex-rooms for women to please men.

Greycel invents prostituion. Btw you might get your friends to help you lift the fridge but almost no stranger will help you for free.

It's not prostitutiion. Haven't you read the favor part? Charging 300$ for sex isn't a favor. It's a ripoff of the highest order. It's as if your furniture movers charged 500$ an hour.

GeneticTrashLoser #psycho #racist #sexist incels.is

RageFuel Noodlewhores are the worst (Rice and hapa-cels GTFIH)

I'm not even Asian, but noodlewhores make my blood boil. Idk how ricecels (and hapacels) cope with the fact that their race of women is miscegenist, racist, and bigoted towards them. Noodlewhores are also the fakest whores out there. They try to mimic white bitches and act "white" all while trying to jump on the "I'm Asian, I'm oppressed" bandwagon. Fuck those thots. Ricecels are the real victim of Asian hate, not these fake, racist, heightist pieces of shit. I've literally never seen a westernised noodlewhore with an Asian guy. It's always either a nigger or a White pretty boy.

This is absolutely correct. noodlewhores are the worst of the worst, especially the westernized/Americanized ones. Japan is a good example of this shit, all the feminist garbage that these cunts are pushing in the country; most of them voting for leftist parties that are going to fill the country with shitskins/niggers and western weeb chads while the hikikomori/ricecel/japcel problem gets bigger. This is why women shouldn't have rights or voting rights. About time someone said it. All these women care about is cock, they don't give two shits about their country or fellow people.

True. When men cannot find love, they start looking for revenge. You can't poke the bear and expect it to stay silent. America is already a Jewish shithole. The genders are too polarised, the races hate each other, while normies and foids still live in La La Land where everything is great. If you alienate men, treat them like shit, and portray them as some kind of malevolent tyrant, don't wonder why they're dropping out of soyceity or going on killing sprees. Feminism is cancer. It's the root cause of all schism in our society. A few years ago I was working with this British/Chinese noodlewhore who had 4 bfs in less than half a year. And guess what? All of them were white. She was stuck up, entitled, and bitchy. God, I loathe noodlewhores.

ropecell #psycho #sexist incels.is

I want to find a Mail Order Bride

Has anyone tried? I think it is the only solution.

My dad’s ricecel boss got a Russian blonde mail order bride. She’s from Russia that she doesn’t even know either English or Chinese idk how they communicate

That's actually a good thing, she cannot live on her own, also her ability to cheat will be reduced. That's actually a good thing.

Various Incels #pratt #sexist incels.is

RE: RageFuel How can you NOT become misogynistic after reading shit like this?



bruh men can’t be raped by women, they’re right, it’s only rape if it’s guy on guy

Get out.

would you resist if she grabbed your dick and started sucking you off?

Yes, I'd resist sexual assault. Dumb question. You're trying to do the equivalent of what women do when they claim it's rape only when it's non-chad men.

jfl cope nigga, you wouldn’t resist completely tf the extent of your “resistance” would be to push her off a bit or something not a straight man alive that would reject her, let alone an incel, men can only be raped by other men, or very very ugly women, I’m right stop coping

That’s true. This whole “men can’t talked about being raped waah muh men’s rights” thing is moot with incels becaude we’re already at a level of sexual isolation and misogyny. Like we don’t need that. It’s like if white supremacists go “well well joe Biden is a real racist and dems are the racist anti minority people” like it’s crap and we all know it but in a good way (we’re so based we don’t need to listen to those tropes)

I agree. Those foids in the OP are the usual trash, no doubt. But how can a man be "raped" by a foid? You need to have a hard-on and if you have one, you are not being raped.

Various Incels #racist incels.is

RE: LifeFuel Blackcel gets harassed by chad while walking home, chad gets arrested

No.. He's a nigger who is in a neighborhood that he does not belong in. He deserved to be bullied. I just have to turn on the TV and I see "white man bad". I go to social media and I see "white man bad". I go to any mainstream platform and I see "white man bad". I play any AAA video games and it's "white man bad". I GET IT. WHITE MAN BAD. OKAY? I SEE IT EVERYWHERE. I don't need it on this comfy little corner on the internet too, okay? You want to complain about "da whitey bad"? Go to any major platform and they'll suck your dick for being an ethnic and praise your hatred for da white man. Okay? You have twitter, facebook, youtube, reddit, tumblr, and pretty much all major platforms on the internet to complain about "da whitey". Why here?

if this were a black neighborhood and a white incel was snooping around he wouldnt have got a warning, his white ass would be fucking dead. Because of BLM the niggers are getting away with way too much shit. If this is what happens now when niggers are prowling for houses to burgle then our society is going to get fucked by niggers so badly we will all be living in the ghetto soon.


Yeah, after rewatching, it seems like the guy was suspiciously creeping around the neighborhood and bothered the foid

If a white dude walked in a black neighborhood he would risk being mugged at the very least. And that's just walking. Now imagine if he harassed some sheboon. The entire hood would jump him. Double standards by niggers as usual. Also this had nothing to do with his race. He harassed a woman from the neighborhood they have the right to kick him the fuck out.

IslaVista2014 #homophobia #psycho #racist #sexist incels.is

I Have A Dream: Incel Cartel

If there was an incel cartel that had each others back we could demand foids send nudes or get fucked with. Ex: doxx, phone/email/socialmedia bombing, exposing dirty laundry and doxx for all to see on like a kiwifarms.co , mailing dirty laundry to her friends and family, making craigslist ads with the foids name saying how she has a rape fantasy and invite all craigslist degenerates, putting her house in google maps as 1$ 24/7 bathroom stop for truckers, hosting a party at 3AM and inviting 10k+ people thru social media tweaking, making a altright twitter and linkedin with KKK Grand Dragon as resume, make an onlyfans with sagging tits and roastmaxx downstairs, etc...

If the cartel gets stronger we can also do things like release wasps, mosquitos and geese next to normie music festivals. Releasing frogs in sorority houses. Tweak up the UV and temperature in sun tanning salons so they get burned and also cancer. Get sfat persian guys to join their yoga classes. Get indian pajeets to identify as female and enter ladies nights in clubs. Organize fundraisers to help out with truecels defense in rape trials (srs with this tbh)

Hijack a LGBT pride parade by walking in front with an ILGBT banner and paper maché White Van and BMW as the parade items (I dont want to associate with these degenerates but the liberal butthurt is worth it). Steal all the condoms and birthcontrol pills in all stores within a large area so roasties and normalfags now are cucked either by not fucking or getting the biological equivolence of life without parole (child). Make fake makeup boxes but hide pissbottles in them then release these in stores.

Create a site similar to .gov criminal background checks but then with a whore background check that showcases thefappening and foidfarms.co type exposé. Here you can put up all information of foids that rejected you as a virtual pilgory. Simps and cucks are target to.

The incel cartel has both an agressive side not to be messed with (and purposely not elaborated on in this thread) but also a lot of devious mischief for lulz.

Lv99_BixNood #crackpot #racist #sexist incels.is

SuicideFuel Bitter pill to swallow for ricecels: we are inferior to white men in every possible way

White men outclass us in every single attribute: height, frame, masculinity, facial aesthetics, wealth, social status, cultural dominance, strength, athleticism, penis size... even in terms of "personality" white men are far more likely to be dominant, outgoing and NT while Asians are meek and neurotic. Even the one supposed saving grace for Asian men that we have higher IQ (so we can betabuxx better jfl) is a straight up delusion: 99% of the technology we use everyday has been invented by white men.

One of the most blackpilling testimonies I've read was from a noodlewhore "massage therapist" in Brazil who described the physical differences between Asian and non-Asian clients: the Asians were all skinny and devoid of muscles whereas the non-Asians were muscular even if they never visited a gym in their life. A trained Asian would still have a worse body than an untrained non-Asian. She even went as far as comparing the builds of non-Asians and Asians to those of adults and children.

So yes, whites (and others) mog us brutally. I know some people here will call me a self-hater and "fuck YT" or whatever, but why would any woman choose an Asian man? What are ricecels better at than white men? I can't think of a single thing outside of autistic shit like LoL or math olympiads. Ideally I think Asian men should self-segregate: go back to Asia, kick out all the white sexpats and close the borders. Force noodlewhores to be with us by depriving them of any contact with whites. That's the only way I see for Asian men to have a future.

White nationalists don't hate asian men. Why do you just blatently make garbage up? White Nationalists openly admit that Asians score higher on IQ tests. The only races that White nationalists truly hate are Blacks and Jews.

True, I don't mind actual white nationalists, just the sexpats who want to cuck us and miscegenate with noodlewhores.

To koniec & Angry_runt #crackpot #racist #sexist incels.is

(To koniec)
Blackpill Ethnicites with lowest social status

Slavs have low social status, cause nobody has fetish for slavic men and slavic women are seem to popular due to that they are easier to obtain and have pale features.

Nations, ethinicities with low social are getting fucked by other men from other nations which have good time with their women. Think SEA basically.

British men are best example of this, i heard maaannnyyyy times that brits are ugly (especially women) which i can not say if it's true, but suprisingly to what everyone says, in one of korean interviews about if korean noodlewhores likes white men (you can guess answer), after italian men british was second answer and many comments on henry cavill one comments stated in comment section that 'handsome and BRITISH'

men with lowest social status in whole world are SEA men (ricecels from china and especially korea and japan don't have low social status @Tenshi made great thread about rising rice smv due to KPOP and anime)

CEO of Google = Indian
CEO of Microsoft = Indian
CEO of Mastercard = Indian
CEO of Adobe = Indian

name one slav which have such position

The only one that comes to mind is the cofounder of Google, Sergei Brin. But he was one of the founders, Wait, he's Jewish, nvm.
I can't think of any Slavic CEOs that were appointed to a high profile leadership position. I guess we really are the lowest social status.

-BrettyBoy- #psycho #sexist #transphobia incels.is

Every female IncelTears user needs to be shot.

Like the topic title says, every female IncelTear user deserves to be shot.

How can you be so privileged and then sit there and tell struggling men that they deserve their suffering while also being a sexually active degenerate? It’s like travelling to Arica as a first world country person and then saying ‘You deserve your hunger to a starved African’.

There a few exceptions such as that tranny girl who isn’t even 18 yet I think, I mean, she isn’t a whore at least but she definitely shouldn’t be part of IncelTears as she is gonna grow up to be a feminist if she isn’t one already which is a bad road to go down.

I’m being verbal here, not violent yet CuckTears will be like ‘See? Incels are all violent. They prove our points!’

IT users are self centered stuck up evil subhuman trannies that I wouldn’t even consider human at this point, so killing them is just disposing of trash.

Some of them also have this ‘I have sex and you don’t attitude’ and a lot of them women come off as sociopaths so I wouldn’t doubt a lot of them would travel to Africa if given the chance just to say ‘You don’t deserve food’.

To koniec #racist #sexist incels.is

Why are slav men not desireable? Never got it. Theyre lowinhib aggressive drunk bigsocialnetwork goodlooking turbovlads.

pale features

Slavic and British men are definitly some of the ugliest people I've seen, but nobody ever mentions Balts, which are down there with the bottom of European males alongside Slavs, Finns, and the "white" people in south east Europe.

brutal and worst of worst even here many copers thinks that slav women are good looking while they are faking looks with filters and fake ups, at least british women are also seen as ugly

Retard thread from a lowIQ Slavic coper who thinks he has it the worst because he's not a nordcuck Viking. You would literally kill yourself if you were a curry living in a polluted shithole.

name one slav CEO of western companies, while there are indian ones

True, destroying Iron Curtain was a big mistake for slavlands, that was the only way to keep foids from whoring themselves so they had to breed with their own men

real blackpill for me was that after iron curtain fell countries like poland, czech, hungary, slovenia became cheap workforce for rest of EU. Even bigger was that in 90s rich jews from US porn companies started looking fro 'talents' from East and promosing them a luxiorus life like hollywood stars for doing scenes with niggers. Foids are dumb as bricks and countries like czech and hungary started becoming a porn capitals (poland suprisingly didn't have many pornstars and even biggest polish pornstar now entire life lived in paradise of degeneracy know as america). and heard that many white hookers in western europe are fact a slavs or in german broothels are full of polish, russian women

Gog & BladingEagle #crackpot #racist #sexist incels.is

Islam was right about women

Yeah bro islam is so based, letting chaddam have 4 wives while you rot alone is so based bro

it all evens out because they just go conquer new territories and steal their women. it decreases the amount of men and increases the amount of women. early muslim historians were certainly of this opinion because they talked a lot about how generals would promise their soldiers blonde byzantine wives for their military service

Too bad the last islamic victory happened 400 years ago and chaddam just bought his 4th wife while you keep rotting alone

what are you talking about? Islam is currently taking over europe as we speak. Just look at how muslims are taking blonde swedish women

just go to war for gf, bro. You can’t be serious...

unironically yes. read the Iliad of Homer.

Women have no tribal loyalty hence women supporting mass immigration and being into foreigners all over the world. European countries have bad foids but I would say Japan and Korea's noodlewhores are really bad. Google Japanese war brides. Japanese women were marrying American soldiers despite two nukes being dropped on their nation. It's fair to say that if US government at the time decided to form colonies in Japan they could nearly breed out Japanese out of existence by now.

Lebensmüder #crackpot #racist #sexist incels.is

RE: Blackpill r/HAPAS

Always thought that many ricecels from r/hapas and other subs like asianmasculinity or aznidentity in the end want just a white pussy

Agree with them on every level and see absolutely nothing wrong with their reaction towards whites taking their women. It's their god-given right to be angry when some man from the other side of the globe travels to their country to fuck there.

And another thing: A fetish from white men regarding Asian women doesn't exist, the opposite is the case, Asian women fetishize white men, but in the end the man is the only acceptable scapegoat (because everything else would imply things that are banworthy on Reddit and basically social suicide if expressed openly).

And another thing: They say that the BBC stereotype/cuckold porn is a harmful fetish perpetuated by white men because they fetishize blacks, the truth is: White women fetishize blacks. It's rare to see cuckolds that are open about their fetish, it's on the other hand not rare to see coalburners that talk in public about their disdain towards white men and their lust for BBC.

But it's not a harmful fetish or dehumanization when it's done by women of course. Women could never fetishize somebody just because of their race. Society will find a way to explain this and find a man as a scapegoat in the end - be it the white cuckold or the white fetishist of Asian women, while saying absolutely NOTHING about the women themselves.

Unironically: The way this so-called egalitarian society protects women from criticism/responsibility would be more fitting for someone who believes that they are children in adult bodies rather than fully formed humans. The same thing when body shaming and height shaming occurs from women - then it's all the fault of the patriarchal ideas of masculinity and other retarded shit, the man is in the end the bad guy.

Various Incels #racist #sexist incels.is

RE: RageFuel i fukking hate slavic foids


I know an Algerian guy who slid into some Polish girls dm's on Facebook and now they're in a relationship

Proving his point. Slavic women are UBER whores.


all positive opinions on slavic foids are from western incels

that`s right western dudes easier date with slavic foids but no such easy as with asian

Polish foids are the sluttiest

haven`t you heard about Ukrainian

We are like asians tbh, like their women hates their own men and so does slav women

I live in Serbia and i agree 100%, they are crazy about Germans, Turks and BBC. They say things like "in relationship woman should be dominant but man should be dominant more" and " at least buy me a soda and pancake or you are not a man at all". They also think 190cm height and 20cm dick is average.

Nice combo, but thats how the balkans work; chetniks, ustashe, muslims, (where does the BBC obsession come from?)

South Slavs are fine imo

They arent

they love being invaded by that aryan chadcock

meanwhile slavic men die of alcoholism left and right (sad)

facts. bbc and muslims for fuck, slav(e)s for betabuxx

thrash_monke #racist #sexist incels.is

RageFuel i fukking hate slavic foids

if somewhere in the world exist the worst foids in the world it`s probably in slavic countries(like Russia, Ukraine and other shitholes of the world that shouldn`t exist), those bitches fucking hilarious, on their stupid heads exist two polar opinions like that

1) "men owe me and should patronize me"(even when im strong independent woman JFL)
2) and another one "I owe nothing to men and i have rights"

very fucking comfortable position, isn`t it? hypocritical bitches if somewhere really exist matriarchy it`s in post-sovietic countries

and the BADDEST part of it, that they hate Slavic men and like really they prefer over us some dudes that normal-white girls can`t look without disgusting like some black and ARABIC WITH TURKISH(they love them so fucking much in our countries a lot of jokes how slavic foids go to Turkey and Egypt just to fuck with shitskin dudes)

they think this is an achievement to date with black and arabic(muslim also) and are proud of it, i mean i FUCKING SAW HOW A LOT OF THIS WHORES TYPING ON THEIR BIO WITH PROUD THAT THEY DATE WITH BLACK DUDE OR ANOTHER SHITSKIN, i saw videos on tiktok where one foid show that she dates with black or arabic and girls type her how they envy her JFL

Slavic foids the cheapest girls in the world( the most of them are Ukrainian girls ahahahah) and there is a lot of jokes in Europe about them
even my fucking mother dated with fucking arabic dude before married on my dad lol

i hate this SHIT SO FUCKING MUCH, being borned in post-soviet countries the worst curse on the world and being slavic= being white african
sorry if there some mistakes, wrote it on feelings

To koniec #racist #sexist incels.is

Did you had phase about your countryfoids?

In my country in past many men simped for women saying that 'polish women are most beautiful in the world' now after iron curtain fell many men learned that they were disillusioned by such statements and now after feminism wave and seeing how easy polish cumdumpsters are for foreigners they have even slurs for them like p0lka - polish girl written by zero ,similiar to russian natashka

i seen 'maybe' something similiar with other nations countries, races. South slavic men simp for their foids, black men especially either simp for sheboons or detest them, in shitholes like albania or iran, pakistan saw something similiar. I guess lurking on chinese, japanese nets saw something that japanese, chinese noodlewhores are better than white women.

It's always shithole countries which have no self worth other than their cumdumpsters and never seen succesfull nations like US or bongs who do this. They are smart and say that their foids are ugly like british women while they prioretize their men.

i think all poor european countries have this retarded cope, they are really fucking stupid and xenophilic, they literally sit there and grin like submissive monkeys while a black soccer player takes the microphone, and has nothing to say about the country except that the local women are so beautiful, implying that he is fucking them, JFL

tell us more how you'z be fukkin local women, tyrone, damn we're the best :D

polaks used to be this, but i guess biggest foid nationalism right now in yurop are balkans

worst of worst are south slavs saying that slavic women are most beautiful while what westerners think of slav women they think of blue eyed blonde stacies from russia

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Brutal [STUDY] Involuntary adult virgins often were bullied and ostracized by their peers during childhood

“A 2011 study found that, during late childhood, individuals who matured into involuntary virgins were: more victimized and ridiculed by peers as children, socially withdrawn (preferred to play alone), and also less liked and accepted by their peers.

Get bullied, ostracized, rejected and abused your whole life, finally lose it after years and years and vent saying some mean words on an internet forum, get gaslighted for it and accused of having a bad personality which was from the beginning what made you go through all that.

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Many studies show a strong statistical relationship between childhood ostracism and being on the receiving end of bullying well into adulthood. Clinical psychology has understood this for decades, but it's in its own best interests to push the agenda of the "maladaptive" individual as the cause of harmful aggressions. Society sure as hell doesn't give a damn about the effects on the lives of those it has happily broken and discarded.

It's called pre-selection lad. When they notice a lack of confidence, they will know that you were ostracized before. And instead of helping you out they conform to what happened to you previously and avoid or bully you as well because in their minds you "must have done something to deserve it". Every single normfag runs by a just world fallacy, and by doing so they justify any further abuse they commit towards you.

Involuntary ostracism, involuntary bullying, involuntary harassment, involuntary celibacy. See a trend here?

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Question for fellow ricecels: How do you deal with being racially inferior, cucked by all other races, being a laughing stock. Most go full denial (like the aznidentity copers) or become literal cuckolds who get off to being racially humiliated. The former are delusional since Asian male inferiority is self-evident, but the latter are even more pathetic and disgusting. How to cope with the shame and despair of being born an Asian male without losing your mind?

I cope by paying viking foids and vodka foids to ride my rice pener tbh.

Why do you live in Germany? There are only a handful (I know only one) or even less of ricecels here that live in their place of origin. Almost all live among European people and complain that they can not get European GF.

Don’t worry OP, I’m also a self-hating ricecel and wish I was white.

I’d rather be a lightskin sandcel than a ricecel if the skin can pass off as white. I admit darkskin sandcel is a different story and could be worse than being ricecel.

hatred. cucked if you dont feel it. its totally justified to feel hatred for a society that discrimiante against you and mistreat you coz of your race, all the while they hypocritically claim they're not "racist"

rice are second class citizens in the west, one need to reazlize that. ESPECIALLY RICE MALES. rice females get treated almost as equal, if not better than white males.

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RageFuel Foid meets her childhood "friend"

Boy Surprises Childhood Best Friend Dressed As FedEx Driver

This is why we hate women. No foid will ever be happy to see you. I suspect women hate even their ugly family members. At least my female cousin does, She was my friend when we were young and now she pretend like I don't even exist. They treat us as fucking subhumans worse than any animal.

If I was near them I would've dumped hot coffee all over them.

Often I feel like sucker punching women and then jumping on their whore heads until their skulls are caved in

Women have millions of mating options and people showering them with positive attention all the time. Reminiscing about your past gf or the girl you liked years ago is a male thing, because for a man, the scenario of losing a foid and going through years of dry spell is common.

she literally all over him. imagine a young girl kneeling at your presence.

try having a sister who lives with you, she dreads every single minute of your existence while pretending not to.

why is this so fucking relatable? my sister despises me. she also made fun of me when i was a teen ~14 that no girl would ever want me. women are truly evil. but i couldn't stand the though of having a successful brother neither.

All this social rejection subculture, tfw no gf, forever alone etc, is primarily a male thing. A defining feature of men's social being. It's part of identity of 99% of men it seems.

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I'm anti-immigrant because I'm anti-nigger, anti-shitskin and of course niggers and shitskins disproportionately commit crime. I'm for the white Aryan race, unironically.

I can assure you that if instead of mostly 800.000 Asian and African MEN Germany received 800.000 SEA women ready to suky suky local men the German roast beefs would lose their shit and change their opinion quickly.

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People don't fear women who immigrate

I just want them for some fucking and then they can get lost. 3rd world people bring 3rd world culture with them. If I wanted to live in 3rd world shithole I would've moved to one a long time ago. The fact that the majority of refugees are men is the sole reason women are not opposed to immigration. Importing 800000 women here to fool around with locals would mean that Western foids would have to do more to get their sexual desires met. But who wants, that right? Here in the West we only care about foids.

Imagine if those were free single women in this picture. Would you still blame the jews for racemixing and destroying your native culture? As a blackpilled incel my sense of morality demands I simply face the fact that I hate the people in the picture simply because: 1) they look different 2) they are MEN. image

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People can't say "I don't want my country to be a shithole country full of shithole people" so they come up with arcane and absurd arguments. White people make the kinds of countries I like to live in, and only white people make the kinds of countries I like to live in. Ergo no darkies or orientals, please.