clearheart7 #fundie

[Commenting on mysterious vibrations coming from inside the earth]

Ever think that it could be HELL ??? The bible talks about satan promising and tempting Christ with all the riches of the world if only Christ would worship him ? And, that heaven is always thought to be UP in the sky , in a celestial spiritual demension,and that satan was CAST OUT OF HEAVEN...where did he go ? There must be a place DOWN beneath ,and pit -like...why couldn't it be in the center of the earth. ? The rumblings / vibrations could very well be the unearthly moaning and crying of tormented disembodied souls that rejected God and Christ in this life. Many people who have after death experiences...some claim they descended into a pit where they were groped, abused, clawed. Not a pleasant thought for sure ! But POSSIBLE !! Those rumblings can't all be GAS !!!



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