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[In response to an article about federal funding being denied for stem cell research.]

This Is Why We Are Winning, This Is Why

... 65% of Americans now oppose abortion.

[This isn't about abortion. It's about using embryos that were created at fertility clinics and are going to be thrown away if nobody uses them.]

For 40 years abortions including Planned Parenthood classroom instructors claimed that embryos were not a live. Now we are told that dead embryos are be used. How did they become dead if they were never alive? Now abortionists forgive me, stem cell people are growing embryos in labs. Only living things can be grown. If it is a human growing outside a mother than that human has constitutional rights doesn't it. Roe Vs Wade only applies to embryos (dead things) that are inside the mother. These are outside. Ohhhhh, it looks like another trip back to the US Supreme Court to resolve this dilemma. Gifted ones please explain this anomaly.

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[This is in response to a story about a newly discovered ancient mammal that apparently possessed skin flaps that enabled it to glide like a flying squirrel.]

More LIberal Crap

If mammals could fly--they would BE birds. The instant a mamal took flight, it was a bird, there was no mmal that flew before a bird.

This is just more typical Yahoo-Kerry-Clinton-Gore-Buchannan (yes, Buchannan who cahmpions the American "worker") style liberal crap.

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[Re: <a href="http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2006/09/14/national/main2011603.shtml" target="_blank">War widow wins fight to put Wiccan symbol</a> on the headstone of her husband killed in Afghanistan]


People should be allowed to practice whatever religion they want, but no one should be allowed to disgrace Christianity by putting another symbol of idolotary on their grave. Screw this guy, he should get a big gold cross up there just for that.

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[Posted as a comment on "<a href="http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2006/09/14/national/main2011603.shtml" target="_blank">War widow dedicates Wiccan plaque symbol</a>" story]

...would you want to be buried right next to some guy with devil worship symbols on his grave? what a bunch of sickos. You can keep your Wicca, Satanic Symbols and other evil weird sh*t where it belongs--in the closets and basements of your homes! dont bring that crap to a place for the dead! disgraceful!!

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Christians are taking back America!

And we are THROUGH kowtowing to witches, satanists, muslims, atheists, homosexuals and socialist liberals!

America is a Christian nation, not a nation of witches. Satan symbols over my dead body.

By the end of President George W Bush's 2nd term:

1) Iraq will be well on the way to being a peaceful Christian country. Once Iraq has gone Christian, the Gospel of Jesus will spread throughout the Middle East. The region will be at peace and millions of Arab souls will be saved through the grace of Jesus Christ.

2) Bush will have appointed at least three or four USSC Justices and the baby slaughterhouses will finally be closed down forever.

3) Gays will be put back in the closet for good. The sodomy and decency laws will be reinstated and their disgusting disease spreading activities will be outlawed again. Maybe we can’t get rid of them, but we can get them out our children’s view.

4) School vouchers will allow parents to send their kids to decent Christian schools instead of the NEA-infested cesspools that exist now.

5) Worthless liberal social welfare programs will be dismantled and replaced by Christian faith-based government funded programs. People will finally get REAL help through Jesus Christ.

6) Filthy shows like Howard Stern, Will & Grace and Desperate Housewives will be off the air and replaced with decent Christian family programming. Families will once again be able to turn on the radio or television and not be embarrassed to listen or watch together.

7) The abominable scourge of Internet pornography will end with the introduction and ENFORCEMENT of the Online Decency Act. Pornographers who expose the public to this sickening material will be behind bars where they belong.

You can be with us or against us, but you had BETTER believe one thing:

Christians are DONE sitting at the back of the bus.

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Actually, creation/evolution are both non-scientific. Science is based on observable phenomenon, and as far as I know, no one was around to observe the beginning of everything....

[If it snowed last night and I didn't see it happening, I still know it snowed by the evidence left behind in the morning. The evidence for evolution is abundant and obvious. The evidence for creationism is zero.]

You are around to observe the snow, but you cannot say what caused it. You can only say that there is snow on the ground. You assume that it has fallen, and you can throw it in the air to observe it falling, but you cannot state with certainty that it did indeed fall. Simply because you were not there to observe it. It is likely that it did fall, but not certain.

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How can you trust archeoligists?

They get paid to work by grants issued from the government which has a history of corruption and wicked false teaching that is supposedly 2,000 years old, If Judaizers played a major role in the formation and establishment of the Roman Catholic Church, is it possible that Roman Catholicism was a Jewish project from the beginning? There is, in fact, a long and fascinating history of Jewish infiltration of the Roman Catholic Church which has been nonetheless, and by clever design, perceived as a Gentile institution. If Roman Catholicism was a project of Cabalist Jews for the purpose of subverting Christianity, it is conceivable that this Judaized Church has functioned for nearly two millennia as a covert branch of Judaism, whose handlers gradually and imperceptibly shifted Western Christendom to more advanced stages of apostasy than was possible during the vigilant period of the early Church when ecumenical councils convened to combat heresy, rather than to embrace it. At the present time it can be safely stated that the Roman Catholic Church is a merely a front for Judeo-Freemasonry to draw apostate Christendom into the messianic kingdom of the Antichrist.

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[Another response to a news story about forthcoming new U.S. $1 coins featuring presidents' faces on them, but presented a bit larger than on most coins because words such as "In God We Trust" will be printed on the edge instead of the face of the coin.]

If we remove, from obvious view, the words "IN GOD WE TRUST", then we, as a nation, will deserve everything we get in the way of judgement from God. You can blame mother nature for just so much !

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[In a response to a news story about forthcoming new U.S. $1 coins featuring presidents' faces on them, but presented a bit larger than on most coins because words such as "In God We Trust" will be printed on the edge instead of the face of the coin.]

I am appalled that they are going to put "In God We Trust" on the edge of the coin. This is because they know they will get a lot of flack if they omit it altogether, so, therefore, they will put it on the edge where it cannot be seen and after a little usage it won't be able to be seen at all. Reduce the size of the figure on the front and put "In God We Trust" back where it belongs. This is the United States of America and we were founded on the belief in God. Quit the political correctness, and quit trying to please all of the foreign-born people that come here and want to change everything. If this type of thing does not stop soon, we will have more consequences to pay than some of you people realize! If the people in this country do not like our ways, let them go back to their own country. Quit trying to make our country into something that will please everyone. THAT WILL NEVER HAPPEN!

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[In response to a science article describing the atmospheric "haze" on Saturn's moon Titan as resembling the atmosphere theorized for the early Earth, possibly providing nourishment for early life forms.]

In a way, they are saying God did it. The haxe they are speaking of closely resembles the 'filament' that surrounded the Earth before the Great Flood.

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Nothing is worse than those HEAD ON commercials.

To make matters worse they try and mock the public by making fun of widespread hatred of HEAD ON commercials.

I cannot reach for the remote control fast enough when those commericals come on.

I keep wondering if this is some CIA plot to find something on TV that repulses people so much they instinctively react by turning the channel or pushing the OFF button. It provokes the kind of hatred I usually reserve for people like Bin Laden.

I hope they never hire people to hand out their product on the streets, Im afraid I might apply my fist directly to their foreheads and knock them out cold!


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Evolution covers a finite time interval

It is comical that people who choose "evolution" as a philosophy which explains our ultimate origins are also claiming to be logical and intelligent.


ie - What happened before the "big bang"?

What percent of the infinity of time is accounted for by the finite time interval of the theory of evolution?


Since God created the dimensions of time and space and all matter from nothing, it is logical that He is also responsible for all life, whether or not any suppositions of the theory of ecolution are consistent with His creative process.

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you want extraterestrial beings to what
by: jetsz@rogers.com 10/10/06 11:53 am
Msg: 13 of 13

If this race of ours called human think that they can send anything into space for extraterestrial life to get informed about...try to remember that extraterestrial life knows everything that mankind has discovered or will for a matter of hypothesis.
Also should the mid heavens want anyhing to do with this race they certainly wouldnt use the same technology that you are using. Instead of looking for other worlds why not just have faith that GOD is and will always be watching all creation from alpha to omaga.
Aliens have and always will be just that until you look into the mirror and realise that you are an alien to this planet. Fallin from where you want to get back too. The only way is to be humble to the king of kings, and not Darwin and his monkey hypothesis. Never proven, but taught. What alien in thier right mind would want to know monkeys lol. Darwin is biology not prof of evolution. I cn think of a hundred places that money would benefit versus sending it into bolivia.

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Bible is too old to not be true

Back when the Bible was written, people had a good, healthy fear of God. They were terrified of the consequences of sin, which of course includes lying. The educated were keenly aware of proper behaviour, and would not have written a book and passed it off as truth if it wasn't. This, of course, is the case with the men who penned God's word into man's greatest history book -- The Bible. To think they would have included lies is preposterous.

In fact, the further one goes back in history, the less sin that occured (per capita) and thus the fewer lies that were told (oral AND written). This is why older books tend to be more accurate than newer ones.

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I now list the omissions and claims of The 9/11 Commission Report that I, in my critique of that report, portrayed as lies:

1. The omission of evidence that at least six of the alleged hijackers - including Waleed al-Shehri, said by the Commission probably to have stabbed a flight attendant on Flight 11 before it crashed into the North Tower of the WTC - are still alive (19-20).

2. The omission of evidence about Mohamed Atta - such as his reported fondness for alcohol, pork, and lap dances -- that is in tension with the Commission's claim that he had become fanatically religious (20-21).

The obfuscation of the evidence that Hani Hanjour was too poor a pilot to have flown an airliner into the Pentagon (21-22).

4. The omission of the fact that the publicly released flight manifests contain no Arab names (23).

5. The omission of the fact that fire has never, before or after 9/11, caused steel-frame buildings to collapse (25).

6. The omission of the fact that the fires in the Twin Towers were not very big, very hot, or very long-lasting compared with fires in several steel-frame buildings that did not collapse (25-26).

7. The omission of the fact that, given the hypothesis that the collapses were caused by fire, the South Tower, which was struck later than the North Tower and also had smaller fires, should not have collapsed first (26).

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GOP only party protecting family values

And that's why it's such an abnormality and unorthodox anomaly that a sodomite actually comes out of the closet running in a GOP primary. Demoncrats usually are the party of freaks, geeks and all-around weirdos which tolerates these unnatural and ungodly freaks of nature, so Koering (the sodomite) can expect to probably lose the GOP primary to Goedker. If Koering the Sodomite loses the primary for councilman to Goedker, it won't be because the GOP is a party which is "intolerant," as commonly derogated by the narrow-minded and simplistic imbeciles called leftards. Rather, if Koering the Sodomite is refused in the GOP primary, it will be because of GOP voters exercising their moral clarity and superior values, virtues and religious conviction. Sodomites like Koering are anathema in the sense that they offend religion, offend nature since they can't reproduce, and offend the family values the GOP is known for. Another hazardous precedent of treating sodomites like a demographic is that after you legitimate them, you'll have to do the same for all other "alternative" lifestyles--like NAMBLA sex with kids. Still, it's of note to point out that gay as Koering is, his stand against abortion, for veterans, and for gun rights makes him more macho than any "heterosexual" lib male.

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how ignorant can these posers be

The guy says that this is the hottest that has been seen in 80 million years, We didn't have thermometers until the late 1500's by a guy named Galileo Galilei. They don't even know what the temperature was before that. I get really amused by these posers who think we have no brains. I'm beginning to wonder where their's is.

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[Previous Poster: "It seems the biggest problem with Christians is their political lobby to stop abortion, to have prayer in schools, to have God on our money and in the pledge, and generally ramming their beliefs down our throats."]

and that is right beside you lobby to force the US to accept gay marriage, insist that a 12 year old is mature enough to make an abortion decision for herself, 13 should be the legal age of sexual consent, and all drugs should be legal. When we won't go along, you try to use lawsuits, lawyers, and activist ACLU judges to "force your agenda down everyones throat"

"Why do you care so much what others believe?"

I don't, but I am sick and tired of mindless left wing idiots like you trying to belittle and attack what I believe. Your ID [bushisatraitor] says it all

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I know it's diffucult for you to see the truth, but please try.

Evolutionism is the most dangerous form of religion on the planet today. It's such a intolerant religion that it refuses to be called a religion, even though its major belief, that fossils will provide the answer, is faith-based.

The Christian Apostle Paul wrote that "Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not yet seen."

Evolutionists are still waiting to see the fossil evidence, but they have FAITH it is there waiting to be dug up.

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I am awaiting the descent of the Lord with legions of extraterrestrial angels in the spaceships of the Ashtar Command. They will neutralize the U.S. military is a nanosecond, and then proceed to take over the country. SANANDA, aka Jesus, will declare Himself President, disband Congress and the Supreme Court, and then call for a new Constitutional Convention. This one will make "one nation under God" a reality and not a hypocritical joke. Jesus is a Christ Communist, so the new Constitution will outlaw all forms of capitalism, aka greed and self-seeking.

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thank you for understanding, and as for the information about evolution not having enough time. i have read about things in the past but at this time i do not have the information. the two did not come together at the same time, but an example would be, i have read somewhere that a rabbit would have taken about a million years to have evoluted. and since evolution goes at about the same pace and a 30 ton dinosaur is about 6000 times bigger than a rabbit and a 100 ton whale is about 20000 times bigger. it would have taken about 6000 to 20000 times longer for the bigger ones to have evoluted. or 6 billion and 20 billion years respectively, now how much longer for the humans. i do not know how to figure that yet,but of course we are a lot higher intelligent species than any of the animals. so it would have taken longer, does anybody know of a way i or others can do the math?oh and i believe my math is right ,i just did not have longer to make sure. anybody can point out any errors to me.

patdeeee #fundie news.messages.yahoo.com

So what we have are two bulls here. One is satan-led, Godless liberals, who insist on pumping unproven theories down the bodies of children NO matter if the facts are proven wrong. ON the other hand, you have creationists who lack the courage to stand up to the liberals and say what they really feel and believe.

So they deserve their house to fall! (“A house divided against itself, shall not stand!”) God will NEVER bless ANY creationist who hides from truth for NOT saying boldly, “GOD created heaven and earth, and ALL that is in it; and he did this in 6 days; just 6,000 yrs Ago!” And then LET the satan-led, Godless liberals deal with it as they will.

I happen to believe that God created ALL in 6 days, JUST 6,000 yrs ago. I will look ANY teacher; or any professor; or any scientist in the eye; and state my belief to them; whether they like it or not. I am not going to hide God while trying to play their game using contrived words like “creationism” so I can try to sell it to Godless minds on THEIR level.

I will further tell them; that they ARE the quintessential satan-led, Godless liberal; for NOT stating their TRUE agenda also. And then we can agree to disagree; and they can go to hell, and I will enjoy heaven. NOT because of whether evolution is true or not; rather because I put my faith in God, and they put their faith in satan.

SO BE IT! (Amen!)

keneikirk #fundie news.messages.yahoo.com

['In essence, they claim that genetic change can happen from generation to generation, but that such changes are always within the context of a species, and that such chages can never result in speciation.']

That is not actually what creationists believe. Creationists definitely believe in speciation, but not change from one kind of animal to another (e.g. chimp to man).

There is plenty of evidence for speciation, which both creationists and evolutionists believe in. Short-haired dogs in tropical climates and long-haired dogs in cold climates can be different species (they may no longer be able to interbreed for various reasons and are therefore considered different species), but they are still both dogs.

The burden of proof is on the evolutionist for anything further than that.

kayttt2000 #conspiracy news.messages.yahoo.com


I wonder if they joined on with World Order or any other countries security that believes in the law.......

I just wanted you to know this.....
They apperently didn't want me to move and notify the FBI and MSM for awhile......
For about 3 years they crippled my legs with there equipment many miles away.....
Then they started poking at me with there equipment......

They pounded on my heart,ovaries,limbs,head

They have technology light years ahead and can HEAR everything....MILES AWAY!

My advice don't fck with these boys.......
If your corrupt and have lighten my jail time cards,,,,,you better use them before there not usable......

This needs repeating,THEY KNOW EVERYTHING,

cdecar2000 #fundie news.messages.yahoo.com

Why should America follow the Geneve convention when terrorists do not? We must act in the same way as the terrorists. War has no rules much like the terrorists. Screw the world opinion when it comes to fighting terrorism. Torture, excecute terrorists if need be to find necessary information.

This is a new generation of war, Geneva convention is old and out dated. There is no human rights in war.

We must let the terrorists know that if they are caught with explosive material on their hands then its automatic excecution on site.

eimlauqons9 #fundie news.messages.yahoo.com

very simple adam and eve were perfect and when they became imperfect, they still had a lot more genes than us. in other words they had not been diluted out. so their children were of varying races and as you describe when there became enough of them, they took mates of their race for the most part and were living in certain areas.

floatpool #conspiracy news.messages.yahoo.com

When Ronald Reagan was going around injecting gays with infected blood from the lab where he and George W created the virus?

I remember hearing something about that. Anyway, if the media said Reagan created AIDS and Bush II helped him it must be true. It's amazing that such a tricky virus was created by two guys who the same media says were so stupid. But they are the media, so who am I to dispute that?

Remember, promiscuous sex didn't cause the spread of AIDS..Ronald Reagan and now Bush did.

gurl_troll_4_u #fundie news.messages.yahoo.com

The only ones doing brainwashing here are the homosexuals. Those who attempt to interfere with the brainwashing is falsely accused of the same. It was this brainwash that caused you to be gay, and you should be angry at the programmers and fight them, not join them like you have. So, what can I tell you but to run along and be a good little programmed homosexual sheep slave and leave the rest of us alone.

beth4christ_and_country #fundie news.messages.yahoo.com

Dinos: One of the biggest lies peddled by the atheist liberal left. It's like, yeah right, we're supposed to believe that gigantic lizards walked around for supposedly millions of years, and magically no one knew they even existed until the coming of the atheist religion of Evolution in the 1800s.

Dinosaurs are just an attempt by radical leftists to try and cast doubt on the existence and omnipotence of God and to attack Creationist science. It's their way of worming an idea into people God is an imperfect God who tinkered around with another species before giving up on it and creating mankind. But there is no evidence in the Bible or otherwise to support such a stance.

clearheart7 #fundie news.messages.yahoo.com

[Commenting on mysterious vibrations coming from inside the earth]

Ever think that it could be HELL ??? The bible talks about satan promising and tempting Christ with all the riches of the world if only Christ would worship him ? And, that heaven is always thought to be UP in the sky , in a celestial spiritual demension,and that satan was CAST OUT OF HEAVEN...where did he go ? There must be a place DOWN beneath ,and pit -like...why couldn't it be in the center of the earth. ? The rumblings / vibrations could very well be the unearthly moaning and crying of tormented disembodied souls that rejected God and Christ in this life. Many people who have after death experiences...some claim they descended into a pit where they were groped, abused, clawed. Not a pleasant thought for sure ! But POSSIBLE !! Those rumblings can't all be GAS !!!

agame020a #conspiracy news.messages.yahoo.com

I have saved NewOrleans, hoping that this can let me have this qualification , asks you to investigate senator Miller , finds out shameless E.T!

Everybody may still remember time of general election of 2004 , Democratic Miller, senator of party membership, said:" Some party groupings will the benefit of party grouping establishment is on national benefit ",etc.. I tell you that words were figured out by me. If you do not believe , Can check Miller with the lie detection appearance . This sentence is not that himself thought of definitely, it was others that told him. I tell you whether what should drive you now. You should be driven by justice! You should be driven by the morals! You should be driven by your conscience! Those ones that do not drive you to kill knowing the sense of honour are an animal!If you continue tracing check Miller with the lie detection appearance, you will find that shameless E.T. I will tell you now , the words that I think are not prepared for this shameless animal of Bush. And let you know , though that shameless E.T often performs its prediction ability in front of people, but the time that it predicts will not exceed one year .

Taiwan leader says on February 16,2006 that they prepare to modify national flag and country name! And,They prepare to rename " JIE SHOU house " as" president residence". Now, I remind you again , see ¡î¡îChinese leader is shameless murderer¡ï¡ï the article!

Hang bush!Hang these grafters !
Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao's mother prostitution,But he runs to France buys the airplane.The airplane quantity very many but the price have not been few,The sales commission feeds his mother's vagina(Material:This China purchases the French 150 airplanes,Total price 10 billion US dollars,Airplane model including A319, A320, A321.Most expensive A321 retail price is 60 million US dollars.
Before,Wen Jiabao's mother everywhere runs,Because Japanese's airplane throws the bomb)
¡î¡îChinese leader is shameless murderer¡ï¡ï
SARS broke out in December of 2002 in China, but Chinese leader concealed the epidemic situation. Have caused thousands of people's death. Did not announce the epidemic situation until April of 2003. I thought out the method to use protective clothing at this moment. They do not allow me to announce to the outside on breaking my network after knowing. Then take forcible possession of the contribution . These people are a group of shameless murderers! Now, I tell you , if China unifies with the " setting up new national flag , national anthem , national emblem , name of the country , capital , constitution " method , this method was figured out by me! This method is suitable for Korea , S. Korea too. But they use this method, must pass my agreement!Additionally, I hope that South Korean can withdraw army first in America beginning from Iraq.

The unified method of Serbian and dark mountain republic is thought of by me, I have given comment at that time on net , but am deleted by them!They began to follow me in 2001.

¡î¡î¡îDon't believe the ruffian Blair!¡ï¡ï¡ï
because he has no credit to speak . Like Bush, Hu Jintao.To insure own power.Do not hesitate to sacrifice the innocent life! They with E.T along with they the lackey is as , it is being put to torture in the inferno that their final result is sure to.

shrill_neoconazi_idiot #fundie news.messages.yahoo.com

So first we disprove their little liberal evolution theory on the basis of unsatisfactory evidence, and suddenly POOF, they have more fossils which just happen to perfectly fit into the huge holes in their theories. You have to be pretty naive for fall for such a simpleminded trick!

['SIMPLEMINDED? And it is not simpleminded to believe in such archaic fables such as the existence of god which were believed to exist by the Mesopotamians, the inhabitants of one of the Earth's FIRST CIVILIZATIONS, thousands of years ago? SIMPLEMINDED! ha!']

You choose to mock God but yet you have no problem believing in such idiotic monstrosities as diplodocus or stegosaurus or archeopterix. I mean, come on! If you're going to fool people, at least TRY to be convincing. Evolution theory is simply laughable.

ur_just2_stupid #fundie news.messages.yahoo.com

[Responding to challenges posed by another poster, but completely missing the point of them and even somehow thinking that weather forecasting includes tsunamis]

['if the scientists "are consistently wrong" how is it you are writing these messages on an abacus']

So being able to converse with these scientific morons is a plus ?

['If the medical folks are "consistently wrong" then how come everyone is living long enough to get cancer these days']

Gee there's a real positive outcome huh...probably enjoy the pain huh?

['If the weathermen are consistently wrong, howcome so many people DID get out of NO BEFORE Katrina hit?']

Yep..so many have survived..I can think of the wonderful tsunami wave and all those dead buried souls just so happy for weathermen, and the predictions that the storms are coming so make sure your insurance premiums are paid..because you when you have nothing left & get nothing from us..we'll make sure your account was marked paid in full though.

Yeah..science..a real misery prolonger---wonder if all those dead Japanese wre happy with the results of the atomic bomb ? hmmmm

presario0960 #fundie news.messages.yahoo.com

Whales are mammals meing they breathe air with their lungs, but at some point evolutionsists say they were a fish with gills and breated oxygen from the ocean's water, well apparently at the time of transition from gills to lungs the first baby came out not as an egg but alive, during the transition was it half and egg and half an embryo and it just decided to change into an embryo, well wouldn't the very first whale baby have drowned that was born in the depths of the sea as an embryo with lungs?
There are so many cases where evolution is laughable and are serious scientific arguemnts why the thought of evolution is quite laughable.

Theme_investor #fundie news.messages.yahoo.com

No....they are different 'kinds' within the same main specie.

Animals are animals, but there are many different kinds.

Just because 2 kinds can't breed doesn't make them different main species.
A cat and a dog are both the same main specie...animal...but they can't breed.

One main specie can never morph into another main specie !....absolutely impossible !

choose_erudite #fundie news.messages.yahoo.com

['You keep ranting about how evolutionary theory is predicated on 'random' chemical reactions. If you passed high school chemistry, you would know that atoms do not 'randomly' interact with each other.']

says Wea pon..

I distinctly remember pouring a little bit of this and a little bit of that, randomly, ignorantly, without taking notes, and certainly with intelligent design. You know what I got, don't you? It certainly wasn't a strand of DNA. IT WAS MUD.