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My readers will in the main be familiar with the concept of Adolf Hitler being possessed by the Wotan archetype, a subject that was first brought to the world`s attention by the father of Analytical Psychology, Karl Gustav Jung in his essay Wotan[1936]. He elaborated further on the issue in his later essays After the Catastrophe[1945] and The Fight with the Shadow[1946].
The presence of the archetype in Hitler was so pronounced that we now consider Him to be not merely possessed by the archetype but an Avatar in His own right. This idea forms the basis of Esoteric National Socialism, first pioneered by Savitri Devi[The Lightning and the Sun, 1958] and then later in the writings of Miguel Serrano[The Ultimate Avatar, 1984] . Esoteric National Socialism is not to be confused with the American fashion of dressing up as Hollywood Nazis as is prevalent in some quarters.


I know of several instances where Woden initiates have experienced periods of either temporary or permament blindness, one of whom is a notable personality in the Germanic heathen revival. I myself experienced a period of temporary blindness some time ago in which I received a vision of a circle of fiery runes. From that point onwards I have felt a greater degree of inspiration than ever before and this may be measured in the increase in output for instance on my blogs. Guido von List after a cataract operation in 1902 received a vision of the Armanen Runes during an 11 month period. Interestingly I was of a similar age, in my 50s when I had my experience. I was told by my doctor that further episodes may result in permament blindness.

Hitler finished WWI in a hospital bed, suffering blindness following a mustard gas attack, enduring the melancholy of knowing that Austria and Germany had lost the war, betrayed from within by traitors, bolshevists and non-German elements. One can only imagine what distress He felt. It was this event that marked a turning point in Hitler`s life and within 5 years He was a national political figure. I do not believe this to be an accident.


The Third Reich is now dead, a part of history but Wotan in the guise of His son Wid-Ar lives and He will avenge His father. At the moment He is silent and will remain so until He appears in the form of the avenger, the Kalki Avatar who will bring an end to this degenerate modern world where all values have been turned on their heads and the underman rules.



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