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During the 12 years of the Third Reich attempts were made to re-establish the link between Blut und Boden, recognising that amongst the German peasantry (not to be misread in the modern sense as a pejorative term) the purest Germanic and Nordic blood was to be found, for by this time the German nobility had become bastardised by the blood of middle-eastern money lending families. We see this today with the supposed English Royal Family that will forge marital alliances with the most unlikely people, the mercantile class, which has its origins in mediaeval Jewry and money lending. Crowns can thus be bought for a few shekels.

In the Reich that is to come these bastardised noble familes will have no place of honour for they are enfeebled distortions of the once racially pure Germanic aristocracy. Thus we must begin again the restoration of the caste system. Building on the vision of the Rigsthula I propose that these reconstituted castes be as follows:

Kon-This must be a recogniseably priestly caste, separate from the one below. In contradistinction to Julius Evola I regard the mystic, priest and shaman to occupy a more important role than that of the Ksatriya warrior-noble. The present nobilities of Europe have long since lost any abilities which they once had, no doubt a consequence of their race-mixing with Levantine elements.

Jarl-The Aristocracy of regenerated Aryan man, occupying positions of leadership in all aspects of Germanentum. They must take their instruction from their spiritual superiors.

Karl-The producers and farmers of our folk. The term peasant must have its honour restored and once again represent the very best in Germanic man. The Karl must recover his mystic link with the land of his ancesters. England must once again become an agricultural not an industrial economy. Thus we can assist the earth to heal itself and we in turn will reforge our lost link with the sacred earth.

As far as the non-Nordic, non-Germanic and non-Aryan caste of the Thralls is concerned they will be banished from our sacred ancestral lands. Once our people and land have been freed from the dual poisons of capitalism and industrial exploitation the Thrall will cease to have a purpose and non-Nordic elements will be banished from our lands. The Rigsthula makes it clear that this caste was an alien one. The very presence of the Thrall in our lands represents a very real threat to our biological survival as a racial community. Some of these Thralls may outwardly appear to be people of our own blood but the obese, the sexual degenerate, the drug addict, the alcoholic and the career criminal should be regarded as part of this slave under class and the necessary corrective measures undertaken. They are the Untermenschen much prized by the liberal elite.

The Woden Initiate of today will form a part of the Kon caste of tomorrow. It is imperative that we focus our time and resources in building up our spiritual knowledge and powers in preparation for the age which is to come. Our descendants will together form the priestly caste which has been built from our loins and give the spiritual direction and leadership that our people need.

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I certainly believe that Hitler was an avatar of Wotan and I have never denied that. However I do not worship him despite the incorrect and uninformed remarks of Maggie Benn. It is obvious to all with eyes to see that he was possessed by Wotan. One does not even need to be folkish or a sympathiser to understand that. After all Carl Gustav Jung, the German-Swiss founder of Analytical Psychology was not a National Socialist but he recognised this spiritual truth and he said so in his 1936 essay Wotan. There is evidence that Jung was folkish or inclined that way (see Richard Noll's remarkable The Jung Cult. Origins of a Charismatic Movement, 1994 and his Aryan Christ, 1997); however that is not the same thing as being a National Socialist.

There are people of all or no political persuasion that realise that they are Germanic heathen and as long as they accept that we are folkish should be welcomed within Wodenism but to be overtly political may deter otherwise good people from following our path. We must seek to bridge the false divide between left and right. It is a false dichotomy. Indeed I have said before that National Socialism is a left wing movement (see Povl Riis-Knudsen's National Socialism: A Left Wing Movement, 1984) as it sought to overturn the old order and one wing of the NSDAP led by Gregor Strasser tried to secure a second revolution as the first one they felt (and I feel) did not go far enough in smashing capitalism. We must create a third way which is beyond left and right but seeks to address the concerns of the day and at the same time is rooted in blood and soil.

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England and the rest of northern Europe as well as the wider 'western world' is plunging into yet more insanity. The latest obsession for the traitors, Marxists, feminists, sodomites and neo-liberals who blight our institutions is 'gender neutral language'. There have been quite a few examples of this Orwellian insanity very recently:

Military chiefs order troops to use gender-neutral language

Some anally retentive and overpaid pen-pusher has banned the use of the following terms by soldiers: mankind, chaps, manpower, gentleman's agreement, man in the street, housewife etc. The name of the subversive unit responsible for this batshit insanity is itself quite insane: 'Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Unit'-a total waste of taxpayers' money and should be abolished forthwith. Indeed not only are these Orwellian 'word fascists' tinkering with the English language but they are also pulling the plug on the Army's recruitment slogan 'Be the Best' because it may put off inferior types from joining up. This is all part of the Army's plan to recruit women (who should be baking and having children), aliens, mentally ill people who can't work out their own gender, butch lesbians, feminists and sodomites into their ranks. They are obviously desparate and can no longer attract men, real men to join up as most with a modicum of intelligence have finally worked out that they are just cannon fodder for a regime which despises them.

This neo-Marxism is not confined to the British Army. It even affects religion. The Church of Sweden likewise has started to use 'gender-neutral' terms for 'God'. "In the name of the Father, son and Holy Spirit" has been replaced with "in the name of God and the Holy Trinity". They have banned references to 'Lord' and 'he' using gender neutral pronouns which as some of my readers will be aware is a feature of Germanic languages other than English. Church of Sweden to start using gender neutral terms for God

Feminists (feminism is a mental illness and a cancer in the 'west') in France are pushing for the French language to be reformed so that 'gender-neutral' language becomes the norm. This of course all stems from the hatred that most feminists have for men. It should not surprise us that many of them are lesbians. The Push to Make French Gender-Neutral

Further afield in Australia the writers of the Commonwealth Games Handbook have also fallen prey to this mental disorder. They have replaced terms such as 'mother', 'father', 'wife', 'boyfriend' with 'parents' and 'partner'. Commonwealth Games guidebook slammed for pushing gender-neutral language

The London Fire Brigade have also been inflicted recently with a dose of Marxist insanity. They have complained to the BBC because one of their programmes on the CBBC channel used the term 'Fireman'. This is an extract of the PC Csar's complaint:“This term is VERY outdated and the term ‘firefighter’ is the preferred, respectful, inclusive, non-sexist, non-gendered term that should be widely used by all media but especially the BBC.” London Fire Brigade Accuses BBC of Sexism

May I suggest as a tax payer that the said jobsworth be given some meaningful and constructive work to do such as FIGHTING FIRES?

Just when you think things could not get any worse we now have the Bank of England falling prey to this virus. They have made a policy decision to eradicate "gendered language from its rule books". Traditional terms such as 'grandfathering' and 'chairman' are to be eliminated in true Orwellian fashion. The Old Lady in danger as the Bank of England ditches gendered language

This nonsense is beginning to blight every aspect of peoples' lives and we must take a stand against this. Just to give you one little and fairly insignificant example, quite a few years ago I attempted to purchase a 'gingerbreadman' biscuit in the local baker's shop and asked for a gingerbreadman. I was told that they were 'gingerbread people'. I responded "so you don't sell gingerbreadmen then? In which case you have lost a sale!" Hit them in the pocket where it hurts!

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Over the last few weeks the USA and the adjacent Caribbean islands have experienced devastating hurricanes. Of course it is not unusual for that part of the world to experience such extreme weather at this time of the year but what does appear to be unusual is the intensity and frequency of these 'events'. In time past when man was more 'superstitious' or more in tune with other realms of being (depending upon your perspective) these storms would have been interpreted as the Gods' displeasure regarding the actions of man. Even in Christian times this thinking continued except that instead of the Gods being angry it was the Christian 'god'. Only modern man in his conceit dismisses any supernatural explanation.

As we rush headlong to the Ragnarok (Korangar) that was long ago predicted by the Norse sages (and experienced by my late mother in a strange dream) we can expect to see more of such intense climatic events. Likewise we can expect to see more developments in the political sphere. We are approaching now the end and this should be obvious for anyone who has eyes to see. This thoroughly rotten and oppressive New World Order is facing utter and total collapse and we must be prepared for the power vacuum which will ensue and take steps to prepare ourselves. Not only must we ensure our survival as individuals but as a folk and as a race. However we must not view this as a matter of just survival but one of OPPORTUNITIES for as I have said the power vacuum which will be present after the collapse of western states will allow us to finally break free and recreate our world and recreate our ancient Germanic and Aryan societies which will be built again with our Blut und Boden.

This will be a time of sacrifice-another meaning attached to Woden's Eye. It will be a time for the Einheriar to be released from their training grounds of Walhalla and fight the eternal foe. In my view there never has been a satisfactory interpretation of the term Einherjar. Usually this is understood to mean either 'lone' or 'once' warrior. Neither explanation make any sense, certainly not from a mythological perspective. I personally take the view that these warriors, these servants of Woden are ONE-EYED HARRIERS. In other words warriors who engage in persistent attacks, often in small bands against selected targets. They are 'one-eyed' in the sense that they serve the One-Eyed Woden. All Woden's servants seek to emulate Him in their actions and it is surprising how often they bear His marks upon their bodies. Blindness, particularly in one eye is a mark of His favour upon those who are chosen by Him. This is another interpretation of Walhalla-the halls of the CHOSEN.

As I view the satellite images of these recent hurricanes I see in their centre the Eye of Woden. He is the God of the storm and although this is not quite evident from the Old Norse writings that image of Woden has survived in continental Germanic and English folklore. The Germanic view of Woden is far more archaic than the Norse Odin as I have shown before in previous articles: Towards a More Archaic Understanding of Woden and Woden and Vata-Vayu-a Comparison

As Woden is beginning to awaken his people He will also do His work in the elements as we approach the time of Walhalla-Allahlaw.

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The latest nutty concept which has gained a foothold in the 'white nationalist' world is that of 'white sharia'! Yes you have read that correctly. The advocates of this concept are trying to push the idea that women, Aryan women that is are in need of 'saving' from themselves and must be forced into a form of subjugation by their men folk and they would have no choice in the matter.


The supporters of 'white sharia' refer to this concept as a 'meme', a term that currently is quite popular within 'white nationalism' along with other ridiculous terms such as 'red pilling' and 'blue pilling' which I have never even heard of before. I am reliably informed that these are fabricated terms that feature in a well known science fiction film from 1999, The Matrix. I cannot comment as I have never seen the film in question. This is however an indication of how low the 'white nationalist' movement has come with its adoption of Hollywood terminology.

It is hoped that this 'meme' will spread within the white world. This is not however a good thing. Disease also spreads in populations and that is not a good thing either! Incredibly many of the supporters of 'white sharia' are also fanatical racialist 'christians'. I have never understood how a racialist can possibly be a christian given that anti-semitism is often a feature of the world view of many 'white nationalists' and christianity was built upon judaism as was islam but I put this down to what I term the Pilgrim Fathers' Complex.


I am no friend of feminism which I regard as a spiritual cancer in the 'western' world but 'white sharia' is an extreme reaction which makes it no better than feminism. It is its male counterpart and in many ways it is far worse than feminism. Both feminism and 'white sharia' are divisive and do not unite males and females but put a wedge between them. This is why I have written this article today to point out the dangers of this pernicious concept to alert my readers to think very carefully before they swallow this 'pill'.

Supporters of 'white sharia' say that a choice will be presented to the white world: islamic sharia or 'white sharia'-the only choice that is but I would counter this and say that the real choice is between WALHALLA and ALLAHLAW. 'White sharia' seems to fit very snugly into ALLAHLAW!

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So as my readers can see the worship of the Gods was not a casual affair but something which was taken seriously and in great earnest. There was a desire to please the Gods and sacrifice was seen as a way of doing this. I would like to point out that I am not advocating this practice today although it may be something which is taken up again once the decaying 'New World Order' is finally brought to its knees.


Some may baulk at the concept of human sacrifice but I think this is more to do with the lingering effects of the xtian religion which created the concept of 'sin' and its bedmate 'guilt'. We see this today with the modern religion of the 'holocaust' and the very profitable industry centred around it.

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Part of the UFO mythology is the German survival myth of the Third Reich continuing underground in the Antarctic, manned by the descendants of SS and other German military personnel who continue to develop their technology underground and bide their time until their full unveiling as Hitler's Final Battalion. Closely tied in with this myth is the survival myth of Adolf Hitler which is becoming much more well known and 'mainstream'. There is after all no evidence that Hitler and his wife Eva died in the Bunker but all the signs point to his escape and the world powers were well aware of this at the end of WWII but it was in their mutual interests to suppress the truth and for the pure work of fiction The Last Days of Hitler by Professor Hugh Trevor-Roper to become the official truth. We need to never forget that the victors write the history books and this particular 'history book' was authored by an agent of the Secret Intelligence Service and should not be taken seriously but nevertheless countless books on Hitler since then almost treat it as a source text!

The increase in UFO activity is these last days of the Kali Yuga has a significance for us. Could the Final Battalion be readying itself for a coming conflict with the forces of the New World Order?

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For a long time I tried to ignore the numerous errors and contradictions within the Bible, most especially the various gospel accounts of the life, death and supposed resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth.

A crisis point came in 1989 with the passing of my mother. Not only did I fail to receive any consolation from these so-called 'loving' Christians but for a long time I failed to feel at ease within the churches, having arguments and confrontations with other Christians over points of doctrine and belief etc. With the passing of my German mother I began to explore the history of the German people, starting with WWII and working back to pre-Christian times, the era of the Voelkerwanderungenzeit.

I also started to master the German tongue and over the years from 1994 to 2001 I gained 3 qualifications to Diploma level in this language and qualifications in Dutch and Swedish. Since then I have also gained a Diploma in Rune Divination amongst other subjects. I also studied over languages; Old English and Latin. In 1989 I heard for the first time the music of Richard Wagner`s Der Ring Des Nibelungen and developed a passion for this music, sensing a strange affinity which could not be articulated with words. It spoke to my German and Germanic soul. My love of Wagner`s music led to an interest in and a study of the Runes and Germanic mythology which eventually led to my abandonment of Christianity and my turning to the religion of my Anglo-Saxon and German ancestors: Wotanism/Wodenism.

I felt within me an inner struggle between Jesus Christ and Wotan/Woden and Wotan/Woden won that struggle. It was the beginning of my awakening. I could deny neither the Call of the Blood nor the Call of the Gods. It was simply not consistent for me to hold to a universalist religion and a Hebrew god and maintain the folkish Weltanschauung that I had discovered. The inner tension that existed within me for years finally disappeared and has never returned. One does not 'convert' to Wotanism/Wodenism/Odinism one returns to it. For this religion is a part of our very DNA. As long as the Germanic people continue to exist our Gods will survive. However if our Gods perish then so will we as a distinct people.

Out of the blue approximately 9-10 years ago I received a mail shot from Woden's Folk and something resonated deep within me. I duly responded and joined that organisation as a Supporter, then quickly progressing on to an apprenticeship, becoming a Fellow of the White Dragon Kindred after my initiation and taking of the Oath of Profession. This marked a major turning point in my life for the first time I began to apply my knowledge in a religious way, worshiping the Gods, not just reading about them. My religion defines now who and what I am and all being well will define my daughter as well.

Woden is calling and his Valkyries are choosing His elect. Will you hear the call?

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It is more than clear to me now, especially with the disgraceful and anti-democratic decision of the High Court today, denying the obvious right of the Prime Minister to activate article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty to give notice to leave the bastard European Union, that the indigenous English people have no real democratic 'rights'.


In our pre-christian past our laws were not written down but were oral in nature and were recited by the priests at all gatherings of the Thing. These laws were rooted in our Wodenic religion and were very much a part of true justice, not the dead and iniquitous laws that we are subject to in today's occupied England. I propose that a council of wise gothar be appointed to oversee all matters of dispute within our folk and all marriages must be considered first by the gothar and be consecrated by one of them in the presence of the Gods. This in effect means that we should not enact marriages in Registry Offices as this means we are consenting to the 'approval' of an alien and oppressive government and by doing so we subject ourselves to their laws and thus allow them to interfere in our lives as a consequence. The example of the muslim Sharia court system is one that we can usefully employ but should be moulded according to the beliefs, ideals and thinking of the nation of Woden.

As our Folk Warder has recently pointed out the fines which courts impose upon those defendants who are found guilty go straight to the government and not to the victim who is lucky if they receive any compensation at all. Thus fines are a form of taxation. This was not the case in pre-christian England where any exchange of money or goods was made to the injured party, not to the 'state'. This is a model which we should return to. My proposed system would make lawyers redundant-a welcome innovation! Justice would be both transparent and real as wrongs will be righted. There would also be no need for prisons. Prisons did not exist amongst the pre-christian Germanic peoples but were introduced after the christianisation or the enslavement of our peoples. Indeed israelite mosaic law, not Germanic law is the foundation of this evil system. People who were a danger to our society were cast out of it and made outlaws or were offered up as sacrifices to Woden. Again this is a system that hopefully will one day be reintroduced back into our Germanic lands once our alien occupation has been ended.

A feature of the Germanic justice system was the duel. This gave the wronged party a means of seeking vengeance or satisfaction for wrongs inflicted upon them or their kin. The current legal system does not properly compensate victims and neither does it right wrongs in the way that they should be righted. Legal systems in the occupied 'west' take a dim view of duelling because it realises that it bypasses the alien judeo-christian system which has been inflicted upon us. Duelling survived for quite a long time before the church managed to outlaw it. We need to reflect here that the iniquitous English legal system is based upon ecclesiastical law and precepts and thus is alien to the soul of the Germanic peoples.

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I know of no sane woman unless she be a lesbian or a feminist (often the same thing) who would object to be whistled at. Sounds like more sour grapes from short haired severe looking late middle-aged and old women who resent attractive young women getting a bit of attention! Oh and bugger me but I just googled the woman concerned and yes she does have a severe short hair cut but no, she is young! Is that me being 'prejudiced' do you think? I wonder if this new 'hate crime' definition with regards to wolf whistling also applies to women wolf whistling women or women wolf whistling men?

What Orwellian double speak is this? So a 'hate crime' is not necessarily a 'criminal offence' but is nonetheless a 'crime'! I wonder when did the English Houses of Parliament debate this issue, never mind pass any laws on this matter? So it would seem that Nottingham Police has taken over the role of Parliament and introduced their own non-law laws! (Work that one out if you can!) What a pity that Police resources are once again being directed at enforcing marxist political correctness than preventing and detecting real crime. As an aside the current and recently promoted Chief Constable of Nottinghamshire Police is, you have guessed it a woman. So much for the "it being a man's world" mantra which we keep hearing all the time.

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Over recent years I have observed an extremely disturbing trend in the so-called white nationalist 'movement'. Feminism is getting a hold upon the thinking of our people. I have spent some time making constructive contributions to a new blog which is supposed to be about heathenism but has nothing to say about heathenism whilst the author, a female, is obsessed with male-female relations, jews and the Third Reich and is quite clearly a feminist. I will not name this blog or the author as in my opinion it is not worth giving any attention to it. However it is clearly necessary to restate some simple truths. In not doing so there is a danger that younger people who are drawn to our folkish message will be led astray down unproductive paths whether this be reviving 1930s Germany, obsessing about jews (who are given far too much credit for the cause of our decline) or viewing our Aryan past through 20th century westernised eyes.

The mythology of the Aryan (Proto-Indo-European) people was most clearly a solar mythology. It was solar, masculine and virile.


Now it should be obvious to the vast majority of my readers that the vira, an exceptional man is by necessity a tiny minority and indeed when one considers the abject state of 'manhood' today we see that the typical male is a metrosexual, devoid of masculine energy, a parody of man with his handbag, waxed hair, skin moisturiser, make up and obsession with showering every five minutes. The metrosexual is the marketing man's dream for he is void of race and to a large extent gender. More often than not he is also a product of the modern middle classes (the mercantile class) and has a university indoctrination, trained not to think independently but to chant the mantras of his puppet master. Not surprisingly the average 'white' male with his lack of masculinity is not attractive to the female of the race, who at the same time has been trained via the media (most notably television and sluttish women's magazines) and schooling to behave in a masculine way. She has been indoctrinated into falsely believing that she is the 'equal' of man, that she has the same capabilities which to my readers will no doubt be viewed as an absurdity and rightly so.

By contrast the unseen hand who is directing the media in the west is encouraging a masculine negro type to be the preferred mate of the Nordic woman. It is only the 'white' male who has been emasculated. I know of no other race which has been targeted by this pernicious propaganda. The negro and 'white' woman are now depicted as the intelligent and courageous ones whilst the 'white' male is portrayed as stupid and lacking in courage. If this were any other race or gender being targeted in this way there would be cries of 'racism' and 'sexism'.

The latest piece of insanity by the outgoing Prime Minister David Cameron in permitting women to become combat soldiers will no doubt damage the long term health of women and in some cases cause chaos in the trenches. Those female soldiers who are not given to sluttish behaviour or assuming that they are the equal (or even the superior) of man or are not lesbians (and there are plenty of those to be found in uniform) will be in my view, and it is only a personal opinion, a minority. Why any woman would wish to assume an occupation that is the preserve of a man as soldiering obviously is, is beyond my comprehension.


No doubt my opponents will quote a handful of exceptions to this rule, namely female monarchs of the past but these women only rose to prominence due to the lack of a male heir or in times of dire necessity where typical roles assigned by gender may need to be temporarily deviated from. But these examples are only a handful and this should only apply in times of dire necessity. One only has to look at the occasions when women are handed supreme authority. I am thinking in particular of Elizabeth I, queen of England 1558-1601. She was like many queens, a tyrant who had no qualms about the shedding of blood, innocent or not. Mary I, queen of England 1553-1558 executed 300 protestants at the stake. We have the more recent examples of Margaret Thatcher, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom 1979-1990 who divided British society and destroyed the manufacturing base of the country, suppressing the miners' strike with great brutality. Now we have a second female Prime Minister in Theresa May who openly models herself on Thatcher-or at least encourages the comparison. She has said in Parliament that she would be ready to give the order to press the button that would unleash a nuclear holocaust and murder millions of innocent people. THIS is what happens when you place a woman in charge of an organisation or a country-they try to outman the men and appear more 'macho'.

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On 1/1/73 the United Kingdom joined the club and by this time it consisted of 9 countries, Greece becoming the 10th country to join in 1981. At this time I was an avid student of biblical prophecy. I like many other people saw significance in the fact that this was now a 10 country 'empire' and considered this to be a fulfillment of biblical prophecy.

"And there appeared another wonder in heaven; and behold a great red dragon, having seven heads and ten horns, and seven crowns upon his heads." (Revelation 12:3, KJV)

"And I stood upon the sand of the sea, and saw a beast rise up out of the sea, having seven heads and ten horns, and upon his horns ten crowns, and upon his heads the name of blasphemy." (Revelation 13:1, KJV)

Now I am not intending to go into any great detail about this prophecy, for my reason for quoting these two important biblical references was to illustrate my mindset at the time for I considered that this 10 headed dragon would produce the Antichrist spoken of in both the Old and New Testaments. I spent many years studying these prophecies, devouring many books on the subject. Of course I am no longer a Christian as I have returned to the spiritual path of my ancestors but that does not make these prophecies invalid for contained within the Bible are certain truths which have their origins in Aryan belief systems. Both the Jews and the Christian Church were notorious plagiarists of other religious and spiritual systems, most notably Aryan ones.

Now over the passing decades it became clear that the EEC which became the European Union in 1993 was not to stop at 10 countries! However prophecies contained in the book of Daniel (chapter 7) indicate that this organisation has its origins in the Roman Empire. It is significant that of the first 12 nations to join the EEC, 10 were were once part of this empire but it should be noted that Germany was only partly within its boundaries. Denmark and Ireland were not part of the empire but the other 10 were. It is interesting that the EU (which denies that it is currently a superstate) has both a flag and an anthem as well as a single currency which the majority of EU countries are part of, the Euro. If this is not a superstate then it begs the question what is? But going back to the flag; it is interesting that although the EU currently has 28 members the stars on the flag stopped at 12! You may wonder what is the significance of this apparent piece of trivia? According to the EU:

"The European flag symbolises both the European Union and, more broadly, the identity and unity of Europe.
It features a circle of 12 gold stars on a blue background. They stand for the ideals of unity, solidarity and harmony among the peoples of Europe.
The number of stars has nothing to do with the number of member countries, though the circle is a symbol of unity."

This is a clever deception. We know that between 1986 and 1994 the EU did consist of 12 member states but this is not the origin of the 12. The true origin is revealed in Revelation 12:1-2:

"And there appeared a great wonder in heaven; a woman clothed with the sun, and the moon under her feat, and upon her head a crown of twelve stars: and she being with child cried, travailing in birth, and pained to be delivered. (KJV)

The red dragon and the woman clothed with the sun with the moon under her feet and the crown with 12 stars all appear to be competing symbolism if we take Revelation at face value which of course we cannot for it is a hopeless jumble and mish mash like all of the Bible. What appears to be competing symbolism is in fact two sides of the same coin. This is reflected in the political and so-called 'democratic' systems of the west where we appear to be given choice in elections (and referenda) but in reality both players are puppets of the same unseen zionist hand. The woman with the 12 stars and the red dragon are all judeo-christian symbols which have been implanted in the Collective Unconscious of peoples. An example of this of course is the red dragon of the flag of Wales, which is representative of the judeo-christian worldview which is at enmity with the Aryan worldview represented by the English Germanic white dragon. My regular readers will understand what I am referring to here. I will address the issue of the symbolism of the number 12 in a future article.

I feel that the decision of the English (and Welsh) people to leave the European superstate is highly significant in spiritual terms for it is a rejection of the zionist worldview and zionist political and economic enslavement. This is a remarkable result when one considers the establishment propaganda, the downright utters lies and fear that the EU puppet politicians sought to influence the electorate with. This is a slap in face for the zionist puppet masters.

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[Responding to a Leeds Beckett University study on racism and sexism in black metal music]

This is the kind of nonsense that passes for academic research these days:


If a similar study had been made about black hip hop 'music' or rap (both of which ARE overtly 'racist' (anti-white) and 'sexist' then there would have been cries of 'racism' and 'sexism'. However the white heterosexual male is the only part of mankind who appears to be exempt from the protections afforded anyone else. No wonder that there is an increasing anger and bitterness by the awakened Aryans in Europe and other parts of the 'western' world against not so much the aliens in our midst who are mere pawns in the zionists' game but an anger directed against the establishment in the 'western' world which is overtly hostile to any notions of maintaining a white European identity.

This establishment is not merely the government of the day who are mere pawns themselves but also consists of the media and the educational establishment with its multiracial, multicultural and feminist agenda. No free thinking student these days can hope to graduate from a 'western' university with a decent degree without towing the establishment line. We need to remember that the establishment in 2016 consists to a significant extent of the marxist middle class student generation of 1968 (of which my late brother was a part of) who are now in positions of power and influence in the political, educational and media fields. Despite being rebels against the establishment in the 1960s and early 1970s they have now become the establishment. Universities are a hotbed of social marxist propaganda and have been so since the 1960s.

We can also see that marxism which has now been watered down into a more politically palatable form of social liberalism which no longer opposes global capitalism but embraces it for both marxism and capitalism are zionist tools used to destabalise not only the traditional Aryan world but all parts of the world which have not hitherto fallen under the sway of the zionist 'west'. They are merely two sides of the same fake coin, presenting the illuision of difference and choice, the same illusion which is presented at the ballot box every 5 years. Both sides are controlled by the same unseen hand.

In addition to this research Professor Spracklen (a former employee of the Commission for Racial Equality) has worked alongside colleagues from his university on research projects "exploring racism and racial equality in sport, and the success of anti-racism policies." Indeed his university has a whole team of 'Race Experts'-no I am not making this up! This what universities obsess about in 2016 when the money would be better spent on real research which is scientific and technological, not shit-stirring.

Leeds by the way is a multiracial hell hole with only an 85 % white population, only 81.1% are native British. The rest is divided into 75 diverse ethnic groups. However there are worse cities than this. One only has to think of London whose white population numbers only 59.79%, the native white British being a mere 44.89% so London is no longer an English city. I recall visiting London in the early 2000s and being struck by the feeling that I felt like a foreigner in my own country. There are over 300 languages spoken in that shit hole. It can only get worse

Wotans Krieger #racist aryan-myth-and-metahistory.blogspot.co.uk

The blundering idiots who are supposed to be responsible for the safeguarding of Britain's and Europe's borders have been knapping too long: the hoardes are already here. At least I will grant you that you are correct in one thing: every action has a reaction. You cannot expect our sacred lands to be flooded by millions upon millions of aliens who have no place in Europe and presume that the native populations-those who at least give a fuck, to just sit back and watch whilst their lands are invaded, their resources plundered and their women raped. Instead of watching 70s propaganda popumentaries such as The World at War (bloody awful biased television when I saw it in 1973-it does not get better with age) and romantising about an invasion that never happened (and Hitler never intended) YOU HAVE A REAL ONE RIGHT HERE AND UNDER YOUR PRIVILEGED NOSES!

The spirit of resistance, the flames of rebellion have been lit in sacred Europa-not the Europe of the zionist-marxist European Union but the Europe of Aryan blood and Aryan culture and that Widerstand will arise from the unspoiled blood of the awakened Einheriar, not the privileged and spoiled hooray Henry elite who earn a small fortune from their overpaid positions and then bleat about a situation that they did nothing to prevent when they had the power to do so!

The Wolfhook arises and the Black Sun will dawn in the folksoul of the European Aryan race as the old order in Europa collapses-the harlot of Babylon.

Wotans Krieger #fundie aryan-myth-and-metahistory.blogspot.co.uk

Before I was introduced to folkish Wodenism via an out of the blue flyer in the early 2000s (a coincidence full of meaning) I was concerned with esoteric christianity and eschatology (the study of the end times) and I looked for and preached the Second Coming of Christ. Now, many years after my spiritual and folkish awakening, which came to its full fruition via the teachings of Woden's Folk, instead of preaching the Second Coming I write about the coming Starker von Oben. In reality this cosmic figure can be called by any and all of these names which demonstrates to me that there are such things as objective not just subjective spiritual truths because this world figure is not confined to just one religion or people: He is a global figure.

It behoves us to study the sacred writings of these other religions and peoples for they contain a certain grain of truth regarding this mysterious end time figure. This is no coincidence for these writings contain dire warnings for the peoples of the Earth. Often founders of religions are prophets and forerunners of an even greater personage. Founders of religions are often persecuted. They are certainly hardly ever acknowledged during their earthly lifetimes and are generally mocked by the unbelieving. Of course Hitler, especially since the collapse of the Third Reich has been reviled and mocked to a degree which in my opnion is unprecedented. Of course one could argue that he was the founder of a religion: National Socialism but he was not just the founder of a religion but the very incarnation of a God. That God is Wotan.


Wotan's apparent 'possesion' of Hitler may be explained by the Aryan concept of the avatar. Hitler was not an ordinary man. He was born of a woman in order to fulfill a specific mission in the same sense that according to christians Jesus Christ did. By all appearances he was human, being born of woman but nevertheless his followers believe he was a God-Man incarnated in human flesh to fulfill a specific task. In this sense there is little qualative difference between Adolf Hitler and Jesus Christ with the exception that we know Hitler to be a real historic personage. There is no such proof for the existence of Jesus Christ.

Recently there has been a concerted attempt by dark forces to undermine the founder of folkish Wodenism by ridiculing him and misrepresenting his teachings. This is to be expected for these same agents of dark forces fear the light. They delight in exposing others but they themselves will hide behind a false identity whilst they libel innocent people purely because they violently disagree with their teachings. This is to be expected. Far from eroding the knowledge that our teachings are based upon light and truth these desparate persecutors actually convince us that we are right!

Wotans Krieger #racist aryan-myth-and-metahistory.blogspot.co.uk

One thing in particular that I find remarkably hypocritical about the illiberal elite is their defence of the alien religion and culture of islam which they have had a hand in transplanting from the deserts of the east into our sacred European lands, no doubt in order to create instability and the destruction of western society and the white race. This instability they first brought about in the homelands of islam through phoney wars against terror after the extremist islamist armed groups that they helped to set up and fund began to turn against the hand that fed them. No doubt this reaction too was foreseen and planned by these very same illiberal elities.

The white traitors who govern our European and western lands through their destructive wars against islamic countries and their butchering of many innocent men, women and children have created a chaotic situation where many people are fleeing for their lives but no doubt accompanied by an even larger number of spongers and opportunists who are breaking into our continent solely for the purpose of free money, clothing, food and accommodation. This is crystal clear except for the most blinkered liberal observer. These very same spongers (and genuine refugees) will be granted free housing by local authorities whilst many of our own native English people are either homeless or have to live for months on end in hostels or boarding houses despite this being THEIR country! These young fit men if they are genuinely from a war torn country should have the balls to take up arms and defend their homelands like real men not flee like sissies and cowards to Europe.


A backlash is coming. The Wid-Ar avataric force is arising in Europa and will become unstoppable. The very presence, indeed the very ubiquitous presence of the Wolfsangel rune as a symbol of not only English but Germanic and pan-European resistance is an indication of the arising of this force and should come as a warning signal (and symbol) to the corrupt elite that govern and exploit the European peoples that their time is over. The Old World Order is finished: the time of the Aryan God-Man has come! The irony is that the worse the situation gets with our lands being flooded by eastern invaders the stronger the Wid-Ar God force becomes! Therefore as Woden-born initiates we must not fear the times in which we live but come to the dawning realisation that we were born into a place and a time that we have chosen as Einheriar in the halls of Walhalla prior to our physical rebirths.

Wotans Krieger #racist aryan-myth-and-metahistory.blogspot.co.uk

Despite the English people being misguided by the half jewish Prime Minister Winston Churchill and fighting the tragic Brothers' War against the German people at least the English between 1939-1945 had a genuine desire to resist what they (wrongly) considered to be the invader. Now that England really is being invaded due to the existence of the Channel Tunnel and membership of the European Union, instead of the English resisting the invader with force they instead send ships to rescue this human flotsam and jetsam from the Mediterranean Sea, helping southern Europe to be flooded by these invaders who gradually with the connivance of those governments gravitate towards England. Instead these ships should be used to push away immigrant vessels and if necessary to sink them. This would send a clear message out that they are not wanted in Europe!

One must question why and how supposedly 'genuine' asylum seekers from the African continent (who by and large are young, healthy single males) find their way to northern Europe in general and England in specific. They are drawn by the illusion of a comfortable existence paid for by English tax payers, placing further strains on the infrastructure of this country and making England gradually less English. This suits the agenda of the cosmopolitan parasites that dominate our media and institutions who seek nothing less than the disappearance of the Nordic race from the face of the earth. These influential and wealthy parasites and the native European traitors who do their bidding (like obedient dogs, wagging their tails) are gradually dismantling the England of our ancestors, an England which was bought and defended by Germanic Anglo-Saxon blood and where we will become like pockets of Red Indians living on reservations, obediently doing as we are told by are alien masters until we disappear for ever!

This invasion is being assisted by xtian clerics and churches.


Christianity is thus a poison if entered into the veins of a people. We must thoroughly and utterly reject its life-denying dogma if we are to survive as a people and as a race and return to the Gods of our fathers which for the Germanic peoples are the Aesir and Vanir, giving primacy to Woden

Wotans Krieger #racist aryan-myth-and-metahistory.blogspot.co.uk

A good example of brainwashing are the countless children's programmes which feature multiracial presenting teams, usually a black youth and a blonde girl, enticing young minds into believing that not only is this acceptable but even desireable, aiming their propaganda mainly at females who tend to be more susceptible and impressionable. Even programmes that have a supposed historical basis will feature people of different races as members of society, giving children the impression that England has always been a multiracial society, flying in the face of facts which these broadcasting companies do not care about so long as they seek to win awards for diversity and inclusivity, the latter being the latest of these Orwellian sounding watchwords and increase viewing ratings. We must combat this by engaging in counter-propaganda.

Not content with having created the disaster of the multicultural and multiracial society the government now is seeking to ensure that all public bodies including the Police are inclusive and representative of the diverse nature of the society that they serve. Of course this diversity and inclusivity are not just confined to race and gender but also extend to those who have what are euphemastically referred to as alternative lifestyles or to be more specific, homosexuals. Nothing pleases the establishment more than the prospect of an industrial or public sector leader who is female, lesbian, black (or inceasingly mixed race) and if possible disabled. Many public sector organisations have leg up programmes which aim to give homosexuals, non-Aryans and females a distinct advantage over the normal healthy Aryan male, who despite all denials by the liberal establishment are increasingly under-represented in many senior public sector positions. So instead of Aryan societies being governed by the racially fittest it is now truly the era of the rule of the Underman-or woman!

The tide however is beginning to turn. In the last year or so we have begun to see the awakening of Aryan youth in this country. Their boldness and courage is refreshing to see.

Wotans Krieger #racist aryan-myth-and-metahistory.blogspot.co.uk

Dr Welby (original family name Weiler) is the grandson of a jewish immigrant and has the temerity to tell the rest of us to allow ever greater numbers of immigrants to flood into our overcrowded countries. Perhaps he could open the gates of his clerical palace and let a few of them live with him? Who knows, the experience may enrich him!

A healthy Aryan society would not permit all this to continue but would in fact seek to reverse immigration (legal or illegal) to ensure that only Aryans lived on Aryan soil, the soil that their ancestors died defending which today's generation of traitors freely give away. The resources of the Royal Navy (which we all pay for, whether we wish to or not) should be used to prevent these invaders from breaking into Europe, not assisting them! A border force which welcomes the intruder instead of repelling him and making an example of him is not fit for purpose.

All this goes to show that xtianity is a sickness which has weakened the resolve and health of the Aryan peoples of Europe (and further afield). Only a strong warrior religion is needed in this dark age of the Kali Yuga to awaken our race to the peril and slow genocide that awaits them if they continue to allow this state of affairs to continue. A religion of the mythos of the blood! Within a period of 50-100 years our people will be a minority in our own lands. Minorities deprived of the sovereignity of their own lands (the Palestinian Arabs in the rogue state of Israel and the American Indians being cases in point) all because generations since 1939 have allowed this to happen.

Wotans Krieger #racist aryan-myth-and-metahistory.blogspot.co.uk

[On a post titled "Rivers, Rooted in the Aryan Blood Memory"]

Rivers acted as natural territorial boundaries to our ancestors and were often defended to the death. When I compare how jealously our ancestors defended their tribal lands from invading enemies I am forced to compare these valiant heroes with the traitors who govern sacred England today and instead of repelling those who break into our land with force they agonise over 'quotas' as to how many more of these unwanted flotsam and jetsam that they let in (to our cost). The Church of England by the way is one of the prime agitators for yet more unwanted immigration. This demonstrates that only an indigenous and racial religion, Wodenism can provide our people with the necessary Weltanschauung to fight against our genocide as a folc. A folk which is proud of its ancestry and identity would and should never permit such a state of affairs to continue.

Wotans Krieger #wingnut #conspiracy #racist #homophobia aryan-myth-and-metahistory.blogspot.co.uk

In reality multiculturalists are monocultarilsts as these supposed 'liberals' tend to be against genuine diversity, believing that mankind is essentially 'one' and that culture and indeed race are 'social constructs' that people can merely adopt in a pick and mix fashion. What these illiberals really seek is the elimination of the Aryan race as it sees this race as responsible for all the ills of the world and the suppression of 'minorities' and women (read feminists and lesbians). Interestingly (and alarmingly) these so-called 'minorities' are now forming the majority in our urban towns and cities. By the way these illiberals prefer the term humankind as opposed to mankind, believing this term to be 'sexist', although man is a species and women are a part of it. It is also convenient for them that there are indeed two sexes not one, making a mockery of the whole concept of homosexual 'marriage' for these people are unlikely to reproduce although this does
not stop councils from kidnapping children from their natural parents in order to hand them over to such couples. As an aside Family Courts are shrouded in secrecy as the state goes about its often diabolical business.

No doubt the outlawing of incitement of hatred on the grounds of sexual orientation was a necessary prelude to the introduction of homosexual marriage. This did not originate with Cameron and the Coalition government but with New Labour when they introduced the Civil Partnership Act of 2004. Civil partnership was a form of homosexual marriage in all but name and it was supported
by the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats, again proving that you get the same legislation regardless of how you vote. The 'hate speech' legislation made it very difficult for people to oppose homosexual marriage without risking intimidation by the Police who have unfortunately evolved into George Orwell's Thinkpol (Thought Police), although I am sure that as individuals many Police Officers are honourable and just as sickened by the depravity of modern society and our governments as we are, so this should not be construed as an attack against them.

Wotans Krieger #racist aryan-myth-and-metahistory.blogspot.co.uk

Alcoholism and Drug Addiction: Weapons of War Against the Aryan Race
It should not come as any surprise to my readers that part of the malaise which affects our race may be attributed to excessive consumption of alcohol and illegal drug use. We must ask ourselves why now? Why have these problems gradually reached epidemic proportions in the late 20th and early 21st centuries? Were these problems predicted and indeed did certain parties conspire to bring about this state of affairs?

The Protocols of the Meetings of the Learned Elders of Zion reveal that mass drunkenness is part of the zionists' arsenal in stupifying the peoples of world, especially Aryan nations:


The section of our societies that are most affected by and targetted by drugs through the zionist controlled media, film industry and negrofied pop music are our youth, females as well as males. Indeed it is now commonplace to see drunken females walking around half naked in our towns and cities on Friday and Saturday nights. Our enemy is concerned with corruption of our youth in order to prevent any future challenge to zionist hegemony throughout the earth.

Without a doubt the educated youth of our peoples experienced great corruption in western universities from the late 1960s onwards and it is this educated generation of the late 1960s/early 1970s which for a number of years have held dominant positions in government and other institutions, using their positions of influence and power to corrupt later generations of youth. Universities from the late 1960s onwards have become little more than drinking dens where illegal drugs are encouraged, immoral sexual practices are engaged in and the minds of the young brainwashed with liberal-marxist propaganda.


As I have written before we know that in certain Aryan cultures drugs were used by some initiates in order to experience and enhance higher spiritual states of consciousness within a traditional framework. However the agents of zionism, hell-bent on destroying the fabric of Aryan societies have popularised the false notion that alcohol and narcotics should be freely available for all to use and indeed it is the intention of some politicians in the 'west' today to bring this about. These people are effectively zionist fifth columnists and should be viewed as such.

Wotans Krieger #racist aryan-myth-and-metahistory.blogspot.co.uk

["A Yuletide Message from Wotans Krieger"]

The Second World War was but a continuation of the struggle waged between the Aryan tribes of the Old Testament against the jews, the Irminist Saxons against the fanatical xtian race traitors, the Franks, the Vikings against the xtianised Anglo-Saxons (who forsook the same Gods) right up to the present day, where we now live in a society that has thrown off the shackles of the alien xtian religion but has adopted its secular bastard offshoots, ie humanism, democracy and liberalism.

The Second World War involved a life and death struggle between the 'allies' (how I detest that pompous and self-righteous term) and the Wotan inspired Third Reich which gradually was throwing off the shackles of a religion that had killed a third of its population in the Thirty Years War (1618-1648). A fratricidal dispute over what variety of semitic xtian religion the people should follow. What an awful waste of German blood, all in the name of a jewish messiah who never even actually existed! That was indeed a holocaust of good German blood to a semitic demonic entity!


The Third Reich had 4 major opponents: capitalism, bolshevism, liberalism and xtianity, all offshoots in some way of judaism. This truly was a war not so much of race as our enemies would have the masses to believe but a war of ideas, ideology and spiritual forces. This is an idea that I will return to in a future article on this blog. This war of ideas and beliefs continues up until the present day with the commercialisation and xtianisation of the ancient Germanic festival of Yule, thus creating the struggle in microcosm of xmas against Yule.

Wotans Krieger #conspiracy aryan-myth-and-metahistory.blogspot.co.uk

It is generally common knowledge now that the Germans during the 1930s and 1940s were actively engaged in the creation and perfection of an anti-gravity device that could be used to not only to transcend the known boundaries of space but also those of time. The appearance of saucer shaped craft over Germany and over other parts of the world after 1945 are testament to the fact that both the Americans and the Russians had obtained German scientific knowledge through the capture of scientists from the Third Reich. The technology was particularly developed by the Americans after the war and these manmade craft are the basis of most UFO sightings seen since then. We do not need to look for a fanciful extraterrestrial explanation when a more logical and terrestrial one will suffice!


It is clear to me that on a spiritual level the manifestation of these strange phenomena is an indication of an internal conflict within the inner self of man. Some of these manifestations may be attributed to physical craft and some to spiritual visions but it is very difficult to distinguish between the two. As we rush to Ragnarok-Korangar these manifestations appear to be increasing and are on a certain level the heralds of the coming final conflict that must bring the Kali Yuga to a conclusion and for the new Golden Age to come, the Age of Widar, Woden reborn.

Wotans Krieger #racist aryan-myth-and-metahistory.blogspot.co.uk

[Archbishop Justin Welby describes the British as "a very mixed bunch"]

The vast majority of the indigenous population are sick of this country being turned into a human dumping ground and cesspit where indigenous children are raped and murdered, women abused and the people ordered to embrace their biological extinction without offering resistance. Interestingly Welby's mother was the personal assistant to the warmonger and war criminal Winston Churchill who by the way was half jewish on his maternal side thus making Churchill according to rabbinical law legally a jew.

Unlike Mr Welby who by his own admission appears not to be indigenous, genetic research in recent years has demonstrated that the vast majority of the population can trace their ancestry back to the Neolithic and indeed even the Mesolithic period, defying the pc mantra that we "are a very mixed bunch". Speak for yourself Welby, not the people whose land this is! Arthur Kemp in his booklet Four Flags: The Indigenous People of Britain makes the case that the English, Welsh, Scottish and Irish populations of the British Isles can trace their presence here for many thousands of years and belong primarily to the R1b and R1a haplotypes, which together make up 80% of the population. Genetics has slain the myth that we "are a very mixed bunch". Welby should apologise for his offensive remarks and should in future only comment on matters of which he has a modicum of knowledge about.

"If the interrelatedness of the various R1b subclades and the R1a Haplotype are taken into account, then it becomes possible to say that at least 80 or more percent of Britain's population derives from a single source." (Kemp, 2010)

Xtianity is a semitic religion that is totally at odds with the Aryan psyche. Thankfully I can no longer be burned at the stake for opposing this religion of love. Thankfully also it is dying but in its place another alien and semitic religion is rearing its head: Islam. Xtianity under the leadership of a jewish archbishop is trying its best to neutralise the growing resistance to the take over of Europe by militant islam. the New World Order has stirred up a hornets' nest with its unnecessary and criminal wars against the islamic world and opening the floodgates of Europe to allow in millions of racially diverse immigrants, the majority of whom appear to be of the islamic religion, a number of these very dangerous individuals as the idiots who run this country are begining to realise. I dare say that the clowns who post my comments on the FSTDT website will no doubt laugh at these words and make further cowardly remarks regarding me but I tell you this, the prophecy of Ragnarok-Korangar and Walhalla-Allahlaw is coming to pass in their lifetimes and they will eventually realise that we were right!

Wotans Krieger #fundie aryan-myth-and-metahistory.blogspot.co.uk

I would now like to turn my attention to the troubling issue of short hair amongst Germanic women. One often notices that women in their 40s and 50s start to cut their hair short, losing whatever femininity they have left to the extent that they begin to resemble men. No doubt this is all connected with the insiduous pressures exerted by the femininist movement who would seek an entire reversal of roles with men taking on the domestic role whilst they outmen the men in their relentless climb up their slippery corporate ladders to seek the psychological validation that they are told by the media that they need and lack.

Young women often can get away with short hair if they are attractive but when they begin to age they too will appear more masculine in appearance. Long hair enables a woman to maintain her femininity into old age. The typical styles that a modern Germanic woman can adopt may be found in images of women and girls from the Third Reich who were encouraged to adopt traditional styles.

Let us not forget that the ancients believed that hair contained certain magical and sacral properties.


I believe that long hair enhances our 5 known senses and also it acts as antennae for receiving spiritual and psychic impulses.

Wotans Krieger #fundie aryan-myth-and-metahistory.blogspot.co.uk

[Note: Sigurd is a figure in Germanic mythology]

It is my opinion that this reborn Sigurd was none other than Adolf Hitler. Like Sigurd he was stabbed in the back but faithfully fulfilled his mission as the Norns decreed. He had many dragons, many enemies who sought to slay him and his Volk. Indeed German war time propaganda did use the image of the slaying of the dragon as symbolic of National Socialism's war of attrition against bolshevism. He knew he had to slay for failure to do so would have resulted in the destruction of the Aryo-Germanic peoples.

Likewise Thunor at Ragnarok will go forth to slay the serepent at the end time although He Himself will be slain by its venom. Neverthless He will continue to live through His sons Magni and Modi.

Wotans Krieger #racist aryan-myth-and-metahistory.blogspot.co.uk

The country that is entirely self-sufficient for water, oil, gas and food will be strong and the master of the others but must be aware that it must defend such resources from those who lack them. This is part of the geopolitical power struggle that we see today between the decaying and increasingly deracinated 'west' whose leader is himself a mulatto and the fairly traditional Eurasian east, led by Russia.

The homosexual and the mulatto are seen today in the 'west' as being the ideal human type. "One world", they cry, "one race" and "one sex". This is the vile and poisonous ideology which is masqueraded today as "British values" or "human ethical standards". Well, we reject them! Those countries who do not subscribe to these 'liberal' values find that their 'aid' is suddenly cut off, showing us in stark terms what the real motivation behind world figures such as Cameron and Obama truly is.

Ancient Aryan prophecies warn that racial miscegenation, homosexuality and gender confusion are signs of the current final age in this cycle, the Kali Yuga, the Wolf Age.

Wotans Krieger #fundie aryan-myth-and-metahistory.blogspot.co.uk

The evidence is all around us that we are living in the Kali Yuga, the Wolf Age, the Age of Iron. We are in the days that immediately precede the final cataclysm of Ragnarok when the forces of light and order must combat the forces of darkness, chaos and disorder.


I am in my mid 50s and if I look back over my life thus far I can see tremendous changes which have occured during that time and these changes are mostly for the worst. We are seeing rampant immigration, rising crime, the acceptance and legalisation of homosexual activities and now the shameful introduction of `gay marriage`, corruption in the highest offices of the land, financial collapse, constant warfare (mainly to achieve zionist ends) and the continuing devastation of the earth`s natural resources and wildlife. The man-centred creed which dominates the earth is responsible for its demise. Wildlife is `culled` to keep numbers in check (for selfish human reasons) and yet human beings are allowed to breed without restriction nor restraint, placing further strains upon the planet`s delicate eco systems. What is surely needed is a culling of mankind-and that is surely coming!

Wotans Krieger #fundie aryan-myth-and-metahistory.blogspot.co.uk

[On Francesca Simon’s book The Lost Gods, a children's comedy novel about Woden]

The Independent newspaper has recently(27/10/13) referred to one of my book reviews to be found on Amazon UK without giving me an opportunity to respond:


My readers should note that if I had authored a book lampooning Allah, Jesus Christ or Yahweh, the ancestral god of the Jewish-American author, I would have been branded by the `liberal` establishment, muslim and jewish rights organisations and churches as being an infidel, anti-semite or anti-christ but anything that ridicules the ancestral Gods of the native English in England for the sake of comedy and selling books is fair game to these `liberals`.


The Independent should do a little research and get upto date with the religious make up of England today. Wodenism/Odinism/Wotanism is the fastest growing religion in northern Europe amongst Germanic people. If it is not acceptable to take the piss out of Yahweh/Allah or Jesus Christ without mild censure at the very least occurring then they should afford the same considerations to followers of Woden!

Wotans Krieger #racist aryan-myth-and-metahistory.blogspot.co.uk

The last 10-15 years has seen a number of films being made that appeal to racially aware Aryans, some good, some not so good, some plain bloody awful such as The 300 which is nothing more than a piece of anti-Iranian propaganda designed to stir up the feelings and misplaced loyalties of European-Americans.


The Persians were demonised to the extent that many of them did not look Aryan or even human. This film appeared at a time when American[read zionist] propaganda and war fever was being ramped up against Iran and the non-zionist controlled muslim world. Is it a coincidence that the director of this celluloid ham is a Jew, Zack Snyder?

By contrast one should compare the three fantasy films based on the work and characters of Robert E. Howard:

Conan the Barbarian[1982]
Conan the Destroyer[1984]
Red Sonja[1985]

These films were faithful to the spirit of Howard`s Hyborian Age and were not afraid to use racial stereotypes but not for the purpose of political or war propaganda. Howard`s works have a strong racial awareness to them and as such make highly suitable literature for Aryanists and their families to read. They also have a mystical quality to them and this is brought out not just in the imagery but also the soundtracks of the films.


A careful selection of such films and their repeated viewing not merely for entertainment purposes will reinforce the heroic yet mystical Aryan archetype in the minds of the young and not so young and as such are useful tools in the cleansing of the mind and spirit of our peoples.

Wotans Krieger #racist aryan-myth-and-metahistory.blogspot.co.uk

No doubt Tacitus compared the racially pure Teutons against the by now racially bastardised Romans and realised that the Teutons were the superior of the two[as history would subsequently prove] and that greatness is indeed carried in the blood-or DNA as scientists these days prefer to call it. This is why it is so essentiall that we safeguard our racial integrity and fight against those who would seek to flood northern Europe with millions of more aliens and thus muddy our sacred gene pool. In the past those who sought to invade one`s sacred land were repelled with the might of Germanic arms and those who connived with the alien would be dealt with as the traitors that they were. These days the liberal establishment openly welcomes and indeed encourages the flooding of our lands with aliens and with the deliberate intention of destroying our gene pool. My readers this is GENOCIDE-a real one!

In the 1960s trade unions in this country mobilised their members to fight against immigration but now alongside ALL the major political parties they no longer oppose our genocide but actively work-in collaberation with the churches to encourage it.

Wotans Krieger #racist aryan-myth-and-metahistory.blogspot.co.uk

Bearing in mind that Conan was an Aryan barbarian it beggars belief why a previously largely unknown Hawaiian Red Indian model called Jason Momoa was allowed to play the part! It beggars belief!
However if they can cast negroes in the role of Wagner`s Wotan why should we be surprised?
Only the Aryan must suffer such abuse and sacrilege. If another character from any other race were to be portrayed by an Aryan there would be accusations of `racism`. My advice is: avoid the 2011 Conan the Barbarian remake! Do not buy it and don`t bother watching it!


The first Conan film ie renown for its opening narration:

"Between the time when the oceans drank Atlantis, and the rise of the sons of Aryas, there was an age undreamed of. And onto this, Conan, destined to wear the jeweled crown of Aquilonia upon a troubled brow. It is I, his chronicler, who alone can tell thee of his saga. Let me tell you of the days of high adventure!"


This narration for me marks the whole tone of the film, a titanic struggle between the Aryan barbarian Uebermensch and the negroid Thulsa Doom, the leader of the serpent cult. Conan`s final triumph and revenge comes with the decapitation of Doom at the end of the film.

Wotans Krieger #racist aryan-myth-and-metahistory.blogspot.co.uk

The advantages of homeschooling are obvious. By educating our own children we avoid instilling into their minds the multicultural, multiracial, `equality` nonsense that is preached at them in schools and we also avoid the vile homosexual filth that they are exposed to as part of their `education`.
However homeschooling should not be judged merely as a means of avoiding the bolshevic indoctrination of our children but as an opportunity to expose them to an education which they could never have hoped to have received within the state or private sectors. We can give them a real sense of who they are, the uniqueness of their Aryan identity and instil in them love for their own race and an abhorrence for miscegenation, drug taking, homosexuality and general degeneracy.
We have the opportunity to create supermen and superwomen with a special and unique insight, a folkish Weltanschauung that nobody can rob them of when they are older but we must start this process whilst they are very young.
Subjects to be taught could and indeed should include the following:

Basic literacy and numeracy.[Much of what is taught in schools is unnecessary and confusing to children].
Basic geography.
Aryan history-in particular our pre history and how our nations were formed.
Ethnology and Race Studies.
Aryan spirituality and religion including Runecraft.
Aryan music-surely a knowledge and appreciation of the music of Richard Wagner is a necessary requirement?
Basic martial arts to enable both our boys and girls to defend themselves when necessary.
Survival techniques and domestic science-especially for girls.


The Superman cannot and will not be a socialised sheep!
The coming racial holy war will first of all be fought in the hearts and minds of our young and we cannot afford to lose this war if our race is to survive genocide and extinction.

Wotans Krieger #racist aryan-myth-and-metahistory.blogspot.co.uk

["Adolf Hitler, the Wotan Avatar as Prophecied in the Year of His Birth"]

Dr Jung was effectively the first one to recognise that Wotan had awoken and resided not only in Hitler but the German people as a whole. This reawakening started not with Hitler. The groundwork had begun in the 19th century and the most obvious example of Wotan moving in the German Collective Unconscious was reflected in the music of Wilhelm Richard Wagner and in particular in his Der Ring des Nibelungen cycle of music dramas. Savitri Devi and Miguel Serrano took this conclusion one step further and referred to Hitler as being an avatar. This is clearly reflected in Savitri`s The Lightning and the Sun[1958].

The 12 years of the Third Reich may be likened to the 12 nights of Yule which is dominated by the Wild Hunt, headed by Wotan Himself. Curiously one of Adolf Hitler`s favourite paintings according to various scholars such as the author of The Psycopathic God , Robert G.L. Waite[1977] was Die Wilde Jagd[The Wild Hunt by Franz Ritter von Stuck. The painting significantly dates back to 1889, the year of Hitler`s birth. Waite states:

"The Wild Chase by Franz von Stuck depicts the god Wotan as a berserker. Hitler was said to have copied his mustache, hair style, and oratorical style from the painting."[Waite]

I am not clear about how an "oratorical style" can be copied from a painting but I think I get the general gist of what he is implying. It is significant that the face of Wotan in the picture directly resembles Hitler. One could conjecture that von Stuck was trying to convey something which had been revealed to him from the Collective Unconscious.

Wotans Krieger #fundie aryan-myth-and-metahistory.blogspot.co.uk

Today I would like to focus on the cosmopolitan and anti-racial concept of fashion. Like food Europeans are being persuaded, brainwashed and even cajoled into wearing clothing styles which are inappropriate to them culturally and physiologically. One specific example comes to mind, particularly at this time of the year: the sandal or even worse the `flip-flop`.

For years now I have observed Englishmen, increasingly of all ages adopt this ridiculous `fashion` trait of wearing usually knickerbockers and sandals. Old men are usually distinguished by the presence of white socks. Younger men are bare-footed[one can only imagine the resultant poor foot hygiene and stink]. Since childhood I have never worn short trousers or sandals. Instinctively I regard it as effeminate an ungermanic. I have no doubt at all that this modern trend is intended to emasculate Germanic man, giving him almost a homosexual or at least metrosexual air. Just as there is increasingly a drive by global capitalism to blur the edges between races so we are experiencing this also with the sexes. It is the goal of global capitalism[driven no doubt by zionist hatred towards the Aryan race] to create a single global unified market place where their shoddy goods can be bought by millions more people without distinction of race or gender. Zionism is the cause behind this and capitalism is the tool for we know which tribe the majority of global company directors and major shareholders belong to-or we should do!

To me there is something unnatural, something ungermanic, something alien about male flip-flop and sandal wearers. It has nothing to do with the weather as such as these `men` creep out from under their holes in spring and there is nothing hot about an English spring, certainly not in the north of England where we are close to Scandinavia. These people invoke the same kind of reaction in me as the idiotic hordes of mobile phone owners who walk, drive and cycle without taking their gaze from their latest technological toy. It is difficult but I manage to suppress any violent urges! Visions of my combat boots coming crashing down on a metrosexual`s sandalled foot are difficult to banish!

Wotans Krieger #racist aryan-myth-and-metahistory.blogspot.co.uk

[Background: this man considers Hitler to have been a "German Avatar" of the god Woden]

Like Tolkien Wilhelm Richard Wagner was a prophet of his generation and of his people. Both drew upon the ancient mythological lore of the Germanic peoples but expressed this in different ways: Tolkien through his written work and Wagner through both his music dramas[vulgarly called `operas`] and his written works which he is less well known for. Both projected the symbol of a ring, a golden ring. This is a subject which I hope to return to elaborate on in a future article.


The end of Aryan man draws nigh and only through his rejection of the Ring and all that it symbolises can he hope to survive. His rejection of the One Who Came Back, who was capable of instituting a new Golden Age, a Satya Yuga they rejected out of desire for gold and fear of the international tribe who runs the world`s banks. The forces of decay, headed by the USA and the UK betrayed their own race and are now suffering the consequences. Aryan Americans are now a minority in their own country and the UK is heading the same way. This is the karma which is now being reaped by those who opposed German Avatar.

Wotans Krieger #racist aryan-myth-and-metahistory.blogspot.co.uk

Problems regarding over-population and pollution of Mutter Erde will one day be resolved with the cosmos shaking event known as Ragnarok.
The catalyst that will start Ragnarok will be the final global war between the zionist world represented by the United States of America and her pet poodle the United Kingdom against their long time enemy Russia alongside countries such as China and zionist-free middle-eastern countries such as Iran. One can see these sides in the process of alligning now. This is the real reason why Israel and her zionist allies will do anything they can to resist Iran developing nuclear capability for military purposes.


Thanks to the traitors and idiots over the decades who have allowed England to become a multiracial cesspit every politician must in effect work for the detriment of the indigenous English and British population. Therefore the solution to the multiracial hell that we are experiencing can not be found in the ballot box.

However the `solution` is coming and it will be a final solution, not one instigated by us but by Mutter Erde Herself. The nuclear holocausts that will be unleashed by the zionists will cause a chain reaction throughout nature and will wipe out most of humanity. This we know has happened before many times in the unrecorded history of the earth. As someone far wiser than me once noted Ragnarok spelled in reverse is Korangar-the spear[Gar-Proto-Germanic] of the Koran. In otherwords Ragnarok will be initiated as the result of Islamic fundamentalism. Recently I noticed that likewise Walhalla spelled in reverse says Allah Law. So the Aryan spiritual forces of Walhalla, the Einheriar will find themselves fighting against hordes of the Law of Allah, in other words Islam.

Wotans Krieger #fundie aryan-myth-and-metahistory.blogspot.co.uk

My readers will in the main be familiar with the concept of Adolf Hitler being possessed by the Wotan archetype, a subject that was first brought to the world`s attention by the father of Analytical Psychology, Karl Gustav Jung in his essay Wotan[1936]. He elaborated further on the issue in his later essays After the Catastrophe[1945] and The Fight with the Shadow[1946].
The presence of the archetype in Hitler was so pronounced that we now consider Him to be not merely possessed by the archetype but an Avatar in His own right. This idea forms the basis of Esoteric National Socialism, first pioneered by Savitri Devi[The Lightning and the Sun, 1958] and then later in the writings of Miguel Serrano[The Ultimate Avatar, 1984] . Esoteric National Socialism is not to be confused with the American fashion of dressing up as Hollywood Nazis as is prevalent in some quarters.


I know of several instances where Woden initiates have experienced periods of either temporary or permament blindness, one of whom is a notable personality in the Germanic heathen revival. I myself experienced a period of temporary blindness some time ago in which I received a vision of a circle of fiery runes. From that point onwards I have felt a greater degree of inspiration than ever before and this may be measured in the increase in output for instance on my blogs. Guido von List after a cataract operation in 1902 received a vision of the Armanen Runes during an 11 month period. Interestingly I was of a similar age, in my 50s when I had my experience. I was told by my doctor that further episodes may result in permament blindness.

Hitler finished WWI in a hospital bed, suffering blindness following a mustard gas attack, enduring the melancholy of knowing that Austria and Germany had lost the war, betrayed from within by traitors, bolshevists and non-German elements. One can only imagine what distress He felt. It was this event that marked a turning point in Hitler`s life and within 5 years He was a national political figure. I do not believe this to be an accident.


The Third Reich is now dead, a part of history but Wotan in the guise of His son Wid-Ar lives and He will avenge His father. At the moment He is silent and will remain so until He appears in the form of the avenger, the Kalki Avatar who will bring an end to this degenerate modern world where all values have been turned on their heads and the underman rules.

Wotans Krieger #fundie aryan-myth-and-metahistory.blogspot.co.uk

Metrosexual `man` is the ultimate product of the Kali Yuga. He is characterised by ambiguity. He is a feminised `man`, a male with a penis but nothing more. This sorry excuse for manhood is the feminist`s dream `male` product. He not only resembles a woman with `his` pink clothing, earrings, handbag, bottled water, skin and hair products and his wispy false middle class dialect-free voice and mincing gait but he is also akin to homosexual `man` except that he thinks he is the ultimate modern man. Often this de-emasculation of men begins first within the home. Middle class male children are prime candidates for de-emasculation, a process begun in early childhood by dominant feminist university educated mothers, married to men who have little if any say in the running of their households. Where the father is not present ultimately many of these boys develop homosexual traits in their desire to emulate and please the devouring mother. The middle class mother will do everything in her power to neuter her male offspring to the extent that they are they are bestowed with effeminate `Crispin`-like names and given either girls` toys to play with or at least ones that do not foster the natural aggressive male instinct. It is the feminist`s ultimate revenge on male-kind.


The formation of a sexless, raceless and soulless mass of slave-like humanity is the intention of the secret ruling tribeless elite and global capitalism is the mechanism which they use to drive this, television and glossy magazines being tools in their arsenal. Men these days are encouraged to "get in touch with their feelings", to cry and become emotional in public, to "show their vunerability", etc. This is the very opposite to the solar and polar virility espoused by Wodenism and blogs like this. We are fighting a war, a very real war for the souls of our folk and this creeping metrosexualism threatens the very fabric of our beings. As individuals we must resist this and become the very opposite of these half-men. We must become Maenner[German for `men`] and collectively the Maennerbund.