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My point is simple... If your husband wants his cereal in a certain bowl or wants you to wear a certain dress in public... JUST DO IT! If your husband wants you to rinse his glass for 15 seconds or asks you to roll his socks into a ball... JUST DO IT! If your husband wants more grain in his meals... JUST DO IT! If your husband doesn't like the smell of certain foods when you cook them... then DON'T DO IT! If your husband wants you to put the twist back onto the loaf of bread... then JUST DO IT! If your husband wants the toilet seat up at all times... then JUST DO IT! It may not seem fair to you but it is YOUR JOB ladies to HELP your husband. If you don't like what I'm saying, then get mad at God (Genesis 3:16). If you don't believe the Bible, then you might as well stop reading because you'll never please God (Hebrews 11:6). God hates feminism, which is usurpation of authority that rightfully belongs to the man.

You are to be His HELP MEET!

Why rock the boat? Why be stubborn and aggravate your husband? You are his HELP MEET! Do you want to be happy as a wife, I mean really happy? Then you do everything you can do please your husband and make him happy. But you ask, "What about me?" What about you? You were created to please God (Revelation 4:11). God is pleased when we obey Him. A wife is commanded by God to obey her husband (1st Peter 3:6). To submit is to obey. Most women today refuse to submit to their own husbands. It is a shame and a sin. The divorce rate has skyrocketed because of feminism, which has brainwashed women into believing that they shouldn't have to center their lives around a man. I heard a single woman say, "I'm never getting married, I'm not going to wait on no man hand and foot." I think she would be wise never to get married because she'll be divorced faster than kids eat ice cream (and they eat fast let me tell you).

If this article makes you angry, then you need to get right with God. A woman is to obey her husband. If you want to be a career woman, then you are in violation of 1st Timothy 5:14-15...

"I will therefore that the younger women marry, bear children, guide the house, give none occasion to the adversary to speak reproachfully. For some are already turned aside after Satan."

A woman's place is in the home, not behind an office desk. American women are known around the world for their feministic and rebellious traits. If this angers you, you are proof of this fact. I am not condemning anyone, I am just saying that it is time for wives to start obeying their husbands again, weather he loves you or not.



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