Huscarl-80 #racist

England as a country has fallen, The very idea that as a nation we still exist is should be forgotten and left, for now at least. This multi-cultural shit hole of a degenerate society can not be called a nation. The traitors that have governed our country over the last 70 or so years have seen to the death and destruction of what England should be. However, the Englisc people still exist and will one day reclaim their nation as there own. In most parts of this country, certainly in the big major towns and cities, such as Birmingham and London, Miscegenation is openly and at times widely encouraged. Having spent some 6 months living in Birmingham last year it became apparent that the white Englisc youth have become black.

Every thing about the majority of the young white Englisc man/women, living in Birmingham, screamed "Black". From the way they dressed, with there jeans down around there arse, the way they speak, that horrible disgusting Orc-english speak, the way they walk, like they have got a chip on their shoulder and the very music they listen to. The young women, for some reason seem to find the Orc an attractive mate. It made me sick to the pit of my stomach to see so many white Englisc women holding hands with some of the most disgusting creatures that I have seen outside of a zoo. It angers me to see so many white women pushing push chairs that hold coffee coloured kids. I allways make a point of catching the Mudshark by the eye so she sees the look of disgust on my face. I openly tell people, in particular our womenfolk of the dangers of "Going with blacks".

But the most saddening thing that I have seen is the promotion of miscegenation in our schools. I have seen young orcs, kissing and holding hands with our younger kids, kids as young as 9 years of age. Make no mistake my fellow Englisc kin, we are, as I am sure some of you allready know, at war with not just the orc, but the traitors that have simply allowed this to happen. We have it all to do. Their are no proper White heroes that our kids, and our adults can look up too any more. As people have allready stated on this thread, most white males are either portrayed as fat, unwashed and useless or raving benders. I don't watch a lot of tv and I certainly do not watch the soaps, but from the bits I have seen when I have turned the tv on is nothing more than anti-white, anti-englisc, pro race mixing, pro homosexual. It seems that every white women has to have a wog on her arm.

The white Englisc male and our womenfolk, needs to start fighting back. I know that many on here will be more than happy to take up the fight. As long as there are true Englisc living on this planet, The Englisc people will never die, never surrender, Woden, Tyr , Thunor and all the old gods and our ancestors will see to that. I think that as we head into the summer, we will see more social unrest, I just hope that it is the start of the Englisc fightback. We must awake, England must awake.



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