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Is the Jewish God divine?

Where did the Xian's get the idea for the Jewish God? Hanging from a Cross, Christ, was a man not a God, yet Xianity Made him a God, they say he was son of God, yet he admitted, that he was a son of man, he was in no way a son of any God, he was a Jewish Prophet nothing more, and perhaps a radical who the established Jewish elite hated...

Hanging from a cross! Woden hanging from the Tree of Life, to further wisdom and knowledge... You'll find that most of what Xian's look to as their Faith, and everything within its Dogma, comes from the Elder Ways of the Germanic Lands, Easter, Christmas, Harvest Festival, among many other festivals and beliefs.

You see, the Xian Church in England couldn't really turn the Population to its Jewish God, so adapted or stole many of the Elder Ways and incorporated them into their Church, so turning Folk from their Native Beliefs to the Jewish Church by Lies, and robbery and deceit....

The Bible is termed as the word of God, yet it is in reality, the word of man, and Jews, in reality, the Bible is in fact Jewish History, yet Xian's are being miss-lead by the Church, and deliberately it would seem, and the Church has been doing that since it first set out to claim divinity over other far Older beliefs and ideas!!

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The Old Testiment is fall of Jewish Historical bull shit and propaganda! If it has anything in it about Nationalism its about Jewish Nationalism...

If i had my way, I'd burn the fucking thing and the New Testiment, and the middle testiment, and the one that's going to come after the New, New Testiment, its all total crap that means nothing to anyone with a mind of their own and has seen through all this Xitianity Middle Eastern Crap....

It means anything to the Four-Be-Two's and no one else...

Nail all Xtian's to crosses, burn churches, burn the fucking Gossples, and the Saint's pinkies and rib bones and wash in the so-called Holey water, then gob in it........

Ravish Nuns, crucify Monks and Priests and Vicars, and take all their gathered and nicked and begged for treasure as our Heathen Forefather's would have done to Extians, and their one god................

I do hope I haven't missed anything out??

Hael Woden!

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Steven, I think most of the world knows us as the "English", I think the problem in Great Britain is predominantly coming from the Scots, they hate us. They are the most bitter and vindictive people on the planet, as William of Orange declared "The Scots are raging mad men".

We have had too many Scottish immigrants into England, and they have too much influence in our country. Nearly all British ultras seem to be Scots and other migrants who live in England. The Welsh in England are still proud to be Welsh, but the Scots in England are "British", and they refuse to use the name England.

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Tesco oiks have been hand in hand with the establishment for decades. I agree. They had been planning all along in case the lost the referendum. The lost and the economy actually held and business has improved in many areas. And there are countries waiting to deal with the UK. But the UK establishment has been undermining its own economy in order to blame Brexit. I also notice these are ending the gold colour currency coins and leaving us with the coins that like the worthless fake money called euros. What a coincidence and wonder what is behind it? It was widely known that referendum was for the public to have the final say on EU membership. It was explained that we would leave completely if we voted to leave.

We voted to leave. We could have been out by now in all areas with no sell outs. But the lab/lb/icon suddenly asked to put in thousands of clauses to be included. When the EU rules and the EU did not then even ask for any. Now the MPs and lords think they have the right to sabotage and betray the will of the majority and our majority mandate to leave the EU entirely in all areas and permanently. They betrayal makes it clear they have declared themselves enemies of democracy and set themselves against the majority will of the people. Now the 17.4 million majority who won Betwixt must steel themselves again for the fight and vote UKIP at the next election.

Remember after the referendum UKIP had to deal with certain organised infiltrators, which it has done. And has also has to deal with since the Brexit referendum with what amounts to and establishment and media blackout. I will certainly vote for them. It is no good giving the vote to lab/lib/con traitors or even not voting because if we do no vote that is pointless gesture which the lab/lib/con would welcome.. UKIP are the true opposition to the Brexit betrayal and all that encompasses. It's new lead ere one of its founders.

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Could America be next? Could we be next, given the population figures for all Africa compared to Europeans, and all wanting to make their way here. I've heard a fair few stories from South Africans here, about the car jackings, robberies and beatings, very unpleasant.

I'm reading a serialised account of Hendrik Verwoerd Sth African Prime Minister of late 1950's early 60's, by Stephen Mitford Goodson. Another MI6/CIA Rothschild target according to Mitford Goodson. He did so much for the Black's in regard to education, homelands, and the pass system which was actually there to protect them against immigrant workers coming in from other areas, and not a repressive act. It's an account that certainly gives another side to the brutal repressive apartheid we've always been told of.

He was a Head of State who very rarely made comment on other Countries affairs. However he did warn the British Ambassador that if Britain continued allowing non-whites in by the thousand, they would make a bastard race of themselves and this would one day be the source of many difficulties for the British people. Such a time of many difficulties has now come to his people, and there seems to be silence from the Western liberal elite about this genocide.

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Disraeli observed that to acknowledge differences between men at all implies notions of superiority and inferiority many would rather not discuss. It's unavoidable. The reason merit is considered suspect in almost any form these days, at least among our kind, should be obvious. Our world depends on a civilization developed by white people. It wasn't designed for blacks, who can never adjust to or prosper from its demands.

As long as Jewish culture insists that Benjamin Zephaniah has the technical proficiency of Shakespeare we'll continue to struggle with conceptions of relative merit, with accepting the faculty of discrimination - the ability to distinguish between a pellucid mountain stream and a municipal sewer outlet - that made us what we are. I have no problem with it myself.

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Only time will tell if those who fought for our freedom and safety will be supported by the following generation. Most of them if they had known Great Britain was anti English, may have joined the Germans. As if they fought for the right of Muslim gangs and British state to attack and rape English girls. They were all unfortunately duped, unless the current English get their act together, then they did fight and die for nothing.

There was a programme on TV where it was said that Gibraltar. was seized by the "British military" in 1704. Strange that, Great Britain wasn't even formed until 1707, many of these British can not even bare to say the words England or English. Where as Hitler was fine with talking about England and the English, so who is the real enemy?

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There is no such thing as a Section 4(2) of the Contempt of Court Act 1981, and any judge who applies a bogus statute is effectively an enemy of throne and country. We are being controlled by a criminal underworld, there has been no constitutional parliament since 1972, after Queen Elizabeth the Second abdicated the throne when Her parliament of Great Britain placed the realm under the control of a foreign power called the "European Communities". All subsequent elections and parliaments and Acts of Parliament since 1972 have been constitutionally unlawful, this includes the "Contempt of Court Act 1981".

Since Scotland has now violated the Treaty of Union and reformed its own national parliament, the very notion of a "Statute of Great Britain" having any legitimacy in the country of England, is beyond laughable. Tommy Robinson, and all other such protectors of the English people in their country, who are placed in prison, are being unlawfully imprisoned under International law. The judge who has jailed him is technically an "international outlaw", he is neither protected by national municipal law nor international law.

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Steven, Your story above reminded me of a similar case that surfaced in a junior school a few hundred yards from me. All the staff at the school have been told that after the holidays a little boy will be returning as a little girl and must be treated as such.

In this country an adult is not seen as such until he/she/it is 16 or 18, that is the age that such a life changing thing should be entertained, if at all ! A child has no right to make such a choice when their world/life overview is not as complete as it would be with more years under the belt/

I can hear the SJWs saying 'but that would be many more years under the belt of misery', but regrets voiced are not unusual in the sex change community. I am reminded of the child antiques dealer that had made his first million by his teens. He was quite a strange person but was held up as a wonder by the media. Later the same lad had resurfaced as a woman, a woman that had had the full works with all the surgery required.

Again the media had a field day holding this pseudo-woman as a credit for gender realisation, the person was then subject to the void of non-stories thereafter. Perusing the TV news some years later I came upon a short news story whereby the news presenter said the child entrepreneur and sex-change role model had committed suicide, I believe that it was briefly mentioned that his/her/its choice of gender change may have had some bearing on his/her/its choice to commit suicide.

I've heard politicos say 1 knife crime murder is 1 to many, is not one sex change that prompts the later choice of suicide one sex change to many and therefore should it not be seen as a potential hazard in its surgical implementation ! To put it in shorter terms, if it's born with an undercarriage then it's an airplane !

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Is this petrol and diesel banning just another step toward the implementation of Agenda 21.

If our vehicles don't have the range of combustion engines we will have to look toward living in the area we work, and that's part of the Agenda 21 plan.

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Didn't take long for the BBC to hint that gun laws should be looked at, and the slack gun laws of Las Vegas should be tightened etc.

Then a mention of Hilary Clinton calling for silencers to be dealt with.

We know the game, false flags, staged incidents - all to disarm and control the populace.

The world's a stage.

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It is hard for me to explain. I work in a more spiritual way and am moving towards shamanic principles.

Take the ley lines. These cannot be seen and few people now can feel them, yet the heathen sacred sites are built along these lines and important sites are where lines intersect. The Greeks actually had a grid showing energy lines round the world. A New Zealander found that UFO sightings were along energy grid lines. In the last few years it has been found that energy levels along these lines increase at dawn.

This cannot be explained easily as the ancients did not have scientific instruments. They were part of the land and the energy fields/lines were part of the land, the Gods were part of the people and the land and not separate entities as modern religions try to portray them as - such as Christianity and the Judeo/Arabic God. These are out of balance and the only way of maintaining the religion is through dogma and punishment if the "word" is not followed. They are not internal religions.

About 10 years ago I went into a series of meditaions. In one, I was led by my guide and was a bird. It was amazing. I could feel the air currents and see lines and paths that humans cannot see, heat changes and so on. Since this time I can feel cars coming towards me on bendy roads. I am correct about 80% of the time. 2 days ago, on the news, scientists have discovered that the birds can "see" the magnetic grids in the air for migration. Auras have been seen by many people for thousands of years, now in the last few months science has said there is something that continues after death.

The heathens accept these signs as of the Gods being part of us, yet they have been rejected and called witchcraft by the Church. By separating the people from the land, the Church takes control. I cannot see why a person cannot be open to all ways and not judge one against the other

I am sorry if it does not make sense.

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The Church doesn't give a shite about individual nations because it's been infiltrated and judaized. Who are the leading agent provocateurs of the destruction of ethnic Europe? Jews. They openly boast about- and their role in the destruction of the American Republic is of a similar nature as Jewish and judiazed politicians are the chief agents of the flooding of the land with hispanics and other foreigners, i.e. saracens, hindoos, chinamen, etc.

God, unlike modern politicians, respects national and ethnic and cultural borders- He created every nation, etnicity, and culture. The Tower of Babel is a metaphor for multiculturalism- God, after the flood, wanted man to disperse around the world and form distinct nations with distinct identities.

Man didn't do this and settled in a single place and began to build a tower of idolatry to himself, just as is happening nowdays. God wants Englishmen to be Englishmen just as he wants Persians to be Persians or Italians to be Italians.

I've been beating my head trying to get this point across.

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Christianity’s rotten democratic heart promotes weakness as virtue and nourishes instincts most normal people feel ashamed of. Everyone likes to be told they count for something, yet even during vigorous exchanges in the 19th century – yes even then - our state religion campaigned ferociously against protecting the race it publicly championed and long before political correctness made it mandatory to do so.

It stymied the eugenics movement. It bullied science into listing Sub-Saharan blacks as modern humans instead of categorizing them as a separate species. You might think we can defuse this ideological time-bomb but should we really take the risk?

By contrast Jews feel no compulsion to save the world but, like Muslims, fight to control it. The Jewish God is a national God. Jews seek no converts and leave the spiritual welfare of others to others. What’s wrong with that? In a closed society you could probably deify Axminster carpets or Haagen Dazs ice cream to much the same effect. As long as your concerned with ‘humanity’ you’ve no chance and, with christianity, no choice.

Nothing I can think of goes to the heart of our dilemma in the modern world more than universalism – a founding and ineradicable tenet of christianity and a flaw waiting to be exploited. Resurrections are all very well, but resurrecting a collective fetish for self-sacrifice in the interests of genetic aliens is intrinsic to this religion and will always follow at some point if we restore christianity to national life. I think we’ll have to beg to differ on this one.

African blacks are the nearest of the three major races to gorillas and chimpanzees and Nigerians - Ibo [Igbo] and Hausa - the nearest among Africans blacks, who alone carry their alleles. A white woman who creates a mulatto child with a Bantu African [Bantus having been more isolated than other groups] will almost certainly be more closely related genetically to a white child selected at random than her own offspring.

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My problem with Christianity, especially Catholicism is this -

At a time when the Roman empire was strained and feeling the pressure of it's past decisions, they decided they needed a religion to bind the material empire with a spiritual empire. The problem was too many cultures, ethnicities and religion under one rule.

Catholicism means 'universal', and the plan was to stop the inter religious differences with Rome as the headquarters of the new faith. Then we can all pass the plate around in our own countries and the RC Church becomes the richest organisation on the planet.

Now as if this isn't corrupt enough it is understood that at this point in history (AD 391 the worship of other Gods was made illegal) that the highest concentration of Ashkenazi Jews in the world was Rome. We know they have a gift for manipulation and story telling and coupled with their Gold and monetary influence I don't think it's a coincidence that Judaeo Christianity was taken as the religion of Rome.

Many Popes have been Jewish or part Jewish. The Vatican is also sighted as one of the foundation pillars of modern day Zionism. It would sure explain the Catholic churches insatiable appetite for hoarding Gold and money.

To me Christianity is a form of control - mind control. The all seeing God that demands you love him or be condemned to hell fore and brimstone , conveniently decided that the Jews are the chosen people, and knows all of your thoughts and actions. If that isn't control and social engineering, what is ?

What is really interesting, is that once Christianity has served it's purpose of penetrating the formerly impenetrable with it's convert or die rampage , it is , with beyond coincidental timing that the all seeing God of Christianity is cut off at the knees and dismantled just as the All seeing eye of Television becomes an essential part of every home.

One mind control becomes obsolete as the new improved version emerges. No prizes for guessing which group of people are behind our televisions either...

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Indeed. He will teach those who will listen. If you accept God's teachings it will not be from an obvious miracle, no trumpets and shouts from heaven, but it will suddenly make sense. Everything will become more clarified and begin to make sense because the Most Holy Spirit will come upon you. You will become angry. Good. Become angry. You will become zealous. Good. Become zealous. Fools will mock you- or beat you and kill you like it was in the old days. When the Lord and Giver of Life takes hold of you- you will become both a speaker on behalf of Man and on behalf of God.

The English People are in a dire situation because we've inherited the lies of our fathers- that the Good God doesn't exist or is some ancient fairy-tale. Look at all of the Nations of Europe, France, Spain, etc. All Christian Nations- and all fallen unto the ash-heap because the pearls have been cast before the swine. The fathers of our fathers were men of a different sort- heathen men and Christian men- but fighting-men in the end.

The English Nation, in England, North America, Oceania, etc. is in danger but not from without- but from within. The Good Good doesn't desire that we perish- but to repent and believe the Good News and, like every true Christian, become a fighting-man (or woman) who is willing to pay the ultimate sacrifice to defend home, clan, kith, kin, the nation, the Faith, the commonwealth, etc.

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Although I have nothing against them as an ethnic group or even as a religion in particular, there are certain groups of them that I despise, and that are causing much of this modern rot. Rothschilds and other Ashkenazi mass banking families of either Atheist or sometimes even Satanist beliefs funded the French and Russian revolutions, among other destructive movements. The Zionist control of gentile governments is highly destructive, as is the Judiazation of Christianity.

I do not in any way view them as a "chosen people" at this time. The only reason they were such in the first place was to provide a clean line for Jesus to rise out of; God could have just as easily chosen any other people. As soon as they abandoned Him and broke the old covenant, they entirely forfeited that status. This is why I don't see Christianity as a Jewish or Semitic faith, because it is designed for all of mankind and that group of people no longer holds any special position within it (Unlike Islam, which often affords such a position to the Arabs and their language).

The various races and ethnicities are allowed to live as their own groups, without suppression of any traditions that are not conflicting with it. However, many churches (notoriously the medieval Catholics) did try and suppress native cultures, hence their common refusal to translate the Bible. These groups usually were hijacked at some point by forces wanting to push their own dominance. Throughout most of history true Christians haven't had a real uncorrupted organization, other than individual worship.

Emeric #fundie englisc-gateway.com

I'm sorry, but trying to make Christianity out to be Socialist, Liberal (or anything else but Traditionalist, for that matter), is a rather silly conclusion when you actually look at the historical facts surrounding the religion's relationship with them.

Sure, Jesus gave out bread, but does that mean he wanted to have a revolutionary state force others to do the same? No, it was entirely voluntary. Don't miss the difference between charity and socialism. Socialists might try and use Christ as an example, but they do so disingenuously, their appropriation of it needs not make sense since they themselves don't even believe it; it is merely a smokescreen.

If you think that the current world order is a "Christian" one, then think again, because it is exactly the opposite. Radical, internationalist Socialists and Liberals have caused more destruction to Christianity than any other group - the modern organizations that claim to be "christian" while supporting these things are corrupted, breaking from centuries of tradition, and only occurring after these totalitarian ideologies first took over. These ideologies were composed by radical atheists who hated the old Christian order and everything it stood for, just as much if not more than they would hate any Heathen society.

Indeed, a Christian Order in any part of Europe hasn't existed in any form since 1914; it started to fall apart as far back as 1789, with precedents even earlier. From the Old Catholic Vendee rebels to the Orthodox White Guards and Iron Guard, we traditionalist Christians have been fighting against these poisonous ideologies since they first reared their vile heads. It is therefore nothing short of preposterous to suggest that we are in any way related to them!

A true Monotheistic Christian worldview is also a Traditionalist, Monarchial one, in which Satan is a usurper and revolutionary against the original order of the universe, moreover he is the source of all revolution save for counter-revolutions that seek to reverse his effects. By this we are also anti-egalitarian and anti-democratic, after all it's Christ the King not Comrade Jesus.

As we can see Satan's ideologies of choice are all anti-traditionalist, anti-religious, and, deep down, anti-nationalist. So today we see that very few people hold to a Christian historical and political worldview after all, even if they follow the religion. The modern faith is shattered into many pieces, most of which have become deeply corrupted. So these ideologies are not by-products of Christianity, but rather by-products of the prime anti-Christian force.

As for universalism, that is viewing it through a modernist lens. Just because you have a single ruler, a single God, doesn't mean that all peoples must be mixed together to create a single race, otherwise we wouldn't have been made into separate Nations in the first place....

Once again, the Satanic Revolutions seek to make all man homogenous, and eliminate all ideas of uniqueness, yet do so in the name of Tolerance and Diversity. World Revolution is their watchphrase. By contrast, true cultural pluralism allows all natural cultures and ethnicities to exist unmolested, in their own homeland, as originally intended.

Sorry for my mad rant, but i've seen this kind of stuff before....

Witnere #fundie englisc-gateway.com

It's not Christianity which is at fault, it's the combination of a hateful and ongoing extreme leftwing campaign against our nation and wimpish liberal "progressive" Church of England leadership which insists on undermining it at every turn. Ad hoc attacks on the faith which in reality is the foundation of our laws and a considerable portion of our culture is unhelpful to our cause as a folk.

I say this as a man who has a lax attitude at best to any religion myself. I still would say that a properly founded, strong Christian faith which is prepared to defend itself would be the best bulwark against Islamic Imperialism and the hard left.

I may even become interested in such a faith myself, tbh. And frankly Christians of any flavour aren't the problem. Mohammedhans raping, rioting, demanding jizya (benefits) and waving machetes in train stations and shopping centres are the problem.

saxnot #fundie englisc-gateway.com

It is surprising how much of English culture is still intact after a thousand years of christard occupation. The morality of English folk I say is not driven by christard concepts, but rather the ethics of the working class have far more to do with the ethics of Odinism. Looking each other directly in the eye, brutal honesty, challenging/teasing friends, a belief in the self etc. In part some of our problems which stem from our traditional beliefs are a constant frustration to many of us here.

The English folk are a generous people we treat guests with deep respect. I used to get very upset when I was a left winger who had studied history and would point out the many events in history where the white working class put themselves through suffering to help foreigners or take the foreigners part against there own immediate interests. What i did not understand at the time was that the 'left' is just as much as the Tories controlled by an establishment that carries a deep hatred in their blood of the folk of Northern Europe, so those stories that in left wing groups would have put English folk in a good light were deliberately suppressed.

I think that although English culture is one of the least studied cultures in the world, the establishment are well aware of our traditional values, which is why immegrants are represented as refugees, travelers in need of help, rather than the middle eastern middle and upper class and their slaves who pay a minimum of £20,000 to get here each. Often with other wealth hidden that they will not share on arrival, because the English have a natural feeling to help wanderers, which exactly fits the sensibilities of our traditional religion.

There are basically two forms of religion, those invented to support the establishment of Kings, that promote the individual as a slave who must accept what authorities do and want, and the older tribal religions which are in tune which each tribe. Our tribe has its faith like it or not, see the gods or not, The Aesir are etched deep in our blood and culture.

Oh and the immegrants, sooner or later the revelers at the feast will be recognised for what they are, and Odysseus and his son will lock the doors, then Odysseus will string his bow. . . we European people know what comes next it is part of our culture.

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Given the reference to England in the song "Jerusalem" , Did anyone else notice how the BBC focused right onto all those EU flags during the last verse of Jerusalem, where the lyrics go......"when we have built Jerusalem (substitute that for EU) in England's green and pleasant land". Subtly/subliminal attempt to drum it into us that they still see the EU as their ultimate wish.

Hodekin #racist englisc-gateway.com

We already have an Aryan religion, it's called Odinism... or Wodenism if you prefer.

It is racially exclusive for Northern Indo Europeans and any others from the rest of Europe and the rest of the world that can claim Northern Indo European blood connections.

There is no point in trying to accommodate uncle tom cobley and all by creating some sort of new Hybrid faith because it can't be done and if it could, it would be for ever twisting and changing in an attempt to be inclusive for all the latest temporary fancies and whims that become fashionable overnight.

Odinism/Wodenism is unchanging and is as constant as the North star, as a religion it is a one size fits all, you either fit into it or you don’t,, it’s your ancestral heritage, all you need to do is reach out and claim it...….end of.

Quite simple really.

Teutoburg Weald #conspiracy englisc-gateway.com

[Replying to a conspiracy theory that Sandy Hook was a hoax]

Ah yes, the old story of the little boy who see's the reality behind the lie of the "King's New Cloths" and the little boy's all over the world are waking up to the reality behind the lie..

The above article, has given us a time for the Shit hitting the fan, when the Global Gangsters are finally exposed, the bloody clean up will begin, it can also give us a place, for the revolt...................The US?

I said a long time ago, all power is fleeting, sooner or latter, the whole farce of it all is revealed and is exposed for what it all is, a lie.........A Giant House of Cards..

The Liberal/Left are shitting themselves, their all facing the Noose!!

Steven #racist englisc-gateway.com

TV tonight:

BBC 2 08.30pm, Nadiya's British Food Adventure - a crude attempt to get us to think Muhammadans are 'just like us'.

BBC 4 09.00pm, Science and Islam - a crude attempt to get us to think Islam is more than just killing infidels.

Channel 4 10.00pm, Is Love Racist? - a crude attempt to increase miscegenation.

Huscarl-80 #racist englisc-gateway.com

England as a country has fallen, The very idea that as a nation we still exist is should be forgotten and left, for now at least. This multi-cultural shit hole of a degenerate society can not be called a nation. The traitors that have governed our country over the last 70 or so years have seen to the death and destruction of what England should be. However, the Englisc people still exist and will one day reclaim their nation as there own. In most parts of this country, certainly in the big major towns and cities, such as Birmingham and London, Miscegenation is openly and at times widely encouraged. Having spent some 6 months living in Birmingham last year it became apparent that the white Englisc youth have become black.

Every thing about the majority of the young white Englisc man/women, living in Birmingham, screamed "Black". From the way they dressed, with there jeans down around there arse, the way they speak, that horrible disgusting Orc-english speak, the way they walk, like they have got a chip on their shoulder and the very music they listen to. The young women, for some reason seem to find the Orc an attractive mate. It made me sick to the pit of my stomach to see so many white Englisc women holding hands with some of the most disgusting creatures that I have seen outside of a zoo. It angers me to see so many white women pushing push chairs that hold coffee coloured kids. I allways make a point of catching the Mudshark by the eye so she sees the look of disgust on my face. I openly tell people, in particular our womenfolk of the dangers of "Going with blacks".

But the most saddening thing that I have seen is the promotion of miscegenation in our schools. I have seen young orcs, kissing and holding hands with our younger kids, kids as young as 9 years of age. Make no mistake my fellow Englisc kin, we are, as I am sure some of you allready know, at war with not just the orc, but the traitors that have simply allowed this to happen. We have it all to do. Their are no proper White heroes that our kids, and our adults can look up too any more. As people have allready stated on this thread, most white males are either portrayed as fat, unwashed and useless or raving benders. I don't watch a lot of tv and I certainly do not watch the soaps, but from the bits I have seen when I have turned the tv on is nothing more than anti-white, anti-englisc, pro race mixing, pro homosexual. It seems that every white women has to have a wog on her arm.

The white Englisc male and our womenfolk, needs to start fighting back. I know that many on here will be more than happy to take up the fight. As long as there are true Englisc living on this planet, The Englisc people will never die, never surrender, Woden, Tyr , Thunor and all the old gods and our ancestors will see to that. I think that as we head into the summer, we will see more social unrest, I just hope that it is the start of the Englisc fightback. We must awake, England must awake.

Oathsworn, Eassex cempa, and Witnere #fundie englisc-gateway.com

[On the Finsbury Park attack]

(Oathsworn): I get a 'problem, reaction, solution' vibe from it all though.

Social media already has the liberals up in arms, and old whitey is the most evil race ever.

(Eassex cempa): Kick a dog often enough it's gonna turn on you and bite you.

Bet none of those SJW's were protesting at the Al Qud march at the weekend though.

(Witnere): If he plays it right, he can claim mental instability due to the breakdown of his marriage, and get off with six months psychiatric aid. The precedent is there.

Steven #racist englisc-gateway.com

[On the Finsbury Park mosque attack]

The authorities were extremely quick (8 minutes in the case of the police) calling it a 'terrorist attack' - usually at least a day or two has passed before we hear anything specific about the intention. Theresa May identified the alleged attacker as 'white', which is unusual because she never mentioned race when speaking about Manchester, or the two previous attacks in London. According to the BBC/ITV/Sky this attack was a 'far-right' operation and is therefore terrorism. Really? If it was I haven't seen any evidence of it. What I've learned over the past 10 years is when Muhammadans kill or maim native white people the government goes out of its way to find some white native people to blame.

Witnere #fundie englisc-gateway.com

[On the attack on Muslims at Finsbury Park]

What goes around comes around... Twats finally pushed someone's buttons enough to get a reaction. It was a dot on the cards. I resent the whiny meltdown it's sent the SJWs into though.

Rufus, Saxon_patriot, Witnere, and silvatici #racist englisc-gateway.com

(Rufus): Children raped, civilians and soldiers beheaded, animals tortured and murdered, culture destroyed - and the Jewish media laughs at all this. But of course, it is their multiculti madness which brought this to our shores to begin with.

(Saxon_patriot): The comments on that are very telling. It just goes to show what they think of us.

(Witnere): Isn't there a bit of the Talmud which instructs Jews never to tell Gentiles just exactly how they regard us, or risk being slaughtered in the streets? They must be getting confident, they've let their guard drop.

(silvatici): It certainly does, well when we take back our country, there should not be a jew allowed within a thousand miles, wankers.

Hodekin #fundie englisc-gateway.com

Unlike most other religions where one is supposed to lay face down in the dirt and grovel for forgiveness, Odinism/Wodenism is very much a case of standing on your own two feet and getting on with it! Also, most other religions are all about 'up there in the sky' and what will happen when you die, whereas Heathenry is very much about 'down here on the earth' and what you can achieve whilst you are alive!

But most of all, Heathenry is all about revering the ancestors and defining their common place with ours in the great web of Wyrd. This is where the Universalists part company with us, their idea of ancestors is 'Back to Africa' and 'Apes in the Trees' stuff. Whereas we look to the birth of our Folk in a definite European setting. This distinct racial contrast of Europeans and Africans is just too much for the PC brain washed Universalist Heathens to accept.

We are not all the same, we are all different! Whether we are superior or inferior to others is immaterial, the fact is we are different and that's what they cannot stomach.

I say we should infiltrate the bastards, just like they infiltrate us, weed out the ones worth saving, point them in the right direction and strengthen our Folkish blood base and our Folkish connection to the Gods.

Don't let the Uni's have a free hand in these things, newbies seem to find their way to them long before they get anywhere near to us!

Steed, Yorkie King, Catweazle, and Seaxen #racist englisc-gateway.com

(Steed): That one single photo embodies everything we English have been concerned about for decades. Enoch Powell's line about "the black man having the whip hand over the white man" is immortalised in that photo. An ethno-nationalist party could not hope to have a better poster image.

The civil war has begun.



(catweazle): There is another shocking photo, that the Daily Mail had online today, but then removed it. It was of a naked woman standing beside a policeman in broad daylight in a London street, the Orcs, stripped her of everything, the filthy black bastards. This is something from ANC South Africa or Mugabe's Zimbabwe. These Orcs are nothing but sub-human savages. Is this what my grandfather and multitudes of others fought Two World Wars for? No it bloody well wasn't. Has that wanker Camoron seen these barbaric photos? This is our country, what the f**k are we doing letting these barbarians do to it?

These savage Orcs are now doing to England what they are doing in former Rhodesia and South Africa. Enoch Powell was right, the Orc now has the whip hand over the white man, and our spineless, treasonous politicains have let it happen. It is time for the white man to reclaim back England, and now.

(Seaxan): Let's see what the lefty do-gooders have to say about this. I want to stamp all over that primates head...... Enough is enough... I hope they overrun the police so that we are forced to defend ourselves. I am sitting here waiting to defend my family, and believe me orcs, you do not want to break into my house.

Woodsman #racist englisc-gateway.com

What the fuck goes on in the minds of these people? Is it any wonder that blacks have never once, not in all recorded history, mangaged to construct a civil, well ordered society, not founded on the principal of chucking a spear at anyone who crosses them!

Please, if anyone can spot one white person in these pictures, other than the cops trying to control these warring savages, please point them out. What a jarring reminder of the way poor benighted old Englands' own scummy, entitlement happy ethnics behaved in the riots just a few short months ago.

And I'll almost guarantee that a good proportion of these spear chuckers are on welfare, living off my fucking taxes. They remind me of fucking chimps with a string of pearls, they are completey unfit to live amongst civilised people!

Rant over... Happy Christmas everyone!

Antony #conspiracy englisc-gateway.com

Yes, a larger network of people controlled and organised by the same banker-employed private security firms that have organised and established every terrorist cell from El-Fatah to Hamas to Black September to the Muslim Brotherhood. Plausible deniability is built in. Only the names change. If we could just acknowledge the common interest and put silly sporting rivalries to one side we might yet come to recognise the one power the nation-destroyers fear most: unity.

saxnot #conspiracy englisc-gateway.com

It is happening Antony, white boys have no chance of joining the London fire service for at least the next ten years, until it ethnically reflects the London population, it will because of training be a slow feed in, but it is happening. White boys are effectively banned.

Bervauelajar #fundie englisc-gateway.com

[From an Odinist discussion about gay comedian Stephen Fry]

Maybe this Sodomite should delve deeper into his subconscious and try to figure out why he is a pervert when it comes to sexual Acts ? .They never spend time and much thought on that one . Accept Woden the Allfather into your heart and the line of your Ancestors . But in such a macho environment this puff would only be fit to carry the milk pitchers after milking a cow !. I would love to debate these so called interlectuals I would cut right through their crap !.

Yngvi #racist englisc-gateway.com

This is all bollocks, the English have fought under a banner for years and sorry to break your heart but the White Wyrm is the new banner of the ethnic English and if some people don't like it then good! - I'm glad its getting to you orcish fucking butt sucking shit cunt 3rd stage syphillis suffering bottom feeding rat shit smothering Anglophobic turd burgling wankers!

Get used to it you silly fuck nuts and watch this merry space - the English are coming to avenge you!

For those dumb enough to try and hurt us - beware and for those who have taken part in the destruction of our country - take heed - your final hour is coming, in the names of our ancestors, our England and the son's and daughters born of English stock we swear this troth, we will have mercy!

One blood, one soil, one England - England Awake, England Awake, England Awake and rise the White dragon once more!

Teutoburg Weald #conspiracy englisc-gateway.com

The likes of Jew book and Twitter, are only influential with those who have no independent thought ability of their own, there are a lot on their, especially Jew Book, at the moment I'm going through my second ban, for my views, my account was deleted, anyone with an Independent thought of their own, are often deleted, those who blindly follow the Establishment line are left alone, after all, what threat are they..

As for the above, they've gone through years of Political though control, and thought implantation by Establishment trained teachers, and the Comfort blanket of the Established Nanny State.. They couldn't have an Independent thought, if they were told to have one, their personal Independent thoughts, come from their rears, as wind..

You'll also probably find that the above sheep come from the Football and Soap brigade who actually believe that the Media News out lets are telling them the truth, and Auntie BBC can't tell a Lie..

They are not the majority, and are not of any use to our survival!!

Teutoburg Weald #fundie englisc-gateway.com

[On the murder of politician Jo Cox]

Oh fucking Hel, here we go, the oh so sad words about the dead, she must have been a Saint, an Angle on earth, of course being a Socialist, she couldn't do wrong could she..

Its so fucking pathetic, if she'd been a Nationalist murdered by a Socialist Nut job of the likes of the UAF, you'd hear the odd bit of news, but it would be swept under the carpet, as yet another nasty Racist less to deal with, but the Establishments Gob Shites the Rags and the TV/Radio, are going over board with this hypocritical and sanctimonious bull shit about one of their own will be milked for weeks, and you notice it happened a week before the voting starts..

Oh yes, She'll be made a Marter to the Globalist Marxist Cause, much like Saint Steven of the Bus Stop, there'll be images of her in robes, and a fucking halo above her head, her hands clasped together in Prayer for World Peace and Global Race mixing, and an end to the evil White Race.......

All together now:

"I'd like to teach the world to sing
In perfect harmony.............."

Don't you just love the rabbid loony Lib/Left, Oh its got me sobbing already, I'll have to go now and build a shrine to Saint Jo!!

3 SONS OF OLD ENGLAND #fundie englisc-gateway.com

[On the murder of politician Jo Cox]

OK my thoughts now I've given time for the family to grieve.She was a rank lefty so by dint of that she is my enemy.An mp who wasted no time in promoting multi cultural crap.,again my enemy.Putting it bluntly one of theirs has copped for it and they the left don't like it one bit! I won't shed any tears in fact it's nice to see them squirming and hopefully put the wind up them all.Im not apologising for my thoughts coz I'm well past caring what people think.