Some incels #sexist

Re: Femoids admit personality is a MEME


how the fuck can you say this is toxic masculinity? THERES NO SUCH THING AS TOXIC MASCULINITY. it’s only toxic femininity and they push it on men.

Women are the purveyors of toxic masculinity by allowing it to thrive and thus are directly responsible for the abuse they receive


All women are manipulative cunts like this. It's in their fuckin genes.

Exactly. Since caveman days women realized that they don't share the same physical capabilities as men, so they had to adapt somehow. Soon enough they learned, if they can't kill that mamooth for meat or get that fruit from a tall ass tree, why not just completely effortlessly use your pussy to get some male to do it?

Women today don't need to use this tactic in the identical fasion anymore, a woman can get a job and live on her own. But it's interesting that the manipulation still remains in their genes, in a way.



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