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'Islamic Extremism' could never have become a problem in this country if the Muslims had not been allowed (and indeed encouraged) to come here in the first place. The leftist-liberal attitude of backing anything that is alien to us has been part of the problem, and the cowardice of the general public (the 'masses') been responsible for these traitors getting away with it.

The first thing any repressive regime does is to outlaw the use of weapons, and we have already seen how this has been done over the last few decades. Firstly the 'Hungerford Massacre' ensured that semi-automatic rifles were banned, and the later 'Dunblane Massacre' ensured that hand-guns were banned. Thousands of responsible citizens who used these for recreational purposes were stopped form doing this. Yes, it could be argued that if such laws solved the problem of gun-crimes then they would be vindicated but, predictably gun-crime went up rather than down.


We also have a fully-trained riot police with new and highly technical equipment, some of which appeared in the 2011 riots in the cities of England. This seems to have been allowed to get out of hand in some areas, maybe as a means of practice - who knows? Whatever the case the funding seems to have been transferred to the section of the British Police that is there to protect the state, leaving the public defenceless.

Of course, certain sections of society seem to be exempt from all this, the one I can think of being the Jewish Community. In North London a special 'Jewish Police Force' was set up, complete with marked cars and specially trained 'police' to man them and to patrol certain areas with a high Jewish population. It is also correct to say that there has also been set up a 'Defence Organisation' which is deemed necessary to protect Jews from attacks by Muslims - this was financed out of public money, and endorsed by David Cameron himself (not surprisingly).


The EDL was a Zionist-controlled organisation (as they admitted) funded by Zionists from the USA, and this was used to create the conflict between Christians and Muslims in a new 'Crusade', which has now been taken up by the 'Britain First' organisation, which seeks to get rid of the image of the drunken brawlers of the EDL and becoming 'respectable'. Using the 'Social Media' such organisations can get out to hundreds of thousands of people, but we still find that only a couple of hundred or so turn out to their marches. I do not like to criticise others, especially since many of those involved are sound 'patriots' and do really care for their land, but this has all been done before in politics, and the only result of a 'crusade' against the Muslims would be a catastrophic conflict that has been deliberately manipulated. Islamic Militancy is a symptom and not the cause of the problem. There would be no problem if they had not been encouraged to come here in the first place, and they do not control the real powers that control the world at this time - the Global Bankers. If the problem of 'Islamic Militancy' were solved tomorrow the real problems we are faced with would still be there, and we would be no freer than we are today.

The argument is usually that this is a 'Christian Country', but this omits the fact that our people were forced by bribery, corruption and outright violence (such as torture and burning at the stake) into accepting an alien religion - both Islam and Christianity stem from Judaic roots! These people forget that the Christians used such methods to 'convert' and that this was never our religion at all - Wodenism is the true religion of our Folk.


Now is the time for the reappearance of the Shadow-Warrior who works under cover of darkness and secrecy. This must be seen as a highly trained and intelligent individual who is also able to work with a group, as a team, and able to accept a leader who would organise and lead the group. The Shadow-Warrior would be dedicated to Woden as the Leader of the Mannerbund, the Cultic-Warrior Bund, since such a warrior would be dedicated to the Cult of Woden. This would be Jonathan Bowden's 'intellectual thug' (from Shelley) who would combine the fighter with the intellectual, and above this combine the fighter, the intellectual and the intuitive, for such a Cultic Warrior must create the situation where both sides of the brain are in balance - the 'balance of light and darkness' in the individual. This would entail a mixture of the Exoteric Warrior Arts and the Esoteric Warrior Arts.



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