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What are we to make of these Crop-Circles? I have shown how I have actually seen a similar circle in long grass produced by a 'Vortex-Wind' when on the mountains of Snowdonia in North Wales. This 'Vortex-Wind' was intelligent and had consciousness - which I could feel. There are also similar crop-circles that seem to be made by some form of Balls of Light, which have been photographed as they happen - or it would seem. Many of these seem to have been 'Mayan' and when we consider that up to 2012 the Mayan Prophecies were focussed on by a good proportion of mankind this could represent some form of unconscious production.

The link to 'extraterrestrials' or 'aliens' is something that crops up throughout investigation and I feel that this should be focussed upon if we are to understand what is happening. There seem to be two sets of 'aliens' involved in the process -

The Grey Aliens - These appear to be involved in a way that seems to be stemming the evolutionary process of Man. The fact they appear as 'grey', soulless and even hint at the soulless multi-cultural society where there are no races, no sexes and no genius - just a 'grey' mass of neither Black nor White, infused into a soulless mass of slaves. We would see these as the 'Joten'.

The Nordics - These appear to step in to aid mankind; they often make experiments on the genes and on trying to recreate. They appear to be helping Man towards a Higher Evolution and a Higher Consciousness. They appear as Aryans - or so we are led to believe by those who have experienced this. We would see these as the 'God's and the 'Elves'.

The way that the so-called UFOs act is not in keeping with scientific knowledge and these seem to defy our Laws of Science. This makes it probable they are not 'extra-terrestrial' but 'extra-dimensional' - coming from another world, or maybe the Inner Earth. Their science is the Aryan Science of Implosion and the Black Sun is the source of energy for this Inner Earth which is parallel to our own.

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What we appear to have here is an explanation for the German Foo-Fighters which were recorded during World War II and which seemed to fly of their own power and volition. This may or may not be so but Landzig may well have known about these and if so knew their origins. These seem to be a 'representation of the morphogenetic grid' which has something to do with what is called the Morphogenetic Field. This is simply a blueprint that stores information form how something is formed - like a 'blueprint' for the human shape or parts of the body etc. At least that is how I understand the concept. The Morphogenetic Grid, I am assuming, is linked to the Earth-Grid (Grid is an Earth-Giantess) and to Sacred Geometry.

These are 'fourth-dimensional interfaces with the Life-Force itself'; that is, this stems directly from the Life-Force of the Cosmos. They have something to do with what is called Thought-Forms (Tulkas) which are projected, vessels of creation. The power to manifest these appears to be what is called the Vril-Force.

This gives an explanation as to what the 'Balls of Light' are in the field of UFOs; these are not the 'Flying Saucers' spoken of by Viktor Schauberger and the sightings of these over the past few decades. They may be the 'Balls of Light' seen over the fields that have produced Crop-Circles; these have been photographed as one crop-circle was being made. I have myself witnessed a 'Ball of Light' passing across the skies at the time of the Hale-Bopp Comet. This was certainly not a 'Flying Saucer' but obviously a 'Ball of Light'; we have to distinguish between the two.

In the book the flying machines used to transport the subjects of the book are called by the name 'V-7' and referred to as a 'Spinning Disc'. Here we are in the realms of a physical spinning saucer-shaped disc. A flight to Prague is done in a Dostra Maschine which is some 45 metres long and made of Quettschmetall or 'crimp-metal' which is a highly compressed metal. This can do 830 kilometres per hour.

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Spartan Sense

If you worship your enemy - you are defeated.

If you adopt your enemy's religion - you are enslaved.

If you breed with your enemy - you are destroyed.

Polydoros of Sparta.

This was the preaching of 'Jesus' which the European Folk had forced upon them; it is time to throw off the shackles of Judaeo-Christianity and return to the True Religion of our Northern Folk.

'Heaven' and 'Hell' - stuff them! We shall go to Valhalla and feast with our Gods and our Ancestors!

We shall not worship our enemy!

We shall reject our enemy's religion!

We shall not breed with our enemy!

We shall unite with our Folk-Comrades 'over the pond' and throughout Europe and the White World in this great struggle against the Forces of Darkness and Matter.

Victory or Valhalla!

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The Hooded Man is the 'Divine Fool' acting through his intuitive will; he is 'The Fool' of the Tarot, numbered 0 - the Void. He appears as a hooded figure, inside whose hood there is a total darkness, not 'blackness' but a Void! His eye appears from the Void; he can be an Agent of Chaos, laughing at the (s)laughter of battle, of the breaking down of structures, of 'law-tables', of that which is decaying, degenerate and dying. Ho! Ho! Ho! He laughs as he mounts Sleipnir and rushes through the Nine Worlds at a furious pace, leading the Wild Army of the Dead. That which is falling only needs a push!

'The guilty shall tremble!' Controlling powers need authority, they need to make laws to stop any form of opposition to their agenda. Anarchists do not want authority, and they do not want laws. Nihilism and anarchy are necessary in that they break the power of the authority that oppresses. Left-Wing Anarchy, however, in the form of such organisations as ANTIFA, are based upon the upholding of the 'multi-cultural society' and the 'sword-arm' of the agenda of the Global bankers - Marxist Socialism and Communism. ANTIFA opposes the forces that seek not to 'integrate', not to become a mongrel 'Race of Tan' and to lose their identity, to lose their only hope for the evolution of Man. Thus ANTIFA is alright so long as it is contained and takes this path, for it does not oppose the agenda of Global Capitalism, it protects by violent force that agenda. But it is controlled - and it is contained. Should these forces be transformed into a real opposition, through the creation of a new Barbarian and the creation of new Tribes of Barbarians separated out from this society, raw and surging with energy and power, like the Germanic Tribes that swept down upon Rome, this new 'Roman Empire' will fall just as surely as the Roman Empire fell before yesteryear's Barb-Aryans.

There need be no barbarians from 'without' this time, since it is the world that is today enslaved, not just a part of the world; this time the barbarians will arise from within, separated out from the 'mob', from the 'herd', from the mass-consumers, raw and strong, healthy and virile, opposed to the weakness and sickness of this 'Modern World' - they will be the 'Men Above the Ruins' who 'Revolt Against the Modern World'. Each will be a form of The Hooded Man, each will hold within himself the 'Powers of Light and Darkness', each will wield the Sword of Victory holding within itself the 'balance of Light and Darkness'. And then, only then - 'The guilty shall tremble!'

There are 58 Words in this prophecy, and there are 58 Letters in 'The Power of Light and the Power of Darkness are strong within him'. 58 is the number of ROBIN. 'Robin' comes from 'Robert', a word meaning Fame-Bright which is 'Light': as 'Robin Hood' this become 'Fame-Bright Hood' which is a way of saying 'Light-Darkness'. In the name 'Robin Hood' we have the archetype of the Folk-Hero that holds within him the Balance of Light and Darkness - the whole Man. In Jungian terms the 'whole man' who has re-integrated the Shadow side of his nature - the Dark Side. This is the bit that Judaeo-Christianity, Socialism, Liberalism and Humanitarianism cut out! In this prophecy lies the way back to right, the way back to wholeness and the recreation of the Whole Man.


End-Note: Those who have not, as yet, learned 'The Hooded Man Prophecy' off by heart would now do well to do so; it needs to be memorised (with the heart) and to be meditated upon, thus allowing its wisdom and teaching to become part of you, to be integrated into your whole being.

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That Aryan Spirit is still here, hidden nonetheless in the DNA-Code of certain people, people who have retained in some part the ancient Blood-Memory. The physical race does not exist today, except in race cases, and even then physical appearance does not necessarily match with the 'spiritual race' within the individual. As Miguel Serrano never tired of pointing out, today's struggle is for Spiritual Blood and Spiritual Race and not just Biological Blood and Biological Race. True it has to be said, in order to resurrect the Arya, the Aryan Race, a biological vessel will be needed to take the Spiritual Race, since the body must support the Higher Race. But today we do not have this, and as Nietzsche pointed out - we are the solitaries who will one day form a people, and from this people shall arise the 'Superman'. We are at a stage of this process which is fulfilled through the resurrection of the Solar Race. Some form of physical mutation would seem necessary for this to come about.

Opposed to the Aryan Spirit is an Anti-Spirit which created the major religions of the world - Judaism, Christianity and Islam. This Anti-Spirit also created Liberalism, Marxist Socialism, Marxist Communism (and all forms of Global Socialism and Global Communism), Liberal Democracy, Humanitarianism, Anarchism. It created Capitalism and the greed for profit and gain; it created the Economic Consumer Society in which people become 'consumers' a 'commodity' in themselves; its technology chained the world to the 'World Wide Web' where it can control the minds of the masses. It promoted 'Equality' and the levelling down of people to the lowest; it promoted the 'Slave-Mentality' of the modern world; it produced the 'Ultimate Man' - the slave! The antithesis of the Noble Arya is the Ignoble Anti-Spirit. Whereas the Aryan Race was the 'Master Race' which ruled the world with its superior knowledge, wisdom and understanding, its Aryan Sciences, and its Aryan Weltanshauung, today the Anti-Spirit rules and even the survival of the Earth is threatened.

All ancient myths and legends speak of this 'Higher Race', and all agree that at sometime in the very ancient past this noble race became corrupted by a Dark Power that distorted the leadership and distorted the higher purpose of this Solar Race. This goes way, way back into the distant past, but the time which this really comes into effect seems to centre around the time of the sinking of Atlantis. The key to this lies in the High Race mixing its Igneous Blood with lower races of man who dwelt upon the Earth. This seems to have caused the sinking of Hyperborea originally, and later the sinking of Atlantis when the shift from the Polar-Centre to the North-Western Centre occurred.

Syncretistic Stupidity Award

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Ever since seeing this ancient stone which I have called by the name White Stone of Ing the design of the carvings has eluded me, even though I have always seen it as being familiar. The Ing-Rune in its English version can be seen as two Edel-Runes joined as one, which looks very much like an ancient symbol for the Divine Twins - joined at the head. Although the central 'cartouche' is rectangular and not diamond-shaped the 'arms' and 'legs' connecting at the top and bottom do suggest a very similar image.

I can now see some importance in the stone itself, which is a White Stone, since the three major religions of Judaism, Islam and Christianity are all connected to the Black Cube which suggests darkness and matter. Could it be that the White Stone is the counter-religion to the darkness and matter based around the Black Cube or Black Stone? I have shown before how Revelations shows how the finding of a 'White Stone' would lead to a 'new name of God', i.e. the name of the god or archetype who rules the New Age. In this case the god Ing is the name found on the stone. The importance is obviously that of the 'White Stone' which is the colour of purity.

The message 'Gift of Ing' is found on the stone, with this being linked to 'Fire' and to the meanings of the Ken-Rune. The Ken-Rune also represents the Fire-Serpent which is linked to Ingwe and the Rune of Ingwe. Agni of the Vedas is linked to the Aswins who are the Divine Twins; both are associated with friction-fire and the kindling of the Sacred Flame. Here we seem to have a connection between Ingwe and the Divine Twins, if I am right in seeing the twin-Edel-Runes in the symbolism of the stone.

There is of course a very strong connection between the Ing-Rune and the Edel-Rune since the former is the Rune of the Blood and the latter is the Rune of the Homeland. The Ing-Rune, as stated here, is in itself twin Edel-Runes which form the ancient symbol of the Divine Twins joined at the head. The Edel-Rune has the shape given to the Greek god Atlas, the God of the World Pillar. The globe is the world, held up by Atlas. Both runes also contain the message 'Gift of Ing', something which has never been explained. Both the Rune of the Blood and the Rune of the Homeland are connected to Ingwe.

Of course, with such figures as Hengest and Horsa we naturally assume that the Divine Twins are always both male. In the case of Hengest and Horsa, who are the founders of a nation, this is obviously true since they parallel Romulus and Remus and other 'twins'. But there are various different aspects of such figures, and there may be a case here to consider that Ingwe is the male 'twin' but the other figure is perhaps female. In this case we could guess at the sister of Ingwe - Freya. Twins are not necessarily both the same sex. There is also the legend of 'Od' to consider here, for Freya loses her 'Od' and searches to find him again. The name 'Od' forms part of the Od-al Rune.

Mercia Eliade hints that fire is held within the 'Eternal Feminine' where man may seek to find it. It is perhaps significant that the Ken-Rune on the stone is a variant used by the Anglo-Saxons, and not the usual rune-shape which has an upright stave with a downwards or upwards pointing offshoot. In fact the alternative can be seen as an ur-glyphic Ur-Rune with a vertical line above it - fire with smoke going upwards. We know that Freya is also associated with fire since she wears the Brosingamene Necklace, the word 'brosinga' being associated with fire.

The ur-glyphic Ur-Rune thus suggests the Primal Fire and the CGF version of the Ken-Rune is shaped as an Ur-Rune turned sideways. I have shown how the English Ing-Rune can be seen as either an Ur-Fusion or Ken-Fusion which parallels the ideas that I have looked at here. Indeed, the shape of the White Stone of Ing also suggests an inverted Ur-Rune at the top and Ur-Rune at the bottom.

Gyfu is the Rune of Gefion who is the Gift Goddess and an aspect of Freya; we have thus Ingwe and Freya shown within the two runes which make up the phrase 'Gift of Ing'. The 'Fire-Rune' (Ken) is actually linked to the Ing-Rune, suggesting a closer link between these two runes. This may be stretching a point too far but these two make the word 'ken(n)ing'. This is likely a coincidence though we cannot rule out that it is synchronicity.

Ingwe is of course also known as Frey, a title meaning 'lord'; Freya means 'lady' which makes up the pairing. Indeed, this is no doubt where Wicca gets its 'Lord and Lady' from originally. In the law of the Waene (Vanir) sister and brother can also be married through a Sacred Wedding. Both Ingwe and Freya are linked to the planet Venus which is the Morning Star and Evening Star. It is most likely that Freya is the Morning Star and Ingwe the Evening Star, though of course the planet is one and the same. Whatever the case Venus is connected to the concept of resurrection.

If the 'Gift of Ing' is the Primal Fire then Ingwe is clearly associated with the Vedic god Agni. Agni is in fact one of the original 'trinity' of gods prior to the later Brahma-Vishnu-Shiva. I believe that with the name 'Ingwe' we are going way back into very ancient times, maybe even linked to the title 'Igg' given to Woden when he hung upon Iggdrasil. Noting the following we can see a pattern emerging here -

Ingwe & Freya
The Divine Twins
The Rune of the Blood
The Rune of the Homeland
Ingwe was known in these islands well before the later Germanic invasions or incursions.

The 'Gift of Ing' is the Primal Fire or Creative Fire which provides not only 'Light' but also the heat needed to germinate new life. The White Stone of Ing has obvious connections to the creation of the English Folk-Nation through the idea of 'Blood and Soil'. The connection here between the Divine Twins - Hengest and Horsa - are obvious, for they are the 'Founding Twins'. The White Stone of Ing has obvious connections to the idea of the Resurrection of the English Folk-Nation. It is also connected to the White Dragon of the English. This 'resurrection' is linked directly to the sinking of ancient At-al-land. We know this through the importance of the Hale-Bopp Comet.

"In the end, K is something programmed into the computer code of the universe — a fundamental fore integral to the world, and designed to arise spontaneously, due to the designed nature of it. Once arisen, it guides the evolution of every self sufficient organism’s form and function. K may even be the fundamental force really driving the universe’s organizaiton, if not the underlying purpose of the entire Creation. In its most basic form, K is about the fostering of a specific quality within the Universe’s organization. The quality can be loosely be described as “greatness,” — encompassing such variables as complexity, ability, resiliency, sophistication, creativity, adaptability, etc.

If one examines the world around them, they will quickly come to the realization that, over the long haul, it favors K innately, and that this is likely an engineered design. God does not want to crack the hood on His Creation, only to look out upon a Universe of a worlds that all look like the world in the movie Idiocracy, filled with imbeciles denigrating the lone eloquent smart person. Indeed, were the universe designed to favour R-evolution would never have even made it that far. All God would see in a perpetually R-universe would be ever more rapidly expanding blobs of goo, each unit of goo competing fiercely with the others, to see which can expend less energy on greatness and complexity, to focus on repoducing more of an ever less-evolved goo."

I had just mentioned the word 'synchronicity' when I was beginning to run out of ideas that would complete this post. I had to look up my emails to sort out something for the coming Folk-Moot when I opened an email with a link to a site called 'Elfnationalist' which contained the above quote, and which compared what is termed R-evolution to K-evolution. What struck me so hard was the use of the 'K' which is connects directly to the K-Rune or Ken-Rune, and underlines yet another reason, and perhaps more important reason for the use of the rune on the White Stone. The basic meaning of what is being said is that 'R-evolution' is based upon quantity, equality, and the masses whilst K-evolution is based upon quality, inequality and an aristocratic order.

Again, speaking of 'synchronicity', the article here was about Tolkien's Elves, and the next section of my post was about Ingwe-Frey as 'Lord of the Elves'. The elves are depicted as Nietzsche's Superman or Overman, as the next stage of the evolution of Man. We are thus back to the idea of 'resurrection' and the ideas put forward here. The 'Gift of Ingwe' is thus the gift of Immortality and the creation of the Sun-Man or Sonnenmensch. It is the 'Fire of Re-Creation'.

The Ken-Rune is also the 'Rune of Kingship' and thus directly related to inequality and to the creation of the Divine Order of Caste. Ingwe is in a sense the Sacral King wedded to the land, to 'Sovereignty' (Freya). This is a very important concept since everything centres around Man and the Earth, to the mystical link between Blood and Soil - the Edel. The key to the 'awakening' is The Hooded Man whose rune is the Edel-Rune!

One last comment here. Does not the phrase - '...imbeciles denigrating the lone eloquent smart person...' ring true when we look at every form of attack upon anyone who stands up against this rotten, corrupt, degenerate system? We see this at every turn where anyone with a bit of common sense and intellect is ridiculed by the 'imbeciles' who make up the masses, the 'mob', the 'herd', the 'people' - the representatives of the multi-racial system that brooks no opposition nor criticism to its falling world.

This we must remember - they represent a falling world, a world quickly falling into decay and ruins, a world on the brink of destruction. Their own greed and foolishness will bring about their own destruction. The 'Black Cube' will symbolise their own destruction. The 'White Stone' and the 'White Dragon' symbolises the victory of Light over Darkness! The White Stone of Ing is held within the ancient Isle of Albion - the Isle of the Elves.

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The European Union, NATO, the United Nations, the World Health Organisation, the World Wildlife Trust - I could go on and on with the numerous 'world' organisations that form the basis of 'globalism'. The fundamental problem with globalism is that it puts a wedge between Man and Nature. At first this may not be obvious, but those who promote globalism have no identity, but more, they have no link to the soil and to the earth. The folk-nation is rooted in the concept of Blood and Soil, of the mystical link between the Blood of the Folk and the Soil of the Folkland. The people behind globalism have no ties of nation, and thus no ties to the land occupied by a nation.

There is a hidden global elite who wish to break down all boundaries, all nations, all states, and recreate the world as a 'World State' which, rather obvious from what is happening today, will be a World State ruled by tyranny and violent oppression of all freedom. In order to do this, to create a slave-state, all barriers of boundaries, race and gender have to be broken down, cast aside, in favour of a race-less, root-less mass of slaves, ruled over by an 'elite' who have no ties whatever with the land, no ties between Blood and Soil.


The ancient heathen religions were not the cause of wars since each group, tribe, clan, nation had its own particular version of the Ancient Tradition or Ur-Religion. There was no need for conflict since these tribal religions were never forced upon others, never 'preached' to others. Religion does not cause wars, it is the three slave-religions of Judaism, Christianity and Islam that have caused wars.


We hear the cry of the cuckoo in the spring; this bird does not make its nest, does not work and toil to create a home for its offspring. It is a kind of parasite that uses other bird's toil for its purpose. It is not alone in this world; those who have no link between a Folk and the Soil are inevitably parasites who live off the toil of others. Those without an identity cannot link with anything natural, cannot create that bond between the Blood and the Soil. The rat feeds off the waste products of man, it is a parasitical animal that lives in squalor and filth. Its name means 'to leave the falling house', because when it has done its dirty-work and destroyed its host, it moves on to another host! This is a secret of the Rad-Rune in its negative side.

The root-sounds AD-ED-ID-OD-UD which form the basis of the Edel-Rune all mean 'noble'. The Greco-Roman term for our people is the 'gentile', a word rooted in *gen- which means 'clan' or 'tribe'. The 'gentile' is the one who belongs to a group, a clan, a tribe, a nation. This is the same as 'kin', and the secrets are held within the Ken-Rune. It should be noted that 'kin' (blood-ties), 'king' (of the kin) and 'kind (Nature) are all linked as one within the wholeness, all parts of the heildom. The 'Gentiles' are the 'Nations', the ones who form the mystical link between their Blood and the Soil they dwell on and work. The Folk-Nation sets us apart from the Globalists, and infers a people and a land, not just a people with no land and no ties.


This struggle is not political, it is an Eternal Struggle against the Forces of Darkness and Matter, the forces that seek to halt the evolutionary drive of Man - Aryan Man. Against the Joten, the 'Eaters of the Souls', the forces that seek to drag everything back into the Primal Chaos. This is a War of the Gods and the Joten! A War of the Gods against the Demons, against the Monsters of Chaos, spawned by the 'Evil Brood' mentioned in The Hooded Man Prophecy. This war cannot be fought today on just a material level, it has to become a Spiritual War and a Spiritual Revolution. It is a war for Blood, and a war for Soil.

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Judaism, Islam and Christianity are all based upon the worship of Saturn, which is clear within Judaism and Islam but not so clear in Christianity. Both Judaism and Islam use the symbolism of the Black Cube of Saturn within their religion, and the Christian Cross is a cube opened out to form this unequal-armed cross. Since the fish was the earliest symbol of Christianity this suggests a distortion at a later time when the cross replaced the Fish of Pisces.


The so-called 'Star of David' represents the Black Cube of Saturn as can be seen from the above. The Black Cube represents matter and in certain representations of 'The Devil' of the Tarot Cards the figure sits upon a Black Cube.

There is a problem here, since Saturn was, according to Roman Mythology, the God of the Golden Age. How can such a figure be the same as the figure of the 'Lord of Misrule'? The name 'Saturn' seems to be rooted in the same as 'Satya', the Hindu name for the Golden Age of Perfection, the Root *sat forming both names. The term refers to Being. Saturn is the Greek Kronos who is said to be the 'God of Time', and Kronos is said to be chained on an island, awaiting his time to awaken again. Originally, it would seem, Kronos was more like the Egyptian Osiris and a God of Grain. Things seem to have been somewhat mixed up here.

The planet Saturn has always been seen as a planet of doom, especially in astrology. In the Icelandic Rune Poem the Thurisaz Rune is equated with Saturn, this being the Rune of the Thurs or Joten. This is interesting in that many of the moons of Saturn are named after Norse Joten, this being unusual in that Greek and Roman names are usually used.

Planets are not inherently 'evil' in any way, and this applies as much to Saturn as to other planets. They are all part of the Natural Order. Miguel Serrano suggests that the planet Saturn has been 'enslaved' (chained?), awaiting to be freed again in order to rule the coming Golden Age. Maybe this has something to do with the Rings of Saturn which I believe are made of ice. Saturn is the 'Lord of the Rings'! If Saturn is the "Lord of the Rings' then the only way that this power can be ended is by Fire which is the means to destroy the rings - Surt's Fire! Is it a coincidence that one of the moons of Saturn is named after Surt?

It would seem obvious that the term 'Satan' derives from 'Saturn'; this may also stem from the Egyptian Set-Anubis, but in any case Set or Seth, as well as the Greek Apophis, relate to the planet Saturn. It should be remembered that the Hyksos who invaded and ruled Egypt (or rather misruled Egypt) worshipped Apophis who was the anti-god of the Egyptians, the polar-opposite to their Goddess of Order and Justice, Maat.

Saturn appears to have a hexagon at one pole and an 'eye' at the other pole; the hexagon is connected to the Number 6. As I have pointed out in the last Sword of Wayland magazine this also relates to the Hagal-Rune and to the 'Seed of Life'. It would seem that the Dark Powers are using the 'matrix', via the 'Seed of Life' to spread their growing darkness across the worlds.

Miguel Serrano suggests that Saturn has been 'imprisoned' -

"SATURN: Also Kronos, Time, God of Time. He is an Aeon imprisoned by the Demiurge, condemned by the fact of being immortal, to eternally circle the Eternal Return."

The planet Saturn is here transformed into 'Satan' or 'Jehovah'; this is the problem with the god Loki, the only god chained to matter, and working through matter. Serrano suggests that Saturn is the 'Aryan Sandur or Sandar' who is 'Lord of the Ancestral Light at the Pole', which suggests, as others have done, that Saturn was once the Light of the North Pole. We are also told that Saturn was the 'God of Atlantis'. Saturn is also connected to Surt whose fire will regenerate the Nine Worlds.


In regard to the role of Loki this seems to be fully recognised by the Dark Powers that rule over us today. They are not exactly shy about what they do, and the Black Cube can be found in so many modern 'logos' and throughout this society that it has to be no coincidence. In The Avengers (2012 significantly) we find Loki arriving upon the Earth on a Black Hexagon, the two-dimensional version of the Black Cube!

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[Discussing swastika-shaped crop circles]

These messages appear all over the world, but are mainly centred here in England - this has to be significant. The main area is also around Wessex, the ancient heartland of the West Saxons whose banner was the Golden Dragon of Germania.

The appearance of these symbols prove beyond doubt that the Esoteric War is directed by the Hidden Masters from a parallel world - the Inner Earth. From this Inner Earth emanates the Will of the Masters (Gods) who direct and guide the Aryan Initiates on this Earth. As I have stated before, I have been a witness to a very similar type of occurrence to that of the formation of a crop-circle, when I witnessed a kind of 'vortex-wind' that flattened grass near to an old stone circle in Gwynedd, North Wales, not far from a larger stone circle called 'Druid's Circle'. The power behind this 'vortex-wind' seemed to be intelligent and I could 'feel' its presence as it happened.

What we have in this Black Sun crop-circle is a symbol of the most ancient Hyperborea, but also connected to the later At-al-land in the North-west. Indeed, it fits the description of Plato's Atlantis too, which may have been a description of At-al-land - the 'Atland' of the Oera Linda Book and of Spanuth. It is a symbol of resurrection and thus may be connected to the idea of the Rising of At-al-land, or even to the resurrection of the Avatar. The latter is actually hinted at through the numerical sequences centred around the Mystical Number 88 and the Mystical Number 888.


Another link to the coming Avatar is contained in yet another numerical sequence contained within the complex structure of the formation. There are 12 Sig-Runes, each made up of 3 sections (12 x 3 = 36); add this to the Number 8 and we get 44, half of 88. But 44 itself is a Mystical Number of Importance, since David Lane (Wodensson) mentions in his works that there are 44 letters in the first verse of the 'Bible' (Old Testament) and 44 letters in the last verse (New Testament), adding up to 88. 'Jesus Christ' (or rather the White Krist of Revelation is referred to as 'The First and the Last' and 'The Beginning and the End', as well as the 'offspring of the Morning Star (Venus - see the piece on Quetzalcoatl).

The Black Sun crop-circle seems to be so complex in its form and meaning that it hardly seems likely that it has been done by human hands; indeed, it seems to have kicked up such a stir that people were stopped from going onto the fields to see it at the time. It would also seem that when the crop-circle appeared a comment posted about a picture of the formation on Facebook asked for it to be removed and censored - so afraid are our enemies of what is coming!


Looking through some of the stuff written about this crop-circle I found one which mentioned Quetzalcoatl which was designed to brush off the 'Nazi' connection of the Black Sun. Unfortunately for the writer it did no such thing and emphasised further links to the Mystical Number 88, as well as bringing the planet Venus into the equation - Quetzalcoatl having links to Venus. In fact Quetzalcoatl was another of the archetypes based upon 'He Who Returns'! He was the Feathered Serpent and one of the White Gods of the Americas who was prophesied to return after he left. Indeed, the Spanish Cortes was taken to be the return of the 'White God'.

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[On Britain leaving the EU]

Of course, we cannot know for sure whether the money-powers had a hand in both sides, which is not unusual, nor whether this will do great damage to their plans or whether they will use it to their advantage, again not unusual. Whatever the case we here in England will not be rid of the White Traitors and the hidden powers that use them, even if not through the EU. Both our freedom of speech and right to defend ourselves against aggression were taken away from us through British State Law.

As Wodenists we are in a position to see this in a different light too, since our work is also at a spiritual level. What was striking about the whole affair was that the primary motive behind both those wishing to stay and those wishing to leave was the economic factors. Nothing else seemed to be important, a sad damnation of our times. The real reasons we need to leave, and thus help to aid in the break-up of the EU, is that it is part of the New World Order promoted by the money-lenders and their allies, part of a plan to set up a World State and World Government. It is a concealed plan to destroy the Nations of Europe and the White Race across the world.

Strangely enough the first defeat of the Dark Lord's plans are due mainly to the Rohirrim who defeat Saruman's Orcs at Helm's Deep. What has this to do with what I am saying? Well, the Riders of Rohan are clearly based upon the Anglo-Saxons, as proven by the use of Old English names - Théoden, Eomer, Eowyn, etc. In the 'Two Towers' section King Théoden is under the spell of Grima Wormtongue, a Dark Wizard who is a servant of Saruman. It is Gandalf that breaks the spell and gives back power to the King of Rohan. A storm breaks out before the battle and great rains fall down upon Helm's Deep; as the Riders of Rohan ride, led by Eomir and Gandalf, it is the dawn of a new day and the Sun shines on a clear blue sky. After the battle Gandalf predicts that Sauron's wrath will be great! This was the battle for Helm's Deep, now begins the Battle for Middle-Earth.


England and Wales voted to get out, Scotland did not; again this may cause the Scots to ask for another referendum to allow them independence from Britain, which would not doubt see another rise in English Nationalism - hopefully this time not led by the 'civic nationalists' and Zionist manipulated organisations but true Racial Nationalists. If this does start to happen it would be essential that a European Awakening takes place since this will be the next stage of the world-wide awakening of our Folk.

Wulf Ingessunu #racist inglinga.blogspot.co.uk

All around us we can see the destruction of our world, the destruction of the 'West'. Remember the great speech given by Aragorn before the Gates of Mordor, when he mentioned that this was not the end of the West? Well, it was not, because this happened at the end of the Third Age, and we today are at the end of the Fourth Age, when it clearly is the end of the West. This is the end of what we call 'Western Civilisation' and such an ending will come through disorder and chaos - the world will be plunged into the Primordial Chaos. Lord of the Rings was archetypal myth, that which is timeless and played out in the past-present-future, and not just at one point of time. The world is today being plunged into anarchy.


The Lord of the Rings came at the turn of the new millennium as a herald of what was coming; we can see in this the recurring of the archetypal myth of the Final Battle. Indeed, in the Orcs we see the Forces of Chaos, in fact we can see elements of this in the Red Mob that is today employed against anyone who opposes the Old Order. There are not only Orcs but also races of men, what we today refer to as the White Traitors who have betrayed their Folk, their Gods and their own Ancestors. The hatred of the Orcs is reflected in the hatred of the Red Mob - a seething hatred against anyone who is decent and right. The hatred of the underdog and the low-life. A seething hatred against anything that is noble and truthful - and anything that is White.

Wulf Ingessunu #fundie inglinga.blogspot.co.uk

Myth is not a 'lie'. Myth is the Eternal Truth. Myth is an Eternal Archetype. Archetypal Myth is played out in historical events. As William Shakespeare said - 'All the world is a stage' and we are the 'actors' upon that stage. We are the actors in an Archetypal Myth.

"Listen, people of the South,
The Word comes from the Horse's Mouth;
This land shall sink beneath the waves
So seek not shelter in the caves.

When the Silent Pool shall rise,
Storm-Clouds gather in the skies:
Raging seas crash through the Downs,
White Horses followed by the Hounds."

Wulf's Prophecy.

This part of the prophecy came after a vivid dream of a mighty crash of waters that came over the South Downs whilst I stood watching the scene from a place on the top of the Downs. I was not alone in this type of dream since others in Woden's Folk, over the years, have had similar dreams about a flood. At first I, like many others, took this to be an omen of a future flood of waters like a tsunami. But over time I came to look at this as maybe symbolic rather than literal, and this is how I see my good friend Wotan's Krieger has interpreted it in one of his posts. Looking at the above part of the prophecy again, this starts to make more sense.

Over the past few years we have seen a massive influx of 'refugees' into our country; the media have used such dramatic phrases as 'a flood of refugees' or 'a flood of immigrants', or even 'the floodgates are opened'. This has been done for effect and to attract the attention of the masses, but it is something that has also sprang up from deep within the psyche. Rather than a literal 'flood of waters' this (at this particular time) is a 'flood of outlanders'. The same thing is prophesied in Norse Myth where the 'flood' comes before the coming of Wid-Ar the Avenger - 'an ever Greater One' as the wording says. This great flood heralds the appearance of Wid-Ar the Avenger. This event happens all over Europe as we can see today, where all of the old Nations of Europe are being thrown into chaos and disorder.


What sort of idiots would create such a situation as to let an enemy into its own ranks? What sort of idiot indeed. This is exactly what has happened, and the future is set to be chaotic, violent and destructive due to the idiots who rule this country, and indeed the countries of Europe and the White World - these idiots are the White Traitors! The Bifrost Bridge has broken and the Hordes of Chaos have crossed into the Land of the Gods. Black Surt wields the Flaming Sword as he comes from the South. And the enemy are within.......


What we have today is the 'floodgates' opened and the enemy rushing into our lands, a flood of peoples, many hell-bent on causing disorder and chaos, and (as we can see in various videos and accounts) hell-bent on setting the lands of Europe alight. In our own case we witnessed the events of 2011 when the cities of England burned. This was just a taste of what is to come. Surt's Fire is when Europe burns! Surt's Fire is when England burns! What Snorri knew was that the Fall of Troy was not merely a historical event, but an Archetypal Myth acted out over and over again throughout the Cycle of the Ages. And we are 'actors' upon the stage of this Drama of Life.

It is Wid-Ar (Aeneas) who escapes the Fires of Surt, who takes the remnants of his followers and travels to another place where he founds another great Empire of the North. When Snorri equates the Norse Gods with the Greek Gods and Greek Heroes we should not take this literally, but in the knowledge that he knew that historical events are played out in Archetypal Myth. We are today witnessing the 'floodgates opening' and the 'flood of refugees' into our lands - the Trojan Horse (enemy within) has come into our lands and the stage is set for the final destruction of what is called 'Western Civilisation'. Do not mourn this, since it has to come about. What is important today is to sow the seeds of a New Creation and a New Order. Wid-Ar will escape the conflagration and he will arise as the New Folk-Leader who will lead the Fight for Freedom to the Final Victory.

Ragnarok is the Koran-Gar - the 'Spear of the Koran' - and is the trigger for this great struggle; it is the key to understanding why this enemy has come amongst us, into the Land of the Gods. It is the key to understanding how the Myth of the Bifrost Bridge tells us that it is broken and the Hordes of Chaos thus can enter the Land of the Gods. This all happens at Ragnarok - the Doom of the Gods. The word 'doom' means 'destiny' as well as 'ending'. Wotan's Krieger came up with the idea of Walhalla and its reflection Allah-Law and again this is a key to understanding the Ragnarok since it is 'Allah's Law' (Shariah Law) that is promoted by Muslim Extremists, laws that are not Germanic Law, and thus as alien to us as Roman Law and Judaic Law. I have been criticised when using the idea of Ragnarok - Koran-Gar, but Wotan's Krieger's idea backs this up completely.

Wulf Ingessunu #racist inglinga.blogspot.co.uk

At one level Yggdrasil is the White Tree of legend, and as such we can see that it represents the White Race, which today is being shaken, battered and beaten, threatened with its final destruction within decades. This is no accident, indeed it is a careful plan being executed by the Dark Forces that seek to destroy the White Race so that it can rule over a rootless, race-less mass of slaves. Make no mistake about it - this is genocide on a vast scale. It is White Genocide!

Anyone who recognises this and stands against such evil is seen to be a 'racist' by those who deem themselves to be 'anti-racist' (Anti-Racism is Anti-White). We are 'racist' because we recognise the threat to our Folk and are the ones who will stand up against this tyranny - and against the evil regime behind it. Yet we know that within the trunk of Yggdrasil are Lif and Lifthrasir - New Life, the seeds of the rebirth of our Folk. We know that there will be a rebirth of our Folk and that justice will be done.

We are threatened not only with the destruction of our culture and identity through mass immigration - mass invasion would be a better term - but also by the 'integration' of alien blood which will eventually destroy our gene-pool. The other threat to our survival is through violence which has been deliberately stirred against us. Coloured people have been conditioned to literally hate white people; they are conditioned to believe that we have exploited them, destroyed their culture, taken their lands and tried to destroy them. These lies have been put about by the very people responsible for doing these things - our people were mere tools in the game. No one hears about 'White Slavery' where over one million Europeans were taken slaves by Muslim Traders. No one seems to consider that whilst there was resistance against Black Slavery there were untold thousands of white women and children enslaved in the Satanic Mills of Northern England, working in horrendous conditions for long hours. The words of the State Tool, William Wilberforce, were heard above the truth stated by William Cobbett.


We are opposed to Zionism since it seeks to dominate the world and 'subdue it' (Genesis), but we are also opposed to Militant Islam that also seeks to dominate the world, and since some Muslims have openly said that this is 'their country' we oppose such a view since they had no hand in building this country, and have been here for decades - not thousands of years. Indeed, they were not asked to come here by the English People, they were forced upon us by the very people they are supposed to be fighting. England is named after the English - the 'Sons of Ing'. Because we oppose Zionism does not mean we support its enemies when they too seek our enslavement and destruction. We oppose all the forces that seek to take our freedom way, to take our land away from us, and to eventually destroy us.

Judaeo-Christianity was designed to 'tame the blond beast', to soften up the people so that they had no will to resist what was coming. But there are Wolves Amongst The Sheep! This is where the archetype of The Hooded Man comes into importance, since this is the Archetypal English Hero who not only fights oppression, but also fights against the outlanders who have taken our land and freedom by force or by stealth. The parallels between our times and the times when the Normans came should not be overlooked; rather than the Normans being the problem they had the same problem as we do, for it was the money-lenders who financed William the Bastard, and as today it was the money-lenders who called the tune then. It was these people who bled the English dry in order to pay the interest on their loans.


We should not be dejected about these times, nor wallow in self-pity for the state of affairs; we should be proud to live in these dark times, at the end of the Dark Age, because we have been chosen to lead the Last Battle upon Middle-Earth at the coming of Ragnarok, when the Bifrost Bridge breaks and the Hordes of Darkness cross into the Land of the Gods. We are fighting for the Man to Come and this has to be the driving-force for our struggle and our work. This is a Holy War not only for the survival of our Folk but also for the creation of a new Race of Man - the Aryan Race. Only through struggle can evolution take place, and only through this struggle can the new Race of Man appear upon Earth.

Wulf Ingessunu #conspiracy inglinga.blogspot.co.uk

[Wulf Ingessunu responds to a blog post suggesting that he is mentally ill]

The problem is that today's psychiatry, psychoanalysis or psychotherapy is based upon Sigmund Freud rather than upon Carl Gustav Jung, the latter having a far better understanding of the Germanic Psyche - i.e. the Germanic Gods. Thus, any form of 'diagnosis' through psychiatry, psychoanalysis or any other 'psycho' that 'Maggie' would like to quote in regard to these likely causes comes through in a form that is not suited to the knowledge of the Germanic Psyche. I am not suggesting that 'Maggie' is not an expert in her field but that expertise may not be right in regard to the Germanic Psyche.

It is a fact that today's 'mental illnesses' are held in check through drugs, and that no-one seems to be able to cure them, or rarely are they cured, should we say. This is because there is so little understanding of what is termed 'mental illness'. To the person whose whole existence is based upon the idea that there is only a material world there can be no understanding of any other worlds or dimensions. So anything that is beyond the material world and the materialistic society is either ridiculed or written off as being 'insane'. If those in charge of looking after the 'mentally insane' actually understood what causes it then they may find a cure one day. We on the so-called 'Far-Right' are always accused of being 'a loner' or having 'childhood problems' that make us believe what we do. All this is a very clever trick to make our views look 'insane' and thus stop people from listening to our point of view.

It would seem that my post about the 'hallucination' ended up (somehow) on another blog called 'FSTDT' which is yet another one of the same ilk as 'Radical Britain' and those who run it seem to have nothing positive to offer either, merely negative attacks upon anyone who opposes the view of the Old Order.


Then we go on to accuse me of having 'Obsessive Compulsive Disorder' (OCD in Newspeak), the symptoms of which are listed (we are told) in 'Fundamentals - A guide for Parents, Teachers and Carers on Mental Health and Self Esteem' by Lynn Crilly and Natasha Devon. Now, this is an eye-opener for anyone who takes notice of what we have been saying for years, and also proves beyond doubt that these people are what is termed 'Cultural Marxists' who cleverly promote Marxist Communism through destroying all genius amongst our Folk, and by attacking those who do not conform to the material economic society.


The suggestion that I made was not based so much upon 'magic' as such, but when you spin the water around it collects air, and since air is the medium for the Life-Force then it collects Life-Force. (Quantum Science or Aryan Science recognises this in terms of what scientists call Zero-Point Energy; Materialistic Science cannot do so because only the material world is recognised).

I would suggest that anyone reading this goes through these 'OCD symptoms' carefully since this is the clever way that the maintainers of the Old Order destroy all vestiges of anything good and right through having gained positions of some power within the Old Order. Such is the case here where this book/booklet/pamphlet is aimed at 'parents, teachers and carers' - all of these sections of society being in a position to manipulate the young and vulnerable and to recognise 'symptoms' of non-conformity or heresy (which I believe was an 'excessive' part of the Christian attacks upon Heathens in the past, which we seem to be in the process of reviving at the end of the Dark Age). So when anyone comes up with 'symptoms' of any of the above-mentioned things, usually concerning 'religion' or 'morals' then they can be dealt with - through the use of mind-altering drugs that put them back on the 'right track' (so to speak). Is this why there are so many young people on drugs for some form of 'mental illness' in our time? Anyway, everyone is happy - especially the massive Global Drug Companies who supply the drugs for the legalised drug-dealers to hand out.

Wulf Ingessunu #fundie inglinga.blogspot.co.uk

Animal Welfare -
This has nothing to do with 'Animal Rights' which are as unreal as 'Human Rights' and merely a means to distort the truth. Animal welfare is not a 'right' given to animals, it is the duty and responsibility of every one of us humans, given the means to see what is right and what is wrong. Factory-farming of animals, battery hens, and the totally inhumane killing of animals by Kosher and Halal methods are things that must change here in England - they were never known to our Anglo-Saxon Ancestors.

This goes for animal experiments of any kind, and for the treatment of animals as 'fashion accessories' which to them is unnatural (this seems to be because pets are now used to replace having children, and thus treated like children - which they are not!).


If we lived in a Golden Age of Perfection things would be far different, but we do not live in such an age; indeed, we live in a Dark Age, the darkest age of the cycle, so we cannot act as if we do live in a Golden Age - if we did we would become like the Marxist Socialist Utopians who have caused the death of millions through their 'utopian ideas'. We have to live and act in this Dark Age, but as Men Against Time.


The slaughter of animals without stunning is barbaric and totally inhumane and this has no part of an Anglo-Saxon Society. Those who deny this are liars and deceivers. You only need to watch a human slaughter when the animal is stunned by an electric current and compare this with the animal who has its throat cut without stunning - this applies not only to Halal (which is usually attacked) but to kosher killing too. This is an alien concept an we should all seek to enlighten our Folk on this.


What I have said here can come about through a National Government coming to power, so long as that National Government is fully aware of the socialistic aspect of the New Order. At this time it is unlikely that such a government would come to power. The more likely scenario would be a total collapse of society coupled with catastrophic change which would break everything down into chaos, disorder and widespread destruction, from out of which would naturally arise a new form of Tribalism out of which again the Folk-Nation would arise organically.

It is very likely that if changes started to happen oppressive laws would be brought in to halt these changes. This may also happen if too many farmers started to move away from the supermarkets into local production for local sales. We can see today how, when the Alternative Medicine scene started to grow there are more and more voices arising in opposition, not only ridicule (one method to stop people listening) but also in time no doubt through laws to protect the 'Drug-Industry'. And this is all in face of a National Health Service that is deteriorating rapidly. Of course, this would be very hard to do with individual use of alternative medicine - Folk-Medicine. The System will have to tolerate some small alternatives, but when their whole consumer system is threatened there is no doubt they will act against any opposition.

Wulf Ingessunu #fundie inglinga.blogspot.co.uk

Woden's Folk is 18 years old on April 23rd 2016 and over this time we have struggled against all odds to revive the Ancient Religion of our Folk, and to prepare the way for the Coming of The Man to Come - The Avenging God. The last two years have not been good, either on a personal level or at times with our Folkish Movement. We had setbacks in the spring of 2014, and this year I have had so many personal problems that, though they have not deterred me, have set us back somewhat. But this is the strength of the Aryan Warrior who takes such setbacks and falls, and then gets up again without moaning and groaning, or for that matter blaming anyone else.

The tide is turning and I feel now a great Wind of Change coming here in England - we have been knocked about, deprived of our identity, lost our culture and tradition, and the Forces of Evil have set out to destroy our Gene-Pool forever. The Great Flood has engulfed our lands, a flood not of the waters but of outlanders who have imported violence, crime and Global Terrorism, have been allowed into England and are still being allowed into England - even with the knowledge that these people will spread mayhem and terror. The blame lies in the hands of the 'White Traitors' and the Hidden Hand that controls them.

When we started the English Resistance through a Torchlight Rite at Avebury and Wayland's Smithy we started the long struggle to take back our Ancient Sites of Albion - the White Island - from the so-called 'pagans', 'wiccans' and 'new-agers' who seemed to consider these sites belonged to them, and them alone. This was not a one-off and we shall resume this during 2016 - indeed, we shall reclaim these English Sites for Folkish Wodenism.

The Flame of Freedom was lit in 2013 with these rites and the Spirit of Revolt activities of the previous years. These ancient sites are of vital importance for our struggle, since they lie on the system of Holy-Lines (Ley-Lines) around the land, and thus command great power. This is why our enemies have taken control of the Summer Sunwend at Stonehenge, Avebury and Glastonbury, as well as incursions into Wayland's Smithy, Rollright Stones and other important Holy Sites around England.

We shall leave the political struggle on the streets of England to those brave young men and women who have taken up that struggle against overwhelming odds - ours is a religious struggle. But as you take back the streets of England, so shall we take back these Ancient and Holy Sites around rural England.

Over the years we have had so many mystical and strange events at Wayland's Smithy that this place has obviously been 'awakened' by the years of use through Odinism and Folkish Wodenism.

This land is sacred to us, not some 'Holy Land' in the Middle-East; our Ancestors worshipped the Gods at these places, places built by the Giants of ancient times - the Hyperborean Heroes. Their blood and their spirit still flows through the veins of those who feel the Call of the Blood through the Blood Memory. This is Albion - The White Island - The Isles of the Elven-Folk.

Wulf Ingessunu #conspiracy inglinga.blogspot.co.uk

[On Freemasonry]

Much of the symbolism is Judaic in original and relates to the Old Testament, with some Egyptian stuff added - or maybe the reverse is the case. It is often said that Masonry originated in Egypt, and with the suggestion that the Aryan Mysteries were stolen by the slaying of the Egyptian Priest-King this makes some sense.

What I suggest here is that these mysteries were once Aryan Mysteries and that the Hidden Hand of the Dark Forces stole these Ancient Mysteries and subverted them to their own ends. In other words they may hold some hidden truths, but that the symbolism was changed to suit an Evil Priesthood who sought to dominate the Earth through the use of Masonic Lodges.

This is a Masonic Symbol on a sash which reminds us of the 'Google Mail' symbol which features on their email service. This again features the 'Triple Tau' symbol at the top, and the 'M-Envelope' is exactly the same symbol as G-Mail. Indeed, here again we have the Solar 'G' in this very name - G-Mail! These people are so certain of their total power that they now show us their symbols openly! Indeed, the name 'Google' is the slang term related to using the eyes - the Great Eye! Google is the Global Company that has been responsible for 'coordinating' individual information which can be easily monitored - 'Google Plus'.


When I went through the Shamanic Initiation back in the spring of 1997 I was watching the TV with my family and could at one point see letters moving across the screen, letters which no-one else could see! Over and over I said that I could see 'subliminal' letters but no-one else could see them. They were very much like the above 'Occult Symbols' which are a Masonic Alphabet. These are obviously a Secret Code, simple but containing (once again) 26 letters like the normal English Alphabet.

Wulf Ingessunu #conspiracy inglinga.blogspot.co.uk

'Islamic Extremism' could never have become a problem in this country if the Muslims had not been allowed (and indeed encouraged) to come here in the first place. The leftist-liberal attitude of backing anything that is alien to us has been part of the problem, and the cowardice of the general public (the 'masses') been responsible for these traitors getting away with it.

The first thing any repressive regime does is to outlaw the use of weapons, and we have already seen how this has been done over the last few decades. Firstly the 'Hungerford Massacre' ensured that semi-automatic rifles were banned, and the later 'Dunblane Massacre' ensured that hand-guns were banned. Thousands of responsible citizens who used these for recreational purposes were stopped form doing this. Yes, it could be argued that if such laws solved the problem of gun-crimes then they would be vindicated but, predictably gun-crime went up rather than down.


We also have a fully-trained riot police with new and highly technical equipment, some of which appeared in the 2011 riots in the cities of England. This seems to have been allowed to get out of hand in some areas, maybe as a means of practice - who knows? Whatever the case the funding seems to have been transferred to the section of the British Police that is there to protect the state, leaving the public defenceless.

Of course, certain sections of society seem to be exempt from all this, the one I can think of being the Jewish Community. In North London a special 'Jewish Police Force' was set up, complete with marked cars and specially trained 'police' to man them and to patrol certain areas with a high Jewish population. It is also correct to say that there has also been set up a 'Defence Organisation' which is deemed necessary to protect Jews from attacks by Muslims - this was financed out of public money, and endorsed by David Cameron himself (not surprisingly).


The EDL was a Zionist-controlled organisation (as they admitted) funded by Zionists from the USA, and this was used to create the conflict between Christians and Muslims in a new 'Crusade', which has now been taken up by the 'Britain First' organisation, which seeks to get rid of the image of the drunken brawlers of the EDL and becoming 'respectable'. Using the 'Social Media' such organisations can get out to hundreds of thousands of people, but we still find that only a couple of hundred or so turn out to their marches. I do not like to criticise others, especially since many of those involved are sound 'patriots' and do really care for their land, but this has all been done before in politics, and the only result of a 'crusade' against the Muslims would be a catastrophic conflict that has been deliberately manipulated. Islamic Militancy is a symptom and not the cause of the problem. There would be no problem if they had not been encouraged to come here in the first place, and they do not control the real powers that control the world at this time - the Global Bankers. If the problem of 'Islamic Militancy' were solved tomorrow the real problems we are faced with would still be there, and we would be no freer than we are today.

The argument is usually that this is a 'Christian Country', but this omits the fact that our people were forced by bribery, corruption and outright violence (such as torture and burning at the stake) into accepting an alien religion - both Islam and Christianity stem from Judaic roots! These people forget that the Christians used such methods to 'convert' and that this was never our religion at all - Wodenism is the true religion of our Folk.


Now is the time for the reappearance of the Shadow-Warrior who works under cover of darkness and secrecy. This must be seen as a highly trained and intelligent individual who is also able to work with a group, as a team, and able to accept a leader who would organise and lead the group. The Shadow-Warrior would be dedicated to Woden as the Leader of the Mannerbund, the Cultic-Warrior Bund, since such a warrior would be dedicated to the Cult of Woden. This would be Jonathan Bowden's 'intellectual thug' (from Shelley) who would combine the fighter with the intellectual, and above this combine the fighter, the intellectual and the intuitive, for such a Cultic Warrior must create the situation where both sides of the brain are in balance - the 'balance of light and darkness' in the individual. This would entail a mixture of the Exoteric Warrior Arts and the Esoteric Warrior Arts.

Wulf Ingessunu #racist inglinga.blogspot.co.uk

The importance of these finds, some around 4000 years old, is that there were Aryans in this region in ancient times. This gives credence to the occult legend that when Atlantis sank the Manu of the Aryans led them into the Gobi Desert where a vast and mighty civilisation was built. This was eventually destroyed by a catastrophe, and is long before these later peoples existed.


In certain Aryan Indian texts the most ancient 'White Island' was actually referred to as Atala whose root is At-al (-a) meaning 'race' or family'. This is a coincidence when we find the earlier name Albion ('white') used for England. Although we refer to the White Island as being Thule-Hyperborea originally, which 'sank' (into another dimension) in the most ancient times at the end of the Golden Age, the same concept was later used of other Germanic Lands and Cultures that arose, including that of the much later Atalland. The name of the original Ur-Lands was used long after its memory had faded, but also remained in the Blood Memory that can be awoken.

If we look at it this way then the Golden Age still exists but in a different world than ours; it 'sank' into the Blood Memory which means that it can be awoken again through certain spiritual exercises. This is where the legend of the new arising of Atlantis comes into play since although this may be a physical happening, it is also symbolic of the awakening of the Blood Memory.

The Aryan Wanderings are held in legend where a Race of Giants appears in various parts of the world, bringing culture and civilisation, the lore of the stars and advanced Aryan Science to many different peoples. In some cases these 'giants' were slaughtered by the native peoples, even though the tales tell only of their aid and help to these peoples. But there have always been those who hate that which holds beauty and high intelligence, and those less well gifted who become jealous and hold only hatred within their hearts. This Race of Giants no longer exists but it once did, and the memory of these advanced beings, god like Shining-Ones, exists within the Blood of our Folk, to be awakened in order that the new Golden Age may come into being.

Wulf Ingessunu #conspiracy inglinga.blogspot.co.uk

Let me make it quite clear that I do believe that the 'alien invasions' type of stuff promoted in the films could be yet another means of scaremongering people, since what better way to bring the whole Earth together (into the proposed World State) than a threat to everyone from an outside source. This has already been done with 'Global Warming' and 'Climate Change', and the 'alien invasion' is merely another step in the process. (We have to beware of the 'Nazi-UFO' type of stuff also being used for the same purpose, since we have already seen signs of this in films.) The idea of these 'aliens' also figures in the study of ancient civilisations where it provides a quick and easy answer to lost civilisations of a very high nature which cannot today be explained. In promoting this it also blinds people to the idea that we were once a High Race that today has degenerated and decayed into what we see around us in the modern world. The power behind these ancient civilisations may well have come (and no doubt did) from 'outside', but in the sense of a divine source that uplifted the people of the time, raised them into a higher state of consciousness which resulted in the creation of a high civilisation.

There are too many accounts of UFOs and 'Flying Saucers' to dismiss them out of hand, so we need to study them to make up our own minds on this one. I have, on one specific occasion, seen a 'ball of light' which acted much like the UFOs described, so I can vouch for the fact something does exist that matches the accounts of others. This was part of a mystical experience in 1997 which to me makes it more 'real'. But we must beware of the natural phenomena (like 'Chinese Lanterns') which have been seen as UFOs, and sometimes aeroplanes which have been mistaken for UFOs. This has to be kept in mind if we are to study this subject.

I mentioned earlier that the typical UFO seems to defy the laws of this planet, and here we could be in the realms of some sort of object that moves between dimensions, moving quickly from one to the other and thus being able to defy normal laws. These type could be associated with the 'alien abductions' (a name which immediately throws doubt onto the subject) which seem to have taken two particular types -

The Grey Alien - which seems to be a form of race-less, sexless, uniform type which fits well with the order of being today upon the Earth. This would seem to be a archetype of Nietzsche's 'Ultimate Man'.

The Nordic - which seems to be trying to aid the upward development of mankind in some way, rather than mere 'experiments'. This would seem to be an archetype of the Sun-Man or Superman.

(I am indebted to Clive Potter for the above ideas on 'alien abductions', and he is a UFO expert who developed this idea some years ago.)

Clive's ideas would certainly explain this phenomena to some degree, and he too sees this as some form of 'extra-dimensional' rather than 'extra-terrestrial' (in the sense of 'alien' as the word is used today) form. We seem to have plenty of recorded accounts from hundreds of years ago of people seemingly moving out of this dimension into another, and returning after many years even though the time seemed hours or days. This 'dislocation' of time seems to be part of the phenomena. This was found in Mapp's account of King Herla, a typical account of such a phenomena. This has also been recorded in accounts of 'abduction' which cannot be a coincidence. The stories of Alice in Wonderland and The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe (C.S. Lewis) are also based on this type of phenomena.

We must also differentiate between 'Flying Saucers' propelled by 'explosion' (combustible) and those described by Schauberger, powered by implosion, both very different methods, the last being revolutionary in that time (and indeed now for that matter). Implosion - it seems - is an Aryan Science since it does not create destruction, and is not based upon the destruction of matter. Schauberger's ideas seem based upon a vortex of water which was used for powering machines, but there is also the force known as the Vril-Force which is a Universal Energy-Force, called Chi (China) or Ki (Japan) and which has many names by many peoples. Maybe Schauberger's experiments produced this force, and there are hints that there were groups like the Vril Society in Germany also working on similar lines.

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One of the Dark Powers allied to the original Morgoth was Ungoliant - the Great Spider - who is paralleled in Lord of the Rings by Shelob, and it can be no coincidence that the Dark Powers rule through the World Wide Web which is merely a materialistic symbol of this ancient force that seeks to control Middle-Earth. The great battles depicted in the Mahabharata and the Ramayana are reflected in the battles outlined in the Silmarillion and the Lord of the Rings, as well as World War I and World War II - especially the latter which was Total War of Devastation - the 'Abomination of Desolation'.


Gandalf held the ring known as Narya (an anagram of 'Aryan'), and the Sign of Gandalf was the Feoh-Rune - the Primal Rune.


Saruman the White was one of the Istari, indeed was the greatest of the Istari, but his lust for power caused him to make a pact with Sauron and he thought he could at first rival Sauron in might - a folly that coule never be achieved. Thus, like the White Traitors, he betrayed his kinsmen and attempted to build an army of Uruk Hai (Orcs) that besieged Helm's Deep but were defeated there. In the film Saruman is thus defeated and held prisoner in the Tower of Isengard, but in the book it is Saruman and his aid, Grimr Wormtongue, that at the end take over the Shires before being defeated and expelled by the Shire-Folk led by the hero-Hobbits of the saga.

In the Lord of the Rings we have all the archetypes on both sides of the struggle, and the Final Conflict between the Light Powers (Gondor-Rohan-Elves-Hobbits) and the Monsters of Chaos - Orcs, Goblins, Uruk-Hai and the other renegades and traitors of men. This results in the victory for the Powers of Light and the defeat and destruction of Sauron, the Gollum (Golem), the Dark Orcs and the renegades of men. Both sides lose a great deal in this struggle, but order and stability return with the Return of the King, and the White Tree (White Race) flourishes again from the seedling sown from the tree destroyed by Sauron.


It was the humble Halflings or Shire-Folk that became the greatest of heroes and destroyed the Ring of Power, destroying the power of Sauron. Don't write off the English, no matter how things look today!

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[On a post analysing the story of Ask and Embla from Norse mythology]

We can see not one jot of evidence in our Northern Myths to prove that Aryan Man (Northern Man) evolved from an ape. Nor do we find Aryan Man created from the mud of the earth as in the Hebraic texts. Aryan Man was created from the noble Ash-Tree which reaches towards the heavens - this is symbolic of the essence of the First Man into which the Flame of Life was placed. The vegetative basis of Man was formed from the noble tree that grows in the Earth, but which reaches to the heavens and the Gods. This was why Iggdrasil is the White Tree and represents the White Race at this level. Yes, it has been battered and beaten, decaying and is dying, but it will not pass away completely, for it will be regenerated after Ragnarok - or a 'sapling' of the White Tree will be found, as happens in the Lord of the Rings.


[bolded, italicised, and underlined in the original]

This post is of extreme importance since the details within it totally disprove the idea that Man (Aryan Man) descended from the apes or from mud-created beings. This is the key to arguing the origins of our Folk and to countering the lies propagated by the Great Enemy. The 'Aryan Race' may not exist as an entity today, but it is an archetype and it is a projection for the future. It is something to strive and struggle for, and in doing so go 'beyond' the mankind of today, to 'overcome' the 'man' of today, to reach to the stars for a new Race of Man. Origins are important, just as is Destiny.

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[This man believes that Hitler was an avat ar of the god Woden]

Can we not now see that the last two World Wars were the work of Loki - the Enemy Within - since this is exactly the same historical workings as we have here in very ancient times. In this Loki backs one side over the other and both are decimated in the battles that he has caused. In fact we see Loki working on both sides in war after war after war. Note the phrase which fits today's world - 'in order that they may mutually destroy each other' which is exactly what is happening to our Folk today.

We may also gleam a hint of the same evil force as Loki in the figure of Gollum in the Lord of the Rings, since Gollum is always by the side of the Shire-Folk, always seeking to kill them in order to regain the Ring of Power. Gollum, as Smeagol, slays his own kinsman, Deagol, in order to get the One Ring from him, and then becomes obsessed with the power of the Gold Ring. I have no idea where Tolkien got the idea of the Gollum or whether it relates to the Golem which was an artificial creature of a totally destructive nature formed by a Jewish Rabbi (*) in Prague, using Dark Sorcery.

(*) I believe that Karl Marx was descended from this same Rabbi.

Best Cult from an 80s TV show 2014

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[Background: this man founded a cult based around an "ancient prophecy" which was actually written for a 1980s TV series. Here, he responds to his critics...]

Woden's Folk is invariably criticised and attacked by those whose aim is to discredit anyone who opposes the Global Order. These attacks are always aimed at certain key points, the aim being to ridicule and thus discredit our work and thus allow the Global Order to succeed in its own aims. One of the main targets has been The Hooded Man Prophecy since this is an easy one to get at since it has no 'historical' authenticity - so we are led to believe. So I am (once again) going to put things straight and inform the more enlightened of the real meaning of this prophecy.

Firstly, yes this does come from the TV series Robin of Sherwood and was no doubt made up for the series. But that does not invalidate this as a prophecy, but we can only recognise it as such through the knowledge of what its hidden meaning is. The altered prophecy that was given to me in a dream is just that - an altered form of the original Robin of Sherwood prophecy. It is in the altered form that we need to be interested in and which gives the key to it being a valid prophecy for the new world age.

The one interesting thing that can be seen from all of the criticisms made is that they never even mention the content of the prophecy, merely making the criticism about it being from the TV series. Yet, it is precisely this - the content - that validates this prophecy as being important to our era. Since it is clear that none of the people who make criticism even bother with the content we can be assured that their criticism stems from their intention of smearing Woden's Folk rather than producing any valid argument against us.


In order to understand that The Hooded Man Prophecy is valid you need to understand the above ideas clearly, because without a knowledge of what an avatar is this will never be understood. Only through recognising that a god can actually incarnate in the flesh will we be able to understand what I am trying to say - figures such as Alexandra the Great, Attila the Hun, Genghis Khan and Adolf Hitler can only be understood for what they were through a knowledge of the meaning of an avatar. This force can be creative or it can be destructive but it is there to herald a change in the order of things, a change that requires brute force in the Warg Age or Age of Iron, since this is an era of force and fire.

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[A pro-Nazi blog talks about Dion Fortune, a British mystic who opposed the Nazis]

We have seen what 'democratic civilisation' can do with the 'Brit-Am' alliance under the new 'American Empire' which has caused and created wars ever since World War II, and indeed caused that war and the previous world war too. This is rather more than a war between 'Nazism' and 'democratic civilisation' since it is a war between the evolutionary forces that are aiding man's evolution to the 'Superman', and the forces that are holding back that evolution through the creation of the 'Ultimate Man' (Nietzsche).


This Cosmic War still goes on, and although we can now see how the problems we face with the English Folk stem from the work of certain Dark Occult Lodges consciously attempting (and succeeding as we can see today) to manipulate the Group-Mind of the English, through distorting its Germanic Soul with alien 'Celtic-Christian' archetypes - a process that is still going on today. Only through these methods could the English be stopped from joining with their Germanic Brothers in Germany in a Holy War against the Jotun. It was the 'White Traitors' whose work undermined that of the Light Forces and this was done through such occult lodges as the Fraternity of the Inner Light.

We have seen how the Saxons led the English Folk in a Holy War against the Jotun, hence the reasons for the so-called 'invasions' of these islands. We have seen how the Vikings cane here to wage a Holy War against the ever-growing power of the Jotun, and that is why they too invaded and tried to destroy the growing power of the Judaeo-Christian Church. Valhalla has been filled with the souls of those who have waged this struggle, and these Einheriar await their call to return to Earth to join the Final Conflict against these Evil Forces of Darkness and Chaos.