various commenters #racist

Fuck it.... no seriously lets just buy the whole fucking city up and then drive them out of the city.

I can hear people say that's not OK. Why not? China towns exist because this is precisely what was done to us. We were forced to live in certain areas we weren't allowed to live anywhere we wanted.

Vancouver belongs to us now.

If you can't afford to buy it despite all your advantages in the work place then maybe you should work harder rather than smoking weed and drinking all day.

Asians are nice enough to pay to occupy. whites come in and pretend like they own everything and oppress the natives. No wonder squatting is part of their culture

Agreed. It's why the South African "genocide" is so incredibly ironic.

Their ancestors stole the land and committed genocide and enslavement of the natives.

Now the land is being taken back to the rightful owners and they're crying genocide and land theft.

Western nations are always praising capitalism and when Chinese ppl do it better they cry foul.

That dude is woke. Personally, I'd take it a step further and and agree with Leetenghui (the reddit user, not the politician xD). We need to stop caring about what people think about us. If anything, knowing I make some racist white people mad makes me feel all happy inside. Fuck them.


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