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The one big problem with the rational mind(reasoning out things) is that they assume that they know the truth about everything already. So they start out in their thinking with the assumption that they can know. But what does the Word of God say: unless you become as a little child, you will by no means enter the kingdom of God. And a little child just believes everything you tell them. Well that is what the Word of God says, just believe what the Word tells you. In reality the Word is saying believe it first and then God will open your understanding. But the rational mind says dont believe nothing until you have good reason behind it. This is the difference between accepting it on faith, and reasoning it out according to mans wisdom. The Word accually says to first repent then believe in the gospel. It doesnt say reason it out until it says what you want it to. To many have a pre-conceived idea planted by some man before they open the bible. Then they search to find something that supports their already pre-conceived idea.



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